IN THIS GUIDE:                    PAGE       Dear Associate,
                                             As a valued member of the NEXCOM Enterprise, we provide
                                             you with a first-class compensation and benefits package. We
Who is Eligible?                         1   review our benefit programs on an annual basis to ensure you
                                             are receiving a package that provides high value at a competitive
Open Enrollment:                             cost. Few employers today provide the comprehensive plans that
November 6 – December 1, 2017           2    NEXCOM offers, which include medical, dental, vision, life and
                                             disability, along with our pension and 401(k) programs.
Your 2018 Health Plan Contributions     2
                                             This enrollment guide highlights the 2018 benefits package that is
                                             available to you. Whether you are just joining NEXCOM or if you
Medical Benefits                        3
                                             are looking for Open Enrollment information, this guide is a great
                                             resource that can be used throughout the year.
Prescription Drug Benefits              4
                                             The 2018 Open Enrollment Period for Medical/Dental and the
Aetna Health and Wellness Programs      5    Biennial Enrollment for Long Term Disability and Life Insurance
                                             plans run concurrently from November 6 – December 1, 2017.
Dental Benefits                         6    Read the guide carefully and make your choices wisely.
                                             Here are a few exciting developments I want to highlight:
Medical and Dental Coverage
                                             • F
                                                or the first time in seventeen years, there will not be an
After Retirement                        6
                                               increase in premiums for the Aetna Medical/Dental Plan.
                                               There will be a slight increase in the Stand Alone Dental Plan.
Flexible Spending Accounts              7
                                             • T
                                                he Health Care Flexible Spending Account Maximum has
Health Plan Online Resources            8      increased to $2,600.
                                             • T
                                                he 2018 Aetna Medical & Dental Enrollment Video is available
Disability Benefits                     9      at www.nafhealthplans.com.
                                             As always, your Human Resources team is available to assist you
Life Insurance Benefits                 10
                                             in the enrollment process. Thank you for all that you do each day
                                             to support our sailors and families!
Long Term Care Insurance                12

EAP Program                             12

Retirement Plans                        13
                                             Robert J. Bianchi
                                             Rear Admiral, Supply Corps, USN (Ret.)
End-of-Life Planning Services           13
                                             Chief Executive Officer
                                             Navy Exchange Service Command
Contacts and Resources          Back Cover

Who Is Eligible?
Benefits Plan                 Regular       Regular       Additional               Initial Enrollment             After Initial
                             Full-Time     Part-Time     Eligibility              Time Frame                     Enrollment
                                                         Requirements                                            Time Frame
Medical/Dental                                                                    Within 31 days of hire date    Open Enrollment
                                  3            3                                  or attaining eligibility.
Stand Alone Dental                                       Not enrolled in          Within 31 days of hire date    Open Enrollment
                                  3            3         Medical/Dental Plan      or attaining eligibility.

Flexible Savings Account                                                          Within 31 days of hire         Open Enrollment
(HFSA/DFSA)                       3            3                                  date. For continued
                                                                                  participation, must
                                                                                  re-enroll during Annual
                                                                                  Enrollment. Enrollments
                                                                                  or plan changes are not
                                                                                  accepted from October 1
                                                                                  through December 31.

Short-Term Disability*                                                            Enrollment is automatic.       N/A
Long-Term Disability*                                                             Within 31 days of hire date.   Biennial Enrollment
                                  3                                                                              (subject to insurance
                                                                                                                 company approval)
Long Term Care (subject                                                           Enroll anytime through         Enroll anytime through
to insurance company              3            3                                  the FLTCIP only. (Subject      the FLTCIP only. (Subject
approval)                                                                         to insurance company           to insurance company
                                                                                  approval)                      approval)
Basic Group Life                                                                  Within 31 days of hire date.   Biennial Enrollment
Insurance*                        3                                                                              (subject to insurance
                                                                                                                 company approval)
Optional Group Life                                      Regular full-time        Within 31 days of hire date.   Biennial Enrollment
Insurance                         3            3         associates must be                                      (subject to insurance
                                                         enrolled in Basic                                       company approval)
                                                         Group Life

Dependent Group                                          Enrolled in Basic        Within 31 days of hire date    Biennial Enrollment
Life Insurance*                   3                      Group Life Insurance     or acquiring a dependent.      (subject to insurance
                                                                                                                 company approval)
Pension                                                  If not auto-enrolled,    Automatic enrollment for       Any pay period thereafter
                                  3            3         complete one year        new hires. Earn one year
                                                         of cumulative regular    credited service first year
                                                         service                  (after August 1, 2015).
401(k)                                                   18 years of age          Enroll at any pay period.      Enroll at any pay period.
                                  3            3
*Regular full-time associates who are involuntarily converted to regular part-time status may continue to participate in the plans.

When Are You Eligible?
If you are a new hire or newly eligible associate, you may enroll in benefits during your eligibility period. Your
eligibility period is the 30- or 31-day period starting on the day you are hired or otherwise become eligible
for benefits. If you don’t enroll during your eligibility period, you’ll need to wait until the next Open Enrollment
or Biennial Enrollment period, as applicable. You may enroll in the 401(k) plan any time after attaining eligibility.
New hires are automatically enrolled in the NEXCOM Pension Plan. Contributions will begin after your one year
anniversary. You may opt-out anytime by completing an opt-out form.


