PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers

PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
Bilgola Plateau Public School
     PARENT GUIDE 2021
  For Kindergarten Parents and Carers

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PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
The Sculptors
I dreamed I stood in a studio
And watched two sculptors there,
The clay they used was a young child's mind
And they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher - the tools they used
Were books and music and art,
The other, a parent - working with a guiding hand
And a gentle loving heart.

Day after day, the teacher toiled
With a touch that was deft and sure,
While the parent laboured by their side
And polished to smooth it o’er.

And when at last their task was done,
They were proud of what they had wrought,
For the things they had moulded into the child
Could neither be sold nor bought.

And each agreed they would have failed
If each had worked alone,
For behind the parent stood the school,
And behind the teacher, the home.


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PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
General Information

Item                                                                Page

Transition to Kindergarten Program Overview                                 4

Kindergarten 2021 Teaching Staff                                            6

Kindergarten 2021 Student Requirements                                      6

Query Flowchart                                                             7

Kindergarten 2021 School Fees Estimate                                      8

Uniform Information                                                         9

Frequently Asked Questions – A to Z                                        12

Transition to Kindergarten 2021

Item                                                                Page

The Needs of Kindergarten Children                                         29

Key Foundation – Self-regulation                                           30

Social and Emotional Skills Checklist                                      31

Functional Skills Checklist for Starting Kindergarten                      34

NSW Foundational Handwriting and Pencil Grip                               38

Ten Tips for Making the Transition to Kindergarten Easier                  39

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PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
Transition to Kindergarten Program Overview
     Monday              Tuesday           Wednesday               Thursday                  Friday
     9 November           10 November        11 November            12 November             13 November
                      Kindergarten                             Kindergarten
                       2021 Zoom                                 2021 Orientation
                       Parent                                    Session 1
                       Session 1
    16 November           17 November        18 November            19 November             20 November
                                                                Kindergarten
                                                                 2021 Orientation
                                                                 Session 2

    23 November          24 November         25 November            26 November             27 November
                                                                Kindergarten
                                                                 2021 Orientation
                                                                 Session 3

    30 November             1 December        2 December            3 December                4 December
                      Kindergarten
                       2021 Zoom
                       Session 2

Term 1 2021
     Monday              Tuesday           Wednesday               Thursday                  Friday
       25 January           26 January         27 January            28 January                29 January
                      Australia Day      School               School               Years 1 to 6 return
                       Holiday             Development           Development           to school
                                           Day 1                 Day 2                Kinder 2021 Best
                                                                                       Start Assessment
                                                                                       Day 1
        1 February          2 February            3 February          4 February               5 February
  Kindergarten       Kindergarten       Kindergarten’s
   2021 Best Start     2021 Best Start     first day of
   Assessment          Assessment          school
   Day 2               Day 3

       8 February           9 February          10 February         11 February               12 February
                                          Kindergarten

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PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
Virtual Parent Information Session via Zoom
Tuesday 10 November and Tuesday 1 December 6:00pm

Everything you need to know to ensure a successful transition to school for your pre-schooler.
Zoom details will be emailed the day prior to the sessions

Orientation Visits,
Thursday 12, 19 and 26 November 9:30am to 11:00am, arrival times vary

Pre-schoolers will enjoy three orientation visits with our 2021 Kindergarten teachers in our
Kindergarten classrooms. Unfortunately, parents are unable to enter our school grounds due
to NSW Health COVID-19 restrictions. Your child will be welcomed at our front gate by school
staff and walked up the hill to their activities. They will need a small backpack containing
morning tea (no nuts or egg please) and a water bottle.
Pre-schoolers with school age siblings are asked to arrive with their older brother or sister from
8:50am. Pre-schoolers without siblings are asked to arrive at 9:10am to 9:30am. Children may
be collected from our front gate from 11:05am to 11:20am. Please observe the 1.5m social
distancing protocol during drop off and pick up.

Kindergarten Best Start Assessments
Friday 29 January to Tuesday 2 February 2021

The Best Start Assessment is a tool to help teachers assess your child’s skills as they enter school
to tailor their teaching to students’ individual needs. Your child’s Kindergarten teacher will
work with your child for approximately 30 minutes prior to them starting school to assess their
literacy and numeracy skills. The Best Start assessment period at Bilgola Plateau Public School
is from Friday 29 January to Tuesday 2 February. Your child’s Best Start appointment time will
be communicated before the end of the year.

First Day of Kindergarten
Wednesday 3 February

COVID-19 restrictions will dictate logistics for your child’s first day of school. Details will be
provided as the time draws nearer.

Kindergarten Parent Information Session
Wednesday 10 February 6:00pm

Kindergarten teachers will provide an overview of 2021 Kindergarten routines and

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PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
Kindergarten 2021 Teaching Staff

      Mrs Alison Lawrenson            Annette Donald                 David Addley
       Assistant Principal           Classroom Teacher             Classroom Teacher
      Teachers’ Certificate         Bachelor of Teaching         Bachelor of Education
       Graduate Diploma             Bachelor with Honours
            Education            Inernational Business Studies
    Masters of Applied Science            and French

Kindergarten Student Requirements 2021
Consumable stationery items for K-2 will be invoiced through school fees. Additional items
they require include:

    1 paint smock
    1 library bag
    1 set of headphones

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PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
Query Flowchart
Your child’s classroom teacher is always your first port of call with classroom questions but if
they are unable to assist please consult the relevant Assistant Principal. Our
communications flowchart and our staff directory follows. Please be mindful that drop off
time is not the optimal time to communicate with your child’s teacher.

                              Office staff or relevant teacher

   Assistant           Assistant           Assistant            Grade                 Assistant
   Principal           Principal           Principal          Supervisor              Principal
 Kindergarten          Stage 1             Stage 2              Year 3               Year 5 and
                      Years 1 & 2         Years 3 & 4                                  Year 6
    Alison               Luke                Amy                Emma                    Julia
  Lawrenson              Perrin             Kenny              Butcher                  Priest

                                        Julie Whatham
                                       Deputy Principal

                                        Cindy Gardiner

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PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
Kindergarten 2021 School Fees Estimate
The following items are included in the BPPS 2021 Kindergarten Fee Schedule.

