2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus

2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
Postgraduate Prospectus 2019-2021
Published by the University of Cyprus, Nicosia, August 2019

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Deputy Director International Relations Service
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2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
Rector's Message
                                                                   interactions and exchanges, while the Centres of Excellence
                                                                   established at the University of Cyprus attract talented
                                                                   young researchers from Cyprus and all over the globe.
                                                                   In 2019, the University of Cyprus established the “Evagoras”
                                                                   and “Praxandros” scholarships, which aim at supporting
                                                                   students already admitted to the Graduate School and,
                                                                   at the same time, attracting prospective talented
                                                                   postgraduate students. To boost its international profile,
                                                                   the University of Cyprus actively participates in the
                                                                   ERASMUS+ Plan Master Loan Programme. This particular
                                                                   programme aims at attracting postgraduate students who
                                                                   reside in any of the countries participating in the
                                                                   ERASMUS+ Programme, by giving them the opportunity to
                                                                   pursue their graduate studies at the University of Cyprus.
                                                                   Our overall aim is to promote student mobility, by bridging
                                                                   the financial gap that students face when they decide to
                                                                   pursue a Master’s degree abroad.
Postgraduate studies form an invaluable asset in one’s             At the University of Cyprus, students pursue their studies at
professional development and advancement. The                      a highly acclaimed academic institution, with international
development of expertise in a specific area is of vital            recognition and prospect. Through its commitment to
importance for the advancement of professionals, as well           research excellence, the University of Cyprus strives to offer
as for the empowerment of recent university graduates,             high quality programmes of study that can connect
who strive to join the labor force. In addition, postgraduate      students to the local and global labour market. By
studies are the first step in the pursuit of an academic career.   promoting student mobility and participation in multiple
In a constantly evolving and fiercely competitive environ-         professional development activities, the University of
ment, postgraduate studies are imperative. Acknowledging           Cyprus has demonstrated to local employers the talent and
the value and importance of a Master’s and a Doctoral              high quality of our graduates. A number of University
degree, the University of Cyprus offers highly acclaimed           of Cyprus postgraduate students are also employed at
postgraduate programmes in Greek and other foreign                 the University of Cyprus through multiple research
languages. It is worth noting that the University of Cyprus        programmes.
currently offers 60 postgraduate programmes (M.A., M.Sc.)          The modern facilities available, both on campus and in the
and 45 doctoral programmes, of which 30 are offered in a           Nicosia area, offer another strong incentive to students to
foreign language.                                                  pursue their postgraduate and doctoral studies at the
Committed to academic excellence, high quality teaching            University of Cyprus.
and research, the University of Cyprus offers a unique             Students, who opt to pursue their studies at the University
opportunity to students to develop expertise in a field of         of Cyprus, opt for a young dynamic academic institution.
study, to build new competencies and to experience the             Based on the Shanghai World University Ranking (ARWU),
interconnection between education, research and                    the University of Cyprus is the only academic institution in
innovation. Through the multiple initiatives of the various        Cyprus that ranks among the top leading 601-700 academic
schools and departments and specialized research and               institutions worldwide. Further, according to the Times
development centres, such as the Centre of Entrepreneur-           Higher Education World University Rankings, the University
ship, postgraduate students at the University of Cyprus            of Cyprus ranks among the top 351- 400 universities.
learn how to learn, enrich their knowledge and develop a
deep understanding of social transformation and its                This edition includes all the necessary information on the
demands.                                                           graduate programmes offered at the University of Cyprus.
                                                                   It is a useful guide for making a well-informed decision.
The University of Cyprus Graduate School is the central
point of contact and communication, while at the same
time it contributes to establishing contacts with leading          Yours sincerely,
academic institutions worldwide. Internationalisation is a
strategic objective of the University of Cyprus since, through
international collaboration and the attraction of excellent
international university students, we boost the education
and research profile of our academic institution. Instituto
Cervantes, the Confucius Institute at the University of            Professor Tasos Christofides,
Cyprus and the Language Centre promote multicultural               Rector

2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
                          Rector’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
                          General Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
                          Postgraduate Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

                         • Department of Accounting and Finance ........................................................30
FACULTY OF ECONOMICS     • Department of Business and Public Administration ..................................38
AND MANAGEMENT           • Department of Economics ................................................................................48
                         • Joint Degree Programmes..................................................................................58

                         • Department of Architecture ..............................................................................68
                         • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering ................................74
FACULTY OF ENGINEERING   • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ................................88
                         • Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering ................100
                         • Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme Energy Technologies
                           and Sustainable Design (IPP-ETSD) ..............................................................110

GRADUATE SCHOOL          • General Information ........................................................................................119

                         • Department of English Studies ......................................................................122
FACULTY OF HUMANITIES    • Department of French and European Studies ............................................126
                         • Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies ................................136

                         • Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies ............................146
                         • Department of Classics and Philosophy ......................................................150
FACULTY OF LETTERS       • Department of History and Archaeology ....................................................154
                         • Interdepartmental Programme in Byzantine Studies ..............................166

MEDICAL SCHOOL           • General Information ........................................................................................177

                         • Department of Biological Sciences ..............................................................180
                         • Department of Chemistry ................................................................................194
FACULTY OF PURE          • Department of Computer Science ................................................................204
AND APPLIED SCIENCES     • Department of Mathematics and Statistics ................................................212
                         • Department of Physics......................................................................................222

                         • Department of Education ................................................................................230
FACULTY OF SOCIAL        • Department of Law............................................................................................276
SCIENCES AND EDUCATION   • Department of Psychology ..............................................................................280
                         • Department of Social and Political Sciences ..............................................304

