Aim High
            Be the best that you can be
              Whāia te iti kahurangi

  To provide a stimulating environment that offers opportunity,
   diversity and a strong sense of community for our students
                            and staff.

                             Our Values
                    Citizenship - Tangata whenu
                        Excellence - Pukenga
                       Diversity - Puāwaitanga
                      Innovation - Auahatanga
                           Respect - Mana

     We value citizenship because we believe that living in a
           community imposes an obligation to serve it.
     Kia tangata whenua, kia noho tahi kia mahi tahi i te hapori.

 We value diversity because we believe our school represents an
                           inclusive NZ.
  Ka tūwhera ngā tatau o te kura kia atawhai kia puāwai te tangata
                  ahakoa ko wai ahakoa nō hea.

  We value excellence in all we do because we believe that every
                     student deserves the best.
Kia whai pukenga i roto i ā tātou mahi katoa hei painga mō ngā tauira.

   We value innovation because we believe that creativity and
          curiosity are fundamental to a life lived well.
He mea nui te auahatanga me te kimi mātauranga hei tuapapa mō te
                           oranga pai.

We value respect because we believe it is the bedrock upon which
                   human interaction thrives.
He mea nui te mana hei kamaka mō te oranga ā-iwi hei whakapakari i
                           te tangata.
About Us
Founded in 1926, Hutt Valley High School has been a leader in secondary education
in Lower Hutt for 92 years. We are proud to be the guardians of this spirit of
achievement and our aim today is to develop it even further within the digital age.
We provide a quality state education that ensures that every one of our students has
the best possible chance to develop their talent and to achieve success in a way that
provides them with a purposeful and rewarding future life.

In its Strategic Plan for the current period 2015 to 2018, the school is focused on
HEART, BODY and MIND as three core elements of its activity. These elements
summarise the aspiration to produce healthy, active, happy and engaged young
people who participate in the vast array of activities - 142 sports, clubs, activities,
events and groups at the time of writing - offered in the school, and who enjoy
tremendous success academically while serving others both in their school and
wider society. Our school reflects the cultural richness and diversity of modern New
Zealand and in this large community there is ample opportunity for all students to
find like minds and so develop the lasting friendships which contribute to student
happiness and well-being. Our diversity is our greatest strength.
                                                                                           ROSS SINCLAIR
Outstanding former students of the school are to be found in all walks of life and           PRINCIPAL
in almost every professional, cultural and sporting field. Just as important to us is
the continued success as human beings that our students achieve by means of
contributing to the good citizenship that allows societies to flourish. To that end,
our students plan and produce a variety of fund-raising and sponsorship activities,
as well as a series of special events that are aimed at assisting others. The service
ethos is very much to the forefront of this school’s vision of what good citizenship is
about, and is embedded in our senior student leadership roles in the form of Service
Captains and Junior School Captains, whose roles are to mobilise our capacity to
assist those within and outside the school.

We are a large school, clearly focused on the individual. A wide range of subjects,
specialist classes with specialist teachers and a breadth of competition encourage
the development of excellence. Academic excellence is celebrated, and we are
delighted to see the school’s continued success in local and national scholarships
and awards. While a great deal of effort goes into that top end of the academic
profile, we also have the structures to offer a wide range of support programmes
for those who require additional help to reach their goals. In 2019, the school will
be in its fifth year as a Bring Your Own Device learning environment, ensuring that
students have the digital skills needed for their future.

We take pride in the range of sporting/cultural opportunities offered to our students,
with nationally ranked success and wider international representation confirming
the school’s strength. 19 students represented New Zealand or were national
champions in sport last year, 13 were finalists in the College Sport Wellington
Sportsperson of the Year Awards, and 5 were individual winners for their sport. Over
1000 students participate in regular inter-school sport. Strong kapa haka, and a new
school haka, waiata and karakia are all adding excitement to our vibrant culture.
Strengths in Music, Drama, Dance, Film and Art are also significant draw-cards for
many students, with the completion of our second school-scripted musical and in
addition to curriculum drama, two other productions: a musical performed in nearby
retirement facilities and the other a touring show designed to work with teenage
social challenges.

We encourage high standards of endeavour and achievement, reinforcing this with
thorough programmes covering the skills of social responsibility, self-discipline and
self-reliance that students need as they approach adult lives. We aim to produce
creative, well-qualified, confident and engaged students who understand the rights
and responsibilities of good citizenship in a modern society; young adults of whom
we and their parents can be proud and who live up to our school vision to “be the
best you can be”.

If you would like further information, or to visit the school, please contact us on:
                                                                Telephone: 64 4 566 4584
                                                         email: principal@hvhs.school.nz

                                                                                                           Pg 1
To foster
        positive student
        engagement and
        pride in all aspects
        of school life.
        To foster positive
        between all
        members of the
        school and the
        wider school

Pg 2
Our Senior Staff in 2018
SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM                                                            HEADS OF LEARNING AREAS (HOLAS)
Principal                            Ross Sinclair                                The Arts                    Grace Davey
                                     MA(Hons)                                                                 BMus, ATCL, DipTchg

Associate Principal                  Denise Johnson                               Learning Pathways           Rob King
                                     BPhEd, Dip Tchg                                                          BA, DipTchg

Deputy Principal                     Tim Fox                                      English                     Fiona Pearson
                                     BSc, DipTchg                                                             BA (Hons), DipTchg, PG DipEd

Assistant Principal                  Kareen Kennedy                               Languages                   Jairo Trujillo-Ramairez
                                     TTC, Masters paper in Co-op Learning                                     MA(Hons), DipTchg
Assistant Principal                  Nick Larkin                                  Supported Learning Centre   Heather Lear
                                     BA, PostGrad Dip Tchg, Cert SMM                                          B Ed (Hons), Grad Cert, Grad Dip Special Needs
Executive Officer                    Craig Braun                                  Mathematics                 Siobhan Haley
                                                                                                              BBSc, BArch, DipTchg

