N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail

N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail


                 Your Employee
                 Benefits Guide
                             medical | dental | vision | life | disability & more

  Full-Time Year Round Employees
    Effective January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail
Town of Vail
         Employee Values
    • Respect the individual
    • Recognize effort and achievement
    • Communicate openly and
    • Encourage innovation and risk
    • Commit to excellence in all we do
    • Use teamwork to achieve results
    • Manage our resources to serve
      the community of today and the
    • Each take ownership in Vail’s

         We can only
      achieve these goals
        with the help of
        you, our valued

                                          For 2020, The Town of Vail
                                          will continue our partnership
                                          with Vail Health!

                                          Town of Vail has a preferred pricing arrangement
                                          with Vail Health. Vail Health will provide high quality
                                          healthcare services at a discount to the Town, in
                                          exchange for a plan design that shares savings with
                                          each member.
N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail
Employee coverage is available to Full-Time, Active Employees of the Employer. An Employee is considered to be Full-Time if he
or she normally works at least 30 hours per week and is designated as Full-Time regular status, and completes the employment
Waiting Period of 30 consecutive days as an Active Employee. Coverage will begin the First of the Month following completion of
the Waiting Period. A “Waiting Period” is the time between the first day of employment as an eligible employee and the first day
of coverage under the Plan. In this “Benefits Summary” employees will be able to review:

•   A description of the Town of Vail’s Employee Benefit Program
•   Important phone numbers and websites to help employees manage their benefits

For complete details of each benefit plan refer to the full text of the official Summary Plan Descriptions available through Town of
Vail’s online employee resource portal Homebase at www.vailgov.com/homebase. Please review this to understand your benefit
enrollment options and please retain this Benefits Summary for reference throughout the year. If you need further assistance,
contact the Human Resources Department:

Phone: Wendy Rehnborg: 970.479.2114                Written inquiries:
Email: WRehnborg@vailgov.com                       75 S Frontage Rd W, Vail, CO 81657

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires us to inform you of your rights to Special
Enrollment under this Plan when you or your eligible dependents decline coverage during the initial enrollment period.

If you are declining enrollment for yourself or your dependents (including your spouse) because of other health insurance
coverage, you may in the future be able to enroll yourself or your dependents in this Plan if you or your dependents lose eligibility
for that other coverage (or if the employer stops contributing toward your or your dependents’ other coverage). Provided that you
request enrollment within thirty (30) days after your or your dependents’ other coverage ends and provide documentation of loss
of coverage.

In addition, if you have a new dependent as a result of marriage, birth, adoption or placement for adoption, you may be able to
enroll yourself and your new dependents. Again provided that you request enrollment within 30 days after the marriage, birth,
adoption or placement for adoption.

Individuals who enroll under these special enrollment conditions are not considered late entrants. To request special enrollment
or obtain more information, contact the Town of Vail Human Resources Department.

If you are age 65 or will be soon, be sure you understand when and how to enroll for Medicare coverage. Initial enrollment period
for Medicare begins 3 months before turning 65 and ends 3 months after turning 65. Aevo is a Medicare-focused insurance
services company that provides personal guidance and enrollment support to any individual who is eligible to receive Medicare,
free of charge. For more information and to receive personalized guidance, call 1.833.830.2386 (AEVO).

     Overview				                                          2-3        Life & AD&D Summary		                                 12
     Wellness				                                          4-5        Disability Summary		                                  13
     Vail Health Partnership		                               6        Resources				                                         14
     Medical Benefits Summary                                7        Contacts 				                                         15
     Dental Benefits Summary                                 8        New Hires				                                      17-19
     Vision Benefits Summary                                 8        Additional Benefits			                                20
     FSA Account			                                          9        Important Notices			                               21-23
     Compass Benefits			                                    10
N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail
NEW! Lifestyle Spending Account
           In an effort to help employees shape a better lifestyle, the Town of Vail now offers a Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA)
           through Discovery Benefits. An LSA helps employees with expenses related to well-being and more. The Town will
           provide all benefit eligible employees with $800 for the 2020 plan year.** Simply make an eligible purchase and
           submit your receipts for reimbursement!

           The Town of Vail takes an all-inclusive approach to wellness. The LSA will cover expenses related to:

           Fitness membership fees and dues, lessons, classes, clinics, equipment rental and purchase, athletic clothing and
           gear, ski passes to any mountain, fitness and nutrition counseling and weight loss programs, activity trackers, race
           and competition entry fees, hunting and fishing licenses, national and state park entry passes, camping fees and
           equipment and more!

           The Town of Vail will NOT cover expenses such as: Travel, mileage, weapons, FSA eligible items.
           LSA Benefit Taxation
           All reimbursements received are subject to taxation. Taxation is processed through payroll on the below schedule:

                Claims Processing &         9/1/19 to                                             01/01/20 to   03/01/20 to    06/01/20 to    09/01/20 to
                                                                 12/01/19 to 12/31/19
               Reimbursement Periods        11/30/19                                               02/29/20      05/31/20       08/31/20       11/30/20

                                                          End of Year Processing Period:
               Payroll Taxation Dates     12/13/2019                                              3/20/2020      6/26/2020      9/18/2020     12/11/2020
                                                         NO REIMBURSEMENTS ISSUED

           Benefits Mobile App
           Employees can access their benefits 24/7 with the Discovery Benefits mobile app. This free application gives you
           convenient, real-time access to all your benefits in one place.*

           •     File claims and upload documentation by using your phone’s camera
           •     Get instant notifications on the status of your claims
           •     Check balances and view account activity

           Download the app today for on-the-go access. Available for free on apple and android smartphones and tablets. You
           can also go online to manage your account(s) at www.discoverybenefits.com.

