2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors

2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors

Celebrating the most
outstanding workplace
giving programs in Australia

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2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors

                                    Jenny Geddes
                                    CEO, Workplace Giving Australia

2020 is the fifth year of the Workplace Giving           help so many Australians in need and also ensure          •	Mark Pearce, Chief Executive Officer,
Excellence Awards…and what a terrible year it has        that you are helping working Australians to donate in        Volunteering Australia
been for so many amongst us. In such a difficult         the most cost effective and efficient way.
                                                                                                                   •	Simon J. Robinson, Director,
year, WGA was delighted to receive 62 entries –
                                                         Wpg is open to every working Australian and we               Corporate Citizenship Australia
22 entrants were from organisations new to the
                                                         encourage thousands more employers and their
campaign. In what is no doubt testament to such a                                                                  WGA is grateful for the support of the Department
                                                         workforces to join the campaign to achieve One Million
trying year, the largest number of entrants were in                                                                of Social Services for its continued sponsorship of
                                                         Donors. Reaching and exceeding this number will
the ‘Best Employer Response to a Crisis’ category.                                                                 the Awards and to King & Wood Mallesons for its
                                                         revolutionise how charities are funded in this country.
                                                                                                                   ongoing commitment to wpg and for hosting the
In a year when so many other forms of fundraising
                                                         Distinguished Panel of Judges                             2020 Awards ceremony. We hope that we can come
ceased immediately, or were severely curtailed, we
                                                         Our distinguished panel of judges had the very            back together in person in 2021 to celebrate the
have seen that, if workplace giving (wpg) donors
                                                         difficult task of evaluating the excellent entries. On    support that wpg provides to so many amongst
retained their jobs, they continued to donate from
                                                         behalf of the sector, we sincerely thank:                 us in need.
their pay. The latest ATO data from FY 2019 shows
that there were 201,237 donors up by 19,781 from         •	Wendy Scaife, Judging Chair, Associate Professor       As 2020 draws to a close, on behalf of the WGA team
the previous year. This is a dramatic increase from         & Director, The Australian Centre for Philanthropy     and directors, please allow me to wish you the very
FY 2018 and is the seventh year of consecutive              & Nonprofit Studies at QUT                             best for the festive season and I hope that you and
growth. Pleasingly, there was a huge 22% increase                                                                  your loved ones continue to be well. I’m sure you will
                                                         •	Judy Barraclough, Head of Strategy & Philanthropy,
in the number of employers offering wpg to 5,382                                                                   join us in our hope that 2021 is a better year for us all.
                                                            The Smith Family
employers. (More information on the FY 2019 ATO
data is included on Page 5).                             •	Dan Creasey, Head of Pro Bono & Community
                                                            Impact, King & Wood Mallesons
There is always more to be done and we encourage
all organisations who entered the Awards to share        •	Sarah Davies, CEO, Philanthropy Australia
their stories and encourage their partners and           •	Natalie Egleton, CEO, Foundation for
suppliers to also take up wpg. Doing so will of course      Rural & Regional Renewal

2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                            Page 2
2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors

                                    Wendy Scaife
                                    Associate Professor & Director,
                                    Australian Centre for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Studies at QUT
                                    Judging Chair
Many people giving a little to lots, often.             At such a time, to report 60+ Awards entries and        The largest area for future learning the judges
                                                        some real innovation coming through as a theme          agreed was setting specific objectives and
It’s a winning formula and the essence of workplace
                                                        is particularly heartening. People are busy, time       demonstrating the related measurable results, and
giving and the annual Workplace Giving Excellence
                                                        is short and I applaud those who have prioritised       also celebrating the link to payroll giving that is at
Awards. The wins come for the community by way
                                                        reviewing and celebrating these programs.               the heart of most programs.
of predictable, steady revenue for charities and
those they serve. They come for organisations           Several standout features from this year’s Awards       Thanks go to the Awards authors, the many
that act on their corporate values in this way and      include:                                                partners and individuals who make up this activity
become valued and often better workplaces in turn.                                                              in companies and charities across the nation, the
                                                        •    Informed opportunism and – dare I say the word
The wins too are there for individuals who give                                                                 Workplace Giving Australia crew, the experienced

                                                             – ‘pivoting’ – especially to online engagement
in convenient, easy, feasible ways, heightened by                                                               judging team and to the organisations and leaders
shared impact with colleagues and often matched         •    A sterling response to the Best Employer

                                                                                                                achieving so much good and leveraging all they are
giving by companies.                                         Response to a Crisis category – most apt and       to do more for their communities.
                                                             much needed
This intrepidly growing part of Australia’s giving
ecosystem is important in any year. Blend in post-      •    Elements such as gamification adding to

                                                                                                                       Keep well, keep positive
bushfire alongside COVID and all its social, physical
and economic permutations, and giving through           •    More examples of ‘focused’ activities such as
                                                                                                                          and keep giving!
workplaces takes on a whole new significance. We             corporate Giving Days
all know charitable revenue has been stretched
by service demand and the loss of donations and         •    Genuine evidence of staff giver and partner care

volunteers.                                                  in stretched times

                                                        •    Innovations such as Corporate Giving Circles,

                                                             and magic spun from low budgets

                                                        •    Championing workplace giving beyond an

                                                             individual organisation.

2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                       Page 3
2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors
Thank you
 A sincere thank you for the support, knowledge and expertise of
 this year’s Awards judging panel.

      Wendy Scaife                                   Dan Creasey                       Judy Barraclough                     Mark Pearce
                                          Head of Pro Bono & Community Impact       Head of Strategy & Philanthropy       Chief Executive Officer
         Judging Chair
                                                 King & Wood Mallesons                    The Smith Family                Volunteering Australia
      Associate Professor
          & Director

     The Australian Centre
      for Philanthropy &
       Nonprofit Studies
            at QUT

                                                   Natalie Egleton                         Sarah Davies                 Simon J. Robinson
                                                  Chief Executive Officer               Chief Executive Officer                  Director
                                          Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal       Philanthropy Australia        Corporate Citizenship Australia

2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                       Page 4
2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors
Workplace Giving Data FY2019

 HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE LATEST ANNUAL ATO* DATA                                                                                                                   MILLENNIALS ARE
                                                                                                                                                               THE MOST INVOLVED
 996 more employers                                19,781 new donors          $5 donation increase
        22% increase to 5,382                            Now 201,237 giving    Average donation $215 p.a.

                                                                                                                            Millennials aged under 34 are the largest group of
                                                                                                                            workplace givers.
                                                                                                                            Research shows millennials want their employer to
                                                                                                $                           offer involvement in something bigger.

