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2018 Parent Handbook

 Hamilton Boys’ High School
         HBHS 2018 Parent Handbook for website
Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi
He tangata maarama maana e whakairo toona ara
       A wise man carves his own fortune

The motto reflects the requirements for self-determination,
        maturity and wisdom in preparing to make
            a strong and positive contribution
    to the world through realising one’s own potential

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Hamilton Boys’ High School Parents’ Association
The Parents’ Association welcomes you and your son(s) to the Hamilton Boys’ High School community.

Hamilton Boys’ High School’s Parents’ Association is all about getting parents and caregivers involved in
school life by organising and helping at school events during the year. We are not primarily a fundraising
body, more a group interested in being of service to the school. Our activities are funded by a small
donation charged to your school account in Term One.

If you would like to join us, please contact us via the email address at the bottom of this page or come
along to our next meeting. (To see our meeting minutes and the date of the next meeting please refer
to our website). We meet once or twice a term and meeting dates are posted on the school website.
New committee members are always welcome, as are new ideas, projects or events that will benefit our
sons. We would love to hear from anyone interested in learning more or wanting to get involved.

Events are organised throughout the year beginning with a New Parents’ Evening, Year 9 Father/Son
breakfast, and a staff morning tea. The final event organised by the Parents’ Association is the traditional,
formal ‘Leavers’ Dinner’ in Term Four.

This Parent Handbook provides some of the information we think parents may like to know about
Hamilton Boys’ High School. Much of the information is taken from the School Planner and Diary, which
we encourage you to read and suggest that your son(s), and you, keep referring to throughout the school
year. Please check the school website regularly, as new events may be added or published dates and
activities may be amended.

Hamilton Boys’ High School encourages parent interest and involvement in the school. Parents are most
welcome at major events, such as swimming sports, cross country, athletics day and singing, and
teachers do want to see you at parent interviews. Email is the preferred option for contact and notices,
so please keep the Parents’ Association and the school notified of your current email address.

We hope that you find this handbook helpful and that you will enjoy your connection with Hamilton
Boys’ High School as much as we hope your son enjoys his.

Parents’ Association Contact Details:

          Phone the school office:       (07) 853 0440
          Email:                         parents@hbhs.school.nz

          Website:                       www.hbhs.school.nz/School/Parents-Association

                                   HBHS 2018 Parent Handbook for website
Key Information
Bell Times
                  Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri                                               Thursday
     8.45     -        9.00 Tutor Group
     9.00     -      10.00 Period 1                              9.00    -         9.50 Period 1
    10.00     -      11.00 Period 2                              9.50    -       10.40 Period 2
    11.00     -      11.30 INTERVAL                             10.40    -       11.00 INTERVAL
    11.30     -      12.30 Period 3                             11.00    -       11.50 Period 3
    12.30     -        1.15 LUNCH                               11.50    -       12.40 Period 4
     1.15     -        2.15 Period 4                            12.40    -         1.20 LUNCH
     2.15     -        3.15 Period 5                             1.20    -         2.10 Period 5

Note: Students will be released from class at the end of Period 5 on Thursdays; however, supervision will be
provided in the Library for all students who wish to remain until 3.15pm.

              Wet Lunch is indicated by 2 short bells and students go to designated rooms

School Shop
The shop supplies stationery, photocopy cards and uniform. Payments of fees and donations are made
at the school shop. Stationery lists are available from the first day of school, for each year level Term

School Shop Hours
For stationery and uniform supplies. Hours: 7.45 am to 1.30 pm Phone: (07) 853 0421
Website: http://www.hbhs.school.nz/ School/Shop                     Email: shop@hbhs.school.nz
The Canteen is open before school, during interval and at lunchtime. Please talk to the canteen staff if
your son(s) have any special dietary needs.                      Phone: (07) 855 8963

The School
         School office:          (07) 853 0440
         Absentee line:          (07) 853 0440, press 1, press 1.
         Absentee Email:         absences@hbhs.school.nz
         School Website:         http://www.hbhs.school.nz
         Wellness Centre         (07) 853 0440 Ext 2434 or email schoolnurse@hbhs.school.nz

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       Page Item
            2 Welcome
            3 Key Information and contacts
            5 School Uniform and Personal Presentation
            6 School Regulations
            7 Discipline
        9-10 Communication
                   Illness or absences
                   Wellness Centre
       10-11 Miscellaneous Regulations
                      Use of Technology
                      Schoolbags and Lockers
                      Lost and Found
                      Money and Valuables
                      Mufti Days
           12 Guidance
           12 Tutor Groups
           13 Year 13 Students and Prefects
       14-15 Assessment Policy Statement
           16 School Co-Curricular Activities
           16 Service and Leadership
       17-18 Sports, Clubs and Activities
           19 House Competitions
       20-21 Hamilton Boys’ High School Historical Timeline

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School Uniform and Personal Presentation

    ·    Uniforms must be clean, and pressed, with no holes or tears.
    ·    Shoes must be nuggeted and polished. Socks are to be worn to the knee.
    ·    A school cap or school bucket hat may be worn in Terms 1, 2 and 4.
    ·    Beanies are not permitted.
    ·    Jewellery is not permitted.
    ·    Shirts must be tucked in always (no singlet to be seen under school shirt).
    ·    Long trousers must be worn with a black belt and with black or grey socks.
    ·    Hair is to be short, back and sides; cut, at or above the collar and face; neat, tidy, combed
         and of even length.
    ·    Hair must not be braided, dyed, waxed, straightened, nor be tied, spiked, or cut with ridges.
    ·    All students are to be clean-shaven.
    ·    No graffiti is allowed on any bags, pencil cases, books or clothing.

