‘Let Your Light Shine’
          (Matthew 5:16)
Dear Parents and Children

           Thank you for showing an interest in Hinton St George C of E Primary School. We are a dynamic,
           progressive Church of England Primary School located in the beautiful village of Hinton St George.
           In September 2020, the school converted from a First school to Primary school, so from September
           2020 we will be increasing our age range to include year 5 children, and from September 2021,
           year 6. The school serves a community of families covering the rural parishes of Hinton St George,
           Dinnington and Lopen.

           The school enjoys a rural setting with all our classes based in the original Victorian school building.
           The grounds to the rear of the school include a well-stocked and fun playground along, an outdoor
           learning space for our early year’s provision and a beautiful ‘Peace Pod’ for small group work and

           playtimes. Our large playing field enjoys stunning views of our church and is well equipped with a
           range of outdoor apparatus, including a Forest School area. The children visit this regularly for
           playtimes, outdoor learning, Forest school and sport.

           The staff and governors aim to provide a happy, caring and well-organised environment in which
           each child feels secure and valued as an individual. We are fortunate to enjoy a high staff to pupil
           ratio where teaching and non-teaching staff all work together to create relaxed and pleasant
           surroundings. All of our children are actively encouraged to realise their full potential and to fulfil
           our school vision to ‘Let Your Light Shine’. Achievement at all levels throughout the curriculum is
           valued and recognised; good behaviour, aspiration, high standards and a sense of personal and
           social responsibility are clearly promoted and expected. Particular importance is attached to the
           acquisition of key skills and understanding in English, Mathematics and Science and by careful
           monitoring we ensure that the curriculum remains creative, broad and balanced.

           We enjoy strong links with our local community and families, and this is demonstrated by our
           active and generous PFA who tirelessly raise funds for improving the school offering.
                                                                                                                         Mrs Charlotte Hall
           We believe that education is the joint responsibility of both parent and teacher. During the first              Headteacher
           four or five years of your child’s life you were the teacher and provided him or her with numerous
           new and important experiences. We at Hinton St George C of E Primary School endeavour to create
           a learning partnership with parents as we strongly believe this is vital to a child’s success.
                                                                                                                     Hinton St. George C of E Primary School
           We look forward to showing you our school and the high standards of work, behaviour and                   West Street
           commitment which we achieve.                                                                              Hinton St. George
           Yours sincerely                                                                                           TA17 8SA
           Charlotte Hall                                                                                             - 01460 72653
           Headteacher                                                                                                - office@hsgschool.co.uk
                                                                                                                      - www.hinton-st-george.somerset.sch.uk

School Structure
                          Mrs Charlotte Hall           Mrs Henrietta Bromfield       Mrs Sam Hughes-Williams         Mr James Batchelor               Mr Adam Cashmore                  Mr Phil Griffiths
                            Headteacher                   School Secretary                Finance Officer          Woodpecker Class Teacher         Kingfisher Class Teacher           Teaching Assistant

                      Mrs Charlotte Trowbridge           Mrs Catherine Wyatt             Mrs Becky Blunn                Mrs Jill Taylor                Miss Adele Darroch              Mrs Jayne Cheffey
                         Teaching Assistant              Learning Support &             Learning Support &                SENDCo                        TA Apprentice &                Mealtime Assistant
                                                         Mealtime Assistant             Mealtime Assistant                                             Mealtime Assistant

                           Mrs Helen Portch              Mr Tom Hemmings
                               Cleaner                  Facilities Maintenance

                   Structure                                       Reporting                                         Assessment
                   The school accommodates children aged           The school holds two Parents’ Evenings            As the children move through the school system, their progress will be measured against
                   from 4 to 10 years (11 years from               during the Autumn and Spring Terms for            clear objectives. Children will be assessed at school during their Reception year under the
                   September 2021) and are organised into          parents to come and discuss their child’s         Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. Further assessments will be made statutorily at the age
                   2 classes.                                      progress with the class teacher on an             of 7 (Year 2) and 11 (Year 6). These assessments will be measured partly on the basis of
                                                                   individual basis. An annual report is sent to     teachers' assessments (Year 2 only) and partly on national tests known as Standard
                   Woodpecker Class – Reception, Year 1 &          parents in the Summer Term which can be           Assessment Tasks (SATs). There is also a Phonics Screening check completed each June by
                   Year 2 (4-7)                                    discussed with the child’s teacher by             the children in Year 1 and a multiplication check in year 4.
                   Kingfisher Class –Year 3, Year 4 & Year 5       arrangement.                                      In addition to these statutory tests the children will be assessed on a termly basis using
                   (7-10)                                                                                            formal and informal assessments. The main objective is that children will be helped to
                                                                   From time to time the school will hold open
                                                                                                                     progress at the rate right for them. Lesson organisation will be appropriate to the tasks and
                   We also have a pre-school housed on the         mornings or presentations to give parents         skills being taught and the matching of the work to children of different abilities: this may be
                   premises. The school took over the              the opportunity to experience the school at       through individual, group or whole class work. You will be kept informed about how your
                   running of this in September 2019,              work or to share information with them.           child is progressing, but individual results will not be published and only you and the school
                   strengthening links for transition into                                                           will know your child's test results.
                   school further.
Aims                                                                                                                             The School Day
                                                                                                                                                  8.30 am Children may arrive in school and
                 Our broad aims at Hinton are; to enlarge a child's knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding, to develop an            participate in a Wake & Shake session. This is
                 awareness of spiritual and moral values and a capacity for enjoyment and to enable him or her to become a responsible and        run by a member of staff.
                 active participant in society and achieve as much independence as possible and to form strong partnerships between home
                 and school.

