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www.unleashedtravel.com.au - Unleashed Grad Trips
What We Do
Fiji Island Resorts
These trips are specifically for 17 and 18 year olds only. We charter entire resorts and therefore control who comes
on the island. All trips are staffed with increased security, Red Frogs and the Unleashed Crew. Every resort has
International DJs for the week, organised daily activities and themed parties.

Vanuatu Island Resort
This trip is the perfect mix of relaxing, exploring and immersing yourself in local culture. Students can choose from
an array of activities that involve local volunteering projects, treks, island village visits etc. #EscapeNormal and make
a hands on difference in Vanuatu while still enjoying its tropical beauty. This trip caters to students who want to do
more for schoolies.


Snow, Culture, Friends, Monkeys... What more could you want! This trip spends 7 nights in the ski area of Hakuba,
with 11 metres of snow a season you’re sure to experience some serious powder. Finish your Japanese experience
with 2 nights in the bright city lights of Tokyo.

France | Switzerland | Italy | Vatican City | Austria | Czech Republic | Germany | Netherlands | Belgium | England
Touring through Europe in winter is a completely unique experience. Seeing the countries covered in snow is even
better. The Europe Grad Trip is for students who want to start their first travel adventure in a magnificent way. The
tour includes a private coach and experienced staff to ensure that we soak in all of Europe’s wonders.

Cambodia | Fiji
Our partner charity organisation Spirit Of Sharing has designed these trips for students aged between 17 and 18.
Spirit of Sharing trips are for the students or teenagers with a sense of adventure and a passion for helping others.
www.unleashedtravel.com.au - Unleashed Grad Trips
Grad Trip s
     It’s What You Do When
         You Finish School

 3   FIJI
11   JAPAN
www.unleashedtravel.com.au - Unleashed Grad Trips
       GRAD TRIP

     R E T U R N E C O N O M Y A I R FA R E


     6 N I G H T S A C C O M M O D AT I O N

    B R E A K FA S T, LU N C H & D I N N E R

        24/7 UNLEASHED CREW

         24/7 RED FROGS CREW

        24/7 RESORT SECURITY

          I N T E R N AT I O N A L D J S

www.unleashedtravel.com.au - Unleashed Grad Trips

Mana Island Resort
                                                                     Popular Activities
This is a hidden paradise with an amazing infinity pool that looks
out onto the surrounding islands. The white sandy beaches and        • Cloud 9 Pontoon           • Pool Parties
crystal clear blue waters make Mana the ultimate destination for     • Reef Snorkel Expedition   • Jet Skiing
your #TripofaLifetime.                                               • Cultural Exchange Day     • Beach-side Hammocks
With a ton of things to do, your trip can be as active or as         • Sunset Hikes              • Nightly Themed Parties
relaxed as you want. Mana’s famous lookouts and Day Spa
treatments will help you relax and unwind. With the biggest pool     Dates 2018
parties, there is no doubt Mana has everything you want for          Week 1: 21st November to 27th November
your Grad Trip and more. From the minute you first set foot on       Week 2: 27th November to 3rd December
the island to the last goodbye, this will be an experience like no   Week 3: 3rd December to 9th December
www.unleashedtravel.com.au - Unleashed Grad Trips
Plantation Island Resort
                                                                  Popular Activities
White sandy beaches and palm trees encircle the island making
it the perfect destination to sit back, relax and forget your     • Private Sandbank Party   • Cloud 9 Pontoon
teaches and textbooks.                                            • Parasailing Adventure    • Mini Golf
From the moment you step off the boat embrace the relaxed         • Cloudbreak Surf Trips    • Banana Boat Rides
atmosphere of island life and be welcomed by the warm and         • Pool Party               • Nightly Themed Parties
friendly local Fijian staff.
                                                                  Dates 2018
Watch the sunset over the crystal blue lagoon with your friends
as you get ready for the legendary island beach parties.          Week 1: 18th November to 24th November
                                                                  Week 2: 24th November to 30th November
If you want the best time, creating the best memories with your
                                                                  Week 3: 30th November to 6th December
best friends, this is the trip for you.
www.unleashedtravel.com.au - Unleashed Grad Trips

                                              WAKE UP
           Roll out of bed, have your morning swim with your
           mates while catching up on last nights antics, brush      9.30am Yoga
           teeth(or not) and you’re ready to start your day!         Keep your mind, body and soul on point with a beach
                                                                     yoga session and build an appetite for breakkie. Or get
                                                                     ready for the optional Cloud9 Pontoon trip.

                             Breakfast 10am
             Ohh yeeah! Fresh coconut water, bacon, eggs and
                snags with all them tropical fruits on the side.

                                                                     11am            Chillin’ Out Maxin’
                                                                     Soak in the amazing weather while relaxing in a beach-
                                                                     side palm tree hammock, join a game of beach volley ball
                                                                     or go for a walk to the lookout point. It’s really your time
                                                                     to relax to the max!
                                   Lunch 1pm
       Check out the extravagant buffet where you can choose
       from bbq lamb, noodles, Fijian delights or the standard
         pub style steak and chips. Your plate will always come
                                                       back full !
                                                                     2pm             Pool Partaaaaay!
                                                                     Pool? Party? Sunshine? Tunes?            Palm Trees?
                                                                     Shades? Mates? Shakas? =

                                  Dinner 7pm
  Time to refuel , recharge and get ready for the evening event.
Also the perfect time to catch the sunset with long walks along
  the beach or from the lookout point along with solid D n’ Ms!

