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University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024


University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024
The University of Reading community has been
                                                   BEFORE AND AFTER
                                                   Edith Morley was appointed
                                                   Professor of English Language
                                                   at Reading in 1908 and is
                                                   believed to be the first woman
                                                   awarded the title of professor
                                                   in an English university.
                                                                                    Initially denied the honour,
                                                                                    Professor Morley took on
                                                                                    the establishment in order
                                                                                    to claim the recognition due
                                                                                    to her. Her belief that women
                                                                                    should have an equal place in
                                                                                                                      The University holds
                                                                                                                      a special lecture in her
                                                                                                                      memory every year and this
                                                                                                                      cafe is named after the title
                                                                                                                      of her memoir, Before and
                                                                                                                      After: Reminiscences

at the forefront of improving people’s lives for
                                                                                    academia and society made         of a Working Life.
                                                                                    her an inspiring and motivating
                                                                                    force for social change.

more than a century.

We were educating and promoting women
years before they could vote in the UK. Our
leaders played a key role in decriminalising
homosexuality in the mid-twentieth century.
And we have led the world for decades in
understanding and responding to climate
change and the protection of our environment.

It’s just UoR way. Today, we continue to lead
by example – working together to make the
world a better place. Our students and staff
are continually discovering new ways to help
shape all our futures for the better.
University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024
Meet our students          6              Accounting     64          Chemistry        86          Film                 104              Management      84          Spanish             130
Getting to know us         8              Agriculture    66          Classics and                 Finance              106              Marketing      124          Speech and
                                                                     Classical Studies 88                                                                           Language
Helping the planet        12   Ancient History           88                                 Food Business                    Mathematics               126
                                                                                                                                                                    Therapy             146
                                                              Climate                128    and Marketing              124
Our campuses             15    Anthropology             69                                                                   Medical Sciences           80
                                                                                                                                                              Surveying and
                                                              Computer Science        90    Food Science               108
Students’ union                Archaeology              68                                                                   Meteorology               128    Construction              148
and societies             20                                  Construction           148    French                     130
                               Architectural                                                                                 Microbiology               76
Reading town              24   Engineering               70   Consumer Behaviour                                                                                    Teaching                96
                                                                                                      Geography        110   Modern Languages          130
                                                              and Marketing          124                                                                            Television          104
Choosing your degree      26   Architecture              72
                                                                                                      German           130   Museum Studies          69, 89
                                                              Creative Writing       100                                                                      Theatre                   104
Study abroad              30   Art                      74
                                                              Criminology             92    Graphic Communication 112
Teaching and learning     32                                                                                                        Nutrition          132
                                     Biochemistry        76                                                                                                             Wildlife
Try us                   36                                         Ecology          150              History          114                                              Conservation 150
                                     Biology             76
Accommodation             40                                        Economics         94              History of Art    75
                               Biomedical Engineering    78                                                                        Pharmacology        134
Careers and                                                   Education               96                                                                            Zoology             150
employability            42    Biomedical Sciences       80                                    International
                                                                                                                                   Pharmacy            136
                                                              Engineering (Biomedical) 78      Development             116
Supporting you            48   Bioveterinary Sciences    82                                                                  Philosophy                138
                                                              English Language        98       International
International students    52   Building                 148                                    Foundation                    Physician Associate
                                                              English Literature     100                                     Studies                    80
Visit us                 58    Business & Management 84                                        Programmes              118
                                                                                                                                                                    Connect with University
                                                              Environment            102                                     Politics                  140
Fees and funding          60                                                                International Relations 140                                             of Reading on Facebook

Subjects and courses      63                                                                Investment and Finance           Psychology                142
                                                                                                                                                                    Connect with University
                                                                                            in Property            144                                              of Reading on Twitter
Applying to Reading      152                                                                                                        Real Estate
                                                                                            Italian                    130                                          Connect with University
Course index             156                                                                                                        and Planning       144
                                                                                                                                                                    of Reading on Instagram
Contact and                                                                                       Law                  122
                                                                                                                                                                    Chat to University of
important information 162                                                                         Linguistics           98                                          Reading Students

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University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024
The best people to speak                “The best thing about being a                                              “There’s more than one best thing!
                                                                                                                                                                                                  “The absolute best thing is that
                                                                                                                                                                                                   I get to study exactly what I want
to about whether Reading                 student at Reading is that I am                                            Having such a beautiful campus,                                                on a joint honours degree. It can
is right for you are those at            doing a course I love and am                                               doing an interesting course                                                    be difficult finding the best mix of
                                         part of a student community                                                (I absolutely love the wide variety                                            two subjects but my course is so
the heart of the University.
                                         that supports each other.                                                  of modules on offer) and working                                               well laid out. I fell in love with the Art
We’ve invited some of our current                                                                                   with kind and supportive staff
                                         The teaching and learning                                                                                                                                 studio when I first saw it in person
undergrads to share what they
think the best thing is about being      experience here gets more                                                  and students. The community is                                                 and the campus is so beautiful.
a student at Reading. Look out           exciting every day.”                                                       vibrant. There’s always events and                                             I love being a part of the University
for their top tips and firsthand        Aderinola, first year, BSc Real                                             socials going on with plenty of new                                            of Reading.”
experiences throughout the rest         Estate with MSc in Urban Planning                                           people to meet.”                                                              Andreea, second year,
of the prospectus.                      and Development                                                            Katharyn, finalist, BA History                                                 BA Art and English Literature
They’re here to guide you through
your research and help bring the
University to life, but they have so
much more to say than we can fit                                            “The best thing about Reading?                                                “Reading is a great place to be.
in here. Have a chat with them online                                        The community and support.                                                    I love the campus, how green but
and ask any questions you have                                               There are many support centres,                                               modern it is. It has a good vibe
about what it’s really like to                                               so I am relaxed knowing there are                                             and a welcoming atmosphere.
live and study here.                                                         people here willing to listen and                                             The Library is one of my favourite
                                                                             help when I need it. University can                                           places on campus. I attended an
        Chat to our students                                                 be stressful at times, but knowing                                            Open Day and really felt this was
       and read student blogs                                                there is a support network there                                              the right place for me. I have found
                                                                             at any time makes me so happy                                                 such a supportive and great group
                                                                             and proud to be at Reading.”                                                  of friends here.”
                                                                            Owain, second year,                                                           Kit, third year, BA War, Peace
                                                                            BSc Mathematics and Economics                                                 and International Relations

