Student & Parent Handbook 2020 - 2021 - Christina Alcalde - Pinecrest Lakes Academy

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Student & Parent Handbook 2020 - 2021 - Christina Alcalde - Pinecrest Lakes Academy
Student & Parent Handbook
                     2020 - 2021

                       14012 Old Hwy 50
                      Minneola, FL 34711
                     Phone: 352.223.4482
                       Fax: 352.708.4240

 Christina Alcalde                  Jennifer Jimenez
   Principal                        Assistant Principal

Student & Parent Handbook 2020 - 2021 - Christina Alcalde - Pinecrest Lakes Academy
What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are tuition-free, non-profit, self-managed, entities that enroll Lake County
public school students. They must be approved and monitored by the local school board,
yet they are run independently. Charter schools are funded by state and local monies and
are open to any student residing in the Lake County School District who would otherwise
qualify to attend a regular elementary or middle school in Lake County.

Administration and Support Staff

Christina Alcalde                                Jennifer Jimenez
Principal                                        Assistant Principal     

Stephanie Kinsler                                Victoria Farren
Dean of Students                                 ESE School Specialist     

Carole Goldstein                                 Tonya Carson
School Counselor                                 Speech Language Pathologist   

Pinecrest Academy, Inc. Board of Directors Information

Corporate Address                          Mailing Address
14301 SW 42nd Street                       6340 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33175                            Miami, FL 33143

Phone (786) 388-3258
Alternate Phone (305)669-2906

Board of Directors
Judith Marty, President & Chair
Shannie Sadesky, Vice-Chair
Juan Molina, Secretary
Erin Demirjian, Director
Carlos Alvarez, Director
Carlos Coello, Director

Procedures for adding items to the board meeting agenda and filing complaints:
Board meeting schedules are posted outside of the main office. Items may be added to the
board meeting agenda by contacting Kelly Mallon at (305) 669-2906 at least 5 days prior to
a scheduled board meeting. Complaints may be filed by contacting Adri Lima at
(305) 669-2906.


The mission of Pinecrest Lakes Academy is to:
Individualized instruction, in a
Nurturing environment,
College and career success, using
Rigor, relevance, and relationships to
Students to become
Tomorrow’s global leaders


Empowering lifelong learners with knowledge and values required for productive global


Pinecrest Lakes Academy utilizes a character education program called Positive Behavioral
Supports (PBIS). We have created school-wide behavioral expectations that students are
taught and expected to display throughout our school building. In addition, a system of
incentives and consequences has been implemented to ensure student success in
maintaining our expectations.

We expect all students to S.O.A.R.:

S. – Strive to Do Your Best
O. – On Task Always
A. – Always Work Together
R. – Respect Yourself and Others


      Kindergarten & 1st Grade:                   8:30 am – 2:15 pm daily*
      2nd - 5th Grade:                            8:30 am – 3:00 pm daily*
      Middle School:                              8:45 am - 3:30 pm daily*

     * Wednesday Dismissal – K-1st at 1:30 p.m., 2nd-5th at 2 p.m. and Middle at 2:30 p.m.*


Arrival time begins at 8:00 am. Any student arriving after 8:30 (elementary)/8:45 am (middle)
will be issued a late pass. Any child who is not in their classroom by 8:30 (elementary)/8:45

am (middle) will be marked “TARDY”. These students must report to the main office to obtain
a tardy slip in order to be admitted into their classroom. Any child who accumulates 10
tardies will be issued a referral.

Students who arrive before 8:00 am will be sent to the before-care program. Parents will be
responsible for the before-care charges for students not currently enrolled. Please note, if a
student is not enrolled in the before-care program, and arrives prior to 8:00 am, a daily fee of
$10 will be charged.

        All vehicles must enter the school through the entrance driveway and drop off
         students in the designated drop off/pick up areas only.
        Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to park or leave their vehicles
         unattended in the drop off/pick up areas.
        Parent will not be allowed to park unless they have a volunteer or conference slip.


Records should be kept regarding students’ method(s) of transportation to and from school.
A list of these records should be posted in the classroom and included in lesson plan binder.
Any student going home with a friend must have a signed note by their parent or legal
guardian submitted to their child’s classroom teacher. If someone other than those listed in
the student’s information card will be coming to pick up a child, the parent must notify the
school ahead of time.

We will be using the Silent Dismissal program. Below you will find the basic process for Silent

 This is the basic process for Silent Dismissal.

       1. Parent arrives in car line
       2. Student number is entered by staff into
          mobile device
       3. Information is transmitted wirelessly to
          the server
       4. Server processes number and staff
          location for action
       5. Appropriate information is sent to
          classroom via Internet
       6. Information is displayed in classroom
       7. Student receives information and
          leaves classroom
       8. Staff records student departure with
          one touch
       9. Student leaves in car

Students will remain with a faculty member for 15 minutes after dismissal. Students who are
not picked up 15 minutes after dismissal time will be sent to after-care and will be issued a
late fee of $1/minute up to 15 minutes. Any student who has not been picked up by the end
of dismissal will be sent to after-care and will be charged the $10 daily after-care fee.
Students departing outside of the School’s designated times who are not participating in a
school-sponsored educational activity or club must be enrolled in the after-care program.
Please be advised that Pinecrest Lakes Academy is not responsible for students remaining on
campus after the school’s dismissal times, except for those who are enrolled and pay fees for
the after-care program. When registered or attending any extra-curricular activity, students
must be picked up within five minutes of dismissal. Any student who has not been picked up
within five minutes, will be charged $1 per minute (i.e. clubs, tutoring, sports, etc.).

