Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret

Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
Video Game Localization:
  Unlock Your International
      Market Potential
Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
Content Table
The ideal Game Localization Process:
  Demonstrated With Unity 3D
  Prepare Your Unity 3D Game For Localization
  Best Localization Practices
  Types Of Content To Be Localized
  Testing And Quality Assurance (QA)
  How We Overcame Mobile Game Localization Challenges for Arabic In Unity 3D
Multilingual Video Game Expansion Strategies:
  A Slice Of Real Market Potential
Turkish Game Localization:
  Get A Foothold In The Middle Eastern Market

Effective Turkish Game Localization:
  Who Is Your Audience?
  Make A Genuine Connection With The Turkish Market
  Unique Turkish Game Localization Challenges

Arabic Game Localization:
  Why It Matters And How To Get It Right
  What Does The Arabic Market Include?
  Why The Arabic Market?
  The Value Of Accurate Arabic Game Localization
  The Importance Of Turkish And Arabic Game
  Localization Quality Assurance (QA)

About Laoret
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Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
About The eBook
      Did you ever wonder why people play games? In his Motivations for
      Play in Games, Nick Yee asked this very question and isolated three
      main gaming motivations in the competitive streak, the social
      interactions, and, most importantly, the immersive quality. Gamers love
      exploring different worlds and it is our job to make sure the experience
      achieves full immersion status by creating a bug-free, quality product.

      Where does localization fit into this story? Well, part of immersion is
      being able to connect with a product in your native language, and it may
      surprise you to learn that Asia, Europe, and Latin America all have a
      vastly larger gaming community than the US. In localizing your game,
      you make sure that each one of these communities can engage with
      the world you created as if it had always been developed just for them.

      Let us tell you the story of Video Game Localization through a series
      of specialized examples, real-life case studies, and market strategies
      with a booming expansion potential.                                                                   03
Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
The ideal Game Localization Process:
Demonstrated With Unity 3D
Unity 3D is a cross-platform game engine supporting game development and
localization on over 25 platforms and crossing various industries. With its
ready-made Localization components this real-time development program
minimizes extensive coding, while maximizing the cost-effectiveness and
turnaround time. Allow us to expand on how localization is best applied for games
developed in Unity 3D!
Pre-Production: Prepare Your Unity 3D Game For Localization
Part of maximizing localization is in taking the necessary steps to make the process
run smoothly and minimize errors. In this, keep in mind that working closely with
translators and Localization Engineers from an early stage, especially when it
comes to the technical details, will greatly help facilitate the Localization Process.

       Localization begins with your Unity Developers. More specifically, when you
are thinking about which format to get for your Text String. Choosing string formats
will determine how easy (or difficult) it is to translate and localize your content.
Unity 3D supports JSON, XML, YAML, and CSV, to name the most popular ones.
While JSON makes the most sense when developing your game in JavaScript, for
example, we recommend that you choose what you are most comfortable with
since each format will pose its own challenges.
       Next to the format, you should also make sure to get your String Structure
right. Unity 3D doesn’t tie you to a specific strategy here, so adhering to an internal
logic that minimizes errors and issues, depends on your own choices. In this, make
sure you easily separate your strings by language, create String IDs that make them
easy to locate and keep the text itself simple and straightforward, making the
translation and localization process more efficient.
       The creation of a Glossary and Style Guide will help the translators adhere to
linguistic rules and maintain consistency.
      The implementation of a Translation Memory (TM) will help in improving
quality over-time and cut down translation costs significantly.
      Installing the right Plugins for your target language will help streamline the
process of the extraction and re-insertion of the content.
Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
Production: Best Localization Practices
  The Localization Process combines translation and cultural potency by leveraging
  the specialized localization technology. Here, it is essential that your game content
  will be exposed to the main translation phases of Translation, Editing, and
  Proofreading (TEP), so that linguistic standards can be met, and cultural differences
  can be respected.                                                                            05
Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
Types Of Content To Be Localized
 Types Of Content To Be Localized
 Games consist of different content layers which will all need to be localized
 separately. These are:

      In-Game Content: The resource file, which combines most of the strings,
      gets extracted, translated, and re-inserted into the desired format.

