Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014

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Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
Your rights at
 the National

Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
Dear Citizens,

The National Insurance Institute (NII) accompanies all Israeli citizens from birth until old age and serves as a social safety
net for them. Beyond the services provided to every citizen, the NII serves as the long arm of the government by granting
rights to those faced with economic hardships, disability, unemployment and other difficulties.

The National Insurance Institute is actually the largest organization in Israel, which demands of me, and of the NII’s
management, a continuous and creative process of improving and simplifying its operations, for the benefit of the citizens.
Transparency, accessibility and removing bureaucratic obstacles are our guidelines, all with the objective of providing
citizens with quality, available and appropriate responses, as simply as possible.

Among other steps, we are improving the dialogue with target populations, particularly with the disabled population, and
are acting to move the Appeals Committees out of the National Insurance Institute and into independent organizations.
Such steps aim to improve the operation of Israel’s most important institute and to transform the service it provides to
Israeli citizens to the quality and reliable service they deserve.

                                                                                                              MK Meir Cohen
                                                                                       Minister of Welfare and Social Services

Dear Citizens,
The National Insurance Institute (NII) is the leading and most professional social security organization in Israel, and its main
function is facilitating benefits to those eligible for them under law. The NII provides an economic and social safety net for
large segments of the population, such as families with children, the elderly, widows and orphans, and those facing personal
crises, such as losing a job, becoming disabled, or being injured at work. Overall, NIS 70 billion in benefits are paid out to
the public annually. In addition, the National Insurance Institute operates, through its Rehabilitation Department and its
five Funds for service development, vocational rehabilitation programs and social services to special-needs populations.
We are making significant efforts to promote social legislation to care for the welfare of all citizens and for a dignified life
of the weaker classes, while maintaining a continual dialogue with the public, and trying to uphold the value of mutual
responsibility, in the spirit of the words of the Prophet Isaiah, “Every one shall help his neighbor and shall say to his brother:
Be of good courage” (Isaiah 41:6).
Our main objectives are to help citizens reach full take-up of rights at the National Insurance Institute and to provide
quality services, with sensitivity to all those who need them. We are tirelessly working to improve the service provided at
the various local branches, and are opening new service centers in the periphery. At the same time, in an effort to bring
services closer to the public, we are developing tools which will reduce the need to personally visit the local branches.
We have established a national call center, and operate computerized self-service stations. We have also expanded the
services offered on the NII website, such as the possibility of paying insurance contributions online.
In this booklet you will find general explanations regarding the conditions of entitlement to benefits from the National
Insurance Institute, the obligation to pay national and health insurance contributions, and information on services provided
at the local branches and through other service channels. I hope that this information assists you in taking up your rights
at the National Insurance Institute, and in receiving speedy and efficient service.
                                                                                                      Prof’ Shlomo Mor-Yosef
                                                                                                               Director General

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Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
Table of contents
    • Maternity insurance.................................................................................................. 4
    • Children insurance ................................................................................................... 6
    • Reserve Duty benefit ................................................................................................ 7
    • Grant to discharged soldiers performing vital work ................................................... 8
    • Unemployment insurance ........................................................................................ 9
    • Employees‫ ׳‬rights following bankruptcy and corporate dissolution .......................... 10
    • Volunteers‫ ׳‬rights ..................................................................................................... 10
    • Benefits for victims of hostilities ............................................................................... 11
    • Work injury insurance ............................................................................................... 12
    • Disability insurance .................................................................................................. 14
    • Mobility allowance .................................................................................................... 16
    • Accident injury insurance ......................................................................................... 18
    • Vocational rehabilitation ........................................................................................... 19
    • Income support benefit ............................................................................................. 20
    • Maintenance payments ............................................................................................ 22
    • Benefits for a child orphaned by domestic violence .................................................. 22
    • Benefits for Prisoners of Zion and families of Martyrs .............................................. 23
    • Benefits for Righteous Gentiles ................................................................................ 23
    • Survivors‫ ׳‬insurance ................................................................................................. 24
    • Old age insurance .................................................................................................... 26
    • Long-term care insurance ........................................................................................ 28
    • Counseling Service for the Elderly ........................................................................... 29
    • Appealing a decision of the National Insurance Institute .......................................... 30
    • The National Insurance Institute Funds .................................................................... 31
    • Payment of national and health insurance contributions .......................................... 32
    • International social security conventions .................................................................. 36
    • National Insurance Institute service channels .......................................................... 37
    • National Insurance Institute local branches.............................................................. 40

    This booklet provides general information only and should not
         be deemed to be the full or authorized text of the law.
    Everything stated in the male gender refers to women as well.
Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
       The National Insurance Institute of Israel (NII) is a governmental social security institution that operates
       under law. Its main function is to ensure a means of subsistence for the residents of Israel who are unable
       to support themselves.

       The National Insurance Institute collects insurance contributions from all residents, in accordance with their
       income and status, and pays benefits to those entitled by law to receive them. The NII is also responsible for
       collecting health insurance contributions under the State Health Insurance Law and transfers the collected
       health insurance contributions to the health funds.

       The NII pays benefits to the unemployed, to women on maternity leave, to the disabled, to people with
       limited mobility and those who have sustained work injuries, to accident victims, to people serving in military
       reserve duty, to families with children, to the elderly, to widows and orphans, to those with low incomes,
       to employees of bankrupt companies, to volunteers, etc. The benefits are intended to provide economic
       protection to each resident and family in times of temporary or persistent loss of income.

       By collecting the insurance contributions on the one hand and paying the benefits on the other, income is
       transferred from economically established groups to weaker or more vulnerable groups. In this manner,
       the National Insurance Institute contributes to a more equitable distribution of national revenues and to
       decreasing poverty in Israel.

       In addition to monetary benefits, the NII provides rehabilitation and vocational training services to the
       disabled and to widows, and long-term care and advisory services to the elderly.

       By means of the five Funds that it operates, the National Insurance Institute helps finance projects developing
       community and institutional services for people with special needs. These funds are utilized to facilitate
       projects to benefit the disabled, the elderly who require long-term care, disenfranchised youths, children
       at risk and others. The projects help to integrate these people into the job market and the community.

       In order to improve its services, the National Insurance Institute has developed computerized information
       systems that provide access to up-to-date information, such as an Internet website through which extensive
       up-to-date information can be obtained, including personal information, self-service terminals, automated
       voice response and passwords for personal identification. These developments enable receiving service
       and making payments independently, eliminating need to go personally to the local branch.

       Deer Citizen, This booklet contains general information on the benefits and services provided by the
       National Insurance Institute pertaining to each one of us at any given point in life. We hope that this important
       information will help you to exercise your National Insurance rights.