           *You can also access your FSA account information, if applicable, within the mobile app. More information about the FSA can be found on page 10.
           ** **Newly eligible employee’s LSA will be prorated.
N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail
Earn a Wellness Bonus in 2020!
The Town of Vail values you and encourages you to take action to protect
your health. Your healthcare benefits cover a wide array of preventive care
services at 100%, which means no out of pocket costs to you!

Employees and spouses who are on our medical plan and who take action to
complete a recommended preventive care visit or screening, will earn a one-
time wellness bonus in 2020! The bonus amount is $300 for employees, and
$240 for spouses. Please note: the employee must complete their form for
their spouse to be eligible.

                           Did You Know?
                           Per the CDC, chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are
                           responsible for 7 of every 10 deaths among Americans each year and account for 75% of
                           the nation’s health spending. These chronic diseases can be largely preventable through
                           close partnership with your healthcare team, or can be detected through appropriate
                           screenings, when treatment works best. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding
                           tobacco and receiving preventive services such as cancer screenings, preventive visits
                           and vaccinations are just a few examples of ways people can stay healthy. The right
                           preventive care at every stage of life helps all Americans stay healthy, avoid or delay the
                           onset of disease, keep diseases they already have from becoming worse or debilitating,
                           lead productive lives and reduce costs.

                           Visit myCigna.com to identify an in-network provider and get scheduled today!

                           How to Participate
                           Employees and spouses who are on our medical plan are eligible to receive a wellness
                           bonus. Complete one of the preventive care exams listed below between 11/01/2019-
                           10/31/2020. Submit scanned copy or photo of page 2 of the completed verification form
                           to TOVWellness@hayscompanies.com.
                           •   Annual well-woman exam                    •    Colonoscopy
                           •   Annual wellness exam/physical             •    Prostate-specific antigen test (PSA)
                           •   Mammography                               •    Skin cancer screening

Wellness Bonus Payout
Payout for preventive care visits is completed quarterly. The bonus
amount is $300 for employees, and $240 for spouses. Due dates and pay
dates are included below.

         Form Due Date                           Pay Date

             1/25/20                              2/21/20

             4/25/20                              5/15/20

             7/25/20                              8/21/20

             10/31/20                             11/13/20
N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail
Partnership with Vail Health
Vail Health

              Vail Health, formerly known as Vail Valley Medical Center, or VVMC, was founded in 1965 in Vail, and has provided
              a valuable service to our community ever since. The Town of Vail health plan participants may access world-class
              care at more affordable prices.

              Families enrolled in the medical plan will also receive a pass for two (2) Free Urgent Care visits for use at the Avon
              and Gypsum Urgent Care locations.
              SERVICES IN VAIL                                      NEARBY SERVICES
              » 24/7 Emergency Department                           » Beaver Creek Emergency Center
              » Howard Head Sports Medicine                         » Urgent Care in Avon & Gypsum
              » Childbirth Center                                   » Shaw Cancer Center & Sonnenalp Breast
              » Cardiac Catheterization Lab                           Center in Edwards
              » Trauma, Cancer, Ortho, and General Surgery

              Please see the medical benefits summary for additional details.

              As part of our arrangement with Vail Health, Town of Vail employees may access the SafeFit® program at no cost.
              SafeFit® is a musculoskeletal wellness program provided by Howard Head Sports Medicine and Vail Health to all
              Town of Vail employees. The program is designed to keep you active, healthy, and working, through early intervention,
              injury screens, education, treatment and exercise prescription.

              This voluntary program is 100% free to all employees, and designed to provide a valuable employee benefit, improve
              your physical health and reduce your healthcare costs. SafeFit® care is provided in Vail, Edwards and Eagle by
              Howard Head Sports Medicine’s own physical therapists. The program is offered to employees only, not to families
              or dependents. For more information, please go to www.howardheadsafefit.com for locations, times and more
              information regarding the program.
N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail

MEDICAL/DENTAL RATES                                    Employee Semi-Monthly Cost                             Town Semi-Monthly Cost
Employee Only                                                            $60.00                                             $537.17
Employee + Spouse                                                        $180.00                                           $1,074.35
Employee + Child(ren)                                                    $150.00                                            $966.92
Family                                                                   $250.00                                           $1,504.09

MEDICAL PLAN HIGHLIGHTS                                  Tier 1/Vail Health                  Tier 2/ Cigna OAP             Tier 3/ Non Network
 Calendar Year Deductible
 Individual                                                                         $1,500                                            $3,000
 Family                                                                             $3,000                                            $6,000
 Out-of-Pocket Maximum
 Individual (includes deductible and copays)                                         $5,000                                          $10,000
 Family (includes deductible and copays)                                            $10,000                                          $20,000
 Coinsurance                                                       90%                                75%                              55%
 Maximum Lifetime Benefit                                                                          Unlimited
 Physician Office Visit                                         You pay $35 copay, then plan pays 100%                      Plan pays 55% after ded.
 Hospital Inpatient / Outpatient                       Plan pays 90% after ded.           Plan pays 75% after ded.          Plan pays 55% after ded.
                                                          2 Free visits/year at
                                                          Vail Health Facilities.
                                                                                               You pay $75 copay,
 Urgent Care Facilities                                                                                                     Plan pays 55% after ded.
                                                                                               then plan pays 75%
                                                       Then you pay $35 Copay,
                                                         and plan pays 90%
 Emergency Room                                         Plan pays 90% after ded                    Plan pays 75% after in-network deductible
 Ambulance                                                                      Plan pays 75% after in-network deductible