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University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024
Join a university with a passion for knowledge, a commitment
to making a difference, and where people come first.
BE PART OF SOMETHING                     BE YOUR BEST                            BE BOLD
                                                                                                                                       1st for campus                                      Top 30                                      98% of our
At the University of Reading, our        We know you want to achieve your        We are proud to be a research-
people are everything. We’re ready to    best – academically and personally      intensive university. We work with                     and facilities3                                 UK university4                                research is of
welcome you to our vibrant, diverse      – and we are here to help you do        governments, international agencies,                                                                                                            international standing5
and supportive community where our       just that. Your academic tutor can      businesses, and charities striving to
incredible colleagues will inspire you   help with your studies. Our student     tackle some of the biggest problems
with their discoveries and guide you     support services cover everything       facing the world today, such as
in making your own. Our historic and     from financial advice and welfare       climate change, heart disease and
award-winning1 parkland campus with      support to accommodation and            international conflict – and we make
modern facilities offers the spaces      careers. Want valuable real-world       it easy for you to get involved.        1 Whiteknights campus has been awarded 12 consecutive Green Flag awards, 2011–2022, recognising it as one of Britain’s top green spaces.
and places to make the most of life      opportunities to apply your learning?                                           2 Study abroad is subject to availability and eligibility guidelines. See page 162 for information.
and connect with the people around       We’ve got that covered too – whether                                            3 ‘Top 20 Best UK Universities for Campus and Facilities,’ StudentCrowd University Awards 2022 (scores based solely on authentic student reviews).
you every day.                           it’s work placements, internships,                                              4 We’re the 28th highest-ranking UK university out of 89 featured in the QS World University Rankings 2023. We’re ranked 229th overall
                                         part-time jobs, or volunteering                                                   out of 1,422 institutions worldwide, maintaining our position among the top 20% of ranked institutions globally.
                                         opportunities. You can also study                                               5 The latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021, combining the University’s 4* (world leading), 3* (internationally excellent)
                                         abroad during your degree.2                                                       and 2* (internationally recognised) submissions.

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University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Discover your

Our University Executive Board and the students’ union full-time officers work
together to make a real difference to your student experience.
COMBATTING THE COST OF LIVING                                  CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT                                        STAND UP, STAND OUT                                                                  SUPPORTING YOUR WELLBEING
Elizabeth and Sheldon are leading a task force to support      As a community, we have a shared ambition to be recognised as     Reading’s strength comes from the diversity of our community,                        We know starting university is a big change, but we don’t
students with their finances, from money-saving advice to      the greenest university, and we’re making real progress against   where everyone can be themselves, and Jem and Parveen                                want it to be daunting. We’re here to help our students
practical ways to help balance the bills and reduce the cost   our mission to be net zero carbon by 2030 (see overleaf). Harry   lead the way in campaigning for equity for all. In 2021, Parveen                     stay well mentally, physically, and socially. Poppy and Peter
of campus life. Among the initiatives are the Warm Welcome     and Oscar are planning a major sustainability summit, and         chaired a cross-University group on racial equality on campus,                       work together to ensure welfare, counselling and disability
low-cost breakfast scheme, opportunities to take up paid,      together with Sheldon’s role on the University’s Environmental    which produced 20 recommendations to improve racial justice                          support services are available to students who need them.
part-time jobs on campus, and an expansion of emergency        Sustainability Committee which is chaired by Mark, they’re        for students and staff. Jem is a strong voice for fairness,                          The students’ union also offers support, with Harry helping
support supplying food and household essentials.               making sure that the issues most important to our students        supporting eight student diversity networks.                                         students make the most of their life on campus.
                                                               remain high on the agenda.
                                                                                                                                 Who’s who (left to right): Harry (Activities and Opportunities Officer), Parveen (Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Richard (Chief Strategy Officer & University Secretary),
                                                                                                                                 Poppy (Welfare Officer), Oscar (Education Officer), Peter (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Experience), Robert (Vice-Chancellor),
                                                                                                                                 Sheldon (Reading Students’ Union President), Elizabeth (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Experience), Dominik (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research),
                                                                                                                                 Mark (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Planning), Jem (Inclusion and Communities Officer)

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University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024
               At the University of                                                                                                    TAKING ACTION IN THE WORLD
               Reading we don’t just                                                                                                   The University is a world leader in climate            we are working with the UK government’s                 against climate change. We worked with
               talk, we take action.                                                                                                   science,3 recently winning a Queen’s                   Department for Education and others to                  Reading Borough Council to develop
                                                                                                                                       Anniversary Prize4. Reading scientists                 improve climate education for eight to                  a Climate Action Plan for a net zero
               Our ambition is to                                                                                                      played a central role in creating the latest           18-year-olds in schools.                                carbon town, and every year we host
               be recognised as the                                                                                                    UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate                                                                          many public events showcasing this
                                                                                                                                                                                              Our climate experts are also working to
               greenest university,                                                                                                    Change report released in August 2021.                 inspire local people, organisations, and                work, including as part of the annual
               so we’re taking a lead in                                                                                               And to lead change for the next generation,            businesses to contribute to the fight                   Reading Climate Festival.
               finding lasting solutions
               to save our planet.
               TAKING ACTION
               ON CAMPUS
               We’re not just green because
               of our beautiful campuses.
               We’re ranked 4th in the
               2022/23 People & Planet

                                                                                           © National Centre for Atmospheric Science
               University League1 and we’re
               committed to reaching net zero
               carbon by 20302. We’ve already
               reduced our carbon footprint
               by half, only 2% of our waste
               goes to landfill, and 100% of                                                                                           YOU CAN GET INVOLVED
               our electricity has come from                                                                                           All of our undergraduate degrees                       Many of our students also take up
               renewable sources since 2009.                                                                                           include an optional module on climate                  volunteering opportunities with                                            Discover more about
               We’re the first university in                                                                                           change to empower you with the skills                  organisations like ZSL Instant Wild and                                   how we are Partnering
               Europe to join the Menus of       Images clockwise from bottom left:                                                    and knowledge you need to help build                   Zooniverse. Plus, you can take part                                           for the Planet
               Change Universities Research      Our Partnering for the Planet website;                                                a sustainable future for all. And you can              in clothes swaps, get involved in our
                                                 sustainable grocery shopping on
               Collaborative, which aims to      campus; Climate Stripes on display at                                                 gain awareness of sustainability issues                Sustainability Fayre, and get rewarded
               provide healthy and sustainable   the Reading Festival; Climate Canopy                                                  while enhancing your employability via the             for taking positive actions via our
               meals on campus, and we’ve        installation. Opposite page: working in                                               Reading Experience and Development                     sustainability engagement student
                                                 partnership with Reading Buses and
               added several environmentally                                                                                           Sustainable Action Award.                              platform, Doing #UoRBit.
                                                 Reading Football Club – Climate Stripes
               friendly, plant-based recipes     bus and football strip.
               to our menus.
                                                                                                                                       1 We’re ranked 4th out of 153 UK higher education institutions for environmental and ethical performance and have received our fourth consecutive First Class rating.
                                                                                                                                       2 Read about how the University is planning to achieve its aims.
                                                                                                                                       3 We’re ranked 4th in the world for Atmospheric Science (ShanghaiRanking 2022 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects) and 97% of our research
                                                                                                                                         in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences is rated world leading (4*) or internationally excellent (3*) in REF 2021.
                                                                                                                                       4 Awarded in 2021 for our work ‘Tackling the Impacts of Climate Change – From Global to Local’.