Changes are made from time to time in the laws under which the National Insurance Institute
 pays benefits. Therefore, when enquiring about exercising your rights, please clarify these
 rights by calling the call center at *6050 or visit the National Insurance Institute website at, which contains extensive and up-to-date information. You can also obtain
            information at the local NII branch closest to your place of residence.

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Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
The main purpose of Maternity insurance
Maternity                                                                         is to insure the basic conditions for the
                                                                                  welfare of both mother and newborn

insurance                                                                         child, and to compensate working
                                                                                  mothers for the loss of income due to
                                                                                  pregnancy and birth.
Hospitalization grant                                        A birthing mother who gives birth to more than
                                                                                                                        Insurance Institute, or a work injury allowance
A payment made by the National Insurance                                                                                or unemployment benefit or accident benefit
                                                           two children in the same birth is also eligible for
Institute to hospitals for hospitalization expenses                                                                     or pregnancy bed rest benefit or benefit for a
                                                           a childbirth allowance (details below).
of women giving birth.                                                                                                  100% work disability.
                                                                                                                   •    Months for which the woman received sick pay
Birth grant                                                Maternity allowance                                          or pay in lieu of annual leave from a provident
Paid to the mother for participation in initial post-      Paid to a working woman on maternity leave, in               fund.
birth expenses. The birth grant is paid within a           a lump-sum payment to her bank account. The             •    The first two months of unpaid leave (for which
month of the birth into the mother‫׳‬s bank account          maternity allowance is designed to compensate                her employer is required to make insurance
to which the child allowance is paid or, for a first       the mother for the loss of her salary or income              contributions).
birth, into the bank account listed at the hospital.       during the time that she is not working due to the      •    Months during which the woman was undergoing
                                                           pregnancy and birth.                                         vocational training, provided that she worked
Who is entitled to a hospitalization grant and                                                                          for at least 30 consecutive days immediately
a birth grant?                                             Who is entitled to a maternity allowance?                    before the ‫״‬determining date‫״‬.
A mother who gave birth in a hospital or was               • A salaried employee or a self-employed woman          •    Months of service in the IDF − A soldier who
hospitalized immediately after the birth (the birth of       who is employed in Israel (even if she is not an           terminated her military service and started
a live infant or a birth after 26 weeks of pregnancy),       Israeli resident);                                         working − under certain conditions.
and who is one of the following:                           • A salaried employee who is employed outside
• An Israeli resident or the wife of an Israeli resident     of Israel − under certain conditions;
                                                                                                                         Work during part of a month is considered a
    (even if the birth took place outside of Israel);      • A woman at least 18 years of age who is
                                                                                                                       full working month
• A salaried employee or a self-employed woman               undergoing vocational training or vocational
    who is working in Israel (even if she is not an          rehabilitation − under certain conditions.
                                                                                                                   Rates of the maternity allowance
    Israeli resident, provided that the birth took
                                                           Conditions of entitlement to a maternity allowance      100% of taxable income after deducting income
    place in Israel);
                                                           • If insurance contributions were paid for the          tax, nationa and health insurance contributions, up
• A mother whose spouse has been a salaried
                                                             mother for 10 of the 14 months, or 15 of the          to the maximum maternity allowance (in January
    employee or self-employed in Israel for at least
                                                             22 months preceding the ‫״‬determining date‫״‬            2014 – NIS 1,459.50 per day for women employed
    6 consecutive months preceding the birth (even
                                                             (the date on which she stopped working during         or self-employed).
    if the mother and her spouse are not Israeli
    residents, provided that the birth took place in         the pregnancy that ended in the birth) − she is
                                                             entitled to a maternity allowance for 14 weeks.       Extending the maternity leave
    Israel).                                                                                                       A birthing mother is eligible to extend or split a
                                                           • If insurance contributions were paid for her for
                                                             6 of the 14 months preceding the ‫״‬determining         maternity leave following a multi-fetal birth (more
The claim for a hospitalization grant and birth
                                                             date‫( ״‬the date on which she stopped working          than one child), or following her or her infant’s
grant (as well as for child allowance)
                                                             during the pregnancy that ended in the birth) − she   hospitalization for a period of at least 15 days.
Is sent to the National Insurance Institute via the
                                                             is entitled to maternity allowance for 7 weeks.       The birthing mother must notify the National
hospital where the birth occurred. For this reason
                                                                                                                   Insurance Institute of the extension or split as soon
the birthing mother must bring her and her partner’s
                                                           The following months are considered months              as possible. Additional information is available on
ID cards to the hospital, and provide the hospital
                                                           in which insurance contributions were made,             the NII website.
with her bank account information (or that of her
joint bank account with her partner).                      provided that they preceded the ‫״‬determining
                                                                                                                   How do you obtain a maternity allowance?
                                                                                                                   Fill in the claim form for maternity allowance NI/355
Birth grant amounts as of January 2014:                    • Months in which the woman worked and received
                                                                                                                   and deliver it to your local NII branch. Claim forms can
For the first child in a family: NIS 1,751                    a salary from her employer (including sick pay
                                                                                                                   be obtained at any local NII branch or downloaded
For the second child in a family: NIS 788                     and vacation pay), or months in which she had
                                                                                                                   from the National Insurance Institute website and
For the third and for every additional child in a             income from self-employment and she paid
                                                                                                                   then mailed or faxed. Salaried employees can
family: NIS 525                                               insurance contributions from that income.
                                                                                                                   obtain the form from their employer.
For twins: NIS 8,757                                       • Months for which the woman received a maternity
For triplets: NIS 13,136                                      allowance (for a previous birth) from the National

Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
Childbirth allowances are paid for the period             Benefit rates
  Self-employed women or salaried employees
                                                          between the 1st of the month following the birth          A woman’s average income in the three months
whose employer has arranged with the National
                                                          and 20 months following this date. For every one          prior to the Pregnancy bed rest , but no more than
Insurance Institute to have maternity allowance be
                                                          of these months allowances are paid according             NIS 291.90 per day, as of January 2014.
automatically paid – do not need to file the claim.
                                                          to the number of children alive on the 1st of that        Condition of entitlement to the benefit
  A birthing mother who has received unemployment         month, with the amount of the benefits gradually          • The expectant mother must be a resident of
benefits a month prior to giving birth, and birthing      decreasing throughout the eligibility period. Details        Israel, a salaried employee or self-employed for
mothers who received risk pregnancy benefit               on the allowance amounts can be found at the                 whom insurance contributions have been paid
during pregnancy a week prior to giving birth – will      National Insurance Institute website.                        for at least 6 of the 14 months that preceded
receive the maternity allowance automatically                                                                          the ‫״‬determining date‫( ״‬the date on which she
and do not need to file the claim.                          The allowance is paid automatically to the bank            stopped working due to pregnancy bed rest).
                                                          account receiving the child allowance, and there
The form can be delivered to the National Insurance       is no need to file a claim.                               For months that are considered months in
Institute once work is halted, but no earlier than                                                                  which insurance contributions were paid – see
9 weeks prior to the estimated delivery date (if you      Payments for a child whose mother has                     “maternity allowance”
are delivering this form prior to giving birth, ask       passed away                                               • The expectant mother was confined to pregnancy
your physician to confirm the estimated delivery          If a birthing mother passed away during childbirth          bed rest as authorized by an obstetrician-
date on the form).                                        or within one year following the date of birth, a           gynecologist, for at least 30 consecutive days.
                                                          special benefit will be paid for the child, provided        If she required an additional period of bed rest,
The last date on which the claim can be filed is          the birthing mother was eligible for a birth grant          at least 14 consecutive days in each additional
12 months from the date of the birthing mother’s          and/or a childbirth allowance and/or a maternity            period.
eligibility for a maternity allowance.                    allowance.                                                • A specialist doctor on behalf of the National
                                                                                                                      Insurance Institute has approved her claim for
  A birthing mother who works during her maternity        Two types of payments are made for a child whose            pregnancy bed rest benefit.
leave may lose her eligibility for maternity allowance.   mother has passed away:                                   • She is not receiving payment for the period of
                                                                                                                      pregnancy bed rest from any other source.
                                                          Special allowance
Paternity allowance                                       Paid to a partner or legal guardian for every child       Filing a claim for pregnancy bed rest benefit
A father is permitted to replace his partner for some     born in the same birth and present in Israel. The         Must be filed at the local NII branch, on form for
of the maternity leave 6 weeks after birth, and for       allowance is paid for 24 months, and if survivors         Enforced Bed-rest NI/330. Claim forms can be
at least 21 consecutive days, on the condition            pension or dependents pension are paid for the            obtained at any NII local branch and on the NII
that both he and his partner have accrued an              child – for 12 months. The amount of the allowance        website. Medical certification to be filled out by an
insurance period that makes them eligible for a           for one child as of January 2014 – NIS 2,727 a            obstetrician-gynecologist is attached to the form.
maternity allowance.                                      month.
                                                                                                                      The last date for submitting the claim form,
Claim form NI/360 can be downloaded from the              Special benefit                                           accompanied by the medical certificate, is 12
National Insurance Institute website.                     Paid to the birthing mother’s partner if he halted        months from the date of the beginning of the
                                                          his employment as a result of her passing away            mother‫׳‬s entitlement to a maternity allowance.
A birthing mother who, for medical reasons, is            for the purposes of caring for the child. The benefit
unable to care for her an infant can be replaced by       (relative to the amount of the spouse‫׳‬s salary) is
                                                          paid for a maximum of 12 weeks from the end of            Payment of differentials on the
her partner at any time during the maternity leave,
provided he too meets the conditions for eligibility.     the seven days of mourning, and only if the rate          maternity allowance, pregnancy bed
                                                          per day exceeds the rate of the special benefit.          rest benefit and adoption benefit
A biological father who is a single parent may            The special benefit is not paid during the time that      Employed women who have received a maternity
claim paternity allowance under certain conditions.       the special allowance is paid.                            allowance, pregnancy bed rest benefit or an
                                                                                                                    adoption allowance may be eligible to receive
Vacation pay for adopting parents                         A claim for special allowance and special benefit         the differences between the benefits she has
Are paid to employees or self-employed persons            File form NI/380 at a NII local branch. The form          received, if within 11 months of the date of eligibility
who have adopted a child younger than 10 years            can be downloaded from the National Insurance             for a maternity allowance, adoption allowance or
old and who have halted their employment for              Institute website.                                        pregnancy bed rest benefit she has received an
the adoption, if their insurance period makes                                                                       additional payment from her employer, such as
them eligible for a maternity allowance. Additional       Participation in the costs of transporting                convalescence pay, a clothing benefit or a bonus
details and claims form NI/356 can be found at the        a birthing mother in an ambulance                         which exceeds one quarter of her regular monthly
National Insurance Institute website.                     The National Insurance Institute participates in          salary, or if she has received salary differences for
                                                          the cost of transporting a birthing mother in a           a period prior to the maternity leave. A father who
Vacation pay for a foster family                          Magen David Adom ambulance to the hospital.               takes paternity leave is also entitled to payment
Are paid to employed or self-employed persons             Details can be found at the National Insurance            of the differentials on the benefit.
who have begun caring for a foster child younger          Institute website.
than 10 years old for a period of over 6 months and                                                                 To check eligibility for the differentials, the mother
who have halted their employment for the purpose          Pregnancy bed rest benefit                                must submit a claim for payment of differentials to
of caring for the child, if their insurance period        Paid to an employed woman who was forced to halt          the Maternity Department at the local NII branch
makes them eligible for a maternity allowance.            her work during the pregnancy because of health           closest to her place of residence, along with a
Additional details and claims form NI/356 can be          risks to her or the fetus as a result of the pregnancy;   salary slip showing the additional payment that
found at the National Insurance Institute website.        or in case in which the work environment puts the         was made. The claim must be submitted within
                                                          woman or the fetus at risk, and her employer was          12 months from the first date of entitlement to a
Childbirth allowance                                      unable to find her a different position. The benefit      maternity allowance.
A childbirth allowance is a payment to a mother           is designed to compensate the woman for the loss
who gives birth to three or more infants in one birth,    of her salary during the period of the bed rest.
and at least three of the infants survive for 30 days
after the birth. The mother is entitled to a childbirth
allowance if she is entitled to a hospitalization
grant and a birth grant.

                                                                                                      Your rights at the National Insurance Institute                     5
Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
Children                                                                The National Insurance Institute pays a child
                                                                        allowance to every Israeli resident for every

                                                                        one of his children until they reach the age
                                                                        of 18.

