Renaissance High School Student Handbook - "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack - Williamson ...

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Renaissance High School Student Handbook - "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack - Williamson ...
Renaissance High School
       Student Handbook

 “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack...”
                ~ Rudyard Kipling

Renaissance High School Student Handbook - "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack - Williamson ...
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Introduction                                  Attendance

   Renaissance Character Strengths               Attendance Procedures During Remote
                                                 Attendance Procedures During On-Campus
   Chromebooks                                   Learning
   Zoom VideoConferencing                        Excused and Unexcused Absences
Health & Safety During Covid-19                  Tardies During On-Campus Instruction
   Arrival/Dismissal                             Early Dismissal
   Masks/Cloth Face Coverings                    Student Drivers
   Additional School/Classroom Safety         Ethical and Behavioral Expectations
Renaissance Schedule:                            The Wolf Pack & Restorative Practices
   Daily Schedule During Remote Learning         Student Behavioral Expectations
   Daily Schedule During On-Campus               Tobacco and E-cigs/Juuls
                                                 Zero Tolerance Offenses
   What’s Unique About the Renaissance
   Schedule?                                     Academic Integrity

   Lunch When Students are On-Campus             Dress Code

   Meal Options During Remote Learning        Child Find Notice

Instruction and Grading

   The Modern Classroom Overview

   How Grades Will be Calculated

   Renaissance Interventions and Support

   Credit Recovery

   Online Classes & Dual Enrollment Classes

Welcome to Renaissance High School! Since we will unfortunately spend the 2020-2021 school in
the shadow of Covid-19, this year’s student handbook has been written to inform students and
parents of the protocols and expectations we will follow when doing both remote and on-campus
teaching and learning. Regardless of whether we are remote or on-campus, Renaissance is
committed to providing students with high-quality, engaging, personalized instruction as well as
ongoing academic, emotional, and social support. We want Renaissance to always feel like home
and for our students to feel connected to our community.

Renaissance Character Strengths


               ​ We       Resilient

   ● Accountability: Remote    learning takes a greater degree of self-discipline to stay on task,
     minimize distractions, and complete assignments on time. Your teachers will share your
     assignments and a pacing guide with you for the entire week and provide daily support as
     needed. In addition to submitting assignments on time, it’s important to do your best work!
     Use the teacher’s rubric for each assignment to submit your best work the first time, and
     make sure you study ​before ​a quiz.

   ● Resiliency: ​Learning to be resilient when facing struggle or adversity is a strength that will
     benefit you your entire life! Whether we are doing remote or on-campus learning, you will
     need to persevere when you are not successful the first time and be proactive in seeking
     help when needed. Renaissance allows you to use the teacher’s feedback to improve and try
     again. Teachers will make themselves available during your scheduled class period as well
     as the last period of the day for “drop-in” Zoom help. You can also seek help from your peers
     on many assignments.

   ● Empathy: ​Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and
     feeling with the heart of another. ​Maya Angelou once said, ​“I think we all have empathy. We
     may not have enough courage to display it.” Regardless of whether we are interacting    in
     person or online, empathy will always be the foundation of our Renaissance community.
     Focus on being a good listener, being patient and understanding of others, and avoiding

judgmental & insensitive comments.Practice kindness whenever possible (hint: it’s always

  ● Effective communication among teachers, students, and parents is paramount to making
    remote learning and on-campus learning work! George Bernard Shaw once said, “The single
    biggest problem is communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” If you have a
    question or concern, please be proactive in communicating with teachers or staff so we can
    address it.

  ● Schoology will be the hub of communication for students and teachers. Teachers and
    administration will use Schoology to send out news and updates. Teachers will use
    Schoology to foster student discussions, collect student work, and provide individual
    feedback to students. Prior to the first day of school, we will provide students and parents
    with a link to a tutorial video that guides you through the process of navigating Schoology
    and how to access Zoom sessions with teachers. Teachers will then be intentional in getting
    students familiar with blended, digital instruction expectations through Schoology.

  ● Teachers will create and share a syllabus at the start of each quarter that details their
    standards/learning targets, grading categories and policies, class procedures and
    expectations, opportunities for additional remediation and enrichment, and communication

  ● Every Sunday evening, teachers will share a Weekly Roadmap with their students in
    Schoology that includes a pacing guide with all of the standards/learning targets, instructional
    videos, and assignments/rubrics. Teachers will then review the Weekly Roadmap throughout
    the week at the start of each Zoom session to help students stay on track.

  ● If a student has fallen behind during the week or struggling with content, teachers will email
    parents on Friday morning asking their support to make sure students successfully complete
    any missing assignments before the end of the day or over the weekend.

  ● Once students return to school, the Weekly Roadmaps will be posted on each teacher’s
    Renaissance Orientation Google Site page. This Google Site will also include each teacher’s
    syllabus for every course. Please review the syllabus for course requirements, student
    expectations, and an explanation of how grades will be determined. Finally, this Google Site
    will include a recorded Open House presentation for parents to review as needed.

  ● We cannot stress enough how important it is that students contact teachers or reach out to a
    classmate for help if they are struggling with content or have a question about directions! Do
    not wait until after a due date or the end of the week to ask for help!

● Parents are also asked to communicate directly with the teacher if they notice their child is
    struggling to find success during Remote Learning. Teachers will make every effort to
    respond to parent and student emails within 24 hours.

  ● Each Renaissance student will be issued their own Chromebook and power block before the
    first day of school in the same manner that textbooks are distributed.

  ● Before Chromebooks can be distributed, parents must acknowledge the Acceptable Use and
    Internet Safety Agreement as well as the Authorization for Distribution of District Digital
    Devices through Skyward.

  ● Students must follow the guidelines in the Acceptable Use and Internet Safety agreement.
    Failure to comply will result in a parent contact and possible disciplinary action.

  ● Students must use their school-issued Chromebooks for all of their assignments.​
    They should not use their personal laptops or phones to complete assignments at home or at
    school. We will be using specific 1:1 blended learning tools that will only work through WCS

  ● Chromebooks should be turned off and charged overnight. Not powering off Chromebooks at
    night will prevent them from being updated and could result in them not working the next day.