Grade Requirements
Kindergarten grade requirements include stationery items, workbooks, home reading
requirements and subscriptions and levies.

School Contribution
This fee enables the school to continue extending our current range of programs and

Library Fund
The Library Fund allows for the updating of resources and equipment. This fee is tax

Excursion and Activity Fees
  Term 1             Term 2                        Term 3                      Term 4
              Enrichment Art               Athletics Carnival        Environmental
              Farm Excursion               K- 2 Dance                 Education Excursion
                                            Green Day                 Life Education
                                            Hatch and Grow            K-2 Dance
                                             Ducklings                 K-2 Fun Day
Classroom requirements, school contribution and the library fund are collected in Term 1.
Excursion and activity fees for each term are collected at the commencement of each
term. Term 1 Fee Statements will be emailed to your family email address in February.

2021 Kindergarten Fee Estimate

                                Term 1            Term 2          Term 3               Term 4
 Grade Requirements                  $190
 Excursions and Activities                              $100               $70                     $95
 School Contribution                   $95
 Library Fund                          $50
 Total                                $335              $100               $70                     $95

P&C Fees
P&C Membership and Fundraising Fee
The P&C Membership and Fundraising Fee is raised to support educational programs,
grounds enhancements and other P&C initiated projects. This fee is $100 per child. This fee is
collected by the P&C. A number of family friendly payment options are offered by our

P&C Building Fund
The P&C Building fund was established to supplement funds to refurnish and develop school
facilities. This fee is tax deductible. This fee is $50 per child and is collected by the P&C.

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PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
Uniform Information

At a meeting of the Bilgola Plateau Public School Parents & Citizens Association, the body
resolved that the school uniform, as specified, below be worn during school hours.

                              Female                                       Male
                 Blue and white dress with navy           Navy shorts.
                  buttons and white collar. School         Short sleeve, butter yellow polo
                  badge to be worn on left collar.          shirt with school crest, white collar
                 Navy shorts with BPPS butter              with navy trim. School badge to
                  yellow polo shirt                         be worn on left collar. Navy
                 Navy cardigan or jumper, or zip           school hat with crest.
  (Terms 1
                  jacket with school crest.                Navy zip jacket or jumper with
   and 4)
                 Navy school hat with school crest.        school crest.
                 Black leather shoes with navy            Black leather shoes with navy
                  ankle socks.                              socks.
                 Hair ribbons, if worn, must be navy      Sports hat for PSSA competitors
                 Navy tartan pinafore or navy             Navy long pants.
                  tartan pants.                            Long sleeve, butter yellow polo
                 Long sleeve, butter yellow polo           shirt with school crest, white collar
                  shirt, white collar with navy trim.       with navy trim. School badge to
                  School badge to be worn on left           be worn on left collar.
                  collar.                                  Navy school hat with crest.
  (Terms 2
                 Black leather shoes to be worn           Navy zip jacket or jumper with
   and 3)
                  with navy tights or socks.                school crest.
                 Navy zip jacket, cardigan or             Navy socks to be worn with black
                  jumper with school crest.                 leather shoes.
                 Navy school hat with school crest.
                 Navy hair ribbons, if worn.
                 Navy culottes or navy Taslon             Navy Taslon sports shorts.
                  shorts.                                  BPPS sport shirt.
                 BPPS sport shirt.                        White sports socks and white
                 Navy school hat with crest.               sports shoes.
                 White sports socks and white             Navy school hat with crest.
                  sports shoes.                            Navy track pants only to be worn
                 Navy track pants can only be              on sports days.
                  worn on sports days.                     Navy zip jacket or jumper with
                 Navy zip jacket or jumper with            school crest.
                  school crest.                            Sports hat for PSSA competitors
                 Sports hat for PSSA competitors           only.

                                                                    Bilgola Plateau Public School   9
PARENT GUIDE 2021 Bilgola Plateau Public School - For Kindergarten Parents and Carers
Sizing Guide

Girls’ Daily Summer Uniform Option 1      Girls’ Daily Summer Uniform Option 2

                          172cm tall

                             Size 8

                 Size 6
      Size 4

               1 metre ruler

Girls’ Summer Sports Uniform

 Imagine joggers and white sports socks

                                                             Bilgola Plateau Public School   10
Sizing Guide

Boys’ Daily Summer Uniform                  Boys’ Summer Sports Uniform

                       172cm tall

                              Size 8

     Size 4          Size 6

              1 metre ruler

                                             Imagine joggers and white sports socks

Uniform orders are made online via

For second hand options please contact Carol Todman our Uniform Shop Coordinator via
the school email address.

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Frequently Asked Questions – A to Z

Our school has a number of students with severe allergies that can trigger what is known as
an anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis is a life threatening condition that requires schools
to put strategies in place to minimize the risk to students with anaphylaxis. At Bilgola Plateau
Public School we have a number of strategies:
    1. Awareness raising of common allergens
    2. No food sharing
    3. Reduced exposure
Common allergens in our school are:
Nuts, egg, cow’s milk, sesame, shellfish, seafood and latex.
Minimisation strategies include:
Our school canteen does not stock most common allergens. We ask the community to
refrain from packing easily spreadable/spilt common allergens (eg nuts/nut spreads,
sesame products/hommus, eggs)
We do not ‘ban’ products nor do we claim to be allergen free. Students should be aware
and alert to the presence of allergens in the school.