The following is the Uniform of Hamilton Boys’ High School:

Clothing for all students
     ·    Shorts – grey (regulation)
     ·    Shirt – short sleeved grey with school monogram
     ·    Shoes – black leather formal and lace-up (ankle, boot style/buckles/street shoes are not
     ·    Roman sandals (with back strap): must be black, no decoration.
     ·    Jersey – maroon with school monogram
     ·    Socks – black with maroon and grey tops (regulation)
     ·    School/Sports Jacket also to be used as sports uniform – black and red, monogrammed
     ·    School cap or School bucket hat–black purchased from the Uniform Shop
     ·    House Shirt
Years 11, 12 (Items Permitted in Addition to the List Above)
     ·    Trousers – long grey (regulation) with plain black belt
     ·    Socks – grey or black, worn with trousers
Year 13
     ·    Shirt – black shirt with school monogram
     ·    Trousers-long grey (regulation) with plain black belt
     ·    Jersey – black with school monogram
     ·    Socks – grey or black, worn with trousers
Representative Uniform
     Teams and students whilst representing the school
     ·    Shirt – white business, long-sleeved
     ·    Trousers – black (regulation)
     ·    Tie – school
     ·    Blazer – school
     ·    Shoes, socks as above
Physical Education
     ·    Shorts – monogrammed sports Shorts (only available from School Shop)
     ·    Shirts – monogrammed sports Shirt (only available from School Shop)

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School Regulations
This is a summary of the main regulations – please refer to the school diary
 ·     Attendance – students should not normally be absent except in the case of illness. A note of
       explanation by parents or caregivers is required on the day of return in the School Diary.
·    Behaviour – reasonable and considerate behaviour and commitment to high standards is
     expected. Respect, obedience and courtesy is to be accorded all staff and prefects. Littering,
     physical or verbal abuse, interfering with others, lateness and slovenliness are not accepted.
·    Detentions – where breaches in school discipline occur, the school reserves the right to detain
     students after school hours and on Saturday mornings for serious breaches.
·    Dress – where uniform is not regulation students must see the Dean before school.
·    Eating – not in class, corridors, or tutor group.
·    Fighting/Harassment/Intimidation – fighting, harassment and intimidation are prohibited!
     If these things are happening, REPORT it to a staff member. Harassment can be verbal/
     physical/sexual/racial. Any type of direct or implied verbal or physical threat, acts of stealing,
     or intimidating others for money will not be tolerated. School staff will assist students in
     resisting these acts. Persons involved will be held responsible for damages incurred or
     physical harm done to others.
·    Insubordination – Students are expected to co-operate with persons in authority. Not
     submitting to authority, being disobedient, failing to comply with a reasonable request, using
     abusive language or actions towards any staff member is insubordination.
·    Leave - written requests from parents for leave during the day due to special circumstances
     must be in writing to the Tutor Teacher and taken to the Dean’s Office when signing out.
·    Leave - requests for long-term absence must be in writing to the Headmaster.
·    Mobile Phones – are permitted but must be switched off during class time, or they are subject
     to confiscation.
·    Property – students may not interfere with others’ or school property. Items not essential for
     schoolwork may not be brought to school – MP3, iPod etc. Students should not bring large
     sums of money unless it is payment to the school which should be made to the Shop during
     interval. Aerosol spray cans are not to be brought to school.
·    Vehicles – authority to bring cars and motorbikes to school is to be obtained from the Deputy
     Headmaster with a note from parents. Traffic regulations are to be observed. Doubling on
     bikes is not permitted.
·    Uniform - regulation uniform and presentation is to be adhered to. If the correct uniform is
     not worn the student is required to bring an explanatory note from home and take it to the
     Dean before school, where a pink slip will be obtained to show to teachers. Failure to do this
     will result in detention. Depending on the incorrect item, students may not be permitted to
     attend class until the correct uniform is worn.
·    Vandalism – unfortunately, one act of vandalism, or simple carelessness, seems to lead to
     another. We ask students to help by showing an interest and concern for the school. If each
     student sets an example of helping and caring, other students will follow. School pride is
     contagious. You can catch it and give it to a friend.
·    Valuables – do not bring them to school. This includes skate-boards.
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The School believes in maintaining excellence of standards and in the right of all students to a positive
learning environment and safe playground.

An Assertive Discipline programme operates for classroom and playground management.