                         • Academic Calendar ............................................................................................312
APPENDICES               • Maps ......................................................................................................................312
                         • Telephone and Fax Directory ..........................................................................314
2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
  Postgraduate Prospectus 2019-2021
2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
General Information

    The University of Cyprus was founded in 1989 as the first pubic university of the country, and admitted
    its first students in 1992.
    The University of Cyprus (UCY) aims to establish itself as a pioneer research institution achieving
    international scientific recognition in European Higher Education, offering competitive programmes
    of study, as well as becoming a centre of excellence in the wider Euro-Mediterranean Region. The
    main objectives of the University are twofold: the promotion of scholarship and education through
    teaching and research and the enhancement of the cultural, social and economic development of
    In this context, the University believes that education must provide more than simple accumulation
    of knowledge. It must also encourage students' active participation in the process of learning and
    acquisition of those values necessary for responsible involvement in the community. Research is
    promoted and funded in all departments, for its contribution to scholarship in general and for its
    local and international applications.
    The University is a vigorous community of scholars engaged in the generation and diffusion of
    knowledge. Despite its brief history, the University of Cyprus has earned the respect of the
    international academic community and the appreciation of the Cypriot society.
    UCY Facts and Figures
    • Τhe first University to be established in Cyprus
    • Established in 1989 and accepted its first students in 1992
    • Based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus
    • It has around 7000 students
    • It has 8 faculties, 22 departments and 12 research units
    • Offers 118 programme titles at both Master’s and Ph.D. levels
    • Implements the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and awards the Diploma
      Supplement with a DS Label
    UCY Rankings
    • 2017–UCY ranked #151-200 in education & training by
    • 2017–UCY ranked 228th by UI GreenMetric Ranking of World Universities 2016
      (Best 516 Green Universities Worldwide from 74 countries)
    • 2017–UCY ranked 696th by Webometrics/Ranking Web of Universities
      (Best 1.000 Universities Worldwide for 2016)
    • 2017–UCY Department of Accounting and Finance ranked 187th by Brigham Young University
      (Amongst 1093 Universities Worldwide for 2016)
    • 2017–UCY ranked 52nd by Times Higher Education World University Rankings
      (Top 200 World Universities Under 50 years old for THE Young University Rankings list)
    • 2019–UCY ranked among 350-400 universities worldwide by Times Higher Education
      World University Rankings

2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
Main Objectives                                                The following Research Centres/Units operate at the
The main objectives of the University of Cyprus are            University:
twofold: the promotion of scholarship and education            • Archaeological Research Unit
through teaching and research, and the enhancement of          • Centre for Applied Neuroscience
the cultural, social and economic development of Cyprus.
                                                               • Centre for Banking and Financial Research
In this context, the University believes that education
must provide more than the simple accummulation of             • Centre for Gender Studies
knowledge. It must also encourage students’ active             • Centre of Modern Greek Studies
participation in the process of learning, as well as the       • Centre for Field Studies (UCFS)
acquisition of those values and life skills necessary for      • Economics Research Centre
responsible and active involvement in the society. At the
                                                               • EMPHASIS Research Centre
same time, the University sets high standards, through
the research programmes of its departments, aiming for         • International Water Research Institute “NIREAS”
the foundation and growth of all branches of scholarship       • KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence
and their dynamic utilization both at a local and an           • Language Centre
international level.                                           • Modern Greek Studies Research Centre
                                                               • Molecular Medicine Research Centre
Research Activity
                                                               • Oceanography Centre
Original research is one of the primary activities of the
                                                               • Research Centre for Sustainable Energy-FOSS
academic staff. Undergraduate and postgraduate
students, as well as research assistants may be involved       • University of Cyprus Centre for Field Studies
in the research process.
                                                               The Academic Staff
The research programmes of the University of Cyprus            The academic staff comprises of Cypriots, Greeks and
cover a wide range of topics in accordance to the already      international scholars that have been distinguished in
existing specializations. Some of them are funded by           remarkable universities of Europe, the USA and other
European frame programmes (such as the HORIZON                 parts of the world.
2020, incl. ERC and Μarie Sklodowska-Curie Actions,
ERASMUS+, INTERREG, LIFE, COST, EEA GRANTS) and                Governing Bodies
others by national competitive programmes (for example,
the A. G. Leventis Foundation and the Research Promo-          The University is a public corporate body governed by its
tion Foundation), which fund the majority of external          Council, that is responsible for the management of the
research programmes. For the success of its academics in       administrative and the financial affairs of the University,
research and innovation, the University of Cyprus has          as well as the Senate, that is the highest academic body
been nominated with international awards in various            of the University. The Faculties and Departments are
domains and, based on international evaluations, it is         administered by Boards; each Faculty is headed by a Dean
placed in extremely honourable positions world-wide.           and each Department is headed by a Chairperson (see
                                                               relevant Appendix).
The University is a member of a number of international
university associations and networks. It also cooperates,      Administrative Services
through inter-state and inter-university agreements, with
                                                               The Administration is composed of the following
universities and research centres in Europe and
internationally, for the promotion of science, scholarly
research and exchange of information. The University,          • Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service
within the framework of its social contribution,               • Financial Services
cooperates with various institutions in Cyprus on research
                                                               • Human Resources Services
projects that are specifically aimed at the needs of local
industry and the economy in general.                           • Information Applications Service
                                                               • International Relations Service
Research Centres/Units                                         • IT Infrastructure Service
A number of research centres and units operate at the          • Library
University of Cyprus as independent, non-profit                • Research Support Service
organizations committed on conducting rigorous and             • Technical Services
innovative research. The research centres and units aim
                                                               Administrative Services provide the infrastructure and
at developing research at a local, European and
                                                               support required for the implementation of the University
international level in their specific scientific fields and
                                                               Council’s and the Senate’s decisions and policies.
attract a large number of research projects funded by
research promotion organizations locally and abroad.           The head of the Administrative Services is the Director of
Research projects that apply directly to Cyprus are            Administration and Finance, a non-voting member of the
considered as particularly important, as they make a           University Council and the Senate. Ηe is responsible for
significant contribution to Cypriot society, specifically in   the implementation of the University’s development
the sectors of economy, industry and culture.                  plans, as well as the organization, coordination and

