4U Opportunities A to Z of Employers 2019-2020 Edition - University of Limerick

4U Opportunities A to Z of Employers 2019-2020 Edition - University of Limerick
A to Z of Employers
2019-2020 Edition
4U Opportunities A to Z of Employers 2019-2020 Edition - University of Limerick
A to Z of Employers
2019-2020 Edition
First published 2018
Cooperative Education & Careers Division
University of Limerick


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Web references in this book are intended as a guide for students and graduates. At the time of going to press, all web
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accept responsibility for the views or information contained on these websites. Content and addresses may change
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Introduction									7
How to use this guide           						                   8
Creative job-hunting		                					              8
Useful resources		              						                   9
UL Careers Fair: Thursday, October 3rd 2019		            11

Meet The Employers					                         		       14

Employer Profiles							                                 22
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                      6 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition

Welcome to the 2019–2020 edition of Opportunities 4 U, a guide to some of the career opportunities for UL graduates.
This publication provides information on many organisations targeting UL students for recruitment in 2019. It is also a
guide to the UL Careers Fair, with profiles of the employers who have booked to attend this major event, which will be held
on campus on Thursday, October 3rd 2019 in the UL Sport Arena.

The good news is that graduate recruitment is increasing across most disciplines. Getting your first job can be challenging
but the Irish recruitment market for today’s graduate is buoyant and competitive. We have seen continued improvement
in the graduate employment statistics in recent years. Recent research confirms that relevant work experience is just
as important as academic results when it comes to employers short-listing for interviews. Formal work placements and
internships contribute significantly to the employability skill set valued by employers.

UL graduates can be found in all sectors of the economy and have earned a very good reputation among employers. The
annual Graduate Outcomes Survey 2018 shows that the employment record of UL graduates is 8 per cent higher than the
national average.

If you want to maximise your chances of success, you need to start now and adopt a positive and proactive approach
to the job search. Don’t expect to see your ideal job advertised: take control of your future and contact prospective
employers yourself. This will set you apart from other graduates and it will show your initiative and enthusiasm, qualities
highly rated by employers.

The UL Careers Service, part of the Cooperative Education & Careers Division, organises a full programme of careers
events during your final year to help you make a successful transition into the world of work. Details of all the careers
advisory services available to students can be found on the Careers Website at: www.ul.ie/careers. We encourage you
to use these career resources, polish your job-hunting skills, and make the most of your opportunities during the coming
year. You can arrange to meet with a Careers Adviser any time you would like to discuss your options.

Opportunities 4 U focuses specifically on employment opportunities. The employers in this publication are those who
plan their recruitment campaign in advance – these are the minority. Many employers advertise positions only when they
become available. Ensure that you don’t miss out: register on CareersConnect at www.careersconnect.ul.ie to receive email
alerts of vacancies throughout the year.

I hope you find this publication a useful resource as you make the transition from education to employment.

                             Gavin Connell
                             Head of Careers
                             Cooperative Education & Careers Division

                             September 2019


                                          7 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
How to use this guide                                                 2.   Tailor your application to the job that is on
                                                                           offer. A general CV and cover letter won’t get you
This booklet provides information on over 160                              anywhere – use the job description to identify the
organisations interested in recruiting UL graduates in                     key requirements for the job. Provide evidence that
2019. It is also intended as a guide to the UL Careers Fair                shows your ability to meet the criteria. Keep your CV
(Thursday, October 3rd 2019), with details of employers                    relevant and up to date.
who have already booked to attend. It includes
                                                                      3.   Attend careers events. Careers fairs and on-
information on the careers-related events offered by
                                                                           campus presentations give you a chance to meet
the UL Careers Service to assist you in finding suitable
                                                                           employers and learn what they have to offer and
employment on graduation.
                                                                           what they expect from graduates.
Employer profiles                                                     4.   Think about your network of contacts: CoOp
The employer profiles in this booklet are based on online                  employers, Careers Advisers, professional bodies,
booking forms completed by employers in advance of the                     community organisations, friends and family. Use
Careers Fair. In most cases, additional information can                    every contact you have to find vacancies.
be found on the employers’ websites. Many employers                   5.   Use LinkedIn to build a virtual network. Create
do not specify particular qualifications for their vacancies,              a profile, join relevant groups, search for jobs and
as they are prepared to consider graduates from                            engage in discussions.
many degree disciplines. Where they have specified
                                                                      6.   Find a forum for meeting new people who
qualifications, we have provided details. Throughout the
                                                                           can help your job search. Join a professional
booklet, you will see a system of abbreviations to help
                                                                           organisation, volunteer for community or
you identify the relevant opportunities.
                                                                           professional projects. Extend your current social
Symbol                      Discipline                                     network to tap into new networks.
[ALL]                       All disciplines                           7.   Be realistic. Apply for jobs that interest you, even if
[BUS]                       Business                                       a degree is not essential. Entry-level jobs allow you
[ED]                        Education                                      to gain experience, prove your ability and secure
[ENG]                       Engineering                                    promotions. It is easier to get a job when you are in
[HUM]                       Humanities
[IT]                        Information & Electronics                 8.   Use speculative approaches to identify job
                                                                           opportunities. Don’t rely on advertised vacancies
[LAW]                       Law disciplines
                                                                           alone and don’t restrict your applications to large,
[SCI]                       Science
                                                                           well-known employers. Scan local papers for signs
[HLTH]                      Health Sciences                                of growth, e.g. companies that are expanding, new
                                                                           developments, government tenders and awards.
Look for these abbreviations beside each employer
                                                                           Make contacts before new jobs are advertised.
profile to find out which disciplines the employer is most
interested in.                                                        9.   Do your homework and do it on time. Know
                                                                           who you are targeting and what you are asking for.
                                                                           Develop a persuasive cover letter and follow up
Creative job-hunting
                                                                           with a phone call. Ensure that you meet application
Many jobs are filled without ever being advertised, so                     deadlines. Check closing dates and allow yourself
it is important to know how and where to access the                        enough time. Avoid last-minute panic.
right information! Here are our top tips for sourcing                 10. Be flexible and mobile. Keep an open mind when it
opportunities.                                                            comes to travel and you will have a much larger pool
                                                                          of job opportunities to explore.
1.     Be focused! Make job-hunting your top priority
       this year. If you are organised, systematic and
       professional, you will reap rewards. Target the
       jobs you really want. Remember that one focused
       application is better than 100 half-hearted ones.

