If you’ve just arrived on campus,
it might feel like there is a lot
to get your head around.
Don’t stress – we’re here to help.

          irst things first. You’ve probably been       page 8 for info on how to use your shiny new
          hearing a bunch of new words and              student card to best advantage.
          terms. If you don’t know what eduroam,           Once you’ve read up on how to get a library
          meridian and RAG are, don’t worry!            card (it’s the right thing to do) on page 23 and
Turn to our handy UCT lingo cheat sheet on              how to get help with writing essays on page 27,
page 6 and we’ll bring you up to speed.                 it’s time to think about heading to the Jammie
   Right, now that you know the difference              plaza to sign up for as many (or few) sports clubs,
between a tut, a prac and the all-important vacs,       societies, political groups and leadership bodies
you’ll be wondering how to get from your res to         as you like.
the caf. You’ll find a printed, foldable map in these      Of course you’re here to study, but you also
pages that will help you navigate on campus.            have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to indulge your
You can also view them online at         passions while also meeting interesting new
main/contacts/campus-maps. And, if you’re               people.
wondering about how you’re going to get from               So, this is it. Good luck! And take it from us,
A to B, take a look at page 10 for a whole bunch        the best is yet to come.
of options.
   Don’t be shy when it comes to asking your            Campus Life
OL (OL? Check the lingo cheat sheet!) questions.
They will take you through the basics, like what        PS. UCT takes the physical and mental health of
a faculty is and where to sign up for tuts, but if      students very seriously. If you need help, don’t
you have other questions don’t hesitate to ask          be afraid to reach out. For emergency contact
– make them work for their money. For other             details of the many campus organisations that
essentials, like where to find free WiFi and good       provide assistance, look no further than pages
food at fair prices, turn to page 12 and 24, and        26 to 28.

                                                                                         25 km2
                                                                                         The total area
                                                                                         of UCT’s
                                                                                         its satellite   You   are he
                                                                                         campuses in
                                                                                         Gardens, Philippi
                                                                                         and the Atlantic

                                                 Where do UCT                       UCT EARNED R1.49 BILLION IN
                                                 students come from?                EXTERNAL RESEARCH INCOME.

                                                 South Africa 23 314
                                                                                    R15.2 million
                                                 Southern African Development       was earned from the
                                                 Community 2 312                    commercialisation of
                                                                                    intellectual property.
                                                 Elsewhere in Africa 777

                                                 Elsewhere in the world 1 130
                                                                                             patents were filed
              countries are
              represented                        Elsewhere in the world

              on campus                          (unspecified country) 652                    of the country’s
                                                                                              SARChI chairs are
                                                                                    held by academics at UCT.

  at UCT.
            different sports
            are offered        194 671
                               The number of trips the
                                                         53 349 linear metres
                                                         of shelves are available
                                                         at UCT Libraries.
                                                                                    UCT boasts a third of South
                               Jammie Shuttles make                                 Africa’s NRF A-rated researchers.
  There are 102 societies      each year                 UCT is currently
  to choose from.                                        running nine MOOCs         RANKED AMONG THE
                                                         (massive open online       TOP 200 IN THE WORLD,
  3 363 professional,               1.3 million          courses), which have       UCT IS THE LEADING
  administrative support            print volumes        attracted more than        UNIVERSITY IN AFRICA.
  and service (PASS) staff
                                                         140 000 people from
  1 179 academic staff
                                                         over 150 countries.

2 / University of Cape Town

28 185
                   14 700

                                   17 833
                                                   10 352
                                                                   postdoctoral fellows
                                                                                              catered or
to study.         13 478                                                                      self-catering

                                  7 000                                                       student
                                                             each year

How many students per faculty?                       Around

                                                     4 200

   7 819         4 828             4 750             new first-years are accepted
  Commerce      Engineering          Health
                 & the Built
                                                     to study at UCT every year.

  6 737          1 239             2 812                             LARGEST
 Humanities        Law              Science                            SOUTH                 isiXhosa
                                                                   LANGUAGE                 2 331
6 753                21 432
students             students
                                               87    The
                                                     total                        English

                                                                         17 023
living in the        living off                                                                           isiZulu
                                               of home                                                    1 417
                                               on campus                                      Afrikaans
                                                                               Setswana         1 269

                                                                                           Campus Life 2018 / 3

There are six faculties at UCT –
which one is yours?

        faculty is a group of university
        departments that all share a focus,
        similar subject matter or a division of
knowledge. At UCT there are six of them: the
faculties of Humanities, Science, Engineering
& the Built Environment, Commerce, Law
and Health Sciences. The Centre for Higher
Education Development, otherwise known

as CHED, supports the teaching and learning
needs of all of these faculties.
                                                                                                               a re

WHO Almost 6 000 students from 43 countries           DID
who interrogate the human condition in all its        YOU            2 500 students
dimensions.                                           KNOW?          contributing to globally
                                                      The UCT        relevant research.
         This faculty is home to critical thinkers    Faculty of
         in fields as diverse as history, political   Science        From botanists
         science, performance art, philosophy         was placed     to biologists, and
         and media studies.                           in the         climatologists to astronomers,
                                                      51–100         scientists of all different stripes
WHAT                                                  band of        call this faculty home.

31   academic
     majors offered     16     academic
                         and 15 research centres
                                                      for the
                                                                       WHAT Two alumni have won Nobel
                                                                       Prizes: Alan Cormack (computerised
                                                      earth and        axial tomography) and Aaron Klug
Esteemed graduates include Professor Sakhela          marine           (crystallographic electron microscopy).
Buhlungu (sociology), soprano Pretty Yende            sciences.
and Nobel Prize winners JM Coetzee (literature)                      OVER A THIRD OF UCT’S
and Ralph Bunche (peace).                                            PHD GRADUATES HAIL
                                                                     FROM THIS FACULTY.
 WHERE Located across several campuses,
from Hiddingh campus in the city centre to                           WHERE Located in several buildings on upper
the Arts Block on upper campus.                                      campus, including PD Hahn and RW James.

Undergraduate office                                                 Faculty office
  021 650 2717                                021 650 2712

4 / University of Cape Town

                                                                                              WHO Over 7 000 students and
                                                                                             a staff of industry leaders working
                                                                                             to make a contribution in the spheres
                                                                                             of business and public management.

                                                                                             This is where you can study
                                                            Did you know?                    accounting, actuarial science,
                                                                                             economics and finance, but
                                                            The Faculty of
                                                                                             also subjects like marketing
                                                            Engineering & the
                                                                                             and organisational psychology.
                                                            Built Environment
                                                            offers research
                                                                                                WHAT 7 departments and
                                                            contracts to the value
Engineering &                                               of R135 million.
                                                                                               12 research units

 the Built Environment                                                                        R89.5m
         WHO 4 800 staff and students, state-of-the-art facilities                             research contracts
            and world-renowned teaching staff.                                                 to the value of R89.5 million

                 Architects, engineers, planners and quantity                                  HOME TO UCT’S GRADUATE
                   surveyors can all be found in this faculty.                                 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

                       WHAT 19 active research groups                                         WHERE Located in the Leslie
                                                                                             Commerce Building on the

                         51    NATIONAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION-
                               RATED STAFF MEMBERS
                                                                                             Engineering Mall on upper campus.
                                                                                             The Graduate School of Business,
                                                                                             located at the Breakwater Campus,
                           WHERE Located on upper campus in the New                          is also part of the faculty.
                           Engineering Building, Menzies Building and others.
                                                                                             Faculty office
                            Faculty office                                                     021 650 5748
                              021 650 2699            

                          Law                                          Health Sciences
                          WHO Over 1 000 students and                  WHO This is headquarters for the health professionals,
                        staff, focusing on legal education             from doctors to occupational, physical, speech
                       and public discourse.                           and audio therapists.

