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                                                                                                                                       02   Academic Calendar                                32   Faculty of Languages, Literature & Education

                                                                                                                                       04   Message from the Principal                       34   Faculty of Art Design & Media Studies

                                                                                                                                       06   Welcome to Kinnaird                              38   Faculty of Social Sciences & Law

Vision Statement                                                                                                                       08   Campus Facilities                                40   How to Apply for Admission
The vision for Kinnaird is be a Centre of Excellence for the education of women in South Asia, by offering an academic
program Statement
          of International Standards, engaging in research and service that serves the development of new knowledge and                10   Library                                          42   Degree Requirements for Undergraduate Program
The visionpromotes
      and             social
            for Kinnaird     responsibility
                         is be a Centre of and  active citizenship.
                                            excellence              This is of
                                                        for the education   in women
                                                                               recognition and continuation
                                                                                       in South              of thean
                                                                                                Asia, by offering   reputation
the college  has of being the most prominent   and  prestigious institution for women   in Pakistan.
program of International Standards, engaging in research and service that serves the development of new knowledge and                  12   Accommodation                                    44   Fee Structure for Undergraduate Programs
ideas and promotes social responsibility and active citizenship. This is in recognition and continuation of the reputation the
college has of being the most prominent and prestigious institution for women in Pakistan.
                                                                                                                                       14   Cafe                                             46   Postgraduate Programs

                                                                                                                                       15   Extra Curricular Activities                      54   Fee Structure for Postgraduate Programs

                                                                                                                                       16   Sports                                           56   Academic Rules and Regulations
Mission Statement
The Mission of Kinnaird is to provide access to an education that is holistic, of quality and relevant to the context and              18   Undergraduate Programs                           60   Student Code of Conduct
Vision Statement
time. An education that serves personal transformation, develops leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, women who
The vision
think       for Kinnaird
      independently,     is be
                       work     a Centre of and
                              cooperatively  excellence   for the education
                                                 act responsibly               of womenfor
                                                                   and courageously       in social
                                                                                             South transformation.
                                                                                                    Asia, by offeringWomen
                                                                                                                      an academic
                                                                                                                              who      20   Faculty of Applied Sciences & Business Studies   62   Teaching Faculty
are       oflive
    able to  International
                 accordingStandards,   engaging
                           to the college         in research
                                           oath, “to live up to and service
                                                                the trust     that serves
                                                                          placed   in me, the development
                                                                                          willingly         of new knowledge
                                                                                                    and conscientiously         and
                                                                                                                        fulfill my
ideas and  promotes   social responsibility and active  citizenship. This is in recognition
responsibilities and to work with integrity and loyalty; to be rather than to seem.”        and  continuation of the reputation  the
                                                                                                                                       24   Faculty of Physical & Earth Sciences             72   Administration
college has of being the most prominent and prestigious institution for women in Pakistan.

                                                                                                                                       28   Faculty of Biological & Life Sciences

Tentative Academic Calendar
      2020 – 2021
         Fall Semester 2020

         Academic Session Begins                            September 07, 2020
         Deadline to Drop a Course                          September 15, 2020
         Deadline to Withdraw a Course                      October 15, 2020
         Midterm Examinations                               October 19 – October 28, 2020
         Milad-un-Nabi**                                    October 29, 2020
         Final Examinations                                 December 14 - 23, 2020
         Christmas and Winter break                         December 24 - January 15, 2021
         Declaration of Result                              January 15, 2021

         Spring Semester 2021

         Academic Session Begins                            January 18, 2021
         Deadline to Drop a Course                          January 28, 2021
         Kashmir Day*                                       February 05, 2021
         Deadline to Withdraw a Course                      March 06, 2021
         Midterm Examinations                               March 15 - March 25, 2021
         Pakistan Day*                                      March 23, 2021
         Spring Break and Easter Break                      March 29 – April 05, 2021
         May Day*                                           May 01, 2021
         Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays**                             May 10 – May 14, 2021
         Final Examinations                                 May 24 – June 02, 2021
         Declaration of Result                              June 15, 2021

         *Gazetted / Public Holidays
         **Holidays Subject to the appearance of the moon

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                   3
Message from the Principal

     The choices you make today are going to have a profound impact on the entire direction of your
     adult life. The decision to pursue a university qualification, and the decision concerning which
     qualification to pursue out of the many on offer, are themselves important decisions, but the most
     crucial of all will be the institution you choose. That is what will set you apart.

     Kinnaird is one of the oldest colleges for women in Pakistan and its rise to prominence for over
     more than a century has been a cumulative result of many factors including the contribution of
     dedicated teachers and the enthusiasm and creativity of its students.

     Kinnaird offers a combination of academic programs in the Arts, Social Sciences and the Sciences.
     Its excellent set up of clubs, societies and a meaningful community service program provide
     integral forums for out of classroom learning, social interaction, leadership training and personal

     I am sure you will find Kinnaird a stimulating and a supportive place in which to shape your future.
     We believe that real education has the power to transform lives at any and every age and so we
     commit ourselves to develop intellectual capacity, sense of purpose, leadership abilities and a
     commitment to social responsibility in our students.

     This academic year might be very different for all of us and we might not be able to welcome you
     physically due to the corona pandemic. However we sincerely hope and pray that the worse will be
     behind us when you begin and the campus will again be full of life and vigor.

                                                                               Prof. Dr. Rukhsana David
Welcome to Kinnaird

   Kinnaird is one of the esteemed colleges for women in
   Pakistan and we are proud of its history and present

   The name Kinnaird comes from Lady Mary Kinnaird who
   belonged to a titled family of Scotland. During the British
   period in India, certain British philanthropic enterprises, run
   by educated and sometimes very wealthy women from UK,
   worked for the education of women in India. Education was
   also a significant agenda for the family of Lady Kinnaird, who
   was politically involved with India. Her husband and her son
   successively were Chairmen of the committee that spoke on
   Indian issues in the British parliament.

   The Kinnaird family raised financial support and even
   donated personal funds and thus the college evolved in
   1913 from within Kinnaird High School which was already in
   existence. Today Kinnaird ranks as a premier institution of
   Pakistan for education of women, where over 2000 students
   are enrolled every year.