                                              8 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
Useful resources                                                   Newspapers
There is a wealth of online information that will be useful
to you in understanding market conditions, identifying             www.independent.ie
the best sources of information, and targeting relevant            www.irishexaminer.com
job or postgraduate study opportunities. We have
selected a number of these that should be particularly
relevant to final year students or recent graduates and            Volunteering
these are listed below.                                            www.activelink.ie
Jobs websites
www.computerjobs.ie                                                Business resources
Further study
www.cao.ie                                                         Entrepreneurship

www.pac.ie                                                         www.enterprise-ireland.com

www.hea.ie                                                         www.isme.ie

www.ucas.com                                                       www.sfa.ie

www.prospects.ac.uk                                                www.gov.ie

Careers resources

                                           9 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
Employers on campus: 2019-2020                                   Why attend presentations?
                                                                 It is advisable to attend as many presentations as you
What is the ‘Graduate Milkround’?                                can, as they provide an ideal opportunity to inform
During the academic year, we invite employers to hold            yourself of the different career options available. They
on-campus presentations as part of their graduate                also provide insight into a company’s policies and
recruitment activity. The term often used for these              recruitment practices. For details of presentations
presentations is the ‘Milkround’. The purpose of these           this semester, check CareersConnect at www.
presentations is to provide first-hand information to            careersconnect.ul.ie
students on the range of career options available in
any particular company. Normally, these presentations            What about other employers?
take place in advance of the application deadline, and           Not all companies who recruit graduates are mentioned
employers outline the selection procedure in detail.             in this publication. We contact hundreds of employers
                                                                 during the summer period, and those who provide
The busiest time of the year, in terms of graduate
                                                                 us with a profile of their graduate requirements are
recruitment activity, is the period from October to
                                                                 included. Others will notify us of vacancies throughout
December. This is because many of the large employers
                                                                 the year and you can keep yourself informed by
commence their recruitment campaign early in the
                                                                 registering on CareersConnect at www.careersconnect.
final year, as competition for good graduates is quite
                                                                 ul.ie. You should also register on gradireland at
keen. These presentations are geared towards final
                                                                 ww.gradireland.com and pick up a copy of the
year or postgraduate students who are actively seeking
                                                                 gradireland directory from the Careers Service in E0019.
employment for when they graduate. Many employers,
however, recruit on a year-round basis, and we continue
to organise presentations in the spring semester.

What to expect at presentations
Details of all presentations are available on
CareersConnect. The format varies, but usually includes
a presentation by the company, followed by a question
and answer session. Many companies bring recent
graduates to speak about their own experiences. In some
cases, the presentations are followed by a reception that
allows students to mingle with company representatives.
The duration of the presentations varies, but most
are over within one hour. Most of these presentations
are quite informal, but some employers, particularly
accounting firms, use the presentations as an integral
part of their selection procedure, and issue invitations
to selected candidates. In these cases, it is advisable to
treat the presentation almost like an interview, and dress

In addition to the employer presentations, some
employers set up stands on campus for a few hours
during the day. They use this opportunity to meet
informally with students and hand out company
information. These are usually located in or beside the
Red Raisin restaurant in the main campus building and in
the KBS reception area. Details are posted in the Events
section of the website and are also available to search on

                                         10 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
UL Careers Fair: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

The Cooperative Education & Careers Division is                         attend the seminar on Applications and Interviews.
organising a major on-campus Careers Fair on Thursday,
                                                                   –    Take along several copies of your CV to give to
October 3rd 2019. The UL Careers Fair has been
operating for over 15 years and has proven to be very
popular with students and employers. There will be 160+            –    Be prepared with a brief introductory sentence
companies participating on the day, making it the largest               for each employer. Relate your degree to their
of any careers fair in Irish universities. The Fair will take           opportunities.
place in the Sport Arena, and will be open to students             –    Ask specific questions about the organisation and
from 12 noon to 4 p.m. Many sectors of employment will                  career opportunities.
be represented, so it should be of interest to all students.
                                                                   –    Broaden your focus to include the less well-known
There will be a dedicated UL Postgraduate Study Zone
                                                                        organisations, as they often have very challenging
where representatives from all Faculties will be available
                                                                        opportunities to offer.
to discuss Postgraduate Study options within UL.
                                                                   –    Ask for business cards or make note of contacts for
What’s it all about?                                                    follow-up discussions.
For those of you who have never attended a careers                 In summary
fair, this provides you with a unique opportunity to
                                                                   The UL Careers Fair is an ideal opportunity to make
meet with a number of employers who plan to recruit
                                                                   contact with a significant number of employers who
UL graduates in 2020. Some of these employers will
                                                                   have real jobs to offer. By preparing for the event, you
also have immediate vacancies to fill. Representatives
                                                                   stand a better chance of using the time and opportunity
of these companies will describe their organisation and
                                                                   effectively. Know what you want from the Fair, know
typical vacancies, with a view to encouraging you to apply
                                                                   what you have to offer, and be prepared to consider
when vacancies arise. In addition to the general graduate
                                                                   everything. This is your chance to make some useful
employers, the Fair will include a Volunteering zone and a
                                                                   contacts and see what opportunities are out there ... SO
Postgraduate Study zone.
                                                                   DON’T MISS OUT!
Why should you attend?                                             Search for Events on www.careersconnect.ul.ie to keep
The UL Careers Fair gives you the opportunity to:                  informed about special seminars: the Employer Spotlight
                                                                   Series and Employer in Residence events.
–   Make personal contact with leading graduate
–   Find out what opportunities are available, what skills
    employers are looking for, and how to impress on
    your application form/CV and at interview
–   Update yourself on employment trends, salary levels
    and training opportunities
–   Decide which organisations you would like to join.

