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Issue 06, December 2016                         MCI (P) 059/10/2016
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         o u r    chil
        Y                                     We focus on them, going beyond
                                              formulaic learning
                                              At One World International School, we focus on individual
                                              student oriented methodologies that revolve around a
                                              structured curriculum with an experiential and inquiry
                                              based approach to learning. Ensuring that your child is a
                                              knowledgeable, creative and confident individual.
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                                One World International School | CPE Reg No: 200800495N | Period of Registration: 25 Feb 2015 to Feb 2016
Presidium of Patrons                                   Dr Justice C S Dharmadhikari (Co-Founder)
                                                                           Prof MGK Menon
                                                                           Dr Karan Singh
                                                                           Mr N R Narayana Murthy
                                                                           Mr Basdeo Panday
                    President                                              Mr Chandrakant Borde (Co-Founder)
                    Vice President                                         Ambassador Aftab Seth
                                                                           Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohd Hussin bin Abdul Hamid

                    Advisory Board – International                         Sir J K Chande
                                                                           Dr F C Kohli
                                                                           Mr Arjun Malhotra
                                                                           Ms Shabana Azmi
                                                                           Mr Ashok Soota
                                                                           Mr Karan Singh Thakral
                    Advisory Board – Japan                                 Ambassador Aftab Seth
                                                                           Mr Kotaro Tamura
                    Advisory Board – Singapore                             Ambassador K Kesavapany
                                                                           Mr Boon Yoon Chiang
                                                                           Ms Kirtida Mekani
                    Advisory Board – United Arab Emirates                  H.E. Mr Abdullatif Almulla
                    Advisory Board – Malaysia                              Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohd Hussin bin Abdul Hamid
                                                                           Dato’ Sri Abdul Hamidy Abdul Hafiz
                                                                           Datuk Baljit Singh Sidhu
                                                                           Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria
                                                                           Dr Denison Jayasooria
                    Advisory Board – India                                 Mr R Sundar
                                                                           Lt Gen (Retd) Sudhir Sharma

                    Board of International Studies                         Mr Ralph Tabberer
                                                                           Mr Laurie Ince
                                                                           Mr Gregor Polson
                                                                           Prof Marmar Mukhopadhyay
                                                                           Prof Mukul Asher

                    Executive Management                                   Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman and Co-Founder
                                                                           Mr Kamal Gupta, Chief Operating Officer
                                                                           Mr Kaustubh Bodhankar, Deputy CEO

                    Governing Board                                        Mr Subodh Gore
                                                                           Mr Maneesh Tripathi
                                                                           Mr Sudan Wargantiwar

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                 06    About giis
                       Our Vision, Mission, Core Values and more

                 08    Messages
                       Words of inspiration from GIIS


                 10    GIIS STUDENTS ATTEND SADC 2016                       14   GIIS AND GOPIO IN SINGAPORE
                       Students network and gain political insights at           Commemorating the UN International
                       South Asian Diaspora Convention                           Day of Non-violence

                 11 INDIAN OCEAN CONFERENCE invites                         16   FROM SURAT TO SINGAPORE AND BACK
                 	GIIS students to participate                                   Biker Queens ride for women empowerment
                    Students hold meaningful discussions
                    with Indian dignitaries

                 	related issues WITH GIIS STUDENTS
                   Mr Raza visits GIIS Queenstown Campus
                   for Leadership Lecture Series

                 COVER STORY

                 	OUT FROM THE REST
                   Spawning a new era in education


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     Features                                                        SPOTLIGHT

     46       ARABIAN NIGHTS IN ABU DHABI                            58   ACADEMIC RESULTS
              Skyscrapers, desert safaris and souks in this               GIIS students deliver excellent scores for IB
              futuristic centre                                           Diploma, CBSE Class 12, IGCSE Class 10, and CBSE
                                                                          Class 10 examinations in 2016
              From small beginnings to great things
              Teaching students compassion and conservation
              through iCare initiative                               70IS THE INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGY IN
                                                                     	EDUCATION A DISTRACTION OR AN
       Through preparation comes outstanding results

              A glimpse of student-led initiatives to protect
              the earth and raise awareness about the

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     Publisher                             Benjamin Poon
     Senior Writer                         Raewyn Koh
     Creative Director                     Eric Wong
     Project Manager                       Marina Chong

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About GIIS

     Global Schools Foundation

     The Foundation was initiated with an aim of providing
     quality education to the expatriate community in Singapore.
     The Foundation has completed more than 14 exemplary
     years marked by international recognition for achieving
     excellence in school education, following high standards in
     governance, established academic criteria, and
     well-administered management processes. GSF’s mission
     is to cultivate and nurture its students into global leaders of
     the future.

     Global Indian
     International School

     Global Indian International School (GIIS) – established
     under Global Schools Foundation’s guiding principles –
     is an international network of award-winning institutions,
     with 20 campuses in seven countries. Known for their
     learner-centric and skill-based teaching methodology,
     GIIS schools offer holistic learning and personality
     development opportunities for students.
        GIIS schools have been honoured with 65 international
     and national awards over a span of eight years for
     achieving excellence in school education. GIIS boasts a
     strong multicultural environment, as children from
     diverse nationalities are enrolled across its campuses.
        GIIS is a preferred international school offering
     curricula for Nursery to Class 12 education. It offers the                GIIS ABU DHABI CAMPUS, UAE
     International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP),
     International General Certificate of Secondary Education
     (IGCSE), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE),
     CBSE-International and Global Montessori Plus (GMP)

About GIIS

                                                                    CORE VALUES

                                                                    Manage with Information and Metrics
                                                                    Agility and Adaptability
                                                                    Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Practices
                                                                    Attitude before Knowledge
                                                                    Team Work
                                                                    Mentor, Coach and Make a Difference
                                                                    Ambience for Learning

                                                                    CULTURE STATEMENT

                                                                    GIIS schools – Schools that Learn
                                                                    GIIS Schools have become Safety Centered, Vision Directed,
                                                                    Values Driven, Student Focused, Analysis-based, Learning
                                                                    Enabled, Team Facilitated, Process Managed,
                                                                    Quality Managed and Result Oriented.

                                                                    QUALITY POLICY

                                                                    GIIS strives to enhance Learning through:
                                                                    Adherence to Quality Management System
                                                                    Sharing of Best Practices
VISION                                                              Actionable Feedback based on Stakeholders
                                                                    Satisfaction Surveys
To Become a Global Role Model for Teaching and Learning.