      Each student will receive a car decal with a unique pickup number.
      All vehicles entering the school driveway must display their car decal(s) and/or phones
       on the left side of the vehicle dashboard.
      Vehicles will only be allowed to lineup at the dismissal carpool line 10 minutes prior to
       their child’s scheduled dismissal time. All other parents will be asked to park.
      Students will be called using the Silent Dismissal program to the pick-up area where
       they will be escorted to their vehicles.
      Parents are discouraged from picking up students enrolled in the aftercare program
       during regular dismissal times.
      Only those parents whose child/ren are enrolled in the PreK4 or after-care program are
       allowed to park during dismissal times.

In addition to the issuance of citations from local law enforcement, Pinecrest Lakes
Academy will implement the following consequences for violation of these rules:

   1. Documented warning
   2. Incident report
   3. Administrative meeting for breach of contract

Drivers should be extremely cautious of students getting in and out of cars during arrival and
dismissal. In order to assist the school with traffic, parents MUST remain in their cars during this
time. Students being picked-up will wait in the dismissal area. Students may not cross in front
of cars to get in or out of their vehicle. ALL VEHICLES must line up single-file, entering the
property and drive forward to the drop-off/pick-up area. Students should not be dropped-
off or picked up in any other area including the staff parking area.

Students who are picked up before regularly scheduled dismissal (on a regular school day)
must be signed out by a parent or guardian in the main office. Students will not be released
to persons whose names do not appear on the emergency contact card. A photo ID must
be shown in order to release a student from the premises. NO EXCEPTIONS. In case of an
emergency, if a person not listed on the emergency contact card must pick up a student,
the parent/legal guardian must fax or email a signed statement with a copy of their driver’s
license allowing that person to pick up their child on that specific day/or make adjustments
via the web or on the mobile app up until 30 minutes prior to child’s dismissal. It is the

parent’s responsibility to come to the main office and add that person to the emergency
contact card and/or Silent Dismissal for subsequent days. Students will not be dismissed 30
minutes prior to dismissal time. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.


Administration MUST approve ALL students that are considered walkers. A list of walkers will be
kept in the main office and ONLY these students will be considered walkers to/from school. In
order to be a walker, students must live within 2 miles of the school. Proof of residency will be
required for approval.
    During ARRIVAL times, walkers will enter school through the office/cafeteria doors.
    During DISMISSAL times, walkers will be released at dismissal time.


Transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the parent. Pinecrest Lakes
Academy will not provide student transportation.


Pinecrest Lakes Academy has established a before and after school care program available
on campus. It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to contract and pay for such services
at their option and discretion. Please contact the school office for detailed information on
how to register for the before and after school care program at our school or visit the
school's website:

      Morning Care Hours:                     7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
      Mini-Care (K-1 only):                   2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
      After Care Hours:                       Dismissal – 6:00 p.m.

All payments made for before and/or after care are done through and
Tuition Express.


Failure to pay all outstanding fees may result in the loss and/or suspension of extra-curricular
activities and field trip privileges. Fees may include but shall not be limited to: lost books, late
library fees, lunch accounts, before/after care fees, and any and all fees which may accrue
in the normal course of the school year. Failure to pay any outstanding fees owed to the
school can also delay withdrawal from school or affect re-enrollment for the following school


Pinecrest Lakes Academy will abide by the School District of Lake County Student Attendance
Reporting Procedures and Guidelines.

ATTENDANCE RULES [SBP: 5.40] the expectation of the School Board of Lake County, Florida, is
that all students will be in attendance each day of the school year.
   1. Parents/guardians are responsible for the attendance of their children within the
      compulsory school age (6 through 18 years of age) (Florida Statutes, §1003.21) unless
      the child files a formal declaration of intent to terminate school enrollment with the
      district School Board at age 16. The declaration must acknowledge that terminating
      school enrollment is likely to reduce the student’s earning potential and must be
      signed by the student and the student’s parent/guardian. Parents/guardians who
      refuse or fail to have a child in school commit a misdemeanor, punishable as provided
      by law. [§1003.21(1)(c), Florida Statutes].
   2. A habitual truant is defined by law as a student who has 15 unexcused absences
      within 90 calendar days, with or without the knowledge or consent of the parent or
      legal guardian. §1003.01(8), Florida Statutes. Accumulated tardies and early
      departures shall be considered unexcused. Three unexcused tardies or early releases
      will equal one unexcused absence for the purpose of defining a habitual truant.
      Families receiving public assistance for a student through the State of Florida WAGES
      program may have that assistance withdrawn if the student is classified as truant.
   3. Students and families violating the state truancy law may face court action.
      [§§1003.27 and 1003.29, Florida Statutes]
   4. Students with excused absences are responsible for making arrangements with the
      teacher to make up work and assignments missed while absent. Please understand all
      missed work is due within five days after their return to school with the following
      • tests or exams assigned prior to absence will be taken on the day student returns to
      school unless there are extenuating circumstances;
      • work assigned prior to absence and due while absent, will be due on the day
      student returns to school;
      • long-term assignments must be turned in on the day the student returns to school,
      e.g. book reports, research papers, etc.;
      • students checking in and out on the day a long-term assignment is due must turn the
      assignment in by the end of that school day for it to be accepted as on time.

