East Hunsbury Primary School - School Prospectus 2019/2020 - East Hunsbury Primary ...

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East Hunsbury Primary School - School Prospectus 2019/2020 - East Hunsbury Primary ...
East Hunsbury Primary School
      School Prospectus

                 Penvale Road
                 East Hunsbury
                   NN4 0QW

                Telephone: 01604 677970
       e-mail: ArundelR@easthunsburyprimary.org
      Website: www.easthunsburyprimary.org.uk

    Headteacher : Mrs R M Arundel

East Hunsbury Primary School - School Prospectus 2019/2020 - East Hunsbury Primary ...
Dear Parent / Carer

Inclusion really does mean ALL

                                                                    IQM Assessor July 2014

East Hunsbury Primary School is an Inclusive school. We have produced this prospectus
to help you gain more information about the life and work of the school. We are a
Community Co-educational Primary School with a Specialist Unit (S.U.) for children with
severe learning difficulties, taught in an inclusive environment.

At East Hunsbury Primary School, we are committed to both excellence and enjoyment.
Our curriculum, our organisation, our decision making and our ethos are founded on the
following set of beliefs:

We believe…

     Our school should be an inclusive community where pupils are offered
      opportunities to grow together, learn together, laugh together and celebrate

     Our school should be a stimulating and welcoming community in which all
      children and adults feel valued, able to contribute and where relationships are
      based on mutual respect.

     Children should be active participants in the learning process and be provided
      with experiences that maximise their involvement, autonomy and

     We should equip our children with the skills they need to be happy and
      successful in life, nurturing in them a true and lifelong love of learning.

     We are responsible for the development of the whole child. We recognise
      differing needs and endeavour to meet these needs, maximising the
      opportunities for children to explore their physical, social, emotional and
      intellectual potential.

     We should be a community that respects and celebrates diversity.

It is also our belief that we can only achieve the best for your child through close co-
operation between school and home. In these early years there will be opportunities for
you to share in your child's education and I, along with the staff, am available to talk to you
about any aspects of your child's development.

Please take the time to read the enclosed documentation as we are concerned about all
aspects of your child’s progress and we hope that you will share with us in making this a
successful and joyful period in your child's life. Help us ensure that your child enjoys,
achieves and aspires as he/she journeys through our learning community.

Yours sincerely

Mrs R M Arundel
East Hunsbury Primary School - School Prospectus 2019/2020 - East Hunsbury Primary ...
Northampton Primary Academy Trust

East Hunsbury Primary School converted to an Academy and joined the Northampton Primary Academy
Trust (NPAT) in November 2017.

The Northampton Primary Academy Trust (NPAT) was formed in 2012 and is currently a collaboration of
the following schools:

Abington Vale Primary School
Blackthorn Primary School
Ecton Brook Primary School
East Hunsbury Primary School
Headlands Primary School
Lings Primary School
Rectory Farm Primary School
Simon de Senlis Primary School
Thorplands Primary School and Nursery
Upton Meadows Primary School
Weston Favell C E Primary School

NPAT are due to open a Free School in the Duston area of Northampton in September 2021.

With responsibility for approximately 3500 children across Northampton, NPAT is driven by a vision of
innovation, high aspiration and achievement and a commitment to sport and the arts. This approach is
encapsulated in our motto:

‘Achieving Extraordinary Things’
NPAT schools all share this common vision and are committed to these principles, whilst retaining the
freedom to innovate and develop their own identity and character. The partnership is built upon the
principle of synergy; that a collaboration of vibrant and successful schools ensures that we can achieve
collectively far more than a single school could achieve alone. NPAT improves our schools using
innovation through partnership working that brings together children, parents, teachers and school leaders;

‘My school is your school; your children are ‘our’ children’
Within the partnership, our schools have differing strengths and needs at different times and are committed
to an ethos of mutual support and sharing of practice.

The structure of NPAT provides Headteachers within the Trust, with opportunities for them to support and
challenge each other with the sole aim of improving the children’s learning experience. It requires
extraordinary Headteachers and Governors to think beyond their own schools, meaning they must be not
only leaders but also team players. The sharing of best practice in every aspect of our provision and the
mutual support are only the start: the collaboration and cooperation at all levels will be key to our success
in providing excellence in education; creating opportunities and enriching lives .

East Hunsbury Primary School - School Prospectus 2019/2020 - East Hunsbury Primary ...
School Organisation

The School Day

The children are admitted into school from 8.45am. This gives them the opportunity to settle in before
registration. We ask that parents abide by this rule and do not bring the children in before 8.45am as this
is teacher preparation time. Parents are also asked to vacate the building promptly so that the children
can begin their morning tasks and registration can start at 8.55am.

Children will leave classes at 3.30pm and we ask parents to wait by the cloakroom / classroom doors.
This will assist us in ensuring all the children are safely collected. No child is allowed to leave the premises
without an adult unless the school has been notified otherwise in writing. Any child not collected by
3.45pm, unless we have been notified, will be taken to the after school club [charges may be incurred].

