Student Handbook 2017-2018 - Name

Student Handbook 2017-2018 - Name

Name _ _ Student Handbook 2017-2018 Church Hill Academy, a part of CHAT Main 804.222.8760 ​ Fax 804.222.8780 Offices in Room 213, Carlisle Avenue Baptist Church 2010 Carlisle Avenue Richmond, VA 23231

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Table of Contents Handbook 2017-2018 Important Facts About Church Hill Academy . . page 4 Bell Schedule . . 5 Late Opening Schedules . . page 6 School Calendar Dates . . page 7 Staff Contact Information . . page 8 General Information . . pag e 9 Student Admissions Email Communication Breakfast and Lunch Transportation Student Photographs Field Trips Mentor Relationships Weather-related School Schedule Changes Parent/Guardian Expectations .

… page 10 General Academic Information . . pages 11-12 Grading Scale Academic Standards Standard Diploma Course Requirements Advanced Diploma Class Sizes and Courses Offered School Supplies RenWeb Counseling NWEA Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT . . page 13 Mission and Goals of Church Hill Academy . . pages 14-16 Community Policies . . pages 17-22 Student Conduct: Merit/Demerit System Student Covenants Attendance 2017- 2018 Page 3​ of 30

Uniform and Dress Code Policy Academic Policies . ​ pages 23-25 Homework Makeup Work Low Grades Honor Code Student Computer and Internet Usage . ​ page 26 Medical Administration Policy . . page 27 Student Disenrollment Procedure . . page 28 Student Contract . . page 29 Last revised: 8/2017 Important Facts About Church Hill Academy The mission of CHAT (Church Hill Activities & Tutoring, ​​) is to equip and serve the youth of the East End of Richmond to make transformative decisions. Church Hill Academy equips high school students to achieve academic success, develop character and serve their community.

Church Hill Academy = Academics + Character + Community ● Academics: Providing small classes and individualized attention. ● Character: Developing marketplace skills, psychological and emotional well-being, conflict resolution skills, leadership skills, and spiritual growth. ● Community: Maintaining a safe environment fostering service to others. How does Church Hill Academy compare to a public high school? We are an independent, Christian faith-based, non-profit high school located in the East End of the City of Richmond. Our largest class this year has sixteen students, our smallest has 3 students.

Our top priority is responding to the academic needs of our students and reducing the area’s dropout rate. Bible study, prayer and chapel are a part of our school schedule, but students are not required to be or become Christians. We offer all the classroom instruction necessary to fulfill Virginia’s graduation requirements and follow Virginia’s course curriculum outlines. Finally, we seek to build thriving and healthy students who become leaders in their school, home, workplace and community.

What is the cost to attend Church Hill Academy? Church Hill Academy asks each parent to contribute $100 per student to attend Church Hill Academy. Approximately $600,000 each year, on average $20,000 per student, is contributed by churches, individuals, and businesses to maintain the school. Without these partnerships Church Hill Academy would not be able to exist. Therefore, all students and staff are expected to participate in activities related to partnership development. 2017- 2018 Page 4​ of 30

What is the history of Church Hill Academy? Church Hill Academy was founded in 2007 by Jack Bell, Taylor Winters and Dan Fisher.

It was started using a “home school” model to serve CHAT students who were not achieving success in public high school. 2017- 2018 Page 5​ of 30

2017-2018 Church Hill Academy Bell Schedule Time Mon-Thurs Friday A Friday B 7:45-7:55 Morning Meeting 8:00-8:50 1st Period 5th Period 8:55-9:45 2nd Period 6th Period 9:50-10:40 3rd Period 7th Period 10:45-11:35 4th Period Team Building 11:35-12:05 Lunch 12:10-1:00 5th Period Chapel (12:05-12:35) 1:05-1:55 6th Period Elective (12:40-2:50) 2:00-2:50 7th Period 2:55-3:45 8th Period (M, W) 2017- 2018 Page 6​ of 30

