CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -

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CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -

Parent Handbook
CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -
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Welcome                                  3/4
General Information                      5
Staff                                    5
Board of Trustees                        6
Parent Teacher Association               6
Enrolment Zone                           6
Enrolment                                7
New Entrants                             7
Transport Form                           8
Home Learning                            8
Reporting to Parents                     9
Open Door Policy                         9
Parent Helpers                           9
School Website                           9
Skool Loop App                           9
Facebook Page                            10
After School Care                        10
Newsletter                               10
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House Groups                             10
Valuables                                11
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Peer Mediation                           11
Suncare                                  11
School Sport                             11
Jane’s House                             11
Digital Learning/I.C.T Levy              12
School Policies / Codes of Conduct       12
Complaints Procedure                     12/13
Enviroschools                            13
Music                                    13
Spirit of Clyde Awards                   13
Learning Support / Special Needs /       13/14
Extension Programmes / ESOL
School Library                           14
Dental Treatment                         14
Health Advice                            14/15
Lost Property                            15
School Buses                             15
Cycling                                  15/16
Drink Bottles                            16
School Lunches                           16
Assemblies and C.A.R.E Certificates      16
Swimming Instruction                     17
Education Outside the Classroom          17
Technology / Second Language             17
Maori Resource Teacher                   17
School Grounds                           17
School Uniform                           18
School Rules                             19
Terms and Holidays for 2020              19
School Activities/Term Events            20/21/22

CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -

Clyde School is a decile 9 full primary school with seven classroom teachers and a roll of
130 – 160 pupils. Specialist teachers, teacher aides and a school secretary support
teaching and learning in our school. We are fortunate that our size and location allows
us to provide a rural, family-orientated atmosphere. Our local environment and
community provides us with a wealth of wonderful learning opportunities for our

Clyde School has a strong, supportive culture, where teachers work with our families to
provide the best learning environment possible for your child.

Four of our teachers have been awarded prestigious ACET recognition for exemplary
classroom practice.

Our school motto is: Learning for Life: Akoranga Mo Ake Ake and our mission
statement is: Clyde School is a dynamic learning community where children respect
themselves and others as they develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary
for taking an active part in an ever changing society.

Clyde School carries out this mission by:

♦   Fostering the warm, caring school tone we are proud of and having a distinct culture,
    ‘the way we do things’ at Clyde School.

♦   Providing a balanced programme, implementing the best possible teaching strategies
    and resources, using where possible, learning opportunities in our local community
    and environment.

♦   Focusing on the New Zealand Curriculum’s Key Competencies of Thinking; Using
    Language, Symbols and Texts, Managing Self, Relating to Others and Participating
    and Contributing.

♦   Providing a caring, safe environment where everyone feels included.

♦   Developing within children a positive self image and sense of identity.

♦   Ensuring each child does the best that they possibly can and that they develop
    positive work ethics. We want every child to be excited and engaged with their
    learning. We aim to develop independent, self-managing learners.

♦   Developing within children a sense of responsibility for their own learning and
    behaviour, a tolerance of others, and effective social skills.

♦   We work together to develop connected, ambitious, respectful and enthusiastic
    young New Zealanders.

CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -
Our philosophy:
We value the personal worth of each individual and we are committed to
providing optimum child-centred education, so each child attending Clyde School,
reaches their potential in all aspects of development. We encourage self-
reliance and self-discipline in children, as we foster the development of their
own interests and talents. Children are encouraged to care and respect others
and the environment around them and to see value and purpose in their own

The school focuses on fostering excellence and provides a wide range of
activities which broaden abilities and talents of individuals, whilst covering the
New Zealand Curriculum.

Clyde School endeavours to provide buildings, grounds and learning resources
that are well maintained, modern and attractive. A multipurpose room was
completed in 2011 which included a new library, teaching space and hall for
sports, Phys Ed and the performing arts. We continue to develop and enhance
our school grounds with the addition of an Enviroschools garden in 2014 and
scooter track in 2019.