                 Our more specific aims at school are that each child should be able…
                 …to read fluently and accurately with understanding, feeling, discrimination and with enjoyment.
The School Day
                 …to develop a high standard of handwriting, excellent standard of spelling, sentences correctly structured and appropriate use
                 of punctuation.
                 …to communicate clearly and confidently in speech and writing.
                 …to listen attentively and with understanding.                                                                                   8.45am     Registration
                 …to learn how to acquire information from various sources.
                 …to learn and to apply computational skills with speed and accuracy.                                                             9.00am     Morning lessons begin
                 …to understand the applications of mathematical ideas and apply these in various situations.
                 …to observe the world around him/her and recognise certain characteristics, patterns and order.                                  10.40am    Mid-morning break
                 …to develop an inquiring mind.
                                                                                                                                                  10.55am    Morning lessons continue
                 …to investigate, analyse and solve problems.
                 …to develop an awareness of themselves and a sensitivity towards others, acquire a set of moral values and the                   12.00pm    Lunch Break
                   confidence to make moral judgements.
                 …to be aware of different aspects of the local environment and our national heritage.                                            1.00pm     Afternoon lessons begin
                 …to experience and use music, drama, arts and crafts as means of expression.
                 …to develop the use of tools, equipment and various other modern instruments.                                                    2.00pm     Key Stage 1 Play time
                 …to develop agility and physical coordination, confidence through physical activity and the enjoyment and                        2.50pm     Collective Worship
                    ability to express themselves through movement and games.
                                                                                                                                                  3.15pm     End of school day

                 Morning Snacks                                                                                                                   Arrivals and Departures
                 We encourage healthy eating during the mid-morning break and all children in                                                     No child should arrive at school before
                 Reception, Year 1 and 2 are provided with a piece of fresh fruit by the Government                                               8.30am unless they are participating in the
                 initiated School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme. The older children (Years 3 upwards)                                                breakfast club (this starts at 7.45am). The
                 will need to bring in their own piece of fruit. We do not allow sweets, biscuits or                                              gate will be opened at 8.30am where
                 crisps to be consumed during this break. School milk is provided for all children until                                          children can participate in a Wake and Shake
                 their 5th Birthday. If children wish to continue having milk after their 5th Birthday it is                                      session. This is run by a member of staff.
                 available to purchase, please enquire in the school office.
                                                                                                                                                  At the end of the afternoon session parents
                                                                                                                                                  /carers must arrange for their children to be
                 Lunch                                                                                                                            collected from the school playground. If for
                                                                                                                                                  any reason a parent/carer is going to be late
                 Free hot school meals or a packed lunch are provided for all children in KS1 as part                                             collecting from school, then please call the
                 of the Government’s Healthy Eating Scheme. Children in Key Stage 2 are able to                                                   school office to notify staff. We will then
                 purchase a hot dinner/packed lunch if they wish. Alternatively, children are                                                     keep the child(ren) concerned on site until
                 required to bring their own packed lunch to school. Uneaten food will be sent back                                               the parent/carer arrives to take them home.
                 in your child’s lunchbox so that you are able to see what they have or have not
                 eaten. Parents may be entitled to a free lunch for their child if they satisfy the                                               Likewise, if your child is going home with
                 relevant criteria. Please apply to the school office for more information if you think                                           someone else, please notify the school office
                 you may qualify. Your confidentially will be respected.                                                                          or the member of staff on the door in the
The Curriculum
             The curriculum at Hinton meets requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and looks to provide lots of further learning enhancements. It is made up of 11 subjects, which all children will
             study at school. These are English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Design and Technology, Music, History, Geography, Art, Modern Foreign Language (French) and P.E. Additionally, all
             schools must offer religious education (R.E) for their children. We aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum that develops each child's understanding, knowledge, personality and skills to
             the full, thus enabling them to lead fulfilling lives, both now and in the future. We use a topic approach to teach much of our curriculum.

