Arie Crown Hebrew Day School Handbook 2018 2019

Arie Crown Hebrew Day School
                   2018 – 2019
                  ‫תשע"ח – תשע"ט‬

   Main Campus                           Early Childhood Campus
  4600 Main Street                         4915 Conrad Street
Skokie, Illinois 60076                    Skokie, Illinois 60077
PHONE: 847‐982‐9191                    PHONE: 847‐982‐9191 Ext: 677

                         FAX: 847‐982‐9525
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Welcome to Arie Crown Hebrew Day School. We are privileged to join you in helping our students
grow spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally. Toward that goal, we present these policies,
procedures, and protocols. They are intended to create a safe, respectful, and positive learning
environment for all of our students. Working together as partners, the Arie Crown Administration,
faculty, and parents can offer an outstanding learning community for all our children.

Please join us in our pursuit of excellence,

                                          Your Administration,

        Rabbi Eli Samber, Rabbi Menachem Kirshner, Mrs. Miriam Swann, Mrs. Ellen Wigoda,
                           Mrs. Shoshana Safirstein and Mr. Sam Medow

Rabbi Eli Samber,
Rabbi Meir Shapiro,
Principal Emeritus
Rabbi Menachem Kirshner,
Asst. Principal, Hebrew Dept.
Mrs. Miriam Swann
Director of General Studies
Mrs. Ellen Wigoda
General Studies Coordinator
Mrs. Shoshana Safirstein
Director of Early Childhood
Mr. Sam Medow
Executive Director
Mrs. Rivka Holzman,
Social Worker
Mrs. Susan Eimerman,
Resource Director
Mrs. Rivka Sarah Jaffe,
Judaic Resource Coordinator

Motto: Where Middos and Learning are Linked Together

The philosophy of Arie Crown is one of Torah Em Derech Eretz ‐ to produce children who encompass
good middos with Torah learning and devotion to Yiddishkeit. It is the purpose of Arie Crown Hebrew
Day School to offer a challenging and comprehensive religious and secular education to all students.

Arie Crown Hebrew Day School is fully accredited by the State of Illinois and the Associated Talmud
Torahs of Chicago (ATT). The ATT provides us with consultative services, faculty training programs,
teacher placement services, and opportunities for our students to participate in city‐wide educational
and social projects. The school is also affiliated with Torah Umesorah, the National Society for
Hebrew Day Schools.

Arie Crown Hebrew Day School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national and
ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarships, and
athletic and other school‐administered programs.

Admission to Arie Crown Hebrew Day School will be made on the basis of the best interest of the
existing student body, current staff and educational resources, the best academic, social and religious
interests of the child, and the welfare of the school. All of this shall be done at the discretion of the
Administration and in accordance with the guidance of Jewish Orthodox halacha.

Tuition is set by our Board of Directors annually. Scholarships are awarded on a case‐by‐case needs
basis. Applications can be requested from the Business Office.

                              Board of Education/Vaad Hachinuch
Board of Education members are available to hear your suggestions and comments. Feel free to
contact them via our website to discuss any matter of educational policy. Board of Education
members are:
Dr. Jerry Garden, Chairman
Mr. Joseph Abramchik
Rabbi Micah Greenland
Rabbi Jerold Isenberg
Mr. Michael Klein
Rabbi Ben Dov Leibenstein
Rabbi Aaron Leibtag
Rabbi Leonard Matanky
Mr. Steven Miretzky
Rabbi Samuel Seleski
Mr. Lennie Weiss
Rabbi Shabsai Wolfe
Dr. Phillip Zaret

Student Handbook
In order to ensure that everyone is familiar with school policies, we have created a Student Handbook
which contains the sections of this handbook that are specifically relevant to children in grades 3‐8.
The Student Handbook is included in the assignment notebooks, distributed on the first day of school.
Parents are asked to go over the Student Handbook with their children and sign the sheet at the end
of the handbook section to confirm this. Arie Crown staff members will go through the handbooks
with the students during the first weeks of school, and will ask him/her to sign as well to confirm that
they understand the rules that pertain to them. We hope that this will help foster better
communication and clarify school policies for everyone. Thank you for your help in this process.

                                             School Year
Parent Orientation
    Parent orientation will be held during an evening within the first few weeks of school to give
       parents an opportunity to meet their children's teachers.
    Please refrain from asking personal questions at this time.
Parent Teacher Conferences
    Conferences are held in Fall and Spring. One time slot per student per teacher will be available
       for parent sign‐up.
Report cards
    Report cards will be issued online 3 times a year, in December, March, and June.
Parent Education Nights
    Parent Education Nights are held at various times throughout the year. All parents are
       encouraged to attend.
End of Year Celebrations and Graduations
    Nursery and Kindergarten children will participate in End of the Year Celebrations.
    Eighth grade graduation takes place during the last week of school.
End of Year Banquet
    The Arie Crown Banquet is held in June.
    In order to attend, you must fulfill your "Give or Get" requirement and bring in an additional
       $150 per couple in cash or ads.

                                             School Day
Pre‐Nursery/Nursery                                    8:30am‐1:00pm
Kindergarten‐8th Grade Girls                           8:30am‐3:55pm
Kindergarten‐4th Grade Boys
5th‐8th Grade Boys**                                     7:30am‐3:55pm

Short Friday Schedule
Pre‐Nursery/Nursery                                      8:30am‐1:00pm
Kindergarten‐8th Grade Girls                             8:30am‐1:10pm
Kindergarten‐4th Grade Boys
5th‐8th Grade Boys**                                     7:30am‐1:10pm

Sunday Schedule
4th‐8th Grade Boys**                                     8:00am‐12:00pm
For Kindergarten, 1st‐4th grade boys and 1st‐8th grade girls:
     The school doors open at 8:10am. Children may not enter the school before 8:10am.
     1st bell is at 8:20. Class begins promptly at 8:30am.

