Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws

Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws
Introduction to Law
He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture


Bachelor of Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Laws
Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws
                                     completed by UC Law students
                                       in Aotearoa and overseas
                                                in 2018

Contents | Ngā Kai o Roto
Why study at UC?                Plan your degree                         Subject guide
1    Welcome to Law             20   Bachelor of Criminal Justice        25 Subjects
2    Study Law at UC            21   Bachelor of Laws
4    Active student community   22   Certificates
6    Ground-breaking            23   Double degrees                      More information
     academic leadership        24   Graduate and postgraduate options
8    A world of possibility                                              28 Specialisations and
                                                                            career opportunities
10   Teaching innovation
                                                                         31 Frequently asked questions
12   Learning with purpose
                                                                         33 Other UC publications
14   Student empowerment
16   Building resilience
18   Real-world experience                                               Cover: Bachelor of Laws students Scott and Caitlin
                                                                         attend court while undertaking the NZ Police Prosecution
                                                                         Service Internship.

                                                                         Published Mātahi-ā-te-tau | May 2019. Information is
                                                                         correct at the time of print, but is subject to change.
                                                                         The University’s official regulations are at
Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws
Welcome to Law
E ngā pītau whakarei         Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha             The School is also home to
o tēnei waka, nāia te reo    University of Canterbury (UC)          Aotearoa New Zealand’s only
                             Te Kura Ture | School of Law has       Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree.
rāhiri e karanga atu         over 140 years of experience in        This is proving a popular choice
ki a koutou.                 leading legal research and teaching.   for students who are interested
                             Internationally recognised with        in taking a 360-degree look at the
Tauti mai ki Te Kura Ture!   world-ranked academics, the            criminal justice system and its
                             School has built on this tradition     processes. Our close links with
Tēnā koutou katoa.           and its mission is to produce a new    employers in the field provide
                             generation of highly employable,       learning opportunities outside the
                             community-focused professionals        classroom too.
                             who will make a difference to the
                             world – tangata tū, tangata ora.       Please do not hesitate to get in
                                                                    touch with a Student Advisor
                             UC Law offers a ground-breaking         or our Liaison team if you have
                             programme of clinical legal            any questions at all about
                             education as part of the               undergraduate study at UC.
                             Bachelor of Laws. Students
                             engage with civil society, the legal
                             profession, and the wider business
                             community through internships
                                                                    Professor Ursula Cheer
                             and a student-run community            Dean | Amo Ture
                             advice service.                        School of Law | Te Kura Ture

Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws
UC’s Bachelor of
                                        Criminal Justice (BCJ)
                                            degree is the

                                             of its kind in
                                        Aotearoa New Zealand

Study Law at UC
                                                                    A World of Possibility
                                                      UC Law courses develop your
                                                      skills, local work experience, and
UC Law arms students with the knowledge and skills    international partnerships. This
to make a real difference in society. Take a look at  means UC Criminal Justice and
our reasons why Te Kura Ture | UC School of Law is    Law graduates are globally aware
unique, and hear from our students about what you can and geared up for success in their
                                                      profession (page 8).
achieve while studying Law at UC.

Active student                    Ground-breaking                   Teaching innovation
community                         academic leadership               At Te Kura Ture | UC School of
UC Law has a clear identity on    UC Law has always had a           Law, we use research to better
campus and creates a strong       reputation for scholarship.       understand how the way we
sense of belonging through its    UC academics write many           teach can be of most benefit to
active student community. It’s    of the text books used in         students (page 10).
a collegial – not competitive –   the study of the law and use
environment in which you can be   their connections, locally and
your best (page 4).               internationally, to bring         Learning with purpose
                                  world-class speakers to talk to
                                  our students (page 6).            Think about law in the real world,
                                                                    not just as academic theory
                                                                    (page 12).

2    2020 Introduction to Law
Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws
Student empowerment
At UC Law, we empower students
to achieve their goals and
encourage them to support
student-led projects and
initiatives (page 14).

Building resilience
UC’s teaching approach and
extra-curricular activities help
prepare you for the pressures
of the workplace (page 16).

Real-world experience
Te Kura Ture | UC School
of Law facilitates
opportunities for
students to observe,
experience, and be part
of the legal profession
in action (page 18).

Studying towards a Bachelor of Laws and
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and
International Relations, and Geography

Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws
                                                                                                                        Law faculty clubs

                                                                                                         ‘It’s a very collegial atmosphere

Active student
                                                                                                         — everyone wants everyone to
                                                                                                         do well. The focus is on support
                                                                                                         rather than competition.

                                                                                                         Clubs like LAWSOC offer lots
                                                                                                         of events to bring students
                                                                                                         together. There’s good
                                                                                                         academic support and help
The School has a clear identity on campus and creates                                                    from older students as well.
a collegial – not competitive – environment in which                                                     There’s a really strong
you can be your best.                                                                                    student presence at Law
                                                                                                         School and people are
Clubs                                                Pasifika Law Students’ Society                      supported and encouraged
UC’s clubs help you to get involved, interact with   This club is dedicated to promoting awareness
                                                                                                         to get involved. Clubs like
others, and to develop the skills you’ll need to     for pasifika perspectives of the law and pasifika   LAWSOC offer a great way to
get on with people from different backgrounds.        legal issues within Te Kura Ture | School of Law.   meet others, plus there’s the
There are six Law faculty clubs — each catering to                                                       benefit of their tutorials and
different backgrounds.                                CRIMSOC                                             academic support.’
                                                     CRIMSOC is dedicated to all things
LAWSOC                                                                                                   Jordan Halligan (pictured right)
                                                     criminal justice.
LAWSOC aims to represent the interests of law                                                            Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a
students and to enhance the student experience                                                           Bachelor of Commerce in Taxation
                                                     UC Women in Law                                     and Accounting
of law school, both academically and socially.
                                                     UC Women in Law is all about                        Law Clerk, Wynn Williams
                                                     empowering women in Te Kura Ture | School of
Te Pūtairiki                                         Law and beyond.
Te Pūtairiki main objectives are to foster
the whakawhanaungatanga, togetherness,               Law for Change
of Māori Law students; to provide support,
guidance, and pastoral care; and to facilitate       Empowering young New Zealanders to use their
academic excellence.                                 legal skills in the public interest.

