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                                                                                        A stellar
                                                                                  year for rugby
                                                                                                                              Bernard Lapasset
                                                                                                                                    Chairman, World Rugby

Chers amis,

           here is no doubt that 2014 was                   In less than a year, the world’s top male players   This investment stretches far wider than
           a stellar year for rugby. It was the             will gather in England for what promises to be      on the field. We continue to invest in player
           year of women’s rugby, the year                  a very special and record-breaking celebration      welfare, and concussion education and
           that our road to Rio 2016 truly                  of rugby and the host nation. Like Women’s          management remains a priority as we seek
began with men’s and women’s qualification                  Rugby World Cup 2014, England 2015 will be          to make the game as safe to play as possible
and the year that Rugby World Cup 2015                      a defining moment for our sport. It will be the     for players at all levels via our Medical
proved to be ‘too big to miss’ for sports fans.             best-attended, most-watched, most-engaged           Commission. We also partnered with the
                                                            and most-competitive Rugby World Cup to date.       International Rugby Players’ Association to
It was also a defining year for the game’s                                                                      form the Rugby Athletes’ Commission to give
governing body as we became World Rugby                     It will also be the most commercially               players a voice and undertook a review of
and refocused our mission to grow the                       successful with worldwide partnerships,             game and training load.
global rugby family by underscoring our                     sponsorships and broadcasters locked down
commitment to attract, engage and inspire                   in record time with record value. Of course,        Growth brings opportunities and challenges and
new audiences and players around the world.                 Rugby World Cup is much more than a global          as we expand we must ensure that we remain
                                                            stage to showcase our sport and its finest          true to our character-building values. We must
While it is always hard to pick highlights,                 players. It is also the financial engine that       ensure that the respect of match officials is
there was one event that has inspiration in                 drives the global development of the sport in       preserved and that integrity is promoted and
abundance. Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014                     emerging and established rugby nations.             protected through robust anti-doping and anti-
was a defining event for World Rugby. It was a                                                                  corruption education and strategies.
magnificent box-office demonstration of the                 The commercial success of New Zealand
enormous progress that has been achieved                    2011, the record-breaking progress of England       While we pause here to look back at 2014,
in the women’s game with investment in high                 2015 and the excitement in the marketplace          we move forward at pace and look forward to
performance and competition pathways and                    regarding Japan 2019 has enabled World              working with you all in 2015 and beyond as
the enormous profile and participation boost                Rugby to commit a record level of investment        we bring World Rugby to life and look forward
delivered by rugby sevens’ Olympic Games                    in rugby between 2009 and 2016.                     to a record-breaking year and welcoming new
inclusion.                                                                                                      participants and audiences to the sport.
                                                            World Rugby will be bankrolling an investment
Yet, it was much more than that. France                     of more than £330 million during this
2014 was a truly fantastic rugby event that                 period to increase the competitiveness and
filled stadia, captivated broadcast audiences,              attractiveness of international rugby and pave
dominated social media and inspired                         the way for more men, women and children
participation as England lifted the trophy for              to try, play and stay in rugby and live our
the first time in 20 years.                                 character-building values.

                       Back row: A Pichot (Argentina),
                         P Whelan (Ireland), C Barbieri
               (CONSUR), M Hawker (Australia), S Tew
                     (New Zealand), P Boyle (Ireland),
                          P Aldous (Canada), J Spencer
                        (England), B Pulver (Australia)
                      Middle row: P Camou (France),
                M Robinson (New Zealand), M Dodson
                 (Scotland), H Schuster (FORU), J Roux
                      (South Africa), O Morariu (Rugby
               Europe), A Buchanan (Wales), G Davies
               (Wales), K Tokumasu (ARFU), B Gosper
                                (Chief Executive Officer)
                 Front row: T Yabe (Japan), A Bougja
                  (CAR), J Jeffrey (Scotland), O Hoskins
                        (South Africa, Vice Chairman),
                     B Lapasset (Chairman), J Laurans
                          (France), B Latham (NACRA),
                B Beaumont (England), G Dondi (Italy)





03                             Chairman’s welcome

06                Engaging with the rugby family
08                         Rebranding World Rugby
10   World Rugby website and social media highlights
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16           World Rugby Conference and Exhibition

18                           Rugby World Cup 2015
20                         RWC 2015: Too big to miss
22           Stage set for global celebration of rugby
24                             The road to RWC 2015
26                                   RWC Trophy Tour
28                       Match schedule and venues
31                              Financial driving force
32                      Looking ahead to RWC 2019

34                                World in union
36                Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014
38                HSBC Sevens World Series review
39              Women’s Sevens World Series review
40                             Sevens set to shine
42                 World Rugby tournament review
46                                 Game analysis

48                            Inspiring participation
50                Mapping the game’s global growth
52                    Growing the Game Conference
53                                     Get Into Rugby
54                        Around the regions in 2014
57                              Investment highlights
58                                    IMPACT Beyond
59             Regions at the heart of rugby’s growth
60                  Exciting times for women’s rugby
62                             Training and education
63                                    Research corner

64                         Rugby builds character
66                           #recogniseandremove
67                  Medical Commission Conference
68                                Keep Rugby Clean
70                               Keep Rugby Onside
71                       Disciplinary developments
72                                    Match officials
73                                Olympic Solidarity
74                                    Spirit of rugby

76                                  Financial report
78                        Financing the global game
80                     Financial report and accounts
95                           Meet the team in 2015


                                IN THIS SECTION

   8                               Rebranding World Rugby
   10        World Rugby website and social media highlights
   12 				                                      In the news
   14                  World Rugby Awards and Hall of Fame
   16                World Rugby Conference and Exhibition

ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY                                                               BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

World Rugby to
inspire new audiences
World Rugby launched in November, underscoring the governing body’s
mission to inspire participation and build a stronger connection with
fans, players and commercial partners worldwide

                                             he new name, brand and logo           and inspiring those who have no connection
                                             was approved by Council in            with the sport across multiple cultures and
                                             May following a comprehensive         languages around the world.
                                             review of the organisation’s brand
                                  positioning against its mission to grow the      “Supported by a new name, a distinctive,
                                  game globally.                                   optimistic and progressive new brand, and
                                                                                   clear character-building values, World Rugby
                                  The unveiling at the World Rugby Conference      collectively has the ingredients and tools to do
                                  and Exhibition in London on 18 November          just that. We want everyone to feel connected
                                  was supported by the new www.worldrugby.         with the sport and rugby’s ongoing success
                                  org website and streamlined social media         story.”
                                  platforms, which have begun to play a pivotal
                                  role in inspiring new audiences and players at   World Rugby Chairman Bernard Lapasset
                                  all levels of the game.                          added: “Global rugby participation has boomed
                                                                                   by more than two million to 7.23 million
                                  At the heart of the brand is a distinctive       players over the past four years, driven by the
                                  positioning, expressed visually through          commercial success of Rugby World Cup, World
                                  a modernised and progressive logo that           Rugby’s development strategies and record
                                  embodies World Rugby’s mission statement         investment, strong and vibrant unions and
                                  to grow the game globally, retaining a link to   rugby’s re-inclusion in the Olympic Games.
                                  the organisation’s heritage through its blue
                                  and green colour scheme.                         “The launch embodies our mission statement
       World Rugby’s new                                                           to grow the global rugby family beyond our
     social media platforms       The rebrand comes at a time when rugby           traditional base and reflects the federation’s
                                  is experiencing record growth. The name          evolution from rugby regulator to rugby
                                  change is designed to resonate with existing     inspirer.
                                  fans and attract new audiences across
                Twitter           multiple cultures and languages. World Rugby     “Our new brand certainly stands out and
              @worldrugby         is modern and inclusive; whether you are a       enables us to promote our consumer-facing
             @worldrugby7s        player, coach, match official or fan, everyone   properties in a way that they will be more
             @rugbyworldcup       is a member of the World Rugby family and        appealing and impactful to the sport’s
                                  everyone has a role to play in its prosperity    growing global fan base.”
                                  and growth.
                                                                                   The new logo made its public debut in
                                  Engaging and inspiring                           November and is being rolled out across
                Facebook          Launching the brand, World Rugby Chief           World Rugby’s extensive portfolio of
                worldrugby        Executive Brett Gosper said: “In an incredibly   tournaments, events, programmes and
               worldrugby7s       competitive global entertainment and             materials as the rugby family looks forward to
              rugbyworldcup       sporting marketplace, rugby must continue to     a very special, record-breaking year.
                                  appeal to those who know and love the sport
                                  and its heritage, while attracting, engaging     The rebrand will have no impact on Rugby
                                                                                   World Cup 2015 branding or positioning,
                                                                                   which will remain as it is with its iconic logo
                                                                                   throughout the current event cycle. The
“Everyone is a member of the World Rugby family                                    new brand will feature within a new Rugby
                                                                                   World Cup 2019 logo, which will be launched
and everyone has a role to play in its prosperity                                  in 2015 ahead of the hosting baton being
and growth”                                                                        passed on to Japan.

