Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs

Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs
your own

    Become a BULLDOG!
             Admissions and Recruitment
             559.278.2261 gotofresnostate.com
Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs
Your next chapter
For application assistance/webinars/workshops please visit gotofresnostate.com.                                            Apply here: calstate.edu/apply

Freshmen                                                       Fall To Do List                                             Spring To Do List
Requirements for Freshmen Students:                            q Apply to Fresno State                                     q Submit all admissions documents
 Earn a high school diploma or                                   October 1 to November 30.                                   by February 1.
  equivalent.                                                  q Check the email you entered on                            q Attend Preview Day.
 Complete the minimum A-G subject                                your application for your Letter of                       q Accept your admission to Fresno
  requirements with a letter grade C- or                         Acknowledgment. It may be in your                           State by May 1.
  better in each course.The CSU will accept                      spam/junk folder.
                                                                                                                           q Register and pay for *Dog Days, the
  grades of “Credit” or “Pass” to satisfy                      q Create your Fresno State email                              mandatory new student orientation
  “a-g” requirements completed during                            and my.fresnostate.edu account                              by May 1.
  winter 2020 through summer 2021.                               once you receive your
 California residents and graduates of                           Letter of Acknowledgment.                                 q Attend Dog Days in June/July.
  California high schools may be eligible for                                                                              q Submit official high school and
                                                               q Check your admission status at
  admission by earning a 2.0 “a-g” GPA.                                                                                      college transcripts by June 30.

Note: Students may have to meet campus/program admission selection criteria. Please visit admissions selection web page for more information.

Transfer                                                       Fall To Do List                                             Spring To Do List
Requirements for Upper-Division                                q Meet with Transfer Counselor                              q Submit official transcripts with
Transfer Students:                                               or Fresno State Recruitment                                 fall grades and spring in-progress
  60 or more transferable semester                               Counselor.                                                  coursework by February 1.
  units (90 quarter units).                                    q Apply to Fresno State                                     q Check your admission status at
  Foundation courses (Areas A1, A2, A3,                          October 1 to November 30.                                   my.fresnostate.edu.
  and B4) with a grade of C- or better.                        q Check the email you entered on                            q Attend Preview Day.
  Meet the minimum cumulative GPA for                            your application for your Letter of                       q Accept your admission to Fresno State
  the major a student chooses.                                   Acknowledgment. It may be in your                           by June 1.
  Meet the minimum of 30 semester units                          spam/junk folder.
                                                                                                                           q Register and pay for *Dog Days, the
  (45 quarter units) of CSU General Education.                 q Create your Fresno State email                              mandatory new student orientation
  Must be in “good standing” at the                              account once you receive your                               by June 1.
  last college attended. Good standing                           Letter of Acknowledgment.
                                                                                                                           q Send final transcripts by June 30.
  means student is eligible to re-enroll                       q Check your admission status at
  at that institution.                                           my.fresnostate.edu.                                       q Attend Dog Days in July.

Returning Students
                                                                                                                                                Spring Admission Term
q   Apply to Fresno State October 1 to January 15.                                                                                              Returning and Transfer
q   Check your admission status at my.fresnostate.edu.                                                                                          applicants only - please
q   Submit all admissions documents (Residency, readmission petition, if needed, and transcript) by February 1.                                 visit calstate.edu/apply
q   Registration begins mid-April (No Dog Days Orientation required).                                                                           for more information.
q   Submit final transcripts by June 30.
Fresno State is impacted for the current application cycle and will use an Admission Selection Process at the program level during the
admission review period. For more details, visit gotofresnostate.com. Admission requirements and deadlines are subject to change.

For assistance:                                                                                                                 *Dog Days: New Student
gotofresnostate.com                                                                                                             Orientation is a program designed
or 559.278.2261                                                                                                                 to help new students transition
                                                                                                                                into the University. During
                                                                                                                                orientation, students will meet
                                                                                                                                with an academic counselor, a
     Check your
                                                                                                                                major adviser, and register for
     Fresno State
                                                                                                                                classes. Dog Days is mandatory
     email weekly                                                                                                               for all incoming students.
     for updates.
Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs
A vibrant, diverse and award-winning university, Fresno State
offers high-quality academic programs that emphasize
hands-on learning experiences designed to prepare students               San Francisco
for success after graduation.