                                                                     8pm             Evening Entertainment
                                                                     It’s karaoke! It’s speed dating! It’s U Factor! It’s Mr & Mrs
                                                                     Unleashed! It could be any one of these events. With everyone
                                                                     on the island taking part, this is where things get interesting...

                       D Floor Time 10pm
      Get your shower on and pull out your party outfit (thongs
   optional). Along with the norm there are themed parties as
well! These include Gender Bender, School’s Out, Black & White
  Formal Grad Dinner or suggest a theme of your own via the
                                        Unleashed FB events !        Late Night Feast
                                                                     Taste the famous chicken burgers of Mana Island or the famous
                                                                     ham & cheese toasties of Plantation Island. These are like ah-
                                                                     may-zing! Red Frogs and Unleashed Crew will remind you how
                                                                     to get to your room incase you forget...
                   Ready For Another Day!
Get into your oh-so-comfy hotel bed to rest up and rejuvenate
            for another amazing day on your #TripofaLifetime.
                                                                        All above activities are optional. If you want to, you can
                                                                        relax and unwind all day long.
www.unleashedtravel.com.au - Unleashed Grad Trips

       R E T U R N E C O N O M Y A I R FA R E


      6 N I G H T S A C C O M M O D AT I O N

       B R E A K FA S T, LU N C H , D I N N E R

          24/7 UNLEASHED CREW

          24/7 RED FROGS CREW

          24/7 RESORT SECURITY

            I N T E R N AT I O N A L D J S

www.unleashedtravel.com.au - Unleashed Grad Trips

Hideaway Island Resort
Set in blue lagoons and drenched in sunshine. Hideaway Island is         Popular Activities
located just a five minute boat ride from the mainland. We have          • Local Volunteering      • Nightly Themed Parties
transformed the coral-fringed island in Vanuatu into an ‘Adventure
                                                                         • Cascades Waterfalls     • Turtle Island Tour
                                                                         • Blue Lagoon Swim        • Traditional Fire Show
With daily optional activities involving local volunteering, trekking,   • Moonlight Beach Movie   • Melanesian Feast
beach yoga, pool parties, off road buggies, snorkeling, scuba
diving, zip lining, paddle boarding, jet skiing and kayaking you will    Dates 2018
always be on the go. Or you could relax in a beach-side hammock
under the palm trees all day long.                                       Week 1: 20th November to 26th November
                                                                         Week 2: 26th November to 2nd December
If this sounds like your thing then get ready for your very own
www.unleashedtravel.com.au - Unleashed Grad Trips
           GRAD TRIP
                   2 2 D AY S , 1 0 C O U N T R I E S

                2 1 B R E A K FA S T S , 1 1 D I N N E R S

                  P R I VAT E C O A C H + D R I V E R

                LO N D O N T U B E PA S S ( D AY 2 )

2 1 N I G H T M U LT I S H A R E H O S T E L S , C A B I N S & H O T E L S


Europe Winter Getaway - 22 Days
DAY 1 London. After landing at Heathrow airport and meeting your              Dates 2018
Unleashed Crew, we board our private coach and head into town for a
half day city tour with a local guide and finish off with checking into our   Tour 1: 20th November to 11th Dec
accommodation.                                                                Tour 2: 22nd November to 13 Dec
DAY 2 London. Today we travel around London on the Tube. Tower of             Quick Profile
London, National Gallery and Oxford street are a few of the attractions
we check out. (B)                                                             • Paris ‘City Lights’ tour
DAY 3 London to Paris. We cross the English Channel and head for              • Taste a traditional Swiss Fondue
Paris where we take in the sights on a ‘City Lights’ tour. (B,D)
                                                                              • Local guide in Florence
DAY 4 Paris. Visit the Eiffel Tower or take a bike tour of the city. This     • Gondola ride on the Grand Canal, Venice
evening there is an optional cabaret show or cruise on the River Seine.
(B,D)                                                                         • Bicycle tour of Amsterdam
DAYS 5 Paris to Swiss Alps, Switzerland. We depart for the                    • Dutch cheese & clog demonstration
gorgeous village of Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps. (B,D)