      Non-String Content is non-textual content including multimedia content,
      numbers, and so on, and will also be submitted to the localization process.

      The Store Content: First impressions are important on every occasion,
      right? Well, this is certainly true when it comes to users engaging with your
      game even prior to purchasing it, which makes the quality of your App Store
      Content is just as essential as the In-App Content. Engaging with
      awkwardly translated and formatted texts, videos, screenshots, app
      previews, In-App Purchases, and sign-up flows, can very easily cost you a

      When it comes to fonts, for example, not every style works for every
      language. Don’t be afraid to use different fonts for different languages,
      noting that the smaller file sizes will also be more practical. In the case of
      Text graphics, not all of them will need to be localized and whether you
      want to translate and localize certain character names, weapons, etc, you
      should note if these names have any specific meaning the user will need to

      In localizing the visual connect, there are two main options to consider:
      You can make use of the Unity Sprite Packer to create atlases. While this
      approach can be time-consuming, the reward lies in a consistent
      performance paired with high-quality graphics.

      Replacing the graphics with text and UI elements may not boast the quality
      of the first option, but it will serve you well if you prioritize high
      performance.                                                                         06
Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
Post-Production: Testing And Quality Assurance (QA)

  In order to confirm the game functions have been implemented correctly and
  performance is maintained when running the game in the newly added languages,
  we highly recommend that you perform rigorous testing (both smoke and beta
  tests) and QA before publishing and releasing your game.

  One of the ways in which you can ensure consistent performance is through
  continuous localization. As time goes on, more features will be added, and changes
  will be made. In order to make the localization of these changes run smoothly, the
  target languages will need to be synced with the source language, so that errors are

  Make sure you already have some international marketing strategies in place to
  launch targeted campaigns and enable User Feedback. The comments, reviews,
  and questions communicated by your users will let you know which possible
  problems they are facing and will make them feel like their concerns are being heard
  and resolved.
  Do you need more specific tips? We have got them for you further below!                                                                           07
Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
CASE STUDY: How We Overcame Mobile Game
 Localization Challenges for Arabic In Unity 3D

 Unity 3D is a cross-platform game engine supporting development and localization
 on over 25 platforms across various industries. What makes Unity 3D so popular as
 a platform for developers and companies looking to translate and localize their
 games, are its ready-made Localization components.

 In theory, these components would minimize extensive coding and make the
 process run a lot more smoothly from a Mobile Games developer’s as well as a
 Language Service Provider’s (LSP) perspective.

 But of course, Arabic is a Right-To-Left (RTL) language. And even though the
 demand for Arabic Translation Services has increased significantly, some tools,
 platforms, and applications still need some time to catch up.

 So, we were set the task of localizing a Unity 3D developed game into Arabic. Here
 is the process we followed, the challenges we faced, and the solutions we provided.

 Who We Selected
 Once a project had been approved, went go through the process of putting together
 a team of linguists and engineers specialized in localization games specifically
 developed in 3D Unity and made sure they were:

   Native in the target language and highly experienced in offering Arabic
   Translation Services.

   Residing in the region the client wanted to target.
   Knowledgeable in how to connect to the culture and respect cultural

   Able to utilize the appropriate tools including a Translation (CAT)-tool and
   Translation Management System (TMS) that best fits the project’s needs.

   Capable of developing workarounds and technical solutions to possible issues
   and errors.                                                                         08
Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
The Challenges
      The challenges we faced during this project were specifically tied to the
      technical aspects of the localization stage. Because while Unity 3D
      offers an Arab Support plugin, Right-To-Left (RTL) languages are still not
      supported very well. As a result, the localization errors related to this
      project were the following:

              Dynamic line breaks weren’t handled very efficiently and when
              not resolved, would the localization process down significantly.

