EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School

EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
We are                                  SCHOOL
EDNEY                                   I N F O R M AT I O N
                                        BOOKLET 2020

204 Newburn Road HIGH WYCOMBE WA 6057          www.edneyps.wa.edu.au
EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
Children are at the heart of our school.

We are an Independent Public   reference, with a section        Dissemination of information
School, serving a diverse,     at the front for details on      about the school is very
dynamic and empowered          our Kindergarten and Pre-        important to me and I hope
community of students, staff   primary programs.                that the details provided will
and families who work in                                        help establish strong links
partnership to deliver the     One aspect of our school that    between school and home.
best educational outcomes      is very important is our focus
for children.                  on “The Edney Way - Respect      I trust you will enjoy reading
                               and Excellence”.                 and learning about our school
This booklet is designed to                                     and in doing so, work in
give important operational     These are the behaviours         partnership with us to assist
information about our          that guide our standards and     your child / children.
school. Please keep and        apply in all instances by all
make reference to this         within our school community
booklet throughout the         – students, staff and parents/
year. Items included are       carers.
arranged in alphabetical
order    for     ease    of                                     Aaron Chaplin
2      We are EDNEY
EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
Need to know
Term Dates 2020
Term 1                                          School Development Days
Monday 3rd February – Thursday 9th April        Thursday 30th January   Friday 31st January
Term Break                                      Friday 29th May		       Monday 20th July
Friday 10th April – Monday 27th April           Friday 13th November    Friday 18th December

Term 2                                          Public Holidays
Tuesday 28th April – Friday 3rd July            Labour Day 			              Monday 2nd March
                                                Good Friday 			             Friday 10th April
Term Break                                      Easter Monday		             Monday 13th April
Saturday 4th July – Monday 20th July            ANZAC Day			                Monday 27th April
                                                Western Australia Day       Monday 1st June
Term 3                                          Queen’s Birthday		          Monday 28th September
Tuesday 21st July – Friday 25th September
Term Break
Saturday 26th September – Sunday 11th October
                                                Front cover artwork by Rear cover artwork by
Term 4                                           Jazmine Puvanendran        Grace Whisson
Monday 12th October – Thursday 17th December      Year 4 student, 2019   Year 5 student, 2019

                                                                        School Info 2020   3
EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
Our reason
As stated in our school vision, Children are     • enable cooperative learning
at the heart of our school. Edney is all about     (observation, practise, repetition,
working together to ensure the best outcomes       explicit teaching) in an atmosphere
and experience for the children. This requires     where sharing with, and
a strong partnership between the school,           supporting peers is valued; and
parents and students.
                                                 • be established to allow learning
The staff at Edney Primary School have             through discovery, risk taking,
established shared beliefs about the               doing, playing and through activities
environment in which children learn best           that appeal to all of the senses.
and about the support we can provide for
children so that learning can be at an           We believe that the parent/caregiver
optimum.                                         support children receive:
                                                 • fosters positive communication
We believe that children’s learning                 between home and school;
environment should:                              • develops good physical
• be stimulating, safe, caring,                     health, emotional health
   positive, stress free and fun;                   and sound values; and
• reflect positive relationships between         • assists children to present
   teachers and students through                    with positive, happy
   obvious mutual trust and respect;                approaches to learning.

             “Our success is built upon the quality of relationships
               between children, families and the school. We’re
               partners in achieving the best for your children.”

4       We are EDNEY
EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
Vital digits
Important Contacts
Front Office                 9454 8377
School Mobile                0418 906 741
School SMS Attendance        0437 807 250
Edney Primary School Email   edney.ps@education.wa.edu.au
Edney Website                www.edneyps.wa.edu.au

Dental Therapy Centre        9454 4034
School Watch                 1800 177 777                              Don’t forget
School Security              9264 4771                                 Early Close,
                                                                      every Monday
                                                                        at 2.35pm
Instructional Hours PP - Year 6
Monday                       Tuesday to Friday
8:40am to 2:35pm             8:40am to 3:00pm
Recess                       Lunch
10:40am to 11:00am           1:00pm to 1:45pm

                                   Kindergarten Instructional Hours
                                    Kindergarten Blue Group
                                    8:40am to 2:35pm

                                    8:40am to 3:00pm

                                    Alternate Fridays (‘Even’ Weeks)
                                    8:40am to 3:00pm

                                    Kindergarten Red Group
                                    8:40am to 3:00pm

                                    8:40am to 3:00pm

                                    Alternate Fridays (‘Even’ Weeks)
                                    8:40am to 3:00pm

                                    Kindergarten Gold Group
                                    8:40am to 3:00pm

                                    8:40am to 3:00pm

                                    Alternate Fridays (‘Odd’ Weeks)
                                    8:40am to 3:00pm

                                                                         School Info 2020   5
EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
Early Childhood @ Edney
Early Childhood learning at Edney Primary       many ways as possible, and the right to grow
School prov ides an appropr iate                and develop with a positive self-image.
developmental program which attends to
the individual emotional, intellectual and      Children are encouraged to settle any
physical needs of the children. All children    differences verbally, and are guided into having
are encouraged to develop their own feelings,   positive social interaction with peers and adults,
thoughts, opinions and ideas and to express     whilst respecting everyone’s feelings and
themselves comfortably and freely.              rights.

Our Kindergarten program is based on play       Children are entitled to good physical care
activities through a planned environment        and intellectual stimulation, in a safe, clean,
determined by the needs of the children.        happy environment with careful supervision.

