2020 Secondary Parent Handbook - Carey Baptist College

2020 Secondary Parent Handbook - Carey Baptist College
2020 Secondary
Parent Handbook

           Parent Handbook   | 1
2020 Secondary Parent Handbook - Carey Baptist College

 1. Welcome to Carey
     1.1 Welcome from the Principal                           3
     1.2 Our Motto, Vision, Mission and Values                4
     1.3 Professor William Carey                              5
     1.4 Carey Baptist Church                                 6
     1.5 Baptists                                             6
     1.6 College Governance Council                           7

 2. Contact Information
     2.1 General Information                                   8
     2.2 What to do when...                                    8
     2.3 Contact Information and Term Dates                    9
     2.4 Carey Baptist College Map | Harrisdale Campus        10
     2.5 Secondary Academic Staff                             11
     2.6 Administration and Support Staff                     13

 3. Learning at Carey
     3.1 The Curriculum                                       14
     3.2 Extension and Streaming                              18
     3.3 Assessment Policy                                    19
     3.4 Exams                                                20
     3.5 Homework Policy and Guidelines                       21

 4. Pastoral Care at Carey
     4.1 Pastoral Care and the Discipline System              23
     4.2 Steps, Levels and Consequences                       26

 5. College Policies and Guidelines
     5.1 Attendance                                           27
     5.2 Behaviour Mangement Procedures Flowchart             29
     5.3 Complaints Resolution Policy                         30
     5.4 Physical Education Procedures                        33
     5.5 Strangers/Outsiders on Campus or at College Events   35
     5.6 Student Code of Conduct–Secondary                    36
     5.7 Uniform Policy                                       37

 6. Appendix
     6.1 Useful information for Parents                       40
     6.2 Chromebook and BYOD Information 2020                 41
     6.3 Student Concern Flowchart                            42
     6.4 Protective Behaviours and Reporting                  43
2020 Secondary Parent Handbook - Carey Baptist College

1.1 Welcome from the Principal
Carey Baptist College is developing a strong             strong sense of responsibility to their community,
reputation for outstanding academic achievement,         reflects the best traditions of an independent
positive pastoral care and a rich diversity of           Baptist education. In encouraging our students to
co-curricular activities, including service learning.    develop their potential, we place a major emphasis
Our reputation reflects a commitment to provide          on supportive teaching and learning environments,
the best all-round education for our students by         both within and beyond the classroom.
challenging them in their intellectual, emotional,
                                                         I warmly encourage parents of potential students
physical, social and spiritual development.
                                                         to visit the College, and meet with myself and our
At Carey Baptist College, learning takes place           leadership teams. I invite you to experience a tour
within a Christian faith–based values system that        of our facilities whilst students are at work, and
encourages students to become independent,               have a conversation about how a Carey education
creative and flexible learners. This, together with a    could add value to your son or daughter’s life.

A Carey education offers:
A tradition of developing exceptional young men and women of character and capacity;
Outstanding graduation pathways with a wide selection of both ATAR and Vocational qualifications;
Highly respected Music, Arts and co-curricular programs;
A safe, rigorous and an engaging learning community.

Brenden Gifford
Mr Brenden Gifford
PRINCIPAL - SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                                Parent Handbook   | 3
2020 Secondary Parent Handbook - Carey Baptist College
1.2 Our Motto, Vision, Mission
and Values
Our Motto
Attempt the extraordinary.

Our Vision:
To set a standard of educational excellence in Australia as an
institution whose ethos and practice is based upon Christian precepts.

The Mission:
To equip young people to be of Godly character and influence. We do this by challenging and
encouraging them to seek personal excellence as lifelong learners in their spiritual, intellectual,
emotional, physical and social development.

Our Values
Our values provide the framework for all that we do at Carey, including
teaching and learning.

A concern for others, which compels us to
act for their good.

The willingness to act well in the face of
uncertainty and fear.

Sensing and honouring the God-given worth in another.

Embracing a clear perspective for one’s place with God and others and
seeking to benefit others above ourselves.

Being honest and consistently living out our moral principles.

4 |   Parent Handbook
2020 Secondary Parent Handbook - Carey Baptist College
“Expect great                                     where he emerged as a dedicated student of
                                                        the local culture and language. As a professor of
                                                        language, he helped to establish adult literacy

      things from                                       colleges and developed a deep respect and
                                                        empathy for those bound by the Caste system. 

                                                        Through these colleges, Carey educated the

      God, attempt                                      Bengali people to consider their social democratic
                                                        rights and ultimately, he was influential in having
                                                        widow burning and infanticide made illegal. 

      great things                                      The abiding passion that underpinned his desire
                                                        to educate people was the firm belief that God so

      for God.”
                                                        loved the world that he sent his only Son so that
                                                        through Christ the world might be saved. Carey
                                                        knew Christ as the liberator of souls. This led him
                                                        to translate the Bible into several languages so that
                                                        those around could know and choose to follow
1.3 Professor William                                   for themselves. He believed that being informed
                                                        enabled people to make empowered life choices. 

Carey (1761 – 1834)                                     By the time of his death, Carey had influenced the
                                                        social structure of India and left a legacy of colleges
Professor William Carey is known in India as            and universities. He refocussed missionary work
Mahatma, ‘the one who is great of soul’. He is          throughout the world to help people choose to
accredited with having begun social, medical,           become liberated from oppression, disease and
agricultural and educational reform for the             hunger through education. All of this came from
underprivileged within the Caste system of Bengal. 

   a man who simply believed his only talent was
Carey deeply believed his response to God’s love        perseverance. 

in Christ was to care for the minds, bodies, souls
and social conditions of those he lived and worked      Before setting out for India, William Carey preached
amongst.                                                a sermon titled ‘Expect great things from God,
                                                        attempt great things for God,’ and then went on to
Carey began as an English shoemaker, Baptist            live out his faith and vision in God.
Pastor and missionary amongst the Bengali people,

5                                                                                            Parent Handbook   | 5
2020 Secondary Parent Handbook - Carey Baptist College
Carey Community
                                                                              Baptist Church

1.4 Carey Baptist Church
In 1994, both Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and       Carey Community is committed to supporting
Riverton Baptist Church initiated moves towards       the College through the ongoing provision and
serving Canning Vale and the soon-to-develop          sharing of resources with the College. As part of
surrounding communities. In May of that year,         this commitment, the Church employs Chaplains
one of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Pastoral         who support the staff and pastoral care programs
Staff, Pastor Steve Izett, was commissioned to        of each school. The Chaplains have extensive
develop plans and strategies for the new church,      involvement in the life of the College in a wide
which were then subsequently adopted in May,          variety of ways.
1995. These plans and strategies involved the
development of a Christian Community, which
included a College and other Community facilities.
                                                      1.5 Baptists
At Pentecost 1996, a small group of people from       The Baptist church is the second largest Christian
both churches together with Pastor Steve Izett        denomination in the world. Christians in the Baptist
commenced the Carey Community Baptist Church          congregations hold to the same basic beliefs
(Carey Community).

