Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities - Lamar CISD

Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities
University of Houston-Main Campus:
I know there are a lot of uncertainties right now, so I wanted to let you know about some of the
things we're doing to help:

    •   Deadline Extended to Finish Application - We've extended the deadline to complete
        your admissions application. You now have until Friday, July 17 to submit your fee (or fee
        waiver), official transcript(s), and/or test scores.
    • New Documentation Upload Process - We're allowing applicants to submit a fee waiver
        request or unofficial transcript through your accessUH self-service account. Log in, then find
        your transcript checklist on the to-do list.
    • Refundable Housing Deposit - If you're interested in living on campus, you can submit a
        housing application. The housing application requires a $300 prepayment, but that
        prepayment is refundable until May 1 (on the application, it will say April 1, but it has been
    • New Student Orientation - We're still hosting New Student Orientation this summer. If
        we're unable to host you on campus due to COVID-19, we'll move the program to a virtual
        experience. We continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC, and we'll provide you
        updates as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can secure your spot in the incoming
        class by registering for Freshman Orientation.
    • Virtual Advising & Visits - If you'd like to talk to an admissions counselor, we're
        offering virtual advising by appointment. And even though we're currently not offering in-
        person visits, our virtual visits will give you a feel for student life and an in-depth look at the
        academic colleges. You can also request a call from a UH Student Ambassador to get more
        insight into the student experience at UH.
We've made a COVID-19 FAQ page, which we are continuously updating. If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate to contact us at admissions@uh.edu or (713) 743-1010, option 4.

University of Houston Victoria:
We at UHV have made some changes to your admission requirements in light of the cancelation
of certain standardized testing and school closures. For the Fall 2020 semester:

    •    Students with a GPA of 2.5 and who are in the top 60% of their graduating class are
         exempt from SAT/ACT requirements. Our previous 2 out of 3: 2.0 GPA, top 50%, 18 ACT
         or 940 SAT, requirements will still stand as well. If a student meet either one of the
         guidelines they will be accepted for the Fall 2020 semester.
    •    We are accepting unofficial transcripts at this time. With that being said there is
         a condition that an official transcript is provided within the first semester at UHV.

    •    Our application fee is waived at this time.

Lastly, we will be holding a live information/question & answer session on our Instagram live every
Thursday from 2-3 pm through April 30th. You and your students are welcome to participate. The
Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities
information session is held at the beginning if you just want to hear any updates or information we
are giving out. @uhv_recruiters
Ke’Andre Green
Houston Area
Student Recruitment Coordinator

Admissions and Student Recruitment | University of Houston – Victoria
3007 N. Ben Wilson | Victoria, TX 77901
Office Phone: 361-485-4444
Mobile Phone: 361-454-0015
Email: GreenKA1@uhv.edu

Lamar University:

   1. The application fee has been waived for all terms through Spring 2021. Students should
       hit the "waiver" option on Apply Texas.
   2. The deadline to submit verification supporting documents has been pushed back to June
   3. Students are allowed to submit unofficial copies of their transcripts here. They will still
       be responsible for submitting an updated official copy before they enroll. At this time,
       only PDF versions are allowed. It is preferred that students submit the transcript on
       their own as they are required to complete an honesty statement during the submission
       process. If you would like to submit transcripts on behalf of your students, please let me
       know and I will forward the request to my supervisor.
   4. The process for submitting test scores is the same. They should be sent directly from
       SAT or ACT.
   5. If students self-reported test scores, the deadline to send official scores is now May 15.
   6. We are not offering campus tours at this time. Students who are interested in seeing the
       campus, should try out our virtual tour option!
   7. There are plans being made for orientation sessions to be held in a virtual setting. The
       dates are not expected to change. They should continue as planned. Students can sign
       up here.
   8. Students who change their mind can receive a refund for orientation by emailing
       nslp@lamar.edu 7 business days before their scheduled session.
   9. As far as I know, there is no deadline to sign up for orientation. Students should sign up
       before their preferred date fills up.
   10. It is still suggested that students who are sure they will be attending LU in the fall
       complete their housing application. A $150 deposit is required before it can be
       submitted. The deposit is refundable up until June 30.
   11. For students who will be retesting (for SAT or ACT), they should keep an eye on the
       upcoming test dates. To my understanding, our application deadline is the first week of
Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities
        August, which is two weeks before the beginning of the Fall semester. Students can still
        be admitted and not have their financial award packages affected.
    12. I have no updates on TSI testing except that, as of today, our testing center is still open
        and still administering exams.
    13. An email with more information on how LU is handling COVID-19 should be sent out
        from the university to students (seniors, juniors, etc) within the next week or so.