The Positive Side
There are many ways to reward students who behave appropriately. In addition to using frequent
praise, students will be rewarded with options which include:
     ·     Positive phone calls/written referral forms to parents
     ·     Visits to/from Senior Management Team for praise or an award
     ·     ‘Optional Activity Award’ time – 15 minutes spent on individual educational activity
           of students’ choice e.g. maths games; spelling mazes; puzzles; choice of computer

Classroom Discipline Procedures
All students have the right to learn, but lose this right when disruptive students misbehave. The
Assertive Discipline plan is a series of controls which make it possible for class lessons to continue
uninterrupted by inappropriate behaviour. Students must comply with following rules in class:
      ·   Get to class on time
      ·   Take all necessary equipment to class
      ·   Get books and gear out, then sit
      ·   Listen to and follow instructions
      ·   Put hand up if you wish to speak or seek help
      ·   Remain at desk unless asked to move by your teacher
      ·   Keep all books and equipment neat and tidy
      ·   Respect the right of others to work undisturbed
      ·   Be courteous to teachers and fellow students
      ·   Pack up only when instructed by the teacher

The following consequences will occur if a student breaks a rule:
               1) First time:                    Name recorded and warning given
               2) Second time:                   Consequence
               3) Third time:                    Increased consequence (See Demerit Points)

     ·Lunchtime detentions may occur on the day of the offence.
     ·After school detentions are completed the following day to allow time to arrange transport
       home and notify parents and caregivers.
     ·Saturday morning detentions will be held for recalcitrant students.
Failure to attend a detention will result in the detention being placed after school, increased, or on
Saturday morning.

All students begin each day with a clean slate except for repeat offenders.

The demerit system is explained in detail in the School Diary, and summarised in the next section.

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Pastoral Care Record / Demerit Points
During the course of an academic year, students may receive referrals from their teachers. Referrals
along with other types of communications are recorded against the student’s pastoral file. Negative
or consequential referrals earn demerit points.

In a given year, a student gaining more than 100 demerit points may receive a further
consequence. Demerit points earn consequences; therefore, students need to avoid earning
demerit points against their pastoral file.

For example:
     1) Student receives a negative referral.
     2) Points are allocated based on the type of the referral.
     3) Student is given a warning. At 50 points tutor teacher is informed.
     4) Student is identified at 75 points; parents or caregivers are informed by the Year Level
     5) 100 points
        Year Level Dean informs parents or caregivers and tutor teacher and the student is issued
        with a Saturday detention. Student is placed on Daily Report. Mandatory parent
     6) 150 points
        Deans Co-ordinator meeting with parents or caregivers. Referral to mentor, RTLB etc
        further consequences.
     7) 200 points
        Deans Co-ordinator meeting with parents or caregivers and Deputy Headmaster.
     8) 200+ points
        Deputy Headmaster makes a recommendation.

Playground and Corridor Discipline
In corridors, students should line up on one side of the corridor, allowing free and undisturbed
passage to other students moving further along the corridor. Students are expected to conduct
themselves in an acceptable manner in the grounds. The following unacceptable behaviours may
warrant immediate contact with parents or caregivers and will, on observation, earn a detention:
fighting, use of obscene language, littering, interference in others’ activities, spitting, disregard of
uniform code, intimidation, defiance or failure to carry out teacher instruction.

Immediate contact with parents or caregivers will be made for offences such as vandalism,
smoking, theft, carrying an offensive weapon, swearing at a staff member, any statutory offences.
Where behaviour is an ongoing concern, consultation with parents or caregivers and referral to
appropriate guidance personnel will occur. Our concern is to ensure that all students follow
acceptable social guidelines so that the rights of all are respected.

     Prohibited actions are theft, truancy, violence, smoking, possession of alcohol or drugs,
                                 vandalism, and insubordination.
                These serious offences and/or continual disobedience will lead to
                              a student’s enrolment being reviewed.

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        ·    Parents and caregivers should contact the school on matters that affect the welfare and
             progress of their son(s).
        ·    Referrals are sent home to comment on day-to-day progress, if necessary
        ·    Newsletters are sent home in the form of a magazine once a term, and provide information
             on school life and events. These are also available from the office.
        ·    Other important communications during the term are given to students to bring home.
        ·    Report evenings for each Year level are held once or twice a year. Parents/ caregivers are
             encouraged to meet with their son’s teachers.

 Illness and Absence
 From 9.00am, students must go to the Student Services Center Reception to sign in and be issued with
 a late slip. A written explanation must be in their diary. Failure to do this will result in detention. If a
 student does not attend registration (8.45am - 9.00am) and does not sign in and there is no
 notification by email or telephone from parents to the school, a text or email will be sent to
 parents/caregivers letting them know of the absence.

 Illness During School Hours
 Students should go to the school office during interval or lunch. If a student becomes unwell during
 class time, the class teacher will give the student a note to go to the Wellness Centre in the Student
 Services Centre.

 Wellness Centre
 A Registered Nurse is available at the Wellness Centre to assist boys with any health issues. The nurse
 will assess what medical treatment is required. The nurse will contact parents directly and discuss what
 is required. Students ARE NOT to contact their parents/caregivers directly during school hours.
 Parents/Caregivers should also ensure that their contact details are kept up to date on the school
 records so that there are no delays with the nurse making contact.

    •       Injuries
            We are ACC Registered and we have an onsite Physiotherapist. Free ACC related
            physiotherapy is available during school hours.

    •       Medical Conditions
            If your son has Diabetes, Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy or any other conditions that require the nurse
            to be aware around, please contact them directly. Also, please update the nurse on any
            changes to your son's medical condition.

