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2015 Summer Catalog ART+MUSIC - ALL AGES & ALL LEVELS for All Programs
2015 Summer Catalog

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Letter from our Executive Director

                               O   n behalf of our staff, faculty and Board of Directors, welcome to the Community
                                   School of Music and Arts (CSMA) in Mountain View. We are pleased to serve the
                               community by offering outstanding art and music classes, private music lessons, a variety of
                               summer art and music camps and more!

                               This summer, we have a robust camp program, featuring a variety of art and music activities
                               for students in grades K-8. Our camps include Crazy Critters, Project Fashion!, Under the Sea
                               Music & Art, Found Object Jewelry, Arts of Africa, Broadway Bound and Animal Ceramics.
                               Digital arts camps let students get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology.
                                  CSMA’s Art School encourages exploration of a broad range of media for all ages and skill
levels. Sequential classes in ceramics, sewing, watercolor and more develop skills and deepening of personal expression.
Our unique Music School offers private lessons as well as group introductory classes for students who are just beginning their
music education. Our distinguished faculty accommodates students of all levels and aspirations. Summer music workshops
let students focus on their instrument as well as learn composition and ensemble techniques.
Preschool classes in music and art engage children in age-appropriate activities and personal expression. For some, these are
their first classroom experience. Our faculty works with each child and their parents to nurture their participation, learning
and growth.
CSMA also joins with community partners, including Abilities United, AchieveKids and Morgan Autism Center, to nourish
the spark and excitement of creativity. Art, music and dance classes for our special needs students are very popular.
None of our success could be realized without the generous support of government, foundation and corporate funders and
individuals like you who believe in Arts for All. We are grateful for your continued support and the difference you make in the
lives of our aspiring artists and musicians.


Vickie Scott Grove
Executive Director

                                                                                       Financial Aid
                                                                                       Available for
                                                                                       All Programs
                                                                                    In keeping with our commitment
                                                                                        to Arts For All, CSMA offers
                                                                                           tuition assistance to
                                                                                            qualified students.
                                                                                               To apply, visit our
                                                                                            Student Services office
                                                                                           or download the forms at

2                              Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Calendar 2015 Summer Session                                                    Table of Contents
 ART SCHOOL – Important Dates                                                    Summer Camps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-10
 6/22 Summer Art classes begin                                                   Art School
 8/22 Summer Art classes end                                                       About the Art School  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  11
                                                                                   Art Classes at a Glance (by age) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
 MUSIC SCHOOL – Important Dates                                                    Youth/Teen Classes  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-14
 6/26 Summer Private Music lessons begin                                           Teen/Adult Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-17
 6/27 Summer Music classes begin                                                 Summer Music Workshops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
 8/9 Summer Private Music lessons end
      Summer Music classes end                                                   Music School
                                                                                   Private Music Lessons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21
 PRESCHOOL – Important Dates                                                       Music Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  22
                                                                                   Music Classes at a Glance (by age) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  23
 7/7 Summer Preschool classes begin
                                                                                   Getting Started . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  23
 8/15 Summer Preschool classes end                                                 Intro Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  24
                                                                                   Ensembles & Jazz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  25
 6/8 Summer camps begin
                                                                                   About Preschool Art & Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  26
 6/9 Summer Music Workshops begin
                                                                                   Preschool Music Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  27
 8/14 Summer camps end                                                             Preschool Art Classes  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  28

 HOLIDAY CLOSURES                                                                Registration & Policies  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29-30
 (No classes or lessons)                                                         Special Programs & Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
 7/4-7/5 4th of July holiday
                                                                                 Concerts  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
                                                                                 Exhibitions  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Back Cover

                                                  n t h e we b :
                                       Visit usar ts4all.org

 MISSION STATEMENT: CSMA inspires excellence through
 art and music education for people of all ages and abilities.

                                                                                                L ea d e r s h i p F u n d e r s
 CSMA is a 501(c)3 non-profit center for arts education. We rely on
                                                                                                 Hurlbut-Johnson Fund
 donations from foundations, corporations, government agencies
 and individuals to fund programs, operations and financial aid
 for youth and low-income families. CSMA is grateful to its many
                                                                                                                                                                                Group of
 generous donors. For more information, see www.arts4all.org. CSMA                                                                                                         Northern California
 invites you to support Arts for All through a tax-deductible donation.                                                               City of Mountain View
                                                                                                 DreamWorks Animation
 Fed Tax ID #23-7023900                                                                          Charitable Foundation, Inc.
 Info: Bbora Park Nguyen, Development Associate, 650-917-6800 x341
                                                                          Sidney E. Frank
            As a National Guild member, CSMA is committed
                                                                          Ann and                                                      Frank & Denise
            to making arts education available to all.                    Gordon Getty                                                    Quattrone
                                                                          Foundation                                                     Foundation

Summer 2015          Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •                    www.arts4all.org                                                                                     3
Art &
     Summer Session 2015
     June 8 – August 14, 2015

    C     SMA offers over 75 Art and Music camps each year during
          the Spring and Summer semesters. Our camps let students
     explore, create and share the joy of making art, music and new
     In CSMA’s camps, you’ll find:
     • Variety of art and music themes – explore a favorite subject
       or learn something new!
     • Faculty of professional artists, musicians and arts educators
     • Low teacher-to-student ratio for individual attention
     • Relaxing, safe and fun environment
                                                                                                             I N F O
     • Opportunities to work independently and collaborate with
       friends                                                                    • AGES: Summer campers should be entering grades indicated.
                                                                                  • CAMP SIZE: Maximum of 16 children per camp (unless otherwise
     • Flexible enrollment options (half day and full day)
     • End-of-camp exhibitions and performances                                   • DRESS: Please wear clothes appropriate for doing art.
     • Extended day supervision available from 8:30am – 5:30pm                    • LUNCH/SNACKS: Bring sack lunch and snacks for mid-camp
                                                                                    break. Nut-free only, please.
     CSMA Camps… where art, music, memories                                       • Summer Camp enrollees receive one limited edition camp t-shirt
     & friends are made!                                                            free of charge. (Additional shirts available for purchase at $10/each.)

                One-Week Digital Media Camps (Grades 5-12)
                             9:30am – 3:30pm                               $390 per camp (1 wk/5 days)
                                  Bring sack lunch and snacks for mid-camp break. Nut-free only, please.
             No computer art &/or music experience necessary, but basic computer skills a must. MAX: 10 students per camp

    Digital Animation                                 Digital Photography Digital Video                   Have a great idea for a short film that is funny,
    Create your own animated short movies using       Learn to handle your camera in different
    iStopmotion and Adobe Flash! Build your           shooting situations. We’ll cover the functions of   inspiring, beautiful or just plain goofy? Direct
    digital arts skills while creating movies in 2D   your camera, composition, lighting techniques,      your own film, learning the fundamentals of
    stop motion animation and Flash animation.        and taking action shots. Students must provide      video editing and capture. We’ll explore basic
                                                                                                          principles of plot development, storyboarding,
                                                      their own digital camera.
    Mon-Fri               July 6-10, 2015                                                                 camera positioning, timeline, editing, and
    60101                           CSMA Faculty      Mon-Fri              July 13-17, 2015               lighting. Students must provide their own digital
                                                                                                          capture device such as a smartphone or camera.
                                                      60102                          Carmina Eliason
    Mon-Fri             July 27-31, 2015                                                                  Mon-Fri              July 20-24, 2015
    60103                           CSMA Faculty      Mon-Fri             August 3-7, 2015                60100                             CSMA Faculty
                                                      60104                          Carmina Eliason
                                                                                                          Mon-Fri August 10-14, 2015
                                                                                                          60105                             CSMA Faculty