Our Pre-primary program balances play with      Each child will progress at their own pace.
more structured teaching and learning. At       Children will be encouraged to have pride
the heart of our Early Childhood approach       in who they are, and in what they achieve.
is each individual child. Children have the
opportunity to learn through discovery in as

6       We are EDNEY
EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
Play is the way
Your child is naturally curious.            We understand that play-based learning
                                            is an impor tant par t of a balanced
They want to know about the world around    approach, and, alongside more explicit
them. Right from birth, children are        teaching and instruction, it helps keep
learning. They do this by watching and      every child productive and engaged.
listening, mov ing, talking, fe eling,
exploring and questioning; by interacting   Our play-based learning environment
with people, other children, animals,       encourages talking, reading, thinking and
objects and spaces indoors and outdoors,    writing. Through this, your child sees
around the home, and when you’re out        literacy and numeracy as part of their
and about. In other words, your child       everyday experiences. They see themselves
learns through play.                        as communicators, readers, writers and
                                            thinkers. They make predictions and
Edney Primary School is a fantastic place   generalisations about their world, use
for children to lear n through play.        patterns and symbols, and experiment
Dedicated play spaces assist children to    to find out why things happen. They make
learn how to solve problems, persevere,     co nn e c tio ns b et we e n ex p er ie n ce s,
compromise and cooperate with others.       concepts and processes.
Through play they practise and apply the
skills they are taught in the classroom.    Play-based learning involves careful
                                            decisions and support from teachers, so
What to expect in Kindergarten              your child grows to accept responsibility
and Pre-primary at Edney:                   for their learning while still receiving
Play is not a “free for all”. At Edney,     purposeful guidance and feedback. It
we have a highly skilled and talented       promotes important opportunities for
staff who know how to draw the learning     your child to understand how to learn,
out of play, to plan for, support, guide    develop critical thinking skills, adapt to
and ensure success in learning that is      change, and work independently as well
free from anxiety.                          as with others.

You’ll see and hear:
• songs, rhymes and stories
• painting, draw ing, cutting and
• obstacle courses, games, puzzles
                                               “We are never more fully
• blocks, construction, dress-ups               alive, more completely
                                              ourselves, or more deeply
And through this, children are learning:      engrossed in anything than
• the sounds of English language                when we are playing.”
• pre-writing skills
• fine and gross motor skills                         Charles Schaefer,
• narrative sequence                                    Psychologist
• colours, numbers, shapes
• about the world and their place in
Play is not what we do when we’re
taking a break from learning, play is
 (and at Edney, we do it really well)!
                                                                        School Info 2020   7
EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
                                               Please supply your child with a spare change
                                               of clothing in case of accidents. Please name
                                               all items. Each child needs a school bag
Birthdays                                      that they can open with ease and is big
You are welcome to send a birthday cake        enough to take home their masterpieces.
to school with your child. Small cupcakes
are preferable. Please do not send food
that contains peanut products. The school      Emergencies
will advise if there are other foods or        If your child becomes ill or suffers an accident,
products that are a risk to students in our    the parent / guardian will be contacted
Early Childhood classes. We appreciate your    immediately. Please notify the school office
cooperation in being aware of these products   and / or teacher of any change of address
and avoiding them being present at school.     or phone number.

8      We are EDNEY
EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
Fruit / Snack Time                                Parking
Students have their own snacks including          Please don’t park in the staff car park area
fruit for morning tea. Cheese, sultanas, fruit    adjacent to the Pre-primaries or use this as
in season, dry biscuits, plain popcorn, etc,      a drop off zone. Parent parking is available
are some suggestions for snack time. Please       in the High Wycombe Recreation Centre.
send one piece of fruit and one other healthy
snack each day. Please avoid chips and similar    Pick-up Times
items and please do not send food that            It is Department of Education policy that
contains peanut products as we have several       your child must be supervised by an adult
students who experience severe anaphylactic       until opening time, and picked up by an adult
reactions to peanuts.                             at the conclusion of the school day. Please
                                                  do not leave your child in the yard alone and
Immunisation Records                              do not allow your child to play on the
A copy of your 4 year-olds’ immunisation          equipment before or after school. Please
record is required by the School Nurse and        ensure prompt pickup as late pickups distress
should be provided to the office when             children at this age. Even five minutes alone
vaccination has occurred.                         can seem an eternity to an anxious child. If
                                                  your child is being picked up by another adult
Parent Roster                                     please notify us as soon as possible.
Parent contact is an important element in
Kindergarten and Pre-primary. Your interest       Religion
greatly encourages your child. A roster chart     Please advise the teacher if your family
will be developed by class teachers to            does not celebrate special occasions such
facilitate parent assistance and involvement      as birthdays, Christmas, etc.
that is suited to the needs of the children
and the classroom.                                Slip, Slop, Slap
                                                  Please apply sunscreen to your child before
We see your role as valuable, in being able       leaving home. Our policy is “NO SCHOOL HAT,
to spend time with your child in their            NO PLAY” for all students. The wearing of
classroom. Prior to commencing on the parent      the Edney Primary School hat is compulsory.
roster, parent helpers will be required to        The Edney Primary P&C will provide a hat to
complete an induction session and confidential    every child enrolled in Kindergarten free of
declaration to prepare you for the expectations   charge in 2020. Pre-primary children must
of the school setting, how to support the         purchase the school hat from the school
children’s learning, and to maintain child        office.
protection and confidentiality requirements.

                                                                             School Info 2020   9
EDNEY We are SCHOOL - Edney Primary School
General information
Absences                                             Accident or Illness
Regular attendance is a critical factor in the       Minor accidents are treated at school. In
success of your child at school. Attendance          cases of more serious accidents or illness,
for all students from Pre-primary to Year            we will contact you at once. Please ensure
Six is co mp ul s o r y. In Kindergarten,            that we have up-to-date contact information.
although not compulsor y, we strongly                It is important for the school to have an
encourage regular attendance. The school             emergency contact number in case you are
fo llo w s u p all unexplained absences,             not contactable. Children who are obviously
including in Kindergarten. Please note that          ill before school should not attend.
all instances of vacation that occur inside
school terms are classified as unauthorised          Arrival
absences. The school policy is to not provide        Students are welcome at school from 8.15am.
work for students to complete during their           Students arriving prior to 8.30am must go
family holidays as this sends the message            to the undercover area where they will be
that the school condones such absences.              supervised by school staff.