 Diagnostic Lab                                                Plan pays 75% after in-network deductible                    Plan pays 55% after ded.
 Diagnostic X-Ray                                      Plan pays 90% after ded.           Plan pays 75% after ded.          Plan pays 55% after ded.
                                                           Plan pays 100%,
                                                        no copay, no deductible.
 Preventive Care
 Routine Well, Adult Well and Child Care                                                 Plan pays 100%, no copay,
                                                         Town of Vail receives                                              Plan pays 55% after ded.
 (Refer to SPD for additional details and                                                      no deductible.
                                                          preferred pricing for
                                                      preventive care received at                                                                             7
                                                              Vail Health.
                                                                                               You pay $50 Copay,
 Chiropractic Care                                                 N/A                                                      Plan pays 55% after ded.
                                                                                              then plan pays 100%
                                                           You pay $35 Copay,                  You pay $50 Copay,
 Physical Therapy                                                                                                           Plan pays 55% after ded.
                                                          then plan pays 100%                 then plan pays 100%
 Speech, Hearing and                                       You pay $35 Copay,                  You pay $50 Copay,
                                                                                                                            Plan pays 55% after ded.
 Occupational Therapy                                     then plan pays 100%                 then plan pays 100%
 Acupuncture                                                       N/A                        75% after deductible                 Not covered
 Mental Health                                                 You pay $35 Copay, then plan pays 100%                       Plan pays 55% after ded.
 Durable Medical Equipment                                           Plan pays 75% after deductible                         Plan pays 55% after ded.
 Retail Prescription Drugs; 34 Day Supply
 Generic                                                      $5 copay                             $5 copay
 Formulary Brand                                                                                                                   Not covered
                                                        20%, $25 min / $50 max               20%, $25 min / $50 max
 Non-Formulary Brand                                    40%, $40 min / $80 max               40%, $40 min / $80 max
 Mail Order; 90 Day Supply
 Generic                                                                                       $10 copay
 Preferred Brand                                                   N/A                                                             Not covered
                                                                                         20%, $50 min / $100 max
 Non-Preferred Brand                                                                     40%, $80 min / $160 max

Note: Some services may include a limit to the number of visits or services retained.
*Tier 1 includes Vail Health providers, Beaver Creek Emergency Center, Avon & Gypsum Urgent Care, Shaw Cancer Center, Sonnenalp Breast Center, and Howard
Head Sports Medicine.

Note: The Summary Plan Description (SPD) provides all specific detail on the plan and coverage. The SPD can be provided from Town of Vail Human Resources.
N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail
         Good oral hygiene is important, not only for looks, but for general health as well. A routine dental examination can
         detect symptoms of more than 125 diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, anemia, stomach ulcers, osteoporosis
         and kidney disease. Regular check-ups and cleanings can save you the pain and expense of future problems. Using
         your dental insurance for regular dental check- ups can improve your health. Employees are automatically enrolled
         in the Dental Plan if they are enrolled in the Town of Vail medical plan. Your dental insurance can also help save you

         money if more serious dental treatments are needed.

         With your PPO plan, you can visit any dentist; but you pay less out-of-pocket when you choose a PPO dentist. Listed
         below is a summary of benefits covered under your Cigna Dental Plan:

          DENTAL PLAN HIGHLIGHTS                                             In-Network                      Out-of-Network
          Calendar Year Deductible                                                 $0                                  $0
          Preventive Care
          (Cleanings, X-rays, Fluoride Treatments, Oral Exams,                   100%                                 100%
          Sealants, etc.)
          Basic Care
          (Fillings, Simple Extractions, Anesthesia, Scaling & Root               80%                                  80%
          Planing, etc.)
          Major Care
          (Crowns, Dentures, Inlays, Onlays, Bridges, Implants,                   50%                                  50%
                                                                            50% to $1,500 -                   50% to $1,500 -
          Orthodontics (Adults/Children)
                                                                           Lifetime Maximum                  Lifetime Maximum
          Annual Maximum Benefit                                                $1,500                                $1,500
          Dependent Age Limits                                                                      26
          Note: Non-Network dental care is reimbursed at usual/customary rates. Patient is responsible for balance.
N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail
Cigna allows you to choose an ophthalmologist or optometrist from Cigna’s national network, or you may use any
licensed provider of your choice. Regardless of who you choose, the vision plan will cover a portion of the benefits.

Listed below are benefits covered under your voluntary Cigna Vision Plan:

 VISION RATES                                                       Semi-Monthly
 Employee Only                                                            $3.40

 Employee + Spouse                                                        $6.80

 Employee + Child(ren)                                                    $6.88

 Family                                                                  $10.96

 VISION PLAN HIGHLIGHTS                                               In-Network
 Examinations                                                    Once every 12 months
 Lenses                                                          Once every 12 months
 Frames                                                          Once every 24 months

                                        SERVICES FROM A CIGNA                       SERVICES FROM A NON-
                                        PARTICIPATING PROVIDER                     PARTICIPATING PROVIDER

 Examination                                     $10 copay                                 Up to $45
                                 $130 allowance for the frame of your choice
 Frames                                                                                    Up to $71
                                  20% off the amount over your allowance
 Contact Lenses                               $130 allowance                              Up to $105

The Cigna Vision Plan is 100% employee paid through payroll deductions if elected.
Please contact Human Resources for additional information.

