8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival

8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival
8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival

 Nau mai haere mai!                        Experience explosive stage shows,        Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou
                                           discover new lifeforms, and explore      katoa,                                         We also need to acknowledge the
 On behalf of the city of Dunedin I        immersive virtual reality at its best!                                                  incredible commitment and passion of
 would like to welcome you all to the                                               Since way back in the 90’s the festival        our event partners, presenters and
                                           I look forward to being involved in      has been committed to inspiring                volunteers. We are always amazed by
 13th New Zealand International
                                                                                    and engaging people of all ages and            how awesome they are and their passion
 Science Festival.                         this year’s festival and I encourage
                                                                                    backgrounds with the role science              for engaging the public in science. Thank
                                           everyone to participate in the events    plays in our daily lives and the massive       you!
 Now more than ever, the evolving          on offer, to learn more about the        contribution it makes. Now more than
 nature of science is critical to our      world around you.                        ever science needs to provide a guiding        Finally, we would like to thank you, our
 understanding of the world, to                                                     light during particularly challenging times.   audience, our community. You are the
 exploring new frontiers in search         Noho ora mai,                            In that context, we’re proud to bring you      reason why the festival is here. This
 of breakthroughs which positively                                                  a captivating program with hundreds            year there are more ways than ever to
 impact our people and planet.                                                      of ways to discover how our world (or          immerse yourself within the festival so
                                                                                    galaxy!) ticks.                                we urge you to take the first step and
                                                                                                                                   read on!
 Dunedin is proud to be the home
                                                                                    When people are presented with science
 of the only science festival in the                                                in a way that is accessible, inspiring and     On behalf of the Festival Executive &
 country, a perfect fit given our status                                            enthralling, they engage with it, they love    Management team, we invite you to enjoy
 as a city of science, innovation                                                   it, and more importantly, it opens up          the wonders of science!
 and education.                          Aaron Hawkins                              an entirely new universe for them. This
                                         Mayor of Dunedin                           reconnects us to our world and allows us
 It is one of the city’s premier events,                                            to experience it through a new lens. Our
 embracing and celebrating the city’s                                               theme this year is Reconnect. Through          Bridget Irving, President
 identity, with many attendees from                                                 this festival we want to reconnect with
 around the country expected to                                                     nature, with science, and with each other.
 share in the festivities.
                                                                                    As always, this festival would not be   Dan Hendra, Festival Director
                                                                                    possible without supporters and
 This year the festival will explore all                                            partners who share and embrace
 things science for all ages. From                                                  our vision. In particular, we thank the
 the mysterious outer limits of the                                                 University of Otago, the Dunedin City
 universe, to the marvellous inner                                                  Council, and the Otago Community Trust.
 workings of robotics, with all the                                                 We also extend a big thank you to our
 weird, weighty and wonderful stuff                                                 other supporters who allow us to craft
 in between.                                                                        a programme full of so many amazing
                                                                                    events that will ignite imaginations.
 Major Partners                                                                                                         Major FUNDER

 GOLD Sponsors                                                  SILVER Sponsors

 BRONZE Sponsors

                                                                                                       EMBASSY OF
                                                                                                    THE UNITED STATES
                                                                                                       OF AMERICA

 BUSINESS Partners

8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival
                                                                                                                                       Director’s top 10                                                   p5

  AGE Recommendation
        All ages
        kids (4-8)
        tweens (9-12)                                                                                               our moon: then, now and beyond      Code vr & gaming centre
        teens (13-17)                                                                               p6                                                                                                     p6
        adults (18+)

      wheelchair accessible
      booking required
      free event
                                                                                                                                   Big science show!    bang! science show!
Price listing (where applicable)
Adult/concession/child or
                                                                                                    p18                                                                                                   p15
adult/child/family PASS
                          V       ER                  GR
                                                                                      V   ER
             8 Ju
                 ly 2

                                             8 Ju
                                                  ly 2
                                                                                                                          tiny ruins under the moon     SciComm Student Film Premiere

                                                                                                    p14                                                                                                   p22
      This programme is
 actually two programmes
    in one! It can be easily
    separated into both a
  ‘Family Programme’ and
 a ‘Grown-up Programme’
    (p13-20)! Give it a try!
                                                                                                              opening night: science in the spotlight   mitre10 mega backyard builders

   G E
                                                                                                    p11                                                                                                   p26

                           n t e r fold
           t i v i t ies ce uring
        ac               olo            s
                and c ion on page
          compe 12 & 21!                                                                                                       outside inside forest    kōrero te marama

                                      r amm                                                               e
                                r o g
                   d i g i tal p ow at
        k o u t the tickets n
   Chec ook your
    and b
                                                                                                  o r g. n z
      s c i f e                                                                                st.
                                                                                                                                                                                         NZISF 2021 // RECONNEcT 3
8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival
                                                     THEN, NOW ANd BEYOND
                                                       13 - 18 July • HANOVER HALL, 65 hanover street • 10AM-4PM • $5/$3
                  tiny ruins solo
                                                                      Explore the Moon’s              On display beneath the
                                                                      past, present,                  Moon exhibit will be a large
                                                                                                      photographic exhibition,
                                                                      and future in Our
                                                                                                      Space Frontiers, focussing
                                                                      Moon: Then, Now                 on NASA’s science
                                                                      and Beyond.                     experiments in space; the
                                                                                                      past, present and future
                                      p.18   p.18                     This is an out-of-this-world    of space exploration; and a
                 SPACE FRONTIERS             YOGA under the moon      experience where you
                                                                      can enter the orbit of our
                                                                                                      feature display focussing on
                                                                                                      traditional Māori practices
                                             p. 23                    spectacular moon.               of navigating by the stars,
                                                                                                      and harnessing knowledge
                                                                      Get up close and personal       of the night’s sky to
                                                                      with the earth’s moon in        predict the changing of the
                                                                      this very special exhibition.   seasons, and signify when
                                                                                                      to plant and harvest crops.
                                                                      Bathe in the glow of Moon by
                                                                      British artist Luke Jerram, a   Presented by the Nelson Museum in
                      STORY TIME             Quantum cryptography     4-metre replica moon printed
                                                                      with high-resolution NASA
                                                                                                      partnership with the Rātā Foundation,
                                                                                                      Cawthron Institute and the Embassy of
                                                                                                      the USA.
                                                                      imagery, hosted in
                                                                      Hanover Hall.                   Ka mahi kātahi kā ohu whakahaere
                                                                                                      a Puaka Matariki Festival me NZISF
                                                                                                      – a Puaka Matariki Festival/NZISF

8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival
CODE Virtual reality &
gaming centre