** Minyan
    Doors open for minyan at 7:15am (7:45am on Sundays).
    Boys should arrive before 7:25 (7:55 on Sundays) to enable them to put their belongings away
      in their locker, use the bathroom, and be on time for davening. Boys will not be allowed to go
      to their lockers once davening begins.
    Breakfast:
          o Boys in grades 5‐8 have a breakfast period every morning after minyan. On Sundays,
              4th grade boys will also eat breakfast at school
          o Please send healthy cereal from home with your child on the first day of school. The
              cereal should be in an air‐tight container with your child’s name marked clearly on the
              container. Cereal must be kept on the provided shelves in the Beis Medrash and may
              not be kept in the student’s locker.

Optional Studies
Pre‐Nursery and Nursery Early Bird AM Drop Off      7:45‐8:10am
(contact EC for cost)
Pre‐Nursery/Nursery and Kindergarten                8:10am‐8:30am
Complimentary Early AM Drop off
Pre‐Nursery and Nursery Stay ‘N Play Program        Mon.‐Fri. 1:00‐3:50pm
                                                    (1:00pm Short Fridays)
Pre‐Nursery/Nursery/Kdg                             Mon.‐Thurs 4:05‐5:00pm
Late Pick‐Up *based on enrollment

Homework/Executive Function Club                    Boys: Monday and Wednesday
(Grades 5‐8) $5/session                             Girls: Tuesday and Thursday
                                                    Until 5:00pm
5th‐6th Grade Boys Mishnayos                        Tuesday and Thursday
                                                    Until 5:00pm
7th Grade Boys Mishmor                              Tuesday and Thursday
                                                    Until 5:00pm
8th Grade Boys Mishmor @ Chicago Center for         Monday and Wednesday
Torah/Chesed                                        7:00‐8:00pm

Title 1: Kindergarten                               Sunday
(based on eligibility)

Title 1: 1st‐8th Grade                              Monday‐Thursday
(based on eligibility)                              Until 5:00pm

Lunch Schedules
Kindergarten‐8th Grade Lunch:
    Monday & Wednesday are meat lunch days. Tuesday, Thursday & Friday are dairy lunch days.

   Arie Crown students are eligible to participate in the Kiwikids hot lunch program facilitated by
       Agudath Israel of Illinois. For full information on this program or to sign up, please visit
       www.agudathisrael‐ or call 773‐279‐8400.
Pre‐Nursery/Nursery Lunch:
     Monday‐Friday, please send a dairy or parve lunch with your child. The Early Childhood
       Campus is a dairy/parve only program.
     Pizza will be offered for hot lunch purchase on Wednesdays. Early Childhood Campus will have
       pizza order forms for each session distributed by the preschool.
     Drink tickets may be used to purchase 2% white milk, chocolate milk, water or juice daily. No
       drinks will be given without a ticket. Drink tickets can be purchased by check at the Early
       Childhood office for immediate pick‐up.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
Since the safety of our students is paramount, we ask that parents cooperate with the basic rules
during the scheduled drop‐off and pick‐up times. Please respect the importance of being on time at
drop off and pick up times.

 Effective on January 1st, 2010, Senate Bill 72 titled "Vehicular Phone Use in School Zones" states:
 "A person, regardless of age, may not use a wireless telephone at any time while operating a motor
 vehicle on a roadway in a school speed zone."
 Police will ticket a $500 fine.

Main Campus
          o Drop off for students is on the north side (the school side) of Main Street.
          o During morning drop off Main Street you are to pull in ONLY. Drive forward as far
              down the street as possible before stopping and letting students out. Do not back up
              or parallel park.
          o Follow the directions of safety officers and staff. Follow all posted traffic signs.
          o Parking is not permitted on Main Street between 8 – 9 AM or between 3:30 – 5:30 PM.
              Police will ticket.
          o If you need to come into the building for any reason, you must park on side streets.
              Please check signage carefully as some streets are permit only. Do not block driveways
              or park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
          o Main St is for school buses only. All students who take the bus home should proceed
              to their numbered bus on Main St.
          o Kenton St is for West Rogers Park carpools only. Parents are asked to drive around the
              school building and line up on the west side of Kenton. West Rogers Park carpool
              students are dismissed to the Bais Medrash where they will wait for their carpool
              number to be called before leaving the building. Please display carpool numbers
              prominently in your car window.
          o The Kilpatrick parking lot is for carpools from other neighborhoods. Students are
              dismissed directly to the parking lot to meet their carpool.
          o Kindergarten students will be escorted to afternoon buses and carpool locations by
              their teachers.
o Children will not be allowed to leave school by any other means but carpool or bus
             (e.g. biking or walking) without written parental permission turned into the school
           o Any dismissal changes must be called in to the school office before 3:30 PM
           o Students who are not signed up for bus service may not ride the bus. No exceptions.

           Sunday Dismissal
                  Dismissal Sunday is at 12:00 noon. In order to facilitate a safe pickup and
                     dismissal from school on Sunday we ask you to adhere to the following
                  West Rogers Park pickup will take place on Main Street. All other
                     neighborhoods should pick up on the west side of Kenton. The Kilpatrick
                     parking lot is not to be used for this dismissal.
                  Upon arrival, please pull as far down the street as possible in order to allow a
                     smooth flow of traffic.
                  DO NOT double park on any street and ask your child/carpool to come to your
                     car. This is a serious safety hazard and teaches our children reckless behavior.
                  If you would like to park across the street and pick up your child/carpool, you
                     must come out of your car and walk your child/carpool across to your car.
                     Students in any grade are not permitted to cross any of the surrounding streets
                     without a guardian.

 Please note: On days where there are two or more inches of snow the Village of Skokie's Alternate
 Parking Plan will be in effect. On odd number days please park on the odd address (south and east)
 side of the street and on even days the even address (north and west) side of the street in order to
 avoid being ticketed. In order to sign up for automatic notices, go to the Village of Skokie website.

