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LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School
          EDITION 2 December 2019
LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School
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LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School

4                                                                       10
STEM:                                                                   Future-
Innovation                                                              focused
beyond the                                                              design-based
classroom                                                               learning in
                                                                        Years 7 and 8

                     7                                                  12
                     Building a future                                  Engineering
                     for science                                        without

18 20
Music                 Junior School
bringing              Encouraging
our School            curiosity and
community             creativity
together              through STEM

22 26 28
Howqua               STEM in early       Sport
highlights           childhoood          Using

2019                                     technology to
                                         track fitness

                                                         Arts and the
                                                         FabLearn Lab

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LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School

STEM: Innovation beyond
the classroom

‘Too often we give children answers to remember
 rather than problems to solve.’ Roger Lewin
What knowledge, skills, values and                                                 We understand that the world in
experiences will young people need to                                              which we live is rapidly changing and
thrive in a rapidly changing world?       Skills our 21st century                  the skills required of those entering
                                          students need                            the workforce both now and in the
This is a question that educators are                                              coming years make it a priority for
                                          –   High levels of functional literacy
considering around the world, and                                                  young people to understand the
                                              and numeracy.
at Lauriston we lean towards the                                                   building blocks of computation and
view that to best prepare students        – A deep understanding of the            to engage with technology and
for the changes brought about by            core concepts in the subject           its implications. Young people will
AI and other global trends, schools         disciplines, including higher          need to have the skills to evaluate
will need to set students up for            levels of digital literacy.            information, and to understand how
lifetime education, to be empathetic,                                              machines make decisions, the choices
comfortable with change, and to have      – The opportunity to apply               embedded in computer code, and the
the capacity to critically engage with      knowledge in meaningful ways           privacy implications arising with every
new technologies. (Education Future         and develop mastery in both            technological development.
Frontiers: Opportunities and Challenges     content and capabilities.
for Education Discussion Paper 2.)                                                 Connected to the need for explicit
                                          – The mindsets and strategies            attention to digital literacy is the need to
                                            to be adaptable and resilient          consider the level of attention we should
                                            learners, to reach their goals         be giving to ethics and philosophy.
                                            and continue to learn.
                                                                                   The more research that I read, the
                                          – To be well-rounded, informed           more I understand that teaching STEM
                                            and culturally aware citizens          (science, technology, engineering and
                                            who are able to positively             mathematics) subject disciplines goes
                                            engage in an increasingly              hand in hand in with teaching those 21st
                                            interconnected world.                  century skills or capabilities which are
                                                                                   spoken about broadly in education and
                                                                                   business, but have not all been clearly
                                                                                   defined and are problematic to measure
                                                                                   and assess in a school-based setting.

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LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School
There is a growing breadth of research         Our digital fabrication laboratory           We offer a broad range of co-curricular
around the 21st century skills/                (FabLearn Lab) has been in place at          activities to our students, which include
capabilities and a number of reports           Lauriston since 2013. Our intention          Robocup, Coders and Makers Club,
from our Australian universities and           through digital fabrication and making       Lauriston Start-up Entrepreneurs Group,
business corporations. The 21st century        was, firstly, to determine ways in            the RACV Solar Challenge, AI for Good
skills/capabilities generally fall under       which we could further develop the           Challenge and Spaghetti Machine
the following categories: critical and         experiential or ‘hands-on’ learning          Challenge. We are always looking for
innovative thinking, interpersonal skills,     activities for our students, and secondly,   new opportunities for our students
intrapersonal skills, global citizenship,      consider how we might address the            and in 2020 we will continue our
and media and information literacy.            concern that girls are less likely to        development of an entrepreneurial think
                                               choose tertiary studies and careers          tank for our students and continue our
I would contend that a number of these         related to STEM.                             current initiatives.
skills/capabilities can be fostered by
integrating digital technologies and           The FabLearn Lab has become an               We are confident that when girls are
digital fabrication learning activities into   important cross-disciplinary learning        provided with opportunities from the
our curriculum.                                space for students from Prep to Year         early years of Junior School to develop
                                               12 and has helped them to engage             their understanding and skills in STEM-
For example, over the last four years          effectively with STEM. The use of digital    related subject disciplines, they will
our Years 7 and 8 students have been           fabrication has been embedded in a           continue with the study of these areas
involved in a number of learning               broader Digital Intent strategy, which       as they move through the School. Our
activities which we have called ‘We            we have documented.                          girls need to develop positive mindsets
have an opportunity’. We have invited                                                       and hands-on skills from their early
students and their teachers from a             In 2019 our Junior School students have      years, which in turn will help their self-
number of local and Australian girls’          been involved in a number of STEM-           confidence and desire to ‘take risks’ in
schools to join us for these projects.         integrated activities that focused on        their learning, particularly in science
We have had students working with              design process and production skills.        and mathematics.
people who have disabilities to design         These included coding a story about a
and prototype products which will              number (Prep), designing and prototyping     We believe that an integrated approach
make their daily lives a little easier; in     a fairy house (Year 1), designing an         to STEM-related activities enables our
2018, the student groups worked on the         algorithm for Dash robot to push and pull    girls to participate in ‘real-life’ activities
design and prototyping of products that        a toy (Year 4), designing and creating a     and practise the transfer of skills to
would help individuals or groups in their      website for a small business (Year 5) and    different subject disciplines. We want
schools.                                       designing a warning signal for a natural     our girls to believe in themselves and
                                               disaster (Year 6). See more about these      their ability to undertake science and
The ‘We have an opportunity’ projects          activities on page 20.                       mathematics subjects in their senior
bring girls together for a social                                                           years of school. The ‘bottom-up’
purpose as they work through the               In Years 7 and 8 our students each           approach we have chosen by working to
design thinking process. Working in a          participate in four-week-long intensive      engage our students in STEM from the
group over an extended time period             programs across the year; two with a         early primary years is aimed to continue
provides an opportunity for the girls          focus on digital fabrication and two         to build the interest and confidence of
to collaborate with each other and             with a focus on digital technology.          girls in approaching all STEM-related
develop an appreciation for the personal       Our Year 9 students continue with a          subject disciplines.
strengths each brings to the group.            digital technology program, which has
These types of activities enable girls to      a current focus on coding. Our Year 10
better understand that STEM-focused            students have access to semester-based
careers are accessible for them.               electives which have a digital fabrication
                                               or a digital technology focus.

