What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union

What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
what’s nu?                                                            January 2019

   New Collective Agreement
   for Acute Care Nurses

   A Tribute to Outgoing
   NSNU Executive Director,
   Jean Candy

Long Term Care
NSNU Disappointed in Report
from LTC Expert Panel

   AGM and Education Day
   Dates, Deadlines and

What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
                                                                Janet Hazelton, President
           Council of Nursing Unions
    3      Arbitration Award
                                                                Christine Van Zoost, Vice President
           NSNU Disappointed in Report from

           Expert Panel on Long-Term Care

                                                                Jamie Stewart, VP Finance
            A Tribute to Outgoing

            Executive Director Jean
                                                                Gerri Oakley, VP Eastern Region

                                                                Jen Thiele, VP Central Region

                                                                Ann Marie Murdock, VP Northern Region

          AGM and Education Day Dates,
    10    Deadlines and Reminders
                                                                Michelle Lowe, VP Western Region

           Nursing News from Around the
    16     World                                                Maria Langille, VP LPN/Grad

                   CONTACT THE NSNU                             Glenda Sabine, VP Long Term Care
                     150 Garland Avenue                         glenda.sabine@nsnu.ca
                Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 0A7

                Telephone: 1-800 / 902-469-1474
                      Fax: 1-902-466-6935                       Tracey d’Entremont, VP Community Care
                   Email: nsnu.office@nsnu.ca
                     Website: www.nsnu.ca

                       TWITTER: @NS_Nurses
               FACEBOOK: Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
                                                                Jayne Fryday, VP IWK
                     YOUTUBE: NSNursesUnion
         NSNU staff directory available at nsnu.ca/staff

2         Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
President’s Notebook
                                             Janet Hazelton, BScN RN, MPA

        Council of Nursing Unions Arbitration Award

    In Early December 2018, Arbitrator
     William Kaplan publicly issued
    his award to establish a province-
                                             line with the Health Care Bargaining
                                             Council award which was settled last
                                                                                       Information regarding registration
                                                                                       for the forum will be sent directly to
                                                                                       these individuals.
    wide collective agreement for
    approximately 7500 acute care            Arbitrator Kaplan’s award came            On January 17, the Executive Council
    nurses working throughout the            after the Council of Nursing and          met to discuss this last round of
    province for the Nova Scotia Health      the Employers met an impasse in           negotiations, essential services
    Authority and the IWK.                   bargaining which began in early           language going forward, and how to
                                             September of last year.                   improve upon bargaining for 2020.
    This unprecedented round                                                           On January 18, labour relations staff
    of bargaining included nurse             All provisions including language         from all four of the health care unions
    representatives from across the          changes take effect February 1,           met at the NSNU to review the
    province, from four different health     unless otherwise specified in the         nursing contract so that there is clear
    care unions, NSNU, NSGEU, CUPE, and      award. This timeframe enabled both        and consistent implementation of
    Unifor, together at one table. Council   the Employer and the Union to             the agreement across the system.
    representatives had the arduous          prepare for the changes required.
    task of combining almost two dozen       During the transitional period,           The new collective agreement
    collective agreements into one each      employers, unions and nurses              and a compilation of NSNU’s
    for the NSHA and the IWK.                continued to reference the 2011           highlights can be found at nsnu.ca/
                                             contract.                                 councilofnursingunions.
    The Council is proud of the work
    achieved on behalf of nurses in          The NSNU held an interactive              If you have a comment or question
    Nova Scotia. This is one of the          webinar on December 11 to discuss         about the collective agreement,
    best collective agreements the           the details of the agreement. For         I encourage you to email
    province has ever reached for our        those unable to participate in the live   nsnubargaining@nsnu.ca.
    members. In addition, the NSNU           broadcast, a video file of the webinar
    was able to maintain much of the         was uploaded to the Members Only          The NSNU would like to thank our
    progressive language achieved            page on the NSNU website following        NSNU negotiating team, as well as
    in previous rounds of bargaining,        the session. It remains on the site,      the Council representatives from
    while improving some language and        nsnu.ca. You will require your login      NSGEU, CUPE and Unifor, on a job
    acquiring new language that benefits     credentials in order to watch the         well done.
    our members.                             video.

    Unfortunately, we were not able to       On April 18, 2019 the NSNU will host
    retain all existing NSNU benefits.       a bargaining forum for the Board of
    Some language was lost during            Directors, NSNU Acute Care Nursing
    face-to-face negotiations or taken       Council members and acute care
    away by Arbitrator William Kaplan.       table officers (president or alternate)
    Many of these changes are now in         in Truro at the Glengarry Hotel.

3          Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
Bargaining Underway

                                              NSNU bargaining got underway on           VON Provincial Negotiating
                                              January 8th for our Community Care
                                              nurses working for the Victorian
                                              Order of Nurses. At this point in time,   Janet Hazelton, NSNU President
                                              face-to-face bargaining is scheduled
                                              to conclude on February 15th.             Tracy d’Entremont, Vice President
                                                                                        Community Care
                                              Our members-at-large on the
                                              bargaining committee are relatively       Chris Albrecht, NSNU Executive
                                              new to this process, which is an          Director, Chief Negotiator
                                              exciting opportunity for them but
                                              can also an exercise in frustration.      Central Region
                                              Progress at the negotiating table         Karen Graves, PNC Rep
                                              can be slow at times but the back         Kevin Whynot, Alternate
                                              and forth dialogue is essential to
                                              achieving positive outcomes.              Eastern Region
                                                                                        Kim Williams, PNC Rep
                                              In the meantime, we will share            (No Alternate)
                                              information with the sector as it is
                                              appropriate to do so, and members         Northern Region
                                              will be notified if, and when a           Vanessa Richardson, PNC Rep
                                              tentative agreement is reached.           Veronica MacDonald, Alternate
                                              Thank you to those who sent in            Western Region
                                              feedback in advance of bargaining.        Carolyn d’Entremont, PNC Rep
                                              Your input and frontline knowledge        Tammy Woodland, Alternate
                                              is imperative to our success.

     Acute Care Collective Agreement Forum – April 18, 2019
    The NSNU will be holding an Acute Care Collective              a participant. Each local is to determine who will
    Agreement Forum from 9 am until approximately 12 pm            participate (local president or alternate). All attendees,
    on April 18 to discuss the new contract. Participation in      including Board members, Bargaining Council
    this session is open to the Board of Directors, Acute Care     members and one member per acute care local, are
    Bargaining Council members (PNC), and one member               required to register using a link that will be circulated by
    per acute care local.                                          March 15 via email.

    If your local has a representative on the Board or             This session will take place at the Glengarry Best Western
    the Bargaining Council, you are still eligible to send         Hotel in Truro.