4       2020 Introduction to Law
Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws   5
Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws
Te Kura Ture | UC School of Law
                                                                                                             has been producing outstanding
                                                                                                                   legal graduates for

                                                                                                           140+ YEARS

                                                                                                       ‘Our leading research not

                                                                                                       only makes a difference to
                                                                                                       society, it makes a difference
                                                                                                       to students in the

academic leadership
                                                                                                       classroom, everyday.’
                                                                                                       Dr John Hopkins (pictured right)
                                                                                                       Professor of Law

Scholarship at Te Kura Ture | UC School of Law is at
                                                                                                       School of Law | Te Kura Ture

the forefront nationally. Our lecturers publish many
law text books and use their connections to bring
world-class speakers to present to our students.
Research that impacts                              are highly topical in many parts of the world,      More information
on society                                         including Aotearoa New Zealand, both before
                                                   the courts and legislatures and in public debates
Law, as an applied discipline, means research      around the management and sharing of water.
that influences policy, and the profession
can make a big impact on society. UC Law
academics break new ground with research
                                                   Responding to natural disasters
into legal responses in areas such as climate      Dr John Hopkins and Dr Toni Collins are leading
and social change, technology, international       a three-year project, as part of the Wellington
law, humanitarian law, media, medicine, and        Resilience project being coordinated and funded
sport. Some areas where UC Law researchers are     by the multi-disciplinary Te Hiranga Rū
impacting society:                                 QuakeCoRE Centre of Research Excellence in
                                                   Seismic Resilience. It aims to provide a far
Indigenous Water Rights                            deeper understanding of both the risks and
                                                   the likely impact of a major seismic event in
Dr Elizabeth Macpherson received a $16,589 grant   Te Whanganui-ā-Tara Wellington region with
in 2018 from the New Zealand Law Foundation to     a particular focus on multi-storey buildings
support her research on Indigenous Water Rights    in CBD. The project will provide policy makers
in Comparative Law. Indigenous rights in water     on what legal changes are needed to make a
                                                   seismic event in the city “survivable”.

6       2020 Introduction to Law
Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws   7
Law - 2020 Introduction to Law He Kupu Arataki mō te Ture - Bachelor of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Laws
                                                                                                                      of Law graduates
                                                                                                                   undertook an internship
                                                                                                                    as part of their studies

                                                                                                        ‘The way students can set

A world of possibility
                                                                                                        up clubs and events, and get
                                                                                                        involved in different ways,
                                                                                                        makes it a really attractive
                                                                                                        place to be. I think UC
Te Kura Ture | UC School of Law offers many                                                             is unique in terms of the
                                                                                                        opportunities it provides.
opportunities for senior students to engage with the
                                                                                                        While essays aren’t my forté,
wider community on a local and international level.                                                     UC allows me to play to my
                                                                                                        strengths and demonstrate my
Bachelor of Criminal Justice                       Internships                                          skills and abilities in a variety
UC is the only university in Aotearoa offering      By studying LAWS 382 Legal Internship, you           of ways inside and outside the
a Bachelor of Criminal Justice. It takes a         will develop expertise in the real world             lecture theatre.’
360-degree look at the criminal justice system     – interviewing, statement-taking, memoranda,
and brings in other subjects such as sociology     negotiation, meetings, and trial preparation. The    Vinnie Adams (pictured right)
and psychology. It combines multi-disciplinary     essence of the course is learning and applying       Studying towards a Bachelor of Criminal
study with a strong vocational focus and can       legal and business skills in the workplace, either   Justice and a Bachelor of Laws
lead to careers in law enforcement, corrections,   as a volunteer or as a compensated intern. Two       Inaugural President, CRIMSOC
offender rehabilitation, working with young         students are selected each year to complete an
offenders, security, and border control.            internship with Ngā Pirihimana o Aotearoa
                                                   New Zealand Police Prosecution Service.
LAWS 386 – Clinical                                Additionally, two students are selected for the      More information
Legal Studies                                      LAWS 373 Washington Internship based in the
                                                   US Congress in Washington DC.              
This course gives UC students applied legal
skills and selected management skills training
in a context that replicates practice in both      Exchanges
business and legal services sectors. Studying      In addition, senior students with good grades
this course, you may assist clients with legal     may apply to study abroad as part of the
and business-related problems. You may also        UC Exchange programme. In recent years,
complete outreach in prisons or schools, or        Law students have studied in such diverse
partner with pro bono lawyers and Te Ture          locations as Nottingham, Copenhagen, Paris, and
Whānui o Waitaha | Community Law Canterbury        British Columbia.
to take legal action in suitable cases.

8       2020 Introduction to Law   9
                                                                                                                 different career pathways
                                                                                                                  within the police service,
                                                                                                               ranging from youth education
                                                                                                                 to criminal investigations

                                                                                                       ‘Effective learning is about

Teaching innovation
                                                                                                       attitude and motivation.
                                                                                                       How good students feel about
                                                                                                       themselves in class enhances
                                                                                                       how well they learn, so I use
We use research to better understand how the way we                                                    strategies to help the students
                                                                                                       feel more confident. This
teach can be of most benefit to students.                                                              does not just mean being nice
                                                                                                       to students, having fun, and
Research-led teaching                              The Group has presented its findings at law         giving out prizes (which I do)
                                                   schools around Aotearoa and has published
Teaching within Te Kura Ture | School of Law is
                                                   reports. Its work has been supported by funding
                                                                                                       but also means treating them
research-led and helps equip students with the
                                                   from Ako Aotearoa Southern Hub.                     like adults, respecting them,
knowledge to make a difference. Our lecturers                                                           and asking that they respect
are leading researchers in Aotearoa New Zealand
and respected internationally for the important    Practical and innovative                            and help each other.
textbooks they write and their role as public      UC Law has a strong reputation in the traditional   The other part of this strategy
commentators on the law.                           field of law such as contract, tort, land, and      is to challenge and facilitate
                                                   criminal law. It also offers innovative courses in
Three of our faculty members have received
                                                   areas such as media law, international human
                                                                                                       students to take responsibility
University Teaching Awards in the last three
                                                   rights law, and gender and the law. See pages 28    for their behaviour and
years, and our Dean received the National
Teaching Award in 2017.                            for more areas of specialisation.                   learning in class and to develop
                                                                                                       their self-regulatory skills.
Improving legal education                                                                              This is what flying free is
The Socio-Legal Research Group at Te Kura Ture
                                                                                                       all about.’
UC School of Law is exploring new methods                                                              Professor Ursula Cheer (pictured right)
of good practice for teaching legal skills. The
                                                                                                       Dean | Amo Ture,
Group has completed a project on effective large
                                                                                                       School of Law | Te Kura Ture
group teaching and is currently undertaking
a longitudinal study designed to support the
development of a student profile for Bachelor of
Laws degrees taught at Aotearoa universities.

10      2020 Introduction to Law   11
Law is ranked in the


                                                                                                        ‘My goal is to become a

                                                                                                        barrister in the criminal or
                                                                                                        civil area. I have a passion for
                                                                                                        getting up and talking, and I

with purpose
                                                                                                        love the way you must think
                                                                                                        quickly and express yourself
                                                                                                        clearly in Court. You have to
                                                                                                        think through each case and
Think about law in the real world, not just as                                                          look for ways to turn it in
academic theory.                                                                                        your favour.
                                                                                                        I absolutely adore the fact
Impact the world…                                  Prepare for a corporate                              that law gets you working with
while studying                                     law career                                           people on a day-to-day basis.
Te Kura Ture | School of Law students acquire      About half our graduates choose to work in           And it’s not just one type of
critical thinking and analytical skills through    law firms, many specialising in corporate or         person. You’re working with
exercises and applications that have real          commercial law in Aotearoa or overseas. We           people from every corner of
impact. For example, our students prepared a       offer a wide range of commercial law options          society, from gang members
submission to the United Nations on the human      as well as courses that focus on developing
                                                                                                        and multimillionaire art
rights impacts of the 2011 earthquakes, assisted   real-world skills such as client interviewing,
Law for Change New Zealand with court action       advocacy, and negotiation.                           collectors to nurses and police
against EQC, and helped prepare the prosecution    Te Kura Ture | UC School of Law is part of
                                                                                                        officers. I love being able to
case against alleged forestry safety violations    Te Rāngai Umanga me te Ture | College of             help different people and tell
leading to deaths.                                 Business and Law, so our lecturers and tutors are    their stories.
Another way we prepare you is through practical    closely connected to the business world. Many        It is never a boring day!’
internships, and the Clinical Legal Studies        UC students choose to study law and commerce
Programme which offers work with UC Law             as a double degree, and graduates are sought         Emma Pairman (pictured right)
Clinic, Te Ture Whānui o Waitaha | Community       after in careers such as insurance, accountancy,     Bachelor of Laws
Law Canterbury, and outreach clinics.              banking, finance, and business.                      Junior Crown Solicitor

                                                       QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2019.