Chastity J. Fields
Southwest Houston Admissions Counselor
Lamar University
409-730-3404 (call or text)

Sam Houston State University:
Summer Orientation registration is open online. As of now, it will still be held in person but they are
planning contingency plans just in case. Information from our Accepted Students and Bearkat
Orientation Office can be found here: https://www.shsu.edu/dept/accepted-students-bearkat-

Housing Application is open as well. If they click New Student after the following the link below, there’s
a timeline with how housing is processed and gives them an idea by date of how the process moves.
Information on housing can be accessed through this link: https://www.shsu.edu/dept/residence-

Our university has also put together an COVID-19 Information and FAQ page with updates for incoming
and prospective students. That can be accessed through this
link: https://www.shsu.edu/katsafe/coronavirus

Hopefully, I answered as many questions as possible, if you have any more questions please feel free to
reach out.
   Gilbert Cruz
   Admissions Counselor – Southwest Houston/Gulf Coast
   Office of Admissions - Sam Houston State University
   Box 2418 Huntsville, TX 77341
   Office – 281-414-0313
   Email: gilbertcruz@shsu.edu

Texas A&M University- College Station:
Confirming Admissions: Texas A&M University has a May 1st confirmation deadline. At
this time, May 1st is still the date for accepting Freshman admissions. If this information
Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities
changes, it will be communicated to students through their AIS portal and email. I will
be in contact with you all as well.

Students confirm their admissions by registering for a New Student Conference
(NSC). The registration cost is $225. Students that applied to the university using an
application fee waiver, can defer their NSC fees. NSC fee deferral means the fee will
be added to their tuition bill. Students may choose this option online during NSC
registration allowing them to register without making a payment.

Grade Policy Changes: Some districts have opted to transition to a pass/fail grading
scale. If your district decides to go that route, please know that it will not impact a
student’s admissions, scholarships, or financial aid. As long as the student
successfully graduates from high school and can provide an official transcript,
everything will proceed as normal.

Waitlist Notifications: Some of your students may have received a waitlist offer. The
timeline for waitlist applicants has not changed at this time. We are still expecting to
have those decisions released by mid-April. Students will monitor their AIS portal for

Virtual Events: All previously scheduled events have now moved to an online format.
Please encourage your students to check their emails for those invitations. The sessions
are done live on Zoom so students and parents will have the chance to ask questions
and get an instant response.
Virtual Appts: Students and counselors can request high school presentations and/or
individual appts. They’ll take place via Zoom and give us the chance to connect. I’m
working on the online calendar; more details to come.
Financial Aid/Scholarships: Most students have already been awarded for 2020-21.
Students can check their Howdy portal to view the awards and accept/reject. Now is
the time for students to let me know if there are any concerns or questions.
Currently, we do not expect the Fall 2021 admissions application/process to be
impacted. Students and families that would like to discuss the application process can
schedule an appt. We are encouraging students that were planning to take a spring
SAT/ACT to sign up for the June exams. As of now, the June SAT/ACT have not been

Lauren Anderson ’17 MBA | Regional Advisor II
Houston Regional Prospective Student Center
Office of Admissions, Division of Enrollment & Academic Services | Texas A&M University
1225 North Loop West, Suite 200 | Houston, TX 77008

ph: 713.454.1990 | fax: 713.454.1994 | landerson@tamu.edu
admissions.tamu.edu | aggiebound.com
@Aggiebound: Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Snapchat
Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities
Texas State University:
Texas state has provided a link to their website with all updates and changes. This should cover
most questions that arise. https://www.admissions.txstate.edu/contact/faq.html

  Jessica Vannauker, M.Ed.
  Admissions Counselor-Southwest Houston Region
  Office of Undergraduate Admissions- Texas State University
  Richard A. Castro Undergraduate Admissions Center
  429 N. Guadalupe St. | San Marcos, TX 78666

The University of Texas:
Happy Thursday! At this time we have not changed any deadlines for enrollment. We are still set for our
enrollment deadline to be May 1st. Orientation is available for registration, students can register once
they have accepted and enrolled. At this time we are set for in person Orientations but if anything
changes we will let you know.

We are offering Virtual Admitted Presentations and Prospective Freshmen Presentations. A few of our
Academic Colleges are also hosting online presentations. Students can view and register at this
site https://bealonghorn.admissions.utexas.edu/portal/virtual_sessions .