Child allowance                                          Claim for a child allowance                              Late submission of claim
The monthly child allowance is paid on the 20th of       Upon the first birth, the claim will be filed through    If you have not filed the claim for child allowance
each month, into the bank account of the mother          the hospital the child was born in. For that purpose,    on time, the National Insurance Institute may
or into the joint bank account of the mother and         the mother must bring both her own ID card and           approve your claim for a year retroactive to the
her spouse. The allowance is paid according to           her spouse‫׳‬s ID card to the hospital, along with         day the claim was filed on. If the child was born
the number of children in the family.                    the number of her bank account. In all subsequent        after July 1, 2003, and was not registered in the
                                                         births, the information is automatically delivered       Population Registry within 30 days of the date of
Who is entitled to a child allowance?                    from the hospital. In births occurring outside a         the birth, the allowance will be paid retroactively
• An insured Israeli resident (and a person living       hospital or in cases of a returning resident with        for up to 3 months only.
  in Israel under special conditions) who has one        children, a claim must be filed for a child allowance.
  or more children;                                                                                               Study grant
• A child who immigrated to Israel without his           If the Insured or allowance recipient has outstanding    Paid by the National Insurance Institute once a
  parents;                                               payments to the National Insurance Institute, the        year in August, for the types of families listed below
• A person who is caring for a child that is not his     National Insurance Institute is permitted to deduct      who receive a child allowance.
  own child, provided that he was appointed as           the amount owed from the allowance until the
                                                         debt is paid in full.                                    The grant is paid for every child aged 6-14.
  legal guardian or as the recipient of the allowance.
                                                                                                                  Eligible for the study grant are: families in which a
Conditions of entitlement to the child allowance         Child allowance amounts as of January 2014               parent is divorced, a widow/er or single, receives
The allowance is paid for children under the age         (NIS):                                                   an income support benefit separately from his/her
of 18, who are present in Israel. For a child staying    • For children born up to May 31, 2003:                  spouse and, in certain conditions, a parent who
overseas the allowance will be paid for the first                 Child’s place             Amount of             is living apart from his/her spouse, an aguna (a
3 months of the overseas stay. After 3 months                       in family            allowance (NIS)          married woman whose husband‫׳‬s whereabouts
the allowance is paid in the following cases: one                     First                    140                are unknown) and a woman living in a shelter for
of the parents was sent overseas by an Israeli                                                                    battered women.
                                                                     Second                    140
employer or is on sabbatical or working for an
                                                                      Third                    172                Also eligible for the study grant are families with 4
Israeli employer overseas, the family is staying
                                                                     Fourth                    336                or more children, provided that one of the parents
overseas as a result of medical treatment that
                                                                                                                  receives one of the following benefits from the
cannot be received in Israel given to one of the              Fifth and thereafter             354
                                                                                                                  National Insurance Institute in the month of July
family members.
                                                         • For children born on June 1st, 2003 and                or August of every school year: income support
                                                           onwards, a NIS 140 benefit per child is paid.          benefit, alimony, general disability pension, old age
A person who is caring for a child that is not his
                                                                                                                  or survivors pension. Also eligible to receive the
own child receives the allowance, provided that he       • Beneficiaries of income support benefit,               study grant are orphaned or abandoned children who
was appointed as guardian or as the recipient of           alimony, child support, old-age pension with           are receiving an income support benefit, children
the allowance, and provided that he has supported          income supplement, survivors pension with              orphaned of both parents, new immigrants who
the child for at least the last 12 months.                 income supplement                                      immigrated without their parents as well as new
                                                           For the third and fourth child, an additional          immigrants who came to the country over a year
The period of entitlement                                  NIS 98 for every child is paid.                        ago but less than two years ago, and their partner
If a child is born in, or immigrates to, Israel before                                                            did not immigrate and is not staying in the country.
the 15th of the month, the allowance is paid for           To find out the amount of child allowance you
that month and thereafter. If a child is born in, or     may use the calculator on the National Insurance         Amount of the grant as of August 2013:
immigrates to, Israel on the 16th of the month or        Institute website.                                       For a child 6-11 years of age (grades 1-5): NIS 1,528.
later, the allowance is paid as of the first of the                                                               For a child 11-14 years of age (grades 6-8): NIS 849.
following month. Entitlement to the allowance
                                                                                                                  More information on the grant and claims form
concludes at the end of the month in which the
                                                                                                                  NI/5015 can be found on the National Insurance
child reaches the age of 18.
                                                                                                                  Institute website.

Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
Reserve Duty
                                                                                                              The National Insurance
                                                                                                              Institute pays reserve
                                                                                                              duty benefit to any

benefits                                                                                                      person called for
                                                                                                              reserve duty by the
                                                                                                              National Service Law,
                                                                                                              as well as those called
                                                                                                              for training by the
Anyone called up for reserve duty under the Defense
Service Law or anyone called up for training under
                                                         • Self-employed workers, students, the un-
                                                           employed and anyone who is not working
                                                                                                              Work Service in time of
the Emergency Labor Service Law is entitled to             should claim the benefit from the National         Emergency Law.
the reserve duty benefit.                                  Insurance Institute.
                                                         • Persons receiving unemployment benefits
To obtain this benefit, IDF certification of the days      who served in active reservist duty during the
of service must be submitted on form number 3010.          period they were receiving unemployment benefits
                                                           receive their compensation automatically and
Reserve duty benefit                                       do not need to file a claim.
• For a salaried employee and a self-employed
  worker − A benefit at the rate of income (subject      Filing an online personal claim on the
  to insurance contributions) in the three months        website
  preceding the month of commencement of                 Reservists on active duty who are registered with
  reserve duty, with the addition of the cost-of-        the National Insurance Institute as self-employed,
  living allowance, divided by 90. In special cases,     not working, students and yeshiva students may
  reservists are entitled to benefit calculation         file for reserve duty benefit via the self-service
  according to other salary months. The benefit          website as well. The service is provided using
  may not be less than the minimum and not               a code and password, which can be requested
  exceed the maximum (see below).                        through the website or at a local NII branch.

• Maximum benefit for a salaried employee                Call center for reservist-duty related
  and a self-employed worker: as of January              matters: 02-6463010
  2014 – NIS 1,441.33 per day, NIS 43,240 per            The National Insurance Institute operates an
  month.                                                 automatic call center for reservists filing their
                                                         claims personally, and for employers paying out
• Minimum benefit for a salaried employee and            the compensation for their reservist employees.
  a self-employed worker: as of January 2014 −           The call center provides general information on
  NIS 196.02 per day, NIS 5,881 per month.               rights and obligations, forms for filing claims, a
                                                         simulator for calculating compensation, and more.
Claim for reserve duty benefit
A claim for a reserve duty benefit should be submitted
at the end of the service, at one of the local NII
branches convenient to the claimant, along with
IDF certification − form no. 3010. The claim form
can be downloaded from the National Insurance
Institute website and sent in by mail or fax.

• Salaried employees who earn a monthly
  wage, as well as salaried employees who
  do not receive a monthly wage, who worked
  during the three months that proceeded the
  reserve duty service at least 75 days, for one
  employer or in one place of employment, must
  claim the benefit from their employers.