                                                                                  Physical Education          Mark Oates
                                                                                  & Health                    BPhEd, BSc, Dip Tchg, Dip Sports Mgmt
                                                                                  Science                     Evan Sutherland
Claire Ross                                                                                                   BSc, DipTchg
MACouns, DipTchg, MNZAC
                                                                                  Social Sciences             Tim Overton
Grant Shearer                                                                                                 BA, DipTchg
DipCouns, MNZAC, DipTchg, Post Grad Dip Ed
                                                                                  Technology                  Katie Long
Carolyn England                                                                                               BA, BTchg
BA Counselling, BA Educ, Dip Tchg, MA SocAnthro, MNZAC

Karen Molloy                                                                      Director of Sport           Jacinta Keenan
BA, DipTchg, BCouns
                                                                                  Director of International   Simon Hodge
                                                                                  Students                    MA(Hons)

2018 DEANS                                                                        Library Manager             Anne Stephenson Piper
                                                                                                              BA, MA(Hons), MLibInfoSt, CertJapSt
Year 9                       Aimee Francios
                             BPhEd, BTchg(Sec)
                             Jason Tierney
                             BA, Dip Tchg

Year 10                      Matt Harrison
                             PCGE, BA (Hons), Post Grad Dip
                             Teri Sturrock
                             BA, Nat Cert Radio, Dip Com Broadcasting, Dip Tchg

Year 11                      Angus Devine
                             BPhysEd, BA, DipTchg
                             Nicole Arnell
                             BA, Dip Tchg

Year 12                      Stephen Gibson
                             BSc, Dip Tchg
                             Amanda Wilson
                             BA (Hons), Sport Studies, PGCE PhEd

Year 13                      Karen Balshaw
                             MSc(Hons), DipTchg
                             Jon Nash
                             BSc, PGCE Mathematics

International Dean           Richard Edwards
                             BAgrSc, Dip Tchg

                                                                                                                                                       Pg 3
Student Leadership
                                                            We value leadership and active participation in the life of the
                                                            school. Our students have many opportunities to be involved
                                                            in a diverse range of activities; active participation, support
                                                            for the efforts of others, service to the school community
                                                            and leadership are encouraged and acknowledged. A formal
                                                            leadership development programme runs from Year 11 through
                                                            to Year 13.

                    JEMIMA JANSEN
                      HEAD GIRL
                                                            STUDENT LEADERS
  It is truly an honour and a privilege to be given the     The Head Boy and Girl, their Deputies and the Sports, Cultural,
  opportunity to represent Hutt Valley High School as       Service and Junior School Captains represent the school both
  Head Girl for 2018.                                       within school and to the community. One of their main roles is
                                                            to motivate the student body, encourage participation in events
  Over the past four years I have learnt a lot about        and organise activities that engage students from all year levels.
  what my school has to offer and the endless number
  of opportunities available for everyone. My journey
  here began with getting heavily involved in sports. It    THIS YEAR’S LEADERS ARE:
  was being part of many teams that helped me form          Head Boy:                          Safari Hynes
  new relationships that would last all of my school        Head Girl:                         Jemima Jansen
  years. But it wasn’t just sports, the large range of      Deputy Head Boy:                   Emerik Wallace
  subjects on offer at our school allowed me to sample      Deputy Head Girl:                  Samantha Chapman
  different academic options and eventually decide on       Cultural Captains:                 Ben Hubmann and
  the paths that suited best. The possibilities within                                         Lisa Philipsen
  the classroom are endless and there’s certainly           Sports Captains:                   Matariki Kapea and
  something for everyone, whatever their desire or                                             Maya Hahn
  direction.                                                Service Captains:                  Sidamijit Dhaliwal and
                                                                                               Bhaavya Mylavarpu
  From history trips to Te Papa, Tongariro Crossing         Junior School:                     Russell Syder and
  with Geography or even travelling to Spain to emerge                                         Emma Kelly
  yourself in a new language, playing social netball
  with your friends on a Saturday to competing as a
  New Zealand representative. There is no shortage          HOUSE CAPTAINS
  of things to get stuck into. Perhaps learning how to
                                                            Pukeariki                          Quintyn Matagi and
  play a new instrument or being a part of one of our
                                                                                               Mahinarangi Warbrick-Ellison
  talented bands. Whatever you enjoy at school it is
                                                            Remutaka                           Reuben Neely and
  likely we’ll have it available at HVHS, and if we don’t
                                                                                               Olivia Thompson
  you’d be encouraged to start it up yourself!
                                                            Pukeatua                           Altar Nua and Nicola Rudge
                                                            Tararua                            Maxwell Watene and
  Hutt Valley High School boasts nearly 2000 staff
                                                                                               Nydia Salmon
  and students. Potentially overwhelming numbers but
                                                            Matairangi                         Alexander Scott-Billing and
  despite its size our school thrives on being a diverse
                                                                                               Erin Monckton
  community where everyone has a place to not only
                                                            Orongorongo                        Kade Muru and Haylee Scoble
  be themselves but to be the best they can be. You’d
  be hard pressed to find a school that has more
  community spirit or more opportunities for students
                                                            STUDENT COUNCIL
  than Hutt Valley High School. So to all the new
                                                            Each year level has its own student council. Delegates then
  students in 2019, I wish you a very warm welcome
                                                            form the wider School Council. Their task is to promote school
  from all of our school community and may your
                                                            activities, including welfare and fundraising for community
  journey here be as exciting as mine has been and I’d
  encourage you to be all that you can be here with all
  that’s on offer.

Pg 4
Liaison students are attached to each Year 9 mentor class,
the SLC and international students to support the important
transition to secondary school.