                                                                    QUALITY OBJECTIVES
                                                                    Based on GIIS Quality Management System, Quality
We nurture GLOBAL students into men and women who will              Policy, and Vision, Mission & Core Values, GIIS will
be distinctive leaders committed to the spirit of excellence,       continually strive to ensure:
through high-quality education imparted by globally                 a. Compliance with our Quality Management System
experienced and caring teachers who build strong virtues and        b. Learning at all Levels
values while focusing on all round development, creativity and      c. Stakeholder Satisfaction
entrepreneurship.                                                   d. Adherence to our Values


     Looking back at 2002 when we     “If I have the belief that I                                                  We recognise that our
     started the first Indian         can do it, I shall surely                                                     students form the core of the
     international school in          acquire the capacity to do it                                                 school’s activity and
     Singapore, the number of our     even if I may not have it at                                                  achievements but without the
     supporters has grown             the beginning,” are the                                                       combined dedication and
     exponentially. I truly believe   words of Mahatma Gandhi.                                                      commitment of their parents,
     that it’s our passion and        This quote captures the                                                       teachers and staff, our
     ambition that makes GIIS a       essence of our holistic                                                       substantial growth in the last
     modern version of a school       approach to education at                                                      15 years would not have been
     that produces new leaders.       Global Schools Foundation.      The journey of 15 years could not have        possible. I would like to

     Mr Chandrakant Borde
                                      Beyond providing a sound
                                      academic platform, our aim
                                                                      been possible without the support of our      express my appreciation for
                                                                                                                    the sustained support and
     President and Co-Founder,
     Global Schools Foundation
                                      is to teach students to be      teachers, students and parents, and we        contribution to the shared
                                      lifelong learners and                                                         sense of pride that we all have
                                      prepare them to be able to      thank them for this. When we started in       in GIIS’ continued success.

                                                                      2002, the goal was to offer affordable high
                                      deal with future challenges.
                                                                                                                    Mr Kamal Gupta
                                                                      quality education to the expat community. I
                                      Dr Justice C S Dharmadhikari                                                  Chief Operating Officer,
                                      Co-Founder and Patron,                                                        Global Schools Foundation
                                      Global Schools Foundation
                                                                      am proud to say that GIIS has played an
                                                                      instrumental role in lives of more than
                                                                      25,000 students. Our alumnae are now
                                                                      spread across the world and are excelling
                                                                      in their respective fields. Global Schools
                                                                      Foundation has been fortunate to be guided
                                                                      by the eminent members of the board who
                                                                      have kept the interest of students their
                                                                      utmost priority. We believe in continuous
                                                                      improvement and their feedback has
     I look forward to 2017, the      Stepping into the 15th year     encouraged us to raise our benchmark          The institution has created an

                                                                      regularly. With 65 awards from national
     year that marks our 15th         of our existence is a                                                         environment and ambience that
     anniversary. I am happy with     significant milestone. It is                                                  fosters learning and provides
     the achievements we have         particularly gratifying to be   and international independent awarding        each student with unique
     made so far and the manner       celebrating this anniversary,                                                 opportunities to explore and
     in which we have reached         as the future of GIIS looks     bodies, we strive to continue our quest for   grow. We take efforts to develop
     our objectives. We have          bright. The relevance of                                                      leadership qualities among all
     adopted a pragmatic              holistic education continues    excelling in different fields of education.   our students who understand
     approach in combining high       to grow and GIIS is at the                                                    the value of being respectful
     ethical standards with a firm    forefront of using innovative                                                 global citizens. The next
     belief in the power of our       tools to deliver our                                                          milestone will include adopting
                                                                      Mr Atul Temurnikar
     values. This has enable us to    award-winning 9 Gems™                                                         new technologies, and
                                                                      Chairman and Co-Founder,
     continue to make a real          framework.                                                                    innovative methods of teaching,
                                                                      Global Schools Foundation
     difference in the lives and                                                                                    among other achievements to
     aspirations of our students.     Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohd                                                       bestow our students with an
                                      Hussin bin Abdul Hamid                                                        amazing school life experience.
     Ambassador Aftab Seth            Vice President,
     Vice President,                  Global Schools Foundation                                                     Mr Kaustubh Bodhankar
     Global Schools Foundation                                                                                      Deputy Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                                                                    Global Schools Foundation

“The future depends on
what we do in the present”
        – Mahatma Gandhi



                        GIIS students attend
                 South Asian Diaspora Convention 2016
     For the third consecutive year, students from GIIS Queenstown   students also got into an insightful discussion with Mr
     and East Coast campuses were given the incredible opportunity   Gopinath Pillai, Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of
     of attending the South Asian Diaspora Convention (SADC),        Foreign Affairs, about the relevance of non-economic and
     which was held on 18 and 19 July 2016 at the Raffles City       economic factors that influence the growth of a nation.
     Convention and Exhibition Centre. Gracing this year’s event
     was Guest of Honour, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr Ranil      Students witnessed panel discussions on topics like
     Wickremesinghe. Over the two days of intense discussions,       ‘education and skill development’ within Southeast Asia to
     debates and networking, students were exposed to the            more encompassing issues, such as ‘the geopolitics in South
     actuality of regional politics.                                 Asia’, all of which were moderated by incredible personalities,
                                                                     such as Prof Tan Chorh Chuan, President of National
     Students were also given the opportunity to network with        University of Singapore, and Mr James Crabtree, Contributing
     political office holders and policy makers, such as Mr Vivian   Editor at Financial Times. The debates were not only fruitfully
     Balakrishnan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Singapore; and       engaging but also brought attention to some very happening
     Mr Sachin Pilot, Member of Indian National Congress and         regional problems.
     Former Minister of Corporate Affairs, India. They also
     interacted with other students studying International           The students were also encouraged to participate in the
     Business and Relations at Singapore polytechnics. GIIS          intellectual panel discussions during the engaging Q&A
     students also met with Mr Shahid Javed Burki, Former Vice       sessions. This gave them a rare platform to have their own
     President of the World Bank, briefly and managed to engage      pressing questions answered by professionals in the field.
     in an interesting debate about the possibility of ‘One South    Apart from just networking with internationally renowned
     Asia’, and how other regional conflicts, such as the ongoing    businessmen, the students also acquired knowledge on how to
     South China Sea disputes, would alter these plans. The          shape their success of today.

                                                                                                                 Students gained
                                                                                                                 insight into real world
                                                                                                                 issues during SADC


                   INDIAN OCEAN CONFERENCE 2016
                 INVITES GIIS STUDENTS TO participate
The Indian Ocean Conference 2016 (IOC 2016) was arranged             eastern neighbours. The students also had the opportunity to
and hosted by the New Delhi-based India Foundation at                interact with delegates and dignitaries like Mr Shashi Tharoor,
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore on 1 and 2 September 2016. The           Indian politician and former diplomat currently serving as
event was conducted in association with the S Rajaratnam             Member of Parliament in India; Mr Ranjan Mathai, former
School of International Studies (RSIS). The Bangladesh Institute     Indian Foreign Secretary and Indian High Commissioner to
of International and Strategic Studies and the Institute of Policy   the UK; and Ms Jaya Jaitly, Founder, India-based Bastkari
Studies of Sri Lanka were also listed as associates.                 Haat Samiti, among others.

