2 020 P A R T N E R S H I P O P P O R T U N I T I E S
                                 Photo: @thesandeep29, Sandeep Singh
About Travel Manitoba
Manitoba is a must-visit four-season destination generating
significant and sustainable economic growth by delivering
  inspiring and authentic experiences in its unique urban,
                   rural and wild settings.

Travel Manitoba will increase tourism’s contribution to the
provincial economy by leading the marketing of Manitoba
 as a tourism destination and by fostering a competitive
             and sustainable tourism industry.

    Increase brand engagement and traveller advocacy
      in Manitoba, within Canada and internationally.
     Increase visitor spending by 40% from $1.6 billion
               in 2016 to $2.2 billion in 2022.
    Increase visitation by 19% from 10.6 million visitors
          in 2016 to 12.6 million visitors in 2022.
  Increase investment in the tourism sector by partnering
              with business and governments.
   Optimize organization spending to deliver increased
         results in the most cost-effective way.
Lead the implementation of the Provincial Tourism Strategy
          to ensure the objectives are achieved.

                                                              2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   3
Photo: Renato Granieri

Manitoba’s Tourism Industry

        Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing
               economic sectors in the world.

                 Tourism in Manitoba is a $1.64 billion
                industry with 11.4 million visitors a year.

                                 2017 Visitor Spending & Visitation

                                                 58%                  $957.7 Million
                                                                  9,715,000 person visits
                                                                    $99 per person visit
                                                                  OTHER CANADIAN
                                                 26%                  $420.4 Million                     10%
                                                                  1,160,000 person visits
                                                                   $362 per person visit
                                                                    UNITED STATES
                                                  9%                  $142.5 Million
                                                                   413,000 person visits
                                                                   $345 per person visit
                                                  7%                  $123.3 Million
                                                                   110,000 person visits
                                                                  $1,121 per person visit
TOTAL VISITOR SPENDING                                                                                                                          TOTAL VISITATION
      $1,643,893,000                                                                                                                                11,397,000
                                                                                                                                                                                          PHOTO: ALEX DE VRIES

                         Source: Statistics Canada – Travel Survey of Resident of Canada (TSRC) – 2016/2017 Pooled File Detailed Tabulations.
                                               Statistics Canada International Travel Survey - 2017 Customized Analysis

                                                                                                                                                     2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   5
The Provincial Tourism Strategy for Manitoba
                  This roadmap for tourism growth in Manitoba outlines realistic goals for industry stakeholders:

                         • Lead Brand & Market Positioning
                              Expand brand successes to encompass a wider variety of tourism experiences and products.
                              This includes the development of a new Winnipeg place brand.

                         • Invest in Destination & Experience Development
                              Further develop demand-generating experiences such as sustainable development
                              in Manitoba’s parks, the establishment of a provide-wide events strategy and building
                              on the Manitoba 150 celebrations in 2020.

                         • Improve Transportation & Connectivity
                              Major transportation and digital connectivity problems threaten competitiveness,
                              while wayfinding and signage are an issue for visitors.

                         • Foster Collaboration
                              A whole-of-government approach is necessary for the industry to remain competitive,
                              to maximize visitor experiences and to achieve growth targets.

                         • Build Public Support for Tourism
                              The bold vision of this strategy can only be realized if Manitobans fully embrace that tourism
                              has the ability to positively transform their communities and enrich their quality of life.

                              Key finding: Manitoba’s tourism sector contribution
                              to provincial GDP is just over 3%. Nationally, that figure
                              is 6% and it is 10% worldwide.
                              There is significant opportunity for tourism to
                              increase its impact on the provincial economy.

Benefits of Partnering with Travel Manitoba

               Reduced costs:
                 • We invest in traditional, social and digital media,
               		 and then pass savings on to you

                 • We buy more, you pay less

                 • Our partnership opportunities are aligned
               		 with a variety of budgets

               Increased reach:
                 • We provide access to markets you might
               		 otherwise not be able to afford

                 • Your partnership helps extend the reach
               		 of our campaign as well

               Engaged audiences:
                 • We have large and engaged social media audiences

                 • Share your message on our channels to reach them

               Respected brand:
                 • Leverage our competitive advantage

                 • Often our website or social media platforms
               		 are the first source of information for visitors

               Access to Partner Extranet:
                 • Direct access to your listing on TravelManitoba.com

                 • View and edit your account information

                                                                         2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   7
What is the Extranet?
                 Travel Manitoba’s Extranet is a secure site that provides our partners with direct access to their own
                 listing on TravelManitoba.com. Once logged in, you can view and edit your account information,
                 update listing descriptions, upload images and videos, submit events and manage social media links.

                 What else can you do on the Extranet?
                 In addition to managing your presence on TravelManitoba.com, you can also add/remove organization
                 contacts, order publications and explore your history with Travel Manitoba. Through the Extranet,
                 you are provided information relating to:

                     • Web stats to your listing on TravelManitoba.com
                     • In-kind and expense dollars
                     • FAM and media trips you have hosted
                     • Assisted media
                     • Partnerships purchased

How can the Extranet help you?
Partner listings play an important role in the success of TravelManitoba.com.
The Extranet makes it easy for you to maintain your organization’s presence
on TravelManitoba.com so that up-to-date information is presented to
curious visitors. Having an accurate and enticing listing is the first step
to attracting referrals to your own business.

We want to be sure that your listing has everything it needs to be enticing
and accurate for those who are looking for their next Manitoba experience.
Our on-site system now automatically gives preference to more fulsome
partner listings: that means it’s more important than ever to make sure all
of your listing information is complete and correct and you are providing
visitors with engaging images and videos and up-to-date content.

Through the Extranet, you will also:

  • Receive an online listing on secondary
		 Travel Manitoba sites when applicable
  • Be included in the TravelManitoba.com
		 Travel Planner (“Add to Itinerary” option)
  • Receive a listing placement on related
		 content pages

How can you access the Extranet?
If you have a listing on TravelManitoba.com
your organization has been granted access
to the Extranet. You can login (or reset your
password) by visiting manito.ba/extranet.

If you don’t have a listing on TravelManitoba.com,
fill in the new account request form at
manito.ba/extranet-new. Once approved you’ll
be granted a login and password.

What resources are available to help you with the Extranet?
You can access online video tutorials by visiting manito.ba/extranet-tutorials.