Elementary and Middle School
   1. Whenever a student of compulsory school age is absent or tardy without the
      permission of the person in charge of the school, the parent/guardian of the student
      will, within the grading period after the absence or tardy, report and explain in writing
      the cause of such absence or tardy to appropriate school personnel.
   2. Excused absences or tardies include:
              • illness or injury of the student
              • illness or injury of the student’s immediate family necessitating the student’s
              absence – immediate family includes, but is not limited to parent, brother, sister,
              grandparent, aunt, uncle, legal guardian or person in loco parentis, or member
              of the household.
              • death of a member of the student’s immediate family

• doctor or dental appointments which cannot be scheduled outside of school
                • pre-arranged absences of educational value and with the principal’s prior
                approval - The request for pre-arranged absence must be at least five days in
                advance to be excused unless there are extenuating circumstances. Pre-
                arranged absences can be for no more than five days and only one pre-
                arranged absence will be granted per school year.
                • recognized religious holidays
                • judicial actions – subpoena/summons: Juvenile Detention Center
                 All other absences or tardies are considered unexcused.
   3.   Students may participate in academic field trips without being counted absent, if all
        required work is made up.
   4.    More than 10 excused/unexcused absences in an 18 calendar week semester is
        considered to be excessive. A written statement of a licensed practicing physician
        verifying an illness or injury must be provided after that point for the absence to be
        considered excused. In cases where a student is experiencing a long-term illness or
        injury, only one written statement of a licensed practicing physician is required. At ten
        absences, student will receive an attendance referral in order to document excessive
   5.   Students and families violating the state truancy law may face court action.
        [§§1003.27 and 1003.29, Florida Statutes]
   6.   Absences: Students with any absences are responsible for making arrangements with
        the teacher to make up all work and assignments within five days after their return to
        school. Arrangements to make up work are to be made with the teacher and are the
        responsibility of the student.
   7.   Parent/Guardian notification/unexcused absence appeals:
        • On the fourth unexcused absence within 90 calendar days, a letter will be sent to
        parent/guardian informing them of the compulsory school attendance law and their
        legal obligation to follow the law. Legal actions including possible
        criminal charges will be pursued when parent/guardian ignores school attendance
        • Following the receipt of a report card, the parent/guardian has five (5) days in which
        to request a conference with an Appeals Committee, to be established in each
        school to review failures due to unexcused absences and violations of the attendance
        rule per grading period.

Absence Procedures
 Student Action Parent Action                       Consequence
                 Sends acceptable written
                 note excusing absence              Records will indicate 1 to 2
 Absent for 1 to within three (3) days after        excused absence(s)
 2 consecutive   child returns
 days            Written notification not sent
                                                    Records will indicate1 to 2
                 or sent after 3 days from
                                                    unexcused absence(s)
                 date of return

Sends written
                   documentation from a            Records will indicate 3 or more
 Absent for 3 or
                   licensed/certified health       excused absences
                   care practitioner
                   No documentation from a
 days                                              Records will indicate 3 or more
                   licensed/certified health
                                                   unexcused absences
                   care practitioner

Multiple Absence Policy
 10 excused or unexcused
                                Student will be issued a referral.
                                 Student will be placed on attendance probation
 3 attendance referrals
                                and may result in loss of re-enrollment privilege.

Tardy Policy
      Any child who is not in their classroom by the time school begins will be marked
“Tardy”. These students must report to the main office to obtain a tardy slip in order to be
admitted into their classroom. Any child who accumulates 10 tardies will be issued an
attendance referral.

Multiple Tardy Policy
 Tardy 5 times (per
                      Student will be issued a first notice of excessive tardies.
 Tardy 10 times
                      Student will be issued a referral.
 (per year)
 Tardy 15 times
                     Student will be issued a second notice of excessive tardies.
 (per year)
                      Student will be issued a second referral.
 Tardy 20 times
                      Parent will be called to an administrative meeting to discuss a
 (per year)
                      plan to improve punctuality.
  Tardy 25 times
                      Student will be issued a third notice of excessive tardies.
 (per year)
 Tardy 30 times       Student will be issued a third referral and be placed on
 (per year)           probation.

Students who are tardy three (3) or more times in a quarter are not eligible for perfect
attendance certificates that are presented at honor roll assemblies. Students who are tardy
more than 12 times in the school year will not receive Year-Round Perfect Attendance.


Pinecrest Lakes Academy has plans and procedures in place to protect your child and
communicate with you in the event of an emergency. Our administration works with school
staff, local law enforcement, and other public health and safety leaders to make our
campus a safe place to learn. To protect our students and staff, Pinecrest Lakes Academy is
outfitted with electronic security systems including burglar alarms, digital video recorders,
and access controls. All parents should have and download the REMIND app in order to
receive up-to-minute updates from the school.

Accidents and Illnesses
Parents will be notified immediately in case of illness or serious accident. In the event that a
parent cannot be contacted, the person(s) named on the emergency contact cards will be
called. Please review and update your child’s emergency contact card to ensure accuracy.
Please notify the office immediately of any accident or injury that occurs during arrival or
departure from school.

Children who are ill should remain at home to minimize the risk of passing the illness onto
others. Students should be free of fever and stomach ailments for 24 hours before returning
to school. Please notify the school of any chronic condition your child may have.

Student Accidental Insurance
It is mandatory to obtain student accidental insurance as no child may participate in any
after-care program without insurance. This insurance is supplemental and does not take the
place of family or individual medical insurance coverage. It is the responsibility of each
parent to become familiar with any insurance limitations. The cost of the student accidental
insurance is $20. Payment must be paid online through the Pinecrest Lakes Academy
website. You only need to pay this once per year for all after-school activities.

FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL OF OUR STUDENTS, all visitors must report to the main office to obtain
a visitor’s pass. Only persons with pertinent business are permitted on school grounds.
Children, including family members, who are not currently enrolled at Pinecrest Lakes
Academy will not be permitted on school grounds during school hours. Instructional time is
precious and must not be interrupted by parent visits. Please schedule appointments with
your child’s teacher to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

All special events and activities must be pre-approved by the administration. Birthday party
celebrations including treats for students are not permitted during school hours.

Independently Contracted Services
In order to minimize disruption to the learning environment, Pinecrest Lakes Academy cannot
accommodate independently contracted services for students from outside agencies
during the school day. These services include, but are not limited to psychological
counseling and other related services that are not documented on a student’s Individual
Education Plan.

Incidents on or near School Campus
Pinecrest Lakes Academy has set up emergency plans and has a Critical Incident Response
Team (CIRT) that focuses on prevention and reaction to incidents. Furthermore, a Crisis
Intervention Team provides support to students and staff after an incident. If there is a
potential threat or unsafe situation to a school, the school may go on “lockdown” to protect
students, staff and visitors.

School Closings and Delays
As with inclement weather, community incidents may require us to cancel classes, open
schools late, or close them early. In such a situation, the following plan goes into effect.
       The school’s Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) will monitor and manage the
       We will notify media outlets.
       If classes are canceled or dismissed early, all athletic and extracurricular events at
          the school will be canceled.
       Before/After-school programs will operate from an early dismissal to the regular
          closing time. Neither athletic and extracurricular events nor before/after-school
          programs will operate if the school is closed.
       Pinecrest Lakes Academy will follow Lake County school closures.


A prime factor in our operation is the importance we place upon communication between
home and school. The lines of communication must be kept open at all times so that we
may be properly tuned into your child’s needs. All parents should have and download the
REMIND app in order to receive up-to-minute updates from the school. Use the following link:

Conferences with individual teachers can be arranged by contacting the teacher via email
or leaving a phone message. A response should be expected within 24 business hours.
Conferences can be scheduled before school, after school, or during a teacher’s planning
time. Conferences with teachers during arrival, dismissal, or classroom instruction may
impede the teacher’s ability to effectively supervise his/her students.

Always attempt to resolve any school based concerns/conflicts with your child’s teacher first.
If you are unable to resolve issues or conflicts with your child’s teacher you may contact the
main office to schedule an appointment with the administration.

Please notify us immediately if:
   1. Your address or contact information has changed
   2. You wish to update your child’s emergency contact information
   3. Your child has developed a communicable disease
   4. You will be out of town
   5. If there is a change in transportation
We will not allow a child to deviate from their regular departure routine without written


Lake County School Board policy “prohibits school personnel from administering any
prescribed medication without parental consent and a medication authorization form
signed by the child’s physician and parent(s).”

In order for medication to be administered to your child, we must have an AFM
(authorization for medication) form. This form is available in the office and must be kept on
record. These forms must be completed by a pediatrician or a licensed physician.

Medication must be in its original container labeled with the following information: the
child’s name, dosage, name of the medication, physician’s name, and the name and
phone number of the pharmacy that filled the prescription. Rigid guidelines are followed in
administering medication. For example, office personnel designated to dispense
medication are required to count the number of pills the student brings to school and
document it in the student medication log.


Parental/Guardian involvement is a critical component of your child’s educational success.
Pinecrest Lakes Academy prides itself on the success of our students and therefore
encourages that parents/guardians become active stakeholders in their child’s future. All
Pinecrest Lakes Academy parents/guardians are required to complete twenty (20) volunteer
hours per academic year. All parent/guardian volunteer hours should be completed prior to
the last day of school. It is the responsibility of the parent to communicate with their child’s
teacher(s) to complete the hours.

Volunteers are a vital part of the educational system in our county, and are indeed making
a difference for students. To ensure safe schools for our students, the Concierge Pad system
conducts both local and national criminal history background checks at no cost to the
applicant. These background checks help identify individuals with criminal offenses,
including those of a sexual nature which may disqualify them from serving as a school

All parents wishing to volunteer must register through the Raptor system and must be cleared
through Pinecrest Lakes Academy before permission to volunteer is granted. This mandate
includes clearance for volunteers in school events such as book fairs, fundraising activities,
and assemblies. For overnight fieldtrips, additional requirements such as fingerprinting and
drug testing will be necessary. Please keep in mind that parents chaperoning fieldtrips must
not consume beverages containing alcohol. Children who are not enrolled at Pinecrest
Lakes Academy are not permitted on campus during school hours and may not attend
school field trips.

Parents may complete hours by any of the following:
      •    Become a P.A.L.S. member
      •    Attend P.A.L.S. meetings
      •    Assist with school events
      •    Field Trip chaperone
      •    Donate supplies/food for school fundraising events
      •    Teacher Wish List donations

Procedures for volunteering on campus:
   1. Use ConciergePad to register to volunteer at Pinecrest Lakes Academy.
   2. Contact the classroom teacher to determine the date, location and approximate
      time of service.
   3. The classroom teacher must provide the office staff with the volunteer information at
      least 24 hours prior to the visit.
   4. Present valid identification to the office staff in order to obtain a visitor’s pass.