The event was the beneficiary of significant Indian                              The students had meaningful discussions with the
Government support and clearly reflected                                            dignitaries. IB Year 1 student, Nandin Porwal
official strategic intent. The Indian Minister of                                     from GIIS Queenstown Campus got to
External Affairs, Mr Sushma Swaraj addressed                                           interact with Mr Mathai and speak with him
the Conference over live video feed, and                                                on the situation of Indians in Syria, as well as
Mr Nitin Gadkari, Indian Minister of Roads,                                             the effects of India’s trade relationship with
Transport and Highways and Dr S Jaishankar,                                            China after the Nuclear Suppliers Group
Foreign Secretary made separate speeches                                             (NSG) conflict. “He informed us that it is widely
during the opening session.                                                        acknowledged that Pakistan has broken the
                                                                                rules but assured us that trade relations between
The welcome address was given by Mr MJ Akbar,                              India and China have yet to be directly affected as an
Minister of State for External Affairs, and was attended by          outcome,” said Nandin.
Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore;
Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka; Dato           The students also interacted with Ms Jaitly and discussed an
Seri Dr Ahmed Zahid Bin Hamidi, Deputy Prime Minister of             issue about international brands making huge profits by using
Malaysia along with other dignitaries.                               stolen designs and products of local crafters and small
                                                                     business owners. “We learnt that there aren’t any laws to
Students from GIIS Queenstown and East Coast campuses                protect such small businesses and it is harder to fight larger
attended the conference on 2 September. They witnessed the           corporations because of increasing corruption within the law.
valedictory address from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of Art        NGOs have to take initiatives to protect the rights of these
of Living Foundation, which served to accentuate the peaceful        makers and to preserve the cultures from which these designs
and spiritual connections and intent between India and its           were stolen from,” said Krati Jain, IB Year 1 student.

                                                                                                                   Mr Ranjan Mathai,
                                                                                                                   former Indian Foreign
                                                                                                                   Secretary & Indian
                                                                                                                   High Commissioner to
                                                                                                                   the UK shared his wise
                                                                                                                   thoughts with GIIS


                                MAROOF RAZA DISCUSSEs
                                 DEFENCE-related issues
                                     WITH STUDENTS

     Mr Maroof Raza, a former Indian Army officer, who is a            issue and research not just through the internet but by reading
     consultant and strategic affairs expert in India, visited GIIS    relevant books as well.
     Queenstown Campus on 4 September 2016. Mr Raza is the
     suave and astute anchor of the weekend world affairs show,        Mr Raza’s address was followed by a Q&A session. Hima Sai, IB
     ‘Latitude’ that airs on one of India’s leading news channels on   Year 1 student asked on India’s claim of a permanent seat in the
     television. He has also authored several books and presented      security council of the United Nations, which has been heavily
     a 20-part series on the Indian armed forces titled, ‘Line of      criticised by foreign dignitaries. Hima had wanted Mr Raza to
     Duty’. An episode from the series on the Siachen Glacier won      address this, as well as the challenges India is facing to secure
     an award in the military documentary section at the Film          such a seat in the council. Mr Raza gave an honest reply and told
     Festival in Rome in 2005.                                         the students that he thought that the UN Security Council was a
                                                                       fuss. “Instead of applying for a seat, India should remove itself
     Mr Raza was in GIIS Queenstown Campus as part of the GIIS         from the UN Security Council,” he said.
     Leadership Lecture Series, where students have the
     opportunity to interact with him and probe him on various         Another student, Aishwarya Gayatri of Class 9, GIIS Queenstown
     issues related to defence and corresponding strategies            Campus, asked Mr Raza about the army and media – two distinct
     around the world.                                                 but significant institutions of a democracy. As Mr Raza has
                                                                       served in the army and is now a prominent figure in the media
     During his interaction with students, he enlightened them         industry, Aishwarya wanted to know what relationship the media
     about India’s security concerns and the country’s role as         and the army should have. To this, Mr Raza lauded the Indian
     peace ambassadors. He educated them about India’s history         Army for being able to maintain secrecy of its training. “People
     of wars and conflicts too. Mr Raza also addressed issues on       approach the media when they want to disseminate information.
     situations involving India’s Northeast territories and Kashmir.   As far as a relationship between these two institutions is
     On the Kashmir conflict, Mr Raza poignantly told the students,    concerned, the media should be responsible in reporting defence
     “A problem cannot be addressed if you don’t know the              related affairs for the safety of our citizens and not be concerned
     cause.” He encouraged students to delve deeper into the           with competing with other channels,” he explained.


                                                               Maroof Raza
                                                               sharing his
                                                               views honestly
                                                               and candidly
                                                               with GIIS

“A problem cannot be addressed if you don’t know the cause.”
- Maroof Raza to students at GIIS Leadership Lecture Series


        GIIS and GOPIO in Singapore commemorate
            UN International Day of Non-violence
     The Global Indian International School (GIIS), High Commission      United Nations Association of Singapore; Mr Ravi Kumar, Joint
     of India in Singapore, and Global Organization of People of         Co-ordinator at Seva International and Mr Ameerali Jumabhoy,
     Indian Origin (GOPIO) celebrated the UN International Day of        Chairman of the Mahatma Gandhi Committee at GOPIO.
     Nonviolence and witnessed the inauguration of Pravasi
     Bharatiya Kendra in Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on        At the opening function, Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman and
     2 October 2016 in Singapore.                                        Co-Founder of the Global Schools Foundation, spoke on how
                                                                         Gandhi and his follower, Justice Dharmadhikari, had influenced
     PM Modi’s inauguration of the new Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra          modern day teachings at GIIS. “As a school, we are committed
     was broadcast ‘live’ on a big screen through the web at GIIS        in spreading the message of nonviolence across the globe and
     Queenstown Campus in Singapore to a large gathering of NRIs.        promoting it through various educational programmes. Mahatma
     The centre, dedicated to the welfare of the Indian Diaspora, is a   Gandhi’s thoughts and values are inscribed in our hearts and
     state-of-the-art building that includes a library, conference       reflected in our actions,” said Mr Temurnikar.
     room, museum and other facilities. The centre is expected to
     become a hub that promotes mutually rewarding economic,             Ms Tripathi, Acting High Commissioner of India to Singapore,
     social and cultural ties between India and its diaspora.            lauded Gandhi’s teachings and reminded the audience about

     “Gandhi’s philosophy is engendered in two basic principles of truth and nonviolence.
     These two values are becoming more significant in today’s world where incidents of
     violence, aggression and conflict are on the rise.”
     - Ms Tripathi, Acting High Commissioner of India to Singapore

     The ‘live’ broadcast and commemoration of Gandhi’s birth            their value in a modern day context. “Gandhi’s philosophy is
     anniversary observed participation from the Abdul Kalam Vision      engendered in two basic principles of truth and nonviolence.
     Society, Singapore; Assam Association of Singapore; Global          These two values are becoming more significant in today’s
     Citizen Forum; Indian Association Singapore; Vivekananda            world where incidents of violence, aggression and conflict are
     Sangh Singapore; along with students and staff of GIIS.             on the rise,” she said.