DAY 6 Swiss Alps. Take an optional train ride to the Jungfrau                 DAYS 15 Prague. A free day to explore this beautiful city,
Mountain summit or skydive over the Swiss Alps. The day is free to            hidden for decades, but now a hugely popular destination. (B)
explore this picturesque corner of the world. (B, D)
                                                                              DAYS 16 Prague to Berlin, Germany. First stop is Dresden
DAY 7 Swiss Alps to Florence, Italy. First up Pisa and the iconic             before heading to Berlin. A driving tour takes in sights like the
Leaning Tower, then Florence, birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.          remaining Berlin Wall. (B,D)
                                                                              DAYS 17 Berlin. Optional Third Reich walking tour, Nightlife
DAY 8 Florence. Explore Florence with a local guide. Then check out           Tour or a free day to explore! (B)
Italy’s excellent shopping and maybe even enjoy a Florentine Steak!
Tuscan living in a nutshell. (B)                                              DAY 18 Berlin to Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the liberal city
                                                                              of Amsterdam we visit the heart of the city and the infamous
DAY 9 Florence to Rome. We stop at the quaint hilltop city of Orvieto         Red Light District. (B)
en route to Rome. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps
can be seen on our walking tour. (B,D)                                        DAY 19 Amsterdam. This morning take an included bicycle
                                                                              tour of the city. After dinner in a local restaurant, there’s an
DAY 10 Rome. Today we visit Vatican City. The day is then yours to            optional canal cruise. (B,D)
sightsee, shop, wine and dine. (B)
                                                                              DAYS 20 Amsterdam to London. We head to Bruges,
DAY 11 Rome to Venice. We stop in Verona, home to Shakespeare’s               Belgium, then head to Calais and catch the ferry back to
Romeo and Juliet. We then head to Venice. (B,D)                               England. This marks the end of the trip at Clink hostel to say
                                                                              our fond farewells.(B)
DAY 12 Venice. See St. Mark’s Square and Basilica, the Doge’ Palace
and Rialto Bridge. Maybe take a gondola ride on the Grand Canal! (B)          DAY 21 London. A full free day in London to visit the markets
                                                                              or museums. (B)
DAY 13 Venice to Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg is famous as the home
of Mozart and the ‘Sound of Music’! (B,D)                                     DAY 22 Depart. Time to say good bye to Europe as we make
                                                                              our way to the airport to fly home. (B)
DAYS 14 Salzburg to Prague, Czech Republic. Once in Prague,
wander the Castle District, take in a marionette show or explore the          (B= Breakfast, D= Dinner)
Jewish Quarter. (B,D)
          GRAD TRIP

          R E T U R N E C O N O M Y A I R FA R E

               RETURN TRANSFERS

          9 N I G H T S A C C O M M O D AT I O N



                 B R E A K FA S T DA I LY

                   GROUP DINNER


Japan Ski Grad Trip
Snow. Culture. Friends. Monkeys... What more could you want!           Dates 2018

Known for the highest snowfall in Japan, take advantage of             13th December to 22nd December
Hakuba’s massive powder dumps and shred your own Japow!!
                                                                       Popular Activities
Your multi-mountain lift pass covers 9 ski resorts providing terrain
for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. From terrain parks, half    • 9 Ski Resorts - Terrain Parks, Half Pipe & Groomed Runs
pipes and tons of pow to a multitude of easy groomed runs,             • Onsen (Japanese Hot Spring) Experience
Hakuba has it all.                                                     • Sumo Wrestling Tournament
Shred by day and experience Japanese culture and food by night.        • Sushi Making Class
Visit snow monkeys in the steaming hot onsens or take a dip            • Tokyo Robot Cabaret
yourself to ease away the ache earned from a hard days riding.
                                                                       • Tokyo Tower
Finish your trip of a lifetime with 2 nights in the bright lights of   • Bullet Train
Tokyo. Explore this crazy city, do some shopping, sing a little
                                                                       • Karaoke
karaoke and hide the tears from all your new friends as we call it a
                            GRAD TRIPS


                               YO U T H D E V E LO P M E N T

facebook.com/sosunleashed    C U LT U R A L E X C H A N G E D AY   @spiritofsharingsos

                                           C U LT U R A L D AY

 Unleashed Travel is proud to support not-for-profit organisation ‘Spirit of Sharing’. SOS was founded in 2001 by Peter Cole OAM who at
 the age of 18 visited Fiji for a holiday. Peter was moved by the lack of sporting equipment & facilities the children had access to, this was
   the beginning of a remarkable journey to provide opportunity to the youth of the South Pacific. SOS has sent more then 25 containers
    of sporting equipment to the South Pacific Islands, built & renewed sporting assets, enhancing the lives of more than 200,000 youth.
Supporting SOS gives our school leavers a great opportunity to get involved in grass roots giving, from your hands to the people that need
 your support direct. Unleashed Travel with the support of SOS is giving school leavers an exclusive opportunity to join hundreds of Fijian
children in a ‘Cultural Exchange’ experience not to be missed. Unleashed Travel also offer exclusive SOS volunteering trips to parts of the
  Asia Pacific where a hands on experience is guaranteed. Embark on a life changing experience that will help shape the way you see our
                                                   world, a personal journey not to be missed.