For further assistance or if you have any questions, please contact:

Email: tmbpartnerextranet@travelmanitoba.com
Phone: (204) 927-7800 / Toll-free: (800) 665-0040

                                                                                  2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   9
Photo: Irene Moore

2 0 20 P A R T N E R S H I P O P P O R T U N I T I E S

 Tips for Success........................................................................................................28

 No Cost Opportunities........................................................................................... 31

 U.S. Campaign Opportunities............................................................................. 32

 Content Publishing Partnerships..................................................................... 34

 Content Marketing Opportunities.................................................................... 36

 Digital Marketing Opportunities...................................................................... 42

 Visitor Information Centre Opportunities..................................................... 46

 Travel Trade and Incentive Travel Opportunities........................................ 48

 Hunt Fish MB Opportunities............................................................................... 50

                                                                                                                              2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   11
Photo: Alex de Vries

Tips for Success
                            Look for these tips throughout this booklet to help
                            you maximize your partnership with Travel Manitoba.   Website
                            Here are some overall considerations for your main
                            marketing channels.                                    Up to date
                                                                                   Easy to navigate
                                                                                   Includes quality pictures or videos
                                                                                   Mobile friendly
                                                                                   Page load time of less than 3 seconds
                                                                                   whenever possible
                                                                                   Booking or purchase options available
                                                                                   Easy to find contact information
                                                                                   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a
                                                                                   regular part of your site building and
                                                                                   maintenance to improve your position
                                                                                   on search engines (like Google)
                                                                                   Understanding of where your website
                                                                                   visitors are coming from, how long they
                                                                                   stay and which pages they visit

Social Media
 Quality, not quantity.
 There is no “right” amount
 when posting
 Focus on one platform if you
 don’t have the resources to
 cover them all (Facebook is
 likely your best bet)
 Share quality images and videos
 Tell stories; don’t sell
 Know your audience by looking at what
 types of content get the most engagement
 (likes, comments, shares)
 Be responsive and respectful

                            Advertising (print and digital)
                               Strong image that showcases your
                               Minimal text
                               Consistent branding
                               Call to action (what do you want someone
                               who has seen your ad to do next?)
                               Built to spec

                                                                                                     2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   13
Photo: @stefdirks

No Cost Opportunities

    Being a partner with Travel Manitoba isn’t dependent on your marketing budget.
    While our partnership opportunities offer a great way to extend the reach of your
    own marketing efforts, there are ways to work with Travel Manitoba at no cost.

    Manage your listing and account                                           Get your photos in our asset library:
    information through the Partner Extranet                                •   Send us your current photos and videos and increase your
    (see pages 8-9 for more details on the Partner Extranet):             		    chance of being featured in ads, blogs, social media and
                                                                          		    corporate communication pieces. Send your assets with
                                                                          		    credits and usage information to Myra Ramos, Asset &
    Submit your event listing to appear                                   		    Production Coordinator at myramos@travelmanitoba.com.
    on Travel Manitoba’s website:
  • Go to TravelManitoba.com/events to enter your event                       Keep us in the loop:
		 details and be included in the online events calendar.
                                                                            •   “Rapid Fire” Presentation: Visit the team at Travel Manitoba
                                                                          		    to give a short, in-person presentation to our entire staff
    Get media coverage through support from                               		    about your business, attraction or event. Tell us what’s new,
    Travel Manitoba’s Media Tour Program:

                                                                                what’s to come or details that help us keep up to date with
                                                                                our tourism partners. Contact Samantha Bason, Partnership
                                                                          		    & Visitor Experiences Specialist at sbason@travelmanitoba.com
  •   Travel Manitoba’s media tour program hosts over 150 top             		    to schedule your presentation.
		    journalists, bloggers and influencers in our key markets
		    every year. Last year, our media relations activities resulted 		     • Send your press releases and news to share with
		    in 346 national and international articles, with a total 		         		 Travel Manitoba staff to Lindsay Egan, Coordinator,
		    circulation of over 158 million, with an ad equivalent value 		     		 Partnership & Visitor Experiences at
		    of over $7 million. We look to our partners to help support         		  liegan@travelmanitoba.com.
		    these visits by contributing room nights, experiences,
		    logistical support and more. It’s with this support that we
		    can continue to offer a strong media tour program that
		    results in your business getting noticed on the world stage.
                                                                                         PHOTO: GEORGE FISCHER

                                                                                                                 2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   15
U.S. Campaign

     U.S. Digital Retargeting Campaign
         Travel Manitoba’s campaigns are building an interested audience of potential
         U.S. travelers who have already engaged with Travel Manitoba digital content
         and are looking to learn more.
         •    Estimated U.S. online audience: +300,000 annually

     The Opportunity
         Four different campaigns will deliver digital ads to users who have
         already interacted with our digital content sometime in the past 90 days.
         Supply ads featuring your content and branding for Travel Manitoba
         to publish and manage. Choose to be part of one or more of the
         seasons below:

         •    Winter: December/January/February
         •    Spring: March/April/May
         •    Summer: June/July/August
         •    Fall: September/October/November

       Cost : $1,500/campaign
     			 Maximum 20 partners per season

                                  Tips for Success
                             Limited text legible at actual size
                             Engaging photo
                             Strong call to action (e.g. Click Here,
                             Learn More, Book Now)
                             72 dpi, jpeg or png
                             Do not resize a print ad
                             Send users to a page on your website
                             that matches the design and message
                             of your ad (your homepage is not
                             usually the best choice)

Manitoba, Canada

Travel Pages
    Interesting stories about Manitoba experiences and
    attractions will be included in major newspapers in
                                                                         Minnedosa                                                            The name Minnedosa means ‘flowing water’ in Sioux

    our key drive-to market of North Dakota.                                                                                                  language. Nestled in a valley of lush, rolling hills and
                                                                                                                                              winding waters in Western Manitoba, Minnedosa
                                                                                                                                              is a vibrant community of outdoor exploration
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Once-in-a-lifetime can
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                happen any minute.
                                                                                                                                              and cultural celebration, calling out to the prairie
                                                                                                                                              adventurer in you.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        you closer
    Newspaper circulations:
                                                                                                                                              EXPLORE VALLEY LIFE
                                                                                                                                              Only steps from downtown, you will find boardwalks, wildlife,
                                                                                                                                              and a swinging bridge as you navigate the Oxbow Trails through
                                                                                                                                              wetlands and greenspaces, home to a herd of bison in a stunning
                                                                                                                                              valley setting quite distinct in comparison to the surrounding
                                                                                                                                              prairie landscape. Follow the flag walk to Minnedosa Beach
                                                                                                                                              where the sun and sand welcome you to make a splash! Come                 Journey NORTH to the DINO BEACH!
    •   Grand Forks Herald: 24,022
                                                                                                                                              winter, our trails are the perfect place for a snowshoeing

                                                                                                                                              IMMERSE YOURSELF IN OUR RICH ROOTS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Experience our Jurassic themed water park, while you are in
                                                                                                                                              Timeless treasures await discovery at the Minnedosa Museum &                                                                                                                            Winnipeg visit the Assiniboine Park Zoo’s Journey to Churchill exhibit.
                                                                                                                                              Heritage Village, featuring nine fully restored heritage buildings                                                                                                                      Take advantage of our Dino Beack/Zoo package which includes a one night accommodation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      at our hotel, with 2 adult and 2 children passes to the Addiniboine Park Zoo.
                                                                                                                                              including one of only three octagon buildings in Manitoba.