   The college shifted to its present location in 1938 and is
   home to more than 5000 girls who study at the college. The
   beautifully laid out gardens provide a charming setting for
   the twenty acre campus.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                           7
Campus and Facilities

   This campus, owned by the parent body, the Association of Kinnaird College, provides a range of spacious study spaces in the
   original Main Academic Building, the adjoining Amaltas Block built in 2008, the McNair Science block, the New Science Block and
   the recently built Postgraduate Block. The classrooms are equipped with audio visual aids such as overhead projectors and LEDs.
   There are well equipped science and computer laboratories with access to the Internet and the Higher Education Commission
   digital library.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                           9

   Kinnaird Library is providing a dynamic and interactive learning environment with its innovative and instructional programs,
   resources and services for faculty and students. Kinnaird Library holds a collection of more than 42000 books and connectivity to
   over 20,000 journals and e books across all subject areas. A computer section is built giving access to e-resources within the library
   premises to fulfill the research needs of our future scholars. A fully equipped special students lab with Braille books and Braille
   machines for visually impaired students is a valuable and remarkable addition in Kinnaird Library services. The Postgraduate Library
   caters to students at the graduate level and has the latest books on a wide range of disciplines.Kinnaird Library is a knowledge hub
   and door to independent learning for students and faculty members.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                                  11
   Residential facilities are available to students in three hostels custom built
   for the purpose. Apart from dormitories, each of the three hostels provides
   bedrooms for triple, double or single occupancy and its own common room.
   A central dining room is provided for the residents of all three hostels.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                          13
Café                                                                                                                                Extra Curricular Activities
   Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends. The Kinnaird Association runs the KC Cafeteria which provides an area   Along with providing excellent teaching facilities to students, Kinnaird adds an extra dimension by providing them an opportunity to
   both indoors and outdoors where students can relax and enjoy their meal. Students can choose a variety of food items and enjoy      become members of the student council, and the clubs and societies of the college. Students participate in a wide range of activities
   freshly made to order snacks with their favorite beverage.                                                                          that exemplify the diversity of interests and talents within the college community and help students to be creative, develop their
                                                                                                                                       confidence, take initiatives and be prepared for real life situations.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     15
   Kinnaird aims to provide high quality sports facilities and offers a blend of opportunities to compete, lead, and contribute to the
   community. Kinnaird is one of the largest sports nurseries for producing and groomig sportswomen to represent Pakistan in
   Olympics, World cup, Islamic games, Commonwealth games, ICC championships, Asian games, SAF games and other mega
   events. Kinnaird hosted 1st International T-20 blind women cricket series between Nepal and pakistan in 2019. A variety of sports
   facilities including cricket, hockey, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, lawan tennis, and fitness center are available at
   campus. The college is proud of its athletes who bring honor and glory to their alma mater by taking top positions in intercollegiate,
   interprovincial, national, and international competitions.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                                  17
Undergraduate Programs

            Faculty of Applied Sciences & Business Studies   Faculty of Languages, Literature & Education

            B.Sc Honors in Accounting & Finance              B.A Honors in Applied Linguistics
            Bachelor Honors in Business Administration       B.Ed Honors Education
            B.Sc Honors in Computer Science                  B.A Honors in English Literature
            B.Sc Honors in Economics                         B.A Honors in Urdu Literature
            B.Sc Honors in Mathematics
            B.Sc Honors in Statistics

            Faculty of Physical & Earth Sciences             Faculty of Art, Design & Media Studies

            B.Sc Honors in Chemistry                         Bachelor in Fine Arts
            B.Sc Honors in Environmental Sciences            Bachelors in Design
            B.Sc Honors in Geography                         B.A Honors in Media Studies
            B.Sc Honors in Physics

            Faculty of Biological & Life Sciences            Faculty of Social Sciences & Law

            B.Sc Honors in Biochemistry                      B.Sc Honors in Applied Psychology
            B.Sc Honors in Biotechnology                     B.A Honors in International Relations
            B.Sc Honors in Botany                            B.A Honors in Political Science
            B.Sc Honors in Food Science & Human Nutrition    Bachelors in Law
            B.Sc Honors in Genetics
            B.Sc Honors in Zoology

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                  19
B.Sc Honors in Accounting &
      Faculty of Applied Sciences &
                                                                                  to new opportunities characterize        of sound professional decisions in
                                      Finance                                     the way business operates. The           the field of Computer Science. After

      Business Studies
                                      Accounting & Finance is the process         Bachelor of Business Administration      completing the degree, the graduate
                                      of identifying, measuring and               degree prepares students to operate      will be able to assume responsible
                                      communicating financial information         effectively in the business world of     position in software Houses as
                                      to permit informed judgments and            today and the future. It integrates      developers, testers and at the
                                      decisions. The curriculum is designed       classroom theory with actual             research, development, and planning
                                      to prepare students with conceptual         management practice providing broad      levels in any organization. The
                                      accounting and business knowledge           knowledge of business management,        program also provides an excellent
                                      and the tools for analyzing financial       enhancing problem-solving                foundation for further formal learning
                                      processes. It also seeks to develop         competence and skills, improving         and training.
                                      students’ capacity for inquiry, abstract,   critical and creative thinking,
                                      logical thinking and critical analysis.     analytical ability and communicative     Admission Requirement
                                      It provides them opportunities to           and presentation skills. This enables    • F.Sc Part-I with Pre Engineering
                                      use these critically, analysis of           the students to become competent,          / Pre-Medical / ICS Stats / ICS
                                      management accounting information           skilled, confident and result-oriented     Physics with minimum 60% marks
                                      for the purposes of planning and            professionals who can effectively          OR A-level in three main subjects
                                      control, product costing, performance       support management and leadership          (no subsidiary) with minimum
                                      measurement and evaluation. This            roles in today’s highly competitive        Grade B (60%) with Equivalence
                                      program prepares students to meet           environment.                               Certificate and must have studied
                                      the challenges of a career in accounts                                                 Mathematics.
                                      and finance.                                Admission Requirement
                                                                                  • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum            B.Sc. Honors in Economics
                                      Admission Requirement                         60% marks OR A-level three             BSc. (Hons) in Economics at Kinnaird
                                      • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum                 main subjects (no subsidiary)          College is one of the most sought
                                        60% marks OR A-level in three               with minimum Grade B (60%)             after undergraduate degrees in
                                        main subjects (no subsidiary)               with Equivalence Certificate           the discipline of Economics. It is a
                                        with minimum Grade B (60%)                  OR Grade 12 with minimum               comprehensive degree that trains
                                        with Equivalence Certificate                Grade B (60%) with equivalence         students in qualitative, quantitative
                                        OR Grade 12 with minimum                    Certificate.                           and analytical skills. Degree in
                                        Grade B (60%) with                                                                 Economics broadens the horizon and
                                        Equivalence Certificate.                  B.Sc Honors in Computer Science          efficaciously prepares students for
                                                                                  The program offers a wide matrix of      multiple options for post-graduate
                                      Bachelor Honors in Business                 interesting courses, to help students    studies. Our graduates successfully
                                      Administration                              attain a broad understanding of the      secure admissions in well reputed
                                      Today’s business graduate —                 concepts, techniques and theory of       local and foreign universities for
                                      tomorrow’s managers — must                  Computer science. This program aims      post-graduate degrees. Furthermore,
                                      meet unprecedented challenges,              at developing the student’s critical     their analytical acumen and flexibility
                                      emerging environmental concerns,            professional thinking and intuition.     equip them with an impressive skillset
                                      international financial markets,            The curriculum provides a balanced
                                                                                                                           that makes them an attractive choice
                                      electronic commerce and intense             mixture of theory and practical
                                      global competition. Specialization,         experiences at foundation and advance    for a wide range of employers in both
                                      flexibility and a global approach           levels to make the graduate capable      private and government sectors.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                                                           21
The Department of Economics                graduate level mathematics education       allocation, planning and forecasting
   is devoted to restructuring its            and helps students to attain the ability   future requirements. In the business
   coursework with time in order              to think logically, analyze complex        sector decisions on future strategies
   to incorporate the dynamic,                situations and conduct research.           usually depend on the forecast of
   contemporary economic spectrum in          Advanced courses in mathematics            economic and financial trends that are
   its curriculum. Also, it is committed to   are the strength of this program,          generated from statistical models of
   organizing seminars and workshops          supported by highly competent faculty      the market phenomena.
   to keep the students updated               members. All that is required on the       The structure and content of the
   on the latest trends and robust            part of the student is genuine interest    courses within the program focus
   changes in the field of economics.         in mathematics and hard work.              on the skills and techniques that are
   The Department offers an enabling                                                     relevant and applicable.
   learning environment based on              Admission Requirement
   interactive teaching, mentorship and                                                  Admission Requirement
                                              • F.Sc Pre-Eng./ICS Part-I with
   linkages with other institutions and                                                  • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum
   market. The premium is placed on                                                        55% marks OR A-level in three
                                                60% marks OR A-level in three
   students’ wellbeing and development                                                     main subjects (no subsidiary) with
                                                main subjects (no subsidiary)              minimum Grade C with
   as well rounded and responsible              with minimum Grade B (60%) with
   economic professionals and scholars.                                                    Equivalence Certificate OR Grade
                                                Equivalence Certificate OR Grade           12 with minimum Grade C with
                                                12 with minimum Grade B (60%)              Equivalence Certificate.
   Admission Requirement                        with Equivalence Certificate.
   • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum
                                                                                         • Candidates must have 55% marks
     60% marks OR A-level in three
                                              • Candidates must have 65%                   in Intermediate/ A Level
     main subjects (no subsidiary)
                                                marks in Intermediate/ A Level             Mathematics
     with minimum Grade B (60%) with
     Equivalence Certificate OR Grade
     12 with minimum Grade B (60%)
                                              B.Sc Honors in Statistics
     with Equivalence Certificate.            Statistics are used in all areas of
   B.Sc Honors in Mathematics                 science, engineering, technology,
                                              business, industry and commerce.
   Mathematics plays an important
                                              Statistical models are often developed
   role in the world today which is
                                              to assist in predicting the evolution
   now undergoing a revolution driven
                                              of many phenomena including
   largely by technology. Business
                                              production, planning, bio-medical
   and government, science and
                                              aspects, weather patterns and climate
   technology and almost every aspect         changes. Throughout many businesses
   of professional work involves              and industries, statistical and
   mathematics. The B.Sc. Mathematics         operations research methods are used
   program at Kinnaird College is             to solve problems such as resource
   designed to set high standards in

