Maram Abdulwahab, an Interior Design student at California State University
                                   in Long Beach, California, strives to use design to solve problems and make
                                   things look and function better. She believes that through design we can
                                   improve the quality of life. Maram pays close attention to detail, taking
                                   into consideration not only the requirements of the project, but how users
                                   perceive the experience and use the space. Maram loves working with
                                   people and enjoys the variety of experiences that she goes through in each
                                   design project. For Maram, design is a passion more than a career. Her
                                   personal design style consists of a balance between modern and traditional
                                   and using vintage materials to preserve history. In her free time, she enjoys
                                   drawing, traveling, exploring nature, baking, decorating, and working on
                                   freelance design projects.

Maram Abdulwahab, Student IIDA
California State Long Beach

                                   Kristin Abrahamson is a senior in the interior design program at Texas Tech
                                   University with an unquenchable passion for learning. After graduating
                                   high school, she moved from a small town in New Mexico to pursue her
                                   dreams of a career in interior design. She served as an undergraduate
                                   research scholar through the Texas Tech Honors College and was elected
                                   to be the coordinator of the 2017 West Texas Design Expo, a convention in
                                   October where students can meet representatives from the design industry.
                                   Abrahamson is an intern at Parkhill, Smith & Cooper in Lubbock, Texas. She
                                   looks forward to many more years pursuing the profession of design.

Kristin Abrahamson, Student IIDA
Texas Tech University

                                   Erin Achille, originally from Brookville, Pennsylvania, is an interior design
                                   major and dance minor at The Ohio State University. Interested in hospital
                                   and social impact design, she considers herself creative, self-motivated, and
                                   organized. Traveling and experiencing new cultures inspired her love for
                                   design. At 16, she traveled to Thailand to teach English and build walls for
                                   a school. This year, she traveled to São Paulo with fellow classmates from
                                   a social impact course, where they built a 1,000-book shelving unit for a
                                   library/resource center for homeless residents. Erin enjoyed every phase
                                   of the design process and seeing the positive impact of this project. She is
                                   passionate about sustainability and designing spaces to improve our health
                                   and well-being. When she is not designing, she is teaching yoga or rock
                                   climbing outside.

Erin Achille, Student IIDA
Ohio State University

                                   Alicia Ammann is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is a third year interior
                                   design student at Miami University with a disability studies minor. She
                                   completed two summer internships focused on residential design and a
                                   third where her focus was on a hospital system. During that internship, her
                                   main projects included assisting in space planning for an additional hospital
                                   site and selecting materials for three imaging center waiting areas. Alicia
                                   transferred from Indiana Wesleyan University where she was the liaison for
                                   the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). For 2016-17, she was IIDA
                                   professionalism chair and is president-elect for the 2017-18 year. Alicia plans
                                   to attend graduate school for interior architecture and hopes to have an
                                   emphasis on space planning in her career.

Alicia Ammann, Student IIDA
Miami University of Ohio                                                                                             STUDENT
Rikki Lea Anderson is a senior design student at Texas State University with
                                     a minor in business management. Rikki Lea’s passion for design started
                                     at a young age. Most of her childhood she was surrounded with building
                                     construction and design. She enjoys learning new topics and growing her
                                     skills. Her future goal is to become an architect. When she is not designing,
                                     she loves being outside in the fresh Texas air. On a good day, she enjoys
                                     taking her two dogs swimming in the beautiful San Marcos River.

Rikki Lea Anderson, Student IIDA
Texas State University

                                     Laura Padilla Bailey has spent the last 30 years preparing for her new
                                     role as the interior designer at the firm of Studio Y3. Laura recently hit a
                                     major milestone by graduating with a bachelor’s of fine arts in sustainable
                                     interior design from the School of Arts and Design in Denver, Colorado. Her
                                     education started in architectural drafting and design and then continued to
                                     construction management. Laura has spent over 25 years in the construction
                                     industry. As a construction manager and designer, she has built projects
                                     ranging from $5,000 to more than a million dollars. Over her journey to this
                                     point, she has refined her knowledge and passion for the Interior Design

Laura Padilla Bailey, Student IIDA
Rocky Mountain College of Art +

                                     Emily Beck, who is from Cleveland, Ohio, is a rising senior in the College of
                                     Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State University in Kent,
                                     Ohio. While working toward a bachelor’s degree in interior design, she
                                     has been a student member of the IIDA Kentucky Ohio chapter and has
                                     participated in events such as design charettes and professional panels. In
                                     Kent, as part of the Interior Design Student Collaborative, Emily has been
                                     involved in Relay for Life and the peer mentoring program. This past year,
                                     she spent the spring semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy, focusing
                                     on European design and history. In her spare time, she enjoys refinishing
                                     and redesigning salvaged furniture pieces. Upon graduating in May 2018,
                                     Emily plans to explore her interest in furniture and product design, as well
                                     as expand her design experience through working in commercial and
                                     hospitality design in the Cleveland, Ohio, area.
Emily Beck, Student IIDA
Kent State University

                                     Lyra Britton, who is on track to graduate with an associate’s degree from the
                                     College of DuPage interior design program in December 2017, is passionate
                                     about networking and learning opportunities in the Interior Design field.
                                     She is the College of DuPage president of the American Society of Interior
                                     Designers (ASID) Student Chapter and secretary of the IIDA Student
                                     Chapter. As a student, she participated in the ASID Designer Charette in
                                     February 2017. She received second place in recognition of outstanding
                                     performance in ASID Illinois Designer Charette. Lyra completed an internship
                                     with Ware Malcomb in Oak Brook, Illinois, from August 2016 to December
                                     2016. Next, she plans to attend Columbia College in Chicago to obtain her
                                     bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Lyra Britton, Student IIDA
College of DuPage                                                                                                    STUDENT
Courtney Brown is a fourth year student studying interior design at Illinois
                                State University. She is interested in commercial design, specifically the
                                study of how design affects the deaf community. Courtney is a volunteer
                                teacher’s assistant for the Commercial Studio II class at Illinois State
                                University’s interior design program. When she is not volunteering or
                                studying, she works two jobs. Courtney is a color guard instructor at
                                Normal West, where she oversees around 20 high school students. She also
                                works with the university architect, where she has learned about Autodesk
                                programs, construction documents, and interacting with clients. She intends
                                to pursue a graduate degree while further studying how space can better
                                accommodate the deaf community.