The first day of Term 1 is a “Year 9 Only” day, which is a
wonderful opportunity for new entrants to the school to find
their way around, and for the liaison students to assist with                            SAFARI HYNES
orientation. Liaison students apply for the role, and once                                 HEAD BOY
accepted undergo leadership training.
                                                                      My name is Safari Hynes and it is my honour to
                                                                      represent you all; the students, staff and whānau of
PEER TUTORING                                                         Hutt Valley High School as your Head Boy for 2018.
                                                                      The mission of the Student Leadership Team for
Year 13 Students volunteer to work with other students after
                                                                      this year is to fine-tune what we currently have and
school to assist them with class work.
                                                                      look towards the future to what we can achieve.
                                                                      We recognise the goals and records we want to
                                                                      achieve for this year and beyond cannot be achieved
STUDENT CENTRE                                                        individually; this is why we’re aiming for collective
The Student Centre is a very popular venue at interval and            responsibility to be at the centre of all of our work.
lunchtime, and is used by all levels up to Year 12. It is valued as   More hands make less work; less work makes more
an excellent amenity for students. Year 13 students have their        time for more ideas to think of and achieve. This year,
own common room.                                                      an overall goal of our leadership team is to create
                                                                      a school culture that prioritises student well-being
                                                                      and ensuring that we are looking after one another.
INTEREST GROUPS                                                       The introduction of a week promoting the well-being
The following clubs and groups are currently running within           of students and another for anti-bullying, along with
the school: Anime Club, Bake Club, Board Games Club, Book             establishing a Student Leadership Support Fund/Kia
Clubs, Card Games Club, Debating, Fashion Club, Greenfingers          Taea Fund to remove financial barriers for students
Horticultural Club, New Kiwi Club, Queer Straight Alliance,           to succeed. These are just some of the ideas that
Release, Robotics Club and Scribblers Writing Club.                   we are hoping to implement in the school this year
                                                                      to strengthen the school culture and ensure that the
                                                                      Heart, Mind and Body of the school are all strong.
Duke of Edinburgh, Emergency Support Crew, Relay for Life,            Our school has an impressive sporting, cultural
Science Technicians, Service Council, Student Librarians, World       and academic repertoire. Our sports teams and
Challenge, World Vision Committee and Year Level Councils.            individuals are constantly succeeding at very high
                                                                      levels of sporting excellence and are always striving
                                                                      for better. The cultural side of our school is backed
RESTORATIVE PRACTICES                                                 up by our incredibly talented Arts departments, our
                                                                      many clubs and our cultures within the school that
At Hutt Valley High School, a range of staff are trained in
                                                                      represent the diversity and opportunity for students
conducting restorative meetings to address a range of
                                                                      of all backgrounds. Our school places highly
situations; this includes mediation, classroom conferencing and
                                                                      against the top schools in the country for academic
restorative meetings. Some senior students are also trained as
                                                                      scholarships (many of which are gained by Year
student mediators.
                                                                      12 students). Our students are always looking for
                                                                      new records to smash and higher glass ceilings to
                                                                      break. There is no better school in this region where
                                                                      students can get an experience for how the real
                                                                      world truly works. Our great range of subject choice,
                                                                      our sheer diversity, our attitudes towards restorative
                                                                      justice and the incredibly high standards we set for
                                                                      ourselves in all areas of school life are just some of
                                                                      the reasons why I am so lucky to be a student here.

                                                                      Ka tau ki raro.

                                                                                                                           Pg 5
Student Support
       In addition to the pastoral advice given by
       deans, three part-time and one full-time
       guidance counsellor work with students on a
       confidential basis. The Counsellors can also
       provide information about, and help make,
       referrals to outside agencies when appropriate.
       Caregivers and parents may contact the
       guidance staff at any time, if they have
       concerns about their son or daughter.

       The Guidance and Counselling Department
       also implements a range of proactive and
       supportive programmes for individual and
       personal development.

       They include:
       •   STUDENT MEDIATION: a programme led by
           senior students to offer assistance to junior
           students who may be having relationship
           problems and conflicts.
       •   LIFE SKILLS: a variety of programmes are
           offered involving topics such as resilience,
           assertiveness, managing anger and
           relationships. These can be as part of a
           group or as an individual.
       •   PURPOSE-DESIGNED programmes using
           external agencies.

       We also liaise with external agencies as

       Further information about the Guidance
       Department can be found on the HVHS

       We also have four part-time youth workers on
       staff at Hutt Valley High School this year. They
       are involved in mentoring, group work, running
       programmes, leadership training and breakfast

Pg 6
To ensure a safe
       where all human,
       physical and
       financial resources
       support improved
       student learning.

BODY                    Pg 7
Our Facilities
Our size is our strength, and gives us the flexibility to offer a wide
range of option subjects and extra-curricular activities. This is
reflected in our facilities which are extensive.

The Woburn Road campus consists of a variety of buildings
spanning 50 years. In the last 15 years a new library and
administration block, Supported Learning Centre (Tautoko), Physical
Education gymnasium and Art Block have been completed. The old
library has become a student centre. There are specialist Dance
and Drama rooms, as well as six computer rooms. There is a new
graphics area with computer facilities and the school has a laser
cutter for use in technology work.

The provision of additional resources for the school has been
helped by an active Past Pupils and Friends Association. The joint
Community/School Gymnasium enables a large number of people
to use the school, and the proximity of community facilities means
that students can easily go outside the school for work experience,
Art Gallery, Library and Polytechnic visits.

Our extensive facilities include the following:
•   Library and information centre
•   Six computer suites and portable class sets of chromebooks
•   Photographic dark room
•   Three gymnasiums
•   Marae
•   Tautoko – Supported Learning Centre
•   Student Centre
•   Recording studio
•   Science laboratories
•   Careers library
•   Canteen
•   Medical facilities
•   Art block with dedicated computer design facilities
•   Dance and Drama facilities
•   Horticultural Unit
•   Data projectors in all classrooms
•   Graphics and workshop with computing, 3D printers and laser
    cutting facilities
•   Languages suite
•   Wifi Campus

Pg 8
Pg 9
To ensure the
        creative and critical
        engagement with
        achievement of all
        students to enable
        them to develop to
        their potential.

Pg 10
Years 9 & 10
All Year 9 and 10 students will study within a ‘Learning Hub’
framework. Students will join a small mentor group where their
learning and academic care is closely monitored and guided
by the mentor teacher. They will study English, Mathematics,
Science, Physical Education and Social Studies as a form class.

