Your guide to Universal Credit - Your questions answered

Your guide
to Universal

Universal Credit is being rolled         Housing benefit will no longer be
out across the country by the            paid directly to your landlord
Department for Work and                  With Universal Credit you will be
Pensions through Jobcentre Plus          expected to pay your rent as well
and is replacing six benefits:           as council tax. There will be up
• Housing Benefit                        to five weeks wait for your first
                                         Universal Credit payment.
• Income-related Employment
  and Support Allowance                  You can ask at your Jobcentre
• Income-based Job                       Plus for an advance payment of
  Seekers Allowance                      Universal Credit to help you manage
• Income Support                         This is a loan and repayments
                                         will be automatically taken from
• Child Tax Credit
                                         your future Universal Credit
• Working Tax Credit                     payments over 12 months.
Universal Credit is a single monthly     Families with three or more children
payment to help with your living
                                         If you have three or more children,
costs if you’re on a low income
                                         you won’t be able to claim Universal
or out of work and between
                                         Credit for the time being. You will
18 and pension age. Some 16
                                         stay on your current benefits.
and 17 year olds can claim.
It’s paid directly into your bank        If you have more than two children,
account. If you live with your partner   you will only receive benefit
and you both claim Universal             payments for two children. You can
Credit, you will receive a single        ask about this at the Jobcentre or
payment for both of you. An amount       by calling the Department for Work
of money for housing costs will          and Pensions Universal Credit
be included in your payment.             helpline on 0800 328 5644, Monday
                                         to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

The Department for Work and Pensions
is changing the current welfare benefits
system in Salford from 26 September 2018
Universal Credit will apply to anyone living in Salford making a new claim for
any of the benefits covered by it. If you have a change of circumstances, you
may need to make a new claim for Universal Credit. This could include having
your first child, starting work or becoming unemployed. Anyone who is already
on benefits will move on to Universal Credit over a period of time. They will be
contacted to let them know if they need to do anything. Universal Credit will be
introduced in the following postcode areas from July 25, 2018: M7 4, M8 5,
M8 8, and M8 9. This is because some people living in these areas are covered
by neighbouring Jobcentres, which are moving to the Universal Credit system
before Salford.

   Universal Credit does not include help with your council tax
   If you live in Salford, you must claim council tax reduction separately
   from Salford City Council. Visit
   People who are struggling to pay for basics can apply for
   help through the council’s Salford Assist scheme
   For further advice and information you can call the Salford Assist Team
   on 0800 694 3695 or visit
   Most people who are on Universal Credit will be able to get
   free school meals
   You can apply at one of the Gateway Centres listed on page six or visit
   Information on Universal Credit is on the government website: or call the Department for Work
   and Pensions Universal Credit helpline on 0800 328 9344.
   More information about places that can help is at
   You can read a copy of this Universal Credit booklet on the Salford City
   Council website’s Universal Credit pages:

BANK ACCOUNT                              EMAIL ADDRESS
Applications for Universal Credit are     You will need to have an email
made online and the money gets paid       address for your claim. If you don’t
into your bank or building society        already have one, you can set this
account. You can use a Post Office        up for free through websites such
account to collect benefits, but you      as Google, Yahoo, and
can’t pay any other money in. You can
only get money out of a Post Office       Salford’s Digital You scheme can
account with a card at the Post Office.   help with setting up an email
                                          address as well as using the internet
Fee-free basic bank accounts              at any of the Gateway Centres
These are for people who don’t have       listed in this leaflet. Help is also
a bank account or aren’t able to meet     available at Jobcentres. You can
the requirements for a standard           ask your work coach about this.
current account. You can usually apply
for a fee-free basic account in person,   You can find out more by visiting
by post, over the phone, or online from
a wide range of the well-known banks.
You will have to provide official proof
of identity (ID) before you can open a
fee-free basic bank account. You might
also have to confirm your address.