    •   Fargo-Moorhead Forum: 45,928                                                                                                          Celebrate local culture as you visit our many historical sites
                                                                                                                                              including along the flag walk and throughout downtown, while
                                                                                                                                              historical settlements along the horizon are best viewed from the
                                                                                                                                              Lions Lookout Tower on the East Hill.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Package prices start at $174.99, taxes not included. Available at Victoria Inn Winnipeg Only.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Not valid with any other offer, available until December 31, 2019. PROMO TMZO                   1808 Wellington Ave. Winnipeg, MB | winnipeg.vicinn.com | 1.877.842.4667

                                                                                                                                              EXPERIENCE OUR AWARD WINNING

    •   Bismarck Tribune: 25,584
                                                                                                                                              ATTRACTIONS AND EVENTS
                                                                                                                                              It’s an adventure all summer long at Splish Splash Water Park,
                                                                                                                                              Manitoba’s only floating inflatable water park! Minnedosa Golf
                                                                                                                                              & Country club boasts 18 holes of stunning valley views, and
                                                                                                                                              Manitoba’s best snow is at Ski Valley, a ski and snowboard park
                                                                                                                                              a short five miles from downtown. We crank up the volume
                                                                                                                                              at Canada’s premier classic rock festival, Rockin’ the Fields of

    •   Minot Daily News: 15,437
                                                                                                                                              Minnedosa, and lace up our skates in February for Skate the                                                                                                  (204)-834-2421
                                                                                                                                              Lake, a truly Canadian pond hockey tournament.                                                                                                               Toll Free: 1-866-228-3132
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            CABINS / RV PARK                               13 km South of Carberry on #5 Hwy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            & MEETING CENTRE
                                                                                                                                              INDULGE YOURSELF                                                                                                                                             www.forest-hills.ca
                                                                                                                                              Fill your belly and feed your soul in our locally owned and
                                                                                                                                              operated restaurants. Delight in finding that perfect treasure in
                                                                                                                                              the shops of downtown or at the local farmers market. Rest your
                                                                                                                                              head at Minnedosa Campground, a hotel, or charming bed &
                                                                                                                                              breakfasts, and never, ever visit without stopping for ice cream.
                                                                                                                                              Wherever your travels take you, Minnedosa is the perfect
                                                                                                                                              backdrop for your next great travel story.


The Opportunity                                                                         @ t ra v e l m a n i t o b a                                                       www.travelmanitoba.com

    These Manitoba pages will be featured every two weeks in
    May through August, and once a month from September
                                                                                                                                                                                  Manitoba, Canada                                                                                                                                                                                      204.233.8343

    through March.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CABINS / RV PARK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         & MEETING CENTRE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                One of Winnipeg’s most prominent tourist                       200 years, discover the Métis culture in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                destinations, Saint-Boniface is a unique                       Western Canada, enjoy various attractions,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                historic area nestled across the river from                    exceptional architecture, culinary delights,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                downtown. With a history dating back                           and a vibrant community.

    Peak Season (May to August): Purchase a full page advertorial                                                                                                                                                           Adventure Awaits
    (400 words plus maximum 3 images) OR an ad to be published                                                                                                                                                              Visit the region’s museums, sample exceptional cuisine, experience
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            pristine campgrounds and walk nature trails. Explore the land of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ancient sea reptiles, watch raptors or zipline through a valley.

    on the opposite page. There are a total of 6 partner ads per page.     take your trip
    One booking gets your ad or advertorial in all four papers.           to       new heights                                                                                                                             Journey NORTH to the DINO BEACH!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Experience our Jurassic themed water park, while you are in

    Shoulder Season (September to March): Purchase a half page
                                                                         With so much to see and do in Manitoba,                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Winnipeg visit the Assiniboine Park Zoo’s Journey to Churchill exhibit.

                                                                         consider extending your trip to take in the sites                                                                                                                                                                                                               Take advantage of our Dino Beack/Zoo package which includes a one night accommodation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         at our hotel, with 2 adult and 2 children passes to the Addiniboine Park Zoo.

                                                                         and activities the northern part of this province
                                                                         has to offer.

    advertorial (200 words plus 1 image) OR one of 3 ads to be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Package prices start at $174.99, taxes not included. Available at Victoria Inn Winnipeg Only.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Not valid with any other offer, available until December 31, 2019. PROMO TMZO                    1808 Wellington Ave. Winnipeg, MB | winnipeg.vicinn.com | 1.877.842.4667
                                                                         As Canada’s central airline in northern Manitoba and
                                                                         Nunavut, Calm Air provides convenient daily service for you
                                                                         to enjoy a one- or two-day stay in northern Manitoba before
                                                                         making your trip home.

    published on the same page. One booking gets your ad or              Different seasons offer an abundance of attractions, too. Visit
                                                                         Churchill, a mecca of iconic northern wildlife. Take a boat tour
                                                                         or kayak excursion amongst a pod of beluga whales. Keep an

    advertorial in all four papers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Oak Hammock Marsh
                                                                         eye out for polar bears along the rocky shore.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ©Eric Lindberg

                                                                         After a summer spent on the tundra, the polar bears
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ©Eric Lindberg
                                                                         congregate along the shore of Hudson Bay in October and                                                                                                                                          Experience the Ultimate Summer Adventure in Churchill.
                                                                         November. They wait for the water to freeze, giving passage                                                                                                                                                Contact the Tundra Inn for more information about our incredible summer packages.
                                                                         to their winter hunting grounds, and giving eager animal                                                                                                                                          1 (800) 265-8563                       info@tundrainn.com                        www.tundrainn.com
                                                                         lovers the experience of a lifetime. See these majestic animals
                                                                         from a specially-designed tundra vehicle or on foot following
                                                                         an experienced guide. The clear, cold nights of the winter
                                                                         offer the perfect backdrop to witness the northern lights in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Make Awesome Memories This Summer!
                                                                         Churchill and across Manitoba’s north.

                                                                         Other northern destinations to visit include Thompson, Flin

     Cost: Peak Season ad: $750
                                                                         Flon or The Pas. Stay at a local hotel or a fully serviced fishing                                                          Clearwater Lake
                                                                         lodge where trophy catches are the norm. Rent a car and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         This four season resort features hotel & chalet accommodations, the luxurious Solstice Spa, an indoor water park, a 9-hole golf
                                                                         explore the region’s amazing parks, including the crystal clear
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         course and two onsite restaurants. Come explore the beautiful surroundings in Riding Mountain National Park this summer and hike
                                                                         water of the aptly named Clearwater Lake Provincial Park or                                                                                     or bike the numerous trails or jump into Clear Lake to cool off. Visit the town of Wasagaming for some shopping or take a leisure
                                                                         the impressive views at Pisew Falls Provincial Park. And in the                                                                                 drive through the Park for a chance to spot some moose, deer, elk or black bears!

    		 Maximum 6 per week
                                                                         winter months, these northern destinations are prized for                                                                                        1.866.ELKHORN (355.4676) | frontdesk@elkhornresort.mb.ca
                                                                         their amazing ice fishing and the abundant snow cover is a                                                                                       3 Mooswa Drive East, Onanole, Manitoba R0J 1N0                                                            www.elkhornresort.mb.ca
                                                                         snowmobiler’s dream.