                                                                                        MAY HARMER
The school offers a wide range of support for those who have
                                                                    On my first day of school at Hutt Valley High School
recognised learning difficulties, or who are diagnosed as being
                                                                    I was extremely nervous. My brother had started his
in need of extra assistance. Reading teachers give one-on-one
                                                                    new school the day before and loved it, so I had both
teaching, with teacher aides being assigned to some students
                                                                    high expectations and lots of fears. It was actually
and classes to provide in-class support. We are able to access
                                                                    amazing. We had a powhiri and a welcome from
additional support from the RTLB (Resource Teacher, Learning
                                                                    our Deans and the Principal. Then we got put in our
and Behaviour), and GSE (Group Special Education). Literacy
                                                                    classes and I was with two of my closest friends
and Numeracy support options are offered in Years 9 and
                                                                    from my last school.
10, often replacing a foreign language. Special Assessment
conditions may be provided for tests and exams.
                                                                    For the rest of the day we got to know our form
                                                                    class and our way around the school, we visited an
                                                                    expo about all the clubs and sports available to play
TAUTOKO - SUPPORTED LEARNING                                        and join at this school and we had our computer
CENTRE                                                              accounts set up.
The Learning Support Unit caters for students who are ORRS
funded at a high or very high needs level. It offers an adapted     On the second day we spent the morning in our form
educational programme developed to meet the needs of each           class again but in the afternoon we attended our
individual student. In addition to general curriculum subjects,     first two classes, and the rest of the school turned
students study the SPEC life skills modules. Senior students        up, which is really helpful when you need to ask for
have the opportunity to study NZQA Supported Learning Units         directions.
and to complete a comprehensive transition to work or a
community programme.                                                Over all my first two days of school at Hutt Valley
                                                                    High School were amazing and I think all the new
                                                                    Year Nines in 2019 are going to love it too.
The Awhina Whanau provides contact and engagement with a
university setting to our Year 9-13 Maori and Pacifika students,
with the intention of opening up pathways to further education in
the area of Science. Students meet their university mentors on a
regular basis both here at HVHS and at Victoria University.

Students may receive support from the David Kaye Scholarship
fund to participate in activities outside of school. Many of our
gifted and talented students, seniors and juniors, choose to
enter the many competitions offered in curriculum areas such
as the Australian Maths, Science and English competitions, Nga
Manu Korero, and other national competitions in fields such as
Music, Language and Commerce.

At Year 9 we offer an Inquiry Extension Programme. This is
open to all Year 9 students and has a selection process.

                                                                                                                          Pg 11
Contact between School
        and Home
        At Hutt Valley High School we believe students interests are best
        served when we work together, in partnership with our parents,
        caregivers and whanau.

        The school formally reports student’s achievements and progress
        in the following ways:
        •   Termly attitude reports
        •   Grades and comments posted in real-time on the parent portal
        •   Junior Learning Conversations
        •   Senior Parent Teacher Interviews.

        We encourage parents and caregivers to email teachers requesting
        information or clarifications; and to request meetings with subject
        teachers, mentor teachers and deans if necessary.

        This is a website that provides a window into our Student
        Management System (Kamar). By accessing the Kamar portal with
        your unique password, you will be able to check the daily notices,
        your contact details, your child’s timetable and attendance along
        with assessments, reports, NCEA results and more.

        Homework will be expected where the work is purposeful and
        extends the classroom study.

        Interviews are held with all Year 9 and 10 students to guide their
        course selection to ensure the best choices are made.

        Approximately once per term, whanau meet to help guide and lead
        discussions about events and activities particular to our Maori

        Mentor Teacher – daily routines, absences
        Deans – progress queries
        Guidance – personal or family matters
        Head of Departments – curriculum queries

        If you would like further information, or to visit the school, please
        contact us on:
        Telephone: +64 4 566 4584
        Email: principal@hvhs.school.nz

Pg 12
Qualifications Years 11,
12 and 13
The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is
the main qualification for all senior secondary school students.
In Years 11, 12 and 13 students are aiming to obtain sufficient
credits to be awarded certificates at Levels 1, 2 and 3. Students
are able to get the NCEA from a wide range of studies, within and
beyond the school curriculum.

In most subjects there is a mix of internal and external
assessment using Achievement Standards and/or Unit Standards.
A mix of internal and external assessments ensures that all
students have an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.
External assessments include written examinations and other
assessments such as portfolios of student work.
                                                                          GATEWAY PROGRAMME

It is important at this level to keep future options as wide open as
possible and students at Year 11 are encouraged to take a broad
range of subjects. All students take six subjects, and these will
be assessed against Achievement Standards or Unit Standards.
English, and a Mathematics subject are compulsory.

All students take five other subject from the Year 11 and 12
lists plus a study line. Students may apply to study six subjects
based on a strong Level 1 performance. There are no compulsory
subjects at this level.

Gateway is a Year 12 and 13 programme offered to students
wishing to combine school and workplace study. Students choose
their careers and work towards gaining relevant qualifications.
Students can study at all levels of NCEA using an individual
programme. Students must take one line of Gateway.

All Year 13 students will take five (occasionally six) subjects,       SUPPORTED LEARNING CENTRE
chosen from the Year 11, 12 and 13 columns of the flow chart.
Entry to Year 13 subjects is not automatic. Students are normally
required to first gain credits at Level 2 before continuing with a
subject at Level 3.

High performing students are encouraged to enter Scholarship
and are given extra assistance in preparation for this exam.
Where student numbers allow, streamed classes are created.

                                                                                                   Pg 13
Scholarships Gained                                          Top Scholars 2017
in 2017
Chenchen Huang           English, Chemistry, Physics,
                         Calculus, Economics

Timothy Hay              English, Biology, Classics
Nisal Jayaneththi        Chemistry, Physics, Calculus,
Jasmine Walker           English, Geography, Physical

Andrea Clark                 English
Timothy Hay                  English
James Hazeldine              Physical Education                  NISAL JAYANETHTHI
Chenchen Huang               English                                  2017 DUX
Nisal Jayanehthi             Chemistry
Jayme Maxwell (Y12)          English
Arie Scott                   English
Elizabeth Thompson           Physical Education
Jasmine Walker               English
Jack Wellwood                English

Andrea Clark                 Physical Education
Finn Connell                 English
Rishabh Gandhi (Y12)         English
Timothy Hay                  Biology, Classical Studies
James Hazeldine              English
Saskia Hazelwood             English
Thomas Holster (Y12)         English
Chenchen Huang               Chemistry, Physics, Calculus,
Victoria Hunt                Design
Safari Hynes (Y12)           Te Reo Maori
Ronia Ibrahim (Y12)          English
Nisal Jayaneththi            Physics, Calculus, Economics
Jayme Maxwell (y12)          Geography
Tristan Phease (Y12)         Physics
Jessica Rees-Malloch         Painting                             ANNABELLE SIK
Nydia Salmon (Y12)           English                              2017 PROXIMAE
Arie Scott                   Biology                                 ACCESSIT
Annabell Sik                 English, Chemistry
Ella Simmons (Y12)           English
Elizabeth Thompson           English
Jasmine Walker               Geography, Physical Education