                            This is where you’ll find all
                            the future lawyers.
                                                                       4 000 students
              WHAT The oldest and smallest faculty at UCT                WHAT Top-ranking health sciences faculty on the continent

       85 000               Home to a law library
                            containing over
85 000 books, journals and electronic databases
                                                                         48th          in the Times Higher Education World
                                                                                       University Rankings for clinical,
                                                                         preclinical and health rankings

RANKED 40TH IN THE TOP 100 LAW SCHOOLS WORLDWIDE                         At 105 years old, it’s the oldest health sciences campus
                                                                         in sub-Saharan Africa.
Over 25 international agreements allow law students
to pursue exchanges in countries around the world.                     WHERE Located on the
                                                                       Health Sciences campus.
WHERE Located at the Wilfred and Jules Kramer
Law Building on middle campus.                                         Undergraduate
                                                                       admissions office
Faculty office                                                           021 406 6328
  021 650 3086                     
                   Learning the


                 Big Bash: The party associated with RAG
                 that happens at the beginning of the year.

                 Caf: As in cafeteria. The place where you                                                lecture:
                 meet your friends for coffee in the Steve Biko                                           The earliest
                 Students’ Union building.                                                                lecture of
                                                                                                          each day (and
                                                                                                           where you will
                 DP: Duly performed. If you                                                                find yourself
                                                                                                           at 08:00
                 get your DP for a course,                                                                 if you’re
                 you can write the exams.                                                                 a fresher).

                 DPR: Duly performed refused.
                 This means you’ve been spending
                                                                        Fresher: That’s you! Another
                 too much time hanging out in the caf.                  way of saying first-year.

                 Early assessment: A formal                            FYE: The First-Year Experience, a programme
                 academic check to see how you’re doing                that aims to help you during your first year at
                 in your first few months at varsity.                  varsity.  @UCTFirstYears      UCTFirstYears

                                                                                             Jammie Shuttle:
                                                                  Hot seat:
                 Eduroam: The UCT network that provides
                 free WiFi on campus. (See page 12 for how                                   The blue buses
                 to connect.)                                     A weekly                   that get you
                                                                  appointment with           around campus
                                                                  your tutor to discu
                 First-class pass:           When you get over
                                                                  your academic
                                                                                     ss      and town. If you’re
                 75% it’s called a first-class pass. You could
                                                                  progress.                  packing your
                 also get an upper second (70 to 74%),
                 lower second (60 to 69%) or third (50 to                                    student card,
                 59%). Or an S, which means you failed.                                      it’s free!

6 / University of Cape Town

Jammie steps:
These lead
right up to the
Jammie plaza!

Jammie Thursdays: When interesting things                Practicals These are your chance to put into
happen on Jammie plaza during meridian on,
you guessed it, Thursdays.
                                                         practice what you’ve learned in theory. They often
                                                         take place in laboratories and can be up to three           RAG:
                                                         hours long.                                                 “Remember and Giv
                                                                                                                     This is the fundraisin
                                                                                                                     arm of SHAWCO
Jammie plaza: The open area                                                                                          get to this one be

below Memorial Hall where lots                           Res: As in residence.                                                         low).

of events take place.                                    Your new home. An online                                               SAX Appeal: The RAG magazine
       virtual training library, offering   SHAWCO: responsive            that you’ll be selling at traffic lights
       thousands of tutorials on a vast     UCT’s socially                while dressed in weird clothes or
       array of subjects from software      student organis               painted green. No, seriously.
       to marketing and web design.                  ers comm   unity
                                            that off
                                            outreach program

                                                     s for Stud en ts’                Students’ Representative Council.
                                             It stand
Meridian: Lunch break, between               Health and Welf                          This is the highest decision-
13:00 and 14:00 during the week.              Centres Organis             making structure of student governance.

North Stop: One of the main Jammie Shuttle
stops on upper campus. (Yes, there is also                                                  Tutor: The person in charge of tuts.
a South Stop!)                                                                              They may also become your mentors,
                                                                                            academic guides, friends …

OL: Orientation Leader.
Remember – make them work
for their money.                                          Tuts: Tutorials are small discussion
                                                          groups that meet to discuss the
                                                          material covered in lectures. They’re
O-Week: Orientation programme that runs for               compulsory if you want your DP.
a week before lectures start. It gives you time to
get to know your new surroundings, join clubs
and societies, and maybe make a few friends.
                                                         Vac: As in vacation. The thing
                                                         that happens after exams.
Pass mark:                                               Varsity: Where you find yourself right
Anything above 50%.                                      now. Also the name of UCT’s student

                                                                                                                       Year mark:
                                                         newspaper, which comes out on campus
                                                         every second Tuesday.
PeopleSoft: An online database for your academic                                                                       An evaluation of your
record. Once you are registered, PeopleSoft will         Vula: UCT’s official online learning                          performance throughout
allow you to check your timetable, course marks          system. You’ll find everything you need                       the year. Together with
and personal details.                                    to know about your courses here.                              your exam results, this
                                                                                                                       contributes to your
                                                                                                                        final mark.

                                                                                                           Campus Life 2018 / 7
 Two magic little words: student discount. With your
 UCT student card you can get entertained, get fit or
 get dressed for less. Check out the details below.

                                         Get your student card
                                         Student cards are issued by the Card Production Centre – it’s in
                                         the basement of the Robert Leslie Social Sciences Building and it’s
                                         open from 08:00 to 16:00. More than just giving you access to the
                                         photocopying facilities, the library and other buildings on campus,
                                         your student card is your ticket to fantastic discounts around town.

                                                                               Save 15% at Wizardz
                                                                               Whatever your requirements, you can

50%                 off at all Iziko                                           get 15% off all printing and copying, large
                                                                               format printing, finishing and binding,
                    Museums                                                    and design work at Wizardz in Gardens,
If you want to learn more about South                                          Constantia and at the V&A Waterfront.
Africa’s rich cultural, social and scientific                                  Just remember your student card.
history, just visit one (or more) of the many                                     021 461 9334
Iziko Museums in Cape Town. Show your                                   
student card at the door and you’ll get half
off your entry at the National Gallery, the
Slave Lodge, the Planetarium and Digital                                       Discounted tickets
Dome, and many more.
    021 481 3800
                                                                               at the Baxter                                                           UCT’s Baxter Theatre Centre, which
                                                                               presents a wide range of music, dance and
                                                    The Planetarium

8 / University of Cape Town

R35 student entry at Kirstenbosch                                    Cash off brands with Ikeys Vibe
Whether you end up having a picnic on the lawns, exploring           Join Ikeys Vibe – the social wing of UCT’s rugby club
the canopy walkway or strolling through the indigenous               – and get great discounts on a wide range of lifestyle
gardens, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden lives up         brands, restaurants and more. Like 30% off everything
to its reputation as the most beautiful garden in Africa. And        at Hudsons – The Burger Joint, Mondays to Fridays from
the Summer Sunset Concerts, which run all the way through            12:00 to 16:00, and 20% off all full-price merchandise
to early April, offer a great venue for local and international      at Cotton On, Mondays to Fridays. It’s all yours for just
artists. Save R30 off the normal price when you visit.               R545 for an annual membership. Or purchase a R200
   021 799 8782                                                      membership at Varsity Vibe and get more discounts on                               SA brands.