You will need to prove your identity. If
                                             There are fourJobcentres in
you don’t already have photo ID, such
                                             Salford where you can get help
as a driving licence or passport, or
                                             to make an online claim and with
a debit or credit card, you can take
                                             setting up an email address.
other evidence to your Jobcentre
interview instead. For example, you          There is free wifi internet as well
will need three pieces of evidence of        as free to use computers.
your address if you have one, such as
electricity or gas bill, council tax bill,   The Jobcentres in Salford are:
bank statement, official letters; and to     • Pendleton: The Opportunities
prove who you are, such as a birth or          Centre, Churchill Way,
marriage certificate. You may be able          Salford, M6 5PL
to get help with the cost of a photo ID      • Eccles: Sentinel House, Monton
if you ask your Jobcentre work coach.          Road, Eccles, M30 0NA
                                             • Worsley: 5 Worsley Court,
HOUSING, FAMILY, MONEY 		                      Walkden, M28 3AD
                                             • Irlam: Irlam Library, Hurst Fold,
You will need to have important                Liverpool Road, Irlam, M44 6FD
information to hand when you apply
for Universal Credit, such as:               Advice on making a claim
• What type of housing you have,             You can get advice on making
  such as a flat, or house                   a claim from Salford Welfare
• How much rent you pay                      Rights and Advice Service, Salford
• Landlord’s details                         Citizens Advice, Salford Foundation
                                             Trust, Salford Unemployed and
• How much you earn from work
                                             Community Resource Centre, and
• Savings                                    local Jobcentres. These are listed in
• Child benefits and costs you pay           the Useful sources of help section
  out                                        starting on page seven. You can also
                                             go to
Universal Credit applications are
made through an internet application
form. You will be given an online
account and you will need to use
this regularly to meet your claimant
commitment. If you find this difficult,
tell your Jobcentre work coach.

Saving a few pounds each week            Direct debits
before you claim Universal Credit will
                                         Direct debits are a quick and easy
mean you can still pay your council
                                         way to pay your council tax and
tax and rent when you claim and
                                         energy bills, as well as rent if you are
are waiting for your first payment
                                         a housing association customer. You
to be processed. This may help
                                         set it up once and then don’t have to
you keep up with your payments.
                                         remember when to pay. You can find
You can claim reduced council tax,       out more about council tax payment
as explained earlier in this leaflet.    at
You can also apply for a
                                         MANAGING YOUR MONEY
Discretionary Housing
Payment (DHP) if you’re                  It will help to start budgeting for
                                         monthly payments before you go
struggling to pay your rent
                                         onto Universal Credit. As well as
Payments are normally only made          paying your rent and other bills, you
for a short period while you look at     will need money for essentials during
ways to change your circumstances        the month, such as food and travel.
(such as getting a job or moving
                                         You can get help with budgeting
to a home with less bedrooms).
                                         from Salford Citizens Advice.
You can open a savings account           You can ask for different payment
with Salford Credit Union                arrangements, such as payments
If you set up a standing order for       made more often than once a
a small amount, it will build up to      month, or split between partners,
help you manage when you need            by speaking to your work coach at
a bit extra. If you’ve already built     Jobcentre Plus.
up savings you might also find it
easier to get a Credit Union loan
if you find you need to borrow.
You can find out more by visiting

Salford City Council has a scheme for local people called Digital You to help
develop basic skills using computers and the internet. Support is available
on how to fill in forms for Universal Credit claims, council tax, housing and
overpayment of benefits. A full list of all the places in Salford that offer help is on
page seven onwards. The council’s Customer Services also run coffee and chat
advice sessions to talk through benefits and council tax. They can be contacted
on 0161 793 2500. Look out for more information at

ECCLES GATEWAY                               Friday, 8am-7.30pm;
28 Barton Lane, Eccles,                      Saturday, 9am-1pm.
Salford, M30 0TU.
Monday to Thursday, 8am-10pm;                BROUGHTON HUB
Friday, 8am-7.30pm;                          50 Rigby Street, Salford, M7 4BQ.
Saturday, 9am-1pm.                           Monday, 5pm-10pm; Tuesday to
                                             Thursday, 10am-10pm; Friday,
PENDLETON GATEWAY                            10am-7.30pm; Saturday, 10am-2pm;
1 Broadwalk, Pendleton,                      Sunday, 10am-2pm.
Salford, M6 5FX.
Monday to Thursday, 8am-10pm;                CORINTH TRAINING C.I.C
Friday, 8am-7.30pm;                          A not for profit training company.
Saturday, 9am-1pm.                           It offers free community-based
                                             computer courses across the
SWINTON GATEWAY                              city for people living in Salford
100 Chorley Road,                            who are aged over 19.
Swinton, M27 6BP.                            Courses they run include First and
Monday to Thursday, 8am-10pm;                Next Steps IT training, Microsoft
Friday, 8am-7.30pm;                          Office, Office Skills and Admin,
Saturday, 9am-1pm.                           Confidence Building, Digital image
                                             editing with Photoshop, Photography,
WALKDEN GATEWAY                              Maths and Employment Skills.
2 Smith Street, Walkden,                     Call 07482 606808 to book or visit
Salford, M28 3EZ.                  
Monday to Thursday, 8am-10pm;