Pg 14
                                          Curriculum Flowchart 2019
    Year 9                         Year 10                           Year 11                        Year 12                       Year 13
                                                                     NCEA Level 1                   NCEA Level 2                  NCEA Level 3

    English1                       English1                          English1 or                    English                       English
                                                                     English Modified               English Modified
                                                                     Media Studies                  Media Studies                 Media Studies
                                                                                                    Te Awakairangi                Te Awakairangi

    Mathematics1                   Mathematics1                      Pāngarau Waenganui1 or         Pāngarau Waenganui            Calculus
                                                                     Numeracy (Mathematics)                                       Mathematics with Statistics
                                                                                                                                  Statistics and Probability

    Science1                       Science1                          Science                        Biology                       Biology
                                                                     Science Internal               Chemistry                     Chemistry
                                                                                                    Physics                       Physics
                                                                                                    Electronics                   Electronics
                                                                                                    Senior Horticulture           Senior Horticulture

    Social Studies1                Social Studies1                   History                        History                       History
                                                                     Geography                      Geography                     Geography
                                                                     Classical Studies              Classical Studies             Classical Studies
                                                                                                    Tourism                       Tourism

                                                                     Economics                      Economics                     Economics
                                                                     Accounting                     Accounting                    Accounting
                                                                     Business Studies               Business Studies              Business Studies

    Physical Education & Health1   Physical Education & Health1      Physical Education             Physical Education            Physical Education
    Sport                          Sport                             Sport Education

    Art                            Art                               Art                             Art Painting                 Art Painting
                                                                     Art with Photographic & Digital Art Design                   Art Design
                                                                     Media                           Art Photography              Art Photography
                                                                                                     Art History                  Art History

    Dance                          Dance                             Dance                          Dance                         Dance
    Design and Visual              Design and Visual                 Design and Visual              Design and Visual             Design and Visual
    Communication                  Communication                     Communication                  Communication                 Communication
    Drama                          Drama                             Drama                          Drama                         Drama

    Music                          Music                             Music                          Music                         Music
    Music Band                     Music Band                        Music Performance              Music Performance

    Digital Technology             Digital Technology                Digital Technology             Digital Technology            Digital Technology
                                                                                                    Computer Science              Computer Science
    Product Design Technology      Product Design Technology         Product Design Technology      Product Design Technology     Product Design Technology
                                                                     Furniture ITO                  Furniture ITO                 Furniture ITO
                                                                     Mechanical Engineering         Mechanical Engineering

    French                         French                            French                         French                        French
    Japanese                       Japanese                          Japanese                       Japanese                      Japanese
    Spanish                        Spanish                           Spanish                        Spanish                       Spanish
    Te Reo Māori                   Te Reo Māori                      Te Reo Māori                   Te Reo Māori                  Te Reo Māori
    English Language               English Language                  English Language Foundation    English Language (Beginner/   English Language Geography
                                                                     English Language Senior        Intermediate)
                                                                     English Language Academic      English Language Academic     English Language Academic

                                                                     Employment Skills              Employment Skills             Employment Skills
                                                                                                    Gateway                       Gateway
    Food Technology                Food Technology                   Practical Food & Nutrition     Hospitality                   Hospitality
    Literacy Support               Literacy Support
    Numeracy Support

 = Compulsory
Staffing and other forward planning may result in changes to the subjects scheduled above.
For more detailed information, see relevant subject information booklets.

                                                                                                                                                          Pg 15
We value
        because we
        believe that
        creativity and
        curiosity are
        fundamental to a
        life well lived.

Pg 16
Clubs, Teams, Groups and the
Performing Arts
Hutt Valley High School has a strong tradition of debating and public speaking both
inside and outside the classroom. Teams enter the Wellington Regional Secondary
Schools’ Debating Competition run by the Wellington Speaking Union and the
Russell McVeagh Debating Championship.

Students at all levels have the opportunity to take part in the school speech
competition. This will culminate in the Term 3 Speech evening, at which the best
speakers from each year level will perform.

Speakers of Māori and Māori speakers of English compete each year in the Hutt
Valley, Wairarapa, Wellington region Ngā Manu Kōrero speech competitions.

Meets regularly to learn songs and dances from a range of Pacific Island cultures.

Kapa Haka meets weekly to learn waiata, haka and poi with a tutor. Performances
are held in special assemblies, pōwhiri, and the annual multi-cultural evening. Noho
Marae fosters good contact with the school and parents.

An evening of shared food and entertainment celebrating cultures from around the
world within our school community.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, including staff, in this diverse and
entertaining competition.

Various dance groups are run as an adjunct to the curriculum including hip hop
crews, cheerleading squads and a Bollywood dance group. All squads compete at
local and national dance competitions around New Zealand.

Each year a production is entered in the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare in Schools

Every year efforts are made to provide an opportunity to participate either in a major
musical production, or in external musical events.

For a number of years students been making a staff scripted film, hiring a theatre to
present their work. Students also participate in teams for the 48 Hour Film Project.
Excellence and
        Achievements - Cultural
        Simon Weinstock
        Sam Zhu

        Aaron Nocete, Annabelle Sik, Sam Zhu

        Sam Zhu

        FIRE – Dillon Nickel – Highly Commended, represented Wellington at
        Lower North Island Contest
        Flucelta – Tobias Bauer, Mao Konno, Sam Zhu – Adjudicators Choice

        The Marie Vandewart Memorial Award to staff member Gary Wilby

        Ampathy – Simon Buxton – 2nd place Band

        Hutt Valley High School ‘Class’ – Winners of Best Student
        Accompanist (Dillon Nickel and Leroy Paton-Goldsbury)

Pg 18
All students are offered the opportunity to learn a musical
instrument through the Itinerant Music Scheme. This scheme
allows students to reap the benefits of tuition from experienced
and professional tutors. The half-hour lessons take place once
a week, usually in small groups.