             English                                                 Mathematics                                                     Science
             We believe that                                         Mathematical skills involve more                                Science is taught at all stages in a way that emphasises practical,
             speaking, listening,                                    than simply the computation of                                  investigative and problem-solving activities. Our Science teaching
             reading, spelling,                                      numbers and the learning of                                     follows the National Curriculum guidelines which includes the study of
             handwriting and                                         tables, although these are an                                   life and living processes, materials and their properties, physical
             grammar, are                                            important aspect of the whole                                   processes and scientific enquiry.
             crucial life skills.                                    mathematical programme. Children should be able to
             We start the day with a phonics/spelling session        apply these computational skills with speed and
             to promote good reading and writing skills. We          accuracy. It is our aim to teach the children to
             find out more about different genres of writing         understand what they are doing and apply mathematical
             during daily English lessons and develop writing        ideas to various situations through practical activities,
             skills through carefully planned out activities such    problem solving and reasoning.                                  Sex & Relationships Education
             as extended writing. We also promote a love of
             reading through independent and guided reading                                                                          Sex education is not taught as a specific subject within the National
             sessions.                                                                                                               Curriculum but forms part of the school's health education within the
                                                                                                                                     Science, Personal Social and Health Education, Design & Technology and
                                                                     Computing                                                       Religious Education areas of learning. It is presented in a factual,
             Homework                                                                                                                balanced way appropriate to the age of the children and encompasses
                                                                     The school is equipped                                          family values and behaviour.
                                                                     with a visualiser and
             Children in both classes receive regular homework       interactive whiteboard
             tasks to complete such as learning spellings and        in each classroom
             times tables. All the children take books home to       together with
             share with parents or to read by themselves.            IPads, and chrome books
                                                                                                                                     Modern Foreign Languages                PE and Swimming
             Children are issued with a reading record book for      which can be moved between classrooms. Computing
             the school or parents to record children’s reading      is taught through dedicated skills lessons and as an aid        French is taught throughout the         All children access 2 hours of
             progress, which gives an opportunity for                                                                                school, starting with songs and         high-quality P.E each week. The
                                                                     in other subjects in the curriculum. All machines are
             communication between home and school. In                                                                               games with younger pupils. With         children also have a chance to
                                                                     networked with filtered access to the internet. Pupils
             addition, there is a half termly project linked to                                                                      the older pupils learning phrases       swim at the Crewkerne Aqua
                                                                     are given an opportunity from the earliest age to gain
             class topics that include a wide range of activities                                                                    and writing short sentences.            Centre. Transport is arranged
                                                                     confidence in using this technology in order to enhance
                                                                     their learning.                                                                                         by the school and is financed
                                                                                                                                                                             by parental voluntary
                                                                                                                                                                             contributions. The children are
             Special Educational Needs (SEND)                                                                                                                                awarded swimming certificates
                                                                     Religious and Moral Education                                                                           to mark their achievements.
             The school aims to give special help to children
             with learning difficulties. Children with specific      We follow the Somerset Agreed Syllabus for RE (Awareness, Mystery and Value) which forms the            In addition, the children are
             learning difficulties may, with their parents'          framework for a balanced programme, alongside Understanding Christianity. The Christian                 also taught by specialist sports
             consent, be referred to a range of outside              foundation of the school ensures that the spiritual development of the children and Christian           coaches for one hour each
             agencies, including speech and language                 values have a particular emphasis within the whole life of the school. We aim to develop within         week and enjoy quality lessons
             therapists. Our SEND Policy is available on our         our children not only an awareness of self and sensitivity to others, but also the acquisition of a     in sport, gymnastics and dance.
             website or in the school office. Please see our         set of moral values and the confidence to make moral judgements and develop habits of self-             Much of this PE provision is
             website for more information about our SEND             discipline and acceptable behaviour. This is achieved through our strong Christian Values and           paid by the Government Sports
             provision or speak to our SENCo, Mrs Jill Taylor.       Vision that are embedded into all aspects of learning and worship. Our curriculum includes the          Grant.
                                                                     awareness, understanding and respect for diverse cultures and religions.
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Early Years Foundation Stage   During the Reception Year children follow programmes of work based upon The Early Years
                               Foundation Stage. This builds upon each child’s previous knowledge and prepares them for the
                               National Curriculum. Play is central to the curriculum in the early years and is highly valued.
                               The children gain experience through three prime areas of learning and four specific areas of
                               learning including:
                                    •    Personal, Social and Emotional Development
                                    •    Communication and Language
                                    •    Physical Development
                                    •    Literacy
                                    •    Mathematics
                                    •    Understanding the World
                                    •    Expressive Arts and Design
                               At Hinton St. George C of E First School we aim to:
                                 •     make the transfer to school as smooth as possible for both parents and children
                                 through parent meetings, home visits, pre-school sessions and strong links with St. George’s
                                 Pre-school.                                                                                     Admissions
                                 •     recognise and build on the immense learning which has already taken place within the
                                                                                                                                 Reception age children are admitted in September of the academic year during which
                                 home acknowledging parents as a child’s first and continuing educator.                          they will reach their fifth birthday. Parents will be informed of the admissions policy
                                 •     develop an educational environment responsive to the child’s needs by providing a         when they register their child with Somerset County Council’s Admissions Department.
                                 safe, caring place to play and learn, encouraging a positive attitude and disposition to
                                 learning alongside skills of independence and self-management and offering a planned            The school does not handle the administration of the new intake admissions. For further
                                 curriculum based on Early Years Foundation Stage.                                               information about school admissions please contact the School Admissions Team, CYPD,
                                 •     provide a carefully structured curriculum, which makes provision for the different        SCC, County Hall, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4DY, tel. Somerset Direct on 0845 456 4038,
                                 starting points from which children develop their learning, builds on what the child can        or visit their website www.somerset.gov.uk/admissions. More information about
                                 already do, has planned and purposeful activities, providing opportunities for teaching and     induction to school is contained in a separate booklet made available to new Reception
                                 learning both indoors and out and is good fun!                                                  parents at the Summer Term meeting preceding their child’s entry to school.
                                 •     recognise that quality learning takes place through carefully planned and monitored
                                 play activities that are both teacher and child initiated.
                                 •     provide a well organised environment which gives children rich and stimulating
                                 experiences in which the children can explore, experiment, plan and make decisions for