HELP TO BE HAPPIER                     BETTER OFF
AND HEALTHIER                          Look out for a
Salford’s Health Improvement           new website
Service is free, local, friendly and   called BetterOff Salford which is
available to anyone who lives          coming soon. It will help you to:
or works in Salford. They can
                                       • Find out what benefits you
help you make straightforward,
                                         may be entitled to and ways to
achievable and rewarding
                                         improve your job opportunities
health and lifestyle changes.
                                       • Apply for welfare benefits
Help includes:
                                       • Find work that pays and
• One to one or group                    record job activity. This can
  specialist sessions to cut             be used as evidence for your
  down or give up smoking                claim for the Jobcentre.
• Budget-friendly healthy              • See how your money changes
  eating advice and classes              when you move into work
• Fitness and exercise support for     • Find debt advice, appeal a benefits
  those who need help to get started     decision and find childcare
• Support for new mums with            • Keep on top of your budget,
  breastfeeding and first foods          search for jobs and see what
• Advice for parents including           benefits you may be entitled to
  controlling infections and keeping
  teeth and gums healthy               MUSTARD TREE
• Help to feel healthier and manage    The Freedom Project helps
  long term health conditions          people who are struggling to find
For more information call              a purpose, who want to get past a
0800 952 1000 or email                 lack of work experience or skills,      housing or money issues, low
                                       confidence, a criminal record, mental
                                       health problems or addiction.
                                       For more information visit
                              or call
                                       0161 228 7331. You can also drop in
                                       to Mustard Tree, 50 Hulton District
                                       Centre, Little Hulton, M4 6AG.

Debt advice
If you’re in debt it’s never too late to get help so you can stop worrying. If
you’re having problems with Universal Credit, or you’re having difficulties with
debt, you can get free, confidential and independent advice and help from the
organisations listed below.

Local organisations offering face to face support

SALFORD WELFARE RIGHTS                    It offers free, independent and
AND DEBT ADVICE SERVICE                   impartial advice helping with all
Gives free, confidential and              aspects of benefits and debts. MIND
independent advice on benefits            offers appointments at the Angel
and debt problems.                        Centre and home visits, providing
                                          advice on debt and welfare rights
For debt advice: 0800 345 7323.           (including Universal Credit).
Mondays and Wednesdays, 1pm-4pm.
                                          The Angel Centre,
For benefits advice: 0800 345 7375.       1 St. Philips Place, Salford, M3 6FA.
Monday to Friday, 10am-12pm.              Telephone 0161 212 4880.

Offers a range of advice and              Advice on debt and welfare benefits
information on topics such as             targeted at vulnerable young
benefits, managing your money,            people, adults and families.
and debt.                                 Telephone 0161 787 3834.
Telephone 0300 330 1153.                  Foundation House, 3 Jo Street,
Monday–Friday, 10am–4pm.                  Salford, M5 4BD.           

MIND IN SALFORD                           MONEY ADVICE SERVICE
Mind in Salford is an independent,        Free and independent money advice
user focused charity providing            is available online.
services to make a positive     
difference to the wellbeing and
mental health of local people.