4                                      Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Summer Camps: June 8 – August 14
C   amps taught by our professional faculty offer 2½ hrs of
    daily instruction (Mon-Fri) & meet either in the morning
(9:30am-noon) OR the afternoon (1-3:30pm).
                                                                                EXTENDED DAY SUPERVISION FEES
                                                                                Supervision sessions have course numbers (ex. 50110), which appear at
                                                                                the top of the column of each camp session. NOTE: Be sure to include
                                                                                the applicable supervision enrollment number & fee when you register.
TUITION:                                                                                                                      FEE
• Sessions 1 & 6 (1 week/5 days): $150                                                                  MAX     Sessions 1 & 6    Sessions 2–5
• Sessions 2–5 (2 weeks/10 days): $280                                          8:30-9:30 AM          50        $25/5 days $50/10 days
WAITLISTS: If your child has been wait listed, we will call you if a            12-1 PM / Bring lunch 50        $25/5 days $50/10 days
space becomes available.                                                        3:30-5:30 PM          50        $50/5 days $100/10 days

                                                                                                       Supervision Session # 1
                    Session 1: June 8–12                                                   50110    Morning     8:30-9:30 AM $25/5 days
                   Tuition: $150 (1 wk/5 days)                                             50111
                                                                                                    Lunch       12-1 PM        $25/5 days
                                                                                                    Afternoon 3:30-5:30 PM $50/5 days

            MORNING                     9:30 AM - NOON                                      AFTERNOON                     1 - 3:30 PM

    The Book of Me                              Collage &                       Animals, Animals,                        Fashion Sketch
Francesca Lovecchio
                             Gr K-1            Assemblage                           Animals                         52118
                                                                                                                    Anna Fankhauser
                                                                                                                                               Gr 3-5
                                        52113                       Gr 3-5     52115                      Gr K-1
Tell the story of the one-and-only      Ernest Regua                           Celeste Le Duc                       Love fashion? Love to draw?
you! Draw, paint, sculpt and more.                                                                                  Whether you are experienced or a
                                        Be inspired by great modern            Learn to draw, paint and sculpt
Take an artistic journey through                                                                                    beginner, learn the techniques of
                                        masters and explore expressive         your favorite animals. Be inspired
self-discovery and tell the world all                                                                               fashion illustration and become a
                                        ways of combining drawing and          by the ways animals have been
about you through art.                                                                                              better designer.
                                        painting with collage, decoupage       portrayed throughout the ages

  Venetian Carnival                     and assemblage techniques. Use
                                        pencils, pens, paint, paper, fabric,
                                                                               and create your own amazing
                                                                               animal art!                                    Imagined
52111                        Gr 1-2     wire, found objects and more.                                                         Structures
Anna Fankhauser                                                                    Far East Fables                  52119                        Gr 4-8
Build a gondola, create a mini               Snail Mail Art                    52116                      Gr 1-2    Ernest Regua
Venetian diorama with canals for        52114                      Gr 4-8      Francesca Lovecchio                  Design and build objects of your
your boat, clay figures and fantastic   Heather Morgan                         Celebrate folk tales and fables of   own imagination and creation. Use
Italian architecture. Make a magical
                                        Make books and journals from           the Far East by recreating a world   wood, found objects and more to
mask, and listen to the stories and
                                        recycled materials, make marbled       of dragons, tigers, princesses and   create structures that stretch your
music of the magical Venetian
                                        paper, create your own rubber          cherry blossoms with drawing,        imagination.
                                        stamps and postcards to mail. Use      painting, papier-mâché and more.

       Recycled Art                     collage, painting and printmaking
                                        techniques. Create dip pens from              Watercolor
52112                      Gr 2-3
Debbie Wu
                                        feathers and found materials.
Make something new out of                                                      52117                       Gr 2-3
recycled, repurposed and everyday                                              CSMA Faculty
stuff. Who knows what might                                                    Learn how to paint with watercolor
emerge from the recycle bin and                                                in new and unexpected ways as well
the closet shelf? We’ll cut, paint,                                            as some of the more traditional
decoupage, sculpt and more to turn                                             ones. See how watercolor can be
trash into treasures.                                                          used to marbleize paper and dye
                                                                               fabric. Find out what happens when
                                                                               salt is added to the mix.

Summer 2015         Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •         www.arts4all.org                                                      5
Summer Camps
                  Session 2: June 15–26                                                     50120
                                                                                                          Supervision Session # 2
                                                                                                      Morning     8:30-9:30 AM $50/10 days
                 Tuition: $280 (2 wks/10 days)
                                                                                            50121     Lunch       12-1 PM         $50/10 days
                                                                                            50122     Afternoon 3:30-5:30 PM $100/10 days

            MORNING                   9:30 AM - NOON                                        AFTERNOON                      1 - 3:30 PM

    Art on the Porch                      Art With a Sense                        Environmental                          Animal Ceramics
Celeste Le Duc
                            Gr K-1            of Humor                              Music & Art                       52127
                                                                                                                      Francesca Lovecchio
                                                                                                                                                    Gr 2-3
                                       52123                       Gr 3-5     52125                       Gr K-1
Draw, paint and sculpt art inspired    Rosalyn Carson                         Hillary Orzell                          Calling all animal lovers! Use a
by warm summer days and nights,                                                                                       variety of hand-building techniques
                                       Draw, paint and sculpt art that        Explore    different    ecosystems
fireflies, watermelon, fun times                                                                                      to explore the wide range of objects
                                       shows a sense of humor! Be inspired    around the world and how they
with friends and family and the art                                                                                   you can make with clay...all inspired
                                       by a play on words, imagining a        inspire the folk music from that
of Carmen Lomas Garza.                                                                                                by our wonderful animal friends.
                                       world of opposites, and getting in     corner of the world. Make green

    Feast for the Eyes                 touch with your silly side.            crafts and instruments from
                                                                              recycled materials. Sing, create             Altered States
52121                       Gr 1-2          Found Object                      and celebrate our beautiful planet.     52128                       Gr 3-5
Francesca Lovecchio
From spaghetti to sushi, ice cream
                                              Jewelry                               Arts of Africa
                                                                                                                      Andy Phares
                                                                                                                      Learn to alter books, photos and
to cake, get ready for an extra        52124                        Gr 4-8                                            found objects into original works
                                                                              52126                       Gr 1-2
helping of creativity and fun! Use     Andy Phares                                                                    of art. From faux finishing to
                                                                              Claude Ferguson
pencils, paper, tempera paint,         Learn fun and useful techniques                                                embellishment, deconstruction to
                                                                              Experience the dramatic, influential
clay, glaze and mixed media to         for creating unique jewelry from                                               mixed media layering—have fun
                                                                              styles of art across Africa as you
make delicious-looking art and         found objects like old keys, vintage                                           exploring a variety of mediums and
                                                                              design and make masks, amulets,
personalized table accessories!        or broken jewelry, stones and more.                                            techniques.
                                                                              necklaces, bracelets and textile art.
                                       Explore upcycling: creating jewelry
     Artful Textiles                   from recyclable and save-from-the-
                                       trash items.
                                                                              Use plaster, wax, paint, fabric dye,
                                                                              printmaking, found objects and             Project Fashion!
52122                      Gr 2-3                                             immerse yourself in a rich world of     52129                      Gr 4-8
Claude Ferguson                                                               creativity.                             Jana Perkins
Explore traditional and contem-                                                                                       Want to create your own one-of-
porary art styles and techniques                                                                                      a-kind fashion style? Learn the
from different countries. Use pa-                                                                                     fundamentals of fashion design and
per, cloth and found materials to                                                                                     sketching, and receive hands on
create with block printing, batik,                                                                                    instruction to help you take your
scrap weaving, collage techniques                                                                                     ideas off the page and turn them
and more!                                                                                                             into real pieces of clothing and
                                                                                                                      fashion accessories.