              Since, as we stressed before, RTL languages aren’t optimally
              supported yet in 3D Unity, the text lines were displayed in the
              reserve order based on the script of a Left-to-Right

              This also meant that the lines were aligned to the left rather
              than the right.

      The Solution
      We always like to stress with our clients that localization is a mindset
      they need to uphold even during the game development phase.
      Similarly, the most effective workaround, in this case, is actually
      performed by the development team itself.

      For this reason, our engineers were able to adjust the plugin’s coding
      and streamline the translation process for Arabic and in effect, trained
      the Plugin to overcome the RTL-language challenges it was not yet
      configured to resolve automatically.

      Long story short, make sure to select a Language Service Provider (LSP)
      equipped to provide professional translations in your target language,
      but also possess the technical expertise to deliver a high-quality
      product in the most efficient manner possible!                                                                     09
Video Game Localization: Unlock Your International Market Potential - Laoret
Multilingual Video Game Expansion Strategies: A Slice
Of Real Market Potential
 It is all good and well to understand the ideal process to localize a video game, but
 how can you truly connect with new markets?

 We want to show you how you can take specific actions to target your locales, by
 truly understanding their gaming behavior as well as the translation and
 localization challenges. And the region we will be using as an example, is the MENA

 The MENA Region (the Middle East and North Africa), has shown spectacular
 growth in the gaming industry. The total internet penetration in the Middle East
 alone encompasses 3.3 % of the global scale. With the technological availability
 developing rapidly, it is the moment to introduce your games to the MENA region.

 Let us expand on the gaming behaviors and rising numbers that make the MENA
 Region such a winner by zoning in on the two biggest markets: Turkish and Arabic.

Turkish Game Localization: Get A Foothold In The
Middle Eastern Market

 The 30 million gaming community in Turkey has responded extremely positively to
 games effectively localized into the Turkish Language. And while this opens up a
 valuable opportunity for international brands to expand their products into foreign
 markets, this opportunity also comes with a set of rules. It is of vital importance
 that you understand the market you will be introducing your game to and that you
 find a language service provider with a deep understanding of the cultural,
 linguistic, and technical hurdles of localizing your game for the Turkish market.

 Effective Turkish Game Localization: Who Is Your Audience?
 The Turkish Gaming Market At A Glance
       The most popular type of game in Turkey, are the Puzzles (40 percent), Board
 Games (30 percent), and competitive gaming like Esports (19 percent).
       90 percent of the Turkish population owns a Smartphone while 86 percent
 owns a computer.
       While the other big player in the MENA Region, the Arabic Market, strongly
 favors mobile games, Turkey’s gaming revenue shows a high interest in both Mobile
 and PC / Console games.
       The Turkish language poses a lot of unique linguistic challenges specific to the
 Gaming Industry.                                                                            10
Make A Genuine Connection With The Turkish Market
 Video Game Localization is a rather delicate process and the best linguists and
 engineers can find a balance between your game’s voice, and what your users are
 looking for. Localization is more than just translation and the words, as well as the
 images and cultural references, would need to be taken into account. But a trained
 Localization Team will also know what to touch, and what to leave as is.

 For example, if a game features some references to Kungfu or other Asian martial
 arts, there is no need to transform every one of those to the Turkish martial art of
 Sayokan. Some games have a more international flair to them (which often adds to
 their charm!) and as long as the references aren’t too obscure and there are no
 cultural sensitivities breached, the characters can remain as they are.

 However, it should be noted that any references to jokes related to specific
 TV-Shows, celebrities, or even current affairs, should have an appropriate and
 equally effective equivalent ready.