Early Childhood Campus
In the interest of safety and smooth traffic flow we shall have staff on duty to direct you and to assist
in bringing children into the building on arrival and escorting children to their carpool at dismissal.
            o Parents should enter the parking lot off Greenleaf Street. All cars should pull up to the
                 end of the drive designated by the orange curb where staff will be waiting to escort
                 children to their classrooms.
            o When you get to the orange‐curbed zone, help everyone by going right to the end. This
                 enables other cars to pull in behind you.
            o Please do not leave your car unattended in the orange‐curbed fire lane. Not only is this
                 illegal, but it blocks the lane for other parents.
            o If you want to come into school, there is ample parking available in Lot B.
            o Parents who have children participating in the 7:45 am Early Bird AM Drop off must
                 park and enter the building with their child.
            o Drop off begins at 8:10am. Doors to the building are locked prior to 8:10am and there
                 is no supervision of children unless they are registered for Early Bird Drop‐off.
            o From 8:10–8:30am our carpool lane will be open. We will have teachers waiting to
                 greet the children and walk them to their classroom.

o When the temperatures are unsafe for staff and children to wait outdoors, the
              Penguin Stop Sign system will be in effect. When the Penguin Stop sign is posted on
              the gate, parents must walk their children into the school. Our friendly teachers will be
              waiting in the warm entrance to walk the children to their classrooms.
          o Please enter the parking lot from Greenleaf Street. Follow cones to the carpool lane.
          o When pulling up continue to the end of the orange‐ curbed zone, have all car seats
              ready and in place.
          o During the first week of school you will be given a carpool number. Please call our
              Early Childhood office with any corrections or revisions. Please familiarize yourselves
              with your child’s carpool number and always have your colored carpool sign displayed
              on your vehicles’ windshield on the drivers’ side when carpooling. (Additional carpool
              signs will be distributed during the first week of school as well.)
          o When a carpool number is called, the children will be walked outside by a teacher.
          o Please avoid socializing with teachers who need to return inside to the remaining
          o Parents are asked to step out of their cars and greet their children as they leave the
              gated area and to help load children into vehicles safely and in a timely manner.
          o If you need to park, please park your car in lot B and walk to the carpool area.
          o Please help our dismissal system run safely and smoothly by refraining from usage of
              cell phones.
          o Private transportation must be arranged by each parent individually. Please make sure
              that car safety seats are in the vehicle for each child that will be riding in the car.
          o For Pre‐Nursery and Nursery Students, dismissal on Fridays is at 1:00pm.
          o If you are planning a play date for your child, please make sure to send a note with
              your child in the morning. Please indicate your child’s first and last name, the date,
              teacher, the name of the child with whom he/she will be going. If written permission is
              not given, your child will be sent home via his or her regular means of transportation.
              For the safety of all our students, we will not take a child’s word for dismissal

Late Arrival/Early Dismissal
    Should your child arrive to school late (after 8:40 am) you are required to accompany the child
       into the building and sign him/her in at the front office.
    Children are not permitted to leave the building unescorted from the time they arrive at
       school until they leave via bus or parent pick‐up.
    Children must remain on school property until departure via carpool or bus.
    If a child must leave school during the day, the adult who will be responsible for that child
       must go to the office to sign the child out of school. Please send a note to your child’s teacher
       indicating when you will be picking him/her up. The child must remain in class until an adult
       comes into school to sign the student out. The office will then call the classroom requesting
       the child to come down. Please allow yourself enough time to follow these procedures.
    If anyone other than the parent or legal guardian is picking up a child, written or oral
       permission from the parent or legal guardian must be communicated to the school office. No
       student will be released without this permission.

   Early Childhood parents or caregiver must sign their child(ren) in upon arrival and sign them
       out in the afternoon. Any student leaving or returning to campus during the school day must
       be signed out upon departure and signed in upon arrival in the classroom.

                               Campus Safety and Security Policies
      Concealed firearms are prohibited on school property in accordance with Illinois state law.
      Exterior school doors are locked at all times.
      Visitors must enter school through the Main Street or Early Childhood Campus entrance and
       sign‐in to obtain a visitor lanyard in the front office. This includes all school volunteers. All
       visitors must leave a photo ID at the front office and will receive a visitor lanyard which must
       be worn at all times.
      Visitors should never ask a student or teacher to allow them entry into the building.

                                 Communication School to Home
Emergency Contact Information
Notify the front office immediately if there is any change in home and/or emergency phone numbers
or parent email addresses. Make sure that the persons you have listed to be called in an emergency
know that you have used their names. Please make sure that the number(s) listed for the Calling Post
are kept up to date and are the number(s) where you are the most accessible (e.g. office, cell phone).

Emergency School Closing
   To find out if school is closed, log onto, call 312‐222‐4467, or
      tune radios to WBBM 780, WMAQ 670, WGN 720 or WGN ‐TV 9.
   In the event of a school closing before the school day begins, a Calling Post message/e‐mail
      will be sent out as soon as possible. Please do not call the school. Every effort will be made to
      contact boys going to Minyan before 6:30 AM.
   In the event of a school closing during the school day, a Calling Post/e‐mail message will be
      sent. Please arrange back‐up carpools in case the buses do not run.

Please check your email daily for school communications. This will be the primary method used to
keep you informed. If you do not have access to email, please coordinate with another parent who
will keep you informed.

Our school newsletter is e‐mailed on Friday. Please read it. It contains valuable information about
school and our school community. If you would like your child to receive a hard copy of the
newsletter, please contact the school.

                                   Communication Home to School
An important role of Administration is to be accessible and responsive to your needs. In order to
facilitate proactive and effective communication, please observe the following guidelines.


                                          - 10 -
   We encourage all students, especially those in middle school, to approach their teachers
       directly to discuss any questions or issues.