     : Musical component to camp

6                                     Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Summer Camps
                Session 3: June 29–July 10                                                      50130
                                                                                                              Supervision Session #3
                                                                                                          Morning     8:30-9:30 AM $50/10 days
                 Tuition: $280 (2 wks/10 days)                                                  50131
                                                                                                          Lunch       12-1 PM        $50/10 days
                                                                                                          Afternoon 3:30-5:30 PM $100/10 days

             MORNING                     9:30 AM - NOON                                         AFTERNOON                     1 - 3:30 PM

    At the Seashore                               Broadway                             Under the Sea                        Modern Masters
Mary Campbell
                             Gr K-1                Bound I                              Music & Art                      52137
                                                                                                                         Rosalyn Carson
                                                                                                                                                     Gr 2-3
                                         52133                         Gr 4-6     52135                       Gr K-1
Seashells, starfish, sand castles and    Kaye DeVries                             Kyle Sofman                            Look to the masters of 20th century
tide pools are just some of nature's                                                                                     art for inspiration! From painting
                                         Here's your chance to shine as you       Explore music, movement and
bounty at the seashore that will                                                                                         to sculpture, discover new ways
                                         perform a wonderful collection of        rhythm, and create under-the sea
be our inspiration for this class.                                                                                       of seeing and thinking. Explore
                                         Broadway songs. Sing and dance in        art! Projects include an underwater
Use elements of nature along with                                                                                        your potential for super creative
                                         this high-energy music camp with a       mural, paper fish, mixed media sea
traditional art materials to create                                                                                      expression.
                                         chance for every performer to have       creatures, and more. Dance, sing,
beautiful ocean-themed art.

 Enchanted Garden
                                         a moment in the lights! Coaching
                                         and role for every singer add up to a
                                                                                  move and play musical games.
                                                                                                                         Jewelry Making 101
52131                       Gr 1-2
                                         grand finale!                                    Storyland                      52138                       Gr 3-5

Celeste Le Duc
                                         NOTE: This popular camp is offered
                                         twice this summer, split by age group.          Adventures                      Whitney Couch
                                                                                                                         Explore jewelry techniques and
Create an enchanted garden ruled         This camp is for students entering       52136                        Gr 1-2    create your own unique accessories
by a frog prince and filled with         grades 4-6.                  Max: 24     Francesca Lovecchio                    with wire, beads, and more.
magical fairies. Imagine wild                                                     Take a trip into the magical land
garden sprites zipping by on their
dragonfly mounts. Bring it all to life
                                           Advanced Jewelry                       of literary imagination to create               Street Art!
through your drawings, paintings               Making                             art inspired by your favorite tales.
                                                                                  Create your own story book and
                                                                                                                         52139                           Gr 4-8
and sculptures.                          52134                       Gr 4-8       bring your characters to life. Draw,   Celeste Le Duc
                                         Whitney Couch                            paint, sculpt and more.                Susan       O'Malley,      Christopher
   Ceramics Around                       Take your jewelry making skills to                                              Boffoli, Andy Goldsworthy-these
      the World                          the next step. Learn more advanced
                                         techniques to enhance your designs.
                                                                                                                         are just a few of the artists we will be
                                                                                                                         exploring in this camp that focuses
52132                       Gr 3-5                                                                                       on Street and Public Art. Create
Francesca Lovecchio                      Passionate beginners also welcome.
                                                                                                                         stencils, make sidewalk chalk
Let your creative compass travel                                                                                         drawings, explore art created by
to the four corners of the world                                                                                         altering the environment and more.
for inspiration as you learn hand
building techniques in clay. Native
American pots, lotus bowls, dragons
from the Far East, and more.
Design, sculpt and decorate your
pieces with glaze.

    : Musical component to camp

Summer 2015          Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •           www.arts4all.org                                                            7
Summer Camps
                  Session 4: July 13–24                                                    50140
                                                                                                        Supervision Session # 4
                                                                                                    Morning     8:30-9:30 AM $50/10 days
                 Tuition: $280 (2 wks/10 days)                                             50141
                                                                                                    Lunch       12-1:00 PM      $50/10 days
                                                                                                    Afternoon 3:30-5:30 PM $100/10 days

           MORNING                   9:30 AM - NOON                                        AFTERNOON                     1 - 3:30 PM

        Mix It Up!                         Clay Creations                       Fun on the Farm                          Manga Mania
52140                    Gr K-1       52143                  Gr 4-8          52145                       Gr K-1     52148                       Gr 3-5
Jenny Kordosky                        Carrie Ohm                             Kyle Sofman                            Claude Ferguson
Explore and experiment with fun       Turn up the imagination and            Take a visit to Old MacDonald's        Learn this popular Japanese
mixed media. Draw, paint, sculpt,     creativity! Learn basic hand           farm and be inspired to sing, paint,   cartooning style. Create your own
imagine and create!                   building techniques while you          draw and sculpt your own barn full     characters and bring them to life as
                                      make everyday containers and           of fun farm animals in this music      you increase your skills and create
    Forest Explorers                  sculptures.                            and art camp.                          a portfolio of drawings, paintings,
                                                                                                                    and storyboards.
52141                       Gr 1-2
                                              Broadway                             Crazy Critters
Mary Campbell
Explore the redwood forest and                 Bound II                      52146                      Gr 1-2                Mosaica
                                                                             Francesca Lovecchio                    52149                       Gr 4-8
discover the many creatures that      52144                        Gr 7-9
creep about beneath the giant                                                Bring your imagined critters to        Whitney Couch
                                      Kaye DeVries
redwoods: salamanders, frogs,                                                life as puppets and stuffed toys.      Discover the world of mosaics,
                                      Here's your chance to shine as you                                            from the earliest stone and pebble
banana slugs and more. Build an                                              Techniques involve sketching ideas,
                                      perform a wonderful collection of                                             mosaics to beautiful tile mosaic set
environment with ferns, flora and                                            hand sewing, using mixed media
                                      Broadway songs. Sing and dance                                                in plaster. Learn how to plan your
fauna. Draw, paint and sculpt with                                           and embellishments to create these
                                      in this high-energy music camp                                                mosaic pattern, use the proper tools
pencils, tempera paint and clay.                                             one-of-a-kind toys and puppets.
                                      with a chance for every performer                                             for tile mosaic and how to create
      Wild Wheels                     to have a moment in the lights!
                                      Coaching and role for every singer            Outer Space                     mosaic art in different mediums.
52142                     Gr 2-3      add up to a grand finale!              52147                       Gr 2-3
Pat Nyland                            NOTE: This popular camp is             Celeste Le Duc
Design and create your own unique     offered twice this summer, split by    Take a creative journey through the
and wonderful fantasy dream           age group. This camp is for students   galaxy and create art that is out of
machines with found materials and     entering grades 7-9.       Max: 24     this world. Draw, paint, sculpt and
mixed media.                                                                 more.

                                                                                                                        : Musical component to camp

8                                    Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Summer Camps
                Session 5: July 27–August 7                                                   50150
                                                                                                            Supervision Session #5
                                                                                                        Morning     8:30-9:30 AM $50/10 days
                  Tuition: $280 (2 wks/10 days)                                               50151
                                                                                                        Lunch       12-1 PM        $50/10 days
                                                                                                        Afternoon 3:30-5:30 PM $100/10 days

            MORNING                   9:30 AM - NOON                                        AFTERNOON                    1 - 3:30 PM

  Teddy Bear Picnic                      Theater & Music                        Curious About Art                    Making Multiples:
Alyssa Starr
                           Gr K-1            Magic                            52155
                                                                              Pantea Karimi
                                                                                                          Gr K-1    The Art of Printmaking
                                      52152                       Gr 2-3                                            52157                          Gr 2-3
Go on an imaginary trip into the      Kaye DeVries                            A more experimental and creative      Heather Morgan
forest and join the teddy bears for                                           approach to drawing-painting-
                                      Be a star! Connect sound and motion                                           Learn the art of printmaking in all
a picnic. Use your imagination to                                             sculpting techniques. Students will
                                      in this high-energy camp. Drama,                                              of its variations: Japanese block style
paint, sculpt and draw everything                                             work in groups on some projects
                                      songs, movement and more!                                                     printing, stamping, etching, etc. Be
you need for a fun party with your                                            encouraging social interaction and
                                                                                                                    inspired by famous printmakers
favorite stuffed friend.
                                           Cartoon Craze                      collaboration.
                                                                                                                    throughout art history including

The Art of Math and                   52153                     Gr 3-5        Home Sweet Home                       Hokusai and Warhol.