Courtney Brown, Student IIDA
Illinois State University

                                As of May 2017, Jocelyn Camacho has finished her third year in the Interior
                                Design Program in the School of Design and Construction at Washington
                                State University. Jocelyn’s junior year has helped her grow as a student
                                and aspiring designer. This year she has participated in local IIDA Charettes
                                that took place in Seattle, Washington (Where she Placed 1st) and Phoenix,
                                Arizona. She has been involved in her school through the performing arts
                                program by being an assistant student in the set design team, as well as
                                obtaining a part time job in a fast food restaurant. This summer, she looks
                                forward to returning to Tijuana, Mexico as a participant in the Esperanza
                                International Organization where she will volunteer on a mission trip.
                                Jocelyn loves drawing, traveling, and buying second hand furniture and
                                giving them makeovers.

Jocelyn Camacho, Student IIDA
Washington State University

                                Yubailu Cao is a graduate interior architecture student at Arizona State
                                University. Throughout her studies, she spent time learning about different
                                disciplines of design, including hospitality, education and commercial
                                design. She has had opportunities to extend her academic knowledge
                                to the practical domain by being an interior design intern at architecture
                                firms in both the U.S. and China. In 2016, she was fortunate to win the IIDA
                                Student Pride Award in IIDA Southwest chapter. Apart from the above, she
                                has a keen interest in oil painting, traveling around the world, and most
                                importantly spending time enriching her design mind. She is enthusiastic
                                and passionate about interior design and architecture.

Yubailu Cao, Student IIDA
Arizona State University

                                Mel Casipit is a recent graduate of the interior design program at San Jose
                                State University. She was named IIDA’s 2017 Most Valuable Volunteer, and
                                has been an advocate for student IIDA members while serving as president
                                of the Interior Design Student Organization at SJSU. Mel has interned for
                                One Workplace and IA Interior Architects in Santa Clara, California, where
                                she practiced the design of built environments of Silicon Valley’s most
                                famous tech companies. Mel hopes to continue her professional career in
                                design as someone who strives for a strong community and groundbreaking
                                design. Ambition, storytelling, and love for human interaction drives her in
                                all her creative endeavors.

Melissa Casipit, Student IIDA
San Jose University                                                                                             STUDENT
Joyce Choi is an interior design student at California College of the Arts.
                                    She likes space designing, developing concept ideas, and creating material
                                    palettes. She likens interior design to designing a building’s personality.
                                    Outside of her professional life, she likes to travel, take photographs, hiking,
                                    spending time with dogs, discovering new restaurants, and learning more
                                    about sustainability to protect nature. She gets inspired by her experiences
                                    in existing spaces, going to national parks and being surrounded by nature.
                                    Joyce has a special connection to Chicago because it’s where her parents
                                    studied, met and got married and where she was born. She is honored to be
                                    able to represent California College of the Arts and participate in the IIDA
                                    Charette at Chicago.

Joyce Choi, Student IIDA
California College of the Arts

                                    Kristin Collins is a junior interior design student attending Michigan State
                                    University and will graduate in the spring of 2018. She is from Grand Rapids,
                                    Michigan, and comes from a family of green-blooded Spartans. She didn’t
                                    know much about interior design upon entering college but has fallen in
                                    love with it since her freshman year. She is currently employed by the MSU IT
                                    Department as the facilities design intern and works as an assistant grader
                                    for interior design classes. She hopes to pursue commercial design after
                                    graduation, and has special interests in healthcare and office design. She
                                    wants to thank God, her family and fiancé, and her professors for getting her
                                    to this point, and IIDA for this amazing opportunity.

Kristin Collins, Student IIDA
Michigan State University

                                    Delilah Collins is a student at the Art Institute of Colorado-Denver and will
                                    be graduating in September with her bachelor’s degree in interior design.
                                    She has more than 15 years of experience in the commercial flooring
                                    industry and looks forward to breaking into the commercial/hospitality
                                    design industry from a different angle. Originally from Chicago, she was
                                    raised in an architectural treasure of a city and has a deep respect for
                                    architectural history and design. When she’s not focused on homework, she
                                    likes to spend time with her fur babies and explore the mountains with her

Delilah Collins, Student IIDA
Art Institute of Colorado

                                    Lauren is a junior in the interior design program at Kendall College of Art
                                    and Design located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She grew up just north of the
                                    city with her parents and little brother. Interior design and architecture have
                                    always been a strong interest. She grew up drawing floor plans and home
                                    exteriors in her sketchbooks and took architecture classes at the local art
                                    museum. She enjoys visiting her cabin on Drummond Island, spending time
                                    with family and friends, and she loves visiting beautiful Lake Michigan. Her
                                    education at Kendall has been a wonderful privilege to have thus far. A few
                                    of her accomplishments include being elected to the board for the KCAD
                                    IIDA Michigan Chapter and acquiring an internship position in Salzburg,
                                    Austria. She is elated to be involved in field of interior design and is looking
                                    forward to seeing what new technologies and innovations the future holds.