                               We have an excellent outdoor area that has recently been updated to make it weatherproof.
                               This area is now an extension of the children’s classroom where there is free flow access.

                               St. George’s Pre-school

                               Our pre-school for 2-4 year olds is situated upstairs in the School House. The school works
                               very closely with the pre-school leader, Rose Obern and her dedicated staff, and we are proud
                               of our strong links through staff meetings and through the sharing of resources. Additional
                               information and booklets are available from the pre-school, telephone 01460 73033.
Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities

                   Staff, the PFA and volunteers work hard to offer the children a variety of extra-curricular activities. These activities run after school. Examples of recent clubs that we have run
                   include: Archery, Football, Tag Rugby, Cookery, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Film Club, Forest School and Art. The school also enters teams in local sporting events – e.g. Football, Cricket
                   and Rounders. We believe in competitive sport that is played in a spirit of sportsmanship. It encourages team spirit and a pride in our school. Other clubs and activities may
Extra Curricular   run depending on the time of year and expertise available. Some sports clubs might not run if the weather is poor – please contact the school by 2.00pm to check.

                                                                                   Music Tuition                                        Charging Policy
                                                                                   Lessons in a range of instruments including
                                                                                   violin, guitar, piano, recorder, and vocal           Under the 1988 Act schools are unable to charge for the
                                                                                   lessons are available to children who are            following: education visits wholly or mainly during school
                                                                                   interested, have the commitment to                   hours; materials and ingredients for things made in school
                                                                                   follow the course and practice regularly.            and not taken home; visits in or outside school hours that are
                                                                                   The range of instrument tuition available            necessary for an examination. However, some school
                                                                                   depends on demand and is provided by                 activities are only possible if parents make a voluntary
                                                                                   The Champion Music Group. Lessons take               contribution. In these circumstances, parents are always
                                                                                   place in school during school time. A                informed at the outset. Charges can be made for the
                                                                                   range of instruments are available for hire.         following: music tuition which is not part of a test syllabus;
                                                                                   Please enquire in the office for further             residential costs of school camps; the exact cost of optional
                                                                                                                                        extras not included in the National Curriculum; parents may
                                                                                                                                        be charged for ingredients or materials if they keep the
                                                                                                                                        finished product. Voluntary contributions may come about in
                                                                                                                                        three ways: by inviting specific contributions for each
                                                                                                                                        particular activity as it takes place; by inviting contributions
                                                                                   Educational Trips and Visits                         for a range of activities notified to parents at the beginning of
                                                                                                                                        each term/year; by receiving contributions from the PFA on
                                                                                   Class teachers plan regular trips to enhance
                                                                                   their topics. For example during the topic           an annual basis, using these to subsidise activities. If a
                                                                                   ‘What lies beneath the blue?” The children           contribution from parents is invited, the school will: notify
                                                                                   in Woodpecker class visited the Sea Life             parents before the activity takes place; inform parents that
                                                                                   Centre in Weymouth and during a topic                the contribution is voluntary and that there is no legal
                                                                                   about where our food comes from the                  obligation to pay; tell parents that activities based on
                                                                                   children visited a local supermarket and             voluntary contributions may not take place if insufficient
                                                                                   thoroughly enjoyed making donuts. The                funds are raised. The school uses the pupil premium funding
                                                                                   children in Kingfisher class have enjoyed a          from the government to subsidise such opportunities for
                                                                                   trip to Cheddar Gorge, archaeological digs           children from families with less disposable income. The
                                                                                   and visits to museums.                               school tries hard to keep costs to a minimum. A savings
                                                                                                                                        scheme is offered for residential trips. Anyone who may be
                                                                                   The school makes use of the local                    concerned about any aspect of voluntary contributions
                                                                                   environment often going on ‘wellie walks’.           should talk to the Headteacher in confidence. Money
                                                                                   The children in upper key stage 2 will have          brought to school to pay for an activity, or a voluntary
                                                                                   the chance to go on a residential visit              contribution, should be brought in a SEALED ENVELOPE
                                                                                   during their time in this school. We are             WITH THE AMOUNT, THE CHILD'S NAME AND WHAT IT IS
                                                                                   also visited by a range of artists, authors          FOR ALL CLEARLY WRITTEN ON THE ENVELOPE, and handed
                                                                                   and experts to broaden our curriculum
                                                                                                                                        to the Class Teaching Assistant.
St. George’s Church                            Collective Worship
         Hinton St. George Primary School is a          Daily collective worship is led by teachers, one of the clergy or visitors, and children regularly contribute. The worship includes aspects of
         Voluntary Controlled Church of England         praise, prayer, teaching, reflection, offering and sharing strongly linked to our school values and vision. Prayers are also part of daily
         School. We are very proud of our friendly,     classroom life. The children are actively encouraged to participate in collective worship by becoming part of the ‘worship team.’ This
         caring ethos and excellent links with the      involves them preparing the hall for worship and leading prayer. We also encourage the children to participate in collective worship by
         village church. The children regularly visit   regularly leading collective worship for the school. In preparation for this the children work alongside our ‘Christian Distinctiveness’
         the church for collective worship, services,   Governors and the Headteacher. Parents are invited to join us at our collective worship which is held at St George’s Church, Hinton St
         concerts and educational opportunities.        George, once a month and the dates are displayed for each term on the school notice board.