     Joining the ceremony were a number of dignitaries including,        There was also an address from Mr Lee Kwang Boon, who read
     Ms Paramita, Acting High Commissioner of India to Singapore;        out United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s message
     Professor Subrata K Mitra, Director of the Institute of South       for the International Day of Nonviolence 2016. Mr Ravi Kumar
     Asian Studies; Mr Lee Kwang Boon, Vice President of the             also spoke during the event and pointed out the inherent


positivity of Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence by comparing it to
the path of violence and its strong associations with negativity.                              Esteemed guests paid
“Violence brings hatred and anger, whereas nonviolence brings love                             tribute to Mahatma
and compassion,” he reminded the audience. The last speaker of                                 Gandhi
the day, Mr Ameerali Jumabhoy, highlighted Gandhi’s way of life        Violence brings         BOTTOM left
and his quest to seek independence for India in his speech. He
furthered shared on how Singapore and other countries around the
                                                                       hatred and anger,       Students sang the
                                                                                               Sarva Dharma prayer
region were able to draw inspiration from the Indian independence      whereas
movement.                                                              nonviolence brings      BOTTOM right
                                                                                               Mr Lee and other

GIIS students were then able to approach the panellists to ask
                                                                       love and                dignitaries addressed
                                                                                               students’ queries
questions, who enlightened them about nonviolence and its              compassion
relevance today. With a dedicated centre for imparting the teachings
and philosophies of Gandhi through the Global Indian Mahatma
                                                                       - Mr Ravi Kumar,
Gandhi Centre for Universal Values (MGCUV), GIIS was honoured          Joint Co-ordinator
to be the host for the International Day of Nonviolence.               at Seva International


     From Surat, Malaysia to Singapore and back:
       Biker Queens ride for women empowerment
     There was grace, elegance and courage in their stride. Their       as well as hardships and other anecdotes faced by them
     eyes sported a victorious glint that only comes to winners.        during their ride.
     And without a doubt, these four women were winners. The
     Biker Queens have made history by riding across 10                 The Biker Queens’ 40-day ride brought them across India,
     Southeast Asian countries on their KTM Duke 390 bikes and          Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and
     travelling more than 10,000 kilometres in 40 days. Dr Sarika       Malaysia. The students were enthralled by their tales of travel
     Mehta, Dr Yugma Desai, Durriya Tapia, and Khytati Desai            and were able to ask many questions pertaining to their strong
     had set out on a journey from Surat to Singapore to give           cause. The Biker Queens made their final stop in Singapore
     wings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s abhiyaan – ‘Beti           before they flew back to Surat, India.
     Bachao, Beti Padhao’.
                                                                        During their visit to Singapore, students at GIIS East Coast
     The Biker Queens made a stop at GIIS Surat Campus on 27            Campus welcomed the Biker Queens and had the chance to
     July after they accomplished their journey astride their           connect with them. Over at GIIS Queenstown Campus, all four
     bikes. Earlier in the month on 11 July, students at GIIS           of the Biker Queens gave a lecture as a part of the GIIS
     Kuala Lumpur Campus in Malaysia were also able to                  Leadership Lecture Series held on 15 July 2016. The lecture
     welcome the Biker Queens. Students had the opportunity             saw the Biker Queens address the students with their cause
     to interact with these courageous ladies as they heard             and they also managed to answer questions on what
     Dr Mehta speak to them about the cause of their journey,           motivated them to accomplish such a journey.

     Biker Queens interacting with students at GIIS Queenstown Campus


          Biker Queens
          receiving a warm
          welcome at GIIS East
          Coast Campus

          Taking a
          commemorative photo
          with students at GIIS
          Queenstown Campus

          BOTTOM left & right
          Biker Queens with
          GIIS Surat Campus
          students after
          accomplishing their


                    Thought leaders of education
                     industry plan next big step
                 at Mail Today Education Conclave 2016
     The Mail Today Education Conclave 2016 of India Today Group          students can push their boundaries and become entrepreneurial
     was the meeting ground for some of the finest minds in the           in their approach to problems and various situations. Mr Gupta
     education sector. GIIS participated in the summit of government      referred to the 9 Gems holistic learning framework followed at
     ministers, chairpersons and renowned educators to discuss            GIIS that provides all students with an edge and a visible
     and identify the key growth factors in the education industry.       outcome of the same.

     In his inaugural speech, Mr Rao Inderjit Singh, Union Minister of    There were also other speeches by speakers who touched on
     State (IC) of Niti Ayog, spoke of Haryana becoming the future        looking beyond the classroom, such as including vocational
     education hub and the various initiatives of the government          skills as a part of regular schooling, so as to bridge the gap
     towards achieving the same. This was followed by a series of         between unskilled youth and industry requirements. There was
     panel discussions on transformation of education at the              also a sharing of the new education policy that is focused
     national level. The topics ranged from school learning to higher     towards looking into the future, as well as the importance of
     education, blended curricular, the role of technology, innovation,   quality in education in terms of resources and reach.
     and skill development.
                                                                          Promoting inquisitiveness in students so that they have the
     Mr Kamal Gupta, COO of Global Schools Foundation, then               power to innovate and create a more sustainable country
     spoke on textual and contextual learning. According to him,          needs both of collective efforts of the state and education
     schools should become centres for innovation and incubators          institutions. The session was definitely an enriching one for all
     of ideas to achieve comprehensive child development, so that         those in attendance.

Cricketer Parthiv Patel plays
                   different strokes for GIIS students
  As part of the GIIS Leadership Lecture Series, Cricketer Parthiv     After the inspiring lecture, the star cricketer got to demonstrate
  Patel visited GIIS Ahmedabad Campus, as well as to launch the        his cricket skills and share tips about the game with the team.
  school’s cricket field, and celebrate India’s 70th Independence      His smooth and quick bats earned the loud cheers of the
  Day with the students and faculty.                                   audience thronging the boundaries of the new cricket field.

  Mr Patel is a national cricket luminary who has done India
  proud with his cricketing prowess, and has played for teams
  like Rajasthan Cricket Association Presidents XI, Royal
  Challengers Bangalore and more.

  During his visit, he inspired the GIIS cricket team by sharing
  anecdotes from his life and his early days as a budding
  cricketer. “Cricket calls for self-discipline and perseverance;
  you must try had and play fair,” he said to the team
  encouragingly. He also advised the awestruck students that
  just like in sports, life also demands focus, discipline and
  determination to succeed, as these are the basic qualities of
  an efficient and respectable leader.