                                                                                                                                                               WORKPLACE GIVING
                                                                                                                                                               MAKES AN INCREDIBLE

GROWTH TREND CONTINUED                                                                                                      Since 2003, over $700m of new funding distributed.
 $50m                $ donations                                                        Significant increases               Since 2010, funds donated have grown 90%.
                     Number of donors

                                                                                                                190k                                           THERE IS HUGE
                                                                                                                                                               TO DO MORE
 $40m                                                                                                           180k

                                                                                                                            33% of working Australians now have access to
                                                                                                                170k        workplace giving, but only 5% participate.
                                                                                                                            If participation doubled to 10%, charities would receive an
                                                                                                                            additional $40m p.a. – even more with matching.
  $0m                                                                                                           0
     FY2015                           FY2016                     FY2017        FY2018                       FY2019
                                                                                                                       *Workplace Giving Australia is grateful for the ongoing support of the Australian Taxation
                                                                                                                       Office (ATO) in generously sharing de-identified data about workplace giving trends.
     Note: Exceptional one-off SME donations in FY15 removed.

 2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                                                       Page 5
2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors

2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards   Page 6
2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors
                                              Public Sector Program

                                              Results + Impact                                              •	As a state owned organisation, Sydney Water’s
                                                                                                               community program is highly scrutinised as it is
                                              •    Workplace giving (wpg) participation rate of 13.2%
                                                                                                               spending taxpayer’s money. They have a thorough
Sydney Water A clear                          •    Average annual donation per employee of $636                policy in place and tools that support the delivery of

objective to put the                          •    Matched amount $526 per employee                            the program. They use Good2Give’s payroll donations
                                                                                                               and grants platforms, including their Fundraising@
customer and community                        Overview + Highlights
                                                                                                               work partnership with GoFundraise.
at the heart of everything                    •    As Australia’s largest water utility, Sydney Water’s     •	Their program is introduced to staff during induction,

                                                   vision is to create a better life through world-class
the organisation does                              water services. They supply over 5 million people
                                                                                                               where they can opt-in to any of their community
                                                                                                               activities. The communication approach is top
underpins the success                              across Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains and the               down, bottom up. The leadership team champions
of the workplace giving                            Illawarra with drinking water, water and storm              the programs and they are supported by all levels
                                                   water services. They have 2,754 permanent and
program                                            approximately 2,500 contractor staff who work
                                                                                                               of management, team champions and staff in the
                                                                                                               graduate program.
From the Judges                                    across corporate offices, and 28 service depots and
                                                                                                            •	Sydney Water provides two days of volunteer leave
                                                   water filtration and water recycling plants.
“Impressive that a focus on workplace                                                                          and their 200+ volunteers average around 1000
giving continued despite so much              •    Sydney Water’s wpg program’s objective is to                hours per year. In 2019, Sydney Water’s Community
                                                   provide an equitable opportunity for staff to give
disruption, including a change in                                                                              Grants program awarded $80,000. In addition, they
                                                   back to causes that are close to their hearts. This is
leadership, COVID and the severe                                                                               have 50 portable water stations which are loaned to
                                                   enabled through a multi-pronged approach to giving
drought.”                                                                                                      community organisations, schools, and councils for
                                                   which includes support for two corporate charity            use at community events.
                                                   partners – WaterAid and Orange Sky, payroll giving,
                                                   which is matched by Sydney Water, volunteering,
                                                   annual and emergency relief appeals, community
                                                   grants, personal fundraising and team based charity

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                               Page 7
2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors
                                              Pro Bono / Workplace Volunteering

                                              Results + Impact                                                   •    7-Eleven employees are involved with industry visits

                                                                                                                      and attend AMES Impact Day activities. AMES staff
                                              •    CEO & Board members are actively engaged and
                                                                                                                      participate in 7-Eleven group recruitment activities and

                                                   supportive of AMES activities
7-Eleven Australia and AMES                                                                                           this is recognised as staff professional development.
                                              •    Regular weekly communication to staff encourages
Australia provide migrant                                                                                        •    The commitment to the partnership is firmly led by

                                                   participation in volunteering with AMES
students with experience of

                                                                                                                      the 7-Eleven Chair who takes a personal interest in the
                                              •    Increased volunteering participation rate to 33% through
the Australian workplace as a                 	
                                                                                                                      program along with the CEO and senior leadership
                                                                                                                      team. AMES brings important insights and learnings of
pathway to employment                         •    Workplace giving for AMES is matched                               multiculturalism that is a significant part of 7-Eleven’s
From the Judges                               •    Dedicated community investment manager within                      business model.
“Love the Board involvement. Good                  7-Eleven                                                      •    Virtual volunteering during COVID has been successful

participation rate at 33%.”                   •    All employees are entitled to 1 day a year for volunteering        and has enabled an increase in participation and helped
                                              Overview + Highlights                                                   expand the volunteering to interstate teams.

                                              •    7-Eleven is Australia’s third largest private company. The
                                                   national office of 580 employees supports the 700+
                                                   stores in neighbourhoods across VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD
                                                   and WA. The business is made up of more than 450
               Watch the Video                     small family-owned businesses, many from multicultural
                                                   backgrounds, who are proud to be part of their local
                                              •    The partnership with AMES is helping migrant students
                                                   learn and experience the context and language of the
                                                   Australian workplace. It is helping AMES in their teaching
                                                   of employability skills and is informing their work on
                                                   major government contracts.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                           Page 8
2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors
                                              Pro Bono / Workplace Volunteering