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                                                        ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY

2014 in brief...
TOP OF THE WORLD                                      FUTURE STARS OF WORLD RUGBY                          KEEP RUGBY ONSIDE
New Zealand celebrated five years atop the World      By the end of 2014, more than 500 players had        The governing body’s virtual anti-corruption and
Rugby Rankings on 16 November, 2014. The All          graduated from the Junior World Championship and     betting education programme – now compulsory for
Blacks have been number one for more than 84 per      Junior World Rugby Trophy to the test stage. Among   all players, team and match officials at World Rugby
cent of the time since the rankings were introduced   them is New Zealand second row Brodie Retallick,     tournaments – has been extended to 13 languages
in October 2003.                                      the World Rugby Player of the Year for 2014.         with additional resources available in 25 languages.

“The new logo made its public debut in November”

                                                                                                                          Below: World Rugby Chief Executive Brett
                                                                                                                    Gosper and Chairman Bernard Lapasset launch
                                                                                                                    the new World Rugby brand at the World Rugby
                                                                                                                           Conference and Exhibition in November

ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY                                                                BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

     “A new world record has been
     set for the world’s biggest
     scrum! More to follow”
                                        Digital and social
     #TooBigToMiss #RWC2015
     Rugby World Cup                    platforms engaging
       Congratulations to
 @Francoishougi - winner                new audiences
    of IRPA try of the year             World Rugby content reaching more fans than ever before
award 2014. Enjoy reliving

                                                        orld Rugby’s digital activity     At the heart of the fan engagement strategy
    the action @bokrugby                                reached new heights in 2014       is a new, streamlined social media approach
             World Rugby                                with live coverage of the         focusing on three core social media channels:
                                                        Women’s Rugby World Cup           Rugby World Cup, World Rugby Sevens and
@blitzbokke celebrating their           in France, streaming from the men’s and           World Rugby working across YouTube, Twitter,
                                        women’s sevens series around the world,           Facebook, Google+ and Instagram platforms.
@southafrica7s win staying top
                                        in-depth coverage of the Junior World
of the @hsbc_rugby World Series         Championship and increased social activity        Rugby World Cup has gained 400,000 new
#sa7s #twittermirror                    across multiple platforms.                        followers on Facebook (2.3m total) with a 19
World Rugby Sevens                                                                        per cent increase since January 2014. Twitter
                                        JWC 2014 was hosted over five match days          remains a key focus and over the year the
                                        with all 30 fixtures streamed live. The traffic   channel has gained 100,000 new followers
    Not surprisingly - the latest       to the site intensified as the event reached      (293,000 total), a 50 per cent increase across
          #GoogleTrends from            the final with over 850,000 page views to the     the year.
     @SouthAfrica7s involved            tournament section and more than 50,000
@Seabelo_Senatla of @Blitzboks          views of the live coverage.                       Pick of the platforms
                                                                                          Instagram has been the pick of the platforms
                   @bokrugby!           WRWC 2014 was held in Paris from 1-17             for World Rugby in 2014, with a 200 per cent
          World Rugby Sevens            August. The site, delivered in both French        increase in followers in the final four months
                                        and English, saw unprecedented levels of          of 2014 alone (75,000 total). Google+ has
We are excited to launch our            support with over 1.6 million page views from     grown steadily, reaching 20,000 followers,
new film ahead of #RWC2015              more than 300,000 unique fans worldwide           and Vine is delivering great engagement,
                                        following the live coverage. Twenty-four of       most recently when the channel received 1.6
tickets going on sale Sept 12. It’s
                                        the 30 matches were streamed live on World        million loops on a vine from the Port Elizabeth
#TooBigToMiss          Rugby’s digital platforms, showing more           Sevens.
bl9ahNhH3Cc                             than 186,000 total video plays during the
Rugby World Cup                         tournament.                                       World Rugby Sevens has gained 100,000 new
                                                                                          followers on Facebook (65 per cent increase
              A new era begins.         The HSBC Sevens Series and Women’s Sevens         for the year), as well as 30,000 new followers
                                        Series continue to grow in popularity as the      on Twitter, more than doubling the total
                  18.11.2014.           road to Rio continues. With a third of the        following to 65,000.
         #RugbyBuildsCharacter          men’s season now over, video views already
                                        exceed those across all nine rounds of the        YouTube provides a platform for all World
                                        2013-14 series and each round has seen            Rugby video content and in 2014 received
                   World Rugby          a reach of more than 2.5 million fans and         11 million total views, with almost 30 million
                                        500,000 people engaging with content.             estimated minutes watched throughout the
   Cardiff celebrating                                                                    year.
                                        Stronger bond with fans
   2015 - the year of                   In conjunction with the unveiling of the new      Other new platforms include a geographically
   the Rugby World Cup!                 World Rugby brand in November, new digital
                                        platforms were launched with the aim of
                                                                                          agile Rugby World Cup mobile app aimed at
                                                                                          increasing the reach of World Rugby’s flagship
   #RWC2015                             creating a stronger bond with existing fans       event and new sites for the World Rugby
                                        and players and to reach out and inspire new      Sevens Series for both men and women.
   Rugby World Cup                      audiences.
                                                                                          Across all platforms the current total fan base
                                        The new responsive site – www.worldrugby.         is in excess of three million, with a weekly
                                        org – integrates World Rugby’s social media       reach of more than 10 million, and video
                                        and video platforms to provide a more agile       views are exceeding six million each month.
                                        and interactive approach to promoting rugby
                                        and bringing fans closer to its leading events.

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                                                    ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY

2014 in brief...
REACHING NEW HEIGHTS                                NEW FRONTIERS                                       ROAD TO RIO
RWC 2019 hosts Japan entered the World Rugby        Costa Rica are the first Central American country   The race to qualify for sevens’ debut at the Rio
Rankings top 10 for the first time in 2014 during   to become a member of World Rugby after being       2016 Olympic Games began on Australia’s Gold
an 11-test unbeaten run.                            approved as an associate member in May, opening     Coast for men in October and in Dubai for women
                                                    a new region in which to grow the game.             in December.