                                                                                  12 - 18 July • Old aotea gift shop • 10AM-4.30PM • $12/$10

Come immerse yourself                   no other with the latest headsets     new creatures. Unlock journal        virtual reality simulator experience.
                                        on offer to play, engage and          entries by documenting species       Land on the red planet. Walk the
at the Virtual Reality &                discover new worlds!                  and uncovering hidden secrets!       surface of Mars and interact with
Gaming Centre Pop-Up                                                          Photograph each new find and         full-scale, realistic NASA Landers
and be amazed by some of                To accompany the virtual reality      immerse yourself in the wondrous     and Rovers.
                                        experiences we have partnered         world of the rainforest!
the latest virtual reality              with CODE, Centre of Digital                                               Learn about the Red Planet, its
experiences from around                 Excellence and the local gaming       From Dunedin’s own Gfactor           history, and its geography in this
                                        industry to showcase the incredible   Technologies, experience the         interactive experience.
the world!                              work being done right here in         CoDriVR simulators, developed
                                        Dunedin.                              for Worksafe NZ to support driver
Back by popular demand, we
                                                                              training in side-by-side vehicles,
have levelled up our virtual reality
                                     Explore the beauty of the                and Go-Rentals to induct tourists
experiences for you for a limited
                                     rainforest with a virtual reality        to New Zealand roads.
time as part of this year’s festival.
                                     experience from Dunedin game
                                     studio Runaway. Discover real            The Orders of Magnitude is an
Walk on the moon, kayak the
                                     life butterfly species and meet          educational and relaxing virtual
Grand Canyon or run amongst
                                     animal friends in this relaxing          reality experience which will show
                                     game. See the environment change         you our Universe at many different
                                     from day to night and rain to            scales.
This is an immersive experience like
                                     sunshine as you meet and discover        Mars Odyssey is a single player
                                                                                                                                   NZISF 2021 // RECONNEcT 5
                                                                                                                    VR at your house!
8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival
BIG SCIENCE! SHOW!                                        with amadeo
                                                                          10 & 11 July • tCOL auditorium • 2pm (sat), 11am & 2pm (sun)• 60min • $14/$12/$40
                                                                          Dunedin’s favourite mad                   Maybe arts and science aren’t so
                                                                          scientist Amadeo returns                  different after all?
                                                                          with a brand new science
                                                                                                                    This show is written by award
                                                                          show, full of explosive                   winning comedian and playwright
                                                                          science to jump start your                Abby Howells and directed by
                                                                          2021 Science Festival.                    Arcade Theatre Company’s
                                                                                                                    Alex Wilson.
                                                                          Amadeo has a new assistant this
                                                                          time... and they don’t always see Thanks to DCC Arts funding for
                                                                          eye to eye.                       helping to fund this production.

                                                                          Bonnie is an artist, who has no
                                                                          time for science. Equally, Amadeo
                                                                          has no space in his science
                                                                          dominated world for the likes of
                                                                          the arts.

                                                                          But fate has thrown them
                                                                             together and the pair will
                                                                                have to set aside their
                                                                                  differences in order to
                                                                                   harness the power
                                                                                   of both Science and
                                                                                    Art - enjoying heaps of
                                                                                   experiments, videos,
                                                                                   crashes, bangs and a
                                                                                  whole lot of other fun
                                                                                along the way.

 BANG! Science show!                                                       17 & 18 July • 2pm (sat), 11am & 2pm (sun) • 60min TCOL auditorium • $14/$12/$40

 Frankenstein has finally             Frankenstein and Igor               Join the Festival for this brand          Abby Howells and directed by
 decided what she wants to            experiment with fire, ice and       new science show! In close                Arcade Theatre Company’s
                                      smoke all in the name of trying     collaboration with the University         Alex Wilson.
 be when she grows up...a
                                      to find the coolest villain         of Otago Chemistry outreach
 Super Villian!                       superpowers.                        team, this show is set to make            Thanks to the University of Otago
                                                                          your mind boggle, as real life            Chemistry Department and DCC
 Together with her faithful           There will be crashes, there will   chemistry experiences are set             Arts funding for helping to fund
 sidekick, Igor, Frankenstein         be bangs, there will be many        off before your very eyes!                this production.
 uses chemical experiments to         terrible puns!
 come up with the perfect villain                                         This show is written by award
 powers.                              But in the end is a super villain   winning comedian and playwright
                                      still Frankenstein’s dream, or
                                      does being a scientist sound a
                                      little more exciting?

8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival
 18 July • Dunedin town hall• 10Am - 4pm • Drop-in
Discover the maths behind         knot, crochet a Möbius strip,
craft and the craft behind        fold an origami octahedron,
                                  and flex a hexahexaflexagon.
maths at the Dunedin
                                  Volunteers with backgrounds in
Maths Craft Day.                  mathematics and crafting will be
                                  on hand at all times to answer
Enjoy craft? Then you probably    questions and assist people
enjoy mathematics too – you just with their creations. Our guest
may not know it yet. This is the  speakers will present a series
idea behind Maths Craft New       of maths and craft themed talks
Zealand, an initiative co-founded throughout the day, ranging in
and run by mathematicians Dr      topics from folding and fractals
Jeanette McLeod and Dr Phil       to crochet and chaos.
Wilson, and is dedicated to
bringing maths to the masses,
through craft. Over the past
five years, Maths Craft have run
festivals and workshops all over
the country, and now, armed
with crochet hooks and origami
paper, Maths Craft are coming
to the New Zealand International
Science Festival.

Featuring a range of craft
creation stations and public talks                The Dunedin Maths Craft Day
by mathematician crafters, the                    is open to everyone: experts
day-long celebration of maths                     and amateurs, maths-fans and
promises to engage people of                      maths-phobes, the crafty and
all ages. Knit a mathematical                     the curious.


    ENROL NOW FOR 2021

    ↘      Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management

    ↘      Bachelor of Environmental Management

    ↘      New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career
           Preparation (Level 4) - Environmental Management

                                                                          0800 4 0 FEES

    The SIT Zero Fees Scheme (ZFS) is subject to NZ government policies

                                                                                          NZISF 2021 // RECONNEcT 7
8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival
imagination playgRound
 10 - 25 July • municipAL chambers • 10Am - 4pm • drop-in • $3

 Imagination Playground is               Playground contains a wide
 an innovative playground                variety of loose parts, including
                                         cubes, bricks, cogs, curves, and
 equipment system that
                                         cylinders. But the parts are not
 transforms any space into               simply loose. They have holes
 a playground - encouraging              and shapes that fit together in
 learning, social                        ways that allow the continuation
 development, movement,                  of a child’s idea. A pair of blocks
 and above all fun.                      becomes a wall. A wall becomes a
                                         room. A room becomes a house.
 Using Imagination Playground            The pieces connect together to
 blocks, kids build a new world          make immersive play last a long
 every day. They make objects like       time.
 animals, rocket ships, and robots.
 They make imaginary places like         Imagination Playground blocks
 houses, factories, and cities. They     combine all of the benefits of
 make new dramatic scenarios,            block play on a larger-than-life-
 settings, and games to play.            size scale to encourage kids to
 Most importantly, they make the         play together in groups and have
 rules. Imagination Playground is        more fun.
 child-directed and open-ended,
 it encourages self-expression           With Imagination Playground,
 through deep, joyful play.              kids literally make their own fun.
                                         There’s no right or wrong way
 Traditional playgrounds consist         to play.
 primarily of fixed equipment,
 such as slides, monkey bars             Tickets are limited so bookings
 and teeter-totters, all of which        are essential.
 focus on developing children’s
 gross motor skills. Imagination

                                                                               Our climate future
                                                                               8-18 July • meridian mall • 9Am - 6pm • drop-in
                                                                               The Ministry for the                    You can also find out your
                                                                               Environment’s ‘Our Climate              personal carbon footprint and
                                                                                                                       ways to reduce it with FutureFit,
                                                                               Future’ exhibition shares
                                                                                                                       then make a pledge to take action.
                                                                               information on how climate
                                                                               change is impacting us                  ‘Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi,
                                                                               today and how we can                    engari he toa takitini.
                                                                               create a better climate
                                                                               future together.                        My strength is not that of a single
                                                                                                                       warrior but that of many.’
8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival
far from frozen Exhibition
10 - 18 July • Old scottish shop • 10AM - 4pm • drop-in
Climate change is the                   Take a deep dive beneath the ice       Discover how exciting new         Presented by Otago Museum in
greatest challenge of our               of Antarctica using virtual reality    technologies can potentially      association with Curious Minds,
                                        to discover the beauty and             make a difference, and help       Antarctica NZ, University of
time. Far from Frozen is a
                                        splendor of life in our southern       decide what we should invest in.  Otago, NZ Antarctic Research
hands-on science showcase               oceans and see how it’s already                                          Institute, The MacDiarmid
that brings climate change              being affected.                        Each of us can make a difference! Institute and NIWA.
to life and to your doorstep.                                                  Learn why there’s no better time
                                        Explore interactive displays           than now to help create a better,
Learn how climate change                to see what impacts our                safer, world.
is impacting Antarctica and             generation, and what those that
Aotearoa New Zealand.                   follow will face.