                                    INTACH ‘Save Tigers’
                                  initiatives by students
An assembly themed, ‘Save Tigers’, was part of an INTACH             INTACH is a non-profit organisation that works for the restoration
(Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) initiative     of historic monuments, public awareness through heritage walks
aimed at spreading awareness among the young students                and bus rides, the establishment of heritage clubs in schools,
about the declining numbers of the endangered tiger species. It      and holding of awareness workshops for teachers. It also works
also taught the students that poaching animals is a crime.           to save the environment, its natural reserves, and to protect
                                                                     endangered animals.
The assembly saw students of classes 1 to 3 gathered at GIIS
Ahmedabad Campus to see their classmates perform a
startling enactment on saving tigers, the national animal of
India, as well as sing an English song. The performers had
dressed up in adorable tiger costumes, and dressed as English
hunters and protestors for the skit as well. The well-written
performance showed the two hunters shooting down a tiger to
its death. A group of protestors then moaned about the death
of the big cat before the hunters realised that their crime of
poaching had led to the extinction of tigers. The performance
ended with the students singing ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry.


     Social Activist                                                       Odissi performance
     Dr Laxmi Gautam                                                       AIDED By SPIC MACAY
     DISCUSSES Women
     empowerment with
                                                                           Art and literature form the very base of any culture. India has a
                                                                           rich repository of classical music comprising instrumental, vocal

     GIIS students
                                                                           and dance forms. As an ongoing endeavour to educate students
                                                                           on the revered classical dance forms, it is an annual feature at
                                                                           GIIS Noida Campus to host cultural programmes in collaboration
                                                                           with SPIC MACAY, a cultural organisation that promotes Indian
     As part of the GIIS Leadership Lecture Series, GIIS Noida             cultural heritage and art to youths of the country.
     Campus invited Dr Laxmi Gautam to be the key speaker for a
     session on empowering women on 24 September 2016.                     The initiation of such events has definitely brought first hand
                                                                           experience of the diverse and colourful Indian heritage, as many
     Dr Gautam works for the welfare of women and widows. She              well-known artists from all over the world have come to share
     has won several accolades for her work, including the Nari            their experiences and expertise with students all over India.
     Shakti Puraskar in 2015, which was presented to her by
     President Pranab Mukherjee, and the Women Transforming
     India Award, a combined initiative of the Indian Government’s
     NITI Ayog and the United Nations for women ‘who make a
     difference’. In 2011, she also founded Kanak Dhara, an NGO
     that works for the cause of widows in Vrindavan.

                                          Dr Gautam’s presence at
     Young girls can                      the lecture was to spread
                                          awareness on women
     become                               empowerment, as she
     self-empowered,                      addressed the core issues
     self-motivated,                      of gender discrimination.

     self-reliant and                     Dr Gautam spoke at length
     independent                          about the issues women
                                          have been facing in our
                                          country for decades. She
     emphasised the significance of ‘equal upbringing’ of girls and
     boys at home, and also discussed how parents and teachers
     can sensitise boys to respect girls and treat them as their
     equals, which will help in shaping the future of India’s society by   This year, to mark the beginning of the 2016-17 Academic Year,
     offering a safe, just and dignified environment to every gender.      GIIS Noida Campus and SPIC MACAY organised a performance
                                                                           with Ms Sharon Lowen, an exponent of Odissi. Ms Lowen
     Further along in the lecture, Dr Gautam encouraged the                introduced the various steps and facts related to Odissi dance.
     audience to take up the responsibility of nurturing young girls
     so that she can become self-empowered, self-motivated,                Ms Lowen performed a number of mesmerising pieces, such as
     self-reliant and independent.                                         the ‘Mangla Charan’, and an episode from ‘Krishna and Radha’
                                                                           that depicted Radha gathering flowers for prayer. She concluded
                                                                           the performance by inviting the students and teachers to learn a
                                                                           few basic steps, as well as engage in a Q&A session with the

                                                                           The performing arts are an important aspect of personality
                                                                           development at GIIS. Through such programmes, students are
                                                                           provided with a platform to observe, participate and showcase
                                                                           various art forms. The Odissi recital by Ms Lowen and her troupe
                                                                           was an exclusive peek for students into India’s rich culture and

A session on Vedic Mathematics
                          by Mr James Glover
              To enlighten the teachers of GIIS on the benefits   method of solving once the basics of Vedic Mathematics have
                 and simplicity of using Vedic Mathematics in     been thought.
                   teaching, renowned author, Mr James
                    Glover, along with Ms Sunita Jaisingh,        After discussing examples and guiding teachers on tips and
                    National Head of Academics, conducted         techniques, Mr Glover also discussed how Vedic Mathematics
                   an interactive e-session on Vedic              has the ability of sculpting children’s minds in uncountable ways.
                  Mathematics basics. The session was             Speed, flexibility, decision-making capabilities, pattern
               hosted by GIIS Noida Campus and saw                recognition and a lot more can be achieved if students start
           participation from teachers from GIIS campuses in      following the principles of Vedic Mathematics carefully.
Noida, Ahmedabad, Indore, Bengaluru, Chinchwad and Tokyo.

Mr Glover is a teacher of Vedic Mathematics and is also the
chairman of a UK-based charity institute for the Advancement
of Vedic Mathematics that provides online and in-person
training all over the world. Mr Glover has been teaching for
more than 32 years and has published several books on Vedic
Mathematics for teaching in school.

During his interactive session, Mr Glover shared on the
importance, usefulness and efficiency of Vedic Mathematics in
teaching children of pre-primary and primary levels. He also
showed that there are various ways a problem can be solved
and emphasised that each student will develop his/her own

                     MGCUV Peace Day reinstates
                   need for universal brotherhood
GIIS strongly follows the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi through     Class 5 students deeply impacted students and teachers with
the Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values (MGCUV).           their skit on 11-year-old Japanese girl, Sadako Sasaki, who died
Students at GIIS Ahmedabad Campus observed Peace Day on           of leukaemia caused by the radiation from the atomic attack.
21 September 2016 by remembering the victims of Hiroshima         Sadako is well known around the world as the girl who folded
and Nagasaki, cities where atomic bombs were dropped during       1,000 paper origami cranes in an attempt to have her wish of
World War II.                                                     simply living granted. She has since become a symbol of the
                                                                  impact of nuclear war and is considered a heroine for many who
                                                                  champion for universal peace. The students also came together
                                                                  to sing ‘Aman ke liye…’, as well as present paper cranes to the
                                                                  school’s housekeeping staff.

                                                                  In a gesture to spread peace and equality, the students also
                                                                  visited Little Angels School for underprivileged students to
                                                                  spend the day with them. GIIS students presented each child
                                                                  with a paper crane and also taught the children origami, painting
                                                                  and dancing. The warmth, love and attention the students gave
                                                                  these children showed that even the smallest gesture of goodwill
                                                                  could bring a smile on someone’s face!