Phone: 07 853 0440 Ext:2434 or email to make an appointment on schoolnurse@hbhschool.nz

                                   HBHS 2018 Parent Handbook for website
Absence due to Sickness
If a student is away for one day, the parent/caregiver needs to ring the absentee line on 07 853 0440,
press 1, press 1 and write an explanatory note in the diary on the day of absence to be shown to the
teachers’ the following day. An email can also be sent to absences@hbhs.school.nz. If students are
away for longer than this, parents/caregivers should telephone the school office to explain and also
write and explanatory note in the diary. This diary entry is to be shown to all class teachers, and to
the tutor group teacher. For longer absences due to sickness a medical certificate must be provided.
This is particularly important if your son is enrolled in an NCEA/Unit Standard Course.

If you know your son will be absent from school, you must send a letter of application, in advance,
to the Tutor Teacher and Dean. A long-term absence needs a letter seeking permission from the

Appointments Out of School
Appointments should be made out of school hours. Where appointments have to be made in school
time, students must have an entry in their diary (and, if possible, an appointment card) to be shown
to their tutor teacher that morning and shown to the Student Services Center Reception before they
leave the school. Students MUST sign out at the Student Services Center Reception when they leave
school, and sign back in on their return.

Students may use the Dean’s phone for emergencies. They will not be allowed to use the office

Use of Technology
Students are able to bring mobile phones to school on the following conditions:
    ·    mobile phones are switched off in classrooms
    ·    text messaging is polite, non-abusive and reasonable
    ·    use of photographic/video function is not allowed (unless prior permission from those
         photographed is obtained)
    ·    mobile phones are not to be a nuisance to the good, orderly and safe running of the

Failure to maintain the above conditions may lead to confiscation, detention or withdrawal of
permission to bring them to school.

Use of computers at school is only allowed under the Information Technology and Internet Acceptable
Use Policy which each student and their parent or caregiver must sign before students have permission
to gain login access. Computer and video users have to be responsible for their actions. As a guide,
users are expected to:
      ·     Show consideration and respect for others
      ·    Respect other people’s privacy
      ·    Only use other people’s work when given permission to do so
      ·    Think about the social consequences of their actions
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NO pornography, piracy, information pertaining to explosives or other like material, interfering with the
work of others, virus contaminated disks, or hacking is permitted.

Schoolbags and Lockers
Students are encouraged to take to school each day only the books they need. There are some lockers
available at the school. Please contact the Fees Counter at the school shop for details.

The school shop stocks a high-quality school bag with appropriate straps and buckles to provide even
weight distribution.

Lost and Found
Your son must first check first with friends, then with the teacher of the last room where he had the
item; and then ask at the school office. Make sure all belongings and uniform items are clearly named.

Money and Valuables
Students should bring money to school in an envelope which has their name and tutor group on the
outside. They must write clearly what the money is for and take it either to the Shop or to the teacher
responsible for collecting it as soon as possible.

Do not bring valuables to school. This includes skateboards, MP3 players, iPods and other devices.

Mobile phones; see ‘Use of Technology’, on page 10.

Mufti Days
There are usually two mufti days each term, and $2.00 is ‘charged’ for students to wear mufti. The
money raised is donated to specific charities and selected in-school projects. Note that clothes must be
clean and tidy, and no offensive slogans or graphics are permitted.

General Fees and Course Fees will be invoiced to parents, and do not need to be paid until accounts
are sent home. Prompt payment, by the end of March, would be appreciated. The School Student
Diary and ID Card are both compulsory and must be purchased. Parents may also purchase a copy of
the Student Diary if they wish.

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Students and parents are encouraged to make use of the guidance network in the school.

The guidance network involves all staff:

     ·      Tutor teacher – stays with your son throughout his time at school.
     ·      Subject teachers – responsible for general subject progress.
     ·      Deans – co-ordinate the general pastoral progress of the Year level.
     ·      Careers – guidance on transition from school to work or further education.
     ·      Guidance Counsellors – are available to students/parents/guardians if students are
            experiencing difficulties in or out of school. These difficulties may include educational,
            personal or social difficulties. Confidentiality is respected and at times specialist
            agencies are referred to.
     ·      Parents are also welcome to discuss general matters of concern with the Senior Management

Tutor Groups
Your son is placed in a tutor group and he will stay with that group and teacher from years 9-13. They
meet each morning at 8.45 am.
Purpose of Tutor Groups

 Pastoral                         ·    individual student needs and growth
                                  ·    advice
                                  ·    peer support
                                  ·    a home room atmosphere
 Attendance                       ·    daily check
                                  ·    contacting home
                                  ·    sickness/family needs etc
                                  ·    register requirements
 Communication                    ·    school-wide/year level information and explanations
                                  ·    staff/student perspectives
 School values                    ·    history
                                  ·    participation
                                  ·    standards of excellence
                                  ·    loyalty
                                  ·    behaviour
                                  ·    uniform
Rules for Tutor Groups
Students are required to:
1    Get to Tutor Group promptly at 8.45am.
2.   Bring notes for absence ON THE DAY of return to school. (Students may get a detention if they
3.   Make sure their uniform is clean and correct. (Students may get a detention if it’s not).