2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
development of the administration of the University,              LIBRARY
    ensuring effective and productive operations. He also
                                                                      The mission of the University of Cyprus Library is to support
    advises the Council on matters within his jurisdiction,
                                                                      the University's goals by providing high-quality scientific
    including financing, budgeting, personnel, external
                                                                      information in all its pursuits to achieve its strategic
    affairs, student affairs, facilities, etc.
                                                                      objectives in research, teaching, knowledge dissemination
                                                                      and contribution to society.
    The University is currently housed mainly at the
    University Campus, as well as at the Old Campus. The              Premises
    historic buildings of the Old Campus (former Pedagogical          In December 2018, the Library relocated to its new
    Academy of Cyprus) were fully renovated, while retaining          premises, the Learning Resource Centre – "Stelios
    their initial architectural style and are still being used. On    Ioannou" Library in the University Campus, where it
    this Campus, two additional buildings were constructed:           gathered all its material and services from five distinct
    The New Wing (Building E) and Wing B (Building B). The            locations. The Learning Resource Centre – "Stelios
    University owns or rents other buildings in Nicosia in            Ioannou" Library was named in memory of the husband
    order to cover its housing needs, until the full completion       of late Ellie Ioannou, who made the donation, and it was
    of the new Campus (see relevant Appendix).                        designed by the internationally acclaimed French
                                                                      architect Jean Nouvel. The building houses all Library
    The Campus Development Office was established to
                                                                      functions, services and collections, which spread to five
    supervise the project of the University Campus and it is
                                                                      levels combining stacks, reading rooms, work stations,
    responsible for its management, coordination and
                                                                      study areas, a 24-hour reading area, as well as a children's
    development. Architectural competitions ensure that the
                                                                      library in a dedicated, specially designed area. The
    University secures the best innovative ideas, designs and
                                                                      building has 950 seats for studying in all levels, including
    construction management for the various buildings on
                                                                      31 four-seat and six-seat group study rooms.
    the New Campus. Upon completion, the University
    Campus will accommodate a total of 10.000 students.               The 24-hour reading area is located on the ground floor
    Specifically the following projects were completed in             and it is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    chronologically order: the basic infrastructure of the            The only Library brunch that remains is the non-lending
    University Campus, the Services and Stores Buildings,             collection of the Archaeological Research Unit, located at
    Student Residences (Phase 1a), the Faculty of Pure and            12 Gladstonos Street, Nicosia.
    Applied Sciences, the Common Teaching Facilities I, the
    University House “Anastasios G. Leventis”, which houses           Information Sources
    the management and most of the administrative services
    of the University, the Sports Centre, the Faculty of              The Library has information sources in both print or other
    Economics and Management, the Common Teaching                     physical form (e.g. audiovisual material) and electronic
    Facilities II, as well as the Social Facilities Centre, and the   form. Access to online resources is provided through paid
    Learning Resource Centre "Stelios Ioannou", one of the            subscriptions, either through the Library's participation
    most significant achievements of the developmental plan           the Cypriot Libraries Consortium or through individual
    designed by the renowned architect Jean Nouvel.                   purchases. The Library also provides access information
                                                                      sources that are available for free on the World Wide Web.
    The construction of the building of the Faculty of                All Library material is searchable through its catalogues
    Engineering is in process, as well as the renovation and the      that are accessible from its website (http://library.
    energy and anti-seismic upgrading of the Central Campus.          ucy.ac.cy/), while access to online content (e-books, e-
    Meanwhile, the design of the facilities of the Department         journals, databases, etc.) is given to users connected to
    of Biological Sciences and Common Teaching Facilities III         the University network.
    is well underway. In addition, the design of the new
    Medical School building premises on Campus is under               The Library collection includes:
    Construction works concerning the renovation of the
                                                                      Approximately 380.000 volumes of print books,
    Shacoleio Educational Centre for Clinical Medicine, where
                                                                      organized according to the Library of Congress
    the Medical School is temporarily accommodated, were
                                                                      classification system, all searchable through the online
    completed, as well as the construction and operation of
                                                                      Library catalogue.
    the "PHAETHON" Photovoltaic Park. An international
    competition is expected to be launched concerning the             Electronic Books
    design and construction of “APOLLO” Photovoltaic Park
    (10MW), so that the University will become a net-zero             480.000 electronic books, accessible from the Library
    energy institution depending solely on clean green                website.
    energy.                                                           Databases
                                                                      320 databases, including bibliographic databases,
                                                                      databanks, statistical and financial databases, full-text
                                                                      collections, etc., 180 of which are current subscriptions,

2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
while the rest are either non-current subscriptions or          staff and the School for the Blind, the Library converts,
databases freely available on the Web.                          upon request, class material to digital or large-font form
                                                                in order to facilitate the study for users who are visually
Print Journals                                                  impaired.
7.170 titles of print journals, both in Greek and in other
                                                                As of 2005 the Library is member of DAISY Book
languages, both current and non-current, searchable
through the Library catalogue.