4           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
NSNU Disappointed in Report from
              Expert Panel on Long-Term Care

    The Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
    is extremely disappointed in the
    Recommendations Report by the
    Minister’s Expert Advisory Panel on
    Long-Term Care calling it a missed
    opportunity, a lost chance to set a
    course for serious reform.

    Despite strong recommendations
    from the Nurses’ Union and other key
    stakeholders, the report released on
    January 15 does not recommend a
    minimum staffing level for long-term
    care homes, something that was
    requested in the Panel’s terms of

    Panel members, Janice Keefe, chair
    of the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging
    at Mount Saint Vincent University;
    Dr. Greg Archibald, a family doctor,
    wound-care expert and Dalhousie           Report makes clear that we cannot         that is central to residents in nursing
    University professor; and Cheryl          wait for perfect evidence before          homes.
    Smith, a nurse practitioner from          we begin implementing solutions.
    Amherst with an education focus           However, the recommendations              Many important recommendations
    on dementia care, claimed there is a      are only advisory in nature, with         in the Panel’s report reflect work
    lack evidence at this time to establish   no implementation strategies,             that is already underway. The
    what such a ratio should be.              including staff numbers and human         Department of Health and Wellness,
                                              resource planning. Given these            for example, has already accepted
    “The evidence is clear,” claims Janet     unknowns, accountability will remain      recommendations from the NSNU,
    Hazelton, president of the NSNU.          a challenge.                              developed in collaboration with
    “Nearly 20 years ago, research                                                      partners in the sector, to hire Nurse
    showed that an average of 4.1 hours       On the positive side, the report          Practitioners into long-term care and
    of care is required to ensure the         recommends providing dedicated            to introduce responsive behaviour
    quality of care to residents is not       time from Licensed Practical Nurses       units across the province. The
    compromised. If anything, care needs      to work in residential care facilities.   Government’s own press release
    have increased since then.”               These facilities are often attached to    makes clear that most of the Panel’s
                                              long-term care facilities and serve       recommendations reflect work that is
    As the Report’s authors pointed           residents with less complex needs.        already underway.
    out, the system is in crisis and our      The NSNU’s 2015 Broken Homes
    outdated provincial legislation is        report emphasized the large amount        “If the Panel had made
    an embarrassment. Given these             of work arising from residential care     recommendations around working
    challenges, it is no surprise that        facilities and the need for dedicated,    conditions, including staffing levels,
    the Report was unable to provide          funded time for nurses to work there.     workload and workplace violence, it
    broader and comprehensive                 Unfortunately, the Report makes no        could have better addressed one of
    solutions in the 12-week timeframe        mention of Registered Nurses in the       their mandates, the recruitment and
    provided to the Committee. The            Recommendations Report, a role            retention of all staff,” says Hazelton.

5           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
Pitting NPs Against MDs
    Does Nothing to Assist Nova
    Scotians Who Deserve Timely
    and Accessible Health Care

    In November, the NSNU responded           On January 9th, Doctors Nova Scotia       that fact that Nova Scotians cannot
    to an article in the Chronicle Herald     released a position paper stating         continue to go without care, and NPs
    entitled Nurse practitioner plans         family physicians are increasingly        help provide a solution we should all
    worry doctors. The article claimed,       finding their role in our health-care     get behind. However, media reports
    as a result of the merger between the     system undervalued and potentially        continue to pit MDs against NPs.
    registered nurses college with the        marginalized. As health care
    College of Licensed Practical Nurses      becomes increasingly collaborative        Disapproving headlines like – NPs
    of Nova Scotia, nurses would no           and scopes of practice change, the        are no substitute for family
    longer be required to strike a formal     report said family physicians remain      doctors – leads off yet another op-ed
    agreement with a physician or group       the backbone of an effective health-      which continues to add fuel the fire,
    of physicians and submit proof of         care system.                              escalate this turf war, and make Nova
    that agreement with the nursing                                                     Scotians who are receiving excellent
    regulator.                                The Docs NS report, titled                care from Nurse Practitioners fearful
                                              Primary Care Transformation: A            for their safety. This opinion piece,
    In the NSNU response to the               collaborative practice tool kit,          published in the Chronicle Herald on
    newspaper, president Janet Hazelton       goes on to say doctors continue           January 16, again puts NPs squarely
    said there will be no change in the       to support a collaborative team           in the crosshairs of an unnecessary
    standards that require all nurses to      approach. If that’s true, we must shift   and irresponsible public battle with
    practise collaboratively. This has long   the pervasive and counterproductive       doctors. This has to stop.
    been an explicit requirement for all      NP vs MD dialogue playing out in the
    nurses.                                   media.                                    Nova Scotia faces serious challenges
                                                                                        in primary health care. There are
    The NP collaborative practice             It is important to understand what        many things that RNs, LPNs, and
    relationship in the Registered Nurses     is meant by collaborative practice.       particularly Nurse Practitioners can
    Act is often misunderstood. NPs were      All nurses practice independently         do to help improve the situation. This
    required to sign these agreements         within their scope of practice. As it     does not negate the urgent need to
    in order to begin practising, but         stands, physicians are not required       recruit and retain family physicians. It
    this did not necessarily create an        to reassess patients that NPs have        is disappointing to hear a physician
    actual referral relationship between      assessed, diagnosed or prescribed         say that nurses’ intentions to work
    the doctor and NP. Often the two          medication. That would be a waste of      collaboratively with other health
    practitioners did not work in the         precious resources in a province with     practitioners is mere rhetoric or
    same practice, or even in the same        large gaps in primary health-care         disingenuous as was written in the
    town. For a long time, NPs and            services. However, NPs will continue      November article.
    doctors alike have been aware that        to consult with GPs on difficult cases
    these agreements are anachronisms         and refer patients to specialists as      Nurses understand that collaborative
    based on an outdated understanding        needed.                                   care is a hallmark of a well-
    of the Nurse Practitioner role. In any                                              functioning health system, and
    event, they have never served to          We can all agree that Nova Scotia         we look forward to improving
    guarantee or promote collaborative        needs more physicians. That is not        health care in Nova Scotia on this
    care.                                     in question. Also, not in question is     foundation.

6           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
NSNU Apology
                                                                    re: What You
                                                                    Need to Know
                                                                   About Cannabis
                                                                  In late October of 2018, the NSNU
                                                                  published an article in What’s NU?

                                                                  entitled What You Need to Know
                                                                  About Cannabis. The feature was
                                                                  submitted by Pink Larkin, our
                                                                  legal counsel on various labour/
                                                                  legal matters including the newly
     NSNU Annual General               Acute Care Collective      introduced cannabis legislation.
    Meeting & Education Day             Agreement Forum
      April 15-17, Truro, NS             April 16, Truro, NS      Contained in the article was
                                                                  information that read:

                                                                  Workplace Issue - An employee uses

           MAY                            JUNE
                                                                  a strain of cannabis that they believe
                                                                  does not cause any impairment.