National organisations                SHELTER GREATER MANCHESTER
offering help with debt               Advice and information for anyone
                                      with housing problems. Specialist
STEPCHANGE                            advice for people who have a private
Telephone 0800 138 1111.              landlord or are trying to find a
                                      private rented home (not social                    housing). Legal advice for people with
                                      complicated housing issues. Housing
NATIONAL DEBTLINE                     support for people returning to
Telephone 0808 808 4000.              Manchester and Salford from prison.              Telephone 0344 515 1640.
                                      Ground Floor – Victoria House,
                                      5 Samuel Ogden Street,
Council tax and free
                                      Manchester, M1 7AX
school meals
                                      Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.
Can help on council tax and free      General advice and guidance
school meals through their customer
services centre on 0161 793 2500.     GREATER MANCHESTER LAW CENTRE
Monday-Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm.         Free legal advice including
You can also visit                    welfare benefits, employment where you can      and community care.
contact a live webchat service.       Telephone 0161 769 2244.
                                      159 Princess Road, Moss Side,
Housing                               Manchester, M14 4RE.
                                      Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm.
Helps people in housing need,         Looks at the needs of Salford
the homeless and those at             residents and refers them to
risk of being homeless.               services that can help with debt,
7 Wesley Street, Swinton, M27 6AD.    self-confidence, housing or
Email                                 benefit issues and training.   Heath Avenue, Salford, M7 1NY.
                                      Telephone 0161 831 9807.

Offers a range of advice and             AND TRAINING
information on topics such as            More information about the support
benefits, managing your money,           the council offers is available on
and debt.                                the Salford City Council website.
Telephone 0300 330 1153.       
Monday–Friday, 10am–4pm.                 jobs-skills-and-work
SALFORD WELFARE RIGHTS                   The JEWEL Foundation is an
AND DEBT ADVICE SERVICE                  employment support service which
Gives free, confidential and             helps Manchester and Salford’s
independent advice on benefits           Jewish communities discover their
and debt problems.                       skills, remove any barriers which
                                         may prevent people from finding
For debt advice: 0800 345 7323.
                                         meaningful work and provide
Mondays and Wednesdays, 1pm-4pm.
                                         training and routes to employment.
For benefits advice: 0800 345 7375.      Telephone 0161 798 2123.
Monday to Friday, 10am-12pm.
                                         Drop in to the centre at 45
UNITED UTILITIES                         Bury New Road, M25 9JY.
Has a range of support and debt          Monday-Thursday, 9am 4pm.
schemes for customers who are            Friday 9am-1pm.
struggling with their water bill.
United Utilities can delay your water    VOLUNTEER CENTRE SALFORD
bill payments for up to eight weeks,     If you are interested in becoming
giving you time while waiting for your   a volunteer and can help you
first Universal Credit payment.          explore opportunities.
They can spread your payments over       Telephone 0161 787 7795.
a longer period of time to make your     Email
bill more manageable. They will also
check if they can reduce your bill.
Telephone 0800 072 6765.                 volunteer-centre

Help dealing with loan sharks            WARM SALFORD
                                         Discount scheme for pensioners
ILLEGAL MONEY LENDING TEAM               and people on low incomes. Help
Investigates illegal money lending       for homeowners with the cost of
and prosecutes the lenders.              fitting a new boiler, loft and wall
Offers confidential support.             insulation, low cost works to make
Telephone 0300 555 2222.                 a home warmer (home owners).                 Information on energy switching.
                                         Telephone 0161 793 2264.
                                         Warm Home Discount Scheme
Practical help                           telephone 0345 603 9439.
                                         Monday-Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm.
Short term support for people in
crisis or emergency. Help with           SALFORD LOAVES AND FISHES
essential items and basic needs          Provides food and drink, clothing,
such as baby milk, nappies or            warmth and shelter, companionship,
food for your baby and your family,      support with debt and addiction
essential furniture, emergency fuel      problems. Also available – GP,
supply and council tax support.          dental service and Citizens Advice.
Telephone 0800 694 3695.                 Telephone 0161 737 8775.         Mona Street, Salford, M6 6PP.
                                         Monday, Wednesday and
                                         Thursday, 8am-2pm.
 RESOURCE CENTRE               
Offers free, independent, confidential
                                         WOOD STREET MISSION
advice on employment law, welfare
benefits, debt management,               Help is offered to families
education and training.                  struggling to provide basic items
Telephone 0161 789 2999.                 for their children. People need to
                                         be referred by a support worker.
84-86 Liverpool Road,
Eccles M30 0WZ.                          Telephone 0161 834 3140.
Monday–Friday, 9am–11.30am.              26 Wood Street, Manchester, M3 3EF.          