Pre-school and After-school clubs are available and more information can be found within the prospectus.

Children are grouped mainly according to age but within the Specialist Unit (S.U.) some classes may
contain children of a wider age range than others. This varies from year to year due to the changes in the
numbers of children attending the school and the budget. Parents are notified when such changes occur.
The classes are known by the teacher's name or by a colour in the S.U.

The class teachers for the majority of the time teach their own class, but especially in the older classes
teachers with an expertise in a specific subject may take other classes for lessons. The children are
normally taught in mixed ability classes, but for numeracy and literacy can be placed in attainment groups
which may occur across year groups

Authorised Absences

All lateness is recorded and all absences must be reported. On day one a telephone call is acceptable,
but a letter is required for subsequent days.

All children arriving late or leaving during a session must notify the front office and be signed in
or out.

Due to a change in legislation, schools cannot authorise any holidays in term time.
Please see the following link for more information. Penalty Fines may be applied.


If you do feel that your request for absence in term time is due to exceptional circumstances agreed by
the Governing Body, please request an Absence Form from the school office, or download the form from
our school website.

Always remember any time taken off during school time cannot be replaced in your child's education.

Absence Due to Illness

If your child is absent due to diarrhoea and/or vomiting, it is recommended that they remain absent from
school for 48 hours from the last episode of diarrhoea / vomiting in line with the guidance provided by
Public Health, England. This is in conjunction with the schools Health and Safety Policy.

School Organisation

Lunchtime Arrangements
Children in Year R and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a Universal Infant Free School Meal, currently prepared
and cooked by Dolce Schools Catering on site. Parents of children in Key Stage 2 can either bring their
own packed lunch or order a hot/cold meal from a variety of options prepared and cooked on site by Dolce
Schools Catering.

The Dolce menu allows you to choose from 4 delicious meals every day. If you would like to use the
service, you will need to register with SchoolGrid at www.schoolgrid.co.uk - please contact the school for
a registration link to be emailed to you. You will then be able to access the menu and order/pay for your
meals. You have until 8.30am on the morning of the day you require a meal for your child, to order. If a
special diet is required or your child has a food allergy, please notify the school as well as Dolce Catering.

Dolce provide a highly skilled customer service team who are always ready to help, so if you require any
assistance please call 01942 707709 Option 1, followed by option 2. Alternatively, you can email via
customercare@dolce.co.uk .

Please note that the school has a no nuts or nut products policy due to the number of pupils with
nut allergies in school. This includes peanut butter.

Parents of children in Key Stage 2, as well as children in KS1 regardless of whether they receive UIFSM’s,
who feel their circumstances warrant the provision of a Free School Meal and Pupil Premium, should
apply online via the NCC website: https://www3.northamptonshire.gov.uk/councilservices/children-
families-education/schools-and-education/Pages/free-school-meals.aspx Registering for a Free School
Meal would make your child eligible for Pupil Premium which can trigger discounts for school trips, extra
curriculum clubs and opportunities.

The lunchtime supervisors are responsible for the children eating their lunches. The children MUST NOT
leave the premises during the lunchtime.

Children going home for lunch MUST NOT be returned to the playground. They should be returned to the
main office at the end of the lunch session and signed in.

Pastoral Care / Medical
The pastoral care of each pupil rests with the class teacher and if he / she becomes concerned about a
pupil they will discuss the situation with the parent. If concerns still arise the matter will be taken up with
the Head or the teachers responsible for Safeguarding (Mrs Bartosiak-Smith and Mrs Lucy Boswell).

Parents are asked to leave an emergency number or address with the school. THIS MUST BE KEPT UP
TO DATE. If your child becomes unwell parents will be contacted, or if necessary the emergency contact.
Normally, parents are asked to take a sick child home immediately. Accidents requiring first aid will be
dealt with by a first aid officer at school - if medical treatment is required parents are immediately contacted
and the child taken to hospital.

Inhalers are kept in the class and must carry the child’s name and necessary details. If your child requires
medication during the day, please contact the School Office to request a medication form. Non prescribed
drugs will NOT be administered.

If a child suffers a head bump at school a standard note is sent home and parents will be called to inform
them. We endeavour to inform parents about all mishaps at school but can only do so with the children's
co-operation in reporting them to us.

Some children require Epipens due to allergies. Two up to date Epipens must always be in school. Parents
must check this regularly.
School Organisation

The school has an attractive summer and winter uniform and the school colours are green and gold. The
uniform is provided by Trutex (catalogues are available from the school office) and Jules at Home, 4 High
St, Roade, Northampton NN7 2NS Tel: 01604 862019 and SJS Uniforms Tel: 01604 518394 or 07870
640866 or collect an order form from the school office.

A P.E. kit is also required. It consists of black shorts, white T-shirt (logo or non-logo) and for outdoor PE
plimsolls or trainers, black jogging bottoms or black Leggings and a suitable sweatshirt

No jewellery should be worn in a P.E. lesson. Consequently, earrings should not be worn on P.E. days.
Verruca socks are permitted.

                     Please ensure that all clothes carry your child’s name.