    The first level of communication in the case of a classroom question or concern should be
       between the parent and teacher.
    In order to maintain a professional Parent‐Teacher relationship, texting is not permitted.
       Please use only email or a phone call to the main office to contact teachers. Messages may be
       left for teachers through the school office.
    Please be aware that teachers are unable to check their email during the school day.
    Unless it is an emergency, it is reasonable to expect a response from a teacher within 24
       hours. That being said, if you have not received a response, please give the teacher the
       benefit of the doubt and send another communication. In most instances, this dialogue
       between parent and teacher will resolve the situation.
    In the event that a child cannot participate in a school program or activity (i.e. gym, recess,) a
       note must be sent with your child to be given to his/her teacher. Repeat exemptions may
       require a doctor note.

    If after speaking with the teacher you feel that the issue requires further attention, an
       important role of Administration is to be accessible and responsive to your needs. Please
       contact Rabbi Kirshner, the Assistant Principal of Hebrew Studies, with issues relating to the
       Judaic department, to Mrs. Swann, the Director of General Studies, for a General Studies
       issue, or Mrs. Safirstein, Director of Early Childhood, for an issue in Early Childhood. Mrs.
       Holzman, our school social worker, is also available to discuss concerns relating to social
       and/or emotional issues. The administration strives to be responsive by the end of the school
       day and is committed to resolving all issues to the best of their abilities. As Principal over the
       entire school, Rabbi Samber is available to discuss any matter pertaining to your experience at
       Arie Crown and to guide you in the most effective way of communicating your concerns,
       questions, or overall constructive feedback.
    All questions and comments pertaining to busing schedules and routes should be directed to
       the business office. Concerns about behavior on the bus should be directed to the Assistant
       Principal of Hebrew Studies, Rabbi Kirshner.
    In addition, Arie Crown is blessed with an outstanding Board of Education. The members of
       this important board meet regularly with Administration to discuss educational matters that
       form the foundation of your child's education. These members are available to hear your
       suggestions and comments. Feel free to contact them to discuss any matter pertaining to
       educational policy or your overall experience in the school. Please reference the end of
       handbook for their contact info.

    The office telephones are for official school business only. Office personnel will phone parents
       if the situation warrants it.
    Cell phone use is not permitted during the school day for any reason. Please refer to the cell
       phone policy under the Technology section in the Handbook.
    Messages to children will be delivered to them in their classrooms at an appropriate time, not
       necessarily immediately.
                                           - 11 -
   Messages received after 3:30 PM cannot be guaranteed to be delivered to your child.
      Parents are expected to check their child’s backpack nightly and communicate with their child
       regarding any messages or flyers that have been sent home from school.
      Assignment notebooks are required for all students in 3rd through 8th grade and serve as a
       communication tool between students, parents, and teachers. Parents are encouraged to sign
       the notebooks each night.

                                        Academic Policies
Homework assignments are appropriate for all students at all grade levels. Home study is intended to
develop broader knowledge, good work habits, and a sense of responsibility which will benefit
students throughout their entire lives.
    Students are expected to keep up with their homework daily.
    Communication regarding homework is primarily through the assignment notebook in grades
    If there is a conflict regarding an assignment, the student should discuss it with the teacher
       before the assignment is due.
    Appropriate consequences, such as point deductions, are acceptable for missing or late
    In the upper grades, please encourage independence and limit the amount of help you give to
       your child. Communicate with the teacher about any concerns. The teacher will not know if
       the student is having trouble or if she/he needs to reteach if all of the homework comes in
       perfectly every time.
    If you find that homework is extremely difficult for your child, please contact the teacher right
    There is a suggested 15 minutes of nightly reading for all students in addition to homework.
    “No Homework Nights” are in place as related to holidays and school events.

    The maximum number of tests/major projects due per day is 1 for Hebrew studies and 1 for
      General Studies.
    Missed tests must be made up in a timely fashion agreed upon by the teacher and student or
      grade consequences will occur.
    If a student needs to make up a test, he or she may be asked to do so during recess or after

    While Arie Crown does provide accommodations and modifications for our students as
     needed, in order to do so in the most effective and beneficial way, we may require outside
     testing and the results. Aditionally, Arie Crown will require permission to speak with the
     outised professional. If individual support for a student is deemed necessary by an outside
     consultant or the Arie Crown Administration, it may need to be provided at the family’s
     expense. (i.e. a shadow, outside/in‐school tutoring)
    If at any time Arie Crown determines that the learning environment of Arie Crown is not
     appropriate for a student, another placement may be requested.

                                          - 12 -
Assignment Notebooks
    Assignment notebooks are required for all students in grades 3 through 8. Any student who
      does not bring an assignment notebook to class may receive point deductions for lack of
      preparedness. The assignment notebook, in addition to being an organizational tool, is a
      communication tool between teachers, students, and parents. It is an important aspect of our
      Executive Functioning Program to encourage planning and independence.

                                         Attendance Policies
Students learn best when they are in class every scheduled day. Students are expected to attend the
entire school day every day school is in session.

Leaving Class for Sibling Programs
Only siblings may be considered for dismissal from class to attend an in‐school program when
appropriate, at the teacher’s discretion.
A written parental note must be given to the teacher for a student to be allowed to leave class.
    Students are responsible for all work missed.

Leaving School During The Day
Removing your child from school for doctor or dental appointments is strongly discouraged as it
disrupts your child's learning. If your child misses class for an appointment, he or she is responsible to
obtain any information or handouts from other students in the class for any work missed.
If a child must leave school during the day, please send a note to your child’s teacher indicating when
you will be picking him/her up. The child must remain in class until an adult comes into school to sign
the student out.
      Please see the Late Arrival/Early Dismissal section for details of the school’s required

A student is considered tardy and will be reported to the administration if he or she is late to class,
out of his or her seat when class begins, or is unprepared for class and has to leave to retrieve
Chronic tardiness is viewed as a violation of school policy and is subject to consequences per the
discretion of the administration.