                                  HBHS 2018 Parent Handbook for website
4.    After being checked off in the tutor group for attendance, present a note for incorrect or
      incomplete uniform to the Dean, and receive a pink slip to offer to classroom teachers when
5.    Not eat during Tutor Group time.
6.    Be seated quietly.
7.    Have their Diary checked once per week for use with Parent or caregiver signature (Years 9
      and 10).

Year 13 Students and Prefects
Year 13 students are the senior students in our school. They wear a separate uniform and so are
easily recognisable.

Year 13 students are considered the most mature and therefore the most responsible students in our
school, students should be able to rely on them as good role models and ask them for assistance at
school. Year 13 students in Tutor Groups should all have responsibilities.

Around the school, Year 13 students have general authority and students should follow their
reasonable requests. Year 13 students may request that students pick up litter, fix and wear their
uniform properly, and move on to class quickly.

Who are the Prefects and what is their role?
Prefects are selected from within the Year 13 group.

They wear the representative uniform.

Prefects carry the authority of staff and requests by them must be followed.

Prefects carry the good name of Hamilton Boys’ High School at all times and seek to uphold its
traditions and values.

If students are doing something wrong, a prefect may report a student or take his bag to Senior
Management or the Dean for him to pick up.

The Prefects do a lot of good work around the school, and are responsible for organising and assisting
mufti days, school balls, lunch activities, assemblies, study programmes or representing Hamilton
Boys’ High School at civic and local functions, etc.

Prefects can always be relied on to assist your son.

A Student Representative is elected each year by students in September. The Student Representative
becomes a member of the Board of Trustees and represents students at meetings.

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Assessment Policy Statement
Note: This statement summarises the key points from Hamilton Boys’ High School Board of Trustees
Policy No 3.2: Assessment on the National Qualifications Framework, which can be found on
Requirements for Assessments                                   Further Assessment Opportunities
•     Teachers must be satisfied that they have                •     Further assessment opportunities are offered
      gathered sufficient “assessment evidence” from a               in those standards where the TCR considers it
      student before awarding him a grade. If students               appropriate. Student course outlines will
      cannot demonstrate this evidence, then no credit               indicate which standards allow for further
      can be awarded. An estimated grade is unable to                assessment opportunities.
      be given for a missed assessment.                        •     In standards where further assessment
•     If a student misses an in-class assessment which               opportunities       are offered, the further
      contributes to assessment evidence, due to an                  assessment will provide all students with an
      approved absence, where possible,                an            opportunity to achieve any one of the full range of
      assessment opportunity should still be provided.               available grades.
      Approved absences can be verified by the classroom
      teacher on the official extension form, which a          Appeals
      student can request from his teacher.                    Every student has a right to appeal an assessment grade.
•     The deadline for submitting assessment work will, in     This would most commonly occur when the student:
      most cases, be the beginning of the subject period on      1.      Disagrees with the assessor judgment for,
      the due date. However, teachers may specify an                     or recording of, an assessment grade.
      alternative time and/or place after 8.45am and up to       2.      Alleges he has been denied an assessment
      3.15pm on the due date. This will be communicated                  opportunity.
      clearly to students well in advance.                       3.      Alleges there has been a breach of
•     Each department will use a system of                               the assessment policy.
      documentation that ensures both the student              Appeals must be made no later than one week after
      and teachers know that assessment work has, in fact,     receipt of an assessment grade, alleged denial of an
      been handed in.                                          assessment opportunity or alleged breach of the
                                                               Assessment policy.
Recording Student Assessment Work
•    In accordance with the NZ Privacy Act (1993),             The appeals process is as follows:
     Teachers will respect all students’ privacy rights when     1.    The student must first discuss the matter
     communicating results in any manner.                              with the classroom teacher and both parties
                                                                       attempt to resolve the issue. If the issue
Late work                                                              cannot be resolved by the student and his
•     If assessment work is handed in late, it will not                teacher through discussion, then the student
      count towards the student’s qualific ation unless an             makes an appeal using the correct Appeals
      extension has been applied for and approved                      form (available from the Student Pickup Folder)
                                                                       to the TCR or verification marker, who will
      (see above). The subject teacher can grant a
                                                                       investigate the situation and report his findings
      short-term extension if a student produces a
                                                                       to the student and classroom teacher in an
      medical certificate or parental letter.                          attempt to resolve the issue.
•     Longer term extensions will only be given at the
                                                                 2.    If the student is still not satisfied he must
      discretion of the Head of Faculty.
                                                                       discuss the issue with the Principal’s Nominee,
•     Some assessments do not lend themselves to be                    who will be responsible for making a final
      done at a later date, e.g. field trips.                          decision or who may refer the matter to the
•     Students must be aware that missing these for any                school’s NZQA Relationships Manager for
      reason will mean no qualification in that standard.              further guidance.