TURN2US                               SHELTER – GREATER
A website where you can check         MANCHESTER
what benefits you might be able       Advice and information for anyone
to claim and what grants you          with housing problems. Specialist
might be able to apply for.           advice for people who have a private                   landlord or are trying to find a
Find-Benefits-Grants                  private rented home (not social
                                      housing). Legal advice for people
CHARIS                                with complicated housing issues.
                                      Housing support for people returning
Help towards water and energy         to Manchester from prison.
bills, clearing arrears. Practical
                                      Telephone 0344 515 1640.
help such as providing essential
household appliances, help with
funeral costs, eSkills learning       Ground Floor - Victoria House,
vouchers to help people into work.    5 Samuel Ogden Street,
                                      Manchester, M1 7AX.
Telephone 01733 421075.
                                      Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.
Trinity Court, Trinity Street,
Peterborough, PE1 1DA.      
                                      Savings and loans
Advice on debt, energy bills advice
and welfare benefits. Helps
children and young people living      SALFORD CREDIT UNION
in Salford to develop hobbies,        Provides affordable savings and loans
interests, skills and talents where   for people living or working in Salford.
there is limited family income.       Telephone 0161 686 5880.
Telephone 0161 787 3834.    
Foundation House, 3 Jo Street,
Salford, M5 4BD.                      MONEYLINE SALFORD     A fast, affordable and responsible
                                      way to borrow money for people
                                      who can’t get a loan through
                                      a bank or building society.
                                      Telephone 0345 643 1553.

Support for families
Children’s centres are part of Salford City Council’s Early Help services which
gives a range of support to families and people who are in most need. They
offer families help from midwives, health visitors, and family support workers
as well as providing opportunities for training and volunteering and help into
employment (some support is offered by referral to other organisations). More
information is on the council’s website at

Children’s centres are usually open from 9am-4pm.

SOUTH CHILDREN’S CENTRE                  Hershel Weiss Children and Family
Brindley Street, Winton, Eccles,         Centre, 35 Northumberland Street,
Salford, M30 8AB                         Higher Broughton, Salford, M7 4DQ

Telephone 0161 686 5290.                 Telephone 0161 778 0070.
                                         Email hershelweiss.
50 Rigby Street, Higher Broughton,
Salford, M7 4BQ                          NORTH SALFORD
                                         CHILDREN’S CENTRE
Telephone 0161 778 0080.
                                         Swinton Gateway, 100 Chorley Road,
                                         Swinton, Salford, M27 6BP
AND FAMILY CENTRE                        Telephone 0161 778 0750.
This centre is linked to East Central
Children’s Centre and offers services    WEST SURE START
to Salford’s Jewish community. It’s      CHILDREN’S CENTRE
a partnership between Salford City       Longshaw Drive, Little Hulton,
Council and local charitable and         Salford, M28 0BD
voluntary groups working within          Telephone 0161 604 7660.
the Jewish community. Family
support and health services are
provided from the centre, which
can also offer creche provision.

                                           Computer   Free wifi   Free public
Centre            Address                   courses   internet    computers


                  Broughton Hub,
Broughton         50 Rigby Street,
                                                                    
                  Broughton, M7 4BQ.
                  0161 793 2500.
                  Great Cheetham Street
                  West, Salford, M7 2DN.                            
Leisure Centre
                  0161 792 2847.
                  133 Heath Ave,
The Broughton
                  Salford, M7 1NY                                   
                  0161 831 9807


                  126 Liverpool Road,
                  Cadishead, M44 5AN.                               
                  0161 775 3457.


Clifton Library   6 Wynne Avenue,
Community         Clifton, M27 8FU.                                 
Centre            0161 794 1591.