Let me know if you have any questions. We are also open to holding any virtual presentations directly
for your students.

VERONICA PEÑA, Assistant Director of Admissions – Director, Houston Admissions Center
The University of Texas at Austin | Houston Admissions Center | 8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 824,
Houston, TX 77046 | 713-871-2383 | admissions.utexas.edu

University of Texas at San Antonio:
Below you will find our updates as to 3/30/20:

    Has University of Texas at San Antonio admissions communicated information to admitted
    students in regards to timelines for accepting admissions, registering for summer orientation and
    housing applications etc.?
           o Communication to students about admissions deadlines will go out this week. Extended
                admissions deadlines were not finalized and publicized until this past Friday.
           o Information on alternative methods to accept specific admissions documents have not
                been finalized and we are awaiting information from the higher ups on a final decision.
           o Communication has been sent to students who previous registered for orientation about
                all April and May orientation dates moving to online only. As of right now, June and July
Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities
           dates will still have the option to take place in person. Registration for orientation will
           continue to take place through the students ASAP account.
        o The housing application is still active and running for students who will be joining us for
           the Fall 2020 semester and the Summer 2020 semester.

•    Admission Deadlines
       o Admissions deadlines for students applying for the Fall 2020 semester has been extended
           to July 31st for domestic students and July 1st for international students
       o The updated deadlines can be found here: https://future.utsa.edu/deadlines/

•    Other useful information
        o Our Future Roadrunner Website will be the best place for students to receive updated
            information on everything UTSA. We are consistently updating the website as we
            receive information: https://future.utsa.edu/

        o Virtual Resources - We have created a page the list all virtual UTSA resources for students
           - https://future.utsa.edu/explore/virtual/
                ▪ Virtual Visits
                         Students will be able to go through the virtual tour with the live guidance of
                        our UTSA Student Ambassadors, hear the ambassadors experience at UTSA,
                        and more. Virtual Visits take place Monday – Friday at 9am, 11am, 1pm,
                        and 3pm.
                ▪ Virtual Tour
                        Students are able to explore campus from the comfort of their homes. Our
                        guided virtual tour will show all the points of interest they will need to know
                        as a Roadrunner.
                ▪ Virtual Info Sessions
                        We are offering a number of different info sessions for students to attend,
                        learn more about UTSA, and ask questions they may have. The sessions
                        include Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid & Scholarships, and
                        Becoming Rowdy Ready (for admitted students).
                        • Students are able to check the date and time for the specific info
                             session they would like to attend and register via Eventbrite.
                ▪ Virtual UTSA Day
                         While UTSA Day on April 18th will not be hosted physically on our campus,
                        we will host the event completely online. The virtual experience will include:
                        How to sign up for orientation, the ability to chat with an Admissions
                        Counselor, ability to speak with an One Stop Enrollment Counselor for
                        Financial Aid, presentations from different academic colleges and programs,
                        a virtual tour, and other staff on hand to answer any questions.

                 If students are interested in UTSA’s overall response to COVID-19 they are able to
                check out our Coronavirus Updates website
                - http://www.utsa.edu/coronavirus/index.html
Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities
                    If students would like to speak with me one on one they are able to call
                    (210.455.1519) or email (Destiny.Jones@utsa.edu) me. If they would like to set up a
                    meeting, they can do so by scheduling a time using the following
                    link: https://calendly.com/destiny-jones/utsa-virtual-rowdy-chat . I will be
                    continuously updating this link with my availability so students can schedule a time
                    to speak with me.
Destiny Jones ’14, ’18
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor I – Houston Region
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Undergraduate Admissions
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, Texas 78249
P: 210.455.1519
E: Destiny.Jones@utsa.edu

Wharton County Junior College:
The Office of Admissions and Registration is sending out emails to students (I believe this goes out every
2 weeks) that have applied for admissions but still have outstanding items. The email tells students to
check their admission status on the college website to review their checklist (see what they have
submitted for admissions and what is still needed). One big change that is happening now is in regards
to documents that would have been dropped off at campus, scanned or mailed in. The Office of
Admissions and Registration will now accept clear pictures of the documents. Students can mail
document pictures to registrar@wcjc.edu.

Instruction for all WCJC courses will resume ONLINE using Blackboard starting March 30, 2020.
Instructors will be in touch with students via their official WCJC Student Email. Please check
your WCJC email and the WCJC homepage for updates.Final week of instruction for first 8-week
classes is March 23-27.
Need help?
For assistance logging in, contact the WCJC IT Helpdesk at 979-532-6568 or submit an IT
Support Ticket.