Space in the cloakrooms is very limited; we therefore ask that children have a drawstring plimsoll bag
rather than the larger sports bags currently on the market.

Lost property
Any property lost and not claimed will be placed in the Lost Property Box. Parents and children may look
through this box at any time. Named items are easier to return to owners. Periodically, unclaimed items
will be sold or donated to charity.

East Hunsbury Primary School has a Healthy School Award and we provide a daily nutritional snack to
encourage healthy eating habits. We provide snacks and drinks for all the children in Year R and in Key
Stage One and invite parents to provide a voluntary contribution each week. Please support our snack
system as it really is worthwhile and keeps litter to a minimum. If children have a particular dietary need
we ask parents to talk to the class teacher. Always inform the school of any food allergies in writing.

In Key Stage Two our healthy snack system is optional. Please ask the Office for further details of how to
join Key Stage Two Snacks4U and what it offers our pupils.

The school has a homework policy which is available to parents. We do ask parents to support their
children's learning. Regular reading and practice of key words and spelling are most helpful. Links to
particular programmes and websites to support your child’s learning are also on our website. A copy of
the Homework Policy is on our school website.

School Organisation
Rules                   3 Golden Rules:

                        My school. We take care of our school and our things.

                        My friends. We are kind, considerate and listen to each

                        My future. We try our best in everything we do.

East Hunsbury Primary School works hard to keep our 3 Golden Rules. These rules have been formulated
with our pupils and are directly linked to our school logo.

There are a few other school rules and these are made only for safety or protection of property:

[a]    Do not bring toys or food (other than packed lunches) to school.

[b]    The school operates a highly effective on-line payment system called ParentPay to reduce the
       amount of money brought into school for items such as snacks, outings, clubs, etc. For further
       information, please ask the school office.

[c]    As you will appreciate it is extremely difficult for teachers to look after jewellery so it is preferable
       that jewellery is not brought to school. Watches may be worn but remain the responsibility of the
       child at all times. Earrings can be very dangerous in school and only studs will be acceptable. All
       earrings must be removed in order for children to participate in P.E. This is Health and Safety

Book Bags
Your child will bring home from school a range of books in their book bag. These books are for you to
read and share with your child so they develop a sense of enjoyment and love of reading.

Also in the book bag is a small booklet in which you can comment on your child's enjoyment and attitude
towards the books bought home. The teacher will read these comments and may sometimes write a
comment in the booklet. More information on reading in the school is provided annually as your child
progresses through the school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

        A variety of activities are available for the children in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. As these
        are undertaken before school, after school or at lunchtimes, parents are asked to complete a
        consent form. There may be a charge for activities as they often involve an outside provider.

        Activities currently include basketball, football, dance, multi sports, digital leaders gymnastics,
        gardening and choir. Please see the website for the activities on offer and contact details should
        you wish your child to participate in one of our clubs.

School Organisation
Children with Special Educational Needs
East Hunsbury Primary School should be a place in which all pupils are able and willing to learn. Some
pupils may require additional support to cater for their physical, social, personal or intellectual
development. Early identification is most important. Communication from feeder schools will be sought
and assessments undertaken in close consultation with parents.

Currently, we have three Special Needs Co-ordinators (SenCo) in school: Mrs Bartosiak-Smith, Mrs
York and Mrs Boswell (S.U.) Please feel able to make an appointment if you ever have concerns.

Specialist Unit (S.U.)

The school provides for 40 children with severe learning difficulties within our Specialist Unit. All the
children have Statements of Special Needs or Educational and Health Care Plans (EHP) and as such
warrant a far higher ratio of staff to pupils than other children in the school. Each class of children has
both a trained Teacher and a Teaching Assistant who work with them on both social and academic targets.

The children have five classroom bases within the Specialist Unit and a Rainbow Room within the main
school where many of them will spend their time. As assessments of ability are made, the children will
work with their link year group for particular lessons and activities in order to provide a truly inclusive school
experience. These are highly structured by staff from both classes. The children also have regular and
planned access to the Rainbow Room, Mainstream Inclusion and may join the Mainstream playground if

Forest School

Forest School provides a unique opportunity for children to experience the outdoors supporting their
Personal, Social and Emotional development while recognising the need to care for our environment. Year
R pupils access Forest School as an enrichment opportunity.

Inclusion Quality Mark Flagship School
The school has an Inclusive Quality Mark award to acknowledge the success of its inclusive practice
East Hunsbury Primary School is a Flagship School, its highest award.

Home School Partnership

To involve the parents at every opportunity we provide an open-door policy. We regularly welcome visitors
into the school as well as take children on visits as part of our rich, broad and relevant curriculum.

Parents are encouraged to come into school to help in various capacities. Through this, it is felt that
parents can see the curriculum in action. Parents are also asked to take an active interest in all aspects
of their child's school life and to encourage their child to participate in the wide range of activities offered
by the school. Concerts and performances are also shared with families and there are many opportunities
to view the children’s work.