Keep in touch with World Rugby on the following digital platforms:

World Rugby                                         Rugby World Cup                                     World Rugby Sevens                                                                                                                         series                                                                                                                                                      

ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY                                                                                  BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

Record investment in the game
       n 2014, World Rugby continued to           Women’s Rugby World Cup in France was                Brazil also received increased high
       invest heavily in programmes and           a highlight of the year, while investment            performance funding to underpin their Rio
       tournaments around the globe,              enabled Argentina’s Pampas side to join the          2016 participation, while performance case
       including increased investment in          Pacific Rugby Cup in Australia in March and          funding applications were introduced for high
player welfare, anti-doping and integrity         win the title. The World Rugby Women’s               performance tier two nations. Funding was
programmes and the expansion of the Get           Sevens Series will also expand from five to six      also provided for the 10 RWC 2015 qualified
Into Rugby mass participation programme.          events in 2014-15.                                   high performance tier two nations for their
                                                                                                       November 2014 tours.

Independent study supports
rugby’s concussion approach
In November, the World Rugby                       »» Prior to the introduction of the Pitchside
Council unanimously approved                           Suspected Concussion Assessment
the extension of the global head                       (PSCA), players were treated on the field
injury assessment (HIA) trial until                    and on the run, resulting in 56 per cent of
December 2015, meaning it                              players returning to the field of play later
will be operational at Rugby                           determined to have concussion.
World Cup 2015                                     »» Since the PSCA’s introduction, the number
                                                       of players returning to the field of play who

              orld Rugby’s commitment to               were later determined to have sustained a
              driving forward concussion               concussion has reduced to 12 per cent with
              education and prevention                 the PSCA intervention playing a major role
              strategies has been endorsed             in cultural change.
by the publication of a major independent          »» With an 84.6 per cent accuracy, the PSCA
study.                                                 tool is proving successful in identifying
                                                       players with concussion and therefore
The British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM)          informing the removal from the pitch.
published study, The International Rugby
Board Pitch-Side Concussion Assessment            The positive conclusions are significant as
Trial: A pilot test accuracy study, determined    previous concussion assessment tools used
that rugby’s approach to the management of        on the field and on the run failed to match
head injuries in the elite game is successfully   the accuracy established with the PSCA (now
enhancing player protection.                      Head Injury Assessment; HIA).

The study, which covered more than 700            The findings of the report have informed and
matches and 165 head injury events between        guided World Rugby’s concussion working
October 2012 and June 2013, was published         group in introducing enhancements to the
in July 2014 and determined the following:        HIA tool in terms of balance and cognitive
                                                  components and an extension of temporary
                                                  substitution to 10 minutes.

“The findings of the report have informed and
guided World Rugby’s concussion working group”

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                                       ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY

2014 in brief...
OLYMPIC HISTORY                                    SOCIAL AND DIGITAL MEDIA
Australia’s women and France’s men won the first   World Rugby’s Facebook fan base is now in excess of
rugby sevens’ Olympic gold medals at the Youth     three million with the Twitter following at 400,000,
Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, in August.        while videos are averaging around five million views
                                                   per month on all platforms.

World Rugby
          layers have been given a new voice       and Andrew Trimble (Ireland),
          at the elite end of the game with        two from men’s sevens, Kyle
          the formation of the first World         Brown (South Africa) and
          Rugby Athletes’ Commission. The          Lee Williams (Wales), and
          commission is made up of male            two from women’s rugby,
and female players from both hemispheres,          Rachael Burford (England)
who have been nominated by their respective        and Lynne Cantwell
national players’ associations and will discuss    (Ireland).
important issues on the playing side of the
game – in both 15s and sevens – such as            The commission will
player welfare and law.                            be supported by
                                                   World Rugby and
Underscoring the governing body’s                  IRPA executive
commitment to ensuring the world’s best            staff, along with
players are included within its decision-          relevant council
making process, the Athletes’ Commission           and committee
is an important and positive initiative in         members
helping to shape the game going forward and        as required.
comes with the full support of all member
unions and the International Rugby Players’
Association (IRPA).

Its terms of reference were approved by
World Rugby’s Executive Committee in
Singapore in October and the first meeting
took place a month later in London.

Chaired by World Rugby Rugby Committee
Chairman John Jeffrey, the inaugural
meeting was attended by the three men’s
15s representatives, Victor Vito (New
Zealand), Benjamin Kayser (France)

Top: Rachael Burford
Right: Victor Vito; Kyle Brown
ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY                                                                        BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

                                         Reta rld
                                            Wo layer
                                         Rugbhe Year
                                           of t
                                                                  Hat-trick for
                                                                 the All Blacks
                                                     Now in their 13th year, the World Rugby Awards
                                              continue to personify rugby’s character-building values
                                                    he awards recognise and celebrate      second. A week earlier Samisoni Viriviri had
                                                    the achievements of those              become the first Fijian to be named IRB
                                                    involved at the highest level of the   Sevens Player of the Year after crossing for 52
                                                    game, as well as the dedication        tries during the HSBC Sevens World Series.
                                         and commitment given by those who work
                                         on a voluntary basis, and without whom the        At the IRB Junior World Championship in
                                         game would not survive.                           New Zealand, South Africa captain Handré
                                                                                           Pollard was named IRB Junior Player of the
                                         New Zealand second row Brodie Retallick           Year after his side lost 21-20 to England in the
                                         reached new heights with his outstanding          final, while compatriot Francois Hougaard’s
                                         level of performance in 2014 to be named          spectacular effort in the 27-25 win over New
                                         World Rugby Player of the Year. He edged          Zealand in The Rugby Championship was
                                         out Willie le Roux (South Africa), Julian Savea   determined as the IRPA Try of the Year.        (New Zealand), Jonathan Sexton (Ireland)
                                         and Duane Vermeulen (South Africa) to             New Zealand’s Bob Francis received the IRB
                                         follow in the footsteps of teammates and          Referee Award for Distinguished Service, while
                                         previous recipients Kieran Read, Dan Carter       coaching pioneer Ray Williams was awarded
                                         and Richie McCaw.                                 the Vernon Pugh Award for Distinguished
                                                                                           Service, shortly before he lost his battle with
                                         The accolade completed a hat-trick of             cancer.
                                         awards for New Zealand, as the All Blacks
                                         were named World Rugby Team of the Year           The IRB Development Award went to Bidzina
                                         for the eighth time – after a season in which     Ivanishvili for his commitment to the growth
                                         they equalled the record for consecutive          and development of rugby in Georgia, while
                                         test victories by a major nation – and Steve      the Vivendo O Rugby social inclusion project
                                         Hansen the World Rugby Coach of the Year          won the Spirit of Rugby accolade.
                                         for a third successive time.                                                             Historic inductions
                                         After inspiring Canada to a first Women’s         This year also saw the acquisition of the
                                         Rugby World Cup final, Magali Harvey was          International Rugby Hall of Fame property
                                         named IRB Women’s Player of the Year.             with inductees to be integrated into the World

                                         Her length-of-the-field try in the semi-final     Rugby Hall of Fame in 2014 and 2015. This
                                         against France will live long in the memory for   means that 37 greats of the game not already
                      Greats of the      those privileged enough to be at the Stade        in the Hall of Fame will be inducted with 18
                      game inducted      Jean Bouin in Paris.                              having already received this honour.
                      into the Hall of
                      Fame this year     Sevens stars                                      In a record-breaking year for women’s rugby,

                                         The IRB Women’s Sevens Player of the Year         2014 also saw the first inductees of female
                                         accolade went to Emilee Cherry after an           legends into the Hall of Fame at the World
                     Number of years
                     the World Rugby     incredible season which saw her finish as top     Rugby Conference and Exhibition in November,
                     Awards have         points and try scorer on the IRB Women’s          including World Cup winners Gill Burns, Patty
                     been running        Sevens World Series as Australia finished         Jervey, Anna Richards and Farah Palmer.