Planned School Absence
We understand that there may be rare occasions, such as a simcha or family situation, that may
necessitate missing school. If a planned absence is unavoidable, the student is expected to:
    Make arrangements in advance with his/her classroom teachers.
    Turn in all previously assigned work prior to leaving, even work due during the absence.
    Assume responsibility for getting work missed while out of school.
    Assume responsibility for making up tests and work missed within a reasonable time agreed
       upon with the teacher.
    Realize that assignments or tests turned in after the agreed upon time will be treated as late

                                           - 13 -
   If tutoring is required to support learning the child missed during the absence, the family is
       responsible for this arrangement. Homework Club may also be recommended, at the family’s

Excessive Absences
A child who misses more than 10 days of school in a grading period will be considered excessively
absent and parents will be contacted by administration regarding consequences.

                                            Dress Code
In cooperation with the PTA and the Va’ad Hachinuch, the Administration upholds the following
regulations for respectful and modest dress at Arie Crown. In order to uphold this standard, any
students who are not compliant with the dress code outlined above may be asked to go to the office
to arrange for appropriate clothing. Parents will be contacted by the office staff, and appropriate
clothing may need to be brought from home. If a second dress code infraction occurs, administration
will speak with the student. If a third infraction occurs, parents will be asked to meet with the
administration. Further infractions may result in consequences to be determined by the

Early Childhood
Children in the Early Childhood and Kindergarten are not required to follow the uniform dress code of
the elementary school students. Casual, comfortable clothes are best. Although smocks are provided
and encouraged as a choice for children during creative art, accidents do occur, and children become
upset if they think they soiled their good clothes. Please make sure school clothes are comfortable,
sturdy and washable.
     Girls may wear pants and all children may wear t‐shirts and shorts.
     Tank tops, sleeveless tops and sleeveless jumpers may not be worn to school.
     Due to safety concerns, Crocs, flip‐flops, open‐toed shoes, shoes without backs, sandals
        without sturdy straps, and shoes with wheels are not acceptable in school at any time.
     Sneakers are most recommended as children are able to enjoy playground and gym time and
        avoid ankle and foot injuries.
     Please send your son to school with a kippah/yarmulka every day.
     Please encourage your child to wear Tzitzis daily. The Bracha is recited each day during
        davening/circle time.

Boys Grades 1‐8
     Are required to wear a kippah & tzitzis at all times.
     Due to safety concerns, Crocs, flip‐flops, open‐toed shoes, and shoes without backs are not
       acceptable in school at any time.
Boys Grades 1‐2
     Are not required to follow the uniform dress code of the elementary school students. Casual,
       comfortable clothes are best.
Boys Grades 3‐8
                                         - 14 -
   Must have a collar with at least two buttons such as a polo‐style or a button down shirt.
       Button down shirts must be buttoned.
      Must not have any words, symbols or pictures (small, discreet logos are acceptable).
      Arie Crown Logo sweatshirts are the only acceptable sweatshirts.
      Arie Crown zip‐up sweatshirts may only be worn over a polo‐style or button down shirt.
    Long pants are required.
    Denim pants in a color other than blue are acceptable.
    Sweat pants, exercise pants, warm‐ups, shorts, and blue jeans are not acceptable.
    Socks are required.
    Shoes must be tied.
Baseball caps
    May be worn only during recess time.

Girls Grades 1‐8
     M Please contact PTA Uniform Seller for more information.
     The required length for skirts and jumpers for grades 1‐3 is below the knee
     The required length for skirts for grades 4‐8 is a minimum of 3 inches below the knee.
Shirts ‐ Girls Grades 1‐3
     Must wear shirts from a line of Uniform Apparel.
     May wear short sleeve or long sleeve Polo type shirts or turtlenecks in the following colors:
         white, yellow, light blue, hunter green or navy.
     May wear short sleeve or long sleeve Oxford shirts in white, light blue or yellow.
Shirts – Girls Grades 4‐8
     Must wear shirts from a line of Uniform Apparel.
     Acceptable shirts include Polo type shirts in white, yellow, light blue, hunter green or navy; or
         Broadcloth Oxford shirts in white, light blue or yellow.
     Tapered blouses are not accepted.
     All shirts must remain buttoned with the exception of the top button.
     Shirts must be loose fitting and long enough so that there is no gap between the shirt and the
         skirt even when the arms are raised.
     Short sleeve shirts are not allowed, but sleeves may be rolled up to the elbows.
     Shirts that resemble polo or oxford shirts but are not uniform shirts are not acceptable.
     Arie Crown Logo sweatshirts are the only acceptable sweatshirts.
     Arie Crown zip‐up sweatshirts may only be worn over a uniform polo or oxford shirt.
     Socks in grades 1‐8 must be at a height that is well‐above the ankle bone and clearly visible
         above the shoe line, crew length or higher.
     Anklets or peds are not allowed.
     Leggings/tights are acceptable when they go below the shoe or sock line.
     Shoes must be closed‐toed.
     Due to safety concerns, Crocs, flip‐flops, open‐toed shoes, shoes without backs, and shoes
         with wheels are not acceptable in school at any time.
                                          - 15 -
    Make‐up is not acceptable in school.
    Multiple ear‐piercings are not acceptable in school.

It is virtually impossible to anticipate all the possible trends in boys’ or girls’ attire. The Administration
reserves the right to decide on these situations in accordance with our goals of respectful and modest

All Boys and Girls are required to wear gym shoes (rubber soled shoes that stay on during physical
activities) for gym class. Students who do not bring appropriate shoes on multiple occasions will
receive a detention.

Dress Code Policies
Students who are not compliant with the dress code outlined above will be discreetly sent to the
office. Parents will be contacted by the office staff, and appropriate clothing may need to be brought
from home. If a third dress code infraction occurs, parents will be asked to meet with the

Visitors Entering our Building
In keeping with the tznius (modesty) standard of our school, we respectfully request that all visitors
entering our building be dressed according to our dress code. This includes baby‐sitters or caregivers
who may be coming into the building on your behalf.

