Welcome Pack - BA12 8NT The Hive Nursery Princecroft Primary School Princecroft Lane Warminster Wiltshire

Welcome Pack - BA12 8NT The Hive Nursery Princecroft Primary School Princecroft Lane Warminster Wiltshire
Welcome Pack

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                                        The Hive Nursery
                                Princecroft Primary School
                                        Princecroft Lane
                                           BA12 8NT

Tel: 01985 212 704
Email: admin@princecroft.wilts.sch.uk

Welcome Pack - BA12 8NT The Hive Nursery Princecroft Primary School Princecroft Lane Warminster Wiltshire
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A note from our Headteacher          3

About us                             4
Session information & term dates     5

Holiday provision                    6

Meals and snack times                7

What you need to bring to nursery    8

Settling in sessions                 9

Meet our staff                       10
How to join The Hive Nursery         11

Further information                  12

A note from our Headteacher
I am delighted to welcome you to The
Hive Nursery at Princecroft Primary

The Hive is a teacher-led nursery with
highly skilled and specialist staff who
want to give your child the very best
start to their education. We are open all
year round including the school holidays.

The Hive offers a safe, happy and
stimulating environment for your child
to develop and thrive. Through rich play-based learning and mixing
with children and teachers, your child will be very well prepared for
starting school.

I look forward to welcoming you to the nursery and working with
you to help your child grow and flourish.

Michael Park

About Us
The Hive is a brand new nursery opening in January 2021 offering
high quality childcare in an outstanding learning environment. We are
passionate about creating something really special at The Hive and
our highly trained staff want your child to have rich, memorable and
fun experiences to help give them the very best start in life.

The Hive is focused specifically on the needs of 3-4 year olds to
enable them build their knowledge and skills through learning and
play. Through a combination of teacher-led instruction and play-
based activities, we want to help your child have a great start to their
education and be fully prepared for when they start school.

The Hive will be open all year round, including school holidays, from
7.45am until 6pm. During the day, your child is welcome to have a
freshly cooked hot meal as well as breakfast, healthy snacks, and a
light tea.

Please get in touch; we would love to show you around and for you to
meet our Lead Teacher and other staff.

Session Information & Term Dates
Session time                                                            Cost
Early risers 7.45am—9.00am                                              £5.00
Morning 9.00am—12.00pm                                                  £19.00
Lunch 12.00pm—12.30pm                                                   £3.00
(Lunch is only available as part of another session)

Afternoon 12.30pm—3.30pm                                                £19.00
Full day 9.00am—3.30pm                                                  £39.00

Full day 9.00am-4.30pm                                                  £45.00
Full day 9.00am-6.00pm                                                  £54.00
15 & 30 hours funding entitlements can be used for any sessions, up to a
maximum of 10 hours per day. Hours can be used fully in 38 weeks or
stretched up to 50 weeks per year. All meals and snacks are charged in
addition. Lunch menus are available on the school website or on request.

Academic Year 2020-21                                  Dates

Term 1 2020                                            Not applicable
Term 2 2020                                            Not applicable
Term 3 2021                                            5th January — February 12th
Term 4 2021                                            22nd February — 1st April
Term 5 2021                                            20th April—28th May
Term 6 2021                                            7th June—23rd July
The nursery will be closed on bank holidays and School Training Days.
Training Days for 2020-2021: 4th January 2021; 19th April 2021 & one more to be advised

Holiday Provision
   We are pleased to offer flexible holiday provision to support
   parents. These sessions are open to nursery children and those in
   Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, and can be booked through the
   School Office at Princecroft Primary School. We plan to make these
   sessions lots of fun with theme days and different activities. Full
   details of our programme will be available prior to each
Term                  Session times         Cost (3-4 year olds)    Cost (Rec– Yr 2
February Half Term    8:45am — 4:00pm       £35.00 All Day          £22.00 All Day
15th—19th February
Easter Holidays       8:45am — 4:00pm       £35.00 All Day          £22.00 All Day
6th—16th April
May Half Term         8:45am — 4:00pm       £35.00 All Day          £22.00 All Day
1st—4th June 2021
Summer Holidays       8:45am — 4:00pm       £35.00 All Day          £22.00 All Day
2nd—20th August
All children will need to bring a packed lunch to these sessions.
Healthy snacks will be provided

Meals and snack times
We will provide a nutritious range of foods for the children in our
care. During meals and snack times we discuss the importance of
eating healthily and encourage the children to independently
access their snack.