12      2020 Introduction to Law   13
                                                                                                                  Community Law Centres
                                                                                                               around Aotearoa New Zealand

                                                                                                        ‘I went to work at a law firm

                                                                                                        over the summer and without
                                                                                                        the research skills I’ve learned
                                                                                                        at UC I would have been

                                                                                                        totally lost. The lecturers
                                                                                                        here prepare you really well
                                                                                                        for the real world. They all
                                                                                                        have different styles and
Come to UC Law and we will give you opportunities to                                                    personalities too, so there’s
challenge yourselves and do things you may not have                                                     never a dull moment!
thought possible.                                                                                       At UC, you’re supported to go
                                                                                                        forward with whatever you’re
Challenge yourself                                  Get an edge with BCJ                                interested in. Ultimately,
At UC Law, we empower students to achieve           The Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) is the       I’d love to have a career in
their goals and encourage them to support           only university qualification in Aotearoa that is   human rights. I really enjoy
student-led projects and initiatives. Some of the   dedicated to providing a practical background       helping people, however big or
ways that we do this is to:                         for students seeking careers in areas like
                                                    policing, corrections, and national security. BCJ
                                                                                                        small, and law gives you such
• provide opportunities to take part in mooting;
                                                    graduates will have an edge over others in the      an amazing opportunity to
  debating; competitions; the annual Law
  Revue; and other challenging, fun events          crime and justice job markets, in an area of        do that. You’re always doing
                                                    growing international specialisation.               something that’s going to help
• support an innovative clinical legal studies
  programme that provides students with             As a BCJ student, you will receive training from    someone else.’
  opportunities to work on real issues and cases    some of the nation’s leading experts in areas
                                                    such as criminal law, criminal psychology,          Bex Falconer (pictured right)
• give you access to the most established Law       criminology, corrections, and gang behaviour,       Studying towards a Bachelor of Laws,
  internship course of any Aotearoa law school      and will be well-equipped on graduation for         and a Bachelor of Arts in Media and
• organise guest lectures by Supreme Court          interesting and well-paid job opportunities.        Communication, and Political Science and
  judges and top international lawyers              The qualification carries full endorsement from     International Relations
• offer international exchanges, including the      Tāhū o te Ture | Ministry of Justice, Ara Poutama   Former President, UCWIL (UC Women in Law)
  US Congressional Internship Programme             Aotearoa | Department of Corrections, and Ngā
                                                    Pirihimana o Aotearoa | New Zealand Police, all
• support active Law clubs – all run by students.
                                                    of which have senior members involved in the
                                                    governance and development of the
                                                    degree programme.
14      2020 Introduction to Law   15
                                                                                                                    expected growth in the
                                                                                                                employment of lawyers by 2020*

                                                                                                         ‘UC gave me critical

Building resilience
                                                                                                         analytical skills and the
                                                                                                         ability to conceptualise and
                                                                                                         solve a problem in a more
                                                                                                         in-depth way.
UC’s teaching approach and extracurricular activities                                                    Nothing was ever off the
help prepare you for the pressures of the workplace.                                                     table. I was never discouraged
                                                                                                         from anything, if I wanted
Learn workplace skills                               Applied learning                                    to challenge myself, UC was
                                                                                                         always incredibly willing
There’s law in everything. We aim to expose          We provide opportunities to apply your
                                                                                                         to help.
students to all the opportunities that a future      knowledge and skills through internships,
in law could entail, and give them the flexibility   student competitions, and volunteering. These       By the time I left UC, I already
and resilience to explore and try new things. UC     experiences deepen your skillset, awareness of      had a good knowledge of how
Law will give students the ability to welcome        others, working knowledge, and employability.
challenges with an open mind, juggle competing       They can also inform your learning and skill
                                                                                                         things work in the job I am
priorities, work under pressure, stay calm and       development in the classroom.                       doing now.’
work to deadlines – all vital skills for             Students may complete paid or unpaid work           Janelle Coradine (pictured right)
the workplace.                                       with law or commercial firms, or organisations
                                                                                                         Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
You learn to work in teams just as you will          such as Community Law, the Ombudsman,
                                                                                                         and Religious Studies
in a law firm, how to navigate professional          Police, Prisons, City Mission, Howard League
                                                                                                         Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Diplomacy
relationships and work with others, and how          for Penal Reform, and Te Reo o te Taiao | Forest
                                                                                                         and International Relations
to develop client empathy and exercise good          and Bird. This helps students to become more
                                                                                                         Master of Laws (International Law and Politics)
judgement. We provide you with the opportunity       professionally work-ready and to build the
                                                                                                         Communications and Advocacy Director,
to apply these skills in the working environment.    connections that become stepping stones
                                                                                                         Save the Children New Zealand
                                                     to employment.
                                                     For example, every year UC students work with
                                                     the Family Law Clinic, and through this they
                                                     experience lawyers and their clients in
                                                     real-world situations to learn the practicalities
    2017 MBIE Occupational Outlook.                  of the justice system.

16          2020 Introduction to Law   17
                                                                                                               students completed the
                                                                                                             Family Law Advice Initiative
                                                                                                                      in 2018

                                                                                                     ‘I worked for the Family Legal

                                                                                                     Advice Clinic at the Law
                                                                                                     Courts. I sat with the lawyers
                                                                                                     while they interviewed their

                                                                                                     clients and recorded the facts
                                                                                                     and advice. I sometimes took
                                                                                                     the clients through their court
                                                                                                     order application which was
With UC Law, you will couple professional knowledge                                                  submitted to the judge. A lot of
with work-ready skills.                                                                              the work is quite urgent.
                                                                                                     You see how a lawyer advises,
Real cases: internships                           (CLC) and UC students play a big part in           and how the law applies in real
UC has one of the most established Law
                                                  delivering free legal advice, information and      cases which is really useful! It’s
                                                  representation to over 18,000 people a year.
internship courses of any Aotearoa New Zealand
                                                  Students have the opportunity to contribute to
                                                                                                     really interesting when you are
law school. This course, and the clinical and
                                                  law reform and may choose clinics in their areas   presented with a mass of facts
community work experience available, can really
                                                  of interest.                                       and have to work out what’s
give your CV the edge over other graduates.
                                                                                                     relevant and what’s not. Some
Previous internships have included work           Real world:                                        of the cases are very difficult
with the town and city councils, law firms,
government agencies such as Te Papa Atawhai
                                                  community engagement                               and involve people who don’t
Department of Conservation, and Oranga            In addition to gaining a degree of outstanding     have a lot of options.
Tamariki | Ministry for Children national office.   quality, UC Law students are involved in dealing
                                                                                                     They really do need our help.
UC Law students may also apply for internships    with real people with real problems, helping the
with Ngā Pirihimana o Aotearoa | New Zealand      community and gaining critical practical skills    A lot of it is about people skills,
Police Prosecution Service, or US Congress in     in the process. UC encourages all Law students     earning a client’s trust so you
Washington DC.                                    to complete volunteer work in the community        can get the best information
                                                  before graduating, whether through internships,    out of them.’
Real law: clinics                                 assisting the CLC, or other ways of applying
                                                  knowledge learned in lectures.                     Ellen McClay (pictured right)
The School has a partnership with Te Ture
                                                                                                     Bachelor of Laws with Honours
Whānui o Waitaha | Community Law Canterbury