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                        23
Faculty of Physical & Earth Sciences
   B.Sc Honors in Chemistry                    students with concepts, methods and          society and nature at a variety of
   This program introduces students to         practical field experience in air quality,   levels. Areas of study include Physical
   the basics and the latest developments      water quality assessment, endangered         Geography, study of Lithosphere,
   in the field of chemistry. All major        species management, industrial               Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and
   chemistry courses are supported             hygiene, environmental policy,               Biosphere, Human Geography,
   with practicals in the lab to reinforce     environmental pollution / impact             Cultural Geography, Urban Geography,
   the concepts studied in theory and to       assessment and pollution control             Population Geography, Political
   develop further understanding of the        technology through a multidisciplinary       Geography, Economic Geography,
   subject. The courses are taught by          approach.                                    Practical Geography, Map Making,
   a combination of lectures, tutorials,       A variety of career opportunities            Map Reading and Ground Surveying
   seminars, practical activities, visits to   for environmental scientists in              Techniques.
   relevant laboratories, industries and       government, industry, NGO’s, private         The study of Geography has long been
   research organizations. The students        companies and consulting firms are           recognized as central to a liberal
   undertake internships in concerned          available for students graduating            arts education and has served as a
   organizations during the summer             with a BS degree in Environmental            foundation for successful careers in
   vacations in the final year to acquire      Sciences.                                    many fields. Although the study of
   work experience. The program of                                                          Geography is most often associated
   study is designed to prepare students       Admission Requirement                        with careers in cartography, public
   for higher learning in this field; to       • F.A/F.Sc Part-I with minimum               service, teaching and the research
   work as professionals with an ability         60% marks OR A-level in three              world, but the skills learned through
   to classify the elements of chemistry         main subjects (no subsidiary)              Geographic study have proven useful
   and applications thereof, in academia         with minimum Grade B (60%) with            in a great variety of careers ranging
   or in chemical, petrochemical,                Equivalence Certificate OR Grade           from city administrators, advertising
   metallurgical, ceramic, biomedical            12 with minimum Grade B (60%)              and logistics to the Foreign Service.
   industries and in research institutions.      with Equivalence Certificate               Geography students are offered
                                                                                            courses in which they learn specific
   Admission Requirement                       • SSC (Science Group) with a                 technical skills in computerized
   • F.Sc Part-I with minimum 60%                minimum Grade B (60%) OR                   information retrieval, spatial data
     marks OR A-level in three subjects          O-level in eight subjects with             analysis, cartographic representation,
     three main subjects (no                     minimum Grade B (60%) with                 remote sensing, and geographic
     subsidiary) with minimum Grade              Equivalence Certificate OR any             information systems. Geography major
     B (60%) with Equivalence                    equivalent examination.                    is an appropriate base for further
     Certificate OR Grade 12 with                                                           specialized training in environmental
     minimum Grade B (60%) with                • Preference will be given to F.Sc           management.
     Equivalence Certificate                     students.
                                                                                            Admission Requirement
   B.Sc Honors in Environmental                B.Sc Honors in Geography                     • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum
   Sciences                                    Geography is the study of Earth and            55% marks OR A-level in three
   The Environmental Sciences program          provides a broad perspective on the            main subjects (no subsidiary) with
   has been designed to provide the            transformation of environment by               minimum Grade C with

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                            25
Equivalence Certificate OR Grade       courses from classical and quantum     Admission Requirement
                                12 with minimum Grade C with           Physics to the latest techniques       • F.Sc (Pre Engineering)/ICS Physics
                                Equivalence Certificate.               of applied Physics and Electronic        Part-I with minimum 60% marks
                                                                       Devices. The courses stress on           OR A-level in three main subjects
                             B.Sc Honors in Physics                    concept learning and problem solving     (no subsidiary) with minimum
                             Physics is one of the oldest sciences     skills. Laboratory work includes         Grade B (60%) with Equivalence
                             in the world under natural Philosophy.    Thermodynamics, Modern and Nuclear       Certificate OR Grade 12 with
                             Physics has extensive use in the fields   Physics, Electricity and Magnetism,      minimum Grade B (60%) with
                             of engineering, computer science,         Circuit Theory, Basic and Advanced       Equivalence Certificate
                             medicine and instrumentation for          Electronics, Communication Systems     • Candidates should have studied
                             various purposes. The Physics 4-year      and Computational Physics.               mathematics in Intermediate
                             program covers a wide range of                                                     /A-Levels.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                                           27
Faculty of Biological & Life Sciences