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LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School

Maths, the
unsung hero

The acronym STEM originated in the 1990s. Its popularity
has increased significantly in recent years in response to
both employer demand and projections that around 75%
of the fastest-growing occupations will require STEM skills.
There are now a huge range of                 adding suspended weights, and then
inspirational STEM programs run by both       recording the extension. This real data
educational institutions and industry, with   produced a linear trend, which was
the aim of increasing student interest in     then graphed, and associated questions
these technical disciplines.                  were asked based on what had been
                                              previously covered in class. The second
Many of these programs, however,              task then used the graphing website
while inspiring, educational and fun,         ‘Desmos’ to recreate the outline of a
often overlook the core mathematical          supplied photograph by working out the
foundations that these technical              functions of each required line. Linear
subjects share. As a result, students         equations were essential, but students
choose to pursue a higher-level               were also encouraged to explore other
STEM subject, but quickly become              functions beyond what had been
overwhelmed by the mathematical               specifically taught.
aspects and, in the worst-case scenario,
opt out of this career pathway.               Both tasks presented an appropriately
                                              challenging level of mathematical skill.
Although the level of mathematical            The real-life data in the Jelly Snakes task
ability does vary across disciplines,         was not perfect, and trial and error was
student success in STEM is highly             encouraged in developing the Desmos
dependent upon their knowledge                image. The tasks were also specifically
of, and interest in, analytical skills.       chosen to integrate non-maths STEM
Children and young adults are naturally       subjects, specifically science with
curious, so our aim at Lauriston is to        the Jelly Snakes task and technology
instil an interest in the versatility of      with the Desmos task. In doing so, we
mathematical literacy at an early age         hoped to emphasis to the students how
and show how it can be applied to real-       critically intertwined their mathematical
life scenarios. The latter is particularly    abilities are, and that the STEM subjects
important in creating interest in STEM        are not four isolated areas.
beyond school studies.
                                              For students who are planning to pursue
Our Year 7 Extension Maths class              STEM as a career, a sound mathematical
was eager to take on the challenge            foundation is something which cannot
of addressing this conundrum and              afford to be overlooked. By introducing
pioneering some new classroom tasks.          tasks into Maths at Lauriston, which
The two tasks applied their linear            students would typically associate
graphing skills in unfamiliar scenarios       with other subjects, and by making
and presented the students with a             these tasks more relevant to real-life
very different kind of problem to             applications, we hope to highlight the
those they were used to dealing with.         intertwined nature of the ‘M’ in STEM
                                              and encourage an ongoing interest in
The first task required various brands
                                              this pathway.
of Jelly Snake lollies to be stretched by

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LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School



‘Science is fun. Science
is curiosity. We all have
natural curiosity. Science is
a process of investigating.
It’s posing questions and
coming up with a method.
It’s delving in.’ Sally Ride,
NASA astronaut.

Science is everywhere in today’s world.      basic materials. As part of this exercise,    workshops and holiday programs
It plays a crucial role in so many aspects   students had to consider the challenges       throughout the year. We have had
of our lives and Lauriston students are      faced by countries with limited ability       students attend the National Youth
presented with many opportunities not        to source materials. The engineering          Science Forum and the Australian
just to learn scientific concepts in the      students also discussed the very              Science Olympiads Summer School,
classroom, but to experience it in its       important aspects of engineering and          both of which require students to be
many forms in wider society.                 the crucial role it plays in society.         specifically selected from a range of
                                                                                           candidates. The NASA International
During Science Week in August,               Senior Science students have been able        tour to the USA provides an
students were privileged to hear from        to put their knowledge into practice by       opportunity for students to experience
Dianne McGrath, Mars One astronaut           visiting laboratories at universities. Year   astronaut training at Space Camp,
candidate, environmental engineer and        12 Chemistry students have taken part         as well as visiting a number of other
founder of Watch my Waste research.          in an instrumental analysis workshop          organisations that are world leaders in
Dianne has a particular interest in not      at Melbourne University to identify           engineering, innovation, technology and
only being among the first people to          unknown organic compounds. Biology            other STEM fields.
travel to Mars, but also in minimising       students have investigated evolution,
food wastage. As well as sharing her         diversity and classification at Melbourne      Science is constantly growing and
journey through the Mars One selection       Zoo, and also worked alongside a              evolving, and so too is the Science
process, Dianne challenged the students      number of talented and inspirational          program at Lauriston. Students are
to reimagine a society where we could        scientists at the Gene Technology             able to create their own research
start over – and consider what we would      Access Centre to identify the pathogen        questions, work in collaborative groups,
do differently. Year 8 students were able    involved in influenza epidemics using          conduct their own experiments, make
to talk with Dianne in more detail as she    a range of sophisticated equipment            mistakes, and learn from them; and
worked with them to plan and build a         and DNA manipulation techniques.              even draw connections between
habitat for the moon.                        They have also introduced the use of          multiple subjects. Partnerships with
                                             genetic engineering equipment in the          industry and universities are being
As part of the Science program at            classroom to transfer genes from one          developed, and connections are being
Lauriston, students have the opportunity     species to another.                           made with practising scientists so that
to work with practising scientists and                                                     students can work with those who
engineers. Year 7 students worked with       Students are able to take up                  make a real difference to so many
Engineers Without Borders (EWB) to           opportunities for extension through           aspects of society.
build water filtration systems using          a range of competitions, STEM

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LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School

Year 12 reflections
We spoke to five students about their
Lauriston experience and how it has
prepared and shaped them for the future.