18      2020 Introduction to Law   19
Bachelor of                                                                                                                                                                 BCJ
Criminal Justice
The Bachelor of Criminal                                       Bachelor of Criminal Justice – typical degree structure
Justice (BCJ) is unique in                                     Year 1

                                                                   CRJU            CRJU1            CRJU1            HSRV             HSRV             PSYC            PSYC        MAOR 165
                                                                    101             150             160               103             104              105              106         or 108

New Zealand; the                                               Year 2
first degree of its                                                CRJU
                                                                                CRJU 201 or
                                                                                 SOCI 218
kind that combines
                                                               Year 3
multidisciplinary                                               CRJU 301 or                                          300              300             300              200            200
academic study with a
                                                                                 CRJU 302 or SOCI 358
                                                                 LAWS 366                                            Level            Level           Level            Level          Level

strong vocational focus.                                            Compulsory core courses             BCJ (Schedule B) elective courses

                                                               1 Students enrolling in the LLB/BCJ double degree will enrol in LAWS 101 instead of CRJU 150 and CRJU 160.
Criminal Justice studies take a 360-degree look                2 You must pass either LAWS 202 (30 points) or CRJU 202 (15 points).
at the whole criminal justice system and its                   3 If LAWS 202 passed, then 45 points from BCJ Schedule B at 200-level. If CRJU 202 passed, then 60 points from BCJ Schedule B

processes, including governance, enforcement,                  at 200-level.
                                                               For the BCJ course schedule visit,
rehabilitation, and improvement. The degree                    Each small block represents a 15-point course. Large blocks represent 30-point courses.
draws together UC’s expertise in criminology,
sociology, developmental and abnormal
psychology, policing, criminal law and procedure,
and human services. UC enjoys close links with                 Law (30 points). The remaining 200-level                               Further study
employers in the crime and justice fields.                     points, to reach a total of 120 or 135* points for
                                                                                                                                      UC offers a Master of Criminal Justice, as well as
                                                               the second year, will be selected from a list of
                                                                                                                                      other qualifications in similar subjects, such as
                                                               prescribed electives. The remaining 100-level
Recommended preparation                                        points may be included.
                                                                                                                                      Law and Psychology.
The BCJ does not require a background in any                   At third year, there are 45 compulsory points,
specific subject at school and is open to all                  with a choice of 45 points at 300-level from the
                                                                                                                                      Career opportunities
students with entry to the University.                         list of prescribed electives, to reach a total of                      Graduates of UC’s Bachelor of Criminal Justice
                                                               90 points. The remaining 30 points at 200-level                        degree will have an edge over others in the crime
Degree structure                                               are from the list of prescribed electives.                             and justice job markets in an area of national
                                                                                            need and growing international specialisation.
The Bachelor of Criminal Justice requires 360
points. These are made up of:                                                                                                         The BCJ will prepare you for a career in all aspects
                                                               Double degrees                                                         of criminal justice, in particular roles within
• a series of 16 compulsory courses (comprising
                                                               It is possible to combine a BCJ degree with a                          Ngā Pirihimana o Aotearoa | New Zealand Police,
  either 255 or 270* points)
                                                               second degree, such as Arts, Law, or Science.                          Tāhū o te Ture | Ministry of Justice, and Ara
• the remainder of the points taken from a list                Normally you can complete a double degree                              Poutama Aotearoa | Department of Corrections.
  of prescribed electives.                                     (BCJ plus three-year degree) in five years, but                        The degree is also relevant to work in many other
In the first year, students will take 120 points,              some combinations may take longer.                                     government departments including prisons,
as indicated in the diagram (the remaining                     BCJ/LLB students will take LAWS 101 instead of                         probation, and parole; criminal justice policy;
15 points of 100-level courses would usually                   CRJU 150 and CRJU 160. BCJ only students will                          forensics; public and private investigation and
be taken in the second year). All 100-level                    take CRJU 150 and CRJU 160.                                            security; and social work.
courses are compulsory. The multidisciplinary                                                                               
courses include studies of History, Human                      If you want to enrol for a double degree, you
Services, Criminal Justice, Forensics, Philosophy,             should consult the Liaison Office, or the student
Psychology, Law, Sociology, Linguistics, and                   advisory staff in Te Kura Ture | UC School of Law                       More information
Māori and Indigenous Studies.                                  and the other College.                                                 School of Law | Te Kura Ture
In the second year, students must take either                  See page 23 for more information on                                    T: +64 3 369 3888
75 or 90 compulsory 200-level points, depending                double degrees.                                                        E:
on whether students take CRJU 202 Criminal Law                                                                              
and Procedure (15 points) or LAWS 202 Criminal
  The difference of 15 points relates to whether you enrol in
LAWS 202 or CRJU 202. BCJ/LLB double degree students take
LAWS 202.

20        2020 Introduction to Law
Bachelor of Laws                                                                                                                                                      LLB
The mission statement for                                       Bachelor of Laws – typical degree structure
UC’s Te Kura Ture                                               Year 1
                                                                                                                       100 1           100                100       100             100
School of Law is ‘the
                                                                            LAWS                       LAWS
                                                                             101                       110             Level          Level               Level     Level           Level
internationally recognised,                                     Year 2
professionally relevant,                                                    200
community focused
                                                                Year 3
Law School’.                                                                200                        LAWS            300            300                 300       300             300
                                                                            Level                      301             Level          Level               Level     Level           Level
Students gain a professional degree of
outstanding quality in four years. In addition,                 Year 4
Bachelor of Laws (LLB) students deal with                           300              300               300             300            300                 300       300             300
real people with real problems as part of the                      Level            Level              Level           Level          Level               Level     Level           Level
innovative clinical studies programme at UC.
Our students hone critical practical skills in the                   Compulsory Law courses              Optional Law courses            Non-Law courses