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                              ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY

AWARD WINNERS                                        IRB REFEREE AWARD FOR
                                                     DISTINGUISHED SERVICE:
                                                                                     Michael Jones (New Zealand), Ian
                                                                                     Kirkpatrick (New Zealand), John
                                                     Bob Francis (New Zealand)       Kirwan (New Zealand), Fred Allen
WORLD RUGBY PLAYER                                                                   (New Zealand), Grant Fox (New
OF THE YEAR:                                         VERNON PUGH AWARD FOR           Zealand), Terry McLean (New
Brodie Retallick (New Zealand)                       DISTINGUISHED SERVICE:          Zealand), Graham Mourie (New
                                                     Ray Williams (Wales)            Zealand), Nathalie Amiel (France),
WORLD RUGBY TEAM                                                                     Gill Burns (England), Patty Jervey
OF THE YEAR:                                         IRB DEVELOPMENT AWARD:          (USA), Carol Isherwood (England),
New Zealand                                          Bidzina Ivanishvili (Georgia)   Anna Richards (New Zealand),
                                                                                     Farah Palmer (New Zealand), Keith
WORLD RUGBY COACH                                    SPIRIT OF RUGBY AWARD:          Rowlands (Wales), Jim Greenwood
OF THE YEAR:                                         Vivendo O Rugby (Brazil)        (Scotland), JPR Williams (Wales),
Steve Hansen (New Zealand)                                                           Michael Lynagh (Australia),
                                                     IRPA TRY OF THE YEAR:           Jo Maso (France), Keith Wood
IRB WOMEN’S PLAYER                                   Francois Hougaard               (Ireland), Ieuan Evans (Wales),
OF THE YEAR:                                         (South Africa v New Zealand)    Jason Leonard (England), Bill
Magali Harvey (Canada)                                                               Beaumont (England)
                                                     2014 HALL OF FAME
IRB SEVENS PLAYER OF                                 INDUCTEES:
THE YEAR IN ASSOCIATION                              Colin Meads (New Zealand),
WITH HSBC:                                           George Nepia (New Zealand),
Samisoni Viriviri (Fiji)                             Don Clarke (New Zealand),
                                                     Sean Fitzpatrick
IRB WOMEN’S SEVENS                                   (New Zealand),
Emilee Cherry (Australia)

Handré Pollard
(South Africa)

                                                                                             Left: Magali Harvey (Canada)
                                                                                             Above: IRPA Try of the Year winner Francois Hougaard
                                                                                             Below: Samisoni Viriviri (Fiji)

                           Left: Emilee Cherry (Australia)
                           Above: Handré Pollard (South Africa)
                           Below: Gill Burns with Bernard Lapasset

ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY                                                                                 BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

                                                                                       A truly
                                                                                  global affair
                                                              The second World Rugby Conference and Exhibition
                                                                        took place in London on 17-18 November

            uilt around the Growing the Game       Maximise the benefits                            and Farah Palmer. The IRB Development
            Conference, World Rugby Medical        The afternoon opened with Olympic Rugby          Award and Spirit of Rugby Award were also
            Commission Conference and              Sevens – Faster, Higher, Stronger, which         presented at the event.
            the inaugural Rugby Athletes’          focused on how rugby can maximise the
Commission meeting, some 730 delegates             benefits to be had from being part of Rio 2016   Day two began with a keynote address
and exhibitors representing 55 countries were      and the challenges faced in ensuring the         from Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014
in attendance for two days of insightful plenary   sport remains part of the Olympic programme      winner Maggie Alphonsi, who spoke about
sessions, keynote speeches and workshops.          beyond the Tokyo Games in 2020.                  her 11-year journey to the top of the
                                                                                                    international game and the highs and lows
First up was The State of the Union debate         Player welfare is always at the forefront of     she encountered along the way.
involving three legends of the game in Sean        World Rugby’s thinking and an esteemed
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Castaignède and Agustín        panel of medical experts then took to the        In the Mind Games – the making of
Pichot. They discussed a wide range of issues,     stage for the Concussion – driving cultural      champions session, England’s RWC
from Olympic inclusion to the need for a           change session to consider the ways rugby        2003-winning coach Sir Clive Woodward was
global season to growing the game worldwide.       can change attitudes with regards to             among those sharing his thoughts on the
                                                   concussion, its impact on players and how it     importance of ‘the top two inches’ in sport
The Future of Major Event Sponsorship              affects the overall game.                        and what it takes to separate the best from
plenary session then discussed the continued                                                        the rest from a mental perspective.
growth of rugby into new markets and its           The opening day concluded with an awards
increasing attractiveness to commercial            and Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Fifteen     Crown jewel of rugby
partners while, in the Exhibition Hall, former     legends of the game were inducted into the       Key decision-makers and administrators
Great Britain Paralympic Games 2012                World Rugby Hall of Fame, including the first    throughout the game then spoke about Rugby
wheelchair rugby captain Steve Brown told his      six females in Nathalie Amiel, Patty Jervey,     World Cup’s qualities as the crown jewel of
inspirational story.                               Gill Burns, Carol Isherwood, Anna Richards       rugby ahead of England 2015 and RWC 2019
                                                                                                    in Japan.
Humongous 2 x days of Rugby associated             Great news to hear that women’s Rugby
content and meetings! @IRNConfEx 2015 and          legends Gill Burns and Carol Isherwood have       It was revealed during the Rugby World Cup
beyond is going to be truly incredible             been inducted into the #IRB Hall of Fame at      – past and future session that next year’s
@mrpeterwhite                                      the @IRBConfEx                                   tournament is set to deliver nearly £1 billion of
Peter White                                        @MaggieAlphonsi                                  additive value into the UK economy.
                                                   Maggie Alphonsi MBE
A new era begins. 18.11.2014.                                                                       The future of rugby broadcasting and
#RugbyBuildsCharacter                              Open, informative and highly engaging            fan engagement was up for discussion
@WorldRugby                                        #IRBConfEx session on concussion today           in the third plenary session of the day
World Rugby                                        #RecogniseAndRemove                              before Integrity – protecting integrity and
                                                   @dominicrumbles                                  promoting inclusion brought the informative
                                                   Dominic Rumbles                                  sessions to a close, leaving the final act to
                                                                                                    World Rugby Chief Executive Brett Gosper,
                                                   Who just got inducted in @IRBConfEx @            who unveiled the governing body’s new
                                                   IRBMedia Hall of Fame? #Legend                   brand in his closing speech.
                                                   Rupert Moon (After Ieuan Evans was               Left: The 2014 World Rugby Conference and Exhibition
                                                   inducted into the Hall of Fame)                  attracted more social media activity than ever before

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                                                     ENGAGING WITH THE RUGBY FAMILY

2014 in brief...
GROWING THE GAME                                  THE FINAL QUALIFIER
World Rugby’s Get Into Rugby mass participation   Uruguay became the final qualifier for Rugby World   2014 to determine the eight nations who would join
programme is now operational in 137 territories   Cup 2015 by beating Russia. The qualification        the 12 direct qualifiers from New Zealand 2011.
and has introduced more than 500,000 youngsters   process involved a record 83 nations and 203
to the game around the world.                     matches between 24 March, 2012 and 11 October,