  ● When students are on campus, they should bring their Chromebooks to school every day.
    Students should not bring their charging cords to school. If students do not have their
    Chromebooks because they left it at home or forgot to charge it, they can exchange their cell
    phone at the front desk for a loaner Chromebook. Their cell phone will be returned atl the
    end of the day once the loaned Chromebook is returned to Ms. Jeri.

  ● If students experience a problem with their Chromebook during remote learning or when we
    return to school, they can bring to the front desk during school hours to have it fixed or get a
    temporary replacement.

  ● Let us know if you have unreliable internet at home. If there is a strong enough cell phone
    signal at your home, you can request a mobile hotspot (a.k.a.: Kajeet) from the school
    principal. In addition, some cell phone signal providers can provide equipment to boost the
    signal in particular areas. Contact the cell phone providers in your area to see what signal
    boost options they can provide. For homes without either WiFi or a strong cell signal, contact
    your principal for assistance to plan for access.

  ● Chromebooks may be cleaned only with a moist microfiber cloth with a mixture of 70%
    isopropyl alcohol / 30% water. The cloth should be damp, but not dripping wet. Excess

moisture should be removed if the cloth is wet before wiping the product. Using any material
     other than a microfiber cloth could cause damage to your Chromebook..

  ● For more information about Chromebooks, click here: Chromebook Start Up and Support.​

  ● If you have technology issues your teacher cannot help resolve, contact the

Zoom VideoConferencing

  ● Here are the WCS instructions​ on how to access and join Zoom meetings when students will
    be doing remote learning..

  ● It is important to consider all student-educator interactions and student-student interactions
    on the video conference to be no different than in-person interaction. Teachers will share
    their own Zoom norms and etiquette for their specific classes.

  ● Students are responsible for adhering to the 2020-2021 WCS Video Conferencing Guidelines
    at all times. These guidelines include:

        ○ Students are asked to use their WCS device for all school work.

        ○ Do not log into video conferences from private locations which may reveal sensitive
          details about your personal life, such as in front of an open bedroom closet or in the

        ○ You are expected to appear in WCS dress code, just as you would if attending class
          in-person when joining a video conference.

        ○ It is expected that you are active and present in the video conferencing session in
          which you are logged in. The camera should be used unless otherwise directed by the

        ○ You will be asked to wait in the “waiting room” prior to the session starting. This is so
          the teacher ensures all students entering are meant to be there. Be patient and you
          will be “greeted” at the door.

        ○ You are expected to leave the class session when the teacher ends the session.

        ○ The chat feature is enabled for use for the good of the group; however, the private
          chat feature will be disabled. The chat feature is for communication with the teacher
          unless otherwise directed by the teacher.

Health & Safety During Covid-19
When students are in school, everyone must follow the protocols below to help ensure the safety of
all individuals and also help keep our school doors open!

   ● Parents should keep students home if they report they are not feeling well.

   ● Freshmen parents should drop off/pick up their students in the loop behind the school facing
     Columbia Ave. Parents, please pull up all the way to the bike rack by the Enrichment Center.
     Freshmen will enter the building through the side door closest to the Enrichment Center.

   ● Sophomores through seniors who are not driving to school and parking in the student parking
     lot should be dropped off along Everbright Ave. Seniors will enter the school through the side
     door closet to Everbright Ave. Sophomores and juniors will use the two front doors at the
     main entrance.

   ● Upon entering the school, students will be required to be wearing a mask. A staff member
     will greet them at the door to take their temperature and ask them to review the following six
     health questions:

          ○ Have you been in close contact with a person with a confirmed diagnosis of
          ○ Have you had an unusual cough or shortness of breath?
          ○ Have you had a sore throat or other flu-like symptoms?
          ○ Have you had a fever of 100.0 F or greater in the past 72-hours?
          ○ Have you had a new loss of taste or smell?
          ○ Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24-hours?

   ● At dismissal, students should remain six-feet apart. Students should not congregate in
     groups or hug each other.

Masks/Cloth Face Coverings
          ○ All individuals (both students and staff) will be required to wear a mask/cloth face
            covering whenever they are inside the building. Masks must be worn properly,
            covering the nose and mouth, in the classroom, restroom, and hallways.

          ○ If someone needs a short break from a mask, he/she may ask the teacher’s
            permission to either go in the hallway or stand in the back of the room provided they
            are more than six-feet away from others.

○ Students should wash their hands often with soap and water or use alcohol-based
         hand sanitizer. Multiple hand sanitizer stations have been placed on all three floors of

       ○ During lunch, students will be encouraged to eat outside where they can socially
         distance more than 6-ft away from each other and remove their masks to eat/drink.

       ○ If the weather does not permit students to eat outside, students will be permitted to eat
         in classrooms and the hallways, but must sit six-feet apart. Signs will be posted on
         each classroom door with the maximum capacity of students that can be in that room
         and the basement during lunch to allow for social distancing.

       ○ If students are not outside and at least six-feet apart from each other, they should
         leave their masks on during lunch unless they are eating or drinking, at which time
         they should refrain from talking to others.

Additional School/Classroom Safety
       ○ The county has established a clear school/classroom   cleaning and disinfection​ plan.
         Public high-touch areas will be cleaned/disinfected every hour during the school day
         and every evening. Each teacher will also have cleaning/disinfection materials to use
         as needed within their rooms.

       ○ Water fountains will not be accessible. Renaissance has water-bottle filling stations on
         each floor. Students should carry their own labeled water bottle with them throughout
         the day.

       ○ Restrooms and water bottle filling stations will have tape on the floor to help maintain
         social distancing. Restrooms will have limited occupancy.

       ○ If a student or staff member has a positive Covid test or has Covid symptoms but
         chose to not get tested, they must stay home in ​isolation ​for a minimum of 10 days
         after the onset of symptoms or from the date of the positive test (if they are
         asymptomatic). They must also be fever-free and feeling better for 24 hours.

       ○ If a student or staff member was in close contact with a someone with a positive
         Covid-19 test (defined as either living in the same household as that person or having
         been within 6 feet of that person for 10 minutes or more regardless of whether a mask
         was worn), he/she must quarantine at home 14 days from the last date of exposure.
         Note: a negative test result or a doctor’s note does NOT reduce quarantine time since
         symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure).