N Your Employee Benefits Guide - Full-Time Year Round Employees - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED - Town of Vail
       As the cost of healthcare rises, so does your out-of-pocket costs. Town of Vail employees have the opportunity to
       pay for qualified medical, dental, vision and dependent care expenses using pre-tax dollars. The Flexible Spending
       Account (FSA) through Discovery Benefits lets employees take home a larger paycheck by reducing their taxable
       income. You can contribute tax-free dollars into an account that can be used throughout the year — allowing you to
       budget for eligible expenses.

       Annual IRS Limits
       Employees can contribute to the spending accounts listed below:

       •   Health Care FSA: Up to $2,700*
       •   Dependent Care FSA: Up to $5,000 OR $2,500 if married and filing separately.

       Eligible Expenses
       In order to use FSA dollars, an expense must be considered eligible by the IRS. Under the Health Care FSA,
       common eligible expenses include chiropractors, copays and coinsurance, eye exams, glasses and contacts.

       Under the Dependent Care FSA, you may use funds to pay for day care, afterschool programs, babysitters, caregivers
       or elder care so that you and your spouse can work. Eligible dependents include child(ren) to age 13 or disabled
       dependents of any age.

       For a full list of eligible expenses, please visit www.discoverybenefits.com/eligibleexpenses.

       Using Funds
       For easy access to funds, you can swipe your Discovery Benefits debit card to avoid out-of-pocket costs. If you
       use your card at a provider with an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS), the expense will be automatically

       approved at the time of sale.

       You also have the option to pay for eligible expenses out of pocket and submit the receipt for reimbursement. With
       Discovery, the claim filing process is quick and simple: file within the Discovery Benefits mobile app or in your online
 10    account with just a few clicks. Claims are typically processed within two business days.

       Access your benefits on the go 24/7 with the secure Benefits Mobile App by Discovery Benefits. You have
       convenient, real-time access to all your benefits accounts in one spot (including the Lifestyle Spending Account!).
       This makes it easy to use your hard-earned dollars and view recent account activity without ever needing to call in.

       •   File claims and upload documentation in seconds using your phone’s camera. Get instant notifications on the
           status of your claims once you submit for reimbursement.
       •   Check balances and view account activity for all of your Discovery Benefits, including your Lifestyle Spending
       •   NEW! Scan an item’s bar code with your phone’s camera to determine if it’s an IRS eligible FSA expense.

       Access your benefits anywhere, anytime using the mobile app.
       Available for free on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

       *Participants will be able to access their total Healthcare FSA annual contribution at the beginning of the plan year:
       1/1/2020. Dependent Care FSA funds will accrue to your elected amount on a per-pay-period deduction basis.
UPDATE FOR 1/1/2020: Alight Solutons has acquired our former navigator, Compass PHS. Please use the contact
information listed below to get in touch with a Health ProTM Consultant starting January 1, 2020.

Health benefits can be confusing. No matter how complex or simple, we all have healthcare needs. It is the Town’s
mission to help you understand and reap the full value from your healthcare benefits. That’s why we’ve hired Alight to
serve as your personal healthcare advisor. From finding a doctor to solving a billing problem, getting straight answers
can seem impossible at times. Alight is here to simplify your healthcare experience and help you take control of
healthcare costs. Get started today by calling 800.513.1667 or by emailing answers@alight.com.

Let us handle the healthcare stuff.

•   Understand your benefits. Clear up any confusion about your health plan.
•   Find great doctors. Locate highly-rated doctors, dentists, and eye care professionals near you.
•   Save money on healthcare. Compare pricing and choose cost-effective options that work for you.
•   Pay less for prescriptions. Get recommendations on lower-cost alternatives.
•   Resolve billing errors. Did you know over 30% of medical bills are wrong? Don’t get overcharged.
•   Schedule an appointment. Visit a doctor at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Health Pro Cloud™ App - Only a tap away.
Have questions about your benefits? Need help with a bill? Your digital healthcare concierge is
available 24/7 for instant answers to your healthcare.

Health Pro™ Consultant

Dedicated and personal support from trusted healthcare experts who have helped members navigate
healthcare more than 1 million times.

                Life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance help
                financially protect you and your family in the case of death or serious injury.

                Town of Vail provides all employees with a Basic Life and Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
                policy of 2.5 times their annual earnings up to a maximum of $200,000. This coverage is available through Cigna
                and is paid for by Town of Vail. Employees who wish to supplement their group life insurance benefit may purchase
                additional coverage through Cigna Insurance Company. When you enroll yourself and or your dependents in this
                benefit, you pay the full cost through payroll deductions.

                Voluntary life insurance coverage guidelines are as follows:

                COVERAGE GUIDELINES                                   Employee                        Spouse                       Child(ren)
                Minimum                                                 $10,000                        $10,000                        $2,500
                                                                 5 times annual salary,
                Maximum                                                                            Up to $300,000                 Up to $50,000
                                                                     up to $300,000
                Guarantee Issue Amount                                  $50,000                        $50,000                          N/A
                Note: Securing coverage up to the Guarantee Issue Amount assumes a participation requirement is met by your group (you and your fellow
Life and AD&D

                employees). Coverage amounts over the Guarantee Issue Amount will require a health application/evidence of insurability.

