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Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
Auckland                 Newsletter July 2019

                                     Issue 44

& Pastoral Association              Est 1843
Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
Auckland Agricultural & Pastoral Association
    Est. 1843

                                  Patron                        The Governor-General Her Excellency
    Congratulations to John                                     The Right Honourable Dame Patsy Reddy
    Hanson Franklin Arts          Vice Patrons                  Mayor of Auckland, Mr Phil Goff
    Exhibition Winner
    Supreme Award,
                                                                Chairman of the Cornwall Park Trust,
    Rainbow.                                                    Mr John McConnell
                                  President                     Mr John Towers
                                  Vice Presidents               Mrs Anne Scott,
                                                                Mr Carl Harding
                                  Immediate Past President      Mr Neil Sidwell
                                  Honarary Treasurer            Mr Maurice Carter
                                  Secretary                     Mr Mark Frankham

    Auckland Agricultural & Pastoral Association
    Christine Barton          Faye Bayer             Simon Cashin      Vincent Carmine      Nigel Cottle
    Michael Cundy             Marilyn Duke           Clive Ellis		     Jayden Good          Karen Good
    Anthony Good              John Hanson            Hamish Kerr       Robb Kemp            Elaine Law
    Jenny Locke-Forbes        Angela Maxwell         Karen McKechnie   Helen Martin         Judy O’Brien
    Phil O’Shaughnessy        Andrea Scott           David Scott       Anne Watts           Karen Woolley

    Show Committees and Convenors
    Alpacas                   Toni Charteris                      In-House             John Towers
    Archives                  Carl Harding                        Newsletter           Helen Martin
    Art                       John Towers                         Olive Oil            Mike Cundy
    Cattle                    Anne, Andrea &                      Pigs                 Carl Harding
                              David Scott, Maurice                Poultry/Rabbits      Melissa Hore
                              Carter                              Rules                John Towers
    Donkeys                   Melissa Hore                        Scholarships         Maurice Carter &
    Equestrian                Anne Watts                                               Anne Scott
    Farmworld                 Faye Bayer &                        Shearing             Neil Sidwell
                              Anne Scott                                               Phil O’Shaughnessy
    Finance                   Maurice Carter                      Sheep                Melissa Hore
    Goats                     Melissa Hore                        Sheepdogs            Peter Maxwell
    Heritage                  Carl Harding                        Wine                 Robb Kemp

     Thanks to Helen Martin, Auckland A&P Newsletter Committee & all the contributors.
     Enquiries and contributions contact Melissa Hore:
     Cover photo: RES 2019, shearing Veteran Section winner Neil Sidwell and Novice Section winner Gus Berger.

Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
From the President,   Once again, our flagship the Royal Easter Show was a
                      tremendous success, a testament to the hard work put
John Towers           in by countless volunteers who donated hours of free
                      time. Despite a terrible wet Monday and although the
                      numbers through the gate were down (mainly due to
                      school holidays) we still came out on top. As usual the
                      show was opened on the Wednesday night during the
                      RES art awards and we had the pleasure of having the
                      Governor-General, Her Excellency, The Rt Hon Dame
                      Patsy Reddy, in attendance. In keeping with our mission
                      to include youth in our association, we are pleased
                      the evening entertainment was provided by two young
                      classical guitarists, aged 16 and 17, both of whom who
                      studied at the Suzuki School of Music.

                      The Royal Easter Show is now comprised of
                      agriculture, with its many different sections, the arts
                      hall and concerts both in the art hall and on the main
                      stage, and of course the other entertainment to suit
                      the younger folk co-ordinated by the fourth faction,
                      management. The equestrian side of the RES, although
                      now relocated to Clevedon is fast regaining the heady
                      status it had in days gone by (well done ladies).