                                                                  The day was an important reminder that ‘an eye for an eye
                                                                  makes the world blind’.


                Celebrating ‘GIIS @ 15’ with achievers
                  during Global School Awards 2016
     GIIS recognised the hard work and contributions of its                The event started with a video highlighting the journey of
     stakeholders at the Global School Awards 2016 on 17                   GIIS from its humble beginnings to its expansion and plans
     September 2016. Held for the first time at the impressive Star        for the future. Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman and Co-Founder
     Vista theatre in Singapore, the annual event brought together         of Global Schools Foundation then further elaborated on
     students, parents, and staff for an afternoon of celebration and      this vision in his opening address as he spoke about various
     recognition.                                                          educational milestones and developmental initiatives.

     This year’s ceremony also marked the beginning of the 15th year       “In 2017, we will step into the next phase in the school’s
     of GIIS’ establishment since its inauguration on 18 September         growth. We intend to strengthen our students with a world
     2002 at the original Mount Sophia campus in Singapore. To mark        class infrastructure,” said Mr Temurnikar. He also mentioned
     the special occasion, GIIS honoured patrons who have been with        plans to implement the use of technology in the classrooms
     the school since its early years, as well as students and staff who   and encourage new methods of teaching to enhance
     have demonstrated excellence in their domains.                        students’ learning outcomes.

     “In 2017, we will step into the next phase in the school’s growth. With new campuses,
     we intend to strengthen our students with a world class infrastructure.”
     - Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman and Co-Founder of Global Schools Foundation


Guest of honour, Mr Krishna Ramachandra, Managing Director
of Duane Morrie & Selvam LLP then congratulated GIIS on its
success and praised the school’s excellent educational
processes and visionary teaching strategies. “Commitment,
opportunity, respect, and education are invaluable in this day and
age, as they are key components for the holistic development of
students, “ said Mr Ramachandra.

Joining the other dignitaries on stage were Mr Manoj Tiwari,
renowned Bhojpuri actor and Minister of Parliament in Northeast
Delhi; and Mr Akash Mehta, Senior Partner at Samena Capital.
They both helped to give out the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam GIIS Award
for Academic Proficiency, Dr L M Singhvi GIIS Ambassador                     Asia Responsible
Award, Mahatma Gandhi GIIS Extra Mile Award, GIIS Star Award,
GIIS Long Service Award and many others as well.                            Entrepreneurship
The ceremony then ended with vibrant performances from the                       Award 2016
students from all three campuses in Singapore.

                                                                           GIIS in Singapore received the prestigious Asia
                                                                           Responsible Entrepreneurship Award (AREA) 2016 under
                                                                           the ‘Investment in People’ category at a gala event held on
                                                                           24 June 2016 at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

                                                                           Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman and Co-Founder, Global
                                                                           Schools Foundation, was there to receive the award from
                                                                           Prof Datuk Seri Dr Victor Vee, Former Chairman of Tourism
                                                                           Malaysia and Advisor to Enterprise Asia, and Dato’ William
                                                                           Ng, President of Enterprise Asia. Mr Temurnikar was
                                                                           accompanied by Mr B G Shenoy, Director, GCEE;
                                                                           Ms Madhu Khanna, Principal of GIIS Queenstown
                                                                           Campus; Mr C V K Sastry, Vice Principal of GIIS East
                                                                           Coast Campus; Ms Savinder Rooprai, Vice Principal of
                                                                           GIIS Balestier Campus; and members of the management
                                                                           team at GIIS.

                                                                           “Winning this award is not just a recognition of our efforts
                                                                           but also a challenge for us to further our advocacy in
                                                                           recognising talents and helping them grow in the
                                                                           organisation as well,” said Mr Temurnikar.

                                                                           The AREA Award recognises companies’ leadership,
                                                                           sincerity and ongoing commitment in providing apt training
                                                                           and a conducive environment for individuals to grow in
                                                                           their organisation.


                            Golden Peacock Award
                       at 16th London Global Convention
     GIIS was awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Award               differentiator that helps the school make innovation a daily
     2016 for Innovation Management by the Institute of Directors        practice at GIIS. M2I2 involves cross-functional teams of leaders,
     (IOD) India. The awards were a part of the annual 16th London       staff, faculty, students, and parents for generating,
     Global Convention on Corporate Governance & Sustainability          communicating and implementing new ideas.
     held from 17 to 20 October 2016 and organised by IOD India.
                                                                         GIIS is proud to have shared the winning space with organisations
     The award was presented to Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman and         like IBM Corporation (USA), Doha Bank (Qatar, UAE), and Levi
     Co-Founder, Global Schools Foundation. Other executive              Strauss & Co. (USA), among others.
     members present from GIIS included Mr Rohit Ambekar,
     Director of Business and Strategy; Mr B G Shenoy, Director,
     GCEE; and Ms Madhu Khanna, Principal of GIIS Queenstown
     Campus, Singapore.

     Commenting on the occasion, Mr Temurnikar said, “GIIS has
     implemented more than 200 innovations in the past two years,
     of which 85 have been recognised by various award bodies.
     Innovation is a daily practice that contributes positively to
     learning outcomes.”

     As an educational institute with a strong focus on innovation,
     this is indeed a proud moment for GIIS. The Multiple
     Mechanisms for Institutionalising Innovation (M2I2) is its unique

                                 GIIS Kuala Lumpur Campus
                                 honoured WItH WES Awards
     In the two-day 7th World Education Summit (WES) organised in
     Delhi, GIIS Kuala Lumpur Campus was recognised at the award
     ceremony for Global Collaborative Learning Initiative. Mr HS
     Khalsa, Principal of GIIS Kuala Lumpur Campus; and Mr Manoj
     Nair, Country Director – GIIS (Malaysia), received a trophy and
     certificate at the ceremony.

     The WES Awards provide annual recognition to outstanding
     contributions in the education consortium community. These
     awards recognise distinctive, technological innovations,
     notable courses, and exemplary leaders in education
     worldwide. It recognises the contributions of educators who
     have published a paper on an idea that is used for student
     learning over a sustained period.


                                                                                             Phonics workshop for

                                                                                             A phonics workshop was organised for
                                                                                             parents of Kindergarten students on 25 June
                                                                                             2016. The session was planned in an effort
                                                                                             to cultivate a three-way beneficial
                                                                                             partnership between teacher, parent and
                                                                                             child. GIIS firmly believes that parents play
                                                                                             an important role in shaping a child’s
                                                                                             education path.