Tuition is available in a wide range of instruments: Bass Guitar,                        LISA PHILIPSEN
Cello, Clarinet, Double Bass, Drumkit/Percussion, Flute, Guitar,
Horn, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Viola,
Trumpet, Violin and Voice.                                           Hutt Valley High School has provided me with an
                                                                     incredibly strong foundation that has enabled me to
                                                                     continue and find my passions. Coming to HVHS,
                                                                     I already had a love for dancing. The last five years
GROUPS                                                               have seen me gaining countless opportunities due
All music students are encouraged to belong to a range of            to the incredible dance department that we have
music groups, which include;                                         in place, that has allowed this love to grow into my
                                                                     biggest passion yet. Through dance, I was also able
Barbershop Quartets         As arranged                              to get involved in drama, which through high school,
Choir                       All welcome                              I have discovered to be another one of my passions,
Full Orchestra              By invitation                            and something that alongside dancing, I dream to
Guitar Ensemble             By invitation                            pursue. HVHS gave me the opportunity to integrate
Percussion Ensemble         All welcome                              the two things I love most by casting me as the lead
Stage Band                  By audition and invitation               in the 2017 school musical, ‘Song of Love and Hate’
String Ensemble             All welcome                              so that I could share this with others. This involved
String Orchestra            By audition and invitation               me having to sing, a life-long fear of mine, in which
Ukulele Club                All welcome                              the music department were able to help me with and
Wind Ensemble               At least one year of learning required   alongside their support and coaching, I was able to
Chamber Music Groups        As arranged                              pull it off on the nights. Chances like these are far and
                                                                     few between, and HVHS was my biggest support and
Rock and Pacifica Bands     As arranged
                                                                     provided me with a gateway to discovering all these
Jazz Ensembles              As arranged
                                                                     options. Throughout the entire process, I was able to
Music Mentorship            As arranged
                                                                     find not only find my hobbies, but also myself. The
                                                                     Arts have helped me through many rough patches,
There are also opportunities to participate in special musical
                                                                     by enabling me to express myself in ways that were
events during the year such as regional festivals, chamber           the perfect outlet for my needs. I couldn’t be more
music competitions, Rockquest, Tangata Beats, concerts,              thankful for this. I have learnt a million things from
workshops, the school musical, tours and the school music            my time at HVHS, but the biggest thing I learnt, was
festival.                                                            to trust. Trust your teachers, trust your instincts, and
                                                                     most important, trust your abilities. If you work hard,
                                                                     you will end up where you want to be.

                                                                                                                           Pg 19
        We think it’s important to:

        Recognise and support
        sporting excellence with
        a focus on the athlete’s

        Promote respect for all
        involved through fair play

        Promote, support and
        recognise volunteers

        Promote development
        of participants, coaches
        and officials

        Promote commitment
        and dedication

        Promote community
        involvement in HVHS

Pg 20
Sport at HVHS
Our Sport programme offers great opportunities for students to ‘be inspired        OTHER OPPORTUNITIES:
and supported in their pursuit of personal excellence and well being and to have
fun through physical activity’.
                                                                                   Many of our senior students enjoy the
STRUCTURE AND RESOURCES                                                            experience of coaching junior teams in their
                                                                                   respective codes. Some NCEA credits are
Hutt Valley High School sports department manages the provision of all
                                                                                   available – some do it for the passion and
major codes as well as whole school sports events, school exchanges and
                                                                                   enjoyment of sharing their knowledge/skills
representative tournaments. Building strong relationships with our local
                                                                                   with others.
community who provide the hands on assistance throughout all sport is a
continual focus of the school.

The Hutt Valley High School Sports Club meet throughout the year with a
view of the strategic direction of sport at HVHS and the major code ‘steering’     Officiating is a vital part of sport and some
committees oversee/direct the processes within their code.                         officiating courses are available across
                                                                                   various codes and are funded by the school
Our two senior sports captains are represented on the HVHS Sports Club and         where the student uses that qualification to
also chair the student sports committee.                                           officiate HVHS teams/sport.

SPORTING ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:                                                       INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL
                                                                                   Coaching and officiating at various
SUMMER                                         WINTER
                                                                                   Intermediate school events throughout
Athletics     Badminton                                                            the year is also offered to senior students
Cricket       Basketball                                                           through Senior PE courses. This is a
Cross Country Football                                                             wonderfully positive experience to develop
Dragonboating Hockey                                                               those mentoring skills for our students.
Futsal        Netball
Golf          Table Tennis
Ki-O-Rahi     Rugby League                                                         STUDENT SPORTS
Lawn Bowls    Underwater Hockey                                                    COMMITTEE
Sailing       Waterpolo
                                                                                   Each year a new committee is formed
                                                                                   with students from across year groups to
Touch Rugby
                                                                                   organise and promote various sporting
                                                                                   competitions and activities.

Get2Go Challenge
Interform Sports Challenges
School Exchanges

                                                                                                                            Pg 21
Excellence and Achievements - Sporting
Hutt Valley High School is very proud of its students and their achievements. The following students have been selected to represent the
Wellington region and New Zealand in the following areas

NZ REPRESENTATIVES 2017                                                     REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES – 2017
Phoebe McKnight             NZ Cross Country Champion U18                   Nick Smith                   Wellington Athletics Team
                            Girls 2017                                      Jared Taylor                 Wellington Athletics Team
Mikayla Lewin               NZ Junior White Sox Team                        Phoebe McKnight              Wellington Athletics Team
Jayme Maxwell               NZ Secondary Schools Cross Country              Kaleb Sola                   Wellington Athletics Team
                                                                            Finn Neely                   Wellington Athletics Team
Phoebe McKnight             NZ Secondary Schools Cross Country
                                                                            Matariki Kapea               Wellington U17 Boys Basketball Team
                                                                            Kade Muru                    Wellington U17 Boys Basketball Team
Caitlin Lewin               NZ U16 Softball Women’s Team
                                                                            Leah Mafua                   Wellington U19 Girls Basketball Team
Maya Hahn                   NZ U16 Women’s Football Team
                                                                            Jasmine Troke                Wellington U17 Girls Basketball Team
Jayme Maxwell               NZ U18 Road Race Running
                            Champion 2017                                   Grace Vaofusi                Wellington U19 Girls Basketball Team

Henry Griffiths             NZ U18 Underwater Hockey Team                   Natasha Codyre               Wellington U15 Girls Cricket Team