We are lucky to have an experienced, committed and motivated staff at Clyde
School. You will find us professional, helpful, caring and supportive. Our Board
of Trustees and PTA are very active and involved in providing a quality learning
environment for our children. We have an open door policy, where parents are
welcome to become involved in the school-life of their children.            Good
communication between home and school is essential. We encourage parent
involvement in school programmes. This booklet will help you find out about our
school. We look forward to welcoming you as part of our Clyde School

Doug White
(Principal) 

CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -
School Address:         Clyde School
                        25 Blyth Street, Clyde 9330
Telephone:              03 449 2761
Facebook Page:          Clyde School, Central Otago
School Hours: morning   8.55am to 12.30pm (brain food and fitness break
                        10.00am – 10.15am, interval - 11.15am to 11.30am)
                        12.30pm to 1.30pm lunch break
              afternoon 1.30pm to 3.00pm
                        We ask that children do not arrive at school
                        before 8.30am (unless they are bus children)
Bank Account Details:   Westpac, Alexandra – 03 1733 0002091 00
                        Regular weekly/fortnightly direct credit payments
                        are welcomed.
                        Please use your child’s name as the reference

Principal                 Mr Doug White
Deputy Principal/Senior   Ms Barb Lambeth - Ruru Classroom
Syndicate Leader
Junior Syndicate Leader   Mrs Megan Ryder - Kea Classroom
Class Teachers            Mrs Aileen Klemick – Kea Classroom
                          Mr Alistair Banks - Karearea Classroom (on
                          study leave Terms 1 and 2, 2020)
                          Mrs Lisa Nevill and Mrs Kerrin Annan covering in
                          Karearea during these two terms
                          Mrs Cherelle Gibson – Tui Classroom
                          Mrs Sally Lloyd – Kiwi Classroom
                          Mrs Sarah Muller – Piwakawaka Classroom

Special Needs             Mrs Sue Mulvey

Office Manager            Mrs Chrissy Ramage

Librarian/Music Teacher   Mr Joe Stevens

Technology                The Terrace School Technology Centre, Alexandra

Caretaker/Groundsman      Mr James Dixon

CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -
The Clyde School Board of Trustees include the following members:
       5 elected members
       1 elected staff member

The role of the Board is to govern the school. It is…

(a) concerned with what is to be done and why eg. writing the Charter
(b) concerned with the 'end' or outcomes eg. is the school achieving the broad
    goals, objectives and principles set out in the Charter?
(c) concerned with setting policy that sets broad directions and guidelines on
    how the school will operate. School policies may be accessed by going to           user name: clyde      password: clydeschool

The trustee members at Clyde School are:
Chairperson               Miss Rebecca Barrie-King
Trustees                  Mrs Megan Ryder (Staff Representative)
                          Mrs Sandy Rose
                          Mrs Abi Hawkins
                          Mr Paul Wright
                          Mr Kris Robb
                          Mr Doug White (Principal)
Minute Secretary          Mrs Chrissy Ramage

Meetings are held twice a term and interested people are welcome to attend.
Meeting dates are advertised in the weekly newsletter. Triennial Board of
Trustees elections were held in 2019.

This group encourages families to integrate into the school community helping to
connect and strengthen relationships between school and home. It also runs
fundraising activities for the benefit of all the children. On enrolment of your
child/ren, all parents become members of the PTA. A President, Secretary and
Treasurer are elected at the AGM in December. We encourage you to come
along to the monthly meetings (approx. 1 hour) and to help with activities.

From March 6th 2008, due to roll growth, Clyde School was required by the
Ministry of Education to implement an enrolment scheme. All children living
within the schools home zone can be enrolled at Clyde School. Remaining places
will be offered to out of zone pupils when we have available places. A copy of
the home zone map and enrolment scheme is available from the school office.
The Board of Trustees reviews the scheme annually. Presently there are a set
number of places for out of zone pupils.

CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -
Children are entitled to start school the day they have their fifth birthday.
They can start later than this at their parent’s discretion, but your child cannot
be enrolled before the age of five.

When you enrol your child, you will be asked to fill in a form seeking information
as follows:-
        Enrolment forms for school records - details such as full name of child,
        copy of birth certificate, Iwi (if Maori), parents names, home address,
        telephone number (home / business), occupation and so on.
        Immunisation record - You will be asked to provide details of your child’s
        immunisation information.
        If not a New Zealand citizen, residency documentation.