                                                                         There’s no shortage of beautiful landscapes and authentic
                                                                         experiences to be found in northern Manitoba, so book your

    		 Peak Season advertorial: $2,000
                                                                         flight today.


    		 Maximum 1 per week
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Flin Flon

                                                                                         @ t ra v e l m a n i t o b a                                                       www.travelmanitoba.com

    		 Shoulder Season ad: $750
    		 Maximum 3 per week
    		 Shoulder Season advertorial: $1,000
    		 Maximum 1 per week

                                                                                                    Tips for Success
                                                                               Attention-grabbing headline
                                                                               and images
                                                                               Include important visitor information
                                                                               (event dates, directions, booking
                                                                               information, etc.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                                                                                17
Content Publishing Partnerships

     We are creating custom content to extend the reach of our marketing message, to encourage and
     foster “sharing” (word of mouth is the greatest driver of travel) and to generate leads to our industry.

     enRoute (Air Canada in-flight magazine)

          Together with its regional partners, Air Canada serves
          close to 35 million passengers annually and provides
          direct passenger service to more than 175 destinations
          on five continents.
          Air Canada’s enRoute magazine:
          •    Monthly distribution: 119,942
          •    1,148,000 readers (9.6 readers per copy)

     The Opportunity
          Purchase a half or full-page feature advertorial in the
          April or August 12-page insert in Air Canada’s enRoute.

      Cost: Full Page Advertorial: $7,000
     		 Maximum 6 per insert
     		 Half Page Advertorial: $3,500
     		 Maximum 6 per insert

                    Tips for Success
               Attention-grabbing image
               Use stories to bring your experience
               to life
               Remember this audience may not
               be familiar with Manitoba or its
               tourism experiences

2020 Travel Manitoba Inspiration Guide

    The Travel Manitoba Inspiration Guide uses great images
    and short features to encourage potential visitors to choose
    Manitoba as their next travel destination.
    •   200,000 copies delivered to targeted postal codes
        in Winnipeg, regional centres in Manitoba, Thunder Bay,
        Kenora, Regina and Saskatoon
    •   50,000 copies inserted in the Sunday editions
        of the Grand Forks Herald and Fargo Forum
    •   50,000 distributed by request and at visitor
        information centres around the province

The Opportunity
    Purchase an ad, advertorial or image feature.
                                                             Full Page Advertorial                Half Page Image Feature

 Cost: Outside back cover ad: $7,000
		 Maximum 1
		 Inside front cover ad: $7,000
		 Maximum 1
		 Inside back cover ad: $7,000
		 Maximum 1
		        Full page ad: $5,000
          Maximum 12
		        Full page advertorial: $5,500
          Maximum 18
		        Full page image feature: $5,500
          Maximum 10
		 Half page image feature: $3,700
		 Maximum 20
		 Multi-partner feature spread: $1,500
		 Maximum 36
                                                                                        Tips for Success
		 Feature partner offer: $600
		 Maximum 18                                                                        Stunning landscapes, exciting action
                                                                                     shots or interesting close-ups are all
                                                                                     great photo options
                                                                                     Use stories to bring your experience
                                                                                     to life
                                                                                     Tell readers why they should visit you –
                                                                                     what sets you apart?

                                                                                                           2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   19
2020 North MB Regional Guide

     The Opportunity
          Purchase an ad in this guide, which is distributed
          by request and at visitor information centres
          around Manitoba.

      Cost: Outside back cover ad: $2,000
     		 Maximum 1
     		 Inside front or back cover: $1,500
     		 Maximum 1 each
     		            Full page ad: $1,000
                   Maximum 12
     		 Half page ad: $750
     		 Maximum 12
     		 Quarter page ad: $400
     		 Maximum 12
     		 Accommodation package: $350
     		 Maximum 12

     Pressboard Co-Op Campaign

     Travel Manitoba is inviting partners to join us on a content marketing
     campaign with Pressboard. Pressboard has the capabilities to place
     custom content with over 200 premium publishers. Your investment
     in this partnership opportunity will be matched by Travel Manitoba,
     amplifying engagement with target audiences.

     The Opportunity
          Working with Travel Manitoba and Pressboard, you’ll receive
          a custom article, featuring your company’s logo, placed in a
          online publication of your choice in either Canada or the U.S.
          based on a list of available publisher options. This partnership
          includes a guaranteed minimum readership (varies by publisher)
          and further amplification by Travel Manitoba on its social channels.

          Cost :   Minimum $5,000

Influencer Campaign with This Battered Suitcase

    This Battered Suitcase is the travel and lifestyle brand          This Battered Suitcase content about your experience
    of Brenna Holeman. Since the blog’s inception in 2003,            will include:
    This Battered Suitcase has gained a loyal readership of
                                                                      •   1 long-form narrative blog post (delivered within
    young global travellers who follow Brenna as she travels
    independently and adventurously, while on the look                    14 days of the visit)
    out for the unusual. From Brazil to Botswana to Bhutan,           •   Promotion of blog post on This Battered Suitcase
    Brenna documents her travels on This Battered Suitcase                Instagram Stories, Facebook and Twitter
    using her distinct voice and signature long-form narratives.
    After 13 years of nomadic life and 100 countries later,           •   10 Instagram Stories of video and image content
    Brenna felt Manitoba calling her home. Now based in                   (at minimum)
    Winnipeg, Brenna has discovered a new love for exploring          •   1 Instagram feed post
    places closer to home.
                                                                      •   2 Facebook posts
    This Battered Suitcase overview:
                                                                      •   1 Facebook Live post (depending on internet service)
    •   75K page views per month
        50K+ followers on social media                                •   5 non-exclusive, rights-free images for the
                                                                          partner’s own marketing purposes
    •   Primary audience from the U.S., U.K., and Canada
                                                                      •   Second round of promotion of blog on This Battered
    •   Worked with travel brands such as Expedia,                        Suitcase Instagram Stories, Facebook, and Twitter
        Visit Mississippi, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,                      within the year
        Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Visit Denmark,
        Visit England and many more                                   •   Bonus: Travel Manitoba will boost This Battered
                                                                          Suitcase blog post on our own Facebook ($600 value)
    •   Featured on Buzzfeed, Hostelworld, BBC,
        The Guardian, Elle and Oprah Magazine
                                                                     Cost: $2,500
                                                                   		 Maximum 5 summer campaigns
The Opportunity                                                    		      (June, July or August only)

    During summer 2020, host This Battered Suitcase on
                                                                      Note: To ensure your experience aligns with her personal
    a custom itinerary to your region, town, major event
                                                                      brand, The Battered Suitcase will pre-approve partners
    or attraction (maximum two nights). Brenna will
                                                                      for this opportunity.
    create original content, sharing her adventure through
    her This Battered Suitcase brand. Travel Manitoba will
    also amplify This Battered Suitcase content through
    our own social media channels.
    Partner hosting requirements include:
    •   Itinerary planning (in collaboration with
        This Battered Suitcase)
    •   Accommodations
    •   Activity and attraction passes
    •   Meals

                                                                                                         2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   21
Content Marketing Opportunities

     Travel Manitoba uses #TMBpartner to let our audience
     know they are seeing paid content.