                      A big thanks to Melissa Hore, who once again proved
                      to be the person to go to to solve all problems, and to
                      the boys in the workshop, who deserve a big thanks
                      for being so amazing with their skills keeping the
                      Showgrounds running on an even keel .We must not
                      forget the young ladies in the office, who proved to be
                      once again a major cog in the wheel. Many thanks also
                      to our CEO Mark Frankham, who has had the utmost
                      faith in the future of our Royal Easter Show and our

                      The Auckland A&P RES wine awards event, once again
                      under the stewardship of the wine committee, was well
                      attended and remains an icon in the New Zealand wine
                      industry. A very enjoyable evening was enjoyed by all at
                      the awards.

                      The olive oil committee is going from strength to
                      strength and is in capable hands. The impressive
                      olive oil display in the art hall this year created a lot of

                      Finally, as an association we realise that we must
                      embrace change, which includes the nurturing of our
                      youth, or face stagnation.

                      Thank you
                      John Towers

Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
RAS medals for Services to Agriculture
    At this year’s Royal Easter Show, President John Towers presented four long-serving AA&P
    members with Royal Agricultural Society medals for Services to Agriculture.

    (From L-R) Medal recipients Carl Harding, David Scott, Maurice Carter, Rob Kemp, with President
    John Towers (centre).

    Royal Easter Show Sponsors 2019
    We are very thankful to all those who sponsor us. Their loyal support of the Royal Easter Show is
    a major factor in our success.

    Art Pavilion
    Auckland A&P Association, Carbatec NZ Ltd, Daler-Rowney, Glass Station, Joiners Magazine,
    La Ma’s Ceramics Studio, Marion & John Towers, Morris & James Matakana Ltd, Mouth and Foot
    Painting Artists, South Auckland Woodturners Guild

    Livestock Pavilion
    Auckland A&P Association, Awaaroa Alpaca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Brenor Alpacas, Bromley
    Park, CopRice Ltd, Cornwall Park Trust, Cyclone Tools, Golden Horse Feeds, North Country
    Grains, Poland Motors, Shadow Wood Black Suri Alpacas, Stone & Water World, Takanini Feeds,
    WatersEdge Alpacas.

    Auckland A&P Association, C Yearbury, Goldlen Horse Feeds Ltd, HR Fisken and Sons Ltd,

Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
Opening Night & Art Awards
We were pleased to welcome our patron, Governor-General, Her Excellency, The Rt Hon Dame
Patsy Reddy to open the Royal Easter Show 2019 and to present the winning artists with their

Governor-General, Her Excellency, The Rt Hon Dame Patsy Reddy, presenting awards.

Opening Night

Admiring the artwork on display.

Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
                                                            Tony, Karen and Jayden Good have been
                                                            catering for A&P Show participants (judges,
                                                            stewards, Council members etc) for four
                                                            years. It’s a big job, starting with family
                                                            friend and caterer Lizzie letting them know
                                                            the current best-buys, organising some
                                                            of the salads and loaning them some of
                                                            her equipment. Tony buys the meat and
                                                            processes it as ham, salami, sausages,
                                                            pastrami, corned beef and chicken, all the
                                                            while holding down his fulltime job as an
                                                            Auckland Airport MPI officer.

                                                            At show time it’s long days and plenty of
    Tony, Karen and Jayden Good, caterers extraordinaire.   stress as the family are constantly preparing
                                                            meals for hundreds (“The kitchen’s great but
                                                            there’s no oven” says Tony). While the budget
                                                            provides so much per head, the Goods
                                                            generously give the profits back to the A&P.
                                                            Karen says they do it because they love food,
                                                            they love catering and they enjoy the social
                                                            side of the job. Tony, who loses holiday pay
                                                            through missing out on his Easter work at
                                                            the airport, reckons he does it because he’s

     Shearing judges enjoying a lovely lunch.

Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
Farm World                                Farm World is a wonderful show about children
                                          and families, many of whom live in the city,
                                          enjoying the opportunity to get close to animals
                                          they may not normally come in contact with. With
                                          Council members Faye Bayer and Tom Faire as
                                          their guides, everyone works hard to create a
                                          close team environment. The Farm World team
                                          has many volunteers, including Mount Albert
                                          Grammar School students and A&P Scholarship
                                          students from Massey University, who are happy
The excitement is too much!               to do whatever is required, from the unglamorous
                                          work of picking up and removing heavy bins full
                                          of manure and sawdust to spending long hours
                                          looking after the animals and answering the
                                          questions of the hundreds of people who come
                                          through the door. The team are encouraged to
                                          be always aware of treating animals and people
                                          ethically, to take responsibility for their actions
                                          and to use their initiative.