Megan Ryder, the new entrant teacher arranges at least three pre-entry visits
for new entrant children accompanied by their parent / caregiver. The first
visit is usually four weeks prior to the child's fifth birthday, with subsequent
visits arranged for each following week. Parents are encouraged to
leave their children for brief periods during these visits. If a child
is having difficulty settling, additional visits will be arranged.
Times are negotiated between the parent and the teacher,
depending on the needs of each child. For those children who
celebrate their birthdays during the Christmas holiday break,
transition to school group sessions are arranged, usually at the end of
November. Each new entrant has a year 8 buddy who will spend time
with the child throughout the year and support them in learning about
and settling into school. They capture their time together in a book which is
given to the child.

Parent information evenings are held to outline Junior School programmes.
Parents are informed of these meetings through pre school groups, the Clyde
School newsletter, community notice boards, and by personal contact with
parents of children on our anticipated enrolment list.

Parents are also welcome at any time to make an appointment to discuss
programmes, organisation, routines etc., or any concerns they may have
regarding their child. We welcome parent involvement in the junior school

CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -
At the start of each school year, parents are sent home a transport form
detailing our expectations regarding the safe transport of our students to
school activities. We ask that you read the form, sign it and return it to the
school office. Car seat regulations, passed in to law in November 2013, require
all children under 7 years to use an approved child restraint appropriate for
their age and size. Children aged 7 must be secured in a restraint if it is
available. For further information, go to

Primary age children should not be burdened with large amounts of school work
to be completed in their family and leisure time, however, some home learning to
support their class work is of value to all children.

The time spent on home learning will increase as the child moves through the
school. From Year 1 – 4 reading, spelling and numeracy homework is sent home
so your child has the opportunity to practice what has been taught in class. Any
homework the child does not understand and which causes frustration should be
left, and a comment written to the teacher in the homework book. The
homework book can be used for communication between home and school by
parents and teachers. From Year 4, children, in addition to classroom homework,
are given the opportunity to work towards the ‘Spirit of Clyde’ home learning
awards, a programme that has been developed to promote learning in an
authentic context. There are an increasing number of opportunities for online
learning through links on class pages on our website.

We suggest parents praise their child for their successes, rather than be
critical of their failures. Please contact the teacher if any difficulties occur
with homework.

Parents can help children with home learning by:
      • encouraging children to maintain a positive attitude to home learning
      • helping children to allocate a time, at home away from other
          distractions, where they can complete home learning
      • sign the homework books and make a comment where appropriate
      • communicate with the teacher if a child is experiencing difficulty or
          taking too much time to complete tasks set
      • being helpful and supportive but not doing your child’s homework for
      • Supporting your child with Spirit of Clyde challenges

CLYDE SCHOOL - Parent Handbook 2020 -
Goal setting interviews take place in Term One and optional interviews in August,
so teachers and parents can share information regarding your child's learning.
Parents are invited to discuss their child's progress at any time throughout the
school year. Just ring or email school to arrange a time. Written reports
summarising your child’s progress and achievement at school are sent home at
mid-year and end of year for Year 4 to Year 8 pupils. Written reports for your
child’s first three years of school are sent home every six months on the
anniversary of their birthday. These reports will give a clear indication of your
child’s achievement through the New Zealand Curriculum. Next learning steps
and suggestions for supporting your child’s learning are included in the reports.

We welcome parents visiting the school. If you are concerned or confused
about any aspect of your child's education, please talk to your child’s teacher in
the first instance, or the Principal to discuss this. Although we have a regular
reporting system, we are happy to provide additional oral or written reports
when requested. It is our aim, as a staff, to enhance our partnership with all
parents by providing a school environment which is welcoming for all.

During the year, we will invite parents to help with various tasks in relation to
classroom work and support services such as library work, camps and E.O.T.C
help. Watch the newsletter for details of this.

The latest news, notices and classroom happenings can be found on the school
website. Our newsletter is placed online on the website every Tuesday, under
the communication tab. The message board is used for announcements such as
snow days and postponements. Class blogs include up to date reports and photos
on what is happening in our school.

Parents are able to download this application on their phone to enable them to
receive instant school notices and advisories.

We have an active Facebook page for our latest news, reminders of upcoming
events and a link to our latest newsletter. To join, visit Clyde School, Central

Local resident, Monique Biemond, offers after school supervision for students.
Monique has a police vet and can be contacted on 021 0587819.