Children should arrive at school in the mornings between 8.30 and 8.55am unless they are
booked into Out of School Hours Care (OOSH).
NSW Department of Education (DoE) Legal Services advises that parents who drop students
before the official start to school do so at their own risk. A letter will be sent home to parents
who consistently send children to school prior to supervision commencing. Should work
times require an early start to your day, students should be registered for OOSH which
operates from 7:00am.
Please note that this school does not allow children to wait unsupervised in the playground
for parents. All children are expected to leave the playground promptly after school.
Children are not allowed to play on the fixed equipment after school even if parents are


If a child arrives late to school they should report to the office. The arrival time and reason
for lateness is recorded on our attendance tracking software.
There are occasions when parents require children to leave school before 3:00pm for a
particular reason. For reasons of safety, children are not allowed to leave the school
grounds during school hours unless a note of request from the parent/guardian, stating the
reason and specified time of leaving is written to the class teacher. The child must be
collected from school and be signed out by the office.

                                                                     Bilgola Plateau Public School   12

Formal assemblies are held to recognise and celebrate student achievements. They are
also an opportunity for classes and performing arts groups to showcase their work. K-6
assemblies are held fortnightly. While COVID-19 restrictions are in place assemblies are
held via Zoom.


Electronic rolls are marked every morning at 9:00am. We attempt to send absence
notifications via your main family email address daily. Please note that this is a courtesy
service. We cannot guarantee that this will occur daily. Please email the school to provide
an explanation of your child/rens absence. The absence explanation should be provided
within 7 days of the absence. If an explanation is not provided within 7 days of the absence
the absence is marked unjustified.
If students arrive after 9:00am they are to sign in at the office and they are marked late on
the electronic roll.

                                                                   Bilgola Plateau Public School   13

Our Award Ladder was introduced in 2014. Each time students earn 3 merit cards they
climb the ladder. Awards acquired from 2014 are eligible. Students earn merit cards for
following the three school expectations of being respectful, responsible and successful.


The Bronze Star is earned for the first ladder climb. The Silver Star is earned for the second ladder climb etc.

                                                                                                            Bilgola Plateau Public School   14

Students from Year 3 are eligible to join our School Band. The band caters for beginners
through to experienced students. We have four bands, a training band, a concert band, a
performance band and a jazz ensemble. Being a member of the school band requires a
commitment to attend rehearsals before and/or after school each week and instrument


 Staff in attendance and playground supervision commences                      8:30am

 Class                                                                         9:00am

 Recess                                                                        11:05am

 Class                                                                         11:25am

 Eating Time                                                                   12:45am

 First half lunch                                                              1:00pm

 Second half lunch                                                             1:20pm

 Class                                                                         1:30pm
 Home time                                                                     3:00pm

                                                               Bilgola Plateau Public School   15

Like all NSW schools, our school participates in the NSW Department of Education Best Start
Program. This is an individual assessment program for children upon entry to Kindergarten. It
provides information for teachers on each student’s current knowledge and experiences in
literacy and numeracy. This information will be used to develop quality teaching and
learning programs that support Kindergarten students in achieving expected outcomes.
Our Best Start assessment period is spread over a three day period from Friday 29 January
2021 to Tuesday 2 February 2021. Each Kindergarten student is allocated a 30 minute
appointment with their Kindergarten teacher. Your Best Start appointment will be
communicated over the holiday break.


Book Club operates several times a year and offers a convenient way for your child to
select and purchase books that have been expertly selected to span a wide range of
interests and reading levels. When COVID-19 restrictions are lifted order forms will be sent
home with your child. If you wish to make a purchase, simply select any books your child
would like and order and pay online. Orders are usually delivered within two weeks. In
addition to receiving useful teaching posters, our school receives complimentary books
and teaching resources from Book Club based on student orders.


To be eligible for a School Opal card, students need to be NSW residents and may need to
live a minimum distance from the school:
 Years K-2 there is no minimum distance.
 Years 3-6 1.6km straight line distance or 2.3km walking or further.

A new application is required if:
 The student is just starting school or has not had a pass for travel before.
 The student is progressing from Year 2 to 3.
 The student is changing schools.
 The student’s personal details have changed (e.g. address).

Applications must be made by a parent or guardian for children aged 15 years and under.

How to apply

Step 1 – Complete the application at:
Step 2 – Click on Apply for a School Opal Card.
Step 3 – Click on Apply Now and fill in online form.
Our school will then be sent an email to approve your application . Once approved,
Transport for NSW sends the School Opal card to the home address given in the

                                                                   Bilgola Plateau Public School   16

Our canteen is NSW’s first waste free canteen. All menu items are prepared onsite Monday
to Friday.
The canteen is managed by our Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) and is coordinated
by a paid supervisor with the assistance of canteen staff. Parent volunteers are welcome
when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.
Canteen crunch and sip, recess and lunch orders are made online via
A COVID-19 menu is in place until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Visit
to register
The canteen is a member of the Canteen Federation of NSW and has been awarded with
gold accreditation and offers a wide variety of nutritious foods. It complies with the
guidelines established by the DoE. During the term, special lunch days are organised to
add variety to the menu.


Each year we hold school camps or excursions that involve overnight stays. Camps are an
educational experience focused heavily on students developing enhanced social skills,
cooperation, teamwork and some independence in a setting away from home and
school. Camps are a valuable part of our school’s learning programs. Camps cost on
average between $200 and $550.


Parents are asked to pick-up and drop-off children in Plateau Road with caution. Cars
(staff and delivery vehicles exempted) are not to be driven into the school grounds.


We hold 3 sporting carnivals each year. A Swimming Carnival for Years 3 to 6 students is
held early in Term 1 at the Warringah Aquatic Centre. A Cross Country Carnival is held for
students in Years 3-6 towards the end of Term 1. A School Athletics Carnival is held in Term 3
at the Sydney Academy of Sport.
Please note: To be eligible for Zone and Regional Carnivals a student must turn 8 in the year
of the event. Only Year 2 students who turn 8 and can swim 50 metres are eligible to attend
the school swimming carnival.
Successful students go onto our local Zone Carnival and may progress to Regional and
State Carnivals.