                                                                     Discounted gym membership
                                                                     The UCT Gym is open throughout the year from
                                                                     06:00 to 21:00, Mondays to Fridays, and from
                                                                     08:00 to 19:00, Saturdays and Sundays. Get fit
                                                                     for just R650 per year for a full membership,
                                                                               or R300 annually for an off-peak
                                                                                   membership (08:30 to 15:00).
                                                                                      Or consider becoming
                                                                                        a member at the Sports
                                                                                          Science Institute of
                                                                                           South Africa at
                                                                                             a discounted rate.
                                                                                                021 650 3564 (UCT Gym)
                                                                                                 021 659 5600 (SSISA)

                                                                                   Budget Fridays
                                                                                 on the Table
theatre productions, is committed to                                           Mountain cableway
social development. The community           R10 off at               Take the edge off a heavy week by visiting Table
projects, arts festivals and workshops
seek to develop artists and provide         the Labia                Mountain, which has been named one of the official
                                                                     New 7 Wonders of Nature after a campaign that
them with a platform to present their       The Labia Theatre,       attracted more than 100 million global votes. You can
work. Check the website for shows           originally an Italian    travel on the famous Table Mountain cable car for just
that offer student discounts.               Embassy ballroom,        R70 (one way) or R130 (return) on Fridays.
   021 685 7880                             has been operating as       021 424 0015
   0861 915 8000 (bookings)                 an independent cinema                         on the alternative
                                            circuit for the past

Special service on
                                            40 years. Surrender to
                                            the charm of its old-
                                                                     One-hour jump session
photo prints at Orms
                                            world ambience and       at Rush SA
                                            take in a show, while    Rush Indoor Trampoline Park is located in Stadium on
Orms is a one-stop photography              saving R10 off           Main, Claremont. Play a game of extra bouncy basketball,
shop that offers a special service          the ticket price.        dive all over the park in a dodgeball tournament or battle
to photography students who                    021 424 5927          a friend on the battle beam. Students get a one-hour
need to prepare works for their          jump session for R95p/p (excluding Rush jump socks)
exhibitions. Download their                                          and an additional hour for only R75p/p. Varsity Vibe
discounted rates card.                                               members get the second hour free.
   021 465 3573                                                         021 683 3841                                        

                                                                                                 Campus Life 2018 / 9

              OF GETTING
                                AT UCT

There’s a whole world of new places to
discover on and off campus. Here are
the best ways to get from point A to just
about everywhere else.

       ransport at UCT
       starts with the
       Jammie Shuttle but                   Bikes
it doesn’t end there. These                 There is a network of designated
                                            cycle lanes on campus as well as
days you can make use of                    a growing network of bike lanes
many different forms of                     in and around Cape Town. So save
public and private transport,               yourself from the frustration of
                                            finding (and paying for) parking
from taxis and trains to your               and pedal away! (Fair warning: the
own two feet.                               hills can be pretty tough going.)

10 / University of Cape Town

Cars and carpools                                                  Scooters and motorbikes
First-years aren’t allowed to bring cars onto campus,              As a first-year you are welcome to use scooters
but you can apply to park at Rhodes Memorial, which                and motorbikes on campus as long as you buy
is a short walk away. Apply for a parking disc at the              a black parking disc from traffic admin on
traffic admin office on upper campus. And think                    upper campus.
about carpooling! You can access the P4 carpool
parking lot if three or more students swipe their cards

                                                                   Taxis and Uber
together – as long as one of you has a parking disc.
Find out more at
                                                                   A huge variety of cabs are always just a phone
                                                                   call and a few minutes away. You can save money

Golden Arrow buses
                                                                   if you share a ride with friends, and it’s safer –
                                                                   especially if you’re a little tipsy.
These buses serve the metropolitan areas of
Cape Town and are accessible from the Jammie
Shuttle stops in Claremont and Mowbray. Find out
more at

   Jammie Shuttle
   A brand new low-noise and low-emissions fleet of these iconic
   blue buses can be seen ferrying students between campus
   and different parts of town. They are free to students (just
   show your student card) and run on weekdays and weekends.
   There’s even a late-night service! Visit
   for up-to-date route maps and timetables.

Minibus taxis                                                      Trains
Minibus taxis run along all major routes of                        Cape Town has a substantial rail network, but
the city and the Mowbray and Claremont                              unfortunately the train times are not always reliable.
Jammie Shuttles stop within metres                                  The Southern Line stops at Mowbray, Observatory,
of minibus taxi hubs. This is often the                             Rosebank and Rondebosch stations, which are
cheapest way to travel, but make sure that                         all within walking distance of UCT’s lower, middle
you have the exact change ready.                                   and upper campuses. Find timetables and fares at

                                                                                                         Safety first
  Gaartjie (noun). The guy who sits next to                                                              Call 021 650 2222/3 to
  the driver of a minibus taxi and calls out                                                             have a CPS officer escort
                                                                                                         you back to your residence
  fares and destinations.                                                                               if you’re walking late at
                                                                                                        night, especially if the
                                                                                                        Jammie Shuttle service
                                                                                                        is no longer running.

The MyCiti rapid bus service integrates with the Jammie Shuttle               Walking
at the Gardens station in Buitenkant Street in town. From there               The easiest way to get around campus
you can get a MyCiti bus into the centre of town, the Atlantic                is on foot. If you’re on campus after
Seaboard, Woodstock, Salt River, Century City, Table View, the                dark, it’s best to walk in a group and
West Coast, Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain. Go to              stick to the blue Foot Routes – these
for more info.                                                                paths have emergency points where
                                                                              you can call Campus Protection
                                                                              Services if you need help.
Get connected
 Here are some of the ways you can use online resources
 to support your studies.

      The quick guide
      For a short guide on all you need to know about
      digital at UCT, take a look at the Information
      and Communication Technology Services (ICTS)

  Connect to WiFi
  Connect to UCT’s WiFi network, eduroam,
  using your username (studentnumber@wf.uct. and your UCT network password. After
  registration, go to to reset
  your password.

Sign in to your email
Sign in to your UCT email
account via
                                                            6  tips for
Remember to check it regularly
as this is where you’ll find all
official communication from
the university.
                                                        1 Be password savvy The longer and more
                                                          complex your password is, the better.
                                                        A password should contain numbers,
                                                        symbols and upper- and lower-case letters.

Hook up your phone
Go to your app store (Android/iOS)
                                                        2  Anti-virus is a must Up-to-date anti-
                                                           virus applications should be on all your
                                                        devices. You can download McAfee for free
and download the UCT Mobile App                         from the ICTS website (
to easily access timetables, library
services, maps and more. For support,
email                              3  Back up data Make sure you have a backup
                                                           (or two) of your data. You can back up
                                                        data to physical devices or to the cloud
                                                        (UCT offers Google Drive and OneDrive).