A newsletter is prepared every Tuesday with the aim of keeping you fully
informed of school activities. The following items are often inserted in the
    • an editorial, commenting on important events, policy and educational
    • notices of coming events
    • school news
    • reports from P.T.A and Board of Trustees
Newsletters are available through a link on our school website, the Skool Loop
App, on our Facebook page or if requested, a paper copy can be sent home with
the youngest family member at school.

       Each year, pupils are elected by their peers, to be on the student
       council. The Student Council provide liaison between the pupils, staff
       and Board of Trustees.

Our senior students have an important role as role models and they are
delegated a number of tasks in the school such as leading school assemblies and
Kapa Haka, buddies for our new entrants, physical activity leaders (PAL’S) and
house group captains.

On enrolment, pupils are allocated a house group. House points are earned for
house groups and the winning house receives a reward each term. The houses
are named: Blyth, Fraser, Hazlett and Sunderland after families who were the
original settlers in Clyde. We have a number of house competitions throughout
the year where children are encouraged to wear their house colours. House t-
shirts can be ordered through our P.T.A.

We prefer it if valuables are not brought to school. We appreciate that
children want to bring along to school the new birthday present they’ve just
received to show their friends; but it can get broken or lost. If children have to
bring along any money or valuables, please make sure that they are given to the
classroom teacher, or left in the office, until the end of the school day.

Cellphones are NOT permitted in class. If a cellphone is required for important
family communication, it can be left at the office during the school day.

Senior students take on the responsibility of playground Peer Mediators. The
mediators receive ‘Cool Schools’ peer mediation training organised by the NZ
Peace Foundation. The mediators role is to facilitate the resolution of minor
playground disputes or conflicts.

The school has its own sunsafe hat, which is compulsory during the two summer
terms. Children are required to stay in shaded areas to play if they do not bring
a hat, and may miss out on P.E. / sport. We also ask children to bring their own
sunscreen and we have a school supply as a backup. We are an accredited
Sunsmart school.

Clyde pupils have the opportunity to participate in number of interschool sports
events and receive regular visits from specialist coaches. Classes have daily
fitness sessions and regular skills and games lessons. School and local clubs
provide a wide choice of team and individual sports.

Our Central Otago interschool sports programmes include:
Term 1       swimming, triathlon, rippa, athletics,T ball and softball
Term 2       top bike, curling, miniball and basketball
Term 3       cross country ski/snowboard races
Term 4       cricket, orienteering, T Ball and softball

The school purchased and refurbished our old principal’s residence, ‘Jane’s
House’, in 2007. It is now used as our library.

 At Clyde School we embrace the educational possibilities that are offered by
 digital learning and believe that every child is entitled to access modern I.C.T
 learning tools. Staff professional development ensures that we keep up to date
 with this rapidly changing aspect of education.          Teachers make learning
 programmes available online to Clyde School students to enable them to continue
 with their learning at any place and at any time. Class blogs, which can be
 accessed through our website, enable children to share their learning with their
 Children from Year 1 to 3 share a device and from Year 4 every child has a
 leased device available to support their learning, either a chrome book, laptop or
 iPad. Students are also able to bring their own device. Discuss this option with
 your class teacher. An I.C.T contribution of $40 per Y1-Y3 child and $80 per
 Y4-Y8 child, is used to ensure Clyde School remains at the forefront of
 technologies which support this learning. If children bring their own device this
 contribution does not apply.

 School policies and codes of conduct, which are sets of written guidelines to
 provide a framework for action, are developed systematically, and continually
 revised. The Board of Trustees and staff involve parents in consultation in this
 process. Copies of policies and procedures are made available for all parents,
 teachers and B.O.T. members to comment on, through the School Docs link on
 our website. When appropriate, draft policies and procedures are presented at
 P.T.A. or special meetings for parents to express their opinions. The B.O.T.
 consider each draft, in light of the consultation process before approving or