Regular communication about school events occurs via our newsletter The Gumtree
Gazette, email and the Skoolbag App. The Skoolbag App is free and can be obtained
wherever you purchase apps on your phone. Don’t forget to enable push notifications

                                                                   Bilgola Plateau Public School   17

School counsellors work with students, parents or carers and teachers in a variety of ways.
Their work includes:
 counselling students
 assessing students' learning and behaviour
 assisting schools to identify and address disabilities that affect students' learning
 liaising with other agencies concerned with the well-being of students.
School counsellors are members of schools' student welfare and learning support teams.
With the agreement of parents or carers, school counsellors will pass on to teachers,
information that will assist them to better meet the needs of their students. Parents or carers
may seek advice from school counsellors about their child's school progress, educational
options, including access to special education services, behaviour and for information
about help available from other agencies. Our school counsellor allocation is 2 days per


All classes have a set time during the morning when students enjoy their 5 minute ‘Crunch
and Sip’ break to eat fruit and salad vegetables. The idea of ‘Crunch and Sip’ is to help
our students to re-fuel and boost their physical and mental performance and
concentration in the classroom. Each day students are asked to bring small pieces of fruit
or salad vegetables in a recyclable container to eat in the classroom. We also encourage
students to bring a recyclable drink container for water. Our ‘Crunch and Sip’ program has
had a positive impact on our students through:
 Creating an enjoyable daily routine that increases fruit and vegetable intake.
 Incorporating nutrition education into key learning areas of the curriculum.
 Directly linking good eating habits with our school vegetable and fruit gardens.


The primary purpose of schooling is to provide wholistic education across the seven NSW
Board of Studies Learning Areas. The Learning Areas are:
  English                Physical Education / Personal          Creative Arts (Art, Music,
  Mathematics              Development / Health                    Drama, Dance)
  History                Science and Technology                 Geography
Both the NSW Department of Education and NSW Board of Studies have detailed
information about the NSW Curriculum. A minimum of 50% of our school week is spent on
literacy and numeracy with the balance spent on a mix of other learning areas and some
extra curricular programs.


It is a requirement of enrolment that the school be notified of any legal/custody orders that
pertain to students. This includes any Family Law Court Orders or Apprehended Violence
Orders (AVOs). Schools have a prime responsibility to care for the welfare of students whilst
attending school and can refuse access to non-custodial parents if it is not in the best
interests of the child or in breach of Court Orders or Apprehended Violence Orders. It is
essential that the school is kept fully informed of all changes. You should contact the
Principal directly to discuss any legal matters.

                                                                   Bilgola Plateau Public School   18

Junior (Years 3 & 4) and senior (Years 5 & 6) primary dance group lessons are held weekly
at times designated by our dance teachers, Mrs Turansky and Mrs Butcher. Our Dance
Groups perform at school concerts and festivals. Dance lessons are also incorporated into
K-2 PDHPE on a weekly basis in Terms 3 and 4 and are conducted by a visiting dance


Our school email address is
Emails are checked daily but should not be relied upon for the delivery of messages that
are of an urgent nature or require a quick response. Please contact the school via
telephone in these circumstances. The school is unable to forward messages to students
that are not of an urgent nature. Arranging play dates etc. is the responsibility of parents
outside of school hours.


Having access to updated personal details for parents is critical in the event of
emergencies and illness of children. Please update Operoo when you change home or
work addresses, phone numbers or your emergency contacts change.


Excursions are an integral part of the school’s educational program. All excursions relate
directly to the class teaching & learning program. Parental permission and payment is
necessary before a child can participate. Permission is collected via the Operoo App.
Students attending excursions should wear full school uniform unless otherwise directed. For
local walking excursions permission is sort in Term 1 to cover the whole year.


Family information is collected via enrolment and cross referenced via the Operoo App.
Operoo enables staff to contact parents or somebody nominated by them in the case of
illness / accident to the child. Operoo covers a range of medical conditions including
asthma, anaphylaxis etc. Additional information regarding Operoo can be found in the
Operoo section and also at the back of this Toolkit.


Fee schedules are distributed for each term detailing fees for excursions and school related
activities. Prompt settlement of these fees is appreciated. At the commencement of the
school year School Contribution and Library Fund fees are requested. The School
Contribution enables the school to continue extending our current range of programs and
resources. Library Fund is tax deductible and purchases books, equipment for the Library
and technology devices.

                                                                   Bilgola Plateau Public School   19
Also at the beginning of Term 1 each year, the P&C request payment of the P&C
Membership Fee and Building Fund. Your payment of the P&C Membership fee means the
P&C can help the school to buy more resources in subject areas. It will also help to pay for
band instruments and give the school flexibility to offer an even more diverse range of
services and activities. The P&C Building Fund is tax deductible and enables the P&C to
improve the school’s facilities.

Kindergarten 2021 will commence their schooling on Wednesday 3 February 2021. Each
child will be given a starting time. We intend to stagger arrival times by five minute intervals
to allow for a comfortable start. All Kindies will be in their new classes by 11:00am. You will
be notified of your child’s starting time before the end of the year. Your child will meet their
Year 6 buddy upon their arrival. Please refer to the Year 6 Buddies information.


The school has a comprehensive policy to develop the talent of high potential and gifted
students. Identification processes occur throughout the year and we operate a range of
approaches to address the learning needs of high potential and gifted students, including:
clustering of students in classes; accelerated progression; curriculum differentiation and
enrichment activities.
Mrs Alison Lawrenson is our High Potential and Gifted Education contact.

                                                                    Bilgola Plateau Public School   20

Our Homework policy was updated in 2018. It is included at the back of this toolkit.
Homework is treated as an opportunity for students to take some responsibility for their
learning and complete tasks independently at home. Details about homework
expectations across the school are usually provided at the class information sessions at the
beginning of each year.