 During Open Enrollment, you may make medical and dental plan choices and changes. You can join or
 switch from one plan to another. You can add dependents (supporting documentation is required) or
 remove dependents from your coverage. You cannot add dependents or drop coverage during the year
 unless you have a qualifying event (e.g., marriage, divorce, adoption, birth of a child). Please refer to the
 Summary Plan Description if you have questions. You have 31 days from the time of the event to take action.
 Otherwise, you must wait for the next Open Enrollment.

     Want to learn more about your benefits?
     Watch the Enrollment Video at www.nafhealthplans.com today!

 Your 2018 Aetna Medical & Dental Plans Contributions
 Aetna Medical includes medical, prescription, and vision coverage. You may enroll in Aetna Medical only,
 Aetna Medical and Dental, or Aetna Dental if you are enrolled in a NEXCOM sponsored HMO. If you are
 not enrolled in a NEXCOM sponsored medical plan (Aetna or HMO), you may enroll in Stand Alone Dental.
 Below are your 2018 biweekly contribution rates:

    Tier                    Medical               Dental            Medical & Dental     Stand Alone Dental
    Employee only           $77.33                $4.50             $81.83               $16.61

    Employee + child(ren)   $149.24               $8.68             $157.92              $37.36
    Employee + spouse       $178.63               $10.38            $189.01              $33.21

    Employee + family       $236.63               $13.76            $250.39              $53.97

     Visit the DoD NAF website at
     www.nafhealthplans.com for detailed
     information about the medical and
     dental plans administered by Aetna.
     The NEXCOM page also contains Aetna
     and HMO comparisons.
     You will find up-to-date information about
     the many programs, resources and online
     tools that are part of your plan. You’ll
     also find information about the Flexible
     Spending Accounts and the Health
     Incentive Credit program.
     The site is designed to give you
     quick and easy-to-use access from
     any device.
     Watch videos, get wellness tips,
     and much more.


NEXCOM’s health benefits are offered as part of the Department of Defense (DoD) Nonappropriated
Fund (NAF) Health Benefits Program (HBP). Health benefits include medical, vision and prescription
drug coverage. The following Aetna medical plans and benefits are available based on where you live:

                                                     Aetna Choice® POS II                              Traditional Choice®
                                                                                                         (including Aetna
                                         In-Network                    Out-of-Network
Annual Deductible
• Individual                    $500                            $1,500                           $500
• Family of 2                   $1,000 (2 times individual)     $3,000 (2 times individual)      $1,000 (2 times individual)
• Family of 3 or more           $1,500 (3 times individual)     $4,500 (3 times individual)      $1,500 (3 times individual)
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
• Individual                    $4,000                          $8,000                           $4,000
• Family of 2                   $8,000 (2 times individual)     $16,000 (2 times individual)     $8,000 (2 times individual)
• Family of 3 or more           $12,000 (3 times individual)    $24,000 (3 times individual)     $12,000 (3 times individual)
Preventive Care*                100%, no copay                  Not covered                      100%, no deductible
Primary Care                    $30 copay                       60% after deductible             80% after deductible
Physician (PCP) Visit
Specialist Visit                $45 copay                       60% after deductible             80% after deductible
Walk-in Clinic                  100% after $30 copay            60% after deductible             80% after deductible
Urgent Care Center              100% after $30 copay            60% after deductible             80% after deductible
Emergency Room (ER)             90% after $350 ER copay         90% after $350 ER copay          80% after deductible
                                (waived if admitted); no        (waived if admitted); no
                                calendar year deductible        calendar year deductible
Teladoc®**                      $10                             N/A                              $10

*Routine colonoscopies and other outpatient procedures may be subject to the maximum allowable amount. Please call Aetna Member
Services for more information at 1-800-367-6276.
**Teladoc is not available in all states or overseas.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) may also be
available to you as an alternative to the Aetna medical
plans, depending on where you live. HMOs provide medical
and prescription drug coverage to eligible associates living
in specific areas. HMOs are available in: Tidewater, VA,
San Diego/Central CA, Hawaii, Baltimore/Washington
DC, the Pacific Northwest, and Guam. Ask your local HR
representative for details about HMOs in your area.
Visit www.nafhealthplans.com to view comparisons of
Aetna and the HMO available in your area (if applicable).

   Find medical and dental plan details online
   Go to www.nafhealthplans.com, to view the
   plan(s) you are eligible for based on your ZIP
   code. You will also find details about the health
   plan(s) and other related information.


When you enroll in an Aetna medical plan, you will also have prescription drug benefits. There are four
levels, or “tiers,” of benefits as shown in the chart below:

                                               Short-Term Prescriptions:                       Long-Term Prescriptions:
    Drug Tier                                  Any network pharmacy for                        Aetna Rx Home Delivery or Maintenance
                                               up to a 30-day supply:                          Choice, up to a 90-day supply***
    Tier One – Generic Drugs                   $10 copay per prescription                      $20 copay per prescription

    Tier Two – Preferred brand-name drugs      $35 copay per prescription                      $70 copay per prescription

                                               35% of negotiated price**                       35% of negotiated price**
    Tier Three – Non-preferred
                                               The minimum you pay per prescription is $60;    The minimum you pay per prescription is $120;
    brand-name drugs*
                                               maximum is $125                                 maximum is $250

