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International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen
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Overseas representatives                                                                     Communications Department
The University of Groningen                 universityofgroningen
has a number of overseas
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we work with globally. They                 UniGroningen
are able to provide information                                                              Photography
on studying at the university, as                                                            Jasper Bolderdijk
well as provide guidance on the                                                              Michel de Groot
application process.                This guide describes the academic year 2023–             Wouter Brem
                                    2024 – based on what is known at publication          in September 2022 – and is intended to help              Fotografie Hoge Noorden
                                    you choose your programme at the University              Peter van der Seijde
Visit us                            of Groningen. The university makes every effort
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                                                                                                                         International Guide
University of Groningen             to ensure the accuracy of this guide and will
                                    use all reasonable endeavours to provide the             Sylvia Germes
Academy Building                    programmes and services described within it.             Gerhard Taatgen
Broerstraat 5, 9712 CP Groningen    It cannot guarantee their provisions in the event
                                                                                             Silvio Zangerini
The Netherlands                     of circumstances beyond our control (such as
                                    change in government policy or a lack of demand).
                                    All information published in this guide is subject to
                                    change and no legal rights may be derived. While
                                    the University of Groningen makes every endeavour
                                    to ensure the accuracy of the information presented
                                    in this guide, it cannot be held liable for any errors
                                    or inaccuracies you may find.

                                                                                                                            open academic community – since 1614
International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen
          Admissions information
          For information about a particular
          programme, contact the relevant
          faculty or visit the website
          programme page.


          Ways to find out more
          Our guided visits include a tour
          with a current student and
          the opportunity to meet with
          someone from your chosen faculty.
          To book a visit, contact us at

          International visits
          Find out where you can meet us
          in your country or at an online or
          virtual event.

          Chat with a student
          Do you have a question about
          studying at the University of
          Groningen, about one of our
          programmes or about student life
          in Groningen or Leeuwarden?
          Send a message to one of our
          current students and they will be
          happy to answer all your questions
          and help you on your way!


          UG student blog
          Discover more about student life
          and studying at the UG first hand
          from our student bloggers.


                University of Groningen
                University of Groningen
International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen
Open Days                       Content
                                          Facts & figures                                          2
                                          Studying in the Netherlands                              4
  Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023             How will you be taught?                                 6
    Web classes                           Life at the UG                                          8
    Online taster courses for             Our locations                                           10
    Bachelor’s applicants.
                                           Groningen                                              10
    More information:                  Leeuwarden                                             14
                                          Accommodation                                           16
                                          University fees and living costs                        18
  Saturday 29 October 2022
                                          Supporting you                                          22
    Bachelor’s Open Day
    Open day for prospective              Life beyond study                                       24
    students who want more                Advancing your career                                   26
    information about our Bachelor’s      Groundbreaking research                                 28
    degree programmes.
    More information:
                                          Studying a Bachelor’s at the University
                                          of Groningen                                           30
  21–25 November 2022                     English-taught Bachelor’s degrees                       32
    Master’s Week                         How to apply to a bachelor’s degree
    Information event for (prospective)
                                          programme at the University of Groningen                34
    students who want more
    information about our
    Master’s degree programmes.           MASTER’S
    More information:                     Studying a Master’s degree at the                University of Groningen                                 36
                                          English-taught Master’s degrees                         38
  30 January – 3 February 2023            PhD/Graduate Schools                                    46
    Online Bachelor’s Week                How to apply – Studielink                              48
    A week of information sessions
    for prospective students.

  20–24 March 2023
    Master’s Week                          Covid-19
    Information event for (prospective)
    students who want more                 This guide describes the 2023–2024 academic
    information about our Master’s         year based on the knowledge and expectations
    degree programmes.                     held in August 2022. At the time of publication
                                           the UG has been fully open since March 2022.
  Friday 14 April 2023                     Organising and partaking in large-scale events is
                                           possible again, as are teaching activities in large
     Bachelor’s Open Day
    Open day for prospective students
    who want more information
                                           It is not know what effect Covid-19 will have on the
    about our Bachelor’s degree
                                           2023–2024 academic year. Up-to-date information
                                           about the Covid-19 situation at the university can
                                           be found at

International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen
International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen
Founded in 1614          Over 180 English-taught
                         degree programmes

Youngest city in         Nurtured 4 Nobel
the Netherlands          Prize Winners

60,000 students in       66th in the world
Groningen                – ARWU Shanghai Ranking (2022)

One of the top 100       150,000 alumni
universities worldwide   worldwide

Over 25% international   21 alumni chapters
students from 120+       globally

International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen
Studying in the Netherlands
    There are two main types of universities in the Netherlands – research
    universities and universities of applied sciences. Research universities,
    such as the University of Groningen, offer highly academic, research
    oriented programmes that focus on specific subjects. Universities of
    applied sciences are more professionally oriented and designed for those
    looking to enter a particular career upon graduation.

    Research universities                 University of Groningen                  Our degrees are designed to
    There are fourteen research           The University of Groningen is           inspire you to think indepen-
    universities in the Netherlands.      among Europe’s top institutions in       dently and develop your own
    A bachelor’s programme usually        the field of academic research, with     opinions at an early stage in the
    takes three years to complete         the internationally renowned, ground-    study programme. Active learning
    and typically does not include        breaking research undertaken by          methods are not only more
    work experience, with master’s        our staff contributing to all areas of   stimulating than the traditional
    programmes lasting one or two         society. By choosing to study at the     lecturing style, but are also proven
    years. You will be studying a range   University of Groningen, you will be     to help students develop their
    of subjects before you specialise     joining a well-established, globally     problem solving, critical thinking,
    and, although the emphasis is         networked community where you            communication and interpersonal
    on academic study in a research       are encouraged to take the initiative    skills, which are highly sought
    environment, our graduates forge      through independent study and            after by most employers.
    successful careers both within and    research.
    outside the research community.

International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen

10 reasons why
Groningen is the
best place to study
in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small
country but has quite a few
research universities, a lot of
which are top-ranked. However,
in my honest opinion, Groningen
is the absolute best city to study
in the Netherlands, and here are
10 reasons why:

 1 A large amount of English-
		 language degrees
 2 The international atmosphere
 3 Great education
 4 Young vibes
 5 There is always something
		 to do
 6 Geographically well located
 7 A great city to stay fit
 8 Groningen is very hip
 9 Exchange possibilities
10 A safe and green city

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our student blog.