As students, they’ll learn from our regionally, nationally and
globally recognized faculty who are at the top of their professions
in the areas of agriculture, arts and humanities, business, education,
engineering, health and human services, science and math, and the
social sciences. As graduates, they’ll join the esteemed Bulldog
alumni network made up of over 240,000 living alumni worldwide.
                                                                                              Los Angeles

                                  1) On-campus support services provide students with free food and hygiene products,
                                  professional clothing attire, academic support, and comprehensive health and wellness
     1                            services so they can focus on what’s centrally important: reaching their personal, academic
                                  and career goals.

                                  2) Our 16:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures students receive unique, hands-on learning
                                  opportunities and faculty have the capacity to create innovative curriculum advancements.
                                  Visit stories.fresnostate.edu to learn how Dr. Kathleen Rindahl spearheaded the Community
     2                            Health Mobile Unit, a project that allows supervised Fresno State students to offer free health
                                  screenings in the region’s underserved communities.

                                  3) The Cross Cultural and Gender Center, Veterans Services Office and Dream Success
                                  Center program are just a few programs and initiatives which reflect our tremendous diversity.
                                  For more than 50 years, enriching ethnic studies programs have been offered to students,
     3                            including Chicano and Latin American studies, Asian American studies, Africana studies,
                                  Native American studies, Jewish studies and more. More recently, Fresno State appointed
                                  its inaugural University Diversity Officer who leads the Division of Equity and Engagement.

                                  4) Fresno State’s renowned library offers a variety of free services, including tutoring,
                                  research assistance and technology lending, which provides free iPads and Apple® Smart
     4                            Keyboards to incoming students. Students have access to study rooms, the Graduate Writing
                                  Studio and Starbucks.®

                                  5) The Bulldog Marching Band, known as the Best Band in the West, is a NCAA Division I
                                  marching band that provides nearly 300 students of all majors with local, national and
                                  international performance opportunities. Visit stories.fresnostate.edu to watch psychology
     5                            alumna Mackenzie Lazarus perform with the band in the 2023 St. Patrick’s Day parade in
                                  Dublin, Ireland.

                                  6) As the premier major college athletics program between Southern California and the Bay
                                  Area, Fresno State builds champions in the classroom, in competition and in life. Fresno State
                                  Athletics is the Pride of the Valley and brings together nearly 40,000 fans at each home
     6                            football game.
Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs
7) Bulldog Bowl is a 12-lane bowling alley located in the heart of campus. Students
     can earn credit toward their degree by registering for a bowling course, or enjoy
7    games and billiards between classes with a group of friends.

     8) The Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Union is an ultra-modern building that
     assists in advancing student success, enriching student life, and offers a sense
     of belonging on campus. It’s home to a number of student services, including the
     official student government organization, Associated Students, Inc.

     9) The Save Mart Center is the largest university indoor arena on the West Coast
     of the U.S., featuring everything from concerts to bull riding to NCAA basketball
     playoffs to commencement ceremonies.

     10) Campus Pointe, located on the Fresno State campus, is the ultimate playground
     for students and the community. It is home to local restaurants, a movie theater,
     apartments and many live concerts and events throughout the year.

     11) The Fresno State Winery is the first commercially bonded winery on a
10   university campus in the U.S. since 1997. Students receive hands-on learning
     opportunities from vine to bottle and work to produce award-winning wines sold
     on-campus and throughout the region. Follow enology student Brenna Pratt through
     the year-long winemaking process at stories.fresnostate.edu.

     12) Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks serve as Fresno State’s
11   outdoor classrooms for several majors. These parks, along with state parks and
     the nearby Sequoia and Sierra National Forests, provide a laboratory for classes
     in recreation and outdoor recreation management.

Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs
Find your calling
California State University, Fresno offers the following 72 undergraduate, 49 postbaccalaureate and three doctoral degree options that
prepare students to tackle real-world needs and transform communities in the region and across the world. Requirements for approved
undergraduate majors are listed in the appropriate college/school and department sections of our online catalog.
Disclaimer: Listed majors are subject to change.

Accounting: Minor                                   Deaf Studies: B.A. (options: Deaf Education,             Literature of Diversity: Minor
Advertising and Public Relations: Minor                Deaf Studies, Interpreting)                           Marketing: Minor
Aerospace Studies: Minor                            Early Childhood Education: M.A.                          Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling: M.S.
Africana Studies: B.A., Minor                       Economics: B.A., Minor                                   Mass Communication and Journalism: B.A.
Agricultural Business: B.S.; Minor                  Education: M.A. (options: Curriculum and                   (options: Advertising and Public Relations,
Agricultural Education: B.S. (options:                 Instruction, Multilingual and Multicultural             Broadcast/Multiplatform Journalism, Digital
  Agricultural Communications, Teacher                 Education, Reading/Language Arts)                       Journalism, Film and Media Arts); Minor
  Preparation)                                      Educational Leadership: Ed.D.                            Mathematics: B.S. (options: Pure Math,
Agricultural Science: M.S.                          Educational Leadership and Administration: M.A.            Applied Math, Statistics, General Math, Teaching,
American Indian Studies: Minor                      Electrical Engineering: Minor                              Integrated Credential), M.S., Minor
Applied Behavior Analysis: M.A.                     Engineering: M.S.                                        Media Arts: Minor
Animal Sciences: B.S. (options: Production             (option: Mechanical Engineering)                      Medical Physics: Minor
  Management, Science); Minor                              Civil: B.S.; M.S. (option: Water Resources        Meteorology: Minor
Anthropology: B.A., Minor                                        and Environmental Engineering)              Middle East Studies: Minor
Architectural Studies: B.S.                                Computer: B.S., Minor                             Military Science: Minor
Armenian Studies: Minor                                    Electrical: B.S., Minor                           Music: B.M. (options: Music Education,
Art: B.A. (option: Animation Intermedia);                  Electrical and Computer Engineering, M.S.           Instrumental Performance, Vocal Performance,
  M.A.; Minor                                              Geomatics: B.S.                                     Composition, Jazz Studies), M.A. (options:
Art History: B.A ; Minor                                   Mechanical: B.S.                                    Music Education, Performance), Minor
Asian American Studies: Minor                       English: B.A. (options: Creative Writing, Literature);   Music as a Liberal Art: B.A.
Asian Studies: Minor                                   M.A. (option: Literature, Rhetoric and Writing        Music Technology: Minor
Astronomy: Minor                                       Studies); Minor                                       Natural Sciences: B.A. (options: Biology,
Athletic Training: M.S.                             English Literature: Minor                                  Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics)
Biochemistry: B.S.                                  English Studies: B.A.                                    Nursing: B.S., D.N.P.
Biology: B.S.; M.S.; Minor                          Enology: B.S., Minor                                     Nursing: R.N. – B.S.N.
Biomedical Physics: B.S.                            Environmental Sciences: B.S.                             Nursing – Nurse Practitioner / Primary Care
Biotechnology: M.Bt.                                Exercise Science: BS                                       / Family: M.S.
Business: Minors (Entrepreneurship, General         Fashion Merchandising: B.A., Minor                       Peace and Conflict Studies: Minor
  Business, Graduate Business Preparation)          Film and Media Arts: Minor                               Philosophy: B.A. (options: Prelaw,
Business Administration: B.S.                       Food Sciences: B.S. (options: Culinology,                  Religious Studies); Minor
  (options: Accountancy, Data Analytics,               Food Technology); Minor                               Philanthropic and Community-based
  Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human                  Food and Nutritional Sciences: M.S.                        Leadership: Minor
  Resource Management, Computer                     Forensic Behavioral Sciences: B.S.; Minor                Physical Education: BS
  Information Systems, International                French: B.A., Minor                                      Physical Science: Minor
  Business, Logistics and Supply Chain              French and Francophone Studies: Minor                    Physical Therapy: D.P.T.