                                                                  Best Advice - The member should
                                                                  consult with their physician about
                                  CFNU Biennial Convention        impairment.
         National                  June 3-7, Fredericton, NB
       Nursing Week                                               Some NSNU members were
                                        CLC Atlantic Region       disappointed that we did not
         May 6-12                          Spring School          amend the document provided
                                     June 22-26, Antigonish, NS   by Pink Larkin to include Nurse
                                                                  Practitioners under this portion
                                                                  of Best Advice. Those members

           JULY                           SEPT
                                                                  are correct. Our members and the
                                                                  general public can and should
                                                                  consult either their physician
                                                                  or Nurse Practitioner regarding
      Halifax Pride Parade                 Labour Day
             July 20                       September 2            As the role of Nurse Practitioners
                                                                  expands and NPs take on more
                                                                  responsibility in our communities,

                                                                  it is incumbent on our
                                                                  organization to be more inclusive
                                                                  in acknowledging NPs and their
                                                                  significant contributions to our
                                                                  health care system.

        Federal Election          NSFL Biennial Convention        We apologize for this oversight
          October 19              October 27-30, Halifax, NS      and will endeavour to do better in
                                                                  future publications.

7     Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
NSNU                                  The Magazine Hill was the bane
                                               of her existence; a commute that
                                               she, like so many others, dreaded
                                                                                          “I initially didn’t choose nursing
                                                                                          but applied for a teaching degree. I
                                                                                          changed my mind at the last minute

       Executive                               - particularly in the winter. Day
                                               in and day out, her diesel-fueled
                                                                                          and was fortunately accepted at
                                                                                          the Grace in St John’s NL. That last-
                                               Volkswagens (there were a few over         minute decision was serendipitous,
        Director                               the years) reliably delivered Jean to
                                               Queen Street in Dartmouth, then 30
                                                                                          and I never regretted it as I had an
                                                                                          interesting and varied career that

                                               Frazee Avenue, and finally to the new      I loved for over twenty years,” says
                                               digs on 150 Garland Avenue.                Jean.

                                               Born in Ottawa and raised in several       Her first job was at the IWK, a “non-

     It Is What It Is                          locales including Downsview,
                                               Trenton, Salisbury (England) and St.
                                                                                          union” stronghold. As a newly-
                                                                                          minted nurse she witnessed, and
                                               Bruno, Quebec, the self-professed          experienced firsthand, things that did
                                               air force brat often moved with her        not sit well with her, prompting her
                                               parents and siblings, Jill and Rob,        to send a letter to the newly formed
                                               gaining an appreciation for travel and     NSNU in 1976 requesting union
                                               culture.                                   information. She then set about
                                                                                          distributing union pamphlets on
                                               Once settled in Atlantic Canada,           her unit. She was promptly warned
                                               she eventually pursued a career in         to get rid of the union propaganda
                                               nursing that was gratifying, and           if she wanted to keep her job – that
                                               which led her down unexpected              was the spark that ignited the union
                                               paths towards union activism. Even         activist within her.
                                               though she possessed an incredible
                                               penchant and talent for all things         A few years later she accepted a job
                                               artistic, and a deep love of animals       at Camp Hill Hospital. That’s when
                                               (particularly of the canine variety), it   her interest in the union became a
                                               was health care that called her name.      commitment, thus leading to her first

            nly the third executive
            director to ever grace the halls
            of the NSNU in its forty-three
    years, Jean Candy decided in June
    of 2018 it was time to put an end
    to the oftentimes brutal trek from
    Windsor, Nova Scotia (her homestead
    for a menagerie of dogs, horses, cats
    and people) to the busy metropolis
    of Burnside. Her retirement would
    be the final chapter in her long and
    assorted relationship with the Nova        As NSNU president, Jean rabble-rouses alongside then-Executive Director Tom
    Scotia Nurses’ Union.                      Patterson

8           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
I am positive there will be many more
                                                                                          to come.”

                                                                                          Her hopes for the future of the
                                                                                          Nurses’ Union are that it maintains its
                                                                                          strong identity as a Union with vision,
                                                                                          commitment and integrity, and that
                                                                                          the leadership at all levels continue
                                                                                          to encourage others who show that
                                                                                          spark and support them along their

                                                                                          She will continue to cheer for us on
                                                                                          the sidelines, in her retirement.

                                                                                          “My favourite saying is, it is what it
    Jean is presented with the Bread and Roses award by CFNU president, Linda Silas and   is. But in my retirement, I hope for
    Secretary-Treasurer, Pauline Worsfold during the 2015 CFNU Biennium in Halifax        more adventures in experimenting
    position as a local executive. Much to     was supported by her colleagues            with art, watching and reading good
    her surprise and right out of the gate,    at the NSNU to attend the                  murder mysteries, some travel, and
    she was elected president of what          Governor General’s Canadian Study          lots of volunteering and fundraising
    was then the largest NSNU local.           Conference. There she was inspired         for animal rescues.”
                                               by the many community and political
    Feeling over her head in new and           leaders she felt privileged to meet        For the record, it was Jean Candy
    turbulent waters, this fledgling           during the tour. NSNU leadership           who coined our mission statement:
    advocate began her foray into labour       and staff continued to encourage           Courage to Lead, Confidence to
    activism and union solidarity, in spite    and inspire her as 1st and 2nd Vice        Challenge, Commitment to Care. These
    of her conservative, right-leaning         President on the Board of Directors.       words embody what she stood for
    upbringing.                                The logical and natural next step was      while dedicated to the advancement
                                               to continue as NSNU President, which       of the NSNU. For her service, her
    The turning point came in 1991             she did in 1996.                           incredible wit, and love of the
    when, as a new Board member, she                                                      nursing profession, we are eternally
                                               A runoff vote at Camp Hill in 1996         grateful.
                                               ended with the membership at that
                                               facility joining the NSGEU, making         Congratulations Jean. All the best in
                                               Jean ineligible to sit as president of     your long and happy retirement.
                                               the NSNU. She was then hired by the
                                               NSNU, so began her ten-year career
                                               as a Labour Relations Representative.
                                               In 2006, Jean became the Executive
                                               Director of the NSNU, a position she
                                               proudly but humbly adds to her list
                                               of union-related accomplishments.