Lauren Copping, Student IIDA
Kendall College of Art and Design                                                                                      STUDENT
(KCAD)                                                                                                                 DESIGN
Marlen Cruz is an interior design student at California State University, Long
                                    Beach. She believes that design plays an import role in our daily lives. Her
                                    design philosophy comes from creating spaces that promote inclusiveness
                                    regardless of social status, race, and age. As an interior designer, she values
                                    the ability to transform and enhance the way a human being perceives and
                                    interacts with her surroundings. Whether it is hand sketching, collaging,
                                    or developing digital renders, she varies the way she develops a project.
                                    Besides being a designer, she likes to work out and read in her spare time.
                                    She has found that balance should not only be applied in design, but in
                                    every aspect of our lives.

Marlen Cruz, Student IIDA
California State University, Long

                                    Rosamaria DiCristoforo is a senior majoring in interior design at Miami
                                    University. Over the past four years, Rosamaria has discovered a strong
                                    passion for design. Rosamaria’s design approach begins with abstract concept
                                    models and sketches while focusing on creating a narrative for the users of
                                    her space. Rosamaria has participated in a variety of design competitions
                                    including IIDA’s Student Design Competition, IIDA’s Booth Design Competition
                                    at Orgatec, and IIDA’s Product Runway. In addition to designing, Rosamaria
                                    has also worked toward a history minor while at Miami and is involved with the
                                    PHI Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity. Rosamaria shares her love of design
                                    by giving tours to perspective students in the department of Architecture +
                                    Interior Design. This summer, she will begin working for Berardi Partners in
                                    Columbus, Ohio, as a product coordinator. Rosamaria is very excited to have
                                    this opportunity to represent Miami and gain experience in the industry.

Rosamaria DiCristoforo, Student
Miami University of Ohio

                                    Lindzey Duval is a graduating senior at Texas State University, originally
                                    from a small town near Houston. Throughout her childhood and teenage
                                    years, she was a competitive dancer. She found interior design allowed her
                                    to tap into the same creativity she used in dance to tell a story and evoke
                                    emotions. She believes showcasing clients or users in a personal light can
                                    make a project memorable and successful. During her time at Texas State,
                                    she has been actively involved in her university and in the interior design
                                    program. She’s served in multiple officer positions, including president
                                    for her IIDA student chapter, where she had the opportunity to lead, find
                                    a deeper passion for design, and grow as a person and young designer.
                                    After graduation, she plans move to Chicago to pursue her career in interior
                                    design and continue to share her passion and love for design with others.

Lindzey Duval, Student IIDA
Texas State University

                                    Tess Eisnaugle is pursuing a degree in interior architecture with a minor in
                                    construction management at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,
                                    with plans to graduate May 2018. She is from Franklin, Tennessee, where
                                    her three sisters, parents, and grandparents live. She is involved with many
                                    professional organizations on campus including IIDA, Interior Design
                                    Alliance (IDA), and Associated General Contractors (AGC). She is one of the
                                    2017 IIDA scholarship recipients for the Tennessee Chapter. Her passion for
                                    this industry is fueled by her love of learning and blending design concepts
                                    to create her own brand. She loves that the industry is always adapting and
                                    growing. Tess is inspired by the desire to create an environment that people
                                    can relax in and enjoy. She loves to meet new people and hear about the
                                    vision they have for their space.

Tess Eisnaugle, Student IIDA
University of Tennessee                                                                                               STUDENT
at Chattanooga                                                                                                        DESIGN
Lorraine Ensley is an interior design student in her third year at O’More
                                       College of Design. She is a Nashville transplant and speaks English, German,
                                       and bad French (which improves with wine). She enjoys watercolor
                                       painting, working with children, reading, inventing, limited mechanics, and
                                       daydreaming. Post-graduation she would like to enroll in a master’s program
                                       for architecture. She hopes to work in the commercial sector and mingle
                                       with industrial design.

Lorraine Ensley, Student IIDA
O’More College of Design

                                       Growing up, Janet Estrada, a student at Madison Area Technical College,
                                       never imagined she would become an interior designer. Interested in many
                                       different things, it wasn’t until later in life that she discovered that her love
                                       and desire to arrange furniture was actually a profession. During the past
                                       three years, she has developed technical skills such as AutoCAD, Sketch-Up,
                                       Hand Rendering and most recently 20/20. The Interior Design industry is
                                       her passion. She loves creating efficient and beautiful spaces. After taking a
                                       commercial design class, she fell in love with creating functional commercial
                                       spaces that reflect a company’s core values, culture and mission. Her
                                       career goals are to find the perfect commercial design job, become a great
                                       commercial designer, to always love what she does, and to commit to the
                                       fullest in every project.