Dunedin Study                                                                  to Canterbury Museum, MOTAT
                                                                               in Auckland and Nelson Provincial
                                                                               Museum with over 300,000
                                                                                                                   hands-on interactive exhibits.
                                                                                                                   During the Science Festival
                                                                                                                   visitors can also get a tiny taste
 On now • Old smith city, south dunedin • 10am - 4pm, 7 days                   visitors taking a walk through      of the Dunedin Study by trying
                                                                               1,000 lives.                        for themselves some of the
Slice of Life: The World                age 45. It has been acclaimed                                              many tests the Study members
Famous Dunedin Study                    internationally as one of the most     The exhibition follows the Study’s  experience when they come for
                                        significant projects of its kind and   members as they start school,       an assessment day.
provides an overview of the
                                        its findings have influenced health    learn to drive, experiment with
Dunedin Study, its methods              and social policy around the world.    sex, drugs and alcohol, find careers The University of Otago is hugely
and its major findings and                                                     and start families of their own.     grateful to Martin Dippie who has
celebrates the lives of the             Slice of Life was originally                                                provided a temporary venue for
Study Members.                          developed by the University of         Visitors can look into rooms         the exhibition and the whole team
                                        Otago Te Whare Wānanga o               recreated in the styles of the       at Mitre 10 Mega who have
The ongoing Study has followed          Otāgo and Toitū Otago Settlers         1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s, and worked to create this pop-up
1,037 babies born in Dunedin in         Museum. This updated travelling        learn about links between lifestyle museum space.
1972 and 1973 right through to          version of the exhibition has been     choices and health through
                                                                                                                                  NZISF 2021 // RECONNEcT 9
8-18 July 2021 SCIFEST.ORG.nZ #NZSCIFEST - NZ International Science Festival
University of Otago
           Science Expo
           University of Otago Business School, corner of Clyde Street and Union Street (East).
           Saturday 10 July, 10am—4pm | Sunday 11 July, 10am—2pm | Free entry
           Anatomy                                                            and discover how 3D printing and scanning are changing            Microbiology and Immunology
           Come to our interactive display and discover how fascinating                                                                         Have you ever wondered how something as small as a virus
           and unique you are! You will get to see the dissection of          Food Science                                                      can have such a profound effect on human, animal and
           an animal heart or brain, have the opportunity to paint            Investigate the latest food trends including plant-based,         bacterial life? We will showcase the complex and beautiful
           your “insides” onto a t-shirt (which you can take home with        wellness and sustainability. Explore why these concepts are       world of virus structures. Represented in stunning 3D shapes
           you), and learn how your bones, muscles and organs all fit         becoming important issues for many consumers.                     and colours, discover what the smallest organisms on earth
           together.                                                                                                                            look like.
           Botany                                                             Geology                                                           Ngāi Tāhu Māori Health Research Unit
                                                                              The Earth below us contains a record of how climates and
           Plant biology is crucial to the health of the planet. Through      environments have changed over the past 4.6 billion years.        Join us on a hands-on investigative mission into the world of
           photosynthesis, plants have changed the Earth’s atmosphere,        Find out how knowing our past helps us step into the future.      bug-busting medicines. Discover mould juice and exploding
           transforming the planet and enabling life as we know it                                                                              bacteria, learn how to care for antibiotics so that they can
           to evolve. Plants now have numerous roles in mitigating            He Kaupapa Hononga: Otago’s Climate Change                        care for us, and test your petri dish powers by staying one
           the effects of climate change. Understanding the biology           Research Network                                                  step ahead of the SuperBugs! Protect yourself and your
           of plants is crucial in addressing many of the challenges                                                                            whānau in a game of COVID Kerplunk, and imagine what’s
                                                                              Come along to hear from researchers from across the
           involved with climate change and many different approaches                                                                           next in nature’s medicine chest.
                                                                              University about the many ways scientists are probing
           are being used. Come and learn more about the research
           projects undertaken by staff and students in the Department
                                                                              climate change. Learn how to make a carbon footprint, and         Orokonui Ecosanctuary
                                                                              come to see what is happening in our oceans, how scientists
           of Botany.                                                                                                                           Come and join the Orokonui Ecosanctuary Dream Team
                                                                              do research in Antarctica, and some of the new technologies
                                                                                                                                                Supreme to celebrate the last 15 years of conservation,
           Brain Health Research Centre                                       being used to decarbonise our world.
                                                                                                                                                education and research with hands-on activities and take
           The Brain Health Research Centre is a group of almost 50           Human Nutrition                                                   home resources focusing on our precious native species.
           research groups from around the University of Otago focused
           on understanding how the brain works and what goes
                                                                              What we eat affects the health, wellbeing and performance         Psychology
                                                                              of individuals, communities and populations. Find out how
           wrong in diseases of the brain. Come and meet some of our                                                                            In times of uncertainty, what is it that drives human
                                                                              our diet affects health and performance, and whether we
           best researchers and visit our giant inflatable brain.                                                                               behaviour? What can we do to change people’s thoughts,
                                                                              need to spend our money on special sports drinks or can we
                                                                                                                                                attitudes and behaviour? The Department of Psychology
           Computer Science                                                   make our own?
                                                                                                                                                is here to give you some insights into the science of brain
           AR spectator                                                       Information Science                                               and behaviour, and how it applies to current real-world
           See the future for sports spectators. Experience prototypes                                                                          situations.
                                                                              We will showcase a number of interactive demonstrations
           that in the future will provide visualisations and statistics to
           you in your seat at live events.
                                                                              on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, telepresence, and       Geography
                                                                              ubiquitous and visual computing.
           Interactive sculpture                                                                                                                Explore how future climate change may affect where you
                                                                              Ātea presence                                                     live. Come along to our interactive mapping display to
           Work with others to create a colourful virtual sculpture. Four
                                                                              Be virtually present at a marae and experience Māori              predict where the current climate in your home town will
           computers work together on one piece. This shows a highly
                                                                              storytelling in 3D!                                               shift to over the next 30 years. What will happen to the
           intuitive interface: you need almost no instruction to make
           complex 3D shapes in a virtual space.                              Computational glasses                                             climate in Aotearoa’s mountains? In 2050, will the same
                                                                              See the world through the eyes of a colourblind person or, if     areas as today still have suitable climates for our agricultural
           Are you in tune?                                                                                                                     products? Share your experiences about your place: how do
                                                                              you are colourblind, see colours compensated. This is also a
           Come and play your own musical instrument, or borrow one                                                                             we feel about the climate where we live? Hear about some
                                                                              great opportunity to test whether you are colourblind!
           of ours. Our software will help you play better.                                                                                     examples of the complex interactions between humans and
                                                                              Virtual Albany St studio
           Mind controlled drone                                                                                                                the natural and physical environment.
                                                                              Dunedin was one of the places in the world where musicians
           Launch our drone with the power of your mind. Science
           fiction becomes fact: you can control a machine just by
                                                                              could record in a BBC “Abbey Road”-style studio at Albany         Pharmacy
                                                                              Street. Unfortunately the building had to go, but we captured
           thinking.                                                                                                                            Come along and learn how medicines are created, the
                                                                              it in 3D and you can experience the studio with virtual reality
                                                                                                                                                different ways we can administer medicines to people and
           Department of Biochemistry and Genetics                            googles!
                                                                                                                                                what’s in store for the future!
           Biochemistry and Genetics are types of biology that explore        Digital tissue slicer
           the origins and mechanics of life. They discover causes of         Explore pixel-level segmentation of digitised human body          The Centre for Science Communication
           disease and their cures, and also solve problems facing our        slices and label the bones, muscles and even tiny blood           What does it take to catch an elusive species going about
           agriculture and natural heritage.                                  vessles.                                                          its astonishing everyday business in the wild? Learn
           Explore some of the hands-on techniques that are used by                                                                             tricks of the trade from our wildlife and natural history
           scientists to investigate the molecular details of life.
                                                                              Marine Science                                                    documentary filmmaking crew, including the Centre of
                                                                              Discover the connectivity between land and sea through            Science Communication’s own Robert Brown, cameraman
           Physics                                                            interactive activities and “hands-on” encounters with local       for acclaimed BBC broadcaster and natural historian David
           Hands-on activities show how physics helps us explain              marine species and the Aquavan. From the mountains to             Attenborough.
           things from planet formation to modern communications              the sea, learn how environmental impacts on land can affect
           technology, and from the sun and climate to sustainable            river catchments and, ultimately, our ocean. Build a river        Zoology