12 / University of Cape Town

                                          Get the software
                                          you need
                                          Before buying any software,
                                          first see what site-licensed
                                          software is available for free             Be a responsible user
Get to know Vula                          at                Don’t use the internet for
Vula ( is UCT’s            Additionally, Office365 is available
online environment for teaching           via your myUCT account, and UCT
                                                                                     anything illegal – especially
and learning, research and                has signed up to use Google Apps.          not streaming, sharing or
collaboration. It’s also where your                                                  downloading copyrighted
lecturers will post a lot of your
academic course content.
                                                                                     content. Also respect the
                                                                                     email and internet usage
                                                                                     policy (check the IT Guide for
                                                                                     Students at

                                                                             6 TIPS FOR BOOSTING YOUR
                                                                             WIFI EXPERIENCE AT UCT

                                                                             MOVE TO A LESS CROWDED AREA Access
                                                                             points (APs) support a fixed number of users,
                                                                             so the signal will become weaker as it is
                                                                             shared between more people.

                                                                             USE WIFI FOR LIGHT BROWSING WiFi is
                                                                             best suited to light browsing, such as
                                                                             checking email and social media.

                                                                                 USE WIRED NETWORK POINTS Don’t be
                                                                                 a bandwidth hog: if you’re going to watch
                                                                                  videos, play online games or share huge
                                                                                   files, rather use a wired network point.

                                                                                     MOVE AROUND TO FIND THE BEST
                                                                                      SIGNAL Thick concrete walls, floors
                                                                                        and steel doors can weaken the

4   Spread the word If you know of
    a cybersecurity threat or incident,
please inform everyone you know who
                                                                                         WiFi signal.

                                                                                            DON’T USE ROGUE DEVICES
might be affected.                                                                           Rogue devices (such as signal
                                                                                              boosters, routers, range

5  Report incidents to CSIRT If you experience
   any cybersecurity threat, please contact
UCT’s Computer Security Incident Response
                                                                                               extenders or apps like
                                                                                                Connectify) can disrupt
                                                                                                 the signal for everyone.
Team (CSIRT) at                                                                  And please don’t use your
                                                                                                  smartphone as a hotspot!

6  Protect yourself against identity theft
   Dispose of sensitive paperwork safely,
enable SMS alerts for your banking, and
                                                                                                   CHECK FOR TECHNICAL
                                                                                                   ISSUES WITH THE WIFI
never share personal information online.                                                          NETWORK The APs around
                                                                                                 campus are white boxes
                                                                                                that should display solid
                                                                                                blue lights. If they’re
                                                                                                flashing, there’s a problem.

                                                                                                       Campus Life 2018 / 13
Sure, UCT has a long and proud history in
     traditional sports like rugby, cricket and hockey,
     but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this
     opportunity to step away from the sports you
     played at school. Now’s your chance to try out
     a new skill and meet new people while skiing
     or fencing or practising martial arts.

     Why do sports?
     “Sport teaches you time management,
     commitment, dedication and how to be
     a team player. It motivates your academics,
     as most competitions require certain grades
     to be achieved to be able to compete. It gives                                         2018 Intervarsity
     you a sense of purpose, and it also relieves                                           After winning Intervarsity in 2017 –
     stress and gives you energy.”                                                          having competed against the Cape
                                                                                            Peninsula University of Technology
                                                                                            (CPUT) and the universities of
     Senior Secretary                                                                       Stellenbosch and the Western
     Student Sports and Recreation                                                          Cape – UCT will be hosting this

                                                                                            annual event in 2018.

                        3 5
11 sporting highlights from 2017

                       24 6
     UCT rugby player        Also in rugby, Kuyenzeka       The UCT table tennis   UCT cricket won          The cycling
     Michael Kumbirai        (Nama) Xaba was the            first team placed in   the Western Cape         club enjoyed an
     played an important     shining light of the           the top three of the   Intervarsity Trophy      international tour
     role in both the        UCT 2017 Varsity Cup           WP third league.       for the first time and   to Mauritius last
     WP Super Sport          campaign. The youngest                                were selected as         year, where they
     Challenge and the       player in the squad, he        In athletics the UCT   the WP Cricket Club      competed in the
     WP Currie Cup           thrilled fans with literally   club was home to       of the Year. They        Tour de Maurice, and
     teams where he          every touch of the ball.       the Varsity Sports B   also came seventh        the men’s mountain
     was first choice as     Only a few greats have         Section Winners and    at USSA, qualifying      biking team won
     tighthead prop.         managed to play first          USSA Track and Field   for the 2018 Varsity     the Varsity Sports
                             team at UCT at the age         B Section Winners.     Sports Competition.      Competition for the
                             of 19 – like Eben Etzebeth                                                     first time.
                             and Damian de Allende.

     14 / University of Cape Town

                          Pick a new way                                                             CHOOSE FROM ANY
                                                                                                     OF THESE 46 SPORTS
                          to stay active:                                                            OFFERED AT UCT IN 2018:
                          The fastest growing sport at UCT?
                          Ultimate may have had a humble start at UCT                                aikido         athletics
                          as an informal Friday afternoon gathering,                                   archery
                          but in 2017 the UCT ultimate first team was                                             basketball cricket
                          crowned as the best on the continent after
                                       winning the All Africa Ultimate
                                                                                                        badminton        canoe     chess
                                                                                                      capoeira cycling
                                             Club Championships.                                                             fitness centre
                                                                                                       fencing          football

                                                                                                            golf           gymnastics
                                                   Most adventurous sports?                            hockey          judo           hockey social

                                                     The UCT Mountain & Ski club is all about the                      kickboxing ju jitsu
                                                      outdoors and will help you get acquainted
                                                      with mountain climbing and some of the            mountain & ski          netball
                                                      most spectacular hiking trails in the world
                                                                                                      nimpo       rowing           rowing novices
                                                     – which are on your doorstep in Cape Town.
                                                    The UCT surf and underwater clubs are no
                                                  less adventurous, but far more … aquatic.
                                                                                                        rugby       squash             surf
                                                                                                     rugby social      squash internal league
PHOTOGRAPH Shutterstock

                                         Most unusual sports?                                         swimming             table tennis     tai chi
                                        Never heard of capoeira? Always been
                                        curious about wakeboarding? Keen to bend
                                                                                                     tennis       taekwondo         underwater
                                                                                                       tennis social

                          7                                                                                                            11
                                                                                                                         waterpolo social

                                        a bow and shoot some arrows? Here’s your
                                        chance to find out more. Find these clubs                      ultimate          wakeboarding      yacht
                                        on Jammie plaza during O-Week.                               volleyball   waterpolo weights

                          Three men and four      Both the men and         The UCT yacht team        The football club’s women’s first team
                          women from the          women’s UCT squash       completed the Cape        were crowned the 2017 SAFA Cape Town
                          UCT hockey club         club first teams         to Rio event in January   Regional Women’s League champions,

                                                  8 10
                          made the Western        came second in the       and finished first in     losing only one match on their march to
                          Province teams. Four    Western Province         their class.              the title. As champions, the team advanced
                          women also made         Premier Squash                                     to the play-offs and were promoted to the
                          the Western Province    Leagues – their          After winning the Cape    provincial Sasol League. They also finished
                          indoor team and the     best performances        Town League, the          fourth (out of eight teams) in the Varsity
                          men’s team qualified    in 10 years.             National South African    Football Competition.
                          for Varsity Cup 2018.                            League and the All
                                                                           Africa League, UCT’s
                                                                           ultimate first team is
                                                                           the best in Africa.

                                                                                                                            Campus Life 2018 / 15
Are you curious about debating? Have a hankering
 to get involved in politics? Perhaps you’ve just
 always wondered what ballroom dancing is all
 about. Now is your chance to find out.

      oin any one of the 100+ student clubs and societies on campus
      and meet new people, learn new things and get involved in
      your community. And you don’t have to choose just one!