                                              Results + Impact                                                   Overview + Highlights
                                              •	Accenture has achieved 50% of employees participating           •	Accenture is a leading global professional services
Accenture Rapid action                           in volunteering efforts in 2020, and increased pro bono            company, providing a broad range of services in strategy,
in adapting programs to                          participation by 75% on the previous year. Despite the             consulting, digital, technology and operations.
                                                 challenges of COVID, employees have contributed 9,133
help nonprofit partners and                      hours of pro bono work and 15,440 hours of volunteering
                                                                                                                 •	The agile response to multiple disasters has helped boost
                                                                                                                    participation and focus efforts to organisations most in
communities during 2020’s                        to more than 150 different community organisations.                need and/or supporting local communities.
multiple crises                               •	Accenture delivered on the promise of technology and            •	MakingADifference is the one-stop platform for
From the Judges                                  human ingenuity by using technology to engage their                employees to donate, fundraise and participate in
                                                 people. In response to the bushfires, they quickly built           Accenture coordinated initiatives and propose and
“MakingADifference - the one-stop
                                                 a community of more than 200 volunteers to leverage                participate in their own events, as well as record their
platform for workplace giving and                skills across their whole organisation and to develop              volunteer hours.
volunteering.”                                   an ecosystem with their communities, nonprofits and
                                                                                                                 •	During the bushfires & COVID pandemic, volunteering
                                                 clients. During COVID, Accenture highlighted the ways
                                                                                                                    leave was increased from 1 to 5 days for employees
                                                 people could volunteer virtually to maintain employee
                                                                                                                    supporting these important causes. Donation matching
                                                 engagement and to continue to support the community.
                                                                                                                    was increased to 100% matching for bushfire and COVID
                                              •	Pro bono support helped the Australian Red Cross to                related causes, projects and partners.
                                                 work across 110 evacuation centres across the country,
                                                                                                                 •	In late May, a Social Innovation Challenge was launched
                                                 supporting them operationally to assist those people
                                                                                                                    to help nonprofit partners manage the significant impact
                                                 most impacted.
                                                                                                                    COVID was having on their programs. From 18 entries,
                                              •	Accenture’s network of 100 Corporate Citizenship                   4 successful project ideas were funded through this
                                                 champions and 350 Sustainability Squad members                     program, delivering solutions for their partners ABCN,
                                                 cascade messages across the business and run events                Eat Up Australia, Australian Red Cross and TupuToa (NZ).
                                                 and campaigns. Accenture Leadership communicate and
                                                                                                                 •	Corporate citizenship is embedded in Accenture’s
                                                 encourage participation as part of regular ‘All Hands’ calls.
                                                                                                                    culture. It’s a pillar of their Responsible Business strategy
                                                                                                                    and is intrinsically embedded in everything they do.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                           Page 9
2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards - Celebrating the most outstanding workplace giving programs in Australia - One Million Donors
                                              Pro Bono / Workplace Volunteering

                                              Results + Impact                                                 •	Deloitte’s Bushfire Support Finder helped those
                                                                                                                  affected to understand the grants and other assistance
                                              •	5,027 staff participated in the FY2020 Impact Day (out
                                                                                                                  opportunities available to individuals, businesses and
                                                 of 9000 staff)
Deloitte Australia’s firm-wide                                                                                    communities. Deloitte prioritised its efforts based on
                                              •	The Accelerate program delivers skills workshops for
contribution of skills,                          nonprofits
                                                                                                                  community advice.
knowledge and funding in                      •	The FY20 community contribution of $31m included
                                                                                                               •	Impact Day 2019 was their biggest ever with more
response to the bushfire                         $11.76m pro bono, $16.1m skilled and traditional
                                                                                                                  than 5000 of their people at 500 events. Many Impact
                                                                                                                  Day events focused on education, employment and
crisis delivers record levels                    volunteering ($10.32m skilled, $5.78m traditional), $1.73m
                                                                                                                  opportunity. Climate change related events were also
of social impact                                 in donations, dollar matching and support
                                                                                                                  on the list of charity causes in which their people were
                                              •	Deloitte’s total bushfire response amounted to more than         passionately engaged.
From the Judges
                                                 $3 million of in-kind, commercial and volunteering support,
“Good participation rate, commitment                                                                           •	During Workplace Giving Month, Deloitte held a series of
                                                 including more than $500,000 in pro bono services
via Steering Committee, deliberate                                                                                highly popular charity Zoom events in which members
                                              •	The firm was able to coordinate their efforts and work           of their family of charities – OzHarvest, The Smith Family,
and intentional response to COVID,
                                                 across federal and state government agencies                     Many Rivers, The Garvan Institute and BeyondBlue
and gave data for results.”
                                              Overview + Highlights                                               – presented their on-the-ground experiences of the
                                              •	Their five-pillar Social Impact Program includes: Pro            pandemic in Australia.
                     Impact Day 2019             Bono projects, Local Signature (special one-off events),      •	Deloitte global disaster recovery experts and former
                                                 Mentoring, Crisis Response and Impact Accelerate.                US FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
                                                 Impact Day is a feature event that encourages employees          worked closely with the National Bushfire Recovery
                                                 to access their one day of paid leave to make an impact          Agency to help define and roll out the response. They
                                                 in the community.                                                committed to auditing the Australian Red Cross Disaster
                                              •	The firm-wide crisis response has enabled their people           Relief & Recovery Fund; auditing Fire Fight Australia, a
                                                 to use their time and expertise to help on the frontline of      national concert for bushfire relief attended by 70,000+
                                                 bushfires, COVID, floods and other disasters.                    people that raised over $9m for bushfire relief and
                                                                                                                  providing tax and legal assistance to Andrew Forrest’s
                                              •	A Steering Committee of key leaders in the firm was
                                                                                                                  Minderoo Foundation’s $70m donation to the bushfire
                                                 established to coordinate the bushfire response and
                                                                                                                  relief fund.
                                                 work at national, state and local levels to target effort
                                                 according to the areas of greatest need.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                      Page 10
                                              Pro Bono / Workplace Volunteering

                                              Results + Impact                                              •	Pathways In Technology (P-TECH): A global education
                                              •	IBM offers global pro bono and volunteering programs
                                                 that are deployed across 40 nations                        	In 2020, Australian IBMers have supported the 13 P-TECH
IBM Australia The breadth                                                                                     schools across Australia by regularly mentoring students,
                                              •	A long-standing program to support employees who
and depth of IBM’s workplace                     volunteered with the NSW State Emergency Service and
                                                                                                              acting as guest speakers and supporting IBM site visits.
pro bono and volunteering                        the NSW Rural Fire Service was increased to offer up to    •	Blue Day Out annual volunteering day for all employees.
provides staff with                              20 days of paid annual leave                               	In October 2019, IBMers volunteered for Beach Clean-
opportunities to give back to                 •	The IBM Service Corp employee pro bono consulting            up, Red Cross Blood donations, grant writing for various
the community                                    program is a feature of the partnership with the Taronga     nonprofits, fence repair in regional communities and
                                                 Conservation Society (TCS). A dedicated team of IBM          warehouse duties for various nonprofits.
From the Judges                                  volunteers are providing pro bono consulting to the        •	Blue Good Fund to support volunteering in local
“IBM Australia offers up to 20 days              TCS on the issue of the estimated three billion animals       communities
paid volunteering leave to employees             impacted by the recent bushfires. Scoping work is well     	In its first year, grants from the fund were provided to a
who are SES and NSW RFS                          underway to enhance data and analytics insights related      range of local community projects with IBMers providing
volunteers”                                      to TCS’s Breed and Release programs                          technical and volunteering support. Examples include:
                                              Overview + Highlights                                         		    –	Surf Life Saving QLD for the purchase of safety
                                              IBM.org is IBM’s global online platform for all things                cameras
                                              volunteering and Corporate Social Responsibility. IBMers      		    –	Rebuilding of fences following the ACT bushfires
                                              can find volunteering opportunities, donate to charities
                                                                                                            		    –	Mentoring of primary school students as part of a
                                              of their choice, record their volunteering hours, apply for
                                                                                                                    global robotics competition
                                              community grants and read about IBM’s investment in
                                              community according to their region and local issues in
                                              focus. There are three structured programs available:

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                  Page 11
                                              Launch / Refresh (Employer)

                                              Results + Impact                                                •	AIC also took their responsibility to grow wpg beyond
                                                                                                                 their own team and implemented an awareness raising
                                              •	The workplace giving (wpg) program began in 2017
                                                                                                                 approach for their sector. This work will continue in
Australian Investment                         •	In 2019, Lunch n’ Learn sessions with charity partners
                                                                                                                 the years ahead and has the goal to encourage more
                                                 were launched
Council Lunch n’ Learn                                                                                           member organisations to get programs up and running.
                                              •	Staff participation grew from 45% to 83%
sessions with charity partners                                                                                •	AIC created a video on the benefits of wpg encouraging
                                              •	The average donation amount grew from $186 to $462
almost doubles employee                                                                                          AIC’s members to get involved – this video was
participation and triples the                 Overview + Highlights                                              presented at AIC’s annual gala dinner with over 500
                                                                                                                 guests attending.
average donation amount                       •	The Australian Investment Council (AIC) is the peak
                                                 national body and leading voice of private capital
From the Judges                                  investment in Australia. With a team of 12, the reach
“This program uses a strategic and               goes beyond their own staff to Australia’s leading private
focused approach and has the                     equity firms; venture capital firms; private credit funds
potential to leverage other corporate            and institutional investors such as superannuation and
workplace giving efforts.”                       sovereign wealth funds and leading financial, legal and
                                                 operational advisers.
                                              •	AIC refreshed its wpg program by adding special
                                                 Lunch n’ Learn sessions with their charity partners. These
                                                 sessions allowed staff to connect with the work of their
                                                 charity partners in a more meaningful way. Immediately
                                                 after the sessions, staff were provided with a hard copy
               Watch the Video                   form and emailed a soft copy form and were encouraged
                                                 to donate whilst the stories were top of mind.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                 Page 12
                                              Launch / Refresh (Employer)

                                              Results + Impact                                               •	Refresh relied on four key principles; 1-on-1
                                                                                                                communications, building awareness with ongoing
                                              •     Achieved top 5 status with a company-wide
                                                                                                                reinforcement of key messages, leveraging key

                                                    workplace giving participation rate of 72%
Bain & Company A clear                                                                                          moments of change within the business (e.g.
                                              •     99% of the senior leadership team involved
goal to be one of the top 5                                                                                     promotions periods), continue to leave staff the choice
                                              •	Very high average annual donation amount
workplace giving programs in                     per employee of $660
                                                                                                                of how to spend their money.
the country, combined with                                                                                   •	The focus of the communications campaign was as
                                              •	Workplace giving (wpg) has become part                         much on delivery of the message as on the message
a highly effective company-                      of the Bain DNA                                                itself. They wanted to present wpg as the default
wide communications                                                                                             mindset, rather than a potential add-on. They also
campaign ensures success                      Overview + Highlights                                             ensured that everyone in the firm heard the message
                                                                                                                by sharing it at all face-to-face staff meetings
From the Judges                               •	Bain & Company is a global management consulting
                                                                                                                and communicating through a variety of channels
“A focused and strategic campaign.               firm. The firm is located in 59 offices across 37
Communication was also highly                    countries. In Australia, Bain has offices located in
                                                 Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and has 320 staff.                 – Digital messages on TV screens in all offices
strategic using the influence of
                                                                                                                – Messages in the weekly firm-wide newsletter
peers and an authentic expression             •	In 2019, staff participation was 57%. In 2019, a goal was
of impact.”                                      set to be one of the top 5 programs in the country.            –C
                                                                                                                  harity messages and profiles on their internal
                                              •	A committee of volunteers across the firm developed a           workplace social media platform
                                                 plan, which was endorsed by their Managing Partner.
                                              •	The strategy involved analysing what percentage
                                                 of staff at different levels were giving, engaging
                                                 champions across every level of seniority and at
                                                 every office location, and executing a multi-faceted
                                                 communications campaign.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                  Page 13
                                               Launch / Refresh (Employer)

                                               Results + Impact                                              •	Working with unions and staff helped create a simplified
                                                                                                                sign-up process and the ability to change existing
                                               •	Since launching the campaign of a centralised
                                                                                                                donations. New starters also received information
                                                  workplace giving (wpg) program on 1 July 2020,
Tomago Aluminium A solutions                      Tomago has achieved a participation rate of 64%, an
                                                                                                                during their new starter induction and are now
approach to creating a unified                    increase of 8% in just two months
                                                                                                                automatically signed up to wpg once they sign their
workplace giving program                       •	In the last 12 months over $188,000 has been raised
                                                                                                                employment contract.
bringing together staff,                       •	Average annual donation amount per employee is $172
                                                                                                             •	Each year, employees are invited to nominate their
                                                                                                                favourite charity. Staff are then asked to vote and
employers and unions                              with $94 being matched
                                                                                                                determine the charities that will be the current year’s
From the Judges                                •	New starters received information during their new            recipient. Although they have a small committee
                                                  starter induction and are automatically signed up once        overseeing the process, it’s the employees who decide
“Very impressive result of 64%
                                                  they sign their contract                                      which charities will benefit.
participation. It was well planned,
resourced and utilised all avenues to          •	Dedicated communications strategy reflecting the           •	A major component of the re-launch campaign was
                                                  unique challenges of a large workforce in a 24/7              a targeted communications strategy to highlight the
effectively communicate. It had all the
                                                  operation                                                     importance of giving back to the community. The
hallmarks of a real re-launch. Bringing
charity partners in to morning teas            Overview + Highlights                                            phrase ‘You know it’s worth it’ was used to motivate and
with staff is a powerful way of                •	Tomago Aluminium is an aluminium smelter in                   engage staff.
demonstrating impact and making                   Newcastle that has been operating since 1983. The          •	The communications focused on key messages for non-
the experience of giving have real                company contributes $1.5 billion annually to the              members (encouraging membership) and to members
meaning.”                                         Australian economy, of which $800 million is spent            (to increase donation amounts) plus consistent
                                                  locally. Tomago employs 950 staff (full-time equivalent)      goal setting and sticking to a schedule. Also by
                                                  as well as 190 contractors.                                   communicating their success to the workforce to show
                                               •	Tomago’s 2020 Workplace Giving Fund objective was             that they really can make a difference.
                                                  to create a simple and centralised wpg program and
                                                  bring together two existing programs. The aim was
                                                  to bring efficiencies and focus, attract new members
                                                  to give and increase the average donation amount of
                                                  existing members to a targeted $3 per week.