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University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024
                         Our main campus,
                         Whiteknights, is the hub
                         of University of Reading life.
                         Set in 130 hectares of stunning
                         parkland, it offers plenty of places
                         to eat, shop, study and socialise –
                         everything you need is in one place.
                         It is home to the Library, Reading
                         Students’ Union, two on-site museums,
                         shops, cafes, and other amenities
                         such as 3sixty, a large venue that
                         hosts a variety of student-led events.
                         The campus also houses many of our
                         teaching and research facilities, including
                         modern, well-equipped study areas,
                         as well as several halls of residence.

                                    Take a video tour
                                of Whiteknights Campus

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University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024
Our London Road campus is
just a short walk from both
Whiteknights campus and the
town centre, and is a peaceful
setting of traditional cloisters
and green spaces.
A historic site – and one of the
University’s original campuses –
London Road is home to the School
of Architecture and the Institute of
Education, as well as the Great Hall where
our graduation ceremonies take place.
The campus also hosts The Dairy, which
serves local and global craft beers and
food, and is a great place to socialise,
play pool and watch sporting events.

           Take a video tour
       of London Road campus

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University of Reading - Undergraduate Prospectus 2024
Andreea says …
                                                                                       “Harris Garden is lovely all year
                                                                                        round, and I love feeding the swans
                                                                                        and ducks by the lake. You get to

                                                                                        see the really cute babies in spring
                                                                                        and summer!”

                                                                                       Owain says …

Enjoy a beautiful, award-                   LOCAL AND GLOBAL FOOD                      “One of my favourite spots is the
winning environment1 that                   The University’s cafes, bars and casual
                                                                                        Library as it caters for all my needs,
caters to the diversity                     dining restaurants provide great spaces     whether I want to study quietly
of our students.                            to socialise and grab a bite to eat         or do group work. I like the gym
                                            between lectures – and you can relax        at SportsPark too. I used it a lot
LIVING ON CAMPUS                            knowing that they are run to the highest
                                                                                        in my first year to stay fit.”
                                            levels of sustainable practice.2
Our halls of residence are safe, secure
and all within a 15-minute walk from        Whiteknights regularly hosts an
                                            international street food market           Aderinola says …
the centre of Whiteknights campus.
If you choose to live in University         featuring cuisines from all around         “I like the Dol.che Vita cafe on
accommodation, we offer a range of          the world, and vegetarian, vegan and        Whiteknights; it’s a nice place to
room types to suit different needs,         gluten-free options are available across
                                                                                        relax with friends between lectures
preferences and budgets. Find out           campus. The students’ union is also
more on page 40.                            home to an East Asian food store            and they have a wide range
                                            and there’s a Co-op supermarket             of vegan ice creams.”
RECREATIONAL SPACES                         conveniently situated on campus too.
It’s easy to find a place to relax when
you need a break. You can enjoy a walk
or picnic in our flower meadow and          The largest venue in the students’             Check out our campus facilities
apple orchard in the beautiful Harris       union, 3sixty, hosts all kinds of events
Garden, grab a drink with friends in one    – including a weekly fresh fruit and
of our coffee shops or student bars,        veg market, vintage clothes fairs, jobs
and take a scenic stroll around the lake.   fairs, drama and dance performances,
                                            debates, and more. It is also home
A short walk from Whiteknights is our
                                            to the ever-popular union nights,
London Road campus, full of quiet
                                            becoming the largest nightclub
green spaces and only a few minutes
                                            in town – but only for our students.
from Reading town centre. If you get                                                   1 Whiteknights campus has been awarded 12
involved with our extra-curricular                                                       consecutive Green Flag Awards, 2011–2022.
music programme, you’ll spend time                     1st FOR CAMPUS                  2 We hold the highest rating of 3* for the
rehearsing and performing here.                        AND FACILITIES3                   Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Food Made
                                                                                         Good Accreditation 2022.
                                                                                       3 ‘Top 20 Best UK Universities for Campus and
                                                                                         Facilities,’ StudentCrowd University Awards 2022.

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Reading Students’ Union is                            Get involved with 80+ societies
an independent organisation,                          – including arts, dance, culture,
based on Whiteknights campus,                         faith, career, campaigns, causes
that exists to improve the lives                      and politics.
of all students at the University                     All societies welcome new members and are

of Reading, every day. As a                           a great way to meet new people and make
student, you are automatically                        friends, develop your skills, discover new
a member of the union.                                passions, and widen your experiences.
Every year, over 1,500 student                        If you’ve got an interest that’s not already
representatives are elected to lead                   catered for, you’ll find plenty of support
the students’ union, including a team                 to set up your own society.
of full-time officers who are also
members of the University’s decision-                          4th FOR CLUBS
making committees. There are lots                              AND SOCIETIES1
of opportunities to have your voice
heard and to be part of campaigning
on the issues that matter to you,                                5th BEST
including through regular Student                                STUDENTS’ UNION2
Council meetings.
The students’ union is a place for
                                                             Explore our student societies
everyone, providing opportunities,
support and services for all students.

Reading Students’ Union exists to
support students’ needs and to
campaign on the issues that matter at
the University, in our local community,

and the wider world.
Past campaigns have included
improving mental health facilities and
reducing period poverty. Ideas for

change are always welcome.

                                                      1 ‘Top 20 Best UK Universities for Clubs and Societies,’
                                                        StudentCrowd University Awards 2022.
                                                      2 ‘Top 20 Best UK Universities for Students’ Union,’
                                                        StudentCrowd University Awards 2022.