                  1 Stadium Way,
AJ Bell Stadium                                                     
                  Eccles, M30 7EY.

Computer   Free wifi   Free public
     Centre             Address                  courses   internet    computers

                        52 Regent Street,
     City West
                        Eccles, M30 0BP,                                 
     Housing Trust
                        0300 123 5522

     Eccles Indoor      Church St,
                                                                         
                        Eccles, M30 0EW.
                        Eccles Gateway,
                        28 Barton Lane,
     Eccles Gateway                                                      
                        Eccles, M30 0TU.
                        0161 793 2500
                        Barton Lane,
     Eccles Leisure
                        Eccles, M30 0DD.                                 
                        0161 787 7107
                        5 Irwell Place,
     Eccles Town
                        M30 0FN,                                         
                        07931 815802

     Rainbow Rooms      Liverpool Road,
     Community          Eccles, M30 0QN,                                 
     Centre             0161 789 8091
                        Chadwick Road,
     Salford Link
                        Eccles, M30 0WP.                                 
                        0161 787 8219.
     Salford            84-86 Liverpool Road,
     Unemployed         Eccles, M30 0WZ.
     and Community                                                       
     Resource           0161 789 2999.

     South Children’s   Brindley Street,
     Centre (covering   Winton, Eccles,
     Winton, Eccles,                                                     
     Barton, Irlam      M30 8AB,
     and Cadishead)     0161 686 5290

     Westwood Park      Grasmere Crescent,
     Community          Eccles, M30 8DN,                                 
     Centre             0161 789 2233

Computer      Free wifi   Free public
Centre           Address                     courses      internet    computers

                 Old Parrin Lane, Winton,
Winton Library   Eccles, M30 8BY.                                       
                 0161 921 2180
Community        1 Gladstone Road,              
Association      Eccles, M30 0WY,           (for Yemeni                  
in Greater       0161 707 7012              community)


                 Hurst Fold,
                 Liverpool Road,
Irlam Library                                                           
                 Irlam, M44 6FD.
                 0161 775 3566.

Irlam and        Station Road, Irlam,
Cadishead        M44 5ZR.                                               
College          0161 921 2109

Irlam and        Liverpool Road,
Cadishead        Irlam, M44 6BR.                                        
Leisure Centre   0161 775 4134.
                 Liverpool Rd, Irlam,
Princes Park
                 M44 6BR.                                               
Garden Centre
                 0161 775 0875
                 117c Liverpool Rd,
                 M44 5BG.
                 0161 222 4003.
The Hamilton
                 www.hamiltondavies.                                    
Davies Trust


                 Longshaw Drive,
Little Hulton
                 Little Hulton, M28 0AZ.                                
                 0161 790 4201.

Computer   Free wifi   Free public
     Centre            Address                     courses   internet    computers

                       40 Hulton District
     Little Hulton     Centre, Worsley,
     Skills Centre     Manchester, M28 0AU
     (Salford City
                                                                           
                       For information contact
     College)          Corinth Training C.I.C
                       on 07482 606808.
     Little Hulton     Longshaw Drive,
     Sure Start                                                            
     Centre            Little Hulton, M28 0BD.

                       50 Hulton District
     Mustard Tree      Centre, M28 0AU.                                    
                       0161 228 7331.


                       Salford Sports Village,
     Lower Kersal
                       Littleton Road, M7 3NQ.                             
                       0161 921 1236.


     Children’s        451 Liverpool Street,
     Centre,           Langworthy, M6 5EJ,                                 
     (Langworthy       0161 212 4480


                       322 Ordsall Lane,
     Ordsall Hall                                                          
                       M5 3AN, 0161 872 0251
                       Ordsall Neighbourhood
                       Office, Robert Hall
     Ordsall Library                                                       
                       Street, Ordsall, M5 3LT.
                       0161 603 4097.
                       Craven Drive,
     Ordsall Leisure
                       Ordsall, M5 3DJ.                                    
                       0161 848 0646.

Computer   Free wifi   Free public
Centre            Address                    courses   internet    computers


                  1 Broadwalk, Salford,
                  M6 5FN,                                            
                  0161 793 2500
                  Brotherton House,
                  Salford, M6 5UN,                                   
                  0300 555 5567


Binoh             Leicester Hall,
Community         115 Leicester                                      
Centre            Road, M7 4GP.