○ The county health department has established a clear plan for contact tracing to
            identify and contact anyone who was exposed to an individual with a positive Covid
            test within two days of the onset of symptoms or the positive test.

          ○ Teachers will implement seating charts in each class to allow for contact tracing.

          ○ The county nurses have also created a FAQ ​ for parents addressing students who
            have or been exposed to someone with Covid-19.

Renaissance Schedule:
Daily Schedule During Remote Learning
       Monday through Thursday
 Attendance will be taken through Zoom at the start of
                     each period.

         8:15-9:05                    1st​ ​ Period       8:15-8:45          7th Period Advisory
        9:10-10:00                    ​ Period
                                                                             Zoom attendance taken

        10:05-10:55                   ​ ​ Period

        11:00-11:50                    ​ ​ Period
                                                                               1st​ ​ - 6th
                                                                                         ​ ​ Period
        11:50-12:50                 Lunch Break                              Teachers will take
                                                                              attendance at the
        12:50-1:40                    ​ ​ Period
                                     5th                                    end of the day based
                                                                            on evidence students
         1:45-2:35                        ​
                                       ​ Period
                                      6th                                    made progress on
                                                                                 that week’s
         2:40-3:25                   ​ ​ Period
                                    7th                                          assignments
                                 Advisory &
                               Renaissance ER

  ●   Students will follow their regular schedule for a full day of classes with a blend of direct and
      non-direct instruction.

  ●   Each school day will include interactive lessons, recording of attendance, and any necessary
      additional programming throughout the school day.

●   Monday through Thursday will emphasize direct, real time virtual instruction with Friday’s
    focus on teacher designed instructional activities and/or assessment through Schoology all
    within the structured bell schedule.

●   Examples include Zoom sessions, teacher-assigned individual or group projects,
    audio-or-video recorded lessons, online course modules, printed work materials, or other
    appropriate methods of instruction.

●   Special education teachers will provide students with disabilities access to instruction in a
    manner consistent with each student’s individualized education plan (IEP), which may
    include socially distant, on-campus instruction as appropriate.

●   If remote learning extends beyond the first couple weeks of school, Renaissance will begin
    extracurricular clubs and activities after 3:25 PM either remotely (ex: student council) or in
    small groups on campus (ex: theater, robotics, art club).

● While we are out of school during remote learning, we encourage all students to take the
  full hour-long lunch break ​away from technology screens! ​Use this time to get some
  exercise, walk the dog, or read a book for fun.

Daily Schedule During On-Campus Learning

What’s Unique About the Renaissance Schedule?
  ● Study Hall: When    everyone is back on campus, students who are making a 72 or below
    in any class or have Incomplete/missing work from the previous week will be required to
    attend a daily study hall from 11:50 AM until 12:10. This study hall will take place in
    students’ 4th period classes. However, they can go visit another teacher’s classroom if
    they need help or want to retake an assessment. ​Note: Not attending study hall if you
    have a 72 or below or an Incomplete class will result in disciplinary consequences.

  ● Advisory: ​This year, advisory groups will be their Apps/Arts/Audio peers in the same grade
    level. Advisors will most likely be one of the teachers that students have during the day.
    Advisory groups serve as students’ “home base.” Advisory lessons and discussions are
    designed to cultivate trust, community, and connection among the group. Advisory groups
    will meet during 7th period every day for attendance. On Monday, advisors will facilitate a
    restorative circle, help students reflect on the previous week’s progress, review study skills,
    and set goals for the week. On Friday, advisors will facilitate a reflection on the week and
    help students prioritize what they should do academically the rest of the day to demonstrate
    the most growth.

  ● Renaissance ER (Enrichment and Remediation): On         ​  Tuesday through Friday starting the
    second full week of school, 7th period will be dedicated to providing students a differentiated
    opportunity for individual growth. Students can also use this time to work individually or
    collaboratively on their weekly/unit tasks. After checking for attendance with your advisor,
    students have the optional opportunity to go to any teacher’s room (or zoom session) for
    support or to retest. Our seniors will use this time to work on their Apps/Arts/Audio Practicum
    capstone projects and portfolios which they will present publicly at the end of the year and
    hopefully use to launch their trajectories after graduation.

  ● Pack Time:When     students are on campus, every Thursday we will run a modified
    schedule so we can end our day in “Pack Time”, which is focused on fostering
    schoolwide community and connection. Once a month we host our famous Coffee House
    performances during this time, when our amazing PTO provides coffee and treats as our
    student musicians and songwriters entertain the school. We also dedicate Thursday
    afternoons for team-building activities, robotics, clubs, songwriting sessions, open art
    classes, and welcoming guest speakers who share how they were able to leverage their
    creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial skills in the real world. ​Note: it’s very important
    students stay caught up with weekly assignments since this time will be used as an

additional study hall for students who have an incomplete or a failing grade from the
     previous week.

Lunch When Students are On-Campus

  ● The Renaissance daily schedule includes a 25-minute   study hall followed by a 35-minute
    lunch period. Students who are making a 73 or better in all of their courses with no
    incomplete work through the end of the previous week can forgo the study hall and earn an
    hour-long lunch.

  ● During Covid-19, all students will be required to go outside to eat unless it is inclement
    weather so they can socially distance and remove their masks. If students are on

  ● Students have the option of ordering a boxed WCS lunch each morning at the front desk.

        ○ Our lunches are prepared by Winstead Elementary Cafeteria and delivered by parent
          volunteers daily. Students choose among 3 salad options and 3 sandwiches.

        ○ Regular​ Lunch Price: $3.25 / Reduced
                                         ​      ​ Lunch Price: $.40 ​Parents can apply for
          free/reduced lunches through​

        ○ Please make your check out to​ Winstead  Elementary Cafeteria.​ ​Include your student’s
          name on the memo line.​ Give​ the check/cash in a sealed envelope to Ms. Bozeman,
          our front office secretary.