                                                         Our Christian Values                   Ethos Statement
                                                                                                                  Our school vision: ‘Let Your Light Shine’ (Matthew 5:16)
                                                                                                The Christian foundation of the school ensures that the spiritual development of the children and

                                                                                                Christian values have a particular emphasis within the whole life of the school. In accordance
                                                                 Friendship                     with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and
                                                                                                diocesan level we aim to develop within our children not only an awareness of self and sensitivity
                                                             Hope/Aspiration                    to others, but also the acquisition of a set of moral values and the confidence to make moral
                                                                                                judgements and develop habits of self-discipline and acceptable behaviour. The school aims to
                                                                                                serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of
                                                                   Respect                      Christian belief and practice.

                                                               Thankfulness                     Behaviour
            Reverends Bob and Julia Hicks                      Perseverance                     We, at Hinton St George C of E Primary School, think it is very important that children are polite
                                                                                                and behave in a responsible manner towards both adults and fellow pupils. Good manners and
                                                                                                behaviour are essential for learning and for the smooth running of the school. When we have
                                                                                                shown visitors around the school, we have had many compliments about the good behaviour and
                                                                                                the politeness of the children. Formal rules are kept to a minimum. We aim to foster self-
                                                                                                discipline through the children’s own understanding and common sense. The approach develops
                                                                                                self-respect, consideration, tolerance, and courtesy to others.

                         The Dragon Window at St. George’s Church
Parents and Friends Association (PFA)
          Dear Parents
                                                                                                                                             All parents are automatically members of the PFA and
          The Parents & Friends Association (PFA) is a registered charity responsible for raising money for the school children. All         their support for the PFA functions is appreciated. An
          parents automatically become members of the Association when their child/children join the school. All funds raised are            annual general meeting elects a committee, which
                                                                                                                                             organises social, educational, and fund-raising
          spent on improving equipment and resources to enhance the children’s education and the facilities in school.                       activities.
          Last academic year, we had a big drive on raising money for some new playground equipment to replace the unsafe                    The school is most grateful for the hard work of all
          equipment that was had been in place for many years. We can now happily confirm that, thanks in part to the PFA, the new           concerned with the PFA and for the tremendous input
          equipment was fitted in the October half term, and it looks amazing!                                                               of funds and resources used for the benefit of all the
                                                                                                                                             children within the school.
          We have also been able to provide some chrome books to enhance the children’s ICT skills in the classroom and again this
          year, we are contributing towards a trip to the pantomime at Christmas.
          Funds are raised in a number of ways, but we try to ensure that they are generally events which are fun for both parents
          and children alike. To name but a few, we have had Quiz Nights, Christmas Fairs, and also our annual ‘Slay the Dragon’
          10km cross country race and a shorter fun run!

          The PFA Committee meet to discuss and plan future events. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to help the
          school, so would be delighted if any new parents who may have fund raising ideas or just want to help, could join us at our
          open meetings. These meetings are normally held at Hinton St George First School once every half term on a weekday
          The Committee members are always available to answer any queries you may have, and we look forward to meeting you.
          Yours sincerely

          Tara Jones Ulla
          Chair of PFA                                                                                                                                           Our Peace Pod

