Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH AND SCHOOL 540 OAK PARK AVENUE, P. O. BOX 369 BEECHER, IL 60401-0369 CHURCH (708) 946-2271 SCHOOL (708) 946-2272 ZIONBEECHER@COMCAST.NET WWW.ZIONBEECHER.NET AUGUST 2019 Table of Contents: Pastor Rock’s Message; HS Youth Notes Page 2-3 Senior Worship; Table Talk Men’s Group; Amazon Page 4 Outdoor Worship; Dinner Auction; Rev/Exp Report Page 5 Covered Walkway Project Page 6-7 “Urgent News” Sign Up; Worship Anew Page 8 News from the Principal; Please Consider ZLS Page 9-11 Be a Vital Part of a Child’s Future! Page 11 10th Annual Dinner Auction Info Page 12 School Supplies; Okay, Did You...; Worship Time...

Page 13 Zion Well Represented at Beecher 4th Festivities Page 14-18

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

2 August 2019 Dear friends in Christ Jesus, It’s August. The more relaxed time that we’ve been enjoying since Memorial Day is winding down. Teachers and students alike are asking “Where did the summer go?” while reluctantly preparing to return to the classrooms. And I... well, I’m preparing for a surgery and lengthy time of recuperation! Yikes! Probably by now, most reading this newsletter are aware that the cardiologists and cardiac surgeon have agreed that the ascending aortic aneurysm that was detected in me some years ago must now be “addressed.” Because of that, I’m preparing for surgery to be done at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago on September 10th .

Of course, things will be a bit different at Zion in my absence. However, the important things – the proclamation of the Gospel and the administration of the Sacraments will continue. Pastor David Bottorff, a recently retired LCMS pastor who now lives in Bourbonnais, will fill in for most of the worship services in my absence. Also, he will be available to help families with any funerals that may arise during my time of recuperation. Other pastors will be available to assist along with our Board of Elders and Paul Eggert (who will teach junior confirmation classes during my absence). In an effort to allow you, Zion’s dear members, to keep up to date during the time of the surgery and my recuperation, we are establishing two methods of contact.

1. Please see the article on page 8 in this newsletter to learn of our attempt to begin an “Urgent News” email list. Sign up for that following the procedure outlined in that article. 2. My family has established a “page” using the web site known as “CaringBridge.” You may go to this link: https://www.caringbridge.org/ to get updates on me. On your first visit, you will establish your own account and login

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

3 credentials. With that done, search for “Ronald Rock.” You’re then set to receive updates regarding my status. Finally, if you don’t have an email account or access to the internet, I suggest that you ask someone to call you with updates as they learn them through one (or both) of the above two methods.

Certainly, you could call the church office, but if everyone did that, it would put a LOT of calls onto Terri. Then she would repeatedly answer the same questions while her day-to-day work can’t get done!

I greatly love all of you who are part of our Zion family. I truly appreciate your love, care, and prayers on behalf of me, Karen, and our family. As I’ve told many of you in the past, God says: “I’ve got this!” And now, He says that to me as well! And, until the surgery... See you in church! Pastor Rock HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH NOTES Ten of our high school youth along with two chaperones attended this year’s Higher Things Youth Conference at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota. They left Beecher on Monday, June 24 and returned home late the following Saturday night. (Pastor Rock was unable to attend with them due to his hospital stay just prior to the conference.) A great time was had by all.

Much learning along with wonderful worship opportunities were realized each day of the conference. As in prior years, the youth’s pizza sales at the Beecher 4th of July Food Court helped them pay for their trip. Thank you to everyone who helped them by purchasing pizza as well as those who helped them work their food booth!

Thanks also goes to so many of our members who gave gifts of money and prepaid gas cards to the youth to help make the trip possible.

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

4 SPECIAL MONTHLY WORSHIP & LUNCHEON THURSDAY, AUGUST 15TH @ 11:00AM ATTENTION ALL SENIORS, RETIREES OR ANYONE AVAILABLE ON THE 3RD THURSDAY OF THE MONTH!! We are encouraging everyone who is available to come to this special worship service and luncheon no matter what your age. Following the communion service, you will be served a luncheon which is sponsored by private donations of individual members of Zion and served by some of our members.

This event is held on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Please join us at 11:00am for a time of worship and fellowship. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

TABLE TALK” MEN’S GROUP Our group designed for men to get together has been going quite well since beginning in March! Many of those who gather find themselves talking with other men who they knew belonged to Zion, but with whom they’d never had occasion to speak! That is one of the explicit purposes of forming the group in the first place! It is hoped that these new relationships will serve as a springboard to even greater Christian fellowship among not only the men, but also all of our families at Zion.