  Strategies, Management, Marketing, Real           Geography: B.A., Minor                                   Physics: B.S.; M.S.; Minor
  Estate and Urban Land Economics, Special,         Geology: B.S.; M.S.; Minor                               Plant Science: B.S., M.S.; Minor
  Sports Marketing); online M.B.A., M.B.A.,         German: Minor                                            Political Science: B.A., Minor
Chemistry: B.A., B.S.; M.S.; Minor                  Gerontology: Minor                                       Portuguese: Minor
Chicano/Latino Studies: Minor                       Graphic Design: B.F.A.                                   Portuguese Studies: Minor
Chicano Studies: B.A.                               Health Science: B.S. (options: Community                 Precision Agriculture Technology: Minor
Child and Family Science: B.S. (options:               Health, Environmental/Occupational Health             Psychology: B.A., Ed.S., M.A., Minor
  Child Development, Family Science), Minor            and Safety, Health Administration)                    Public Administration: M.P.A.; Minor
Chinese: Minor                                      Higher Education Administration and                      Public Health: M.P.H. (option: Health
City and Regional Planning: B.S., Minor                Leadership (HEAL): M.A.                                 Promotion), Minor
Classical Studies: Minor                            History: B.A., M.A. (option: Teaching); Minor            Recreation Administration: B.S.; Minor
Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health           Hmong: Minor                                             School Psychology: Ed.S.
Counseling: M.S. (options: Clinical Mental Health   Human Nutritional Sciences: B.S.                         Social Work: B.A., M.S.W.
  Counseling, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling)   Humanities: Minor                                        Sociology: B.A., Minor
Cognitive Science: B.S., Minor                      Industrial Technology: B.S. (option: Agricultural        Southeast Asian Studies: Minor
Communication: B.A., M.A.; Minor                       Systems Management); M.S.; Minor                      Spanish: B.A., M.A.; Minor
Communication Disorders: Minor                      Interdisciplinary Studies: M.A., M.S.                    Special Education: M.A.
Communicative Sciences: B.A. (options:              Integrated Design: B.A.                                  Special Major: B.A., B.S.
  Audiology, Speech- Language Pathology)            Interior Design: B.A.                                    Speech-Language Pathology: M.A.
Computational Linguistics: Minor                    International Political Economy: Minor                   Sports Coaching: Minor
Computer Engineering: Minor                         Italian Studies: Minor                                   Statistics: Minor
Computer Science: B.S.; M.S.; Minor                 Japanese: Minor                                          Survey Engineering: Minor
Construction Management: B.S.; M.S.; Minor          Jewish Studies: Minor                                    Teaching: M.A.
Counseling: M.S. (option: School Counseling;        Kinesiology: B.S. (option: Sport Administration),        Teaching English as a Second Language:
  Student Affairs and College Counseling)              M.A. (options: Exercise Science, Sport                  Minor
Creative Writing: M.F.A.; Minor                        Administration, Sport Psychology)                     Theatre Arts: B.A.; Minor
Criminology: B.S. (options: Corrections, Law        Latin American Studies: B.A., Minor                      Urban Civic Education: Minor
  Enforcement, Victimology); M.S.; Minor            LGBTQ2+: Minor                                           Viticulture: B.S., Minor
Cybersecurity: Minor                                Liberal Studies: B.A. (option: ITEP)                     Viticulture and Enology: M.S.
Dance: B.A., Minor                                  Linguistics: B.A. (options: General Linguistics,         Water: Minor
Data Analytics: Minor                                  Computational Linguistics, Interdisciplinary          Water Resource Management: M.S.
Deaf Education: M.A.                                   Language Studies, TESOL/SLAT), M.A.                   Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: B.A.,
                                                       (option: TESOL/SLAT), Minor                           Minor
Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs
Empowered for Success                                                                Contact Information
                                                                                     Area Code is 559
Financial Aid
Approximately 80% of students receive some form of financial aid.                    Admissions and Recruitment
Financial Aid is assistance intended to help students pay for college and reach      278.2261 • gotofresnostate.com
their educational goals. Assistance may come in a variety of forms, such as          Athletics
grants, scholarships, work, and loan programs. You can submit your Free              gobulldogs.com
Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at studentaid.gov or the California      Campus Tours
Dream Act Application (CADAA) at dream.csac.ca.gov.                                  278.8236 • gotofresnostate.com