                   Expectations for Student Conduct/Student Responsibilities
      No student may leave the building without supervision at any time during school hours. Such
       behavior is subject to disciplinary action appropriate to the situation, as determined by
      Tackle football, snowball fights and general roughhousing are not allowed, even in fun.
      Any student who verbally or physically shows disrespect to another student or any person in
       school, or threatens them in any way, is subject to disciplinary action appropriate to the
       situation, as determined by Administration. This includes cyberbullying.
           o Cyberbullying is when Internet, cell phones, or other devices are used to send or post
               text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.
      Any student who takes another’s belongings or defaces school or personal property is subject
       to disciplinary action appropriate to the situation, as determined by Administration.
      Any student who carries out an act of vandalism is subject to disciplinary action appropriate to
       the situation, as determined by Administration.
      During a test or quiz, any student out of his or her seat, any student who talks, or any student
       who retrieves information from his or her belongings is subject to disciplinary action such as
       receiving a zero on the test or quiz or having to make up the work.
      Any student who plagiarizes information from another student or from any resource is subject
       to disciplinary action such as receiving a zero on the assignment or having to make up the

                                             - 16 -
   Any student who uses inappropriate language (“foul language”) not befitting a ben‐Torah or
       bas‐Yisroel, is in violation of school policy and is subject to disciplinary action appropriate to
       the situation, as determined by Administration.
      Any violation of dress code will be documented by Administration. An attempt will be made to
       remedy the violation immediately. Parents may be called to bring appropriate clothing to
       remedy the situation. Repeat offenses will result in further disciplinary action.
      It is a violation of school policy for boys and girls to socialize during school (school grounds,
       school time, and school‐sponsored trips). Such behavior is subject to disciplinary action
       appropriate to the situation, as determined by Administration.
      Any student whose behavior is deemed unsafe or inappropriate is subject to disciplinary
       action appropriate to the situation, as determined by Administration. This includes actions
       such as entering or exiting the building via a window, playing with fire, bringing weapons or
       replicas to school, and creating or bringing into the building inappropriate pictures or
      Students should not carry money or other valuables in school.
      Students are not allowed to sell, trade, barter or exchange goods or services in school.
       Anything to that effect will result in disciplinary action. Playing cards and/or trading cards are
       not allowed on school grounds at any time. Slime is not allowed in school.
      Students are expected to maintain order and cleanliness in the school, including their
       classroom, desk and locker. Aside from his/her lunch and snack for the day, no food or drink
       may be kept in student lockers. Any student who does not abide by this expectation may be
       required to come in to clean it during non‐school hours.
      Students are expected to be responsible for their materials. A fee will be charged to issue a
       second or subsequent packet of printed materials and for additional or replacement copies of
       an assignment notebook.

Library Loan Policy
The Arie Crown Hebrew Day School library is available to all Kindergarten through 8th grade Arie
Crown students and contains both Hebrew and General Studies books. The following are the
guidelines for borrowing books:
     2nd – 8th grade students may check out a total of 4 books: 2 Hebrew and 2 English books.
     Kindergarten and 1st grade students have a 2‐book limit; one Hebrew and one English.
     Books are checked out for a two week period with allowances for renewals. Books must be
        renewed prior to becoming overdue.
     Fines for overdue books will be calculated at 5 cents per school day for each overdue book.
        Notices will be sent out to inform parents of overdue books.
     Students will not be allowed to check out books if:
            o one book is overdue (Hebrew or English), or
            o the student has reached $3.00 in fines.
     The cost for replacing lost books, hard cover or paperback, is $18.00. All lost books will be
        replaced by a hard covered book. We are no longer purchasing paperback books for the
        library. If the book is found and returned within a week of payment, the payment will be
        returned. After that time, no money will be reimbursed.
     Eighth grade students are required to pay for non‐returned books prior to graduation.
Field Trip and Special Event Policies

                                          - 17 -
   Participation in class trips (Washington D.C., Springfield, fieldtrips, etc.) and special events
       (Erev Shira, siyumim, Student Council, etc.) is a privilege. Students may not bring any
       electronic device, except a camera without internet access, on school sponsored trips. No cell
       phones are allowed. Phones will be available for student use as needed during the
       Washington and Springfield trips.
      Students who demonstrate difficulty following rules, listening to teachers and administrators,
       or maintaining passing grades may be disallowed from participating. The Arie Crown
       Administration cannot allow students who pose a potential risk to their own or others’ well‐
       being and safety to participate in field trips. The administration reserves the right, along with
       the teacher, to determine whether or not a child may participate in a field trip. Any deposits
       or prior payments or credits may be forfeited.
      A grade level fee is charged at the beginning of the year that covers group expenses.
       Individual book orders and special lunch orders are not covered by this fee.
      Fees charged for special events, programs or trips must be paid prior to the event.
      All money sent to school must be in an envelope, clearly labeled with the child's name, room
       number, and purpose for which it was sent.
      When sending payments to school, please send separate checks in separate envelopes for
       each child.

Healthy Choices
     Students are expected to participate in outdoor recess and physical education unless a note
        from a parent or doctor is provided.
     If repeated absence from these activities is necessary, a note from a doctor is required. To re‐
        enter after a medical exemption, a note from a doctor clearing the child for activity must be
        sent to the school nurse.
Nutrition and Hydration
Any packaged food must display a kashrus symbol recognized by the Chicago Rabbinical Council
(CRC). The school does not require Cholov Yisroel. Any food that is prepared at home cannot be
distributed to others.
     As part of our Healthy Choices program, we encourage school snacks that include fresh fruits
        or vegetables.
     Snack time is designated by the teacher.
     Parents will be informed if a student in their child’s class has a food allergy. If so, please
        refrain from sending snacks containing these allergens.
     In‐class celebrations are to include healthy choices. Sweets are to be limited and soda is not
        acceptable. Parents of children with food allergies are encouraged to prepare a food item that
        can be kept in the school freezer to be used on days when treats are brought into school.
     Students may bring unbreakable water bottles to school filled with plain water only. Bottles
        may be taken away by the teacher if not being used properly.
Birthday Celebrations
Early Childhood
     Birthdays for children in Early Childhood can be celebrated at school.
     Parents should coordinate the timing of classroom celebrations with their child’s teacher.
     Parents are encouraged to refrain from cakes, donuts, and other sweets, as we encourage
        healthier choices.