Come and check it out soon. Meet at the restaurant ABOVE the Evil Horse Brewing Co., 1338 Main St., Crete, IL.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, August 22nd at 7pm. We’ll follow the example of Martin Luther and have “table talks” over a beer or two! Also, some men prefer to not drink beer. Come anyway and associate with other Christian men and enjoy an evening with them. Usually everyone is on their way home no later than 9 pm. Give it a try! Contact Brad Johnson or Pastor with any questions.

Support Zion Lutheran Church & School when you shop online with Amazon Smile. smile.amazon.com Your unique charity link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/36-2480851

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

5 WORSHIP IN THE PARK Once again this year, together with our two Beecher sister congregations, we will worship together at Firemen’s Park in Beecher! This will be held on Sunday, August 25th . The service will begin at 9:30 AM. Following the worship service, a potluck will be held. Games and activities will then follow for young and old alike! Pastor Julian LeMie, the new pastor of St. John, Eagle Lake, will be preaching.

So... please plan to attend on Sunday, August 25th at 9:30 AM. ZION'S 10TH ANNUAL DINNER AUCTION “IN THE LORD WE TRUST – 10 YEARS OF BLESSINGS” TICKETS ON SALE AUGUST 4TH !

(FREE DRINK TICKET WITH ALL TICKETS PURCHASED BY SEPT. 29TH ) Saturday, October 26th Glenwoodie Golf Club 19301 S State St., Glenwood Catered by Scrementi's Next Committee Meeting: August 13th @ 6pm Revenue & Expense Report Recap Month – June 2019 This Year Last Year Beginning Balance -$30,623.69 -$37,771.66 +Receipts 55,321.11 62,864.26 -Expenses: Payroll, Taxes 36,997.78 39,738.45 Bills Paid 19,943.57 22,199.16 Ending General Fund Balance -$32,243.93 -$36,845.01 Loans, Payables Due 11,000.00 69,000.00 Current Status of General Fund -$43,243.93 -$105,845.01

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

6 COVERED WALKWAY PROJECT Thanks be to God! On Sunday, June 30th we were able to formally dedicate our new Covered Walkway and Portico! Following the conclusion of the morning Divine Service, the entire worshipping body proceeded out to our new portico.

There, using Scripture and prayer, we formally dedicated the new building addition to God’s glory. It was a great day for us to realize this long-held hope to have protected access for God’s people to enter and leave our house of worship – especially during inclement weather.

Many of those who worked on the project as well as many who donated their God-given assets were present for the dedication. A reporter from the Peotone Vedette was also on hand to take pictures and obtain information for a feature article that was run in the next week’s edition of that paper! At the time of publishing this newsletter, Zion’s Board of Trustees was receiving bids from various companies to complete the project by having it properly landscaped. Thanks be to God for this wonderful addition! Some of those who gathered for the Covered Walkway and Portico dedication on June 30th .

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

7 Shown above are some members of the Building Committee along with some of those instrumental in bringing the Covered Walkway and Portico addition to completion.

June 30, 2019 Pictured are Art Blum, Building Committee Chairman, and Pastor Rock at the dedication of Zion’s new Covered Walkway and Portico addition.

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

8 PLEASE SIGN UP TO RECEIVE URGENT NEWS During pastor’s recent hospital stay, it became evident that having a quick way to send urgent news to ALL of our members was needed. We already have a Sermon Distribution List, a Newsletter List, and a Prayer Chain List. But, even within all of those lists, we don’t have a way to get in touch with everyone in the church should the need arise. With that in mind, we are building an Urgent News Email List within the church office. We wish to have everyone (or at least every household) in the church on this list. We expect this to be a low volume list, so don’t expect your email inbox to receive a deluge of messages.

To help us, please: 1. Email a brief note to the church office zionbeecher@comcast.net 2. Type your full name 3. Type out the full email address that you wish to be used for this purpose 4. Also state if that email address pertains only to you, your entire household (or for whom else it pertains) By your sending the information to us electronically, we hope to save both keyboarding time and errors.

Also, by having this list in place, we will be able to easily contact each member or household in the event that church must be cancelled due to a blizzard, loss of heat in the building, etc. Thank you! ZION SPONSORSHIP OF WORSHIP ANEW Our Endowment Committee has once again determined to distribute some of the earnings from our church’s Endowment Fund to the Lutheran television program Worship Anew. Putting the earnings from our Endowment Fund to good use, we will sponsor broadcasts of the show on the following dates in 2019: January 20, March 17, May 19, July 21, September 22, & November 17.