Brotherton        Hankinson Way,
                                                                     
                  Salford, M6 5JA.
                  Buile Hill Park, Eccles
Buile Hill        Old Road, Salford,
Park Hall
                                                                     
                  M6 8GL.
                  0161 737 6277
                  Liverpool Street,
                  Salford, M5 4HU.                                   
Leisure Centre
                  0161 736 1494.
                  King Street,
Height Library    Salford, M6 7GY.                                   
                  0161 736 1907.
                  Eccles Old Road,
Hope Library      Salford, M6 8FH.                                   
                  0161 921 2185.
                  451 Liverpool Street,
                  Salford, M6 5QQ.
Langworthy        0161 212 4400.
Conerstone                                                           
Association Ltd   www.

Computer   Free wifi   Free public
     Centre           Address                   courses   internet    computers

     Opportunities    2 Paddington Close,
                                                                        
                      Salford, M6 5PL.

     SAYF (St         87-89 Cholmondeley
     Ambrose Young    Rd, Salford, M6 8PU,                              
     Families)        0161 425 4493
                      Cromwell Road,
     St George’s
                      Pendlebury, M6 6SB,                               
     Day Centre
                      0161 737 6923
                      1 Douglas Green,
     St Sebastian’s   Salford, M6 6ES,                                  
                      0161 737 1266
                      Kemsing Walk, Salford,
     Salford Arts
                      M5 4BS,                                           
                      0161 925 0111
                     Peel Park, The
     Salford Museum
                     Crescent, M5 4WU,                                  
     and Art Gallery
                     0161 778 0800
                      325 Littleton Road,
     Salford Sports
                      Salford, M7 3NQ,                                  
                      0161 604 7600
                      Diamond House,
                      2 Peel Cross Road,
     Salix Homes                                                        
                      Salford, M5 4DT,
                      0800 218 2000
                      1 St Phillips Place
     The Angel        M3 6FA,                                           
                      0161 212 4980

     The Beacon       84-86 Liverpool Road,
                                                                        
                      Salford, M6 6QT.

Computer   Free wifi   Free public
Centre            Address                   courses   internet    computers


Salford           15 The Quays, Salford
Watersports       Quays, M50 3SQ,                                   
Centre            0161 877 7252
                  Pier 8, Salford Quays,
The Lowry         M50 3AZ,                                          
                  0843 208 6000

The Landing       MediaCityUK, M50 2ST,
                                                                    
                  0161 686 5555


Clifton           6 Wynne Avenue,
Community         Clifton, M27 8FU,                                 
Centre            0161 794 1641
                 Pendlebury Road,
Corinth Training Swinton, M27 4AG.
C.I.C (offers
                 07482 606808.                                      
training across
Salford)         www.corinth-training.
                  Chorley Road, Swinton,
Salford Council
                  M27 5AD,                                          
                  0161 793 2500
                  Swinton Gateway
Swinton           Chorley Road,
                                                                    
                  Swinton, M27 6ES.
                  0161 793 3560.

Swinton and       Cromwell Road,
Pendlebury        Pendlebury, M27 9SZ.                              
Leisure Centre    0161 793 1750.

Valley            Off Dorning Road,
Community         Swinton, M27 5UN,                                 
Centre            0161 728 3061

Computer   Free wifi   Free public
Centre            Address                    courses   internet    computers

Wardley           30 Ash Drive, Swinton,
Community         M27 9RS,                                           
Centre            0161 794 3334


                  Walkden Gateway,
Walkden           2 Smith Street,
                                                                     
                  Worsley, M28 3EZ.
                  0161 793 2500.


                  Greenleach Lane,
Beesley Green     Beesley Green, Worsley,
Community                                                            
Centre            M28 2QW,
                  0161 790 6124

Boothstown        Standfield Drive,
Community         M28 1NB,                                           
Centre            0161 799 9425
                  Standfield Drive,
                  Boothstown, M28 1NB.                               
                  0161 799 6549.

Guild Hall        Guild Avenue, Worsley,
Community         Salford, M28 3AS,                                  
Centre            0161 703 8633
                  Barton Road, Worsley,
Worsley Court
                  Salford, M28 2PB,                                  
                  0161 793 3670
                  Worsley Road, Worsley
Worsley Village
                  Salford, M28 2PB.                                  
                  0161 794 8750.
                Bridgewater Road,
Worsley Leisure
                Walkden, M28 3AB.                                    
                0161 790 2084.

This document can be provided in large print and
Braille on request. Please telephone 0161 793 2500.
You can also download a copy via

    0161 793 2500
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