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At Reading, sport is a huge part

                  of extra-curricular life, with the             You’ll find a vibrant extra-curricular
                  students’ union offering more                  music programme at Reading
                                                                 that welcomes all students,
                  than 55 sports clubs for all
                                                                 regardless of subject, and caters
                  interests and abilities.                       for all tastes in music.
                  Some sports clubs and teams compete
                                                                 With so many ensembles and programmes
                  in the British Universities & Colleges Sport
                                                                 to choose from, you’re sure to find
                  leagues during the week, and come under
                                                                 something to suit you, whether it’s jazz
                  the Reading Knights sports brand, while
                                                                 band, choir, playing live gigs with your
                  others are purely recreational.
                                                                 own band, or taking part in jam nights
                  SPORTS FACILITIES                              and masterclasses.
                  Focus on your health, wellbeing and            We have a number of ensembles that
                  training. Take part in gym sessions            you can join, including:
                  using our state-of-the-art equipment,          • Orchestra
                  participate in yoga and Pilates classes,
                  high-intensity cardio sessions such as         • Big Band
                  spin and box-fit, or five-a-side matches       • Choir
                  on our professional sports pitches.            • Percussion Ensemble.
                  Most of our facilities are based at the
                                                                 Get involved in regular rehearsals, gigs
                  SportsPark on Whiteknights campus.
                                                                 and performances at the University and
                  It offers great membership rates for
                                                                 beyond, or continue private lessons with
                  students. You can access:
                                                                 an expert team of teachers. Make use
                  • fitness gym, specialist exercise studios,    of dedicated music practice rooms and
                    squash courts, and a large multipurpose      instrument storage facilities at London
                    sports hall                                  Road campus.
                  • the SportsPark grounds, perfect for          Reading Students’ Union also runs
                    football, rugby, lacrosse and hockey         a variety of student-led societies
                  • TennisPark, our expanded tennis              celebrating different genres of music
                    facilities, which offers three indoor        – such as Band Society, Rock Society,
                    and five outdoor courts.                     Singer-Songwriter Society, and K-Pop.

                  ROWING EXCELLENCE                              Discover more about music at Reading
                  Our Boat Club is one of the oldest and         Discover more about sport at Reading
                  highest-achieving clubs at the University.     Discover more about rowing at Reading
                  We cater to all experience levels, from
                  beginner to Olympian, and have professional
                  coaching for everyone. Our fantastic
                  boathouses are just 10 minutes from
                  campus and have all you need to succeed.

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Reading is a global town:                                                                                                          EASY TO REACH
a centre of innovation, culture,                                                                                                   Reading is well connected by rail and                                                 Discover more about
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Reading town
creativity, and technology.                                                                                                        road. The main train station is easily
                                                                                       BEAUTIFUL GREEN SPACES                      accessible from most other places in
Sitting on the doorstep of one of the
                                                                                                                                   the UK: it’s only 30 minutes to London
greatest capital cities in the world, it has                                           There’s no shortage of places to            Paddington, and direct rail links exist
a lively, international community of its                                               unwind in Reading. Relax in the town’s      for many other major cities, including
own. The vibrant town centre boasts                                                    many parks or take in the leafy riverside   Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff,
a huge variety of restaurants, bars,                                                   walks. The river Thames flows through       Bristol and Exeter. Heathrow airport is
parks and entertainment, with stunning                                                 the centre of town, close to the            around 45 minutes away by coach and
countryside close by. Grounded in                                                      Victorian Forbury Gardens which play        you can reach Gatwick airport in under
rich history and heritage, the town                                                    host to a buzzing market of global          two hours.                                                          Edinburgh
is also home to the headquarters                                                       cuisines every summer. The nearby                                                               Glasgow
of international businesses and is a                                                   Abbey Ruins hosts open-air theatre,         Reading also benefits from
place to make connections and seize                                                    cinema and other cultural events and is     being connected directly to
opportunities. That’s why thousands of                                                 the perfect place to explore Reading’s      central London and the London
our graduates now call Reading home.                                                   medieval history.                           Underground network via the                                                        Newcastle
                                                                                                                                   Elizabeth Line.
                                                                                                                                   Both Whiteknights
                                                                                                                                   campus (sat nav RG6
                                                                                                                                   6UR) and London
                                                                                                                                   Road campus (sat
                                                                                                                                   nav RG1 5AQ) are
                                                                                                                                   just a few miles from                                                      Manchester
                                                                                                                                                                                            Liverpool               Sheffield
                                                                                                                                   the M4 motorway.
                                                                                                                                   Getting to us from the
                                                                                                                                   town centre is easy
                                                                                                                                   too – enjoy the short
                                                                                                                                   walk or make use
                                                                                                                                   of the 24-hour                                                                  Birmingham
MORE THAN A MUSIC FESTIVAL                                                                                                         bus service that
Reading might be most famous for its           Broad Street home to many of the UK’s                                               brings you right                                                             Oxford
music festival, but it also hosts dozens       top brands – great places to make use                                               onto campus.                                                  Cardiff
of food, drink, arts, theatre, comedy and      of your student discount. There are                                                                                                                          Bristol
music events throughout the year. It is        unique, independent businesses too,
one of the south-east’s top shopping           and an array of cafes and restaurants                                                                                                                                                  Brighton
destinations, with The Oracle and              dotted along the riverside.

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Our courses are designed                    TOP TIPS                                   • Research the extra opportunities        Not too long ago, our students were in your position.
to give you a variety                       Choosing your degree can feel like a         available on the course. For example,   Here’s their advice on choosing your degree.
                                                                                         at Reading, every undergraduate
of opportunities and                        daunting task, but there are some key
                                                                                         course offers the chance to take                        Owain says …                            Katharyn says …
                                            things to consider early on that can
experiences. You’ll choose                  help you make your decision.                 part in a placement1 – either as a                     “I know it gets repeated a lot in        “Think about your current interests
what you study – and how                                                                 mandatory or optional part of the
                                                                                                                                                 school but pick something you            and potential careers. You should
you’ll study.                               • Decide how many subjects you               course – as well as elements on
                                              want to study. Degrees that focus          career management. These can                            love doing – it’s so much easier to      absolutely choose something you’re
We offer more than 200 courses in             on one subject are called ‘single          include work experience, internships,                   do the work and it makes you want        passionate about, but be practical
the arts, sciences, social sciences,          honours’ and those that cover two          and professional placement years in
humanities, and business. The majority                                                                                                           to go to the library and read more       and make sure you’ll gain the right
                                              subjects are called ‘joint honours’.       the UK or overseas. Opportunities
have a modular structure so you can           Whichever you choose, you’ll do the
                                                                                                                                                 after lectures.”                         skills and experience from it.”
                                                                                         vary in length, from a few weeks to a
specialise in the areas that interest         same number of credits, but on a           whole year. At Reading, you can also
you most, while still developing core         joint honours degree your time will        apply to spend time studying abroad
subject knowledge.                                                                                                                               Andreea says …                          Sarah says …
                                              be split between two departments.          during your degree.2
                                              Reading has many joint courses to                                                                  “I highly recommend trying to go        “First, what are your interests?
EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS                                                                   • Consider an accredited degree.
                                              choose from so you’re bound to find        We offer a number of courses that                       on taster sessions for the courses      Second, location – do you want to
Take a subject you’re already                 something that suits you.                  are accredited by independent                           you want to study.”                     move far or stay close to home?”
passionate about to the next level, or
start a degree in an area you’ve never      • Check the entry requirements.              bodies, helping to kickstart your
studied before. We have courses that          If you’ve been predicted lower             career and boost your professional
progress from your school studies,            grades, don’t rule yourself out            development. These are particularly
but you can also start some courses           straight away. Take a look at our          useful if you already know what
without any previous knowledge or             offer schemes on our website.              industry you want to work in.
                                                                                                                                                 Aderinola says …                        Kit says …
experience in the subject.                    You can also check whether the             Read about accreditations
                                              degree is offered with an additional       on the subject pages.                                  “Speak to current students about         “Go to the universities, speak to the
We accept a wide range of entry               foundation year – these have lower                                                                 what the course is like on a day-        people who run and have been on
qualifications including, but not limited     entry qualifications and don’t
to, A levels, BTEC Extended Diploma                                                                                                              to-day basis and consider whether        the courses, and don’t be afraid to
                                              require subject-specific knowledge.
and International Baccalaureate               A foundation year at Reading will
                                                                                                                                                 you would be interested in studying      ask as many questions as you can.”
Diploma. Find out more on page 152.           prepare you for the step up from                                                                   abroad or doing a placement, so
                                              school to university, and you’ll study                                                             you can apply for a course that
                                              subject-related modules alongside                                                                  offers these options.”
                                              core skills such as academic writing
                                              and conducting research.
                                                                                                                                                                                         1 While you’ll secure optional placements through a
                                                                                                                                                                                           competitive process, our Careers and Placements
                                                                                                                                                                                           Team can help by providing resources, training and
                                                                                                                                                                                           one-to-one support. Taking part in a Professional
                                                                                                                                                                                           Placement Year will depend on a number of factors.
                                                                                                                                                                                           See inside back cover for information.
                                                                                                                                                                                         2 Study abroad is subject to availability and eligibility
                                                                                                                                                                                           guidelines. See page 162 for information.