                What is the Survivor Income Benefit?
                If Cigna receives Notice and Proof of Claim that you die while insured and you are survived by an Eligible Survivor,
                then Cigna will pay a Survivor Income Benefit, subject to the Limitations and Exclusions. Benefits are payable
                monthly, commencing on the first day of the calendar month following the date of your death. A Survivor Income
                Benefit will be paid based on a percentage of your Insured Earnings to the following Eligible Survivors:
                1. If you are survived by an Eligible Spouse only and not any Eligible Children – 40% of your Insured Earnings
                   will be payable to your Eligible Spouse.

                2. If you are survived by both an Eligible Spouse and Eligible Child(ren):
                   a. 40% of your Insured Earnings will be payable to your Eligible Spouse; and
                   b. 10% of your Insured Earnings will be payable for each Eligible Child, if survived by one or two children; or
                   c. 20% of your Insured Earnings will be payable divided equally among your Eligible Children of 3 or more.

                3. 3) If you are survived by Eligible Child(ren) only and not an Eligible Spouse:
                   a. 10% of your Insured Earnings will be payable for each Eligible Child if there are one to six Eligible Children; or
                   b. 60% of your Insured Earnings will be payable divided equally among your Eligible Children of seven or more.

                Please see SPD for limitations and exclusions.
Town of Vail provides (STD) Short Term-Disability coverage under a self-funded
arrangement. If you become disabled and cannot work, STD disability benefits will pay
the following:

 DISABILITY                  Percent          Maximum             Elimination Period           Maximum Benefit
 PLAN HIGHLIGHTS              Paid             Benefit            (Benefits Begins)             (Benefit Ends)

                              100%*            $1,850
 STD                                                                     3 days                       26 weeks
                               80%            per week

*100% of your weekly earnings, while utilizing accumulated sick leave, vacation time (excluding 80 hour privilege),
compensatory time or administration time until all accrued time is exhausted; then, 80% of your weekly earnings.

How do you see yourself five years from now? Or maybe ten? Chances are, you don’t see yourself disabled. But a
surprising number of people do find themselves hurt or sick and unable to work even if only for a short time.

Town of Vail provides (LTD) Long Term-Disability coverage through Cigna. If you become disabled and cannot work,
LTD disability benefits will pay the following:

 DISABILITY                  Percent          Maximum             Elimination Period           Maximum Benefit
 PLAN HIGHLIGHTS              Paid             Benefit            (Benefits Begins)             (Benefit Ends)

                                                                                                To age 65 or your
 LTD                          66.7%                                     180 days              Social Security normal
                                              per month
                                                                                                 retirement age

Group Accident- Pays money for injuries 24/7, both On and Off the Job. Benefits include payments                         13
for visits to ER, Urgent Care or Doctor due to an injury. Additional benefits may include follow up
visits, physical therapy and hospitalization.

Critical Illness- Helps replace loss of income when you go through treatment or taking care of a family member.
Benefits are available for the following illnesses: Cancer (Internal/Invasive), Heart Attack, Stroke, Major Organ
Transplant, Renal Failure, Carcinoma In Situ and Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.

Hospital Protection- Pays you cash for hospitalization for injury, maternity OR illness. Complements your health

Premiums are conveniently payroll deducted at group rates.
All policies are portable and you own them at the group rate.
            myCigna.com is completely personalized, so it’s easy to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

            Benefit Plan and Claims Resources
            •       Find doctors and medical services                      •   Access a variety of health and wellness tools and
            •       Manage and track claims                                    resources
            •       See cost estimates for medical procedures              •   Manage your health and health care expenses with
            •       Compare quality of care ratings for doctors and            ease

            Health and Wellness Resources
                •      My health assessment – In just twenty minutes, this confidential, online questionnaire will give you a better
                       understanding of your health today and teach you simple steps for improving your health in the future.
                •      Condition and wellness resources – Using our interactive medical library, find information on health
                       conditions, first aid, medical exams, wellness and more.

            My Health Assistant
            Go for your goals! Visit myCigna.com, click on Manage My Health and select My Health Assistant Online Coaching.
            Choose long-term personal health and wellness goals and choose activities that interest you. My Health Assistant
            online coaching breaks down goals into smaller manageable steps. Take the first small step now. Go to myCigna.
            com to get started.

            Cigna Life Assistance Program (LAP)

            All Town employees have access to the CIGNA Life Assistance Program, which includes five face-to-face sessions.
            When you or your family members have questions, concerns, or emotional issues surrounding either personal or
            work matters the LAP can help. LAP can provide guidance or a referral to a service in your community on topics
            such as:

            •       Legal Consultation - 30-minute free consultation and up to a 25% discount on select fees
            •       Parenting - guidance on child development, sibling rivalry, separation anxiety and much more
  14        •       Senior Care - challenges and solutions associated with caring for an aging loved one
            •       Child Care - find a place that’s right for your family or find back-up child care
            •       Pet Care - find what you need to care for your pet
            •       Services are free and confidential

            If you need assistance, you may call and speak to an advocate 24 hours a day, including holidays, at 800.538.3543
            or log in to www.Cignabehavioral.com/CGI.

            CARRIER                               PHONE #                                      WEBSITE

               Cigna                            1.800.CIGNA24                                www.mycigna.com

                         Town of Vail partners with CIGNA for the following benefits...