   B.Sc Honors in Biochemistry                interdisciplinary field that combines     that would develop a critical insight
   The department strives to instill basic    biological sciences with engineering      into the specialized areas of Botany
   knowledge of Biochemistry among            technologies to produce products          with an applied approach starting
   the students. It specifically teaches      that advances healthcare, medicine,       from cellular details in cell biology, to
   biochemical mechanisms operating in        agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and    molecular approach in Biochemistry.
   a living system at molecular level that    environment control. It draws heavily     Genetics has become an indispensable
   can be applied in daily life scenarios.    from a number of biological science       component of almost all research
   The department imparts the skills of       disciplines such as Microbiology,         in modern biology and medicine.
   leadership, practical knowledge and        Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular         In order to meet the challenging
   innovation amongst its students in         Biology, Immunology, Cell and             demands, subjects like Principles
   order to make them serve in various        Tissue Culture etc. for understanding     of Genetics, Plant Biochemistry,
   sectors of health, agriculture, industry   the occurrence and treatment of           Microbiology, Molecular and
   and education. The elaborative course      diseases, development of agriculture,     Microbial Genetics, Recombinant
   contents and impactful teaching            food production, protection of the        DNA Technology, Biotechnology,
   methodologies develop high quality         environment and many more. The            Biochemical techniques would orient
   training in the rapidly growing fields     B.Sc. honors program in Biotechnology     the students in modern research
   of science. Success of Biochemistry        at Kinnaird equips its graduates          areas. Besides this, important and
   has led the biochemists to develop         with the necessary intellectual and       core issues related to agriculture are
   new technologies in vast areas of          practical skills as well as required      also taught, given its importance for
   biological sciences. It is no surprise     theoretical knowledge to begin careers    Pakistan. It is compulsory for all the
   that this field not only interests a       in medical research, in hospital and      students to conduct a research project.
   large number of people but also            public health laboratories, and also      The research would be carried out
   offers various career opportunities in     in the pharmaceutical, food and           in most active and applied areas like
   research organizations, academics          agricultural industries.                  Plant Tissue Culture, Biotechnology,
   and industries.                                                                      Eco-physiology, Phyto-physiology,
                                              Admission Requirement                     Biochemistry, Phyto-pathology and
   Admission Requirement                      • F.Sc Part-I (Pre Medical) with          Plant Anatomy and Environmental
   • F.Sc Part-I (Pre Medical) with             minimum 60% marks OR A-level            Biology.
     minimum 60% marks OR A-level               in three main subjects (no
     in three main subjects (no                 subsidiary) with minimum Grade          Admission Requirement
     subsidiary) with minimum Grade             B (60%) with Equivalence                • F.Sc (Pre Medical) Part-I with
     B (60%) with Equivalence                   Certificate OR Grade 12 with              minimum 60% marks OR A-level
     Certificate OR Grade 12 with               minimum Grade B (60%) with                in three main subjects (no
     minimum Grade B (60%) with                 Equivalence Certificate                   subsidiary) with minimum Grade
     Equivalence Certificate                                                              B (60%) with Equivalence
                                              B.Sc Honors in Botany                       Certificate OR Grade 12 with
   B.Sc Honors in Biotechnology               This course of Botany seeks to give the     minimum Grade B (60%) with
   Biotechnology is a highly                  students a comprehensive knowledge          Equivalence Certificate.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                          29
B.Sc Honors in Food Science & Human         but it also has plenty of practical      Kinnaird seeks to equip students with
   Nutrition                                   applications, From the use of DNA in     knowledge of Ornithology (study of
   The curriculum is designed to provide       court cases to the discovery of new      Birds), Herpetology and Mammalogy.
   students with a solid foundation            therapies for genetic diseases, a        It also seeks to facilitate an
   in nutrition and food science so            thorough understanding of the human      understanding of animal biodiversity,
   as to equip them to face current            genome can have important medical,       conservation and teach students
   challenges related to health, food          social and legal impacts, Pakistan       the zoological techniques required
   & nutrition. This program promotes          is an agriculture based economy,         in fields such as Biotechnology and
   students participation in experiential      thus research and understanding of       Genetic Engineering. Graduates from
   learning projects and prepares              genetics is inevitable for sustainable   the department are well prepared for
   them for active participation in local      growth and health of our crops and       higher studies in Zoology or related
   and global issues related to food &         cattle. Our country is amongst the       disciplines, for work in schools and
   nutrition. It also addresses important      worst hit countries with genetics        colleges as teachers, in diagnostic
   issues such as: nutrition for limited       disorders like thalassaemia,             laboratories or in research centers
   resource audiences which is critical        hereditary deafness, blindness etc.      in zoological gardens as Biodiversity
   in the perspective of Pakistan. The         Graduates from this degree will have     Conservationists.
   graduates of Food Science & Human           better understanding of our genomes
   Nutrition will be able to take up carrier   and will harness vast research           Amission Requirement
   in various fields ranging from the          opportunities in this field nationally   • F.Sc Part-I (Pre Medical) with
   food industry, hospitals, NGOs and          and internationally. Having a deeper       minimum 55% marks OR
   community projects.                         understanding and solid foundation         A-level in three main subjects
                                               of genetics, its graduates will also       (no subsidiary) with minimum
   Admission Requirement                       help create awareness among our            Grade C with Equivalence
   • F.Sc Part-I (Pre Medical)/BS              population.                                Certificate OR Grade 12 with
     Part-I from home economics with                                                      minimum Grade C with
     minimum 60% marks OR A-level              Admission Requirement                      Equivalence Certificate
     in three main subjects (no                • F.Sc Part-I (Pre Medical) with
     subsidiary) with minimum Grade              minimum 60% marks OR A-level
     B (60%) with Equivalence                    in three main subjects (no
     Certificate OR Grade 12 with                subsidiary) with minimum Grade
     minimum Grade B (60%) with                  B (60%) with Equivalence
     Equivalence Certificate.                    Certificate OR Grade 12 with
                                                 minimum Grade B (60%) with
   • Preference will be given to the             Equivalence Certificate
     students who have studied Food
     Science & Nutrition in O/A Level.         B.Sc Honors in Zoology
                                               The program in Zoology includes
   B.Sc Honors in Genetics                     diverse and interdisciplinary
   Genetics is one of the most fascinating     subjects taught in departments
   field that has emerged in the 21st          of Biotechnology, Biochemistry,
   century. The study of human DNA is          Environmental Sciences, Toxicology
   not only intellectually fascinating,        and Fisheries. The program of study at