      Science                         Khalid Birdsong
                                      Love comics? Wonder how artists
                                                                              52156                      Gr 1-2         Making Musical
Pantea Karimi
                           Gr 1-2     create them? Write stories, create
                                                                              Jenny Kordosky
                                                                              From A-frames to tree houses,
                                      characters, draw and publish your                                             52158                      Gr 3-5
                                                                              explore the meaning of home for
Did you know that artists were        fantastic stories.                                                            Claude Ferguson
                                                                              people all over the world. What
some of the first scientists and
mathematicians? Come explore
the math and science behind art
                                        Art with Purpose                      makes a home special to you, young
                                                                              architects? Design and create your
                                                                                                                    Discover instruments from around
                                                                                                                    the world, then learn to make and
                                      52154                        Gr 4-8     own domiciles as you draw, paint      play your own versions of them
presented in an age appropriate
                                      Francesca Lovecchio                     and sculpt with a variety of media    using wood, wire, found objects
setting.    Geometry,     fractals,
                                      See how art effects social change       and techniques.                       and mixed media.
ratios, color and media mixing,
                                      in this class. Explore art and social
observational drawing and more.
                                      issues past and present. Be inspired                                            Plaster Casting &
                                      by artists who used their talent to
                                      make the world a better place.
                                                                                                                       Stone Carving
                                                                                                                    52159                        Gr 4-8
                                                                                                                    Andy Phares
                                                                                                                    Learn techniques of the great
                                                                                                                    sculptors with additive and
                                                                                                                    subtractive sculpting. Spend the
                                                                                                                    first week with clay and plaster, the
                                                                                                                    second carving real stone. Display
    : Musical component to camp                                                                                     your works of art at the end of
                                                                                                                    session art show.

Summer 2015        Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •         www.arts4all.org                                                          9
Summer Camps
                 Session 6: August 10–14                                                      50160
                                                                                                           Supervision Session # 6
                                                                                                       Morning     8:30-9:30 AM $25/5 days
                  Tuition: $150 (1 wk/5 days)                                                 50161
                                                                                                       Lunch       12-1:00 PM      $25/5 days
                                                                                                       Afternoon 3:30-5:30 PM $50/5 days

            MORNING                     9:30 AM - NOON                                        AFTERNOON                     1 - 3:30 PM

     Summer Rodeo                         Drawing for Kids                                Got Art?                                Folk Art
       Roundup                            Who Love to Draw                      52165
                                                                                Pantea Karimi
                                                                                                             Gr K-1    52162
                                                                                                                       Francesca Lovecchio
                                                                                                                                                  Gr 2-3
52160                        Gr K-1      52163                        Gr 3-5
Kathleen Shulenberger                    Meiru Huang                            This camp focuses on the               Explore the wonderful delights of
                                                                                fundamentals of art--line, color       Folk Art. Create simple handmade
Calling all cowboys and cowgirls!        See with the eye of an artist!
                                                                                and shape--through a mix of            toys like corn husk dolls and
Get ready to have a rip roarin’ good     Learn to draw realistically using
                                                                                various projects, materials and        jumping jacks, paper quilts and
time in our Western style music and      light and shadow, perspective and
                                                                                ideas to improve skills and enhance    Limner style portraits.
art class.                               proportions in a variety of drawing
                                                                                imagination and the creative

   From the Ocean
                                         mediums      including     graphite,
                                         charcoal, conté, ink, printmaking
                                                                                process.                                Mythical Creatures
                                                                                                                       52168                        Gr 3-5
  Deep to the Milky                      and more.
                                                                                     Mummies and                       Ernest Regua
        Way                                       3D World                            Pyramids                         Journey into exciting ancient stories
52166                     Gr 1-2         52164                       Gr 4-8     52161                       Gr 1-2     to discover fascinating creatures of
Pantea Karimi                            Ernest Regua                           Anna Fankhauser                        mythology! Draw, paint and sculpt
                                                                                                                       a creative mythological adventure.
Go along with scientists who             Use clay, papier-mâché, mixed          Take a boat ride on the Nile, meet
explore the deepest depths of the
ocean and the farthest reaches
                                         media and more to build, create and
                                         explore our 3D world.
                                                                                crocodiles and hippos! Explore
                                                                                the life of King Tut through the           Graphic Novels
of the galaxy. Use your artistic                                                adventures with his cat! Make a cat    52169                      Gr 4-8
talents to design and create your                                               mummy, an Egyptian treasure box        Heather Morgan
own inventions and record your                                                  and shape a clay hippo or crocodile,   Learn the basics of creating your
discoveries.                                                                    play the scavenger hunt by solving     own comics, including story
                                                                                the message in hieroglyphs.            outline, character development,
     Ancient Romans                                                                                                    time sequencing and other drawing
52167                        Gr 2-3                                                                                    essentials. Print your comics to
Anna Fankhauser                                                                                                        share and trade with camp mates.
Discover culture, games and stories
of the Ancient Romans! Make a
Roman shield, a mosaic, sculpt a
hero figure and make a journal full
of facts all around the daily life in
the olden days of Rome.

     : Musical component to camp

10                                      Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Art Classes
   Summer Session 2015
   June 22 – August 22 (8 weeks)

  W       elcome to the Art School at the Community School of
          Music and Arts! CSMA offers a welcoming visual arts
   program for students of all ages and experience levels to explore
   their creativity and master new visual arts skills.
   At CSMA’s Art School, you’ll find:
   • Positive, supportive, pressure-free environment
   • Faculty of accomplished professional artists and arts educators
   • Small class size for personalized instruction
   • A community to enjoy making art with others
   • Flexible program of study for all levels, from beginners to
     experienced artists
   • Student exhibitions throughout the year
   Classes may be taken repeatedly, as curriculums change each
   semester. This allows students to continue building their skills
   and working with a favorite instructor.
   Unleash your creativity at CSMA!

                                                                                                        IN F O
                                                                           • AGES: Students in grades K-12 must be entering grades indicated.
                                                                           • CLASS SIZE: Maximum of 16 students per class (unless
                                                                             otherwise noted).
                                                                           • MATERIALS: List provided at first class. Materials supplied
                                                                             for Children & Youth classes.
                                                                           • DRESS: Please wear clothes appropriate for doing art.
                                                                           • Full semester schedule on page 3.
 Meet Our Art School Staff (left to right)
 Anne Barsi, Coordinator, Art Camps; Linda Covello, Art School Director;   • To read art faculty bios, visit: arts4all.org/meet/art
 Anne Earhart, Coordinator, Finn Center Art Instruction

                                                Art Classes at a Glance
    Gr K-2                                Gr 4-8                           Teen/Adults                            Adult
    2D Techniques                         Fashion Design                   Life Drawing                           Figure Drawing & Painting
    Ceramics                              Young Artists Club               Batik & Tie-Dye                        Painting
    Draw, Paint, Sculpt                   Advanced 2D Studio (Gr 5-8)      Ceramics: Handbuilding                 Sewing I & II
    Gr 3-5                                Gr 6-12                          Ceramics: Wheelthrowing I & II
    Stop Motion Animation (Gr 2-6)                                         Comic Books & Manga
                                          Digital Creations
    Art Studio                                                             Contemporary Collage
                                          Drawing into Painting:
    Ceramics                                                               Digital Photography
                                           Portraits & Figures
    Comic Books & Illustration                                             Drawing II
    Draw, Paint, Print                    Oil Painting
                                          Artist's Portfolio               Landscape Painting
    Painting and Sculpting
      with the Masters                    Ceramics                         Speed Painting
    Real Drawing Basics                   Digital Video Techniques         Watercolor I & II
    Young Architects

Summer 2015        Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •     www.arts4all.org                                                     11
Youth Art Classes
2D Techniques                                                                        Ceramics                                            Stop Motion
Develop drawing and painting skills while
expressing your inner artist! Discover methods
                                                                                     Squish, squash, pinch, pull! Create masterpieces
                                                                                     in clay and learn various techniques for
                                                                                     finishing your ceramic pieces. Learn slab, coil
                                                                                                                                         Ever wonder how cartoons are made? In this
and materials through creative and imaginative
projects and step-by-step techniques. Learn to                                       pinch, and glazing methods.                         class you will learn step-by-step instruction
                                                                                                                                         on how to bring your characters to life from
use charcoal, paint, watercolor, pastel, pen and
                                                                                     Gr K-2                       $150/8 wks             storyboard to finished movie. Learn the basics
                                                                                     51101                           Tue, 4-5:00 PM      of 2D and 3D (clay, Lego) animation. No digital
Gr K-2                                                         $150/8 wks            Francesca Lovecchio                  6/23-8/11      arts experience necessary, but basic computer
Francesca Lovecchio
                                                                    Thu, 4-5:00 PM
                                                                                     Gr 3-5                       $160/8 wks             skills a must.
                                                                                     51102                         Sat, 10-11:30 AM      Gr 2-6                       $160/8 wks
                                                                                     Jonathan Huang                        6/27-8/22
                                                                                                                                         51118                           Thu, 4-5:30 PM
                                                                                                                                         Anne Earhart                         6/25-8/13