As part of our attendance and leave monitoring procedures it is expected that you notify
the school of any absence, regardless of its duration.
Please be aware that teachers are responsible carers for your child. You will be contacted
if they are concerned for your child’s health. We also advise you of any accident involving
an injury to the eye or a bump to the head. If your child has a serious illness please contact
us immediately.


All students attend the library each week and the school library is open for lunchtime visits.
We encourage all our students to borrow weekly. Students are responsible for the safe
return of their library books from the time that they are issued at the Library. When a library
book goes missing, parents are asked to replace the book before a student can resume
Please ensure that your child has a labelled cloth library bag. You could make one or buy a
school library bag from the uniform shop. Borrowing is not permitted without a bag.


Parents are asked to label all items clearly, particularly lunchboxes, drink bottles and
garments that are occasionally removed such as hats, jackets, cardigans and jumpers.
Items are not lost if they are labelled clearly. Unidentifiable items are sent to the office.


As a general rule medications are not administered at school for student illnesses.
Medications should be administered before and after school wherever possible. However,
should your child require medicine during the day, please complete the permission to
administer medication form. Children are only allowed to self-medicate Ventolin but
require an asthma plan to be completed. These are available on the school website.
Students requiring long term medication or the administration of asthma medication
require an Individual Health Care Plan / asthma plan to be developed and updated
If your child has a health condition requiring an Individual Health Care Plan you are
required to notify the school.

                                                                     Bilgola Plateau Public School   21

If you are puzzled or concerned about anything related to your child’s education please
consult their teacher. If you wish to speak at length with your child’s teacher, please make
arrangements to speak with them at a convenient time. This can be organised through the
office staff or via an email to the school. If you wish to seek further advice or the matter
cannot be resolved by the classroom teacher, please make an appointment with Mrs
Lawrenson our Kindergarten, Assistant Principal.

MOBILE PHONES & DEVICES (including smartwatches)

We understand that some students may have mobile phones or devices in their bags for
use after school. However, students are not permitted to use their mobile phones or devices
(including smartwatches) for any reason while they are on our school grounds. Mobile
phones and devices (including smartwatches) are to remain in their schoolbag. The school
takes no responsibility for the security of the mobile phone or device.

                                                                 Bilgola Plateau Public School   22

Our weekly newsletter is called The Gumtree Gazette. The Gumtree Gazette is the primary
point of communication with parents and is issued via the BPPS Skoolbag APP and emailed
at the end of each week. This informative bulletin keeps you up to date with events at the
school, excursion reminders and key issues affecting our school.


There are a few students at our school who are allergic to nuts and eggs. We ask that
parents are mindful of this and do not include any products containing nuts or eggs in
lunches or recess.

As a parent we will send you an email from the Operoo system inviting you to enter the
details for your child in an electronic medical form. From the school’s perspective, this
information will only be accessible by the relevant teacher(s) for your child. However, if you
choose, you will also be able to share this information with anyone else you trust with your
child's care - their grandparents, their child-minder, their sports club etc. Importantly, you
choose who accesses this information. You don’t need to do anything until you receive the
email requesting the information. Please feel free to contact the school if you have any
questions. You can also visit the Operoo website for more information:
Parents can use a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone to enter the details including:
 emergency contacts
 medical contacts
 medical checklist including asthma, allergies, seizures, diabetes
 health and ambulance insurance details
 notes and other care instructions from parents
 and more…
Operoo is an electronic version of the paper-based forms we used to fill in for excursions,
camps, enrolments…and the like. It provides parents with the opportunity to update
medical information promptly and accurately while providing the school with instant
access to the emergency information provided by you. We utilise the Operoo app in the
best interests of the children whilst also reducing the burden on parents to fill out the same
information on multiple forms throughout the year. Additional information about Operoo is
provided within this guide.
You will be asked to join Operoo via email once your enrolment is activated in 2021.


P&C meeting times are advertised in The Gumtree Gazette. All parents are welcome to
attend to hear information about the operation of the school and to discuss ways in which
you can help. Visit the P&C Association page on our website for up-to-date information
about the activities of the P&C.

                                                                   Bilgola Plateau Public School   23

Bilgola Plateau Public School belongs to the Peninsula Community of Schools (PCS) which is
a collaborative community consisting of three high schools, ten primary schools, TAFE and
Macquarie University. The PCS is a community of learners where students, staff, parents and
the wider community learn with and from each other. It optimizes the curriculum offering
opportunities for our students K to 12 and beyond. The PCS promotes quality teaching and
learning environments and supports innovative practice and thought.


Our playground is directly supervised by a teacher from 8.30am each day. Children should
not arrive at school prior to 8.30am unless they are attending OOSH. Teachers are also on
duty at recess and at lunch time.
If a child does, on occasion, need to arrive a few minutes before 8.30am, then they are to
remain seated until the bell is rung by the duty teacher. On very wet mornings, children can
proceed to their classrooms at 8.30am. There is no playground supervision after school. All
students should leave the school grounds and go directly home. No child is to play on the
fixed equipment either before or after school.


Our school is a NSW Government School and is required to follow the policies and
procedures of the NSW Department of Education (DoE). In most circumstances the policies
of the NSW DoE are the policies of the school, these can be accessed on the NSW
Department of Education website.

                                                                 Bilgola Plateau Public School   24

Recess occurs at 11:05am daily. Recess provides the opportunity for a quick snack, toilet
break and a play in the playground with friends. Lunch occurs at 12:45pm daily. Students
eat with their classmates for 10 minutes then venture to the playground to play.
 Drink flasks, particularly when frozen, expand and leak. Wrap the flask in a towel. Please
    label the flask.
 Lunchboxes can be hard to open and close. If you chose to use a lunchbox please
    label both the lid and the container.
 Pack small lunches at first.
 Please put recess in a small labelled snack box separate from lunch items so the
    container can be easily taken out for recess.
 Encourage your child to participate in the packing of their bags so they know what they
    are bringing to school.
 Cut a nick into packets to enable your child to open them independently.
 Please be considerate of our environment and try to minimise excess packaging.
 No cans or glass bottles please.
 It is important for your child to have plenty to drink during the day, especially during the
    warmer months. It is advisable to include a bottle of water that may be refilled
    throughout the day.
All lunches should be provided in a secure lunchbox with minimal packaging as part of our
school sustainability efforts. Please ensure your child is able to independently open all parts
of their lunch. Please note we are unable to heat or cool any lunches for students.
Children will be asked to take uneaten lunch home. This gives you some idea of how much
food your child is eating.
Lunches may be purchased from the canteen by placing an order before 8.55am. Our
canteen encourages families to order online through the Flexischools website
Remember that we have students with life-threatening allergies to nuts, sesame, fish and
eggs. Parents are asked to be allergy aware and to avoid sending lunches which contain
common allergens.