Late Opening Schedules 2017-2018 Mon-Thurs. ONE Hour Delay Schedule Friday A/B ONE Hour Delay Schedule 8:45 ​School Starts 8:45 School Starts 8:55-9:35 ​1​st​ period (40 minutes) ​8:55-9:40 ​1​st​ (45) ​8:55-9:45 ​5th (50) 9:40-10:20 ​2​nd​ period (40) 9:45-10:30 ​2​nd​ (45)​ 9:50-10:40 ​ 6th​ ​(50) 10:25-11:05 ​3​rd​ period (40) ​10:35-11:15 ​3​rd ​ (40) ​ 10:45-11:35​ 7th (50) 11:10-11:30 Lunch* 11:20-12:00 ​4th (40) 11:35-12:20 ​4​th​ period (45) 12:05-12:35​ ​Lunch​*​ ​11:40-noon Lunch* 12:25-1:10 ​5​th​ period (45) 12:05-12:35​ ​Chapel 1:15-2:00 ​6​th​ period (45) ​12:40-2:40 Friday Electives 2:05-2:50 ​7th period (45) Mon-Thurs.

TWO Hour Delay Schedule Friday A/B TWO Hour Delay Schedule 9:45 School Starts 9:45 School Starts 9:55 -10:30 1​st​ period (35 minutes) ​9:55-10:30 ​1​st​ (35​) 9:55-10:40 5th (45) 10:34-11:09 ​2​nd​ period (35) ​10:35-11:10 ​2​nd​ (35) ​10:45-11:30 6th (45) 11:13-11:48 ​3​rd​ period (35) ​11:15-11:45 3​rd​ (30) ​11:35-12:20 7th (45​) 11:52-12:10 Lunch* 11:50-12:20 4th (30​) 12:15-12:50 ​4​th​ period (35) ​12:25-12:40 Lunch* 12:55-1:30 5​th​ period (35) No Chapel 1:35 - 2:10 6​th​ period (35) 12:45-2:40 Friday Electives 2:15 - 2:50 7th period (35) Wild Card Day: ​ CHA Lead Staff hold in reserve a “wild card” to change these late opening classes (e.g.

decreasing a day’s number of classes while increasing the length of each class). This change would be noted 24 hours in advance.

*Lunch is shorter than normal 2017- 2018 Page 7​ of 30

School Calendar 2017-2018 Church Hill Academy bases our schedule on Richmond City Public School’s calendar, with a few exceptions. Specifically: 1​st​ Quarter: First day of School: All Students Tuesday, September 5 College Mentor Program Starts Wednesday, September 20th Back to School Night for Parents and Students Thursday, October 12 Teacher Professional Development Friday, October 13 (no school) End of 1​st​ Quarter Friday, November 3 VAIS Conference (no school) Monday, Nov. 6 Teacher Work Day Tuesday, Nov 7 2​nd​ Quarter: Begin 2nd Quarter Wednesday, November 8 Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday, Nov.

9-Friday, Nov. 10 Thanksgiving Lunch Tuesday, November 21 Thanksgiving Break Wed., November 22- Friday, November 24 Christmas Celebration Friday, December 15 Christmas Break December 16 - January 1 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Monday, January 15 Semester Exams Wednesday, Jan. 24-Monday, Jan. 29 End of 2​nd​ Quarter Monday, January 29 Teacher Professional Development (no school) Tuesday, January 30 Begin 3rd Quarter Wednesday, January 31 3​rd​ Quarter: Begin 2​nd​ Semester/3rd Quarter* Wednesday, January 31 Presidents Day - Regular School Day Monday, February 19 Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday, March 15-Friday, March 16 New Student Applications Due Friday, March 30 Spring Break Monday April 2-Friday April 6 End of 3​rd​ Quarter Wednesday, April 11 4​th​ Quarter Begin 4th Quarter Thursday, April 12 Spring College Trips Thursday, April 12 - Friday April 13 Teacher Appreciation Week Monday May 7-Friday, May 11 CHAT Professional Development - (no school) Monday, May 21 Memorial Day Holiday (no school) Monday, May 28 Second Semester Exams Monday, June 4 - Thursday, June 7 Last Day of School (½ day)* Friday, June 8 Graduation Saturday, June 9 at 10:30 a.m.