                                          They receive a lot of feedback from people telling
                                          them how much their children have enjoyed it.
                                          One father this year, who had come with his
                                          family to New Zealand from Africa, summed it
                                          up when he told Faye “I come from a very poor
                                          country, where we walk from the village to the
                                          hills to tend crops and the animals that are a part
Braedyn Faire, Faye Bayer with Biscuit,   of our lives. Here in New Zealand it’s difficult to
Tom Faire                                 give this to my children. I come to Farm World so
                                          my children can be grounded with animals.”

                                          Farm World organisers are grateful for the
                                          support they get from A&P Council, administrator
                                          Melissa, and Showgrounds management and
                                          workshop staff. They’re already planning for next
                                          year, thinking about what they can do to make
                                          the event even better.

                                          Farmworld team being pulled along by Paul Stroobant and his Clydesdale

Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
A&P Scholorship                             A huge thank-you to Melissa, everyone at the Royal Easter
                                                Show and the Auckland A&P association. I thoroughly
                                                enjoyed my time at Farmworld and worked with a wonderful
                                                bunch of people. It was a great experience and I loved
                                                being able to show and educate the public about the farm
                                                animals. I also thoroughly enjoyed the day I spent out at the
                                                Equestrian events in Clevedon. Thank you very much for
                                                organising this for me!

                                                I am really appreciative of the Auckland A&P Association
                                                Bursary. The financial assistance provided will help with
                                                my Veterinary school fees and expenses incurred whilst
    A&P Scholorship recipient Elise van Dijck   completing practical placements. Thank you again to
                                                everyone involved for their generosity and support.

                                                Elise van Dijck

    Sheep Dog Awards
    Mick Draper Memorial Champion
    Heading Sheep Dog
    B Ireland

    Champion Handy Dog
    D Gilligan

    ARAN Fun Dog Show
                                                A.R.A.N (Animal Rescue Action Network) NZ is a non-profit
                                                organisation working to bring attention to the plight of dogs
                                                in council pounds in NZ, and to save as many as possible.
                                                At the Royal Easter Show we took the opportunity to
                                                showcase rescue dogs and show the public just what sort of
                                                beautiful dogs can be found at their local shelter or pound.
                                                All dogs were welcome to take part, not just rescues. It was
                                                great to see so many dogs of all sizes and shapes. Awards
    Champion Dog: Mallow
    Reserve Champion Dog: Luca                  were given in several categories, including Best Rescue
                                                Dog (adopted from a rescue, shelter, pound or SPCA), Most
                                                Handsome Male Dog, Prettiest Female Dog, Waggiest Tail,
                                                Best Biscuit Catcher and Owner / Dog Lookalike. Manako
                                                Sugiyama and her team performed for the crowds with
                                                amazing dogs and routines and Estelle Low and her team
                                                brought her skateboarding, frisbee catching dogs.

Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
Equestrian Awards

Princess Alia Saddle Perpetual Supreme Champion Purebred Arabian  W Backhouse
Genuine Gold Arabians Trophy
WF Massey Cup                  Ladies Hunter				                  A Goettler
Cooke Silver Challenge Cup     Small Hunter				                   A Hjorth/P Hill
Stuart Taylor Trophy           Large Hunter				                   L Hunt
Maggie Briggs Cup              Open Rider over Fences				         A Goettler
Nicholson Cup                  Best Wire Jumper				               C Fox
James Wylie Cup                RES Champion				                   A Parker
HW Coyle Cup                   Girl/Boy Rider over Fences			      C Officer
Millen Cup                     RES Champion				                   C Officer
Kauri Wold Cup                 Champion Hunter				                J Taylor
Touch of Glass Trophy          Unity Class (14-16 years)				      B Bennett
Sue Yearbury Memorial          Best Equestrienne				              S Reynolds
Captain Charles Ross Cholmondeley-Smith Salver				                A Hjorth
1990 Perpetual Trophy for Mares Under Saddle
Champion Hack Cup					                                            S Collie
Nala Lynaire Perpetual Salver Unity Rider (11-13years)				        R Norton- Collins
Horse of Show                  Supreme Award				                  C Roach
Pony of Show                   Supreme Award				                  B Roach