Lier Deng (School Co-Captain)                                                          Carmen Umbers
I’ve had the incredible opportunity        Being School Captain has not always         I started at Lauriston in Year 4 (2011) and
of leading the Senior School and the       been easy – at times it was difficult to    have made the most of the incredible
Year 12 cohort alongside Lara Bennett      balance with the demands of Year 12 –       breadth of sport, music, drama, and
throughout 2019. Looking back, it seems    however, it has always been heaps of        community service activities on
crazy to think about everything that has   fun and extremely rewarding. To say I       offer. Howqua was a highlight of my
happened and how fast the year has         am eternally grateful to have been given    time at Lauriston, where I developed
flown by. One of the most memorable         this opportunity is an understatement.      great friendships and numerous skills
moments this year was when we              I have learned that leadership is not       including leadership and resilience. I
travelled to Sydney for a leadership       only about implementing the changes         was a Prefect and Hockey Captain in
camp, where we not only met so many        which you want to see, but to guide and     my final year, rowed at three Head of
other incredible school captains, but      help others reach their full potential by   the Schoolgirls events, and have been
also established our School theme          equipping them with the right tools to      nominated as Lauriston’s representative
for the year: Ohana (family). Some         do so. It has been an honour being able     for the Australian Olympic Change-
other memorable moments consist of         to do that and to fuel the drive that       Maker Award 2019. I played the trumpet
us coming up with our iCarly rip-off       is so clearly within all the girls in our   in the symphonic band and orchestra
identities for our student assemblies,     Lauriston ohana.                            and have also taken part in a number of
gathering the 2019 leaders for our High                                                school drama performances, both acting
School Musical-themed introductory                                                     and backstage. I was recently awarded
video, and organising the Year 12 Fair.                                                my Gold Duke of Edinburgh, for which
However, my personal favourite has to                                                  I have completed a year of community
be recruiting teachers for a surprise                                                  service at Friday Night School, which I
‘Greatest Showman’ dance act for the                                                   have found really rewarding. I travelled
Term 2 Talent Show; observing their                                                    to Ecuador, a World Challenge trip,
amazing dance rehearsals has to take                                                   and also had the privilege of going to
the cake!                                                                              Noonkanbah and spending a week in
                                                                                       the community. Both experiences were
                                                                                       unforgettable. I have a particular interest
                                                                                       in visual communication and media and
                                                                                       hope to pursue this beyond school.

8                                                                                                 LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019
LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School
Cassie Rozental                                                                            Angela Gao
I began my schooling at Lauriston                                                          I have most enjoyed the relationships
in Year 3 as an elite gymnast. Being                                                       that I have built throughout my time at
at Lauriston allowed me to combine                                                         Lauriston, whether it is my friendships
my education with 36 hours a week                                                          with my fellow students or with my
of intensive training at the Australian                                                    teachers. Lauriston students come
High Performance Centre. I retired                                                         from a range of different backgrounds
from gymnastics in Year 8 and became                                                       and many girls have had previous
more absorbed in the full experience of                                                    experience of living overseas. Howqua
Lauriston life. My year away at Howqua                                                     offered an incredible opportunity for
was life-changing. It was a unique                                                         me to experience living independently
opportunity to live away from home in a                                                    with nine other girls. Through
totally different environment and I made                                                   understanding how to compromise
many strong friendships that will last                                                     in a group situation and how to
a lifetime. Lauriston has provided me                                                      communicate to resolve conflicts, I am
with diverse opportunities like debating                                                   now better prepared for life beyond
and philanthropy, and sports such as                                                       school where I will meet many people
rowing and skiing. I have been able to                                                     who come from different backgrounds.
study a wide range of academic subjects                                                    I aspire to be a world citizen and
and have discovered a passion for                                                          wish to travel and work in various
commerce subjects. The teachers have                                                       different countries around the world.
been incredibly supportive and always       Sam Eade                                       For me, Lauriston’s strongest feature
encouraged me to aim for a high level of                                                   is the opportunity that is offered
                                            (Sport Co-Captain)
excellence. VCE has been a challenging                                                     here. We were exposed to so many
year with a high degree of personal         The experience that Howqua gave me             opportunities, ranging from Howqua
growth, but I know that the learning        allowed me to build my resilience and          to the International Baccalaureate (IB)
environment at Lauriston has made           show me what it’s like to explore life         program, and these truly prepared us
this possible. I look forward to moving     outside of my comfort zone. Since then         for our future. One other advantage
on to university to study in my chosen      I have felt encouraged to put myself in        of being at Lauriston is the small
field and I am grateful for the incredible   positions of fear such as applying for         class size. This environment enables
foundation that Lauriston has given me.     Sport Captain or going on the Borneo           more one-on-one support from the
                                            trip. I have also learned to shape my          teachers, who are incredibly caring
                                            future decisions without concern of            and professional, and I have developed
                                            what my friends are doing or whether           both as a learner and as a person
                                            or not I will be in their group as I learned   through their guidance.
                                            through Howqua, sometimes the best
                                            experiences can be discovered on your
                                            own with new people. This has resulted
                                            in my continuation of participation in
                                            sports such as rowing when none of my
                                            friends were doing it, but this meant
                                            that I met new friends and was able to
                                            have new experiences with these people.
                                            Howqua showed me the importance
                                            of finding and doing the things that
                                            make you happy and since then this has
                                            helped me in my subject choices as well
                                            as my extracurricular activities. After
                                            school, I would like get in to an acting
                                            course at either Victorian College of the
                                            Arts or NIDA in Sydney. Failing that, I will
                                            continue to pursue and explore my love
                                            of sport and exercise in Deakin’s sports,
                                            exercise and nutrition courses. I have
                                            always been a part of sport at School
                                            and learning about sports science in
                                            PE at School has sparked a curiosity
                                            in discovering how it can be applied to
                                            everyday life as well as high-level sport.

LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019                                                                                                        9
LAURISTON LIFE - Lauriston Girls' School


How might we design and deliver programs that equip our
students with the skill sets, tool sets and mindsets to live and work
effectively in a future with increasing technological ubiquity and
empower them to make a positive impact in the world?
One way in which we are trying to         and emerging issues. All projects are         like or how their idea will pan out, so
address this challenge is through our     collaborative in nature and in addition       we can’t always offer support. The best
Signature Projects, design-based          to the skills acquired while working          course of action here is to try, perhaps
learning activities where students        through a design process (for example,        fail, and then learn from that failure.
are challenged to work through a          ideation and prototyping strategies),
design thinking process to identify an    students also practise creativity,            We hope that the projects inspire the
opportunity or problem, and design and    communication, critical thinking,             students to be opportunity finders and
create a solution.                        entrepreneurship, digital literacy, digital   problem-solvers. To be creative, deal
                                          citizenship, empathy, flexibility, inter-      with failure and, of course, embrace the
In Years 7 and 8 our students complete    and intrapersonal skills and resilience.      ambiguity of it all!
two signature projects. These projects
are intensive four- to five-day            While either a digital or physical product
experiences where the normal timetable    is the visible outcome of the projects,
is collapsed, allowing students to work   we focus on the actual process. A key
solely on the challenge.                  message we try to inculcate during these
                                          projects is to ‘embrace the ambiguity’.
The projects each have their own          What this means is that when students
specific theme, are interdisciplinary      work through their project, we don’t
and seek to address contemporary          quite know what the next step will look

10                                                                                                 LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019
Year 7 Signature Projects                  Year 8 Signature Projects
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence           Game On
and Ethics                                 Students design and create a table-
In this project, students are challenged   top game based on one of the United
to design and prototype an Artificial       Nations’ sustainable development goals.
Intelligence solution that will solve a    The game must incorporate a physical
problem relating to accessibility, Earth   technology in some creative way and to
(environment) or humanitarian issues.      address this the students learn to code a
Students have the option of submitting     micro:bit (a pocket-sized programmable
their idea to the AI for Good Challenge,   computer). They learn how to prototype
a national competition run by Education    simple circuits to connect the micro:bit
Changemakers in partnership with           to both input sensors and outputs,
Microsoft (     such as lights or motors. A professional
Students also learn to program a robot/    designer is invited in to speak to the
autonomous vehicle to complete a           students about her process of finding
number of challenges such as parallel      design inspiration and how to create
parking, following a path, navigating an   a brand. This supports the students as
intersection and modifying movement        the project requires them to design and
based on signals. They learn to code       create branding and packaging for their
a chatbot and a virtual pet. Students      games. Students may choose to use the
develop an understanding of the            laser cutter to create elements of their
importance of ethics with respect to       games and a number of hand tools are
technological development.                 available for construction.
                                                                                        We Have an Opportunity
Toys alive                                 I am Brave                                   This is an extra-curricular opportunity
Students design and create an automata     The aim of the ‘I am Brave’ project is to    open to students in Years 6, 7 and 8. It
(a moving mechanical device made in        design and prototype a digital solution      is a three-day workshop where teams
imitation of a human being or animal) of   (mobile application, website or video        work through the Lauriston design
an endangered animal. Students have the    game) to help educate Years 5 and            thinking process to develop a solution to
opportunity to use Adobe Illustrator to    6 Lauriston students about a digital         solve a problem in their community.
create a vector design of their automata   citizenship issue. Year 8 students use
components, which are then cut on the      real survey data of Years 5/6s’ online       In 2017, students worked in small groups
laser cutter in the FabLearn Lab. This     habits to find an opportunity to create       to design and create a solution for a
technology allows for rapid prototyping.   a solution. Each team selects the best       client who has a disability and involved
Assembly of the automata also allows       platform to create their digital solution.   Lauriston students working in teams
students to access hand tools. Students    They can learn to code either a website      with students from other schools.
are allocated ‘Lauriston’ money which      using HTML and CSS, a mobile app
they use to purchase material to dress     using AppLab or MIT app inventor, or a       In 2018, we invited teachers and
their automata to improve its aesthetic.   video game using Scratch.                    students from Fintona, Korowa, St
As a team they must negotiate together                                                  Michael’s Collegiate, Mentone Girls,
how the money will be spent. They also     The project culminates in an exhibition      Ivanhoe Girls, Wilderness School and
develop and deliver an elevator pitch to   of digital solutions where the Years 5/6     MLC to join us to learn about a range
their class. A supporting session run by   students are invited to test and provide     of digital tools and use the Lauriston
LOTE is translating product information    feedback on the digital solutions.           design thinking process to create their
to an international market.                                                             solution.

LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019                                                                                                     11



For as long as she can remember, Jasmin Goldberg has been fascinated by
how and why things work. In the six short years since she walked out the
Huntingtower gates for the last time, she has taken huge steps towards
encouraging future changemakers and pioneering humanitarian engineering.

‘I loved making things and was intrigued    Jasmin was the recipient of the Dean’s      Jasmin found this outlet when she began
by the early innovators – anyone who        Honours Award for outstanding               volunteering as Chapter Secretary for
has invented something fascinates me.       achievement in 2014, 2015, 2017             Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at
I remember as early as Year 6, when         and 2018, the Melbourne School of           the University of Melbourne. EWB’s
we were given the opportunity to do         Engineering Foundation Scholarship,         philosophy is based on a community-
a project and I chose: “Inventions that     the Melbourne Global Scholar’s Award,       centred approach, using its engineering
shaped the world”.’                         the University of Melbourne Transition      knowledge and resources to bridge self-
                                            Scholarship and the Dean’s Art Award        identified gaps in access to community
At Lauriston, Jasmin pursued her love of    for Visual Communication.                   health, wellbeing and opportunity.
mathematics and design, studying VCE
Maths Methods, Chemistry and Biology,       Despite these accolades, Jasmin realised    ‘I believed that one of the best ways to
and complementing this with Visual          early on that life is not just about        contribute to making this vision a reality
Communication and Design, English           academic excellence. She was Head of        was to be part of an organisation who
and Legal Studies. She graduated from       Boats at Lauriston, a recipient of Full     are passionate about using engineering
Lauriston in 2013 in the top 1% of her      Colours, and participated in many of        to make a better world. I was so inspired
cohort with an impressive 98.75 ATAR        Lauriston’s extra-curricular activities.    by the work we did that I wanted to
and is now completing a Masters of                                                      contribute more. I was also drawn to the
Architectural Engineering, a new course     ‘I enjoyed the opportunities to do          community and being able to engage
offered at Melbourne University in 2017.    extra-curricular things such as GSV         engage with like-minded people from all
                                            sport or the history trip to Turkey –       over the globe.’
‘Design and maths were my favourite         and especially Howqua – to provide
subjects at School, as well as my           balance and enrichment to the               In February this year, Jasmin
strengths. I am currently finishing a        academic side of things and to really       attended the Humanitarian Design
Master of Architectural Engineering.        get involved in the School community.       Summit in Cambodia with EWB, to
Historically, these disciplines have been   Charity work at Lauriston really            offer engineering solutions for an
seen as very separate in the industry.      encouraged me to open my eyes to            island community in the Mekong.
This course confirms my belief that the      possibilities. I felt a strong need to do
most sustainable and often innovative       things other than just academic study       Recently, Jasmin travelled to Indonesia
solutions come from the blurring of         while at Lauriston, and I was seeking a     with two other Old Lauristonians,
these two disciplines.’                     similar outlet at university.’              Annabelle Roper and Yvonne Yang, as