In order to ensure the safety of all of our students, PARENTS/VISITORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED


A high standard dress code encourages respect for individual students and others. Our dress
code guidelines indicate appropriate attire for regular school days. Pinecrest Lakes
Academy reserves the right to make changes during the school year. Students shall wear a
school uniform in attendance daily.

Our uniform policy is as follows:
   Girls (K-5 grade):
      Short sleeved or long sleeved red, gold, or royal blue polo shirt with school logo
      Khaki or navy blue skorts, shorts, or pants with school name embroidered
      (NO SKIRTS)
      White/black sneakers
      Solid white, black, or navy socks

      Girls (6-8 grade):
       Short or long sleeved white or light blue oxford shirt with school logo embroidered
       Khaki or navy blue pants or skorts with school name embroidered
       Solid black or brown leather shoes or black and/or white sneakers
       Solid white, black, or navy socks
       Lanyard with student ID

      Boys (K-5 grade):
       Short sleeved or long sleeved red, gold, or royal blue polo shirt with school logo
       Khaki or navy shorts or pants with school name embroidered
       White/black sneakers
       Solid white, black, or navy socks

      Boys (6-8 grade):
       Short or long sleeved white or light blue oxford shirt with school logo embroidered
       Navy blue tie

Khaki or navy blue pants with logo embroidered
       Black, khaki, navy, or brown belt required
       Solid black or brown leather shoes or black and/or white sneakers
       Solid White, black, or navy socks
       Lanyard with student ID

      Physical Education Uniforms (6th, 7th & 8th grade):
       Red PE uniform t-shirt
       Navy blue PE uniform shorts
       Any sneakers

       Cold Weather Uniforms: (NO DESIGNER LOGOS WILL BE ALLOWED)
       Navy uniform jacket or sweater with school logo embroidered
       Navy, white, or same color as polos long sleeve shirts or turtleneck underneath uniform
       Navy or white stockings underneath uniform
       Sweatpants and sweatshirts (Pinecrest uniform) can be worn on very cold days. PLA
       Sweatpants ONLY can be worn on days when the weather is under 50 degrees F. PLA
       Sweatshirts ONLY can be worn at all times with uniform shirt underneath.

      Dress Guidelines for all Students:
       Shirts should be tucked in at all times.
       Class shirts must be purchased and worn for all field trips. Can also be worn Fridays.
       Jeans (blue denim pants) may be worn on “Jean Day” Fridays. Denim shorts and
       colors other than denim blue may not be worn. To participate in Jean Days, please
       pay fee online at our school store on the school website.
       Pants MAY NOT be worn below the hips.
       All tops must have the school logo embroidered.
       Earrings are prohibited on boys. Girls should wear discreet earrings, no large hoops (for
       safety reasons).
       Hair color that is disruptive or distractive to the school environment is prohibited. Hair
       must either be a natural color or naturally tinted or colored in a blended and
       balanced manner.
       Hair accessories are limited to bows and simple headbands. NO CAT EARS or ANY

Students who arrive without the proper uniform will be issued a uniform violation notice and
parents will be contacted to bring the appropriate school uniform (please note that after
three (3) uniform violation notices a student may be issued a referral).
PLA appreciates your anticipated cooperation with our uniform policy and thank you for your
assistance helping your children comply with our rules. Receiving any three referrals in a
school year will result in loss of re-enrollment privileges.

Students should have enough uniform tops and bottoms that laundry issues should not
interfere with the uniform policy.

School Spirit Shirt (Eagle T-shirt) will be on sale online through the website throughout the
school year. Purchase of spirit shirt is mandatory for field trips and special events. Students
may also wear their Spirit Shirts with uniforms bottoms on the last day of each week.

Please speak with your children regarding the importance of wearing a school uniform to
avoid receiving uniform violations or more serious consequences. PLA appreciates your
anticipated cooperation with our uniform policy and thank you for your assistance in helping
your children comply with our rules.

Uniforms must be worn beginning on the first day of school.


Lost and found items will be sent to the main office. They will be on display in the cafeteria.
To minimize the quantity of lost and found articles, we ask that you please write your child’s
name on everything he/she brings to school. Items left unclaimed after one week will be
donated to a local charity.


Each parent must take an active role in supporting this plan. At Pinecrest Lakes Academy,
we want our children to learn to be responsible citizens. It is in the children’s best interest
that parents and staff work together to ensure a happy, safe, and productive learning

As a Lake County Public Charter School, Pinecrest Lakes Academy abides by the Lake
County Code of Student Conduct. The Code of Student Conduct is a district-wide plan that
clearly outlines student expectations. Proper behavior is recognized while corrective
strategies and consequences are given for violations of the code. You may request a copy
of the Code of Student Conduct in the school’s main office or view it on the web at:

Pinecrest Lakes Academy will utilize the following corrective strategies and/or

Classroom Consequences:
1st Consequence – VERBAL WARNING

Administrative Consequences:
  1. After school detention
  2. In-School Suspension*
  3. Outdoor Suspension*

*must be accompanied by a referral

Pinecrest Lakes Academy’s referral process is a system of warnings and parent notifications
of a student’s violation of the Parent/Student contract. Referrals may be issued for various
reasons ranging from that of disciplinary actions, uniform violations, and excessive absences
and tardies. A student may receive a maximum of 3 referrals per school year before an
administrative meeting to discuss possible revocation of school choice zone waiver.

Through the implementation of our school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS)
proper behavior is recognized while corrective strategies and consequences are given for
violations of the code. In elementary grades, students will have the opportunity to earn
“Eagle Bucks” in order to visit our “Eagle’s Nest” school store once a month. In middle school,
PLA will utilize the Hero program where students can earn points for rewards/prizes and will
also receive demerits, detentions, and behavior consequences.