Snack times involve a range of finger foods with a choice of milk
or water to drink. The children will help to prepare their snacks
which will be available in the morning and afternoon sessions.
The cost of these are charged in addition to the session price.

Lunch can consist of a healthy packed lunch from home or a
cooked meal which is provided by Warminster School (which is
charged separately). Any children who are staying for our twilight
session will be provided with a light tea which will be prepared on

Our menus change every other term and offer seasonal variety.
You’ll be asked to pre-book and pay for your child’s hot meals
from our termly menus when they start at The Hive Nursery.

What you need to bring to nursery
Clothes: We ask that children wear comfortable and practical clothing,
including sensible shoes. All children will also need a change of clothes and
underwear which will be kept in your child’s bag.

Lunchbox and a drinks bottle: If your child is having a packed lunch
then please send this in with them in the morning. We also ask that you
provide a water bottle for them to drink from throughout the day.

Nappies & wipes: If your child wears nappies please provide them with a
sufficient supply for their session. If you would like us to use nappy cream,
please provide this as well with their name clearly written on the container.

Autumn/Winter: Please provide your child with a pair of wellies which
they can keep in nursery. In winter months they will also require a warm
coat, gloves and a hat.

Spring/Summer: Please provide an outdoor hat, sun cream and suitable

Pegs are allocated each day so we advise all belongings are kept in your
child’s bag which is then taken home every day.

Please label all your child’s belongings clearly with both their first and last

Settling in Sessions
You will be invited to an initial settling in session with your child in
the weeks before they are due to start. This session will last for
approximately an hour and will be a chance for you both to meet
the nursery staff and other children, explore our exciting facilities
and ask any questions.

We will use this opportunity to find out as much as possible about
your child and his or her needs. This could include conversations
about their family and interests, any medical or dietary needs,
anxieties or difficulties they may have.

The daily routine will also be explained and you will be able to see
where your child will eat, play and learn within the setting.

These session are adaptable so if it is felt that your child needs
more sessions before starting nursery, we can arrange for this to
happen too. Our aim is to make the transition to nursery as
smooth as possible for your child, and for you!

Meet Our Staff

                The Hive Nursery Staff
Mrs Legg-Bagg     Lead Teacher, The Hive Nursery
TBA               Keyworker, The Hive Nursery
TBA               Keyworker, The Hive Nursery

 Other staff you may meet at Princecroft Primary
Mr Park            Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding
Mrs Pierson        Deputy Head & Deputy Designated
                   Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Winney         Early Years Foundation Stage Lead
Miss Jones         SENDCo
Mrs Binns          Administrative Officer
Mrs Osborne        School Business Manager
Mrs Dredge         Finance Officer

How to join The Hive Nursery
All prospective parents are asked to complete an application form
to enable us to confirm your requirements. You can contact us to
request a form, or complete an electronic application from our
school website.
 01985 212704
    admin@princecroft.wilts.sch.uk
    www.princecroft.wilts.sch.uk

The application form enables you to provide the information we
need to ensure your child’s safety. In addition we will ask which
sessions you require and whether you need term time or all year
round care.

We also require you to give your consent for your child to receive
medical care, other help and supervision, and to use personal
data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation

You will also be requested to accept The Hive Nursery’s terms and
conditions relating to payments, absence, personal items and
safety on the school site.

Further information
The Hive Nursery is Ofsted registered as part of Princecroft Primary School.

We accept Government Childcare Vouchers for 15 hours and 30 hours
(subject to eligibility) free child care per week, which can either be used in
full for 38 weeks, or ‘stretched’ over 50 weeks. We also accept payment
through the government tax-efficient childcare scheme, and most other
providers. Please ask us if you are unsure.

Invoices will be prepared monthly in advance, deducting any free
entitlement. We invoice on a pro-rata basis, to ensure your monthly
invoices are similar and make it easier for you to budget. A 10%
administration fee will be charged for all late payments, but please do
speak to us as soon as possible if you experience payment difficulties. Full
details are given within our Charging & Remissions Policy which is
published on the school’s website.

Nursery fees exclude costs of snacks, meals, trips or other special events, of
which you will be notified in advance. We reserve the right to charge if a
child arrives with insufficient items which are normally brought from home
(eg: packed lunch, nappies etc).

Should your child leave the nursery (except on transfer to Reception at age
4), two terms’ notice must be given in writing. Payment in lieu of notice is

A full range of policies underpinning The Hive Nursery are available on our
school website.

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