                                                     Students will be released from the undercover
                                                     area a t 8 . 3 0 a m t o g o t o classrooms to
                                                     prepare f o r t h e d a y . Students are
                                                     not t o b e o n t h e school grounds prior
                                                     to 8.15am unless for a school organised
                                                     activity. School commences promptly at
                                                     8.40am. Students arriving after 8.45am are
                                                     deemed to be late and must call in to the
                                                     front office to receive a late slip.

                                                     School assemblies are held in the undercover
                                                     area and are generally held once per fortnight
                                                     on a Thursday starting at 8.45am. Assemblies
Absentee Notification                                are advertised in our school newsletter. The
If something unforeseen happens to your              assemblies are run by different classes in
child on the way to school, you would most           rotation and generally include a class item,
likely not become aware of anything being            announcements and the presentation of
wrong until after home time. The school              honour certificates. Parents and friends are,
would presume that the child was away                of course, welcome to attend.
because of illness. In o r d e r t o p r e v e n t
t h i s misunderstanding, the school uses an
SMS notification system for student attendance.
This system will send a text message for any
unexplained absence. This generally
occurs at 9.30am each school day, but may
be delayed due to technical difficulties. If
your child will not be at school please advise
us by telephone, SMS or the SchoolStream
App prior to 9.00am. You can SMS the
school at any time on 0437 807 250 or phone
9454 8377.

10      We are EDNEY
Behaviour in all instances is based on The   Code of Conduct, we have a rigorous
Edney Way – RESPECT AND EXCELLENCE.          system of support and intervention,
                                             which includes consequences and
Edney Primary School is a Positive           a pathway to restoration.
Behaviour Support School. This
means that we focus on teaching              Full details of the Positive Behaviour
and supporting students to display           Support policy and procedures are
appropriate behaviours, as exemplified       available from the school website
by our Code of Conduct.                      at www.edneyps.wa.edu.au.

Our primary focus is on the vast             A brief overview is contained in this
majority of students, who display            information booklet for your
positive behaviour at all times.             reference.
Students are regularly recognised,           •
rewarded and supported through
faction points, Respect Assembly, major
raffles, and our Golden Book, as well
as individual classroom incentives and
teacher-developed recognition systems.

In responding to unexpected behaviours
or those which do not comply with our

                                                                       School Info 2020   11
Behaviour - Our Code of Conduct
                    At Edney, we treat each
                    other with respect
                     • We use our manners: we say
                       please, thank you, excuse me
                     • We use ‘active listening’ when
                       listening to others
                     • We take turns and share
                     • We respect others’ personal
                     • We respect other people’s
                     • We use appropriate language
                     • We use kind words
                     • We help others when they need

                    At Edney, we behave
                    • We walk on hard surfaces
                    • We stay inside the school
                    • We use equipment appropriately
                    • We wear our school hat outdoors

                    At Edney, we follow staff
                    • We follow instructions straight
                    • We put our hand up to speak

                    At Edney, we care for our
                    school environment
                    • We put rubbish in the bin
                    • We keep our classroom tidy
                    • We keep areas outside our
                      classrooms tidy

12   We are EDNEY
            Positive Behaviour Support                                                                   Playground
            The first time a student misbehaves       Behaviours which need correction but
STEP 1                                                                                                   STEP 1
            • Verbal warning reminding child of       which occur because of over enthusiasm
               class rule – expectations.             or misunderstanding rather than willful
            • Two verbal warnings are given.          behaviour
                                                      Examples: running on hard surfaces,
Classroom                                             littering, one-off name calling, boisterous
            Misbehaviour continues
STEP 2                                                behaviour etc.
            • Teacher uses tracking sheet or class
                                                      Action: Teacher resolves conflict through
               chart to move student’s peg/name
               to the next section of the chart.      discussion or separating children.
            • Student is allowed time to accept
               before teacher speaks to them
               about their behaviour.
                                                      Behaviours/actions that cause a degree of
                                                      danger to the students themselves or to            STEP 2
            Continued misbehaviour                    others.
            • Teacher moves student’s peg/name        Examples: rough play
               to the next section of the behaviour   Action: Teacher resolves conflict.
               tracking sheet/chart.                  Consequences will be determined
            • Time out in class.                      according to the incident, its seriousness/

            Continued misbehaviour
STEP 4      • Teacher moves student’s peg/name
               to the final section in the chart      Behaviours/actions which are breaches of
               (in a traffic light system it would    the Edney Code of Conduct                          STEP 3
               be ‘red’). Student goes to a buddy     Examples: playfighting, swearing,
               room/class to complete Behaviour       dangerous play, not following staff
               Reflection Sheet and any work.         directions
            • Class teacher to record in SIS.         Action: student to be sent to Admin office
            • Parent interview/phone call will be     bench by the duty teacher. Admin will
               arranged by classroom teacher.         refer to the white slip that is sent with
                                                      the student from the duty teacher. The
                                                      student will be in detention the following
Classroom   If continued misbehaviour a student       lunchtime.
STEP 5      may be sent for withdrawal to the
            • A peer will take the student up to
                the office with a note from the                                                          Playground
                teacher.                              Behaviours/actions which are serious
                                                      breaches of the Edney Code of Conduct              STEP4
            • Parents will be contacted - Letter
                sent home or parents phoned.          Examples: bullying, fighting, violence
            Consequences at Step 5 may include:       Action: student to be referred to the
            • Recess/lunch - students are             school administration immediately who
                removed from the playground           will investigate the incident and apply
            • Student to sit at isolation desk        appropriate consequences.
                in office and complete work
                independently (to be set by
                classroom teacher).
            • Out of school suspension – student
                does not come on school grounds            Serious misdemeanours may be
                during period of suspension –              fast tracked directly to school
                student and parents meet with
                principal or deputy principal on
                return to school.
                                                                                School Info 2020    13
Bullying is when someone deliberately and repeatedly tries
to make a person upset, angry, embarrassed or afraid. Bullying
is a behaviour used by a person or group to someone who has
difficulty stopping the situation.