                                               40% of negotiated price**
    Tier Four – Specialty Drugs                The minimum you pay per prescription is $60;    N/A
                                               maximum is $125

*Your pharmacy will automatically fill your prescription with a generic drug, if one is available. Learn more about the Choose Generics Program
at www.nafhealthplans.com>Health Benefits>Pharmacy Program.
**Participating pharmacies agree to charge discounted prices for prescriptions filled by Aetna members. Your share of Tier Three and Tier
Four drug costs is a percentage of these discounted (or “negotiated”) prices.
***With Maintenance Choice, you can get a 90-day supply of maintenance medications listed on the Maintenance Medicine List, by using
either The Aetna Rx Home Delivery mail-order pharmacy or a CVS pharmacy near you. After two fills at your local retail pharmacy, you will
pay the full cost of the drug if you choose to continue to receive a 30-day supply.

    Filling short-term prescriptions                                     Maintenance Choice®
    When you need to fill a short-term prescription, you                 Maintenance medications are those used on a regular
    can get up to a 30-day supply of medication at retail                basis to treat or manage conditions such as asthma,
    pharmacies that belong to the Aetna network. Take                    diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
    your prescription and your Aetna medical ID card to                  With the Maintenance Choice program, you may fill
    any participating pharmacies located in the United                   a 30-day supply of a maintenance drug, listed on the
    States, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.               Maintenance Medicine List, at any retail pharmacy in
    Depending on the type of drug prescribed, you pay                    the Aetna network two times. Thereafter, maintenance
    your share of the cost in full at the time of purchase.              drugs are to be filled in 90-day levels.* You have
    To find a participating pharmacy near you, go to                     a choice of how you want to fill your maintenance
    www.aetna.com > Find Care.                                           prescriptions:
                                                                         • U
                                                                            se Aetna’s Rx Home Delivery mail-order
    Filling long-term prescriptions                                        program. To get started with the service, call
    Use Aetna’s Rx Home Delivery® mail-order program                       1-888-RX AETNA (1-888-792-3862), or
    to save on medications you need on a regular, long-                  • F
                                                                            ill your 90-day prescription at your local CVS
    term basis. You may order a 31- to 90-day supply and                   pharmacy. To find a local CVS pharmacy, log in
    enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Shipping is                    to www.aetna.com > Find Care
    free and the packaging is confidential. You can order
                                                                          *If you continue to fill your ongoing maintenance drugs with
    a 90-day supply of medication for what you would pay                  a 30-day supply, you will have to pay the full cost of the drug.
    for a 60-day supply at a participating retail pharmacy.
                                                                         Note: Not all maintenance drugs are on the list.
                                                                         Visit the Maintenance Medicine List to see if your
    The Exclusions Drug List
                                                                         maintenance drugs fall under these provisions. Go
    Your prescription program has an Exclusions Drug                     to www.nafhealthplans.com > Health Benefits >
    List which lists drugs that are not covered. This list also          Pharmacy Program.
    shows the preferred alternative drugs that are covered
    that may be less expensive and just as effective. To
    view the list, visit www.nafhealthplans.com > Health
    Benefits > Pharmacy Program.


When you enroll in an Aetna medical plan, you can take advantage of special programs that help you live
healthier. Simple Steps To A Healthier Life® is an online program that can help you lose weight, deal with
stress, get a better night’s sleep and more. You start by completing the online health assessment, then
receive a health report and action plan.
Aetna also offers a variety of voluntary wellness programs including disease management, tobacco cessation
and a 24/7 phone line staffed with Registered Nurses.
You can earn incentive credits. Aetna members can earn Health Incentive Credits to help with your share
of covered medical expenses. The chart below shows the activities you can complete to earn credits to be
applied to your deductible or coinsurance expenses.

                           Activity                                   Health Incentive Credit amount
 You and your covered spouse must complete the Health Assessment to earn any incentives. No activities will earn an
 incentive until the assessment is completed.

 Employees and covered spouses

 Complete biometric screening before November 30, 2018        $150 each

 Disease Management (DM) goal* — complete 3 calls with a      $100 each
 DM nurse

 Complete online Journey® (average time 32 days)              $50 each up to 4 Journeys

 Dependent children under age 18

 Complete preventive exam for children under age 18           $50 for each child per year

 For all activities, you can earn up to the calendar year maximum of $250 for employee only or $600 for employees
 that cover dependents.

*This program is not available to overseas employees.

The Health Assessment: A requirement before you               What is metabolic syndrome?
can earn Health Incentive Credits
                                                              Metabolic syndrome is a group of five risk factors that
You and your covered spouse must complete the Health          raise your risk of developing conditions such as heart
Assessment first in order to earn any of the Health           disease and diabetes. A biometric screening measures
Incentive Credits. None of the other activities will earn     the following key indicators: 1) blood pressure
credits until you have completed the assessment. The          2) blood sugar 3) triglycerides 4) waist circumference
Compass® Health Assessment is a questionnaire that            and 5) HDL cholesterol. If three or more of these
takes just 10 minutes to complete. You answer questions       measurements are too high, you may have metabolic
about personal and family health history, lifestyle habits,   syndrome. It is important to start working to reduce
recent health screening results and other health factors.     any risk factors you may have now in order to prevent
To take the assessment, log in at www.aetna.com >             a serious health condition, such as a heart attack or
Stay Healthy > Complete Your Assessment. Note:                stroke. In many cases, these factors can be positively
Dependent children are not required to complete the           impacted by lifestyle changes, such as regular
Health Assessment.                                            exercise and eating a healthy diet.
                                                              Earned Health Incentive Credits are applied
                                                              automatically to your deductible or coinsurance*
                                                              amounts. For more information, visit
                                                              www.nafhealthplans.com > Wellness > Health
                                                              Incentive Credit Program.
                                                              *Health Incentive Credits are not applied to copay amounts.
                                                              Copays are flat fees paid for certain types of expenses, such
                                                              as prescription drugs.