Termly Learning Conferences (Parents’ Evenings) are held twice a year by appointment. End-of-year
reports are sent out at the end of the Summer Term with an appointment if desired.

If parents have any problems or concerns, they are invited to talk to the class teacher before school or
make an appointment after school. Appointments can also be made with the Headteacher and Special
Needs Co-ordinators.
School Organisation

Family Worker/Learning Mentor
East Hunsbury Primary School also has a Learning Mentor/Family Support Worker who can provide
support for pupils and parents. Appointments can be made via the school. Please ask at the school office.

Behaviour Support Lead
Mrs Keay is a Teaching Assistant who acts as a Behaviour Support Lead, including supporting families.
Appointments can be made via the school or Special Needs Co-ordinators.

Home-School Agreement
Your child will be given a copy of the Home-School Agreement on entry to the school which we hope you
will read carefully and sign. This is our attempt to involve all the partners in striving for excellence in your
child's education.

Home-School Communication
The school communicates with parents mainly via letters/newsletters and texts.
Parents need to sign up to ParentPay to receive these school communications.
This service is also used for school payments for trips, snacks, etc.

School and Community
As a school we are eager to work in and with our local and wider community. We endeavour to support
initiatives, invite visitors and speakers, encourage community use and participate in local and town-wide
celebrations, concerts and festivals.

The school also supports police and schools’ liaison. We are committed to the idea that the police and
schools should work together to foster in pupils a sense of social responsibility and good citizenship.

The school works very closely with other schools within the Abbeyfield cluster and Northampton Primary
Academy Trust. This includes joint projects, shared training and sports competitions.

EHPS also has regular links with our local church.

International and Global Dimension
Through our curriculum experiences, staff development and our global learning partnerships we seek to
prepare our pupils for future global citizenships. The school has an Eco Award and an Intermediate
International Schools Award.

Equality Duty
Our Equality Policy makes it clear that we work together to ensure no child or adult in the school is
discriminated against because of gender, race, religion, ability or class. All children and adults should be
respected, feel valued and experience enjoyment and success, be able to explore their many gifts and
realise their potential. See our website for further information regarding our Equality Duty and our Equality
Duty Action Plan.

School Organisation

GDPR Parent / Carer Privacy Notice
East Hunsbury Primary School are part of the Northampton Primary Academy Trust. During your child’s
time with us, we will gather and use information relating to you. Information that we hold in relation to
individuals is known as their “personal data”. This will include data that we obtain from you directly and
data about you that we obtain from other people and organisations. We might also need to continue to
hold your personal data for a period of time after your child has left the school. Anything that we do with
an individual’s personal data is known as “processing”. Please see the following link for more information:


       The Governing Body of East Hunsbury Primary School comprises the following:

          One Headteacher
          One Elected Staff Representative
          Five Elected Parent Governors
          Three Co-Opted Governors

       Total Number of Governors = 10

       The Governors of the school have legal duties and responsibilities under the 1986 Education (No
       2) Act and Reform Act 1988 and the Education Act 1993. Governors’ core duties and
       responsibilities are largely unchanged. The Education Act 2002 [The Act] has introduced greater
       flexibility in, and deregulation of, the way in which governing bodies operate.

       Governors are appointed to help:
             1. Decide what is taught.
             2. Set standards of behaviour.
             3. Interview and select staff.
             4. Decide how the school budget is spent.

       Parent Governors:
              1. Have a child in school.
              2. Are elected by parents of the school.
              3. Serve, as do other Governors, for four years.

       Parent Governors bring the view of parents to the Governing Body but they speak and act as
       individuals - they do not vote for all parents in general.

       Parent Governors should be aware of ways of encouraging parent interest and should become
       actively        involved in drawing parents into the school. Teachers and Heads in most schools
       will already be making         efforts to encourage parent involvement and Parent Governors can
       become an increasingly important element in developing Parents in Partnership.

       If you are interested in becoming a Parent Governor, please ask the Head Teacher for details.

       The minutes of the Governors meetings are in the school Bursar’s office for anyone to read. You,
       as a parent, elect Parent Governors for a four-year period.

The School Curriculum

National Curriculum
The children of East Hunsbury Primary School broadly follow the National Curriculum in line with other
NPAT schools. A broad, rich and rigorous curriculum is at the heart of Northampton Primary Academy
Trust’s vision to achieve educational excellence, creating opportunities and enriching lives. NPAT schools
are currently working closely together to produce a well sequenced and well planned curriculum. The
curriculum has a clear focus on the acquisition of knowledge. It is constructed with clearly planned vertical,
horizontal and diagonal links. Curriculum plans are currently being produced for year groups 1-6 for
History, Geography, Science, and Religious Education and being implemented in Year 1-6. Other areas
will follow next year. Resources are being produced to support curriculum implementation.

The information provided to parents in order to understand what the children are doing in class will also
change this year. When you receive our new half-termly learning overview it will provide you with more
detail than before within a Knowledge Organiser. This includes the knowledge and vocabulary to be taught
in each unit.