26 |                                                                                                                                                                               | 27
  I am a final-year student                  How did you find your placement            How has your placement
                                             at PepsiCo?                                benefited you?
  studying food science and
  I recently spent my placement              The search for placements usually          My placement year was extremely
                                             starts at the beginning of second year.    fulfilling. I was able to stretch myself
  year at PepsiCo UK.                        In my case, I started looking online       and successfully lead projects of key
                                             for different areas that food scientists   priority for the business, as well as
  Tell us about your role.
                                             could go into, as well as for food         identify my likes and dislikes in the
  I worked as a product developer in         organisations that offered                 world of work. I was exposed to how
  Research & Development. There are          enriching opportunities.                   a business operates and had the
  lots of commonly known brands in the                                                  opportunity to network with individuals
  UK under PepsiCo, such as Walkers,         What support did you receive?              already working in the field. Being able
  Doritos, Quaker Oats, Gatorade and,        Alongside individual effort, I got         to apply my acquired knowledge in
  of course, the beverage Pepsi.             support from the Careers Team at           the real world has given me a deeper
                                             the University. They advise on career      understanding and appreciation of
  What did your job involve?                                                            what I have been studying. Beyond
                                             paths and offer a range of services
  The team that I was in is part of the      to students considering taking a           that, I have developed transferable
  global function, focusing on building      placement year, such as CV and cover       skills such as being adaptable and
  science and technology across a            letter workshops, fairs to network with    agile, managing uncertainties
  specific snack category portfolio.         potential employers, one-to-ones with      and challenging situations, and
  My role involved leading benchtop-         career specialists, and mock interviews    presentation and analytical skills –
  to-factory trials, working on a range      and assessment centres – all of which      these will be useful in my future career,
  of projects, and liaising with suppliers   I found beneficial. It also helped that    but are already proving valuable in my
  whilst preparing sample prototypes.        my academic tutor would visit whilst       final year as a student.
                                             I was on placement to formally check
  Why did you decide                         in with me.
  to do a placement year?                                                                 Hear from more of our students
  I wanted to be able to contextualise
  what I was learning in real-world
  projects within the food industry,
  and to get a feel for potential career
  pathways after university.

28 |                                                                                                     | 29
Discover the world: study abroad                  Whatever subject you study,

                                                                                                                            LEARN A LANGUAGE
                 with the University of Reading.                   you can learn a language through
                 Depending on your course, you could spend         our Institution-Wide Language
                 a few weeks, a semester, or an academic           Programme (IWLP) at Reading.
                 year abroad at one of our international
                                                                   You can start as a beginner or continue
                 partner institutions.1 This could be as part of
                                                                   a language you already know to a higher
                 a standard three-year degree, an extended
                                                                   level. It’s a fantastic opportunity to
                 four-year degree, or for a shorter period of
                                                                   broaden your skillset and can prove
                 time through field trips or summer schools.
                                                                   invaluable if you want to live or work
                 Through Study Abroad, you could gain a            abroad in the future.
                 wealth of transferable skills, explore a new
                                                                   We currently offer Arabic, British Sign
                 country and culture, and gain a broader
                                                                   Language, Chinese (Mandarin), French,
                 understanding of your subject by taking
                                                                   German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek,
                 modules that are not necessarily offered
                                                                   Russian, and Spanish.
                 at the University of Reading.
                                                                   Find out more about the
                 Some of our courses also offer the
                                                                   Institution-Wide Language Programme.
                 opportunity to study at our campus in
                 Malaysia, which provides the same high-
                 quality learning experience as our UK             Kit says …
                 campuses in an exciting global environment.       “I love my IWLP Arabic course. It is so
                 As a Study Abroad participant, we’ll              fun to be able to learn a new language
                 support you before, during and after your
                                                                   and gives me something extra that is
                 time abroad. You won’t pay any additional
                 tuition fees to the partner institution.          amazing as part of my degree.”
                 Plus, additional cost-of-living funding may
                 be available, including funds to support
                 students from lower-income households.

                   Discover where you could study abroad

                                                                   1 Studying abroad is subject to you meeting academic
                                                                     conditions detailed in the Programme Handbook,
                                                                     including obtaining the relevant permissions from
                                                                     your academic school, and the availability of a
                                                                     suitable study abroad placement. To ensure your
                                                                     safety, travel and study overseas will also depend
                                                                     upon Foreign, Commonwealth and Development
                                                                     Office (FCDO) guidance, as well as government and
                                                                     institutional policies in the host country. See page
                                                                     162 for more information.