Janet Estrada, Student IIDA
Madison Area Technical College

                                       Joy Faust is a senior majoring in interior design at the Art Institute of
                                       Pittsburgh - Online Division. Originally from California, she lives in Columbia
                                       (Fort Jackson), South Carolina. Her broad-mindedness was prepped by
                                       growing up in liberal California. Supporting her now-retired husband’s
                                       globe-trotting career in the U.S. Army, she had great honor and pleasure of
                                       living in and visiting several U.S. states, including Kansas, Colorado, Nevada,
                                       Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri, Virginia, and Florida.
                                       She has lived in and/or visited Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Austria, and
                                       Czech Republic. Joy has been exposed to many people and cultures, which
                                       allowed her to understand, accept, and explore the unknown. She embraces
                                       ethnic and cultural diversity with reverence and respect. Her intention as
                                       an interior designer is to apply these experiences to providing exceptional
                                       design solutions.
Joy Faust, Student IIDA
Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Online)

                                       Avery Fiant, a senior at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
                                       who is studying interior design, is graduating in December of 2017. She
                                       works for a designer in Warsaw, Indiana, helping with floor plans and
                                       renderings as well as running a shop with inventory. She also interns at the
                                       Recovery Room in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she organizes the fabrics and
                                       helps assist clients. She is passionate about interior design and loves to be
                                       creative when designing spaces. She loves to get inspiration from traveling
                                       around the world and visiting new places around Fort Wayne. Her dream is
                                       to eventually have her own design firm, which would reflect her design skills.
                                       She loves learning new elements of design and showcasing her designs to

Avery Fiant, Student IIDA
Indiana University Purdue Universi-                                                                                        STUDENT
ty Fort Wayne                                                                                                              DESIGN
Laurel Ganem is a graduate student at the George Washington University.
                                   Her desire to create and curate environments emerged during her time as
                                   a workplace wellness consultant, which led her to pursue a master’s degree
                                   in interior architecture and design. Since attending GW, she has become
                                   involved in several professional organizations, won an interdisciplinary
                                   venture competition, and represented her class on the Student Advisory
                                   Council. Laurel is a design intern for Sunrise Senior Living, where she
                                   supplements the theoretical with real-world experience. Her favorite aspect
                                   of this industry is the idea that you can create something beautiful that is
                                   both functional and improves the quality of people’s lives. Her professional
                                   goals include using design to improve well-being. She aspires to work for a
                                   firm or consultancy that utilizes evidence-based design to enhance quality
                                   of life, particularly at a large scale.
Laurel Ganem, Student IIDA
The George Washington University

                                   Huichun (Eva) Gao is originally from Shanghai, China and currently lives in
                                   San Diego. She started in interior design in 2015 at the Design Institute of
                                   San Diego. She is currently a senior and expects to graduate in August. She
                                   was a fine arts major at UCSD until her sophomore year when she decided
                                   to do something more practical. Then, she found that interior design is a
                                   perfect combination of aesthetic and functional considerations. She has
                                   experienced both residential and commercial design in her course work
                                   and she is most interested in pursuing a career in commercial design. Last
                                   year, she participated in the IIDA Southern California Student Charette and
                                   won first place. Subsequently, she went to the Western Regional Student
                                   Charette in Phoenix, Arizona. She enjoyed getting to know other students
                                   and professionals in the field.

Eva Gao, Student IIDA
Design Institute of San Diego

                                   Nick George, an interior design student at The Art Institute of Atlanta, has
                                   been interested in architecture and design since childhood. Creating beautiful
                                   and functional spaces is where he finds his “zone.” He considers his strongest
                                   skill to be his ability to listen to clients’ wants, needs and preferences for their
                                   living and work spaces and then creating an environment unique in concept
                                   and execution. He likes designing in all aesthetics – traditional, contemporary,
                                   coastal, eclectic, shabby chic – and making sure that all elements work together
                                   in a pleasing way for a space that is both beautiful and functional. He sat on the
                                   board of directors for the IIDA Campus Center at The Art Institute of Atlanta
                                   while serving as president of the association and thoroughly enjoyed the
                                   experience of promoting and implementing IIDA core values. He has been very
                                   involved with the Tiny House movement, and was fortunate to build his own tiny
                                   home in Atlanta.
Nick George, Student IIDA
The Art Insitute of Atlanta

                                   Hannah Germansky is a third year interior architecture student with two
                                   minors in architecture and nonprofit administration at the University of
                                   Oregon. She has been a member of IIDA since 2015 and serves as the
                                   secretary of the campus center. She enjoys both large and small scale design
                                   and is interested in the way in which human experience and diversity of
                                   culture contributes to the built environment. She aspires to one day be
                                   able to design schools and other facilities for under-served communities
                                   abroad. She studies interior architecture, not only because she loves the
                                   field, but also because she sees the potential to make a difference through
                                   design. Other passions include art, photography, and travel. Having had
                                   the opportunity to explore many different cities around the U.S., she is
                                   continuously inspired by each of these cities unique styles, cultures and of
                                   course, architecture.
Hannah Germansky, Student IIDA
University of Oregon                                                                                                      STUDENT
Abby Gross graduated from Mount Vernon High School in the spring of 2015
                                 and is a student in the interior design program at Kirkwood Community
                                 College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Throughout the program, she became more
                                 and more involved with IIDA and the Kirkwood Student Interior Designers
                                 group. She was also chosen to represent Kirkwood at the National IIDA
                                 Student Conference in Houston, Texas, where she won the Student Design
                                 Charrette. Her interest is in commercial design and she hopes to find an
                                 internship position that has the possibility of leading to a full time job. She
                                 plans to retake the LEED exam to become a LEED GA. As she gains more
                                 work experience, she wants to prepare to take the NCIDQ exam to become a
                                 registered interior designer.

Abigail Gross, Student IIDA
Kirkwood Community College

                                 Zione Grosshuesch is a native Michigander, born and raised in Ann Arbor.
                                 She graduated in April from Western Michigan University’s CIDA accredited
                                 interior design program with a general business minor. She held a position
                                 as the vice president of the Interior Design Student Organization and was
                                 a member of the IIDA campus chapter. Her extensive background in art,
                                 history, environmentalism and community activism has provided her with
                                 unique life experiences, as well as an innovative creative outlook. Above
                                 all else, however, Zione values her travel experiences. She aims to infuse
                                 elements of observation, impression, and versatility into her designs,
                                 while still maintaining transparent communication with clients and other
                                 designers. Her principal goal is to continually challenge herself, while
                                 accepting criticism with open-mindedness.

