HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College

HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
                                                    July 2018

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends

It is my pleasure to write to you as Principal of Iona College. I would like to
thank everyone for the warm welcome we have received as a family. We are
thoroughly enjoying being part of the Iona community. The pōwhiri was a
beautiful ceremony shared with staff, students and friends.

I have enjoyed meeting your daughters, and I am gradually getting to know
them as individuals. I am looking forward to seeing their personal growth and
supporting them on their journey. The family atmosphere of Iona College
provides students with a safe and supportive learning environment and a sense
of belonging. Our students are passionate about learning, are committed to
succeeding and are fully engaged in many other activities which enrich the
curriculum and further develop their skills.

As I have explored the college, it is clear to see that our motto “Love, Joy and
Peace” permeates through the school and our core values of compassion, respect, integrity, curiosity, resilience
and understanding are embraced by the college. Across the school, it is evident that the girls build strong,
supportive relationships, enjoy working together and strive to do their best. Students and staff have been
extremely busy with activities both inside and outside of the college. I have enjoyed watching the girls participate
in music performances and compete in numerous sports.

The unique aspects of our Special Character, guided by our Christian faith, are woven into all aspects of fostering
a caring and loving school community. The daily chapel services are an empowering way for the school to begin
the day. The student-led assemblies develop leadership skills; provide opportunities for student performances and
celebration of student achievements. The Year 13 Service Leadership Day and the Year 12 Service Action
Projects reflect the commitment students have to being of service to others and connecting with the community.
The reflective nature of these projects is an important part of our Special Character.

This term we have focussed on being AWARE of what we need to do to be successful, where AWARE is an
acronym for Attendance, Wellbeing, Achievement, Relationships and Engagement. There is a clear link between
attendance and achievement. If students are absent from school, it is often difficult to catch up, and this affects
student performance. To learn effectively, students need optimal wellness, so the college’s focus on wellbeing is
important. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and seek support whenever
needed. Strong pastoral care in the college provides this support.

We have enjoyed celebrating a myriad of different types of achievements over the term: academic, cultural,
sporting, performing and service. There are many different measures of success and no matter whether these are
small or large, students should be proud of their achievements. Building respectful relationships across the college
is crucial, and at times this requires effort, tolerance, understanding and perseverance. Research indicates that
students learn best when they develop positive relationships with their teachers and peers.
HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
During assembly, students were challenged to reflect on how well they engage with their learning and during
lessons they have been encouraged to develop a growth mindset; viewing challenges as opportunities, trying
different strategies for learning and persisting with difficult tasks. We hope that our students will be AWARE of
each of these key ideas as we head into Term 3.

I am extremely proud to be leading Iona College and working with such amazing students, supportive families and
alongside dedicated and talented staff. We have had a fabulous Term 2 and are looking forward to a successful
Term 3, with a continued focus on individual academic achievement.

                                                                                                Helen Armstrong

                                          Term 2 Wrap-up
Teen Ag - Raising The Standard                                                                      April Holidays

During the April holidays, three Iona Year 12 Teen Ag students along with 15 others from the Lower North
Island, were selected to attend a three-day leadership course - Raising the Standard, a course run by Young
Farmers NZ and funded by DairyNZ.

Over the three days, the girls attended workshops aimed at developing important life skills
     - goal setting
     - effective communication
     - how to make meetings run more efficiently
     - dealing with conflict
     - team building
     - preparation for job interviews.

The girls found this learning experience invaluable. They came away with new skills, a much greater understanding
of the importance of planning and preparation and made many new friends. All were very grateful for this
opportunity which was offered through Teen Ag NZ, they enjoyed the course and would like to encourage
others to make the most of these wonderful opportunities available.

Youth Alcohol Expo                                                                             Wednesday 9 May

All Year 11 and 12 students attended the Youth Alcohol Expo on Wednesday, May 9. This event was organised
by partner agencies committed to taking a proactive stance against drink driving and the harm it causes.

The aim was to provide ‘hard-hitting’ realistic messages. Tragically vehicle crashes are the leading cause of
unintentional death and injury among young people under 25. No other cause comes even close to exacting the
same death toll. Drink driving plays a significant part in this road safety issue, and statistics show Hawke’s Bay is
over-represented in this area, especially amongst youth.

HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
Feedback from those who attended this event was very positive. Students enjoyed formal presentations from a
variety of guest speakers including the police, paramedics and family members who have been personally affected
by a local tragedy that resulted from poor decision making. There was also an opportunity to learn more through
interactive displays and activities. Many reported that they had had discussions with family and friends about the
importance of making sensible decisions about driving.

                                                                                                   Kendra Borrie
                                                                                                Health Co-ordinator

Senior Ball – Secret Garden                                                                       Saturday 12 May

It was a night in a “Secret Garden” for the Year 12 and 13
Iona students and their partners at this year’s Annual Ball.
Held at the Napier Conference Centre, guests entered via a
red carpet and then wandered down a garden path to be
officially greeted by Mr and Mrs Armstrong, Imogen and her
partner. Through the garden archway, guests were then
treated to the full extent of the tastefully and professionally
decorated ballroom - a hanging flower wreath with flowing
fairy lights and ivy sat above the dance floor. The centrepieces
on the tables and clever lighting added to the ambience.

Mya Chan and Madison Whitfield must be thanked and
congratulated for all their work on creating the vision and
leading the committee in making the theme a reality. Under the guidance of a professional decorator (Taste of
Elegance), the committee did an excellent job of setting up.

As always, the girls and their partners looked stunning in fabulous, original and sophisticated outfits. The beautiful
flower-wall provided the perfect backdrop for photos.

Background music had been carefully compiled into a playlist by Lily Tremain which helped set the atmosphere
and, following a delicious meal, the girls were ready to dance the night away. From the very first song played by a
band called “The Search”, the dance floor was heaving.

HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
Thank you to Jamie Mactaggart for suggesting, researching and making initial contact to help secure The Search,
photographer Zara Staples, and Hot Shotts photo booths.

It was lovely to see the girls enjoying themselves with their friends and their partners. It was rewarding for the
Ball Committee to see all aspects come together to create such a successful and memorable ball for 2018.

A big thanks to Mrs Atkinson for her support through all stages of ball planning and to all staff who helped on the
day, during the evening and with packing up.

In addition to the students already mentioned, thanks to Ashlee Matches and Sophia Lourie for their work with
the budget and to the rest of the committee for the various parts they assisted with: Imogen Daysh, Olivia
Thomas, Victoria Lamb, Sarah Morete, Bailey Martin, Luccah Brown, Penny Wilson and Jorja Taylor.

Teen Ag Games                                                                                    Monday 14 May

Iona and Woodford co-hosted Teen Ag games after school. The evening involved competitors from Iona,
Woodford, Lindisfarne, Napier Boys and Napier Girls competing across ten modules. These included activities
such as naming meat cuts of lamb, an Ag quiz, putting together a bridle and an outdoor obstacle course.

Once the teams had completed the Ag modules, they challenged each other to a tug-of-war and some old-
fashioned bull rush style games.

The evening concluded with a prize giving in the Watering Hole. Top teams were awarded prizes with special
awards for ‘good vibes’, and the much-sought-after ‘most bogan-looking farmer’ were announced – a great time
was had by all!

HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
Spanish Immersion Camp                                                              Friday 18 - Sunday 20 May

Our senior Spanish students along with students from around
the country gathered at Riverbend in Hawke's Bay for a Spanish
Language Immersion Camp. The camp was organised by Iona
Spanish teacher, Señora Carey-Smith and three other Hawke’s
Bay teachers with a goal of fostering the understanding and
practice of the language in an authentic context. They were
joined by three professors and lecturers from Massey University,
experienced teachers and six language assistants from Spain to
share their knowledge and lead activities. A wide variety of
opportunities was offered throughout the weekend, culminating
in a traditional Spanish meal and dance.

Learning an international language in Hawke's Bay can be difficult as speakers struggle to find the opportunity to
practise. This camp provided just that and the inclusion of native Spanish speakers encouraged and further
equipped the girls.

Prefect Camp                                                                     Sunday 20 & Monday 21 May

During Term 2, the Prefect Team had a short leadership camp which entailed an overnight stay at Guthrie Smith
Outdoor Education Centre at Lake Tutira. For some, this included a trip down memory lane, looking back fondly
on a primary school experience.