12                                                                                                 LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019
part of the Melbourne School of Design       ‘Engineering is relatively male dominated.   The EWB workshops aims to show that
travelling studio. They explored informal    I would love to see this change and see      there are ‘soft skills’ required, such as
living in the kampungs of Bandung to         more women in leading roles within the       teamwork and innovation.
understand the community spirit that is      engineering sector.’
beneficial in such living arrangements,                                                    ‘I’m really excited by the current focus
and offer creative solutions to improve      At Lauriston, Year 7 students worked         on STEM at Lauriston and other schools,
living conditions. These travelling          with EWB to build water filtration            and the incredibly nurturing and
studios encompass a number of                systems using basic materials. They had      passionate teaching. I hope that we will
disciplines to find solutions for complex,    to consider the challenges faced by          see more role models in schools and
real-life issues.                            countries with limited ability to source     in the wider community to encourage
                                             materials. The engineering students also     females to pursue STEM pathways, or at
EWB also works a lot locally with school     discussed the very important aspects of      least realise that it is a viable option for
outreach programs, inspiring students        engineering and the crucial role it plays    them and that it’s okay to be passionate
to pursue STEM and demonstrating             in society.                                  about STEM.’
that engineering is not just the overly
technical thing that most people assume,     While completing her master’s, Jasmin
but that it is also about people, problem-   is also working as an undergraduate
solving and can be fun and hands-on.         engineer at XLam, a leading mass
                                             timber solution provider to the Asia
From 2017, Jasmin volunteered as             Pacific region.
an EWB Regioneering Roadshow
Team Leader, where she leads and             ‘My job has been quite an exciting
runs engineering workshops at rural          journey. XLam was the first manufacturer
and under-represented schools in             of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels in
the Gippsland, Bendigo, Ballarat and         the Southern Hemisphere, and there are
Echuca regions. The workshops aim to         a lot of opportunities for research and
encourage the students – particularly        design innovation.’
females – to study engineering at
                                             Jasmin says the greatest challenge is the
university. There is a particular focus on
                                             misconception that engineering (and
encouraging females.
                                             other STEM pursuits) is purely technical.

LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019                                                                                                       13

Student snapshot
One of the greatest attributes of Lauriston is the breadth
of its programs and the diversity of its community.
Following is a snapshot of some of our incredible
students and their achievements both at Lauriston and in
the wider community.

                                             Kiara Punchihewa
                                             Year 8 student Kiara Punchihewa
                                             was one of only eight avid readers
                                             selected from 120 applicants around
                                             Australia to be a judge for the 2019 Inky
                                             Awards, a teen choice book awards
                                             hosted by the State Library of Victoria.
                                             Kiara and the other judges read and
                                             discussed 20 books in three months (!)
                                             and shortlisted 10 books for the Inky
                                             Awards. The winners was announced in
                                             September and as well as sharing her
Lara Elliot                                  experiences online for the State Library    Allegra Trikash
                                             and at School in lunchtime bookclub
In 2018 Lara won the Years 7/8 category                                                  Allegra began songwriting when she
                                             sessions, Kiara was part of a student
of the Global Village International                                                      was just 12 years old. Now in Year 10,
                                             panel interviewing authors Oliver
Children & Youth Bilingual Speech                                                        she has been gaining recognition at
                                             Phommavanh and Felice Arena at the
Competition in Melbourne. As a prize,                                                    Melbourne venues performing live as
                                             Melbourne Writers Festival!
Lara was chosen as only one of 24                                                        her stage persona, ROYCE. ROYCE
finalists from around the world to attend     ‘The qualities required of a judge          has released nine singles, three of
the 10th Global Village International        included perseverance (to keep reading      which have played nationally on Triple
Children & Youth Bilingual Speech            books I didn’t necessarily enjoy), time     J. In 2019, the single ‘Complicated’
Conference & Ceremony in 2019, where         management, and the ability to work         was selected by Spotify to appear on
she was paired with a student from           cooperatively with others. Another great    their ‘New Music AU and NZ’, ‘Pop &
mainland China to write and deliver a        benefit of my judging experience was         Fresh’, and ‘The Office Stereo’ playlists.
speech in front of an international panel.   the opportunity to read widely, and         Allegra prepared for and performed
Lara was the only finalist chosen to be       read genres I may not have considered       her first live solo show while at Howqua
interviewed on Chinese TV (SINA).            reading otherwise.’                         and received huge support from the
                                                                                         Lauriston community – from friends
‘To represent Lauriston and Australia                                                    playing her songs on Mansfield radio
was such a great honour and I am very                                                    and her music teacher Maria Lieberth
grateful for the teachers who helped.                                                    helping her prepare for her first live solo
It was a wonderful opportunity to                                                        show to the wonderful experience she
meet students from around the world                                                      is having as part of the Trebelles singing
and to experience the rich culture and                                                   group and mixed choir at School and
history of Beijing. The scale of the city                                                as a guest performer at this year’s
is immense and the level of technology                                                   Huntingtower Lunch.
is incredible. I will never forget the
Great Wall and the Forbidden City. The
experience has inspired me to further
my studies in Mandarin and I hope to
one day speak the language fluently.’