           energy.                                                            catchment model to share your learning with others.               What kinds of animals live in and around Dunedin? What
                                                                              Mathematics & Statistics                                          animals lived here in the past, and what animals might live
           Faculty of Dentistry                                                                                                                 here in the future? Come and see what animals are around
           Have a first-hand experience of what it is like to be a            Warp your point of view by travelling near the speed of light.    us, and how and why scientists in the Department of Zoology
           dentist and understand some of the key challenges and              See how gravitational waves bend spacetime. Fall into a           are studying them.
           concepts. Investigate the impact of sugar on our oral health       fractal. Wrap your head around some curly probabilities. Try
                                                                              your hand at some tricky puzzles in our chill-out zone.

           For further information and an
           expo map, go to:
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Image: Trevor Cokley

                                                                                    12 - 18 July • Meridian mall • 11am-3pm • drop-in
                                                                                   We’re bringing the outside              The Outside Inside Forest will
                                                                                   in! Pay a visit to our indoor           offer a different experience each
                                                                                                                           day so drop in a couple of times
                                                                                   forest at the Meridian
                                                                                                                           across the week to see it all.
                                                                                   Mall and learn about the
                                                                                   wonderful natural world                 The Outside Inside Forest is
                                                                                   through hands-on science                brought to you by the Science
                                                                                   activities.                             Festival in cooperation with
                                                                                                                           the Meridian Mall, Orokonui
                                                                                   Each day, different organisations       Ecosanctuary, the Dunedin
                                                                                   will be on hand to share their          City Council and Ribbonwood
                                                                                   science with you.                       Nurseries.

                                                                                   Plant a tree, solve a kiwi mystery,
                                                                                   become a micro-investigator and
                                                                                   learn about bugs, birds, water,
                                                                                   healthy homes, transportation,
                                                                                   marine ecosystems and more!

meridian & GOLDEN CENTRE MALL activities
Pop-up Science in the Malls                   Meet a Scientist                     Tūhura Taster                           Mission to Mars
11:30am-12:30pm                               12 July • 1pm • 6omin • $2           14 & 15 July • 11am-2pm • drop-in       17 & 18 July • 10am & 2pm • 60min
Golden Centre: 19* & 20+ June                 What is it like to be a scientist?   Get a taste of the new Science          In this workshop you will code
Meridian Mall: 26* & 27+ June, 3* & 4+ July   What do scientists actually do?      Show at Otago Museum during             rovers to navigate simple
*Otago Museum, +Department of Chemistry       Come along to this interactive       this pop-up event!                      obstacles to complete their
Come along for some pre-festival              workshop and find out!                                                       mission.
fun at the Meridian and Golden                                                     Fight like a Physicist
Centre malls!                    The Secret Science of                             16 July • 10am • 60min                  Meet the Mars Rover
                                 Balloonology                                      Channel your inner physics ninja        17 & 18 July • 12PM • 60min
Let the Otago Museum and the                                                       in this fun interactive workshop.       What does a scaled down version
University of Otago’s Department 14 & 15 July • 10am • 6omin • $5                  Learn how to use classical              of a Mars rover look like? What
of Chemistry get your science                 Discover the science of how
                                              balloons are made and how they       mechanics principles to vanquish        sensors are needed to make it
senses tingling during these pop-                                                  your opponent.                          work? How do you build your
up shows.                                     can be used in balloon modeling
                                              to make anything you want!                                                   own? Come and find out!

                                                                                                                                           NZISF 2021 // RECONNEcT 11

       © Itsy Bitsy Fun for Kids                                       CHEMISTRY      COMET          SCIENCE
                                    Activities Blog
                                                                         VACCINE       STAR       SUSTAINABILITY

SCIENCE QUIZ                                                            MAMMAL
                                                                           ATOM        LASER          BRAIN
1. How many wings does a mosquito have?
                                                                         BIOLOGY     EXPLOSION       ALVEOLI
2. Which is the largest internal organ in the
    human body?

3. Arachnophobia is the fear of what?

4. What is the collective name for a group
                                                        © Itsy B

   of crows?

6. At what speed does light travel?
                                                  itsy Fun

7. What is the largest moon of Saturn called?

8. Ascorbic acid is a form of which vitamin?
                                                           for Kid

9. What is the name of the light sensitive panel of
                                                s Activit

    cells at the rear of the eye?

10. Humans and chimpanzees share roughly how
    much DNA?
                                             ies Blog

11. What is the biggest planet in our solar system?

12. What is a material that will not carry an electrical
    charge called?

13. How many hearts do octopuses have?

14. How many ribs do you have?

8. Vitamin C 9. Retina 10. 99 per cent 11. Jupiter 12. Insulator 13. Three 14. 24
ANSWERS: 1. Two 2. Liver 3. Spiders 4. A murder 5. 300,000 km per second 7. Titan
Opening night: Science in
                                                                                   the spotlight
                                                                                    8 July • Otago business school • 5.30pm • 2hrs • $15
                                                                                   What does the future hold? And     Dame Juliet Gerard is a
                                                                                   why should science be at the       Professor at the University of
                                                                                   heart of the challenges we face?   Auckland and serves as the
                                                                                                                      Prime Minister’s Chief Science
                                                                                   To kick off this year’s Science    Advisor, a role she has held
                                                                                   Festival we are hosting a special since 2018. Earlier this year, she
                                                                                   opening night talk: Science in the became a Dame Companion of
                                                                                   Spotlight. Join us for a fireside  the New Zealand Order of Merit
                                                                                   chat between Festival patron       for her services to science.
                                                                                   Helen Anderson, the Prime
                                                                                   Minister’s Chief Science Advisor Rod Carr is the Chairperson of
                                                                                   Dame Juliet Gerrard, and the       the Climate Change Commission.
                                                                                   chair of the Climate Change        He has previously served as
                                                                                   Commission Rod                     Chair of the Reserve Bank of
                                                                                   Carr.                              New Zealand and Vice Chancellor
                                                                                                                      of the University of Canterbury.
                                                                                   We will discuss the challenges
                                                                                   faced, as well as the massive      Helen Anderson served as the
                                                                                   leaps forward that science is      Chief Executive of the Ministry
                                                                                   currently making and those that of Research, Science and
                                                                                   science will need to make, in      Technology from 2003-2010.
                                                                                   order to tackle our future.        She is a companion of the Royal
                                                                                                                      Society of New Zealand and
                                                                                   A drink and refreshments are       a Companion of the Queen’s
                                                                                   included in the price of your      Service Order for services to the
                                                                                   ticket.                            Ministry of Research, Science
                                                                                                                      and Technology.