NEXCOM Offers Two Dental Plans
The Aetna PPO Network Dental Plan or International                              The Stand Alone Dental Plan. If you only want dental
Dental Plan. When you enroll in an Aetna medical                                benefits, you can choose the Stand Alone Dental Plan.
plan (or an HMO plan) you are eligible to enroll in                             This plan cannot be combined with any of the Aetna
the PPO Network Dental Plan. With this plan, you                                medical plans offered under the DoD NAF Health
may visit any licensed dentist and be reimbursed                                Benefits Program or with a NEXCOM-sponsored
for your qualified dental care expenses. For CONUS                              HMO plan.
associates, you can save when you use dentists                                  You will find detailed information about each of these
who belong to Aetna’s dental network, since                                     plans at www.nafhealthplans.com.
those dentists provide their services at lower,
Aetna-negotiated rates. You can find participating
dentists at www.aetna.com > Find Care.

                                               PPO Dental/International Dental                              Stand Alone Dental
    Annual Deductible
    • Individual                      $100                                                    $100
    • Family of 2                     $200                                                    $200
    • Family of 3 or more             $300                                                    $300
    Annual Maximum Benefit            $2,500                                                  $2,000

    Preventive Care                   100%, no deductible                                     100%, no deductible

    Basic Care                        80% (fillings, root canal, extractions)                 80% (fillings, extractions)

    Restorative/Major Care            50% (inlays, crowns, bridgework)                        50% (root canal, inlays, crowns, bridgework)

    Orthodontia Coverage              50%, no deductible; $2,000 lifetime maximum,            50%, no deductible; $1,500 lifetime maximum,*
                                      includes TMJ appliances                                 excludes TMJ appliances
    Oral Surgery (dental in nature)   100% off first $1,000, then 80% thereafter              Not covered

    TMJ Coverage                      50%, no deductible; $750 lifetime maximum               Not covered

    *12-month waiting period for members who enrolled on or after 1/1/2010.

Medical and Dental Coverage After
You and your dependents may be eligible to
continue medical only, or medical and dental
coverage after you retire. To continue coverage,
you must be enrolled in the medical and dental
plan on the day before retirement and have
15 years of accumulated participation in a DoD
NAF-sponsored medical and dental plan or
HMO, and be the recipient of an immediate NAF
Annuity (from The Retirement Plan).
Note: The Stand Alone Dental Plan does not
continue after retirement.


With a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can set                   • F
                                                                         or eligible expenses that require substantiation,
money aside to pay yourself back for certain types of                   PayFlex, our FSA administrator, makes it easy
expenses. There are two types of FSAs:                                  to substantiate these expenses and file claims.
• A
   Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HFSA)                        Register and log in at www.payflex.com, then
  is used for eligible health care expenses. These                      click the link for the Financial Center. Here you
  include medical, prescription drug, dental and vision                 can file paperless claims and upload your receipts.
  care expenses you pay out of your own pocket.                         Download the PayFlex Mobile® app from the site
                                                                        and you can do it all with your smartphone or other
• A
   Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
                                                                        mobile device. Enter your claim information, take a
  (DFSA) is used for eligible dependent care
                                                                        photo of the receipt and you’re done.
  expenses. These include expenses for child
  (up to age 13) or adult day care, preschool and                     • R
                                                                         eal-time account balances, account alerts
  after-school programs.                                                and other information is also available online
                                                                        at www.payflex.com. In addition, you can check
Tax Advantages                                                          your FSA balance and log in to PayFlex directly
                                                                        from www.aetna.com.
When you enroll in an FSA, you will set an annual
contribution amount for the coming year. This
                                                                      Annual HFSA Carryover and
amount will be divided into equal amounts and
                                                                      DFSA “Use It or Lose It” Rule
deducted from your biweekly pay before taxes
are withheld — reducing your taxable income and                       You may carry over up to $500 of unused HFSA
what you pay in taxes.                                                contributions into the next plan year. This money will
                                                                      be available for eligible health care expenses in addition
HFSA Basics                                                           to your regular contributions. Any amounts remaining in
                                                                      your HFSA exceeding $500 will be forfeited.
Minimum Annual Contribution = $200
                                                                      The $500 carryover rule does not apply to DFSA.
Maximum Annual Contribution = $2,600
                                                                      However, there is a grace period provision that
Annual election amount is available the first day of the plan year.   allows you to spend down unused DFSA dollars
DFSA Basics                                                           until March 15th of the following calendar year. After
                                                                      that, DFSA monies remaining in your account will be
Minimum Annual Contribution = $200
                                                                      forfeited. You have until April 30th to file your claims.
Maximum Annual Contribution = $5,000
                                                                      Before you enroll, evaluate your health care and/
Contributions must be in your DFSA before you can be                  or dependent care expenses for the coming year.
reimbursed for your eligible expenses.
                                                                      Find Full Details on FSAs Online
HFSA Features
                                                                      Visit the DoD NAF Benefits website at
If you enrolled in an HFSA, you will receive a debit                  www.nafhealthplans.com or PayFlex at
card “loaded” with the full amount you have elected                   www.payflex.com to learn more about FSAs.
to contribute to your FSA account during the current
                                                                      You can also manage your FSA on the go with the
plan year. This debit card has the following features
                                                                      PayFlex Mobile app. Use this free app to access your
and benefits:
                                                                      account, check on your claims, view transaction
• Works
      just like a credit card for authorized                        details and more. Look for it in your app store and
  expenses.                                                           download it for access from almost anywhere.
• S
   ome expenses paid with the debit card will require
  substantiation (i.e., send receipt/Explanation of                   If you want to participate in one or both FSA(s) for
  Benefits to PayFlex®) to verify that the purchase/                  2018, you must take action during Open Enrollment
  service was for an authorized HFSA expense.                         (November 6 – December 1, 2017). Current FSA
• N
   o substantiation needed for medical plan copays,                  elections do not automatically renew year to year.
  or Rxs purchased at an IIAS certified merchant.                     Contact your local HR representative to enroll or
  A complete list of IIAS certified merchants can be                  re-enroll.
  viewed at www.payflex.com.