                                          - 18 -
    Please refrain from sending in any choking hazards such as taffy and hard candies that could
        compromise safety for our students.
    Please check with your child’s teacher regarding allergies.
    Do not pass out any invitations in school unless every child in the class will be invited.
    Please refrain from sending in goody bags for birthday celebrations.
Grades 1‐3
    Teachers are asked to acknowledge each child’s birthday on the actual date.
    Treats brought in by an individual on his or her birthday to celebrate an individual birthday
        will not be distributed to the class, and will be held in the office until dismissal.
Grades 4‐8
    Birthdays are recognized by Student Council.
    Treats brought in by an individual on his or her birthday to celebrate an individual birthday
        will not be distributed to the class, and will be held in the office until dismissal.
    Decorating the outside of lockers is not allowed.
    Gifts should not be given in school.
Out of school
    Invitations can be passed out in school only if every child in the class is invited.
    Please put names on the invitations so that if one is dropped on the floor, it can be returned
        to the child.

                                           Technology Policies
Cell Phones
Student use of cell phones in a school presents multiple problems. To maintain a safe environment
for our students, we must have a central location of communication. The main office is the only place
that can support a safe communication for our students. In addition, cell phone texting and internet
capabilities present additional concerns.
     Cell phones or any device capable of connecting to the internet (Smartwatches, gaming
        devices, iPods, etc.) may not be brought to school for any reason, even if the internet access
        has been disabled. All internet capable devices will be confiscated. This rule applies
        regardless of whether the device is used during the school day or not.
     Any student that requires the use of a cell phone before or after school hours must only bring
        a “dumb” phone, without any internet capability. If brought to school, the “dumb” phone
        must remain turned off and in the student’s backpack or locker during the school day.
     Cell phones will be confiscated if they are visible or are heard during the school day.
        Confiscated phones; either "dumb phones" that were used during school hours or school
        programs or "smart phones" that were brought to school, school programs, or on the bus are
        subject to the following consequences:
             For the first offense, confiscated phones will be returned only to the parent/guardian
                of the student after a week.
             For the second offense, the school will keep the phone for a period of time and the
                student will receive a full day in‐school suspension the following school day.
             If a phone is confiscated a third time, it will be kept indefinitely and the student will
                receive an out‐of‐school suspension for two days.

                                          - 19 -
Handheld audio/video/game devices and electronic/motorized toys:
    Use of any of the above mentioned items is prohibited during school hours, including recess
      and lunch, or any school event or trip.
    These devices will be confiscated if they are visible or are heard during the school day.
    Confiscated devices will be returned only to the parent/guardian of the student.
    For the first offense, the confiscated device will be returned only to the parent/guardian of
      the student at the end of the school day.
    For the second offense, when a students’ device is confiscated, the school will keep it for a
      week and return it only to a parent/guardian.
    If a device is confiscated a third time, it will be kept indefinitely.
    Any device used in a way that the Administration deems dangerous to the welfare of anyone
      will be confiscated indefinitely.
    Arie Crown Hebrew Day School is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken audio or video

Internet Use Policy
The use of Arie Crown’s technology is not a right, but a privilege.
The following guidelines apply to the Internet and all use of technology:
     If students misuse technology in any way, they may lose all technology privileges and
        receive additional disciplinary action, to be determined by the teacher and administration.
     Using a school iPad, Chromebook, SMARTboard, or any computer without direct teacher or
        staff supervision is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action and loss of privileges.
     Students are never allowed in the computer lab without a teacher.
     Students are not allowed to access websites or email programs that are not related to
        curriculum study. They may only copy or download material for which they have your
        teacher’s express permission.
     Students are not allowed to access the Internet to check or send personal email, for instant
        messaging or to access chat lines or groups on any computer/Chromebook/iPad for any
        purpose whatsoever.
     Students may not change any settings on computers, iPads or Chromebooks.
     Students are not allowed to use Google Documents as a method of communication with
        other students. If this occurs, students may lose all technology privileges and receive
        additional disciplinary action, to be determined by the administration.
     If students receive information or messages that make them uncomfortable, they will
        immediately report this to their teacher.
     Students will not vandalize, damage, or disable the work of another individual or organization.
     Students may not use another student’s log in details, and may not access the files of another
        student. If another student is still logged in to the device, students MUST log them out
        immediately and let their teacher know. If students do not do this, they will be held
        responsible for any actions taken by them while on the other student’s account, and they may
        lose all technology privileges and receive additional disciplinary action, to be determined by
        the administration.

                                          - 20 -
Nurse Consultant
Mrs. Tamar Chinn, RN, is the school nurse. Please contact her with any questions you might have
regarding Arie Crown’s health policies or specific issues for your child(ren). She is at Arie Crown
Monday through Thursday from 10:30‐2:30, and Friday from 10:30‐12.