        ○ Parents can manage students' lunch payments online through
​ This online payment service provides a quick and easy
          way to add money to your student’s meal account using a credit/debit card or
          electronic check. You can also view recent purchases, check balances, and set-up
          low balance alerts! Follow these steps to enroll:

               1. Go to or download the mobile app and register for a
                  free account.
               2. When adding the School District please make sure to select Williamson    County
                  Schools (TN).​ Please
                                 ​       note: Do not select the district named Williamson County
                  Schools without the (TN).
               3. Add your students using their school name and student ID.
               4. Make a payment to your students’ accounts with your credit/debit card or
                  electronic check. ​A program fee may apply. You will have the opportunity to
                  review any fees and cancel if you choose, before you are charged.

5. If you have any questions, contact MySchoolBucks directly:
         or call (855) 832-5226

  ● Students may also choose to bring lunch from home. Renaissance does have a refrigerator
    and microwave for students who wish to bring their lunch. Please label your lunch clearly.

  ● Students may order food delivery. However, the food must be delivered and eaten during the
    scheduled lunch period. Lunches that are delivered after students are back in class will be
    held at the front desk until the end of the period. Note: If you order an outside lunch, don’t
    forget to tip the delivery person​ online!

  ● Sophomores through seniors may choose to leave campus for lunch. However, remember
    that the lunch hour is an extension of the school day and all schools and county policies
    apply concerning behavior, drugs, and tobacco/vaping.

  ● Remember that freshmen are required to stay on campus during lunch. Specifically,
    freshmen must stay in the courtyard area or under the trees behind the school facing
    Columbia Avenue.

  ● Academy Park does not permit Renaissance students to eat lunch on the stairs of the
    Performing Arts Center or on the grounds of the Enrichment Center next door.

  ● Students are required to pick up their own trash during lunch, regardless of whether they are
    eating inside or outside. If students move furniture/chairs to eat, they must put them back
    when they are finished eating.

Meal Options During Remote Learning
  ● Although there will be no dine-in option during remote learning, students will still have access
    to breakfast and lunch meals that can be picked up at Winstead Elementary School.

  ● Parents will be charged the appropriate price for each meal based on their free,reduced, or
    full pay lunch status. Parents will receive a “Meal Kit” for each child that contains 5 complete
    breakfast meals and 5 complete lunch meals. Parents can choose to pick up meals on
    Mondays or Thursdays. Winstead Elementary will notify you of specific times.

  ● If parents wish to participate, they will need to pre-order​ the meals by visiting the Winstead
    Elementary webpage and completing the Google Form link. Parents will need to pay for the
    meals online prior to picking up your meals (     ​ ​.

  ● At the appropriate time scheduled for meal pickups, you will need to show up to the
    designated area assigned by the school and stay in your vehicle. A district staff member will
    hand out the meal kits following safe practices.

Parents can now apply for free/reduced lunch benefits online from the privacy of your home. Just
visit  ​

Instruction and Grading
The Modern Classroom Overview
   ● Covid-19 has provided Renaissance an opportunity to transition to a research-supported
     framework for teaching and learning that aligns with our core values. Here are some
     Frequently Asked Questions​ regarding the Modern Classrooms Project.

   ● Renaissance will follow this framework all year. It will just be adjusted depending on whether
     we are in remote learning or on campus. This will help provide students with consistency and
     structure they need through these transitions. It may take a few weeks for students to adjust
     to this new model, so teachers will build in a lot of structure and support and then provide
     more flexibility with pacing later. This framework provides a unique learning environment
     founded on three core practices:

          1. Blended Instruction: Rather       than listening to lectures, students watch short
             instructional videos (no longer than 10 minutes) aligned to a specific skill/standard.
             This lets students learn at their own pace throughout the week, frees up teacher time
             to engage the class in interactive activities and discussions and provide individual
             feedback and support. ​ This model will vary depending on the class. For example,
             English teachers may use more whole-class discussions in their courses, while
             science teachers tend to rely more on videos to prepare students for complex
             activities. ​Some of the blended learning tools students and teachers will use include:
                 ■ EdPuzzle:​ EDpuzzle
                                ​        is a teaching tool used to place interactive content into pre-existing
                     videos so students can actively engage with and reflect on the content of a video while
                     teachers track student progress and their understanding.
                 ■   Nearpod:​ ​Nearpod is a student-engagement platform that allows students to collaborate with
                     other students and interact directly with teachers during presentations.
                 ■   Kami:​ Kami
                            ​    is a digital classroom app built to transform any existing document into an
                     interactive learning experience.

          2. Self-Paced Structures: ​Rather than moving at the teacher’s pace, each student
             controls the pace of his/her own learning throughout the week or unit of study. This
             ensures that each student is appropriately challenged every day, no matter how
             his/her level, and that no student is ever lost or held back. When we return to school,
             teachers may give students a Unit Roadmap that includes all of the videos, activities,
             assignments, rubrics and activities for the entire unit. Since students need more
             structure during remote learning, students will receive a Weekly Roadmap every

Sunday night just for the upcoming week. These activities and assignments will be
   broken down into four categories.

      ■   Essentials:​ “Essential” tasks provide teachers with formative evidence
          students have mastered the foundational skills and knowledge of the standards
          and are ready to move on to new or more advanced content. Examples of
          “Essentials” include watching and reflecting on videos, completing guided
          notes,and demonstrating mastery on short exit slips. All “Essentials” are
          required​ and must be complete before the end of the unit.

      ■   Extensions:​ When students demonstrate mastery of the “Essentials”, they will
          work independently and collaboratively to extend upon and apply what they
          learned by​ ​completing assignments that will demonstrate mastery of the
          individual learning targets being taught throughout the unit. To foster
          collaboration,teachers will group students depending on their progress through
          the pacing guide. During remote learning, teachers may set up Zoom Breakout
          Rooms for small group collaboration.

      ■                ​ the scheduled end of the unit, all students will take a
          Evaluations: At
          summative end-of-unit assessment or submit a final project.