Zione Grosshuesch,
Student IIDA
Western Michigan University

                                 Christy Harleaux received a bachelor’s degree in interior design and minored
                                 in architectural history at Louisiana State University. While enrolled at LSU
                                 she achieved her credential for LEED Green Associate. She is involved in
                                 IIDA and NEWH (Network of Executive Women in Hospitality). In school,
                                 Christy completed various types of projects, including retail, hospitality,
                                 corporate, and sustainable design. For her senior thesis project, Christy
                                 designed a hotel that focused on universal design and children with
                                 physical disabilities. The project consisted of research about the site and
                                 building, code compliance analysis, space planning, rendering, and FF&E
                                 specification. Christy will be working at Montgomery Roth Architecture and
                                 Interior Design in Houston, Texas, and is looking forward to beginning her
                                 career as a designer.

Christy Harleaux, Student IIDA
Louisiana State University

                                 Carmen Jenkins is a rising senior studying for a bachelor’s degree in interior
                                 design with a minor in graphic design at The University of Alabama. In
                                 addition, she currently serves as the IIDA Campus Center vice president.
                                 The Alabama native discovered she loves using her imaginative ideas and
                                 creativity to improve the life and well-being of others through interior
                                 design. Her inspiration comes from her passion for nature, travel, and art, as
                                 well as elements from the modernist movement and mid-century modern
                                 style. She’s heavily drawn to commercial design and architecture, while
                                 continuing to explore the many possibilities of this industry. She uses her
                                 interests in ergonomics and psychology to better understand the needs of
                                 people. As a detail-oriented designer, Carmen trusts that allowing design to
                                 constantly challenge her is what drives her passion. She firmly believes in
                                 investing time into people on a professional level.
Carmen Jenkins, Student IIDA
University of Alabama                                                                                              STUDENT
Ayelet Klammer is currently finishing up her associate’s degree in interior
                                     design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, with plans
                                     to pursue a bachelor’s degree in interior design in the fall. Professionally,
                                     she works as a design assistant at J. Mark Interiors showroom on Long
                                     Island. She is a student representative for the IIDA Knowledge Forum in New
                                     York City, where she organizes student events. She and another student
                                     representative moderated one of the IIDA Knowledge Forum panels.
                                     She is also a member of ASID. Her inspiration has always been imagining
                                     innovative, creatively organized, and well-designed spaces. She looks
                                     forward to bringing her knowledge, skills and passion for interior design to
                                     her work.

Ayelet Klammer, Student IIDA
Fashion Institute of Technology

                                     Leah Lingsch is an interior design major from Indiana University of
                                     Pennsylvania. She is fortunate to be a part of IIDA at Indiana University,
                                     making many friends and participating in many activities. She has served
                                     in various roles at her school’s campus center, including president from
                                     August 2016 to May 2017. Some of her hobbies are working out, playing
                                     video games, and paper craft. She also enjoys spending time with her family,
                                     eating delicious food, and going for walks with her dog. In her career, she
                                     is interested in commercial design and space planning. She always finds
                                     it exciting to collaborate with a team to create creative and interesting
                                     projects. She is eager to learn and grow in the Interior Design field.
                                     Currently, she is living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Leah Elizabeth Lingsch,
Student IIDA
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

                                     Surabhi Maheshwari is a transfer student from India, currently in her senior
                                     year of a bachelor’s degree program in interior design at Seminole State
                                     College of Florida. Her love for interior design developed when she was
                                     a child. She believes that design is all about smart thinking and common
                                     sense. Along with thinking smart, you have the world’s entire freedom
                                     to be creative. You can literally imagine anything to produce a functional
                                     and aesthetic solution. She is amazed at how smart thinking can make a
                                     huge difference in the way anything works, including spaces and furniture.
                                     She is an adventurous person and loves traveling, camping, hiking and
                                     photography. She enjoys reading comics - her favorite being Asterix - and
                                     loves outdoor sports – basketball, racquetball, table tennis and swimming.
                                     She spends her free time watching movies and cooking.

Surabhi Maheshwari, Student IIDA
Seminole State College of Florida

                                     Ashley Malone loves beautiful things! Art, design, and fashion are her
                                     everything in life. Everything should challenge you in life or evoke some
                                     sort of emotion from you and, if not, get rid of it. Her family is full or
                                     artistic talents from design to art to music. Her family traveled to many
                                     different countries purely to study the art and architecture. She graduated
                                     from Georgia State University with a bachelor’s degree in art history and
                                     political science. After graduating, she began working at an interior design
                                     firm, which gave her the foundation for her job as director of design and
                                     corporate art for DK Gallery. She is currently furthering her education in
                                     interior design at Savannah College of Art and Design. She is a member of
                                     IIDA, ASID, NEWH, ICAA, GAIDP, MODA, and Young Professionals at the
                                     High Museum of Art.