                                               “Being part of this Union as both
                                               member and staff, I’m proud
                                               to say that there is never an
                                               accomplishment that is made by
                                               just one person but instead, it is the
                                               result of many working together to
    Jean hoists an NSNU banner during the      achieve a goal. NSNU has had many
    CFNU Biennium in Calgary, 2017             accomplishments to be proud of and

9           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
What's nu?January 2019 - Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
               The Future of Nursing Starts With You!
     NSNU is excited to host our 2019 Annual General Meeting        •   Keltic Clothing will be on site selling uniforms and
     in Truro. It will be another great event as we gather to           accessories.
     conduct business on behalf of the organization, develop
     strategies, make important decisions for the coming year,      •   The NSNU will be selling lots of merchandise, perfect
     and inform members of previous and future activities.              for sharing with your members during National
                                                                        Nursing Week. The NSNU does not accept credit cards
     The theme, NSNU – The Future of Nursing Starts With                or debit.
     You! inspires us to plan for what’s to come for the Union,     •   We will be collecting dignity items once again to
     for our Members and the nursing profession.                        donate to the Truro Food Bank – please contribute if
                                                                        you can.
     The 2019 AGM is scheduled to take place Monday, April
     15 – Wednesday, April 17 at the Best Western Glengarry         •   The Banquet and Dance will take place the evening
     Hotel in Truro.                                                    of Tuesday, April 16 at the Glengarry. The theme is
                                                                        casual and futuristic! Come as your favourite “future
     Here are some highlights, deadlines and things to know:            you” or character from light years away. There will be
                                                                        a live band this year – one of our favourites! Big Fish
     •   Registration opens on February 13 and closes on                will perform so wear comfortable dancing shoes!!!!
         March 15. One representative from each local is
         responsible for registering all of the participants        •   In lieu of an auction, the NSNU will be selling tickets
         (delegates and observers) who will be attending from           on a gift card tree. Each local is asked to supply
         your local.                                                    whatever it can afford in gift cards towards the charity
                                                                        fundraiser. The gift cards must be provided to NSNU
     •   For those attending only the Education Day, there is a         staff by 5pm April 15 at the AGM in Truro. All proceeds
         separate registration form.                                    from the 50/50 draw during the hospitality event
                                                                        and tickets sales on the gift cards tree will go to The
     •   Links to both registration forms will be available on          Marguerite Centre in Halifax and Hope Project in
         the Member’s Only section of the NSNU website                  Sydney.
         under “AGM Forms and Resources” beginning
         February 13.                                               •   Scholarship Applications must be submitted by
                                                                        Wednesday, March 27. Forms can be found on the
     •   The hospitality event with a buffet-style meal will take       NSNU website at nsnu.ca. The successful recipients
         place at the Engine Room the evening of Monday,                will be announced on Tuesday, April 16 at the AGM.
         April 15. Be sure to bring a big voice for karaoke, a
         contribution (one per local) for the door prize, and       •   Arrive rested, ready to take on the world and play a
         cash for the 50/50 draw.                                       little.
     •   Unlike previous events, the NSNU will be assigning         All forms can be found on the Members’ Only page. If you
         seating for the AGM, Education Day and Banquet so          have difficulty with your login credentials, please contact
         we can better accommodate the needs of members             Lorna Myers at lorna.myers@nsnu.ca or Christie Blotnicky
         and guests.                                                at christie.blotnicky@nsnu.ca before the deadlines

10          Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
Education Day 2019
     Please join the NSNU on April 17th         but we recognize that we must
     as the Union explores Nursing and          start somewhere. This educational
     Reconciliation in Nova Scotia.             event recommits the NSNU to the
                                                Partnership Agreement by giving
     This important topic of discussion         voice and a platform to Indigenous
     will provide members in our                nurses and leaders.
     organization with insights on
     the social condition of our                Whether it is related to health care
     indigenous peoples, what they have         accessibility, the nursing profession
     encountered throughout the ages            or education our panelists, keynote
     and still contend with today.              presenters and featured personalities
                                                will deliver a message of hope and
     In 2006, the NSNU entered into a           enlightenment in a humorous and
     Partnership Agreement entitled the         informative way.
     Aboriginal Workforce Participation
     Initiative. The parties to this            Members attending the AGM and
     agreement set out to address the           Education Day can register online at
     under-representation of Aboriginal         nsnu.ca (Members Only login). If you
     persons in the field of nursing.           plan to attend only the Education
                                                Day, there is a separate registration      Indigenous nurse Courtney Pennell will
     Nearly 13 years later, little progress     form online.                               be a panellist and perform traditional
     has been made on this Agreement                                                       dance during Education Day

        Be Part of the Next NSNU Music Video
     Want to be featured in the next NSNU
     music video? If so, please send us
     photos or video of you at work or
     play holding a sign saying This Is Me!

     We are seeking shots (both video and
     stills) of nurses in their workplace, or
     other favourite environment, proudly
     holding a homemade (but legible)
     This Is Me! banner. Be sure patients
     and confidential information are not
     visible if shooting at work on your
     off-time or break.

     Whether you’re feeling happy,
     sad, tired or triumphant, let your         work when you forward your image         This Is Me is a title song from the hit
     expression tell the story. And be          file. As for wardrobe, your uniform or   musical film, The Greatest Showman.
     sure to shoot your pic or video with       work attire is preferred.                Have a listen to get inspired.
     enough light so that your image is
     clear and you look fabulous! Record        Use your cell phone or camera to         Thank you in advance for putting
     audio of yourself saying “This Is          capture these amazing nursing            your “Nurse Selfie” in the next NSNU
     Me,” if you’d like, and don’t forget to    moments, and send them via email         music video.
     provide your name and where you            to coleen.logan@nsnu.ca.

11           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
                                           for a Cause

     T he Canadian Federation of Nurses’ Unions has
       launched a petition on workplace violence via the
     House of Commons - Petition E-1902.
                                                                 organizations, including the Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union,
                                                                 to see which union can amass the most signatures per
                                                                 capita before the petition closes on February 20, 2019.

     As the parliamentary health committee prepares              The winning union will receive $1,500 plus one free
     to undertake their study on violence in health care         registration for a member to attend the 2019 Biennial
     in the New Year, a strong show of support for this          Convention in Fredericton, New Brunswick. If the NSNU
     petition will bolster their efforts and support resulting   wins, a draw will be held to select the lucky participant.
                                                                 Let’s show the country that Nova Scotia nurses are
     To encourage more nurses to sign the petition, CFNU has     informed, engaged and fighting for change. Sign the
     launched a friendly competition between its member          petition today at https://bit.ly/2yy50Em.

12          Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
     Registration for the CFNU Biennial
     Convention is now open!

     This year’s event is being hosted by
     the New Brunswick Nurses Union in       Federation of Nurses Unions over the     Those who plan to attend the
     beautiful Fredericton.                  next two years.                          Biennium should book your time
                                                                                      off from work as soon as possible,
     Taking place from June 3-7, the         Members who wish to participate in       including necessary travel time to get
     Biennium will feature inspiring         the five-day event are encouraged        to and from Fredericton.
     guest speakers, informative panel       to register early to secure your spot.
     discussions and educational sessions,   Registration is available online at      We look forward to seeing a strong
     exciting special events and more. It    nursesunions.ca/convention2019. If       contingent of NSNU members at
     will also include business meetings     you have any questions about the         Biennium 2019 in Fredericton!
     during which attendees will help        event or registration, please email
     define the goals of the Canadian        nsnu.office@nsnu.ca.