          Car Insurance and DBS Clearance                                       Parents in School
          It is a strict requirement of Somerset County Council that if a       A partnership in learning between home and school is very important. We want parents to feel part of their child’s
          private individual/employee uses their own vehicle on the             education and would encourage all parents to play an active part in the life of the school where possible.
          business of the County Council (e.g. transporting school              There are several opportunities for parents to become involved:
          children to and from various school activities – not the home
          school run), the vehicle insurance covering that vehicle must         •    Parent/teacher consultation evenings;
          adequately indemnify the County Council against any third             •    Informal visits to the classroom when collecting your child from school;
          party claim arising, including claims by passengers. Parents          •    By making an appointment to see the class teacher/Headteacher;
          are advised to check with their own car insurance company             •    Joining the school in church for acts of collective worship;
          that business use by the driver in person is permitted.               •    By transporting children to sporting activities to and from other schools/venues, subject to DBS clearance and
          Parents are not permitted to help in school or on school                   the relevant car insurance cover
          visits unless they have first been cleared through the                •    Helping to provide an after school club (e.g. art and craft);
          Disclosure and Barring Service. This can take up to four              •    Serving on the ‘PFA’ committee or supporting events organised by the PFA.
          weeks therefore if parents would like to help in school then
          please contact the school office for the relevant forms at the
          start of the school year.
Dear Parents                                                                                                                                     List of Governors
            The Governing Body of Hinton St George C of E First School are very proud of our village school and all that makes it a     GOVERNORS                APPOINTING BODY
            special place for children to learn and develop. The start of every child’s school experience is so vital and will colour   Mrs Jane Gifford         Chair/Local Authority Governor
            their approach to education and our school focuses on providing a caring, encouraging and supportive environment in
            which children can grow and develop. The fabric of the school has been an area of recent focus and the school is now
            well decorated and beautifully presented with very good facilities.                                                         Mrs Jane Wheeler         Vice Chair Co-opted
                                                                                                                                        Mrs Charlotte Hall       Headteacher
            The school works very much as a community in which all children interact together and are involved in and contribute
            to the ethos of the school. We have very small classes and the resultant wonderfully high adult-to-child ratio allows       Vacancy                  Co-opted
            the school to focus on the individual needs of all children. The school has very high expectations for all the children     Rev. Bob Hicks           Ex-officio - Foundation
            not only academically but also socially, with a real focus on positive attitudes and behaviour nurtured as the children
            work and play together.                                                                                                     Mrs Sarah                Co-opted
            The children at the school receive a rich, varied and stimulating education with staff focusing on attainment of all and
            the results show that the children consistently achieve higher than County and National averages. The school was            Mrs Jenny Pithers        Parent Governor
            again judged to be “good” in the 2018 Ofsted inspection and since then our Headteacher has led a focus to raise
            standards even further with very good results.                                                                              Mrs Gail Toop            Parent Governor

            Hinton St George First School is very much part of our local community who, together with our really fantastic parents’
                                                                                                                                        Mr Adam Cashmore         Staff Governor
            association (PFA), raise money and provide support so that the school is able to give the children a very rich education
                                                                                                                                        Mr Barry Tyler           Co-opted
            experience with wonderful after school clubs and educational visits.
                                                                                                                                        Mr Neil Lukins           Foundation Governor
            Kind Regards,

            Jane Gifford                                                                                                                Mr Derek Esp             Associate Member
            Jane Gifford                                                                                                                Ros Fanshawe             Clerk to the Governors
            Chair of Governors

            Under the Somerset Education Committee's rules for Hinton St George Church of England School, up to eleven governors are appointed to the School. The present governing body
                                 Two parent governors                                                One Local Authority governor
                                 Two staff governors (including the Headteacher)                     Three Co-opted governors
                                 One foundation governor (Diocesan Board of Education)               The incumbent Rector

            Whilst it is impossible to define in precise terms all the duties of a governor, the following are among them:
                       1. to have oversight of the conduct and curriculum of the school.
                       2. to consider the extent to which the school is achieving its aims and objectives.
                       3. to appoint or assist with the appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff.
                       4. to consider and advise on the physical needs of the school and to foster its community use.
                       5. to monitor the overall expenditure of the school.

            The governors meet at least once every term. They receive reports from the Head concerning relevant school matters and discuss various topics relating to the efficient running of
            the School.
School Uniform – Boys                                                     School Uniform - Girls

          Logoed Purple V Neck Sweatshirt available from Taunton                    Logoed Purple V Neck Sweatshirt available from Taunton Uniforms
          Uniforms                                                                  Logoed Purple Jersey Cardigan available from Taunton Uniforms or My Clothng
          Dark Grey Tailored Trousers available from all supermarkets               Ltd
          Dark Grey Tailored Shorts (optional summer uniform)                       Purple Tartan Skirt or Pinafore available from Taunton Uniforms
          available from all supermarkets                                           Short/Long Sleeve White Shirts available from all supermarkets
          Short/Long Sleeve White Shirts available from all                         Dark Grey Girls Tailored Trousers/Shorts (Optional)
          supermarkets                                                              Elasticated Tie available from School Office or Taunton Uniforms
          Elasticated Tie available from School Office/Taunton                      Purple checked summer dress (optional summer uniform) available from Tesco
          Uniforms                                                                  Grey tights (winter uniform)

          Grey socks                                                                White ankle socks (summer uniform)
          Black School Shoes                                                        Black school shoes