 Speaking of celebrities, this can be a really big hit in Turkey! For example, when RIOT
 Games Localized global Super Star League of Legends into Turkish, they hired local
 celebrities as a voice-over talent. Now from the 100 million active players per
 month, Turkey can claim ١٥ million accounts as its own.                                                                             11
Keep Religious And Cultural Sensitivities In Mind
  As a Muslim country, Turkey has different values than the Asian and Western
  cultures keen to introduce their games to the Turkish market. This is where a
  qualified multimedia localization team will definitely come in handy.

  Understanding the Turkish culture will help you gain perspective into what type of
  games are welcome, and which not. For example, gambling is strictly regulated in
  Turkey, and any non-state, online gambling, has been banned since ٢٠٠٦. This means
  that online casino – and table games are not welcome in Turkey. That being said, it
  is not always predictable which content will be rejected and banned.

  Back in 2015, Minecraft was famously banned from Turkey. The Family and Social
  Policies Ministry had denounced the game as being too violent and possibly
  distilling violent thoughts into the minds of children. Because while the game
  centers around creative play through building houses and farms, it also involves
  killing in order to protect the construction.

  So, it is always a good idea to review your in-game content in terms of texts as well
  as visuals and take note of anything that could be considered offensive to the
  Turkish population and, when in doubt, consult a qualified vendor with extensive
  experience localizing for the Turkish market.                                                                            12
English Proficiency In Turkey
  According to data collected by the Education First English Language School in 2019,
  Turkey ranks among the countries with very low English proficiency, ranking at
  number 79 of the 100 countries listed. What’s more, for the last few years, Turkey’s
  English proficiency had been on a steady decline.

  Turkey may lack a reliable structure to support effective language learning, but with
  the demand for entertainment and games increasing significantly, the localization
  market is uniquely positioned to fulfill a need. And the challenge lies in fulfilling this
  need with a service that answers both the cultural demands as mentioned above
  and the technical ones we will be looking at right now!

  Unique Turkish Game Localization Challenges
  The Turkish language possesses a number of linguistic qualities that make video
  game localization all the more challenging. This results in two major technical
  challenges that will require particular tools and expertise to prevent them from
  causing errors and undermine the UX.

  Text Expansion
  Turkish is a highly expressive language that is known for its agglutinative
  characteristics. In Turkish, a large variety of verbs are formed by a noun and an
  auxiliary verb, meaning many common video game commands will actually be
  formed by using two words rather than one.                                                                                 13
As a general rule, you should allow between 22 and 33 percent of Text Expansion
  when translating from English to Turkish. This can be particularly challenging when
  dealing with the boxed texts, menus, table cells, and boxes, and can cause issues
  with overlapping texts, content overflowing from the provided space, and even lead
  to an incorrect running of the Operating System itself.

  This is why a localization team should consist of skilled linguists who can manage
  the translations, but also localization engineers who can manage the technical
  localization, and Desktop Publishers who will see to the

  Suffixes And Regular Expressions
  A common technical trick used by Localization Engineers to avoid coding errors and
  confusing translatable content, is to work with placeholders, or regular expressions.
  These make sure that certain content is locked and can’t be changed during the
  localization process.
  These Regular Expressions are also used to lock certain player information such as
  in this game scenario: “give sword to {player_name}”. While this could be
  straightforward for English, Turkish relies very heavily on Suffixes that complicate
  the process. More specifically, this means that depending on the last syllable,
  suffixes are either conjugated as a front vowel or back vowel. As a result, the
  translation team will need to rely on custom translations rather than a
  one-size-fits-all solution.

  Arabic Game Localization: Why It Matters
  And How To Get It Right
  What makes Arabic Game Localization so important and why should it be part of
  your expansion and translation strategies? As the 5th most popular language with
  a large gaming community, the Arabic-speaking gaming market is a crucial one to
  tap. But the Arabic language introduces unique linguistic, cultural, and technical
  challenges that should be resolved effectively if you want to make a real and
  sustainable connection with your target locale. So, how should it be tapped and
  what should you keep in mind when localizing your game into Arabic? Learn all
  about it in our blog!