                                                     NSNU Hires New Labour
                                                     Relations Representative
                                             The Nurses’ Union is happy to            of her local, VON Central Region,
                                             announce that Angela McKenna             since 2008 and a vocal advocate for
                                             has joined the team as our newest        patients and all nurses.
                                             Labour Relations Representative.
                                             That position was vacated when           In the months leading up to her
                                             Chris Albrecht, LRR/Chief Negotiator     taking over the position, Angela
                                             became the successful candidate          filled in for Chris on a part-time basis
                                             to take over for Executive Director      during acute care negotiations.
                                             Jean Candy, who retired at the end       Although she misses her direct
                                             of 2018 after a rewarding career as a    patient care and her colleagues
                                             registered nurse turned NSNU staffer.    at the VON, she has embraced the
                                                                                      opportunity to apply her labour
                                             Angela has been a long-time activist     relations knowledge to her new role
                                             with the NSNU and a familiar face to     and looks forward to the challenges
                                             many. Angela is a graduate of NSCC       and successes that await her.
                                             IW Akerley Campus, class of 1992,
                                             and has worked in long term care,        Angela’s first day on the job was
                                             acute care and community care. She       December 3rd. Please join the NSNU
                                             has been employed by the VON since       in welcoming Angela to the LRR
                                             1995. Angela has been the president      position.

13          Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
Janet Hazelton drops the puck on the second annual         Brayden MacNeill rides the Zamboni
     Mooseheads Nurse Appreciation Night

                                                                         Mooseheads Nurse
                                                                         Appreciation Night
                                                                   More than 300 NSNU members, family and
                                                                   friends were in for an exciting game of hockey on
                                                                   November 24th as the Halifax Mooseheads battled
                                                                   Baie-Comeau Drakkar in QMJHL play. The Moose
                                                                   worked hard during the heated game between
                                                                   rivals, and even a narrow loss couldn’t dampen
                                                                   the spirits of the team or their fans, who helped
                                                                   celebrate members of the NSNU during the second
                                                                   annual Mooseheads Nurse Appreciation Night.
     Jen and Britney were good sports during the intermission
     hijinks with Hal and Mac                                      Once again, NSNU president Janet Hazelton had
                                                                   the honour of dropping the first puck. Never one to
                                                                   disappoint, she arrived in an evening gown and full
                                                                   hair and make-up for the event! (Okay, she was on
                                                                   her way to a fundraiser— but she did look fabulous!)

                                                                   This year, NSNU invited Brayden MacNeill to ride on
                                                                   the Zamboni during the first intermission. He was
                                                                   so excited for the opportunity, and he came along
                                                                   with an equally jovial entourage. He did a great job.
                                                                   Thank you Brayden!

                                                                   Of course, no hockey game is complete without a
                                                                   little bit of silliness and hijinks. NSNU board member
                                                                   Jen Thiele took on Halifax VON member Britney
                                                                   Cornect in a zany competition during the second
                                                                   intermission. Jen won, but it was a tight race, with
                                                                   some credit owed to Moosehead mascots Hal and

                                                                   Thank you to the Halifax Mooseheads for another
     Thank you to our team of staff, family and friends who        wonderful Nurse Appreciation Night. We look
     volunteered to hand out NSNU swag during the game             forward to doing it again next year!

14           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
Left: Janet Hazelton gets the flu shot from
                                                                                      Karen Green at the IWK flu shot clinic

      Below: Donna
      gets the
      shot on CTV
      Morning Live

                                                                                                                      Above: Janet
                                                                                                                      Hazelton with
                                                                                                                      Dr. Robert
                                                                                                                      Strang, Jason
                                                                                                                      MacLean and
                                                                                                                      Randy Delorey

                                              Above: Sheldon MacLeod
                                              gets his annual flu shot on
                                              News 95.7                      Above: Co-host Andrea Dion steps
                                                                             up to get the shot on Global News

         NSNU Reminds Nurses and General Public
        About the Importance of Getting the Flu Shot
     D    uring the month of November
          the Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
     held its annual influenza awareness
                                                Rupinder Kaur who administered the
                                                flu shot to on-air participants and any
                                                others who wanted it.
                                                                                           of the staff took advantage of the
                                                                                           opportunity. We thank Rupinder for
                                                                                           taking time out of her busy schedule
     campaign. As is often the case,                                                       to run the clinic.
     NSNU president, Janet Hazelton             People often joke about the
     was first in line to get her own shot,     challenges of “live TV”. Well, those       The NSNU flu campaign also included
     administered by NSNU member                challenges certainly came to fruition      airing ads on television, in theatres
     Karen Green during at the IWK flu          as not one, but TWO morning show           and in Tim Horton’s restaurants
     clinic on November 1st. Janet was          hosts realized a little too late that      encouraging Nova Scotians to
     joined at the event by Minister            they couldn’t roll up their sleeves far    get vaccinated. The ads worked in
     of Health, Randy Delorey, Chief            enough to get the shot! Thankfully         conjunction with online shareable
     Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert      others on set were willing to step in      images that showed not only how
     Strang and NSGEU president, Jason          at the last minute to show viewers         getting the flu can impact our own
     MacLean.                                   that getting the flu shot is quick, easy   lives, but the lives of those around us.
                                                and nearly pain-free.
     Janet also made the rounds to                                                         If you haven’t gotten your flu shot
     numerous local media outlets to            For the second year in a row, the          yet, don’t wait! The shot is available
     discuss the importance of getting          NSNU held an in-house flu shot             across the province at pharmacies,
     vaccinated. During her interviews          clinic for staff who wanted to get         doctors and nurse practitioner offices
     Janet was joined by VON nurse              vaccinated, and more than half             and clinics. #GettheshotNS!

15           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
New NSNU Merch
                                                                            Now Available
                                                                     Get ready to go shopping! The NSNU has some great new
                                                                     merchandise that members will want for themselves,
                                                                     their locals, and maybe even for the little ones in their

                                                                     To buy merchandise, members can come to the NSNU
                                                                     office to browse our selection, or wait for the Annual
                                                                     General Meeting where you can shop til’ you drop! If you
                                                                     would like to visit the NSNU office, please contact the
                                                                     NSNU to set up a shopping date.

                                                                     Please be advised that the NSNU can only accept cash
                                                                     or cheques, and purchases must be picked up from the
                                                                     NSNU office or taken home from the AGM.

     Emersyn looks extra cute in her “My Mommy is a Nurse” onesie!
     Thanks to Mom, Christine Pitman, for sending in this sweet

         Are You
                                                    If you work at more than one NSNU Facility and pay union dues more
                                                    than once in a pay period, you may be eligible for a refund from the
                                                    Provincial Office. Members who have been paid for less than 7.5 hours

                                                    in Acute Care and less than 8 hours in Long-Term Care in one bi-weekly
                                                    pay period may also be eligible for a refund from the Provincial Office.