                                  as other mainstream Christian traditions, their
                                                      distinctive feature being they value the right and
In the tradition of William Carey, the Carey          freedom of individual believers to discern God’s will
Community, with the support of Mount Pleasant         for their life and uphold the autonomy of their local
Baptist Church, established Carey Baptist College     congregations to be interdependent. 

and embraced Professor Carey’s call to ‘Expect
Great Things from God, Attempt Great Things for       There have been many well-known and influential

                                              Christians who are/were members of Baptist
                                                      congregations including: Rev. Martin Luther King
Quality education for the whole person is             Jnr., Rev. Billy Graham, President Jimmy Carter, Rev.
paramount to individuals making empowering life       Tim Costello, Pastor Graham Mabury.
choices and so Carey Community has resourced          

the College with a strong Council of professionals.   Carey Community Baptist Church, though formally
The Council in turn appointed Principals and Staff    associating with other Baptist Churches, strives
who share Carey’s passion for serving God through     to work closely with all other Christian traditions.
education.                                            This is reflected by the staff of the College who are
                                                      members of various Christian Churches of different

6 |   Parent Handbook
2.1 General Information
Who do I contact first?                  How do I contact staff?             Uniform Shop:
• General enquiries:                     Phone: (08) 9394 9111               Phone: (08) 9398 1444
  Office Staff                           E: info@carey.wa.edu.au             E: uniformshop@carey.wa.edu.au

• Class specific matters:                F: (08) 9394 9112
  Class Teacher
• Any concern:
  Year Manager

2.2 What to do when...
You’re late to school:                                     You need to leave school to go on an
Please go to Student Reception to sign in. DO NOT          appointment:
GO STRAIGHT TO CLASS. On signing in on the                 Ask your parent to complete the absentee note in
iPad, students will receive a printout for that day        the diary. Show your diary to your teacher in the
and this will then need to be shown to the teacher         session you require to leave early and then proceed
on arrival at class.                                       to Student Reception where you will be signed out
                                                           upon arrival of your parent.
You feel sick:

If it is during class time, please tell your teacher and   You don’t have the correct uniform:
if they feel it is serious enough, they will send you      If you have not got the full, correct uniform, please
to Student Reception. If it is at recess or lunch time,    ensure that your parents write a note explaining the
go to Student Reception.                                   reason for this. Please present yourself, along with
                                                           the note, to your Year Manager before 8:40am. You
You get injured at school:
                                                           will be presented with a uniform pass which will be
If it is before school, at recess or lunch time, go
                                                           valid for one day only. If you are not in the correct
straight to Student Reception. If it occurs in class,
                                                           uniform and have no valid excuse, you may be
please tell your teacher and they will send you
                                                           given a step.
to Student Reception with another student. At
Student Reception, they will assess the severity of        You get sent out:
the injury and take appropriate action.                    Go straight to Student Reception and complete a
                                                           student reflection sheet on the iPad.
8 |   Parent Handbook
You have a query about bus services:                           You are injured or sick and can’t do Physical
Visit our website carey.wa.edu.au and navigate                 Education:
to ‘Current Parent Essentials’. Contact the Bus                If you cannot participate in physical activities, it
Administrator on 9394 9111                                     is vital that you bring a note from your parent.
                                                               You should present this note to your PE teacher
You want to change subjects:

                                                               when the class commences. You will still attend PE
Year 7-10 students may only change their electives
                                                               class, but will sit out of the activities or be given
in the first (4) four weeks of Term 1, subject to the
                                                               alternative activities to complete.
availability of places (see Dean of Curriculum - Mrs
Lacey). Year 11-12 students may change courses                 You haven’t been able to purchase something on
in the first (7) seven weeks of Term 1, subject                the booklist:
to the availability of places (see the Assistant               If you haven’t been able to buy an item on the
Principal Curriculum - Mr Stirling). If students wish          booklist, please ask your parents to write a note
to change their course or elective, they need to               explaining the reasons for this. This note will need
obtain a Request Form from the Curriculum Office               to be given to the appropriate teacher in your first
in Building J and obtain all the required signatures.          lesson. All items on the booklist are needed for
Students may only move classes once their                      classes so they will need to be purchased as soon
timetable has been updated in SEQTA.                           as possible.

2.3 Contact Information and Term Dates
Harrisdale Campus                      School Hours                              Uniform Shop
51 Wright Road                         Monday to Friday                          T (08) 9398 1444
Harrisdale WA 6112                     8:35am to 3:25pm                          E: uniformshop@carey.wa.edu.au
PO Box 1409
                                       Administration                            Opening Hours
Canning Vale WA 6970
                                       8:15am to 4:15pm                          Tuesday and Thursday
T (08) 9394 9111                                                                 8:00am to 4:30pm
F (08) 9394 9112
E info@carey.wa.edu.au

2019 Term Dates

                      TERM 1            TERM 2             TERM 3                          TERM 4

                                                                                       Tuesday 15 October 2019
                   Monday            Monday             Tuesday            Yr 7-9
                   4 February 2019   29 April 2019      23 July 2019       9 Weeks
                                                                                       Wednesday 11 December 2019

                                                        Thursday                       Tuesday 15 October 2019
                   Wednesday         Thursday
 FINISH DATE                                            26 September       Yr 10-12
                   10 April 2019     4 July 2019
                                                        2019                           As advised

                   10 weeks          10 weeks           10 weeks

Uniform Shop                                                   Additional Days
The uniform shop will be open between 8.00am -                 Additional Professional Development Days for staff
4.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays during term.

                will be advised via the College’s website Calendar
Any variations or additional opening times are                 and Newsletters.
published in the College newsletter or on the Carey

                                                                                                    Parent Handbook   | 9
    2.4 Carey Baptist College Harrisdale    Campus
                                 | Harrisdale Campus Map

                                                                                                                                                       MU             MU                 MU                            10
                                                                                                                                                                                                        MU                     MU
                                                                                                                                                        6              7                  8              9                     11

                                                                                          UPPER LEVEL
                                                                                          MUSIC                                                       MU         MU             MU                 MU             MU
                                                                                                                                                      20    19    18       17       16        15    14       13    12
                                                                                                                                             4        MU
                                                                                                                                       MU             5
                                                                                                                                       2              MU

                                                                                                                                                                                                              ENTRANCE 2                                                          ENTRANCE 1

                                                                 »         BUS ONLY BAY                                       »






                                                                                                                                                                                     CHILDCARE                                                                      YEAR 12 PARKING AREA


                                                                                                                     ML           ML

ENTRANCE 3                                                                                                                3            4



                                                                                                                                   2         1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           UNIFORM SHOP >>


                                                                                                    G CH AIR

                                                                                                     RO N
                                                                                                      TE ST IC

                                                                                                        U OL
                                                                                                         U US

                                                                                                         N O


                                                                                                             FL GIE
                                                                                                               O S
                                                                                                                O &

                                                                                                                  R A
                                                                              RR O

                                                                                IC FF

                                                                                  UL IC



                                                                                    UM E






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 COURTS >>

                                                                                                                                                                                                         YOUTH          TIMBER

                                                                                                                                                                     ACCOUNTS                                                                      JUMP

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ROOM               CAFE
                                                                           ST ECE