THINK - What is going on?                            • Walk away and remove myself from the
•    What is happening?                                situation completely.
•    How do I feel?                                  • Try to talk to the person I am having a
•    Is this situation really bothering me?            problem with.
•    Am I in danger?                                 • Try not to fight back, it could make the
                                                       situation worse.
PLAN - What can I do?
• Try to stand up for myself in a positive way.      TALK - Who can I talk to?
• Get help from someone in my support group.         • Who is the best person to talk to?
• Ignore the situation and keep playing or           • What do I want from my support person?
  working.                                           • How could I talk about it?
• Talk to a friend about what is happening.

                                    STAFF ACTIONS
    When students approach staff asking for help      Least severe behaviours are managed by all
    we use the following script:                      staff, should be recorded and could be dealt
                                                      with through informal discussions:
    • What do you need my help with?                  • Reminder of school rules
    • What have you done to try to work out the       • Empathy for the feelings of the person
      problem?                                           being bullied
    • (If not solved) It sounds like you need some    • Reteach the expected behaviour (eg. At
      help.                                              Edney Primary School, we use kind words)
    • What can I do to help you?                      • Revise with the child how to deal with dif-
                                                         ficult situations
    Choices and Consequences
    • Every choice we make has a consequence.         Severe behaviours can sometimes be over a
      Bullying behaviours are a choice the            period of time and can be cruel and threaten-
      individual makes and therefore will result      ing, causing the person being bullied to be
      in consequences.                                severely distressed. These cases would be
    • When responding to bullying behaviours,         referred to administration and managed ac-
      staff members take into consideration the       cording to the behaviour support plan. Severe
      severity of the behaviours; the duration,       bullying behaviours usually occur when ‘less
      frequency and type of bullying behaviour.       severe’ bullying behaviours are not reported
                                                      straight away, therefore it is important that
                                                      students problem solve and seek help when

          14     We are EDNEY
Students will be encouraged to be active in their support for targets of bullying.
Bystanders have a role to play in incidents of bullying. Simply standing around
and watching a bully intimidate and hurt another child is not acceptable at Edney
Primary School.

Bystanders are expected to do the following:
• Tell the bully to stop in a firm and respectful voice
                            ‘..don’t do that to him/her’.
                                ‘…leave them alone’.
• Tell a teacher
• Be a friend
                        ‘…you can come and play with us…’
                       ‘…you are our friend, come with us.’

               JUST KIDDING is never an acceptable excuse!

                    HOW PARENTS CAN HELP
 If your child tells you they are being bullied at school you can follow these steps:

 • Listen calmly and get the full story.
 • Ask your child if they reported it to a staff member at school - what was the
 • Ask your child what they want to do about it and how you can help.
 • Contact your child’s teacher and book a time to discuss the situation.
 • Check in regularly with your child.
                                                           Reference - Friendly Schools Plus

                                                                         School Info 2020   15
Children’s Belongings
                                                Parents are requested to see that all clothing
                                                and belongings are marked clearly with the
                                                child’s full name. It is impossible to trace
                                                unnamed lost property. Teachers will assist
                                                children in caring for and looking after
                                                belongings but ultimately it is the child’s
                                                responsibility to take care of their own
Bikes & Scooters
Students riding bikes and scooters to school
are required by law to wear bike helmets.       Collecting Children from School
Bikes, scooters and skates are not to be        Ensure your child knows how to get home
ridden on the school pathways or anywhere       if you are not collecting them from school.
in the school grounds. No responsibility will   If at any time you are unexpectedly caught
be taken for bicycles left behind after         out and cannot meet your child, please
school. It is highly recommended that           make alternative arrangements and notify
children under the age of 10 do not ride        either the office or the teacher. This avoids
bikes unless supervised by an adult. A locked   a tearful end to the day. Kindergarten and
enclosure is provided near our oval entrance    Pre-primary students must be collected by
gate but locks and chains are recommended       a parent or known nominated responsible
to secure bikes to the racks.                   adult.

16      We are EDNEY
                                                This group brings the P&C and school
                                                together, as a place to have questions
                                                answered, share information and inform
                                                the community of upcoming fundraisers
                                                and school events. To join the group, send
                                                a request via Facebook.

                                                We have a school email address for all official
                                                communication with the school, including for
Our success hinges on the quality of our        contact with individual teachers. You are most
partnership with students, parents, families    welcome to email Edney.PS@education.wa.edu.au
and our community. We believe in “no            with any queries, absentee notifications, or
surprises” (except for good ones)! Edney        requests for interviews with staff members.
Primary School uses a variety of platforms to
provide information to our school community.    We are quite efficient with responses, but it
                                                may sometimes take a day or two, as staff
School Website                                  are engaged in delivering our teaching and
Our website contains all the information that   learning programs and may not get to check
you need to know. It houses our policies,       emails immediately.
plans, news of upcoming events as well
as handy documents such as excursion            Telephone
permission notes and home pages for each        The school office is open from 8.00am –
classroom, where student work is showcased.     3.30pm on school days. Our telephone
Visit us at www.edneyps.wa.edu.au               contact number is 9454 8377. It is best to
                                                call the school to schedule an appointment
Edney Mobile                                    to see particular members of staff so that
We have an App available for Apple, Android     we are able to ensure their availability.
and Windows Phones and Tablets. Our App
houses the school diary, which you can          Interviews
synchronise with your calendar, as well         It is hoped that parents and teachers will
as news, newsletters and quick links to         have contact regularly on an informal basis.
download. It’s like carrying the school in      Scheduled interviews are our preferred
your pocket. With our App, you can notify       method to discuss issues that require time
the school of student absences, update your     and attention, to ensure that meetings are
contact details, or request a meeting with      productive for all concerned.
the school principal. The school will send
push notification reminders for important       This is often not possible to accommodate
events. It is quick and easy to install, just   in the rush just before and just after school,
search for SchoolStream on the App Store.       when teachers, parents and students are
                                                busily preparing and attending to the
Facebook                                        multitude of tasks that take place.
Our school has a ‘closed’ Facebook group
called Edney Primary Parents. Membership        To arrange an interview, please send a note
is limited to current parents of students       to the office staff or teacher. The Deputies
at our school. All posts are moderated, in      and the Principal are also available to see
accordance with the page guidelines.            parents by appointment.