  What Does The Arabic Market Include?
  There are 22 territories that claim Arabic as an official language, with Saudi Arabia,
  the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Egypt being the most profitable in terms of
  gaming revenue. The Arabic-speaking countries take up the lion share of the
  so-called MENA Region which includes 18 countries in the Middle East and North
  Africa. Next to Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Turkish, and Hebrew are also spoken in this
  region. In this blog, we will show you that the Arabic market is one of the most
  interesting ones in terms of game revenue, close to reaching the 6 billion mark.                                                                             14
The Arab Gaming Market Key Takeaways
                    Saudi Arabia is the most profitable
                    Arabic-speaking market. It ranks at 22# by
                    global gaming revenue and 92 percent of
                    the gamers consider themselves gaming

                    Mobile Games, especially puzzles, are the
                    most popular in the Arabic-speaking
 Why The            market. In fact, the UAE is known as a big
                    spender in the gaming industry with most of
 Arabic Market?     the money going to mobile games. Around
                    39% of gamers in the UAE prefer to spend
                    on mobile games, while 33 percent prefer
                    PC and 38 percent console. In Saudi Arabia,
                    this number is steadily increasing from

                    Smartphone penetration has hit 46 percent
                    in Saudi Arabia. This results in 15.5 million
                    people. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE),
                    this number has reached 80.6 percent.                                                 15
Despite it being the MENA Region’s highest growing and most widely spoken
  language, only ١ percent of the content in local app stores is available in Arabic.

  That ١ percent may sound like a great opportunity to claim a place among the top
  games available in the Arabic language. But there is more good news. Arabic is the
  single fastest growing online language, haven grown no less than 9,348.0 percent
  between 2000 and 2020, beating every other language in the online top Ten. The
  gaming industry neatly follows this growth, increasing the demand for quality
  localization services. Or to put it in the words of N2V’s CMO:

  “Arab video gaming is interesting because it is following internet growth in the
  region, which is among the fastest in the world.”                                                                          15
The Value Of Accurate Arabic Game Localization
              Back in 2009, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released. The
              first-person shooter game, part of a hugely popular series, was made
              available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As part of the storyline and
              design, there was a map of Pakistan included. The map featured Arabic
              content while Pakistan’s Official Languages are English and Urdu.

              In stark contrast, Uncharted 3 was released by Sony Computer
              Entertainment in 2011 and created with higher cultural awareness in
              mind. A scene that included an Egyptian character, was portrayed by
              Egyptian-America actor Sayed Badreya. Not only was the language
              correct, but the slang and informal usage were also accurate. Sony went
              on to release Uncharted 4 in 2016, along with a fully localized version
              for Arabic.
  These two examples illustrate the one real challenge tied to any Localization
  project: know your audience. The 2009 Call of Duty may not have been released for
  a Pakistani audience specifically, but even when the game isn’t completely localized
  for one specific audience, every language, culture, and country used within the
  game should be respected.

  Let's expand further on what makes the Arabic language unique, and why it
  requires specific expertise and local knowledge to get it right.
 Dialects, Spoken, And Formally Written Language
  The Arabic language has a lot of linguistic idiosyncrasies such as, much like French,
  using gender specifications. But the most challenging linguistic aspects are actually
  related to two things: the spoken versus the formal written language, and regional

  If you are translating a medium where neutral and professional language is of
  importance, such as newspapers or informational web content, Modern Standard
  Arabic (MSA), will be the best application to consider. However, this is not true for
  creative content such as targeted marketing messaging and in-game
  content/dialogue, where high levels of engagement and making an emotional
  connection with your audience, are crucial. In this case, we urge you to hire a linguist
  with local ties in the region you intend to target and can take regional dialects into
  account. Just think about the Egyptian-American voice-actor who made Uncharted
  3 such an effective, culturally potent product.