     2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                 Page 14
                                              Launch / Refresh (Charity)

                                              Results + Impact                                                  •	There were four project phases:
                                              •	Year on year workplace giving (wpg) income growth of              –	Phase 1 – Determine scope: pro bono support
                                                 11.6% in FY19/20                                                     was sought from Bain & Company (Bain). With
The Smith Family exceeds                                                                                              support from Bain and WGA, a strategic review was
                                              •	Increased wpg income by $143,000
industry average growth                                                                                               conducted looking at how TSF could double its wpg
                                              •	Three new wpg partners added
through targeted strategy                                                                                             income in five years.
development and execution                     Overview + Highlights                                                –	Phase 2 – Data analysis: three years of wpg data was
                                              •	The Smith Family (TSF) is Australia’s leading children’s             analysed and segmented. Interviews were held with
From the Judges                                  education charity helping young Australians in need to               wpg partners to gauge ‘voice of the customer’, drivers
“Great clarity and specificity in                participate fully in their education. Their learning support         and challenges. Interviews were also conducted with
identifying the issues, undertaking              and mentoring programs help children to fit in at school,            the TSF corporate partnerships team to understand
research, developing strategy and                keep up with their peers, and build aspirations for a                wpg confidence and barriers.
implementation. Good clear targets               better future for themselves. They currently support              –	Phase 3 – Prototype: strategic review completed
and measurement and excellent                    around 56,000 students sponsored on their flagship                   providing seven recommendations. TSF corporate
results.”                                        ‘Learning for Life’ program.                                         partnerships’ five-year strategy and value proposition
                                              •	TSF recognised the opportunity to improve their wpg                  was finalised.
                                                 program. There were three drivers:                                –	Phase 4 – Launch and future strategy: TSF
                                                 –	realise better ROI, partner retention, business                   implemented Bain’s recommendations, including
                                                    development opportunities and improve competitive                 training the corporate partnerships team on wpg.
                                                    advantage in the marketplace;                                     Updated all wpg collateral and messaging and rolled
                                                 –	help elevate wpg visibility and performance nationally            out to all corporate wpg partners in time for 2020
                                                    across the sector; and                                            Workplace Giving Month. Team delivered four ‘lunch
                                                 –	a review of TSF’s corporate partnership program                   n learn’ presentations to partners’ employees to
                                                    value proposition indicated that its wpg offering                 support Workplace Giving Month.
                                                    should be reviewed.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                      Page 15

                                              Results + Impact                                                 •	Through a one-off or regular phone call, volunteers and
                                                                                                                  clients were able to have a friendly chat to help maintain or
                                              •	83% of those who received a phone call said that they
                                                                                                                  improve social connection and reduce the stress of isolation
                                                 saw an overall improvement in their wellness due to
Australian Red Cross                             COVID CONNECT
                                                                                                                  until normal patterns of social interaction could be restored.  
In partnership with CBRE and                  •	89% said COVID CONNECT was just what they needed
                                                                                                               •	The calls were made by trained volunteers from
a number of other corporate                      right now and that it’s important to have someone to
                                                                                                                  their corporate partner CBRE. The training and calls
partners, Australian Red Cross                   talk to
                                                                                                                  were made from the safety of the employee’s home.
                                                                                                                  Volunteers could nominate the day or days they were
responded to the needs of                     •	Corporate partner volunteers were involved in making
                                                                                                                  available to make phone calls to those who had signed
socially isolated Australians                    the calls and rated their experience highly satisfying and
                                                                                                                  up via their website or through referrals. The calls were
during the pandemic with                         said that it would make them more likely to volunteer
                                                                                                                  approximately 10 to 15 minutes and provided a one-off
                                                 again in the future
a new community outreach                                                                                          chat or a regular connection.
program COVID CONNECT                         Overview + Highlights                                            •	Australian Red Cross is aware that disasters can happen
providing phone calls to assist               •	Australian Red Cross is building a better society based          all year round and that help is needed to scale up quickly.
                                                 on people helping people. Supplying relief in times              The pandemic has also shown the interconnections of
those in greatest need                           of crisis and care when it’s needed most. CBRE is the            everyone and every industry. The organisation believes
From the Judges                                  world’s largest commercial real estate services and              that we need to leverage the power of humanity to
                                                 investment firm.                                                 support one another through disasters, events and
“Nailed the context and opportunity it
presented to use corporate volunteer          •	When COVID first hit in Australia, CBRE and their                pandemics.
resources to maximum effect, despite             employees wanted to know how they could help. They
hugely challenging circumstances.”               were looking for employee engagement opportunities to
                                                 enable their employees to have direct touchpoints with
                                                 their humanitarian work and those Australians they were
                                                 supporting during the pandemic.
                                              •	Australian Red Cross knew many Australians were
                                                 feeling scared and lonely and they knew that good social
                                                 connections are essential for all aspects of their physical
                                                 and mental wellbeing. As such, they implemented COVID

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                         Page 16

                                              Results + Impact                                                 THANK YOU videos to acknowledge charity partners. The
                                              •	A total of 26 store teams were involved in creating           campaign concluded with video messages from charity
                                                 videos for this campaign in a time when they are busier       partners to say THANK YOU to JB Hi-Fi team members
JB Hi-Fi Authentic and                           than normal and focused on the impact of COVID                for their years of giving.
creative THANK YOU                            •	Helping Hands achieved a 1% increase in participation      •	Beyond the campaign connecting and engaging the
campaign engages staff                           with 467 new team members giving to the program               JB Hi-Fi team during a particularly challenging period,
and celebrates the work of                                                                                     it showcased the agility and resilience of their charity
                                              •	An additional $8,477 (from new member donations and
                                                                                                               partners as they continued to deliver support through
charity partners through                         double matching from the organisation)
                                                                                                               their important work. It helped connect charities with
challenging times                             •	Showcased the work of charity partners across the JB
                                                                                                               their donors in new ways.
                                                 Hi-Fi team in new and exciting ways
From the Judges                                                                                             •	The challenge for JB Hi-Fi became how to find a way to
                                              Overview + Highlights                                            engage their team and promote the benefits of giving
“A standout application because of            •	JB Hi-Fi is an Australian and New Zealand retailer            without expecting more from their already generous
its thinking and heart. The employee,            of consumer goods, specialising in video games,               team members. They wanted to do something to
donor and partner care here show                 electronics/hardware and home appliances. JB Hi-Fi            celebrate wpg and engage their team in a very positive,
that all are critical to good, ongoing           has 200 store locations across Australia, employing           fun and engaging way. The intention was to provide
outcomes in wpg and to the important             more than 8,500 staff. Their Helping Hands workplace          store and support office team members with a chance
goals of retaining workplace givers              giving (wpg) program has sustained record levels of           to pause and reflect on their own generous giving, and
and connecting them directly to the              participation year on year.                                   showcase the work of charity partners as they adapted
cause/s.”                                     •	The impact of COVID across the JB Hi-Fi business was          to deliver their services.
                                                 felt most at store levels with team members working        •	Their THANK YOU campaign took into consideration all
                                                 through complexities and fast paced change never              factors, both internal and external, likely to be impacting
                                                 before experienced. This required a rethink on the usual      on their employees’ relationships with wpg in June 2020.
                                                 ‘ask’ often associated with Workplace Giving Month and        Their campaign was run in-house with video content
                                                 instead the Helping Hands Committee said THANK YOU            being created by stores on their phones and edited
                                                 in a simple, clever and authentic way.                        by their Training & Development Leader. Their charity
                                              •	The campaign delivered weekly messages over the month         partners also created video content internally, with a very
                                                 of June. It commenced with a THANK YOU message from           specific brief to create something unique, simple and
                                                 the Committee to wpg donors to celebrate another year         low-cost. This is authentic to JB Hi-Fi and reflects what
                                                 of giving. Store teams were invited to create their own       their team and customers love about their brand.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                   Page 17