      ■ Enrichment: Optional   ​ “Enrichment”
                                 ​              activities are designed to challenge
        accelerated learners. These activities may span the entire unit or even the
        entire quarter. Examples include: project-based learning opportunities that
        develop the 4 C’s of creativity, critical thinking, communication, and
        collaboration, college preparatory projects like ACT prep, and creating their
        own engaging instructional videos and resources to better explain content to
        their peers.

3. Mastery-Based Grading: ​Rather than receiving partial credit for work they partially
   understand, students must show mastery of an Essential skill before they can move
   on to the related Extension task or the next Essential activity. Similarly, students must
   demonstrate mastery of an Extension assignment before they progress to the next
   Extension assignment. This prevents learning gaps from forming, and ensures that
   students are ready to learn more advanced content and are prepared for the
   summative end-of unit evaluation.

How Grades Will be Calculated

Grades on assignments will be calculated differently depending on their category. Note: Please
review each teacher’s syllabus for the individual course to see the details of their grading
policies and plan.

   ●   Essentials:​ Students will earn a “100” when they master an Essential skill, and no credit if
       they haven’t. However, students can use teacher feedback to revise and reassess until they
       achieve mastery. This reinforces the importance of actually mastering content, rather than
       simply submitting work. If students have not completed or mastered any “Essentials” by the
       end of each week, they will receive an “Incomplete” in Skyward. All “Essentials” are due by
       the end of the unit or they will receive a “zero”. ​Maintaining these unit-end deadlines helps
       motivate students, limits procrastination, and creates a healthy space for reflection at the end
       of each unit. All grades in the “Essential” Category will count as ​30%​ of students’ final
       average in Skyward for the quarterly grading period.

   ● Extensions: ​Extension assignments will be calculated using the Renaissance
     Standards-Based Grading Scale:Advanced        (100%); Proficiency (87%); Emerging Proficient
     (73%); Not Proficient (50%); ​Incomplete (0%) based on criteria shared with students at the
     beginning of each week. Students have the option, but are not required, to use teacher
     feedback to revise and reassess until they achieve proficiency. Students     will only have one
     extra full week of school after the end of the unit to complete, revise, or reassess an
     Extension assignment.​ ​All grades in the “Essential” Category will count as ​20%​ of
     students’ final average in Skyward for the quarterly grading period.

● Evaluations:​ ​End-of-unit projects and written assignments will also be graded using the
    Renaissance Standards-Based Grading Scale based on a rubric shared at the beginning of
    the unit. End-of-unit tests, on the other hand, are graded based on the numerical average.
    Students will only have one extra full week of school to revise or reassess an end-of-unit
    evaluation since the class is beginning a new unit. ​All grades in the “Evaluations”
    Category will count as 50% ​   ​ of students’ final average in Skyward for the quarterly
    grading period.

  ● Enrichment:​ Enrichment opportunities are optional. Teachers will share a menu of
    enrichment activities aligned to their standards, along with the criteria for “proficient”, for each
    quarter in their syllabus . ​Students who demonstrate proficiency on enrichment
    activities will receive 3 points added to their final average for the quarterly grading
    period (not to exceed 100%).

Renaissance Interventions and Support
  ● Motivation and on-task behavior can often be an issue for students,especially when doing
    blended blended learning using 1:1 Chromebooks. Teachers will use the time typically spent
    lecturing to really get to know students, building relationships that help push each student
    toward his or her potential. Once students understand that they’re responsible for their own
    learning, they usually find the motivation they need.

  ● In addition, during their scheduled class time, teachers will use DyKnow ​ to track and monitor
    students’ website and application activity on their Chromebooks, eliminate digital distractions,
    and help students stay focused while using their devices during class. Note:    DyKnow does
    not provide teachers access to students’ webcams. They can only see their screen activity.

  ● Teachers will provide students with regular progress updates, so they know exactly what
    they need to do each day. ​Students can self-pace within each week during remote learning
    and within each unit when we are in school. However, the structured pacing guides should
    help students from falling behind.

  ● Teachers will provide students with ongoing, descriptive feedback and allow them to use this
    feedback to revise and reassess assignments ​for full credit​ throughout the unit.

  ● Maintaining unit-end deadlines—by which time all “Essential” lessons must be
    completed—helps motivate students, limits procrastination, and creates a healthy space for
    reflection at the end of each unit. However, because of these structures and interventions,
    very rarely will students not master all “Essentials”.

● Similarly, requiring students to submit, revise, and reassess any “Extensions” and final
    “Evaluations” within a week of the end of the unit ensures that students get regular fresh
    starts and allows them to reflect often on their behaviors and mindsets so they can grow.

  ● The accommodations for students with IEP’s and 504’s are similar to the ones used in a
    traditional teaching model. IEP teams may allow special education students to come on
    campus to work with SPED teachers and paraprofessionals during the day to support
    students’ accommodations. Please view the WCS    FAQ’s regarding special education during

  ● In addition to their scheduled class time, teachers, SPED teachers, and our support staff are
    available Tuesdays-Fridays during 7th Period Renaissance ER (Enrichment & Remediation).
    Students should use this time to demonstrate mastery on any Essential assignments. Once
    students have demonstrated mastery of Essential assignments, they should work on
    Extension assignments. Once students have demonstrated mastery of Extension
    assignments, they should work on Enrichment assignments.

  ● When students are in school, teachers will also be available daily during the 25-minute study
    hall period before lunch. Students who have an Incomplete or below a 73 average in any
    course are required to stay in their 4th period classes for this study hall period unless they
    have permission to go work with another teacher. Study hall is optional for those who do not
    have an Incomplete and whose grades are above an 73.

  ● When students are on campus, those who still have an Incomplete or a failing grade from the
    previous week will be required to work during Thursday Pack Time.

  ● Due to the academic opportunities and interventions explained in this handbook, it is very
    difficult for students to fail a course if they demonstrate accountability and resilience. While
    there are no “consequences” for failing a quarter, if students fail a course for the final
    SEMESTER average, they will have to complete credit recovery. If credit recovery is not
    offered by WCS for that particular course, they will have to retake the course online at their
    own expense. Students in grades 9-11 grades who​ fail 2 or more ​courses​ ​for their final
    semester average shall be returned to their zoned high school at the start of the next

Credit Recovery

  ● Students who need to complete credit recovery/ALEKS will be required to attend all credit
    recovery sessions offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:45-4:45 PM offered
    unless they have an excuse note from a parent or doctor.