     Travel Manitoba Blog
         Blog audience overview:
         •     130,000 average monthly page views
         •     82,000 average monthly users

     Live Influencer Campaign

     The Opportunity
         A member of Travel Manitoba’s content team will create
         a custom itinerary and visit your region, town, major event
         or attraction (maximum two nights) and share their
         adventures through Travel Manitoba’s Facebook,
         Instagram and blog.
         Your live influencer campaign includes:
         •     1 blog post
         •     1 Instagram story series
         •     1 boosted Facebook post
         •     Inclusion in a consumer e-newsletter

      Cost: Peak Season (June, July and August): $2,500
     		 Maximum 10
     		 Shoulder Season (September to May): $1,500
     		 Maximum 10
                                                                                 Tips for Success
         Note: Partners are required to cover hosting costs such as meals,   Different itineraries can be built for
         accommodations and activities                                       different audiences, so think about
                                                                             the type of visitor you want to
                                                                             attract (i.e. families, couples, etc.)
         Turn your blog post into a video slideshow                          Experiences with strong visuals will
         Upgrade: $500                                                       perform the best

Listicle Inclusion

 Everyone loves a list and none more so than our social media audience.
 We call them “listicles” (a list and an article combined) and you can be a
 featured link in a listicle that Travel Manitoba creates on our blog this year.

The Opportunity
 Travel Manitoba’s Content Team will choose when to include
 your experience, event or destination into a minimum of one listicle
 published on our blog, which will then be shared on social media
 and distributed in our e-newsletter.

   Cost: $150
		 Maximum 1 per partner per year

10 Things to do in Manitoba this Week

 Travel Manitoba’s weekly edition of “10 Things to do in Manitoba
 this Week” is a roundup of events and attractions happening in the
 province on any given week. It is included in the weekly consumer
 e-newsletter and is featured on the homepage of TravelManitoba.com.

The Opportunity
 Ensure your event or attraction gets noticed by claiming one of the
 top two positions at the top of the page. You must supply a photo
 and write-up.

    Cost: $250/week
    Maximum 2 per week

                                                                                   2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   23
Travel Manitoba Video
                                                                               Annual Facebook video views:
                                                                               • +3.1 million
                                                                               • 82,000 average monthly users

                                                                            Destination Spotlight Video

                                                                            The Opportunity
                                                                               Tell your experience or attraction’s story in depth with a
          See past videos at youtube.com/ TravelManitoba                       feature video tailored for digital and social media consumption.
                                                                               Our Content Marketing team will work with you to develop
                                                                               a concept and then shoot, edit and compile a finished 3-5-minute
                                                                               Travel Manitoba-branded, shareable video that highlights the very
                                                                               best of your brand. The video can include on-camera interviews,
                                                                               a voice over or a storyline to help tell your story. You will receive
                                                                               the finished video as well as the raw footage. Destination Spotlight
                                                                               Videos can only be used to promote a consumer-ready
                                                                               Manitoba experience.

                                                                               Cost: $6,000
                                                                            		 Maximum 1 per season
                                                                               Note: Partners are required to cover hosting costs such as meals,
                                                                               accommodations and activities.

         Destination Snapshot Video Feature

         The Opportunity
            Capture your destination through video with a 1-3 minute piece
            that pairs music and video. Shoots are limited to one day and
            cannot include on-camera interviews or voice over. You will receive
            the finished video as well as the raw footage. Destination Snapshot
            Videos can only be used to promote a consumer-ready
            Manitoba experience.

            Cost: $2,000
         		 Maximum 6 per year

            Note: Partners are required to cover hosting costs such as meals,
            accommodations and activities.
                                                                                                                                                       Photo: @joelboily

  Facebook audience overview as of August 1, 2019:
  • 5.6 million average impressions per month
  • 9.9% engagement rate
  • 135,000 average daily reach
  • 84% Canadian fans; 7% U.S.

Facebook Boosted Posts

The Opportunity
  Travel Manitoba will ‘boost’ your Facebook post, thereby increasing
  the number of newsfeeds it appears in and the amount of engagement
  you will get. Facebook boosted posts are a great way to promote
  ‘evergreen’ content or a special limited time offer for your brand.
  Requirements include a link and four high quality images. Facebook
  boosted posts can only be used to promote a consumer-ready
  Manitoba experience.

   Cost: $600
		 Maximum 10 per month

   Pin your story to the top of our
		 Facebook feed for one month
   Upgrade: $200
		 Maximum 1 per month

                    Tips for Success
               Choose only clear and
               high-quality images

                                                                           2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   25
Facebook Featured Stories
         Long-form posts on social media are becoming more
         popular, as engaged users are eager to click to read
         more and see more images.

     The Opportunity
         Facebook Featured Stories will see a Travel Manitoba
         influencer create a short essay about your regional event,
         museum, exhibit or attraction and then share it and a
         minimum of 4 photos of their experience
         on Facebook.

      Cost: $1,000
     		 Maximum 2 per month

         Note: Partners are required to cover hosting costs such as meals,
         accommodations and activities (if applicable).

                                                                             Photo: @twist.of.french

Facebook Slideshow                                                Social Media Contest
    Visuals are key for social media success, as posts
    with images or video content are more likely to               The Opportunity
    engage audiences.
                                                                      Travel Manitoba will promote your event, attraction or
                                                                      experience by running a contest to give away a prize to
The Opportunity                                                       our Facebook audience. Partners must supply a prize of
                                                                      significant value. Winners will be solely responsible for
    Travel Manitoba will assemble a 30-second slideshow,              prize pick-up/redemption. Contest must be run through
    which can incorporate stills and video footage, to share on       Travel Manitoba’s social channels and not an external link
    our Facebook page. Requirements include a minimum of              or page.
    15 high quality images, video footage is also recommended.
    Facebook slideshows can only be used to promote a
    consumer-ready Manitoba experience. Travel Manitoba            Cost: $250 + plus prize
    reserves the right to reject submitted content.               		 Maximum 4 per month

 Cost: $1,000
		 Maximum 1 per month

               Tips for Success
           Choose only clear and high-quality images
           Video clips should be 10 seconds or less
           Make sure there is a connection between
           the images/videos submitted, they should
           tell a story!

                                                                                                    2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   27
Facebook Collection Ad
           Facebook collection ads are highly visual, engaging
           and attract a lot of views and clicks.

     The Opportunity
           Travel Manitoba will create a series of themed collection
           ads where you can feature your attraction or business.
           Requirements include 4 high quality photos and a link
           to your website.