Ashley Malone, Student IIDA
The Art Institute of Atlanta                                                                                         STUDENT
Nicole Manno is a junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interior design at
                                   Southern Illinois University. She is a student member of IIDA and the current
                                   president-elect of her university’s ASID Student Chapter. Nicole has been
                                   on the SIU Dean’s List for three consecutive years and has recently been
                                   invited to join the Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society through the SIU School
                                   of Architecture. Nicole’s passion is interior design. She loves being involved,
                                   traveling, meeting new people, and enjoys the various experiences a degree
                                   in the design field can provide. She has participated in various professional
                                   visits and taken part in a week long internship with Childs Dreyfus Group
                                   and shadow days with HKS and Whitney Architects. Her personal design
                                   style can be described as contemporary comfort and often takes inspiration
                                   from snapshots of every day encounters. Nicole’s goal is to work in a large
                                   city setting, such as Chicago.
Nicole Manno, Student IIDA
Southern Illinois University,

                                   Hannah Martin is a junior at the Art Institute of Portland, Oregon. She loves
                                   interior design because it’s all about telling the stories of the company,
                                   brand or people who inhabit the space. She is interested in the science
                                   behind how our buildings can influence how we feel and behave. She loves
                                   to use biomimicry-- the imitation of models, systems, and elements of
                                   nature -- as a means to innovate healthier interiors. She takes a lot of design
                                   inspiration from the outdoors. In true Pacific Northwestern fashion, she loves
                                   to hike, climb rocks, and explore the wonderful rivers in Oregon. She finds
                                   great value in learning from the past. In her designs, she believes the most
                                   sustainable and green method is to reuse what we already have, and, as a
                                   result, she loves to incorporate salvaged materials into her designs.

Hannah Martin, Student IIDA
Art Institute of Portland

                                   Makayla Matsche is studying interior design at Madison College. After
                                   starting out as a psychology major at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens
                                   Point, she realized that her true passion was designing homes. She decided
                                   to make the switch, move away from home, and start her interior design
                                   journey. She loves working on floor plans, treating them like puzzles to
                                   figure out the best new configuration for the client. By using multiple tools
                                   together, such as AutoCAD and SketchUp, designs can really come to life
                                   and can be easily visualized by clients. She appreciates all aspects of design
                                   and isn’t committed to one area in particular. She takes pride in the fact
                                   that she’s very organized and timely. She wants to grow and develop as an
                                   interior designer in as many ways as possible.

Makayla Matsche, Student IIDA
Madison Area Technical College

                                   Christine Migliore is from Manalapan, New Jersey, and a 2017 graduate from
                                   Philadelphia University’s interior design program. She has been a member
                                   of IIDA for the past four years and served as the co-president of her student
                                   chapter. She also served on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the College
                                   of Architecture and Built Environment as a liaison between the students
                                   and faculty of the school. She enjoys traveling and studied architecture
                                   across Europe through a study abroad program. This inspired her to return
                                   to Europe recently to experience Ireland, Italy and Spain. She is looking
                                   forward to beginning her career at an architecture firm in Princeton, New

Christine Migliore, Student IIDA
Philadelphia University                                                                                              STUDENT
Born and raised in the city of Portland, Jessy Miguel-Sixto learned to
                                     appreciate the beauty of nature, local craftsmanship, and the city’s culture.
                                     By maintaining a curiosity about the world around her and engaging with
                                     society, she evolved to become the designer she is today. Through her
                                     college career, she gained skills to comprehend how surroundings can affect
                                     an end-user. Her aspiration is to create spaces that showcase innovation and
                                     creativity with the well-being and personal development of users in mind.
                                     She plans to embrace design in this age of unending opportunities.

Jezarely (Jessy) Miguel,
Student IIDA
Art Institute of Portland

                                     Arianna Milla is on track to graduate from the New Jersey Institute of
                                     Technology with a bachelor of arts in interior design and a minor in
                                     environmental studies and sustainability in May of 2018. She started a career
                                     as a preschool teacher before she realized her passion was in architecture
                                     and design. She gathers inspiration from the works of Zaha Hadid and
                                     Frank Gehry. She celebrates the use of biomorphic forms, curvilinear lines,
                                     and organic shapes in her designs. Currently, her goal is to pursue a career
                                     in commercial office design. She believes the careful design of an office
                                     is immensely important to the way a person feels, not only physically but
                                     mentally. It is also her goal to take part in building sustainable environments,
                                     based on the understanding that our behavior and choices affect our planet
                                     directly. Her hobbies include calligraphy, watercolor painting and reading.

Arianna Milla, Student IIDA
New Jersey Institute of Technology

                                     Lany Ray is on track to graduate from The Art Institute of San Antonio with
                                     a bachelor’s degree in interior design in June 2017. Her hope right now is
                                     to work for a commercial architecture and design firm where she can grow
                                     as a designer. Every day, Lany practices her favorite computer programs
                                     for construction documents, renderings, and presentations. She also
                                     loves to hand-sketch when she can. To her, every sketch is a piece of art.
                                     Serving the design community for over three years, Lany understands the
                                     importance of communication and positive attitude. She enjoys being a part
                                     of a design team and constantly learns new skills that will add value to her
                                     portfolio. Lany is an active student member of IIDA, NKBA, and NEWH. She
                                     is looking forward to giving back to the design community through these

Lany Ray, Student IIDA
Art Institute of San Antonio

                                     Macy Niemisto is an interior design student at Michigan State University
                                     with an expected graduation date of May 2018. She grew up in the Upper
                                     Peninsula of Michigan where she first interned as a high school student at
                                     Karen R. Larson Interior Design, Inc (KRL). KRL is where Macy fell in love
                                     with the interior design profession. Today, as she continues her education
                                     at MSU, she works as a resident assistant in the on-campus residence halls
                                     and is a peer educator for the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence
                                     Prevention Program. This summer, Macy will continue to work for Karen
                                     R. Larson Interior Design, Inc. as a junior designer and also as an event
                                     assistant at Knots and Kisses Weddings and Events in Marquette, Michigan.
                                     Upon graduation, Macy hopes to work for an interior design or architectural
                                     firm that specializes in building preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation.