Aetna Navigator at www.aetna.com                        Maximum Allowable Amount
Aetna Navigator is your secure member website           These are standard prices for certain outpatient
where you can take care of benefits related tasks,      services. These price limits apply to facility costs
locate in-network providers, view your Explanation      for procedures that include colonoscopies and
of Benefits (EOB), look up costs of procedures and      endoscopies, CT scans and MRIs, hernia surgeries,
prescription costs, and much more. To use Aetna         tonsillectomies, cataract surgeries and others. When
Navigator, log in or register at www.aetna.com and      you have one of these procedures, the plan pays up
click “Log In/ Register.”                               to the maximum allowable amount toward facility
For health on the go, download the free Aetna           costs for the service. You pay any facility costs
mobile app to be able to access the best features       above this amount.
of Aetna Navigator from your mobile device. To          These procedures show little to no variation in quality
download the app, text Apps to 23862 or visit           regardless of where the procedure is performed. But
www.aetna.com/mobile.                                   there can be a wide variation in cost, so your plan
                                                        will only pay covered expenses up to a maximum
Find network providers online                           allowable amount.
To locate doctors, hospitals, specialists, dentists     Contact Aetna Member Services at 1-800-367-6276
and pharmacies who participate in Aetna’s network,      for more information about these procedures. To see
use DocFind, Aetna’s online provider directory.         a list of outpatient procedures and their maximum
To access DocFind:                                      allowable amounts, log in at www.aetna.com > See
Go to www.aetna.com > Find Care.                        Coverage & Costs > Financial Overview > Medical
                                                        balances & limits. Then, scroll to the bottom to see
Enjoy the convenience of Teladoc                        the page for the Maximum Allowable Amount chart.
Teladoc gives you access to U.S. board-certified
doctors and pediatricians over the phone or video         To minimize your out-of-pocket costs, use
chat for just a $10 copay. You and your covered           facilities that charge at or below the maximum
family members can use Teladoc to get treatment           allowable amount.
for non-urgent medical issues such as ear infections,
bronchitis, respiratory infections and more. Register
with Teladoc today so you’re ready when you need
care. Call 1-800-Teladoc (1-800-835-2362) or visit
Teladoc is not available in all states and overseas.


If you are a regular full-time associate, you are eligible   Long-Term Disability (LTD)
for disability benefits to help replace lost income when
                                                             You are eligible to enroll in LTD within 31 days of
you are not able to work because of a disabling
                                                             your employment or attainment of regular full-time
illness or injury. There are two types of disability
                                                             status. If you enroll within this 31-day period, you
insurance available to you:
                                                             don’t need to provide medical evidence to join the
                                                             plan. You must be actively at work on the effective
Short-Term Disability (STD)                                  date of coverage or be in an approved leave status
STD is provided at no cost immediately upon your             for reasons other than disability to be eligible
employment or attainment of regular full-time                for LTD benefits. Otherwise, coverage begins on
employment status. STD benefits start two months             the first day you return to work. You pay for LTD
after you become disabled or once you have used              insurance according to your biweekly earnings.
up sick leave, whichever happens later. To receive           LTD pays benefits when your disability lasts longer
benefits, you must be unable to perform the duties           than the period covered by STD. After 24 months
of your occupation. STD benefits are integrated              of combined STD and LTD benefits, you must be
with your sick leave benefit. If you have 4 months           unable to perform the duties of any occupation
or more sick leave in your account, no separate STD          you are qualified for through training, education or
benefits will be paid.                                       experience, in order to continue receiving benefits.
The chart below shows how benefits are paid:                 Your benefits are reduced by any Social Security
                                                             benefits and NEXCOM Retirement Plan benefits*
Benefit Waiting Period    Two months or exhaustion of sick
                          leave, whichever is later
                                                             you may be receiving.