               What did we do?                                                          What can you do?
                                                                            BOOK YOUR FIJI GRAD TRIP.
      FJD$100,000                                                                                 ADD-ON
       WORTH OF NEW                                                             CULTURAL EXCHANGE DAY
                                                                                EXPERIENCE THE CULTURE
      80 SCHOOLS                                                                      MAKE NEW FRIENDS
      20 YOUTH CLUBS
      20 SPORTS CLUBS IN                                                         GAIN LIFETIME MEMORIES
      FIJI & VANUATU                                                                    www.spiritofsharing.com.au
Cambodia - 16 Days
A magical place rich with culture and happiness, Siem                 Dates 2018
Reap is a popular destination for travellers, but thousands           20th November to 5th December - Additional dates on request.
of Khmer locals cannot afford to feed themselves let
alone their families. This volunteer adventure requires               Package Inclusions                    Popular Activities
participants to put their energy & enthusiasm into
providing a helping hand at some of Siem Reap’s most                  • Return Economy Airfare             • Tonle Sap Floating Village
important centres for children.                                       • Return Transfers                   • Koulen Mountain
Whilst each Volunteer role varies, you can expect to fill your time   • 15 Nights Accommodation            • Angkor Wat Temples
with essential tasks such as:                                         • Tuk Tuks Everyday of Your          • Phare Cambodian Circus
•   Teaching basic health and dental hygiene techniques.              Adventure                            • Aspara cultural show and buf-
•   Enhancing the school through maintenance & painting.              • Breakfast Daily                    fet
•   Teaching a class on your own.                                     • Lunch and Dinner Mon-Fri
•   Learning to cook authentic Cambodian meals for the kids.          • 24/7 Unleashed Crew
Fiji Youth Development - 8 Days
Fiji is seen as a popular destination for a relaxing tropical   Dates 2018
holiday, filled with breath taking natural beauty and           29th November to 6th December
forever smiling locals. It’s common for children in Fiji
to grow up with limited resources and face enormous             Package Inclusions                       Popular Activities
challenges, which is the inspiration for this trip.
                                                                • Return Economy Airfares                • Sigatoka River Cruise
Your experience will require you to get involved with           • All Transfers                          • Snorkeling
the youth of Fiji over 3 days and help them face their
                                                                • 7 Nights Accommodation                 • Cloud 9 Pontoon
challenges by providing them with support and the
skillset required.                                              • Cultural Exchange at Local Village     • Beach Volleyball
In addition, you’ll get to experience the beauty Fiji has to    • Half Day Hot Springs and Mud Pools     • Pacific Harbour Visit
offer with a visit to hot springs and mud pools and 3 nights    • Breakfast Daily, All Meals on Island   • Ziplining
on Mana Island. This trip provides the perfect combination      • SOS Cultural Exchange Day
of making a difference to the future of Fiji along with         • 24/7 Unleashed Crew
relaxing and experiencing the beauty it has to offer.
Who We Are                                                The Unleashed Mantras
Unleashed Travel specialises in overseas group            Everything we do is based on these values. They set the
travel packages for school leavers looking for            standard for the way we organise trips and how we live life
the ultimate experience. Grad Trip or “Schoolies          each and every day.
Week” is a right of passage for New Zealand and           #GoBeyond
Australians so why not have the trip of a lifetime?       We love creating incredible experiences for our travellers. We
We have spent years researching exotic locations          go the extra mile every day, recognising that the little things
such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Europe and Cambodia to             make a big difference.
ensure we have the perfect mix of sun, fun and            #BringtheFun
safety. Unleashed Travel is an Australian licensed
                                                          We love what we do. We approach every day by embracing
and registered travel company.
                                                          change, rocking a YES attitude and enjoying the ride.

The History                                               #MakeanImpact
It all started in 2007 when a group of friends            We seek to always make things better for our travellers and
                                                          the communities that we visit.
travelled to Fiji for a vacation and they realised this
would be the new thing to do when you finished            #SharetheJourney
school. Now, over 15,000 Australian and New               We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to
Zealand students have had the opportunity to              enjoy the journey. This means working together, and making
#EscapeNormal and #DoMore. There were lots of             sure everyone is included.
steps in-between, but even today Unleashed still          #EmbraceEveryone
stands for the same values as when we opened
                                                          Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone. Whether
over 8 years ago, creating happy travellers and the       it’s a new idea, a new friend, or a new culture, we love
#TripofaLifetime for high school graduates.               learning from every person we meet.

                                                             NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA
                                                                CHAPLAINCY NETWORK

                                                      Red Frogs is an internationally recognized school leavers and
                                                       universities support network which has been operating for
                                                                             over 14 years.

Creating Happy Travellers
Our travellers and the experience they have on
their #TripofaLifetime is of the utmost importance.

Safety                                                Inclusive
Our #1 non-negotiable aspect of our trips.            Ensuring no physical, mental or emotional
•   Medical support available on all trips.           boundaries prevent any student from experiencing
                                                      any aspect of our trips;
•   Extensive staff selection and training process.
                                                      •   A centrally located info desk set up at reception.
•   Comprehensive emergency plans/procedures.
                                                      •   ‘Embrace Everyone’ mindset from all staff on
•   24/7 Unleashed Crew presence on all trips             program execution.
                                                      •   Building great relationships with all travellers
Seamless Operations                                       on trips.
Building and executing every aspect of a trip with    Excitement
detailed focus.
                                                      Creating and providing unique moments that would
•   18 months of program planning.                    not be possible without Unleashed.
•   Crew escorted trips from start to finish.         •   Create ‘wow’ moments everyday.
•   Constant communication between Unleashed          •   Encourage to make the most of everyday.
    Headquarters and all trips.
                                                      •   Aim to keep everyone happy and smiling.
Information For Parents                                                                             Jot Lynas | Managing Director

Dear Parents
                                                                               Exclusive Use of Resorts
I am very excited that your son or daughter is considering
travelling with Unleashed Travel. Each year we unite students          In Fiji and Vanuatu we charter our island resorts
as they develop their independence, celebrate their academic        exclusively, this means that the only guests are 17 and
achievements and have fun with their classmates. I want to                         18-year-old school leavers.
take this opportunity to talk to you about our trips and invite
you to contact me with any questions.