  •      Medical                        •     Dental                                 •      Vision

  •      Basic and Voluntary                                                         •      Life Assistance Program
                                        •     Disability Insurance
         Life/AD&D Insurance                                                                (LAP)
                                    Additional Benefit Contact Information

                                              970.476.0930 in Vail
         Mind Springs EAP                                                                www.mindspringshealth.org
                                             970.328.6969 in Eagle

             Cigna LAP                           800.538.3543                        www.cignabehavioral.com/CGI

       Discovery Benefits FSA                          TBD                               www.discoverybenefits.com

               Alight                            800.513.1667                                 www.alight.com

                                               TOWN OF VAIL - HUMAN RESOURCES

                                      Wendy Rehnborg                 Jill Stautner                   Albert Zamora

75 S. Frontage Road,                    970.479.2114                 970.479.2110                    970.479.2118
   Vail, CO 81657

This is intended to be an overview of benefit programs available to full-time year-round employees.

Benefits may be subject to eligibility requirements and are subject to change. Please contact Human Resources or
the specific Summary Plan Description for the most up to date details.

Town Of Vail Pension Plan 401(A)
The Town of Vail offers all full-time regular employees a retirement plan starting the first day of employment. The
Town pays all mandatory contributions into the retirement plan and the employee is vested in those contributions
according to the following schedule.

Years of Service*                     Town Contribution**                    Employee’s Vested Amount
Less than 1                                   11.15%                                        0%
1                                             16.15%                                       20%
2                                             16.15%                                       40%
3                                             16.15%                                       60%
4                                             16.15%                                       80%
5 or more                                     16.15%                                      100%

* NOTE: Prior service at the Town of Vail does not count towards the Town’s contribution percentage.
** % of base salary

                                                                                                                      New Hires
Note: The Town of Vail does not make any retirement contributions to the Federal Social Security System or to any
other retirement programs. However, the Town of Vail and all employees hired after April 1, 1986 contribute 1.45%
to Medicare.

457 Deferred Compensation Plan
The 457 Deferred Compensation plan is a voluntary contribution made by the employee. There is no penalty
associated with distributions from a 457 provided you are no longer working for the Town.

Roth IRA
The Roth IRA allows employees to put AFTER-TAX monies into an investment account where your earnings will not
be taxed. The Town’s Roth IRA allows you to fund your Roth through regular payroll deductions.

Roth IRA monies can be withdrawn without penalty for:
− Retirement after age 59½ (provided you have had the account for 5 years)
− Qualified higher education expenses (for you, your spouse, children or grandchildren)
− Qualified first-time home purchase (for you, your spouse, children or grandchildren)
− Major medical expense

Plan Administration
All three plans: Pension, 457 Deferred Compensation and the Roth IRA are administered through ICMA RC. You can
access your account information through ICMA’s website (www.icmarc.org) or by calling 1.800.669.7400. Employees
may change their fund investments as often as they like.

For the 457 Deferred Compensation and the Roth IRA, employees may enroll or make changes to their contributions
at any time. Contributions are made twice a month through payroll deduction.
            Vacation and Holiday Accrual
            Vacation/holiday time off with pay is available to eligible employees to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation,
            personal pursuits and recognition of designated holidays.

            Employees are eligible for six paid holidays and three weeks vacation during the first year (based on 40 hr/wk.) We
            have combined the vacation and holiday hours into one account since many employees must work holidays.

            0-3 Years: 0 to 36 Months
            			                                                6.46 hours/pay period                     4.2 weeks/year

            3-6 Years: 37 to 72 Months                         8.00 hours/pay period                     5.2 weeks/year

            After 6 Years: 73 Months and up                    9.54 hours/pay period                     6.2 weeks/year

             *Fire Department shift personnel, please see Town of Vail Human Resources Manual.

            Holiday Pay
            Town of Vail offices are closed on the following six designated holidays:
            •   New Year’s Day (January 1)		                      •    Labor Day (first Monday in September)
            •   Memorial Day (last Monday in May)                 •    Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November)
            •   Independence Day (July 4)                         •    Christmas (December 25)

            Employees whose offices are closed will observe these days utilizing accrued vacation/holiday time. Non-exempt
            employees required to work on these days will be paid holiday pay of two times the base hourly rate.

            Sick Leave
New Hires

            All regular full time employees earn eight (8) hours per month and may accumulate up to 195 working days or 1560
            hours. Accrual is 3.69 hours per pay period.

            Bereavement Leave
            Time off for a death in the immediate family is three (3) days. If extensive travel is required, five (5) days may be
            allowed. More detailed information may be found in the Town of Vail Human Resources Policies and Safety Manual.

            The Town of Vail employee Sick Bank was established in 1990. An employee can donate one
            day of sick time and in the event of a catastrophic illness/injury the sick bank will match the
            employee’s sick balance (up to 60 days) as of the date of the event. Open enrollment for the
            sick bank is held every summer. If you are interested in participating sooner please contact HR.
            Please refer to the Sick Bank Policy for complete details.

            Housing Assistance
            The Town offers housing assistance through our Employee Home Ownership and Rental Assistance Programs.

            Tuition Assistance
            The Town of Vail encourages employees to continue their learning and take advantage of educational courses
            offered at accredited colleges, universities and trade schools. In support of this philosophy, the Town offers a tuition
            reimbursement program for its employees. Employees are eligible for up to $4,000 per year in tuition assistance.
If you are in a sworn police or fire position, the following applies to you:

Pre-Retirement Death and Disability Benefits
If you die or become disabled after January 1, 1980 but before the time you retire, FPPA will pay you or your
survivors certain benefits. The amount of the benefit will vary depending on your marital status and number of
dependent children. The minimum benefit for an occupational disability is 30% with a maximum of 50% of base
salary per month; for total disability, the percentage is 40% with a maximum of 60%. The minimum death benefit
assuming a surviving spouse and no children is 25% of monthly salary and depending on the number of children a
maximum of 50%.