International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen
How will you be taught?                                                               Honours College
                                                                                          The main aim of the Honours
    Study year                                 Self-study
                                                                                          College is to develop talent and
    The year is broken down into 4 blocks,     Alongside lectures, tutorials and
                                                                                          initiative and gives motivated
    each lasting 10 weeks. In each block,      group work, you will also be expected
                                                                                          students the opportunity to
    students follow specific courses for       to carry out self-study activities, such
                                                                                          challenge themselves even more.
    7 or 8 weeks, and in the remaining         as working on your assignments or
                                                                                          It offers an interdisciplinary
    2 or 3 weeks of the blocks, exams          doing your readings ahead of lectures
                                                                                          programme that is followed
    are held. This means that there are        or tutorials. The time you spend on
                                                                                          alongside the regular bachelor’s
    generally 4 exam sessions per year.        independent study will depend on
                                                                                          or master’s degree programme
                                               the programme you are enrolled
                                                                                          (additional 45 ECTS bachelor’s
    Lectures                                   in. All full time programmes expect
                                                                                          and 15 ECTS master’s). In the
    Lectures are given in all programmes       students to spend 40 hours per week
                                                                                          Bachelor’s Honours Programme,
    and usually last around two hours,         on their courses, which means that
                                                                                          the emphasis is on greater
    although some may be longer. The           if you only have 10 hours of class per
                                                                                          depth and breadth, while the
    lecturers will provide information on      week, you are expected to spend
                                                                                          Master’s Honours Programme is
    a specific subject or theme related        30 hours of self-study.
                                                                                          geared towards the development
    to your course and based on the
                                                                                          of leadership skills. Students
    reading material.                          Free Online Dutch Classes
                                                                                          accepted onto an Honours
                                               European Council research suggests
                                                                                          Programme can participate
    Seminars                                   that 90% of Dutch people speak
                                                                                          without paying extra tuition fees.
    Seminars are interactive classes,          at least basic English, with the
    involving a small group of students        Netherlands ranked in first place
                                                                                          More information:
    and facilitated by a tutor. In class you   globally for English language skills.
    will be expected to participate in the     Therefore, you do not necessarily
    activities and present on topics that      need to speak Dutch in order to
    have been covered in your lectures.        study and live in the Netherlands.
                                                                                          Scan the link to read some of
    Since the group is smaller, you will       It is still a good idea to sign up for
                                                                                          our student testimonials.
    have the chance to ask questions           our Introduction to Dutch MOOC
    and hold discussions with your             (Massive Open Online Course). The
    fellow students and your seminar           UG also offers free Dutch classes,
    professor.                                 up to 125 teaching hours over five
                                               courses, which will take you up to
                                               B1 Dutch.
International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen
ECTS                                    amount of hours of work necessary      BLOG
The European Credit Transfer System     to complete the course. Each
(ECTS) is a method of measuring         academic year comprises 60 ECTS
                                                                               What Dutch grades
your study programme as academic        with a full bachelor’s degree being
currency. ECTS is used all over         180 ECTS, and a master’s degree        actually mean
Europe and enables you to easily        ranging from between 60 ECTS to
compare study programmes and            120 ECTS.                              Many international students come
transfer your academic qualifica-                                              to the Netherlands with very high
tions from one educational insti-       Grading system                         expectations of the university
tution to another. Its aim is to make   Exam grades in The Netherlands are     but also of themselves. It is only
programmes and the performance          based on a 10-point system: 1 is the   natural that you want to do well in
of students of higher education         lowest, and 10 is the highest mark.    your studies and show off some
more transparent and comparable         The passing grades range from 6        good results to your friends and
European-wide, and to replace           (satisfactory) to 10 (outstanding).    family. However, the Dutch grading
or complement the different local       The limit between pass and fail is     system is unique as it is quite
(national) standards within Europe.     5.5, generally rounded to 6. The       strict, which may be a surprise
Courses at the University of            grades 1 to 3 are hardly used and      for some. While students from the
Groningen are generally either          the grade 10 is rarely awarded.        UK or the US are used to getting
5 ECTS or 10 ECTS, reflecting the                                              A’s, the Dutch system is geared
                                                                               towards preventing an ‘inflation’
                                                                               of good results which would
                                                                               eventually cause good grades to
                                                                               lose their meaningfulness.
                                                                               So what do Dutch grades actually

                                                                               0 – 5,4 =   Nice try, but you’ll
                                                                               			         have to go again!
                                                                                     6 =   All you need
                                                                                     7 =   More than satisfactory
                                                                                     8 =   Great
                                                                                     9 =   1st place
                                                                                    10 =   Is this even possible?

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                                                                               student blog.

International Guide 2023 entry - University of Groningen
Life at the UG

    Sun, smiling faces and presentations     Welcome to the new International        Rainy Groningen.
    at our Bachelor’s Open Day.              Alumni Ambassadors 2022–2023!              @igotscapes
       @universityofgroningen                   @universityofgroningen

    Pure pride and happiness on graduation   The State of the University 2022 with   Ben Feringa on Tour.
    day. Congratulations Katerina!           the Dutch Solar Racing Team.              @universityofgroningen
       @kat_deli_cious & @drosxito_             @universityofgroningen

    UG student Xandra Velzeboer wins gold    Groningen is filled with gorgeous       The Dutch Minister of Education
    at the Olympics!                         cherry blossoms.                        Robbert Dijkgraaf visits the UG.
        @universityofgroningen                  @toerist_in_eigen_stad                 @scienceandengineering_ug
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Meet our social media reporters      The University Museum and its    Orations in the Academy Building.
Maimoena and Avital!                 beautiful stairway.              Congratulations Dr. Kuiper!
  @universityofgroningen               @teun.ig                         @elskuiper

Daffodils at Zernike campus.         Remembrance Day at the UG.       The lovely Martinitoren!
  @universityofgroningen               @universityofgroningen           @_r_x_c

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day at   Hi Karishma, nice to meet you!   Beautiful Leeuwarden.
the UG!                                 @spatial_sciences_groningen     @perfectlytall
Our locations
     Living in the city of Groningen will place you in the heart of a historic,
     vibrant student city with so much on your doorstep. A year in Groningen
     includes festivals in our parks, numerous sporting activities and bustling
     cafes and terraces.