Be prepared!
To make the best of this opportunity, you will need to be
prepared. Few employers will offer you a job on the spot,
but if you make the right impression, this will be to your
advantage at the interview stage. Here are some tips to
help you on the day:

–   Do some research on companies in advance. Read
    the entries in this publication, check the websites,
    and make a list of those that interest you.
–   Find careers seminars and employers on campus by
    searching www.careersconnect.ul.ie
–   For help in preparing a CV or online application,

                                           11 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
BRING COPIES                            COME                              REFINE
OF YOUR CV                              PREPARED                          This should be a chance to refine the
                                                                          understanding you have from your
                                                                          research, not initiating every conversation
                     (Get feedback      You can review the                with ‘what do you do?’ or asking questions
                     beforehand at      exhibitors beforehand.            that you can find answers to online.
                      a UL Career       If you spend a little
                      Service           time getting some
                      CV Clinic).       background on an
                       Know which       organisation, then you
                       employers will   can ask very focused
                       accept them      and specific questions.
                        on the day!

It can be

a long day!

FOLLOW                                   LISTEN                            ASK
                                         carefully to the recruiter
                                                                           the representative
                                         and thank the
                                                                           for contact
                                         recruiter for
                                                                           details. It is
                                         their time.
On email                                                                   important to
or LinkedIn                                                                keep note
and reference                                                              of the company
the fact that you                                                          contacts
spoke at the                                                               name for
careers fair                                                               future
(do this sooner                                                            reference.
rather than later)

                                                                      CAREERS FAIR
DRESS         GO IT                                                      TIME
APPROPRIATELY ALONE                                                      MANAGEMENT
First impressions                          If you’re going with          Allow yourself
are important.                             a group of friends,           adequate time.
                                           split up instead of           Come as early as
                                           cruising around together.     possible. You may
                                           This is your opportunity      need to return
                                           and you need to listen        between classes.
                                           to all the conversations      Typically, fairs are
                                           around you and maybe          busiest during
                                           implement what you hear.      the lunch hour.

                                                                         GET YOUR

                                                                         When you arrive, take a few minutes to
                                                                         review the map and
                                                                         directory for the fair.

 PITCH                                     TAILOR                        PRIORITISE
 PERFECT                                   YOUR CV                       the employers you’re
                                                                         most attracted to.
                                                                         If your schedule allows,
 Introduce yourself and be prepared        Consider do you               you may find it easiest
 to give your “career pitch.”              want to give                  to start with the
 Firm handshake, check for fresh breath,   the same CV                   employers that have
 smile, use eye contact and show           to all or tailor              less appeal for you.
 personality, and ask open questions.      some CV’s to fit              This will allow you to
                                           your very                     hone your approach
                                           top preferences.              and to be most
                                                                         confident when
                                                                         you approach
                                                                         the employers you’re
                                                                         especially interested in.

  TOP TIPS                                                             ul.ie/careers
Meet The Employers
Jobs by Discipline

All Disciplines*

* Many employers do not specify particular qualifications for their vacancies, as they are prepared to consider graduates
from any degree discipline.

Health Sciences

ICT & Electronics


Jobs by Region

Border Region


South East

South West

Northern Ireland


Outside Ireland
Employer profiles
A&L GOODBODY                                                     products, diagnostic tools and medical devices. Home
www.algoodbody.com                                               to nearly 3,000 employees across 9 sites, Abbott in
                                                                 Ireland marks the company’s dedication to developing
                                                                 the highest-quality products and finding lasting solutions
                                                                 to the unique health challenges across the region. We’re
                                                                 committed to developing locally manufactured healthcare
[ALL]                                                            solutions designed specifically for this market—from
Company information: A&L Goodbody is internationally             manufacturing nutritional products that give babies a
recognised as Ireland’s leading law firm with an extensive       strong start to creating diagnostic tools to help physicians
and top class client list, representing household                guide treatment decisions for their patients.Whether we’re
names, financial institutions and international blue chip        developing diagnostic tests to ensure local patients can
corporations. It is a full service ‘all-island’ law firm with    benefit from the latest treatments or creating cutting-edge
offices in Dublin and Belfast and international offices in       products, we’re at the forefront of science and innovation
London, New York, San Francisco and Palo Alto. This firm’s       in everything we do. Abbott has manufacturing facilities
work environment reflects an atmosphere of achievement           and we also have commercial and support facilities:
and excellence. A first class information technology             Clonmel•Vascular Cootehill•Nutrition Donegal •Diabetes
systems and an award winning Knowledge Centre support            Care Dublin •Abbott Ireland •Established Pharmaceuticals
graduate development of its trainee solicitors and allow         •Abbott In Cherrywood Longford •Diagnostics Sligo
them to thrive. A subsidised restaurant, smoothie bar,           •Diagnostics •Nutrition •Nutrition Limited
coffee dock and on site gym contribute to an enjoyable           Graduate vacancies: Abbott Ireland anticipates 101-
working environment. A&L Goodbody offers a range of              125 graduate vacancies in 2019/2020. More detailed
graduate and undergraduate programmes giving students            information on this employer’s graduate vacancies and
the opportunity to experience life with the firm. From           appropriate application procedures is available on the
‘Law-Start’ days to Summer Internships and Traineeships,         employer’s website.
the firm’s programmes support graduates and students             Locations: Cavan, Donegal, Dublin, Longford, Sligo,
in making the right decision about the career journey. The       Tipperary.
culture at A&L Goodbody is collaborative, finding innovative     Who should apply? Business, Engineering, Science.
and commercial legal solutions as a team, and sharing            Application procedure and closing date: Applications are
knowledge throughout all levels of the firm.                     online at www.abbott.ie/careers.
Graduate vacancies: A&L Goodbody anticipate more than            Careers Fair/company presentation: Abbot Ireland will
45 graduate vacancies for the Trainee Solicitor Programme        participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
in 2019/2020. More detailed information on this                  Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes.
employer’s graduate vacancies and appropriate application        ______________________________________________________________
procedures is available on the employer’s website.               ABP Food Group (Louth)
Location: Dublin.                                                www.abpfoodgroup.com
Who should apply? All disciplines.
Application procedure and closing date: Apply online
at https://www.algoodbody.com/careers/trainees-interns.
Applications open mid-August and close October, 13th
2019.                                                            [ALL]
Careers Fair/company presentation: A&L Goodbody will             Company information: ABP Food Group is one of
participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.                             Europe’s leading privately owned agribusiness companies.
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.                 It is the largest beef processor in Ireland and the UK. The
______________________________________________________________   company also operates substantial renewable, pet food
ABBOTT IRELAND                                                   and protein divisions. ABP Food Group employs over
www.abbott.ie                                                    10,000 people and has 46 manufacturing plants in Ireland,
                                                                 UK, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Holland, France and Spain.
                                                                 ABP Food Group is a founding member of Origin Green
                                                                 and the first food company to be awarded quadruple
                                                                 certification by The Carbon Trust.
[BUS] [ENG] [SCI]                                                Graduate vacancies: ABP Ireland anticipate 6–10 graduate
Company information: Since 1946, Abbott in Ireland               vacancies in 2019/2020. ABP Food Group recruits all year
has been dedicated to helping people live healthier lives        around depending on the needs of the business. More
through a diverse range of science-based nutritional             detailed information on this employer’s graduate vacancies