                                                                            School Info 2020   17
Compliments & complaints
We genuinely value your feedback, as it            will be acknowledged within 1-2 school days.
assists us in our mission to constantly improve,   All written complaints will receive a written
after all, Excellence is one of our key values.    response, which will be sent within a maximum
                                                   of 10 school days. We are generally much
Your child will never be just a number at          faster than these timeframes, but some
Edney, however, for perspective, at any one        issues require more involved investigation.
time, we are concerned with the education
and support of almost 500 students, more           The next step
than 50 staff and over 300 families.               If, after making a formal complaint, you are
                                                   still not satisfied with the response or
This means that we are not always able to          resolution offered by the school, or, if your
respond to or resolve your queries instantly,      complaint is about the school Principal, you
but we most definitely will provide a response     may contact the Coordinator of Regional
and assistance, within the following guidelines.   Operations at the South Metropolitan
                                                   Education Regional Office.
The school will manage school-related
issues                                             Extreme and exceptional circumstances
The school and Principal has the legitimate        In the extremely rare and exceptional
authority to manage the premises, students         circumstance where a complaint relates to
and staff. Should any aspect of school             the alleged improper conduct of a Department
operations, student or staff behaviour cause       employee, the complaint can be made to
concern, please report your concern directly       The Director General of the Department of
to the school.                                     Education.

Under no circumstance should parents or            Compliments are gratefully received
adults approach Edney students to verbally         We appreciate that we are not perfect, and
or physically intervene in school-managed
                                                   there may be occasional issues that arise,
situations. Adults who threaten, intimidate
                                                   however, the majority of the time, the
or otherwise disrupt our students and school
will be subject to prohibition orders.             school operates brilliantly, with the support
                                                   of our community, fantastic staff and
I want to see / speak to the Principal             students. It is great to take the time to
Many people don’t want to tell their story         acknowledge the individuals, team and
more than once, or be passed around, and           school that make the difference for your
want to go ‘straight to the top.’ At Edney,        child. If something is going well, be sure to
we ask that you start at the source of your        let us and everyone know! Don’t forget the
concern, which is almost always instantly
                                                   Edney Primary School Board Awards are
and perfectly resolved with the classroom
                                                   open year-round. Nomination and
teacher. Only if your concern remains
unresolved, should you request an appointment      awards details are on the school
with a Deputy Principal. Deputy Principals         website.
will determine which matters need the
intervention of the Principal.

Put it in writing
If, after your conversation with the staff
member, your concern is not resolved, please
formalise your concern in writing addressed
to the Principal. Written complaints received

18      We are EDNEY
If one parent has day to day care of children          All new students will be issued with enrolment
please inform the Principal if there are access        forms. These forms need to be completed
provisions for the other parent. Similarly,            and returned promptly to the school or
should there be other legally binding directives       directly to the Dental Therapy Clinic.
that impact on the school please advise
office staff and provide copies of all relevant
documents. The school can only act upon
legally enforceable orders.

Dental Therapy Centre
The school has a Dental Therapy Centre
attached to it, which provides a free on-going
dental service for children attending school
from Pre-primary onwards. The aim of the
service is to improve the oral health of
children through education and instruction
about teeth, gums and good dietary habits.
Treatment provided may include permanent
or temporary fillings, fluoride treatment,
f i s s u r e s e a l a n t s, x-r ay s, extractions
and cleaning of teeth. Any specialist treatment
required is not covered by this service;
in these instances referrals will be

                                                                                  School Info 2020   19
Dogs, etc.                                          E xemption from Physical Education
Parents are asked to make an effort to avoid        and Sport
family pets following children to school where      Children are expected to take part in these
they tend to become nuisances and a danger.         lessons. Children will be exempt only if a
The school will have no hesitation in calling       note or medical certificate is forwarded to
the City of Kalamunda ranger in the case of         the class teacher.
persistent offenders. Parents must NOT bring
dogs to school when picking up their children,      Factions
whether on a leash or not.                          All children are placed in to a faction on
                                                    enrolment at the school. These factions are
Duty                                                Blue, Gold, Green and Red. Family members
There are always sufficient teachers on duty        are kept in the same faction.
in all areas of the playground and oval before
school, during recess and lunch breaks to           Hat Policy - No School Hat, No Play
adequately attend to playground issues.             The school has a policy that children are to
Students should, in the first instance, refer       wear the approved, compulsory Edney Primary
to a duty teacher if issues arise that cannot       School hat when doing physical education
be resolved.                                        and when outside at play. The wearing of
                                                    the school bucket hat is compulsory, all year
Excursions                                          round. Please ensure your child’s name is
Some educational excursions will be arranged        marked on their hat.
for each class. Written advice is sent to
parents for every excursion. It is desirable        School hats are available to purchase from
that all class members participate in planned       the front office for $12 each. It is expected
excursions which are part of the teaching           that each child wears the school-endorsed
program.                                            hat for all outdoor play, sport and activities
                                                    including excursions and that lost, misplaced
Money for class excursions should be sent in        or outgrown hats are replaced as soon as
a sealed envelope with your child’s permission      possible.
slip to the class teacher or paid electronically
into the school bank account using your             Help in the Classroom
child’s name as a reference. EFTPOS is              We welcome assistance in the classroom.
available in the front office for payments          Prior to commencing within a classroom,
from Cheque, Savings or Credit accounts.            parent helpers will be required to complete
You can also pay over the phone with Credit         an induction session and confidential
Cards only. In the event of financial difficulty,   declaration to prepare you for the expectations
please contact the office.                          of the school setting, how to support the
                                                    children’s learning, and to maintain child
                                                    protection and confidentiality requirements.

                                                    Please note all volunteers other than parents
                                                    are required to obtain a Working with Children
                                                    Check and present the current clearance or
                                                    to the school administration, as well as
                                                    completing the school induction program
                                                    prior to commencing volunteer work.