        • Hotels
        • Food & Drink
        • Spa & Wellness

                                                                                                                            Photo: @felicitymerritt
        • Family Fun
        • Churchill
        • Outdoors
        • Unique Stays

      Cost: $500
     		 Maximum 4 partners per theme

       Instagram audience overview August 1, 2019:
       • 2.9 million average impressions per month
       • 325,000 average reach per month

     Instagram Post

     The Opportunity
       Promote your brand with an Instagram post on Travel Manitoba’s feed.
       Requirements are 4 high quality images. Images must be of the
       most striking and high quality variety possible. Travel Manitoba          Tips for Success
       reserves the right to reject submitted content.
                                                                              Professional photos are recommended
        Cost: $750                                                            Best options are landscapes, close-ups
     		 Maximum 3 per month                                                   of wildlife, big skies and wide urban shots

Instagram Stories                                              Consumer E-newsletters
                                                                Weekly e-newsletter distribution as of August 15, 2019:
 Instagram Stories combine photos, videos, captions,
                                                                • 25,111 subscribers
 illustrations, stickers and other features and will appear
 on users’ feeds for 24 hours.                                  • Open rate: 20%
                                                                • Clickthrough rate: 3%
The Opportunity
 Travel Manitoba will assemble and post a series of up
 to 10 slides to its feed. The Stories will also be featured   Consumer E-newsletter Ads
 in Travel Manitoba’s Instagram “Highlights” for one month.
 Requirements are a minimum of 4 high quality images
                                                               The Opportunity
                                                                Have your ad appear in the e-newsletter for the week
    Cost: $750                                                  of your choosing.
		 Maximum 3 per month

                                                                  Cost: $350
                                                               		 Maximum 2 per week

               Tips for Success
                                                               Welcome Email Ad
           Tell a story through connected images
           Include a call to action (“visit website to         The Opportunity
           learn more” or “book your now”)
                                                                Every month, hundreds of new subscribers sign up
           Vertical images are best                             to receive our e-newsletter. All new additions to the
                                                                Travel Manitoba email list receive a welcome email
                                                                with exclusive content available only to subscribers.
                                                                Advertise your experience on the welcome email
                                                                and get the most engaged eyes seeing your message.
                                                                • Open rate: 70%
                                                                • Average clickthrough rate: 40%

                                                                  Cost: $400
                                                               		 Maximum 1 per month

                                                                                                  2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   29
Birthday Email Ad

         The Opportunity
            Subscribers to our e-newsletter who share their birthdays with
            us will receive a special email ‘surprise’ during their birthday month.
            The birthday email is typically the second most read email by
            subscribers after the welcome email. Have your ad seen by an
            engaged audience who are already in a mood for celebrating.

            Cost: $400
         		 Maximum 1 per month

          Customized Email Marketing

         The Opportunity
            Travel Manitoba has created a series of content specific emails
            that go out to subscribers who have already shown an interest
            in a particular subject. Sent at least once per year, these emails
            have higher open rates and higher clickthrough rates than the
            general newsletter. Match your ad’s message to our custom
            newsletter and ensure you’re reaching a targeted and
            interested audience.
            Family Fun
            Northern Manitoba

            Cost: $500
         		 Maximum 1 per newsletter topic

                         Twitter audience overview as of August 1, 2019:
                         • 400,000 average monthly impressions

                        Twitter Posts

                        The Opportunity
                         Travel Manitoba will send 3 separate tweets to promote
                         your event or attraction. Requirements include a link, hashtag
                         (if available) and 4 high quality images.

                            Cost: $150

                        Re-Tweet Contest

                        The Opportunity
                         Travel Manitoba will run a re-tweet contest through our Twitter
                         account to promote one of your events, attractions or experiences.
                         Partners must supply a prize of significant value. Winners will be
                         solely responsible for prize pick-up/redemption.

                            Cost: $100 + plus prize

                                       Tips for Success
                                   You do not need to have a Twitter account
                                   to take advantage of our audience.
Photo: @joshuaa_blade

                                                                     2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   31
Digital Opportunities

     With 1.7 million sessions in the past 12 months (an increase of 91%
     over last year), TravelManitoba.com continues to increase the number
     of users by showcasing everything Manitoba has to offer.

       Audience overview:
       • 1,109,000+ users visited TravelManitoba.com in the last 12 months
     		 >1,085,000+ are new users who are seeing Travel Manitoba’s
     			 content for the first time
       • Users from 228 countries
     		 >   Top three: Canada (76%), USA (16%), UK (2%)
       • Audience Demographics:
     		 > 60% female, 40% male
     		 >   25% of users aged between 25 and 44
       • 66% of users visit TravelManitoba.com on their mobile devices

                                                                                                                               Photo: Scott Carnegie
     Block Ads on TravelManitoba.com
       Website ads receive:
       • 1.75 million impressions
       • 0.5% average clickthrough rate (above industry standards)

     The Opportunity
       Purchase a block ad on our homepage. The ad is placed as a native ad,
       integrated with page content for a less intrusive customer experience
       and increased clickthroughs for partners.                                  Tips for Success
       Submit a photo, 25 words (max) of enticing text and a URL to link to.
                                                                               Great pictures get great results
         Cost:                                                                 Short, clear message

     		 TravelManitoba.com: $2000/year                                         Ads with offers and discounts get more clicks
     		 Maximum 12 per year                                                    The URL takes users to a page that mirrors
     		 North.TravelManitoba.com: $500/year                                    the content and message of your ad
     		 Maximum 3 per year

Digital Campaign Landing Page Placement
 Travel Manitoba manages over $350,000 worth of in-house digital campaigns
 every year. These investments drove over 400,000 sessions to TravelManitoba.com
 in the past 12 months. A large portion of this traffic continues directly to partner
 websites via clickthrough options from specific campaign landing pages.

The Opportunity
 Buy into a featured placement in one of Travel Manitoba’s 2020 digital campaigns
 targeting Canada, the U.S. and our international markets in the U.K. and Australia
 (northern products only). Placement will include a text write-up and clickable image/
 button redirecting to the partner’s site, as well as inclusion in digital and social ads
 as part of the campaign. Partners can choose landing page placement for one
 of the following main campaigns:
 • Northern Lights
 • Winnipeg Summer
 • Outdoor Adventure (Summer)
 • Arctic Summer
 • Arctic Fall
 • Winnipeg Winter

		 Maximum 4 per campaign

Digital Campaign Landing Page Placement: Near-Market Packages
 Take advantage of audiences in Fargo, Grand Forks, Kenora,
 Thunder Bay, Regina and Saskatoon looking for a quick road trip
 or a weekend getaway. Through a combination of search and
 social ads, Travel Manitoba will drive traffic from our near-market
 audiences to dedicated landing pages, featuring packages
 for Winnipeg area attractions and accommodations.

The Opportunity
 Get your package featured on a landing page which will be
 promoted in our fall/winter or spring/summer near-market
 campaign. Visitors will also be encouraged to visit the
 Tourism Winnipeg website for more information.