                                          22 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
and appropriate application procedures is available on the         accenture.com/ie-en/new-applied-now.
employer’s website.                                                Graduate vacancies: The vacancy numbers vary between
Locations: Cork. Limerick, Monaghan, Tipperary and                 years. However, it is generally around 200 graduates
Waterford.                                                         across all the graduate programmes. Students from all
Who should apply? Graduate roles from all disciplines.             backgrounds can apply for one of the three streams
Application procedure and closing date: Please submit              available in our graduate programme: Consulting,
CV and Cover Letter to recruitment@abpireland.com.                 Technology or Analytics. More detailed information on this
Careers Fair/company presentation: ABP Ireland will                employer’s graduate vacancies and appropriate application
participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.                               procedures is available on the employer’s website at
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.                   https://www.accenture.com/ie-en/careers/ireland-graduate-
______________________________________________________________     programmes
ACCA                                                               Location: Dublin.
www.accaglobal.com                                                 Who should apply? All Disciplines.
                                                                   Application procedure and closing date: Applying is very
                                                                   easy, just use the online portal https://www.accenture.
                                                                   com/ie-en/careers/ireland-apply-zone on or before the 4th
                                                                   November, 2019
[ALL]                                                              Careers Fair/company presentation: Accenture will
Company information: The Association of Chartered                  participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
Certified Accountants is the global professional accounting        Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.
body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant                   ________________________________________________________________
qualification.                                                     ACI WORLDWIDE
Graduate vacancies: ACCA anticipate more than 200                  www.aciworldwide.com
graduate vacancies in the coming year. More detailed
information on these graduate vacancies and appropriate
application procedures is available on the employer
Locations: All counties and internationally.                       [ENG]
Who should apply? All disciplines.                                 Company information: ACI Worldwide powers electronic
Application procedure and closing date: Further                    payments for more than 5,100 organizations around the
information can be found on the ACCA Job Board: https://           world. More than 1,000 of the largest financial institutions
www.accaglobal.com/acca-registration-intro/personal-               and intermediaries as well as thousands of leading
details.html.                                                      merchants globally rely on ACI to execute $14 trillion each
Careers Fair/company presentation: ACCA will                       day in payments and securities. We are a Global Software
participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.                               Company with headquarters in Naples, Florida and offices
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.                   in over 36 countries. Our Limerick office is situated in the
________________________________________________________________   heart of Castletroy in the National Technology Park. We
ACCENTURE                                                          are achievers, collaborators, innovators. We enjoy the
www.accenture.com                                                  support and stability of a proven company along with the
                                                                   enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up. We
                                                                   benefit from the diversity and expertise of our colleagues
                                                                   all over the world.
                                                                   We work hard. And our dedication is rewarded with
[ALL]                                                              opportunities to learn, grow and build our careers by
Company information: Accenture is a leading global                 collaborating with the best and the brightest in the
professional services company providing a range of                 industry. We are flexible in the way we work and dynamic
strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations           as we respond to the monumental changes in the
services and solutions. Accenture partners with more               payments industry.
than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, driving             We come together with a singular goal—to power global
innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.           commerce through our innovative technology.
With expertise across more than 40 industries and all               Graduate vacancies: ACI anticipate 6–10 graduate
business functions, this firm delivers transformational            vacancies in 2019/2020. More detailed information on this
outcomes for a demanding new digital world. In today’s             employer’s graduate vacancies and appropriate application
business environment, companies need to continually                procedures is available on the employer’s website.
reinvent themselves and at Accenture, the approach is an           Location: Limerick—Our offices here are brand new and
innovation-led one, to help clients “imagine and invent”           include an on-site gym, canteen and state-of-the-art data
their future. Accenture’s Graduate programme offers                centre! Our Limerick site is expanding with 100 employees
something for students from all backgrounds. More                  and counting!
information on this company is available at https://www.           Who should apply: Engineering.