         Residents (2021)

     1   Groningen is the largest and
         oldest city in the Northern
         Netherlands with its own inter-
         national airport.

     2   The city of Groningen is the
         capital of the province, which
         also bears the same name.

     3   Groningen is home to various
         festivals, including Eurosonic
         (Europe’s largest showcase
         festival), which launched the
         career of artists including Hozier
         and Bastille. Other festivals
         include Noorderzon, a 10 day
         performing art festival and
         StuKafest, where student rooms
         are used as mini concert halls or

     4 Groningen is a city of entrepre-
       neurs and has the second largest
         number of successful startups
         after Amsterdam.

     5 The city has a top-league
       football club, FC Groningen (first
         European team for Luis Suarez),
         basketball team (Donar) and
         volleyball team (Lycurgus).


6 There are many museums
  in Groningen including the
    University Museum, the Science
    Museum and the world famous
    Groninger Museum, which
    has hosted David Bowie,
    David LaChappelle and Rodin

7   With roughly 150km of bicycle
    lanes, it’s no surprise that the city
    is one of the best cycling cities
    in the Netherlands and Europe.
    Around 60% of all travel happens
    by bike and there are more bikes
    than people in Groningen (1.4
    bikes for each inhabitant). It’s
    no wonder that Groningen has
    some of the cleanest air in the

8 Oosterpoort is the largest pop
  music venue in the north of the
    Netherlands. Underground club
    Vera hosted bands like Nirvana,
    Joy Division, Pearl Jam, U2, White
    Stripes and Sonic Youth at the
    start of their careers.

Zernike Campus

                      Groningen City Centre

UG locations                              SSH housing
1  Academy Building                       1    Upsilon
   • University Student Desk                   Antaresstraat 43 – 9742 LA
   • International Service Desk           2    BNC
2 University Library                           Plutolaan 329 – 9742 GK
3 IShop                                   3    Cornus
4 University Museum                            Kornoeljestraat 2 – 9741 JB
5 Oude Boteringestraat                    4    Frascati
   • Faculty of Theology and                   Stationsplein 9 – 9762 AE
		 Religious Studies                      5    Esdoorn
   • Faculty of Philosophy                     Esdoornlaan 274 – 9741 MA
   • Office of the University             6    Moes 8
6 Harmony Building                             Moesstraat 8 – 9717 KM
   • Faculty of Law                       7    Moes 16
   • Faculty of Arts                           Moesstraat 16 – 9717 JT
   • Student Service Centre               8    Albertine Agnesplein
7 Heymans Building                             Albertine Agnesplein 2 – 9717 BD
   • Faculty of Behavioural and           9    Winschoterdiep
		 Social Sciences                             Winschoterdiep 46 – 9723 AC
8 Faculty of Medicine                     10   Blekerslaan
9 University College Groningen                 Blekerslaan 4 – 9724 EJ
10 Bernoulliborg
   • Faculty of Science and Engineering
11 Duisenberg Building
   • Faculty of Economics and Business
12 Mercator Building
   • Faculty of Spatial Sciences
13 Linnaeusborg
   • Faculty of Science and Engineering


         Residents (2021)

     Leeuwarden, the 2019 UNESCO City of Literature (formerly the 2018 European
     Capital of Culture) is where Campus Fryslân is based.

     1   Leeuwarden is full of terraces
         which can be found near the
                                               3 Oldehove, the Leaning Tower
                                                 of Leeuwarden, started to lean
                                                                                          5 MC   Escher was born in the city
                                                                                            in 1898 and is one of the most
         canals that crisscross the cozy          during its construction and has            famous Leeuwarders of all time.
         city centre. Around these canals         had a slight tilt ever since, causing      He was a world renowned graphic
         you will also find museums,              it to lean more than the one in            artist and his mysterious artwork
         restaurants, bars and venues             Pisa.                                      has appeared on the covers of
         where you can listen to upcoming                                                    many books and albums.
         bands, or attend a range of
                                               4 The city was the capital of the
         diverse cultural exhibitions and
                                                 Netherlands from 1584–1747 and
                                                  was home to the royal family, who
                                                                                          6 Blokhuispoort was built as a fort
                                                                                            in 1499 and functioned as the
                                                  lived at Stadhouderlijk Hof.               city’s prison until 2008. It now
     2   Leeuwarden is the start and finish
         of the eleven city ice skating tour
                                                                                             fulfills the role of being the
                                                                                             cultural heart of Leeuwarden.
         which covers about 135 miles and
         takes place on the canals that
         connect the 11 cities in Friesland,
         the province where Leeuwarden is
         based. With the change in climate,
         the tour is rarely held on ice but
         people have found other means
         to navigate the route – walking,
         swimming and even sailing in a
         solar-powered boat.

Leeuwarden Centre

UG locations                        SSH housing
1 Campus Fryslân faculty building   1   Kanaalstraat
  – De Beurs                            Kanaalstraat 15-139 – 8933 AL
  Wirdumerdijk 34
2 Library
  Blokhuisplein 40
3 Tresoar
  Boterhoek 1

     Whether you are coming to the Netherlands for the first time or you are
     relocating from within the country – finding somewhere to live can be
     daunting. You might be a little apprehensive about leaving behind what
     is familiar, but living in shared accommodation with fellow students can
     give you a great start to university life. The new friends you make in those
     first few weeks will often remain friends throughout your time at university
     and beyond.

     A place to call home                      Community                                   Websites
     The University works with SSH XL          Communal areas help create a sense
     to provide accommodation for inter-       of community and ensure a friendly
     national students under 30 with the       and sociable environment. They              Information on house-hunting and
     residences spread throughout the          represent a great place to meet             living in Groningen
     city of Groningen.                        new friends.
     Great location                            Housing in Leeuwarden                       Accommodation website for
     All accommodation is located within       It is relatively easy to find housing       students wishing to find student
     10–15 minutes by bike from the            in Leeuwarden when compared to              housing in Groningen
     University of Groningen faculties and     looking for accommodation in other
     the city centre.                          Dutch student cities. Find more   
                                               information about accommodation             Accommodation tips
     All inclusive rent                        in Leeuwarden via:
     Including all utility bills, Wi-Fi,       
     maintenance, communal cleaning                                                        Blog on how to find a home in
     (e.g. kitchen areas).                                                                 Groningen