                                                                   Bilgola Plateau Public School   25

Scripture classes which occur once each week for a period of 30 minutes, begining in
Week 4, Term 1 for all children. Ethics classes are offered to some grades based on the
availability of volunteer ethics teachers. If you no longer wish your child to attend the
scripture class to which they have been allocated, you are required to put your request for
change in writing.


All teachers are entitled to two hours RFF (Release from Face to Face) to plan for their
classes. While teachers are planning during their RFF time students participate in activities
such as, Library with Mrs Farrugia and PE with Mrs Taurins. You will be informed of your child’s
PE and Library days at the commencement of 2021.


School bags can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Please label your child’s bag with
their name and class on the inside and a distinctive picture, transfer, or tag on the outside.


The first two days of Term 1 and the first day of Terms 2 and 3 are school development or
pupil free days. These days provide an opportunity for staff to discuss and implement
curriculum initiatives as outlined by the Department of Education. We ask that parents
organise to have their children supervised on these days.


At Bilgola Plateau Public School we have three expectations we ask our students to follow.
These are:
1. Be Responsible
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Successful
We call them expectations rather than rules as we are encouraging our students to think
about their actions and take responsibility for the choices they make.
Students who behave in ways that are unsafe, disrespectful or disrupt learning follow a
series of steps focused on ensuring students understand the expectations, why we have
them and how to better manage problems.
Consequences for breaching expectations can vary depending on a range of
circumstances but can include time out, restoration, counselling or more formal steps
including loss of privileges, formal ‘time-out’ and parent interviews.
Our wellbeing approach is underpinned by positive behavioural philosophy. This approach
focuses on recognising students who are meeting our expectations – a focus on the
positive! Students are acknowledged for following the expectations in a number of ways.

                                                                    Bilgola Plateau Public School   26

School photographs are taken annually in Term1.


The Skoolbag App was introduced in 2016. It provides an instant messaging service to all
families who have downloaded it on their smart phones. It is a free service provided by the
school to allow us to communicate with you quickly about daily happenings, events,
changes in routine and emergencies. The app can be downloaded by searching for
Bilgola wherever you download your apps. Please don’t forget to enable push notifications


The school holds a series of special events each year. These may include Seniors’ Day, Book
Week, Open Day during Education Week, Literacy and Numeracy Week, NAIDOC Week
and Science Week. We also celebrate Easter, Christmas and various charity days. All
school events are advertised on the online school calendar and updates are provided in
The Gumtree Gazette. While COVID-19 restrictions have been in play we have involved
parents virtually we look forward to welcoming parents, relatives and friends to these
events when restrictions are lifted.


It is a NSW Board of Studies requirement that all students participate in a minimum of 2
hours of sport and physical activity each week. Bilgola Plateau Public School runs a
comprehensive and varied sporting program which includes:

       Stage & grade based sport activities
       Weekly PE lessons
       Carnivals (Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics)
       Friday Sport Years 3-6
       Sport PSSA Years 4-6
In summer Years 4 to 6 girls and boys can choose to try out for t-ball, tag, softball and
cricket. In winter Years 4 to 6 girls and boys may choose to try out for netball, football AFL
or rugby league.


Our school uniform policy requires all children to wear our broad brimmed school hat
during outside play and sport periods. Children who do not wear their school hat are
required to sit in the shade. Please make certain your child’s name is clearly marked in
laundry marker under the brim or inside the crown to help reduce loss.

                                                                    Bilgola Plateau Public School   27

Our school and community have a Uniform Policy which requires all students to wear the
correct school uniform. The uniform includes our mandatory school hat and polishable
black shoes. A copy of our uniform code is included at the back of this toolkit. We have a
"No School Hat Sit in the Shade" policy in force.


On wet days all children should bring a rain coat. Please note that umbrellas are not to be
brought to school as they can be dangerous if used inappropriately. On very wet mornings,
children can proceed to their classrooms at 8.30am.


In the early weeks of school, Year 6 students will assist your child with morning tea and lunch
routines, shoelaces, guide them around the school and help them adapt to school routines.
Please be mindful that these buddies are also children and are not meant to take your
place, but to be a friendly face for the children at school. As Kindergarten become more
familiar and confident at our school regular intervention from the Year 6 buddies is phased
out. Kindergarten will continue to interact with their buddies throughout the year with
activities such as buddy reading and Easter hat construction. Your child will meet their
buddy when they arrive at school on Wednesday 3 February 2021.