Online Journals                                                 Research Support
30.000 titles of online journals accessed through the           Information Literacy
Library website.                                                The Library offers instructional seminars to all academic
                                                                community, aiming to familiarize students and academic
Digital Collections                                             staff with the services provided and to contribute to the
These include digitized archives material (print, audio,        upgrading of information literacy through the
photographic, video) and aim to preserve rare material          development of skills relating to searching, locating,
and render it accessible to all academic community              processing and assessing authoritative scientific sources.
members, as well as to the broader society. They are
accessible through the Library website.                         Bibliographic management tools
                                                                (RefWorks, etc.)
Reference Material Collection
                                                                Tools for the management of bibliographic references are
Beyond the online reference collections, the Library also       available through the Library website. They allow users
provides print reference material (encyclopedias,               to directly import to a personal database bibliographic
dictionaries, etc.) for use within the Library. This material   references from online databases and websites, to create
is located on the ground floor and is searchable through        and organize their bibliographies, to format their
the Library catalogue.                                          bibliographic references (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago Manual
                                                                of Style), as well as to add bibliographies to academic
Audiovisual Material Collection
                                                                essays, articles, papers, etc.
Includes CDs, DVDs, maps, audio cassettes, microfilm,
microfiche, etc., as well as the appropriate equipment for      Ask a Librarian
educational and research use of this material. Its
searchable through the Library catalogue.                       The service is provided through the Library website and
                                                                is open to both the University of Cyprus academic
User Services                                                   community as well as to external users.

Library Use                                                     The service is accessible via the Library website and is
                                                                available to the UCY academic community and external
All members of the University of Cyprus (students,              users.
academic, research and administration staff) can use the
Library, as well as registered external members.                • Through ΑskLive
Circulation (Lending)                                           Users may submit brief and specific questions regarding
                                                                the Library collections, sources and services. Communica-
Manages the availability of print material to users:            tion between the user and the librarian is online, in real
checkouts, renewals, returns, reservations, recalls,            time, and the responses provided are short and
handling of questions regarding circulation, fines              documented. The service is available Monday to Friday,
management, etc. All University members may borrow              08:30-13:30, excluding holidays.
material upon presentation of their valid University card.
                                                                • Personal appointment with a Librarian
Inter-Library Loan Services                                     Users may arrange to meet personally with a Librarian for
Undertakes the provision of books, journal articles,            guidance regarding locating information, print and
conference proceedings, conference presentations, etc.          online, on their academic subject, using Library tools and
that are needed of research purposes of Library users and       services, as well as searching library catalogues,
which are not included in its collection. In order to           databases and other online sources. The service is
provide these, the Library collaborates with other libraries    available mainly to the academic community of the
in Cyprus, but most importantly with established inter-         University of Cyprus, but also to external users.
library loan networks. In this framework, the Library also
sends books and articles to other libraries in Cyprus and       European Documentation Centre (EDC)
abroad.                                                         The EDC was created in 2012, aiming to provide
                                                                information relating to the European Union, its legislation
Services to the Visually Impaired                               and its institutions. It is part of a network of 400 EDCs that
As of 2000 the Library operates a dedicated work station        have been created by the European Commission after
for visually impaired users. In collaboration with teaching     1960.

2019 2021 Postgraduate Prospectus - University of Cyprus
The EDC operates as part of the University of Cyprus          service is the Call Center, which provides callers with up-
     Library and is located on the ground floor. It is open to     to-date information on the University.
     the University community and to the broader public
     during Library hours.                                         Wireless Network
                                                                   Wireless network is available in almost all buildings of the
     The EDC collection includes print material and access to      University. It is used to support lectures, conferences,
     online sources regarding the European Union and its           seminars and many different events.
     policies, such as: official publications, annual reports,
     periodicals, statistical and financial databases,             Residential Halls - Network Services
     bibliographies, manuals, brochures, etc. Monographs and
                                                                   Network services are available in all rooms of the
     print journals have been incorporated to the Library's
                                                                   residential halls.
     general collection and can be search for through the
     online catalogue.                                             Multimedia and Videoconference
                                                                   Specialized video conference systems are available for
     IT INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICE                                     communication, tele collaboration and research as well
                                                                   as multimedia systems utilized for teaching and research
     Account Services                                              purposes. Audiovisual material production and manage-
     All students are entitled to a University Account             ment is also provided for e-learning, teaching and
     (username/ password), which will facilitate their access to   research and for audiovisual coverage of events.
     the various University systems such as email, labs, student
     registration system (Banner), Blackboard, remote access
     service (VPN), UCY wireless network (ucywifi), European       Phone support is available for all central services of the
     Universities wireless network (eduroam), etc.                 IT Infrastructure Service. Our goal is to offer efficient and
                                                                   knowledgeable support related to IT systems.
     Accounts can be set up online at: www.ucy.ac.cy/ register.
     All accounts include the tools needed for their               Remote Access Service (VPN)
     management (password change, forgotten password               This service allows authorized University users secure
     change through answering predefined questions,                access to the University’s intranet from wherever there
     forgotten username recovery).                                 are internet facilities. The user, therefore, has access to all
     Users will be authenticated once and can access the rest      University online resources (e.g. the library’s electronic
     of the resources, authenticated for the remainder of their    journals).
     use of a service.
                                                                   Data Security and Protection Service
     Email Communication & Collaboration Services                  The University network and core systems are monitored
     For every member of the University’s community, the           in order to detect anomalies and prevent security risks
     University offers a personal electronic mail box and email    and malicious behavior. It also investigates all security
     address, as well as calendar services, contacts, tasks and    incidents.
     e-briefcase services, all with sharing capabilities. These
     services are made available to the community either via       Antivirus Service
     the web tool at www.ucy.ac.cy/itis or via locally installed   Antivirus protection is provided to all University-
     applications on the users’ personal computers. For the        connected computers and servers (e.g. labs).
     faculty and staff, these services are also available on
     mobile devices.                                               Antispam Service
                                                                   All emails directed to University addresses are scanned
     Electronic Storage and Tools Services                         prior to delivery. This is to ensure that the mail service
     Individual electronic space is available to students who      functions efficiently and to protect users from malicious
     wish to store data and/or create web pages. Unix tools        viruses. This service also helps reduce the number of
     are also available for teaching purposes.                     unsolicited messages (SPAM).