     How do you choose between different                                             National/
     clubs and societies when there are
     so many? Have a look at our handy                                               cultural
     guide below. UCT’s societies and                                                These societies represent the
     clubs are divided into five categories:                                         amazing cultural diversity
     academic, national/cultural, faith,                                             of UCT students. You don’t
     special interest and political.                                                 have to hail from a specific
                                                                                     country to join, however, as
                                                                                     these societies aim to provide
                                                                                     exposure to different cultures
Academic                                                                             and communities.
If you’ve always wanted to meet that leader in your field of study or you really
want to get involved in a community development initiative that is related to your     Abantu Zambian Society
field of study – these are the societies for you. Seminars, meet-ups and industry      Congolese Society
events are the order of the day.                                                       East African Students’
   AIESEC UCT (the             Black Law Students’         South African Medical       Ghana Society
   world’s largest             Forum                       Students’ Association       Hellenic Students’
   student organisation)       Cardiac Society             South African Space         Association
   Association of              Education                   Association                 Lesotho Students’
   Black Securities            Development Unit            Surgical Society            Association
   and Investment              Student Organisation        UCT Marketing               Malawi Students’ Society
   Professionals               Institute of Electrical     Association                 Namibian Students’
   Association of Built        and Electronics             UCT Mathematics             Organisation
   Environment Students        Engineers                   Society                     Nigerian Students’ Society
   Association of              Organisational              Dayhouse                    UCT Asian Students’
   South African Black         Psychology Students’        iKhaya Day House            Association
   Actuaries                   Society                                                 Swazi Students’ Society
   Biological Society          Psychology Society                                      Zimbabwe Society

16 / University of Cape Town

Almost all major religious beliefs, doctrines
and denominations are represented here,
and many of these societies have strong
links with external religious organisations.                      Special interest
                                                                  This is where you can find everything from Amnesty
                                                                  International to the Wine and Cultural Society, with
  Acts Kolbe Catholic               Muslim Youth Movement         dozens of specific special interests represented in
  Society                           Rapha Fellowship Centre       between. If you’re looking for a way to engage with
  Anglican Students’                Redeemed Christian            different communities in Cape Town, if you’ve ever
  Society                           Fellowship                    wondered what goes on in a debating union or if
  Apostolic Faith Church of         Seventh Day Adventist         you feel the need to take up a new hobby, these are
  Portland Oregon                   Student Movement              the societies to consider.
  Believers’ Loveworld              Shofar Church
  Chabbab UCT                       South African Union of          Altum Sonatur               Habitat For Humanity
  Christian Medical                 Jewish Students                 African Society for         Hip Hop Club
  Fellowship                        Student Christian               Liberty Constitution        History and Current
  Christian Revival Church          Fellowship                      Amnesty                     Affairs Society
  Church on Main                    Student YMCA                    International               Ikey Ability
  Deeper Life Fellowship            Trees of Life Multiracial       Art of Living – SMILE       Investment Society
  Hillsong Church                   Church                          Ballroom and Latin          LeanIn UCT
  Hindu Students’ Society           UCT Baha’i Society              Dancing Society             Moot Society
  His People                        World Mission Society           Bhakti Yoga Society         Photographic Society
  Jubilee Society                   (Church of God)                 Birding UCT                 RainbowUCT
  Muslim Students’                  Zion Christian Student          Black Management            Rural Support
  Association                       Fellowship                      Forum                       Network
                                                                    Cape Legion of              Students for a Free
                                                                    Adventurers and War         Tibet
                                                                    Gamers                      Students for Law and
                                                                    Cape Town Globalist         Social Justice
                                                                    Connoisseur                 Students for Life
                                                                    Debating Union              TEDxUCT
                                                                    DJ’s Production             UCT African Choral
                                                                    Society                     UCT Choir
                                                                    Enactus                     UCT Choir for Africa
                                                                    Engineers Without           UCT Consulting Club
                                                                    Borders                     UCT Developers
                                                                    Equal Education             Society
                                                                    Fashion Society             UCT Entrepreneurs
                                                                    Film Society                Society
                                                                    Genshiken                   Vegilicious
                                                                    Golden Future               We Are Animals
                                                                    Project                     Wine and Cultural
                                                                    Green Campus                Society

                                         Where                      Initiative                  Women in Computer

                                        I si gn u do

                                                 p?               Political
                                                                  These organisations represent a group of national and
                                                                  international political organisations. Their activities
Go to Jammie plaza any time during O-Week and you’ll see          include attending national gatherings and inviting
the majority of clubs and societies showcasing what they do.      politicians and scholars to speak at meetings.
You can sign up with the societies that interest you and either
have the subscription fees charged to your student account          Democratic Alliance Students’ Organisation (DASO)
or pay cash to the cashiers in the Steve Biko Students’ Union.      InkuluFreeHeid
  If you miss out on O-Week, don’t worry – you can join             Palestine Solidarity Forum
societies throughout the year. Just head to the Societies           Pan Africanist Student Movement
Helpdesk on Level 5 in the Steve Biko Students’ Union and           of Azania (PASMA)
they’ll help you to sign up.                                        South African Students’ Congress (SASCO)
                                                                    The Collective
                                                                    United Nations Association of South Africa

                                                                                            Campus Life 2018 / 17

At UCT we take the safety of our staff and students very
seriously. Sadly, crime on campus is a reality, especially when
it comes to theft. But there is a lot that you can do to protect
yourself and your belongings.

         ake the quiz below to figure out how
         many of these safety tips you are already

1                                                                                         2
         practising – and what more you can do.

 When you’re at
 home, do you:
    check that your doors and windows are
    locked when you leave?

    hide your keys in obvious places, like
    under the doormat? Rather make friends
    with your neighbours so that you can              Report
    look out for each other or leave a spare
    set somewhere safe.                             behaviour      On campus,
    put your home address on your key ring?
                                                   to Campus
                                                                   have you ever:
    Don’t! You’ve just made it easier for the        Services        propped open access doors? This isn’t safe.
    criminals to help themselves.                                    Access doors close automatically for safety
                                                     (CPS) on
                                                 021 650 2222/3.
    take your valuables with you when you go
    home for holidays? Better safe than sorry.                       left your backpack or bag unattended? Keep
                                                                     your belongings on you at all times, or ask
    keep a record of serial numbers of                               someone you trust to look after it.
    valuable items, such as your laptop?
    These can be a lifesaver if you have to                          walked around by yourself with headphones
    report a stolen item missing.                                    on? Keep your ears open and be aware of
                                                                     your surroundings.

                                                                     used the blue Foot Route on campus?
                                                                     Please consider sticking to these routes,
                                                                     especially after dark.