Since our inception in 2007, Unleashed Travel has quickly
                                                                                        Extra Security
become the market leader in overseas school leaver                 We insist on having huge amounts of security at all of the
holidays. Our focus is on creating trips that balance cultural     resorts we use. The security are typically managed by the
experiences and quality time with friends. Unleashed Travel                  police and are on duty 24 hours a day.
gives your child the ability to snorkel pristine waters and
examine the precious corals of Fiji and Vanuatu, teach English
in Cambodia or experience the wonders of Europe. Exploring                           Code of Conduct
new countries and cultures while enjoying time with friends in      The code of conduct outlines rules for students, including
exotic locations is our ethos.                                    common sense guidelines pertaining to safety and behaviour.
                                                                    The code of conduct can be viewed in our pre-departure
Our trips are designed to give the traveller a sense of
                                                                      information. This must be agreed to by each traveller.
independence although safety is of the utmost priority. All
Unleashed destinations are staffed by Unleashed Crew. The
Unleashed Crew are on call 24/7 and take the role of the
older brother or sister wanting their siblings to be safe and                               Alcohol
have fun with their friends. They are also the first people
                                                                  Bringing alcohol to any resort or on any coach is prohibited
your son or daughter will see once they clear customs and
                                                                    on all of our trips. We work with the local authorities to
exit the airport. The Crew will introduce themselves and
                                                                              conduct bag searches and confiscate
escort them through the transfer process all the way to
the accommodation until it is time to return them safely to        any contraband. In Fiji & Vanuatu 17 and 18 year olds are
the airport. If your son or daughter must leave the island                  differentiated by our wrist band system.
resort for any reason emergency or otherwise, they will be
accompanied by a Crew member every step of the way.
                                                                             Mandatory Travel Insurance
Unleashed Travel go to great lengths to ensure that all              Travel insurance is required for all Unleashed travellers.
travellers are safe from both themselves and others. Our
no Duty Free alcohol restrictions ensures that there is no        Travel insurance is available via your local travel agent or via:
unmonitored drinking in rooms and no bottles of alcohol                           www.unleashedtravel.com.au
available for dangerous binge drinking. We assist local
authorities to conduct bag searches on arrival to prevent
any contraband making its way into the island resorts. We                            No Undesirables
ensure extra security and tourist police populate each resort,
                                                                    Undesirables or ‘Toolies’ is the name given to those that
creating a sanctuary for your child to enjoy themselves and
make this trip the one they always talk about for years to            have enjoyed their own schoolies in the past and want
come.                                                               to join the younger ones as they celebrate. The negative
                                                                      impact of these undesirables is very well broadcasted,
Our staff are available to discuss our trips in more detail and    often instigating fights and anti-social behaviour toward the
answer any concerns you may have and I encourage you to                                younger school leavers.
give us a call.

Sincerely,                                                                                    24/7
Jot Lynas
                                                                              Expert staff available 24/7 on all trips.
Managing Director
Why Unleashed?

                                            Annette Johnston,                                                             Craig Bowen,
                                            MOTHER                                                                        FATHER

     I wanted to thank Unleashed for giving Pua the trip of a life    As a Father I was very concerned about my daughter
       time on her Europe Grad Trip. She had the most fantastic       attending graduation celebrations, especially when told they
time ever. All it took was one brief conversation with Pua’s trip     were thinking FIJI! Having worked in the travel industry for
     leader and I felt totally satisfied that my daughter would be    over 30 years I researched the business and asked lots of
   in safe hands through the entire trip. Through the Unleashed       questions of my colleagues. In the end I couldn’t have been
  organisation she not only experienced Europe in a wonderful         happier with the serious way Unleashed approaches the care
 light, she was introduced to some amazing people, other like         of its passengers. I felt safer sending Jess on an organised
      minded students and the crew members themselves were            trip overseas than to an unorganised local one. Jess loved it
      just so interesting and so much fun to be around. She has       so much she has been back each year working as part of the
  formed friendships that I am almost certain will last for a very    Unleashed crew, giving others their trip of a lifetime.
                                                         long time.

                                            Nick Ace                                                             Emily Chandler