    30 |                                                                             | 31
                    Owain says …         We strive to create a caring                 OUR TEACHING EXCELLENCE
                    “Before the term     and supportive learning                      You’ll learn from academics with a real
                     starts, I receive   community, providing                         passion for their subject, informed by
                     a module                                                         the latest research developments and
                                         students with an outstanding                 industry expertise.
                     roadmap so          environment in which to
                                                                                      We’re proud to have national leaders
                     I can see what      develop knowledge and                        in higher education, including National
we are going to be studying each         skills that will have                        Teaching Fellows who have been
week and prepare. My lecturers are       a lasting benefit.                           recognised for the quality of their teaching
extremely helpful and generous                                                        and for making an outstanding impact
                                         WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP                       on student outcomes.
with their time; they really want me
                                         Working in partnership with our
to succeed. Having an academic           students means that together we can
                                                                                      YOUR LEARNING
tutor has been absolutely amazing        create the best learning experience.         EXPERIENCE
because it has given me someone          You can become a student rep to              We strive to create a learning environment
                                                                                      where everyone feels included, respected
to go to if I have any problems on       represent your fellow students’ interests,
                                         and you’ll have the chance to join student   and supported to achieve their full
my course. I meet with him every                                                      potential. You’ll have engaging and
                                         panels and focus groups to help shape
term and he always points me in          your university experience. There are        interactive face-to-face learning sessions
the right direction.”                    also opportunities to work with staff on     combined with well-designed digital
                                         both education and research projects.        resources that can allow you to study
                                         Past partnership projects include            more flexibly and bring variety and interest
                                         exploring the experience of LGBT+            to your studies. Many of our degrees also
                                         students at Reading, as well as a wide       have practical workshops, laboratory
                                         range of Undergraduate Research              sessions or field trips to develop your
                                         Opportunities Programme (UROP)               skills and understanding.                      YOUR ACADEMIC TUTOR                       PEER SUPPORT
                                                                                      To gain experience and new                                                                                                           Discover more about
                                         projects. UROP allows you to apply                                                          When you join Reading, you’ll have an     You can also get help with some
                                         for paid research experience by pairing      transferable skills, many students apply       academic tutor who will be your key       modules through our Peer Assisted            academic support
                                         you with an academic for six weeks over      to go on a placement, an internship,           contact during your studies. They’ll be   Learning scheme. Weekly study
                                         the summer break.                            or study abroad. There’s also the              there throughout your degree to help      sessions give you time to go over
                                                                                      opportunity to contribute to research,         you plan your academic development        difficult material with students from the
                                                                                      scholarship and practice.                      and reflect on your progress. They        year above who have been through the
                                                                                                                                     can support you with choosing your        topic before. You may also be able to
                                                                                                                                     optional modules, connect you             consult an Academic Skills and Know-
                                                                                                                                     with key staff within your department,    how Advisor, a postgraduate research
                                                                                                                                     and help you make the most                student from your department who is
                                                                                                                                     of the academic and personal              trained to provide academic support.
                                                                                                                                     development opportunities.

32 |                                                                                                                                                                                                | 33
LIBRARY AND STUDY SUPPORT                                                                                              MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS
The centrepiece of                            The Library is home to our Academic     Kit says …                       The University of Reading is home     From ancient pottery and medieval       In addition to supporting your
Whiteknights campus                           Liaison Librarians – there is one for   “I think the Library is one      to a variety of special collections   literature to the work of Samuel        studies, they provide opportunities
                                              every subject we offer at Reading –                                      and three on-campus museums:          Beckett and the history of rural        to get involved through events and
is our Library.                                                                       of the greatest assets that
                                              as well as our Study Advisers, who                                                                             England, the University’s museums       activities, including volunteering. Our
It provides access to thousands of digital    can help you develop the academic       the University of Reading has.   • Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology     and collections span an extraordinary   museums are all free to visit and open
resources, and inside you’ll find extensive   skills you need to be successful.       The support, study materials,    • Cole Museum of Zoology              range of subjects.                      to the public, and other collections
print resources spread over six floors.       Maths support is also available.        group project areas and silent   • Museum of English Rural Life.                                               can be accessed via departments and
The Library is open 24 hours a day1 with      You can access help and support                                                                                                                        our Special Collections reading room.
staff there to guide you to the materials
                                                                                      study areas are fantastic.”
                                              with any aspect of your studies,
you need for your studies – and to help       through one-to-one appointments,
you make the best use of them.                regular drop-ins, and workshops.
Popular features include:
• group, quiet and silent study
  spaces to accommodate different
  learning styles
• a large cafe
• an outdoor seating and study area.

1 Except Saturday nights.

34 |                                                                                                                                                                                    | 35
Experience the University                    WEBINARS
of Reading from wherever                     Access webinars, short videos and
you are in the world.                        online advice sessions covering topics
                                             such as choosing a university, writing
SUBJECT TASTERS                              your personal statement, and the
These free sessions allow you to             student experience at Reading.
explore subjects at degree level and can     We also provide a webinar series and
help you decide if you want to study it at   newsletter specifically for parents and
university. Tasters can include lectures     supporters to help them understand and
and practical sessions, and allow you to     support your journey to higher education.
meet academics and other students.
We offer a range of subject tasters,         PODCAST
virtually and in person.                     Listen to students and staff from the
                                             University of Reading chatting about
FREE ONLINE COURSES                          their experiences and sharing their
Experience what it’s like to be taught by    expertise on our Things I Wish I’d
Reading academics. Explore a diverse         Known podcast series.
and exciting range of free online courses
developed by the University of Reading,
in your own time and on any device.                 Access subject tasters,
Topics include beginner’s robotics, the               webinars and more
future of farming, the history of punk,
understanding the weather, tackling
the climate crisis, Roman architecture,
and many more.

Immerse yourself in our campuses
and experience life with us through
our virtual hub. Take virtual tours to
see inside department buildings, the
Library and other student facilities, view
different types of rooms in halls, and
explore our fantastic green spaces.

36 |                                                          | 37
                         Going to university wasn’t                     The extra-curricular opportunity I am      My advice to anyone who chooses
                         necessarily part of my plans.                  most enthusiastic about at Reading         to study at the University of Reading
                                                                        is the Undergraduate Research              is this: be proactive, be resilient, be
                         I come from a low socio-                       Opportunities Programme. This gave         ambitious. Take advantage of all the
                         economic background and                        me vital research experience, and          opportunities that Reading offers
                         would be the first in my family                I worked closely with my supervisor        and immerse yourself in university life.
                         to enter higher education.                     to create assessment rubrics that can      No matter how small you may feel,
                                                                        measure teachers’ musicianship skills.     go for it. Your potential has no limits.
                         But then I visited the University of Reading   This was a revelation – I was excited
                         on an Open Day and I felt at home. It felt     to do academic writing.
                         like I had been there for years.                                                            Hear from more of our students
                                                                        The skills that Reading helped me learn
                         Little did I know at the time, Reading         and use – both within and beyond my
                         would become the place where my                degree – had raised my aspirations
                         future took flight, building passion           and self-belief; I felt encouraged to
                         for my subject and opening doors               look into postgraduate international
                         to life-changing opportunities.                study. Now, I am a Fulbright Scholarship
                                                                        recipient and will be studying music
                         I am now in the final year of my BA Primary
                                                                        education at a world-class university
                         Education (Music) degree and recently
                                                                        in the USA in 2023/24.
                         found out that I have been awarded
                         a prestigious Fulbright Postgraduate           Without the outstanding teaching
                         Scholarship to study in the USA.               and support I have received here,
                                                                        I wouldn’t have been able to achieve
                         How did I get from there to here?              this massive step towards my goal
                         My goals have been facilitated by              of improving primary music education
                         the University and the amazing wealth          for all children. Every lecture, seminar
                         of opportunities it offers its students.       and tutorial I have attended has been
                         I have participated in various student         led by passionate and knowledgeable
                         voice activities, such as being the            staff – they lit the fire that motivates
                         senior course representative for               me to keep striving.
                         the Institute of Education. Over the
                         years, this role has helped me to
                         develop my confidence and skills
                         in leadership and communication,
                         while also allowing me to champion
                         changes in higher education.