                                                                                                             & S
                                                                                                           Y GE
                                                                             UD PT


                                                                                                         AR UA

                                                                               EN ION


          CARPARK 2

                                                                                                      B G
                                                                                                    LI AN



                                              PR DM

                                                                                                                              H1 1B
                                                IM IN



                                          8                                                                                                                                                                                                   SPORTS

                                     T2                                                                                                                                                                           AUDITORIUM
                                  -S                                                                                                                                                                                                          CENTRE


                                              4                                                                                                                                                               P4             P3                     P1

                                                  D                                                                                                                                                                                          P2



                                                           D                                                        F2

                                                                                                                                                                     AR UM

                                                                                                                                                                       TS A

                        3                                                                                                                                                                                                      R5            R6
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             CHANGE ROOM
                                                                                                                                                                         & NIT

                            D                                                                                             F3
                                                                                                    ST OOM


                                                                      PRUNDE EA


                                                                         IM RCO


                                 D                                                                                                                                    S4
                                                                            AR VER


                                     1                                                                               F5                               S3



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   R4   R3    R2   R1

                                                  B3                                                                                                        S2                 S5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             CHANGE ROOM


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               HEALTH &


                                       B2                   B4                            C6
                                                                                                       PR RT

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               PHYSICAL EDUCATION

                                                                                                         IM RO


                                                                                                           AR O

                                                                                                                                                 RE OF


                                                                                                             Y M

                                                                                                                                                   Y FIC

                                B1                                                                                                                                                  S1
                                                                                                                                                    CH E





                                                                               C2                                                                                3



                                                                                     C1                                                                                2




                                                                                           PR US
                                                                                             IM IC





                       A2        PRIMARY

                                     A3                                                               PRIMARY
                                                                                                    SPORTS FIELD
                       A1                                                                                                                                                                                                                           SECONDARY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SPORTS OVAL

2.5 Secondary Academic Staff

Secondary Leadership Team:

        •    Principal: 							                                                   Mr Brenden Gifford

        •    Assistant Principal Pastoral Care:				                               Dr Carolyn Montgomery

        •    Assistant Principal Curriculum: 				                                 Mr Rob Stirling

        •    Dean of Pastoral Care:					                                          Mr Nick Harris

        •    Dean of Curriculum: 					                                            Mrs Kathleen Lacey

Heads of Department:
Contact HoDS for wider issues related to the provision of tuition in a subject, curriculum or curriculum-related event:
    •    Beliefs and Values:        Mr Jules Birt                     •    Maths: 		                  Mrs Lyn Karasavas
    •    English: 		                Mr Tim O’Connor                   •    Music		                    Mr Bruce Thompson
    •    Health and Phys Ed:        Mr Chris Bolton                   •    Science:		                 Mr Peter van Dam
    •    Humanities and             Mr Craig Austin                   •    Technologies:              Mr Simon Griffiths
         Social Science:                                              •    Visual and                 Mr Rob Stirling
    •    Languages:		               Mrs Kerry Bonciani                     Performing Arts:

Other Areas:
    •    Chaplain: 		               Mr Kim Chidgzey                   •
                                                               Director/Access:                       Mrs Lea Ong
    •    Psychologist:              Mrs Tracey Graham                 •
                                                               Director of Cheer:                     Mrs Amy Taylor
    •    Director of Dance:         Mrs Sharlene Cuellar              •
                                                               School Nurse:                          Mrs Rhona Middleton
    •    Numeracy Support:          Mrs Lyn Karasavas                 •
                                                               Director of Drama:                     Mr Tim Bowles
    •    Library: 		                Mrs Lyn Fryer                     •
                                                               Director/Home Ec:                      Ms Amy Post
    •    Careers:		                 Ms Amy Post                       •
                                                               Director of Media:                     Mr Sergio Murua
    •    VET:		                     Mrs Paulette Shaw                 •
                                                               Director/Missions:                     Mr Kim Chidgzey
    •    SWL: 		                    Mrs April McElroy                 •
                                                               Director/Outdoor Ed:                   Mr Corey May
    •    IEP Facilitator:           Mrs Natalie Prince                •
                                                               Director of Sport:                     Mr Chris Bolton
                                                               Director/Transition:                   Miss Rebecca Bennett

Year Managers:                Contact YMS for wider issues related to a students’ year group:
    • Year 7: 		                    Mr Jason McNamara                 • Year 10:                      Mrs April McElroy
    • Year 8:                       Ms Jennifer Roberts               • Year 11:                      Mrs Amanda Rushby
    • Year 9:                       Miss Rebecca Bennett              • Year 12:                      Mr Michael Scaddan
                                                                                                               Parent Handbook   | 11
Teaching Staff
BELIEFS AND VALUES                        HUMANITIES AND                       MUSIC
Mr Jules Birt                             SOCIAL SCIENCE                       Mr Bruce Thompson
Mr Kim Chidgzey                           Mr Craig Austin                      Ms Rebecca deHaan
Mr Graeme Watson                          Miss Rebecca Bennett                 Mr Justin Florisson
                                          Mr Ben de Vries                      Mr Glyn MacDonald
ENGLISH                                   Mr Mathew Gethin
Mr Timothy O’Connor                       Mr Nicholas Harris                   SCIENCE
Mr John Clayton                           Mr Andrew Kilminster                 Mr Peter van Dam
Mrs Katherine Lockwood                    Mr Luke Mullane                      Mr Daniel Braithwaite
Mrs Melissa Lovell                        Mr Joseph Siddons                    Mrs Evodia Groza
Mrs April McElroy                                                              Mrs Kathleen Lacey
Mr Jason McNamara                         LANGUAGES                            Mr Daniel Lin
Ms Maire Ni Mahuna                        Mrs Kerry Bonciani                   Dr Bevan McGuiness
Mrs Lea Ong                               Ms Samantha Chew                     Mr Minh Nguyen
Ms Jennifer Roberts                       Ms Anna Parker                       Mr Raymond Redner
Ms Tania Shah                             Mrs Natalie Prince                   Mrs Sophia Roberts-Brown
Mrs Tania Still                                                                Mr Michael Scaddan
Mrs Anne van Outdshoorn                   LIBRARIAN
Mrs Pamela Van Rooyen                     Mrs Lyn Fryer                        TECHNOLOGY
                                                                               Mr Simon Griffiths
HEALTH AND PHYS ED                        MATHEMATICS                          Mr Cameron Burns
Mr Chris Bolton                           Mrs Lyn Karasavas                    Mr Graham Coulsen
Miss Elise Anderson                       Mrs Helen Marie                      Mr Sergio Murua
Mr Zach Cottrell                          Mrs Kaytlen Millar                   Ms Amy Post
Mr Ben Golding                            Mr Gary Morgan		                     Mrs Amanda Rushby
Mr Corey May                              Mrs Haidy Murua                      Mrs Paulette Shaw
Mr Russel Montgomery                      Mr James Rai                         Miss Jasmine Stone
Mr Jackson Norton                         Mrs Windy Ramirez                    Mr Jack Wilmot
Mrs Ashlyn Sardelic                       Mr Stephen Walker
Ms Amy Taylor                             Mrs Zania Wesseloo                   VISUAL AND
Mr Edward Windle                          Mr See Soon Wong                     PERFORMING ARTS
                                                                               Mr Rob Stirling
                                                                               Mr Timothy Bowles
                                                                               Mrs Sharlene Cuellar
                                                                               Mrs Samantha Kukura
                                                                               Mr Paul Leeming
                                                                               Mrs Lara Warwick