                                                    The Provincial portion of NSNU union dues ($29.24 for RN’s and $21.48

                                                    for LPN’s) will be refunded by cheque on a quarterly basis. Your rebate
                                                    will only be retroactive for a period of up to 12 months prior to contact
                                                    with the NSNU.

         Dues?                                      If either situation applies to you, please contact the NSNU Provincial
                                                    Office (Verna Harrie at 902-468-6748 or verna.harrie@nsnu.ca).

16           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
In the News
                                            Nurse practitioners the solution to
                                               Canada’s health care woes
                                                          Excerpts from Ottawa Sun . November 2018

                                            C   anada routinely underperforms
                                                in international surveys of timely
                                            access to primary health care, such
                                                                                      In contrast, the path towards the
                                                                                      integration and expansion of nurse
                                                                                      practitioners in Canada’s health
                                            as access to a family doctor. When        system has been rocky. To find
                                            this happens, patients often rely on      answers, the Canadian Federation
                                            the more expensive health services        of Nurses Unions (CFNU) recently
     Alberta registered                     provided in our acute care system,        conducted the largest survey of
         nurses to                          arriving in hospital emergency            nurse practitioners across Canada.
                                            rooms. As a result, our acute care        We found that even though nurse
      prescribe drugs,                      facilities are stretched to capacity.     practitioners have the potential to
        order X-rays                                                                  address pressing health access issues,
                                            In response to a perceived doctor         they are largely absent or under-
      Excerpt from The Canadian             shortage in the early 1980s, the          utilized in most parts of Canada.
        Press . November 2018               Canada Health Act was amended
                                            so provinces could allow nurses           Barriers due to government
      A   lberta’s health minister says
          the province is expanding
      the ability of registered nurses
                                            to practise medicine as nurse
                                                                                      legislative, regulatory and policy
                                                                                      restrictions, along with financing,
      to prescribe drugs and order                                                    funding and reimbursement issues
      X-rays. Nurses will have to           Decades of rigorous evidence shows        are challenges to the widespread
      have extra education and              that nurse practitioners improve          use of nurse practitioners across
      authorization to be able to           access to personalized, cost-effective,   the country. We’re failing to take
      take on the additional medical        high-quality health care that reduces     advantage of the capacity of nurse
      responsibilities.                     wait times and costs throughout the       practitioners to improve health
                                            broader health system.                    access and reduce costs across the
      The government will bring                                                       system.
      in new rules that will allow          This patient-centred approach is
      registered nurses to prescribe        well-suited to address multiple and       Manitoba’s Mobile Clinics, in which
      drugs in travel clinics, as part of   ongoing health conditions. Nurse          nurse practitioners and registered
      sexually transmitted infection        practitioners are especially critical     nurses provide on-the-spot primary
      programs and at workplace             for providing health services among       care for people living in smaller,
      health and safety clinics.            Canada’s growing population of            underserved communities, provide
                                            seniors, Indigenous peoples and           an excellent model. Ontario’s nurse
      They’ll be able to order X-rays,      those in rural and remote locations.      practitioner-led clinics, as well
      urinalysis tests and swabs for                                                  community health centre models
      cultures, and do blood count          The United States began integrating       utilizing nurse practitioners, are
      drug level tests for antibiotics.     nurse practitioners intensively           leading practices that could be
                                            following the creation of an              readily implemented nationwide.
      The idea is to provide timely         education program in 1965. Through
      access to care, especially for        a concerted effort, the number of         Nurse practitioners represent an
      home care patients and patients       nurse practitioners doubled over a        innovative opportunity for Canada
      in long-term care.                    decade; there are now more than           to address our growing health-care
                                            248,000 licensed nurse practitioners      needs, especially within underserved
      The new regulations will come         in the U.S.                               populations, communities and
      into effect in May 2019.                                                        settings.

17         Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
A Mi’kmaw nurse and
     why his ‘familiar face’
     is very much needed in
     Nova Scotia health care
     By Yvette d’Entremont for StarMetro
     Halifax | November 12, 2018

     G    rowing up in Eskasoni, Tanas Sylliboy
          never once imagined he’d pursue a
     career in health care or become a mentor
     for Mi’kmaw youth wanting to follow in
     his footsteps.

     But in 2015, he and his high school
     classmate Terrence “TC” Bernard
     graduated from Cape Breton University
     as registered nurses. Sylliboy believes
     the duo were the first Mi’kmaw men to
     become registered nurses in the Atlantic      Tanas Sylliboy (Photo via Zane Woodford / StarMetro Halifax)
                                                   second year we got to actually be in             educating people about the reality of
     Sylliboy is now taking his education          hospital,” he said. “After I had my own          the Indigenous experience and the
     one step further. He’s at Dalhousie           first patient, I was like, ‘Oh my God. This is   intergenerational trauma caused by
     University studying to become the first       what I want to do for the rest of my life.’”     residential schools.
     male Mi’kmaw nurse practitioner in Nova
     Scotia.                                       Sylliboy’s first job was in the North            “I came into contact with people who
                                                   Sydney Hospital’s emergency                      work in the hospital that never heard of
     “I didn’t really decide to go into nursing    department. Within a few months, he              residential school, and I thought, ‘Wow,
     until Grade 12 and it had to do with a        moved to the Cape Breton Regional                that’s a huge learning curve,’” he said.
     science fair project that I did on the diet   Hospital emergency department, where
     of First Nation people,” he recalled.         he stayed for almost three years before          “I thought, this is not embarrassing for
                                                   making the decision to return school this        the person, but this is embarrassing for
     “It was a qualitative/quantitative study      September.                                       the education system, embarrassing
     examining the diet of high school                                                              for our society, and we need to do
     students, just the fact we’ve gone from       “I loved it there. One of the primary            something about it. … I’ve always made
     eating off the land, from something more      reasons why I wanted to be in the ER             it my mission to say, ‘Don’t be afraid to
     traditional, to a more modern diet.”          was because I wanted to be that familiar         ask me questions,’ because if you don’t
                                                   face in our emergency departments so             ask them you’re not going to learn.”
     While presenting his project at a             First Nation people or people from my
     fair in Toronto, he remembers being           communities back home wouldn’t be                Because the Cape Breton Regional
     approached by someone asking if               scared of discrimination or racism that          Hospital is close to several Mi’kmaw
     he’d ever considered nursing or health        they may have experienced in the past.           communities, Sylliboy said he was able to
     research. He was told, “I think that your     ... We know previous experiences can             speak his language daily with Mi’kmaw
     people would benefit if you would             curtail our present choices,” he explained.      patients entering the emergency
     consider a career like that.”                                                                  department.
                                                   “Making this decision to go back to
     Sylliboy was inspired that someone saw        school was really hard for me because            “I had people who might not necessarily
     that kind of potential in him and ended       I kind of laid my roots in an area and I         speak English or have English as their
     up applying to Cape Breton University’s       feel like if someone came to ER they’d be        first language. … How are you supposed
     nursing program.                              like, ‘Where’s Tanas? Where’s that familiar      to promote health when you aren’t even
                                                   face?’ I shouldn’t really think like that        conveying a message?” he said. “So for
     He recalls the exact moment when              because I think that I made a positive           me it was about being able to be that
     nursing became his passion.                   change in my department too at the               bridge and mediator.”
                                                   same time.”
     “I didn’t fall in love with the program                                                        Now that he’s in Halifax pursuing his
     until going into my second year. The          One of the contributions he believes             nurse practitioner studies, Sylliboy has
     first year was more so sciences, and the      he was able to make was gently                   picked up some casual nursing shifts