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                      31
Faculty of Languages,
      Literature & Education
   B.A Honors in Applied Linguistics          with in depth analytical readings and     B.Ed Honors Education
   This four-year Honors course in            written work on selected texts.           The four-year B.Ed. Honors program is
   Linguistics offers a wide range of                                                   designed for students seeking rigorous
   subjects related to language and           Admission Requirement                     training to become teachers. The B.Ed.
   linguistics. Subject areas in this         • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum             Honors program will train students
   degree program include grammatical           60% marks OR A-level in three           to excel as teachers as well as
   structure of language, its sound             main subjects (no subsidiary)           understand the intricacies of teaching
   system, language acquisition theories,       with minimum Grade B (60%) with         such as teaching methodologies,
   language variation within society,           Equivalence Certificate OR Grade        classroom management, foundations
   integration of the four language skills,     12 with minimum Grade B (60%)           of education, guidance and counseling,
   computer skills, the relationship of         with Equivalence Certificate.           classroom assessment, and
   language with literature, analysis of                                                psychology of learning among other
   spoken and written discourse and           • Candidates must have 70%                topics. This is an interdisciplinary
   language in a global context.                marks in Intermediate/ A Level          program that highlights the
                                                English Compulsory.                     relationship between the field of
   Admission Requirement                                                                education and other disciplines that
   • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum              B.A Honors in Urdu Literature             influence the process of teaching
     60% marks OR A-level in three            This B.A Honors program seeks to          and learning. Furthermore, students
     main subjects (no subsidiary)            develop in students an understanding      will also become familiar with the
     with minimum Grade B (60%) with          of Urdu literature both in poetry and     educational policies that impact
     Equivalence Certificate OR Grade         prose. The students are exposed to        the implementation of educational
     12 with minimum Grade B (60%)            Urdu literature starting from the 17th    programs. Students in the program
     with Equivalence Certificate             century till the present time. This       will have practical experience in the
                                              includes the study of selected literary   classroom under supervision to gain
   • Candidates must have 70%                 text from the classical and modern        practical knowledge of the theories
     marks in Intermediate/ A Level           period covering the works of writers      they have studied in earlier
     English Compulsory.                      of Urdu literature as well as those       semesters.
                                              who have translated world classical
   B.A Honors in English Literature           literature into Urdu.                     Admission Requirement
   This dynamic program spread over                                                     • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum
   four years, provides students with a       Admission Requirement                       60% marks OR A-level in three
   vast exposure to the various genres        • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum               main subjects (no subsidiary)
   of literature starting from the middle       55% marks OR A-level in three             with minimum Grade B (60%) with
   ages till the present time. It includes      main subjects (no subsidiary) with        Equivalence Certificate OR Grade
   works of writers from all over the           minimum Grade C with                      12 with minimum Grade B (60%)
   globe, of all nationalities, with            Equivalence Certificate OR Grade          with Equivalence Certificate
   emphasis on Post-colonial, Sub-              12 with minimum Grade C with
   continental and African American             Equivalence Certificate
   writers. The course is innovative and

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                       33
Faculty of Art, Design &
      Media Studies
   Bachelor in Fine Arts                       with minimum Grade C (50%) with        unravel the world of the media from
   (Painting, Miniature Painting)              Equivalence Certificate OR Grade       the general to the specific, from
                                               12 with minimum Grade C (50%)          the theoretical to the practical, with
   Bachelors in Design                         with Equivalence Certificate           research work and special projects; all
   (Textile Design)                                                                   with the aim to put our students at the
   This 4-year degree program starts         • All candidates must appear for         top of the media scene once they step
   with foundation courses for the first       an aptitude test based on drawing      out in the real world.
   two semesters where students are            and design ability. An interview
   introduced to the basics of Drawing,        and portfolio review of previous       Admission Requirement
   Design, Sculpture and Drafting. In          work will be conducted of the          • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum
   the third semester the Fine Arts and        short listed candidates.                 60% marks OR A-level in three
   Textile Design students divide into                                                  main subjects (no subsidiary)
   their respective majors (Fine Arts        • Candidates must specify their            with minimum Grade B (60%) with
   further sub-divides into Painting           major preference i.e. Fine Arts          Equivalence Certificate OR Grade
   and Miniature Painting in the fourth        or Textile Design in their               12 with minimum Grade B (60%)
   semester). The last four semesters          admission form.                          with Equivalence Certificate
   are dedicated to the study and practice
   of their chosen specialization. The       B.A Honors in Media Studies
   students are required to produce a        The Bachelors degree in Media Studies
   body of work which constitutes as their   offered by Kinnaird Media School is
   thesis project in the last semester.      a highly rigorous and wide-ranging
   Along with practical courses, theory      program for those students who are
   courses constitute as 30% of the          confident in their ability to become a
   degree requirements.                      successful part of the media industry.
                                             Our program is highly practice-
   Admission Requirement                     oriented, providing hands-on training
   • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum             to our students in the areas of their
     50% marks OR A-level in three           interest. It offers solid foundations
     main subjects (no subsidiary)           in all aspects of the media, as we

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                      35
Admission Handbook 2020-21   37
Faculty of Social Sciences & Law
   B.Sc Honors in Applied Psychology         influence relations between actors on         with minimum Grade B (60%) with
   The 4-year B.Sc Honors program in         the world stage. It seeks to provide          Equivalence Certificate OR Grade
   Applied Psychology aims to provide        students with an understanding of             12 with minimum Grade B (60%)
   students with a well-rounded              the global system’s past, the tools           with Equivalence Certificate
   knowledge base and application in the     to function effectively in the present,
   domains of Applied Psychology, The        and the ability to respond to future       Bachelors in Law
   curriculum is designed to introduce       developments.                              Law studies have become increasingly
   students to the theories of psychology                                               popular and today the profession
   and their application. The program        Admission Requirement                      offers tremendous career scope and
   focuses on experiential teaching so       • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum              prospects for the youth. Keeping
   students can relate the concepts to         60% marks OR A-level in three            in mind the importance of this for
   practice. Students are required to          main subjects (no subsidiary)            young women, Kinnaird College felt a
   conduct a research project under            with minimum Grade B (60%) with          compelling need to introduce law at
   the supervision of a faculty. The           Equivalence Certificate OR Grade         Bachelor’s level.
   experience of conducting the research       12 with minimum Grade B (60%)            This five years joint BA-LL.B
   and writing the research report hones       with Equivalence Certificate             degree is designed for students
   students’ research skills. Students are                                              seeking a challenging and rigorous,
   expected to complete their internship     B.A. Honors in Political Science           interdisciplinary exposure to law and
   during the summer and document            The Bachelors Program in Political         its related disciplines. While the focal
   their learning and experience in the      Science considers the subject              point is the Pakistani legal system, the
   form of a report.                         from a political, philosophical and        teaching methodology encompasses
                                             historical point of view. It emphasizes    a critical and comparative approach
   Admission Requirement                     the importance of political thought        to broaden perspectives and sharpen
   • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum             in the past in shaping the ideas           analytical skills of the students.
     60% marks OR A-level in three           and cir cumstances that affect             Nadira Hassan Law Department
     main subjects (no subsidiary)           national and international politics. It    will offer an extensive curriculum,
     with minimum Grade B (60%) with         facilitates students in understanding      emphasizing skills in courses such as
     Equivalence Certificate OR Grade        constitutions and the rule of law,         legal writing, drafting, advocacy and
     12 with minimum Grade B (60%)           government, distributive justice, public   legal argumentation. Kinnaird is also
     with Equivalence Certificate            interest groups, human rights, the         the first women only law college in the
                                             economy and economic development           Punjab providing intensive legal study
   • Candidates must have 60% marks          from a political point of view and the     and research opportunities.
     in psychology in F.A/A-Level or 60%     politics of the environment. Emphasis
     marks in biology in F.Sc/A-Level.       is placed on the study of conflict and     Admission Requirement
                                             conflict resolution and defense and        • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum
   B.A. Honors in International Relations    diplomatic studies. Students are also        60% marks OR A-level in three
   The Bachelor in International             facilitated in undertaking a critical        main subjects (no subsidiary)
   Relations (IR) is an interdisciplinary    analysis of the dynamics of local,           with minimum Grade B (60%) with
   undergraduate major focusing on           regional and international politics.         Equivalence Certificate OR Grade
   the changing political, economic and                                                   12 with minimum Grade B (60%)
   socio-cultural relations within the       Admission Requirement                        with Equivalence Certificate.
   international system of the modern        • FA/F.Sc Part-I with minimum
   era. The program explores how               60% marks OR A-level in three            • Candidates must appear for LAT
   global, regional, and domestic factors      main subjects (no subsidiary)              organized by HEC