 PLASTIC unwrapped: THE politics of change
   9 July • Petridish • 5:30pm • 2hrs • $15                                        Steve Anderson                         Dr. Gillian Worth
                                                                                   Anderson has spent the last 20         Dr. Worth is the research and
 Plastics have played an                      SPEAKERS                             years as the CEO of Foodstuffs         development manager for eco-
 important role in our world for              Dame Juliet Gerrard                  South Island Ltd, as well as           friendly homecare company
 over a century, however with                 Dame Gerrard is a New Zealand        time with Shell Chemicals              Earthwise.
 growing awareness of the impact              biochemistry academic, a             International and Mainland
 plastics make, the industry is               professor at the University of       products.                              Modertor
 facing disruption. But is plastic            Auckland and the New Zealand                                                Dr. Helen Anderson
 as bad as we think?                          Prime Minister’s Chief Science       Rachel Barker                          Dr. Anderson currently chairs
                                              Advisor.                             Barker is the CEO of Plastics          the boards of BRANZ, Scion and
 Our panel will discuss the                                                        NZ, the Industry Association           Studio Pacific Architecture. She
 science, the challenges, and the             Dr. Florian Graichen                 representing plastics companies        is also a director of DairyNZ,
 opportunities, and how we need               Dr. Gerrard is the general           across the country.                    Antarctica NZ and ClearPoint
 to adjust our own mindset to                 manager of Forests to Biobased                                              Ltd. She is a festival patron.
 achieve the results.                         products at biomaterials innovator
                                              Scion Research.
Centre for Science Communication                                                                                 10 July • regent theatre • 7pm
                                                                                                                             3hrs • $16/$12/$10

Student Film Premiere
A fantastic evening of           sensational films produced by
                                                                  Tokoeka kiwi through his first
                                                                  year of life. A Forest’s Dream by
                                                                  Upamanyu Das tells a beautifully
                                                                                                          to this iconic river and those on
                                                                                                          a mission to protect it. Winds
                                                                                                          of Change by Janic Gorman
science and nature films         current and former Master’s      cinematic tale of Fiordland from        is an inspiring cross-cultural
                                 students of the University of    the perspective of its residents        adventure with future leaders
produced by Master’s
                                 Otago’s Centre for Science       – a wise old tree, the bedrock          of climate action. And Tegan
students of the University       Communication, home of the       that forms its foundation, and          Good’s award-winning Nest 38
of Otago’s Centre for            world’s leading postgraduate     the water that shapes it. The           tells the story of a pair of banded
Science Communication.           programme for Science and        hilarious mockumentary, Kiwis           dotterels attempting to defy the
                                 Natural History Filmmaking.      Against Birds by Peter Naik             odds to raise their chicks on a
From kiwis to climate change,                                     delivers a laugh-out-loud, yet          surprisingly hostile New Zealand
farmland to Fiordland, July      Growing Up Kiwi by Madeleine     potent message of conservation.         beach. It’s a night not to
10th is a red carpet evening     Brennan follows the story of     Imy Mahon’s Protecting the              be missed!
at the Regent! Join us for six   “Almer,” a feisty little Haast   Pomahaka introduces viewers

                                                                  SCIENCE TELLER: Imagine a
                                                                  sustainable society
                                                                    8 & 9 July • otago museum • day 1: 2pm - 4pm • day 2: 9am - 5pm
                                                                  Imagine living in a                     So join us over the two days,
                                                                  sustainable society. What               starting with a keynote from
                                                                                                          the Chair of the Climate
                                                                  would that look like and
                                                                                                          Commission, Rod Carr, followed
                                                                  what would it take to get               by a panel discussion on the
                                                                  us there?                               first afternoon. The second day
                                                                                                          starts with a morning of talks on
                                                                  We’re bringing together some of         sustainable food, better housing
                                                                  the best thinkers and doers on          and managing waste followed
                                                                  sustainability together to think,       by an afternoon of workshops
                                                                  discuss and imagine a better            and demos, from ebikes to
                                                                  future.                                 composting to fabric recycling.

                                                                  From dealing with climate change        This is about more than just
                                                                  to engineering our way into a           imagining; it’s about creating a
                                                                  sustainable future, we’re inviting      real, more sustainable future for
                                                                  you to be part of the discussion.       us all.

                                                                                                                           NZISF 2021 // RECONNEcT 15
edible         insects:
                                                                              past, present and future
                                                                               10 July • 5pm • 2hrs
                                                                               Dunedin public library • $2
                                                                                 Ever considered crickets
 Who owns you (and your data)                                                    for dinner? Beetles for
                                                                                 dessert? What about
  13 July • Petridish • 5.30pm • 90min • $15                                     some spicy ants? No?
 Let’s get down to the                         science and technology journalist In fact, insects are
 dirty, business end of                        Peter Griffin, and Richard White, healthy, economical, and
                                               the manager for copyright and
 digital privacy.                                                                sustainable future     This event will cover the
                                               open access at the University of
                                               Otago. The panel will be MC’d by food source.
                                                                                                        historical development of edible
 Your data might be about you,                                                                          insects around the world,
                                   Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere of the
 but is it yours? To sort this out                                                                      the current research and
                                   Univeristy of Otago’s Law Faculty. They are good for people, our
 once and for all, we’ll bring a                                      pockets, and the planet - yet why development landscape on edible
 bunch of great minds together to                                     are we not eating them?           insects, and what the future may
                                   Oh, and once we’ve got that
 debate and discuss the question:                                                                       hold for the use of insects as
                                   sorted, there will be VR games
 Who owns you (and your data)?                                        Insects are already considered    food.
                                   to help us jump further into the
                                   digital world.                     a valuable source of nutrients
 The panel is made up of John                                         in many countries around the      Who knows, maybe you’ll find
 Edwards, New Zealand’s Privacy                                       world, including Thailand, China, yourself a yummy new source of
 Commissioner since 2014;                                             Brazil and The Netherlands.       valuable protein. Tasting available.

 A betteR future for aotearoa                                                 Editing them out                         Gene editing and pest
                                                                                                                       control in Aotearoa
   17 July • 6pm • 2hrs • petridish • $12                                      15 July • Petridish • 5.30pm • 90min • $10/$8
 Join us for a discussion about     who has written extensively               Current methods for                     Hosted by Professor Peter
 creative solutions to the climate  on energy, economic, and                  controlling introduced                  Dearden (University of Otago),
 crisis, the biodiversity crisis    ecological issues, including oil                                                  our team of expert speakers
                                                                              pests can be difficult
 and other problems caused by       depletion; ecological economist                                                   from New Zealand’s Biological
 economic growth.                   Dr. Marjan van den Belt, who              and expensive to use at                 Heritage National Science
                                    is a strategic partner at                 a landscape scale. With                 Challenge will discuss the future
 Audience questions will be invited sustainability consultancy Terra          Aotearoa’s goal of being                of gene editing in Aotearoa, its
 before and during the session.     Moana; freshwater ecologist and           Predator Free by 2050,                  potential for use in pest control,
                                    science communicator Mike Joy             novel techniques to                     and how we can partner with
 The evening’s speakers will        and environmental activist Jett                                                   mātauranga Māori experts.
                                                                              eradicate these species
 include American journalist and    Gannaway.
 educator Richard Heinberg,                                                   need to be considered.                  Ka mahi kātahi kā ohu whakahaere a Puaka
                                                                                                                      Matariki Festival me NZISF – a Puaka Matariki
                                                                                                                      Festival/NZISF collaboration.

dr. Siouxsie Wiles
 10 July • petridish • 2pm • 60min • $12
Join us for a fireside chat with           for her science communication.
New Zealander of the Year,                 In 2017 she published her first
Dr. Siouxsie Wiles!                        book, ‘Antibiotic resistance: the
                                           end of modern medicine?’ and in
Over the past year, Dr. Wiles              2019 was appointed a member of
has become a household name                the New Zealand Order of Merit
thanks to her public science               for services to microbiology and
communication efforts during               science communication.
the COVID-19 pandemic. An
Associate Professor at the                 During COVID-19, Dr. Wiles
University of Auckland, Dr. Wiles          joined forces with Spinoff
has studied medical microbiology           cartoonist Toby Morris to make
at the University of Edinburgh,            the science of the pandemic
the Centre for Ecology and                 clear and understandable. Their
Hydrology in Oxford and                    graphics have been translated
Edinburgh Napier University.               into multiple languages and
                                           have been adapted by various
  Dr. Wiles spent almost a                 governments and organisations.
   decade at Imperial College
   London, before relocating               Dr. Wiles will be interviewed by
   to New Zealand. She has                 Assoc. Prof Jesse Bering,
   won awards for both her                 Director of the University of
   commitment to the ethical               Otago’s Centre for
  use of animals in research and           Science Communication.

upcycled food
dining experience
 16 July • petridish • 5.30pm & 7.30pm • 1.5hr • $10 booking, Pay what you can
While enjoying a three                     by KiwiHarvest, a food rescue
course meal, you will                      organisation that originated in
learn the science
behind upcycled foods                      Due to limited space, we are
from experts from the                      requesting a $10 reservation fee
University of Otago                        in advance; then you pay-as-you-
Food Waste Innovation’s                    feel for the meal on the night.
Upcycled Food Lab.
                                           All proceeds from the evening
Upcycled foods are made from               will go to Everybody Eats and
ingredients that would usually             KiwiHarvest to help them in their
be thrown out. This unique meal            mahi to feed the hungry and re-
will be prepared by chefs from             duce food waste.
Everybody Eats, a pay-as-you-
feel dining experience available
in Auckland and Wellington that
serves delicious, nutritious meals
“that feed bellies, not bins”.