                                            23 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
Application procedure and closing date: If you would             Quality Engineering/Inspection, Manufacture Engineering,
like to join us as we drive payments at the speed of change,     HR, Sales.
visit our careers page and apply today.                          Location: Galway.
https://careers.aciworldwide.com/                                Who should apply? All disciplines.
Careers Fair/company presentation: ACI will participate          Application procedure and closing date: apply online by
in UL Careers Fair 2019.                                         sending CV and cover letter to careers@advantmedical.
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes.                Careers Fair/company presentation: Advant Medical will
______________________________________________________________   participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
ACTION POINT TECHNOLOGY GROUP                                    Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes
www.actionpoint.ie                                               ______________________________________________________________
                                                                 AERO INSPECTION INTERNATIONAL LIMITED

Company information: ActionPoint was founded in
2005 by close friends and technology enthusiasts, David          [ENG]
Jeffreys and John Savage. Frustrated with the standard           Company information: Aero Inspection is an aviation
of technology services they experienced themselves               services company based in Shannon and Singapore.
they set out to build an IT team who could deliver a truly       Providing engine inspections, cabin modification designs,
exceptional service. Back then they had the foresight to         interior and exterior aircraft changes, and re-delivery
see technology as a business enabler – when done right of        management.
course. Their promise was simple; ensure clients had the         Graduate vacancies: Aero Inspection is looking for design
IT infrastructure, systems and support they really needed        engineers to join the team. We seek bright, ambitious
to support their business. David and John now steer one of       engineers who wish to develop aircraft modifications. We
Ireland’s fastest growing technology companies. They have        anticipate 1–5 graduate vacancies in 2019/2020.
built a talented team of business and technology experts,        Location: Clare.
who share their vision and understand the potential that         Who should apply? Engineering.
properly applied technology can bring to business.               Application procedure and closing date: apply online by
Graduate vacancies: Action Point anticipate 6–10                 sending CV and cover letter to careers@aii.ie before 13th
graduate vacancies in 2019/2020. Visit our careers site to       October, 2019.
check out a full listing of our open jobs. https://careers.      Careers Fair/company presentation: Aero Inspection will
aciworldwide.com/                                                participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
Locations: Galway,Limerick.                                      Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes.
Who should apply? All disciplines.                               ______________________________________________________________
Application procedure and closing date: CV & Cover               AIB GROUP
Letter by email,Online Application.                              www.jobs.aib.ie
Careers Fair/company presentation: Action Point will
participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes.
ADVANT MEDICAL                                                   [ALL]
www.advantmedical.com                                            Company information: A career in AIB is not just about
                                                                 finance. Whether you are passionate about technology,
                                                                 nutty about numbers, want to work with our biggest
                                                                 customers or develop general commercial experience, we
                                                                 have a programme for you. Our people are our greatest
[ALL]                                                            asset and we are looking for the best and brightest to join
Company information: Advant Medical is a global                  our programmes across Dublin, Belfast and London.
partner for Class I, II, III medical device development and      Graduate vacancies: AIB anticipate 61–80 vacancies for
manufacturing solutions. Advant Medical delivers quality         their graduate programme in 2019/2020.
assured products and services to the medical device              Location: Dublin.
industry. Operating from our ISO Class 8 clean room              Who should apply? All disciplines.
facilities, we have an all-encompassing experienced team         Application procedure and closing date: Please apply
in various disciplines of 3D Printing, Injection Moulding,       through our graduate website. https://jobs.aib.ie/content/
Product Development, Contract Manufacturing and                  Graduate/?locale=en_GB
Packaging services..                                             Careers Fair/company presentation: AIB will participate
Graduate vacancies: Advant Medical anticipate 1-5                in UL Careers Fair 2019.
graduate vacancies in 2019/2020. Areas of interest include       Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No

                                           24 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
______________________________________________________________   Apply online now - https://www.aldirecruitment.ie/apply/.
ALDI STORES (IRELAND) LIMITED                                    Application closing date 30th November, 2019.
www.aldirecruitment.ie                                           Careers Fair/company presentation: Aldi will participate
                                                                 in UL Careers Fair 2019.
                                                                 Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No
                                                                 ALKERMES PHARMA IRELAND LTD
[ALL]                                                            www.alkermes.com
Company information: Aldi is one of Ireland’s fastest
growing supermarkets and one of the world’s most
successful retailers. We have a vast network of over 130
stores across the country and ambitious plans to open
many more. We currently employ more than 3,000 people            [SCI] [ENG] [IT]
across Ireland alone and over 138,000 people worldwide,          Company information: Alkermes is a leader in innovative
continuing our expansion in countries such the US, the           medicines that address the unmet needs and challenges
UK, Australia and China to name but a few. Each year we          of people living with debilitating diseases. As a fully
look to recruit the most ambitious and dynamic graduates         integrated global biopharmaceutical company, Alkermes
to join our 12 month Graduate Area Manager Training              applies scientific expertise, proprietary technologies and
Programme. We look for graduates who combine intellect           global resources to develop products designed to make
and fresh ideas with a determined, ‘roll your sleeves up’        a meaningful difference in the way patients manage their
attitude. The role is dynamic, evolutionary and filled with      disease.
opportunity. If you are looking to kick start your career in     Graduate vacancies: Alkermes anticipate 1-5 graduate
a dynamic, fast-paced environment, then a career at Aldi         vacancies in 2019/2020. More detailed information on this
could be perfect for you.                                        employer’s graduate vacancies and application procedures
Graduate vacancies: Aldi anticipate 6-10 graduate                is available on the employer’s website.
vacancies in 2019/2020. On the 12-month Graduate                 Location: Westmeath.
Programme, you will gain a well-rounded view of how we           Who should apply? Science, Engineering, IT.
do things at Aldi to become part of our growing talented         Application procedure and closing date: Apply online
Area Manager team.                                               using the Alkermes website www.alkermes.com/career,
First up is your induction. Over two weeks, you will build       before 20th January, 2020.
up a clear picture of the business and what makes us so          Careers Fair/company presentation:
different. That is followed by a period of intensive training,   Alkermes will participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
taking in everything from stacking shelves to making             Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes.
decisions on how the store is run. Then the challenges           ______________________________________________________________
really kick in as you are given the keys to your own store,      ALLERGAN PHARMACEUTICALS
and get to grips with managing your team and a multi-            www.allergan.com
million euro business. By the end of your first year, you
should be ready to take on a full Area Manager role,
with all the responsibilities that entails, from motivating
employees to encouraging excellent performance. We give
you the tool-kit to deliver great results. The combination       [SCI] [ENG]
of on-the-job training and soft skills training will equip       Company information: Allergan plc (NYSE: AGN),
you with the necessary skills to achieve your potential as       headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is a global pharmaceutical
an Area Manager. Your ultimate aim? To develop your              leader focused on developing, manufacturing and
store teams to achieve the highest possible sales while          commercializing branded pharmaceutical, device, biologic,
ensuring an efficient and cooperative working environment,       surgical and regenerative medicine products for patients
great customer service, minimal costs and maximum                around the world.
productivity. This position offers a fantastic starting salary    Allergan markets a portfolio of leading brands and
of €61,00. Visit our award winning website for more              best-in-class products primarily focused on four key
information! To apply, you must have a Degree (any               therapeutic areas including medical aesthetics, eye care,
discipline) or equivalent, at 2.1 level minimum, and have a      central nervous system and gastroenterology. As part of its
full clean driving licence.                                      approach to delivering innovation for better patient care,
Locations: Nationwide.                                           Allergan has built one of the broadest pharmaceutical and
Who should apply? All disciplines.                               device research and development pipelines in the industry.
Application procedure and closing date: We recruit               With colleagues and commercial operations located in
throughout the year, but spaces go very quickly and it is        approximately 100 countries, Allergan is committed to
really competitive. However, if you are the kind of person       working with physicians, healthcare providers and patients
we are after, that will not put you off. In fact, you will be    to deliver innovative and meaningful treatments to help
thinking ‘bring it on’.                                          people around the world live longer, healthier lives.