Leah Mafua                  NZ U18 Women’s Basketball Team                  Ariana Gray                  Capital U15A Futsal Team

Jack Doile                  NZ U20 Ultimate Men’s Team                      Beauyn Goochwood             Capital U16A Futsal Boys Team

Will Foster                 NZ U20 Ultimate Men’s Team                      Brayan Heredia               Capital U19 Futsal Boys Team

Ben Swanson                 NZ U20 Ultimate Men’s Team                      Patrick Langley              Wellington U18 Men’s Hockey Team

Russell Syder               NZ U20 Ultimate Men’s Team                      Jessie Manning               Capital U18 Girls Hockey Team

Tane Rolfe                  NZ U20 Ultimate Men’s Team                      James Sales                  Wellington U18 Boy’s Hockey Team

Hillary Sheridan            NZ U20 Ultimate Women’s Team                    Mack Smith                   Wellington U15 Boys Hockey Team

Helena Cvitanovich          NZ U20 Ultimate Women’s Team                    Jaime Belsham                Hutt Valley U17 Netball Team

Bridget Forsyth             NZ U20 Ultimate Women’s Team                    Jemima Jansen                Hutt Valley U17 Netball Team

Beth Thompson               NZ U20 Ultimate Women’s Team                    Olivia Thompson              Hutt Valley U17 Netball Team

Emma Doile                  NZ U20 Ultimate Women’s Team                    Lavinia Lea                  Wellington U18 Girls Rugby Team
                                                                            Tai Misa-Bryce               Wellington Centurions U18 Rugby
WELLINGTON REGIONAL COLLEGE SPORT                                           Mitchell Stringer            Wellington Centurions U18 Rugby
AWARDS FINALISTS – 2017                                                                                  Team
Emma Doile                  Ultimate Frisbee                                James Winter                 Wellington U16A Rugby Team
Charlotte Galloway          Squash (Winner)                                 Mikayla Lewin                Hutt Valley U17 & U19 Women’s
Maya Hahn                   Football                                                                     Softball Team

Ken Jiang                   Badminton (Winner)                                                           Hutt Valley Women’s Softball Team

Mikayla Lewin               Softball                                        Caitlin Lewin                Hutt Valley U15 & U17 Softball
                                                                                                         Women’s Team
Leah Mafua                  Basketball
                                                                            Charlotte Galloway           Junior Wellington Squash Team
Jessie Manning              Hockey
                                                                            Daniel Pye                   Wellington Ultimate Youth Team
Jayme Maxwell               Cross Country/Road Race
                                                                            Regan Titov-Smith            Wellington Ultimate Youth Team
Phoebe Mcknight             Cross Country (Winner)
                                                                            Will Foster                  Wellington Ultimate Youth Team
Madison Nydam               Futsal
                                                                            Angus Horan                  Wellington Ultimate Youth Team
Tane Rolfe                  Ultimate (Winner)
                                                                            Ben Swanson                  Wellington Ultimate Youth Team
Nick Smith                  Athletics (Winner)
                                                                            Jackson Zhou                 Wellington Ultimate Youth Team
                                                                            Tane Rolfe                   Wellington Ultimate Youth Team

                                                                            HVHS SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR
                                                                            Maya Hahn

Pg 22

                        MAYA HAHN

As Sports Captains for this year we are super excited to
grow the sporting culture throughout the school. Our aim
is to get as many people behind and passionate about our
top sports teams. In short, we want to get the students at
Hutt Valley High excited about sport. Our current project to
kickstart this goal is the HVHS Sports Supporters group.
This is a Facebook page that you can join to find out about
up and coming events you can attend.

Hutt Valley High School offers loads of opportunities to join
sports teams. There are over 30 different sports offered
through the school and participation is encouraged. It’s a
great way to try new things and make new friends. There
are competitive teams as well as social teams that you
can join. This year we have over 1000 students registered
for sport which is a testament to the positive environment
around sport here.

We firmly believe that getting involved in sport at HVHS
will make your time here all the more enjoyable. There are
exciting times ahead for sport at our school and we look
forward to having you as part of it.

                                                               Pg 23
We create a special
         community around
         our International

Pg 24
Hutt Valley High School
Provides a World Class
Educational Experience
Hutt Valley High School is centrally located in Lower Hutt, 10 minutes from
the capital city, Wellington - described by Lonely Planet as the ‘coolest
little capital in the world’. The school provides a dynamic programme
                                                                                                  FROM NORWAY
for international students, offering a comprehensive range of academic
courses, plus a broad range of sports, clubs and performing arts.
                                                                               Going on an International experience is the best
The school has over 70 international students from more than a dozen           decision I’ve made so far. Leaving my country, friends
countries, following in the footsteps of notable alumni, including a Nobel     and family for a year has given me the opportunity to
Prize winner, well known authors, sports people and Olympic athletes.          develop; push limits and make friends and memories
                                                                               for a lifetime.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME AND ENGLISH                                                 Travelling from the cold and small country, Norway,
LANGUAGE SUPPORT                                                               all the way to the other side of the earth was quite
                                                                               a transition and very overwhelming. You build up all
Hutt Valley High School teaches the NCEA curriculum and through this           these expectations on how you think this adventure
provides a direct pathway on to tertiary study. The school has a large         will turn out, and let me tell you, it’ll be amazing.
ESOL programme which provides extensive learning and support to                Hutt Valley High has had several generations of
enable students to reach the literacy requirements for NCEA and higher         international students and visitors, and knows
studies. All staff in the ESOL programme are highly trained and dedicated      exactly how to make sure you’ll have an unforgettable
                                                                               experience. Professional teams of teachers and
to helping students achieve their goals.
                                                                               deans have the experience and knowledge to deal
                                                                               with new, nervous and perhaps scared students. You
INTERNATIONAL TEAM AND PASTORAL CARE                                           will be taken good care of, and they all will make sure
                                                                               you have the time of your life.
The International Office is comprised of highly experienced staff members
with a collective experience of over 30 years in international education.      With the diversity of students at the school, you’ll
The office provides excellent pastoral care support to all international       soon find yourself good friends to enjoy this
                                                                               experience with. The students are great, very
students, with a dedicated International Student Manager looking after all
                                                                               accommodating, helpful and supportive. I’ve met
students and home stays. The International Office hosts regular student        some amazing people who have played a very
events throughout the year to promote socialising and internationalisation.    important role during my stay. The people at this
Hutt Valley High School is a signatory to the Education (Pastoral Care of      school, teachers, deans or students, know how to put
International Students) Code of Practice 2016.                                 a smile on your face.