                                              Results + Impact                                               •	Giving Circles at Work (developed in conjunction with
                                                                                                                Good2Give and The Centre for Social Impact Swinburne)
                                              •	Over $45,000 was raised for nine charities
                                                                                                                offers organisations an innovative solution to further
Westpac Group An Australian                   •	82% of participants responded positively to the
                                                                                                                engage employees in wpg and address the needs in the
                                                 statement ‘Participating in a Giving Circle in my
first program offering ‘Giving                   workplace made me feel that my work environment
                                                                                                                community that they care about.
Circles’ in the workplace                        enables me to make a positive contribution to the
                                                                                                             •	The Giving Circles at Work trial was an Australian first
drives participation and                         community’
                                                                                                                program for the workplace. The solution was to use
                                                                                                                technology to enable Giving Circles in the workplace
engagement with charity                       •	Donations were matched
                                                                                                                without detracting from the rich experience of
From the Judges                               •	Employees felt their giving was making a significant           participating in a grant making process. It provides a
                                                 difference because they heard directly from the charity        different channel of income for the charities and a unique
“Thorough planning and an innovative
                                                 and could see what was needed                                  learning experience for participants.
concept sees potential for significant
impact. Good to see validated                 Overview + Highlights                                          •	Participants could set up regular payroll donations and
outcomes and partnership in place.”           •	Westpac is Australia’s first bank and oldest company, and      the Giving Circles’ fundraising activities could also be
                                                 one of the largest banks in New Zealand.                       channelled through Good2Give and attract company
     About Giving Circles, including a                                                                          matching.
                                              •	Westpac Group was looking to find new ways to engage
     summary of results from the trial                                                                       •	The Giving Circles provided positive outcomes for both
                                                 its employees in workplace giving (wpg) and to bring
                                                 people together who are passionate about a cause.              Corporate Social Responsibility and HR strategies.
                     Watch the Video             Research published in 2017 recognised the growth in            In the future, Giving Circles could run across partner
                                                 collective giving in Australia.                                companies, creating networks of people with a passion
                                              •	The challenge was to transform these findings to               to bring about social change. Participants could provide
                                                 actionable strategies with tangible outcomes to grow           pro bono services to their charities and volunteering
                                                 giving in Australia. The Giving Circles at Work trial was      opportunities could also be linked to the giving cycle.
                                                 developed to address this need.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                   Page 18
                                               Employer Response to a Crisis

                                               Results + Impact                                                 •	ANZ announced financial relief packages for customers
                                                                                                                   affected by bushfires in QLD and NSW in September
                                               •	ANZ donated $882,200 through workplace giving (staff
                                                                                                                   2019. By mid-November, as fire conditions worsened,
                                                  giving and company matching) to volunteer fire services
ANZ Bushfire appeal                               across Australia, Australian Red Cross, Foodbank Australia,
                                                                                                                   ANZ activated its second response, by encouraging
extended to ANZ’s global                          the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal, St Vincent
                                                                                                                   donations to Australian Red Cross and Foodbank
employees, combined with a                        de Paul Society and WWF Australia
                                                                                                                   Australia through its workplace giving (wpg).
generous corporate response,                   •	Close to $390,000 was raised from employees across
                                                                                                                •	As the wpg program was only available to permanent
                                                                                                                   and Australian employees, it was quickly broadened to
significantly increased the                       the ANZ Group which the company either matched
                                                                                                                   enable all ANZ employees (permanent, contractors)
funds donated                                     dollar for dollar, or double matched if donations were
                                                                                                                   globally, across 33 markets, to participate.
                                                  made directly through payroll giving in Australia
From the Judges                                •	Paid leave was given to employees who volunteered
                                                                                                                •	Non-permanent employees in Australia and overseas
“A very impressive and holistic workplace                                                                          employees could donate to ANZ’s community partners
                                                  in emergency services to ensure staff were financially
giving response, including payroll giving,                                                                         through ANZ’s digital fundraising platform, ‘Shout for Good’,
                                                  supported while they served their communities
corporate donations, volunteering and                                                                              to ensure 100% of donations from Visa or MasterCard
                                               •	$1 million customer support package to those affected
in-kind support. ANZ demonstrated a                                                                                transactions would go directly to chosen charities.
                                                  by the bushfires
commitment to put communities’ needs                                                                            •	Over 50 ANZ employees volunteered to collect
                                               •	ANZ’s digital fundraising platform, ‘Shout for Good’,
first and act flexibly in a time of crisis.”                                                                       donations from the foyers of three of ANZ’s largest
                                                  also facilitated over $2.6 million in donations during the
                                                                                                                   offices across Melbourne and Sydney.
                                                  Bushfire Benefit Concert
                                                                                                                •	As Associate Sponsor of the Australian Open tennis
                      Watch the Video          Overview + Highlights                                               championship, ANZ delayed the launch of its planned
                                               •	Established in 1835, ANZ is among the top four                   marketing campaign by one week as bushfires continued
                                                  Australian banks and top 50 in the world. ANZ operates           to affect communities. Instead, ANZ donated the
                                                  in 33 markets with a purpose to shape thriving                   significant prime-time television advertising space to its
                                                  communities through the priorities of financial wellbeing,       wpg partner, St Vincent de Paul, to help support their
                                                  environmental sustainability and housing.                        bushfire recovery and rehabilitation work.