14                                                                                                  LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019
Jessica McNair                              Lara Kelly                                    Veasna Gunaswa
Since arriving at Lauriston in Year 3,      Lara first learned to ski at the age of        Since Year 7 I’ve loved immersing
Jess has been involved in numerous          two. Since then, she has learned to           myself in as many school activities and
committees, extra-curricular activities     snowboard and cross-country ski,              experiences as I can, from singing in
and classes that provided her with          and currently loves participating for         choir to soccer. Not only did they help
a platform to express her creative          Lauriston in all events at the interschools   develop relationships with other girls
interests and helped her develop a          competitions. Lara achieved amazing           across year groups, but it also gave me
strong passion in design. In her junior     results at the State Interschools in          the opportunity to develop my interest
years at Lauriston, she was involved        Giant Slalom Skiing (2nd), Skier X            in sport and music.
in after-school photography classes,        (3rd), Giant Slalom Snowboarding (1st),
participated in the Media Committee,        Boarder X (1st) and Cross Country (1st).      Advocating for humanitarian rights,
and assisted with makeup, set design        This qualified Lara for the National           particularly for younger women and
and lighting for the School musical. In     Championships in all these events             education, has always been a passion of
Senior School, Jess studied Art and         in which she won the Giant Slalom             mine and blossomed in Senior School. I
Visual Communication and Design and         Snowboarding, Boarder X and Cross             joined Lauriston’s Amnesty International
hopes to pursue her passion for design      Country. Outside of Lauriston, Lara skis      group in Year 10 and was one of the
at university next year.                    at Mount Buller Race Club and had a           leaders for 2018/2019. Being part of
                                            great season in 2019, taking out the          Amnesty has enriched my knowledge of
‘Lauriston has such a wonderfully           U12 King of the Mountain series which         the global community and highlighted
strong community, which is particularly     combines results for Parallel Slalom,         to me the vitality of cultivating a more
evident through House activities and        Giant Slalom and Skier X.                     globally aware environment.
sport. I competed in SnowSports and
GSV with girls from years above and         While Lara is very proud of her               Indigenous reconciliation is also a key
below, which allowed me to branch out       individual results, she enjoys the team       focus for me as a leader in 2019/2020.
and create friendships across the whole     success with her friends from Lauriston       During the September school holidays, I
School. The sense of community and          just as much. She loves going to school       travelled to Noonkanbah, an Indigenous
equality across all year levels at School   to see her friends, her favourite school      community in Western Australia. We
was particularly evident for me when        activities are participating in Maths, Art    immersed ourselves in the school and
I was a Year 7 Peer Support leader for      and PE classes, and she plays in the          incredibly welcoming community and it
my House, Irving. The House spirit is a     Lauriston Basketball and Netball teams.       was a rare and exciting opportunity to
constant and has been an aspect of my                                                     be part of a younger generation working
school life that I have loved.’             Lara hopes to one day ski and                 towards Indigenous reconciliation.
                                            snowboard for Australia at the Olympics
                                            and World Cup. While training for this,       I am fortunate to be School Co-Captain
                                            she would like to study Veterinary            for 2019/2020 with Jessica Detering.
                                            Science and become a vet once she             Leadership to me is about collaboration,
                                            finishes her career on the World Cup           about maximising individual skills
                                            circuit...                                    and harnessing potential to achieve
                                                                                          a collective outcome that benefits
                                                                                          everyone. I am looking forward to this
                                                                                          journey with the same eagerness I had
                                                                                          when I first came to Lauriston in Year 7.

LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019                                                                                                       15

A magical Middle
School musical
The audience was dancing in their seats as our incredibly talented
Middle School students brought everyone’s favourite nanny to life
in this magical musical adaptation of Mary Poppins. But the final
performance was just a small part of the experience, as shared by
some of the cast members below.

Ella O’Brien (Year 8) –                      Charlotte Ross (Year 7) –                  Daisy Graham (Year 5) –
Bird woman                                   Jane                                       Michael Banks
I think for all of us the musical has been   We are 50 girls from four different year   I’ve had such an amazing time working
a thing of wonder and an experience we       levels that have become a tight-knit       with all the cast members. Everyone is
will remember for our entire lives. The      musical community who share the same       so kind and happy. Getting a main role
people I have met and worked with have       passions. It has been really incredible    meant that I could spend more time
been amazing. Meeting the Years 5 and        watching the show rise up from a few       with people and get to know them
6 girls has been an absolute privilege       songs into a production. Everybody         better. I have learned how a stage show
and getting to know the Year 7s more         becomes increasingly more excited as       is put together, including the dancing,
has been amazing. The production week        more props and sets are introduced and     singing, acting and lots more. I’ve had
will be a treat for all of us: we can’t      as additional scenes are learned. We’ve    lots of fun preparing the songs and
wait for the costumes, the makeup and        learned songs in three parts and worked    learning new dances along the way. I
the ecstatic feeling you get when you        at improving our show. I really enjoyed    am super excited for the performance
step onto the stage for the first night       the gradual process of memorising          night and trying on our costumes. It has
and first performance of the week.            my lines too – it has helped me learn      been really amazing to be in such a big
The moment when you get the moves            how to manage my time efficiently.         production and to know that teachers
perfect during rehearsal is when you         Being part of this musical has really      trust that I can do this.
feel like you can do anything. The food      showed everyone what it means to
shared with friends over the Sunday          be committed to something and is an
rehearsals and the in-jokes we have are      amazing experience that I won’t forget.
something we will all share forever. This
has been an amazing experience and
it’s the hard work of our teachers that’s
made it all possible.