                                                                                                 Your rights at the National Insurance Institute   7
Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
Grants to discharged

Grant to discharged                                                                                                soldiers who
                                                                                                                   perform work that

soldiers performing vital work                                                                                     is vital to the State

Grant for “vital work” and grant for ‫״‬priority       Who is entitled to the grant?
work‫״‬                                                The grant is paid to those who meet the following
Under the National Insurance Law a one-time grant    conditions:
is paid to soldiers discharged from compulsory       • A person who worked for at least 6 full months (not
military service, or for those completing National     necessarily consecutive) within the 24 months
Service of 24 months, who have worked at a job         from the date of discharge from compulsory
defined by law as a job in demand: at industrial       service. The job must be full time, as customary at
factories and workshops, at construction sites,        that work accordance with the common
at gas stations, at hotels, at agricultural sites      practices of the field in which they are employed.
and packaging houses, as well as in caring and         In the agricultural field it is possible to work at
assisting disabled people – except for office jobs     least 4 full months, and receive a partial grant.
in these fields.                                     • Start of the work − within 12 months from
                                                       the date of discharge (or during the second
  Discharged soldiers, members of kibbutzim or         year, if the discharged soldier was entitled
cooperative moshavim who worked in vital jobs,         to an unemployment benefit on the date of
in or outside a kibbutz or cooperative moshav,         commencement work).
are also entitled to the grant.
                                                     Benefit rates
                                                     The full grant amount as of December 2013 –
                                                     NIS 9,550.
                                                     The partial agricultural grant amount – NIS 6,367.

                                                     For those who received an unemployment benefit
                                                     during the 11 months that preceded the start of the
                                                     vital work, the unemployment benefit that was
                                                     received is deducted from the amount of the
                                                     grant that is due.

                                                     In certain cases, a soldier is entitled to a partial grant.

                                                     Submitting the claim for the grant
                                                     The claim for the grant must be filed with the National
                                                     Insurance Institute after at least 6 full months of
                                                     employment, and no later than 42 months from the
                                                     date of discharge from compulsory military service.

                                                     Certification of the place of work, the type of work
                                                     and the period worked must be attached, noting
                                                     the number of workdays in each month.

                                                     The claim form NI/1521 can be downloaded from
                                                     the National Insurance Institute website and sent
                                                     in by mail or fax.

Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 2014
Unemployment insurance is

Unemployment                                                                                       designed to provide those who are
                                                                                                   out of work not by choice with a
                                                                                                   replacement for their salaries, for

Insurance                                                                                          a limited period of time, to enable
                                                                                                   them to seek suitable employment.

Unemployment benefits                                            and able to work in your profession or in any                  benefit to which he would have been entitled had
Who is insured for unemployment benefits?                        other suitable work, and the Employment Service                he been unemployed and not taking the course.
An Israeli resident or temporary resident, aged                  Bureau has not offered you work, as stated.
18 to 67 who worked as a salaried employee or a                                                                                 Despite the aforementioned:
                                                              * information on the qualifying period prior to April 1st, 2013
soldier discharged from compulsory army service                                                                                 1. A person undergoing vocational training who
                                                              can be found at the National Insurance Institute website.
in the first year after being discharged.                                                                                          is younger than 35 years old and has less
                                                              Unemployment benefit rates                                           than 12 years of education will be entitled to
Unemployment benefits are paid to an unemployed               The daily unemployment benefit is calculated as                      unemployment benefits during his studies,
person age 45 or older, or age 35 or older who                a percentage of one’s average daily wage in the                      including for periods longer than the maximum
has at least 3 dependents* for a maximum of 175               6 months prior to the 1st of the month in which the                  unemployment days they are eligible for, but no
days; to an unemployed person age 35 or older,                unemployment period commenced.                                       more than 138 days.
or under age 35 who has 3 dependents − for a                                                                                    2. Two types of training have been set for which full
maximum of 138 days; to an unemployed person                  The daily sum of unemployment benefits for the                       unemployment benefits will be paid. Information
from age 28 to age 35, who does not have 3                    first five months may not exceed the average                         on this training can be found on the National
dependents − for a maximum of 100 days; to an                 daily salary in the economy (as of January 2014 –                    Insurance Institute website.
unemployed person from age 25 to age 28, who                  NIS 363.56 a day), and from the sixth month may
does not have 3 dependents − for a maximum                    not exceed 2/3 of the average daily salary in the                   A person who voluntarily terminates his
of 67 days; to an unemployed person under the                 economy (as of January 2014 – NIS 242.37 a day).                  employment, without justification, will begin to
age of 25 who does not have 3 dependents − for                                                                                  receive the unemployment benefit only 90 days
a maximum of 50 days; to a discharged soldier or              Unemployment benefits for discharged soldiers may                 after quitting the job.
a young woman who completed National Service                  not be lower than the amount mandated by law for
− for a maximum of 70 days.                                   soldiers – NIS 103.80 a day as of January 2014.                    A person to who refuses a suitable job offer
                                                                                                                                will begin to receive unemployment benefits only
*A partner who does not work and a child under 18 years old
                                                                 For the first 5 days of unemployment in each 4                 90 days after the date of the refusal, and 30 days
                                                               consecutive months, no unemployment benefit                      will be deducted from the maximal number of
Conditions of entitlement to unemployment                                                                                       days due to him each time that he refuses to
                                                               is paid.
benefits                                                                                                                        accept a job.
1. Age – least 20 years old and not yet 67, and in
   certain conditions also those aged 18-20.                  Unemployment benefits and grants for the
                                                              unemployed who are referred to a low-paying job                   Filing a claim for unemployment benefits
2. Completion of a “qualifying period" (insurance
                                                              An unemployed person who the Employment                           To receive unemployment benefits for the first time
   period) for those unemployed since April
                                                              Service has referred to a job with lower wages than               you must file a claim with your local NII branch.
   1st, 2013*)
                                                              the unemployment benefits they are entitled to will               Claim form NI/1500 can be downloaded from the
   • 12 months for which insurance contributions
                                                              be eligible for a grant amounting to the difference               National Insurance Institute website and then
     were paid, out of the 18 months that preceded
                                                              between the unemployment benefits they would                      mailed or faxed.
     the start of the unemployment.
   • Discharged soldiers and those who completed              have received and half the wages at the low wage
                                                              job, provided they have worked at this job for at                 Repeat claim for unemployment benefits
     24 months of National Service need to accrue                                                                               can be filed only 12 months after the commencement
     a qualification period any unemployed person,            least 25 days at 50% position at least. The grant
                                                              is paid for no more than 100 working days.                        of the previous eligibility period. Unemployed
     as detailed above. However, in totaling                                                                                    persons who have not yet turned 40 and are
     the number of qualifying months, up to 6                                                                                   filing more than one claim for unemployment
                                                              Unemployment benefits for participants in
     months of compulsory military service or                                                                                   within 4 years will receive benefits for all their
                                                              vocational training
     National Service are taken into account.                                                                                   unemployment claims for a maximum period of
                                                              A person eligible for unemployment benefits who the
     If they were referred to vocational training by                                                                            180% of the maximum number days (as detailed
                                                              Employment Service has referred to a vocational
     the Employment Service, they are exempt                                                                                    at the beginning of the chapter).
                                                              training course and has begun their studies will
     from accruing a qualifying period in the first
                                                              still eligible to receive unemployment benefits
     year after the discharge or volunteering.                                                                                  Total unemployment benefit amounts during the
                                                              for the days needed to complete the maximum
3. You are unemployed −You are registered with                                                                                  additional period may not exceed 85% of the
                                                              unemployment period they are entitled to. The
   the Employment Service Bureau, are prepared                                                                                  maximum unemployment benefit amount.
                                                              unemployment benefit is 70% of the unemployment