PANEL MEMBERS                                     CONCUSSION – DRIVING
                                                  CULTURAL CHANGE
                                                                                                       Shimazu (Japan Rugby 2019 Chief Executive),
                                                                                                       Bob Beaumont (RFU Chairman).
                                                  Dr Martin Raftery (World Rugby Chief Medical
THE STATE OF THE UNION                            Officer), Dr Willie Stewart (Consultant              THE FUTURE OF
Sean Fitzpatrick (former New Zealand captain),    Neuropathologist, NHS Greater Glasgow and            RUGBY BROADCASTING
Thomas Castaignède (former France player),        Clyde), Dr Jon Patricios (Sports physician and       AND FAN ENGAGEMENT
Agustín Pichot (former Argentina captain).        concussion consultant to SARU and World              Dan Mannix (President and CEO, LeadDog
                                                  Rugby), Dr Robert Cantu (Clinical Professor of       Marketing Group), Niall Sloane (Director of
THE FUTURE OF MAJOR                               Neurology and Neurosurgery and co-founder            Sport, ITV), Patrick Walker (Chief Commercial
EVENT SPONSORSHIP                                 CTE Center Boston, University School of              Officer, Rightster), Murray Barnett (World
Tim Ellerton (Global Sponsorship Manager,         Medicine), Rob Nichol (International Rugby           Rugby Head of Commercial, Broadcasting and
Heineken International), Mark Cameron             Players’ Association Executive Director).            Marketing).
(Global Brand Experience Director, Jaguar
Land Rover), Sophie Goldschmidt (RFU Chief        MIND GAMES – THE                                     INTEGRITY –
Commercial and Marketing Officer).                MAKING OF CHAMPIONS                                  PROTECTING INTEGRITY
                                                  Clive Woodward (Rugby World Cup 2003                 AND PROMOTING INCLUSION
OLYMPIC RUGBY SEVENS                              winning coach), Tim Harkness (Club                   Susan Ahern (World Rugby Head of Legal and
– FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER                        psychologist, Chelsea Football Club), Anna           Legislative Affairs), Craig Reedie (World Anti-
Andrew Ryan (Association of Summer Olympic        Richards (four-time Women’s Rugby World              Doping Agency President), Ronnie Flanagan
International Federations (ASOIF)), Octavian      Cup winner with New Zealand and now Hong             (Chairman of the International Cricket Council’s
Morariu (Rugby Europe President, IOC Member       Kong women’s sevens coach), Jeremy Snape             Anti-Corruption and Security Unit), Fiona
and World Rugby Council Member), Mark             (founder of Sporting Edge).                          Coghlan (former Ireland captain).
Egan (World Rugby Head of Competitions and
Performance), Agustín Pichot (World Rugby         RUGBY WORLD CUP
Council Member for Argentina, Chairman            – PAST AND FUTURE
of World Rugby Sevens Strategy Group and          Alan Gilpin (World Rugby Head of Rugby
former Argentina captain), Rachael Burford        World Cup), Debbie Jevans (England Rugby             Above left: Keynote speaker Maggie Alphonsi
                                                                                                       Above: The World Rugby zone in the Exhibition Hall; Sean
(England Sevens and Women’s Rugby World           2015 Chief Executive), Steve Tew (New                Fitzpatrick and Thomas Castaignède discuss The State
Cup 2014 winner).                                 Zealand Rugby Chief Executive), Akira                of the Union


                IN THIS SECTION

20                RWC 2015: Too big to miss
22   Stage set for global celebration of rugby
24                    The road to RWC 2015
26                          RWC Trophy Tour
28               Match schedule and venues
31                     Financial driving force
32              Looking ahead to RWC 2019

RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015                                                                                 BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

     RWC Too big to miss
      2015   BY
                                                    Rugby World Cup 2015 will be a box office hit,
                                                    bringing together record in stadia, broadcast
                                     and social audiences for a six-week festival of rugby
                                                 s 2015 dawned, Rugby World             An event of the scale of Rugby World Cup is
                                                 Cup was firmly established as          not possible without people and teamwork.

                                                 the must-see event of the year,        Six thousand volunteers, called ‘The Pack’, will
                                                 with more than five million ticket     ensure that whether you are a fan or a player,
                                     applications received during the September         every need will be catered for.
                                     general ticketing period – the highest
      Number of matches              demand for any Rugby World Cup.                    For the host union, the event will deliver
     in which demand for                                                                multiple benefits and the RFU is well-
     every price category            More than 1.8 million tickets have been sold,      positioned to reap the rewards with the
         of ticket was               including 170,000 supporter tour package           biggest-ever legacy and impact programme.
                                     sales in more than 50 nations and record           The foundations are firmly in place to attract
                                     hospitality sales, illustrating just why England   and retain new players, coaches, referees and

                                     2015 will be too big to miss.                      volunteers, while the festival of rugby will bring
                                                                                        schools, clubs and communities together in
                                     England 2015 has also reached out to more          celebration of the sport before and during its
                                     people in more places than ever before.            showcase event..
       Huge demand for               The Webb Ellis Cup made its way across 10
      tickets meant that             countries, including Japan, Australia, Fiji,       So, as the Rugby World Cup year kicks off,
      every single match             Argentina, South Africa, USA, China and the        the ambition is that England will feel like
       went to ballot in             UAE, as part of the Rugby World Cup 2015           a rugby nation throughout 2015 and that
       at least one price            Trophy Tour, delivered in partnership with         Rugby World Cup Limited, in partnership with
            category                 Land Rover and DHL, engaging with players,         England Rugby 2015 and the RFU, will deliver
                                     fans, schools and rugby clubs as the world         a tournament that both excites and inspires

                                     gets ready for a celebration of rugby in 2015.     the nation while keeping rugby at its heart.

                                     Domestic Trophy Tour                               Below: Twenty nations are counting down to the start of
                                     In 2015 a nationwide domestic Trophy Tour          Rugby World Cup 2015 in England
      Ticket applications            will bring people across England, Scotland         Above right: Charles Dance delivers a stirring team talk
     for the Pool A match            and Wales even closer to the event, rugby and
                                                                                        in the RWC 2015 ticketing campaign film
                                                                                        Below right: Host city Newcastle began its countdown to
       between England               its character-building values.                     RWC 2015 by lighting up the iconic Tyne Bridge
        and Australia at

 5M+ 1.85M
      Ticket           Tickets for
   applications         RWC 2015
  for RWC 2015         sold by the
 received in the       end of 2014
 17-day general
 sale window in

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                   RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015

                                       2015   BY

                                       Overseas visitors
                                      expected to come to
                                      the United Kingdom
                                       during RWC 2015

                                      The growth of users
                                      of the Rugby World
                                       Cup social media
                                       platforms in 2014

                                       conducted around
                                        the host cities to
                                      determine the 6,000
                                      volunteers required
                                          for ‘The Pack’

                                     Number of
                                                        Number of
                                     team bases        venues to be
                                       that will       used at RWC
                                    cater for the      2015 across
                                      20 teams          the 11 host
                                      during the          cities

RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015                                                                              BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

                                                                  Stage set
                                                                 for global
                                                                   of rugby
                   England 2015 is set to be a very special and record-breaking global
              celebration of rugby as a stellar year ended with preparations well and
               truly on track to deliver the biggest and best Rugby World Cup to date

                                               n every front, England 2015 will      People make great events, and fans and
                                               exceed previous records. It will be   players will be at the heart of England 2015.
                                               the best attended, most viewed,       In an era of social networking, the event will
                                               most socially engaged, biggest        engage new audiences and strengthen the