These rules, regulations, and due process procedures are designed to protect all members of
the educational community in the exercise of their rights and responsibilities. Administration
will make the final decision on disciplinary actions.

Behavior not tolerated at Pinecrest Lakes Academy:


We want our Eagles to be responsible and independent, therefore, we do not accept late
homework or projects in the front office. Homework or projects can be brought to school the
next day and teachers will decide whether they will accept the late work.

Students are expected to bring school supplies listed on the official school supply list,
homework, lunch money, or lunch from home and any other items requested by the

Please note that students are not allowed to bring any toys, electronic devices, pets, or
animals to school. Cell phones may not be turned on inside of the school building at any
time. Cell phones may not be visible at any time during the school day, may not be
displayed during School, and must be left in the Students bag. The School will confiscate any
unauthorized items a student may bring to school. Confiscated items will only be returned to
parents at which time a parent/student conference may be required. The school may keep

any such unauthorized items until the end of the school year. Continued violations of this
policy may result in further penalties, and may subject the student to disciplinary action
and/or referral to the School’s administration. While the School will take every measure to
protect such items, the School shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any
unauthorized items which have been confiscated. Any items not claimed by the last day of
the school year shall be disposed of without further liability to the School.

Excerpt from: Lake County Schools: Code of Student Conduct – Elementary

The School Board of Lake County, Florida, recognizes the need for students to have cell
phones and/or any other electronic communications devices after school or during
extracurricular activities; however, during school hours, cell phones and/or any other
electronic communications devices are to be turned off and kept out of sight (unless school
participates as a BYOD school approved by the Board or participates in extracurricular
activities that occurs during the school day (example, Power Hour). • Cell phones and/or
any other electronic communications devices that are in view, are heard, or are in use on
school grounds during school hours will be confiscated (unless school participates as a BYOD
school approved by the Board or participates in extracurricular activities that occurs during
the school day (example, Power Hour). • This policy applies to grades PreK-12 including Lake
County Virtual as does everything in the Code of Student Conduct. • It is strictly prohibited to
record, display, distribute, and/or transmit pictures, text/e-mail messages, video, and/or
audio recordings while on school grounds. • No student may have in his or her possession
any personal wireless communication device or any other personal device that records,
stores, or transmits data during any standardized testing (FSA, State EOC, State and District
assessments, etc.). • If a cell phone/electronic device is, being handled, or otherwise used in
any manner during a test or exam, it may be considered cheating and the student will
receive a zero for that test or exam. • Only electronic communications approved by school
officials for a school assignment will be permitted. • Any other electronic communications
will be considered a violation and will be prohibited. • Electronic communications include
but are not limited to video/audio recordings, photographs, and/or text/e-mail messages. •
Violation of this provision may result in the loss of the student’s privilege to possess a cell
phone on campus in addition to any other prescribed disciplinary intervention. • The school
will not be held responsible for lost or stolen cell phones and/or any electronic devices. • Use
of a wireless communications device includes the possibility of the imposition of disciplinary
action by the school or criminal penalties if the device is used in a criminal act. [SBP: 5.33;
§1006.07(2)(f), Florida Statutes]

Students should be respectful of the classroom environment at all times. Cell phones are not
allowed at school. Smart watches are allowed as long as they do not create a distraction in
the classroom. If a student is caught with a cell phone turned on or using the cell phone or
smart watch during school hours, it will be confiscated and students will receive a referral.

1st warning – teacher confiscates and receives a referral
2nd warning – teacher confiscates and receives a referral.
3rd warning – Referral and loss of privilege for the rest of the school year.


The School may photograph and video tape school events which may include student
images. These images may be projected on the school website and/or other media. If any
parent wishes to exclude use of their child’s image or likeness, please contact the
administration. No recording, either photographic or audio/visual in nature may be made on
school property without the express permission of the administration. No document or media
that exists or is produced in reference to the school, its staff or students including
photographs, letters, yearbooks and other material may be published where it is accessible
to the public without the express permission of the administration. Furthermore, the
unauthorized use of the Pinecrest Lakes Academy name or any of its logos is expressly
prohibited. For purposes of this section, the term “public forum or media” includes but shall
not be limited to publicly accessible websites and web forums, newspapers, print and other
media sources.

Pinecrest Lakes Academy provides computers and network capabilities to student for the
purpose of enhancing instruction through technological resources. Students may be granted
access to the district's electronic communication system that may include access to the
Internet. A student's activities while using this system must be in support of education and
research and be consistent with the educational objectives of the School Board of Lake
County, Florida. This access is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in the
cancellation of this privilege by IT (Information Technology) and/or disciplinary action by
school officials. Students are responsible for good behavior on school computer networks just
as they are in a classroom or school hallway.