20      We are EDNEY
Head Lice
The scourge of schools everywhere, head        The Department of Health’s Head Lice Fact
lice are preventable if everyone plays their   Sheet will be:
part.                                          • included in the enrolment package
                                               • sent home to parents of a child with
It is parents’ responsibility:                    head lice
• to comply with the school’s head lice        • promoted in the fortnightly school
     policy                                       newsletter and by other advertising means.
• to check their child’s hair for head lice
    infestation regularly                      Other head lice education strategies:
• to read the Department of Health’s Head
                                               • head lice information will be included in
     Lice pamphlet
                                                  class activities where appropriate, e.g.
• to treat their child’s hair immediately if
    the child has head lice                       personal development (how to identify
• to inform the school if their child has a       head lice and comb out), science (life
     head lice infestation.                       cycle of the head louse) and drama (short
                                                  humorous play)
The Community (School) Nurse                   • head lice management education sessions
The community Nurse’s role is to provide          will be provided at least biannually by
information, advice and education to parents      the Community (School) Nurse for staff,
and the school community about head lice
                                                  parents and P&C members, to ensure the
                                                  school community is well-informed
The School’s role is:                          • Parents who need further advice or who
• to develop, implement and maintain a            experience difficulty with treatment may
   head lice management policy                    be referred to the Community (School)
• to provide a copy of the Department of          Nurse for assistance.
   Health Head Lice pamphlet at enrolment
   and on request.

                                                                          School Info 2020   21
Rationale / Beliefs                             Nature of homework
Homework for primary school children should     Years 1 – 2
be minimal, so that a balance of play, rest     • home reading – parents, students, parents &
and exercise can be achieved. In the early         students
years homework should largely be informal       • voluntary searches for information and
and non-compulsory. As children move               artefacts to support classroom themes and/
towards the upper primary years they should        or activities.
progressively be exposed to more structured
homework requirements in order to facilitate    Years 3 – 4
a smooth transition to secondary school         • home reading – shared and independent
through the development of good study           • voluntary searches for information and
habits. Homework should always be seen as          artefacts to support classroom themes and/
a vehicle to enhance student learning              or activities
outcomes and foster positive school/home        • voluntary practise of basic number facts.
                                                Years 5 - 6
Policy statements                               • independent home reading
These statements are to provide for a uniform   • voluntary searches for information
approach to homework at Edney Primary               and artefacts to support classroom
School. They articulate a clear position to         themes and/or activities
parents and teachers about expectations         • specific tasks to support
and have been developed in consultation             classroom learning progress
with all parties.                               • practise of basic number facts
                                                • targeted strategies to reinforce
Time allocations                                    new concepts.
Years 1 –2                                      •
No formal homework set but daily home           Students requiring additional support
reading is strongly encouraged for 10-20        Some students have particular learning needs due
minutes. This should involve children reading   to a learning difficulty or developmental delay. On
to parents, parents reading to and with         occasions it can be useful to support such students
children and children reading independently.    with targeted specific activities designed to reinforce
                                                or develop a concept. Teachers & parents can work
Years 3-4                                       together to negotiate such activities always based
No formal homework set but daily home           on the premise of encouraging and supporting the
reading is strongly encouraged for 10-20        child - not pushing them beyond their limits.
minutes. This should involve children reading
to parents, parents reading to and with
children and children reading independently     Alternatives to homework parents can use to
with the addition of occasional incidental      support student learning
homework to support classroom activities.       All Years
                                                • board games, card games, dice games
Years 5-6                                       • reading stories at bedtime
Up to 20 minutes of independent reading is      • cooking
strongly encouraged. Parents are still          • outdoor games and activities
encouraged to read to and with children.        • play charades and other
Monday – Thursday students work towards             drama type activities
an established routine of up to 30 minutes      • watch TV together and talk about the issues
of set homework daily.                          • do crosswords, puzzles and jigsaws
                                                • use a computer to search for interesting
                                                    educational internet sites.
22      We are EDNEY
Home Reading
Reading -the foundation for success               Model good reading habits and limit screen
Reading is the fundamental skill for all          time
learning, and primary school is where children    Your children need to see that reading is a
jump on the reading superhighway. In just a       lifelong skill and a form of entertainment.
few short years, most children go from singing    Take them to the library to choose books,
the ABC song to mastering books. To help          and choose some for yourself too. If you can,
your children become skilled readers, try         when reading newspapers, magazines or
these suggestions:                                online articles, discuss what you read with
                                                  your children. This shows children that reading
Read to them                                      isn’t only schoolwork – it’s something that’s
Reading to your children is the single most       an integral part of everyone’s life. Also, limit
important thing you can do to help children       the amount of time spent watching screens
develop a love of books and reading. While
bedtime is traditionally story time, don’t        Let them choose
limit yourself. Keep books in your car, in your   Within reason, allow your children to choose
bag, by the couch, and even by the bathtub.       their own reading material. If they choose
That way, reading can easily be made part         what to read, they’ll be more likely to actually
of the day. Also, keep books on low shelves,      spend time reading. Sign your children up at
on the floor, in toy boxes, or anywhere else      the local library and entrust them with
your children can reach them.                     keeping their books in good shape and
                                                  returning them on time.
Have plenty of material
Books aren’t the only thing children can read.    Ask the teacher
Posters, maps, magazines, recipes and             Ask your child’s teacher if your child has
newspapers are great reading material.            areas in which he or she may need extra
Computer games and Apps that emphasise            help. Also, make sure to let the teacher know
reading skills may also be useful for your        if you’ve noticed any reading problems at
school-age children.                              home. Working with the teacher and school
                                                  will ensure your child’s continued reading
Listen to them read                               success.
From the day your children begin sounding
out letters, concentrate on how they’re doing.    Get excited
Try to include some ‘read aloud’ time – where     Give your child lots of praise and encouragement
they’re reading to you – in your everyday         when it comes to reading. Show you’re excited
routine. You can offer them praise and catch      about what they are reading and learning.
any early problems before they have time
to become habits.                                 More important than ever
                                                  Just 15 minutes of reading per day can change
                                                  your child’s life. It is a skill that comes only
                                                  with practise, and, like any form of exercise,
                                                  the more, the better. It is an investment in
                                                  a lifelong skill that unlocks all knowledge,
                                                  and it will become more important as the
                                                  amount of information available constantly