      Very important advice – Start looking for accommodation early
      The start of the academic year is always an extremely         become available at the start of May and are usually
      busy period throughout the Netherlands and it can be          fully booked within a few weeks. In addition, availability
      difficult to find a room in many Dutch student cities.        and choice within the private rental market become
      Over 20,000 students will also be looking for somewhere       increasingly limited the longer you wait. Prices can also
      to stay in the city of Groningen at the same time as          increase when there is a shortage of rooms in the city.
      you. Therefore, finding accommodation is a priority and       You can also consider looking for accommodation in
      you should reserve a room as early as possible. For           a nearby city or town in the north of the Netherlands.
      example, if you are starting your studies in September,       Most locations are within a comfortable travelling
      we strongly advise that you begin actively looking for a      distance from the Central Station in Groningen and can
      room in April, or earlier. It is also wise to apply to your   be reached by regular public transport. Examples are
      degree programme at the University of Groningen in            the city of Assen (only 17 minutes by direct train) and
      a timely manner and avoid waiting until the 1st May           the city of Leeuwarden (34 minutes by direct train).
      deadline, as this will delay your search for accommo-         If you have not found accommodation before August 1,
      dation. The ‘reserved’ rooms within SSH properties            we strongly advise you not to come to Groningen.
                                                                                  Top Tips for
When do I apply for                      How long will my
accommodation in Groningen?              contract be?                             finding housing in
The booking system opens around          In Groningen, SSH offers Short           Leeuwarden
the start of May. The specific dates     Stay accommodation to UG
will be posted on the SSH website.       students. You will receive a             Every major city in the world, from
                                         contract for a minimum of 1 month        Shanghai to New York, is currently
How do I apply?                          to a maximum of 12 months,               facing a housing shortage. This
Once you receive your letter of          depending on the period of               is a well known worldwide fact.
acceptance (provisional, conditional     study in your first year.                Luckily for you Leeuwarden isn’t
or unconditional) from the university,                                            as overpopulated as Shanghai or
you can register on the website          How do I pay my rent?                    New York City so it should be a You will be             Rent is paid at the start of the         little easier. In order to try to make
informed that the application has        month by bank transfer or direct         it easier for you I’ve outlined some
been sent to the university and          debit. Other options are also            housing lessons that I have learned
we will check and approve your           available.                               while searching for housing
application. This can take up to two                                              throughout my student years.
working days.                            Is there a deadline
                                         for accommodation                        •   Start Early
Can I choose where I live?               applications?                            •   Check Out Websites
Yes.                                     There is no deadline. However,           •   Join Facebook Groups
                                         once all rooms have been                 •   Call Agencies
How are rooms allocated?                 reserved, it is no longer possible       •   Do your Googles
Once you are registered, you can         to be assigned a room.                   •   Be Persistent
choose and book a room in the                                                     •   Be Careful
‘my SSH’ portal. Rooms are               Costs and other information
allocated on a first come, first         Up-to-date information on                Scan the QR code to read our
served basis meaning the first           the various accommodation                student blog.
person to book will be offered the       offered by SSH on behalf of
room. Please be aware that once          the University (including the
the rooms are gone there is no           all-important costs) is available
waiting list.                            on the SSH website at
How do I reserve my room?
Once you have reserved your
accommodation, you will need to           Disclaimer:
                                          The University of Groningen is not
pay a down payment and this will
                                          responsible for finding accommo-
vary depending on the type of
                                          dation, this is the responsibility of
room and duration of your rental          the student.

University fees and living costs
     The fees you pay and the support you are entitled to will depend on whether
     you are classed as an EU/EEA or non-EU/EEA student, which usually
     depends on the passport you hold. Our tuition fee information is up to date
     and provides you with an idea of what you will be paying for the first year of
     your programme.

     How do Groningen and
     Leeuwarden compare
     with other Dutch cities?
     Both cities have many advantages
     which make them cheaper places to
     study compared to other university
     cities. These include:
     • compact cities therefore you
        won’t have to travel far between
        the university buildings, city centre
        shops and your accommodation.
     • both are known as cycling cities
        with bicycle-only routes – the fact
        it is all flat makes cycling a great
        deal easier.

     Tuition fees 2023–2024
     The University of Groningen tuition
     fees for regular degree programmes
     depend on government regulations
     and are the same for Dutch and
     European Union/European Economic
     Area citizens (all EU countries plus
     Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
     and Iceland).


		                                                                        Tuition fees
All bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes                             €      2,209
University College Groningen and
University College Fryslân                                                €      4,380

* The EU/EEA tuition fees listed in the International Guide give an indication based on
  the tuition fees of recent years. The 2023 EU/EEA tuition fees had not been confirmed
  at the time of publication of this guide. Please check for
  up-to-date tuition fee information.


		                                                                        Tuition fees
Bachelor’s programmes
Medicine                                                                  €    32,000
University College Groningen and University College Fryslân               €    13,093
Science and Engineering                                                   €    15,080
All other international Bachelor’s degree programmes                      €    10,189

Master’s programmes
Arts and Humanities                                                       €    14,570
Behavioural and Social Sciences                                           €    16,201
Campus Fryslân                                                            €    16,201
Economics and Business                                                    €    16,201
Law                                                                       €    16,201
Medical Sciences – Human Movement Sciences; Sport Sciences                €    18,850
Medical Sciences – Research Master's                                      €    18,850
Medical Sciences – Dentistry, Medicine                                    €    32,000
Philosophy                                                                €    14,570
Science and Engineering                                                   €    18,850
Spatial Sciences                                                          €    16,201
Theology and Religious Studies                                            €    14,570

** The non-EU/EEA tuition fees listed in the International Guide give an indication based
  on the tuition fees of recent years. The 2023 EU/EEA tuition fees will be confirmed by
  faculties from November 2022. Please check for up-to-date
  tuition fee information.
There are a number of ways in
     which you can pay your tuition
     fees and this information can be
     found on the university website.
     If your fees will be paid by a
     recognised financial sponsor such
     as an overseas government, charity
     or international business, we can
     invoice your sponsor directly for
     your tuition fees.

     Please note that we cannot invoice
     members of your family for your fees.