Common Abbreviations Used
APC: Assistant Principal Curriculum                      MESH: Maths, English, Science aqnd Humanities subjects

APPC: Assistant Principal Pastoral Care                  PCG: Pastoral Care Group

ATAR: Australian Tertiary Admission Rank – Score 		      SCSA: Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority
used for University Entrance
                                                         SEQTA Engage: College’s Learning Management Portal
DoC: Dean of Curriculum
                                                         WACE: WA Certificate of Education
DoPC: Dean of Pastoral Care
                                                         YM: Year Manager: Each year group in Years 7–12 has its
H&PE: Health and Physical Education                      own Year Manager

HoD: Head of Department
2.6 Administration and Support Staff
• Director of Business     Mr Tim Dorsman             • Property Manager      Mr Tony Dower

• Manager of Systems       Mr Gert Strydom            • Grounds / Maintenance Mr Steven Emmons
   and Finance		                                        				                     Mr Rob Pannell
• Accountant 		            Ms Colleen Webster
   				                    Ms Cayley Hudson

         • Network Administrator 
	 Mr Timo Schuring
• Accounts Staff 		        Ms Annita Clayton          • IT Support Staff 		      Mr Joh Oreel
     				                  Mrs Wendy Engelbrecht                                 Mr Derek Rucki
     				                  Mrs Jana Ford
     				                  Mrs Karin Fouche           • Admin and Systems        Christine Green
     				                  Mrs Bridget Hadfield          Coordiantor
     				                  Mrs Vajira Lakmali
                                                      • Education Assistants     Mrs Natalie Adlem
     				                  Mrs Helen Scott
                                                                                 Mrs Kirsty Fisher
     				                  Mrs Rebecca Smith
                                                                                 Mr Ka Lun Yuen
                                                                                 Miss Kor McFarland
• Compliance and Safety    Ms Annie McIntosh
                                                                                 Mrs Kerry O’Leary
                                                                                 Mrs Gillian Robb
• Administration           Mrs Aly Cahill                                        Miss Kristin White
   Team Leader
• Administration Staff
	   Mrs Michelle Bye           • Home Economics           Mrs Tina Manning
     				                  Mrs Michelle Dower            Assistant
     				                  Mrs Cheryl Emmons
                           Ms Joanne O’Hara           • Art Technician 		        Mrs Sue Leeming
                           Mrs Erica Rietdyk
                           Mrs Letitia Sawyer         • Laboratory Technician 
	 Mr Kenneth Marbeck

• Auditorium Mgr/AV Tech
	 Mr David Hadfield          • Laboratory Assistant
	   Mrs Angela Marbeck

• Music Administrator      Mrs Catherine Jones
				                       Mrs Samantha Sheehy        • Library Assistants 		    Mrs Erin Mazanek
                                                                                 Miss Mel Pearce
• Manager of Community     Mrs Caitlin Quartermaine                              Mr Andrew Warwick

		                                                    • Uniform Shop 		          Mrs Sandra Mellish
                                                        				                     Mrs Jackie Stanford

• Enrolments Officers
   Primary			              Mrs Jo McKeown
   Secondary 		            Mrs Emma Wright
• Graphic Designer         Mrs Sue Gifford

                                                                                  Parent Handbook   | 13
 Learning at Carey
3.1 The Curriculum
The Curriculum encompasses all planned experiences provided by the College to facilitate autonomous and
lifelong learning. It includes teaching and learning programs and approaches, camps, student activities and the
ways teachers and students learn together. Accordingly, the College will:
• Provide instruction and assessment consistent with the requirements of the W.A. Curriculum as directed
     by School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA);
• Provide curriculum on an equitable basis that meets the needs of all students;
• Provide a balance within a Christian-based approach to all areas of the curriculum, thus enabling students
     to demonstrate mastery in the major learning areas.

In the design of our curriculum, we are guided by the following principle:

        ‘Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right,
        whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or
        praiseworthy – think about such things.’
        Philippians 4:8 (NIV)

14 |   Parent Handbook
Learning Outcomes
At Carey, we aim to develop the skills that enable the students to become:

Autonomous Learners
 • Accept ownership and responsibility for learning;
 • Take risks;
 • Reflect upon the learning process; and
 • Assess achievement and practice to make progress.

Lifelong Learners
   • Learn to read in order to read to learn; and
   • Use all forms of language to learn - literacy, numeracy and the arts.

Collaborative Learners
  • Work with teachers and other students to produce work;
  • Make meaningful contributions to the group;
  • Explore all forms of information about a topic;
  • Appreciate contributions of others; and
  • Explore methods of problem-solving and decision-making.

Effective Communicators
  • Capable of clearly expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings through words, numbers, images, sounds and
      gestures for different purposes and audiences;
  • Engage in creating and communicating meaning; and
  • Perform effectively in all forms of assessment and review.

Critical and Creative Thinkers:
  • Construct meaning;
  • Define, classify, analyse and evaluate meaning that is being constructed;
  • Define the problem, identify strategies, seek solutions and answers and make informed choices;
  • Ask questions, accept different perspectives, tolerate ambiguity without compromising truth; and
  • Are discriminating consumers of information through the arts, literature, film, television and internet.

Quality Producers and Consumers:
 • Set appropriate and timely standards;
 • Produce original work; and
 • Use a wide range of resources to produce quality work.

Credible and Just Citizens:
  • Respect others regardless of race, gender, age or creed;
  • Develop character and contribute fairness to the College and wider community; and
  • Seek truth in spiritual life with an honest and objective study of the essence of Christian teaching and

      ‘And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to
      walk humbly with your God.’ Micah 6:8 (NIV)

                                                                                              Parent Handbook   | 15
A Curriculum with Relevance and Coherence
The Curriculum at Carey reflects the following criteria:

The Centrality of Language
Literacy is foundational to the Curriculum of the College. Language in the College will be broadly defined to
include words, numbers, and the arts. These are essential tools of learning which, when taken together, help
to create a curriculum with coherence. 

The Core Commonalities
The Curriculum at the College will be arranged around nine commonalities which integrate the traditional
subjects to help students see connections and motivate them to become lifelong learners. The commonalties

1. Being Human
We appreciate and affirm that human life is sacred;        a healthy lifestyle and to participate in physical
that it has a time of birth, growth and (finally) death.   activity that provides adventure, promotes
We endorse the need for a basic knowledge of the           co-operation and results in achievement.
body’s needs and functions and the practice of             

appropriate personal hygiene. We need to develop           6. Connectedness and Nature
an appreciation for the sacredness of human life           We recognise that everyone is connected to the
and to understand how life experiences differ from         natural world. Therefore, we need to learn about
one culture to another.                                    scientific method and, in the process, increase our
                                                           understanding of the world around us. Above all we
2. The Use of Symbols                                      strive to discover the beauty and wonder of nature
We understand that people use symbols for                  and the cosmos and develop a profound respect for
communication. We explore the history of                   it.
language and mathematics, consider the purpose
of communication, learn about new technology and           7.    Production and Consumption
evaluate how mass communication can enhance or             We learn that people, as part of being human,
diminish human understanding. We discover that             engage in making and using things. We recognise
integrity and credibility are keys to authentic human      the value and dignity of work, distinguish wants
interaction.                                               from needs and understand the importance of
                                                           becoming creative producers, informed consumers
3. Friendship and Belonging                                and responsible conservationists. 