Benefit Amount            60% of basic monthly earnings      The chart below shows how benefits are paid:
Benefit Duration          Four months                        Benefits Begin        Seventh month of disability
                                                             Benefit Amount        60% of basic monthly earnings
Cost                      $0
                                                             Benefit Duration      Up to age 65 if disabled prior to age 62.
                                                                                   If disabled after age 62, benefits are paid
                                                                                   for a reduced period of time.

                                                             Cost                  $0.209 per $100 of biweekly earnings
                                                                                   (e.g., $1,000 biweekly: 10 x $0.209 =
                                                                                   $2.09 per pay period)

                                                             *Applies only to associates age 62 or older. If 62 or younger,
                                                             you must make a decision to keep LTD benefits or retire.


 Three Life Insurance plans are available to help you           Optional Group Life and Accidental Death
 protect your family’s financial security.                      & Dismemberment Insurance (OGL)
                                                                For full-time and part-time associates
 Basic Group Life and Accidental Death &
 Dismemberment Insurance (BGL)                                  OGL insurance pays a benefit based on your annual
                                                                earnings. You have 31 days from your date of hire or
 For full-time associates only
                                                                the day you become eligible to join OGL without
 BGL insurance pays a benefit based on your annual              providing medical evidence of good health.
 earnings. You have 31 days from your date of hire
                                                                Note: Regular full-time associates must enroll in BGL
 or the day you become eligible to join BGL without
                                                                to enroll in OGL.
 providing medical evidence of good health.
                                                                You may elect OGL coverage equal to 1, 2 or 3 times
 Your BGL benefit is equal to one times your basic
                                                                your basic annual earnings rounded to the next higher
 annual earnings rounded to the next $1,000 plus
                                                                $1,000. The cost of coverage is based on your age,
 $2,000. Here’s an example of how the cost for
                                                                and increases in five-year increments, as shown below:
 coverage is determined:

     If basic annual earnings are $25,500:                      Cost per $1,000 Coverage
     BGL benefit = $26,000 + $2,000 = $28,000
                                                                under age 25                         $0.032
     Cost   $0.05 per $1,000 of coverage
                                                                25 – 29                              $0.037
            $0.05 x $28 (per thousand) = $1.40 per pay period
                                                                30 – 34                              $0.046

 Biennial Enrollment Period Life Insurance                      35 – 39                              $0.051

 Coverage                                                       40 – 44                              $0.072
 If you do not enroll in Life Insurance plans when              45 – 49                              $0.106
 you first become eligible, you may apply during any
                                                                50 – 54                              $0.157
 Biennial Enrollment period. The Biennial Enrollment
 period is held in November every two years (always             55 – 59                              $0.268
 an odd-numbered year). The Biennial Enrollment                 60 – 64                              $0.360
 period is November 6 - December 1, 2017. If you do
 not enroll during this time, you will not be able to           65 – 69                              $0.595

 enroll until November 2019. Enrollment during this             70+                                  $0.960
 period requires medical evidence of good health,
 and is subject to approval by the insurance carrier.
                                                                John is 40 years old and his basic     Rounded up to the next
                                                                annual earnings = $25,500.             thousand = $26,000.

                                                                He elected OGL 2 x earnings

                                                                $26 (per thousand) x $0.072 x 2 (2 times his benefit)
                                                                = $3.744 per pay period


Dependent Life Insurance                                        At Retirement
For full-time associates enrolled in BGL                        If you are enrolled in BGL or OGL insurance at
Dependent Life Insurance lets you cover your spouse             retirement and have participated for 15 or more years,
and unmarried dependent children up to the age                  coverage will be continued at no cost when you retire.
of 26. There are three benefit options, and the cost            After retirement, your BGL coverage will be reduced
is based on your age. You have 31 days from your                by 25% at ages 66, 67 and 68. Your OGL coverage will
date of hire, the day you become eligible to elect              be reduced to 25% of your preretirement benefit upon
Dependent Life Insurance or the day you acquire                 your retirement. You may not carry Dependent Life
dependents without providing medical evidence —                 Insurance into retirement. You have the opportunity
whichever comes later.                                          to convert to an individual policy.

You have three coverage options, as shown below:                About Beneficiary Designation
                Spouse           Children      Children         When you enroll in BGL or OGL insurance, you
                                 under 1       between          must choose a beneficiary. This is the person to
                                               1 and 26*
                                                                whom benefits are paid in the event of your death.
Option 1        $5,000           $1,000        $2,500           Remember, it is your responsibility to update
Option 2        $10,000          $2,500        $5,000           your beneficiary choices taking into consideration
Option 3        $20,000          $2,500        $5,000           certain life events, such as marriage, divorce, birth
                                                                or adoption of children, or the death of a named
*Dependent children are covered up to age 26. You must ensure   beneficiary.
your dependents are removed from coverage when they are no
longer eligible.                                                Beneficiary designation is also required for the
                                                                Pension Plan and 401(k) Plan, described on page 13.
Your biweekly cost is based on your coverage option
and your age:

Cost            Option 1         Option 2       Option 3

Under age 35    $0.28            $0.56          $0.78
35 – 39         $0.34            $0.68          $1.02
40 – 44         $0.46            $0.92          $1.50
45 – 49         $0.58            $1.16          $1.98
50 – 54         $0.74            $1.48          $2.62
55 – 59         $1.22            $2.44          $4.54
60 – 64         $1.68            $3.36          $6.38
65 – 69         $1.83            $3.66          $6.98
70+             $4.27            $8.54          $16.74


 Option 2 x age 40 = $0.92 per pay period

  Important! Associates must remove dependents
  who are no longer eligible. Associates have the
  opportunity to convert their Dependent Life
  Insurance coverage to an individual policy at
  the time of termination.