  ● Work schedules do not excuse students from credit recovery.

● Students are expected to make satisfactory progress in their credit recovery within each
    semester. Students who do not attend credit recovery sessions or do not make adequate
    progress to complete credit recovery may be returned to their zoned high school at the end
    of the semester.

Online Classes & Dual Enrollment Classes
  ● Due to individual concerns about Covid-19, some Renaissance students are fully enrolled in
    WCS Online for the semester. These students remain Renaissance students in Skyward
    and will have their “spots” reserved for the spring semester should they choose to come back
    on campus.

  ● Renaissance students may be enrolled in a study hall period to work on one or more
    Williamson County online classes (OLP) or a dual enrollment class while on campus.
    Students are required to work quietly and independently on their online/dual enrollment
    classes in the basement commons room without disturbing others. Students may not use this
    time to visit other classes, sit in the halls, or violate their WCS Acceptable Use Agreement.

  ● Remember, students in online classes and dual enrollment courses do not get the flexible
    deadlines and remediation opportunities inherent in the RnHS Standards-Based Grading
    model. If you are struggling getting assignments turned in on time, you will be discouraged
    from taking WCS online courses and we may require a parent conference before you are

​          Procedures During Remote Learning
  ● Tennessee Board of Education Rule 0520-01-17-.01 requires student attendance to be
    recorded ​daily ​when students are participating in remote instruction. At the high school level,
    we are required to take attendance for each of our seven periods.

  ● On Monday through Thursday, attendance will be taken at the start of a class Zoom session.
    After completing attendance, the teacher may release students to work independently or
    collaboratively for the remainder of that period. During each class period, you are expected
    to work only on work for that particular course.

  ● On Friday, students will be required to enter an Advisory Zoom meeting at 8:15 AM for a
    check-in session. Students will have the rest of the day to work on their
    required/recommended/enrichment assignments for the week. Teachers will go back and
    record attendance for their classes at the end of the day based on evidence you made
    progress in their course during the day.

● During remote learning, a student will be considered “absent” for the day if he/she is counted
    absent for 4 out of the 7 periods throughout the day.

​          Procedures During On-Campus Learning
  ● Teachers will take attendance at the start of each period. Students will be considered
    “absent” for the day unless they are present for at least half of the school day (3 ½ hours).

  ● Students must bring hand-written parent excuse notes or original medical excuse notes
    directly to the Ms. Bozeman’s desk before 8:15 AM. Medical notes may also be faxed or
    scanned/emailed directly by parents. When emailing a medical excuse note, please make
    sure to use the parent email address that is in Skyward.

Excused and Unexcused Absences
  ● In order to receive an excused absence from a day or period of remote learning, the
    parent/guardian or student is responsible for submitting the appropriate documentation for
    those categories defined in Policy 6.200, which includes:

        ○ Personal illness/injury of the student or an immediate family member which requires absence of the
            student from school
        ○   A medical appointment (a doctor’s statement is required)
        ○   Death in the immediate family of the student (should not exceed 5 days);
        ○                               ​
            Extreme weather conditions (when                           ​
                                             internet has been affected);
        ○   Religious holidays regularly observed by persons of the student’s faith
        ○   Summons, subpoena, or court order; or
        ○   Circumstances which in the judgment of the principal warrant absence from school and over which the
            student has no control.

  ● A maximum of eight (8) absences per year can be excused with a valid excuse emailed
    directly from a parent to our attendance secretary, Ms. Jeri Bozeman, in the Renaissance
    office at   ​

  ● After eight (8) total absences (this includes excused, medical, and unexcused absences), a
    formal doctor’s note will be required in order to excuse any future absences. Email scanned
    notes to     ​ or fax them to 615-472-4675.

  ● The principal may require that a medical note specifies that the student was not able to
    return to school before excusing the absence. Students are expected to attend classes both
    before/after an appointment if possible.

● The attendance secretary will make a direct call to parents when the student reaches​ 3
    unexcused absences​ and document this phone call occurred.

  ● After a student reaches his/her 5th unexcused absence, Renaissance will follow the three
    Tiers of the WCS  Progressive Truancy Intervention Plan.​ Due to Remote Learning, we will
    add an additional step to identify students that may have issues preventing them from
    learning and accumulating unexcused absences.

  ● Seniors may be allowed up to four college visits per year; juniors may be allowed one college
    visit day per year. Excused college visits will be coded as field trips and will not count toward
    the 8 excused day limit. These absences must be approved in advance through the
    attendance secretary. In addition, when the student returns to school, he/she must bring a
    statement from the college admission office on college letterhead to verify the visit. Parking
    passes, emails, schedules, brochures, and itineraries, etc. will not excuse the absence.
    Students are responsible for all work missed. Please note that administration may deny
    approval of an excused college visit day if the student has accrued too many absences are
    has incomplete/failing grades.

  ● A note about skipping school: It just doesn’t make sense to apply to an out-of-zone school
    and then skip class. Students who skip school or leave campus without permission may be
    returned to their zoned high school at the end of the semester.

Tardies During On-Campus Instruction

  ● Similar to a college campus, Renaissance High does not have bells. You are expected to
    demonstrate the responsibility to be in class on time with your laptop and materials when
    your teacher takes attendance each period.

  ● School will begin promptly at 8:15 AM and dismisses at 3:25 PM. The front doors will be
    open no later than 7:30 AM for students. You cannot be in the building after 3:45 PM unless
    you are under the direct supervision of a teacher.

  ● If you arrive after 8:15 AM (or 9 AM on Power Mondays), you will be required to sign-in at the
    front lobby desk. You will be given a late pass to take to your teacher. An excuse note from a
    parent is required to excuse the tardy to first period.

  ● You will only be allowed three (3) unexcused tardies per nine weeks grading period
    (total to all classes). Up    to 3​ additional
                                        ​          times a quarter, you can call the school ​before​ the
    start of the period to tell the attendance secretary you are running late, and we will excuse
    the tardy provided you are not more than 10 minutes late.