We acknowledge that everyone holds membership
in a variety of groups, beginning with the family.         8.    Proactive in Mission and Intent
We consider how organisations and communities              We affirm that all people seek meaning and
shape our lives and how we, in turn, can be                purpose for their lives. We understand the
significant influencers. We strive to develop a sense      importance of values and ethics, learn how religious
of responsibility for the world. 

                        experience has consequently shaped the human
                                                           experience and begin to see the significance of
4.    Aesthetic Expression                                 service. We appreciate that people are intentional
We celebrate that people respond to beauty and             and need mission towards which they direct
can be expressive in the visual and performing arts.       significant effort.
We explore the rich variety of artistic expression,
learning about the various works of art, recognising       9. Quest for the Spiritual
the benefits of making art and knowing some of             We learn that people everywhere have the
the ways in which visual and performing arts have          miraculous ability to place themselves in time and
evolved in different cultures.                             space and to explore their shared sense of time
                                                           through history. We understand that, as we are
5.    Need for Exercise and Adventure                      created in the image of God, our spirit will respond
We recognise that, as biological beings, we need           to our Creator’s call to fellowship with us and to
physical exercise to enhance our wellbeing. We             our desire to be intimate in a safe and nurturing
need to understand the principles of maintaining           community.
16 |   Parent Handbook
Carey Curriculum Framework                             Assessment
All of the planned learning experiences provided       Assessment is the process of interpreting and
by the College in Secondary School encompass a         describing performance in relation to learning
common set of knowledge, understanding, skills,        outcomes. The main purpose of assessment is to:
attitudes and values and are present in the syllabus     • Enable students to set realistic goals for their
documents. We include Beliefs and Values with                own Learning Plan;
the other eight Learning Areas of the Western            • Provide opportunities for students to
Australian Curriculum. A balanced curriculum                 demonstrate their competencies;
offered within this framework ensures that students      • Encourage and motivate students;
have opportunity to demonstrate the learning             • Support the learning environment; and
outcomes and any College-determined outcomes.            • Provide fair and valid assessment that meets
                                                             legislated requirements.
Learning Areas
Carey’s Curriculum is based on the major Learning
Areas of: Beliefs and Values; The Arts; Physical and   We hold seriously the necessity of sharing
Health Education; English; Science; Mathematics;       information regarding student learning. The focus
Humanities and Social Sciences; Languages; and         of reporting for Term 1 will be giving meaningful
Technologies. We are interested in the students        snapshot of the first 6 to 8 weeks of term in the
as individuals. Therefore, we have shaped a            Interim Reports. The Semester One reports clarify
Curriculum that seeks to integrate individual          progress over Terms 1 and 2. Carey’s end of year
differences, interests, strengths and weaknesses.      report summarizes the year’s achievements.
Although the outcomes for students vary according
to age and developmental level, the process used       The College Diary and SEQTA partner with the
and commitment to an integrated Curriculum             reporting process, providing opportunities for
is common to all students in the Secondary             ongoing information and feedback, and parents
School. The Curriculum weaves students’ learning       are welcome to make appointments to meet with
styles and the strands of the learning areas of        College staff. SEQTA Engage is an online portal
Mathematics, English, Science, and Humanities          accessed via the College website which provides
(MESH). Staff and students will often work in teams    parents with up to date information. This is located
in order to facilitate competency.                     at coneqtp.carey.wa.edu.au

                                                       We will conduct two sets of Student/Parent/
                                                       Teacher meetings in 2019 and an Information
                                                       Evening ar the end of Term 2 for Year 10s to
                                                       explain the Curriculum for the Senior years. In
                                                       addition, parents are welcome to contact the Year
                                                       Manager at any time for progress reports.

                                                                                         Parent Handbook   17
                                                                                                           | 17
3.2 Extension and Streaming
Carey has a Curriculum that aims to extend and enrich students throughout Years 7-10, exposing them to
curriculum content that encourages them to delve deeper into the year level curriculum and to further develop
skills and competencies. This is further enhanced by the streaming process whereby students are engaged at
their individually assessed levels according to their performance. There are three different streams:

Extension                              Mainstream                            Foundation
This is aimed at students who have     This stream explores the              This covers the key concepts
demonstrated high capacity and         curriculum at the cohort level,       and essential core skills of the
potential. It delivers a curriculum,   working at a pace that reinforces     curriculum at cohort level,
generally at cohort level. This        and develops the key concepts         generally at a slower pace.
curriculum is delivered at a faster    and skills.
pace than mainstream, providing
opportunities for students to
extend their knowledge and skills
in areas of interest.

Year 7-8                                                    Year 11-12
Students entering Year 7 are generally placed in            Year 11 and 12 students choose their courses by
mixed ability classes. Streaming begins in Maths            meeting subject pre-requisites achieved on the
and Science in Year 7 and 8, where the students             Semester 1 reports in Year 10, and considering their
are streamed into two levels – Extension and                future aspirations. In Year 11 and 12, students work
Mainstream.                                                 towards completing W.A. Certificate of Education
                                                            (WACE) and continue their education at University
Year 9-10                                                   or at TAFE. Students will choose from:
Students are streamed for Maths, English, Science
and Humanities (MESH) classes. This provides                • An ATAR pathway that aims to provide students
students with the opportunity to extend their                   with an Australian Tertiary Aggregate Rank
capabilities, and work at a pace that reflects their            (ATAR) for entrance to University; or
ability level.                                              •   A Vocational (VET) pathway that aims to
                                                                provide students with a range of General
At the conclusion of each term, these classes                   courses, Certificate qualifications and workplace
are reviewed and changes can be made, where                     learning. This pathway is designed for students
necessary. The classes that students are streamed               who are aiming to either attend TAFE, pursue
into in Year 10 are important as both streams and               an apprenticeship or are considering alternative
marks are used to determine the subjects that                   University entrance pathways.
students can choose in Year 11 and 12.
                                                            Carey Baptist College offers around 40 WACE
Student allocations into streams are managed by             (Year 11 and 12 ATAR and General) courses,
the Heads of Departments. HoDs will contact                 catering for the complete range of academic
parents if students performance indicates that a            abilities, and gives each student the opportunity to
change of steams in warranted.                              succeed in a program of their choosing.