                                                                   Bilgola Plateau Public School   28
Transition to Kindergarten 2021
The Needs of Kindergarten Children
The needs of Kindergarten children fall into four categories:
1. Social
2. Emotional
3. Physical
4. Intellectual

The social needs are opportunities to:
 Feel part of the social group
 Use initiative and be self-directed
 Work, play and interact with different groups in various settings
 Be involved in activities free from stereotyping
 Develop social skills and relationships

The emotional needs are:
 Positive self-image, self-esteem and self confidence
 Strong feelings of trust and security
 Love, understanding and acceptance
 Positive attitudes towards school and learning
 Support in transition from home or preschool to school
 Support and guidance in dealing appropriately with feelings

The physical needs are:
 Adequate nutrition
 Adequate sleep
 Activity and rest
 A safe and healthy environment
 Guidance in developing and maintaining a healthy body
 Opportunities for gross motor developments, e.g. climbing, jumping, balancing
 Opportunities for fine motor development, e.g. drawing, cutting, pasting, threading…

The intellectual needs are opportunities for kindergarten children to communicate,
investigate and express themselves through:
 Play
 Exploring the environment
 Sensory experiences
 Informal interaction with others (parents, peers, teachers and the community)
 Role play
 Participation in activities that involve first hand experiences
 Interaction in a variety of situations for a variety of purposes
 The reactions and responses of others
 Motivation, stimulation and the opportunity to try new things
 Having the confidence to persevere

                                                                  Bilgola Plateau Public School   29
Key Foundation – Self-regulation

 The key foundational ability before entering school is self-regulation as it feeds into so
 many other higher level skills needed for school. Self-regulation is the ability to understand
 and manage your behaviour and your reactions to feelings and things happening
 around you. Self-regulation includes being able to:
  regulate reactions to emotions like frustration or excitement,
  calm down after something exciting or upsetting,
  focus on a task,
  refocus attention on a new task,
  control impulses, and
  learn behaviour that helps you get along with other people.

Self-regulation helps your child:
 learn at school – because self-regulation gives your child the ability to sit and listen in
    the classroom,
 behave in socially acceptable ways – because self-regulation gives your child the
    ability to control impulses,
 make friends – because self-regulation gives your child the ability to take turns in games,
    share toys and express emotions in appropriate ways,
 become more independent – because self-regulation gives your child the ability to
    make good decisions about their behaviour and learn how to behave in new situations
    with less guidance from adults, and
 manage stress – because self-regulation helps your child learn that they can cope with
    strong feelings and gives them the ability to calm themselves down after getting angry
    or upset.

How to facilitate the development of self-regulation:
 co-regulation, co-regulation is defined as warm and responsive interactions that
  provide the support, coaching, and modeling children need to understand, express,
  and modulate their thoughts, feelings and behaviours,
 helping your child move through emotions and situations,
 talking about the change in their body when they feel upset and then helping them
  through it with having a calm space at home and options for calming activities.
 facilitate physical activity,.
 avoid technology unless meaning parent interaction is incorporated

                                                                    Bilgola Plateau Public School   30
Social / Emotional Skills Checklist

Name: _________________________                  Date of Birth: _______________

Circle the number that is most representative of your child’s behaviour. The blue skills are related
specifically to self-regulation.

Not descriptive or true          Moderately descriptive or true             Very descriptive or true



Pays attention when spoken to_______________________________________________ 1             2    3       4    5

Responds / answers when spoken to__________________________________________ 1              2    3       4    5

Maintains eye contact_______________________________________________________ 1             2    3       4    5

Speaks in an acceptable tone of voice_______________________________________ 1             2    3       4    5

Initiates conversation________________________________________________________         1   2    3       4    5

Asks others to play in an appropriate manner_________________________________          1   2    3       4    5

Accepts consequences of own behaviour without becoming upset/angry_____ 1                  2    3       4    5

Expresses / shows pleasure when experiencing success________________________ 1             2    3       4    5


Sits quietly___________________________________________________________________ 1          2    3       4    5

Pays attention to teacher____________________________________________________ 1            2    3       4    5

Follows directions____________________________________________________________ 1           2    3       4    5

Understands simple instructions_______________________________________________ 1           2    3       4    5

Follows established routines__________________________________________________         1   2    3       4    5

Requests help in an appropriate manner______________________________________ 1             2    3       4    5

Fine motor skills level (low 1…..high 5)_________________________________________ 1        2    3       4    5

Continues to try when something is difficult____________________________________ 1         2    3       4    5

                                                                        Bilgola Plateau Public School       31
Can work independently_____________________________________________________ 1                2       3       4       5

Can work in a group setting__________________________________________________ 1              2       3       4       5


Uses polite words such as please and thank you______________________________         1       2       3       4       5

Allows others to use or borrow something that belongs to them________________        1       2       3       4       5

Accepts not being chosen first_______________________________________________        1       2       3       4       5

Deals with being left out of an activity without becoming upset________________ 1        2       3       4       5

Takes the initiative to assist others when they need help________________________ 1          2       3       4       5

Uses physical contact with others in an acceptable manner___________________ 1               2       3       4       5


Can introduce themselves___________________________________________________          1       2       3       4       5

Initiates conversation with peers______________________________________________ 1            2       3       4       5

Takes turns talking and listening_______________________________________________ 1           2       3       4       5

Seeks out others to interact with______________________________________________ 1            2       3       4       5

Gives compliments__________________________________________________________          1       2       3       4       5

Tolerates contact with others________________________________________________        1       2       3       4       5


Accepts making mistakes without becoming upset____________________________1              2       3       4       5

Can find another activity when not allowed to join a group’s play______________1         2       3       4       5

Expresses anger by telling someone they are angry, not hurting them___________1          2       3       4       5

Walks away when someone tries to hurt them or fight__________________________ 1              2       3       4       5

                                                                      Bilgola Plateau Public School              32

Is able to ask appropriately to join in__________________________________________ 1      2    3       4    5

Participates without hurting others____________________________________________ 1        2    3       4    5

Follows rules when playing games____________________________________________ 1           2    3       4    5

Can take turns_______________________________________________________________ 1          2    3       4    5

Is able to share______________________________________________________________ 1         2    3       4    5

Accepts winning in an acceptable manner___________________________________ 1             2    3       4    5

Is able to accept losing without getting too upset or angry____________________      1   2    3       4    5

Can select a game or activity________________________________________________ 1          2    3       4    5

Packs away all equipment used for an activity________________________________ 1          2    3       4    5

Accepts that time is up______________________________________________________        1   2    3       4    5

                                                                      Bilgola Plateau Public School       33
Functional Skills Checklist for Starting Kindergarten
This checklist, although not exhaustive, can help to guide you in preparing your child for
school. It is best to look at the items included as goals towards which to aim. This sample of
skills is suitable for most children starting Kindergarten. Starting school may just be a little
easier if your child has acquired these skills. Encourage your child to attempt the things
mentioned below, but don't worry if your child can't do all of them. Remember that all
children are unique. They grow and develop at different rates - and no one thing
guarantees that a child is ready for school.