  ● If you have an unexcused tardy in the morning and you walk in with a drink or food you
    stopped and bought on your way to school, your food/drinks will be held at the front desk

until lunch. Lunch must be consumed during your lunch break. If you try to walk into class
      with a lunch you did not eat during your lunch break, you will be asked to eat in the hallway,
      which will be considered an unexcused tardy. If you order a food delivery that is not delivered
      until after the lunch period, the lunch will be held at the main office until the end of the period.

  ● You will receive an after-school detention from 3:40-4:40 after you earn your fourth
    unexcused tardy to any class (including the period after lunch). You will continue to earn a
    before-school detention after every unexcused tardy to any class the rest of the nine weeks
    grading period.​ Detentions
                     ​           can only be rescheduled for the next day with a valid note, phone
    call or email from a parent. If you miss a detention without first reporting it to the school, you
    will be assigned two detentions to make it up If you show up late for the detention, you will
    have to make up the full detention.If​ you miss an assigned detention more than three times in
    a quarter, you may receive in-school suspension for a day.

  ● If you are more than 25 minutes late to a class without a valid excuse note, it will be
    considered an unexcused absence and count against your tardy limit. If you miss an entire
    period due to unexcused tardy, the absence will be “unexcused” and it will be considered
    “skipping.” You will automatically be assigned a detention or Friday Evening School as a

  ● Excessive unexcused tardies may result in additional consequences including being returned
    to students’ zoned high school at the start of the next semester.

Early Dismissal
  ●   Any student requesting an early dismissal should leave a note signed by his parent or
      guardian in the attendance office before 8:15 A.M. All notes should contain the date, the
      specific reason for leaving, the parent or guardian’s signature, and the parent or guardian’s
      daytime phone number. The parent or guardian will be contacted prior to student release to
      verify the note. ​If there is not a note submitted in the morning, the parent must physically
      come into the building in order to check out the student early. Emails or phone calls will not
      be accepted.

  ●   If students are feeling sick, they should not contact parents directly and asked to be checked
      out. Rather, if students are not feeling well, they should go to the school nurse or front office
      who will then contact parents.

  ●   All students leaving early must sign out in the front lobby. Students, regardless of age,
      should not sign themselves out without prior parental permission.

  ●   Make every effort to schedule appointments after school.​ Only
                                                                ​    five (5) early dismissals will be
      approved each semester unless a medical note is provided.

●   You will be expected to stay in school before/after an appointment if time allows (ex: we will
      not excuse an all-day absence for a 1:00 PM routine dental appointment).

Student Drivers
  ● Students are required to park only in the designated student parking lot across from
    Academy Gym.

  ● Each student is required to have a Renaissance parking pass to hang from the rear-view

  ● Before receiving a parking pass, each new driver (i.e.someone who wasn’t driving to school
    last year) and a parent is required by WCS to complete a free one-hour Checkpoints Safe
    Driving training. During the 2020-2021 school year, the Checkpoints training will be done
    remotely through Zoom meetings. After completing the class, parents will print and return the
    Student/Parent Safe Driving Agreement and submit a Google Form with the information the
    school needs to prepare a parking pass. A Checkpoints class will be scheduled the week
    before students return to school and the first week of school. Students must have parking
    passes by the start of the 2nd week they return to school. Subsequent Checkpoints classes
    will be announced through the Wolf Tales newsletter throughout the year.

  ● Students may not duplicate, give, lend, sell, or share their parking pass with anyone else. If
    you withdraw from Renaissance, you will be required to turn in your parking pass to the

  ● Do not treat your car like your locker. You will not be permitted to go to your car and back
    once class has started except for lunch.

  ● All students’ and visitors’ vehicles are subject to be searched for drugs, drug paraphernalia,
    and dangerous weapons.

  ● Students must follow common rules of safe driving and all vehicular laws. Students who
    speed down Everbright Avenue may have their parking privileges revoked.

  ● TN State law makes it illegal to hold a phone while driving (even for music, maps). 1st​
    violation is a $50 fine plus court costs.

  ● Remember, the student parking lot is an extension of school property and all county and
    school rules apply.

  ● Vehicles are parked and left at the owner’s and driver’s discretion. Renaissance High
    School/Williamson County/WCS are not responsible for any damage or loss of contents
    incurred to a vehicle on school grounds.

● If you are seeking your driver’s permit, ask the attendance secretary to complete a Certificate
    of Compulsory School Attendance and take the original part of this form with them to a driver
    license station. Please allow 3 days for processing.

  ● DENIAL OF MOTOR VEHICLE LICENSE (STATE LAW 49-6-3017) If a student missed ten
    consecutive or fifteen total unexcused absences during any semester, then the school must
    send a letter to the State Department of Transportation, who will revoke the student’s driver’s
    license. In addition, minor students are required by the State of TN to pass 3 classes each
    semester to maintain their driver’s license.

Ethical and Behavioral Expectations
The Wolf Pack & Restorative Practices
  ●   The Wolf Pact safeguards our community. Our community is what makes Renaissance
      unique from other schools and allows us to do school differently.

                                           The Wolf Pact

                                      Renaissance is community.       ​
                                 Community is built upon relationships.   ​
                            Relationships are built upon trust​   ​ & empathy.
           I demonstrate ​trust​ & ​empathy ​in all my relationships with students and staff.
                I am willing to restore ​ a relationship if trust or empathy is broken.
                                        We Are Renaissance.

  ●   Conflict is inevitable in any community. Whenever the Wolf Pact is violated and there is a
      breach in​ trust​ or ​empathy ​between students or between a student and staff member, a
      restorative conference​ will be held. A restorative conference is a structured meeting
      between offenders, victims, and others who need to be involved, in which they deal with the
      consequences of wrongdoing and decide how best to repair the harm.

  ●   Restorative conferences will be held for peer-to-peer conflict as well as to address
      misbehavior such as classroom disruptions, bullying, disrespect to peers and/or staff, refusal
      to complete assignments, cheating/plagiarism, and not following established school rules and
      procedures. Appropriate and logical consequences may result from a restorative conference.