     More information
     Dutch Ministry for Education,
     Culture and Science Education
     Office (DUO)

     More information

Funding and scholarships
In recognition of the outstanding
talent of many international students,
the University of Groningen is
committed to attracting, supporting
and rewarding the best students by
offering a number of scholarships.
Alongside our own scholarship
programmes, there are a number
of available scholarships via
external national and international      LIVING EXPENSES
                                         Essentials			                                                    Cost per
                                         				                                                             calendar year
                                         Study costs        Textbooks, readers, photocopies               €    780
                                         Housing            Rent (including energy, internet bills,
                                         		                 excluding administration costs and security
Living expenses                          		                 deposit of approximately one month rent)      €   6,000
For the 2022/23 academic year,           Telephone          Sim cards or a telephone plan                 €    300
the University estimates that living
                                         Food and drinks    Groceries, etc                                €   2,400
costs will be approximately €11,000
                                         Travel expenses    For students who not have a Dutch
– €14,000 per year (excluding tuition
                                         		                 OV-travelcard                                 €    750
fees). These estimates are for
12 months and include accom-             Insurance          Healthcare, third-party, fire and theft
modation, utility bills, food, books,    		                 insurance                                     €   1,440
clothes, travel, mobile phone and        Additional costs   Clothes, sports, relaxation etc.              €   1,880
social expenses.                         Total costs 			                                                  € 13,550

Supporting you
     Studying at university is exciting but it can also be demanding. At the
     University of Groningen, you will have a wide support network including
     mentors, study advisors and tutors who will be available to help and advise
     you on various aspects of your student life.

     Study advisors                               As another option there are also         BLOG
     Each study programme has one or              several online resources where you
     more study advisors who act as your          can find a variety of information
                                                                                           Uni resources you
     first point of contact for questions         including new vacancies, careers
     or problems before and during the            workshops and networking events.         should know
     study programme. You can go there
     if there are extraordinary circum-           More information                         As university students, we are
     stances, in case of disability or illness,                                            mostly unaware of the vast
     for information about the binding                                                     majority of resources that are
     study advice (BSA) and your study                                                     available to us. Sure, we might be
     planning. He/she can also help               Student Service Centre                   familiar with a few, such as our
     you with questions about your                The Student Service Centre (SSC)         study advisors and the computers
     programme, such as the study                 is the centre of expertise in student    available to use all over campus…
     programme and the choices you                counselling at the University of         but the services that the university
     can make within it. But also if you          Groningen. The student counsellors       provides extend way further than
     just need a listening ear, the study         of the SSC work from an independent      that. This blog will show you the
     advisor's door is open for you.              position of trust and are in most        ins-and-outs of all the resources
     Conversations with a study advisor           cases the contact point where you        provided by the University of
     are always confidential.                     can request educational and exami-       Groningen, divided into 4 major
                                                  nation facilities. For example, if you   categories: academic resources,
     Contact your study advisor                   experience barriers because of an        career resources, wellbeing/
                                                  illness or a functional impairment.      health resources, and other various
                                                  If, during your studies, you have        resources. Let’s get started!
                                                  study-related complaints (such as
     Career services                              stress) or psychological complaints      Scan the QR code to read
     Our Career Service offers a wide             (such as anxiety or depression), you     our student blog.
     range of services to make you                can contact one of the psychologists
     more employable and to provide               at the SSC. Courses and training
     you with development opportunities           programmes related to study skills
     in preparation for the graduate              development, stress management,
     employment market. There are a               personal development and more are
     range of professionals on hand               organized by the trainers of the SSC.
     including student counsellors,
     coaches and student psychologists            More information
     offering guidance throughout your
     programme to help you consider
     your career options and develop the
     skills and experience you will need.

Life beyond study
     Students at the University of Groningen have a wide variety of social
     and sporting opportunities for life outside of class. There are plenty of
     opportunities for you to try new things at the university, as well as develop
     your talents through fantastic events, sporting activities and networking

     Faculty and study                        Sports
     associations                             At the University of Groningen,          Sports facilities at
     Most faculties have one or more          we know how much staying fit             Campus Fryslân
     study associations that allow you to     and active can help your studies.
     socialise and network with others        Groningen has the ACLO as the            If you are studying at Campus
     doing a similar programme to you.        overarching student sports organ-        Fryslân in Leeuwarden, you can
     These associations are often made        isation home to 100 sports clubs.        use the sports facilities offered
     up of Dutch and international            The ACLO (founded in 1945) is the        by Leeuwarden Student City for a
     students and arrange presentations       largest student sports organisation      small yearly fee. There is a choice
     from professional organisations and      of the Netherlands and represents        of different sports, including
     potential employers, as well as organ-   the Groningen students’ sporting         basketball, futsal, swimming and
     ising social events and outings.         interests at a national level. For a     kickboxing.
                                              fee of just € 59,95 per year, you will
     Student associations                     join 19,000 others who have access
     Student-run associations offer           to sports and activities including       More information
     you the opportunity to meet other        water polo, African dance,     
     students during your time in UG.         bouldering, basketball and rugby.
     Activities range from regular jazz
     festivals by the Groningen Student
     Big Band, to public speaking training    More information
     offered by Nexus (Faculty of Law)
     and events run by the Amnesty
     Student group. Groningen also has
     a lively chapter of ESN (Erasmus
     Student Network), who run an
     introductory week for International

     More information

BLOG                                 BLOG

Student                              Exploring the ACLO
Associations: are                    Sports Centre!
they worth the hype?
                                     The ACLO is the largest student
In this blog, I’d like to take you   sports association in the
through some of the reasons          Netherlands. It is often one of
why joining an association is        the first stops for any student in
a good way to ensure you live        Groningen who is interested in
your best student life alongside     getting together for a team sport
your academic commitments!           or just wants to get in shape at
Generally, joining a student         the gym. Underlining the student
association is a great way to        character is the fact that the
connect with new people, share       ACLO is entirely run by students
experiences and learn new things.    from Groningen. For this blog,
In Groningen, you will find 4 main   I met up with Marlon from the
types of associations – study,       ACLO board to get a tour around
student, sports and cultural         the ACLO sports centre, with their
associations – each type differs     main facility located at Zernike
in what they offer students but      campus.
you’ll be sure to find enjoyable
experiences in each.

Scan the QR code to read             Scan the QR code to read
our student blog.                    our student blog.

Advancing your career
     Being an employable graduate in today’s competitive job market
     is about more than just gaining a university degree. Technical
     and analytical skills are highly regarded by employers.