Our Curriculum includes:

      English

      Mathematics

      PSCHE

      PE

      RE

      History

      Geography

      Art

      Computing

      Science

      Music

      SMILE (Emotional Literacy)

Further information on the National Curriculum expectations including “A Guide for Parents” by Rising
Stars can be found on the school website. Details regarding the new NPAT curriculum for Science, History,
Geography and Religious Education will follow during the year.

The School Curriculum
Phonics and Spelling
Our phonics journey begins in EYFS. Phonics is taught systematically and actively to ensure learning is
memorable and engaging. Phonics sessions are taught on a daily basis and sessions are made up of
learning sounds, using actions, playing games and reading words and putting them to print, following the
SoundsWrite programme.

It aims to prepare children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. There are
six phases which are taught from EYFS through to Year Two. Children are taught the different sounds that
letters make as well as the different combinations. In addition to this, children progress through high
frequency word lists that they need to learn to read and spell. Sessions also cover how to segment words
into their separate sounds as well as how to blend sounds together to make words (which also supports

In June, all Year One children will be expected to undertake a statutory Phonics Screening. The aim is to
check that a child is making the expected progress in phonics and using skills to decode unfamiliar words
in their reading. The check comprises of a list of 40 words, both real and nonsense, which the child reads
one-to-one with a teacher. For any children who do not pass the check, extra support will be given and
they will then resit the test in Year 2. If they do not pass the test in Year 2 they will receive specific phonic
interventions to meet their individual needs in Year 3.

At East Hunsbury, we use the No Nonsense Spelling approach (which is a Primary Teacher Awards 2015
winner). No Nonsense Spelling provides pathways, which enables teachers to deliver active lessons for
the learning of spelling from Yr2 to Yr6. Not only do children gain knowledge, understanding and
investigate key spelling patterns, they also activate prior knowledge by revisiting previous linked learning.
This is delivered through a series of well-planned and resourced sessions during the course of the year
where children will be introduced to new concepts then given the opportunity to practise, extend, explore
and then explain and demonstrate their understanding.

At EHPS, we are passionate about providing an inspiring curriculum with rich texts as an integral part of
the children’s learning. We are committed to developing a love for reading through regularly sharing class
novels and giving pupils fluid access to a well-stocked library.

Our Reading Scheme books ensure that children travel on a reading journey from EYFS to Year 6, reading
engaging texts at their level of reading ability and interest. We use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and
Project X scheme. The texts ensure that pupils meet a range of genres and a variety of vocabulary across
the titles leading to clear progression. This is all being logged onto the Junior Librarian system so we have
a clear picture of what reading is like for the whole

school. In addition, staff are able to track the progress of the children to ensure that they are fully engaging
in a rich reading environment.

Pupils are also actively encouraged to read library books of their own choice, after all, reading is not only
an absolute necessity for learning and life but also a pleasurable experience which transports readers in
to places they have never been and allows them to meet people that they have never met!

Reading weaves throughout our entire curriculum, from explicit reading lesson (minimum of 4 lessons per
week) to exploring a range of texts linked directly to the pupils’ subjects/ topics of study: some of these
include history, geography and even maths or PE!

East Hunsbury Primary School uses the kinetic letters handwriting programme. It is underpinned by how
pupils learn to handwrite from EYFS upwards. It begins by strengthening children’s core and building
strength in their hands, in order to hold a pencil correctly. Pupils use a variety of materials and resources
early on to establish good habits before moving to pencil/pen and paper. By the end of KS1 many children
have well-formed handwriting and are joining.

Talk for Writing is the approach that we use for teaching writing in school.

Talk for Writing is an engaging teaching framework developed by Pie Corbett, supported by Julia Strong.
It is powerful because it is based on the principles of how children learn. It enables children to imitate the
language they need for a particular topic orally, before reading and analysing it, and then writing their own

It focuses on three very clear stages- imitation, innovation and independent/ invention.

Throughout a child’s time at EHPS, they will be taught a wide range of genres and use them across the

Each unit taught begins with an independent write, or “cold write” as it is known within school. The purpose
of the initial write is to allow the class teacher to clearly assess and identify areas that need to be taught
to the whole class or which groups, or individuals, need to more support, clarification or challenge.
Grammar, along with the technicalities of writing, is embedded within our English lessons but there are
times where discrete grammar may be taught to address back-to-basics misconceptions.

The expectations of the new curriculum are high, with children not only able to read and write well but to
also have a secure knowledge and understanding of formal grammar including technical vocabulary.

How to support your child at home:

EHPS invests in spelling shed. The Spelling Shed is a computer based programme that the children can
use both in school and at home. It allows pupils to practise statutory spellings and set rules by playing a
variety of different games and completing fun activities. Each pupil has their own individual log in, which
they can use to play the games on iPads or laptop

Spag.com is often used a tool for homework in the upper years of the school although can be accessed
by pupils as young as Year 1.

Explore new vocabulary together and play word games.

Read, read and read! Pupils are encouraged to read any kind of text and genre from comics to poetry and
novels, picture books to cookery books, magazines and newspapers to the back of shampoo bottles!