process of helping the community.                               1 May include CRJU 101 and CRJU 160.
                                                                Each small block represents a 15-point course. Large blocks represent 30 point courses.
Recommended preparation
The study of Law does not require a background                  have not completed the 75 points at 100-level                          Further study
in any specific subject at school, and entry to the             will take the remainder of those, plus fewer
                                                                                                                                       If you want to establish a point of difference from
first year of the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is open to             200-level courses.
                                                                                                                                       other Law graduates, but do not want to complete
all students with University Entrance.                          In their third and fourth years, students will                         a double degree, you could consider postgraduate
You will need to have good reading, writing, and                take LAWS 301 Equity and Trusts and any other                          study. Postgraduate options include:
analytical skills. Subjects such as English, drama,             remaining compulsory courses, plus the
                                                                                                                                       • Master of Laws
economics, te reo Māori, languages, history, and                13 optional Law courses. LAWS 398 Legal Ethics
classical studies are useful preparation.                       is required if you wish to be admitted as a                            • Master of Laws (International Law and Politics)
                                                                Barrister and Solicitor.                                               • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).
Degree structure                                      
                                                                                                                                       Career opportunities
The LLB is made up of the following:                            Double degrees
• eight compulsory Law courses                                                                                                         With one of the largest Law internship courses
                                                                Many Law students also study towards a second
                                                                                                                                       of any Aotearoa New Zealand law school, this UC
• 13 optional Law courses                                       degree, with the BA, BCom, and BSc the most
                                                                                                                                       programme and the clinical and community work
• 75 points of non-Law courses                                  popular. The Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ)
                                                                                                                                       experience available can really give your résumé
  (five 100-level courses).                                     degree is also a good fit as a double degree with
                                                                                                                                       an edge over other graduates.
                                                                the LLB. Normally you can complete a double
In the first year students must take:                                                                                                  Graduates can become a practice solicitor,
                                                                degree (LLB plus three-year degree) in
• LAWS 101 Legal System: Legal Method and                       five-and-a-half years, but some combinations                           in-house lawyer, or a self-employed barrister.
  Institutions (30 points)                                      may take longer.                                                       Recent UC graduates have also found roles as
• LAWS 110 Legal Foundations, Research and                                                                                             research counsel, judge’s clerk, policy analyst, and
                                                                If you are considering a double degree you
  Writing (15 points)                                                                                                                  Māori development advisor.
                                                                should get advice from the School of Law or the
• and up to 75 points from other degree courses.*               Liaison Office and the College offering the other                         Legal skills of research, writing, analysis, and
                                                                degree. See page 23 for more information about                         reasoning are highly prized in many professions
                                                                double degrees.                                                        such as politics, policy, public service, foreign
Limited entry into second year                                                                                                         affairs, journalism, publishing, immigration,
With good grades in LAWS 101 and LAWS 110
                                                                Bachelor of Laws Honours                                               and business.
(normally at least a B) students can advance into                                                                            
200-level Law courses, all of which are subject                 Students who achieve a satisfactory standard in
to limited entry. In their second year, students                their first two years of study may be invited to
who have completed the 75 points at 100-level                   enter the honours programme. If you meet the                           More information
will take four of the five compulsory 200-level                 criteria, you enrol in three additional                                School of Law | Te Kura Ture
courses (Public Law, Criminal Law, Law of                       Law courses:                                                           T: +64 3 369 3888
Contract, Law of Torts, and Land Law). Those who                • LAWS 410 Advanced Research Skills                                    E:
                                                                • LAWS 420 Honours Research Paper
 ACIS 152, ACCT 152, ACIS 252, ACCT 252, and CRJU 150 are not   • LAWS 430 Honours Dissertation.
approved courses
Certificate in Criminal Justice                                  Certificate in                                      While it is desirable to complete the CUP
For those wanting a career change into the                       University Preparation                              full-time in one 13 week semester, it is possible
                                                                                                                     to study part-time. Distance/flexible options
criminal justice fields, or who are only available               The Certificate in University Preparation (CUP)     are also available. Students who want to enrol
to study part-time, or not wanting to study the                  is a one-semester programme designed for            in one or more CUP courses are able to do
full Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree, this                   students who do not meet the requirements           so by enrolling in a Certificate of Proficiency
certificate is the best option for you.                          for University Entrance or who have been out of     Preparatory (COP PREP). A number of CUP courses
The Certificate in Criminal Justice (CertCJ) is also             study for a substantial period.                     are available through distance learning.
a professionally relevant qualification for those                Students who successfully complete the
already employed within the sector who wish to                   programme will be eligible to apply for entry to    CUP courses*
enhance their current skills and knowledge.                      100-level degree courses at UC.                     The Certificate comprises four courses:
                                                                 CUP intakes are in February, June, and November.    BRDG 006 and three optional courses.
Certificate in Criminal Justice –
possible structure                                               CUP welcomes students who:                           Course     Course title
Year 1                         Level                             • have recently finished Year 13 programmes but
                                                                   missed University Entrance                         BRDG 006** Academic Communication
    CRJU             100              100            100                                                                         and Study Skills
     101            Level            Level           Level       • are under 20 and left school without
                                                                                                                      BRDG 011   Individuals in Society
                        Optional courses from the Bachelor
                                                                   University Entrance
     Core course                                                                                                      BRDG 014 Teacher Education and
                        of Criminal Justice degree schedule A,
                        except for LAWS 101                      • have been out of study for a number of years                  Educational Studies
Each block represents a 15-point course.
                                                                   and want to refresh their study skills and         BRDG 016 Mathematics Part One
                                                                   obtain further background knowledge before
                                                                                                                      BRDG 017   Mathematics Part Two
                                                                   beginning a degree programme
The Certificate comprises four courses                                                                                BRDG 018 Statistics: Data and Probability
(60 points) at 100-level, and can be completed                   • are Aotearoa New Zealand or Australian             BRDG 019 Statistics: Probability
in a minimum of one semester full-time or up                       Citizens or Permanent Residents who are                       Distributions and Inference
to a maximum of four years part-time. LAWS 101                     proficient in English.
                                                                                                                      BRDG 023 Chemistry
may not be included.                                             If you are under 18, you must meet the literacy      BRDG 024 Physics
The Certificate in Criminal Justice can be                       and numeracy requirements for University             BRDG 025 Biology
used as a stepping-stone to the Bachelor of                      Entrance and provide evidence of support from
                                                                                                                      BRDG 028 Accounting
Criminal Justice.                                                your school.
                                                                                                                      BRDG 029 Economics
To study the Certificate, you must meet the entry                           BRDG 032 Special Topic
requirements of the University.                                  /transition/certificate
                                                                                                                      BRDG 034 Making the World a Better Place:                                                                                                     Ideals and Realities
                                                                 Programme structure and duration                     BRDG 035 Pacific Migration, European
More information                                                 The CUP programme helps students to develop                     Expansion and the Treaty
                                                                 the skills necessary for successful university                  of Waitangi
School of Law | Te Kura Ture
                                                                 study, including time management; oral and
T: +64 3 369 3598                                                                                                    *
                                                                                                                       Courses are under review and may change. See
                                                                 written communication; analytical, critical, and
                                                                 problem solving; and interpersonal, group, and      for the latest information.                                                                                             **
                                                                 teamwork skills.
                                                                 In the February and June intakes, the core course
                                                                 BRDG 006 Academic Communication and Study           More information
                                                                 Skills is delivered in partnership with Hagley      UC Liaison | Te Rōpū Takawaenga
                                                                 College on the UC campus.                           Freephone in NZ: 0800 VARSITY (827 748)
                                                                 Māori and Pasifika students can study the core      E:
                                                                 skills course on the University campus as part
                                                                 of the connective grouping – Te Waka Talanoa.       /transition/certificate
                                                                 An academic pathway will be designed around
                                                                 a student’s individual needs via another three
                                                                 courses that make up the CUP certificate.