                                      HBHS 2018 Parent Handbook for website
•     Illness and Misadventure
•     All courses will provide an opportunity     Breaches of the Rules
      for gathering achievement evidence for      •   Where a student is alleged to have
      each externally assessed standard in the        breached any of the rules outlined in this
      September “practice” examinations.              policy statement, the Principal’s
•     This evidence will be used by the school        Nominee will investigate such matters
      to estimate grades for students whose           and take appropriate action on behalf of
      applications have been approved by the          the school.
      Principal’s Nominee.
•     Authenticity                                Special Assessment Conditions
•     Work submitted for assessment must          •   Students requiring special assessment
      be fully undertaken during the year of          conditions should have been identified by
      assessment.                                     the Learning Support Centre. All student,
•     Students must not accept assistance from        parent and staff enquiries regarding
      any person in the preparation or submission     special assessment should be made to the
      of work.                                        Director of Teaching and Learning.
•     Students must be able to attest to
•     For items of work which are produced over
      an extended period (say, longer than two
      weeks), students should keep any plans,
      drafts, worksheets or logbooks used in the
      preparation of the work in case they are
      required for authentication purposes.
•     In submitting work for assessment, students
      should acknowledge all resources used.
      This includes texts and source material,
      (including web based sources) in the
      bibliography and the name and status of any
      person who provided information, together
      with the type of information received.
•     Copied work will earn no credit for either
      the copier or the one whose work is copied.

For further information on assessment, particularly on matters relating to NCEA, visit the NZ
Qualifications Authority website: http://www.nzqa.govt.nz

    Looking for information?                            Then try these useful websites:
    Advice for making subject choices.                  Careers NZ
    Information on career, work and future study        www.careers.govt.nz
    options. CV templates.                              www.schoolconnect.co.nz
                                                        Industry Training Federation
    Training options: workplace training for
    apprentices and employees.
    Financial support for study: allowances, loans,     Study Link
    scholarships and benefits.                          www.studylink.govt.nz

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School Co-Curricular Activities
Positive Citizenship: Students will take pride in the traditions and values of the school, respect the needs
and rights of others and be positive in their contributions to, and participation in, the life of the school
in the widest sense.

Participation and Achievement: Hamilton Boys’ High School provides opportunities for wide
participation in a range of co-curricular activities and, through quality coaching and management,
ensures opportunities to compete and succeed at regional and national levels.

There are many opportunities to be active in the school, through Service and Leadership, Sports, Clubs
and other activities which the School provides and supports.

Service and Leadership
At Hamilton Boys’ High School our mission for service is reflected in the Sash on our school crest. The
Service Award aims to provide for young men at Hamilton Boys’ High School an enjoyable, challenging
and rewarding programme of personal development, challenging them with the opportunity to provide
service to individuals and to the community in line with the philosophy of the School.

A Service Award Scheme operates within the school to acknowledge students involved in service
activities, as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is internationally
recognised. There are three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold, and at each level students are required to
do four components; physical, skill, adventurous journey and service to the community

Examples of service activities students can be involved in include: World Vision 40 Hour Famine, HBHS
Community Fun Run, Blood Donors, Kids Can Great Dome Shave, Cancer Society Relay for Life, Sport
Coaching/Managing, Arts Tutoring, Student Mentoring, Library Monitors, ALP Class Service Activities,
School Magazine/Newsletter Assistance, Gully Restoration Project, Environmentalist (Year 9), assisting
with school events outside of school time. Credits are gained in recognition of each act of service. In
most cases, one credit equals one hour of service. However, in such cases such as the 40 hour famine,
the service committee may choose to limit the number of attainable credits for the event.

The Leo Club are involved in many local service activities including assisting at Balloons over Waikato
and the Red Cross Book Fair. In the past, they have fundraised for a wheelchair to be available at
Hamilton Boys' High School and for a local defibulator. They meet weekly and are supported by the
local Lions Club members who are also Teachers at Hamilton Boys' High School.

A Service Board is located at the end of the Administration Corridor that has local service activities
posted on it; students are encouraged to participate. They range from regular activities such as picking
surplus fruit for distribution to Food Banks with Community Fruit Hamilton, and talking to client's at
Hospice's Rainbow Place, to one off activities such as assisting at sporting events.

Leadership Opportunities
Leadership opportunities are provided throughout the school and are both encouraged and promoted.
Leadership opportunities include: Tutor Group Leaders, Student Mentoring, Library Leaders, assembly
readings, captains of sports teams, leaders of cultural groups, leaders of music/arts groups, Year 10
leaders, House Leaders, Junior House Leaders, Captains of Codes and School Prefects.
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Sports, Clubs and Activities - Engagement
Hamilton Boys’ High School places a strong emphasis on co-curricular participation and achievement.
The school strives to achieve the perfect balance between Academic, Cultural and Sporting
endeavours. The co-curricular life of the school has an essential role in developing the character both
of individuals and of the school through growth of pride, loyalty, self-esteem and confidence.

Hamilton Boys’ High School provides over 100 co-curricular activities and more than 100 sports teams
for students of the school. These teams and groups give the opportunity for students to meet
challenges, better themselves and strive to achieve goals. The school actively encourages all students
to participate in co-curricular activities and this is seen as complementary to the school’s academic

Sports at Hamilton Boys’ High School
This is just a selection of what is on offer – please check the School Diary.