Macy Niemisto, Student IIDA
Michigan State University.                                                                                              STUDENT
Pamela Ospina is a third year interior design student at New Jersey Institute
                                     of Technology. She is goal-oriented, self-motivated, and strives to meet
                                     human needs through her passion for design. As an interior design student,
                                     she has gained skills that have helped her expand and grow by taking on
                                     new challenges. She creates dynamic and functional spaces for individuals,
                                     while also thinking about how to make them sustainable. In her free time,
                                     she enjoys swimming, running and having fun in the sun!

Pamela Ospina, Student IIDA
New Jersey Institute of Technology

                                     Clarissa Quintana is currently a junior at Texas Tech University in Lubbock,
                                     Texas, majoring in interior design with a minor in architecture. She has been
                                     a member of the American Society of Interior Designers since her freshman
                                     year. She is excited to take on the full responsibility as president for ASID
                                     in the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. She is also a member of the IIDA
                                     at Texas Tech. She works as a student assistant at Texas Tech University
                                     Housing Services Facility. She enjoys working with TTU Housing, where
                                     she has great mentors in the design field. Clarissa is excited for all the new
                                     opportunities that the upcoming school year will bring and she is looking
                                     forward to graduating in spring 2018.

Clarissa Quintana, Student IIDA
Texas Tech University

                                     Tineke Reali is a junior at Bellevue College in Washington State. Growing
                                     up traveling with her father she developed a love of design early on. Her
                                     experiences throughout the U.S. as well as in Germany, France, and Italy
                                     instilled in her an appreciation for the full breadth of design and its history.
                                     After initially pursuing an education in computer sciences, she returned
                                     to this passion by working to complete a bachelor’s of interior design. In
                                     addition to her studies, she is active in the interior design community in
                                     the greater Seattle area. She is the vice president of the Bellevue College
                                     Interior Design Student Association as well as a regular participant in IIDA
                                     events. As a designer, Tineke has just recently started working on real world
                                     projects, predominantly in the realm of restaurant and residential design. On
                                     the rare occasion when she is free, she enjoys spending time with her family
                                     as well as tucking in with a good book.
Tineke Reali, Student IIDA
Bellevue College

                                     A Chicago-area native, Julia Richardson is a Columbia College senior studying
                                     interior design. As a young person, Julia was an enthusiastic oil-painter and
                                     sketch-artist. As she grew older, a deep curiosity for the sciences developed.
                                     Studying interior design was a natural progression, which married her great
                                     appreciation of visual art and her profound interest in science and logistics.
                                     Travel informs Julia’s designs. From exposure to Scandinavian design in
                                     Norway to experiencing Caribbean architecture in Antigua, international
                                     influences can be found throughout her work. Julia collects textiles and
                                     ceramics from her travels; she is enthused by their minute detail and textures.
                                     Julia finds inspiration in all forms of nature, including spring leaves, Midwest
                                     birds, and snowy vistas. In her down time, she can be found outside, hiking,
                                     gardening, or snorkeling. Julia hopes to apply her interior design skills to
                                     benefit nature conservation and animal advocacy.
Julia Richardson, Student IIDA
Columbia College Chicago                                                                                                STUDENT
Suzanne Sabia is a senior at The University of Alabama, graduating
                                    with a bachelor’s degree in interior design in May 2017. Originally from
                                    Philadelphia, Suzanne enjoys change and placing herself in new cities where
                                    she can experience new environments. She chose to study interior design
                                    to create spaces that generate positivity and enhance the well-being of our
                                    everyday lives. Suzanne is the president and founder of The University of
                                    Alabama IIDA Campus Center. She began the Campus Center to encourage
                                    fellow students to reach their full potential. Students represent the future
                                    in design and connecting with them is extremely valuable. As an aesthetic
                                    enthusiast, she remains creatively challenged by the element of surprise in
                                    a design. She continues to be driven by her belief that notable designers are
                                    the ones ambitious enough to make a significant contribution to the field of
Suzanne Sabia, Student IIDA
University of Alabama

                                    Alanna Sanchez, who was born in Colorado Springs and raised in Grand
                                    Rapids, Michigan, is a senior at Kendall College of Art & Design. Design is
                                    Alanna’s “happy place.” She grew up with two younger sisters, so handling
                                    conflict is her specialty. She is a framer at Hobby Lobby as well as an intern
                                    at Charter House Innovations. She will be president of KCAD IIDA in the
                                    fall. She loves surrounding herself with people who share her passions. She
                                    works best when she is able to collaborate with others. She has a deep love
                                    for sushi, cats, gardening, and Chicago.

Alanna Sanchez, Student IIDA
Kendall College of Art and Design

                                    Alex Scott is a junior interior design student at Washington State University
                                    within the School of Design and Construction. As a student in the interior
                                    design program, Scott learned that designs can be fun, and quirky, but also
                                    tell a story for the occupant. The intention for his designs is to include these
                                    aspects into every environment. He is interior design ambassador for the
                                    School of Design and Construction, vice president of the WSU ASID Student
                                    Chapter, Honor Society student member, and a student member of IIDA.
                                    These activities give him the leadership skills and design knowledge to
                                    succeed in life after college. After he graduates, his goal is to work within a
                                    city for a design firm focusing on commercial design.