     The University of Groningen strives
     to equip you with:
                                                3 Add  to your CV
                                                  Potential employers are looking        Career Services
     • the ability to think critically about       for people who are good
         difficult problems and to express         at teamwork, and who can              The UG Career Services will
         your opinion in an articulate and         organise themselves and other         support and prepare you to
         effective manner.                         people, as well as manage their       shape the society that you live
     • access to international networks            time effectively. Being involved      in, whichever profession you
         that will broaden your horizons.          in one of the many sporting or        choose to enter. We help you
     • the ability to work effectively as          academic clubs and societies is       to develop strategies to be
         part of a team.                           a good way to learn these skills.     successful in an increasingly
     • the ability to locate, organise and                                               challenging jobs market and
         critically evaluate information from
         multiple sources.
                                                4 We
                                                  Network, network, network
                                                     have a global alumni
                                                                                         support you to think about your
                                                                                         future early in your studies –
                                                   network of 120,000 graduates          including one-to-one sessions
     Graduating with a good degree                 as well as a group of international   with a professional careers
     constitutes the first step towards            alumni ambassadors available to       adviser; drop-in CV checks;
     landing the right job after you               provide insight into “what comes      skills development workshops
     graduate. There are a number                  next” after graduation. Our           and workshops tailored to your
     of ways that the University of                academics also have multiple          degree programme.
     Groningen helps its students to               links and connections, providing
     stand out from the crowd and                  another source of valuable            More information
     gain a competitive edge:                      information.                

     1   A worldwide reputation
         The University of Groningen has
                                                5 ACross-cultural
                                                     global skill-set
         been consistently ranked in the           is a key quality in today’s
         top 100 universities globally.            global environment, so getting
                                                   experience abroad is invaluable.
     2   Get career advice and
         meet potential employers
                                                   We have a large number of
                                                   exchange partners around the
         The University’s free Career              world and bachelor’s students
         Service offers regular work-              can spend part of their degree
         shops and training courses                in a number of institutions
         on career choice, CV writing,             in countries including Japan,
         interview techniques and job              Australia, the USA and Brazil.
         hunting. There are also career
         events through the year that will
         give you the opportunity to meet
         with potential employers and
         learn more about a particular


                                                                               Career Corner
                                                                               As part of our Career Services
                                                                               team, MA student Avital has
                                                                               gathered the best advice for
                                                                               kickstarting your career after your
                                                                               studies. In her blogs, she shares
                                                                               her experiences with topics such
                                                                               as succeeding in job interviews,
                                                                               finding work in the Netherlands
                                                                               and creating an outstanding CV.

                                                                               Scan the QR code to read our
                                                                               student blog.

Graduate destinations
› Shell › United Nations › ABN Amro › AT&T › Ernst and Young › Deutsche Bank › SAP › Deutsche Gesellschaft
für Internationale › Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH › Embassy of Canada › Phillips › Zoological Society of London
› University of Oxford › Unilever › PWC › KPN Consulting › University of Oslo › Eurocham – Indonesia › Honeywell
› AkzoNobel › IOM – UN Migration Agency › Deloitte China › Schlumberger › Boeing › G-Star Raw › Klixar
› Queensland University of Technology › Netherlands Forensic Institute › Culture Papillon › Chevron › Nomura
› BMW Group › Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry › BSi Steel

Groundbreaking research
     The University of Groningen is home to many leading research centres,
     groups and institutes, which tackle a range of global challenges through
     groundbreaking research. Groningen-based researchers collaborate with
     colleagues from all over the world on a daily basis and, as a Master’s student
     at the UG, you will have the opportunity to be involved in this research.

     The University of Groningen’s
     research profile consists of the
     research focus areas of the faculties
     and the selected three societal
     themes of the University: Healthy
     Ageing, Energy and Sustainable
     Society. These focus areas and
     themes are interconnected and
     complement each other, thus
     enabling the University to actively
     undertake research that seeks to
     address major questions in society
     and ensures that our findings can
     have immediate social relevance.
     Our researchers cooperate on
     a large scale with partners from
     business, public organisations and
     the government – both within and
     outside the region. Here are some
     examples of how our researchers          Brain Ageing                           application domains (Genomics,
     work together with a focus on our        The Brain Ageing theme involves        Pharmacology, Instrumentation).
     research themes:                         research that is aimed at under-       The ambition is to combine data
                                              standing the function of the healthy   science and complexity science to
     Adaptive Life programme                  brain and the dysfunctions of the      solve the challenges arising when
     The Adaptive Life programme aims         nervous system with reference          complex systems and big data
     to integrate research into the two       to neurological and psychiatric        collide.
     main forms of adaptation, which are      disorders. Its research also empha-
     a core aspect of any living system.      sises translational collaboration      Fundamentals of
     The research focuses on connecting       between lab-based and hospital-        the Universe
     robotics and other human-designed        based researchers, integrating         Recently launched, the Fundamentals
     adaptive systems; the modelling          different levels of neuroscience       of the Universe hopes to connect
     of cognition and neural networks;        research.                              research across all length scales by
     understanding biological processes                                              using linked theories. These include
     at the molecular level; energetics and   Data Science and Systems               a range from the Planck scale
     metabolism; biomedical and pharma-       Complexity is a research cluster of    (quantum gravity) via sub-atomic
     ceutical research, and understanding     58+ prominent senior researchers       scales (particle physics), to cosmic
     complex systems in relation to large     in a number of basic disciplines       dimensions (cosmology and
     data.                                    (Mathematics, Astronomy, Computer      astrophysics). The research can
                                              Science, Artificial Intelligence,      be grouped into Building Blocks of
                                              Systems & Control) and scientific      the Universe’, ‘the Emergent Universe’
and ‘the Instrumentation Universe’.    Religion and the                        Human Wellbeing
A further groundbreaking series        Dynamics of Culture                     & Biomedical
of research is entitled ‘Elucidating   Religion and the Dynamics of            Materials looks at the widespread use
Malignant Transformation’. The         Culture which examines how              of biomaterial implants in modern
programme aims to translate            political systems and religions         health care. Biomaterials are used in
insights into oncogenesis and          interact as well as their influence     post-oncological surgery, post-trauma
tumour behaviour from basic            on culture and society. This is         recovery and in healing to ameliorate
research into full prevention,         centred around three sub-themes;        the wear caused by advanced ageing.
detection and treatment methods.       ‘The Interrelation of the Abrahamic     Centred around the Kolff Institute, the
The researchers at the Cancer          religions in their formative phases’,   research considers materials science,
Research Center Groningen do           ‘The former and continuing global       medical product development and
this by clarifying the molecular       importance of religion’ and ‘The        clinical evaluation of both biomaterial
mechanisms that determine              relation between Christianity,          implants and extracorporeal support
malignant transformation, with the     philosophy and the public domain,       systems.
ultimate goal being personalised       in the Western world’.
cancer therapy.
                                                                               More information

Studying a Bachelor’s at
     the University of Groningen
      The UG has 36 English-taught bachelor’s programmes,
      some of which have several variants (tracks).