Here at East Hunsbury, our daily Maths sessions empowers children to problem solve, reason and
embrace a love for Maths. They have the opportunity to develop mathematical concepts, improve fluency
in calculation and apply their mathematical knowledge to the wider curriculum.

From early years, the children at EHPS are fully immersed into the world of Maths through exposure to
number and this is delivered in a creative and engaging way. This passion for Maths continues across the
school continues where we design and deliver exciting lessons to promote that love for learning.

Our children are encouraged to explore Maths through the use of concrete apparatus to support their
learning of new concepts. This then progresses into the children working pictorially, followed by children
working on abstract representations. Maths is a subject that we want all children to love and be successful
in. We are dedicated to ensure that children feel this approach in all year groups.

To assist your child with Maths at home, please see our calculation policies below which outline the
process and mathematical vocabulary that the children will be experiencing within school. This can be very
useful when supporting your child. Your class teacher is always available should you have any questions
about ways in which to help your child learn Mathematics.

Please find useful copies of our Calculation Policies on the School Website.

East Hunsbury Primary School currently employs Specialist Music Teachers who teach Music from
Reception to Year 6. We aim to provide the children with a variety of musical experiences. The children
develop their musical ideas through composing, performing, listening to others and learning to appreciate
a range of forms and styles of music. The school currently has a school choir. Peripatetic teachers offer
children the opportunity to learn violin, viola, trumpet, cornet, trombone, tenor horn, flute, clarinet, drums
and keyboards through Northampton Music School. Fees for this tuition apply.

Pupils currently have access to instrumental teaching through Northamptonshire’s First Access to Music
Project which is fully funded for a specified number of weeks in a particular year group.

Physical Education
We aim to give the children a balance of physical experiences. We provide opportunities
for the children to develop their skills in gymnastics, games, dance, use of large apparatus
and outdoor activities. For the children in Key Stage 2 there is also a swimming
programme. Children are offered opportunities to take part in competitive sports and have
access to a wide range of clubs and coaching opportunities.

A professional dancer assists the delivery of our specialist dance curriculum. Northampton Saints and
Northampton Town Football in the Community support our games curriculum.
Pacesetter and Premier Sports Coaches are also engaged by the school to support PE.

We feel that children need to develop visual literacy so that they can appreciate as much as possible the
world around them. Our art curriculum provides the children with the necessary skills to be creative. This
includes sketching, painting, observational drawing, clay work and model making. The children will also
be given experience of a variety of media such as pastels, powder, paints, charcoal, clay and inks.

Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education

                     The school has achieved the Healthy Schools Award and an Embedded Healthier
                     Child Award.

The PSCHE curriculum at East Hunsbury Primary School is designed to ensure that our pupils acquire the
knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future. We believe
PSHE education can help us to reduce or remove many of the barriers to learning experienced by pupils,
significantly improving their capacity to learn and achieve. Our PSHE curriculum seeks to build pupil self-
esteem, help children identify and manage risk to stay safe, encourage team working and critical thinking
in the context of three core themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world. Our
curriculum encourages them to be self -ware, resilient, make good and informed choices, preparing them
for future citizenship and supporting them to make effective transitions.

Our PSCHE Curriculum has been created to include the three strands of the National Curriculum
Programmes of Study for PSHE: Relationships, Health and Well –being and Living in the wider world. In
addition, it includes aspects of SEAL, bespoke Emotional Literacy Units from our own Emotions Erasmus
Project SMILE, Drug Education, Sex and Relationships Education, E- Safety and where possible Real
World Links. At East Hunsbury Primary School every child is guaranteed a PSHE education that covers
mental health and wellbeing, physical health including healthy lifestyles, and learning about safe, healthy
relationships, including negotiating life online. It is designed to safeguard pupils, support their spiritual,
moral, cultural, mental and physical development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities
and experiences of life.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
Alongside the academic curriculum, NPAT are intentional in curricular approach towards spiritual, moral,
social and cultural development.
Spiritual: Children will explore beliefs and experience; respect faiths, feelings and values; enjoy learning
about oneself, others and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; and be given time to
Moral: Children will be taught to recognise right and wrong; respect the law; understand consequences;
investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views.
Social: Children will learn to use a range of social skills; participate in the local community; appreciate
diverse viewpoints; participate, volunteer and cooperate; resolve conflict;
Cultural: Children will celebrate cultural influences; appreciate the role of Britain's parliamentary system;
participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.
Policies and Procedures

Admissions and Transfer Arrangements
East Hunsbury Primary School is a primary school in Northampton and is part of Northampton Primary
Academy Trust. Our admissions policy was finalised following public consultation on a Trust-wide
approach to admissions. Our aim is to ensure all our schools have fair, clear, objective and easily
understandable admissions arrangements that focus on serving the local community, reflect our vision and
values and are as easy as possible for parents/carers of potential pupils to understand.

The school has a Published Admission Number (PAN) of 60 pupils for entry in Reception. In addition to
this figure, we have 40 pupil places within our Special Unit. Admission to the Special Unit is made in liaison
with the Northamptonshire County Council SEN Team and does not form part of our Admissions policy.