          Lost Property
          Items are retained at school for a reasonable period or until claimed.
          Please inform the school as soon as possible if any of your child's
          possessions are lost. ALL ITEMS SHOULD BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH
          YOUR CHILD'S NAME. Please check regularly to ensure the name has not
          faded or the label come unstitched. The school cannot accept
          responsibility for unnamed items that are misplaced/lost. After a term
          unclaimed items are donated to the second-hand uniform shop or charity.
                                                                                    P.E Kit                                      Head Lice and Hair

                                                                                    Purple Logoed Polo Shirt available from      Head lice are a common problem in the
          Make up / Jewellery                                                       My Clothing Ltd or Taunton Uniforms          community and lice infestations at school
                                                                                                                                 will occur from time to time. Please check
          No jewellery should be worn to school. Children with pierced ears may     Black Shorts                                 your children’s hair regularly. Advisory
          only wear studs. No make-up should be worn to school. No valuables,       Black Joggers (Optional)                     leaflets are available from the school
          including mobile phones, should be brought into school.                   Black Hoodie (Optional)                      office. The Governors support the
                                                                                    Trainers                                     Headteacher in urging parents to avoid
                                                                                                                                 dying children’s hair. Extreme hair styles
                                                                                                                                 are not considered appropriate and
                                                                                                PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL           parents are asked to avoid them. For
          Damage or Loss of Property                                                          SCHOOL UNIFORM IS NAMED            reasons of Health and Safety, we request
                                                                                                                                 that long hair be tied back for
          Any damage to school property will be dealt with by the Headteacher. If                                                P.E/Games/Swimming lessons.
          another child's property is damaged, consultation with both children's
          parents may be necessary. Your cooperation will be appreciated.
Safeguarding                                                                                              List of Available Policies

                        “A duty is placed on the School and the governing body to protect and promote the welfare of
                                                                                                                                  The following policies are available for download from the school
Policies and Practice   children.” At Hinton St George Primary School we are committed to promoting the safety and
                                                                                                                                  website www.hinton-st-george.somerset.sch.uk
                        wellbeing of the children within our community by following the guidelines offered by the Somerset
                        Safeguarding Board. When necessary we work in partnership with other agencies such as Children’s          Attendance
                        Social Care, the local Health Authority, Parent and Family Support Advisors, and the Police to keep       Behaviour and Discipline
                        children in our care safe.                                                                                Charging and Remissions
                                                                                                                                  Safeguarding and Child Protection
                        If there is any cause for concern over the wellbeing of a child within our School community, all staff,   Complaints
                        pupils, volunteers and parents should be aware of who to contact within the School staff.                 Critical Incident Plan
                                                                                                                                  Health and Safety
                        The designated person for Safeguarding and Child Protection issues within Hinton St George C of E         Managing Medicines in School
                        Primary School is Mrs Charlotte Hall. In the case of their absence or unavailability the Deputy           Physical Restraint
                        Designated Person is Mr James Batchelor. The School Governor with responsibility for Safeguarding         Sex and Relationships Education
                        and Child Protection concerns is Mrs Sarah McEvansoneya.                                                  Special Educational Needs
                        All staff have undergone basic safeguarding awareness training and have been alerted to the signs
                        and symptoms of abuse or neglect in children.                                                             Our latest Ofsted and SIAMS reports can be accessed from the school
                                                                                                                                  website www.hinton-st-george.somerset.sch.uk
                        If a child discloses any concerning information to an adult working within the school, the adult is
                        asked not to question the child or comment on the disclosure. The designated child protection
                        person is informed as soon as possible, and a factual record of the child’s disclosure is made. All       To access the latest data information please go to our website
                        concerns which are brought to the attention of the designated person are recorded confidentially as       www.hinton-st-george.somerset.sch.uk
                        is recommended by the Somerset Safeguarding Children’s Board. Disclosures made to members of              For information on how we have used Pupil Premium and the Sports
                        staff by parents and children cannot be kept a secret, where the safety of an individual is               Grant please go to our website www.hinton-st-george.somerset.sch.uk
                        compromised. All disclosures will be reported to the Designated Person. Somerset Children’s Social
                        Care can be contacted directly via Somerset Direct on 0300 123 2224. More information can be
                        found on the Somerset Safeguarding Board website at


                        A full copy of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is available to download from the school
                        website at www.hinton-st-george.somerset.sch.uk. This policy is approved and adopted annually by
                        the Full Governing Body.

                           Charlotte Hall                 James Batchelor           Sarah McEvansoneya
Attendance and Absences                                                                     Health and Safety
                                                                                                                 Hinton St George CE First School operates a non-smoking policy. Dogs are not allowed onto
                     Please inform the school of the reason and duration of any absences from school at          school premises including the playing field. Your cooperation is appreciated.
                     the start of the school day. If the school has not heard from a parent or carer by
Useful Information   9am the school will telephone home for clarification. Please remember that
                     accidents can happen to children on their way to school and this check system               Accidents
                     prevents the teacher from wrongly assuming that the child is safely at home whilst,         Minor accidents are recorded and are dealt with by the adult in charge and parents informed
                     at the same time, you wrongly assume that the child is at school. Please follow this        if appropriate. Parents are contacted immediately if their child has bumped his/her head. A
                     system even if you regularly accompany your child to school as it is impossible for         head injury advice note will be sent home with your child for information. For more serious
                     the teacher to know the routine of every child. Children who arrive after                   injuries the same procedure will apply, and the child will be taken directly to hospital if
                     registration will be marked as late. If a child arrives after 9.15am in the morning         necessary. Further information on Health and Safety procedures is available at school.
                     their absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