Food for the meal will be supplied

                                                          NZISF 2021 // RECONNEcT 17
WHat’s On at
 THE MOON                                                                                                             Tiny    Ruins       solo
                                                                                                                       10 years of ‘Some were
                                                                                                                           meant for sea’
                                                                                                                              15 July • HANOVER HALL • 9.00pm
 yoga under the                                                                                                               60min • $40/35/30

 matariki moon                                                                                                               Join us as we
                                                                                                                            celebrate the 10th
 Celebrate Matariki and                 14-16 July • 7am • 1hr                                                              anniversary of
 your new year with this                Hanover hall • $20                                                                acclaimed New Zealand
 blissful nourishing yoga                                                                                                songwriter Hollie
                                       Completely new to
 under the Full Moon at                yoga? This is the perfect                                                        Fullbrook’s debut album
 Hanover Hall.                         time to start. Set your flow                                                    ‘Some Were Meant for
                                       of grace for the day and for a                                                  Sea’, with this very special
 Led by Jessica Latton from the        sparkling New Year. All levels                                                  solo performance under
 Dunedin Yoga Studio. Explore          welcome.
 the divination of Matariki in         Ka mahi kātahi kā ohu whakahaere a Puaka
                                                                                                                       Luke Jerram’s
 movement and meditation.              Matariki Festival me NZISF – a Puaka                                            Moon sculpture.
                                       Matariki Festival/NZISF collaboration.

                                       Space Frontiers                                                                 Late Night
                                       Exhibition                                                                        17 July • 6pm-9pm • drop-in
                                                                                                                         hanover hall • $5/$3 • R18
                                        13-18 July • 11am-4pm • drop-in
                                        Hanover hall • $5/$3                                                           Enjoy a very special late night
                                                                                                                       opening while you take in the
                                       In association with the US Embassy,                                             spectacle of Luke Jerram’s
                                       the Festival is proud to present                                                Moon sculpture in this late
                                       Space Frontiers, a photographic                                                 night session.
                                       exhibition exploring the history of
                                       space exploration, the mythology                                                Enjoy a cocktail while you gaze
                                       behind the nights sky and the ways                                              upon the wonder of Te Marama,
                                       Māori used it navigate the oceans,                                              peruse our Space Frontiers
                                       and a look at what the future holds                                             exhibit and take in
                                       for space exploration.                                                          the atmosphere.

                                       Organic farming
                                       for the future
                                         9 July • 5.30pm • 90min
                                         Otago University • $5/$4
                                       beef farmer who ‘walks the
                                       talk’ as a regenerative farming
 This event will include informed      practitioner based in South
 discussion on regenerative            Otago; Assoc. Professor Aladin
 agriculture, health and the           Bekhit, a meat scientist whose
 nutritional aspects of organically    research focuses on waste
 farmed meats - from a local and
 global perspective. Also included
 is an opportunity to ‘taste test’
                                       reduction and the biochemical
                                       factors that control meat quality
                                       and it’s nutritional value; and
                                                                                  Not for the Faint-HEARTed
 a new ‘flexitarian’ organic meat      Mrs. Fiona Nyhof, a food product            12 Jul,11AM & 2pm 14 Jul, 7pm       the heart works by examining
 and vegetable patty, made from        development specialist at the               Otago University • 60min            its anatomy.
 locally sourced ingredients.          University of Otago.
                                                                                  Faint-HEARTed? Then this workshop Attendees will each perform a fully
 Join us to hear from a farmer, a      The session should help to                 is not for you! Come and learn how guided dissection of a sheep heart.
 scientist and a food technologist.    clear some of the negative                 the heart works by dissecting one. Participants must be comfortable
 There will be short talks             misconceptions associated with                                                handling animal tissue which will be
 from Mr. Allan Richardson, a          animal farming.                            Join us for his 1-hour workshop,   sourced through the normal
 passionate organic sheep and                                                     during which we will explore how   food chain.

Unleash Your Inner Detective:                                                    inhalers and artificial lungs:
Forensic Based CSI Workshop                                                      fighting lung disease
13 & 15,16-17 Jul, See website for timetable• Gasworks museum • 2hrs • $16/$12    17 July • 10AM & 12PM • 60min • Otago University
The Science of Crime                   using real forensic tools you will        New methods for fighting                using an ‘artificial lung’ to develop
                                       complete practical activities to help     lung diseases are under                 more effective lung treatments.
offers immersive forensic
science-based events that              solve the crime. In these Teens and       research at the University
                                       Adults sessions, the event contains                                               You will learn how the artificial
explore real life crime scene                                                    of Otago’s School of                    lung works, what happens in
                                       more mature themes, as we offer           Pharmacy.
investigation techniques.              you an opportunity to examine a                                                   your lungs when you take a puff
Working in small teams, your           murder mystery crime scene and                                                    from an inhaler, how inhalers
                                                                                 Powder inhalers are the future          can be used to treat COVID-19
job is to find the evidence,           uncover the clues to help solve the       of treating diseases like asthma
                                       crime. Workshops last between                                                     and other lung diseases, and
solve the clues and catch the                                                    and COVID-19.                           what the future holds for this
                                       60 and 150 minutes. So grab your
criminal!                                                                                                                innovative research.
                                       teens, whānau, friends or colleagues      In this workshop, you will visit
                                       and book today!                           the laboratory of Associate
Our uniquely themed workshops
are written and hosted by an                                                     Professor Shyamal Das at the
                                       For kids and tweens events see            School of Pharmacy and learn
experienced forensic expert.
                                       page 29.                                  about how his research team is
Wearing your special CSI suits and

our ocean: bringing climate                                                      Museum after dark
data to life                                                                      16 July • Otago MusEUm • 7PM-10pm • drop-in • $25/$20 • R18

  15 July • 2pm & 6pm • Central Library • 2hrs                                   After Dark is when Otago                Science Festival we offer
                                                                                 Museum opens at night for               more active fun science, there
The oceans are at the heart of          of climate impacts on these                                                      are hands-on interactives
our warming planet, with long-          species.                                 drinks, dancing, singing,
                                                                                                                         in Tūhura, science explorations
term changes underway that                                                       desserts, and a DJ.                     and demos, karaoke under the
are radically altering the marine       Together, we will explore some                                                   planetarium stars and more.
environment, and threatening            of the latest ocean climate data         Forgetting the winter outside, we
species that we treasure locally.       collected in New Zealand. This           host this event in (and around)
We invite you to join us for the        event will be interactive, guided        the warmth of our three-storey
first of a two-part workshop            by climate scientist and science         Tropical Forest.
to create stories and artworks          communicator Dr. Cathy Cole
celebrating our local marine life,      from the University of Otago.            To kick off the final few days of
whilst also raising awareness           Ages 16+.                                the New Zealand International

                                                                                                                                         NZISF 2021 // RECONNEcT 19
Association for Women in the
  Sciences conference
    8 & 9 July • 10AM - 6pm • 2-days
    Castle st lecture theatre