                                          25 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
Graduate vacancies: Allergan anticipate 1-5 graduate             signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits
vacancies in 2019/2020. More detailed information on this        (ICs) used in virtually all types of electronic equipment.
employer’s graduate vacancies and application procedures         Since its inception in 1965, Analog Devices has focused
is available on their website, www.allergan.com/Careers.         on solving the engineering challenges associated with
Locations: Dublin, Mayo.                                         signal processing in electronic equipment. Used by over
Who should apply? Engineering, Science.                          100,000 customers worldwide, this company’s signal
Application procedure and closing date: Apply online             processing products play a fundamental role in converting,
using the Allergan website www.allergan.com/careers, or          conditioning, and processing real-world phenomena
email CV and cover letter to westportrecruitment@allergan.       such as temperature, pressure, sound, light, speed, and
com before 2nd January, 2020.                                    motion into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of
Careers Fair/company presentation:                               electronic devices. Focus is on key strategic markets where
Allergan will participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.               signal processing technology is often a critical differentiator
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.                 in customers’ products, namely the industrial, automotive,
______________________________________________________________   communications, and consumer markets. Analog Devices
AMCS GROUP                                                       currently produce a wide range of innovative products—
www.amcsgroup.com                                                including data converters, amplifiers and linear products,
                                                                 radio frequency (RF) ICs, power management products,
                                                                 sensors based on micro-electromechanical systems
                                                                 (MEMS) technology and other sensors, and processing
                                                                 products, including DSP and other processors - designed to
[IT]                                                             meet the needs of the company’s broad base of customers.
Company information: We are creators of the AMCS                 Graduate vacancies: Analog Devices anticipates 21-40
platform: an enterprise grade cloud and software platform        vacancies in 2019/2020. More detailed information on this
that is designed based on the best practice processes            employer’s graduate vacancies and appropriate application
of thousands of waste & recycling companies across               procedures is available on the employer’s website.
the globe. Our platform is inspired by global market             Locations: Dublin, Limerick.
trends, driving automation and delivering end-to-end             Who should apply? IT.
standardisation and optimisation of all your business            Application procedure and closing date: Look out for our
processes. A platform that enables established waste &           2020 Graduate Opportunities on www.analog.com/careers.
recycling companies to operate smarter, more seamlessly          Apply online on or before 31st January, 2020.
and more digitally. Our global headquarters are based in         Careers Fair/company presentation: Analog Devices will
Limerick and we have over 500 highly skilled employees           participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
across our 12 global offices.                                    Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes.
Graduate vacancies: AMCS anticipate 21–40 graduate               ______________________________________________________________
vacancies in 2019-2020.                                          AON IRELAND
Locations: Dublin, Limerick.                                     www.aon.com
Who should apply? IT.
Application procedure and closing date: Apply online
through the company website www.amcsgroup.com/
Careers Fair/company presentation: AMCS will                     [BUS] [ENG] [SCI]
participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.                             Company information: Aon plc (NYSE:AON) is a leading
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.                 global professional services firm providing a broad range
______________________________________________________________   of risk, retirement and health solutions. Our 50,000
ANALOG DEVICES INTERNATIONAL                                     colleagues in 120 countries empower results for clients by
www.analog.com                                                   using proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights that
                                                                 reduce volatility and improve performance.
                                                                 What is the Aon Colleague Experience? Being a part of Aon
                                                                 means making a difference across the globe.
                                                                 •     It is knowing that your work makes a difference—for
[BUS] [ENG] [IT]                                                       our clients, our colleagues and our communities.
Company information: Are you looking to work for a               •     It is working every day with the best—people who
company that is Ahead of What’s Possible….a company                    are knowledgeable, passionate, conscientious, and
where you are empowered to Act with Courage, to                        innovative.
Build great teams, to create the future, and to drive for        •     It is understanding that you own your potential to
excellence? If so, then Analog Devices International (ADI)             develop your skills, grow your career, and expand your
is the place for you. Analog Devices (NASDAQ: ADI) is a                reach across businesses and geographies.
world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing           •     It is being valued for who are you are and what you
of a broad portfolio of high performance analog, mixed-                bring to the firm—appreciation and recognition for