Equestrian committee Chair Anne Watts with competitors   Judges approach with the beautiful Clevedon landscape as
awaiting their turn.                                     a backdrop.

                                                                “What can I say? It has been the best
                                                                showing appointment I have ever had. The
                                                                committee and competitors were amazing
                                                                and so friendly. The quality of horses was
                                                                outstanding. Our host was a gentleman
                                                                and a super fantastic host, so friendly and
                                                                made us all feel at home. My fellow judges
                                                                – what an amazing bunch of ladies. We all
                                                                got along like a house on fire and I am sure
                                                                we have made lifelong friends. I can never
                                                                thank you enough. Keep up the good work.”

                                                                (Email from a judge, April 2019).

Kerikeri competitor Vicki Traas with her off-the-track
thoroughbred Hope’s Desire, who placed second in the
Novice Show Hack.

Agricultural & Pastoral - Auckland Association - Auckland A&P
Pet Lambs & Pet Goats
     Well done to all the youngsters and their
     animals who come along to participate in the
     RES School Ag Day. It was a fun filled day.

     Congratulations to Kaukapakapa School for
     gaining the most points and Wainui School
     with the most entries.

     Presentation to
     Kaukapakapa School

     Certificates and an ipad were
     presented at a school assembly
     by David Scott, Royal Easter
     Show Chairman and Anne Scott
     Vice President to pupils, Hannah,
     Jack, Alex, Joanne, Addie,
     Melissa and Andrea Clarke,

Sheep Awards

Auckland A&P Perpetual Cup        Most Points				                     CM Swann
Alberta McLean Trophy             Champion Wool Breed		               J E Charleston
NL Tapp Cup                       Champion Romney Ram		               CM Swann
The Stillwater Cup                Outstanding Black & Coloured		      CM Swann
The Valhalla Trophy               Most Points Black & Coloured		      CM Swann
BCSBA Cup                         Best Woollen Black & Coloured		     CM Swann
Tapp Cup                          Most Points Romney Section		        CM Swann
Tom Bassett Memorial Sash         Supreme Champion Sheep of Show 2019 CM Swann
Auckland Suffolk Club Trophy      Supreme Champion Suffolk		          Not Awarded

Dairy Goats

Auckland Dairy Goat Club Trophy    Champion HR Doe			                  Rita Braem
A&P Association Cup		              Supreme Champion Doe		              Rita Braem
State Konrad Memorial Trophy		     Most Points			                      Rita Braem
NV Dyett Rosebowl			               Senior Progeny Group		              Not Awarded
Crescent Dairy Goat Trophy		       Type & Production Doe		             Not Awarded
Huia Saanen Stud Trophy		          Champion AR Doe			                  Not Awarded

Shearing Awards
          Harrison Cup			Open				D Balme
          NA & RA Sidwell & Family Trophy   Fastest Shearer in Open Heats                D Balme
          Robert Hudson Memorial		          Veteran Shearer			                           N Sidwell
          Alexander Trophy			               Highest Quality Points		                     M Smith
          Warkworth Farm Centre Cup		       Junior Champion			                           M Smith
          Ivan & Lyn Rosandich Cup		        Intermediate Champion		                      M Boyd
          Berger Challenge Trophy		         Senior Champion			                           D Rhynd
          Cullen Family Trophy		            North Island v South Island		                South Island


                                                                           1. Sonny Bill Williams with his
                                    2.                                        daughter and Digger

                                                                           2. Open class winners

                                                                           3. Neil Sidwell

                                                                           4. Phil O’Shaughnessy & Digger

                                                                           5. Police participation

                                                                           6. Getting the kids involved

                                                                           7. Judging





Cavys                       The Auckland Cavy Club had a great couple of days and most
                            people were very happy with the show. We had lots of questions
                            from the public and a reasonable crowd watching the judging
                            and enjoying the cavy village. We have some ideas for next
                            year, such as a colouring competition for the children. Also, if
                            we could get enough volunteers, we could have few hours of a
                            cuddle-a-cavy corner.