The district may suspend or revoke a student's access to the district system upon violation of
district policy and/or procedures, including the School Board of Lake County, Florida, Code
of Student Conduct. The School Board of Lake County, Florida provides filtering software in
an attempt to restrict access to inappropriate materials on the Internet. However, users must
recognize that filtering cannot block access to everything that might not be of educational
value. REMINDER: network storage areas will be treated like school lockers. School and IT
authorities have the right to review and monitor all information stored on the network. Using
the network to access, or to attempt to access, the accounts of others, or to penetrate, or
attempt to penetrate, security measures of the School Board of Lake County, Florida, or
another entity's computer software or hardware, electronic communications system, or
telecommunications/electronic communications system, whether or not the intrusion results
in the corruption or loss of data, is prohibited. Using the services for any activity which
adversely affects the ability of other people or systems to use LCSB's network or the Internet is
prohibited. This includes denial of service attacks against another network host or individual
user. Interference with or disruption of other network users, network services or network
equipment is prohibited. Using any unauthorized computer or network device on the school
district’s wired or wireless network is prohibited. Using or attempting to use another’s
(teacher, administrator, staff or another student) login credentials, network resources or the
Internet is prohibited. Other uses that the Superintendent/designee may find unacceptable
are prohibited. Return to Table of Contents 15 Using electronic resources, including, but not

limited to, network access, Internet access, digital cameras, personal digital assistants
(Windows mobile devices, IPod touch’s, Palm’s, etc.), personal communication devices (cell
phones, pagers, messaging devices, telephones, digital recorders) Mp3players, iPods, USB
flash drives, e-mail, computers and laptops, are prohibited, unless student has permission
from the classroom teacher or administrator where the electronic resource will be used.
The following are examples of unacceptable use of telecommunications.

The following are examples of unacceptable use of telecommunications/electronic
Communications are prohibited. Students must not or must not attempt to:
• use or share another individual’s username and password
• leave computer unattended while logged on
• read, create, send and/or receive personal email
• access, download, store, send, or display text, images, movies, or sounds that contain
pornography, obscenity, or language that offends or degrades others
• use personal social network sites including, but not limited to, Instagram, snapchat,
 Facebook, messenger, etc.
• video stream not related to educational purposes or curriculum set by the school or district
• download music or videos not authorized by the school or district
• install services or electronic file sharing mechanisms
• access, modify, harm, or destroy another user’s data
• attempt to send or send anonymous messages of any kind or pretend to be someone else
while sending a message
• cyber bully on or off campus e.g.: threatening, harassing, embarrassing, terrifying, insulting,
stalking, or attacking others which includes but is not limited to online threats and insults
intended to embarrass, harass, or terrify others via electronic resources
• post personal information about self or others, sharing confidential information about
students or employees
• agree to meet with anyone met online
• intentionally waste limited resources
• bypass LCSB filtering by use of anonymous proxies or unauthorized proxies and services
• download and/or install games, software, tools or other unauthorized downloadable
• connect to any unauthorized wireless access point or Internet service provider
• create or distribute offensive, false, or derogatory material about any person including
other students, teachers, or staff
• interfere with security cameras in any way.

All elementary and secondary students will have access to a school email account. This
PLA email is to be used only for educational purposes and students are expected to comply
with the Lake County schools policies.


Pinecrest Lakes Academy follows the standards and objectives stated in the Florida
Standards. It encompasses the core subject areas of Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics,

Science, and Social Studies with a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts,
and Mathematics). In addition, we offer classes in STEM/PLTW (Project Lead the Way), Art,
Music and Physical Education.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
Pinecrest Lakes Academy personnel will provide a system of multi-tiered supports for students
designed to maximize each struggling student’s academic potential. These supports include
opportunities for remediation and academic support through targeted interventions.
Academic support intervention is intended as a resource for educators to assist in integrating
academic and behavior supports and services for all students. The MTSS model for
instruction and intervention is based on the principle that academic and behavioral supports
are first provided at a core or universal level to effectively address the needs of all students in
a school (referred to as Tier I). However, not all students respond to the same curricula and
teaching strategies. As a result, some students with identified needs will receive
supplemental or targeted instruction and intervention at Tier II. Finally, at Tier III, a few
students with the most severe needs will receive the most intensive and individualized
behavioral and/or academic support.

Gifted Program
Pinecrest Lakes Academy will be offering services for our Gifted-eligible students. Based on
our enrollment of eligible students per grade level, we will provide that the gifted students be
placed in a classroom with a gifted certified teacher. A gifted certified teacher will work with
these students to ensure they are challenged and that their gifted learning goals are met
throughout the school year.

Promotion/Pupil Progression
The purpose of the instructional program at Pinecrest Lakes Academy is to provide
appropriate instructional and selected services to enable students to perform at or above
their grade level academically. Promotion, however, is based primarily on student
proficiency in reading, writing, mathematics, and science, and is not automatic.

Decisions regarding student promotion, and retention and good cause placement are
primarily the responsibility of the individual school’s professional staff. The final decision
concerning grade placement is the responsibility of the principal.

Student promotion is based upon an evaluation of each student’s achievement in terms of
appropriate instructional goals. The determination should reflect the recommendation of the
school-based placement committee based upon the following: successful progress in the
county adopted curriculum, progress tests, classroom assignments, daily observation,
standardized tests, and other objective data. The primary responsibility for determining each
student’s level of performance and ability to function academically, socially and
emotionally at the next grade level is that of the classroom teacher, subject to review and
approval of the principal.

Classroom Placement
Our administrative staff reviews each student’s scores and performance evaluations in order
to provide students with the best possible learning environment. A student’s individual
personality, development, and character are also considered in our final decisions. The
school is not in any way obligated to honor any special requests for classroom placements.
In addition, PLA admin reserves the right to change student classroom assignments as we
see fit.

Students will be issued textbooks at the beginning of each school year. Students must
immediately inform teachers about any LOST or DAMAGED books so that they can be
replaced. Parents will be responsible for the cost of the replacement book(s). The same
rule applies for LOST LIBRARY BOOKS.