                                                                                     Draw, Paint, Sculpt
                                                                                     Build skills and make great projects with paint,
                                                                                     clay, pastels, colored pencils and more. A staple
                                                                                                                                         Art Studio
                                                                                                                                         Develop and improve artistic skills and
                                                                                     of CSMA’s course offerings, this fun class          techniques through creative, challenging
                                                                                     offers an endless variety of projects perfect for   projects. Use diverse materials such as
                                                                                     creative kids who love making art!                  charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, oil/chalk pastels,
                                                                                     Gr K-2                       $150/8 wks             wood, wire, clay and more! Explore expressive,
                                                                                     51153                          Sat, 12-1:00 PM      creative sensibilities along with traditional
                                                                                     Lena Boot                             6/27-8/22     methods in drawing, painting and sculpting.
                                                                                     51137                            Fri, 4-5:00 PM     Gr 3-5                       $160/8 wks
                                                                                     Francesca Lovecchio                   6/26-8/14     51107                        Thu, 5:15-6:45 PM
                                                                                     51138                         Sat, 10-11:00 AM      Francesca Lovecchio                  6/25-8/13
                                                                                     Jenny Kordosky                        6/27-8/22

                                                                                                                                         Comic Books &
                                                                                                                                         Explore the world of comics! Learn drawing
                                                                                                                                         skills to show space and action! Create heroes,
                                                                                                                                         study the classics and discover how words and
                                                                                                                                         images can be combined to make captivating
                                                                                                                                         comics and illustrations.
                                                                                                                                         Gr 3-5                       $160/8 wks

                                                                                                                                         51108                          Mon, 4-5:30 PM
         ent w

                                                                                                                                         Claude Ferguson                     6/22-8/10
              ork b

                                                                                                                                         Draw, Paint, Print
              C Fe y

                                                                                                                                         Learn techniques in pictorial arts using
                 ng; C

                                                                                                                                         traditional and experimental methods of

                                                                                                                                         drawing, painting and printmaking. Students
                                                                                                                                         will use pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor,
                       B oo

                                                                                                                                         acrylic, monotype and more to create unique
                           ks an

                                                                                                                                         and inspired 2D works of art.
                                                                                                                                         Gr 3-5                       $160/8 wks
                                d Illu

                                                                                                                                         51103                         Fri, 5:15-6:45 PM

                                                                                                                                         Francesca Lovecchio                   6/26-8/14
                                                tor C  uc

12                                                                       Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Youth–Teen Art Classes
                                                                                                          Young Artists Club
                                                                                                          Students with special needs can explore their
                                                                                                          creativity with painting, drawing and sculpture.
                                                                                                          Although students throughout the special
                                                                                                          needs spectrum are welcome in all CSMA
                                                                                                          classes, the Young Artists Club is created
                                                                                                          specifically to be a welcoming and comfortable
                                                                                                          place for students to learn skills and explore
                                                                                                          different media while working with a special
                                                                                                          needs art educator.
                                                                                                          Gr 4-8                      $160/8 wks
                                                                                                          51110                          Mon, 4-5:30 PM
                                                                                                          Martina Reiss                       6/22-8/10

                                                                                                          Fashion Design
                                                                                                          Make your own clothes and accessories! With
                                                                                                          hands-on instruction in machine sewing,
                                                                                                          clothing design, patternmaking and more,
                                                                                                          you will create unique designs and clothing.
                                                                                                          Students purchase some materials. List provided
                                                                                                          at first class.
                                                                                                          Gr 4-8                      $160/8 wks
                                                                                                          51111                       Wed, 3:45-5:15 PM
                                                                                                          Wati Grossman                       6/24-8/12
Student work by Vanessa W; Drawing, Painting, Sculpting Studio; Instructor Francesca Lovecchio

                                                                                                          Advanced 2D Studio
Painting &                                             Young Architects:                                  Designed to provide a creative environment
                                                                                                          with challenging projects for more advanced,
Sculpting with the                                     Drafting &                                         motivated students. Projects focus on
                                                                                                          continued skill-building and thoughtful
Get to know famous artists, art forms and
                                                       Explore techniques in perspective, illustration
                                                                                                          exploration of 2D mediums encompassing
                                                                                                          both drawing and painting techniques. Please
                                                                                                          contact Anne Earhart at aearhart@arts4all.org
styles from around the world. Use diverse              and architectural drawing. See how drawing         for more information about prerequisites.
media and materials-acrylic, clay, wood, wire,         and drafting are used in real life as you build
graphite, oil pastel, chalk and canvas-to create       skills with creative, challenging 2D projects      Gr 5-8                      $160/8 wks
sculptures, large-scale paintings and drawings.        and then bring your designs to life with 3D        51150                            Fri, 4-5:30 PM
                                                       mixed media models.                                Andy Gouveia                          6/26-8/14
Gr 3-5                        $160/8 wks
51104                             Tue, 4-5:30 PM       Gr 3-5                         $160/8 wks
Claude Ferguson                        6/23-8/11       51106                        Sat, 11:15-12:45 PM
                                                       Jenny Kordosky                         6/27-8/22

Real Drawing Basics
Learn the basics of line, shadow, composition
and color as you transform sketches into
finished drawings. Fun projects introduce
concepts and techniques using pencils,
charcoal, chalks, oil pastels and more.
Gr 3-5                        $160/8 wks
51105                            Thu, 4-5:30 PM
Claude Ferguson                       6/25-8/13

Summer 2015          Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •            www.arts4all.org                                                   13
Youth–Teen Art Classes
Digital Creations
Explore how professionals use digital media to
                                                   Artist’s Portfolio
                                                   This class is designed to create an environment
                                                                                                        Explore wheelthrowing and learn handbuilding
create characters, scenes and stories. Use the     for more advanced, motivated students to             techniques such as slab, coil and pinch
same cutting-edge tools and techniques as the      develop portfolio work in preparation for            methods. Experiment with simple glazing
pros to make digital drawings and paintings,       Advanced Placement, college/university               methods. Create decorative and utilitarian clay
and create storyboards of your own. Develop        submissions and more. Projects and techniques        pieces. No previous experience required.
drawing skills and knowledge of Adobe              are tailored to the individual artist to build and
Photoshop and Illustrator. No computer art         refine skills and create a polished portfolio.       Gr 8-12                     $190/8 wks
experience necessary, but basic computer skills    Some figure drawing from a live model                51113                          Sat, 12-2:00 PM
a must.                                            included. Please contact Anne Earhart at             Jonathan Huang                       6/27-8/22
                                                   aearhart@arts4all.org for more information
Gr 6-12                     $160/8 wks
51119                       Thu, 5:45-7:15 PM
                                                   about prerequisites.
                                                   Gr 8-12                       $185/8 wks             Digital Video
Asami Akinaga                       6/25-8/13
                                                   51141                         Tue, 5:15-6:45 PM

Drawing into
                                                   Francesca Lovecchio                   6/23-8/11
                                                                                                        Learn visual storytelling and filmmaking from
                                                                                                        pre-production to final cut! Students will learn
Painting:                                                                                               storyboarding, camera and lighting techniques,
                                                                                                        as well as sound and editing via progressive

Portraits & Figures
Learn drawing techniques in pencil, charcoal
                                                                                                        projects that build to a final short movie!
                                                                                                        Gr 8-12                     $160/8 wks
and pen. Progress to color with pastels, colored                                                        51120                           Sat, 4-5:30 PM
pencils, acrylics and watercolor. Students will                                                         Anne Earhart                         6/27-8/22
study from a live, clothed model and learn to
use proportion, light and shadow to create
realistic portraits and figures.
Gr 6-12                     $185/8 wks
51116                           Sat, 1-2:30 PM
Asami Akinaga                        6/27-8/22

Oil Painting
Learn beginning oil painting techniques in
this fun class for teens! Students will learn
painting skills, observation and composition
techniques for a wide variety of subjects. Great
for beginners!
Gr 6-12                     $190/8 wks
51162                        Sat, 2:45-4:45 PM
Asami Akinaga                        6/27-8/22

14                                   Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Teen-Adult Art Classes
             Teen-adult classes are open to student of all levels of experience. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro,
                         small class size & individualized instruction ensure that your class challenges you at your level.