38 |                                                                                                     | 39
Moving to university is the                  BENEFITS                                 ACCOMMODATION                             CLEVER CUISINE                                                                      1 The basic level of contents insurance covers items
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      in your room for fire, theft and flood during term
start of a new adventure and                                                          GUARANTEE                                 Enjoy a wide variety of meals made daily   Depending on the plan you choose,
                                             • Variety. We have nearly 5,000                                                                                                                                          time only. You should check the insurance policy
it could be the first time you’ll              rooms, including quieter lifestyle     You will be guaranteed a place in halls   from fresh ingredients by a team of        each week you’ll receive a set amount      carefully to make sure it meets your needs – for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      example, bicycles are included, but only up to a
                                                                                      if you:                                   skilled chefs through our Clever Cuisine   of money to spend in our outlets, with
be living in your own place.                   areas, and a number of adapted
                                                                                                                                eating plans. We follow seasonality        exclusive discounts of up to 50% off.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      certain value. The policy has several restrictions,
                                               rooms for students with disabilities   • are a new undergraduate who holds
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      such as your laptop not being covered when
Our University accommodation                                                                                                    and a plant-forward approach, aiming       Overall, 90% of students who use           outside your room, but it can be extended and
                                               and special requirements.2               Reading as a firm UCAS choice3
is safe, secure, and located                                                                                                    to put fresh produce at the centre of      our catering plans agree it makes          personalised – for example, to cover your bike
close to our Whiteknights                    • Flexibility. Standard contracts are    • apply for accommodation                 your plate and using meat and fish from    their university life easier.4 Visit
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      or laptop and/or items anywhere in the UK.
and London Road campuses.                      40 weeks or 51 weeks. Choosing a         by 1 August and satisfy any             responsible sources.                       the Clever Cuisine website               2 Subject to availability.
                                               51-week contract means you’ll keep       conditions of your academic offer                                                  to learn more.                           3 In recent years, students who hold Reading as
Our rent prices are all-inclusive, meaning
                                               your room over the summer vacation.      by 6 September of your year of entry.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      their insurance UCAS choice have also secured
that your utility bills, Wi-Fi and basic                                                                                                                                                                              accommodation in our halls. However, you may
contents insurance are included.1            • Security. All halls have dedicated                                                                                                                                     need to consider private accommodation options
                                               security patrols and CCTV.             Other restrictions and requirements may                                                                                         if halls are oversubscribed in your year of entry.
                                                                                      apply; check online for full details.
                                             • Support. Our 24/7 Halls Hotline                                                                                                                                      4 Clever Cuisine Student Survey 2021.
                                               ensures that any halls-related
                                               issues are dealt with quickly.            Explore room options and costs

40 |                                                                                                                                                                                                          | 41
Our award-winning1 Careers                  and the process to secure the right          Industry connections
Team is here to help you                    experiences for you.                         Our students have completed
prepare for your future.                    You’ll have access to career coaching        placements and internships at a wide
                                            sessions, CV and application workshops,      range of organisations including:
In a competitive graduate job market,       and interview skills training to help you
an excellent careers service can help       harness the full benefits of your degree     Amazon                     Marks & Spencer
give you an edge. You’ll start developing   at Reading.                                  Barclays                   Microsoft
your employability as soon as you
                                                                                         BBC                        National
join Reading.                               Placements
                                                                                         Bristol Zoo                Portrait Gallery
This commitment to proactivity has helped   Every undergraduate course at Reading                                   NHS
ensure that 92% of our undergraduates       offers the opportunity to take part in
are in work or further study within 15                                                   International              Operation Wallacea
                                            a placement3 – either as a mandatory
months of finishing their degree.2          or optional part of the course – and an      Clifford Chance            Oxfam
You’ll be able to call upon our support     element on career management. In             Department for             Penguin Books
and resources for 24 months after           fact, many of our students choose to         Work and Pensions          PepsiCo
graduating – particularly useful if you     do a full academic year on a professional    Disney                     Procter & Gamble
decide to take a break or go travelling     placement, and some even secure              EC Harris                  PwC
after university.                           graduate roles at their placement
                                                                                         Environment                The Royal Mint
                                            organisation before they leave university.
EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS                                                                     Agency                     The Telegraph
We’ll help you identify your goals and      UROP                                         EY                         UK Wolf
explore potential career paths through:     Get paid to work alongside academics         Google                     Conservation Trust
                                            on research at the University. Our           Harrods                    Waitrose
• Career and networking events.
                                            Undergraduate Research Opportunities         HSBC
  We run hundreds of career events                                                                                  Warner Bros.
                                            Programme (UROP) lasts six weeks
  throughout the year, attracting local,                                                 Huawei
                                            over the summer break and is a
  national and international companies.                                                  Innocent
                                            fantastic way to discover if you want to
• Online tools and advice. Our digital      pursue postgraduate study or a career        Longleat Safari Park
  employability tools ensure you get the    in academia.                                 L’Oréal
  best possible career and application
  support whenever you need it.             Reading Internship Scheme
• Alternative options support such          Exclusively for our undergraduate
  as postgraduate study, taking time        students, this scheme offers paid            1 ‘Top 20 Best UK Universities for Careers Services,’
  out, or setting up your own business.     professional work experience for four          StudentCrowd University Awards 2022. Our Careers
                                                                                           Team also won the Supporting Student and Graduate
                                            to eight weeks. Past students have             Employability Award from AGCAS in 2020.
GROW YOUR EXPERIENCE                        grown their skills and confidence
                                                                                         2 Based on HESA data, Graduate Outcomes
You’ll be encouraged to undertake as        through internships in areas such as           Survey 2019/20; includes first degree and other
much extra-curricular work experience       marketing, fundraising, web design,            undergraduate responders.
as possible, and we’ll make sure you        sports coaching, social media,               3 Taking part in a placement year/year in industry
understand your options, deadlines,         and community engagement,                      will depend on a number of factors. See inside
                                            to name a few.                                 back cover for more information.