Children transfer at age 11 to one of the town's secondary schools. Parents are given the opportunity of
choosing their child's next school, subject to the availability of places in that school.

Health and Safety
The Governing Body of East Hunsbury Primary School recognises the importance of Health and Safety in
school. We aim to ensure a safe working environment for pupils, staff and visitors at the school. A full
copy of our Health and Safety Policy can be obtained from the school office on request. It is also available
on the school website.

Personal Accident Cover
Parents should be aware that there is no universal personal accident cover for school children. Parents
are advised to check with the Headteacher for more detailed information. Parents are, of course, at liberty
to take out insurance on an individual basis should they want additional cover for their children. The Health
and Safety Code of Practice reminds parents of their legal responsibility in the health and safety

No Smoking
East Hunsbury Primary School has a no smoking policy which covers all buildings and the grounds. A
copy of our policy can be obtained from the school office upon request.

Car Park
The vast majority of pupils have been allocated East Hunsbury Primary School because we are their
closest school and within walking distance.
In the interests of the health, wellbeing and safety of our children we encourage parents and children to
walk to and from school whenever possible. Parking outside the school is extremely limited.

When bringing and collecting your child by car, parents are expected to park outside the school
grounds. Please follow the usual rules for parking on a public highway and respect local residents by
ensuring you do not block their drives.

Parents who have a disabled permit or a child attending the SU are allowed to park in the disabled bays
or within the school car park. Parents using Kids Club may enter the car park to drop off or collect their
children only when using this facility and must adhere to the time restrictions given by Kids Club and

Policies and Procedures

Religious Education and Collective Worship
Worship in East Hunsbury Primary School is based on Educational principles which aid the cultural, moral
and the spiritual development of the individual. The arrangements for religious education and collective
worship in schools are described in Circular 1/94.

       "If the parent of any pupil in attendance at any county school or any voluntary school
       requests that he/she be wholly or partly excused from attendance at religious worship
       and religious instruction, or from attendance at both religious worship and religious
       instruction in the school then until the request is withdrawn the pupil shall be excused
       such attendance accordingly" - Section 25.

Sex and Relationships Education Policy
We have based our school’s sex education policy on the DfEE guidance document ‘Sex and Relationship
Education Guidance’ [ref DfEE 0116/2000]. In this document, sex education is defined as ‘learning about
physical, moral and emotional development. It is about an awareness of their own bodies, healthy personal
habits, family life and developing positive relationships based on respect, love and consideration for each
other. Sex education is part of the personal, social and health education curriculum in our school. We
currently follow the Northamptonshire Primary Sex and Relationships programme.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of the sex education programme that we teach
in our school. If a parent wishes their child to be withdrawn from sex education lessons, they should discuss
this with the Headteacher and make it clear which aspects of the programme they do not wish their child
to participate in. The school always complies with the wishes of parents in this regard.

Drugs Education Policy
The school utilises the Northamptonshire Drug Education Programme ‘Tackling Drugs in the Primary
School’. Within the programme children are taught about the dangers of medicines and drugs, the skills
to resist pressure and to develop their own attitudes about the topics covered. A copy of the Drugs
Education Policy is available from the school office.

Charging Policy
The Governors have drawn up a detailed Charging Policy which is available to parents. Contributions may
often be invited in order that a special activity / event can take place.

A school can charge to recover the cost of copying a document if a parent wishes to have a copy. The
charge cannot cover other associated costs with its preparation. Naturally, documents under copyright
cannot be copied for parents.

Charges cannot be made to cover the cost of translating documents.

Complaints Procedure
This document is available for inspection at all schools maintained by the L.A., Public Libraries and
Education Offices. A copy will be given, if desired, to any person wishing to make a complaint under these
arrangements, and the L.A. will provide a copy of the information in languages other than English, if
requested to do so. A copy can also be found on the school website.

                                    SCHOOL TERM DATES

                                SEPTEMBER 2019 – JULY 2020

        AUTUMN 2019:        SCHOOL TRAINING DAY                MONDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER
                            SCHOOL TRAINING DAY                TUESDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER
                            RE-OPEN TO PUPILS                  WEDNESDAY 4th SEPTEMBER

        AUTUMN              SCHOOL CLOSES 3.30PM               FRIDAY 25th OCTOBER
        HALF TERM:          SCHOOL TRAINING DAY                MONDAY 4th NOVEMBER
                            RE-OPEN TO PUPILS                  TUESDAY 5th NOVEMBER

        CHRISTMAS 2019:     SCHOOL CLOSES 3.30PM               FRIDAY 20th DECEMBER
                            SCHOOL TRAINING DAY                FRIDAY 3rd JANUARY 2020
                            RE-OPEN TO PUPILS                  MONDAY 6th JANUARY 2020

        SPRING              SCHOOL CLOSES 3.30PM               FRIDAY 14th FEBRUARY
        HALF TERM:          SCHOOL TRAINING DAY                MONDAY 24th FEBRUARY
                            RE-OPEN TO PUPILS                  TUESDAY 25th FEBRUARY