           Athletics                                   Sailing
           Badminton                                   Shooting
           Basketball                                  Skiing
           Cricket                                     Snow sports
           Cross Country                               Softball
           Cycling                                     Swimming
           Equestrian                                  Squash
           Football                                    Surfing
           Golf                                        Table Tennis
           Hockey                                      Tennis
           Inline Hockey                               Touch
           Mountain Biking                             Triathlon, Duathlon
           Multi-Sport                                 Volleyball
           Rowing                                      Waka Ama
           Rugby                                       Waterpolo
           Rugby Sevens                                Wrestling

Clubs and Activities
This is just a selection of what is on offer – please check the School Diary.

Details of where and when to meet will be made available in Term One.

          Art                                          Library
          Chess                                        Magazine
          Christian Fellowship                         Mahjong/Strategy Games
          Computers                                    Music
          Debating                                     Oratory
          Drama                                        Polynesian Group
          Gaming                                       Scuba Diving
          International Students                       Theatre Sports

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All members of sports and cultural teams of Hamilton Boys’ High School must:
     ·  Co-operate with team-mates, coaches, officials and opponents and treat them with respect.
     ·  Strive for excellence, have fun, and develop skills.
     ·  Avoid trying to gain an unfair advantage over opponents.
     ·  Know the rules of the game, and play by both the letter and the spirit of the rules.
     ·  Realise that officials are there to interpret the rules so accept their decisions with dignity.
     ·  Never behave in such a manner that would reflect badly on, or disgrace the team and
     ·  Never use coarse language or insult opponents, coaches or spectators.
     ·  Turn up at required times - attendance is essential unless prior arrangements have been
        made with the coach.
     ·  Always participate according to the values of good sportsmanship.
     ·  Always wear the correct school and playing uniform.
     ·  Show modesty in victory and grace in defeat.

Overnight Exchanges – Being Billeted
All representatives of Hamilton Boys’ High School travelling on exchanges and staying with a host
family must adhere to the following:
      ·   Be constantly aware that while being billeted they are guests in a home, and behave and
          dress accordingly.
      ·   Show courtesy and co-operation to the host family.
      ·   Arrange before the visit, some small token of thanks i.e. a gift to the billeting family, as well
          as thanking the family verbally.
      ·   Be aware that they are bound by the HBHS school rules at all times while on a school visit,
          and that failure to abide by these rules will result in the normal discipline procedure that
          would be expected in a school-based offence.
      ·   If offered alcohol by the host family, decline politely.
      ·   Be aware that they are ambassadors of the school, and they will be measured by their
          behaviour and dress, and they should endeavour to see that students from HBHS will be
          welcomed back in a billet’s home on future exchanges.

Travelling as a School Group
All representatives of Hamilton Boys’ High School travelling as a team or as individuals representing
the school must adhere to the following:
      ·   Travel in full school uniform. First and elite teams are expected to travel in travelling
      ·   Treat the bus or other drivers with respect and courtesy
      ·   Students should verbally thank the driver at the end of the trip.

Training and Rehearsing
All representatives of Hamilton Boys’ High School must:
      ·   Show discipline and punctuality with regard to training and display an appreciation for the
          time and commitment of the coach.
      ·   Not miss a practice without prior approval of the coach.
      ·   Arrive at practice fully prepared to start on time.
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Hamilton Boys’ High School House Competitions
See the School Diary for dates, or visit the on-line calendar on the school website.

Argyle                         Steel                   Taylor
Baigent                         Tait                   Wilson

Term One                        Event
Swimming Sports                 Major                 Whole School               Parents Welcome
Haka Competition                Major                 Whole School               Parents Welcome
Athletic Sports                 Major                 Whole School               Parents Welcome
Cricket (6-a-side)              Minor                 Senior and Junior
Volleyball                      Minor                 Senior and Junior
Term Two
Cross Country                   Major                 Whole School               Parents Welcome
Tug o’ War                      Minor                 Senior and Junior
Basketball                      Minor                 Senior and Junior
Indoor Soccer                   Minor                 Senior and Junior
Term Three
General Knowledge               Minor                 Senior and Junior
Chess                           Minor                 Senior and Junior
Indoor Rowing                   Minor                 Senior and Junior          Parents Welcome
Singing                         Major                 Whole School
Term Four
Touch Rugby                     Minor                 Senior & Junior

Other Competitions
   Hamilton Boys’ High School also encourages involvement in national and international competitions
   and exchanges.
   These include:
        ·     Australian Maths Competition
        ·     National Bank Maths Competition (Junior)
        ·     Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme
        ·     Outward Bound
        ·     Spirit of Adventure Voyages
        ·     American Field Service Scholars
        ·     English Speaking Union Challenges
        ·     Exchanges with John Paul College (Brisbane)
        ·     Exchanges to Shotokugakuen High School (Japan)
        ·     Waikato Japanese Speech Competition
        ·     Science Fair
        ·     Chess Competitions
        ·     Waikato Mathematics Competitions

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Hamilton Boys’ High School –
                           Historical Timeline
1903   The Hamilton West District High School was established above Garden Place with a roll of 20
       students. The Headmaster was Mr Eben Wilson.

1905   The school enlarged and secondary classes were moved to the Knox Street Volunteer Hall for
       lessons. The next year classes moved again, this time to the basement of the old Town Hall,
       whilst alterations to the original school took place. The whole school worked in one large
       single supper room. Pupils could hear and watch the construction of the traffic bridge on
       Bridge Street at the same time.