                                    legacy-delivering and hopefully the most         bond with existing fans through innovative
                                    competitive Rugby World Cup ever.                initiatives. In 2014 alone, the Rugby World
                                                                                     Cup social media platforms grew by more
                                    By the end of 2014, 75 per cent of tickets       than 500,000 users.
              BY                    had been sold, official supporter tour sales
            NUMBERS                 had exceeded 2007 levels and the hospitality     Competitive and compelling
                                    programme is on track to be the biggest for      On the field, World Rugby’s investment

                                    any event hosted in the UK.                      strategy has been geared towards ensuring a
                                                                                     competitive and compelling Rugby World Cup
                                    Rugby World Cup also continues to attract and    2015. An equitable match schedule, superb
        Record hours of live        inspire new audiences. The global broadcast      facilities and great venues will mean that the
     coverage to be broadcast in    platform should see more than 20,000             20 teams have all they need to perform to their
        over 205 territories
                                    hours of coverage reach viewers in over 205      potential on rugby’s biggest stage.
                                    territories with an expanded footprint in

                                    Asia, underscoring the growth of the sport       Legacy has been at the forefront of planning.
                                    worldwide.                                       IMPACT Beyond 2015, a collaboration
                                                                                     between World Rugby, Rugby Europe and
      Most points ever scored in    England 2015 is also on track to be the most     the Rugby Football Union, is the most
     a single Rugby World Cup, in   commercially successful tournament to            comprehensive to date and is set to deliver
           2003 in Australia
                                    date. The top level Worldwide Partners were      sustainable benefits for the sport in England
                                    locked down in record time with record value,    and throughout Europe with an ambition of
                                    underscoring the enormous appeal of the          more than 500,000 new players attracted
                                    brand in the global sporting marketplace.        and retained.

                                    With the commercial programme accounting
                                    for 90 per cent of World Rugby’s revenues,
                                    this is great news for future investment in      Above right: Manchester City Stadium will host Rugby
                                    rugby worldwide with the governing body          World Cup 2015 matches
                                                                                     Below right: Australian fans will be among the 460,000
                                    investing more than £330 million between         overseas visitors expected to come to the UK during
                                    2009 and 2016.                                   Rugby World Cup 2015

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                    RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015

                                       2015    BY

                                        The match number in RWC
                                     history for the Pool D encounter
                                      between Ireland and Romania
                                        at Wembley Stadium on 27

                                       The age of
                                                        The number of
                                        Uruguay         years to have
                                     captain Diego       passed since
                                      Ormaechea          Uruguay last
                                    when he played      played on the
                                     at RWC 1999,        Rugby World
                                    making him the        Cup stage
                                     oldest player
                                      to grace the

RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015                                                                         BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

                                                             The road to
                                                            Rugby World
                                                               Cup 2015
                                                       Uruguay claimed the 20th and final place at Rugby
                                                       World Cup 2015 by beating Russia over two legs in
                                                                          the repechage final in October
            he qualification process had                                           ASIA (ARFU)
            begun 932 days earlier, when                                           RWC 2019 hosts Japan lived up to their billing
            Mexico hosted Jamaica in March                                         as favourites to qualify for England 2015 with
            2012, and involved a record                                            a seventh successive Asian 5 Nations title in
83 nations and 203 matches. Canada had                                             May, beating Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Korea
become the first nation to emerge from                                             and Hong Kong to take the Asia 1 place in
the process in August 2013, with Georgia,                                          Pool B. Hong Kong took it to the final match in
Romania, USA, Japan, Fiji, Namibia and                                             Tokyo, but try-bursts either side of half-time
Uruguay following in their footsteps to book                                       saw Japan to a 49-8 win. Hong Kong entered
their places at England 2015.                                                      the repechage but saw their dreams ended
                                                                                   with a 28-3 defeat by Uruguay.
Namibia qualified for a fifth successive Rugby                                     OCEANIA (FORU)
World Cup by winning the Africa Cup Division                                       Fiji will face hosts England in the opening match
1A in early July, although they did it the hard      Rugby World Cup’s             at Twickenham after beating the Cook Islands to
way after losing their first match to Kenya in     social media platforms          claim the Oceania 1 berth in Pool A. The visitors
Madagascar. That defeat put Namibia in the                                         to Churchill Park did lead 6-5 as the half-hour
last chance saloon, but they beat Zimbabwe                 Official site           mark approached, but a four-try burst made
24-20 and then overwhelmed Madagascar               it 29-6 to the Fijians at half-time. Twelve more
89-10. That margin of victory proved decisive                                      tries followed after the break with Nemani
as Namibia qualified on points difference                                          Nadolo completing his hat-trick as Fiji – the 83rd
after they, Zimbabwe and Kenya all finished                                        and final team to enter the qualification process
on 10 points. Namibia joined Pool C, while                  Facebook               – beat the Oceania Cup 2013 winners 108-6.
Zimbabwe’s dream of a first RWC since 1991
was ended by Russia in the repechage.                                              EUROPE (RUGBY EUROPE)
                                                                                   Georgia and Romania continued their unbeaten
AMERICAS (NACRA/CONSUR)                                                            run in the European Nations Cup 2014 to
USA and Uruguay faced off in the Americas                    Twitter               qualify with two rounds to spare, but it came
2 play-off in March to determine who would               @rugbyworldcup            down to their meeting in Tbilisi on 15 March
join South Africa, Samoa, Scotland and                                             to determine who would be Europe 1 and 2.
the Asian qualifier in Pool B. The first leg in                                    Georgia triumphed 22-9 before a 30,000
Montevideo ended in stalemate after Agustín                                        crowd to secure a dream match against
Ormaechea’s late try secured Uruguay a                                             world champions New Zealand in Pool C, with
27-27 draw. A week later, in Atlanta, Uruguay                                      Romania joining Pool D. Russia finished third to
looked on course for an upset after leading                                        stay in the qualification hunt and after a scare
13-3 at half-time, but the Eagles regrouped                                        against Germany they took Europe’s place in the
and scored 29 unanswered points to emerge                                          repechage, where they overcame Zimbabwe
victorious, 59-40 on aggregate.                                                    23-15 before Uruguay ended their hopes.

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                                                     RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015

                                                                                                         QUALIFYING BY

                                                                                                       Number of points
                                                                                                    scored in the RWC 2015
                                                                                                     qualification process

                                                                                                    Nations to have taken
                                                                                                     part in the biggest
                                                                                                    qualification process
                                                                                                     for a single Rugby
                                                                                                          World Cup

                                                                                                     Number of
                                                                                                                          Number of
                                                                                                     nations to           matches in
                                                                                                     qualify for        the RWC 2015
                                                                                                    RWC 2015 in          qualification
                                                                                                   2014 (Georgia,          process
                                                                                                   Romania, USA,
                                                                                                     Japan, Fiji,
                                                                                                    Namibia and
                                                                                                                        The points Fiji
                                                                                                                        scored in their

                                                                                                                         victory over
                                                                                                                           the Cook
                                                                                                   The number of        to qualify for
                                                                                                         days            RWC 2015 as
                                                                                                    between the           Oceania 1
                                                                                                    first qualifier
                                                                                                      in Mexico
                                                                                                     City and the
                                                                                                     final one in
                                    Top left: Uruguay will return to the RWC stage for the first
                                    time since 2003
                                    From top: Nemani Nadolo scored a hat-trick for Fiji
                                    against the Cook Islands. Georgia beat Romania to secure
                                    a dream tie against New Zealand. USA celebrate after
                                    overcoming Uruguay to qualify as Americas 2
                                    Left: Japan remain the only Asian side to grace the Rugby
                                    World Cup stage
                                    Above: Namibia battled back to qualify for a fifth succes-
                                    sive tournament

RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015                                                                            BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

                                                                             World Cup
                                                                           Trophy Tour
                                                                              In May, the Webb Ellis Cup embarked on
                                                                        a 12-month journey to showcase the game’s
                                                                     most iconic trophy to audiences around the world
                                                                              in the build-up to Rugby World Cup 2015

Above: Australia’s RWC 1999 winner George Gregan
Below: The Webb Ellis Cup at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai
Right: Nathan Sharpe took on boomerang expert LaddieTimberry in Sydney
in the DHL Rugby vs the World Challenge
Below right: Felipe Contepomi, Martin Landajo and Tomás Cubelli

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                                                                    RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015

    126,634                                                  The miles that the Webb Ellis
                                                             Cup flew around the world on
                                                             the Trophy Tour in 2014

           elivered in partnership with Land         Highlights from the Webb Ellis Cup’s travels          In 2015 the Webb Ellis Cup will travel to Italy,
           Rover and DHL, the Rugby World            in 2014 include mixing with more than 200             Romania, Canada, Germany and France
           Cup Trophy Tour is the first of its       schoolchildren at the Minato Rugby School in          before returning to England on 10 June to
           kind and has already touched              Tokyo, boarding HMS Iron Duke in Cape Town,           start the domestic Trophy Tour and mark
down in Japan, Australia, Fiji, Madagascar,          paying a visit to Madagascan champions TFM            exactly 100 days to go until the start of the
South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, USA, UAE           Ankasina’s training ground in Antananarivo,           showpiece event.
and China.                                           visiting the New York Police Department
                                                     Rugby Club in Central Park and being                  For more information on the Trophy Tour,
From club and school visits to RWC 2015              serenaded by a Welsh choir at the British             visit
qualifiers, the Trophy Tour has engaged with         Consulate in Hong Kong.
people from a wide range of different cultures
and backgrounds, capturing the imagination of        The Trophy Tour has also connected with
thousands and inspiring people from all walks        online audiences around the world, and
of life to play and support the game of rugby.       fans everywhere have been joining in this
                                                     international celebration of the game by
Each leg of the tour includes a visit to a           uploading their favourite rugby photos to
rugby club and school, a reception, a unique         Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine using the
activation delivered by the presenting               hashtag #CelebratingRugby.
partners and a visit to an iconic landmark.

                          Left: Christian Cullen in New York                   Above: The Land Rover ‘Least Driven Path’ passes Mount Fuji
                          Above: Shane Williams meets a sumo wrestler          Below: Youngsters in Antananarivo, Madagascar, were excited by the visit of
                          Below: Webb Ellis Cup in Montevideo                  the Trophy Tour

RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015                                                                                                                                     BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

                                                           MATCH SCHEDULE
                      POOL A                                         POOL B                                         POOL C                                            POOL D
                         AUSTRALIA                                 SOUTH AFRICA                                    NEW ZEALAND                                              FRANCE
                            ENGLAND                                        SAMOA                                      ARGENTINA                                            IRELAND
                                WALES                                   SCOTLAND                                           TONGA                                               ITALY
                                     FIJI                                   JAPAN                                        GEORGIA                                            CANADA
                           URUGUAY                                             USA                                       NAMIBIA                                          ROMANIA
               Fri Sep 18, 20:00 - Twickenham Stadium        Sat Sep 19, 16:45 - Brighton Community Stadium     Sat Sep 19, 12:00 - Kingsholm Stadium             Sat Sep 19, 14:30 - Millennium Stadium

                               England v Fiji                         South Africa v Japan                              Tonga v Georgia                                   Ireland v Canada

               Sun Sep 20, 14:30 - Millennium Stadium        Sun Sep 20, 12:00 - Brighton Community Stadium     Sun Sep 20, 16:45 - Wembley Stadium              Sat Sep 19, 20:00 - Twickenham Stadium

                           Wales v Uruguay                                 Samoa v USA                            New Zealand v Argentina                                   France v Italy

               Wed Sep 23, 16:45 - Millennium Stadium           Wed Sep 23, 14:30 - Kingsholm Stadium           Thu Sep 24, 20:00 - Olympic Stadium               Wed Sep 23, 20:00 - Olympic Stadium

                              Australia v Fiji                           Scotland v Japan                           New Zealand v Namibia                                France v Romania

              Sat Sep 26, 20:00 - Twickenham Stadium                 Sat Sep 26, 16:45 - Villa Park             Fri Sep 25, 16:45 - Kingsholm Stadium                Sat Sep 26, 14:30 - Elland Road

                            England v Wales                          South Africa v Samoa                             Argentina v Georgia                                   Italy v Canada

                      Sun Sep 27, 12:00 - Villa Park                Sun Sep 27, 14:30 - Elland Road                Tue Sep 29, 16:45 - Sandy Park                 Sun Sep 27, 16:45 - Wembley Stadium

                         Australia v Uruguay                             Scotland v USA                                 Tonga v Namibia                                  Ireland v Romania

                 Thu Oct 1, 16:45 - Millennium Stadium              Sat Oct 3, 14:30 - Stadium MK               Fri Oct 2, 20:00 - Millennium Stadium                 Thu Oct 1, 20:00 - Stadium MK

                                Wales v Fiji                              Samoa v Japan                             New Zealand v Georgia                                 France v Canada

               Sat Oct 3, 20:00 - Twickenham Stadium               Sat Oct 3, 16:45 - St James’ Park           Sun Oct 4, 14:30 - Leicester City Stadium           Sun Oct 4, 16:45 - Olympic Stadium

                         England v Australia                        South Africa v Scotland                            Argentina v Tonga                                    Ireland v Italy

                     Tue Oct 6, 20:00 - Stadium MK                Wed Oct 7, 16:45 - Olympic Stadium                Wed Oct 7, 20:00 - Sandy Park                Tue Oct 6, 16:45 - Leicester City Stadium

                              Fiji v Uruguay                           South Africa v USA                              Namibia v Georgia                                 Canada v Romania

               Sat Oct 10, 16:45 - Twickenham Stadium              Sat Oct 10, 14:30 - St James’ Park              Fri Oct 9, 20:00 - St James’ Park                  Sun Oct 11, 14:30 - Sandy Park

                           Australia v Wales                            Samoa v Scotland                             New Zealand v Tonga                                   Italy v Romania

           Sat Oct 10, 20:00 - Manchester City Stadium          Sun Oct 11, 20:00 - Kingsholm Stadium         Sun Oct 11, 12:00 - Leicester City Stadium          Sun Oct 11, 16:45 - Millennium Stadium

                          England v Uruguay                                USA v Japan                                Argentina v Namibia                                  France v Ireland

                                     QF1                                     QF2                                            QF3                                               QF4
            SAT OCT 17, 16:00                                  SAT OCT 17, 20:00                                SUN OCT 18, 13:00                              SUN OCT 18, 16:00
         TWICKENHAM STADIUM                                  MILLENNIUM STADIUM                               MILLENNIUM STADIUM                             TWICKENHAM STADIUM
                    WINNER POOL B                                  WINNER POOL C                                   WINNER POOL D                                     WINNER POOL A
               RUNNER-UP POOL A                                RUNNER-UP POOL D                                RUNNER-UP POOL C                                  RUNNER-UP POOL B

                                                         SF1                                  BRONZE FINAL                                                 SF2
                                              SAT OCT 24, 16:00                                FRI OCT 30, 20:00                         SUN OCT 25, 16:00
                                            TWICKENHAM STADIUM                                 OLYMPIC STADIUM                         TWICKENHAM STADIUM
                                                       WINNER QF1                               RUNNER-UP SF1                                       WINNER QF3
                                                       WINNER QF2                              RUNNER-UP SF2                                        WINNER QF4

                TOO BIG TO MISS                                                                         FINAL
                                     FOR TICKETS GO TO                                    SAT OCT 31, 16:00
               TICKETS.RUGBYWORLDCUP.COM                                                TWICKENHAM STADIUM
# RWC2015                                                                                              WINNER SF1
                                                                                                      WINNER SF2

All matches are BST, except for those played on or after Oct 25 which are GMT (UTC). Subject to change.
TM © Rugby World Cup Limited 2008.