                            Debbie Lawrie

Pig Awards

Dr Smith Trophy		          Champion Kunekune		                    D Bassett-Clarke
Harding Perpetual Trophy   Supreme Champion Pig		                 D Bassett-Clarke
P.C.L Cup			               Champion All Breeds Pig in Show        Not Awarded


     The Heritage team hard at work delighting the
     public with their butter making skills.

     Miniature Horse Competition & Youth section

     Graham Gillard judged the miniature horse       Youth section
     competition on Saturday.

     No beef or dairy cattle
     competitions were held in 2019,
     but the Scott family provided Farm
     World with a few cattle from their

It was a great show, with thousands of people
coming through. We’re keen to have more entries
and want to encourage South Island breeders
to come up and support it in 2020. The highlight
of any alpaca show is seeing who wins the top
award, Supreme Alpaca.

Note that a list of alpaca winners has not been
provided, just the Supreme Alpaca.

                                                   Australian judge Shane Carey with
                                                   Supreme Winner, Brenda Gainsford,
                                                   Brenor Alpacas.

Beautiful alpacas on display.

                                                   Vets on site for the alpacas and Farm World.

Baby alpaca’s first show.

Hands-On                         People queued for the chance to
                                      get up close to Hands-on Creatures’
     Creatures                        popular reptiles, spiders and other
                                      creepy crawlies.

     Valais Blacknose

     We were pleased to welcome for the first
     time at the Royal Easter Show Valais
     Blacknose Sheep ‘The cutest sheep in the
     world’. They were hugely popular with the
     crowds and very cute.

Our sincere thanks to the Associations and
Breeders who come along to support our show.
APPA Association                                  Dwarf Goats

                                                  A big thank you to Paula Levett
Special thanks to Lynne Low and
Jae Smith

                                                  Pigs and piglets
Auckland Beekeepers

Auckland Cat Club
                             photo by
                             Helmi Flick
                                                  Special thanks to Sally Officer.

Rabbit Association

                                                                       English Angora red-eyed white roo visits
Another successful rabbit cometition, thank you                        retirement homes with her owner Karen
Pauline Goodwin and the team.                                          Yorke when visitng her father.
Art Awards

Art         The fabulous RES art display and competition is the
            highlight of a busy year for the talented organising
            team, all of whom are artists. Entries are in adult,
            youth and mouth and foot sections, with work including
            ceramics, pottery, glass, painting, photography,
            sculpture and woodcraft. There are also children’s
            short story and young photographer competitions
            and, on the Saturday night, Concert among the Arts,
            compered by artist William Robert Boyd.

            Children’s art was very strong in the painting section
            of the Royal Easter Show this year. Sponsored by
            John and Marion Towers, the excellent response
            drew 44 paintings, with three clear winners. The
            standard overall was very good, and some work was
            exceptionally good.

            The standard of work in the adult sections was very
            high, with a great variety of work from all over New

            Youth photography is growing. The adult section was
            fantastic, and the winning photo was amazing. The
            judges did a fantastic job with their selections and their
            comments on the winning photos were excellent.

            Supreme Exhibit
            The Woodcraft Exhibition entries from Raymond Scott,
            of Helensville, have always been perfect and almost
            every one has won him a prize since his first entry in

            This year’s entry was no exception, but he had upped
            the challenge by having six perfect parts to his entry.
            Not just perfect joinery, but also a perfect match of the
            curves of the laminate in the teapot and each of the
            four cups. Then each piece was beautifully turned, with
            cups all exactly the same and saucers all exactly the
            same, and finished to just the right gloss.