Alex Scott, Student IIDA
Washington State University

                                    Tom Sembros comes from Long Island City, New York, and is pursuing a
                                    degree in interior design at the New York School of Interior Design. He is
                                    currently the IIDA New York Knowledge Forum student representative.
                                    During the past academic year, he was a Knowledge Forum student
                                    moderator for a panel discussion about transportation design. Panelists
                                    included designers at top design firms in New York, including Gensler,
                                    Grimshaw Architects, Skidmore Owings and Merrill, and di Domenico and
                                    Partners. During the spring semester, he co-moderated a panel discussion
                                    about “planning your job search” for students, with designers and
                                    representatives from Rockwell Group, Gensler, and Haworth. Additionally,
                                    he leads the activities and events for the Contract Club at the New York
                                    School of Interior Design, a networking and educational group that arranges
                                    student tours at top interior design firms and showrooms.
Tom Sembros, Student IIDA
The New York School of Interior                                                                                        STUDENT
Design                                                                                                                 DESIGN
Naja Shabazz is from Memphis, Tennessee. She holds a bachelor’s degree
                                in English and is pursuing a second bachelor’s in interior design at O’More
                                College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee. Sustainable design is her passion.
                                She speaks three languages (English, Spanish, and Arabic) and hopes to use
                                these languages to reach a broad base of clients.

Naja Shabazz, Student IIDA
O’More College of Design

                                Born and raised in Chicago, Emily Skudlarek is currently pursuing her degree
                                in interior architecture from Columbia College in Chicago. When she was 10,
                                her family moved to London, where she spent four years of her life traveling
                                the world and exploring other cultures and communities. This introduced
                                her to the important role diversity plays in everyday life. Always creative,
                                energetic and curious, Skudlarek initially thought of design as a hobby. But
                                after a year studying engineering at Purdue University, she realized that she
                                wanted to pursue a career in design. She has the goal of using sustainable,
                                green design to bring communities together, and make her world a better
                                and more beautiful place to live.

Emily Skudlarek, Student IIDA
Columbia College Chicago

                                Laila Miada is a student at Western Michigan University. She was born in
                                Puerto Rico and raised in Pontiac, Michigan, and Grand Blanc, Michigan.
                                Growing up with a large Puerto Rican family, she wanted to pursue a
                                creative career that would allow her to be a storyteller like all of the women
                                in her family before her. She tells a story through design by seeing the “big
                                picture” and paying close attention to even the smallest details. She works
                                hard to ensure that every space should speak for the user and reflect what
                                they stand for and believe in. She also aspires for each project to challenge
                                the status quo through innovative design. After graduating from the interior
                                design program at WMU, Laila hopes to work in commercial design, helping
                                companies share their own stories in the spaces they work in every day.

Laila Miada, Student IIDA
Western Michigan University

                                Jamie Tyler is entering her fourth and final year in the interior design
                                program at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. On campus, she is the
                                president elect of the Interior Design Student Collaborative, a student-run
                                organization. She also works with Student Success programs at Kent State,
                                which allows her to teach an orientation course to first year interior design
                                students. She is a student member of IIDA, ASID, and the Construction
                                Specifications Institute. Through IIDA, she has had the opportunity to
                                participate in design charrettes, professional panels, networking events, job
                                shadows, and volunteer work such as Zero Landfill and Relay for Life.

Jamie Tyler, Student IIDA
Kent State University                                                                                            STUDENT
Before attending Cal State Northridge, Clarence Vong studied at several
                                 community colleges and an art center. While in community college, he
                                 took courses related to architecture, interior design, product design, and
                                 transportation design. Those courses helped build a foundation for design
                                 and later meshed with his interior design major. One reason he pursued
                                 interior design is because during high school he took an architecture class
                                 and was fascinated with drafting. As he was drafting lines for walls, he was
                                 able to envision the structure. He has a passion for both architecture and
                                 interior design. However, he would like to focus and learn about the internal
                                 parts of a building before he starts on the exterior.

Clarence Vong, Student IIDA
California State University,
North Ridge

                                 Jonathan Wallace is an interior design student at The Ohio State University.
                                 He has lived in Ohio his entire life, growing up in Lorain, Ohio. He graduated
                                 from Open Door Christian School in 2014. Jonathan chose to pursue a career
                                 in design because he grew up with a love for art and architecture. Interior
                                 design seemed like a practical field he would enjoy. He studied architecture
                                 in Rome, Italy, during the summer of 2016 and participated in a service-
                                 learning course with a trip to Sao Paulo in the spring of 2017. He began a
                                 space planning and design internship with Chemical Abstract Services in
                                 the Spring of 2017, and will continue working with them full time throughout
                                 the summer. Jonathan Wallace loves his Christian community, his family, and
                                 traveling with friends.

Jon Wallace, Student IIDA
Ohio State University

                                 ZiHui Alice Xu, currently an interior design senior student at California
                                 College of the Arts, is graduating this year. A Chinese-Canadian, her love
                                 for international design and culture strengthened even more after moving
                                 to San Francisco to study interior design. Throughout her years at CCA, she
                                 has learned new skills and professional knowledge. Her goal is to use her
                                 skills, plus the experiences she has gained through traveling, to alter the
                                 atmosphere of interior space and develop better living environments for

ZiHui Alice Xu, Student IIDA
California College of the Arts

                                 Katherine Zerr was born and raised in Colby, Kansas. She found her passion
                                 for interior design while she was working for a residential and commercial
                                 designer during high school. She was influenced by her dad, who graduated
                                 from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. After
                                 pursuing an associate’s degree in general business at Colby Community
                                 College, she is now finishing her third year in the interior design program
                                 at Kansas State University. She also manages a high-end speakeasy bar in
                                 downtown Manhattan, Kansas. Her passion for interior design continues to
                                 grow as she learns more about the profession. She is interested in focusing
                                 on education or healthcare design after graduation and is looking at
                                 opportunities to make her way to a larger city.

Katie Zerr, Student IIDA
Kansas State University                                                                                           STUDENT
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