        EASTER:             SCHOOL CLOSES 3.30PM               FRIDAY 3rd APRIL
                            BANK HOLIDAY                       FRIDAY 10th APRIL
                            BANK HOLIDAY                       MONDAY 13th APRIL
                            RE-OPEN TO PUPILS                  MONDAY 20th APRIL

        MAY DAY:            SCHOOL CLOSES 3.30PM               THURSDAY 7th MAY
                            MAY BANK HOLIDAY                   FRIDAY 8th MAY
                            RE-OPEN TO PUPILS                  MONDAY 11th MAY

        SUMMER              SCHOOL CLOSES 3.30PM               FRIDAY 22nd MAY
        HALF TERM:          SPRING BANK HOLIDAY                MONDAY 25th MAY
                            RE-OPEN TO PUPILS                  MONDAY 1st JUNE

        SUMMER 2020:        SCHOOL CLOSES 3.30PM               FRIDAY 17th JULY

        Due to a change in legislation, schools cannot authorise any
                 holidays in term time. Penalties may apply.

            Please see the following link for more information.


East Hunsbury Primary School Kids Club
                         Outstanding Results Obtained Febuary 2017

East Hunsbury Primary School Kids Club is a non-profit organisation with a voluntary Parents committee.

The Club was opened in 1994 and offers good quality affordable Childcare.

The Manager Jan Knight has been Manager of the Club since it opened she is helped by her Deputy Manager
Vanessa Chesney also Play Workers Victoria Johnson, Kerry Read, Lisa Merry, Stephanie Drawbridge and
Caroline Robinson.

The Club Is situated on the school premises and has the use of the school grounds for the Children to play.

Children are offered a selection of structured activities and play opportunities which take place both in and outdoors
weather permitting.

All play opportunities are risk assessed and evaluated to ensure that the safety of the children is balanced with
enjoyment and fun element.

Our qualified and experienced Play Workers understand the importance of play and how this impacts on the
individual development needs of children.

A comprehensive list of Policies by which the club operates are available at the club.


        My daughter loves Kids Club she has been encouraged to be independent and a confident little girl.
      I cannot thank Kids Club enough for the wonderful care and attention they have given to my daughter.
    My Son has so much fun every day that most of the time he does not wish to leave when I collect him in the
            Kids Club has made returning to work seamless as I know that my child is safe and happy.
                                             Opening Times / Fees

Morning Club:            Monday - Friday                   7.45 am-8.45am                    £3.25 per Morning
After School Club:       Monday - Friday                   3.30pm- 6.00pm                    £8.25 per Afternoon

                After School Club Fees include a Snack, Fresh Fruit and a Drink.

       If you would like to register your child / children or for more information, please contact Jan Knight on:

                                         Email : ehpskidsclub@yahoo.co.uk

                                              Telephone- 07922 217002

www.everyclick.com                                                             www.thegivingmachine.co.uk

                       Friends of East Hunsbury Primary School
                                (Charity Commission no: 1139230, NCPTA no: 12899)

Who are the Friends?

The Friends are a volunteer group made up of parents, carers and teachers trying to raise funds for the
school through fun & inclusive organised events and challenges. We registered as a charity in October
2010 to try and maximize the opportunities available to us as a charity and the school

Fun events

Fundraising ventures are organised throughout the school year and ideas for activities range from discos
to fetes & sponsored events. The emphasis is on raising money but with a lot of fun and excitement as
well! Events often include:

                                School Disco
                                Film Nights
                                Mufti Events
                                Family Picnic Music Festival

Where does the money go?

All the money raised goes back to our children in the forms of equipment or special activities. Anything
that benefits the childrens growth and experiences. Examples include:

                                Playground equipment
                                Contributions to the Life Bus
                                Donations to the Gardening Club
                                PE Equipment
                                IT Equipment
                                Artist in Residence
                                Visiting Theatre Groups
                                Contributions to the School Choir

Can you help?

Yes!! We rely on the support and participation of the pupils and the parents to make all of our activities
successful. Please look out for our latest ventures in our newsletters. We will keep you updated! We do
ask for volunteers for our events and some need more volunteers than others. You may think that you
don’t have enough time to make it worthwhile but you only need to give as much as you can spare. Just
an hour selling raffle tickets, helping to set up fete stalls, donating a raffle price or making cakes for a cake
stand can make a big difference.

Does your company ‘match give’ to charities?

For more information on the friends you can email us: FEHPS@hotmail.co.uk

My school. We take care of our school and our things.

               Keep our cloakroom tidy & Safe
         Look after our classroom and our equipment
                Use all school areas sensibly

My friends. We are kind, considerate and listen to each other.

            Take turns and listen to each other
              Use kind hands, feet and words
      Walk sensibly & hold doors open for other people

       My future. We try our best in everything we do

         Ask for help when you find something difficult
      Listen to all adults in school and follow instructions

    Believe that YOU CAN DO IT – and KEEP TRYING!

You can also read