     Numerus fixus programmes                  Binding study advice for
     Numerus fixus programmes are              bachelor’s students
     high-demand programmes which              First-year students at research
     require a selection procedure to be       universities in the Netherlands have
     admitted. Per programme, there are        to earn at least 3/4 of their 60 ECTS
     only a selected amount of available       (credits) during the first year of the
     seats for the most eligible students.     bachelor’s programme. This means a
     The selection procedure consists of       minimum of 45 ECTS of the total 60
     an early admission and an entry test      for that year. This is called Binding
     or assignment, depending on the           Study Advice (BSA) and you will be
     programme. The test, together with        advised in January of your first year
     the candidate’s CV and motivation         about your results and progress and
     letter, will determine whether or not     invited for a conversation with your
     they are fit for the programme.           study advisor. If you are not able
     Since the Numerus Fixus programme         to achieve the 45 credits, you will
     requires more preparation, the            have to discontinue your degree.
     deadline is also earlier. The deadline    Halfway through your first year, you
     for Numerus Fixus applications is         will receive what is called preliminary
     January 15th at 23:59 CET. On April       advice and at the end of the study
     15th, the candidate will be informed if   year you will receive the Binding
     they have received an offer and how       Study Advice.
     they can accept their place on the
                                               More information
     Numerus fixus programmes in English:
     • International Business
     • International Relations and
       International Organisation
     • Artificial Intelligence
     • Biology
     • Biomedical Engineering
     • Computing Science
     • Medicine
     • Psychology

Exchange semester
Studying abroad broadens your
perspective, both academically
and non-academically. We offer
you the opportunity to experience
a different culture, for living and
studying, and to find interesting
academic content outside of the
scope of your regular degree
programme. Going abroad
enhances your career options, as
many employers value an inter-
national experience. In return,
the incoming exchange students
add to the international atmos-
phere within the University of
Groningen, providing you with the
opportunity to learn to work in an
international environment.

                                    BACHELOR’S DEGREES

                                    PROGRAMMES                                                      DEADLINE

                                    BA     American Studies                                         1st May
                                    BA     Art History                                              1st May
                                    BA     Arts, Culture and Media                                  1st May
                                    BA     Communication and Information Studie                     1st May
                                    BA     English Language and Culture                             1st May
                                    BA     European Languages and Cultures                          1st May
                                    BA     History                                                  1st May
                                    BA     International Relations and International Organisation   15th January
                                    BA     Media Studies                                            1st May
                                    BA     Minorities & Multilingualism                             1st May

                                    Economics and Business
                                    BSc Econometrics and Operations Research                        1st May
                                    BSc Economics and Business Economics                            1st May
                                    BSc International Business                                      15th January

                                    Science and Engineering
                                    BSc Applied Mathematics                                         1st May
                                    BSc Applied Physics                                             1st May
                                    BSc Artificial Intelligence                                     15th January
                                    BSc Astronomy                                                   1st May
                                    BSc Biology                                                     15th January
                                    BSc Biomedical Engineering                                      15th January
                                    BSc Chemical Engineering                                        1st May
                                    BSc Chemistry                                                   1st May
                                    BSc Computing Science                                           15th January
                                    BSc Industrial Engineering and Management                       1st May
                                    BSc Life Science and Technology                                 1st May
                                    BSc Mathematics                                                 1st May
                                    BSc Pharmacy                                                    1st May
                                    BSc Physics                                                     1st May

PROGRAMMES                                                 DEADLINE

Medical Sciences
BSc Medicine                                               15th January

Spatial Sciences
BSc Human Geography and Planning                           1st May
BSc Spatial Planning and Design                            1st May

Behavioural and Social Sciences
BSc Psychology                                             15th January

BA    Philosophy of a specific discipline                  1st May

LLB International and European Law                         1st May

Theology and Religious Studies
BA    Religious Studies                                    1st May

University College Groningen
BA/BSc    Liberal Arts and Sciences                        1st May
		                                                         Early bird:
                                                           15th January

Campus Fryslân
BSc University College Fryslän: Global responsibility      1st May
    and leadership                                         Early bird:
                                                           15th January

BSc Data Science and Society                               1st May

                                             More information
Web classes                        

The University of Groningen organises
web classes twice a year, which are
designed to give you a taste of the
first year of study. The web classes
last four weeks and you will undertake
a number of assignments of 2–3 hours
per week.

More information
How to apply to a bachelor’s or
     master’s degree programme
     at the University of Groningen

     Applying to study at university          English language
     can seem like a complicated              requirements
     process and you may have                 You might be required to submit an
     a number of questions.                   English language qualification prior
     Our Student Information &                to being admitted onto a programme.
     Admissions Office is here to             The University accepts a number of
     help you make the application            different qualifications such as IELTS,
     procedure easier. We strive to           TOEFL and C1 Advanced or CPE,
     process standard applications            and if you have studied in certain
     within 10 working days, but              countries before joining us, you might
     please be aware that during              not need to provide evidence of your
     busy periods it can take longer          English language proficiency. If you
     than this.                               are not sure, check the website or
                                              ask the Admissions Office.
     Entry requirements
     You will be able to find up-to-date
     country-specific information on entry    More information
     requirements on our website. This        about how to apply
     will also give you an overview of the
     qualifications we accept but if you
     are not able to find information on
     the website, you can call or email the   Country-specific
     Admissions Office. Some courses          entry requirements
     may require you to submit additional
     information or take supplementary        internationalqualifications
     exams and you can check with the
     Faculty, the Admissions Office or on
     the programme’s web page.