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                         39
How to Apply for Admission
                                                                                                                                       Important Note:
   All admissions to Kinnaird College for Women are based on          each category and the chosen option clearly indicated on each    Admission on the basis of these categories will not be changed till the completion of the degree.
   merit. Previous academic performances are taken into account       admission form. Applicants must ensure all relevant documents    The decision of the Admission Committee is final and cannot be challenged.
   for admission on “open merit” and also for any category            listed in the forms are attached.
                                                                                                                                       Applicants can apply for admission on more than one category. A separate form must be submitted for each
   within “reserved seats”. A separate form must be used for
                                                                                                                                       category being applied for.
                                                                                                                                       If on verification any document is found to be fake or forged admission will be cancelled.
   Reserved Seats Quota
   In accordance with the admission policy limited seats are reserved for the following categories:
   1. Disabled Persons        2. Religious Minority seats              3. Provincial seats
   4. Balochistan & FATA      5. Sports

              01                      02                          03                         04                        05
       Disabled Persons         Religious Minority          Provincial Seats          Balochistan &           Sports
                                Seats                                                 FATA Seats
       Applicants for                                       Applicants for                                     Applicants applying
       admission in this        Applicants for              admission on              Applicants for           for admission
       category must            admission on                Provincial seats          admission on             on sports seats
       submit disability        religious minority          must have obtained        Balochistan &            must attach their
       certificate, medical     seats such as               their schooling           FATA seats must          certificates of
       reports and              Christians,                 and passed the            have obtained            participation and
       other relevant           Hindus, Ahmedis             Board examination         their schooling          awards won at
       documents.               and Parsis must             from the province         and passed the           intercollegiate,
                                provide supporting          of their domicile.        Board examination        district, provincial
                                documents.                  They must submit          from the province        and national sports
                                                            their nominations         of their domicile.       events. Students
                                                            through the               They must submit         will also be required
                                                            provincial                their nominations        to demonstrate on
                                                            government of their       through the              the field.
                                                            domicile.                 provincial
                                                                                      government of their

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                                                                                                                                        41
Degree Requirements for Undergraduate program

   To receive a BA / B.Sc / BBA (Hons)         ***NO STUDENT will be allowed to         community-led social development.
   or a BFA degree, a student must             commence her research work without       It is a mandatory requirement for the
   complete a total of 130 credit hours        completing at least 90 credit hours of   completion of undergraduate degree
                                                                                        and based on two semesters. All
      Courses                                                   Credit Hours
                                                                                        students will study the theoretical
      Core/Compulsory                                                                   portion through different activities
      English                                                        9                  starting in their 3rd semester. They
      Pak Studies                                                    2                  will plan their social action projects in
                                                                                        4th semester and implement it in the
      Islamiat/Ethics                                                2
      Mathematics                                                    3
      Computer Science                                               3                  Academic Awards
      Multi-disciplinary courses outside the faculty of the major    39                 Kinnaird College for Women awards
                                                                                        degree with Honors to a few students
      Major Courses                                                  57
                                                                                        in each graduating class. The criteria
      Internship*                                                    3                  for graduation with Honors are as
      Research Methodology**                                         6                  follows:
      Research Report***                                             6
                                                                                        Gold Medals
      Total                                                          130
                                                                                        Students with the highest CGPA
   with a minimum CGPA of 2.50.                course work with a minimum CGPA of       in their faculty are awarded gold
   Students are required to fulfill the        2.50.                                    medals provided they complete their
   following course requirements during                                                 Bachelors degree without any break
   the eight semesters:                        Degree Requirements for BA-LL.B          from the time of their registration in
   The course requirements for a BFA /         BA-LL.B is a 5 years program and has     the first semester and do not improve
   BD degree may vary.                         10 regular semesters. To receive a BA-   or repeat any course.
                                               LL.B degree, a student must complete
   *Internship is optional for a few           a total of 166 credit hours with a       Principal’s Honor List
   majors, decided by the concerned            minimum CGPA of 2.50.                    Students with CGPA of 3.90 or above
   Head of Department. In case of                                                       are placed on the Principal’s Honor
   exemption, the student has to study a       Active Citizenship Program               List.
   3 credit hour major course in lieu of       Active Citizenship program offered by
   internship.                                 Kinnaird College in collaboration with   Merit List
   **Course of Research Methodology            British Council and HEC is a social      Students with CGPA of 3.80 or above
   must be completed before                    leadership training program that         are placed on the Merit List.
   commencement of research work.              promotes intercultural dialogue and

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                          43
Fee Structure for Undergraduate Programs

                    DUES FOR YEAR 2020-21 (Pak Rupees) Fall and Spring Semester Only

                                               B.A. /B.Sc.              B.A. /B.Sc.           BBA / Acct. &                      Important Notes:
                                            Without Practical          With Practical         Finance / LLB               BSCS

          Tuition Fee (Rs.)                       80,100                   80,100                108,000              108,000    • Fee once paid is refunded only as per below mentioned HEC policy for all
                                                                                                                                   students including those who are admitted on result awaiting basis:
          Funds (Rs.)                             24,900                   24,900                 24,900              24,900
                                                                                                                                   1. Full (100%) fee refund up to 7th day after commencement of classes as
          Practical Subject Fee (Rs.)                -                        2,000                  -                10,000
                                                                                                                                      notified by the college
          Total                                  105,000                  107,000                132,900             142,900       2. Half (50%) fee refund from 8th to 15th day after commencement of classes
                                                                                                                                      as notified by the college
         Funds at the Time of Admission                                                                                            3. No Fee refund thereafter except refundable security
          Admission Fee			 			2,000                                                                                              • A fine of Rs. 25 per day will be charged if fee is not deposited within the
          Registration Fee 					2,000                                                                                              scheduled dates. No fine waivers are available in any case.
          Library Security (Refundable) 				                          5,000                                                      • In addition to fee, students will pay research project fee in the 3rd & 4th year
          Endowment Fund 					7,800                                                                                                as detail below:
                                                                                                                                   Major without practical 		          Rs. 2000
          Total 							16800/-
                                                                                                                                   Major with practical 		             Rs. 5000

         Annual Funds
                                                                                                                                 • Students opting to take Summer Courses will have to pay the course fee of

          Examination Fee					2,000                                                                                                 Rs. 4,000 for each course of B.A. / B.Sc. For BBA, Accounting & Finance, LLB
                                                                                                                                    and BCS courses the fee will be Rs. 6000/-
          General Funds						1,840
          Building Funds				 		2,700                                                                                             • Fee for repeat of a course is Rs. 4000/- for B.A. / B.Sc. programs and

          Academic Development Fund 				                              1,500                                                         Rs. 6000/- for BBA, Accounting & Finance, LLB and BCS program.
          Red Crescent Fund 					60
          Total 							8100/-
          Total Funds 						24,900/-

                  Note: Fee can be paid in two installments (1st at the time of admission and 2nd in January next year)

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                                                                                                            45
Postgraduate Programs