Worship Anew can be viewed on DIRECTV each Sunday at 10:30 AM using channel 377. It may be viewed on Comcast Cable each Sunday on channel 138 at 11:30 AM. (Online viewing at www.worshipanew.org)

Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church
9 As the 2019-2020 school year is quickly approaching I would like to share a few points of interest:
  • We would like to thank all of the families and children that participated and rode the float in the Fourth of July parade. Thank you also to those who helped put the float together.
  • We are getting ready to begin our new school year. You are our best advertisement. Please spread the word about Zion Lutheran School. We have openings at all levels.
  • Registration is on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019: 7:00-11:00 a.m. and 1:00-7:00 p.m. Families will register on a first come, first served basis. If you are unable to register at this time, please call the school office. (946-2272)
  • We will begin our school year with an opening service on Sunday, August 18th at 1:00 p.m., followed by an Ice Cream Social sponsored by the PTL. This is a great time to see your classroom and meet your teacher.
  • The first day of school is Tuesday, August 20th with an 11:10 a.m. dismissal. Pre-kindergartner will begin on Wednesday, August 21st, and Preschoolers on Thursday, August 22nd.
  • We would like to welcome Mrs. Allison Clous to our staff. She will be teaching 7th & 8th grade. May God bless the remainder of your summer! JoAnn Hess GROWING PHYSICALLY? HOW ABOUT SPIRITUALLY?? PLEASE CONSIDER... ...ZION LUTHERAN SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD!
Zion Beecher - Zion Lutheran Church

10 Now, more than ever, Zion Lutheran School makes sense for your child. In this world seemingly “anything goes” and, in fact, political expediency forces public institutions to tolerate (and even embrace!) worldly values that are contrary to the eternal Word of God.

Yet, in the face of that, Zion’s school continues to base its very essence on the Name above all names – Jesus Christ! Zion Lutheran School is not encumbered by state and federal laws that force families to accept morals and values that are contrary to those values which parents wish to instill in their own children. In fact, Zion’s school is considered by most parents to be an extension of those principles that the parents urgently hope that their children embrace in their own adult years!

Zion Lutheran School has continued to excel in all the facets of education that one would expect of a grammar school and so much more! Consider the following:  Zion Lutheran School graduates consistently and disproportionately place in the upper ranks of class standings during their high school years regardless where they attend high school.  While attending Zion, every student has the opportunity to participate in every activity that interests them, thus allowing each student (even “late bloomers”) to participate in activities without the fear of “not being good enough.” Zion graduates may complete grade school with a wide variety of experiences.

Christian values are observed throughout the school day. The students are held to be accountable to one another, to those in authority over them, and to God, thus instilling the students with respect for all people. With such respect, they are better prepared to enter their adult years.

  •  Dedicated teachers and staff consider their work with the students to be a “calling” – not merely a “job” – and therefore provide personal attention to each student.  Low student/teacher ratios allow the above point to be a reality.  Over the past few years, Zion students have...
  • ...earned high honors in math and other competitions with much larger schools.
  • ...excelled in fine arts contests.
  • ...been active in an afterschool robotics program.
  • ...won multiple athletic championships.
  • ...participated in choral singing, musicals, & plays.
  • ...had an Illinois State Spelling Bee finalist.
  • ...daily been exposed to the Word of God.
  • ...participated in multiple service projects.
  • ...worshipped together in weekly chapel services. Prayerfully consider enrolling your child or grandchild in Zion Lutheran School for the upcoming school year. Our teachers and staff stand ready to serve you and your children to the best of our God-given abilities. Call for more information: 708.946.2272. BE A VITAL PART OF A CHILD’S FUTURE! Years ago, there was no tuition charged to Zion member families for their children to attend our parochial school. Perhaps some of those reading this note were blessed to take advantage of that former situation – either for themselves or for their children (or both!). Those days of free tuition at Zion’s school no longer exist.

Presently there are families that are eager to send their children to our school. They want a decidedly Christian (and especially Lutheran!) ethos to be a part of their children’s early educational years. However, for those same families, the tuition costs put this goal for their children beyond their reach. Would you please consider being a vital part of one or more children’s future? If so, please contact Pastor Rock at 708.946.2271. What a joy it would be to help nurture a new generation of Christians whose educational background is rooted in the Word of God from the Lutheran perspective.