The Town of Vail contributes 2.8% of an officer’s base salary for his/her pre-retirement death and disability benefit
with FPPA. For more specific information, consult the statute or contact FPPA at the address listed below.

FPPA 457 Deferred Compensation
FPPA offers sworn police and fire employees a 457 deferred compensation retirement program.

                                                                                                                        New Hires

Fire and Police                         Two DTC                                  www.fppaco.org
Pension                                 5290 DTC Parkway
Association                             Englewood, CO 80111
                 Recreation Pass* (Issued all year round)
                 The recreation pass is for employees only. The pass allows employees to play FREE GOLF (Vail golf course), FREE
                 TENNIS (Vail tennis courts), FREE ICE SKATING (Dobson Ice Arena) and FREE NORDIC CENTER (Winter – Vail
                 Golf Course).

                 *Subject to annual change by the Town Council.

                 Town of Vail Library Card for non-resident employees

                 Eagle County Bus Pass

                 Local Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (In addition to CIGNA)
                 The Town of Vail offers an employee assistance program to all employees and their families. Each employee and his/
                 her family members are entitled to six (6) free visits to Mind Springs Health Counseling Center each year. All visits
                 are totally confidential.

                 Counseling is available for drug or alcohol problems, family problems, work-related problems, etc.

                 Contact Mind Springs Health at 328.6969 in Eagle or 476.0930 in Vail.
Add’l Benefits

Federal regulations require Town of Vail to provide              Notice of Prescription Drug Creditable Coverage
benefit eligible employees with the following important          Town of Vail provides a “Notice of Prescription Drug
annual notices:                                                  Creditable Coverage” to all Medicare eligible participants
                                                                 on an annual basis. This notice states that under Town
Private Health Information                                       of Vail medical plan, you have prescription drug coverage
A portion of the Health Insurance Portability and                that is, on average, as generous as the standard Medicare
Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) addresses the                 Prescription Drug Coverage.
protection of confidential health information. It applies to
all health benefit plans. In short, the idea is to make sure     Continuation Of Coverage
that confidential health information that identifies (or could   If your coverage ends under the Plan, you may be entitled
be used to identify) you is kept completely confidential.        to elect continuation coverage (coverage that continues
This individually identifiable health information is known       on in some form) in accordance with federal law.
as “protected health information” (PHI), and it will not
be used or disclosed without your written authorization,         If you selected continuation coverage under a prior plan
except as described in the Plans HIPAA Privacy Notice            which was then replaced by coverage under this Plan,
or as otherwise permitted by federal and state health            continuation coverage will end as scheduled under the
information privacy laws, A copy of the Plan’s Notice            prior plan or in accordance with the terminating events
of Privacy Practices that describes the Plan’s policies,         listed below, whichever is earlier.
practices and your rights with respect to your PHI under
HIPAA is available from your medical plan provider. For          When Coverage Ends
more information regarding this Notice, please contact           We may discontinue these Benefit plans and/or all similar
Human Resources or the medical plan directly.                    benefit plans at any time. Your entitlement to Benefits
                                                                 automatically ends on the date that coverage ends, even
Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act                             if you are hospitalized or are otherwise receiving medical
Town of Vail medical plans, as required by the Women’s           treatment on that date.
Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, provides benefits

for mastectomy-related services. These services include:         When your coverage ends, we will still pay claims for
                                                                 Covered Health Services that you received before your
• All stages of reconstruction of the breast on which the        coverage ended. However, once your coverage ends, we
mastectomy was performed                                         do not provide Benefits for health services that you receive
• Surgery and reconstruction of the other breast to              after coverage ends for medical conditions that occurred
produce a symmetrical appearance                                 before your coverage ended, even if the underlying
• Prostheses and treatment of physical complications             medical condition occurred before your coverage ended.
resulting from mastectomy (including lymphedema)                 An Enrolled Dependent’s coverage ends on the date your
This coverage will be provided in consultation with the          coverage ends.
attending physician and the patient, and will be subject to
the same annual deductibles and coinsurance provisions
that apply to the mastectomy. For more information,
contact your medical plan provider.