Batik & Tie-Dye                                        Ceramics:                                             Open Studio
                                                                                                        Work with a Live Model!
Learn traditional East Indian techniques of
batik and tie-dye from a master artist. Create         Wheelthrowing I
beautiful, fashionable gifts for family and
friends! Invite your friends to the last class for a
                                                       Learn the art of wheelthrown pottery:
                                                       decorative and useful bowls, vases and more.
                                                                                                        Life Drawing –
tie-dye open session! Materials list provided at
the first class; cost of materials varies. Contact
                                                       Use simple glazing methods to finish your
                                                       pieces. No previous experience required.         Short & Medium
Anne Earhart at aearhart@arts4all.org for info.
Age 13-Adult                   $190/8 wks
                                                       Age 13-Adult
                                                                                  $210/8 wks
                                                                                   Sat, 2:30-5:00 PM
                                                                                                        Length Poses
                                                                                                        Weekly, year-long drop-in class with
51135                            Mon, 4-6:00 PM        Jonathan Huang                      6/27-8/22    no formal instruction. Draw from nude
Mathangi Sundararajan                 6/22-8/10                                                         models (costumed models the first Monday

Ceramics:                                              Ceramics:                                        of each month.) Model provided for several
                                                                                                        short poses followed by two medium poses.

Handbuilding                                           Wheelthrowing II
                                                       Build on skills from Wheelthrowing I to more
                                                                                                        Opportunity to work with other students &
                                                                                                        artists. Bring your own supplies.

Learn skills to make beautiful and functional          advanced work! Students will refine techniques   Drop-in            $10 per session
pieces without using the potter’s wheel.               in throwing, glazing and some handbuilding.            Class is on-going.
Learn slab, pinch and pressed coil techniques          Prior experience in wheelthrowing required.      No pre-registration Necessary.
plus surface decoration, print and glazing
techniques!                                            Age 13-Adult               $210/8 wks                                Mon, 7-10 pm
                                                       51157                         Thu, 6-8:30 PM
Age 13-Adult                   $210/8 wks
51159                             Tue, 6-8:30 PM
                                                       Carrie Ohm                         6/25-8/13
                                                                                                        Life Drawing –
                                                                                                        Long Pose
Carrie Ohm                             6/23-8/11

                                                                                                        Draw from nude models (costumed models
                                                                                                        the first Wednesday of each month.)
                                                                                                        Model holds one long pose for 3 hours.
                                                                                                        Opportunity to work with other students
                                                                                                        & artists. No instructor in class. Bring your
                                                                                                        own supplies.

                                                                                                        Two ways to register:
                                                                                                        Drop-in                $15 per class
                                                                                                        Online             $130/10 classes
                                                                                                        51456                     Wed, 7-10:00 PM
                                                                                                        No instructor                    6/17-8/19

Summer 2015          Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •        www.arts4all.org                                                   15
Teen-Adult Art Classes
                                                                                                          Landscape Painting
                                                                                                          Use oils or acrylics to capture the sensations
                                                                                                          of color, light, atmosphere and texture of
                                                                                                          local landmarks. Paint on location, weather
                                                                                                          permitting. Class meets at pre-designated
                                                                                                          locations throughout the community. Materials
                                                                                                          list provided at the first class; cost of materials
                                                                                                          varies. First class meeting at CSMA.
                                                                                                          Age 13-Adult                  $190/8 wks
                                                                                                          51126                      Sat, 10 AM-12:00 PM
                                                                                                          Robert Schick                        6/27-8/22

                                                                                                          Speed Painting
                                                                                                          Develop your creativity and gain 21st-century
                                                                                                          digital arts skills! Speed painting is used
                                                                                                          by industry professionals to sketch out and
                                                                                                          develop ideas for many types of artwork. Using
                                                                                                          Adobe software and Wacom tablets, learn to
                                                                                                          express your ideas like a pro! Great for anyone
                                                                                                          interested in animation or digital arts!
                                                                                                          Age 13-Adult                  $160/8 wks
                                                                                                          51125                         Thu, 7:30-9:00 PM
                                                                                                          Asami Akinaga                         6/25-8/13
Tideways, Carol Lewis Haywood. Student work from Landscape Painting, instructor Robert Schick.

Comic Books &                                         Digital                                             Watercolor I
                                                                                                          Learn basic watercolor skills and beyond!
Design and draw your own comics and manga!
                                                      Photography                                         Watercolor I will build painting, observation
                                                                                                          and compositional skills. Great for beginners,
                                                      Want to make better photographs? Want to            those who want to hone their fundamental
Learn drawing techniques of classic comic             learn how to use your camera and all of its         skills and to prepare for Watercolor II!
book illustrators as well as character and            buttons? Want to learn photography computer
story development and structure. Note: Older          software to really make your photographs stand      Age 13-Adult                  $190/8 wks
starting age.                                         out? Come learn how to use your camera and          51154                         Tue, 6:30-8:30 PM
                                                      photo editing software to enhance them! Topics      Ernest Regua                          6/23-8/11
Age 16-Adult                  $160/8 wks              covered include camera operations, digital

                                                                                                          Watercolor II
51151                             Fri, 6-7:30 PM      workflow with Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw,
Andy Gouveia                           6/26-8/14      Photoshop and sequencing your photographs
                                                      to build a body of work.                            Progress from Watercolor I and learn more
Contemporary                                          Age 13-Adult                  $160/8 wks            advanced skills with a variety of subject
                                                                                                          matter! Students will build on observational,
A collage (from the French word coller, meaning
                                                      Carmina Eliason
                                                                                   Wed, 7:15-8:45 PM
                                                                                           6/24-8/12      composition and painting skills. Prior to
                                                                                                          enrolling, students should have completed
                                                                                                          Watercolor I or other watercolor instruction.
to glue) is a work of art which combines an
assemblage of different forms to create a
new whole. Explore work by contemporary
                                                      Drawing II
                                                      Students will continue building on their
                                                                                                          Age 13-Adult
                                                                                                                                        $190/8 wks
                                                                                                                                            Tue, 7-9:00 PM
collage artists as you use diverse techniques         skills from Drawing I with more advanced            William Dunn                           6/23-8/11
to reconstruct, assemble and integrate found          techniques, materials and subjects. Students
objects, traditional art materials, discards          should have completed Drawing I or other basic
and your own work to create compelling new            drawing classes prior to enrolling in this class.
artworks! Materials list provided at the first
class; cost of materials varies.                      Age 13-Adult                  $210/8 wks
                                                      51163                            Mon, 6-8:30 PM
Age 13-Adult                  $190/8 wks              Asami Akinaga                         6/22-8/10
51134                           Wed, 6-8:00 PM
Kathryn Kain                         6/24-8/12

16                                     Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Adult Art Classes
Figure Drawing &
Learn to draw and paint while working from
a live model! Begin with basic drawing and
observation steps and move into working with
color. Expand your vision and express yourself
creatively. Great for beginners!
Adults                      $215/8 wks
51124                      Wed, 4:15-6:45 PM
Avery Palmer                       6/24-8/12

Great class for beginners to learn basics, or
returning students to develop skills further.
Paint from photos, observation and artist
reproductions as you study composition,
observation of light, color mixing and applying
Adults                      $250/8 wks
51136                          Thu, 6-9:00 PM
Ernest Regua                        6/25-8/13