  The channel of communication for voicing concerns or complaints is:
•      First the matter is discussed with the teacher and /or principal or persons
       directly involved. Class matters must be discussed with the teacher
       concerned in the first instance.
•      If the matter is not resolved, then the matter is directed either verbally,
       or in writing, to the principal, or if involving the principal, to the
       chairperson of the board.
•      The matter will not be discussed at a board meeting unless it has followed
       the correct communication channels and has been addressed to the meeting
       in writing and included on the agenda. On receipt of the complaint the BOT
       chairperson shall immediately forward a copy of the complaint to the
       principal, who shall refer it to the staff member. The complaint must
       specify the matters causing concern and the employee must be given an
       opportunity to provide an explanation. The board’s chairperson and
       personnel sub-committee may consider the employee’s reply at a special
       meeting held under in-committee regulations and use their best endeavours

to reconcile the differences involved and reach a resolution. The
         committee makes a recommendation to the full board for their decision,
         which will be guided by the employment contract.
•        When the complaint is against the principal, the complaint must be made
         personally, first to the principal and if no resolution is reached, to the
         board chairperson either verbally or in writing.
    •    If the complaint is unresolved, the Board of Trustees, STA and the
         NZEI and Principals’ Federation will work together to resolve the matter.
    •    All written documentation relating to a complaint must be available to the
         employee concerned and available to NZEI and STA reps.

    We have an active Enviroschools group which has developed a school vegetable
    garden and involves itself with a number of school and community environmental

    Children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. The school takes to
    the stage at the end of the school year for a musical show which features every
    Clyde School child. Senior children are taught the ukulele for a term with our
    tutor Barry Bemrose.

    Every child from Year 4 is encouraged to take up the Spirit of Clyde challenge.
    The awards scheme includes challenges in the following categories:
       • Giving and Community Service
       • Academic
       • Arts
       • Physical Activity and Outdoor Challenges
    Badges from Iron to Platinum are awarded at a special assembly at the end of
    the year to recognise completion of these challenges.

    Our special needs co-ordinator (SENCO), Megan Ryder is responsible for
    overseeing the support of children with special learning needs. We receive
    advice and support from professionals such as school psychologists, speech
    therapists, occupational therapists and Resource Teachers of Learning and
    Behaviour. In some cases, teacher aides are funded by the Ministry of
    Education to support a child’s learning at school.
    Children’s reading, writing and numeracy progress is regularly assessed and
    support provided to your child if required through programmes such as
    Accelerated Learning in Mathematics (ALiM), or Accelerated Learning in
    Literacy (ALL).

Gifted and talented pupils have the opportunity to attend the One Day School
based at COEC in Alexandra.

Our school library is located in Jane’s House. Our aim is to make the library an
attractive place for children to enjoy books.        We have a computerised
cataloguing and issuing system. Joe Stevens is our school librarian and Cherelle
Gibson is the teacher in charge of the library.

Our dental therapist is based at the Alexandra clinic next to Alexandra Primary
School. The contact phone number is 03 4485915.

The school receives regular visits from the Public Health Nurse who is our
adviser on health matters, for teachers and parents. There is a fitness and
‘brain food’ break at 10am each day. Teachers will discuss with their children
healthy food options for this time. Our present Public Health Nurse is Mrs Sue
Philip. She can be contacted at Dunstan Hospital on 03 4404309. HVP
immunisations are offered free of charge to all Y8 students by our Public Health
The vision and hearing tester, visits the school twice yearly to undertake routine

Clyde School is smoke free.

Safety of pupils: We work to identify and minimise hazards in our school
environment and share with the home, responsibility to make children aware of
hazards in our wider community. Education activities outside the classroom will
comply with Ministry of Education safety guidelines. We do not tolerate bullying
at Clyde School. We have anti bullying and cyber safety education programmes.
We do confidential online student surveys to monitor our students wellbeing at
school. Our senior students are Sticks ‘n Stones ambassadors. Sticks ‘n Stones
is an innovative student led programme to address bullying online and offline.

Accidents at school: The following action will be taken -
(a)    we will render first aid
(b)    parents will be informed immediately if sufficiently serious
(c)    if necessary we will call a doctor or ambulance.
Even if there is the slightest doubt the school will contact the parent.

Absences and Accident or Illness at School: Please notify the school if a child
is to be absent, either by phoning the school or by text via the Skool Loop App.
The school checks all absences between 9.00am and 9.30am and will ring parents
to find out if an absent child is safely at home, if you have not contacted us.