     2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                        Page 19
                                              Employer Response to a Crisis

                                              Results + Impact                                                 •	Banking and insurance staff provided customer care
                                                                                                                  hardship assistance to those directly impacted and many
                                              •	Australian Unity, in conjunction with the Australian Unity
                                                                                                                  more team members were indirectly involved through
                                                 Foundation and employees, raised $183,772 to support
Australian Unity                                 the bushfire response
                                                                                                                  fundraising activities and other support initiatives.
Multi-faceted bushfire relief                 •	This included $46,911 in employee workplace giving
                                                                                                               •	The Australian Unity wpg program responded to
response with wide-ranging                       (wpg) donations, $36,861 in dollar matching and
                                                                                                                  the bushfire response through dedicated employee
support                                          $100,000 directly from Australian Unity and the
                                                                                                                  fundraising pages and internal media campaigns calling
                                                                                                                  for employees to aid bushfire crisis relief by supporting
                                                 Australian Unity Foundation
From the Judges                                                                                                   the three nominated charities, Australian Red Cross,
                                              •	135 employees registered their volunteer time during and
“An excellent multi-faceted response                                                                              WIRES and Wildlife Victoria.
                                                 since the bushfire crisis, with an estimated value of over
with good outcomes and levels of                 $40,000
                                                                                                               •	Emergency disaster support was offered to any
engagement and volunteering growth                                                                                employees who were directly impacted through
evident. Terrific to see the range of         Overview + Highlights                                               the loss of their home or property, which included
options deployed to staff as well             •	Australian Unity was established in 1840 and is Australia’s      vouchers for essential items, emergency relief
as to clients.”                                  first member-owned well-being company, offering                  payments to help with accommodation or other
                                                 its members and customers health, wealth and care                services, additional paid special leave for up to four
                                                 services.                                                        weeks, unlimited Employee Assistance Program
                                              •	Australian Unity’s response to the bushfire crisis was           support and a dedicated team to help them navigate
                                                 significant and included employee and company                    their immediate response to the crisis.
                                                 donations, employee fundraising and volunteering.             •	In addition, up to four weeks of ‘special paid leave’
                                                 In addition, support was provided to employees and               was provided to staff who were part of the specialist
                                                 customers who were directly impacted by the bushfires,           volunteering agencies including the Country Fire
                                                 including those who lost property and homes.                     Authority, Rural Fire Service and Defence Reservists.
                                              •	Stories of support were shared with staff and customers          This was extended to staff who were required to provide
                                                 via the ‘Connecting with Care’ program. Team members             carers’ support. In addition, Australian Unity customers
                                                 were motivated by the activities their colleagues were           were also supported through premium relief and the
                                                 doing with aged care and retirement residents, which             prioritisation of payment of claims for eligible health
                                                 encouraged more staff to get involved in volunteering.           insurance customers.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                     Page 20
                                               Employer Response to a Crisis

                                               Results + Impact                                                 Overview + Highlights
                                               Bushfires:                                                       •	KWM is a global top-tier law firm headquartered in
                                                                                                                   Asia. In Australia, it has over 1600 employees across
King & Wood Mallesons                          •	Two staff appeals raised over $113,000 (including
                                                                                                                   the country. The firm responded to both the COVID
                                                  matching by KWM)
From Chefs to Solicitors, King                                                                                     pandemic and the bushfire crisis, which was also
                                               •	KWM supported with a $350,000 donation to five
& Wood Mallesons (KWM)                            organisations
                                                                                                                   supported through KWM’s workplace giving program,
has thrown its firm’s resources                                                                                    Dig Deep®.
                                               •	Team members participated in a virtual ‘Relief Run’, with
behind supporting two crises –                    $2,700 donated to Australian Red Cross
                                                                                                                •	KWM provided a comprehensive and meaningful
the Bushfires and COVID                        •	Provided free legal advice to KWM’s community partners
                                                                                                                   response to the two crises and drew on all the resources
                                                                                                                   available to the firm to support those in need. There
From the Judges                                   in areas such as taxation, privacy, data protection, risk        was a mix of specialist pro bono legal support, team
                                                  management, insurance and employment law                         fundraising and hands on volunteering.
“Good activation of the workplace
giving program, Dig Deep®. Impressive          COVID:                                                           •	The response was targeted at supporting KWM’s
to see KWM utilising their full ‘arsenal’      •	Provided over 1,200 hours of pro bono support (valued            existing community partners, which meant team
– from legal expertise to catering staff          at over $578,000) and advice on over 35 COVID pro                members already had an understanding of their work
to letter writing, combined with solid            bono matters for KWM’s community partners, including:            and confidence that their donation would be spent
team fundraising, staff giving and                – Four secondees joined Community Legal Centres to              effectively.
company matching.”                                  help on the frontline                                       •	KWM was also able to effectively adapt to a new way
                                                  – Provided three COVID legal updates as part of the firm’s      of working and was able to deliver virtually exceptional
                                                    Impact Masterclass series for community partners               programs such as:
                                                  – Over 7,000 meals prepared by over 12 KWM volunteers           – TalkLaw® - KWM’s signature community legal
                                                    in the hospitality team                                          education initiative
                                                  – 50 staff volunteered to assist Australian Red Cross           – KWM School of Opportunity – a social mobility
                                                    make over 4,000 calls for socially isolated Australians          program for young people experiencing disadvantage
                                                    as part of its COVID CONNECT service
                                                  – 10,000 face masks had been donated to the firm. Four
                                                    team members packaged them up and sent them to
                                                    community partners on the frontline

     2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                     Page 21
                                              Employer Response to a Crisis

                                              Results + Impact                                                    delivered by their community partners increased, but
                                                                                                                  corporate volunteering support was no longer available
                                              •	Over $183,000 donated during the crisis
                                                                                                                  as ‘work from home’ was implemented. The immediate
Origin Energy Foundation                      •	Despite the COVID crisis, Origin maintained staff
                                                                                                                  priority was to come up with creative and innovative
                                                 participation in both payroll giving and volunteering. In
Leadership support and                           fact, donations by Origin employees increased 9% from
                                                                                                                  ways for Origin team members to support. Two highly
creative execution helped                        the previous year
                                                                                                                  innovative volunteering programs were developed.
workplace giving donations                    •	With company matching, $930,212 was donated in
                                                                                                               •	300 ‘Origin families’ participated in the SolarBuddy
                                                                                                                  Family Pack program and assembled 1,500 individual
increase, even in a time of                      FY19/20, $100,000 more than in the previous year
                                                                                                                  SolarBuddy lights to be sent to children living in energy
crisis                                        •	Despite work from home restrictions, an innovative               poverty enabling them to read and study after dark.
                                                 employer-charity partnership with SolarBuddy provided            The CEO of SolarBuddy said that the support of Origin
From the Judges
                                                 Origin’s capable and purpose-driven employees an                 Energy Foundation was ‘literally oxygen’. Solar Buddy
“The application has incredible depth            outlet to offer meaningful support. 300 ‘Origin families’        delivered an online ‘thank you’ session for Origin families,
and demonstrates a mature and                    built 1,500 SolarBuddy lights for children living in energy      giving them the opportunity to see how and where the
authentic culture of giving connected            poverty                                                          solar lights will be delivered. As a result of external media
to Origin’s purpose.”                         •	Throughout the crisis, Origin volunteers made daily calls        coverage, SolarBuddy received enquiries from other
                                                 to people living in social isolation                             corporates and over 50 orders from individual families.
                                              Overview + Highlights                                            •	In addition, around 100 Origin volunteers actively
                                              •	It quickly became evident that the COVID crisis would hit        participated in the Australian Red Cross’ COVID
                                                 Origin’s community partners hard. They were concerned            CONNECT program. Team members from across the
                                                 that regular workplace giving donations would decrease,          country made thousands of calls to socially isolated
                                                 so the Origin Energy Foundation quickly reassured                Australians. The appreciation has been overwhelming,
                                                 employees that they would continue to match their                with one client saying that the Red Cross calls had ‘saved
                                                 donations. Contrary to expectations, donations were              her sanity’.
                                                 significantly higher than for the same period last year       •	Throughout the pandemic, Origin’s employees have
                                                 and the number of employees donating via payroll                 enthusiastically embraced opportunities to get involved
                                                 increased by 46% year on year.                                   and continue to donate their time and money to the
                                              •	Cancellation of face-to-face volunteering in mid-                community.
                                                 March had an immediate impact. The need for services