                                                  Student work by Corrine Want, Drawing I, instructor Asami Akinaga

                                                  Sewing I
                                                  Learn the basics of machine and hand sewing!
                                                                                                        Sewing II
                                                                                                        Continue building your sewing skills with more
                                                  Create your own patterns and complete your            advanced projects and techniques! This class
                                                  own original garment! Materials list provided         progresses from Sewing I with more complex
                                                  during the first class.                               machine sewing, hand sewing techniques,
                                                                                                        patterns and more! Prior experience sewing on
                                                  Adults                       $190/8 wks               a machine required.
                                                  51152                       Mon, 5:45-7:45 PM
                                                  Kathleen Joynes                     6/22-8/10         Adults                     $190/8 wks
                                                                                                        51158                     Wed, 5:45-7:45 PM
                                                                                                        Kathleen Joynes                   6/24-8/12

Summer 2015        Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •       www.arts4all.org                                                      17
 Summer Session 2015
 June 9 – July 31, 2015

 T   ake your playing to a new level! Our intensive
     music workshops are led by outstanding
 international teams of CSMA & guest faculty.
 In CSMA’s Summer Music Workshops,
 you’ll find:
 • Individual and group instruction for
   every student
 • Solo, small & large ensemble repertoire
 • Digital music instruction in
   composition & recording
 • Music theory sessions
 • Special lectures & demonstrations
 • Opportunity to work with
   accompanists & faculty
 • Student and faculty performances in
   Tateuchi Hall, CSMA’s performance

 Once workshop registration is confirmed,
 students will be asked to provide the
 following info: instrument(s), name of
 private lesson teacher(s), list of five pieces
                                                  Irene Sharp                                         Composing for the
 of music learned in previous six months,
 number of years of private lessons, and
                                                  Cello Workshop                                      Small Ensemble
                                                  Unique workshop with internationally                Students learn to write a 3-5 minute long
 number of years of ensemble experience.          celebrated cellist Irene Sharp. Explore the world   chamber work in a few days of intense
 Registered students will be advised about        of cello music with solos, cello choir, theory      but rewarding composing! Then students
 how/what to prepare for their workshop.          and composition. Students must be taking            rehearse with CSMA faculty, culminating
                                                  private lessons and must submit a video for         with a concert of students' works. Students
 Prereq: Minimum of two years of                  consideration. Send a Youtube or Vimeo video        will learn the composition process and
 private lessons on instrument (unless            link to Marcos Saenz at msaenz@arts4all.org.        notational issues with input from performers.
                                                  Video must include a 2-3 octave A Major Scale       Beginning and advanced composition
 otherwise noted); secure knowledge of            and one solo work that shows your abilities.        students are encouraged to take part. Use of
 music reading at student’s level; faculty        Video should not exceed 5 minutes in length.        Noteflight Notation program will be provided
 approval or audition.                                                                                along with a recording of the concert. Prereq:
                                                  Gr 5-Teen                   $600/6 days             Students must be able to read treble and bass
 Info: Marcos Saenz                               31024                   Sun-Fri, 9 AM-5:00 PM       clef fluently.
 Music Classes Program Coordinator,               Irene Sharp                          6/14-6/19
 msaenz@arts4all.org; 650-917-6800 x332
                                                                                                      Gr 5-Teen                $375/5 days
                                                                                                      31113             Mon-Fri, 9:30 AM-3:30 PM
                                                                                                      Zach Pfeifer                     6/22-6/26

18                                  Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Summer Music Workshops
Digital Music                                     String Quartet                                     ABRSM Level 5
Produce a 4+ minute music project in CSMA’s
                                                  Prereq: Minimum 2 yrs of private lesson on
                                                                                                     Theory Prep
                                                                                                     Prereq: Theory 4 or permission of Class
Digital Lab. Create your own audio piece by       instrument, secure knowledge of music reading,     Coordinator. Prepare for the ABRSM Level
exploring sequencing, composing, recording,       faculty approval or audition. Explore the          5 Theory Exam in an intensive week of study.
digital performance and more.                     possibilities of performing in a string quartet!   Topics covered are those that will be present
                                                  Traditional repertoire and arrangements will       on the exam including intervals, transposition,
Ages 10-18                 $300/4 days            help students improve rhythm, listening,           short score/open score and melodic writing.
31026              Mon-Fri, 9:30 AM-3:30 PM       leadership and other skills needed to create a     This class also helps prepare students for
Marcos Saenz                       6/29-7/2       successful ensemble. Performance will take         AP music classes offered at CSMA. ABRSM
                                                  place on the last day of the workshop.             practice tests and model answers provided to

School Of Rock                                    Ages 9-18                  $240/4 days             each student as part of the course materials.
                                                                                                     Gr 3-12                   $300/5 days
                                                  31023                Tue-Fri, 9:30 AM-12 PM
                                                  Hazelle Miloradovitch               6/9-6/12       31114                Mon-Fri, 9:30 AM-12 PM
                                                                                                     Zach Pfeifer                        7/13-7/17
Work with professional musicians while
learning the ins and outs of creating a rock
group! Topics include: songwriting, stage         Theory 1-3 Combo
                                                  This combination class is designed for older       Train for American
presence, recording, live sound and lots of
hands-on practice. The workshop concludes
with a rock concert featuring the bands created
during the camp, each one playing a mix of
                                                  beginners ages 10-13 (Gr 5-8). Students work
                                                  at a very fast pace to complete the material for
                                                  Theory 1-3 in one week. Age requirements will
                                                                                                     Idol-Vocal Workshop
                                                                                                     Get your vocal chords in gear for your next
cover songs and original music written that       be strictly followed as this class is designed     audition! Receive one-on-one instruction,
week!                                             for upper elementary to middle school aged         improve your sight singing, learn staging,
                                                  students only. Tuition includes: workbook,         and perform solo and group pieces with an
Ages 10-16                 $500/5 days            access to all Music First software in class and    accompanist. Final performance open to family
31116                     Mon-Fri, 9 AM-5 PM      at home.                                           and friends.
Marcos Saenz                        6/22-6/26
                                                  Gr 5-8                     $300/5 days             Ages 11-18                $300/5 days
                                                  31115                 Mon-Fri, 9:30 AM-12 PM       31025                 Mon-Fri, 12:30-3:30 PM
                                                  Zach Pfeifer                         7/6-7/10      Kaye DeVries                        7/27-7/31

Summer 2015        Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •      www.arts4all.org                                                    19
     Summer Session 2015
     June 26 – August 9, 2015 (6 weeks)

     C    SMA offers private music lessons for students of all levels
          and all ages on over 20 instruments, plus voice. In addition
     to providing excellent private instruction, CSMA offers a
     complete music education through opportunities for playing,
     listening, learning and performing.
     In CSMA’s Private Lesson program, you’ll find:
     • Instruction in classical, contemporary, jazz and popular styles
     • Faculty of internationally-recognized professional musicians
       and educators
     • Distinguished Teachers, recognized for their extraordinary
       professional experience
     • Individualized attention, emphasizing development of solid
       music fundamentals
     • Performance opportunities for ensembles and individuals

     Private music lessons take place once a week at a regularly
     scheduled time and may be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.
     Students must have an instrument available for daily practice.

 Private Lessons are offered in:
 Accordion* (Ages 10-Adult)                           Flute* (Ages 8-Adult)                   Suzuki Violin (Ages 4-Adult)
 Bass* (Ages 9-Adult – upright &                      Guitar* (Ages 8-Adult –                 Theory/Aural Training (Ages 7-Adult)
  electric)                                             acoustic & electric)                  Trombone* (Ages 9-Adult)
 Baritone/Euphonium (Ages 10-Adult)                   Oboe (Ages 9-Adult)                     Trumpet (Ages 5-Adult)
 Bassoon (Ages 10-Adult)                              Percussion* (Ages 7-Adult)              Vibraphone* (Ages 9-Adult)
 Cello (Ages 5-Adult)                                 Piano* (Ages 4-Adult)                   Viola (Ages 7-Adult)
 Clarinet* (Ages 8-Adult)                             Recorder/Suzuki Recorder                Violin (Ages 5-Adult)
 Composition (Ages 7-Adult)                             (Ages 4-Adult)                        Voice* (Ages 10-Adult)
 Drums* (Ages 7-Adult)                                Saxophone* (Ages 10-Adult)
 * Specialized Jazz instruction also offered

20                                    Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Your Complete Music Education
  CSMA offers a complete music education through opportunities for learning, playing, listening and performing.