                                                                                             The fun and interactive session had parents
Celebrating 10 years of                                                                      ‘go back to school’ to learn about the
excellence                                                                                   phonics system. They were guided through
                                                                                             the alphabet and learnt the correct phonetic
The Secondary Annual Day was held on                                                         sounds associated with each letter. Activities
22 July 2016 to celebrate 10 years of                                                        were also planned to reinforce what had
excellence at GIIS Kuala Lumpur Campus.                                                      been taught. At the end of the session, the
The theme for the day was ‘Celebration’                                                      parents were guided through the
and saw the secondary students set the                                                       Kindergarten syllabus so that they can have
stage ablaze with their power packed                                                         to better understanding about their role in
performances of music, dance and                                                             this educational partnership with their
elaborate costumes.                                                                          children and their teachers.

                                                  Parents’ take on 9 Gems

                                     Parents from GIIS Kuala Lumpur Campus share their experience of
                                                      implementing 9 Gems at home.

The 9 Gems framework has added to the         We encourage our son to be creative by         The initiatives taken towards the 9 Gems are
development of Viyashenn’s character and      giving him projects to complete at home        good. They have helped Pritika develop vital
personality. The positive approach by         and creating activities to encourage           personality characteristics. She has more
teachers in encouraging students to           creativity and innovation. We also             self-confidence, and her manners and
participate in school events has generated    encourage him to come up with tasks that       etiquette have improved. She also takes
a lot of excitement and expectation for       he can engage in and earn money so as          initiative and has acquired the values of
upcoming activities in school. The creative   to develop his entrepreneurial skills. The 9   sharing. We give a lot of importance to family
approach has kindled his curiosity in         Gems tools have helped him develop his         values, especially in respecting elders. She
learning. We have a similar approach at       personality, although we have not been         has been taking up more leadership roles in
home. Learning ought to take place in         able to implement 100% of these tools at       the family, such as by helping to prepare the
interesting ways and we encourage this        home.                                          grocery shopping list. We hope the school
curiosity and interest, both in and out of                                                   can encourage more sports and extra-
school activities. We enjoy playing board     - Mr Karamjit Singh,                           curricular activities in the 9 Gems.
games, taking jungle walks and spending       Father of Banerjeet Daik Singh (Class 5)
lots of time chatting together in this                                                       - Ms Renuka Kamalanathan,
aspect.                                                                                      Mother of Pritika Vijayanatharan (Class 6)

- Ms Veni Samy and Mr Jayasuria,
Parents of Viyashenn (Class 2)


      GIIS student wins ‘The
      Young Mayor’ award in
                                                                                                 Aashay spent valuable time campaigning
      Activistar Competition                        Bringing hope to                             across all three GIIS campuses in Singapore
                                                    humanity                                     for the cause and received overwhelming
      Visshal Natarajan from Class 9 at GIIS                                                     support. On 31 July 2016, 33 students from
      Queenstown Campus won ‘The Young              GIIS students have long been                 the school participated in the Hair for Hope
      Mayor’ award in the junior category at the    participating in the annual Hair for         main event. The participants were aged
      Activistar Competition. There were five       Hope, a charity event that encourages        seven to 17 and included six girls. Together,
      other students from GIIS that also            people to shave off their hair in order to   the group managed to raise S$3,898.50 for
      participated in the competition. The          raise funds to support children affected     the Children’s Cancer Foundation in
      innovative competition saw students being     by cancer. This year, Aashay Chouhan         Singapore. The act of shaving their heads
      guided through processes of what makes a      from Class 12 of GIIS Queenstown             for the cause is a symbolic gesture that
      town liveable and what challenges a town      Campus started an initiative to enrol as     shows children ill with cancer and their
      faces during urban planning. This year, the   many students as possible for this           families that they are not fighting this
      competition was based around planning a       noble cause.                                 disease alone.
      better township for Jakarta, the capital of
      Indonesia. The GIIS team, ‘Walikotas of
      Jakarta’ (Mayors of Jakarta), managed to
      progress through the competition and three
      students were selected for a final
      presentation. First and second runners up
      were presented to Urban Planners 2016 and
      Walikotas of Jakarta, both from GIIS
      Queenstown Campus.

     Urban Planners 2016                            Mohandas Pai inspires
                                                    with words of wisdom                         past 200 years. His lecture was followed
                                                                                                 by a lively panel discussion with students
                                                    Chairman of the Manipal Global               from Class 12. Many interesting questions
                                                    Education Services, Mr Mohandas Pai,         were asked and Mr Pai replied with
                                                    visited GIIS Queenstown Campus on 20         practical and thought-provoking answers.
                                                    July 2016 for the GIIS Leadership            It was meaningful hearing these words
                                                    Lecture Series. Mr Pai engaged the           from Mr Pai, a person who has contributed
                                                    audience with his speech that elaborated     significantly to the areas of education,
     Walikotas of Jakarta                           on the advancement of mankind over the       finance, and information technology.


                                                                                          hand-woven fabric. In 1918, Gandhi started
                                                                                          a movement for Khadi as a relief
                                                                                          programme for the poor masses living in
                                                                                          India’s villages. The intricate models
                                                                                          reflected the in-depth research students
                                                                                          had put in to show how Khadi has changed,
                                                                                          developed and been commercialised over
                                                                                          time. From more than 1,000 models,
                                                                                          teachers finalised 96 models from
                                                                                          Queenstown campus, 21 from Balestier
                                                                                          campus and 30 from East Coast campus
                                                                                          for exhibition.

                                                                                          Besides the model making competition,
                                                                                          the Humanities department conducted an
Commemorating Gandhi                         cum Street Play Competition for GIIS         inter-campus ‘Street Play’ competition
on International Day of                      students from all three GIIS campuses in     based on one theme. The teams from the
Non-violence                                 Singapore on 6 October 2016.                 different campuses depicted the struggles
                                                                                          Indians went through on their path to
As pioneers of peace education, GIIS         Students from classes 4 to 10 participated   freedom in an educational manner that
Queenstown Campus commemorated               in a model making exhibition based on the    was interesting and informative for all
Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary on        theme of ‘Knowing your roots from the        students. A panel of judges awarded GIIS
the International Day of Nonviolence by      treasury of the past – Khadi through the     Queenstown Campus with first prize for
organising a Social Science Exhibition       years’. Khadi is hand spun and               the ‘Street Play’ competition.