     Open Access PC Labs
     Labs and personal computers as well as printing facilities
                                                                   INFORMATION APPLICATION SERVICE
     are available for use by the University community. These      E-Learning
     are equipped with a wide variety of teaching software         Students who register for courses using the e-learning
     and are available for project work and teaching purposes.     system are able to access all course material using their
                                                                   personal accounts.
     Network Services
     High-speed network access to the internet and other           Educational Services
     network services are provided.                                At the beginning of the academic year, the Information
                                                                   Applications Service offers intensive educational seminars
     Telephony Integrated Services                                 on the use of web applications and the e-learning system.
     Integrated Services include telephony, electronic fax,        Interested students may register online at: www.ucy.ac.cy/
     softphone and voice mail. An important telephone              issrequests

E-University                                                   The University of Cyprus maintains close links with the
The E-University project aims at providing automated           Cypriots and Greeks of the Diaspora, and as a result it is
and qualitative services to the University academic            considered by the Global Forum on Migration and
community, exterior contracting institutions and the           Development as one of the key institutions that have an
wider society. These services are focused on the               active role on Diaspora issues.
qualitative support of research and teaching through           Every year an intensive learning and cultural programme
the use of information technology; in other words,             for the study of the Greek language is organized at the
to establish a functioning Electronic University (e-           University of Cyprus, which is intended for young Cypriots
University). This requires both the design of new              from Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK, South Africa and
processes and the adoption of a new working mentality.         Greece. The Programme, which is co-organized with
Users can access these services via the university portal      NEPOMAK, the Cyprus Youth Board and the School of
at: https://portal.ucy.ac.cy                                   Greek Language of the University, is financed by the
                                                               Republic of Cyprus. A delegation of teachers of the
                                                               Diaspora from the USA visit the University every July.
The University of Cyprus is an active member in more           Throughout the year, the University welcomes
than 50 university networks/associations worldwide,            delegations from institutions/organizations from the
both at international and departmental levels, including       international arena, diplomatic delegations of other
the European University Association (EUA), the                 countries to Cyprus, as well as Cypriot diplomats based
Association of Mediterranean Universities (UNIMED), the        abroad and student organizations of the Diaspora.
Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe            International relations play a crucial role in the promotion
(UNICA), the International Association of Universities         of the University of Cyprus, resulting in its good
(IAU), the Santander Group (SG), the Euro-Mediterranean        reputation internationally for the quality of both research
Universities Network TETHYS, the European Association          and teaching. For this reason, the University has been
of Erasmus Coordinators (EAEC), the European Inter-            chosen by the Headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in
University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization         Madrid for the establishment on its premises the Aula
and others.                                                    Cervantes in 2011. The Aula offers Spanish language
The University has also established close contacts with        classes to university students and to the public in general
numerous international organizations, including the            and it also organizes the DELE examinations in collabora-
European Commission, UNESCO and the Council of                 tion with the Instituto Cervantes.
Europe. This international cooperation, enhanced by the        Significant development was the establishment of the
academic staff is collaboration with universities and          Confucius Institute on the University’s premises (October
research institutions abroad, positions the University of      2014), which is the first to be established in Cyprus. The
Cyprus favourably in the international scholarly               Institute is a joint venture with the Office of Chinese
community.                                                     Language Council International (Hanban) and the Beijing
The University has also signed bilateral agreements of         Institute of Education. Its mission is to collaborate with
cooperation with more than 110 universities/research           the public and private sectors, both in Cyprus and in
institutions in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Asia,      China, so as to develop stronger educational, research,
USA, Canada and Africa. These agreements, facilitate           cultural and commercial links between the two countries
student and academic staff exchanges, joint research           by offering a large spectrum of programmes, events and
projects, conferences and exchange of teaching and             other activities.
research material. Additionally, the University offers 10      The University of Cyprus has been aiming at attracting
joint degree programmes (at Masters´ and Ph.D. levels) in      more international students. Τhe University of Cyprus has
collaboration with other European institutions (e.g. the       been aiming at attracting more international students.
University of Athens - Greece, Poitiers University - France,   There has been an increase in the number of international
Wageningen University - Netherlands, etc.). Moreover, the      students, due to the fact that more postgraduate
University of Cyprus has signed a number of Cotatelle          programmes of study are being offered in English and
agreements with institutions abroad.                           due to the basic infrastructure of the University of Cyprus
Student and staff mobility is a major tool of the              (www.ucy.ac.cy/periodicpublications-en).
internationalization strategy of the Institution. The          The University of Cyprus has been entitled by the London
University has been participating in the ERASMUS +             Times as one of the 200 "most international" universities
Programme since the academic year 1997/1998 and in             in the world for the year 2015-2016, due to its constantly
the ERASMUS+ International since 2015/2016. Exchanges          growing presence in the international arena.
can also take place within the framework of bilateral
agreements of cooperation.
                                                               LECTURES/CULTURAL ACTIVITIES
Organizing summer schools, with student participation
from abroad and in collaboration with academics from           The University of Cyprus organizes public lectures
partner institutions, contributes significantly in the         and other events with focus on issues of scholarly,
internationalization of the institution.                       scientific, cultural, as well as on topics of wider interest.
                                                               Furthermore, it organizes exhibitions, concerts, prize
                                                               awards and other activities open to the general public.