                                                                                                                 Your rights at the National Insurance Institute                   9
A salaried employee
Employees‫ ׳‬Rights                                                                                                 whose employer has
                                                                                                                  filed for bankruptcy
Following Bankruptcy and                                                                                          or an employee of a
                                                                                                                  company that was
Corporate Dissolution                                                                                             dissolved is entitled to
                                                                                                                  payment of the salary
Those entitled to the benefit                            The Benefits                                             and severance pay owed
• An employee whose employer has filed for
  bankruptcy or an employee whose employer is
                                                         For the worker
                                                         Any wages and severance pay owed to the employee
                                                                                                                  by the employer.
  subject to a dissolution order (if the employer        by the employer on the date on which employment
  is a corporation);                                     was halted, up to the maximum amount designated
• The employee‫׳‬s survivors who are entitled to           by the National Insurance Law.
  severance pay under Section 5 of the Severance
  Pay Law;                                               Anyone whose employer has been issued a                  For a member of a cooperative
• A provident fund, if the employer is in debt to the    dissolution or bankruptcy injunction before              Anyone who was a member of a cooperative
  provident fund in which the worker is insured.         July 31st, 2009, the maximum amount to be paid           moshav or kibbutz for at least 7 years – up to the
                                                         is NIS 86,480 (as of January 2014); anyone whose         maximum defined by law (as of January 2014 –
Those not entitled to the benefit                        employer was issued the injunction on August 1st,        NIS 69,184). Claims forms for the various benefits
• A self-employed worker or controlling shareholder      2009 or later, the maximum amount to be paid is          can be downloaded from the National Insurance
  in a company who holds the majority of the             NIS 112,424 (as of January 2014).                        Institute website and then sent via mail or fax.
  company‫׳‬s shares, who did not have an employer-
  employee relationship with the company.                For survivors
• Controlling shareholders in a close corporation        Any wages they are entitled to according to section
  and foreign workers and workers from the               7 of the Wages Protection Law, and any severance
  Territories who are staying in Israel illegally.       pay they are entitled to according to section 5 of the
                                                         Severance Pay Law, up to the maximum defined
Conditions of entitlement                                in the National Insurance Law.
• The court has issued a declaration of bankruptcy
  order or an order to dissolve a company, to dissolve   For provident funds
  a partnership, or to dissolve a cooperative.           Payments not transferred, from the employee’s
• The details of the employee‫׳‬s claim have been          or employer’s funds, or both, up to the maximum
  approved by the trustee of the bankrupt entity         defined in the National Insurance Law (as of
  or the company‫׳‬s liquidator.                           January 2014 – NIS 17,296).

                                                                                                                  A volunteer who was
                                                                                                                  injured during and as

Volunteers‫ ׳‬Rights
                                                                                                                  a result of volunteering
                                                                                                                  activities, including
                                                                                                                  injury on the way to
                                                                                                                  or from the place of
                                                                                                                  volunteering, as well
A ‫״‬volunteer‫ ״‬Is a person who volunteers for the         Amount of the payment
benefit of others without pay, who was referred by       Total compensation for a volunteer is equal to the       as the dependents of a
a qualified public institution, whose activities are     amounts paid for work injured. However, a volunteer      volunteer who passed
performed for national or public benefit; a person       who had not worked prior to volunteering, or whose
who performs security obligations as mandated            income was low receives compensation totaling            away as a result of
by law, without pay and outside the framework of         NIS 109.47 a day.                                        an injury under these
IDF service; a person who provides assistance to
others as obligated by law or performs an act to         How to submit the claim                                  circumstances, may
save the lives or property of others; a person who       Claims must be filed at the local NII branch within      receive benefits as
performs community work or service under the             12 months of the date of injury.
Penal Law; a volunteer at Magen David Adom, or                                                                    described in the “Work
a first aid organization, or an organization for the     Claims forms can be obtained at any National             Injury Insurance”
prevention of bodily injury or property damage, or       Insurance Institute branch or downloaded from
an organization for the care of the sick or people       the National Insurance Institute website and then        chapter and according
who cannot care for themselves, or a burial              sent by mail or fax.                                     to the conditions of
organization, provided that the organization is
approved by the Minister of Welfare ; volunteer                                                                   entitlement described
fire fighters; a person performing civil service as                                                               there.
defined in the law that defers military service for
yeshiva students.

The Benefits for Victims

Benefits for Victims                                                                                          of Hostilities Law of 1970
                                                                                                              provides victims of hostilities

of Hostilities
                                                                                                              and their families with rights
                                                                                                              to benefits, rehabilitation and