       There were calls for the establishment of a new, permanent High School in Hamilton as the
       only other High School in the whole Waikato/Bay of Plenty area was at Thames.

1911   Hamilton High School established. Mr Eben Wilson and two staff members and 70 students
       moved into the new school on the site of the present Girls’ High School.

1921   The Board of Governors of Hamilton High School acquired 47 acres in Peachgrove Road for a
       new High School.

       By the early 1950’s Hamilton High School had grown to the point where it was split in two
       separate Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools.

1955   Hamilton Boys’ High School officially opened at Peachgrove Road with 556 pupils and 24
       masters. The first Headmaster, H D Tait, had been a staff member of Hamilton High School
       since 1920. He set about the considerable task of developing the rough 47-acre area and
       planned the environment of trees, gardens and playing fields that today give Hamilton Boys’
       High School its attractive appearance.

1957   Mr A G A Baigent was appointed Headmaster. A man of considerable talent and vision, he
       oversaw extensive building developments and the school experienced impressive results in
       Scholarship, sporting and cultural activities.

1970   Mr R J Taylor began duties as Headmaster. He had worked as a teacher for H.D.Tait at Hamilton
       High School in 1947. The 1970’s was a testing time for the School and Mr Taylor had to face
       teacher shortages, a new zoning scheme and most importantly, a threat to do away with single
       sex schools. The School’s successes in scholarship, sporting and cultural activities continued
       to impress.

1980   Mr A G Steel was appointed Headmaster and a proposal to combine the two single-sex
       schools in Hamilton was dropped. An extensive building programme commenced and a range
       of refurbishments, including art rooms, science laboratories, staff and administration areas, a
       Maori studies room and an engineering workshop were all completed.

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1990   Mr James Bennett became Headmaster. Mr Bennett led Hamilton Boys’ High School for the
       next nine years. By 1995, an enrolment scheme had to be implemented.

       The 1990s was a decade of considerable educational change. A new faculty system based
       on the Essential Learning Areas was introduced. New curriculum initiatives, a Qualifications
       Framework, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the Education Review Office all

1999   Present Headmaster, Mrs Susan Hassall assumed her leadership of the school. The roll
       increased to over 2000 and the school, under Mrs Hassall’s leadership, has built a formidable
       reputation both scholastically and across a wide range of sporting and cultural activities.

2009   Hamilton Boys’ High School won six national titles cementing its position as the top sporting
       school in New Zealand. This followed sporting and cultural achievements in 2008 which were
       considered at the time as being ‘difficult to emulate.’

2010   The School celebrated its best external examination results ever in both NCEA and the
       Cambridge International Examinations with 48 Scholarships in total. This placed Hamilton
       Boys’ High School ahead of every school in the Waikato, including all independent schools.
       Hamilton Boys’ High School both scholastically and across a wide range of sporting and
       cultural activities is one of the highest ranked and most respected Secondary Schools in New

2011   Hamilton Boys’ High School and Hamilton Girls’ High Schools celebrated a century of education,
       jointly hosting the Centennial Jubilee. The sporting, cultural and academic successes continue,
       with many stories of achievement across a wide range of activities highlighted during the year;
       debating, kickboxing, economics, computing, BMX, accounting, photography, cycling.

2012   Headmaster, Mrs Hassall, was awarded a National School Leadership Award (NEITA).
       Outstanding scholarship results were achieved.

2013   Hamilton Boys’ High School achieved National Titles in Rugby, Hockey, Touch, Cycling, Cross
       Country, Wrestling, Maadi & Springbok Shield and top school in rowing.

2014   Hamilton Boys’ High School was named New Zealand School of Character. Curriculum
       achievements in World 1st Science IGCSE, NZ 1st Economics, Geography, Top 5 subjects IGCSE.
       National Titles gained in Rowing, Touch, Rugby, Hockey.

2015   National Titles in Shooting, Duathlon and Rowing. NZ and World 1sts in Science, History,
       Business Economics and Mathematics. 2015 is our 60th Jubilee Year.

2016   Curriculum achievements include 1sts in Science, History, Business Economics and Mathematics,
       English, and Science. 56 outstanding Scholarships were achieved.

                                  Visit: www.hbhs.school.nz
                              HBHS 2018 Parent Handbook for website
                      To provide the best education
                       for students in New Zealand

                                  Academic Focus
Hamilton Boys’ High School will deliver a quality, balanced academic curriculum, which aims
 at excellence through the maintenance of high standards of delivery and an emphasis on
                   encouraging all students to realise their full potential.

                               Positive Citizenship
  Students will take pride in the traditions and values of the school, respect the needs and
 rights of others and be positive in their contributions to, and participation in, the life of the
                                  school in the widest sense.

                     Participation and Achievement
          Hamilton Boys’ High School provides opportunities for wide participation
in a range of co-curricular activities and, through quality coaching and management, ensures
            opportunities to compete and succeed at regional and national levels.

                  The strong school spirit is founded on core values
          that blend the values of the past with the challenge of the future,
                             so students develop and grow
                 in a safe, progressive and nourishing environment.

                             HBHS 2018 Parent Handbook for website
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