Opportunities for Private                          Components of a                              Please call for rates.

Lesson students include:                        Complete Music Education
                                                                                                How to Enroll in Private Lessons
Discounted Core                                                                                 New Students
Curriculum Classes                                                                              • New student orientation introduces
• Core Curriculum classes offer additional                                                        CSMA’s private lesson program, including
  training in musicianship, composition,                                                          curriculum, calendar, procedures and
  music theory and ensemble.
                                                                                                  policies. Orientation is required of all
• Private lesson students may receive a 50%                                                       new students and must be completed
  discount on one Music Core Curriculum                                                           before registering for private lessons.
  Class fall and spring semesters (Core
                                                                                                  Orientation is available online at: www.
  Curriculum classes are not offered in the
                                                                                                • For questions about orientation and
For info about Core Curriculum classes,                                                           registration, contact Kathryn Sanwick,
please contact the Music Classes                                                                  Private Lesson Program Coordinator,
Coordinator at 650/917-6800, ext 332 or                                                           at 650/917-6800, ext 330, or email
msaenz@arts4all.org.                                                                              ksanwick@arts4all.org.
Workshop Weeks                                   College of Music.
• Workshop Weeks (Fall & Spring only)                                                           Continuing Students
  feature a series of special workshops led    Music Examinations                               • Continuing students receive registration
  by CSMA music faculty. Past workshops        • Many CSMA faculty prepare students for           materials prior to each semester. They are
  have included: Recital Preparation, Music      the Associated Board of Royal Schools            given priority for time/date selection for
  History and Composing Your Own                 of Music (ABRSM), Royal Conservatory             their lessons.
  Music.                                         of Music Development Program (MDP)
                                                 and Certificate of Merit (CM) exams.           Important Private Lesson Policies
Student Recitals                                 CSMA hosts both ABRSM and MDP,
• Student recitals are held each semester.                                                      Refunds
                                                 and is a Founding School for the Royal
  They provide an opportunity for students                                                      • Students may request to withdraw or
                                                 Conservatory MDP exams.
  to perform and gain confidence in front                                                         change teachers within three business
  of an audience of family and friends.        Financial Aid                                      days after the second lesson. A Request
                                               • In keeping with our mission of making            for Withdrawal form is required. After
Merit Scholarships                               the arts accessible to all, financial aid is     this trial lesson period, no refunds or
• Merit Scholarships are awarded to              offered to qualifying students. Please see       teacher changes are granted.
  students in grades K-12 who show a             our Student Services Office for further
  high level of commitment, talent and                                                          Absences and Make-Ups
  achievement in their CSMA studies. To                                                         • We feel strongly that students will see
                                               For more detailed information on our               limited progress unless they are able to
  be eligible, students must be nominated
                                               Private Lesson program, visit                      commit to a consistent, weekly lesson
  by a faculty member and have taken
                                               arts4all.org/study/privatelessons.                 time. If a lesson is missed due to a
  private lessons for a minimum of 1 year at
  CSMA. Merit Scholars and their families                                                         teacher’s absence, a make-up lesson will
  are regarded as the ambassadors of the
                                               Private Lesson Tuition                             be scheduled. There is no school credit,
  CSMA Music School. Merit Scholars have       Summer 2015:                                       reimbursement, or refund for missed
  been accepted to some of the nation’s        June 26, 2015 – August 9, 2015 (6 weeks)           lessons due to a student’s absence and
  most prestigious music programs,                                                                CSMA does not guarantee a make up for a
                                               Lessons                                            missed lesson due to a student’s absence.
  including The Julliard School and Berklee
                                                 30-minute      $259.00
                                                                                                For more information on these and other
                                                 45-minute      $383.00                         Private Lesson Policies, please go to
                                                 60-minute      $509.00                         arts4all.org/study/privatelessons-policies
                                               Tuition is higher for study with faculty
                                               designated as Distinguished Teachers.

Summer 2015       Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •   www.arts4all.org                                                    21
Music Classes
     Summer Session 2015
     June 27 – August 9 (6 weeks)

 W     elcome to the Music School at the Community
       School of Music and Arts! Along with private
 music lessons, CSMA offers group classes in a variety of
 instruments and musical styles, for musicians of all ages
 and experience levels.
 At CSMA’s Music School, you’ll find:
 • Beginning to advanced group classes on numerous
   instruments, plus voice
 • Faculty of internationally-recognized professional
   musicians and music educators
 • Classical, jazz and contemporary styles
 • Fun, challenging and rewarding music classes
 • Classes in music theory, composition, ensemble, and
 • Music workshops, master classes, and camps

 You’re never too old or too young to experience the
 rewards of playing an instrument or singing in a group!

                                                                                                    IN F O
                                                                     • AGES: Students must meet age/grade requirements indicated.
                                                                     • CLASS SIZE: Maximum class size varies per class.
                                                                     • ATTENDANCE: Success depends upon regular student attendance,
                                                                       participation & practice. Please notify teachers in advance of absences.
                                                                     • CORE CURRICULUM: One Core Curriculum class per semester
                                                                       is available at a 50% discount to Private Lesson students. All Core
                                                                       Curriculum classes are open to other enrollees at tuition prices listed.
 Meet Our Music School Staff (left to right)                           (Offered in Fall and Spring only.)
 Marcos Saenz, Music Classes Program Coordinator                     • Summer Session schedule on page 3.
 Carrie Campbell, Music School Director
 Amy Bouchard, Merit Scholar Program Coordinator                     • To read music faculty bios, visit: www.arts4all.org/meet/music
 Kathryn Sanwick, Program Coordinator, Private Lessons

                                Beginning Your Music Education

                     pgs 25-26                      pgs 15              pgs 16-17                     pgs 12-13

22                                 Para más información sobre clases de Música y Arte, llama a servicio AL cliente, 650/917-6800, ext. o
Getting Started!
 Music Classes at a Glance                        Do Re Mi
                                                  Take your first steps into the world of music!
                                                                                                    Fa Sol La
                                                                                                    Continued study of musical concepts and
  Age    4-Gr 2                                   Introduces concepts and fundamental skills
                                                  in preparation for intro classes and private
                                                                                                    skill building learned in Do Re Mi. Students
                                                                                                    develop pitch awareness, unison beat, rhythmic
  Do Re Mi
  Fa Sol La                                       lessons. Classes include singing, ear training,   competency and appreciation for musical
  Intro to Drum Set                               notation, movement and rhythmic games             expression. Formal intro to note reading, form,
                                                  aimed at building solid musical skills. Class     meter, instrument families.            Max: 10
                                                  can be taken multiple times as activities vary
  Gr    3 & up                                    from semester to semester.            Max: 10
                                                                                                    Note: Child must be correct age by class start
                                                                                                    date and must be able to attend without parent/
  Intro to Guitar                                 Note: Child must be correct age by class start    caregiver. Parent/caregiver required to attend
  Intro to Traditional                            date and must be able to attend without parent/   first class.
    Chinese Instruments NEW!                      caregiver. Parent/caregiver required to attend
                                                  first class.                                      Ages 5-7                    $110/6 wks
  Teen-Adult                                      Ages 4-5                    $110/6 wks
                                                                                                    Christina Stein
                                                                                                                          Sat, 11:40 AM-12:20 PM
  Intro to Guitar                                 31001                        Sat, 10-10:40 AM     31005                       Wed, 4:50-5:30 PM
  Intro to Voice                                  Christina Stein                       6/27-8/8    Christina Stein                       7/1-8/5
  Brass Ensemble*                                 31002                     Sat, 10:50-11:30 AM
  Jazz Combos – Interm-Adv                        Christina Stein                       6/27-8/8
  Community Jazz Jam Sessions - Interm & Adv      31003                          Wed, 4-4:40 PM
                                                  Christina Stein                        7/1-8/5

Summer 2015           Community School of Music and Arts • 650.917.6800 •   www.arts4all.org                                                    23
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