                                        M.Phil in Applied Linguistics
                                        M.Phil in Biochemistry
                                        M.Phil in Biotechnology
                                        MBA / M.Phil Business Administration
                                        MS in Clinical Psychology
                                        MS in Computer Science
                                        M.Phil in English Language Teaching
                                        M.Phil in English Literature
                                        M.Phil in Environmental Sciences
                                        M.Phil in Food Science & Human Nutrition
                                        M.Phil in International Relations
                                        M.Phil in Media Studies
                                        M.Phil in Political Science
                                        M.Phil in Statistics
                                        Diploma in English Language Teaching

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                         47
M.Phil in Biochemistry                     engineering technologies to produce        with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 OR             have done their Graduation/                Admission Requirement                      • All candidates must appear for KC
   Biochemistry is the field of science       products that advance healthcare,          60% in Masters after 2 years B.Sc.         Masters in Psychology.                     • 04 years BA/B.Sc. (Hons) with              Graduate Assessment Test.
   which has revolutionized the field         medicine, agriculture, food                                                                                                        a minimum CGPA of 2.50 OR 60%
   of life sciences and medicine.             pharmaceuticals and environment         • All candidates must appear for KC        • All candidates must appear for KC             marks in Masters after 02 years          • Only short listed candidates will
   Biochemistry has great importance          control. The scope of Biotechnology       Graduate Assessment Test.                  Graduate Assessment Test.                     BA/B.Sc. The applicants should             be called for the Interview.
   in present time as it deals with the       is increasing with more and                                                                                                        have done their Graduation/
                                                                                      • Only short listed candidates will be     • Only short listed candidates will be
   study of biochemical processes taking      more basic and applied research                                                                                                    Masters in Computer Science,             M.Phil in Environmental Sciences
                                                                                        called for the Interview.                  called for the Interview.
   place in living organisms, structure       endeavors in major areas such as                                                                                                   Software Engineering, Information        The M.Phil in Environmental Sciences
   of cellular components and their           health and medicine, agriculture,                                                  MS in Computer Science                          Technology or any other related
   biomedical importance, enzymes,
                                                                                      MS in Clinical Psychology                                                                                                           is a dynamic program which focuses
                                              industry and environment. The union                                                In the last three decades, computers            engineering discipline.                  on current issues of environment
                                                                                      The MS in Clinical Psychology aims to
   hormones, diseases and drugs.              of biotechnology with recombinant                                                  have entered all spheres of our lives
                                                                                      prepare Clinical Psychologists to work                                                                                              and their solutions. Training of
   The program develops in depth              DNA technology (genetic                                                            from business applications, office            • All candidates must appear for KC
                                                                                      in the area of mental health in clinical                                                                                            professionals in key environmental
   theoretical and practical knowledge of     engineering) has developed a new                                                   automation, science and engineering,            Graduate Assessment Test.
                                                                                      settings. The goal of the program is                                                                                                issues is pivotal to the sustainable
   advance topics of Biochemistry and its     field called Molecular Biotechnology.                                              expert systems, information and data
                                                                                      to train skilled and effective clinical                                                                                             use of natural and environmental
   allied areas. The students will be able    This new science focuses on                                                        processing, to shopping in grocery            • Only short listed candidates will be
                                                                                      psychologists who are well versed                                                                                                   resources. With the need to produce
   to critically analyze the case studies /   development of modified or new                                                     stores. Given the unprecedented pace            called for the Interview.
                                                                                      in the ethics of the profession. The                                                                                                qualified experts in the field, an M.Phil
   scenarios and apply the biochemistry       products, ultimately, leading to                                                   at which developments are taking place
                                                                                      program offers courses to enhance                                                                                                   program of international standard has
   knowledge in solving problems.             commercialization of these products,                                               there is a demand today for advanced          M.Phil in English Literature
                                                                                      the knowledge and understanding                                                                                                     been developed. The program aims to
                                              which can be used for human                                                        training and education in Computer            The M.Phil in English Literature at
                                                                                      of psychopathology, diagnosis and                                                                                                   train and produce students who will
   Admission Requirement                      welfare. Many plant and animal                                                     Science. The MS Computer Science              Kinnaird is a 2 year course designed
                                                                                      therapeutic interventions for both                                                                                                  have broad appreciation of all aspects
   • 04 years B.Sc. (Hons) with a             products, which were not affordable                                                program at Kinnaird provides students         particularly for students wishing
                                                                                      children and adults. Furthermore,                                                                                                   of environment and are equipped to
     minimum CGPA of 2.50 in degree           to common people few years ago,                                                    with an in-depth knowledge of computer        to take up literature as a research
                                                                                      students will develop understanding                                                                                                 deal with increasing environmental
     OR 60% marks in Masters after 02         are now available in some parts of                                                 science fundamentals and provides             oriented discipline with an intensive
                                                                                      of the impact of cultural, social and                                                                                               and developmental problems. Our
     years B.Sc. The applicants must          the world due to decrease in prices                                                them with an advanced understanding           focus on literary texts in their
                                                                                      environmental factors that affect                                                                                                   approach spans local solutions to
     have completed their Graduation/         and acceleration of their production.                                              of Databases, Process Mining, Software
                                                                                      mental health and well-being. In                                                         historical and intellectual contexts, as   environmental problems to the effects
     Masters in Biochemistry,                 The M.Phil program in Biotechnology                                                Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. It
                                                                                      addition to the coursework students                                                      seen in both generic and chronological     of national policies on local, regional
     Molecular Biology, Microbiology,         will empower women to become high                                                  develops student’s capacity for inquiry,
                                                                                      are required to attend seminars,                                                         perspectives. The course is cumulative     and global environment. The program
     Chemistry with specialization in         quality scholars and professionals                                                 abstract and logical thinking, and critical
                                                                                      workshops, lecture and discussion                                                        and self contained, and involves           aims to facilitate the development
     Biochemistry or other allied             who would serve effectively and                                                    analysis.
                                                                                      forums arranged by the department.                                                       rigorous research work leading to a        of knowledge and skills for present
     disciplines of sciences.                 efficiently in academia and other                                                  Experts in the field bring personal
                                                                                      Students are required to do their                                                        dissertation on a topic that interests     use of resources and sustainable
                                              relevant organizations/companies                                                   computing experiences to the classroom.
                                                                                      internship in clinical settings for                                                      the student.                               development.
   • All candidates must appear for KC        through equipping its graduates                                                    Students are assigned projects, research
                                                                                      both adult and child psychology and                                                                                                 Students who complete their program
     Graduate Assessment Test.                with quality education alongside                                                   work and make presentations aimed
                                                                                      complete a research project in the                                                       Admission Requirement                      can work as Environmental Managers/