Field Trips
All trips planned by the school are for specific educational purposes. Participation in field
trips requires the student to present a field trip form signed by the parent/guardian to his or
her teacher in advance. Students going on a field trip must assume the responsibility for any
necessary fee. Please keep in mind that once the field trip has been paid, the school will not
issue a refund. All outstanding school fees MUST be paid for student participation. If a
hardship exists where a student cannot afford the cost of the field trip, please notify the
teacher. Field trip chaperones will be selected by classroom teachers, preference will be
given to parents who have not attended previous trips. Parent chaperones may not bring
siblings on field trips, as they are not covered by insurance. All parents attending field trips
must be cleared through the Volunteer Safety Program and must wear the designated
school spirit shirt. Please use the following website to register to volunteer at the school
through ConciergePad.

Students will not be released to anyone during a field trip for any reason. Authorized persons
who wish to have a student released early must report to the main office to sign out the child
and wait for the child to return with their class from the field trip.


Instructional staff uses evaluative devices and techniques as needed to report individual
achievement in relation to school goals, acceptance norms, and student potential. Student
grades, unsatisfactory work notices, parent reports on state assessment, and/or standardized
testing, parent conferences, and adult/student conferences should serve as the primary
means of communicating student progress and achievement of the standards for

A student’s academic grade reflects the teacher’s most objective assessment of the
student’s academic achievement. Students have the right to receive a conduct and an
effort grade consistent with their overall behavior and effort.

Specific guidelines for grading student performance and for reporting student progress are
provided below and detailed in the Lake County Student Progression Plan.

Grades K – 8: Instructional staff are to use such evaluative devices and techniques as may
be needed to report individual achievement in relation to school goals, acceptance norms,
and student potential. Student grades, unsatisfactory work notices, parent reports on state
assessment and/or the standardized testing, and parent conferences should serve as the
primary means of communicating student progress and achievement of the standards for

A student's academic grade should reflect the teacher's most objective assessment of the
student's academic achievement. Students have the right to receive a conduct and an
effort grade consistent with their overall behavior and effort.

Specific guidelines for grading student performance and for reporting student progress are
provided below:

Academic Grades

Academic grades are to reflect the student’s academic progress based on the
competencies/benchmarks for the grade level/course in which the student is enrolled. The
grade must not be based upon the student’s effort and/or conduct. The letter grade of "I"
will be reserved for middle and senior high school use only.

In grades 1-8, a common report card grading system is to be used. Academic grades for
students shall be “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” “F,” or “I” (secondary only). A brief explanation of the
grades used in grades 1-12 follows:

A -- A grade of "A" (90-100%) indicates that the student has demonstrated outstanding
progress in the subject and/or the skills area. The student consistently performs academically
at a level which is considerably higher than that of the typical student in the same program
or course. The student has mastered skills well above those required for successful
completion of the instructional program and has demonstrated an understanding of and an
ability to utilize the content of the program effectively. An "A" student will have achieved
and exceeded all of the instructional objectives and competencies established for the
subject/course during the grading period.

B -- A grade of "B" (80-89%) indicates that the student has demonstrated above average but
not outstanding progress in the academic area. The student consistently performs at a level
above that which is expected of the typical student in the same program or subject. The
student has mastered content skills beyond those required for successful completion of the
instructional program. The "B" student will be progressing at a rate that will enable him/her to
have achieved virtually all of the instructional objectives and competencies established for
the subject being graded.

C -- A grade of "C" (70-79%) indicates average progress.

The student performs at an average level in terms of mastery of skills/performance standards
and/or content of the program. The student's rate of progress permits mastery of more than
the minimal instructional objectives and competencies of the program.

D -- A grade of "D" (60-69%) indicates the lowest acceptable progress in the mastery of skills
and other course content and indicates that improvement is needed to achieve a
satisfactory level of academic performance. The student's rate of progress is such that the
minimal instructional objectives and competencies for the program will be mastered.

F -- A grade of "F" (0-59%) indicates failure. Students functioning at this level are not mastering
the minimal objectives and competencies required in the regular instructional program.

I -- A grade of "I" (0) indicates performance insufficient to permit an evaluation. Secondary
school students performing at this level may have their grade adjusted upon presentation of
the required assignments. An incomplete grade for an annual or semester course must be
resolved no later than two grading periods following the issuance of the incomplete grade.
Extenuating circumstances may be approved by the principal. When a numerical
equivalent to an assigned letter grade of "A," "B," "C," "D," "F," or "I" is used, the following apply
and shall be communicated to students:

                                  NUMERICAL                 VERBAL
                                    VALUE               INTERPRETATION
                        A          90-100%            Outstanding progress
                        B           80-89%          Above average progress
                        C           70-79%             Average Progress
                        D           60-69%        Lowest acceptable progress
                        F           0-59%                    Failure
                                                    Incomplete (Secondary
                         I              0

In grading students these numerical or letter grades are to be averaged to determine a
student’s grade for a nine-week grading period. To determine an elementary student’s
course grade, the letter grades for each of the nine-week grading periods are averaged for
a given subject.

Schools shall not exempt students from academic performance requirements, such as final
exams, based on practices or policies designed to encourage student attendance. A
student’s attendance record may not be used in whole or in part to provide an exemption
from any academic performance requirement.

Effort Grades:

Effort grades are utilized to convey both to students and their parents the teacher's
evaluation of a student's effort as related to the instructional program. These grades are
independent of academic and conduct grades. In assigning an effort grade, the teacher

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