42 |                                                                                                                  | 43
DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS                                              Emily says …
                                                                                         “I enjoy attending events run by the
                         Improve your employability through
                                                                                          Careers Team, especially their webinars.
                         our skills development programmes.
                                                                                          These cover a variety of topics ranging
                         RED Award                                                        from being successful at interviews
                         Our Reading Experience and Development (RED) Awards              to using LinkedIn effectively. They
                         encourage you to undertake activities to develop your            have helped make the job application
                         skills beyond your degree. We have three official skills
                                                                                          process feel significantly less daunting.”
                         awards to choose from: the RED Award, which will support
                         you to gain experience; the RED Sustainable Action Award,
                         which will support you to demonstrate your understanding         Katharyn says …
                         of sustainability and tackling issues facing the world today;   “I have attended a number of sessions
                         and the RED Global Engagement Award, which will support
                                                                                          focused on potential careers. They
                         you to become more globally and culturally aware.
                                                                                          often involve professionals in the field
                         THRIVE Mentoring                                                 so are very useful for networking. I also
                         Connect with a professional mentor in your second year           completed the RED Award, which I found
                         and get advice on your career plans and aspirations. It’s a      really useful for getting work experience
                         useful way to expand your network and is a great addition
                         to your CV, showing motivation and self-development,             and learning what I need in terms of skills
                         plus you’ll lead the partnership to get the most out of          and experience to enter certain careers.”
                         it. Some mentees have gained experiences such as
                         workplace visits, shadowing, interviews, and placements.        Owain says …
                         Our alumni also mentor current students and provide             “I have been to a few lectures on writing
                         careers guidance and opportunities.
                                                                                          my CV and cover letters, and have been
                         Entrepreneurship                                                 in contact with the team for career
                         Whatever your degree subject, you can participate in a           advice. There are so many people at
                         range of extra-curricular activities through the Henley          the University to help with applications
                         Centre for Entrepreneurship (HCfE). These include
                                                                                          and to give advice about future careers.
                         IDEAFEST, an annual student business idea competition,
                         and the Summer Start-Up Boot Camp. HCfE also                     This makes applying for placements
                         supports and sponsors Reading Entrepreneurs, the                 and internships so much easier.”
                         biggest non-sport student-led society on campus –
                         perfect if you’re considering starting your own business
                                                                                                    Discover more about
                         after graduation.
                                                                                                    our Careers support
                         Campus Jobs
                         Get experience and top up your income while studying.
                         Through our Campus Jobs portal, you’ll find thousands of
                         advertisements for part-time, temporary roles on campus,
                         with one-off opportunities and shift work available.

44 |                                                                             | 45
  University is not just                     As a politics student, I’ve always been     I built on this experience through the
  an academic experience,                    interested in advocating for changes        Undergraduate Research Opportunities
                                             to systemic inequalities, and the           Programme (UROP) offered at Reading.
  it is a life experience.                   Community Champions scheme was              Working alongside two academics
  Everyone in my cohort will have an         the perfect opportunity to develop a        on a project called Teachers Like Us,
  undergraduate degree by the time           genuine and practical understanding         I investigated the barriers that minority
  we finish, but not everyone will have      of how I could apply knowledge from         high school students perceive to
  experienced what I have at Reading.        my degree to real-life situations.          becoming teachers. This was my first
  That’s what I’ve always focused on:        When I applied to study at Reading,         proper research project and it was
  being different, finding my skills         I hadn’t considered taking a placement      great; I now have experience working
  and abilities, discovering my passions,    year. In fact, I started my degree          on political issues through the lens of
  and creating my own experience.            with the idea of finishing it as soon       formal research. My project won the
  My university journey has been defined     as possible, but I learned with time        Prosperity & Resilience award
  by the sense of building that the          the importance of building skills and       at the UROP showcase in 2022.
  University of Reading promotes. By         experience and the benefits of taking a     University is a place to focus on
  building, I refer to the idea of carving   year to figure out what direction I would   yourself and make the most of what
  your own path and constructing the         like to follow. I did my placement year     student life has to offer. That’s what
  person that you want to be by the          at the University of Reading, working       has made my experience at Reading
  time you graduate with a great CV.         on the strategy to address and narrow       so good. There are departments and
  I started by completing the RED Award      the awarding gap for students from          staff available to help you every step
  for employability while working part-      minority groups, and it happened to be      of the way, and personalised support
  time off campus. In my second year,        one of the best choices I’ve made so far.   to keep you on track. There are so
  I became the leader of the University’s                                                many clubs and societies, projects,
  Community Champions scheme,                                                            internships, work experience and other
  which works to bring together the                                                      opportunities at Reading, so why not
  local community, its grassroots                                                        make the most of them?
  organisations, and the University
  itself. This role has been the biggest                                                   Hear from more of our students
  motivation behind everything
  I have worked on since then.

46 |                                                                                                      | 47
Before you even start your              We provide a free suite of online            WHEN YOU ARRIVE
studies at Reading, we                  courses to help you get ready                To help you settle in, meet new people,
                                        for university:
work hard to ensure you are                                                          and familiarise yourself with your course,
                                        • Your Essential Guide to                    you’ll be able to take part in our autumn
supported as you transition                                                          Welcome programme of activities.
                                          University Life will help prepare
into university life.                     you for the first few weeks of             • Join induction sessions and activities
BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME                     university so you can make the               with your school.
                                          most of the opportunities on offer.
You can connect with one of our STaR                                                 • Create a bespoke schedule of optional
mentors who are current students        • A Parent and Supporter’s Guide               social and enrichment activities.
trained to support new students.          to University Entry helps your
                                          family and support network to              • Take guided tours of campus
We’ll match you to a mentor who will
                                          understand the university application        and the local area.
email you before you arrive and help
with any questions.                       process, and highlights how they can       • Attend careers and employer sessions.
                                          support you through it. It covers key      • Get involved in dedicated events
We can also help connect you with
                                          decision dates, making the most of           for our international community
local services to set up support for
                                          visits, and where to find information        and networking opportunities.
any existing medical, mental health
                                          on issues such as financial aid and
or general health needs you may have.                                                You’ll also have access to our official
                                          support services.
                                                                                     student app, making it easy to stay up
                                        Find both of these courses on the            to date and access all the information
                                        FutureLearn website.                         you need, including your timetable,
                                        • Study Smart is for University of           support information, latest news
                                          Reading offer holders. This online         and campus maps.
                                          course explains what’s expected of
                                          you as a student, and will help you
                                          to navigate the world of university
                                          education so that you can start
                                          your studies with confidence.
                                        • Stress-Free University Interviews
                                          will be available for those who hold
                                          offers in interviewing subjects. It will
                                          help you to make the most of your
                                          skills, build your confidence, and
                                          enable you to practise those all-
                                          important interview techniques.

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