  ●   If a restorative conference does not effectively address the conflict or repair the relationship,
      or if the violation of the Wolf Pact is severe enough to warrant administrative intervention, an
      administrative conference​ will be held. Administration may decide at any time to
      implement a probationary contract between the student, his/her parents, and the school

community that will remain in effect for a designated time period. Failure to comply with a
     probationary contract will result in the student being sent back to his/her zoned high school
     the following semester.

Student Behavioral Expectations
                                    ​ place​ for any type of bullying, harassment, or even
  ● Simply Put: There is absolutely no
    name-calling at Renaissance High either in-person or remotely/digitally. We treat each other
    with kindness and empathy.

  ● Students are prohibited from using derogatory language (i.e.​ unflattering, unkind, or
    demeaning) towards other students or teachers. If you disagree with someone’s opinions in
    class, do so respectfully. ​If anyone engages in behavior or uses language that tears down
    other students around them, speak up and let them know that is not what we do here at

  ● Bullying, including cyberbullying, is defined by Tennessee law as any act that substantially
    interferes with a student’s educational benefits, opportunities or performance, and has the
    effect of:

         ○ Physically harming a student or damaging a student’s property;
         ○ Knowingly placing a student or students in reasonable fear of physical harm or
           damage to property;
         ○ Causing emotional distress to a student or students; or
         ○ Creating a hostile educational environment.

  ● If you feel you are the victim of bullying/cyberbullying or witness any bullying, please report it
    immediately to a staff member who will pass it on to the principal. The principal or assistant
    principal will investigate all bullying referrals within 48 hours of reporting and then take
    appropriate disciplinary action.

  ● Retaliation against a victim, witness, or person with reliable information for reporting a
    bullying offense or for providing information in any manner is strictly prohibited. Anyone
    violating this prohibition shall be disciplined

  ● The use of a cell phone or other electronic device while at school is a privilege and not a
    right. If a teacher asks you not to use your technology tool at a particular time, then you must
    follow those directions.Using your cell phone without permission in class or other violations of
    the WCS Acceptable Use Agreement involving your phone could result in your phone being
    taken up and given to administration.

  ● A parent or guardian must bring all medications directly to the office; only a parent can
    remove medication from the office.

  ● All medicine (prescription, non-prescription, and emergency drugs) will be stored and
    dispensed in the office clinic.

  ● A written request must be made by parent/guardian for any medicines to be administered to
    his/her child during the school day. The nurse/office staff will oversee and record the
    self-administration of these drugs.

  ● All students are prohibited from possessing any prescription medication (topical or oral) or
    over-the-counter medication. Possessing, using, or dispensing prescription medication during
    the school day is a zero-tolerance violation.

  ● Students who have issues with asthma or diabetes may have necessary medication with
    them providing a form is signed and on file with the nurse. (please note that RnHS does not
    have a full-time nurse. Our nurse is typically only here for a half-day, one day a week. The
    attendance secretary or bookkeeper will dispense medications when the nurse is not here.

Tobacco and E-cigs/Juuls
  ● The possession, use, or selling of tobacco/e-cigs/vape oil/Juuls and similar inhalent devices
    is prohibited on both Renaissance and Academy Park campus/property, which includes the
    library, enrichment center, performing arts center, gymnasium, parking lots, as well as on all
    school field trips and off-campus activities sponsored by Renaissance/WCS.

  ● The use of tobacco or vaping products on school property may result in being returned to
    your zoned high school at the start of the next semester or school year.

  ● Any student under the age of 18 who is caught using or in possession of tobacco/vaping
    products on campus shall be issued a citation by the principal or SRO to appear in juvenile

  ● Students at least 18-years-old using or possessing tobacco/vaping products on school
    property will face disciplinary consequences including detention, in-school suspension, loss
    of lunch privileges or loss of a school parking pass.

  ● Any Juul/inhaler/vape oil/pods collected will be inspected by the SRO to ensure it does not
    contain THC/illegal drugs. If so, it will be considered a zero tolerance offense.

  ● If you are under 18 and you come back from an off-campus lunch smelling like cigarettes,
    your car or possessions will be searched for tobacco products.

● State law states that there is to be no smoking or vaping within 100 feet of the entrance of
    the building, even for visitors or community members.

Zero Tolerance Offenses

  ● Our number    one priority​ ​is to ensure Renaissance High is a safe, healthy, and positive
    learning environment. We consider drugs/alcohol a major threat to that safety.

  ● State Law and/or the Williamson County Board of Education has classified certain offenses
    as requiring a mandatory one calendar year suspension upon a determination by the
    Principal that a student has committed one of these “zero tolerance offenses.” The following
    are offenses that automatically result in a suspension of one calendar year, except as
    otherwise prohibited by federal law for students with disabilities.

        o    Possessing, handling, using, or being under the influence of illegal drugs, controlled
             substances, or drug paraphernalia on school grounds, school activities (including
             off-campus lunch), or any other grounds used for school purposes (including parking
             lots and all Academy Park property).
        o    Possessing, handling, using, or being under the influence of alcohol on school
             grounds, school activities (including off-campus lunch), or any other grounds used for
             school purposes (including parking lots and Academy Gym)
        o    Physically assaulting or verbally threatening to assault any school employee or
             school resource officer while on school property, or on other grounds used for school
             purposes (including off-campus lunch), or while attending any school activity or event
        o    Possessing, handling, transmitting, using or attempting to use firearms or any
             dangerous weapon in school buildings or on school grounds, or on any grounds used
             for school purposes at any time (including off-campus lunch), or off the school
             grounds at a school-sponsored activity, function or event. Furthermore, ​State Law
             prescribes a maximum six (6) years imprisonment and a fine not to exceed three
             thousand dollars ($3,000) for carrying weapons on property being used by schools.
        o    Making or circulating a false report of a bomb, fire or other emergency will also carry
             with it discipline up to a year’s suspension and a report to law enforcement

  ●   State law and the WCBOE have identified other zero tolerance offenses that may warrant
      “reasoned” judgment by the Principal in assigning punishment. The following offenses may
      result in suspensions ranging from 20 days to one calendar year based upon the
      circumstances and other factors in each case:

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