The Institution cooperates with many cultural organiza-         CULTURAL CENTRE
     tions, local authorities, and others to promote culture,
     both for the benefit of the academic community and the          The Cultural Centre of the University of Cyprus, which
     students, as well as for society at large. Examples are the     operates under the Faculty of Letters and is located at the
     contest of visual arts "Telemachos Kanthos" and the             Axiothea Mansion, in the historic centre of Nicosia, is an
     presentation in 2016 of the artistic creation called            internationally acknowledged institution that promotes
     ‘Immigrants’ made by students of the High School of St.         culture and the arts as part of academic education,
     Luke in Colossi, which projection was made at a European        celebrates cultural diversity, encourages the involvement
     level.                                                          of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as
                                                                     alumni of the University, in cultural and artistic activities,
     Furthermore, six Free Universities operate in cooperation       cherishes the millennial traditions of Cyprus and the
     with municipalities and other parties: The Zenonion Free        wider Euro-Mediterranean region, and fosters the
     University in cooperation with Larnaca Municipality, the        universal values of European civilization.
     Free University of Famagusta in Limassol in cooperation
     with the Municipality of Famagusta, the Ierokipeion Free        With its activities, the Cultural Centre pursues the twofold
     University in cooperation with the Municipality of              mission of adding a holistic perspective to traditional
     Yeroskipou, the Free University of Cypriot Diaspora in          academic education, and promoting Euro-Mediterranean
     London, the Salaminio Free University of Famagusta in           culture as a common asset, which has been accumulated
     cooperation with Diocese of Constantia in Paralimni and         through centuries of interaction among nations and
     the Free University of the Occupied Municipalities of           ethnic groups in the region. The first part of the mission
     Kerynia.                                                        is realised through the Theatrical Workshop of the
                                                                     University of Cyprus (THEPAK), which complements
     The University has already made a dynamic impact on the         academic education and literary research by involving
     cultural and intellectual life of Cyprus. Its contribution is   students in the stage presentation of known or less
     growing as the programmes of teaching and research are          familiar masterpieces of Greek literature that have as a
     expanded.                                                       common denominator the idiomatic language of
                                                                     peripheral Hellenism. By applying interactive approaches
     PUBLICATIONS                                                    to literary research and re-enacting poetry, fiction and
                                                                     non-fiction as drama, THEPAK deepens students’
     In order to provide comprehensive information to the            knowledge, understanding and appreciation of literature,
     public, the students and to prospective students, as            while contributing to the general promotion and modern
     well as to the international academic community,                reception of valuable works of Greek literature in Cyprus
     the University of Cyprus produces a wide range of               and abroad.
     publications. Μost of the information publications are
     produced by the Publications Office (International              The second part of the Cultural Centre’s mission is
     Relations Service), in cooperation with the University’s        realized through the annual Cultural Festival of the
     services and various entities. A substantial number of          University of Cyprus, which aims at promoting culture
     publications are also produced by the Promotion and             and the arts, and encouraging the creative endeavours of
     Development Sector. For further information on the              certain established but primarily emerging non-
     University’s publications, please visit the website at:         commercial artists from Cyprus, Europe and the broader
     www.ucy.ac.cy/publications/en                                   Mediterranean region, thus enriching the cultural agenda
                                                                     of Cyprus with high-quality performances that enhance
     One of the forums the academic staff of the University of
                                                                     the perception of the Euro-Mediterranean region as a
     Cyprus present their rich publishing and writing work, is
                                                                     common cultural area.
     through Research at the University of Cyprus-Research
     Profiles and Publications.
     The Cyprus University’s input in the publishing activity
     was enhanced with the dynamic contribution of the
     Cyprus University press. The main objective of the Cyprus
     University Press is to support and promote the writing
     activity, not only in Cyprus and in Greece, but
     internationally as well. For more information on the
     Cyprus University Press’ books, please visit the website at:

Postgraduate Studies

           The University of Cyprus began accepting postgraduate students in the academic year 1997-98. All
           academic departments of the University offer postgraduate programmes of study at the Master (M.A.,
           L.L.M., M.Sc. and M.Eng.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) level in a wide range of subjects.