  The Association for Women
  in the Sciences (AWIS)
  triennial conference
  provides an opportunity
  for women working in or
  supporting the sciences
  to develop their skills to
                                                                                   the heart of a woman
  support their professional                                                        12 July • Petridish • 5.30pm • 90min • $12
  advancement, and                     Through AWIS 2021, women                    Heart disease is a                       Please come and join Manaaki
  opportunities to learn from          in the sciences will have the               leading killer of women in               Mānawa: The Centre for
  and network with other               opportunity to learn skills to              Aotearoa, however it is                  Heart Research as we hear
  women working in the                 support their professional                                                           from a range of world-
                                                                                   often thought of as a man’s              leading researchers in heart
  sciences.                            careers – such as facing
                                       unconscious bias and identifying            health problem.                          health about how we study
                                       mentors – as well as gain more                                                       cardiovascular health from
  Women are still under-                                                           Too often, women can think
                                       understanding about issues                                                           bench to bedside and what
  represented in many areas of                                                     their symptoms don’t match
                                       facing women in STEM and how                                                         makes Aotearoa a leader in
  STEM (Science, Technology,                                                       what is perceived as “typical”.
                                       these may be addressed.                                                              cardiovascular science and
  Engineering and Maths),                                                          Women may also not be aware              research.
  particularly at leadership levels.                                               of the symptoms of heart
  AWIS is dedicated to bettering                                                   disease, or think “it is an older        We’ll also hear from patients
  the position of all women working                                                person’s problem”. This means            about their experience and
  in the sciences, to create a New                                                 half the population may not be           share what we can do to ensure
  Zealand where women are fairly                                                   getting the adequate care and            healthy hearts for all.
  represented throughout the                                                       treatment they need.
  science system.

                                                                                     VR at your house!

                                                                                     Ideal for birthdays

                                                                                     Easy to setup
  2 MinUTE TALKS                        11 July • 5.30pm • 2hrs • Petridish • $5
                                                                                     From $89 for
  One picture, one prop,               Presenters are given the
  two minutes.                         challenge of turning their                    3 nights, plus
                                       complex ideas into a two-
  2 Minute Talks: Young Women          minute talk that everyone can                 courier & bond
  in Science is a community            understand.
  celebration of the talented young
  female scientists working and      It is sure to be an interesting,                Beat Saber,
                                     inspiring and fun-filled evening.
  studying in Dunedin.
                                     There will be an opportunity                    Minecraa VR,
  Now in its fourth year, this event after the talks for drinks, nibbles
  was specifically created for        and networking with like-minded                 Half-Life: Alyx
  the New Zealand International
  Science Festival, to give young
                                                                                     and more!
  women a platform to talk about       Thanks to the Association for
  their science.                       Women in Science and Graduate
                                       Women NZ.
 Harness your inner artist, colour in this page and post it on an Instagram account with the
hashtag #nzscifestcolour by the 1st of July and go in the draw to win one of 4 family passes
                                  to the Big Science Show!
Dunedin LIBRARies
  Join Dunedin Libraries for a range of fun events!
  Dunedin City Library                       Rubik Rumble Challenge
                                             Wednesday 14 July, 11am, drop-in
  Science Drama at the Library
                                             Get in the Pit and Rubik! Bring your
  Sunday 11 July, 4pm, 30min
                                             Rubik skills (and cube) and beat
  The Library is home to many
                                             the clock. Fastest time wins Rubik-
  amazing science books. Come
                                             related prize.
  and see how the Taieri Dramatic
  Society brings some of these books Build-a-Bot
  to life!                             Wednesday 14 July, 2pm, 2hrs
                                       Come and work with Captain Lego
  Science Storytime Special                                                           dogs and science working together          Aquavan adventures
                                       to build a robot out of Lego.
  Monday 12 July, 10.30am, 30min
  Bring the family and have a blast at Dogs and Science Working
  our Science-themed Storytime.        Together
                                       Wednesday 14 July, 5.30pm, 1hr
  Shark Spy Community Talk
                                       An outline of the ground-breaking
  Monday 12 July, 5.30pm, 1hr
                                       work of K9 Medical Detection
  Join shark expert Rob Lewis as he
                                       New Zealand using the enormous
  takes you into the amazing world of
                                       potential of canine sensory abilities.
  our local sharks!
                                       Lego Parkour
  About the Heart
                                       Friday 16 July, 1pm, 2hr
  Tuesday 13 July, 10am & 1pm, 1hr
                                       Do some Lego mini-figure parkour
  What happens to your heart when
                                       with Captain Lego! Create an
  you exercise? Learn how it works,
                                       obstacle course challenge for                   fight like a physicist                    shark spy community talk
  why it sometimes beats slow and
                                       your mini-figure, then film them
  sometimes feels like it is going to
                                       completing it with our new stop-               Branch Libraries                           About the Heart
                                       animation studio.                                                                         Wednesday 14 July, 1hr
  Lines & Wines: A Scientific                                                         Aquavan Adventures: Coastal
                                       available anytime:                                                                        Mosgiel: 10am, Port Chalmers: 12pm
  Playreading                                                                         Connections
                                                                                                                                 Waikouaiti: 3pm
  Tuesday 13 July, 6pm, 2hrs           Creative Connections                           South Dunedin: 13 & 14 July, 11am, 90min
                                                                                                                                 What happens to your heart
  Join us to hear (or choose to        10-16 July, Library opening hours, drop-in     Mosgiel: 15 & 16 July, 11am, 90min
                                                                                                                                 when you exercise? Learn how it
  participate in reading) a science-   Reconnect with your creativity at              Connect to your coast with the
                                                                                                                                 works, why it sometimes beats
  themed play. This is a play reading, our science-themed craft table.                Aquavan and staff from the NZ
                                                                                                                                 slow and sometimes feels like it is
  rather than a stage performance,     Offered Daily throughout the NZ                Marine Studies Centre!
                                                                                                                                 going to burst!
  and audience participation is        International Science Festival.            Aquavan Adventures: Amazing
  very much encouraged. Light                                                                                                    Fight Like a Physicist
                                       Science on the Cube                        Adaptatons
  refreshments provided.                                                                                                         Mosgiel: Thur 15 July, 10am
                                       8-18 July, Library opening hours, drop-in  South Dunedin: 13 & 14 July, 1.30pm, 60min
                                                                                                                                 Waitati Hall: Sat 17 July, 10am
  Lego Creations                             Enjoy a variety of short Science and Mosgiel: 15 & 16 July, 11am, 90min
                                                                                                                                 Channel your inner physics ninja
  13 & 15 July, 2pm, 2hr                     Natural History films produced by    Get hands on with the Aquavan!
                                                                                                                                 in this fun interactive workshop.
  Join Captain Lego and get some             students, alumni and faculty of the Learn about crab feeding and
                                                                                                                                 Learn how to use classical
  inspiration to create your next            University of Otago’s Centre for     defensive strategies, then meet
                                                                                                                                 mechanics principles to vanquish
  amazing Lego creation.                     Science Communication.               some marine critters at our mobile
                                                                                                                                 your opponent.
                                                                                  touch tank.