     More information

Do I need to have all my             Is there an application fee?
qualifications/transcripts           From the September 2023–2024
before I apply?                      intake onwards, the UG will
You do not need to have all your     charge an application fee of
qualifications before you submit     €100. This fee applies to
an application. If you have not      applicants with a non-Dutch
yet graduated, or have not yet       diploma. We will only start
received your final diploma, you     reviewing your file after this
can indicate this when applying      fee has been received. The fee is
and provide provisional grades.      non-refundable.

How long will it take for            When is the application
me to get a decision on my           deadline?
application?                         The official deadline for most
We aim to get back to you soon       bachelor’s programmes is
after we receive your applications   1st May. The deadline for selective
and endeavour to make a decision     English language programmes
for bachelor’s applications within   (Artificial Intelligence; Biology;
30 days (excluding selective/        Biomedical Engineering;
numerus fixus programmes).           Computing Science; International
Please be aware that this can        Business; International Relations
take longer when approaching         & International Organisation;
the deadline and if you do not get   Medicine and Psychology) is
a response after 30 days, please     15th January each year.
contact the Admissions Office.

Studying a Master’s Degree
     at the University of Groningen
     The University of Groningen offers a range of study options after your
     Bachelor’s programme, from Pre-master’s to PhDs. There are also a
     number of opportunities to link your UG degree to studies at partner
     institutions around the world.

     Premaster’s                               HBO graduates
     Pre-master’s programmes are bridging      HBO graduates (those who have            Information for
     programmes for students who want          completed their bachelor’s degree at a   applicants with a
     to enter a Master’s programme,            University of Applied Sciences) cannot
     but have certain shortfalls in their      automatically register for a Master’s    non-Dutch degree
     academic background. Once you have        programme at the UG. However, many
     successfully completed a Pre-master’s     of our Master’s degree programmes        Applicants with a non-Dutch
     programme (lasting a maximum              offer graduates of related HBO           degree cannot apply for
     of one year), you can enrol in the        programmes a special Pre-master’s        Pre-master’s programmes directly.
     corresponding Master’s programme.         programme. The most common               You should first apply for the
     During the Pre-master’s you will follow   transfers have standard bridging         regular Master’s programme of
     courses preparing you for a specific      programme, and it is worth noting that   your choice. If your credentials are
     Master’s degree.                          a combination that is less usual does    insufficient for direct admission
                                               not necessarily mean that there is no    into the Master’s programme,
                                               Pre-master’s programme available.        the Admissions Office will assist
                                               In some cases a programme can            you with your registration as an
                                               be tailored to your situation. Please    international Pre-master’s student.
                                               contact the study advisor of your        Please note that not all faculties
                                               chosen Master’s degree to discuss        offer a Pre-master’s programme
                                               your options.                            for applicants with a non-Dutch

                                                                                        More information

Erasmus Mundus
                                                                                   The European Commission has
                                                                                   awarded the prestigious Erasmus
                                                                                   Mundus status to five of the
                                                                                   University of Groningen’s Master’s
                                                                                   programmes. Erasmus Mundus
                                                                                   aims to enhance quality in higher
                                                                                   education through scholarships
                                                                                   and academic cooperation
                                                                                   between Europe and the rest
                                                                                   of the world. The scheme offers
                                                                                   financial support for institutions
                                                                                   and scholarships for individuals.

Master’s                                 Research Master’s/
Master’s programmes at the UG            Top Master’s                              More information
usually combine advanced-level tuition   Research Master’s and Top Master’s
with the completion of a thesis (an      programmes are especially geared
extended piece of writing based on       towards those interested in a research
reading and independent research on      career in academia or beyond. The
your chosen topic) with the super-       additional second year in the two-year
vision of a member of academic staff.    Research or Top Master’s programmes
You will normally be able to choose      offers excellent preparation for a PhD,
from a number of modules so that         and you write a PhD proposal as part
you can tailor your programme to         of the programme. These programmes
what you are interested in. Master’s     are more independent and while you
programmes in Arts and Humanities        will still receive support and guidance
are usually one year with Science        from an expert supervisor, the focus of
and Engineering Master’s being two       your programme will be on your own
years. Upon completion you will be       research work.
awarded a Master of Arts (MA), Master
of Science (MSc), or a Master of Laws    Double Degree
(LLM) qualification; depending on your   Programmes
field of study.                          The University works closely with
                                         strategic international partner
                                         universities to offer joint programmes
                                         that enable you to study in other         BLOG
                                         countries. This means you are also
                                         able to experience different academic
                                                                                   Facilities for
                                         environments, cultures and societies.
                                         When you complete a double degree         Master’s students
                                         programme, you receive an additional      at the UG
                                         certificate and in some cases a degree
                                         from both universities.                   Scan the QR code to read our
                                                                                   student blog.

                                         More information


                                   PROGRAMMES                                                       DEADLINE     DEADLINE
                                   			                                                              EU/EEA       NON-EU/EEA

                                   MA     Archaeology (research)                                    1st May      1st May
                                   MA     Arts and Culture                                          1st May      1st May
                                          Arts, Cognition and Criticism
                                          Arts, Policy and Cultural Entrepreneurship
                                          Art History
                                          Curatorial Studies
                                          Film and Contemporary Audiovisual Media
                                          History of Architecture and Town Planning
                                          Music, Theatre and Performance Studies
                                   MA     Arts and Culture (research)                               1st May      1st May
                                          Cultural Leadership (research)
                                          Arts, Media and Literary Studies (research)
                                   MA     Classics and Ancient Civilizations                        1st May      1st May
                                          Ancient History
                                   MA     Communication and Information Science                     1st May      1st May
                                          Digital Humanities
                                          Information Science
                                   MA     European Studies                                          1st May      1st May
                                          Euroculture (erasmus mundus)
                                   MA     History                                                   1st May      1st May
                                          History Today
                                   MA     History (research)                                        1st May      1st May
                                          Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies (research)
                                   MA     International Relations                                   1st May      1st May
                                          East Asian Studies
                                          European Politics in a Global Perspective
                                          Geopolitics & Connectivity
                                          International Relations and International Organization
                                          International Political Economy
                                          International Security
                                   MA     International Relations 120 ECTS                          15th April   15th April
                                          International Humanitarian Action (NOHA)
                                   MA     International Relations (research)                        1st May      1st May
                                   		     Modern History and International Relations (research)
                                   MA     Linguistics                                               1st May      1st May
                                          Applied Linguistics
                                          Theoretical and Empirical Linguistics
                                          (formally European Linguistics)

You can also read