                     Medical or other appointments during school time should be brought to the                   Medication
                     attention of the child’s class teacher. No child should be removed from the school
                                                                                                                 The school discourages the use of medicines in school. Where this is unavoidable, the staff, if
                     without notifying a member of teaching staff. Schools are required to record not
                                                                                                                 willing, will administer prescribed medicine only. This needs to be arranged with the staff
                     only the reason for every absence, but whether the school has authorised the
                                                                                                                 member and a form must be signed. Emergency medicines such as Epi-pens and inhalers
                     absence or not. If a child is ill and we receive a telephone call or a note giving
                                                                                                                 should be kept in the vicinity of the child; parents need to ensure these are always in date. For
                     details, then the absence is recorded as authorised. Absences for medical
                                                                                                                 more details refer to the school’s Managing Medicines in Schools Policy and Medical Matters
                     appointments are also authorised.
                                                                                                                 on the website.
                     The school strongly discourages families from taking holidays during term time and
                     operates in line with all schools in the Crewkerne and Ilminster partnership. No            Parking
                     holidays during term time will be authorised, except in the most extreme of
                     circumstances. This will be at the discretion of the headteacher. Permission is             Please park sensitively when you bring your car to school. Please DO NOT PARK AT THE
                     required before leave of absence is granted.                                                FRONT OF OR ALONG THE SIDE OF THE SCHOOL as we like to keep this clear to ensure the
                                                                                                                 safety of the children. Out of consideration for others, please park your car further along
                     A list of term and holiday dates are available on request.                                  West Street, the High Street or in Abbey Street and walk to the school. Your cooperation in
                                                                                                                 this matter would be much appreciated.

                     Emergency Closure                                                                                              Complaints
                     In the event of the school needing to close unexpectedly, (e.g. severe weather), the following                 The school has an established formal procedure regarding complaints:
                     procedures will apply:
                                                                                                                                          1. The informal level - school level.
                      •     Local radio broadcasts information about emergency closures:- BBC – Somerset Sound. 95.5
                                                                                                                                          2. The formal complaint to the Governing Body.
                            FM, 1566 MHz: Heart FM. 102.6 FM, 97.1 FM (Yeovil Area), 96.5 FM (Taunton Area): Breeze
                            FM. 100.8 FM, 102.4 FM, or 107.4 FM: Tone FM 107.8 FM (Taunton & surrounding areas)                           3. The formal complaint to the Secretary of State for Education.
                      •     ‘School Closed’ posters will be displayed on all doors
                      •     The closure will be reported on the Somerset Learning Platform https://slp.somerset.gov.uk              The Governing Body Education Committee has agreed that this procedure
                                                                                                                                    should be followed at all times and that complaints directed to the
                      •     The school will contact parents via the text messaging service in the morning.
                                                                                                                                    Secretary of State for Education which have not been considered under
                      •     Should it be necessary to send the children home during school hours we will notify parents or          levels 1 and 2 will be referred back to schools in the first instance.
                            contacts by telephone BEFORE allowing the children to leave the premises.
                                                                                                                                    More detailed information on this procedure is held at school and is
                                                                                                                                    available on request.
                     Staff will endeavour to get into school at all times unless conditions prevent them from doing so.
Visiting Us
                  Parents of prospective pupils are encouraged to visit the school during the school day
                  when the children are working in class. An appointment must be made with the
                  Headteacher in order that she may be available to show parents and children around
                  the school and answer any questions that you may have.
Further Details
                  Every state school is regularly inspected by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education)
                  inspectors. Hinton St George CE First School was inspected in 1995, 1999, 2005 with a
                  follow up HMI inspection in December 2005, May 2007, May 2010, September 2014
                  and most recently in May 2018.
                  As a Church of England school we are also subject to a SIAMS Diocesan inspection. A
                  summary of both reports is distributed to all parents. Copies of the most recent
                  inspections are available on our school website;

                                                                                                                   If a child lives with criticism. He learns to condemn.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with hostility. He learns to fight.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with ridicule. He learns to be shy.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with shame. He learns to feel guilty.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with tolerance. He learns to be patient.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with encouragement. He learns confidence.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with praise. He learns to appreciate.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with fairness. He learns justice.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with security. He learns to have faith.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with approval. He learns to like himself.
                                                                                                                   If a child lives with acceptance and friendship.

                                                                                                     He learns to find love in the world.

                   We very much hope that you will find the information contained in this booklet valuable and will retain it for reference during your child's time at Hinton. We
                   trust that your child will enjoy his/her time with us and obtain maximum benefit from the personal, caring education we endeavour to provide here at Hinton St
                   George Church of England First School.
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