     STUDIES                                                      • Other criteria set by the department, which may include
                                                                    the submission of a dissertation.
     ATTENDANCE REGULATIONS                                       • If a dissertation is rejected, the student is allowed to
     The postgraduate programmes of each department are             resubmit the dissertation once more. Each department is
     supervised by a three-member Postgraduate Programmes           responsible for defining resubmission procedures.
     Committee, chaired by a Postgraduate Programmes              Requirements for a Ph.D. Degree
     Coordinator. The Coordinator may be the chairperson of
     the department or a member of the academic staff             • Attendance for a minimum of six semesters. The
     appointed by the chairperson. The other members of the         maximum period of study is 16 academic semesters.
     Committee are appointed by the Departmental Board. The       • Successful completion of 240 ECTS (60 ECTS at the
     Committee is appointed for a two-year term.                    postgraduate level, in accordance with the provisions of
                                                                    the relevant programme of studies of the department:
     For every student in a postgraduate programme, each            holders of a master’s or equivalent degree may be
     Department appoints an academic supervisor, whereas at         partially or fully exempted from this requirement. The
     the research stage of the Ph.D. a research supervisor is       research part of the programme comprises of 120 ECTS;
     appointed. Candidate students select a member of the           the remaining ECTS are acquired through the
     academic staff to act as their research supervisor. The        comprehensive examination, the presentation of the
     student’s choice must be approved by the Postgraduate          dissertation proposal, the writing of the dissertation, etc.).
     Programmes Coordinator. The Research Supervisor guides       • Success in a comprehensive examination between the
     the students in their research and provides the necessary      third and the seven semester of studies.
     support and guidance.
                                                                  • The presentation of the proposal can take place two
     The programmes of study of the University of Cyprus are        to four semesters after the student has succeeded
     based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation         in the comprehensive examination. A committee is
     System (ECTS). An ECTS normally corresponds to a 25-30         proposed by the Research Advisor and the Postgraduate
     hours workload per semester. Full-time status requires a       Programmes Committee of the Department. It is chaired
     courseload of 18 ECTS per semester. Students carrying          by the research advisor and appointed by the Council of
     fewer ECTS are considered part-time.                           the Department.
     Postgraduate programmes are taught in one of the official    • Submission of an original dissertation constituting an
                                                                    important contribution to the particular discipline.
     languages of the University of Cyprus (Greek and Turkish),
     as well as in other international languages.                 • Defence of the dissertation before a five-member
                                                                    examining committee. The committee is appointed by
     Postgraduate studies are subject to the Postgraduate           the Council of the Department and is composed of three
     Studies Regulations. For more information, students must       members of the departmental Academic Staff, one of
     contact the Graduate School (tel.: +357 22894044) or visit     whom is, in all cases, the student’s research supervisor;
     the website: www.ucy.ac.cy/graduateschool.                     one member from another university or research
                                                                    centre and a member from another department of the
     Requirements for                                               University in a related discipline or from another
     M.A., L.L.M., M.Sc. and M.Eng. Degrees                         university or research centre.
                                                                  • The Chair of the Examining Committee is a member of
     • Attendance for a minimum of three semesters. The
                                                                    the academic staff of the relevant department, but not
       maximum period of study is eight academic semesters.
                                                                    the Research Supervisor.
     • Successful completion of 90-120 ECTS at the
                                                                  • If the Examining Committee cannot recommend
       postgraduate level (or more than 90 or 120 ECTS if the
                                                                    awarding a degree, the Ph.D. candidate may be allowed
       programme includes practical exercise), in accordance
                                                                    to resubmit the dissertation, after due modifications
       with the provisions of the programme of studies of the
                                                                    have been made in accordance with the Committee’s
       relevant department.

requirements, and repeat the entire process of defence           two or more letters of recommendation, depending on
  once more.                                                       departmental regulations; interview and/or written
• The Ph.D. candidate may not submit a dissertation                examination (if stipulated in the department’s internal
  until he/she has completed six semesters from the day            regulations).
  of admission to the postgraduate programme and
  after the successful completion of the comprehensive             Fees
  examination and the required credit units.                       The fees for postgraduate studies are as follows:

Application Requirements                                           a. Master’s Degree
Application forms should be submitted electronically to            - Master in Business Administration (MBA): €10.250
the University of Cyprus by the 31th of March for entry in         - Master in Petroleum Engineering: €8.000
the fall semester and by the 31st of October for entry in
the spring semester. Applicants must have a University             - Applied Programme in School Psychology: € 5.125 (The
degree, awarded by an accredited institution in the                  program is offering a clinical practicum for which the fee
country where it operates, or a degree evaluated as                  is 1000 euros. This amount covers the expenses for clinical
equivalent to a university degree by the Cyprus Council for          supervision services provided by Registered Professional
the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications                   Psychologists).
(KYSATS). Individuals who will be awarded a University             - Master in Business Economics (Technology, Innovation
degree or Graduation certificate, fulfilling the criteria of the     Management Entrepreneurship - TIME MBE): €10.000
application requirements by the end of the week that
precedes the registration week, will also be eligible to           - Master in Human Resource Management: €7.500
submit an application form.                                        - Master in Intelligent Critical Infrastructure Systems: €6.500
The Applications should include the following:
                                                                   b. Doctoral Degree
1. A Curriculum Vitae
                                                                   - Ph.D. students, holders of a Master’s degree: Total fees
2. Certified copies of University degrees or confirmation of         €4.000
   graduation (Admitted candidates will need to submit
                                                                   - Ph.D. students, without a Master’s degree: Total fees
   copies of the certified degrees along with the
   Registration Form to the University of Cyprus before
   their registration).                                            Each year of study beyond the six years, with a maximum
                                                                   duration of eight years (16 semesters) corresponds to
3. Copies of Transcripts for all programmes of study
                                                                   tuition fees of €1.250 per year, €625 per semester.
   graduate and undergraduate.
                                                                   Maximum tuition fees for a Ph.D. degree are €9.000.
4. A brief Personal Statement of goals and research
                                                                   In addition to graduate tuition, a clinical practicum fee of
   interests (up to 2 pages).
                                                                   €1.000 is charged for the Applied Ph.D. Programme in
5. The names and contact details of at least two (2) referees      Clinical Psychology, in order to cover expenses for clinical
   (University Professors) familiar with the candidate and         supervision services provided by registered professional
   his/her academic performance. Candidates are expected           psychologists.
   to request their evaluators to send letters of
                                                                   If students wish to suspend their studies, they must follow
   recommendation directly to the Coordinator of
                                                                   the relevant procedure of the Postgraduate Studies
   Postgraduate Studies of the Department, through the
                                                                   Regulations. For more information, students must contact
   online application system. The Department may request
                                                                   the Graduate School (tel.: +357 22894044) or visit the
   additional confidential information from referees. For
                                                                   website at: www.ucy.ac.cy/graduateschool.
   the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of
   Psychology, all recommendation letters need to be               Fees must be paid at the Accounts Office prior to
   written on a special form, which can be found on                registration. The deposit of fees, which is paid in advance,
   the website: www.ucy.ac.cy/goto/graduateschool/en-              is not refundable.
   US/HOME.aspx. Reference letters should be submitted
   electronically directly by the University Professors using      Postgraduate Students Funding
   the online application system.                                  The University of Cyprus offers a number of scholarships
Some departments require three reference letters to                to postgraduate students, based on academic merit. They
be submitted along with the application, so before                 are either full scholarships (i.e. tuition fees and an annual
submitting your application, please visit the web page of          stipend) or partial scholarships (i.e. tuition fees). The
the relevant department to verify the number of reference          scholarships are addressed to newcomers Ph.D. and
letters required.                                                  Master students as well as to enrolled students.
The criteria for assessment of candidates are the following:       Apart from scholarships offered by the State and the
academic background in the appropriate discipline                  University of Cyprus, the University of Cyprus may
and grade in related bachelor’s degrees; a minimum of              subsidize a postgraduate student who offers to work as an