Health Forms
All forms are available on the school website.
Medical Forms
      All new students and all children entering Kindergarten or 6th grade are required by the state
        to have an updated Medical Form on file with the school before being admitted. Forms should
        be completed, signed by a parent and physician, and returned to the school. All forms are due
        before the start of the school year.
      It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the school or of any changes in medications or
        medical conditions.
      State law requires proof that all children new to the school or in Pre‐Nursery, Nursery and
        Kindergarten have received one dose of the chickenpox vaccine or confirmation by a
        pediatrician that the child has had chickenpox.
      New students entering Pre‐Nursery or Nursery and 5th graders are required to be vaccinated
        for Hepatitis B.
      Proof of lead testing is required for new students and students through age 6 who live in
      All immunizations must be up to date. Parents of children in ALL grades should notify the
        school office throughout the year when any immunizations are given so that health records
        remain current.
Dental forms
      All children entering Kindergarten, 2nd or 6th grade are required by the state to have an
        updated dental form on file with the school. The forms should be completed by your dentist
        and returned to the school by March 1 for the next school year. Dental visits are valid for 18
        months prior to the due date.
Vision forms
      Vision forms are required for all Kindergarten students and all students new to the school in
        grades 1‐8. They must be filled out by an optometrist or ophthalmologist and returned to the
        school before the start of the school year.

It is our goal to provide a safe educational environment and remain aware of the special needs of
students with food related allergies. The following recommendations are provided for parents:
      Notify the school of the child’s allergy or medical condition (i.e. asthma).
      Provide written medical documentation, instructions and medications as directed by a
      Students with asthma or an inhaler must submit a current asthma action plan to the office
        prior to the first day of school.
      Students with allergies that require keeping an epi‐pen at school must submit a current allergy
        action plan to the office prior to the first day of school.
      Provide properly labeled medications, as well as epi‐pens, with a physician’s prescription and
        replace promptly as needed.
      Maintain current emergency contact information in the school office.
                                          - 21 -
   Continue educating the child in allergy awareness and self‐management.

   Medication (both prescription and over‐the‐counter) that a student must take during the
      course of the school day must be stored in the front office ONLY. Children may not self‐
      administer any medication at school.
   Only those medications which are absolutely necessary to maintain the child in school and
      must be given during school hours shall be administered. Medications or antibiotics that are
      administered three times daily usually do not need to be given during the school day.
   Medication must be in its original packaging.
   Medication must be accompanied by a Physician’s Authorization for Medication Form signed
      by the child’s physician and parent, which is available from the school office.
   Medication must be administered by the front office personnel under direct supervision
   A non‐aspirin pain reliever will be administered to a child ONLY with parental written
      authorization on file in the front office and a verbal authorization at the time it is to be

     Contact the school office immediately if your child is diagnosed with chicken pox, strep throat,
        lice, or another communicable disease.
     In certain situations, a doctor’s note may be required for reentry to school.
     Keep your child home if:
            o He or she has a fever of more than 100 degrees. Do not send your student back to
                 school until fever and symptom free, without medication, for 24 hours.
            o He or she is coughing excessively or with discharge.
            o He or she is vomiting or has had diarrhea within the last 24 hours.
     If your child gets ill or injured during school:
            o You or a person on your emergency list will be contacted.
            o You will be expected to pick up your child, or have your child picked up from school
                 within the hour.
            o 911 will be contacted if the situation qualifies as an emergency. 911 responses are at
                 the parents' expense.

Arie Crown has traditionally taken a very firm stance on the treatment and prevention of head lice.
The following policies have been adopted and are strictly enforced:
     Contact the school immediately if your child is diagnosed with lice.
     All students are checked for head lice at the beginning of the school year and after all long
     Children who are not screened for lice on lice screening day will not be allowed into class the
        following day without being checked. Anyone checked after the official lice screening needs a
        note confirming that they were checked by a member of the lice screening committee.
     Any child found with lice and/or nits during the course of the school day will be sent home
        immediately with instructions for care.
     Should you find lice and/or nits in your child outside of school hours, it is imperative that you
        contact the school immediately.
                                          - 22 -
   Should a case of lice or nits be found, all siblings and classmates will also be checked.
      It is the parents’ responsibility to treat, comb out and remove the lice and/or nits from their
       children’s hair. The hair must also be checked. It is not the responsibility of our lice screeners.
      Parents are requested to continue checking the affected children for at least 2 weeks to
       protect against a recurrence.
      Once you have followed the list of instructions provided to you by the lice check committee
       and feel that your child is ready for his/her first clear check – you must contact the Lice
       Committee Liason in order to be set up with a committee member to check your child before
       re‐entering school. PLEASE DO NOT call one of the lice committee members directly as cases
       are distributed by the liaison only. Once you have been assigned a lice committee member,
       contact him/her when you feel your child is ready for his/her initial clear check. Together you
       can arrange a mutually convenient time to initiate the process to return to school.
      In order to return to school a student must have two (2) clean checks 24 hours apart. For
       example, if your child is found to have lice on Monday, he/she will be sent home and you will
       begin treatment. If on Tuesday morning you have finished treatment and checked your child
       thoroughly you may arrange with the Lice Screening Committee for a check. If this check is
       clean, that is check #1. On Wednesday morning check #2 can be done and if that check is
       clean the student may return to school.
      Please understand that having a case of lice in your family is no indication of poor hygiene.
       Anyone can get lice. The Lice Screening Committee is committed to everyone’s privacy at all

Isolated cases of pinworms may also occur. If your child complains of vaginal or rectal itching, please
examine the area when the child is sleeping for signs of white pinworms. Please contact your doctor if
you suspect pinworms.

                                          Lost & Found
The Lost and Found is located in the east end of the front hall, in the bench. Items in the Lost and
Found will be donated to charity post lice checks and at the conclusion of the school year. Please
check for missing items before those times. Note: Please remember to label all of your child’s

                                         School Money Program
For the upcoming school year, Arie Crown will be utilizing our school money program. This program
will enable the school to secure additional funding, while at the same time offer parents the
opportunity to earn credit towards their tuition costs.
For complete information about this program including how it works, guidelines, instructions on how
to get started, and other helpful details, please visit In addition to email support,
this staff person will be available to speak via phone. Please email your phone number to the school
money email so they can be in touch with you in a timely fashion.

                                           - 23 -
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