Vanuatu Grad Trip was definitely one of the best experiences          I went on a life changing graduation trip to paradise also
 of my life! I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday after the     known as Plantation Island, Fiji. Not only did I get to see the
     HSC with my mates and Unleashed Grad Trips definitely            incredible sights of Fiji, but also the beauty within shown
       delivered a week I will never forget! I met so many new        by the Fijian people. This was especially highlighted for
friends and got to know the Unleashed Crew and the locals,            me on a Cultural Exchange day, a day where I was able
with all of them more than happy to help in any way they can          to experience Fijian culture through song and dance. This
                       to make the trip as amazing as possible!       was my first experience overseas and the Unleashed crew
                                                                      were undoubtably devoted to making us feel welcome and
                                                                      comfortable, enabling us to get the best out of our trip! I
                                                                      wouldn’t change anything about my trip with Unleashed!
Passports and Visas.
   Important Information                                                                                      It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport
Traveller Information Forms.                                                                                  (including a minimum 6 months validity from return date)
                                                                                                              and any applicable visa. Should you not have sufficient
Please ensure your Traveller Information Form (found                                                          validity on your passport, you may be refused travel with
via hyperlink in booking confirmation email sent to you                                                       no refund applicable. All extra incurred travel expenses will
upon creation of booking) is completed within 7 days                                                          be the responsibility of the traveller.
of making your booking. It is a vital piece of information
that Unleashed Travel requires prior to travel. This form                                                     Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)
is designed to obtain all necessary information including                                                     Mana and Plantation Island Resorts charge a security
pre-existing medical conditions, emergency contact                                                            deposit/bond of $500 FJD at check in.
details, dietary requirements etc.                                                                            The deposit/bond can be in the form of cash or a credit/
No Traveller Information Form = No Travel.                                                                    debit card imprint or authorisation. The deposit will be
Deposits.                                                                                                     refunded upon checkout providing no damage has been
Unleashed Travel requires a $300 deposit to be paid
within 7 days of making your booking. The deposit                                                             Alternatively, clients of Unleashed Travel have the option
amount may vary depending on your local travel agent.                                                         to pre-pay a non-refundable amount of $39 for Accidental
The required deposit is completely non-refundable.                                                            Damage Protection.
(Please see cancellation/amendment policies for further                                                       Accidental Damage Protection provides cover for the
information.)                                                                                                 traveller from any accidental damage imposed on any
Payments.                                                                                                     property of the resort/vessel/coach operators. It does not
                                                                                                              cover intentional, malicious or damages caused due to
Unleashed Travel recommends organising a payment                                                              being under the influence of alcohol.
plan to pay off your Grad Trip. Please contact your
booking agent to discuss these options. Final payment                                                         By purchasing Accidental Damage Protection, you will
is due prior to the 31st July departure year. Should final                                                    not be required to pay the $500 FJD refundable security
payment not be made by this date, Unleashed Travel                                                            deposit.
reserves the right to cancel your booking without notice
and no refund will be given. Unleashed Travel accepts                                                          It’s As Easy As...
payment via bank transfer, credit card (surcharges apply),
Enett and Payment Gate.
Cancellations.                                                                                                                                          Finish
If you cancel your reservation, the following charges will                                                                                              School
 Before deposit paid After deposit paid,                   Between 31st July        After 1st October
                     before 31st July                      and 1st October          departure year
                     departure year                        departure year
 $0                           $300 (loss of                50% cancellation         100% cancellation
                              deposit)                     fee + loss of            fee
                                                           deposit                                                                                      Travel
                                                                                                                                                        With Friends
Depending on your reason for cancelling and provided
your reasons fall within the terms of your travel insurance
policy you may be entitled to a refund. Please consult

your insurer for further details.
Amendments Fees.
 Before deposit paid After deposit paid,                   Between 31st July        After 1st October
                     before 31st July                      and 1st October          departure year                                                      Exclusive
                     departure year                        departure year                                                                               Holidays
 $0                           $50* per person              $100* per person         $200* per person
                              per change                   per change               per change

*Plus any additional fees charged by 3rd party operators. After deposit paid - $100 amendment fee to change
from Europe Grad Trip All Inclusive to Europe Land Only.

All changes are subject to availability and only upon full
agreement by Unleashed Travel at our sole discretion.
If your requested change is not available, normal
cancellation policy applies. Unleashed Travel are unable
to make changes outside our package perimeters,                                                                                      Grad Trip
changes outside of the package will be the sole travellers
responsibility and no refund will be given by Unleashed                                                                           It’s What You Do
Travel as a result of these changes.                                                                                            When You Finish School
TERMS & CONDITIONS                                                                                      HEALTH, FITNESS & MEDICAL
Please read the following booking conditions carefully which outline our obligations to you,            You should be of reasonable health and fitness and carry all required medication. You must
and your responsibilities to us. These terms and conditions are the agreement between you and           inform Unleashed Travel of any pre-existing medical conditions, including mental illness prior to
Unleashed Travel.                                                                                       travel. Unleashed Travel will keep this information confidential. Unleashed may request a doctor’s
BOOKING CONDITIONS                                                                                      certificate certifying fitness to travel. In certain circumstances, Unleashed Travel reserves the right
                                                                                                        to request a signed supplementary waiver or may require that a carer travel with you if you have
You can only book on Unleashed Grad Trips and we will only accept your booking if you are 18            special needs or a disability. Unleashed Travel reserves the right to refuse to carry passengers who
years of age or under at the time of travel. Unleashed Travel reserves the right to check your          we believe may not be able to safely undertake one of our holidays. In the event the resort/vessel/
passport to verify your age. If it is found that you are not 18 years or under at the time of travel,   vehicle carrier refuse travel due to a pre-existing medical conditions that has not been notified,
you will be denied the right to travel on the Grad Trip, or if the trip has commenced you will be       Unleashed Travel will not be liable and no refund applicable.
removed from the trip and returned to Australia at your own cost. You will also not be entitled to
any refund.                                                                                             LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY

HOW TO BOOK                                                                                             The responsibility of Unleashed Travel and/or their agents is limited. Unleashed Travel acts as
                                                                                                        a tour operating company and is not a carriers, hoteliers, or provider of other services such as
Contact us directly or your local travel agent. A non-refundable deposit of $300 AUD (or local          sightseeing tours and adventure activities. All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions
currency equivalent) per person is required to secure your reservation together with a completed        and limitations of liability imposed by those carriers, hoteliers and service providers. Those terms
online traveller information form. Upon receipt of your booking, a confirmation invoice will be         and conditions may limit or exclude liability for death, personal injury, delay and loss or damage
issued with deposit payable within 7 days. By paying a deposit you agree that you have read,            of baggage. Unleashed Travel will not be liable for any death, personal injury, delay, damage, loss,
understood and will be bound by these terms & conditions. The balance of the fare must be               accident or additional expenses or inconvenience which may be occasioned either by reason
received by Unleashed prior to the 31st July (departure year). If the balance of monies is not paid     of any defect in any resort/ vessel/vehicle, or caused through the default or negligence of any
by this date, cancellation may occur with all monies paid forfeited.                                    company or person engaged in conveying you or in carrying out the arrangements in connection
MINORS                                                                                                  with your holiday.
If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must make the booking via                       Force Majeure: Unleashed Travel will not be liable to you in the event your holiday is disrupted
unleashedtravel.com.au or via your local Travel Agent. If you are a minor you cannot make a             or terminated by reason of an unforeseeable event such as cyclone or other adverse weather
booking using unleashedtravel.com.au. If a booking is made and not authorised by your parent or         condition, military coup, political action or civil war or acts of terrorism.
guardian, the deposit paid will be forfeited and your booking cancelled. By making a booking via        Your holiday may include activities such as swimming, snorkelling, diving or parasailing. You
unleashedtravel.com.au, whether or not on behalf of a minor, you are deemed to have accepted            accept that these activities involve varying degrees of risk and you take part at your own risk. You
the Terms and Conditions.                                                                               accept that Unleashed Travel is not responsible for any personal injury or death sustained in these
PRICES                                                                                                  activities.
The prices stated are valid from 15 March 2017 to 31 December 2018. Fares are “per person” &            Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be read as excluding, restricting or modifying your
quoted in the stipulated currency throughout the brochure and website. They are inclusive of GST        rights given to you under legislation in relation to the supply of goods and services including the
where applicable. Fares must be paid in full prior to departure. Unleashed Travel reserves the right    Competition and Consumer Act (formerly the Trade Practices Act).
to amend prices at any time. Air taxes and charges are subject to change; therefore the package         Passengers who purchase an optional service or product do so in direct contract with the provider
price may vary between time of deposit and time of final payment.                                       and rely solely on their own judgment for participation.
WHAT’S INCLUDED IN OUR PRICES                                                                           Unleashed Grad Trips are specifically designed for travellers within the 17-18 year age bracket.
*Please note this may vary between products                                                             Consequently the facilities and activities on Grad Trips are not always appropriate for people
Accommodation costs incurred during the stated package.                                                 outside this age group.