Who is entitled to benefits for victims of                Monthly disability benefit                              Pensions for families of fatalities
hostilities?                                              Paid to a person disabled by a hostile action injury,
A resident of Israel who was injured during hostilities   for whom a disability of 20% or more has been           Monthly dependents‫ ׳‬pensions
in Israel or abroad; an Israeli citizen or a person       established. The rate of the benefit is determined      Paid to widows, bereaved parents and orphans of
who entered Israel legally and was injured by an          by the degree of disability. A person with a 100%       a person who died as a result of hostile action. The
act of hostility in Israel; a foreign resident who was    disability receives a benefit at the rate of 118% of    benefit is equivalent to the benefit paid under the
injured by an act of hostility abroad during and          the salary of a grade 17 civil servant, according       Families of Soldiers Killed in Action Law.
as a result of his/her employment by an Israeli           to the administrative ranking. The benefit for a
employer (approved for this matter).                      person disabled by a hostile action is equal to the     Claim for benefit for families of deceased victims
                                                          benefit paid to a disabled IDF veteran under the        File form NI/582 at the deceased’s local NII branch
‫״‬Hostile action injury‫ – ״‬an injury due to an             Disabled Persons (Benefits and Rehabilitation)          within 12 months of the date of passing.
act of hostility by enemy forces, or an accidental        Law. A person for whom a permanent 10%-19%
injury by a person due to hostile action by enemy         degree of disability was established is paid a          The claims form can be downloaded from the
forces or under circumstances in which there was          lump-sum grant.                                         National Insurance Institute website and then
reasonable fear of hostile action, an injury caused
                                                                                                                  sent in by mail or fax.
by a weapon that was intended for hostile action          Claiming for determining the degree of disability
or against it, and an injury caused by an act of          and for payment of a monthly disability benefit
                                                                                                                  Non-cash benefits and special benefits
violence whose main objective was to injure people        File with the National Insurance Institute on form
                                                                                                                  Treatment, hospitalization, recuperation, medical
because they belong to a national-ethnic group,           NI/581, within 12 months of the date on which
                                                                                                                  equipment, vocational rehabilitation and special
provided that it stems from the Israeli-Arab conflict     the victim received compensation for medical
                                                                                                                  benefits, such as loans and grants for housing,
and was committed by a terrorist organization –           care. The claim form can be downloaded from
                                                                                                                  assistance in purchasing a vehicle and its monthly
all contingent upon confirmation by the authority         the National Insurance Institute website and then
                                                                                                                  maintenance, payment for personal services, etc.
appointed by the Ministry of Defense that the injury      sent in by mail or fax.
is a hostile action injury.
                                                                                                                  Vocational rehabilitation and special benefits are
                                                          Special benefits                                        provided also to widows, orphans and bereaved
Benefits for Victims of Hostilities                       Increased benefits are paid to the “Needy Disabled”     parents.
                                                          and “Income-less Disabled”.
Benefits during medical treatment                                                                                 For receiving benefits, contact the Rehabilitation
                                                          A disabled person who took early retirement from        Department at your local NII branch.
A victim of a hostile action who is not capable of
                                                          work and is no longer fit to work, and is over 50
working due to medical treatment is eligible for
                                                          years old and whose disability level is 35% and
a special benefit during the period of medical                                                                    Vocational rehabilitation
                                                          up, is eligible, under certain conditions, for a
treatment, if he/she does not receive salary or                                                                   A victim of an hostility action for which at least a
                                                          special increment.
compensation for this period.                                                                                     20% disability level has been determined, as well
                                                                                                                  as widows and orphans of fatalities of hostility
Filing a claim for the recognition of a hostile injury                                                            actions, may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation
and receiving medical treatment compensation                                                                      from the National Insurance Institute.
must be filed on form NI/580 at the local NII branch
within 12 months of the date of injury. The claim form                                                            For additional information see the “Vocational
can be downloaded from the National Insurance                                                                     Rehabilitation” chapter.
Institute website and then mailed or faxed.

                                                                                                     Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 11
Work Injury insurance is

Work Injury                                                                                                        designed to compensate
                                                                                                                   the insured for loss of

                                                                                                                   income due to a work
                                                                                                                   injury, and to help him
                                                                                                                   to get back into the job
                                                                                                                   market with the help of
                                                                                                                   vocational rehabilitation.
Who is insured?                                         or afflicted with an occupation disease and as a
A salaried employee; a self-employed worker; a person   result cannot perform their job or any other suitable
undergoing vocational rehabilitation or vocational      job and was not working at the time, and requires
training; a person being examined according to the      medical treatment.                                         Low-income recipients of a work disability benefit
Apprenticeship Law or the Employment Service                                                                       receive an income supplement as well.
Law (only during the examination); a working            No injury allowance is paid for the day of the injury;
prisoner; a foreign resident employed in Israel by      however, the salary for that day is paid by the            Claiming work disability pension
an Israeli employer; a resident of Israel abroad,       employer. No injury allowance is paid for the two          Must be filed as soon as possible on form NI/200,
under certain conditions; and a person whose salary     days after the day of the injury, unless the injured       with the local NII branch. The claims form can
is determined by law (Member of Knesset, etc.).         person is unable to work for 12 or more days.              be downloaded from the National Insurance
                                                                                                                   Institute website and sent in by mail or fax. Insured
                                                        An injury allowance for the first 12 days of entitlement   persons who file a claim for work-related disability
Who is entitled to a work injury benefit?                                                                          pensions will be summoned to a medical board.
                                                        is not paid to self-employed workers. Salaried
An insured who is injured at work (by a work injury                                                                The committee determines whether or not the
                                                        employees are paid the full injury allowance and
or an occupational disease), and dependents of                                                                     disability is the result of a work injury as well as
                                                        employers, except for employers of household
an insured who died as a result of a work injury                                                                   the degree of the disability.
                                                        cleaning workers, are required to reimburse the
(widow/er, orphans, parents and other family
                                                        National Insurance Institute for the first 12 days,
members under special circumstances).                                                                              Work disability grant
                                                        Amount of the payment per day                              Those with a permanent work disability of at least
A work accident is an accident that occurs                                                                         9%, but lower than 20% receive a one-time grant
                                                        75% of wages (which is owed insurance contributions)
during and due to work, including an accident en                                                                   derived by multiplying the monthly benefit by 43.
                                                        during the three months prior to the injury divided
route to and from work, and an accident in the                                                                     If the claim is submitted more than 12 months
                                                        by 90, and up to the maximum daily allowance (as
circumstances specified in the law.                                                                                late, a reduced grant is paid in proportion to the
                                                        of January 2014 – NIS 1,094.63).
                                                                                                                   lateness of the submission.
An occupational disease is a disease that an            Claim for payment of injury allowance and
insured contracted due to his work, which appears       notification of a work injury
                                                                                                                   Special pension
on the list of occupational diseases specified in                                                                  Paid to anyone disabled who requires assistance
                                                        Must be filed within 12 months of the day of injury,
the law.                                                                                                           in performing basic activities, and who have a
                                                        using form NI/211, with the local NII branch, along
                                                                                                                   permanent disability level of at least 75%; or anyone
                                                        with a first-aid document on the injury, which is
                                                                                                                   with a permanent disability level of 65-74%, with
  A self-employed worker who owes insurance             given at the health fund or hospital.
                                                                                                                   difficulties walking – for assisting with personal
contributions will be denied the right to a benefit,
                                                                                                                   care and covering special expenses resulting
or a reduced benefit will be paid to him (according     The claim form can be downloaded from the
                                                                                                                   from the recognized disability.
to the amount of the debt and duration of the           National Insurance Institute website and then
arrears).                                               sent in by mail or fax.
                                                                                                                   To receive the pension, a claim must be filed with
                                                                                                                   the Rehabilitation Department on form NI/266,
Work Injury Benefits                                    Work disability benefits                                   which can be downloaded from the website and
                                                                                                                   then mailed or faxed. The process of claim approval
Medical treatment                                       Work disability pension                                    includes an examination of level of dependence,
Therapy, recuperation and medical rehabilitation        Anyone with a temporary work disability level of at        performed by a nurse at the claimant’s home, as
through the health funds.                               least 9% or with a permanent work disability level         well as confirmation from an organizational doctor.
                                                        of at least 20% – receives pension according to
Injury allowance                                        the medical disability level pro-rated to wages            The amount of the special pension is determined
Payment for absence from work, for a period of          earned over the three months prior to the injury (as       according to the assistance required, according
up to 91 days from the day after the date of injury.    of January 2014 the maximum monthly benefit is             to 4 levels of assistance.
Injury allowances are paid to those injured at work     NIS 32,839 for the employed and self-employed).            The maximum total benefit as of January 2014 –
                                                                                                                   NIS 8,210.