You may choose to assist in this effort anonymously. Thank you! Zion Board of Christian Day School

12 “In the Lord We Trust – 10 Years of Blessings” 10th Annual Dinner Auction Glenwoodie Golf Club, (19301 S State St., Glenwood) Saturday, October 26th Dear Members of ZION, Please open your hearts and consider making a donation for the Zion School and Church Dinner Auction. We have 4 possible options for you to make your contribution: 1 Gifts – TRAVEL, ENTERTAINMENT, ELECTRONICS, SPORTS & HOBBIES, FOOD/WINE DINING EXPERIENCES are some of the possibilities. 2 Sponsorship Ads Includes: Donor Billboard Sign Listing Full Page Ad (approx. 8X10 inches) + 8 tickets - $750 Full Page Ad (approx. 8X10 inches) + 4 tickets - $500 Full Page Ad (approx.

8X10 inches) + 2 tickets - $250 3 Standard Ads Full Page Ad (approx. 8X10 inches) - $100 Half Page Ad (approx. 8X5 inches) - $50 Business Card size Ad - $25 4 Fund-an-Item School/Church improvement funds achieved via auction at the event.

  • All donors will be listed in the ad book. Deadline for donations is October 6th .
  • Tickets will be $50 per person. Available in the School or Church Office beginning August 4th . Only 200+ tickets will be sold this year so don’t hesitate to get yours! Tickets purchased by September 29th will receive a FREE Drink Ticket! Donation Wish List and Auction Donation Form available in the Church Office and Narthex. Come and support Zion’s Mission and Ministry! All donations support Zion Lutheran Church & School and are tax deductible. 501(c)(3)non-profit EIN 36-2480851

13 SUPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES is a nonprofit providing necessary school supplies to the children in Alicia’s House’s (a local food pantry) feeding area; this includes South Chicago Heights, Steger, Crete, Beecher, Peotone, and University Park.

Last year, Super School Supplies provided all basic school supplies for roughly 60 children in the area. This July, the program is hoping to provide supplies to over 100 children who need them. Besides that, Super School Supplies is working towards the goal of earning 501c3 status, which would officially make it a federal nonprofit. Help from the community has been a huge blessing in this endeavor thus far, and any prayers or help is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in more information or making a donation, please contact the following: Sam Bruns: 708-821-0027 or Pam Bruns (home): 708-756-2104 OKAY, DID YOU...

DROP YOUR LANDLINE PHONE, MOVE, OR OTHERWISE BECOME HARD TO REACH?? Many, many people have dropped the use of their old telephone “landline” and have opted to simply use their cell phone for all such communication. Very often, the church is not included on the list of “people to contact” and make aware of the new way for contact using a phone.

So... if this is YOU, please contact Terri in the church office (708.946.2271) or simply note your change of phone number and/or address on your weekly attendance card so we can update our records in the church office. (Please send your current email addresses to zionbeecher@comcast.net and we’ll update those also!) Thank you! WORSHIP TIME CHANGE COMING The last Monday evening worship service for the summer will be held on Mon., Aug. 26th at 7 PM. We will resume our Saturday 5 PM worship service on Sept. 7th . Please note that on Labor Day Weekend, only the Sunday 9 AM service will be held.

14 ZION WELL REPRESENTED AT BEECHER JULY 4TH FESTIVITIES Many of our members were quite active during the recently completed Beecher July 4th Festival.

Some areas of service were:  BINGO TENT Zion took on responsibility to manage the Bingo Tent again this year. Our members made sure that there were always adequate workers present for each time Bingo was played. Members served as callers, runners, ticket sellers, etc. Rhonda Campbell serving as a bingo runner.

15 Jake Mills calling numbers at the bingo tent. Janice Brands selling bingo tickets.

16 L-R Karen Rock, Joan Wehrmann, Margie Cook Pastor Ron & Karen Rock

17 Ron & Annie Janota take a break between bingo games.  PTL WALKING TACO STAND Zion’s PTL served both walking tacos and baked pretzels again this year. Thanks to all who purchased food as well as helped serve at the counter.  ZION H.S. YOUTH GROUP PIZZA STAND Yummy pizza was again sold by our high school youth group. Thank you to all who supported it with their food purchases as well as volunteering to prepare and serve behind the food counter.

ZION PARADE FLOAT Zion Church & School entered a float in the Beecher July 4th Parade. The theme was Noah’s Ark! Youth and a few adults rode on a decorated trailer holding various animals representing those saved from the flood waters. Although it was extremely hot, it was a lot of fun for the kids (and most of the adults!). Thank you to all who decorated the float as well as those who rode on it!

18 Some of those who participated in Zion’s July 4th Parade float. July 4, 2019 Thank you to everyone who helped Zion to serve our wonderful community which, in turn, allowed Zion to “be seen” by our community during the July 4th festivities!

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