Parents occasionally ask to have children away from school for one reason or
another. Whilst teachers are not legally entitled to authorise this type of
absence, it is accepted that there are times when these situations are necessary
and parents are trusted to use their discretion. Concerns with student
attendance are referred to Liz Pine, our truancy officer. Regular school
attendance and arriving on time is a legal responsibility and is an important
contributor to their success and enjoyment at school. The Ministry of
Education monitors the attendance of each child through its online system

Some illnesses require the exclusion of children from school. Among these are:
Measles - exclusion from school for at least four days after the rash
Mumps - exclusion until nine days after the onset of swelling.
Chicken Pox - exclusion until lesions have crusted over (6th/ 7th day)
Impetigo - (School Sores) - children may return to school 24 hours after
starting treatment, as prescribed by the doctor.
Some common problems such as ringworm and head lice do not require
exclusion if they are being treated. Your doctor may advise longer exclusion
from school according to the degree of illness.

Any clothing or lost property is collected up and placed in a barrel outside Ruru
classroom.      PLEASE     NAME       ALL    CHILDREN’S       CLOTHING       AND

Eligibility - children are eligible to travel on a school bus if they are under 10
years and are more that 3.2 kilometres from school, or are 10 years and over
and live more that 4.8 kilometres from school. Please either phone the office or
send a note if your child/ren are not going home on the bus, detailing their
travel arrangements.
Irregular passengers - children who are not entitled to use the bus, must make
an arrangement with our operator, Go Bus.
Behaviour on the bus - The school principal is responsible for pupil’s behaviour on
the bus. To prevent the driver being distracted, children's behaviour should be
of the highest level. Any reports of poor behaviour will be investigated
immediately and parents may be approached to help correct the problem.
Chrissy Ramage is the bus controller.

Children who cycle to school must wear approved safety helmets. We also
support the Ministry of Transport, who state that only children in Year 5 or
above, have sufficient road sense to safely cycle to school on their own. Hi-viz
vests are available for children who walk or bike to school from Ms Lambeth

(Ruru classroom). Clyde School has a new bike trailer which we use for a number
of school cycling activities. Every alternate year our Year 7 and Year 8 students
have the opportunity to ride the Otago Central Rail Trail.

We would like to stress the importance of drinking water throughout the day.
Children are encouraged to bring a named drink bottle of water from home.
Drink bottles containing water are allowed on the child’s desk during the day and
may be used at anytime. This applies to bottles containing water only, not juice
or any other drinks. We have a filtered water tap at school for drinking and
refilling water bottles for children to use.

The school operates a 'pie warmer' during terms 2 and 3. Any food required to
be heated should be wrapped in foil or baking paper, and the child's name clearly
written on the package. Unfortunately we do not heat soups or noodles
because of the hot water danger.
Children may also order lunches from The Post Office Cafe, on a Friday
only, by enclosing money in an envelope, with their name and the
order on the outside. The correct money is appreciated, but any
change will be forwarded back to school in the same envelope. A list
of prices will be provided through the newsletter as required. Healthy
eating is promoted at Clyde School. During Terms 1 and 4, fruit smoothies are
available and profit from their sale donated to the school. Parent help is always
appreciated to make the smoothies. From time to time the PTA offers special
International lunch days.
In order to reduce our waste, we encourage where possible, the use of reusable
containers for all food. Please ensure all containers are named.

School assemblies are held in our hall on Fridays at 2.30pm to provide a time for
all children in the school and staff to meet the purpose of:
    • promoting a sense of community
    • sharing information
    • special performances; plays, poetry, reading, musical items etc
    • participating in mass singing
    • presenting certificates
    • celebrating our successes.
Special assemblies may be held periodically to inform the school of safety
issues, behaviour standards or special events. Parents and community members
are always welcome to join us for our weekly assemblies. Any changes to the day
or time will be on the webpage, Skool Loop App or Facebook page.

Swimming instruction and water safety lessons funded by The Central Lakes
Trust and The Central Otago District Council are delivered at the Molyneux
Aquatic Centre, Alexandra. The P.T.A covers the cost of bus transport.