Independence Skills

 My child:                                                                         Yes        No

 Uses the toilet independently

 Can put on and take off jumpers, shoes and socks independently

 Unfastens zippers, buttons and velcro tabs

 Packs own bag without assistance
 Can wipe their nose

 Can sit and listen to a story
 Can say own name, address and telephone number
 Is curious about the world

 Adapts to unfamiliar settings and new experiences

 Plays cooperatively with other children

 Can finish a task and tidies up afterwards
 Can be responsible for own belongings

 Asks for help when needed

You can help by:

 Encouraging your child to be confident and curious enough to explore and try new
 Helping them to become more independent
 Giving your child many opportunities to be with other children and encourage
 Helping your child to complete tasks (for example, picking up own toys)
 Allowing your child to assist with daily household chores
 Giving your child some responsibilities within your home
 Encouraging your child to listen, then follow simple instructions

                                                                    Bilgola Plateau Public School   34
Physical skills

 My child:                                                                       Yes          No
 Can jump with two feet together

 Can manipulate small objects

 Enjoys a variety of indoor and outdoor play
 Uses a variety of objects (thick pens, thick pencils, thick textas…) to
 draw, scribble or write
 Uses the correct pencil grip

 Makes attempts at writing own name

 Uses scissors

 Shows a hand preference
 Can run and skip
 Makes and designs things using a variety of materials

You can help by:

 Ensuring your child has good hearing and vision. If in doubt get them tested.
 Providing a balanced diet
 Ensuring your child gets plenty of rest
 Providing opportunities for your child to run, jump, play outdoors and do other activities
  that help develop large muscles and provide exercise
 Encourage your child to draw pictures, colour, paint and play with jigsaw puzzles and
  do other activities that help develop small muscles.
 To strengthen your child’s fine motor co-ordination (hands) encourage them to play
  with play dough. This is a very important pre-writing activity.
 Helping your child to write their name with a capital letter at the beginning

                                                                    Bilgola Plateau Public School   35
Language Skills

 My child:                                                                          Yes       No
 Talks to other people about familiar objects

 Speaks confidently and clearly

 Makes needs known
 Joins in singing familiar songs

 Follows simple instructions
 Can solve simple problems

 Answers and asks simple questions

 Identifies pictures in books, magazines and an event on television

 Listens to stories
 Recognises their name
 Speaks clearly and demonstrates age appropriate language skills

You can help by:

   Reading to your child every day!
   Giving your child access to books and other reading materials
   Giving opportunities for drawing and 'writing'
   Encouraging your child to hold pencils with the correct grip
   Encouraging your child to ask questions
   Encouraging your child to solve simple problems independently
   Talking about similarities and differences
   Providing experiences such as, shopping trips and excursions so that children will have a
    background for reading to relate to.

                                                                  Bilgola Plateau Public School   36
Thinking Skills

 My child:                                                                             Yes           No
 Approaches tasks in a logical way

 Knows basic geometric shapes and colours

 Has some understanding of time and motion
 Identifies things in a group that are different (different colours, shapes etc)

 Can follow at least 3 verbal directions in correct sequence
 Can complete puzzles

 Recognises that numbers are used to count

 Knows directional and positional concepts

 Concentrates and listens to a story
 Can answer simple questions and recall events of a story
 Can arrange events in sequence from first to last

 Differentiates between opposites
 Counts objects to 10

You can help by:

   Encouraging your child to sort and classify things
   Encouraging counting in your child's everyday life (e.g. counting as you walk up steps)
   Playing counting games
   Playing games that involve matching pieces and doing jigsaws together
   Helping your child to identify common shapes in everyday things
   Helping your child learn basic directions such as on top of, in front of etc.

                                                                     Bilgola Plateau Public School    37
NSW Foundation Handwriting and Pencil Grip
Foundation handwriting is used in New South Wales schools.

Pencil Grip
Please encourage children to use the correct grip.

                                                             Bilgola Plateau Public School   38
Ten Tips for Making the Transition to Kindergarten a Little
1.    Be enthusiastic about the upcoming change. If you are excited and confident, your
      child will be too.

2.    Arrange a play date with another child from the program, preferably one on one, so
      that your child will see a familiar face when they walk in.

3.    Start daily routines that will add to continuity. Let your child become involved with
      packing lunch or laying out clothes. Also, begin an earlier bedtime several weeks

4.    Practise eating lunch.
       Have lunch outside in your garden every now and again so your Kindy child can
          get used to eating outdoors.
       Practise eating from a lunchbox. Little fingers will need plenty of practice in
          opening and closing lunchboxes, drink bottles and also those tricky lunch
       If possible try to get your child into a routine of a morning tea break at 11:00 am
          (recess) and a lunch break at 12:40 pm (lunch). It may be helpful to encourage
          toileting around these times as well.

5.    Have your Kindy child practice dressing and undressing.
       Little fingers will need lots of practise and confidence with manipulating the
         buttons, zippers, buckles and laces on their uniforms.
       Wear in new school shoes around the house.

6.    Give your Kindy child practice with recognising their name.

7.    Ensure everything is labelled.

8.    Ensure children are confident with going to the toilet on their own.

9.    Put aside extra time, particularly on the first day, for chatting and communicating
      together. But remember not to prolong the goodbye. If the child whines or clings,
      staying will only make it harder.

10.   Prepare your child for learning by reading to them everyday. Modelling is an
      important part of learning

                                                                    Bilgola Plateau Public School   39
You can also read