22         2020 Introduction to Law
Double degrees

Working towards two                               BSpC/BCJ, BSpC/LLB
degrees at the same time                          The BSpC degree is flexible and students may
                                                  wish to combine it with the study of an LLB
means you may complete                            or BCJ.
some combinations in
four or five years.                               LLB/BA, LLB/BCom, LLB/BCJ, LLB/BSc
                                                  A typical LLB double degree combination may
You will graduate with two different bachelor’s    be completed in five-and-a-half years, although
degrees, giving you career flexibility and        this will involve increased course loads in
different opportunities. For those who have        some years.
interests in diverse areas, a double degree can   Students enrolling in these options must include
broaden your skillset, provide complementary      LAWS 101 and LAWS 110 in their first year. If they
and enhanced knowledge, and give you the          are seeking to complete in the minimum time,
flexibility to work in a number of different       they must also complete the 75-point, non-Law
subjects when you graduate.                       component of the LLB in the first year.
You can enrol in two degrees at the same time,
and are usually able to cross-credit (share)      More information                                     ‘I liked the idea of obtaining a
courses in common, up to a maximum of
120 points. Certain combinations of degrees may
                                                  Careful course planning is necessary when you        powerful degree that’ll enable
allow additional cross-credits or exemptions.
                                                  are planning on studying double or conjoint
                                                                                                       me to do great things and
                                                  degrees, to avoid overload and to ensure all
                                                  requirements for each degree are met.                create a positive change in the
BA/BCJ                                                                                                 world. I enjoy learning about
                                                  Contact the Liaison team – see
A BA/BCJ double degree may be completed in                         the complexity of the
five years.                             
                                                                                                       New Zealand legal system and
                                                                                                       the various modes of violence
                                                                                                       and theories within society.’
                                                                                                       Sharna Moffat
                                                                                                       Studying towards a Bachelor of Criminal
                                                                                                       Justice and a Bachelor of Laws

Graduate and
postgraduate options
Study specialist areas and/or
broaden your research
The School has a particularly strong reputation
in the fields of International Law and Governance
and offers a unique integrated master’s
programme in International Law and Politics.
Students also have the opportunity to further
their studies in areas of specific expertise offered
by the School.
Alongside the specialist taught programme, the
School also offers a variety of research-focused
degrees. The Master of Laws (LLM) offers students
the chance to undertake short research papers in
three subject areas plus a dissertation or a single
thesis option. There is also a PhD programme.

Additional benefits at UC
                                                      Research                                            Career opportunities
• Postgraduate students are welcomed as an
  integral part of the Law School and enjoy the       Te Kura Ture | UC School of Law has two             Postgraduate study allows you to develop
  collegial atmosphere between students               research clusters – the Centre for Commercial       in-depth expertise in particular fields of legal
  and staff.                                          and Corporate Law and the International             specialisation, broaden your knowledge in a
                                                      and Comparative Law Group – both of which           range of legal subjects, and combine law study
• LAWSOC and CRIMSOC have over 1,000                  welcome postgraduate involvement.                   with related subjects.
  members and are very active, organising
  many social and academic events throughout          The School has strong international links and       Postgraduate Law study can lead to careers
  the year.                                           students are encouraged and supported in            in the legal profession, the public sector, and
                                                      developing their international research profile.    non-governmental organisations among many
• The Māori Law Students’ Association,                                                                    other career paths. Our alumni include leading
  Te Pūtairiki, and Pasifika Law Students’                                                                academics and policy makers in Aotearoa
  Society, provide supportive environments for                                                            New Zealand and abroad.
  Māori and Pasifika Law students.

 Qualification           Description                                               Requires                Start date                Duration
 Graduate Diploma        The GradDipCJ allows you to further your study            A bachelor’s degree.    February                  1 year full-time;
 in Criminal Justice     with a vocationally oriented qualification in                                                               4 years part-time
 GradDipCJ               Criminal Justice.
 Master of               The Master of Criminal Justice is a relevant              BCJ with at least a B   February                  1 year full-time;
 Criminal Justice        qualification for those seeking employment in a range     average in 60 points at                           4 years maximum
 MCJ                     of criminal justice sector occupations and professions,   300-level (or admitted
                         including Police, Corrections, the Ministry of Justice,   with Academic
                         and in policy development and social service roles.       Equivalent Standing).
 Master of Laws          The LLM degree is flexible and offers a wide choice of    LLB (or equivalent)     February or July; or      1–2 years full-time;
 LLM                     topics for specialised research. Students will develop    with good grades.       anytime start for         2–4 years part-time
                         in-depth expertise through the conduct of research                                thesis-only
                         under the supervision of staff. It may be taken by
                         thesis, or a combination of research papers.
 Master of Laws          Designed for students who wish to develop specialist      LLB (or equivalent)     February or July          1–2 years
 (International          knowledge in international law and politics. Students     with good grades.                                 full-time;
 Law and Politics)       take courses in international law and international                                                         2–4 years
 LLM(IntLaw&Pols)        politics, plus a dissertation. The degree prepares                                                          part-time
                         students for careers in the diplomatic service,
                         specialised legal practice, government, international
                         organisations, non-governmental organisations,
                         and the military.

24      2020 Introduction to Law
                               Climate Change,
                           Indigenous Water Rights,
                        Surrogacy, Feminist Judgments,
                             Brain Fingerprinting