                                          26 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
your contributions, tools and resources to let you          ______________________________________________________________
     do your best work every day, a comprehensive total          ARISTA NETWORKS
     rewards package, and the encouragement to be your           www.arista.com/en/
     authentic self at work.
Graduate vacancies: Aon Ireland anticipates 1-5 vacancies
in 2019/2020. More detailed information on this employer’s
graduate vacancies and application procedures is available
on the employer’s website.                                       [IT]
Locations: Cork, Dublin.                                         Company information: Arista Networks pioneered
Who should apply? Business, Engineering, Science.                software-driven, cognitive cloud networking for large-scale
Application procedure and closing date: Apply online             datacenter and campus environments. Arista’s award-
using the AON Ireland website, www.aon.com/careers/ie/           winning platforms, ranging in Ethernet speeds from 10
index.html                                                       to 400 gigabits per second, redefine scalability, agility
Careers Fair/company presentation: AON Ireland will              and resilience. Arista has shipped more than 20 million
participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.                             cloud networking ports worldwide with CloudVision and
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.                 EOS, an advanced network operating system. Committed
______________________________________________________________   to open standards, Arista is a founding member of the
APPLE                                                            25/50G consortium. Arista Networks products are available
www.apple.com                                                    worldwide directly and through partners. At the core
                                                                 of Arista’s platform is the Extensible Operating System
                                                                 (EOS™), a ground-breaking network operating system with
                                                                 single-image consistency across hardware platforms, and
                                                                 modern core architecture enabling in-service upgrades and
[ALL]                                                            application extensibility.
Company information: Apple revolutionized personal               Arista was recognized as a leader with top score in current
technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in             offering and strategy categories in The Forrester Wave™:
1984. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with            Hardware Platforms For Software-Defined Networking,
iPhone; iPad; Mac; Apple Watch; Apple TV. In addition, it        Q1 2019. The Arista team is comprised of experienced
leads the world in innovation across Apple’s four software       management and engineering talent from leading
platforms iOS; OS X; watchOS and tvOS providing seamless         networking companies. Arista designs revolutionary
experiences across all Apple devices and empowering              products in California and delivers them worldwide through
people with breakthrough services including the App              distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers
Store; Apple Music; Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple’s 100,000        with a strong dedication to partner and customer success.
employees are dedicated to making the best products on           Founded in 2004, launched in 2008, Arista is led by
earth, and to leaving the world better than they found it.       Jayshree Ullal. The seasoned management team has a
Graduate vacancies: Apple Cork anticipate 11-                    rich and extensive history in networking and innovation.
20 vacancies in 2019/2020. At Apple Cork, we have                Arista has a prestigious set of customers, including
Graduate Programmes across a range of disciplines                leading global technology companies in financials, web 2.0
including Finance, Supply Chain and Product Operations           and cloud/service providers, building public and private
(Manufacturing). Outside of these programmes, we hire            cloud computing systems. Arista builds scalable data
directly from universities throughout the year.                  centers for many Fortune 500 companies and delivers
Location: Cork.                                                  products worldwide though distribution partners, systems
Who should apply? All disciplines.                               integrators and resellers with a strong dedication to
Application procedure and closing date: Please apply             partner and customer success. Headquartered in Santa
via the online link specific to the role/graduate programme,     Clara, California, Arista also has offices in San Francisco,
www.apple.com/jobs/ie/.                                          Bangalore, Vancouver, Singapore and Ireland.
Careers Fair/company presentation: Apple will                    Graduate vacancies: Arista Networks anticipate 1-5
participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.                             vacancies for technical solutions engineers (graduate) in
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.                 2019/2020. Locations: Clare, Limerick and Dublin.
                                                                 Who should apply? ICT and Electronics.
                                                                 Application procedure and closing date: Please send
                                                                 cover letter and CV to branislav@arista.com by 31st
                                                                 October, 2019.
                                                                 Careers Fair/company presentation: Arista will
                                                                 participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
                                                                 Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes.

                                          27 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
______________________________________________________________     vacancies in 2019-2020. More detailed information on this
ARTHUR COX                                                         employer’s Graduate Development Programme available
www.arthurcox.com                                                  on the employer’s website.
                                                                   Locations: Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick.
                                                                   Who should apply? All disciplines.
                                                                   Application procedure and closing date: Apply online at
                                                                   www.arup.com/careers by 10th December, 2019.
[ALL]                                                              Careers Fair/company presentation: Arup will
Company information: Arthur Cox is one of Ireland’s                participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
leading law firms. For almost 100 years, this firm has been        Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.
at the forefront of developments in the legal profession in        ______________________________________________________________
Ireland. An international firm, it has a total staff of over 850   ASTELLAS IRELAND CO. LTD.
located in offices in Dublin, Belfast, London, New York and        www.astellas.ie
Silicon Valley. The firm’s practice encompasses all aspects
of corporate and business law. It provides a comprehensive
service to a diverse international and domestic client
base. Clients include multinational organisations, banks
and financial institutions, government departments, State          [ENG] [HLTH] [SCI]
entities and new players in emerging industry sectors.             Company information: A global pharmaceutical company,
Understanding that choosing the right firm to train with           Astellas, develops and markets pharmaceuticals which
is an important decision, the team you work with and               provide the promise of a healthier life to people across
learn from on a daily basis will have a huge impact as you         the world. Astellas has a responsibility for changing
progress through your legal career. Working at Arthur Cox          tomorrow and creating a brighter future for patients
will challenge you but will also support you every step of         around the world. As part of the Astellas team, graduates
the way. You will work as an integral part of a team with          are encouraged to develop their talents and achieve
lawyers who are expert leaders in their fields and who             their full professional potential while engaging closely
are committed to giving you unrivalled opportunities for           with the company, furthering its success and growth,
professional growth and development. The success of this           and reinforcing its contribution to society. Astellas
firm depends on attracting the best people and nurturing           Ireland’s Kerry Plant manufactures a range of treatments,
their talent in order to enable the firm to continue to offer      including the immuno-suppressant Prograf® which is
services of the highest calibre. Arthur Cox is an equal            supplied globally from Killorglin. This company offers
opportunities employer.                                            career opportunities in a wide range of fields from
Graduate vacancies: Arthur Cox anticipate 21-40                    quality assurance, chemistry, microbiology, engineering,
graduate vacancies in 2019/2020 for their trainee                  manufacturing and supply.
solicitor programme. More detailed information on this             Graduate vacancies: Astellas Ireland anticipate
employer’s graduate vacancies and appropriate application          6-10 graduate vacancies in 2019-2020 in the areas
procedures is available on the employer’s website.                 of Engineering, Software and Science. More detailed
Location: Dublin.                                                  information available on the employer’s website.
Who should apply? All disciplines                                  Locations: Kerry.
Application procedure and closing date: Apply using                Who should apply: Engineering, Health Sciences and
application form online at www.arthurcox.com/trainee-              Science graduates.
home                                                               Application procedure and closing date: Apply online
Careers Fair/company presentation: Arthur Cox will                 with CV and cover letter to recruitkerry@astellas.com.
participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.                               Careers Fair/company presentation: Astellas will
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No                    participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.
______________________________________________________________     Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes.
ARUP                                                               ______________________________________________________________
www.arup.com                                                       ATKINS