Individual Coverage Mandate
Effective January 1, 2014, federal law requires that you
have Health Care coverage. You can enroll in Town of
Vail’s health plan, or you may want to consider visiting
www.healthcare.gov for information on health plans
available through the Healthcare Marketplace in your
area. Please note that the plan provided by Town of Vail
meets the affordability and minimum value requirements
for teammate only coverage, and therefore you will not
be eligible for a tax credit through the Marketplace for
that tier of enrollment.
          Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and the                     eligible dependents under USERRA. This continuation
          Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)                    right runs concurrently with your continuation right under
          If you or your children are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP     COBRA, explained below, and allows you to extend
          and you are eligible for health coverage from your            an 18-month continuation period to 24 months. You
          employer, your State may have a premium assistance            and your eligible dependents qualify for this extension
          program that can help pay for coverage. These States          if you are called into active or reserve duty, whether
          use funds from their Medicaid or CHIP programs to help        voluntary or involuntary, in the Armed Forces, the Army
          people who are eligible for these programs, but also          National Guard, the Air National Guard, full-time National
          have access to health insurance through their employer.       Guard duty (under a federal, not a state, call-up), the
                                                                        commissioned corps of the Public Health Services
          If you or your children are not eligible for Medicaid         and any other category of persons designated by the
          or CHIP, you will not be eligible for these premium           President of the United States.
          assistance programs.
                                                                        Pregnant Workers Fairness Act C.R.S. § 24-34-402.3
          If you or your dependents are already enrolled in             The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act makes it a
          Medicaid or CHIP and you live in a State listed below,        discriminatory or unfair employment practice if an
          you can contact your State Medicaid or CHIP office to         employer fails to provide reasonable accommodations
          find out if premium assistance is available.                  to an applicant or employee who is pregnant, physically
                                                                        recovering from childbirth, or a related condition.
          If you or your dependents are NOT currently enrolled
          in Medicaid or CHIP, and you think you or any of              Under the Act, if an applicant or employee who is pregnant
          your dependents might be eligible for either of these         or has a condition related to pregnancy or childbirth
          programs, you can contact your State Medicaid or CHIP         requests an accommodation, an employer must engage
          office at www.insurekidsnow.gov to find out how to apply.     in the interactive process with the applicant or employee
          If you qualify, you can ask the State if it has a program     and provide a reasonable accommodation to perform
          that might help you pay the premiums for an employer-         the essential functions of the applicant or employee’s

          sponsored plan.                                               job unless the accommodation would impose an undue
                                                                        hardship on the employer’s business.
          Once it is determined that you or your dependents             The Act prohibits requiring an applicant or employee
          are eligible for premium assistance under Medicaid or         to accept an accommodation that the applicant or
          CHIP, as well as eligible under your employer plan, your      employee has not requested or an accommodation that
          employer must permit you to enroll in your employer plan      is unnecessary for the applicant or the employee to
          if you are not already enrolled. This is called a “special    perform the essential functions of the job.
          enrollment” opportunity, and you must request coverage
          within 60 days of being determined eligible for premium       The Act prohibits an employer from taking adverse action
          assistance. If you have questions about enrolling in your     against an employee who requests or uses a reasonable
          employer plan, you can contact the Department of Labor        accommodation and from denying employment
          electronically at www.askebsa.dol.gov.                        opportunities to an applicant or employee based on the
                                                                        need to make a reasonable accommodation.
                                For All States:
                         (877) 267-2323, Ext. 61565                     To see the full PREGNANT WORKERS FAIRNESS ACT
                                                                        notice, please contact Human Resources.
                        U.S. Department of Labor
                Employee Benefits Security Administration
               www.dol.gov/ebsa or 1-866-444-EBSA (3272)

             U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
               Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
             www.cms.hhs.gov or 1-877-267-2323, Ext. 61565

          Uniformed Services Employment and
          Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
          If you are called to active duty in the uniformed services,
          you may elect to continue coverage for you and your
Notice Regarding Wellness Program                              of Vail Wellness Program will never disclose any of your
Town of Vail Wellness Program is a voluntary wellness          personal information either publicly or to the employer,
program available to all employees. The program is             except as necessary to respond to a request from you
administered according to federal rules permitting             for a reasonable accommodation needed to participate in
employer-sponsored wellness programs that seek to              the wellness program, or as expressly permitted by law.
improve employee health or prevent disease, including          Medical information that personally identifies you that is
the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Genetic       provided in connection with the wellness program will
Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, and the             not be provided to your supervisors or managers and
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as        may never be used to make decisions regarding your
applicable, among others. If you choose to participate         employment.
in the wellness program you will be asked to complete
a preventive annual medical visit or screening. You are        Your health information will not be sold, exchanged,
not required to complete the preventive annual medical         transferred, or otherwise disclosed except to the extent
visit or screening. However, employees who choose              permitted by law to carry out specific activities related
to participate in the wellness program will receive an         to the wellness program, and you will not be asked
incentive of $300, and their insured spouse an incentive       or required to waive the confidentiality of your health
of $240, for completion of a preventive annual medical         information as a condition of participating in the wellness
visit or screening. If you are unable to complete a            program or receiving an incentive. In addition, all medical
preventive annual medical exam or screening, you               information obtained through the wellness program will
may be entitled to a reasonable accommodation or an            be maintained separate from your personnel records,
alternative standard. You may request a reasonable             information stored electronically will be encrypted, and no
accommodation or an alternative standard by contacting         information you provide as part of the wellness program will
Wendy Rehnborg at 970.479.2114.                                be used in making any employment decision. Appropriate
                                                               precautions will be taken to avoid any data breach, and in
The information from your preventive annual medical            the event a data breach occurs involving information you
visit or screening will be used by your medical provider       provide in connection with the wellness program, we will

to provide you with information to help you understand         notify you immediately.
your current health and potential risks. The Town of Vail
will have no access to information from your preventive        You may not be discriminated against in employment
annual medical visit or screening.                             because of the medical information you provide as part
                                                               of participating in the wellness program, nor may you be
Protections from Disclosure of Medical Information             subjected to retaliation if you choose not to participate.
We are required by law to maintain the privacy and
security of your personally identifiable health information.   If you have questions or concerns regarding this notice,
Although the wellness program and Town of Vail may             or about protections against discrimination and retaliation,
use aggregate information it collects to design a program      please contact Wendy Rehnborg at 970.479.2114.
based on identified health risks in the workplace, the Town
Town of Vail
75 S. Frontage Road,
   Vail, CO 81657

   (970) 479-2100

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