Criminal Justice   26
Law                27

Criminal Justice                                     Double degree combinations
                                                     Students can combine study of a BCJ with
                                                     that of another degree, making it a popular
Criminal Justice looks at the criminal justice       combination eg, with the Bachelor of Laws
process and the treatment of offenders and            or the Bachelor of Arts. These double degree
victims. It is a multi-disciplinary field of study   combinations can usually be completed in five
which seeks to draw together elements of many        years (BA/BCJ) to five-and-a-half years (BCJ/LLB).
areas, including:                                    If you wish to pursue a double degree, please
• policing                                           speak with a Liaison Officer or Te Kura Ture
                                                     School of Law Student Advisor.
• developmental and abnormal psychology
• criminal law and procedure
                                                     200-level and beyond
• sentencing and the treatment of
                                                     CRJU 201 Crime and Justice is a compulsory
  convicted offenders.
                                                     course for the BCJ. This course introduces
Criminology, which forms a subset of topics          students to criminological theory and
within Criminal Justice, primarily focuses on the    demonstrates how these theories can be
theory and sociology of crime and is often less      applied to understanding of crime in Aotearoa
concerned with practical issues. The Bachelor
of Criminal Justice (BCJ), however, builds on
                                                     New Zealand.                                          ‘I wanted to learn about crime,
academic theories of crime, its causes, and the
                                                     Criminal Justice courses at 200 and 300-level         sociology, and law. Criminal
research that underpins those theories, before
                                                     cover a range of topics including sentencing          Justice combined all of the
                                                     policy and practice, theories of policing and
going on to assess the criminal justice process
                                                     their effects on criminal justice policy, as well
                                                                                                           aspects I was interested in,
itself; the law, policies, and institutions that
                                                     as familiarity with the range of police powers        which was unique to UC. It
make up this system.
                                                     of search and arrest. Research essay courses are      had interesting lecturers and
                                                     available at both 200 and 300-level, enabling         had a rounded approach which
Why study Criminal Justice at UC?                    you to undertake in-depth study of areas of           enabled me to expand into
• The three-year Bachelor of Criminal Justice        interest in the criminal justice field.               other areas of interest. I love
  degree is the only qualification of its kind                          learning about how people
  in the country, and so the opportunities
  presented to students are unique and help                                                                can change and how crime is
                                                     Further study                                         integrated into society.
  give graduates an edge in the Aotearoa
  New Zealand crime and justice sectors,             UC offers a one-year Graduate Diploma in
  as well as in an area of growing                   Criminal Justice for graduates (other than            I have learnt so much about my
  international popularity.                          BCJ graduates) from a variety of backgrounds          field and I am always finding
• The innovative degree programme draws on
                                                     looking to update or retrain for employment in        the assignments interesting
  UC’s internationally recognised expertise in
                                                     this field.                                           which has kept my passion
  Sociology, Criminal Law, Human Services,           The new Master of Criminal Justice degree offers       alive throughout the degree.
  and Psychology.                                    students an advanced working knowledge of the         There is so much support
• UC enjoys close links with employers in the
                                                     criminal justice system.
                                                                                                           available, you’ve just got to
  crime and justice fields and has received                                                                come and give it a go!’
  enthusiastic support from Ngā Pirihimana o         Career opportunities
  Aotearoa | New Zealand Police, Ara Poutama         You will find a degree in Criminal Justice will       Jessica Clarke
  Aotearoa | Department of Corrections, and          prepare you for careers in all aspects of criminal    Bachelor of Criminal Justice
  Tāhū o te Ture | Ministry of Justice. Teachers     justice, in particular, roles within Ngā Pirihimana   Studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Human
  and tutors will challenge you to interpret         o Aotearoa | New Zealand Police, Tāhū o te Ture       Services with a minor in Māori and Indigenous
  legislation, examine what works well with          Ministry of Justice, and Ara Poutama Aotearoa         Studies, and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching
  current policies, and identify opportunities       Department of Corrections.                            and Learning (Primary)
  for reform.
                                                     Your Criminal Justice degree is also likely to
• Due to the vocational nature of the degree,        be applicable to working in many government
  there is the potential to study while              departments, including prisons, probation
  employed in the area to increase                   and parole, in criminal justice policy, forensics,
  professional competencies.                         customs, or public and private investigation
                                                     and security.
100-level courses                          
 Course code      Course title
 CRJU 101         Introduction to                     Contact
                  Criminal Justice                    School of Law | Te Kura Ture
                                                      T: +64 3 369 3888
CRJU 101 is a compulsory introductory level
course designed to engage students with the
criminal justice field and to equip them with the
basic knowledge and understanding necessary
for advanced-level study.

26       2020 Introduction to Law
Law                                                 Community and international partnerships
                                                    • There are numerous scholarships, prizes, and
                                                                                                          200-level and beyond
LLB                                                                                                       Good grades (normally at least a B) in LAWS 101
                                                      overseas exchange opportunities, including an       and LAWS 110 are necessary to advance into
As a Law student, you will learn how to think         internship to the United States Congress.           second-year Law. Refer to the Bachelor of Laws
critically, analyse complex facts and issues,                                                             on page 21 for details of second-year study.
                                                    • Law firms and other employers come to the
and persuade by logical argument.
                                                      School each year to recruit summer clerks           Diversity and flexibility characterise third and
You will gain a comprehensive grounding in            and graduates.                                      fourth-year Law. There is an array of optional
working with statutes, cases, and other legal                                                             courses, which cover a broad range of areas
                                                    • Te Kura Ture | School of Law has a direct link
materials, and understand about the law in its                                                            including commercial law, family law, media law,
                                                      to Te Ture Whānui o Waitaha | Community Law
wider social, political, and historical contexts.                                                         international law, human rights law, law and
                                                      Canterbury giving students the opportunity to
                                                      assist real people with real problems.              medicine, property, and environmental law.
Why study Law at UC?                                • Many Law students choose to become                  Students may also take other highly specialised
• Te Kura Ture | School of Law is the                 active in groups like Women’s Refuge or             courses, such as law and sport, world trade law,
  internationally recognised, professionally          Amnesty International.                              trial advocacy, gender and the law, and law of
  relevant, community focused Law School                                                                  the sea.
                                                    • The Director of Clinical Legal Studies at UC
  in Aotearoa New Zealand. We have been                                                         
                                                      supervises internships and community
  producing outstanding legal graduates for
                                                      placement opportunities for UC Law students,        See the Bachelor of Laws on page 21 for details of
  over 140 years.
                                                      making sure students are work-ready when            the Bachelor of Laws with Honours.
• UC is ranked in the top 150 universities in the     they graduate.
  world for Law (QS World University Rankings
  by Subject, 2019).                                                                                      Career opportunities
                                                    Recommended preparation
• The School’s lecturers are respected                                                                    Law degrees are popular because of the value
                                                    The study of Law does not require a background        placed on core legal skills and the career
  internationally, write important textbooks,
                                                    in any specific subject at school, and entry to the   opportunities available to graduates. UC Law
  and act as public commentators on the
                                                    first year of the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is open to   graduates can be found among the judiciary
  law. Many Law teachers maintain close
                                                    all students with University Entrance.                and at all levels of the legal profession, across
  contact with the legal profession and local
  professionals contribute to the School’s          You will need to have good reading, writing, and      Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.
  curriculum. International visitors to the         analytical skills. Subjects such as English, drama,   Employers are increasingly seeking
  School provide specialist courses on a regular    economics, te reo Māori, languages, history, and      work-ready graduates. Law students at UC have
  basis, and students are able to attend guest      classical studies are useful preparation.             the opportunity to participate in a variety of
  lectures by Supreme Court Judges.                                                                       internships and community placements which
                                                    100-level courses                                     will satisfy this requirement.
The Law School environment
                                                                                                          UC graduates can become a practice solicitor,
Te Kura Ture | UC School of Law is housed in a       Course code      Course title
                                                                                                          in-house lawyer, or a self-employed barrister.
modern building with purpose-built tutorial and      LAWS 101         Legal System: Legal
                                                                                                          Recent UC graduates have also found roles as
lecture rooms, and a specially designed Moot                          Method and Institutions
                                                                                                          research counsel, judge’s clerk, policy analyst,
Court room, which is regularly used for client       LAWS 110         Legal Foundations,                  and Māori development advisor.
interviewing, witness examination, mooting, and                       Research and Writing
                                                                                                          Legal skills of research, writing, analysis, and
negotiation competitions.
                                                    In addition to LAWS 101 and LAWS 110, students        reasoning are highly prized in many professions
Law students enjoy the collegial atmosphere         must successfully complete 75 points of               such as politics, policy, public service, foreign
within the School, where they get to know each      courses from other UC degrees. CRJU 101               affairs, journalism, publishing, immigration,
other and the staff well.                            Introduction to Criminal Justice may be included      and business.
• LAWSOC, the Law Students’ Society, has over       in these. Refer to the Bachelor of Laws on page 21
  800 members and is very active, organising        for more information.
  academic support, social activities, a range of   The freedom of choice in first-year Law allows         Contact
  competitions, and other events eg, the Law        students to try various subjects before making         School of Law | Te Kura Ture
  Revue, the Law Ball, and the Leavers’ Dinner.     a final decision about the degree or degrees           T: +64 3 369 3888
• The Māori Law Students’ Association,              they intend to complete. Students intending to         E:
  Te Pūtairiki, provides a supportive               complete a double degree will choose         
  environment, fostering academic excellence        non-Law courses needed for progression in their
  among Māori Law students and organising           other degree.
  cultural and social events.
• The UC Pasifika Law Students’ Association is
  a society dedicated to providing support and
  fostering networks for Pasifika Law students,
  both on campus and with other campuses.