For distance learning support, visit our Distance Ed Student Resource page.

University of Texas at Dallas:

An email has gone out to all students with my phone number and email. Please call or email me with
any questions. We have conference calls daily at 9am.

We can have virtual meetings with you and your students. All I need to know to make a reservation is a
date and time to set it up.
Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities
Here is a link to sign up. If you want UTDGUY, my times are at 8am, 11:30am and
1:30pm. https://www.utdallas.edu/enroll/contact/pre-admissions-counseling/ or just call me on my
cell. 2817050103.

                  Guy Graugnard / Admissions Counselor
                  The University of Texas at Dallas
                  https://www.utdallas.edu/admissions/ - 281.980.5476
                  Financial Aid and Scholarships | Profiles | Virtual Tour | Publications
                  Ways to apply: Apply Texas

Wichita State University:
Nothing has changed at this point with our deadlines at Wichita State Admissions
Student Materials, Resources and Reminders:
    • Admissions Presentation: I have created an admissions presentation webinar that is being
       processed and uploaded by our video production team. I will send out a link in a follow-up email
       for you to send to interested students! It is a virtual version of my admissions presentation that I
       deliver to high schools. Feel free to share it when I can send the link out!
            o I’m also available M-F for Zoom meetings with you or your students. If you or your
                students have questions, reach out to me by phone or email, and we can set up a time
                for a live video chat (contact info in signature)
    • I’ve attached our Senior Next Steps and they can also access it at
       URL wichita.edu/Senior_Steps. These are the items any senior planning to enroll for fall 2020
       has to complete!
    • Housing sign-ups are going as planned. If students change their mind and have put down a
       housing deposit, they have until June 1 to get a refund. They just need to email the Housing
       Office to request a refund. Information about housing can be found
       at www.wichita.edu/housing. General room selection for the fall is still May 4th, but this is
       subject to change.
    • Orientation sign-ups and enrollment questionnaires are at www.wichita.edu/orientation and
       will be this summer on campus. At this time, none of our orientation dates for the summer have
       been cancelled. The Orientation RSVP and Enrollment Questionnaire is our final step for
       confirming students will be coming to WSU in the fall!
    • Passage 2 Success – I encourage students from diverse backgrounds, as well as first-generation
       college students, to sign up for this on-campus program beginning four days before move-in
       day. Lots of resources, getting to know each other and the WSU & Wichita communities. More
       information is at www.wichita.edu/p2s
    • May 1 acceptance deadline for scholarships. However, if a scholarship is WDNA (withdrawn for
       non-acceptance) it can be restored once they’re enrolled and students can work with me to
       learn more about that should their decision change. Students should still be able to
       communicate with National Merit Corporation since that’s an online process.

As a reminder, Wichita State has a rolling admissions process, and seniors can still apply this spring
through the summer. Our office is still processing applications, transcripts, admission acceptances or
exceptions during the “lockdown.” All of our staff is working remotely except staggered shifts for
Updates from Texas Colleges and Universities
processing staff. In general, we can continue taking applications until a couple weeks before the start of
the semester.

We have some great VIRTUAL CONTENT being updated on our site –
   • Virtual Campus Visits – we are doing virtual campus visits each weekday either from 9:30 –
      10:30 am or 12:30 – 1:30 pm with staff from Admissions, Financial Aid and a virtual student tour
      guide. Students can sign up at www.wichita.edu/visit and then they’ll be given the Zoom
      code/link. We’ve had great participation and feedback thus far from students who have signed
   • Engineering hosted a Facebook Live event touring their facilities with current engineering
      students and getting questions answered and seeing the facilities. It’s up for viewing on
      the Wichita State Admissions Facebook
      Page: https://www.facebook.com/WichitaStateAdmissions/
          o You can also check out our official YouTube channel for some great video content to
              virtually acquaint yourself with Wichita State! www.youtube.com/FutureShocker
   • We’re also doing a virtual Sábado Shocker en Español - Shocker Saturday in
      Spanish on Saturday, March 28th from 10 – 11:30 am. Please help promote among your
      Spanish speaking students and parents
   • Students and parents may sign up at www.wichita.edu/visit and click on Virtual Campus Visit for
      any of our virtual visits or events sign up.

Again, I’ve attached our Senior Next Steps and they can also access it at URL wichita.edu/Senior_Steps
You can also read