                                                                   If you’re on campus after dark, it’s
                                                                   best to walk in a group and to stick to
                                                                   the Foot Route – they have emergency
                                                                   points so that you can call Campus
                                                                   Protection Services if you need help.
18 / University of Cape Town
                                                                                                            CAMPUS SAFETY

    Off campus, do you:                                                      Security is the right balance between
      keep your cellphone out of sight? Don’t display         DID            physical security and behavioural
      it at all if possible.                                  YOU            awareness. On campus most crime still
      have emergency numbers saved on your
                                                              KNOW           tends to be opportunistic. I would like to
      phone? See the numbers on page 20 and                                  urge you to keep your eyes peeled and
      save them now.                                          campus is
                                                              continuously   be vigilant. Carry your student cards at
      carry large amounts of cash? Rather carry only          monitored      all times; try to avoid walking around at
      as much as you need for that day. And don’t             by 250 CCTV    night by yourself; and be aware of your
      keep your wallet in your back pocket where it           cameras?
      can be pickpocketed.
                                                                             surroundings. Never be afraid to call on
                                                                             a Campus Protection Services official
      walk in a group, especially after dark? You know                       for help – that’s what we are here for.
      what they say, safety in numbers. Always walk
      with friends, especially if you’re out at night or
                                                                             Bernard Soules
      walking on the mountain or in a secluded area.                         Special Services and Events Manager

             Contrary to popular belief, most rapes occur
             between people who know each other. If you
             are sexually assaulted, get yourself to a safe
             place and tell someone you trust what happened
             to you. Rape is a crime and should ideally be
             reported to the police. It’s also important to seek
             follow-up medical attention as soon as possible,
             especially to prevent HIV infection.

                                       PEOPLE TO CALL
                                  Rape Crisis on 021 447 9762.
                                   Sexual Assault Response Team
                                    (SART) 072 593 7824
                                     CPS on 021 650 2222/3

         Did you
                                      (you can ask for a female
                                       CPS officer to assist).

        After hours, the Jammie
  Shuttle offers a service to and
from the residences every half an
   hour (Monday to Thursday from
      18:30 to 01:00 and on Fridays
   from 18:30 to 22:00). When the
 Jammie Shuttle stops running at
  night, you can ask a CPS officer
     to escort you on foot to your
  residence. There may be delays
 in this service if CPS officers are
              otherwise occupied.

                                                                                                   Campus Life 2018 / 19

  Hey, have
   you heard
  the latest?
   We know that word of mouth might still sometimes be
   the fastest way of hearing about headline news (and
   all the skinner), but there are lots of other ways to stay
   up to date with all developments on (and off) campus.

      Go online                       Hear it on                            every second Tuesday.
               the airwaves                          On these pages you will
      UCT Radio (104.5) is the              read everything from news
          @UCT_news                   largest student radio station in      and political analysis to
                Cape Town and a good place            opinions and sports results.
          UCTSouthAfrica              to hear about events around
                                      campus. It’s mostly about the         Vernac News
      Also on Twitter …               music though: tune in to hear         Vernac News is an
      @UCT_Research                   everything from deep house            independent UCT student-
      @UCT_SRC                        to classic rock with some hip-        run newspaper that is
      @UCTRadio                       hop beats in between.                 committed to expressing
      @varsitynews                                                          African identity through
      @VernacNews                                                           multilingual media. The
      @UCTJustKidding                 Read it in print                      paper brings you the
                                      Varsity                               latest news in indigenous
                                      This is the official run-by-          languages, keeping you
                                      students, read-by-students            informed in your preferred
                                      publication that comes out            language.


      Emergency numbers
      Save these numbers on your phone and keep a copy handy in your living space.
        ON CAMPUS                    Suicide Helpline                    Groote Schuur Hospital            Mowbray Police Station
      Campus Protection              0800 567 567                        021 404 9111                      021 680 9580
      24-hour hotline
      021 650 2222/3                  SEXUAL ASSAULT                     Groote Schuur Hospital            Woodstock Police Station
                                     Sexual Assault                      Psychiatric Emergency Unit        021 442 3117/21
      UCT Student Careline           Response Team                       021 404 2175
      0800 24 25 26 or               072 393 7824                                                          Cape Town Central
      SMS 31393 for a callback                                            POLICE                           Police Station
                                     Rape Crisis                         Flying squad                      021 467 8000/1/2
        WELLNESS                     021 447 9762                        10111 (from a landline)
      Student Wellness Services      (please also alert Campus           112 (from a cellphone)             RESCUE
      021 650 1017/20                Protection Services)                                                  Mountain Rescue
                                                                         Rondebosch Police                 021 948 9900
      LifeLine                        MEDICAL                            Station
      021 461 1111/3                 Ambulance                           021 685 7345                      Sea Rescue
                                     10177                                                                 021 449 3500

      20 / University of Cape Town

                          UCT’s libraries
                          Gwenda Thomas, the executive director of UCT Libraries, and her
                          team of librarians work hard to ensure that UCT’s libraries remain
                          world-class repositories of knowledge and up–to-date research.
                          Here’s how you can get the most out of this amazing resource.

                                                                                              WHAT IF THE ITEM I NEED IS ALREADY OUT ON
                                                                                              LOAN? You can place a request for the item with
                                                                                              the loans desk staff, who will recall the item and
                                                                                              reserve it for you.

                                                                                              I WANT TO RETURN ITEMS,
                                                                                              BUT THE LIBRARY
                                                                                              IS CLOSED. WHAT
                                                                                              SHOULD I DO? There
                                                                                              is an overnight returns
                                                                                              hatch at the bottom of
                                                                                 DID          the stairs leading up
                                                                                 YOU          to the main entrance
                                                                                 KNOW?        of the Chancellor
                                                                                 72 000+      Oppenheimer Library.
                                                                                 e-journal    The returns hatch is open
                                                                                 titles       when the library is closed
                                                                                              and closed when the library
                                                                                              is open.

                                                                                 28 500+      WHY HAVE I BEEN BLOCKED FROM TAKING
                                                                                 print        MATERIALS FROM THE LIBRARY? Late returns will
                          WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT UCT LIBRARIES?                   journal      incur a fine of R2 per day. If you owe a fine of R50
PHOTOGRAPH Shutterstock

                          First off, it’s the biggest library in the southern    titles       or more, the system will automatically block you
                          hemisphere. This giant repository of books and                      from borrowing further material until it is paid.
                          journals is stored on 53 km of shelf space.

                          HOW DO I BORROW FROM ONE OF THE
                          LIBRARIES? Your student card is also your library
                                                                                              WHAT IS ALEPH? ALEPH is the library catalogue.
                                                                                              It is used to keep track of library resources and
                                                                                              you can use ALEPH to search for the materials you
                          card. To borrow something, just take it to the         quality      need. It will tell you if the resource is available and
                          loans desk together with your card and the loans       electronic   will indicate the location (the UCT library and shelf
                          desk staff will issue it to you. The date sheet will   databases    number) of the resource. You can also log in from
                          be stamped with the return date.                                    the libraries’ webpage ( under
                                                                                              Search & Find.
                          HOW DO I RENEW MY LOANS? To renew your
                          books in person, just take them to the loans desk      85 000+
                          and ask for a renewal. (Have your student card         books and       Have more questions for
                          handy.) To renew by phone, contact the loans           pamphlets       Gwenda and her team?
                          desk on 021 650 3118/20. (Have your student            on African
                          number handy.) To renew your books online,             studies
                                                                                                 Call 021 650 3703/4 or email
                          simply log in to My Library Card on the website        alone  or visit

                                                                                                                           Campus Life 2018 / 21
Now that you’re at university, it’s up to you to figure out
what works for you when it comes to studying. And while
there is no magic formula, there are a couple of things
you can do to make it easier for yourself.