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                            RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015











      W              E




                                              TM © Rugby World Cup Limited 1986.
WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                                                             RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015

                                                         The financial
                                                         driving force
                                                       behind rugby’s
                                                                     Rugby World Cup’s brand strength is delivering
                                                                                 record investment into the game
            ugby World Cup is one of the most    So, what does this all mean for community and      Below: Rugby World Cup is a thriving brand with a global
                                                                                                    footprint and strong values, as seen here in Madagascar
            popular and iconic tournaments       elite rugby? The growing strength of Rugby
            on the major event calendar,         World Cup means that World Rugby is able to
            bringing together the global rugby   drive record investment into the game at all
family for a six-week celebration of the sport   levels, committing £330 million in the sport’s
and its character-building values.               development from 2009-16 to ensure that
                                                 rugby can reach out, attract, inspire and retain
Yet it is also the driving force behind the      new players, fans and commercial partners.
global development of rugby, generating
nearly 90 per cent of the revenues
distributed by World Rugby for the growth
and sustainability of the sport across its 120
member unions.

Brands are attracted to Rugby World Cup
because it is a modern, thriving brand with
a truly global footprint and strong values.
Indeed the Worldwide Partner programme
for Rugby World Cup 2015 was locked
down in record time and with record value,
underscoring the prestige of the brand in the
global sporting marketplace.

Long-term sponsorships and broadcast deals
have also been complemented with new brands
joining the portfolio of commercial partners,
with Coca-Cola extending its partnership that
stretches back to 1995 and Canon joining the
sponsor family for the first time.

Rugby World Cup’s ability to innovate and
engage with fans through digital and social
media and television production techniques
also makes the event a strong proposition
for broadcasters. With broadcast contracts
comprising roughly 60 per cent of World
Rugby’s revenues, it is an important area for
Rugby World Cup and the sport.

RUGBY WORLD CUP                                                                                     BUILDING CHARACTER SINCE 1886

                                            Excitement as
                                         Japan prepares to
                                           host RWC 2019
                                      Despite the fact that Rugby World Cup 2015 has not taken
                                      place yet, the countdown has already started for what will
                                             be another spectacular tournament four years later

                                                 he decision to take the game’s          From Sapporo City in the north of the country
                                                 pinnacle event to Japan created         right down to Nagasaki and Kumamoto in the
    “Japan has a strong                          enormous excitement around the          south, there is a genuine geographical spread
    history of delivering                        world and it will be the first time     of proposed venues, meaning that fans will
                                      Asia has hosted a Rugby World Cup.                 be at the very heart of the event. There is also
      world-class sports                                                                 a healthy mix of stadium capacities ranging
events with an excellent              The opportunity for rugby in Japan and
                                      throughout the continent is enormous and
                                                                                         from 80,000 in Tokyo to 15,000 at Kamaishi
                                                                                         City in the Iwate Prefecture.
   infrastructure, state-             it is also being seen as a chance for cities all
                                                                                          The full list of applicants:
  of-the-art venues and               over the country to get involved.
                                                                                          »» Sapporo City
     people who love to               The venue selection process for RWC 2019            »» Iwate Prefecture and Kamaishi City

 engage and be part of                is already a long way down the line. No
                                      fewer than 15 cities the length and breadth
                                                                                          »» Sendai City
                                                                                          »» Saitama Prefecture and Kumagaya City
        the celebration”              of Japan have applied to host matches               »» Tokyo
                                      and this demonstration of confidence and            »» Shizuoka Prefecture
                   Bernard Lapasset   commitment has come as a huge boost to              »» Aichi Prefecture and Toyota City
                                      the local organising committee.                     »» Osaka Prefecture and Higashi Osaka City
                                                                                          »» Kyoto City
                                      With the submission phase of the bidding            »» Kobe City
                                      process for the hosting of matches now              »» Fukuoka City
                                      closed, each application will be closely            »» Oita Prefecture
                                      assessed with the 10-12 successful cities           »» Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City
                                      or prefectures being announced in the first         »» Nagasaki Prefecture
                                      quarter of next year.                               »» Yokahama and Kanagawa Prefecture

                  Number of
                  Japanese cities
                  that have applied
                  to host matches
                  during RWC 2019

WORLD RUGBY | YEAR IN REVIEW 2014                                                                                                              RUGBY WORLD CUP

                                                                                                                   “I am confident that
                                                                                                                despite any challenges
                                                                                                                   each applicant may
                                                                                                                 face, they will be up to
                                                                                                           the task. I am truly grateful
                                                                                                            for their interest in hosting
                                                                                                              Rugby World Cup 2019”
                                                                                                                                                 Akira Shimazu

For Rugby World Cup Limited Chairman                   their interest in hosting Rugby World Cup 2019.

Bernard Lapasset, the enthusiasm being                 The host cities will be our full partners, and we
shown by the Japanese cities came as a                 will select them in a fair and comprehensive
welcome indication of how Japan is preparing           process to ensure a Rugby World Cup that is
to host World Rugby’s flagship tournament.             successful nationwide and worldwide.”

                                                                                                                  Largest capacity stadium that
“It is very encouraging for us to note the huge        Japan Rugby 2019 was established as the
                                                                                                                   has applied to host matches
level of interest in Japan to host matches for         tournament organiser for Rugby World Cup
Rugby World Cup 2019,” he said. “The fact              2019. The board of JR 2019 is made up of
that the tournament has the full backing of            leading figures from the sports, business and

local and national government is particularly          government sectors of Japan and it is steering
pleasing and it is essential for its success. Japan    the delivery of the tournament, ensuring that
has a strong history of delivering world-class         all operational and legacy goals are delivered in
sports events with an excellent infrastructure,        line with the event strategic and master plan.
state-of-the-art venues and people who love to                                                                    Smallest capacity stadium that
engage and be part of the celebration.”                Rugby World Cup is the financial engine                     has applied to host matches
                                                       behind unprecedented investment and
Planning for success                                   growth in rugby worldwide. The net Rugby
Chief Executive of Japan Rugby 2019 Akira              World Cup surplus from the commercial
Shimazu said: “The standards required to host          success of France 2007 and New Zealand
matches at Rugby World Cup are very high but,          2011 has enabled World Rugby to invest
nevertheless, many local governments have              more than £150 million in the game between
submitted applications. I am confident that            2009 and 2012 and commit an anticipated
despite any challenges each applicant may face,        injection of more than £180 million between
they will be up to the task. I am truly grateful for   2013 and 2016.

                                                                                                             Far left: An artist’s impression of the National Stadium
                                                                                                             in Tokyo which will make its debut at Rugby World Cup
                                                                                                             2019, a year before it is the centrepiece of the Olympic
                                                                                                             and Paralympic Games

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