  For example, FIFA 2012 was largely localized for Tunisia using MSA, the voice-over
  talent consisted exclusively of native Tunisian commentators to simulate the
  authentic emotional tension live football commentary creates.                                                                               17
What makes Arabic regional dialects so complex is not only the high number of
  dialects that exist but the fact that more often than not, they are not mutually
  intelligible. This means that one single text or marketing message, will need more
  than one translation in order to reach the Arabic market in its whole so for each and
  every region, a personal connection can be established.

  Cultural And Religious Sensitivities
  With its immersive qualities and varied characters and landscapes, games are made
  to be enjoyed. A big part of this lies in the correct application of cultural values and
  norms that exist in your target local.

  Let’s look at Happy Farm as an example. The hugely popular Social Network game
  and massively multiplayer online game simulating farm management has its most
  active player base in Asia.

  Happy Farm also reached a high number of players in Arabic-speaking countries
  because the successfully localized Arabic version took the local culture into account
  and doesn't feature pigs, since Muslims do not raise them.

  RTL-Languages And Video Game Localization
  Arabic is written from right-to-left (RTL) rather than the left-to-right (LTR) format
  used in English. In this often technically challenging situation, the main roadblocks
  lie in the visual translations related to page layout and user interface.

  Think back to the words of N2V’s CMO on how the high development of internet
  users also brings an increase of active gamers with it. But like it usually goes, tools
  and technologies need a bit more time to perfect the application of the rather
  unique languages that find sudden and high popularity. And it is up to the
  localization Engineer to find ways to work around the shortcomings with
  customized coding.
  Text Expansion
  Much like with the Turkish language, a further technical challenge lies in the fact
  that Arabic text will take up more space than the English one, causing a potential
  minefield of bugs and issues when not managed correctly. On average, Arabic
  translations take up 25 percent more space, and when translated to English the
  text can contract between 20 and 25 percent.
  A tech-savvy Language Service Provider (LSP) will make use of a suitable
  Translation (CAT) Tool and use it to specify the maximum characters’ length or
  limitations for each segment that will be translated into your target language(s).
  Setting up these target lengths prevents common Text Expansion errors.                                                                               18
The Importance Of Turkish And Arabic Game
   Localization Quality Assurance (QA)
   Games consist of multiple content layers covering in-game content, non-string
   content, the store content, voice-overs, and so on. In order to have a product
   optimized in a way that truly speaks to your audience, the game will be subjected to
   a rigorous QA process applied by in-country natives with extensive subject matter
   experience. This includes:

        Linguistic QA:
           Perfecting grammar, spelling, numeric format checks, currency
           conversion, and consistency
           Reaching contextual accuracy by confirming the use of naturally
           flowing content with country-specific idioms and phrases.
           Confirming if cultural references are appropriate and which might
           be considered offensive, have effectively been weeded out.

        Visual And User Experience QA:
           Resolving any UI or UX issues
           Being mindful of Text Expansion
           Graphics that are inappropriately positioned
           Sections that have been left untranslated Font issues

        Functional & Technical QA:
           Testing the overall performance of the game
           Resolving any coding issues
           Be mindful of keyboard issues and misleading commands
           Resolve issues related to corrupted audio and missing text                                                                            19
Video Game Localization Services require more
than a qualified translator, but an expert team that
brings an accurate translation together within
visually and culturally potent adaptations.

About Laoret
  Connected Experience                                                                          htt