		 Maximum 4 partners landing page

                                                                                            2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   33
Niche Campaign Product Page Placement
      With more than 3,360,000 pageviews a year, visitors
      to our product pages are actively seeking to learn more
      about partners offering specific niche experiences
      or offerings.

     The Opportunity
      Partners can buy into a featured placement on one of
      Travel Manitoba’s product segment pages for one year.
      Participating partners will also benefit from a two-month
      long niche campaign driving increased traffic to the
      product page.

                                                                                     Tips for Success
      The 7 niche campaigns for 2020 are:
      • Golf		              • Shopping
      • Culinary            • Tours
      • Camping             • Family Fun                                          Track traffic from Travel Manitoba campaigns
                                                                                  through your own site with Google Analytics
      • Paddling
                                                                                  Go to “Acquisition” > “Campaigns” >
                                                                                  “All Campaigns” and look for the name
                                                                                  of the Travel Manitoba campaign you
                                                                                  are part of
     		 Maximum 6 per campaign

                                                                      Featured Package
                                                                       Average monthly homepage pageviews: 13,000
                                                                       Each month, Travel Manitoba will highlight
                                                                       up to four packages on our homepage as a
                                                                       “Can’t Miss Package”.

                                                                      The Opportunity
                                                                       Upgrade your package as one of the exclusive feature

                      Tips for Success                                 packages on Travel Manitoba’s homepage for one month.
                                                                       Starting in 2020, all packages featured on TravelManitoba.com
                                                                       must include a special price or discount in order to be featured
                                                                       on the site (general informative packages will no longer
                  See the traffic Travel Manitoba’s website
                  sends to your website via Google Analytics: 		       be accepted).
                  go to “Acquisition” > “All Traffic” > “Referrals”
                  and look for TravelManitoba.com
                  as your source                                          Cost:
                                                                      		 Maximum 4 per month

Featured Events
                          TravelManitoba.com event listings:
                          • 266,000 impressions
                          • 24,000 clicks to partner sites

                          Featured Events get prime placement,
                          both displayed as a “Can’t Miss Event”
                          on our homepage and highlighted at the
                          top of the Travel Manitoba events page
                          (travelmanitoba.com/events sees
                          an additional 4,000+ pageviews a month).

                         The Opportunity
                          Upgrade your basic event listing on
                          TravelManitoba.com to a featured event listing.
                          Events will be highlighted during the 30-day
                          window prior to the event start date.

                             Cost:                                          North MB Digital Opportunities
                         		 $500/30 day period
                                                                             Traffic continues to increase to north.travelmanitoba.com,
                                                                             with the majority of its users (70%) coming from Manitoba.
                                                                             Site content has been expanded with the addition of
                                                                             northern-specific itineraries and feature pages on Flin Flon,
                                                                             Thompson and The Pas.

                                                                            The Opportunity
                                                                             There are a number of ways to be featured on north.travelmanitoba.com:

                                                                             • Featured listing on north.travelmanitoba.com Homepage

                                                                            		 $350/quarter OR $1,000/year
                                                                            		 Maximum 4 per quarter

                                                                             • Featured event on north.travelmanitoba.com Homepage

                                                                            		 Maximum 4 per month

                                                                             • Featured event on north.travelmanitoba.com Events page
Photo: @steph.explores

                                                                            		 Maximum 4 per month

                                                                                                                             2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   35
Featured Listing on Home Page
                                            The TravelManitoba.com homepage see more than
                                            163,000 pageviews every year.

                                           The Opportunity
                                            Have your listing featured on the homepage of
                                            TravelManitoba.com for a three month period.

                                           		 Maximum 5 partners/quarter

                                                                                               Featured Listing on Where To Stay Pages
                                                                                                TravelManitoba.com’s “Where to Stay” pages have
                                                                                                over 130,000 pageviews every year as visitors browse
                                                                                                Manitoba’s accommodation options.

                                                                                               The Opportunity
                                                                                                Buy a featured listing placement at the top of Travel Manitoba’s
                                                                                                “Where to Stay” subpages (Campgrounds & RV Parks, Cabins &
                                                                                                Cottages, Hotels & Motels, Unique Stays, Bed & Breakfasts, Hunting
                                                                                                & Fishing Lodges).

                                                                                               		 Maximum 4 partners/two months
Photo: Kristin Addis - Be My Travel Muse

36                                          2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
Visitor Information Centre (VIC) Opportunities

“Your Manitoba” Feature Gallery                                    Washroom Advertising at the Visitor Information
 The “Your Manitoba” tool is featured on three touch               Centres in Emerson, Whiteshell and Kirkella
 screens in our Visitor Information Centre at The Forks.            The visitor centre washrooms in Emerson are open 24 hours
 The tool displays user-generated photos from across                a day, 365 days a year and are used very frequently by travellers
 Manitoba organized into thematic galleries. A monthly              entering Canada.
 featured gallery is showcased at the top of the list
 of galleries, taking users to a collection of photos
 exclusively featuring that partner and their product              The Opportunity
 and identified by a branded header. Users who visited
 the featured gallery spend an average of more than                 Advertise your message at the Emerson, Kirkella and Whiteshell
 two minutes browsing these photos.                                 Visitor Information Centres. Posters showcasing two partner ads
                                                                    will be prominently displayed above urinals and in washroom stalls.

The Opportunity
 Purchase the feature gallery spot displaying a collection
 of 80+ user-generated photos (curated by Travel Manitoba)         		 $300/season
 for one month.                                                    		 Emerson (open year-round)
                                                                   		 Men’s washroom: 8 opportunities/quarter
                                                                   		 Women’s washroom: 8 opportunities/quarter
		 $350                                                            		 Whiteshell (open May-October)
		 Maximum 1 per month                                             		 Men’s washroom: 12 opportunities/season
                                                                   		 Women’s washroom: 12 opportunities/season

                                                                   		 Kirkella (May-September)
Event Screens                                                      		 Men’s washroom: 6 opportunities/season
                                                                   		 Women’s washroom: 4 opportunities/season
 In addition to the screens in the Visitor Information Centre
 at The Forks, there are also screens at the Visitor Information
 Centre in Emerson (open year round) and the seasonal
 centres in Kirkella and the Whiteshell.

The Opportunity
 Travel Manitoba will build a slide to promote your event
 (including an image, dates, location and website) for
 one week on all Visitor Information Centre screens
 through this bundled offer.