18            Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. He          ability to look at healthcare issues from    Because we know that residential
     said while he continues to love his work        both a western and an Indigenous lens.       schools’ effects still ripple beyond
     and enjoys the city, being removed              Sylliboy said that “two-eyed seeing”         generations,” he said.
     from his community and culture can be           approach has proven invaluable.
     challenging.                                                                                 “We have been seeing it first-hand. We’ve
                                                     “If you look at things in a western          been seeing it with our loss of language,
     “Because I spent my whole life                  perspective you’re going to look at your     our loss of culture. … We need to kind
     surrounded by my family, I spent my             patient and say, ‘These are their vital      of focus on honing in on our differences
     whole life being able to speak my               signs, they’re presenting with this, their   and actually emphasizing with them to
     language on a daily basis, coming here          CT scan shows this, or their ultrasound      say this is what makes us different, this is
     it’s very isolating because the last time I     shows this,’” he said.                       what makes us special.”
     was able to speak Mi’kmaw was probably
     six days ago when I called my mom,” he          “When you go from the Indigenous             Despite his passion and drive to push for
     said.                                           perspective you also want to look at the     a robust future contingent of Mi’kmaw
                                                     whole picture. How are the dynamics          and Indigenous healthcare providers,
     “I feel that there’s something missing to       in the family? You want to think about       Sylliboy said it does get overwhelming
     the point that I feel disconnected from         bringing in the nursing perspective to       being one of so few.
     myself and I feel like that affects me on a     that, you want to think about the social
     personal and professional level because         determinants of health.”                     “I kind of have the mentality that I’m
     there’s a void that for some reason I                                                        going to fix the world, and even my
     can’t fill other than being home. But I         Sylliboy said those range from education     friends say, ‘Tanas, that’s a lot of burden
     can’t think like that because if I think like   — can the patient read and adequately        on one person, you need to take some of
     that I’ll leave and that’s not what I want      understand English — to family               that off your shoulders and you need to
     because once again I do have pressures          dynamics and even whether they have          be OK with making one little change, not
     on me.”                                         access to clean drinking water.              to fix the whole problem,’ ” he said.

     Sylliboy believes more Indigenous               “For example, Chapel Island in Cape          Indigenous in Halifax
     healthcare professionals — from doctors         Breton hasn’t had access to clean
     to nurses to physiotherapists — are             drinking water in six years and no one       Sylliboy said he’s been humbled
     needed across the board and are key to          is having that conversation in a political   on several occasions to be told by
     beginning to address some of the health         standpoint or a health government            Indigenous youth that he inspired
     inequities that exist for Indigenous            standpoint,” he said.                        them to choose a nursing career. But
     people.                                                                                      he encourages them to take inspiration
                                                     “Why is no one considering that? When        from their own drive and abilities.
     Based on his own experiences as a               you think about ailments, when you
     practising nurse, he’s especially pushing       think about our hierarchy of need, our       “I’m just a stepping stone to build this
     for more Indigenous healthcare                  first need is water. Without water you       bridge between Indigenous people and
     professionals in emergency departments          can’t have life.”                            healthcare, and hopefully eventually
     and critical care.                                                                           more and more people are going to be
                                                     Using the Indigenous lens also results in    more stepping stones and eventually
     “These are vulnerable places. You’re            thinking about past trauma and trauma-       we’re going to fill this gap and get
     going to feel isolated, you’re going to         informed care.                               somewhere to a healthier population
     feel alone. But having that familiar face,                                                   so we can continue to be resilient for
     you feel less alone, you feel that there’s      “This person might not necessarily have      generations to come,” he said.
     someone there that understands you,” he         experienced residential school firsthand
     said.                                           but intergenerational trauma also can        “Hopefully, being in this position I get
                                                     exist. Have their aunts and uncles, have     to inspire more people into seeing the
     That understanding also includes the            their parents gone to residential school?    reality that we can be nurses, we can be
                                                                                                  doctors, we can be lawyers, teachers,

                                                                                                  whatever we want. Being one of the first
            I’m just a stepping stone to build this bridge between                                Mi’kmaw male registered nurses or the
            Indigenous people and healthcare, and hopefully eventually                            first nurse practitioner, to me it’s just a
                                                                                                  title. The meaningful thing about it is
            more and more people are going to be more stepping stones                             I’m opening doors that were previously
            and eventually we’re going to fill this gap and get somewhere                         closed. I’m decreasing barriers for there
            to a healthier population so we can continue to be resilient                          to be a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth

                                                                                                  and so forth.”
            for generations to come.          – Tanas Sylliboy

19            Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
Global Nurses United
                                                           The United

United States                                       Ireland
 of America


      Kenya                                    grievances and assure that the raises    a highly controversial topic, the
                                               will, in fact, go into effect.           measure was soundly defeated
      After reaching a return-to-work                                                   at the ballot box with 70% of
      deal with two levels of government                                                Massachusettsans voting against it.
                                               United States
      late last year, nurses in Kenya
      are threatening to strike if an          During the United States Midterm         Ireland
      agreed-upon wage increase is not         Elections in November, the citizens
      implemented by February 4, 2019.         of Massachusetts voted on a ballot       With little being done to improve
                                               measure to put strict limits on the      chronic overcrowding in Ireland
      The Kenya National Union of              number of patients assigned to           hospitals, the Irish Nurses and
      Nurses was alarmed when the              hospital nurses at any one time. The     Midwives Organisation (INMO)
      nation’s salaries and remuneration       Massachusetts Nurses Association         reports that 2018 marked the worst
      commission began questioning             took the lead on promoting this          overcrowding of emergency rooms in
      the fiscal sustainability of the wage    effort to improve safe staffing levels   the nation’s history.
      increases. KNUN fears this could lead    and quality of care.
      to wages being rolled back. They                                                  According to the organisation,
      argue that the pay raises have already   The campaign against the ballot          “108,227 patients went without
      been included in county budgets and      measure was waged by the hospital        hospital beds last year — a record
      therefore should not be questioned       industry, and warned of skyrocketing     number, marking a 9% increase on
      based on affordability.                  costs and threats of closures.           the INMO’s 2017 trolley count and
                                                                                        almost double the number it counted
      Nurses are seeking an audience with      Unfortunately, after a hard-fought       back in 2006.”
      the Kenya’s president to air their       campaign on what had become

 20          Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
A round-up of nursing news from around the world

                                                                    About GNU
                                                                    Global Nurses United is an international
                                                                    solidarity movement between nursing leadership
                                                                    organizations in 14 nations, including Canada. The
                                                                    goal of the movement is to improve work life for
                                                                    nurses around the world by fighting harmful policies
                                                                    and bringing to light to the work being done by
                                                                    nurses at local and national levels to enable change.