For the 2024-25 academic year, the U.S. Department of Education is making            College Assistance Migrant Program
significant changes to the FAFSA application and anticipates opening the             (CAMP) 278.4768 • fresnostate.edu/camp
application window in December 2023. Follow the Fresno State Office of               Dog Days: New Student Orientation
Financial Aid on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @FSfinancialaid)      278.4885 • fresnostate.edu/dogdays
to stay informed about the upcoming financial aid application window and
priority deadline. Remember, you must apply for financial aid each year that you     Dream Success Center
                                                                                     278.5750 • fresnostate.edu/dsc
want to be considered.
                                                                                     Educational Opportunity Program
Fresno State Scholarships                                                            278.6025 • fresnostate.edu/eop
Apply for Fresno State Scholarships October 1 - March 2.                             Financial Aid and Scholarships
                                                                                     278.2182 • fresnostate.edu/financialaid
Fresno State awards over a thousand scholarships totaling more than 4.3
million dollars in free money to incoming and continuing students. Scholarships      International Office (Admissions)
are offered by various colleges, departments, and organizations to students          278.2782 • fresnostate.edu/issp
who meet specific criteria. Regardless of your accomplishments, interests,           Outreach and Special Programs
background, we encourage all students to apply for scholarships.                     278.5374 • fresnostate.edu/outreach
Apply at fresnostate.edu/scholarships.
                                                                                     Renaissance Scholars Program
                                                                                     (Serves current and former foster youth)
Smittcamp Family Honors College                                                      278.1787• fresnostate.edu/rsp
Apply for the scholarship that includes in-state tuition, a dorm
                                                                                     Services for Students with Disabilities
stipend and more.                                                                    278.2811 • fresnostate.edu/ssd
The Smittcamp Family Honors College selects 50 high-achieving high school
                                                                                     Student Housing
seniors to receive the President’s Honors Scholarship. For deadlines, webinars       278.2345 • fresnostatehousing.org
and requirements, please visit fresnostate.edu/honors.                               1.800.555.0482

                                                                                     University Advising Center
Estimated Full-Time Cost of Attendance                                               (Returning and Undeclared Students)
*The below costs are an estimate and are subject to change                           278.1787 • fresnostate.edu/advising

                                                                                     Veterans Services
                                                Campus                               (Assists veterans, reservists/guard/active duty
 EXPENSES               With Family                              Off Campus
                                                Housing                              service members and dependents)
                                                                                     278.6036 • fresnostate.edu/veterans
 Books/Supplies              $938                 $938                $938
 Room/Board                 $9,175              $11,634             $15,684          Request more
 Transportation             $2,460               $1,460              $2,484          information
 Personal                   $3,001               $2,738              $2,738          Click here

 Fees/Tuition               $6,973               $6,973             $6,973           All Fresno State logos
                                                                                     and wordmarks used
 TOTAL                     $22,547              $23,743             $28,817          herein are trademarks
                                                                                     of California State
                                                                                     University, Fresno.
A Transformative Investment                                                          All rights reserved.
                                                                                     Any other marks
Fresno State has proven year over year that it is a key driver in social mobility,   used herein are
most recently ranking No. 5 out of 1,549 schools nationwide for providing            trademarks of their
a high-quality education at an affordable price to create opportunities for          respective owners.
students to move from one socioeconomic class to another.                            © 2023 California State
                                                                                     University, Fresno
Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs Write your own success story - Become a BULLDOG! Admissions and Recruitment - Fresno State Student Affairs
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