22 / University of Cape Town

                                        The During
                                       DURING CLASS …
                                       Show up. Yes, getting out of bed on
                                       winter mornings for first lecture is
                                       hard, but your dedication will pay off         The After
                                       in the long run. Your lecturer is there
                                       to provide insight and an overview            AFTER CLASS …
                                       of the course material. If you make           Review the work while it’s still fresh
                                       a habit of always showing up to               in your mind. It doesn’t have to take
                                       class, you will be better prepared for        long, but even just skimming over
                                       tutorials – and there is less chance          your notes can help you identify those
                                       that you will fall behind and find            areas where you may need help.
                                       yourself overwhelmed before exams.
                                                                                     File your notes. Create your own
                                       Take notes. Effective note-taking             filing system, whether electronic or in
                                       now will be a lifesaver later. It will        hardcopy, and keep all the content for
                                       help you to make the most out of              each course together.
                                       tutorials and improve your exam
                                       revision.                                     Consider starting a study group. Many
                                                                                     brains make light work! Having other
                                       TUTS AND PRACS …                              students to discuss your coursework
                                       Tutorials and practicals are generally        with can be very helpful.
                                       compulsory. If you don’t attend these
                                       sessions, you won’t qualify for your          Pat yourself on the back. After that
                                       DP (duly performed) and you won’t             exam you nailed due to your shiny new
                                       be allowed to write your exams.               study habits, celebrate! You deserve it.

The Before                              SELF-CARE
                                        It doesn’t matter how much you cram the day before the exam or how many
BEFORE TERM STARTS …                    hours you’re putting in at the library, if you’re exhausted or hungry it’s going
Make a calendar at the beginning        to affect your performance. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty
of every term with an outline of the    cup, so make sure that you:
assignments, tests and exams you
will need to complete. Then work
backwards from there to work out how
much time you need for each task.
                                       1  get
                                        sleep (at
                                                         2   eat
                                                          meals (and
                                                                           3   exercise
                                                                               (a little
                                                                            every day
                                                                                           4   spend
                                                                                                           5   ask for
                                                                                                               help if
                                                                                                            you need it.
                                        the right         remember          goes a long    with friends
BEFORE CLASS …                          time)             the fruit         way)
A little bit of preparation goes                          and veg)
a long way. Do the readings that
your lecturers set for you. They
ask you to read them for a reason.
                                        Are you feeling overwhelmed? Panic-stricken?
                                        Not eating or sleeping?
                                        It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it’s a sign of healthy self-awareness.
                                        So act on that knowledge and get in touch with the people who can help you:

                                        Student Wellness             Student Wellness          UCT Student Careline
                                        Service health               Service counselling         0800 24 25 26 or
                                        appointments                 appointments                SMS 31393 for
                                          021 650 1020                 021 650 1017              a callback

                                                                                                   Campus Life 2018 / 23
It is possible to have loads of fun without
          spending loads of cash. Here are a few ideas                                                                          h
          for every day of the week, with change to spare.

          Promenade Mondays                                     Animal-love Wednesdays
          The Sea Point Promenade is one of the most            Strictly speaking, this is about you
          diverse public spaces in Cape Town. Head to           helping out some furry or feathered
          the prom, as it’s affectionately known, for           friends, but spending time in the company
          a seaside walk, a run or a picnic on one of           of puppies at one of Cape Town’s animal
          the green lawns. Stop off along the way for
          an ice cream, a cup of coffee or a round of
                                                                shelters or with penguins at the SANCCOB
                                                                centre for birds is a pretty good way
           Putt Putt . Or join the Promenade Mondays            of dealing with the stresses of being
          crew on rollerblades, skates, longboards,             a student. Visit, or
          skateboards or BMXes for a free weekly       for more info on volunteering.
          sunset cruise. Connect on Facebook
          for details. All are welcome!

                                                                First Thursdays

Cheers!                                              Pu         What started with a couple of galleries and
          Take a tour Tuesdays                                  restaurants staying open on the first Thursday
          Cape Town is rich with stories and you don’t          evening of the month has now developed into
          have to travel far to become a tourist in your new    a downtown party. Hundreds of people flock
          hometown. Download the Voicemap app to your           to Bree Street and surrounds, taking in the art
          phone, choose a route (ranging from a local’s         and culture while sampling the food and drink
          take on Muizenberg, to a downtown design route)       in various bars and eateries. For more info on
          and enjoy a free audio tour. Or learn about Cape       First Thursdays , check out
          Town’s history and visit the District 6 Museum,
          which offers a hefty discount if you have a
          student card. Looking for something a little closer
          to campus? Book ahead and you can enjoy a tour
          of the famous Newlands Brewery. Tickets cost
          R50. Book at

          24 / University of Cape Town

                                                                                Sunset Fridays
                                                                                There is something magical about watching
                                                                                the sun go down (maybe with a drink in hand?)
                                                                                after a long week. Here are five (free) spots for
                                                                                sundowners within 15 km of campus:
                                                                                  Signal Hill (if you’re driving) or Lion’s Head
                                                                                  (if you don’t mind climbing)
                                                                                  The rock at the end of Ocean View Drive
                                                                                  (finding it is part of the fun)
                                                                                  Any of the many beaches on the Atlantic
                                                                                  Seaboard or False Bay                                  OPEN STREETS
                                                                                  Sunset Beach in Milnerton for an iconic view
                                                                                  of Table Mountain
                                                                                  Tafelberg Road for an uninterrupted view                              Any day of the week
                                                                                  over the city bowl.                                  DID              There is no dish more Capetonian than the
                                                                                                                                       YOU              gatsby sandwich, and no better place to feast
                                                                                                                                       KNOW?            on this decadent dish than The Golden Dish in
                                                                                                                                       Flash your       Gatesville. They have 30 varieties of the foot-
                                                                                  Adventure Saturdays                                  ID book at       long on offer, presided over by the Full House –
                                                                                  After a long week of attending all your classes      the folks        masala steak, egg, cheese, chips and salad. Grab
                                                                                  and handing in all your assignments, it’s time       manning          a roll and split it with three friends.
                                                                                  to visit the great outdoors and get active.          the desk at
                                                                                  Sign up for one of Cape Town’s many Parkrun          the Table
                                                                                  events, take a dip in the Silvermine reservoir       Mountain
                                                                                  (tip: it’s warmer than the sea) or go for            Aerial
                                                                                  a hike on Table Mountain. If you’re looking          Cableway           Once a month
                                                                                  for wildlife, visit the Rietvlei Wetland area.       on your            Listen to jazz in an informal and intimate
                                                                                  If you’re looking for a (cheap) adrenaline rush,     birthday           environment at Jazz in the Native Yards.
                                                                                  go kloofing in the Hottentots Holland Nature         and you’ll         In the tradition of backyard jazz, this
                                                                                  Reserve – it’s just an hour out of Cape Town.        get a free         monthly gig brings the best jazz performers
                                                                                                                                       return trip.       (including many students and alumni of
                                                                                                                                                          UCT’s South African College of Music) to
                                                                                                                                                          Kwa Sec in Gugulethu. Head out to 52 Ny
                                                                                                    Sunday Funday
PHOTOGRAPHS iStock by Getty, Shaen Adey/Cape Town Tourism, Scott Arendse/CCID

                                                                                                                                                          138 Street, Gugulethu, on the first (or last)
                                                                                                       Take it easy on Sunday with                        Sunday of the month – check their Facebook
                                                                                                        a picnic in the Kirstenbosch                      page for details.
                                                                                                        National Botanical Garden,              
                                                                                                        which offers discounted
                                                                                                        tickets for students. Or
                                                                                                       head into town to the
                                                                                                      Company’s Garden and                              Full moon only
                                                                                                    consider visiting the National                      On nights with a full moon the residents of
                                                                                                 Gallery while you’re at it. If you                     Muizenberg can be seen taking a moonlit
                                                                                fancy a day at the seaside, hop on a Southern                           stroll down the blue-flag Muizenberg beach.