      Long Term Care Resource Center                              Employee Assistance Program
      NEXCOM’s Long Term Care Resource Center is                  NEXCOM offers a comprehensive Employee
      available to all NEXCOM associates, spouses and             Assistance Program (EAP) to all associates, spouses,
      extended family members. The NEXCOM LTC                     and household members. The program is provided
      Resource Center, offered by ACSIA Partners, is              through Magellan Health Services, a leading EAP
      available to help you with your group long term care        services provider.
      policy questions, rate increase information, direction on   The EAP provides confidential counseling and referral
      claims submissions, provide free care giving resources      services to assist associates in coping with personal,
      and more. Go to www.nexcomltccenter.com or call             emotional, family and financial issues. The program
      LTC Resource Center at 1-877-736-5086, Monday –             is offered at no cost to NEXCOM associates and
      Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST.                          dependents. Through the EAP, NEXCOM associates
                                                                  and their household members may receive up to
      CNA Insurance LTC Policy Holders                            three counseling sessions “per incident” at no charge.
      Under the CNA Insurance contract, your coverage             Assistance is provided for the following:
      cannot be cancelled provided premiums are paid.
                                                                  • Grief or bereavement
      However, the carrier can file for premium increases.
      In 2016, CNA Insurance applied for premium increases        • Marital and family problems
      in all 50 states due to poor economic marketplace           • Emotional issues
      conditions. Increases were approved in some states          • Coping with change & burnout
      and are pending in others. Take advantage of the
      Long Term Care Resource Center to learn about               • Substance abuse
      your options.                                               • L
                                                                     imited legal and financial counseling services are
                                                                    also available.
      Federal Long Term Care Insurance                            EAP services are confidential and counseling is
      Program (FLTCIP)                                            provided by professional, licensed clinicians. Services
      New coverage can be obtained by applying through            are available 24/7/365, by telephone, Internet or
      the Federal Long Term Care Program. Approval                face-to-face.
      for this coverage is based on age and medical
                                                                  CONUS and Hawaii Associates
      underwriting at the time of application and is not
      a guarantee of approval. This plan is subject to            To schedule an EAP consultation or to get more
      premium increases. You can apply for coverage               information on the services available call 1-800-424-5988
      at www.ltcfeds.com or by calling 1-800-LTC-FEDS             or go to www.magellanassist.com/nexcom. At the login
      (1-800-582-3337) TTY 1-800-843-3557.                        screen click on “New/unregistered user” and enter the
                                                                  phone number 1-800-424-5988.
                                                                  Associates in Guam and Foreign Countries
                                                                  To receive EAP services, visit magellanhealth.com/global.
                                                                  Enter “nexcom” (case sensitive) for the Company Code,
                                                                  then choose your language and click “Login.” See the
                                                                  links above under “Overseas EAP Info” for toll-free and
                                                                  reverse-charge calling information.


The NEXCOM Retirement Plan (Pension)                            Example
Newly hired regular full-time and part-time associates           Savings and employer match
are automatically enrolled in the Retirement Pension Plan.
                                                                 Your biweekly earnings                      $1,000
After reaching your first anniversary, you will receive
one year of credited service. If you are not currently           Your contributions of 6%                    $60
participating and are a regular full-time or part-time
associate and have one or more years of cumulative               Employer contribution of 3%                 $30
regular service (including breaks in service), you may           Total biweekly contribution                 $90
enroll at any time and receive credited service for your
time in the plan. The cost of the plan is 1% of your biweekly   A beneficiary designation is required for the Pension
pensionable earnings. To learn more, go to the NEXCOM           Plan and 401(k) plan. See page 11 for details.
HUB > Benefits > Retirement > Retirement/Pension Plan
and click on NEXCOM Retirement Plan Booklet.                    Will Preparation, Funeral Planning, Estate
                                                                Resolution Services and Digital Storage
You will be vested in NEXCOM’s contributions to the
plan (you own them) after five years of regular service.        If you participate in NEXCOM’s Life Insurance Plans
You can start receiving full benefits at age 62 (or 52,         (Basic or Optional), you have access to a full suite of
in a reduced amount), if you meet the years-of-service          end of life planning services, at no cost, to include:
requirements. If you retire with an immediate annuity,          • W
                                                                   ill Preparation: wills for you and your spouse,
benefits may be increased by cost-of-living adjustments.          Power-of-Attorney and medical directives
Survivor benefits are also available.                           • E
                                                                   state Resolution Services: services provided to the
Calculate a retirement plan estimate at the NEXCOM                executor of your estate to assist with settling your
HUB > Code H > Retirement > Pension Plan Calculator               estate including: consultations to discuss probating
(Normal Retirement). Give it a whirl!                             your estate; preparation of documents and
                                                                  representation at probate-related court hearings;
The NEXCOM 401(k) Plan                                            correspondence necessary to transfer nonprobate
You are eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan at             assets to heirs; and related tax filings.
the time you are hired or attain regular full or part-           or Will Preparation and Estate Resolution Services,
time employment status. You may enroll anytime.                 contact Hyatt Legal Services at 1-800-821-6400, Monday
You can make pretax contributions of up to 90% of               – Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Provide the client representative
your compensation, subject to IRS limits. When you              with NEXCOM’s Group Number — 109800.
contribute to the plan, your federal, state and Social
                                                                • D
                                                                   igital Storage: MetLife Infinity is a resource that can
Security taxes are lower.
                                                                  help you create a digital legacy for beneficiaries, estate
For every 1% you contribute up to 6%, NEXCOM matches              administrators and others. Capture and securely store
half of your contributions. You are 100% vested in                photos, videos, audio files and important documents
NEXCOM’s match after you’ve been in the plan for three            as a collection in one online location. You can access
years. To grow your retirement savings, you have a                MetLife Infinity at www.metlifeinfinity.com. It is also
choice of 26 investment funds and a brokerage account.            available as a mobile app.
There are three ways to join:                                   • F
                                                                   uneral Planning Guide: This will allow you to
1. EZ Join Form — paper enrollment                                document your funeral preferences and provide
2. Quick Join — go online at www.prudential.com/                 other key information for your survivors. You can
   Quick Join                                                     find this guide on the NEXCOM HUB under the
3. Traditional Method — select your own funds.                    Code H > End of Life Planning Services Program.
If you enroll using EZ Join form or Quick Join, your
contributions will be invested in your age-appropriate
                                                                  Experts say you will need 70% to 80% of your
Day One Fund.                                                     current annual income to maintain your current
                                                                  standard of living in retirement. Social Security
  Visit www.prudential.com/NEXCOM to learn                        only provides 40% of what you will need. Start
  more about your 401(k), access planning tools                   building your retirement nest egg now.
  and log in to your personal Prudential account.                                                                              13
The chart below shows telephone numbers and websites for the companies and organizations that
administer your benefits on behalf of NEXCOM.