Specialisations and
career opportunities

In the third and fourth                                      Commercial Law and Litigation                          Commercial Litigation
years of a Law degree at                                     Commercial Law deals with all legal matters
                                                             connected with commercial business
                                                                                                                    Commercial Litigation is concerned with the
                                                                                                                    settlement of commercial disputes. In addition
UC, you have a wide                                          transactions including business structures,            to the Commercial Law options, those wishing
range of options and can                                     issue of shares, contracts, sale of property, loans,
                                                             taxation, and insurance and related matters.
                                                                                                                    to specialise in this area would choose Evidence
                                                                                                                    and Trial Advocacy.
choose to specialise in                                      Law graduates interested in these fields are
one or more of the                                           most likely to find employment in law firms,           Community Law
following areas.                                             share brokers, accountancy firms, insurance
                                                             companies, banks, government, or
                                                                                                                    Community Law is concerned with
                                                                                                                    advising people who cannot afford to
                                                             private businesses.                                    engage a lawyer from a law firm, or who are
Areas of specialisation in Law                               Those wishing to specialise in this area               otherwise disadvantaged.
                                                             could consider options from Company Law,               Law graduates who are interested in this kind
Some 300-level Law courses cross the                         Commercial Law I: Sales and Consumer Law,
boundaries between specialisations, underpin                                                                        of work are most likely to find employment in
                                                             Commercial Law II: Personal Property Security          community law centres or with activist groups.
basic legal concepts, or inform the nature of                & Credit, Insurance Law, Law of Agency,
legal practice. These courses are:                           Competition Law, Private International Law,            Those wishing to specialise in this area would
• Jurisprudence                                              European Union Law, Insolvency Law, Intellectual       consider options from Family Law, Commercial
                                                             Property Law, Selected Issues in Taxation, and         Law I: Sales and Consumer Law, Commercial
• Legislation: Law-making for the
                                                             Special Topic: Financial Regulation.                   Law II: Personal Property Security and Credit,
  Twenty-first Century
                                                                                                                    Insolvency Law, Insurance Law, Immigration and
• Legal Ethics*                                                                                                     Refugee Law, and Employment Law.
• Evidence.**

  Legal Ethics is a compulsory course for those wishing to
enter legal practice.
   Evidence is recommended for inclusion in any area of
specialisation involving appearances before a court
or tribunal.

28        2020 Introduction to Law
Criminal Justice                                         Information, Media, and
Criminal Justice is concerned primarily with the         Technology Law
functioning of the criminal justice system.              Information, Media, and Technology Law
Law graduates interested in this field might find        is concerned with the regulation and the
employment in legal practice, Te Tari Ture o te          dissemination and ownership of all kinds
Karauna | Crown Law Office, Tāhū o te Ture                 of information.
Ministry of Justice, the Probation Service,              Law graduates interested in these fields might
community law centres, or Ngā Pirihimana o               find employment with law firms, patent
Aotearoa | New Zealand Police.                           attorneys, or as in-house counsel in radio,
Those wishing to specialise in this area would           television, or technology firms.
consider options from Evidence; Bill of Rights;          Those wishing to specialise in this area would
International Criminal Law; Trial Advocacy;              consider options from Intellectual Property Law,
Sentencing Theory and Practice; Issues in                Competition Law, Media Law, and International
Policing, Crime and Justice***; and Prisons              Human Rights.
and Corrections***.
                                                         International Law
Employment and
Industrial Law
                                                         International Law concerns the relationship of      ‘I always enjoyed researching
                                                         nations to each other. International Law also       reasoning, and I love
Employment and Industrial Law deals with                 affects large parts of domestic law ranging
employment contracts, health and safety,                 from areas as diverse as criminal law and
                                                                                                             arguing and having to think
taxation, and social security.                           environmental law, but is essentially the concern   analytically. I enjoy the fact
Law graduates interested in these fields                 of the state.                                       that there are often many
might find employment in commercial                      Law graduates in this field are most likely         different solutions and answers
organisations, accountancy firms, community              to find employment in central government            to the problems we work on,
law centres and other advisory agencies,                 (particularly – but not exclusively – in Manatū     it helps me see a variety of
employers’ organisations, employment                     Aorere | Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)      perspectives which I can then
advocates, or trade unions.                              or international and non-governmental
                                                                                                             reflect in future challenges.
Those wishing to specialise in this area would                                                               My career goals are to work in
consider options from Employment Law,                    Those wishing to specialise in this area would
Immigration and Refugee Law, and Selected                consider options from European Union Law,
                                                                                                             family law, more specifically
Issues in Taxation.                                      European Public Law, International Human            adoption, custody, and divorce.
                                                         Rights, Principles of Public International Law,     I believe it is emotional but can
General Practice                                         International Environmental Law, Law of the Sea,    be very rewarding, especially
General Practice is conducted mainly by small
                                                         International Trade Law, Antarctic Legal Studies,   since I enjoy working
                                                         International Investment Law and Arbitration,
to medium-sized law firms. They deal with a              and Transnational Criminal Law.
                                                                                                             with people.’
wide range of concerns including property law;
family law; commercial and consumer law;                                                                     Tessa Kirby
criminal law; and trusts, wills, and estates.            Environmental Law                                   Studying towards a Bachelor of Laws and a
                                                         Environmental Law deals with matters relating       Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Law graduates interested in General Practice are
most likely to find employment with law firms            to national and international environmental
throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.                         protection and sustainable management of
                                                         resources, including Māori resources.
Those wishing to specialise in this area would
consider options from Child and Family Law,              Law graduates in this field are most likely
Relationship Property and Family Finance,                to find employment in private practice, iwi
Company Law, Commercial Law I: Sales and                 organisations, or central and local government.
Consumer Law, Commercial Law II: Personal                Those wishing to specialise in this area would
Property Security & Credit, Insolvency Law,              consider options from Environmental Law,
Insurance Law, Employment Law, and Selected              Policy and Society, Conservation and the
Issues in Taxation.                                      Public Interest, Judicial Review, International
                                                         Environmental Law, International Human
                                                         Rights, Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and Treaty
  Courses offered by the School of Language, Social and
***                                                      Settlement Negotiations.
Political Sciences.

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