                                                                    As part of its role in the movement, the Canadian
                                                                    Federation of Nurses Unions maintains a list of news
                                                                    and events impacting nurses around the world,
                                                                    which is posted on their website, nursesunions.ca.
                                                                    The following is a selection of stories from that list
                                                                    demonstrating the hard work being done by nurses,
                                                                    unions and activists to improve working conditions
                                                                    and quality of care in their home countries.

     The INMO blames overcrowding on           The hospital argued that a 2014          trial-run in which nursing and other
     a lack of beds, an overtime crisis and    agreement endorsed these changes.        hospital staff will wear body cameras
     poor wages, making nurse retention        The Nurses Union argued that if they     in efforts to reduce incidents of
     more difficult. In December, nurses       wanted to honour that agreement,         violence. The latest numbers show
     within the organisation voted 95% in      nurses would be entitled to              that 15% of health workers have
     favour of taking industrial action over   thousands of dollars in back pay.        experienced violence from patients,
     pay and staffing shortages.                                                        families or the public in the last year
                                               After seeing little impact from their    alone.
     INMO set dates for a series of 24-hour    initial walkout, in December nurses
     stoppages in early January.               within the BNU voted to strike. Of       The trial is being paired with
                                               573 nurses who voted, only three         improved training for health care
     Bahamas                                   opposed the measure.                     staff in how to manage violent
                                                                                        situations, as well as more support
     Nurses working at the Princess            BNU president Amancha Williams           for those who work with patients
     Margaret Hospital in Nassau,              hopes to return to discussions with      suffering from the dementia or other
     Bahamas staged a walk out in              the employer to find a solution that     mental health conditions that may
     October, fighting against a new shift     would not necessitate moving ahead       prompt violent outbursts.
     system that the Bahamas Nurses            with a strike.
     Union argued would leave them with                                                 NHS says that if the body-camera trial
                                                                                        is successful, they intend to rollout
     too little time to recover between        United Kingdom                           the new policy across UK health care
     day and night shifts, with too small
     a pay increase for nurses working                                                  facilities by 2021.
                                               National Health Services in the
     overnight.                                United Kingdom is launching a

21           Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
     Celebrate the
       The holidays are a great time
     for us all to gather together and
       celebrate. Often, throughout
     the holiday season, NSNU locals
      will gather together for special
     events. These are just a few ways
     that nurses enjoyed the holiday
        season together with their
     colleagues, friends and families.   Members from the Queens General Hospital local
                                         in Bridgewater celebrated the holidays together by
      Thank you to all members who       participating in a paint night. Apparently we have some
     took the time to send in a photo    talented artists among our membership!
       from your local celebrations.

                                                       There was no shortage of good cheer during
                                                       the Colchester East Hants VON Holiday Party
                                                       at the Glengarry Best Western in Truro. Thanks
                                                       to VON-Colchester local president Vanessa
                                                       Richardson for sending in this fabulous group

                                            The IWK celebrated the holidays by hosting a luncheon for
                                            staff and friends. Pictured here is then-Executive Director
                                            Jean Candy with member Christine Pitman, baby Emersyn
                                            and IWK local president Deana Dixon.

22        Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
Johnson Insurance
     and  NSNUInsurance
       and NSNU
     Education Grant
       Education Grant

                                   $1,000Grant couldbe
                                         Grant could beyours!
       Johnson Insurance
          Johnson        is proud
                  Insurance        totooffer
                            is proud    offeryou
                                               youaachance to win
                                                    chance to winaa$1,000
       post-secondary    educationalgrant.*
                       educational     grant.*

       ThisThis  opportunity
             opportunity      is exclusivetotoNSNU
                           is exclusive        NSNUmembers
                                                     members andand
       immediate family (spouse and/or children) enrolled in
           immediate   family  (spouse  and/or  children) enrolled in
           a nursing program at a post-secondary educational
       a nursing program at a post-secondary educational
           institution during the 2019-2020 academic year.
       institution during the 2019-2020 academic year.

               The deadline for entry is March 31, 2019.
       The deadline for entry is March 31, 2019.
         Enter today at Johnson.ca/nsnugrant
       Enter today at Johnson.ca/nsnugrant

                                                                                                                                   HOME CAR TRAVEL
                                                                                                                                     HOME CAR TRAVEL
      Johnson Insurance is a tradename of Johnson Inc. (“JI”), a licensed insurance intermediary. Home and car policies underwritten by Unifund Assurance Company (“UAC”). JI and UAC share
      common ownership. *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open January 11, 2019 to March 31, 2019 to legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec and Nunavut) who are (i) a member of the
      Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union (“Member”), or a spouse or child of a Member, and (ii) enrolled in a post-secondary educational nursing program on a part-time or full-time basis at a
Johnson InsuranceCanadian
      recognized    is a tradename     ofor
                              university  Johnson
                                            college Inc.  (“JI”),
                                                     for the      a licensedacademic
                                                               2019–2020      insurance   intermediary.
                                                                                       year.            Home
                                                                                             One grand prize    and car
                                                                                                             available:   policies
                                                                                                                        $1,000     underwritten
                                                                                                                               post-secondary   by Unifund
                                                                                                                                              educational   Assurance
                                                                                                                                                          grant. Odds ofCompany   (“UAC”).onJI number
                                                                                                                                                                         winning depend        and UAC share
common    ownership.
      of eligible entries*NO PURCHASE
                          received.         NECESSARY.
                                    Math skill              Open
                                               test required.         January
                                                                  Rules:       11, 2019 to March 31, 2019 to legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec and Nunavut) who are (i) a member of the
Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union (“Member”), or a spouse or child of a Member, and (ii) enrolled in a post-secondary educational nursing program on a part-time or full-time basis at a
recognized Canadian university or college for the 2019–2020 academic year. One grand prize available: $1,000 post-secondary educational grant. Odds of winning depend on number
of eligible entries received. Math skill test required. Rules: www.johnson.ca/nsnugrant
23                 Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union
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