Children are involved in many excursions and local visits that are authentic and
engaging learning experiences outside of the classroom. Year 4 students camp
for 2 days in Central Otago, Year 5 students have a Marae trip, Year 6 camp at
Middleton Lodge, Lake Ohau and Year 8 pupils have camps in different venues
from cities to National Parks. In winter there is an optional three day
snowsports camp for Year 7 and 8 students at Coronet Peak.                Special
programmes such as Sailing ‘Have a Go’, I.C.T Conferences, Spirit of Clyde
expeditions and leadership camps are also offered to senior students. There
are optional Routeburn Track and Rail Trail challenges for Year 7 and 8 students
on alternate years. The school has an EOTC week early in term one each year.
Activities may include biking, walking, exploring community faciliies and
generally, weather permitting, finishes with a lake day. The school has a fleet
of kayaks and optimist yachts which are used at Lake Dunstan in our aquatics
programme and we have a school bike trailer to ensure our children have access
to the many trails in Central Otago.

Year 7 and Year 8 children attend The Terrace School Technology Centre, to
work on practical activities from the technology programme, including
electronics, workshop technology, food and textile technology. Second
language teaching is provided in the senior school with introductory modules
in French, Spanish, Chinese, German and Japanese.

Mrs Maryanne Westhead is employed as a Resource Teacher in
Maori. Programmes include Marae protocol, level one Te Reo
and Kapa Haka.

The school grounds are available during daylight hours for children to use for
recreation. Responsibility for their behaviour after school, during holidays and
at weekends is of course in the hands of parents. This may be withdrawn, on an
individual basis, if there is any abuse of the privilege. The school grounds are
closed overnight and are under surveillance. Trespassers will be prosecuted
during this time.

Clyde School implemented a compulsory uniform in 2009 after consultation with
parents and students. Our school uniform helps establish a school identity and
sense of belonging. It supports the school’s desire to create a sense of pride in
personal appearance and our school.
A school sports uniform is required when children represent Clyde School or
take part in interschool events. Our uniform shop is open after assembly every
Friday afternoon from 3 – 3.15pm. We have a supply of new and pre-loved
uniforms available for sale at school.

                               School Uniform Order Form:
Polo shirt (royal blue with gold trim on collar) – unisex (purchased at school)
Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14                                              $36.00
Size small                                                              $39.00

Polar fleece long sleeve full zip (navy) – unisex – monogrammed (purchased at
Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14                                                $46.00

Polar fleece vest (navy) – unisex – monogrammed (purchased at school)
Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, x-small, small & medium                    $36.00

Long short (navy) – unisex (purchased at school)
Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14                                              $34.00
Small                                                                  $36.00

Skort (navy) – girls (purchased at school)
Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14                                              $29.00

Short short (navy) – boys (purchased at school)                        $18.50

Bootleg pant (navy) – girls (purchased at school)
Size 4                                                                 $24.50
Size 6, 8, 10, 12, 14                                                  $26.50

Bucket Hat – sizes 55cm, 57cm & 59 cm                                  $17.00
Brimmed Hat – sizes 55cm, 57cm & 59cm                                  $19.00

The following items are available for purchase at The Warehouse
Plain blue sweatshirt                                           $25 - $27
Navy blue lightweight short                                     $25
Girls checked skort                                             $30 - $33

It is our policy to establish positive rules and expectations for all children in
the school. In general, we look to praise children for doing the right thing,
and set clear boundaries and set high expectations of behaviour. Our school
assemblies and contact with children will reflect this. Self-discipline and
consideration for others are ideals the school expects of our children. The
following rules are required for their safety and welfare:-
(a)    child/ren are not permitted to leave school grounds without the
       permission of a teacher
(b)    out of bounds areas: - groundsman's service room
                                the cycle stands
                                the P.E. shed
                                the Journal / Art room
(c)    the Blyth Street entrance of the school is a passive play area
(d)    the children are expected to remain seated while eating lunch during the
       first part the lunch period 12.30 to 12.45 pm.
(e)    accidents to children and property are to be reported immediately
(f)    special care is encouraged on the various play equipment in the playground
(g)    no sweets permitted at school.

                     TERMS AND HOLIDAYS FOR 2020

Term One:            Wednesday 5th February to Thursday 9th April
                     Holidays included in term 1 are:
                     Waitangi Day – Thursday 6th February
                     Otago Anniversary Day – Monday 23rd March

Term Two:            Tuesday 28th April to Friday 3rd July
                     Holidays included in term 2 are:
                     Queen’s Birthday - Monday 1st June

Term Three:          Monday 20th July to Friday 25th September

Term Four:           Monday 12th October to Friday 18th December
                     Holidays included in term 4 are:
                     Labour Day – Monday 26th October

                        WELCOME TO CLYDE SCHOOL.
                   If there is anything you are still unsure of
                                   please ask!