Return Economy Airfares (taxes subject to fluctuation)                                                  By completing the booking you warrant that the information contained in the booking is correct.
                                                                                                        If you are not 18 years of age or under at the time of travel and you pay a deposit, Unleashed
Meals as specified in our itineraries.                                                                  Travel will cancel your booking and you will lose your deposit for breaching your warranty.
Ferry crossings and launch transfers as outlined in our itineraries.                                    CODE OF CONDUCT
WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED IN OUR PRICES                                                                       The success and enjoyment of your holiday depends on you and others behaving in an
*Please note this may vary between products                                                             appropriate and responsible manner. It is a condition that your conduct is compatible with the
                                                                                                        well-being and general enjoyment of others on your holiday.
Personally incurred expenses such as souvenirs, telephone, email, laundry charges, optional
activities and items of a personal nature (e.g. drinks).                                                You agree to accept the authority of Unleashed Travel staff and resort staff and comply with
                                                                                                        their authority and their directions. Unleashed Travel has a zero tolerance to illegal drug use
Meals or accommodation whilst travelling to/from your homeport to connect with your holiday.
                                                                                                        and possession, intoxication, threatening or abusive behaviour, both physical and verbal, and
Any travel cost incurred to/from your homeport.                                                         property vandalism. If, in the absolute opinion of Unleashed Travel staff your behaviour breaches
Any charges levied by resorts/vessels/coaches for use of their facilities.                              this code of conduct then Unleashed Travel will remove you from the trip. If this occurs you will
                                                                                                        be responsible for your own return transport costs and you will not be entitled to any refund for
Travel Insurance.
                                                                                                        the unused portion of your holiday. You also agree that you will have no claim against Unleashed
Travel Visas (where required)                                                                           Travel or the resort.
MATTERS OF DISPUTE                                                                                      A copy of this code of conduct will also be provided to you at the resort/vessel/vehicle. You will be
In the unlikely event of any dissatisfaction with the accommodation or any other service provided       required to sign a copy of the code of conduct prior to check in at the resort.
by Unleashed Travel, you must report it immediately to Unleashed Travel or resort/vessel/vehicle        RESPONSIBLE SERVICE OF ALCOHOL
staff so action can be taken to remedy the problem. Failure to notify Unleashed Travel or resort/
                                                                                                        Unleashed Travel and the resort/vessel/vehicle used for your holiday has a policy of responsible
vessel/vehicle staff of any problem immediately may result in your ability to claim compensation
                                                                                                        service of alcohol. This policy is to ensure that you and the other guests have a safe trip and to
from them being extinguished or reduced. Any complaint made to us after the holiday should
                                                                                                        minimise the harmful effects of alcohol.
be made in writing within 28 days of holiday completion. Should the complaint not be made
in writing within this time, Unleashed Travel may refuse to investigate or offer any form of            FIJI/VANUATU
compensation. This will be at the sole discretion of Unleashed Travel and our third party suppliers/    Alcohol will not be served to any person under the age of 18 years. You are not permitted to
operators.                                                                                              buy alcohol on behalf of any person under the age of 18 years. Unleashed Travel runs a system
INSURANCE                                                                                               of coloured wristbands to identify guests who are under the age of 18 years. You will not be
                                                                                                        served alcohol even if you are over 18 years if you are not wearing your wristband. If you become
Unleashed Travel requires you to take out comprehensive travel insurance from a reputable
                                                                                                        intoxicated you will not be served alcohol and you may be escorted from the premises. Any
company. You should take out travel insurance at the time your holiday is confirmed. If you do
                                                                                                        breach of Unleashed Travel’s code of conduct will result in you being removed from the resort
not have travel insurance you will not be permitted to travel with Unleashed Travel.
                                                                                                        and the loss of the remainder of your holiday. You are not permitted to bring duty free alcohol
Unleashed Travel will not be held responsible for any loss or theft of baggage or belongings.           onto the island resorts, which have an onsite, alcohol license. The resort/vessel/vehicle security
You should ensure you have the appropriate travel insurance. Whilst Unleashed Travel exercises          and Tourist Police will conduct bag searches upon arrival. The resort/vessel/vehicle will confiscate
utmost care, in the unlikely event of emergency, staff may use their sole discretion to call for        alcohol of any kind brought onto the resort/vessel/vehicle. The resort/vessel/vehicle will not
medevac, emergency transfer or other such matters if they feel the situation warrants it. In such       return alcohol after it is confiscated.
instance Unleashed Travel reserves the right to claim a refund of such monies from you in the
first instance and your insurer if required. Ask us, or your travel agent for details at the time of
booking.                                                                                                All Unleashed passengers are expected to abide and follow the laws/customs of each country
                                                                                                        visited throughout this tour. Some countries you will visit do not abide/follow the same alcohol
                                                                                                        regulations laws as found in Australia. In SOME countries it is legal to consume/purchase
Unleashed Travel has made every endeavour with the production of its 2018 brochure and                  alcohol from the age of 16 years. Unleashed will not be responsible for any damage, injury, loss
unleashedtravel.com.au to ensure that the information is correct at the time the brochure was           or inconvenience due to the consumption of alcohol. Any breach of Unleashed Travel’s code of
printed and the website information uploaded. However prices and services set out in our                conduct will result in you being removed from the Grad Trip and the loss of the remainder of
brochure and on our website are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.                         your holiday. Should you be under the age of 18 years, you will require parental or guardian’s
PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                                             consent prior to departing for this trip.
You agree that any photograph or image taken of you during your holiday with Unleashed                  WARNING: You may not be covered by your travel insurance if you suffer an injury while
Travel may be used by Unleashed Travel for promotional purposes or in our brochure or on our            intoxicated.
website without any further consent or payment.                                                         PRIVACY
CHANGES IN ITINERARY                                                                                    Unleashed Travel stores information about you and your booking so that we can notify you of
Unleashed Travel reserves the right to make changes to an itinerary if circumstances beyond our         our holidays, special offers and for the purposes of obtaining your feedback. If you do not wish
control makes it necessary, including weather and cultural conditions.                                  to receive information from Unleashed Travel please contact us on info@unleashedtravel.com.
                                                                                                        These terms and conditions are governed by the International Consumer Laws of New South
You agree to accept the authority of Unleashed Travel staff/crew and comply with their
decisions. In the event a staff member requires a passenger to leave a trip, no refund will be
given. That passenger is also responsible for their return transportation costs and will have no
claim against Unleashed Travel. Please refer to the code of conduct.                                    For full terms and conditions please see our website unleashedtravel.com.au
                                                                   Call 1800 981 320
                                                                   VISIT YOUR LOCAL TRAVEL AGENT
#TRIPOFALIFETIME                                                   EMAIL info@unleashedtravel.com.au
                                                                   1. GET YOUR FRIENDS TOGETHER
#THISISGRADTRIP                                                    2. CHOOSE YOUR TRIP
                                                                   3. PAY DEPOSIT WITHIN 7 DAYS
#FIJIGRADTRIP                                                      4. FINAL PAYMENT DUE BY
                                                                      31ST JULY (YEAR OF TRAVEL)
Exclusive Agent:
                                                                   5. RECEIVE TRAVEL ITINERARY
                                                                      PRIOR TO DEPARTURE
                                                                   6. HAVE YOUR #TRIPOFALIFETIME
                                                                     NOTE: By paying the deposit, you acknowledge that you have read and
                                                                   understood the full terms and conditions on the website, which confirms the
                                                                                  contract between you and Unleashed Travel.

                                                                   Travel is Living Pty Ltd as Unleashed Travel Lic. 2TA5951 ABN: 49127592438


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