                                             College East, Stamford American School,
                                             Tanglin Trust School, St Joseph
                                             International School, Temasek Junior         The champion for
                                             College, PCF Sparkle Tots, Roslin Primary    each category is as follows:
                                             School, Loyang Secondary School and
                                             Queenstown Primary School.                   Under 16:
Chess tournament                                                                          Vaishnav M, NPS International School
witnesses participation
                                                                                          Under 14:
from 16 schools                                                                           Austin Isaac, GIIS East Coast Campus
GIIS East Coast Campus hosted the
second edition of the GIIS Open Chess                                                     Under 12:
Tournament on 22 October 2016 for U-7,                                                    Idhikash J, GIIS Balestier Campus
8, 9, 10, 12, 14, and U-16 boys and girls.
This year’s competition was fiercer than                                                  Under 10:
before with 121 students from 16 schools                                                  Shravann Suryaa VP, Roslin Primary School
competing, as compared to only 11
schools from the year before.                                                             Under 9:
                                                                                          Shubh Anuj Jain, GIIS Balestier Campus
The participating schools were: GIIS East
Coast Campus, GIIS Queenstown                                                             Under 8:
Campus, GIIS Balestier Campus, NPS                                                        Pritish Burman Ray, NPS International School
International School, Singapore American
School, Canadian International School,                                                    Under 7:
United World College Dover, United World                                                  Vedant Virkar, GIIS Balestier Campus


     Bonding ties                                                                                     special co-op that provided schoolbooks
     at Family Day 2016                                                                               and popular Malaysian snacks to students
                                                                                                      to generate extra profit.
     Family Day 2016 – Innovation & Enterprise
     Day was celebrated on 14 October 2016 at
                                                                                                         GIIS East Coast
     GIIS East Coast Campus. The event was
     organised to provide a platform for bonding                                                         Co-op Club
     activities between parent and child to think,
     create and inspire. There were several
                                                       A trip with a difference                          The GIIS East Coast Campus Co-op
     competitions organised across the levels to                                                         Club is formed by GIIS East Coast
     strengthen familial bonds. The day began          On 17 August 2016, 13 students from Class         Campus with the help and support
     with students from classes 1 to 10 engaging       10 of GIIS East Coast Campus departed to          from Singapore National Co-operative
     in a mass activity in their classrooms. Then      Penang, Malaysia for a three-day trip to          Federation (SNCF). The club’s
     parents and children competed in ‘Brain           enlighten themselves with the mechanics of        activities are offered to all students in
     Axe’ and ‘Are you smarter than a GIISian?’        co-operatives in the schools there.               the school and it allows a safe
     – games that tested their intellect. There        Co-operatives are small businesses run in         environment for students to hangout
     were also many other games that families          its entirety by students, with teachers           and pursue entrepreneurial interest in
     participated in, such as ‘Dollies Go Green’       helping to supervise and provide assistance       students.
     and ‘Limelight’. Parents also worked              and guidance when required. The main
     together to set up numerous stalls to sell        objective of the trip was to learn                The GIIS East Coast Campus Co-op
     jewellery, apparel and food.                      entrepreneurial and leadership skills.            Club sells creative products made by
                                                                                                         students, low cost stationery and
                                                       The students visited three schools:               even organic vegetables. The club
                                                       St George’s Girls School, MRSM Kepala             also aims to provide assistance to
                                                       Batas School and SMKA (P) ALMashoor               charity organisations through profits
                                                       School. At these schools, the student             earned from sales. As the
                                                       discovered various co-op set-ups, such as         co-operative is run by students for
                                                       co-op stationery shop, canteen, marts, etc.       students, serving the needs of
                                                       St George’s Girls School shared about             students is the co-op’s main goal. The
                                                       their special section for blind students in       GIIS East Coast Campus Co-op Club
                                                       their co-op, MRSM Kepala Batas School             comprises three major business
                                                       shared their entrepreneur specialty of            models: Running a Snack Shop,
                                                       creating their own three scents of perfume        Veggie & Fruits Dukan, and Creative
                                                       made solely from pure herbs, and SMKA             Products and Stationery Shop.
                                                       (P) ALMashoor School shared about their

     International Fiesta
     celebrates cultural
                                                       and 6 portrayed the spirit of
     To encourage students to accept, embrace          internationalism through sports around the
     and celebrate cultural diversity, and to foster   world, as well as presented a skit that
     sensitivity towards members of the                talked about three distinguished female
     international community, GIIS Balestier           scientists from Poland and USA. The
     Campus organised an International Fiesta          enterprising students also set up game
     on 26 August 2016.                                stalls for the day that were visited by both
                                                       the students and parents. Parents also
     The fiesta began with classes 1 to 4              chipped in for International Fiesta by
     presenting on different countries from other      setting up food stalls to sell popular
     continents. Then, students from classes 5         cuisines from around the world.


Lantern painting for                                                                         the school in the group round at this
mid-autumn celebrations                                                                      prestigious platform.
in Chinatown
                                                                                             The students presented on environmental
On 28 August 2016, a group of students                                                       problems and focused on the issue of
from GIIS Balestier Campus had a chance                                                      carbon footprint and also talked about the
to express their artistic flair in a Lantern                                                 simple things mankind can do to protect
Painting Competition held at the Chinatown                                                   the environment. The judges then posed
Mid-Autumn Festival of 2016. The students                                                    questions to the presenters who
had to paint the surface of a Chinese                                                        responded enthusiastically and wisely. It
lantern, which took a considerable amount                                                    made the whole session informative and
of skill due to its curved shape and thin                                                    lively.
paper. This did not deter the students,
however, and they emerged victorious in the                                                  The programme concluded with an award
competition. Vaishvi of Class 2 bagged a                                                     ceremony, where GIIS Balestier Campus
consolation prize in Category B, and Tansha                                                  won second prize and brought home gold
Surendra of Class 6 bagged a creative                                                        certificates and cash prizes of S$100 each.
award and consolation prize in Category C.     Second place for                              Guest of honour, Ms Manuela Bruntraeger
                                               students in SEF Oratory                       who is Miss Earth 2016, presented the
                                               Competition                                   awards to the winners and also
                                                                                             encouraged the students to continue
                                               Students from GIIS Balestier Campus took      caring for the environment through her
                                               part in the Scholastic Environment Fund       inspiring speech.
                                               (SEF) Oratory Competition at the ISS
                                               International School in Singapore on 3        SEF’s mission is to encourage families and
                                               September 2016. Ananth Madhusudhanan          societies to help make the earth greener.
                                               from Class 6 was shortlisted for the final    Such competitions are held annually to
                                               individual round, while Pavananjali from      raise global awareness about the
                                               Class 5, Janesha from Class 4 and Adeep       environment and to foster a healthy
                                               Dev Srivastava from Class 6 represented       respect for the earth in children.

Singapore Kindness
                                               Mission, Singapore on 26 August 2016.
Movement with GIIS                             Kindergarten students presented a skit, and
students                                       students from classes 5 and 6 then had the
                                               opportunity to interact with the elderly
Fostering values of kindness and               residents. The residents played games, and
graciousness is a part of the GIIS 9 Gems      shared nostalgic memories with the
model. For the island-wide Singapore           students in return. They were extremely
Kindness Movement, GIIS Balestier              happy to have attended the event and were
Campus students organised a visit to the       also presented goody bags and a gift
elderly members from Sree Narayan              hamper from the iCare programme.

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