18 |   Parent Handbook
3.3 Assessment Policy
Submission of Work                                         If a student has not completed the task on the
Work should be submitted to the class teacher              day it is due, they are expected to hand in a copy
during the lesson on the due date. If students are         of what they have completed to date. Computer
aware that they will be absent on the due date they        or printer problems will not be considered
should arrange with the teacher to submit their            valid reasons for lateness. Any assessment not
work earlier. Students must ensure that the work           completed will impact on semester grades. In some
is submitted to the correct teacher, and in their          cases, failure to hand in assessments may result in
absence, to the Head of Department (do not leave           non-completion of the course.
assessments on the teacher’s desk). Assessments
may not be handed in electronically, unless                Unplanned Absence on due date
otherwise arranged in advance.                             Where possible, students should try to have their
                                                           work delivered to the College on their behalf. At
Plagiarism                                                 the latest, work must be submitted on their next
All work in each individual assessment task must be        day back at the College. The reason for the absence
the work of the student. Students are not permitted        should be noted in the Student Diary, and the entry
to submit for marking, as original, any work which         signed by the parent/guardian before being
is:                                                        presented to the subject teacher.
    • prepared or substantively contributed to by
         another person (e.g. student, teacher, tutor or   Extensions
         expert);                                          Difficulties in completing work on time should be
    • copied or downloaded from the internet               discussed with the teacher well before the due date
         without acknowledging the source;                 and any necessary extension should be sought at
    • paraphrased or summarises the work of                least two days before the due date.
    If a student is believed to have engaged in            Absence on Test Days
    cheating, collusion or plagiarism, the teacher         Students absent on test days should be prepared to
    will refer the matter to the relevant Head of          do the assessment (including orals) on their
    Department. If it is demonstrated beyond               immediate return to the College. Year 11 and
    reasonable doubt that a student has cheated,           12 students will be required to obtain a medical
    colluded or plagiarised, one of the following          certificate and present it to the relevant
    penalties will apply:                                  Head of Department.
    • a mark of zero for the whole assessment task,
         or                                                Extended Absence
    • a mark of zero for the part of the assessment        If an extended absence is planned, a parent or
         task where the teacher can identify that the      guardian must apply to the College Principal for
         work is not the student’s own.                    permission to be absent. It is expected that missed
                                                           work will affect semester grades. In the event of an
Late Submission of Work
                                                           absence, students should use SEQTA Learn to try
Where an out-of-class assessment task is
                                                           to keep up with the work covered in class to the
submitted after the due date or is not submitted
                                                           best of their ability.
and the student does not provide a reason which is
                                                           When sickness is the cause of extended absence,
acceptable to the College, the following penalties
                                                           or an inability to sit an exam, course completion
                                                           requirements will need to be negotiated with the
  • 10% reduction in the mark (if submitted one
                                                           Dean of Curriculum (Year 7-10) or the Assistant
       day late), or
                                                           Principal Curriculum (Year 11-12). Catch-up exams
  • 20% reduction in the mark (if submitted two
                                                           may able to be organised in some cases.
       days late), or
  • a mark of zero (if submitted more than two
                                                           Assessment Policy
       days late or not submitted).
                                                           The formal Assessment policy provides more details
Note: weekends count as two days. The %
                                                           of the assessment policies. This is available on
reduction refers to the total marks assigned to the
                                                           request from the Curriculum Office.
assessment (e.g. an assignment out of 20 would be
penalised 2 marks for each day late).
                                                                                             Parent Handbook   | 19
3.4 Exams
Purpose                                                         Exam Guidelines
Exams are part of Carey’s rigorous and challenging                • The week prior to exams is designated as
approach to learning. Exams encourage students                       assessment free to allow a focus on study/
to reflect upon and study their coursework,                          revision.
improving student retention of information. They                  • Students who have missed an assessment
teach students the benefits of revision and learning                 prior to this week will be required to do the
to work under pressure, whilst also providing                        assessment in this week.
feedback to students on their strengths and                       • If students miss an exam for medical reasons,
weaknesses and assisting teachers in identifying                     they will normally be required to do a
students who may need extra assistance. Teachers                     make-up exam, and should contact Mrs Lacey
will assist students to prepare for these exams,                     (Dean of Curriculum) to arrange this.
explaining the process and providing revision                     • Students wishing to apply for special exam
tips. It is important that students dedicate regular                 provisions (i.e. extra time, use of a computer
revision time to study in the lead up to the exams.                  etc), need to apply to Mrs Ong at least one
It is crucial that students learn the skill of sitting               month prior to the start of the exams.
exams to equip them for the demands of Senior                     • Students in exams must be attired in normal
Secondary, particularly students who are aiming to                   school uniform.
maximise their ATAR score for University entrance.

      Year        When              Duration        Exam Length           Subjects              Attendance

                                                    1½ hours each         Maths, English,       Students resume
       9          Late Term 3         4 days                              Science,              normal timetable
                                                                          Humanities            after the exams.

                                                                          Maths, English,       Students resume
       10         Mid Term 2          4 days        2 hours               Science,              normal timetable
                                      4 days        2 hours               Humanities,           after the exams.
                  Mid Term 4                                              Languages

                                                    2-3 hours                                   Students are not at
                  Mid Term 2         2 weeks                              All ATAR courses
       11                                                                                       school if they do not
                  Mid Term 4         2 weeks        2-3 hours                                   have an exam.

                  Mid Term 2         2 weeks        2½-3 hours                                  Students are not at
       12                            2 weeks        2½-3 hours            All ATAR courses      school if they do not
                  Term 4 Holidays
                                                                                                have an exam.

  •     Year 11 Vocational Pathway students                       •   Year 11 and 12 students choosing not to
        complete a Workplace Learning program                         sit their Carey Semester 2 exams will not
        during the exam blocks.                                       complete the requirements of the course,
  •     Year 12 Vocational students may do a                          and will only be credited with the Semester 1
        Workplace Learning program during the exam                    course. This may affect their ability to obtain
        blocks (especially if they have not completed                 the WACE.
        this in Year 11).                                         •   Students missing an exam for medical reasons
  •     The ATAR (external) exams occurs during                       must visit the doctor on the day of the exam
        Term 4, running over a three week period in                   and complete a sickness/misadventure form,
        November.                                                     obtainable from the Curriculum Office OR
  •     Students choosing ATAR subjects MUST sit                      the Exam supervisor.
        their ATAR exams.

20 |   Parent Handbook
3.5 Homework Policy and Guidelines
What is the purpose of Homework In Years 7-10?           Homework will usually be issued for completion
                                                         over a week to enable students to plan their study
  1. Revision and study - to prepare for future          and other activities. Students are to plan their
     lessons and to consolidate essential skills and     approach to ensure completion of the tasks within
     content.                                            the designated time frame. If students miss classes
  2. Completion of assignments and weekly tasks.         for music lessons or external sporting commitments
  3. Development of study skills and                     etc., they must see their teacher to negotiate tasks
     organisational habits.                              and catch up on work missed. Parents and
  4. Completion of tasks because of missed               teachers should use the Student Diary or Direqt
     lessons due to illness, College events,             messaging in SEQTA Engage to communicate with
     holidays, music lessons, sport etc.                 each other.

What is appropriate as homework?                         How much time in total?