                                                                              School Info 2020   23
Infectious Diseases                              Lost Property
The following diseases require exclusion from    All clothing items found are put in a ‘lost
school:                                          property’ box in the library, and children
                                                 and parents are welcome to look in it at any
Chicken pox, head lice, influenza, measles,      time if items have been lost. Items not
mumps, ringworm, rubella, school sores and       claimed at the end of each term may be
trachoma.                                        given to charity or sold second hand. Please
                                                 make sure that all clothing is clearly marked
Check with the Principal for the length of       with your child’s name.
exclusion in each case. If in doubt consult
your doctor. Parents will be asked to collect    Medication
their children if they are suspected of having   Some students require medication at school
an infectious disease, and for a measles         on a regular basis. If this is the case, you
outbreak if the school has no evidence of        should complete the appropriate Health Care
immunisation.                                    Plan which can be obtained from the front
                                                 office. Based on information given, processes
Always notify the school immediately a           will be established for safe storage, recording
diagnosis is confirmed by a doctor.              and administration of the medication. Please
                                                 note, self administration is a preferred option
                                                 depending on the child’s age. Parents need
                                                 to ensure that medication forwarded to the
                                                 school has not exceeded the expiry date.
                                                 This is the parent or guardian’s responsibility.

24      We are EDNEY
Medical Needs Register                             Parking
If your child suffers from a serious or life       There is ample parking adjacent to the High
threatening condition, eg peanut allergy,          Wycombe Recreation Centre and we
diabetes, epilepsy, you are required to            recommend parents use this area whenever
complete a Health Care Plan for your child         possible. There is limited parking at the front
and provide medication if it is required. The      of the school and at the Family Centre.
information is confidential and is only used       Parents are asked to stay for the minimum
to ensure your child receives the appropriate      time necessary.
medical attention should the need arise.
Only staff has access to this information.         Parents are urged to use the Community
                                                   Centre parking and walk the short distance
Mobile Phones and Personal Devices                 to the Pre-primary centres. The parking area
At all Public Schools in WA, students are not      directly in front of the school office and
permitted to have or use mobile phones or          outside Pre-primary is for staff parking only
personal electronic devices whilst at school.      and for people attending the Dental Clinic
Devices must be handed in to the school            or on school business. The staff parking area
administration on arrival at school, switched      is not to be used for picking up or setting
off at all times whilst on school grounds, and     down children before or after school. This
then picked up at the conclusion of the school     is Department of Education Policy and is in
day. Students found in possession of mobile        the interests of safety. Parents are asked
phones during the school day will have the         not to park on the school lawns, in the
device confiscated, to be collected by parents.    gardens or on the footpaths. There is a large
Further information is available in our Positive   number of cars around the school especially
Behaviour Support Policy.                          after school and indiscriminate parking creates
                                                   a safety hazard for the children.
Money, Valuables and Toys
All money should be sent to school in a secure     Peanut and ‘Allergy Aware’ School
manner, preferably in a sealed envelope,           Could all parents please pack peanut free
labelled with name, amount and purpose of          food in children’s lunch boxes. We have
money. For ease of handling, the correct           students attending school who have peanut
amount should be enclosed. If it is necessary      allergies which means severe reactions can
for a child to have a sum of money at the          occur if they are in contact with peanut
school, the child should place it in the care      products. Thank you in anticipation of your
of the class teacher for security. Valuables       support.
and toys are not to be brought to school, as
the school cannot accept responsibility for        Personal Requirements Lists
these.                                             Parents are expected to provide items
                                                   required for the personal use of students
Parents & Citizens Association                     such as pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, coloured
The Parents and Citizens Association meet          pencils, felt pens, calculators, workbooks,
regularly throughout the year in the library.      toilet requirements – soap and towel, etc. A
Office bearers are elected at the Annual           list of these requirements is sent home in
General Meeting, which is held in the first        Term Four each year and parents can choose
term of each year. At this meeting the various     to purchase supplies from any supplier,
committees are formed. Regular meetings            although the school encourages you to use
take place twice each school term on a             our preferred supplier and to shop locally.
Tuesday night at 7.00pm. Dates are on the
term planner and SchoolStream App.

                                                                               School Info 2020   25
Reading and Library Books                         School Board
We are lucky at Edney to have a well-equipped     The purpose of our School Board is to provide
Library. In order to preserve our books and       opportunity for parents and the wider
extend the life of each book, all children are    community to take part in the shaping and
expected to have a library bag. The library       monitoring of the school’s objectives,
bags protect the library books when the           priorities and general policy directions. Parent
children take them out. As you can appreciate     and community members form the majority
library books are expensive to purchase and       of the Board. The whole parent population
we need to keep them in good condition for        will be advised when nominations are invited
as long as possible. A library bag and careful    to fill Board vacancies. The Board meets
handling of library and reading books by          twice per term and other times as deemed
children will help to extend their useful life.   necessary. All meetings are open to the
Reporting to Parents
In 2020 formal reporting will occur at the        School Grounds and Property
end of Semesters 1 and 2. Reports are emailed     It is Government policy that school facilities
to the person recorded as the primary             and resources are made available for use by
caregiver in our school records – please          the community. Written applications must
ensure that you keep the school updated           be submitted for use of school grounds and
with your latest email address. Formal reports    property and must be approved by the
detail your child’s progress and achievement      Principal. Anyone seeing anything untoward
in key learning areas, indications of his/her     or people acting suspiciously on school
attitude, behaviour and effort as well as         property are asked to telephone School
detailed comments and an opportunity to           Security on 9264 4771 or School Watch on
request parent interviews.                        1800 177 777.

26      We are EDNEY
School Uniform
Our school dress and presentation requirements are tangible evidence of
the high standards expected of and achieved by the Edney Primary School
Community. The benefits of our school dress code include: promoting a
positive image of our school and creating a sense of identity among students;
promoting safety of students through easy identification; keeping costs of
clothing within reasonable limits for parents; and assisting students to
learn the importance of appropriate presentation.