                                                                               Hutt Valley High has offered me experiences,
FACILITIES AND RECREATION                                                      memories, opportunities and challenges, but most of
                                                                               all, an amazing adventure. With the variety of subjects
The Wellington region is well known for the broad range of arts, cultural,     offered at the school, you’ll find something that suits
sporting and outdoor activities on offer. The location of the school enables   you, both academically and with your interests. It’ll be
students to engage in a wide range of activities, such as hiking, mountain     difficult to leave this school and beautiful country I
biking, beach and water sports, and has easy access to many art galleries,     now proudly call mine.
museums and cultural organisations. During the year international
                                                                               Thank you for an amazing stay and for giving me
students have a number of outdoor field trips, including beach visits, ski     memories for a lifetime.
trips and outdoor education courses.

Hutt Valley High School has a dedicated Home Stay placement service. All
home stays have to be within the school zone and are required to provide
the best possible environment for students. Home Stays cost $280 per
week, all inclusive. There is a one-off home stay placement fee of $250.

The tuition fee for 2019 is $15,000 per year, plus an administration
fee of $1,000 ($250 per term). Insurance costs $500 per year and is a
compulsory requirement under the code. Uniform is approximately $130
and NCEA exams fees are $385.

For more information please contact: international@hvhs.school.nz

                                                                                                                                  Pg 25
Be the best that
        you can be

        Whaia te iti

Pg 26
Enrolment Scheme
PURPOSE                                                                   OUT OF ZONE STUDENTS
The purpose of the scheme is to avoid overcrowding at the school          Application must be made by the due date.
and to:
                                                                          The order of priority in which applicants who live
•   maximise learning opportunities for students                          outside the school’s home zone are to be offered
•   provide the opportunity for students who reside within reasonable     places at the school is as follows:
    proximity of the school to be afforded priority access
                                                                          •   first priority must be given to any applicant who is
•   maintain a preferred optimum roll in the vicinity of 1,720.               accepted for enrolment in the special programme
                                                                              (Tautoko – Supported Learning Centre);
                                                                          •   second priority must be given to any applicant
ENTRANCE                                                                      who is the sibling of a current student of the
To determine entry to all year levels, advance enrolment will be              school;
                                                                          •   third priority must be given to any applicant who
                                                                              is the sibling of a former student of the school;
Students whose usual place of residence at the time they start
at school is in the home zone and who seek enrolment, have an             •   fourth priority must be given to any applicant who
absolute right to be enrolled at Hutt Valley High School. The board           is a child of a former student of the school
may require proof of residency.                                           •   fifth priority must be given to any applicant who
                                                                              is a child of an employee of the Board of Trustees
                                                                              of the school;
THE HOME ZONE IS:                                                         •   sixth priority must be given to all other applicants.
NORTHERN BOUNDARY: A line drawn through the following points
and including the streets mentioned starting at the point where, on       If the number of out of zone applicants exceeds
the Belmont Hill, Normandale Road ends then south to Tirohanga            the places available, students will be selected by
Road, along Tirohanga Road and including Kekeno Street to the             ballot (except in the case of Tautoko – Supported
southern junction of Tirohanga Road and Matuhi Street, then in an         Learning Centre).
easterly direction to the Hutt River to a point opposite the Boulcott
Golf Course, proceeding down the Hutt River to a point opposite
Melling Road, then along Melling Road (including all odd house
numbers on High Street lower than 529 and all even house numbers
on High Street lower than 508), Brunswick Street, Kings Crescent
(including all odd house numbers from 115 down and all even house
numbers lower than and including 122), Epuni Street (including all
odd house numbers on Witako Street lower than and including 47 and
all even house numbers on Witako Street lower than and including
44), Oxford Terrace (including all house numbers up to and including
79), Waterloo Road (including all house numbers on Cambridge
Terrace 1-100), Waiwhetu Road (including all odd house numbers
lower than 173a and all even house numbers lower than 224),
Rossiter Avenue to the southern end of Wyndrum Avenue (including
all odd house numbers from 71 up and all even house numbers
higher than and including 62), all houses on Riverside Drive lower
than 295 are included. The boundary continues to the east to the
boundary between the Eastern and Wainuiomata Wards of the Hutt
City, then following the ward boundary south-west until it meets with
the Harbour Ward boundary and continuing along that boundary until
it meets the Wellington harbour.

van der Velden Way) and the northern edge of the Wellington Harbour.

N.B. Any street whose only exit or exits is on to a street named in the
zone as defined above shall be deemed part of the Hutt Valley High
School zone.

                                                                                                                             Pg 27
How Do I Enrol?
        SCHOOL IN 2018
        •   Parents complete the enrolment form enclosed in the
            back cover of the prospectus (available from school
        •   Sign and date it
        •   Return it to the Hutt Valley High School office with
            required documentation by Monday 30 July 2018

        OTHER SCHOOLS IN 2018
        •   Complete enrolment form and leave with the school

        •   Deans contact the parents for an interview time

        •   Parent and enrolling child come to the interview,
            bringing recent school reports and any other relevant
            documentation (students are not enrolled without a
            parent being present)

        •   Purchase uniform requirements

        •   Complete the International Students enrolment form

        •   Give it to your agent to send to the school

        •   If the application is accepted, an Offer of a Place will be
            sent to your agent

        •   This offer can only be confirmed when fees are paid

        Applications for enrolment to Year 9 in 2018 close on
        Monday 30 July 2018.

        Applications for enrolment to Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 in 2018
        close on Thursday 18 October 2018.

        Successful applicants will be notified in writing as soon as

        Applications received from out-of-zone students after the
        closure date will be held on a waiting list and places may be
        offered as a result of a further ballot.

Pg 28
Hutt Valley High School | Private Bag 31909, Lower Hutt 5040, New Zealand | Woburn Road, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand
           Phone +64 4 566 4584 | Fax +64 4 566 7779 | Email principal@hvhs.school.nz | www.hvhs.school.nz
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