  •   Assignments to be done over a period of time       Students should typically complete:
      before being handed in for assessment.
  •   Revision, study, reading and comprehension                  Hrs per    Average
      tasks.                                                       Week
  •   Activities that reinforce basic principles of
      subjects - e.g. times tables, periodic table,                          1 hr of homework and
      vocabulary etc.                                       7         5      15 min of reading
  •   Catching up on work missed due to absence                              4 x per week
      from school or attendance at music lessons,
      etc.                                                                   1 hr 15 min of homework and
  •   Finishing incomplete tasks begun in class.            8         6      15 min of reading
      This should be the exception.                                          4 x per week

Homework expectations and procedures:
                                                                             1 hr 30 min of homework and
For Parents and Students                                    9         7      15 min of reading
Setting homework is important for disciplined                                4 x per week
working habits. It is also important that the level of
homework is gradually increased over the years, but                          1 hr 45 min of homework and
that it is not too time-consuming for the age of the        10        8      15 min of reading
student. The recommended times are a balance                                 4 x per week
between reinforcing and extending the work
covered in class, while allowing for other pursuits      Extension students would typically commit to
and family time.                                         more than the above homework guideline. Extra
                                                         curricular pursuits (e.g. music or dance practice)
All assessments for the term (and dates due) can be      should be considered additional to the above
found on SEQTA Learn and Engage, under                   homework. If students are unable to complete
Assessments.                                             homework within the above timeframe on a regular
                                                         basis, parents are encouraged to communicate
Students should be encouraged to complete all            directly with teachers.
homework. If a student is struggling with the
content, they need to write a list of questions in       Approximate homework allocation by subject?
their Diary and seek assistance from their teacher
at the next opportunity. Students should record          English, Maths, Science and Humanities should
time taken to complete set tasks so that teachers        comprise an average total of 75% of a student’s
have a clear indication of student abilities and         homework time. Other subjects should comprise an
limitations.                                             average total of 25% of a student’s homework

                                                                                           Parent Handbook   | 21
Years 11 and 12                                          YEAR     Hrs per     ATAR Subject Average
In Year 11 and 12, students begin to focus                         Week       (4 or 5 ATAR subjects)
on acquiring qualifications needed for tertiary
education or employment. All courses offered                                  2-2 hr 30min per subject
at Carey Baptist College are accredited and are                               5 x per week
                                                          11      10-121/2
eligible for inclusion for the purposes of WACE
Graduation. It is the College’s expectation that
students will study six courses in Year 11 and five                           3 hr per subject
or six in Year 12.                                        12        15        5 x per week

In Year 11 and 12 students are expected to
demonstrate self-discipline, resilience and            In the period leading up to exams, the time
independence. Further to this, students are            allocated to study usually needs to increase. Year
expected to have developed responsibility for their    12 students studying an ATAR course would
own learning and to negotiate concerns directly        typically use some time in their term breaks
with teachers rather than have their parents           for revision. Homework does not only refer to
contact the College on their behalf. Before students   assessments given by the teacher, but has a self-
decide on which type of course to study, they need     directed component. This may include organising
to consider the type of commitment they are able       notes, revision, research, study for exams, tutoring,
to give to ‘out of College’ activities.                practical study or additional tasks or questions.
                                                       Students are encouraged to use their teacher and
                                                       the resources available at the College to deal with
                                                       any concerns they may have.

22 |   Parent Handbook
Pastoral Care at Carey
4.1 Pastoral Care and the Discipline System
Pastoral Care: a practical expression of               the relationship between shepherds and their
Love in action                                         livestock (e.g. sheep), taking into account the land
                                                       (conditions) that they occupy. A good shepherd
      “Love is patient, love is kind. It               seeks location and circumstances that optimise
                                                       safety, wellness and personal growth.
      does not envy, it does not boast, it
      is not proud. It does not dishonour              The Oxford dictionary defines care as ‘the provision
                                                       of what is necessary for the health, welfare and
      others and it is not self-seeking, it            guardianship. To care is to be concerned, it is to
                                                       seek relationship. In the context of our school
      is not easily angered, it keeps no               community it is to be primarily concerned for the
                                                       wellbeing of enrolled Carey students.
      record of wrongs. Love does not
                                                       Thus, the pastoral care and discipline of students
      delight in evil but rejoices with the            takes place within the context of relationships.
      truth. It always protects, always                Teachers work hard to develop strong relationships
                                                       with students, both in the classroom and during
      trusts, always hopes, always                     extra-curricular activities, such as camps,
                                                       excursions and small group meetings. Teachers,
      perseveres.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

            acting in support of parents, seek to guide students
                                                       towards being young people of character, modelling
Pastoral Care; Understanding the Term                  and encouraging mutual respect, integrity and
                                                       accountability. Secondary students are given clear
To understand pastoral care, it is helpful to define   guidelines regarding behaviour and are expected to
‘pastoral’ and ‘care’. The phrase pastoral care        contribute towards a positive learning community.
derives from the Latin word ‘pastor’ which means
shepherd. The term ‘pastoral’ has its origins in

                                                                                          Parent Handbook   | 23
Discipline Defined                                        College Discipline System

  •     Care expressed at Carey is a means of             The College uses a range of positive consequences
        affirming appropriate behaviours. We believe      to reinforce wise choices. These include:
        excellence is ‘love in action’. The opposite of     • Verbal feedback.
        care is apathy. Care is a doing word.               • You Have Been Noticed. This is an informal
  •     Self-discipline is defined as ‘correction                notification in the students diary on a ‘You
        or regulation of oneself for the sake of                 Have Been Noticed’ slip recognising positive
        improvement’. The opposite of self-discipline            behaviour.
        is to be undisciplined. That is, ‘lacking in        • Commendations. Informal written messages
        discipline, unruly and disorderly’.                      from teachers to students. They can be
                                                                 accessed by students and parents on SEQTA.
In the Secondary School, discipline serves the              • Letters of Affirmation. Formal letters sent
College community by pointing students to the                    home affirming a students behaviour where
right way. It gently bends, directs and encourages               the student has been seen going above and
students to show respect to self, others and the                 beyond expectation.
College. The College discipline policy is a means           • Certificates. Formal recognition of
of helping students become more disciplined in                   achievement. Certificates are usually
their choices and actions. It is intended to help                presented at assemblies. Parents are welcome
students meet their own needs and remain aware                   to attend College assemblies. Assembly dates
of the needs of others. Students who infringe on                 are available in the College newsletter.
the rights of others must be prepared to accept the         • Medals of Excellence. Formal recognition of
consequences of their behaviour.                                 students achieving an ‘A’ grade across 75% of
                                                                 their chosen courses in a semester.
Good Standing                                               • College Colours. Formal recognition of
                                                                 service to the Carey community over an
At the commencement of the academic year,                        extended period.
students are assigned the status of ‘Good-Standing’         • Student Leadership. Students elected into
within the College. This means that they are                     leadership roles are done on the basis of
seen as complicit in all College expectations. The               their peers recognition of their ability to
position of good standing is maintained through                  lead across a range of areas and a servant
satisfactory attendance and the continued meeting                disposition that seeks the best for others.
of behavioural standards. We believe effective
pastoral care enables relationships to thrive. For        Steps
relationships to flourish both staff and students
need to have a deep sense of safety and mutual            At Carey every student is expected to come
respect.                                                  prepared and be ready to engage in all their
                                                          learning contexts. When students are not
Carey places a high degree of trust in students,          organised, they will be allocated a Step. The
particularly students representing the College in         accumulation of Steps will result in letters home,
extracurricular events or engaged in programs with        suspensions and meetings as students progress
an overnight component. The College has a Duty of         through the discipline system.
Care to protect all participants including staff, and
to ensure that program objectives can be met. To          Steps are allocated for late arrival to class, poor
be an eligible candidate to represent the College         presentation of school uniform, failure to bring
at an external event or to attend an overnight Trip,      appropriate equipment to class and misuse of
students must at all times (including up to the           a phone during school hours or College related
point of departure) maintain the status of ‘Good          events.
Standing’ within the College. Good standing is
lost if a student gets a 3rd Level, 15th Step or
receives a zero-tolerance suspension. To regain
‘Good Standing’ students are required to complete