 Benefit Plan                                Insurance Carrier/ Point of Contact              Internet Address/ NEXWEB
                                                                                              Code H Intranet Location
 Medical/Dental (CONUS)                     Aetna Member Services                             www.aetna.com and
                                            1-800-367-6276                                    www.nafhealthplans.com
                                            Aetna International Member Services               www.aetnainternational.com
                                            1-888-506-2278 (outside the USA, via AT&T +
                                            access code)
                                            Teladoc                                           www.teladoc.com
                                            24-Hour Nurse Line
 Medical Plan HMOs                          Optima Health Plan                                www.optimahealth.com
                                            1-800-394-2237, weekends and holidays
                                            Kaiser Washington Options                         www.ghc.org
                                            Kaiser Hawaii                                     www.kaiserpermanente.org
                                            HMSA Hawaii                                       www.hmsa.com
                                            Kaiser California                                 www.kaiserpermanente.org
                                            Kaiser Mid-Atlantic                               www.kaiserpermanente.org
                                            Take Care Asia                                    www.takecareasia.com
 Stand Alone Dental                         Aetna Member Services                             www.nafhealthplans.com
 Flexible Savings Account                   Aetna FSA Member Services                         www.payflex.com
 (HFSA/DFSA)                                1-800-416-7053                                    www.nafhealthplans.com

 Short and Long Term Disability             MetLife Customer Service                          Code H > Benefits > Disability Insurance
                                            Group Insurance Examiner
 Long Term Care (CNA)                       1-800-262-4580 (non-claim)                        N/A
 Closed to new enrollments                  1-866-308-0278 (claims)
                                            1-877-736-5086 (Resource Center)                  www.nexcomltccenter.com
 Federal Long Term Care                     1-800-LTC-FEDS (1-800-582-3337)                   www.ltcfeds.com
 Insurance Program (FLTCIP)                 TTY 1-800-843-3557

 Life Insurance Plans                                                                         Code H > Benefits > Life Insurance
 • Basic Group                              MetLife
 • Optional Group                           1-800-638-6420
 • Dependent Group
 NEXCOM Group Health                        Ms. Rosie Serrano                                 Roseann.Serrano@nexweb.org
 and Life Insurance Plans                   Group Insurance Manager, NEXCOM                   Code H > Benefits > Life Insurance
 Pension                                    Ms. Mary Holmes                                   Mary.L.Holmes@nexweb.org
                                            Retirement Plan & 401(k) Manager, NEXCOM          Code H > Benefits > Retirement
 401(k)                                     Prudential Retirement                             www.prudential.com/NEXCOM
 Will Preparation & Estate                  Hyatt Legal Services
 Resolution Services                        1-800-821-6400
                                            NEXCOM Group #109800
 Employee Assistance Program                Magellan Health                                   www.magellanhealth.com/member
 (EAP)                                      1-800-424-5988

This brochure highlights the key features of the NEXCOM Benefits Program, including the DoD NAF Health Benefits Program. It
does not attempt to cover all plan details, which are contained in the official Plan Documents and insurance contracts that govern
the various plans within the program. Please reference the Summary Plan Description (SPD), available for each plan, for a complete
description of benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions of coverage. Should there be any conflict in this brochure and the
provisions of the legal documents and contracts, the terms of those documents and contracts will control.
CCG DODNEXCOM-0018 (10/17) ©2017 Aetna Inc.
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