assistant in his/her department or other departments.          outside the University. Graduate assistantships are
     Assistantships may involve assisting in teaching, tutorials,   sometimes available, depending on individual department
     help with assignments, lab supervision, grading, etc. They     needs.
     do not apply to the research activity of the student nor to
                                                                    Full-time and part-time vacancies addressed exclusively to
     the research activity of the academic and research staff.
                                                                    students and graduates of our University are announced
     Monthly earnings can amount to €342 or €683 for a
                                                                    through the Careers System. Uploading their Curriculum
     maximum period of ten months.
                                                                    Vitae onto the system, students and graduates can get
                                                                    informed about available vacancies. Also, the Careers
     STUDENT SERVICES                                               Office informs students of a limited number of positions in
     All students are assigned an academic advisor who assists      the various departments of the University in the form of
     them in academic matters. The Academic Affairs and             part-time, hourly work while during the summer period,
     Student Welfare Service is responsible for registration,       an internship program for short placements of students in
     documentation, accommodation, financial aid and social         Cypriot enterprises is implemented.
     support (www.ucy.ac.cy/graduateschool/en).
                                                                    Psychological Support, Counseling
     Information Office                                             and Personal Development
     The Information Office provides information on all student     The University of Cyprus provides free of charge
     matters including studies, housing, welfare, counselling,      psychological support and counseling services for all its
     career, sports, etc. The information is provided personally,   students through the Mental Health Centre. The primary
     by phone and by e-mail (fm@ucy.ac.cy).                         aim of this service is to contribute to the well-being
                                                                    of students, so as to enable them to maximize their
     International Support Office                                   experience during the course of their studies and
     The Office (www.ucy.ac.cy/internationalsupport) provides       after. Services are offered through individual or group
     (a) information to the foreign students about studies at the   psychotherapy and counseling sessions. Common
     University of Cyprus and (b) support to all non-European       concerns among students visiting the Centre include
     student and staff seeking to immigration requirement and       anxiety, stress, relationships, mood swings, problems to do
     visa issues such as entry visa, issuance and renewal of        with their academic life (difficulties in adjusting to their
     residence permits in Cyprus, medical examinations, etc.        new way of life, etc.), a loss of a beloved one, as well as
                                                                    personal or career decisions that need to be taken.
     Careers Office                                                 The Centre also organizes presentations and workshops
     The Careers Office is the link between students and            on issues relating to students’ psychological well-being. It
     graduates with the labour market and the postgraduate          launches prevention and sensitization campaigns on
     studies.                                                       topics related to psychological health and well-being in
                                                                    collaboration with student and youth groups, as well as
     The Office aims at enhancing the professional skills and
                                                                    with stakeholders and organizations in the broader
     competences of students and graduates. Seminars and
                                                                    community. Such activities can also be planned upon
     workshops are organized each week to build necessary
                                                                    request by student groups or departments. It also
     skills for employment, such as "Time Management",
                                                                    periodically publishes and disseminates relevant
     "Presentation Techniques", "Problem Solving", etc. At the
                                                                    informative material in print or through its website.
     same time, seminars are organized to help students enter
     the labour market, such as "Preparation of Curriculum
     Vitae and Cover Letter", "Preparation of Personal
                                                                    Financial Aid
     Statement", "Interview Techniques", "LinkedIn", etc.           The Social Support Office of the Academic Affairs and
                                                                    Student Welfare Service provides guidance on financial
     The connection with the labour market is mainly achieved       problems. Students with serious financial problems may
     through the organization of presentations for employment       be subsidized by the Student Welfare Fund. The Fund is
     prospects in a variety of business disciplines, a Business     supported financially by the University of Cyprus as well
     Game competition and a Career Fair, with more than 70          as external contributions and donations.
     potential employers involved.
     The Careers Office also provides guidance for post-            Services for Students with Disabilities
     graduate programmes offered abroad, information on             Students with disabilities are treated as equals to all other
     scholarships, as well as useful links and websites with        students, whilst every effort is made to offer practical
     useful references that help students make an informative       solutions to their specific problems, such as access to the
     decision.                                                      University facilities, or assistance on academic issues.

     Employment Opportunities                                       Students with disabilities should contact the Social
                                                                    Support Office of the Academic Affairs and Student
     The University has a limited number of vacancies available     Welfare Service.
     for students’ employment. The Careers Office informs
     students about temporary job vacancies both within and

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