Activities at School:
Scooter Track – students can bring a scooter, roller blades and bikes to ride on
our scooter track. They must wear a helmet. Scooter days are Monday,
Wednesday and Friday. Bike days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Grandparents in Schools – this is a REAP programme run in terms 2 and 3 and is
for junior students who don’t have regular contact with grandparents.
Volunteers from our community spend time talking, playing games and reading to
the children.

Mathletics - Mathletics is an online maths programme which children can use
both at school and at home (approx $20 year).

Scholastic Book Club - order forms are sent home twice a term. Orders can
either be placed online by parents or returned to Chrissy. The Scholastic Book
Fair is held in term 3. New books for the school are purchased with the
commission from the sales.

School Disco – Organised each term by senior pupils to raise funds for their
Year 8 camp.

Mufti Days – to raise money for specific causes eg Rescue Helicopter, are held
during the year. Children wear casual clothes and bring a gold coin donation.

Financial Assistance - Confidential financial assistance is available for families
to enable participation within the school community (eg uniforms, school camps).
Contact the principal, Doug White at school or email

Seasons for Growth – A group support programme for children who have
experienced grief, loss or change. A trained REAP facilitator runs the
programme. See the principal, Doug White for a referral.

If you have any questions please ask your child’s teacher, Chrissy or Doug.

Events Throughout the Year
   • Denotes optional. This is a guide and may be subject to change.
Term 1
Years 1-8   School athletic sports – Molyneux Park, Alexandra

Years 5-8    Dunstan Zone and Central Otago athletic sports – Molyneux Park,


Years 1-8    Life Education Mobile Classroom

Years 1-8    EOTC Week - 5 days of outdoor activities

Years 1-8    Parent /student/teacher goal setting interviews

Year 4       Overnight Central Otago camp (generally at Cromwell)

Year 5       Day or overnight visit to a Marae

Year 6       Camp to Middleton Lodge at Lake Ohau (3 nights)

Years 1-8    School Disco (held in school hall – separate times for juniors and


Years 3-8    T-Ball or Softball (Tuesdays after school in Alexandra)

Years 7-8    Have a Go Sailing

Years 7-8    Rail Trail or Routeburn Track (alternate years)

Term 2
Years 4-8    School, Dunstan Zone and Central Otago swimming sports

Years 1-8    Learn to Swim programme

Years 1-8    Ice Skating

Years 4-8    Mid-Year reports sent home (for the first 3 years children

             receive 6 monthly anniversary reports)

Years 5-8    20 hr Famine

Years 1-8    ANZAC Day parade – Senior students are wreath bearers

Years 1-8    School Disco

Years 5-8    Mini ball / Basketball (Fridays after school in Alexandra)

Years 5-8    Central Otago Schools Top Bike Competition

Years 5-8    ODT Spelling competition

Years 7-8    Central Otago Schools Orienteering

Years 7-8    Interschool Curling competition

Term 3
Years 1-8   Clyde School Cross Country race

Years 1-8   School photos

Years 5-8   Speech competitions

Years 1-8   School Disco

Years 1-4   Junior school trip to Snow Farm (cross country skiing experience)

Years 5-8   River Safe programme – Molyneux Aquatic Centre

Years 5-8   ODT Current Events Quiz

Years 5-8   ODT Spelling Quiz

Years 5-8   Dunstan Zone and Central Otago Primary Schools Triathlon

Years 5-8   Y5 – Y8 Ski trip to Coronet Peak (downhill skiing or snowboarding)

Years 6-8   Dunstan Zone, Central Otago cross country

Years 6-8   Problem Solving Challenge

Years 7-8   Y7 & Y8 Snow Camp Coronet Peak (staying at Vincent Ski Club


Term 4
Year 1 -2   Learn to Swim

Years 1-8   School Lake Day

Years 4-8   Spirit of Clyde Award Assembly

Years 5-8   Science & Technology Roadshow

Year 8      Camp – venue chosen to suit the group (4 nights)

Year 8      Graduation Evening

Years 1-8   School Show Pantomime (1 matinee and 2 evening performances)

Years 4-8   Reports sent home on last day of school

Years 1-8   School Disco

Years 3-8   T-Ball/Softball (Tuesday’s after school in Alexandra)

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