Acceptance of your enrolment at Edney is taken as agreement to abide by
our dress code.

Edney Primary School Uniform is available from Lowes at Midland Gate
Shopping Centre, or online at www.lowes.com.au

                   EDNEY DRESS CODE
• Red school polo shirt with logo
• Faction t-shirt (red, blue, gold or green) for wear on Fridays and
   designated events only

Jackets / Jumpers
• Black fleece jacket with school logo
• Black microfibre jacket with school logo

Pants / Skirts / Shorts
• Black shorts, pants, skorts, sports skorts, skirt or trackpants
• Check dress with school logo
• Leggings may be worn, but a skirt, skort, shorts or dress must be
   worn over the top

Edney Primary School bucket hat with school logo is compulsory for outdoor
play and physical education, all year round. The School Hat is available to
purchase from the School Office for $12.00.

• Sturdy, and preferably enclosed footwear must be worn at all times
• Appropriate footwear is required for sport
Students are encouraged to wear hair accessories, scarves, skivvies (under
school uniform) consistent with the school colours of red and black.

The following do not meet our Dress Code and must not be worn to school:
• Any item of denim clothing
• Make-up, including nail polish
• Torn, ripped or dirty clothing
• Thongs or flimsy footwear
• Loose long hair - all hair shoulder length and beyond to be tied back,
   for both boys and girls.

                                                                            School Info 2020   27
Swimming (In-Term)                               Withdrawal of students from school
The school organises a series of swimming        Legally, children are the responsibility of
lessons for children from Pre-primary to Year    teachers throughout the school day. All
Six. The actual lessons are free, although       requests to take children away from school
there is a cost to parents made up of a charge   during school hours must be in writing to
for pool entrance and bus fare. Parents are      the class teacher or directly to the Principal.
asked to pay for the series of ten lessons in    Parents collecting students early must come
advance so that the cost of hiring the bus is    to the front office and complete the required
covered.                                         documentation prior to collecting their child/
                                                 children. Students are not to leave the school
                                                 grounds without permission. Parents who
                                                 wish their children to go home for lunch
                                                 regularly are asked to advise the teacher in
                                                 writing at the beginning of the school year.
                                                 Occasional visits home for lunch require a
                                                 note to the teacher each time.

28      We are EDNEY
Final word - the importance of play
Play is a child’s “job.” Unfortunately, between     kit might better serve your child’s needs.
television, computers, and scheduled                Involve your child in the discussion and
activities, children are left with very little      purchase of toys. You want to make sure you
time in which to do their job. Play provides        choose toys with which they will actually
great learning opportunities and also gives         play.
children some much needed time to simply
be children. Play also helps children develop       Get outdoors and run around
their imaginations and build motor and social       Regardless of whether or not your child plays
skills.                                             organised sports, make time several days a
                                                    week for them to run around and exercise.
Play is a skill for life, for all ages. It is not   From swinging a bat to swinging on a swing
limited solely to early childhood. Here are         set, physical activity helps children grow
some great tips to get your children playing,       strong and release some energy.
no matter their age:
                                                    Play games
Limit screen time                                   When children play games, they learn
Children spend too much time in front of            important social lessons. Team games help
screens. Limiting access will encourage them        teach skills such as how to work together,
to engage in other activities. If they need         how to handle conflict, and how to strategize.
or enjoy the background noise, turn on the          Board games teach skills such as sharing,
radio or streaming service. Music will entice       taking turns, and the art of compromise.
your children to sing, dance and use their          Playing games also teaches children how to
imaginations.                                       be graceful winners and good losers. While
                                                    parents and caregivers can be game “partners”,
Don’t rush                                          it’s more important to have children interact
Just like adults, children need time to unwind      with siblings or peers.
and time for their imaginations to start
working. Try to provide daily time for              Expect play
unstructured and unscheduled play; time             After-school and holiday childcare programs
when your children can decide what, when            can be wonderful opportunities for children
and how to play.                                    to play – or they can be play-busters. When
                                                    looking at these programs, ask how much
Be creative                                         time your child will have to play. Choose a
Children don’t need the latest and greatest         program or provider you feel allows your
toys and devices. All you really need are a         child enough time to play and use his or her
few basic essentials such as crayons, dress-        imagination.
up clothes, books and balls. Keep “open-
ended” materials around – things that children      The most important thing is to allow
can use for more than one type of play, from        your children to be children and
modelling clay to old sheets to wooden blocks
                                                    learn through play.
to cardboard boxes.

Don’t believe the hype
Many educational toys tout benefits you will
likely never see. Before you spend a lot of
money on educational toys or devices, ask
your child’s teacher for recommendations.
While an electronic device might look great
and have a lot of features, puzzles or a craft

                                                                               School Info 2020   29
School Map
                                                Room 7


                    Room 3           Room 4
                    Year 5/6         Year 5/6
                               BLOCK 1

                    Room 2           Room 1
                    Year 5/6         Year 5/6


Undercover Area

                       School Administration

30   We are EDNEY
Room 9             EC3             EC4          EC5
  Room 8
                   Kindy Blue
                                        PP              PP           PP
 Kindy Red
                   Kindy Gold
       BLOCK 2                                            CHILDHOOD
om 6               Room 5
                                                        EC2         EC1
ce Lab         Student Services
                                                       Year 1      Year 1

                                       Room 12                  Room 13
                                        Year 2                   Year 1

                                                  BLOCK 3

                                       Room 11                  Room 10
                                        Year 2                  Year 2/3

                 Art Room


             Music Room

                                             Room 16              Room 17
                                              Year 3               Year 3

                                                   BLOCK 4

                                             Room 15              Room 14
                                              Year 4               Year 4

                                                                            School Info 2020   31
Edney Primary School
204 Newburn Road       edney.ps@education.wa.edu.au
(08) 9454 8377         www.edneyps.wa.edu.au
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