Company information: We are an independent firm of                 [ALL]
designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical          Company information: Atkins Ireland is a member of the
specialists offering a broad range of professional services.       SNC-Lavalin business, one of the world’s leading providers
Through our work we make a positive difference. Come join          of professional consulting and support services employing
us at Arup and shape a better world.                               some 55,000 staff worldwide. Atkins employs over 200 staff
Graduate vacancies: Arup anticipate 21–40 graduate                 in Ireland with offices in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast.

                                            28 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
Graduate vacancies: We have vacancies in the following           www.bdcareers.ie.
areas:                                                           Careers Fair/company presentation: BD will participate
• Civil Engineering                                              in UL Careers Fair 2019.
• Building Structures                                            Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.
• Roads & Infrastructure                                         ______________________________________________________________
• Mechanical & Electrical Engineering                            BDO IRELAND
• Site Development                                               www.bdo.ie
• Architecture & Interior Design
• Traffic & Transportation Planning
• Geotechnical
• Planning and Environment
• Health & Safety & PSDP                                         [ALL]
• QS                                                             Company information: BDO Ireland is the largest
• Fire Safety                                                    accountancy and business advisory network serving the
• Cost Management                                                mid-market, and a huge source of potential opportunities
• Project Management                                             for development. It all adds up to a colourful world of
• Water and Waste Water                                          choice. BDO has the know-how to make sure all graduates
More detailed information on available on the employer’s         give of their best; it hires people who show the most
website, www.atkinsireland.ie.                                   potential. But you are the one who gets to discover where
Locations: Dublin, Cork.                                         your strengths and interests lie, and you are the one
Who should apply: All disciplines.                               who will shape your own career path. We believe it is this
Application procedure and closing date: Email                    autonomy that makes us so much stronger as a team.
Careers Fair/company presentation: Atkins will                   Graduate vacancies: BDO anticipate 21–40 graduate
participate in UL Careers Fair 2019.                             vacancies in 2019-2020. More detailed information on this
Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? Yes.                employer’s graduate vacancies and application procedures
______________________________________________________________   is available on the employer’s website.
BD RESEARCH CENTRE                                               Locations: Cork, Dublin, Limerick.
www.bd.com                                                       Who should apply? All disciplines.
                                                                 Careers Fair/company presentation: BDO will participate
                                                                 in UL Careers Fair 2019.
                                                                 Will CVs be accepted on the day of the Fair? No.
[ENG] [IT] [SCI]                                                 BOSTON SCIENTIFIC
Company information: BD is a global medical technology           www.bostonscientific.com
company advancing the world of health by improving
medical discovery, diagnostics, and the delivery of care.
BD leads in patient and healthcare worker safety and the
technologies that enable medical research and clinical
laboratories. The company provides innovative solutions          [ENG] [SCI] [BUS] [IT] [ED] [HLTH]
that help advance medical research and genomics,                 Company information: Boston Scientific is a worldwide
enhance the diagnosis of infectious disease and cancer,          developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices
improve medication management, promote infection                 whose products are used in a broad range of interventional
prevention, equip surgical and interventional procedures         medical specialties. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in
and support the management of diabetes. The company              Massachusetts, USA, Boston Scientific is a public company
partners with organizations around the world to address          listed on the NYSE (BSX). It employs 25,000 people and is a
some of the most challenging global health issues. BD has        global leader in the development of less-invasive medical
more than 60,000 associates across 50 countries who              devices. Boston Scientific is committed to continued
work in close collaboration with customers and partners          investment in Research, Development and Innovation,
to help enhance outcomes, lower health care delivery             investing $1bn annually in new products and technologies.
costs, increase efficiencies, improve health care safety and     First established in Ireland in 1994, with the support
expand access to health.                                         of IDA, Boston Scientific has grown to be the largest
Graduate vacancies: BD anticipate 6-10 graduate roles            medical device employer in Ireland. Through its three
in Engineering, Software and Science in 2019/2020. More          Irish sites – located in Clonmel, Cork and Galway – the
detailed information on this employer’s graduate vacancies       company exports approximately 10 million medical devices
and application procedures are available on the employer’s       worldwide annually, including stents, balloons, platinum
website.                                                         coils, catheters, inflation devices, pacemakers and ICDs.
Location: Limerick.                                              The Irish manufacturing operation is an integral part of the
Who should apply? Engineering, IT, Science.                      corporation’s manufacturing strategy and capability.
Application procedure and closing date: Apply online at          Graduate vacancies: Boston Scientific anticipate 21-40

                                          29 | Opportunities 4 U | 2019-2020 Edition
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