  At Laoret, we are committed to providing industry-leading translation and
  localization services fueled by our passion for languages, culture, and technology.
  We believe that this leading position isn’t maintained by a group of individual
  experts, but by a team. That’s why we embrace a “Connected Experience” where
  our specialized localization experts, professional translators, and dedicated project
  managers, know how to build on each other and use our advanced language tools
  to deliver a hassle-free, top quality service.
  Guaranteed Quality
  We are an ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 Certified Language Service Provider for Translation
  Quality System. We have created a system that streamlines the process from the
  quote to the delivery so that quality control is seamlessly combined with efficiency.
  While our ISO Certifications verify our capacity to reach industry level standards, we
  know that it takes more to truly be exceptional. That is why we continue to innovate
  by tightening up our workflows, implementing rigorous Quality Control, and audit
  our performance every step of the way. You are safe with us! Please read our refund
  At Laoret, we utilize the most groundbreaking Translation CAT tools, customized
  TMS, and Translation Connectors tailored to your needs. Our technological
  know-how allows us to work accurately, quickly, and responsibly, allowing you to
  conduct your business operations freely and with full authority in your target
  market. We have streamlined the Translation, Localization, and Quality Assurance
  Process by leveraging these advanced technologies, and in an extra effort to best
  serve clients and keep up with the ever-changing market demands, we feature our
  own innovative localization products for all our clients to leverage.
  Accessible 24/7
  We understand that these days, quality needs to go hand in hand with quick
  delivery. In order to hit the speed – quality sweet spot, we have designed an online
  ordering system and user-friendly client portal put in place for the sole purpose of
  minimizing your effort while maximizing your control. We remain available 7/24 to
  sustain the constant flow of high-quality translations, so you can keep up with the
  cut-throat competition at the global level.                                                                             21

            Motivations                           for play in online games

            Unity’s               Localization Components

            Games                  That Have Succeeded In Turkey Have All Been Localized


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                                                         English Language School: English Proficiency
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            Mobile Games Saudi Arabia

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            CROESO BENVIDO
         HAERE MAI
                                             DOBREDOJDE YINDII TON RAP
         ULIHELISDI              BENVIDO

                              BIENVENUE HOSGELDINI
         FÁILTE   WITAJ         WËLLKOM



       HAERE MAI                                                                                                           BIENVÉ
                                                               WELKOM CROESO
           KYO TZO PA EIT
ILTE              DOBRODOŠLI
                                                                             HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN
   WELCOME              BIENVENIDO
BONVENON                 w  w w . l BENVENUTO
                          UDVÖZLET  a o r e t . BONVENON
                                                c o m    SVEIKI ATVYKĘ
NG SUMPING   WITAJ                    BEL BONJOU
                                         VELKOMIN BINE AI VENIT
                                                                KHOSH ÂMADID             MOBRDZANDIT HWAN YUNG HAP NI DA
G HAP NI DA HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN                      WELCOME                                   KHUSH AMDEED    BEL BONJOU
                                                                                                MIRË SE VINI
ON RAP BIENVÉNI HAERE                            MAI ДОБРЕ ДОШЪЛ                                                VÍTEJTE
                                               VÍTEJTE KHUSH  AMDEED
                                                                                                                TERE TULEMAST
                                               HAERE MAI WELKOMVINI
                                                         MIRË SE
                                                                                                                    BINE AI VENIT
O                                              BEL BONJOU                                        HAERE MAI          DOBRODOŠLI
                                                                                                  DOBRODOŠLI              BENVIDO
                                                                                                   BIENVÉNI               WËLLKOM
MAT DATANG DOBRO DOŠLI BINE AI VENIT                                                                VÍTEJTE

                  HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN                                                                                                       VÍTEJTE
                  HAERE MAI YINDII TON RAP                                                                                             WITAJ
                  TAVTAI MORILOGTUN                                                                                                 SWAAGAT
                      WILUJENG SUMPING
                      KHOSH ÂMADID
                    ZUPINJE Z TE VIDETITE                           FÁILTE
                      HWAN YUNG HAP NI DA                          WITAJ
                      WILUJENG SUMPING                         BIENVÉNI

                      SELAMAT DATANG                             SWAAGAT


                       KHOSH ÂMADID
                                                             MIRË SE VINI

                        VELKOMMEN                             VÍTEJTE

                              ДОБРЕ ДОШЪЛ
                              HUĀNYÍNG                                                                                                      GRA
                                 HAERE MAI                                                                                             BIEN
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