24 |   Parent Handbook
Levels                                                  Step backs for Steps and/or Level Downs:

Carey students are expected to treat each other         Carey’s behavioural policy is underpinned by an
with respect, humility and kindness. Nobody’s           ethos of restorative justice. We seek for individuals
perfect. It is understandable that at times people      to be restored back to Good Standing within
fall short of their personnel and the communal          our community. A step back process or level
behaviour expectations. When this happens,              down process gives students an opportunity to
Carey issues Levels as a mechanism of tracking          demonstrate appropriate behaviour over 5 days
and helping students process their inappropriate        in a row. If successful, the student will have either
behaviour. The accumulation of Levels will result       1 Level removed from their record or 3 Steps.
in letters home, suspensions and interviews             Students may attempt 2 Step backs for Levels and
as students progress through the discipline             6 for Steps in a calendar year.
system. The purpose of an interview is to unpack
behaviours, develop action plans and to ensure          Sendouts:
restoration has occurred.
                                                        At Carey teachers use the Canter Classroom
Zero Tolerance:                                         Management System. This gives students an
                                                        opportunity, whilst holding a high standard, to
Carey’s behavioural policy has student safety as its    ensure learning is not negatively impacted. In
highest priority. The College has a responsibility to   general, a first disruption will result in the students
foster a safe and educationally conducive learning      name recorded on the board, a second disruption
environment of all students. Certain behaviours         adds a ‘tick’ or ‘cross’ to their name. If a third
prohibit the development of this and will not be        disruption occurs in the lesson, the student will be
tolerated. Such behaviours will result in a Zero        sent to Student Reception where they are required
Tolerance response that could include a range           to complete a reflection sheet. Following this, the
of sanctions including the issuing of a Level in        student needs to discuss the issue with their Year
conjunction with an in or out of school suspension,     Manager and the relevant Head of Department
meetings with parents and potentially permanent         before returning to that class. A send out usually
exclusion. Zero Tolerance issues will be dealt with     results in a level allocated.
by the DoPC, APPC or Secondary Principal and
hold the safety and wellbeing of students and staff     In technical subjects or during experiments,
as the highest priority.                                teachers will not use the 3 disruption rule.
                                                        Misbehaviour during these sessions possess an
                                                        occupational health and safety risk and therefore is
                                                        not tolerated.

                                                                                            Parent Handbook   | 25
4.2 Steps, Levels
and consequences           Steps       Levels and Zero Tolerance Issues

                                         1      LEVEL 1
                                                Letter sent by Year Manager
                                                LEVEL 2
5 Steps                                 2       Letter sent by Year Manager and an
                                                attempt at a set back required
Letter sent home by
the Year Manager                                LEVEL 3
(YM) and step back                      3
                                                Letter sent home by the Year Manager.
recommended.                                    One day In-school Suspension. Loss of
                                                ‘Good Standing’. Attempt at step back

                                        4       LEVEL 4
                                                Letter sent home by the Year Manager.
                                                One day In-school Suspension. Dean of
10 Steps                                        Pastoral Care and Year Manager meet with
                                                student and their parent/s.
Letter sent home by the
Year Manager (YM) and                   5       LEVEL 5
an attempt at a step        ten                 Letter sent home by the Year Manager. Two
back required.                                  day level 5 Suspension. Assistant Principal
                                                Pastoral Care and Year Manager meet with
                                                student and their parent/s.

                                        6       LEVEL 6
                                                Enrolment meeting organised by the Dean
                                                of Pastoral Care. The Secondary Principal,
15 Steps                                        Assistant Principal and Dean of Pastoral
                                                Care will meet with the student and their
Letter sent home by the    fifteen              parent/s to discuss their place within the
Year Manager. One day                           College. The outcome of a Level 6 meeting
in-school Suspension.                           may have their enrolment amended, or
Loss of ‘Good Standing’.                        withdrawn. Should the College decide to
Attempt at step back                            allow a student reaching Level 6 to remain
required.                                       at the College, their enrolment would
                                                become conditional and be maintained on
                                                the provisions set within their amended
                                                enrolment. The provisions set are specific
                           twenty               to each situation.
20 Steps

Letter sent home by the
Year Manager. One day
in-school Suspension.                25 Steps
Attempt at step back
required.                            Letter sent home by the Year Manager. Assistant
                                     Principal Pastoral Care and Year Manager meet
                            five     with student and their parent/s. Two day In-school
                                     Suspension Behavioural Agreement made.
 26 |   Parent Handbook
College Policies and
5.1 Attendance
Student Absentees: SMS Hotline: 0428 031 096                  Please report in by 9:00am
or email absentees@carey.wa.edu.au                            Include your child’s full name, class, date/s of
                                                              absence and reason to the College.

Parents need to be aware that, in general, there is a legal obligation under Section 23 of the School Education
Act, 1999 that requires a child to attend school on designated contact days. It is incorrect for parents to
believe that they may allow a child to stay home from school without a reasonable cause, such as sickness. 

Students are required to be punctual and should be present at all lessons unless ill. It is better for the health of
students and other members of the College for a student to stay at home if he/she is unwell.

Absence Notification                                          All absentee communication to the College should
                                                              contain the following:
Absences from school for a half day or more should
be notified by 9.00am, either by the SMS hotline:             Student name: Jane Smith
0428 031 096;                                                 PCG: 7.3
or email hotline: absentees@carey.wa.edu.au                   Date of absence: 6 May, 2014

                                                            Reason for absence: Unwell / other reason
You only need to communicate your child’s absence             Parent/Guardian name or signature and
once. However, a Medical Certificate is required              relationship to the child: Mary Smith, Mother

to explain prolonged absences of more than three
consecutive days. 

                                          If a student is going to be absent for a prolonged
                                                              period, a letter should be sent to the Principal,
Students who need to attend appointments, or                  advising the proposed dates and reason for the
who will be absent during class times, should notify          absence. Given they will miss their curriculum
absentees prior to the event.                                 related course work, encourage the student to
                                                              speak to each of their teachers. Please refer to the
                                                              Assessment Policy for more information regarding
                                                              the effect on work and assessments. 

                                                                                                 Parent Handbook   | 27
You can also read