16                                                                                                 LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019
Holly Rice (Year 8) –                        Jess Tabain (Year 7) –                      Freya Albrecht (Year 8) –
Miss Andrew                                  Mary Poppins                                Bert
My experience this year as a cast            So far, being a part of the Mary Poppins    Engaging in a musical allowed me
member of Mary Poppins has been a            production has been an incredible           to acknowledge each character’s
very positive one. The commitment,           experience. I have met a wide range         importance and contribution to the
reliability and effort required to produce   of girls from Years 5, 6 and 8 and have     performance. I initially perceived Bert
a quality show, as well as balance sport,    also been lucky enough to meet even         as a sidekick, but as we rehearsed, I
music and school work, has greatly           more girls from Year 7. Working on          unveiled a story. I used this to build
improved my time-management skills.          the large group numbers has been my         on my character’s speech, motion and
It has been so much fun meeting girls        most enjoyable part of the production       motive and it allowed me to concoct
from different year levels and definitely     so far. Being with such a large, talented   a persona that I was confident in.
made the whole production enjoyable.         group of girls and getting to sing, dance   Participating in Mary Poppins Jr has
Although I don’t mind admitting that         and act with them has been amazing.         been an opportunity that I would not
I am kind of scared of Ms Ryan at            Being in this production has taught         trade for anything. The musical doesn’t
times, I have a lot of respect for her       me that a great show takes a lot of         exclusively aim to produce a wonderful
and the teachers involved in directing       effort when it comes to learning lines,     show, but rather a memorable journey
these productions. They have so much         practising routines and finding the right    for its participants. I have acquired
skill and work their hardest to help us      notes to sing when working on duets.        many skills: independence, reliability
perform to the best of our abilities.        Mary Poppins is my first production          and commitment. Wonderful friendships
I am very excited for my songs on            at Lauriston and everyone has made          have flourished and I have immense
stage. Having a role with individual         me feel so welcome and comfortable          respect for all the cast and teachers
lines and songs, while nerve-racking,        when going to rehearsals, whether it        who dedicated their time to making
is awesome and has added to my               be teachers giving me directions or         this production spectacular. It has been
overall involvement immensely. In a          talking to other girls backstage. During    an enthralling dream to rehearse and
couple of weeks the musical will be on       production week I am most looking           perform with such a delightful cast.
and the whole cast is very eager for         forward to seeing the whole show come       Regardless of your experience, I strongly
production week. Among all the chaos         together with costumes, props, lights       recommend all students should join a
and excitement, when the audience is         and sound. This is the beginning of         Lauriston production; it is an adventure
clapping for you, all the hard work pays     my time at Lauriston and what a great       that you will never forget.
off and becomes very much worth it.          beginning it has been. I can’t wait for
                                             what’s to come!

LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019                                                                                                   17


From the moment the Preps trotted out onto Hamer Hall stage carrying instruments
larger than themselves, I was entranced.

Wielding a violin in front of 1000-strong   But this was just one shining example      The House Music Competition was, as
audience is no mean feat for an adult,      of the incredibly rich and diverse Music   always, an afternoon of hilarity and noise
let alone a five-year-old. From guzhengs     program at Lauriston.                      with Andrews taking out the coveted
and saxophones to fusion ensembles                                                     2019 House Cup. Finally, Mary Poppins
and orchestras, each peice was flawless.     Throughout the year, we have had music     Jr was a wonderful collaboration with
I found myself murmuring: ‘Surely they      performances at the Junior School          the Drama Department and showcased
can’t be students?’                         Father’s Day Breakfast (3/4 Choir), the    the talent of our budding musicians and
                                            Huntingtower Lunch (Chamber Strings,       actors, as well as the hard work behind
Interspersing the performances with         Allegra Trikash and Old Lauristonian       the scenes.
student narratives was also inspired:       Nina Lloyd) and the Year 12 Dinner (Year
each girl shared her unique school music    12 Lauriana and Charlotte Roberts –        The opportunities available for our
journey and the common threads were         Music Captain). There have been solo       students from Prep–Year 12 are limitless.
collaboration, friendship and community.    and ensembles performances in Junior       And the richness of our Music program
                                            and Senior School assemblies, as well      would not be possible without such
The Gala Concert at Hamer Hall was          as informal performances at Blairholme     a dedicated and nurturing team of
not only an example of dedication, skill    and Kindergarten. The Chamber Music        musicians and teachers.
and often breathtaking talent, it was       Luncheon and Blairholme Lunchtime
the coming together of our School           Recital showcased our small ensembles
community, and the desire to give our       and younger musicians. And our
children the opportunity and courage        Friday Concerts have continued, with
to achieve something beyond their           many girls using this as a performance
wildest expectations.                       opportunity before their AMEB Exams.

18                                                                                                LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019

Encouraging curiosity
and creativity
through STEM

We believe that providing learning
experiences for our Junior School
girls that are engaging, hands-
on and challenging is the most
effective way of encouraging
curiosity and creativity in STEM.
As leaders in STEM (Science,                 Prep–2
Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics) education for girls,            In Prep, the girls designed a toy box         As part of the P–2 program, girls also
Lauriston has developed a sequential         for their favourite toy. They had to          have incursions from Coding Edge, a
STEM program throughout the Junior           measure and design a prototype using          lunchtime STEM club for Year 2 girls,
School. The girls undertake an inquiry-      applications on the iPad. When they           and a number of other plugged and
based approach to STEM learning and          completed their prototype, they were          unplugged opportunities to explore
are provided with challenges linked to       given feedback to make improvements           programming language through
real-world problems. Beginning in Prep,      and then designed their final product for      kinaesthetic experiences, Sphero,
girls work through the engineering           printing on wood in the FabLearn Lab.         Blue Bots and Dash n Dot robots and
design cycle – Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create,   Through the process, the girls gained         coding applications. Underpinning these
Improve and Share – to create a range of     confidence in using a range of digital         programs is the belief that an early
digital solutions.                           tools and built on their knowledge of         introduction to basic programming
                                             mathematical and engineering concepts.        concepts can help children build
Some highlights of our Junior School                                                       transferable skills such as problem-
STEM program are as follows.                 In Year 1, the girls broadened their skills   solving and critical thinking. Many
                                             through creating a sustainable fairy          children are perceived to be competent
                                             house for the Blairholme Fairy Garden. In     with modern technology, but often they
                                             this engineering project, the girls again     are merely users of that technology.
                                             worked through the design cycle, but          We aim for children to be creators of
                                             this time with much greater complexity        technology. This places the girls in good
                                             as they considered the types of shapes        stead to be able to use more complex
                                             and structures needed to create a             programming languages to create digital
                                             sustainable house. Assembling these           solutions in the later primary years.
                                             houses was an engineering feat for the
                                             girls and they worked well to continually
                                             modify and improve their designs.