                                              necessary analytical and research                                                  at helping them combine theoretical
                                                                                      domain of clinical psychology. This is a                                                 • 04 years BA/B.Sc. (Hons) with            consultants, Environmental Impact
   • Only short listed candidates will        skills in the selective specialized                                                perspectives with professional practice.
                                                                                      full time program.                                                                         a minimum CGPA of 2.50 OR 60%            Analysts, Environmental Risk Analysts,
     appear for the Interview.                areas of Biotechnology.                                                            Students are trained to pursue careers          marks in Masters after 02 years          Policy Formulators on Environmental
                                                                                      Admission Requirement                      as computer Science Faculty Member,             BA/ B.Sc. The applicants should
   M.Phil in Biotechnology                    Admission Requirement                   • 04 years BA/B.Sc. (Hons) with            Software Development Managers and                                                        Matters, decision makers in
   Biotechnology is a futuristic and                                                                                                                                             have done their Graduation/              Environmental Law and Environmental
                                              • 04 years B.Sc. (Hons) majoring in       a minimum CGPA of 2.50 OR 60%            take various other roles in the industry.
   highly interdisciplinary field that                                                                                                                                           Masters in English Literature.           scientists in various organizations and
                                                Biotechnology or any other related      marks in Masters after 02 years
   combines Biological Sciences with            discipline of Biological Sciences       BA/B.Sc. The applicants should                                                                                                    industries.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            49
Admission Requirement                    their nutritional knowledge and          Admission Requirement                       • Only short listed candidates will be      • Only short listed candidates will be    Admission Requirement
   • 04 years B.Sc. (Hons) with a           practically apply it to their field of   • 04 years BA/B.Sc. (Hons) with a             called for the Interview.                   called for the Interview.               • 04 years BA/B.Sc. (Hons) with
     minimum CGPA of 2.50 OR                specialization.                            minimum CGPA of 2.50 in degree                                                                                                    a minimum CGPA of 2.50 OR 60%
     60% marks in Masters after                                                        OR 60% marks in Masters after 02          M.Phil in Political Science                 M.Phil in Statistics                        marks in Masters after 02 years
     02 years BA/B.Sc. The applicants       Admission Requirement                      years BA/ B.Sc.                           The aim of the M.Phil Political Science     The two-year M.Phil Statistics              BA/ B.Sc. The applicants should
     should have done their                 • 04 years BA/B.Sc. (Hons) with                                                      program is to prepare students for          program at Kinnaird College will            have done their Graduation/
     Graduation/Masters in                    a minimum CGPA of 2.50 OR 60%          • All candidates must appear for KC         roles in sectors of academia, research,     provide the students a sound                Masters in Statistics, Mathematics.
     Environmental Sciences,                  marks in Masters after 02 years          Graduate Assessment Test.                 legislation, mass-media, non-               understanding in the theory and
     Environmental Engineering,               BA/B.Sc. The applicants should                                                     governmental agencies and public            applications of statistics. The M.Phil    •   All candidates must appear for KC
     Pure Sciences, Geography and             have done their Graduation/            • Only short listed candidates will be      policy by inculcating knowledge of          involves a combination of course              Graduate Assessment Test.
     any other relevant field. However,       Masters in Food Science & Human          called for the Interview.                 political processes and skills. The         work and research training and is
     preference will be given to those        Nutrition, Home Economics (Food                                                    degree emphasizes the research-led          designed to extend the competence         • Only short listed candidates will be
     students who have done their             & Nutrition), Biotechnology, and       M.Phil in Media Studies                     study of government and political           of candidates in their chosen               called for the Interview.
     Graduation/Masters in                    Biochemistry.                          This degree course is a highly rigorous     institutions from area-specific and         discipline. The course offers a wide
     Environmental Sciences.                                                         and wide-ranging program for those          comparative perspectives, and               range of subjects and will provide        Diploma in ELT
                                            • All candidates must appear for KC      students who are confident of their         provides a range of educational             the quantitative skills and expertise     Diploma in ELT is a one year duration
   • Applicants must have done                Graduate Assessment Test.              ability to become a successful part of      experiences in a variety of learning        required to carry out various types       course. This course is specially
     Intermediate with Science.                                                      the media industry. The program is          environments to develop written and         of econometric and statistical            designed for students who want to
                                            • Only short listed candidates will be   highly practice-oriented and provides       oral communication skills as well as        analyses. Students acquire the skills     take teaching as a profession. This
                                              called for the Interview.              hands-on training to students in areas      other technical skills. It provides solid   necessary to undertake applied and/or     diploma course will help students to
   • All candidates must appear for KC
                                                                                     of their interest. It offers a solid        foundation for a wide range of careers,     theoretical projects and the ability to   get training, improve their teaching
     Graduate Assessment Test.
                                            M.Phil in International Relations        foundation in all aspects of the media      including academia, media, civil            communicate the results of their work     skills familiarize themselves with
                                            The M.Phil in International Relations    business, with research work and            society, diplomatic and governmental        to wider audiences. The mainstream        latest creative teaching concepts and
   • Only short listed candidates will be
                                            is a research oriented program           special projects; all with the aim to put   positions.                                  statistical theory will be supplemented   teaching strategies.
     called for the Interview.
                                            which is designed to meet the            our students at the top of the media                                                    by studies in specialized areas such
                                            needs of all those who wish to           scene once they step out in the real        Admission Requirement                       as Quality Control, Mathematical          Admission Requirement
   M.Phil in Food Science & Human
                                            enhance their understanding of the       world.                                      • 4 years BA/B.Sc. (Hons) with              Statistics, Reliability Theory and        • 2 years BA/B.Sc. with a minimum
   Nutrition                                                                                                                                                                 Advanced Sampling Techniques.
   This research base program focuses       subject. The program recognizes the                                                    a minimum CGPA of 2.50 OR 60%                                                         second division.
                                                                                     Admission Requirement                                                                   The program involves a core in
   on applying the knowledge of Food        changing nature of the contemporary                                                    marks in Masters after 2 years
                                                                                     • 04 years BA/B.Sc. (Hons) with a                                                       mainstream statistical theory and
   Science in the development of            political, economic and socio-                                                         BA/ B.Sc.                                                                           • Preference will be given to the
                                                                                       minimum CGPA of 2.50 in related                                                       application, supplemented by studies
   innovative food products along with      cultural environment and seeks                                                                                                                                               candidates with teaching
                                                                                       degree OR 60% marks in Masters                                                        in specialist stream. Students may
   its application in prevention and        to lay an interdisciplinary basis                                                    • The applicants should have                                                            experience.
                                                                                                                                                                             choose to specialize in any of a
   treatment of disease: enabling the       for understanding these changes.           after 02 years BA/ B.Sc. The                done their Graduation / Masters
                                                                                                                                                                             number of areas including Quality
   students to work in various fields       International Relations is a growing       applicants should have done their           in Political Science, International
                                                                                                                                                                             Control, Mathematical Statistics,
   ranging from research in the food        and ever-evolving field and highly         Graduation/Masters in Media                 Relations, Geography, Psychology,
                                                                                                                                                                             Advanced Sampling Techniques and
   science laboratory – to working          skilled professionals are in high          Studies.                                    History, Philosophy, Economics or
                                                                                                                                                                             Reliability Theory. The structure
   with the deprived population in the      demand. International Relations                                                        Anthropology majors.
                                                                                                                                                                             and content of the courses within
   community. The program also provides     program can help equip students with     • All candidates must appear for KC
                                                                                                                                                                             the program focus on the skill and
   an opportunity for individuals already   the skills to work on a global scale.      Graduate Assessment Test.                 • All candidates must appear for KC
                                                                                                                                                                             techniques that are relevant and
   working in related fields to enhance                                                                                            Graduate Assessment Test.

Admission Handbook 2020-21                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      51
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