Special grant                                            Benefits for family members of work                      Maintenance allowance for orphans
Paid to anyone with a disability degree of 75% and       fatalities                                               Are paid to children who spend the majority of their
up, as well as for anyone disabled with difficulties                                                              time in high-school or in vocational training, according
walking as a result of their recognized disability                                                                to the parent’s income test. The maintenance
and their disability level is between 65-74% – for       Paid to the widow/er of a person who died due            allowance as of January 2014 – NIS 788 a month.
one-time arrangements as a result of the disability:     to a work injury
adapting the residence, purchases of aid devices,                                                                 Bar Mitzvah grant
and purchase of a vehicle for aiding in mobility         Dependents Pensions                                      This grant is paid to a boy-orphan who reaches
difficulties.                                            A pension equal to between 40-100% of the full           the age of 13 and a girl-orphan who reaches the
                                                         benefits the insured was entitled to, had they           age of 12.
To receive the grant a claim must be filed with the      been disabled at a 100% level – according to the         Grant amount as of January 2014 is NIS 5,838.
Rehabilitation Department on form NI/282, which          number of children.
                                                         An income supplement is paid to low-income
can be downloaded from the website and then                                                                       Death grant
mailed or faxed.                                         recipients of a dependents‫ ׳‬pension.
                                                                                                                  Deceased persons who were receiving a work-
                                                         Those entitled to a dependents pension are a
                                                                                                                  related disability pension who have reached
Income supplement                                        widow who has a child or who has reached the
                                                                                                                  retirement age, or who had a disability level of
A person receiving a work disability benefit or a        age of 40, or is unable to support herself, and a
                                                                                                                  50% and over, or deceased persons receiving
dependents‫ ׳‬pension whose income is low and who          widower who has a child or who has reached the
                                                                                                                  a dependent’s pension – his partner, and if they
meets the criteria of the means test, is entitled to     age of 40 and is unable to support himself (whose
                                                                                                                  have no partner, his child (as defined by law), will
an income supplement.                                    gross income is less than NIS 5,181 per month).
                                                                                                                  receive a one time grant.
                                                                                                                  Grant amount as of January 2014 – NIS 8,757.
The income supplement is paid as of the month in         Claiming dependent's pension
which the claim is submitted, and as long as the         Must be filed within 12 months of the date of passing,
                                                                                                                  Under certain conditions, the survivors of the
pension recipient is entitled to it (if the supplement   on form NI/213. The form can be downloaded from
                                                                                                                  recipient of a work disability benefit receive a
is paid unlawfully, the National Insurance Institute     the National Insurance Institute website and then
                                                                                                                  lump-sum grant totaling 60% of the deceased‫׳‬s
is entitled to deduct it from benefits that it pays      mailed or faxed.
                                                                                                                  disability benefit multiplied by 36, instead of the
out). A separate claim must be submitted to the                                                                   grant specified above.
Income Support Department.                               Dependents‫ ׳‬grant
                                                         A lump-sum grant totaling 36 months of pension
Needy disabled                                           payments. A person who is entitled to the grant is
Anyone who has been designated as temporarily            not entitled to a pension.
disabled, and is unable to return to work at any
position and has no employment income may file           Those entitled to the dependents’ grant are a widow
a claim to be recognized as “Needy Disabled”.            under the age of 40 who does not have a child and
“Needy Disabled” receive benefits equal to 100%          is able to support herself, and a widower under
for the period defined.                                  the age of 40 who does not have a child and is
                                                         not able to support himself (whose gross income
                                                         is less than NIS 5,181 per month).
  File the claim on form NI/279, which can be
download from the website and then mailed                Marriage grant
or faxed.                                                For widows or widowers who marry – a grant
                                                         equaling 36 monthly benefits is paid. The grant
Vocational rehabilitation for those                      is paid in two installments: one after the date of
injured at work                                          the marriage, and the second two years from
Assistance in analysis, professional guidance and        the date of marriage (eligibility for dependent's
acclimation at work, payment of a rehabilitation         pension expires).
allowance during studies (paying the difference
between a work-related disability pension), as           Vocational rehabilitation for a widow
well as covering studies-related expenses such           or widower receiving a dependents
as transportation, tuition and learning devices.         pension
                                                         Assistance with analysis and professional guidance,
Conditions of entitlement to vocational                  payment of studies-related expenses and payment
rehabilitation                                           of maintenance allowance during studies – for
Vocational rehabilitation is provided to disabled        anyone recognized as a widow/er of a person
people for whom a permanent disability of at least       who has passed away as a result of a work injury,
10% has been established and who, due to the             and they are not skilled in any profession or do
work injury, are not able to work at their jobs nor      not provide for themselves by a profession or
at other suitable work, and they require − and are       that require a career change as a result of being
suitable for − vocational rehabilitation.                widowed, and meet the criteria for vocational
Claim for vocational rehabilitation
Must be filed on form NI/270 with the Rehabilitation     Claims for vocational rehabilitation must be filed
Department at the local NII branch. The claim must       on form NI/270 with the Rehabilitation Department
be filed within one year of the date on which the        at the local NII branch. The claims form can be
permanently disabled designation was determined.         downloaded from the National Insurance Institute
                                                         website and then mailed or faxed.
The claims form can be downloaded from the
National Insurance Institute website and then
mailed or faxed.

                                                                                                    Your rights at the National Insurance Institute 13
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