Woodcraft                                       Troy Grimwood:
                                                     our best woodcrafter

                                                     It is not that long ago that we first met Troy
                                                     Grimwood behind a converted Nova 1500 lathe
                                                     at Taupo Jamboree. He was a novice, but even
                                                     then, doing some impressive work. Since then
                                                     his work has progressed and we have seen him
                                                     receive several awards at the Royal Easter Show
                                                     and other exhibitions. He has moved on to a
                                                     newer lathe and now has a Nova DVR, modified
                                                     to meet his need to work from a wheelchair as
                                                     the result of a rock-climbing accident. He still
                                                     gets out trout fishing and chainsawing wood for
                                                     his woodturning and furniture building activities.
                                                     He has recently completed a new house for
                                                     himself and wife, Debbie. In July he will be
                                                     demonstrating at the American Association of
                                                     Woodturners annual symposium.

                                                     Dick Veitch’s photos of 2019 RES woodcraft
                                                     entries can be seen at

                                                     Dick Veitch

     What a fantastic display of glass we had this year, with over 130 entries making it the most
     successful to date. The entries provided a great showcase for NZ glass, from blown, cast, kiln
     formed/fused and flame/lamp work to mosaic, leadlight, engraving and mirroring. The new lighting
     certainly added to the success of the Glass section and we had many positive comments from the

                                                     Karl Baxter took first place in the sculptural
                                                     section with his amazing kiln formed ‘Hauraki
                                                     Sunset’. So many layers and interest; a beautiful
                                                     piece. Alistair Mead took 2nd place for his
                                                     stunning ‘Huias’ and 3rd went to Frances Hanson
                                                     for her quirky candlesticks. Wearable glass went
                                                     to Frances Hanson, with her tree of delicate
                                                     little bird earrings: tui, kereru, kingfishers and
                                                     gulls. Emily Lake’s perfectly formed ‘Tapa
                                                     Bead’ necklace was 2nd and Nikki O’Brien took
                                                     3rd prize for her beautiful ‘Bombay Blossums’
                                                     pendant and earrings made from recycled
                                                     Sapphire gin bottles. Richard Landers took
                                                     Glass Station People’s Choice Award for his
                                                     ‘Northern Gateway.

Highly Commended:
Richard Landers, John Abramczyk, Lindsay Butler, Judith Le Harival, Frances Hanson,
Luke Dunstan, Vicki Bryant, Judy Pullen.

New Entrants
Merit: Frith Jenkins, Miranda Baptist, Judith Le Harival

Our grateful thanks to our volunteers who are a wonderful support; we can’t do without you.
Hope to see you, and many others next year.

John and Frances Hanson,
Glass Convenors, Royal Easter Show Art Committee

Among the Arts

Held in the art hall during the
Royal Easter Show, Concert
Among the Arts was enjoyed by
all who attended.
Following a prelude singing
performance from Jesslyn
Woo, eleven-year-old Amberley                       Marian Burns
Ah Chee and Sasha opened
the concert with four classical
guitar numbers. This was
followed by performances from
Robyn Sutherland (harpist
and vocalist), Rebecca Nelson
(vocalist), Marian Burns (violinist
and fiddler) and Heart Strings
(classical guitar and cello).

                                                 Robyn Sutherland

Amberly Ah Chee                       L to R Marian Burns, Heartstrings, Robyn Sutherland, Rebecca Nelson

Olive Oil
     2018 Olive Oil Awards

     Logan Campbell Trophy       Supreme Champion Olive Oil Kapiti Olives: Koroneiki, Kapiti Coast

      Entries are now open for 2019 Royal Easter
      Show Olive Oil Awards.
      Contact for further information.

     Wine Awards

     Auckland A&P Association Heritage Rosebowl 		            Villa Maria Reserve Gimblett Gravels
     Hawkes Bay Syrah, 2006, 2010, 2016
     Auckland A&P Medal          Winemaker of the Year        Nikolai St George (Giesen Wines)

 Flying high at the Royal Easter Show 2019.
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