*This date is subject to change depending on the number of snow/weather school day cancellations. 2017- 2018 Page 8​ of 30

Staff Contact Information Church Hill Academy staff believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Following Christ’s example, we seek to build affirming relationships with each other and our students. As teachers, we hold ourselves and our students to the highest standards. Like all CHAT staff, we are involved in asking people to make financial contributions to CHAT. Church Hill Academy: ​Main: 804.222.8760 Fax: 804.222.8780 Staff Contact Information: Mrs. Libby Germer Head of School, 2017 Hope Walker Principal, 2016 Karen Holland Administrative Coordinator, 2015 Mallory Hansen School Counselor, 2014 Robinette Diggs Nutritionist, 2014 Bradley Nemitz Mathematics and Science Teacher, 2013 Matt Lyell Social Studies Teacher, 2015 Dawn Marble Exceptional Education, 2016 Erica Thomas Mathematics and Science Teacher, 2017 Jason Pacious Spanish and Science Teacher, 2014 Chandra Wright Computer Applications Teacher, 2017 Renee Wilmot English Teacher, 2014 Nick Asby Teaching Resident, 2017 Katrina Schwien Teaching Resident, 2017 Marcellus Wright Teaching Resident, 2017 Support Staff Pam Pitchford, Elk Hill Outpatient Counselor Julie Carlton, Elk Hill Therapeutic Day Counselor Tamika Jarvis, Elk Hill Therapeutic Day Counselor Casey Bodlak, (​​) Part-Time Teaching Resident Michael Roper, ​​, Title I Instructor 2017- 2018 Page 9​ of 30

General Information Student Admissions CHA’s new student admissions process is conducted in the spring. By the end of June our new student admissions process is usually closed. Depending on overall school enrollment, we may accept students at the start of second semester. Unless notified by the Head of School, Academy students who end the school year at CHA are expected to return as students. Church Hill Academy admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation, religious group and national or ethnic origin to all the rights and privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to the students at this school.

Church Hill Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, religious identity and/or national origin in the administration of its educational policies and other school administrative programs.

School Email Communication Students are provided with a school email address (firstinitiallastname​​. Example for Michael Smith is “”). Staff will only use this email address to communicate school and class-related information. Church Hill Academy students are expected to read their email daily during the school year and at least weekly during the summer months. Breakfast and Lunch Each day we provide a light breakfast and balanced lunch for students at no cost. At different points during the school year our students may be asked to participate in the preparation, purchasing, and organization of our meals.

In addition, students are required to clean up and help maintain the cleanliness of the cafeteria. Transportation We offer transportation to most students living in the East End of the City of Richmond (specific boundaries may be adapted each year). Students are expected to be waiting at their designated bus stop five minutes prior to the bus pick-up time. Students who miss the bus should find another mode of transportation to arrive to school safely and notify the school immediately. We cannot provide transportation for students who live outside of the East End of City of Richmond (specifically, outside of the Armstrong school district).

Student Photographs Many CHA activities will be photographed or filmed during the school year. Unless explicitly prohibited by a student, parent or guardian, photographs, school work, and/or video of a student may be used by CHAT or CHA on the website, facebook pages, in school-related events, or in promotional publications. Field Trips We believe that it is important for students to gain experiences outside the East End community. Academy students have the opportunity to participate in overnight field trips as well as local field trips to various educational sites. Based on grades, attendance, and behavior reports students will be eligible to participate in more field trip opportunities.

Mentors As part of a student’s personal and spiritual development, Academy students will have the opportunity to interact with mentors. CHA/T staff will help students find and maintain these relationships. Mentoring opportunities could occur through Royall & Company’s College Mentor Program, CHA’s Marketplace Day, CHAT’s After School Programming, Richmond Family & Fatherhood Initiative. With student and parent permission, mentors may have access to their mentee’s reports via RenWeb, our school database. Weather-related School Schedule Changes Church Hill Academy follows the City of Richmond Public Schools inclement weather school delays and cancellations.

(Note: NOT Richmond County Schools.) We will not make announcements using TV or radio. 2017- 2018 Page 10​ of 30