20                                                                                                    LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019
The diagram opposite
                                             Tools                          Digital Solutions, 2019                Need to explore opportunities to include Digital Tech - Knowledge and

 highlights some key                                                                                               Understanding..e.g ’what are digital systems and how do they work?’

 digital learning activities.                           DT- Process &
                                                                                                                  Coding Edge Incursion (T2)
                                                                                                                  Code a story about a number in Scratch Jnr
                                                       Production Skills
                                                                                               Maths              Create a sequence of step for a BeeBot to
 These activities have been                                                                                    travel in the shape of 3D numbers (T4).

 further enhanced by digital
                                                                                                                   •     Coding Edge Incursions (T1)
 fabrication learning activities,                          Skills                              Maths               •     Design a program using sequencing to create
                                                                                                                         stories in Maths and English. (T3)

 particularly using our design                           DT- Process &
                                                                               Year 1          English             •     Design a sequence of steps to create numbers
                                                                                                                         in Maths. (T4)
                                                        Production Skills

 thinking cycle and the
                                                                                                                   •    Coding Edge Incursions (T1)
 equipment in the digital                                  Skills                                                  •    Design a path to for Dash to take Dot on a tour
                                                                                               History                  of Blairholme (T4)

 fabrication laboratory.                                DT- Process &          Year 2          Science             •    Link to Inquiry: Use Tynker to record an oral
                                                                                                                        retell of the history of Lauriston.
                                                       Production Skills

                                                                                                               •       Design and recreate a traditional fairytale
                                                                                                                       using coding. (T3)
                                                                                               Maths           •       Based on individual data, students design &

                                                        DT- Process &
                                                                               Year 3          English
                                                                                                                       create a digital solution to help improve
                                                                                                                       knowledge of spelling rules (T4).
                                                       Production Skills

                                                                                                           • Design an algorithm for Dash robot to push
                                                                                                           and pull a toy. (T3)
                                                                                               Science     • Design a game in Tynker based on concept of
                                                        DT- Process &
                                                                               Year 4           Maths         Chance. (T4)
                                                       Production Skills

                                                           Skills                              Science     •  Design and create a website for small
                                                                                               Wellbeing   business. (T2)

                                                        DT- Process &           Year 5                     •
                                                                                                              Ev3 Robots-Robot Dance Science (T3)
                                                                                                              Design and create an interactive Pepper’s
                                                       Production Skills
                                                                                                              Ghost Box. (T4)

                                                           Skills                              Science     • Students design a warning system for a
                                                         DT- Process &         Year 6                      natural disaster (T2)
                                                        Production Skills
                                                                                                               •       Ev3 Robots- Science. Using Sensors (T4)

Year 4                                        their understanding of how sensors and         Worldwide, the number of girls
                                              radio function on the microcontroller          participating in the subject areas of
In Year 4, the girls looked at the            could be used to warn a community. It          STEM is declining. This is not apparent
connection between length, area and           was essential that the microcontroller         at Lauriston, but as educators we
perimeter by designing their own mini         could not only detect the natural              have to constantly find new ways to
golf course. They began by using grid         disaster, but also send a warning to the       positively influence our students and
paper to map out a golf course to fit          community by using the radio signal.           create a culture of engagement and
a required area. They had to problem-         For example, students were able to use         excellence in STEM studies. Through the
solve and look at how they could best         the thermometer to measure a spike in          acquisition of digital technologies and
use the given area to create a mini golf      temperature and the accelerometer to           the implementation of an integrated
hole that can be played using a marble.       measure shaking.                               STEM curriculum, we provide the girls
Once they designed the layout of their                                                       with opportunities to develop key skills
golf course, they measured the length         The Year 6 girls also participated in          in problem-solving, creativity, critical
of the edges to create small fences to        a mini Signature Project, where they           analysis, teamwork, independent
stop the ball from falling off the course.    combined their learning of electrical          thinking, initiative, communication and
They then drew the required area and          circuits in science with design and            digital literacy. These skills will be vital
fences of the golf course in Vectornator,     technology. The girls worked in small          skills for life in our rapidly changing
which created a raster file for printing       teams to design and build an object out        digital world.
on the laser cutter in the FabLearn Lab.      of recycled materials. Using a motor,
First, the girls first cut out a prototype     battery pack and wires, they then tried
in cardboard. Following adjustments           to get their objects to move.
and some redesigning, they printed their
final golf course out of plywood.

Year 4 girls have also been using the
Dash robots to explore push and pull.
They learned how to code Dash, and
then they constructed a cart out of
LEGO that carried rocks that Dash had
to push and pull.

Year 6
Year 6 girls looked at how a
microcontroller can be used to warn a
community about an impending natural
disaster. They were able to connect
their learning in Science about the
warning signs of natural disasters and

LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019                                                                                                                                                              21

We asked our Year 9 students to share their experience
of a year in the High Country.
 Emma Lazerides
 Howqua has made me see the world
 from a wider perspective. It has
 made me realise how fortunate some
 people are compared to other people.
 It has taught me to be grateful
 because I may not get the same
 opportunity again.

                              Jess Wu
                              I’m starting to do things I didn’t think
                              were possible before Howqua. It has
                              given me opportunities to try things I
                              never would have tried before.

                              Nicole Zhao
                              Through meeting new people
                              and experiencing new things my
                              perspective on the world has
                              broadened and I’ve been able to open
                              myself up to others.

                                                                         Anabella Stephens
                                                                         The Howqua experience allows
                                                                         us to grow into women who are
                                                                         independent, achieve goals and never
                                                                         leave anyone behind.

22                                                                                LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019
Lily Yang
                                                                  I’ve learned how to challenge myself
                                                                  and how to encourage others.

                                            Sarah King
                                            Howqua is obviously different for
                                            every year level that comes through.
                                            Despite what people said, I was
                                            surprised at how unchaotic Howqua
                                            actually was and how quickly I fell
                                            into a routine.

 Angela Song                                            Abigail Zhang
 We had to get used to the daily                        I did not expect the experiences and knowledge
 routines and the Outdoor Program,                      I learned in Howqua to apply and correlate to
 but I found that after a few hikes, even               everyday life back in Melbourne and the world.
 though it was still hard, there was such               How much I have grown in maturity, confidence
 a sense of accomplishment.                             and resilience was also unexpected.

 The many challenges I faced at Howqua – mental,
 physical or emotional – have changed me. The staff
 was always there to support and guide us through
 our struggles, allowing us to become independent
 and confident, as only a Howqua girl can be.

LAURISTON LIFE EDITION 2 2019                                                                            23
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