                                                                                Line train for the return trip to Simon’s Town.                         Visit for the date of the next
                                                                                                                                                        Moonlight Meander.

                                                                                Any day of the week
                                                                                Every day since 1864 the Noon Gun on Signal            your ID!         Every now and again
                                                                                Hill has marked 12:00 with an almighty boom.                            Several times a year a major road in Cape Town
                                                                                You can go and see the cannon fire for yourself                         is closed for an Open Streets event. This is
                                                                                any day of the week – just follow the signs from                        the time when people take the place of cars
                                                                                Wale Street. On your way back down the hill,                            and get to enjoy the streets as a safe space
                                                                                why not stop in at the Iziko Bo-kaap Museum ,                           to walk, ride, play, draw or do yoga.
                                                                                 Atlas Spices or Biesmillah’s for a koesister?                          Visit for more info.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Campus Life 2018 / 25

      IS AT
                                      All students need help at some time or another
                                      on their journey to graduation. Whether it’s
                                      academic support, help with financial issues,
                                      career services or dealing with a disability,
                                      here is where to find the assistance you need.

   What kind
  of help do                                                                             Do you need support

         need?                                                                           for a disability?
                                                                                         The UCT Disability Service works
                                                                                         towards removing all physical,
                                                                                         policy, information and attitudinal
                                                                                         barriers that might prevent disabled
                                                                                         students and staff from fulfilling
                                                                                         their potential. Whether this
     Are you having trouble                                                              means improving building access,

     funding your studies?                       Steve Biko Stud                         arranging for extra time during
                                                                 ents’ Union bui         exams or employing sign-language
     The Student Financial Aid Office is                                                 interpreters, the Disability Service
     the place to start. It works hard to help                                           is there to help.
     as many financially needy students as
     possible. The university has committed                                              Level 4, Steve Biko Students’
     significant funds to enable those who                                               Union building, upper campus
     meet the academic eligibility criteria                                              (access via lift or stairs)
     to pursue their studies.                                                              021 650 2427
     Level 3, Kramer Law Building,                                                
     middle campus
       021 650 3545

     26 / University of Cape Town
Do you need
  academic support?
  I feel like I am falling
  behind in my coursework!
  The Extended Degree Programme (EDP),
  which is offered in all faculties, allows students
  to overcome the difficult transition from school
  to university by taking a lighter academic load
  in their first year and planning the curriculum
  over a four-year period. The additional academic
  and general support that is offered means that
  students who enter the programme are often
  more successful in the long run.
     Enquire at your faculty office for details about
  their EDP.

  Help, I don’t know how to write
  an essay.
  Visit the UCT Writing Centre where they will
  help you to improve the quality of your academic
  writing. Consultants are on hand to guide your
                                                                 Do you need career-
  thinking and to assist with the tricky business of             planning advice?
  referencing your academic work.
                                                                 I’m not sure that I have made
  Level 6, Steve Biko Students’ Union building,                  the right decisions about my
  upper campus                                                   chosen courses.
    021 650 5021                                                 Careers Services is the place to go if you’re unsure                                     about your chosen academic path or you have                                 not been admitted to the course you applied for.

                                                                 I’m looking for a part-time job
                                                                 or an internship.
Do you need support for your                                     Careers Services can also help you write a CV
                                                                 and cover letter, offer advice about working in
mental or physical health?                                       South Africa and overseas and help you access
                                                                 part-time work opportunities and internships.
I need to see a doctor.
You can make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse             Level 1, Hoerikwaggo Building, upper campus
through the UCT Student Wellness Service. Medication is            021 650 2497
available at cost price. Student Wellness also offers support
for chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes and tuberculosis,
and they can help with minor surgical procedures.                community#orientation
  There is also a clinic on upper campus on Level 6 of the
Steve Biko Students’ Union building where you can see a nurse
on a walk-in basis for minor ailments (08:30 to 16:30).          Are you having trouble adjusting
                                                                 to life at university?
I need mental health support.                                    The First-Year Experience is designed to help
Student Wellness can help with anxiety, depression or other      you adapt to university life and cope with your
forms of emotional distress. They are also able to support       academic studies. Aspects of the programme
students with relationship and sexuality issues. They’ll make    include an early warning system (early
referrals if you need more specialised care or support.          assessments) that checks whether you are coping
                                                                 with the academic load; an academic mentor in the
I’m looking for sexual health support.                           form of a senior student; and an online portal, Vula,
HIV testing and counselling, medication for sexually             where you can discuss difficulties with classmates,
transmitted infections and basic contraceptives are              or contact your lecturer or tutor via email.
provided free of charge.
                                                                 Hoerikwaggo Building, upper campus
Ivan Toms Building, 28 Rhodes Ave, Mowbray.                        021 650 4353
   021 650 1017/20                                       

                                                                                             Campus Life 2018 / 27

      Do you have a problem
      not covered here?
      The best place to start is with the Student
      Orientation and Advocacy Service. This one-stop
      shop offers general information on all aspects of
      campus life, from helping you to find buildings,
      people or venues to advice and referrals to other
      UCT services. Make it your first port of call.

      Room 201, Level 2, Computer Science Building
      (Cissie Gool Plaza), upper campus
        021 650 5082

      You can also seek help at the Department of
      Student Affairs. This is the department that                   Need a dispute resolved?
      oversees all student services and activities,
      including, but not limited to, student orientation,            The Office of the Ombud seeks to provide an
      sport and recreation, finding student                          informal dispute resolution service to the university
      accommodation, financial aid and administration,               community, including all staff, current and past
      and the Student Wellness Service.                              students, visitors to the university and contractors.
                                                                     The Office of the Ombud operates outside of
      Masingene Building, middle campus                              the usual university academic and administrative
        021 650 2128                                                 structures. It is a neutral, independent, informal and                                   confidential resource to facilitate fair and equitable                      resolutions to concerns and problems raised by any
                                                                     member of the university community.
                                                                        As such, this facility is intended to enhance the
                                                                     general well-being of the UCT community.

   What is CHED?                                                     Lover’s Walk, lower campus
   The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED)                  021 650 3665
   is a cross-faculty structure that aims to focus on all    
   matters concerning academic development. CHED’s            
   mission is to promote equity of access, effectiveness
   of teaching and learning, and the enhancement of
   curriculum. Its twin aims are to improve student
   success and ensure that UCT’s graduates are globally
   competitive, locally relevant, socially responsive and       SART                                     (SART) is
   fully representative of South Africa’s diverse population.   The Sexual Assault Response Team
                                                                                                       ide immediate
                                                                a collective who volunteer to prov
                                                                                                        following an
     021 650 2645                                               support and resources to students
                                                                                                         works to                                             incident of sexual assault. The team                                                      all survi vors of sexu al viole nce receive
                                                                ensure that
                                                                consistent and compassionate      care.

                                                                   072 393 7824 (24-hour hotline)

                                                                              The SADAG UCT
                                                                              Student Careline
                                                                              The SADAG UCT Student Careline
                                                                              provides a free 24-hour service
                                                                              to all UCT staff and students:
                                                                              0800 24 25 26 (free from
                                                                              a landline) or SMS 31393 (for
                                                                              a callback). The line is also available
                                                                              to offer support and advice to
                                                                              anyone who is concerned about
                                                                              a student who might be in distress.
      28 / University of Cape Town
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