  MITRE10 MEGA Backyard                                                               Rat Trapping Tunnels
                                                                                      Tuesday 13 July, 10am and 1pm
                                                                                                                                 own bird feeder and learn how
                                                                                                                                 to attract our incredible native

                                                                                      New Zealand has the highest                birds to your garden. All tools and
                                   13 - 15 July • mitre10 mega • 10Am & 1pm • 60min   rate of threatened species in              materials supplied.
                                                                                      the world. Are you keen to do
                                                                                      your part towards pest control
                                                                                      and help our native species out?           Insect Hotels
                                                                                      In this workshop, you can! The             Thursday 15 July, 10am and 1pm
                                                                                      Mitre 10 team will give you all            Want to provide a habitat for
                                                                                      the tools and materials you need           the awesome creepy crawlies
                                                                                      and help you make your own                 that live in your garden? The
                                                                                      backyard trapping tunnel. Plus,            Mitre 10 team will give you all the
                                                                                      City Sanctuary will be on hand to          tools and materials you need and
                                                                                      teach you all about how (and why)          help you make your own insect
                                                                                      to use them.                               hotel! In this workshop, you’ll
                                                                                                                                 learn all about creating bug-
                                                                                                                                 friendly habitats and meet some
                                                                                      Bird Feeders                               incredible insects up close…
                                                                                      Wednesday 14 July, 10am and 1pm
                                                                                      Join the Mitre 10 team and                 Note: caregivers will be expected to
                                                                                      Orokonui Ecosanctuary’s nature             supervise and assist children throughout the
                                                                                      educator extraordinaire Tahu               workshop.
                                                                                      Mackenzie to build your very
                                                         13-18 July • hanover hall • 11am-4pm • drop-in • $5/$3
                                                         Lasers, the moon, telescopes and
                                                         jelly lenses – come explore how

Quantum cryptography                                     optics makes space science better!

via satellite                                            Can you tell how far away the Moon is by
                                                         shining a laser at it? NASA did just that as
                                                         part of the Apollo moon programme!
                                                                                                                  zobots revolution
13-18 July • hanover hall • 11am-4pm • drop-in • $5/$3                                                             12 July, 5.30pm, ADInstruments • 13 July, 4.30pm,
                                                         Come learn about lasers and optics and                    Gasworks museum • 2hrs • $10
As privacy concerns mount in the modern
                                                         how we can use the unique nature of light to
era, quantum physics leads the way in new                                                                         ZoBots are animal-like robots
                                                         advance our understanding of the sun, the
encryption methods. Learn how quantum
key distribution works, compare it to other
                                                         moon, the stars - including understanding                designed by University of Otago
                                                         the size of the whole universe and how far               neuroscientist and former NASA
types of key-based encryption methods,
                                                         away everything within it is from us.                    robotics engineer Mike Paulin.
and find out what happens when someone
tries to “eavesdrop” on photon-based
communication.                                                                                                    On Monday we’ll demonstrate and explain
                                                                                                                  how understanding the materials, mechanics
                                                                                                                  and brains of animals helps engineers to
                                                                                                                  design new kinds of robots, and how new
                                                                                                                  manufacturing and digital technologies make
                                                                                                                  it possible to design and build them in your

                                                                                                                  Then we’ll help you to build your own simple
                                                                                                                  ZoBot and decorate it to give it a unique

                                                                                                                  There will be demonstrations of ADI
                                                                                                                  technology and refreshments available.

                                                                                                                  On Tuesday afternoon you are invited to

Chartistic                                                                                                        bring your ZoBot to the Engine Room at the
                                                                                                                  Gasworks Museum, where the steam-based
                                                                                                                  technology of the industrial revolution and
 15-18 July • meridian mall •11am-3pm • drop-in
                                                                                                                  the Victorian age is preserved in working
Come to Chartistic and have a go at                      average eye colour? How does your drawing                order.
charting your creativity. Participate                    style compare to others? What changes
                                                         in how we draw as we age? How far do we                  As darkness falls we will release our robots
in a series of fun drawing & craft                                                                                and follow them into the Museum.
                                                         travel to our favourite beaches?
activities and make some art.
                                                         Artist or analyst, Chartistic has something              Did I mention that they glow in the dark?
We will combine the art onto a chart                     for everyone.
that tells us something interesting about                                                                         How did we get from steam engines to
ourselves and our community. What is the                                                                          robots, and what’s next?

                               Otago Regional Council is a proud sponsor of
                               the New Zealand International Science Festival

                         For educational activities to keep you busy these school holidays,
                         head to www.orc.govt.nz and search ‘Kea Crew’
                                                                                                                                               NZISF 2021 // RECONNEcT 23
                                                                                  10 & 11 July • 2pm & 4pm • 60min • TCOL auditorium • $25/$20
                                                                                What little creatures can you                 own and see how it evolves in

  PYJAMARAMA!                                                                   dream up? Flex your creative
                                                                                muscles and take part in a
                                                                                                                              the hands of others. There is a
                                                                                                                              different ‘creature’ theme at each
                                                                                unique, three-step artistic                   location, so be sure to visit all
   9 July • OTAGO MUSEUM • 6pm • 2hrs • $2                                      process to create little creatures.           three!
  There’s a new moon rising in our       Hands-on activities, storytelling,     One person writes a creature
  southern skies and the nights          and science shows about                description, the next person                  Thanks to DCC Arts and Creative
  are long, so bring your torches        the night sky and nocturnal            draws the creature based on its               Communities Scheme for funding
  and teddy bears on down                nature will astonish and               description, and a third will sculpt          this event.
  to Otago Museum’s pyjama party         delight the whole family.              it out of modeling clay! All three
  to kick off the school holidays                                               steps of the process will be on               Meridian Mall - bugs & forest
  and the NZ International                                                      display as they are developed,                Golden Centre Mall - underwater
  Science Festival!                                                             drawn and sculpted. Write up                  creatures
                                                                                a creature description of your                Hanover Hall - space

  Join Otago Museum for a range of fun events!

  Pyjamarama!                            After Dark: A Night in
  9 July, 6pm, 2hrs, $2                  the Tropics
  Get your jammies on and head           16 July, 7-10pm, drop-in, $25/20
  to Otago Museum for an evening         Otago Museum opens at night
  of family-friendly, after-hours fun!   for the hottest attraction in
  Quantum Shorts Film                    town: music, fun and cold drinks
  Festival Screening                     in the warmth of our three-
  12 July, 5.30pm, 2hrs                  storey Tropical Forest.
  Otago Museum and the Dodd-             Secrets, Ciphers, and Codes
  Walls Centre are bringing you the      12, 14, 16 July, 12pm, drop-in
  weird, wonderful, and stranger-        At this regular pop-
  than-fiction side of science with      up just outside Otago
  this screening of the finalists in     Museum, try out some old-
                                                                                about the life cycle and biology of           Light Cycles
  the global Quantum Shorts Film         fashioned Earth-based methods
                                                                                these beautiful creatures.                    12-18 July, 2pm, 30min
  Competition.                           for keeping secrets secret, like
                                                                                SciFest Tūhura Treat                          Hands-on science and centuries-
  These “quantum-inspired                disappearing ink and Ancient
                                                                                10-18 July, 11.30am - 12pm, drop-in, $12/10   old stories illuminate the
  stories” are no more than              Greek scytale ciphers, then learn
                                                                                Join one of our Science                       cycles that connect the universe!
  five minutes in length and             what the future holds for space-
                                         based cryptography! Decide for         Communicators for a surprise                  Spacetronauts: Mighty Moons
  range from live-action to
                                         yourself which is the best way to      activity, which could be anything             10-18 July, 11.30am, 60min, $7/$12
  puppeteering, from dad-jokes
                                         keep a secret message safe from        from any field of science!                    What are moons and why are
  to emotionally dramatic. There
                                         prying eyes!                              Giants of the Forest                       they so extreme? During this
  will be nibbles, a cash bar, and
                                                                                   10-18 July, 2.30pm, 30min, $12/10          show, we will explore weird and
  physicists on-hand to help             First Flight Butterfly Release
                                                                                                                              wonderful moons in our solar
  unpack the science and help you        10-18 July, 11am & 1.30pm, 30min, $12/$10 Tūhura is home to more than
                                                                                   butterflies! Get up close and              system and beyond, learn why
  decide what is science and what        The Tūhura Tropical Forest is
                                                                                                                              they might hold life, and how we
  is fiction.                            home to butterflies from Central personal with the newest
                                                                                                                              might be able to explore them.
  Offered in partnership with the        America and Southeast Asia. Join residents of the Tropical Forest!
  Dodd-Walls Centre.                     us daily and help a communicator
                                         release the recently emerged
                                         butterflies, while also learning
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