		 Maximum 4 per week

                                                                                                          2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   37
Travel Trade and Incentive Travel

     The travel trade is a network of businesses whose job is to           Travel Manitoba also conducts sales activities directed at incentive
     distribute and sell travel experiences to other buyers and /or        travel buyers. Typically, these are travel professionals that focus on
     consumers. Travel trade is a collective term for tour operators,      higher end, bucket list types of travel experiences that are used as
     receptive tour operators and travel agents. Incentive travel          a business tool to reward an individual or groups of employees.
     is a self-funding marketing activity that employs unique travel
     experiences to reward people who achieve exceptional                  The International Marketing team conducts activities in Canada, the
     business performance. The benefits of working with travel             U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia, China and Japan. This team focuses on
     trade and incentive travel include:                                   a diverse but distinct list of Manitoba experiences when marketing
                                                                           and selling to the international travel trade as well as incentive
                                                                           buyers. These include bucket list, authentic, legendary experiences
     		   >    Consumer purchasing behaviour differs by market
                                                                           throughout all four seasons and in all areas of the province, such as:
          >    Maximize reach by getting your product in front
               of more customers                                                >    Northern safaris
          >    Promotion in markets you may not be able to reach                >    Northern lights
          >    Marketing expense to you only when the trip sells                >    Fishing
                                                                                >    Culinary
     Travel Manitoba’s sales activities include attending trade shows,          >    Eco-tourism
     marketplaces, sales events, sales missions, prospecting, conducting
     in person meetings, follow ups, webinars and investing in co-op            >    Unique photography opportunities
     advertising through joint marketing programs. Travel Manitoba              >    Winnipeg attractions through itinerary creation
     hosts and supports familiarization tours and site inspections.
                                                                                >    Self-drive itineraries throughout eastern,
                                                                                     western, central and northern Manitoba
                                                                                     (Riding Mountain National Park, Whiteshell
                                                                                     Provincial Park, Hecla Provincial Park, Gimli,
                                                                                     Morden, Thompson, etc.)

 The Opportunity
          Partners can choose to focus on travel trade only or both          		 • Joint marketing activity and co-op advertising
          travel trade and incentive travel.                                 			 >       U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Australia, China, Japan
                                                                             			 >       Providing images, assets, videos, financial support
                Cost:   Travel Trade: $2,000                                 				        for print and digital marketing initiatives
               		       Travel Trade & Incentive Travel: $3,000              		 • Marketplace and show assistance, including
                                                                             			 registration rebates
          The following benefits will be provided:
                                                                             			 >       Travel Manitoba will provide financial incentive to
 		 • Company name highlighted on profile and sell sheets                    				        encourage partners to attend Rendez-vous Canada.
 			 >   Languages: English, German, Mandarin
                                                                             				 ° Travel Manitoba will provide a 50% registration
 		 • Quarterly newsletters and e-blasts                                     					 refund for first-time attendees
 			 >   Germany, U.K., Australia
                                                                             				 ° Travel Manitoba will provide a 25% registration
 		 • Access to annual brochure analysis and product audits                  					 refund for second-year attendees
 			 >   Germany, U.K., Australia
                                                                             				 ° Travel Manitoba will provide a $250 registration
 		 • FAM support (financial contributions, itinerary creation,              					 rebate for ongoing registration
 			 flights bookings, site inspections)
                                                                             				 ° Booth set-up and display at Rendez-vous Canada
 			 >    All markets

>      Winnipeg hosts the Student & Youth Travel
				       Conference in 2020. To be eligible to attend
				       the SYTA conference, partners needs to be
				       SYTA members.

				 ° Travel Manitoba will provide a 50% registration
					 rebate to partners attending in 2020

		 • Representation at shows, client events, sales missions
			 >      Show leads, profiles, follow up, show reports

		 • Access to database information and reports

		 • Invitation to FAM trip industry networking/
			 meet-and-greet events

2020 Travel Trade and Incentive Travel shows


            February 3-6                          Education Travel Conference       Chattanooga, TN


             March 4-8                          ITB Berlin & Germany Sales Calls     Berlin, Germany

               March                               United States Sales Mission        United States


              May 5-8                              Rendez-vous Canada 2020            Quebec City

              May 5-7                                  Adventure Elevate               Eugene, OR

             May 27-30                             Incentive Travel Exchange          Phoenix, AZ


             July 23-27                                    Incentive Canada            Halifax, NS

            August 14-18                        Student Youth Travel Association       Winnipeg
              October                                         Photo Plus                New York
              October                                  Bienvenue Quebec             Trois-Rivières, QC
              October                                       Showcase Asia                China
     November 30-December 4                                  USTOA 2020            National Harbor, MD

                                                                                         2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   39
Hunt Fish MB Opportunities

 Content Marketing 101: “Super Cut” Video Package,
 Promotion and Consultation
     More than 90% of consumers access video content online!
     Businesses that are reluctant to embrace content marketing
     and use video in their promotion efforts could be left with
     an under-performing website and marketing strategy.
     The Content Marketing 101 package offers solutions
     to those who want to stand out and increase their
     marketing performance.

 The Opportunity
     This value package focuses on video production and custom
     consultation with the Fish Hunt Marketing Consultant to discuss
     the best way to use your videos, photos and editorial for increased
     marketing performance, to help you create a YouTube channel
     and to provide a summary on understanding digital analytics
     and traffic to your website. The videos will be shot and produced
     in 2020 and then promoted during the 2021 fish hunt marketing
     campaign (website, e-newsletter, social media and participating
     third party channels).

     Included in this package is:
   • 4 X 30-60 second videos shot in GoPro/DSLR format
 		 and created for your online channels such as website
 		 and YouTube, including:
 		 > Super cut video, a high impact video that captures

 			 the best of a specific fishing or hunting experience
 			 at your destination, combined with a short form
 			 editorial and photos
 		 > Three videos to capture your choice of unique product

 			 benefits or amenities, such as accommodations,
 			 outpost camps, staff, food and much more
     • Raw footage supplied to partner
     • Approx. 4-hour consultation

 		 4 opportunities available
 		 Note: Requirements include hosting costs such as meals,
 		 accommodations and activities for a production team
 		 of two to four people.

Destination Spotlight Video Production & Promotion

The Opportunity
  Purchase a video production of your fishing or hunting destination
  to showcase the destination experience, unique fishing or hunting
  opportunities and an inspiring story about your operation.
  Destination Spotlight options are branded Travel Manitoba
  productions that will live on the Fish Hunt MB YouTube channel.
  Your website will be highlighted in the video and presented as
  a link in the video post on the Fish Hunt MB blog and YouTube
  channel. Videos will also be promoted during the 2021 fish hunt
  marketing campaign, with additional placement in the fish hunt
  e-newsletter, various fish hunt website pages, related social media
  and participating third party channels.

  Package 1
  Destination Spotlight Short Film (5 min):
  • Epic/inspire/high level production format
  • Raw footage and video link will be supplied to partner
  • Production and editing timeline: January 1
		 to December 31, 2020
  • Promotion timeline: January 1 to December 31, 2021

		 Maximum 2 opportunities
		 Note: Requirements include hosting costs for a productions
		 team of two to four people.

  Package 2
  Destination Spotlight Promo Video (2 min):
  • Action/inspire/GoPro-DSLR format
  • Raw footage and video link will be supplied to partner
  • Production and editing timeline:
		 January 1 to December 31, 2020
  • Promotion timeline: January 1 to December 31, 2021

		 Maximum 6 opportunities
		 Note: Requirements include hosting costs for a productions
		 team of two to four people.

                                                                        2020 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   41
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