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                       Page 22
        Working wonders
                                              Charity and Employer Partnership
          for sick kids

                                              Results + Impact                                               •	EVENT wpg funds help support the Foundation’s Juiced
                                                                                                                TV program which is made by kids in hospital. Juiced
                                              •	45% of Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited
                                                                                                                TV provides an innovative and exciting way to engage
                                                 (EVENT) staff participate in payroll giving
Children’s Hospital                                                                                             patients, families and EVENT employees. Juiced TV
                                              •	EVENT’s workplace giving (wpg) program has donated
Foundation QLD with Event                        over $1,228,880 to the Children’s Hospital Foundation
                                                                                                                content is shared at EVENT’s staff inductions. EVENT
Hospitality & Entertainment                      QLD since 2007
                                                                                                                Cinemas assist with the annual Juiced Awards where kids
                                                                                                                and their families involved in Juice TV dress up to walk
Event Hospitality &                           •	EVENT staff fundraising, volunteering and in-kind              the red carpet and celebrate the achievements of Juice
Entertainment donates                            support has resulted in lifelong impact for both the           TV’s season. EVENT staff work with Juiced TV patient
over one million dollars to                      Foundation’s patients and families                             presenters and their families to provide movie reviews of
Children’s Hospital Foundation                Overview + Highlights                                             family films. EVENT also supports Juiced TV by providing
                                              •	EVENT is a leading entertainment, hospitality and leisure      hotel accommodation when needed.
From the Judges
                                                 company operating in Australia and New Zealand.             •	EVENT’s wpg donations also help sponsor the Hospital’s
“Great partnership rationale and                                                                                Kidzone playroom.
                                              •	EVENT is committed to protecting and giving back to
synergy, with strong planning. There
                                                 the communities in which it operates through a focus on
is high engagement and donors see
                                                 sustainability, fundraising and diversity. The Children’s
the impact of their donations.”
                                                 Hospital Foundation QLD helps sick and injured children.
                                                 The Foundation became an EVENT wpg charity partner
                     Watch the Video             in 2007 and in 2011 was selected as EVENT QLD’s
                                                 corporate charity partner via a tender process.
                                              •	The partnership seeks to address the areas of greatest
                                                 need within the Queensland Children’s Hospital in line
                                                 with EVENT’s brand mission and values. Holding young
                                                 people, technology, entertainment, innovation and fun
                                                 at the centre of their shared strategy enables a clear
                                                 direction for both parties.

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                  Page 23
                                              Charity and Employer Partnership

                                              Results + Impact                                                  and they encourage employees to ‘opt in’ to wpg and
                                                                                                                choose from 29 charities. ANZ’s target for ‘Learning
                                              •	41% increase in the number of ANZ employees supporting
                                                                                                                for Life’ sponsorship via wpg is incorporated into their
                                                 The Smith Family through workplace giving (wpg)
The Smith Family with ANZ                                                                                       ‘Financial Wellbeing’ public target ‘to enable social and
                                              •	ANZ’s wpg donations increased from $84,050 to $220,123
Shared value partnership                                                                                        economic participation of 1 million people by 2020’.
                                              •	20 additional children sponsored by ANZ employees
seeks to enhance the                                                                                         •	Understanding ANZ’s CSR strategy and finding the
financial capability of                       Overview + Highlights                                             alignment to TSF’s vision was the first important step
                                                                                                                in creating the partnership. TSF’s mission to help young
Australians in need                           •	The Smith Family (TSF) is Australia’s leading children’s
                                                                                                                disadvantaged Australians succeed at school to create
                                                 education charity helping young Australians in need
From the Judges                                  to participate fully in their education. They are on           better futures for themselves has clear links to ANZ’s
“Really good nomination. Strong                  the ground in 91 communities, working with nearly              ‘Financial Wellbeing’ agenda. In addition to sponsoring
alignment of values and excellent                700 partner schools across Australia. Around 56,000            ‘Learning for Life’ students through wpg, many ANZ
                                                 students are sponsored in TSF’s flagship ‘Learning for         staff also volunteer to directly support TSF’s education
                                                 Life’ program.                                                 programs being delivered to students and families.
                                              •	Established in 1835, Australia and New Zealand Banking      •	Once the strategic partnership was formed, both parties
                                                 Group (ANZ) provides banking and financial services            defined key partnership objectives and KPIs so that
                                                 to retail, commercial and institutional customers. ANZ         success could be articulated and measured. They created
                                                 is among the top four banks in Australia and the top 50        a wpg plan, communications/media plan and employee
                                                 banks in the world. ANZ’s purpose is to help shape a           engagement activity plan, which included a call to action
                                                 world where people and communities thrive, focusing on         from ANZ’s CEO during Workplace Giving Month. During
                                                 three priority areas: financial wellbeing, environmental       regular catch ups these plans were adjusted to take
                                                 sustainability and housing.                                    account of the changing landscape during 2019/20.
                                              •	ANZ and TSF’s shared-value partnership seeks to             •	Other ways in which ANZ staff supported TSF included
                                                 enhance the financial capability of Australians in             by donating gifts and volunteering to pack for TSF’s 2019
                                                 need. Wpg is engrained in ANZ’s culture with internal          Christmas Toy & Book Appeal and participating in TSF’s
                                                 messaging to employees regarding TSF’s work                    wpg strategic review.
                                                 integrated into Business As Usual activities/initiatives.
                                                 ANZ introduces TSF to employees during on-boarding

    2020 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards                                                                                                                    Page 24
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