These possibly challenging moments in a person’s educational journey are often significant for the growth and
personal development achieved and, it was for this reason, that it was decided to take the Prefect group away
together. The girls cooked dinner together, slept marae style together, chatted together and cleaned together.
However, the highlight was completing the Flying Kiwi together; a high ropes activity requiring team-work to get
one student flying at a time!

HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
The camp provided an opportunity to reflect on the leadership journey so far and some ideas to move forward
with. In a busy school with varied roles, coming together to share as one group was hugely worthwhile.

The Big Sing                                                                               Wednesday 30 May

We have two senior choirs at Iona, and both took part in the annual East Coast Big Sing competition for high
school students.

The choirs were the Ceilidh Performance Choir directed by Miss Cole, and Iona Pure, directed by José Aparicio.
Both choirs were accompanied by Freya Hodgson.

With over 800 students from Gisborne to Central Hawke’s Bay participating, it was a great event for all of our
girls to be a part of. Each choir had to perform three pieces from three different categories, one of which had to
be by a New Zealand composer. Ceilidh performed ‘Song of Ruth’, ‘This Little Babe’, and ‘Orinoco Flow’, and
Iona Pure performed ‘Les Berceaux’, ‘Come Gentle Night’, and ‘Ave Maria’. Although unplaced this year, both
choirs sang beautifully and we were exceptionally proud of them.

Year 9 Cultural Feast - A Culinary Delight                                                         Friday 2 June

In Week 8, our Year 9 Social Studies students prepared a veritable feast for the senses. The girls have been
studying the different cultural groups that make up NZ society, and the feast was a culmination of the terms work
designed to celebrate the influences of these cultural groups.

The girls worked exceptionally well, organising every aspect including the preparation and cooking of their
international dishes, presentation of colourful and decorative stalls, accompanying music and informative posters.

This was such a fun and creative activity and the girls’ dishes were simply delicious! Special thanks to Chef Carl
who supported many of our boarding students.

HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
If you missed it on Facebook, then follow this YouTube link to enjoy a short clip showcasing the girls’ work

National Shakespeare Festival                                                     Saturday 2 – Monday 4 June

Queen's Birthday weekend saw a group of young thespians from Lindisfarne College along with our very own
Year 11 student, Bianca Sanko, travel to Wellington as part of the SGCNZ University of Otago Sheilah Winn
National Shakespeare Festival. These talented young people performed a five-minute excerpt from Much Ado
About Nothing and by all accounts were well received.

Black Box Drama - Us and Them                                                              Wednesday 13 June

The Year 10 drama class had their performance assessment "Us and Them" by David Campton in the Black Box
Theatre on 13 June. This was the first performance in the newly-built space and the students with Mr Betty
designed a set that would challenge the audience. Over a period of six weeks, the students collected boxes from
the hostel kitchen. Once the students felt they had enough, they spent an evening painting the boxes in different
colours. These boxes were then used to build a wall across the space dividing the audience. This made the
audience feel like they were part of their group and had to listen to the conversations taking place on the other
side. This was in the true spirit of the title of the piece as it created "Us and Them".

 "Us and Them" is an absurd theatre piece allowing the students to create characters, situations and actions to
identify place. The piece starts with two groups arriving at the same time and both wanting to live on the same
land. They come up with an arrangement to build a wall to keep everyone safe and determine where one group’s
land begins and ends. This does not last long as each group starts to wonder what is happening on the other side
of the wall. The anticipation grows so tense that they climb up to see what the other group is doing. They see
each other, they think they are spying, and the wall is pulled down. A fight breaks out, and both groups decide to
leave the land. A narrator, Year 11 student Bianca Sanko, explains that this is a cycle that has happened for
centuries and that she hopes mankind will learn from these situations.

The students created a really effective piece of theatre and parents and families thoroughly enjoyed it. The Black
Box worked incredibly well as a performance space to create an intimate environment for those 30 or so
audience members.

HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
Year 13 Servant Leadership Day                                                                       Friday 15 June

On 28 March, Iona College prefects joined prefects from Lindisfarne College and Woodford House at the
Havelock North Club for dinner. This event launched the 2018 Servant Leadership Programme. The guest
speaker, Lara Bowering from Havelock North Physiotherapy was articulate and inspiring. She told her incredible
stories of service from around the globe and was also able to explain how she manages to be a successful
entrepreneur and businessperson, while also sustaining her efforts to help the most vulnerable people around the

                      Iona College Service Prefect Lucy Manahi with guest speaker, Lara Bowering
              and Service Prefects Lucy Roberts (Woodford House) and Patrick Nolan (Lindisfarne College)

The evening was inspiring for our prefects and a wonderful opportunity for them to connect with students from
Lindisfarne College and Woodford House. It set the scene for the prefects from the three schools to begin their
planning, and organise a work day in the community, involving all Year 13 students. Eventually, 150 students in
eleven groups went to fourteen locations.

The Iona College Service Prefect, Lucy Manahi, did a huge amount of work behind the scenes supporting our
prefects to arrange each group’s activities. Thank you also to Campbell Howlett, Deputy Rector at Lindisfarne
College, and Stephanie Russell, Deputy Principal at Woodford House, who worked with me to support our
prefects with this venture. Thank you also must go to staff from Iona College who assisted on the day: Kirsten Le
Bon, Sue Davey, Felicity Benge, Cathy Blake, Jane Atkinson, Julie Shears, Karen Holder, Rachel Kale and Marty

The Servant Leadership Day was on Friday, 15 June and the locations and activities were quite diverse. Students
contributed to and visited: Hohepa in Clive, Waiapu House, the Dress a Girl Around the World Project, Irongate
School, the Waikere River Mouth Campsite (through DOC), Karamu Stream and the Wahaparata Wetland
(through the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council), the Leg-Up Trust, Waimarama School, the Waimarama Surf Club,
Kowhai School, Ocean Beach, IDEA Services and Nourish for Nil.

                                      Students volunteering at the Leg-Up Trust

Read more – Prefects and individual reports https://iona.school.nz/servant-leadership-day-group-reports/

                                                                                                 David Trousdell
                                                                      Deputy Principal – Wellbeing and Engagement

HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
Outdoor Education                                                                                    20 & 21 June

Outdoor Education is an integral part of the senior Physical Education courses. This year, the Level 3 class, had an
overnight experience in Taupo. The learning gained will be used for assessments related to Risk Management
Issues and Leadership.

Challenge by Choice is a common phrase used in personal development courses, and it was imperative to select
activities that provide a challenging and rewarding experience for members of this group. Working with the class,
we selected Taupo for high ropes and a kayaking experience.

At Rock’n Ropes, the girls worked together on some low ropes
activities to build confidence in themselves and trust in each
other. They then worked up to the high ropes activities where
they were able to select activities to try. Working in groups of
three - a climber, a belayer and a backup, the girls worked their
way around different challenges. The day also included the
opportunity to complete a “rock drop” (essentially jumping off
platforms on to giant air-filled pillows), completing a trapeze
stunt and a giant jump-swing. Not everyone’s cup of tea!

The following day, we were set for some kayaking on Lake
Taupo, but the weather was not cooperating. With some wind
drop, we were able to get out for an hour. Another turn in the
weather meant our hasty return to the shore was impeccably

The students are continuing to develop their knowledge about Risk Analysis and Management and are developing
a greater understanding of some of the wider issues faced by schools during Outdoor Education. These activities
certainly took participants out of their comfort zones and provided ample opportunity to consider the place of
challenge and risk. The girls were excellent participants, showing leadership and maturity.

Junior House Drama                                                                                         29 June

Junior House Drama, held bi-annually, is a much-coveted, end-of-term event for all our girls. This year all four
houses performed from one of the following Roald Dahl novels: Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG and
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The House Captains and Year 12 Cultural leaders directed and devised all the
pieces with some of the Year 7-10 girls performing – a fine example of House collaboration.

Our judge this year was Mr Michael Sharp who was amazed not only by our beautiful Blyth, but also at the talent
shown by so many Iona students. He found it very difficult to judge as “there were so many creative minds
coming together".

There must always be a winner, and their exceptional storytelling wowed us all. Congratulations to Columba for
their performance of 'James and the Giant Peach' and for being awarded the House Drama Cup 2018.

An abridged version of their performance can be viewed on the Iona College YouTube Channel

Other special awards:
     Best Actor in a Lead Role - Sasha Currie (Aunt Sponge)
     Best Use of Accent Award - Lottie Tattersall (Miss Trunchbull)
     Best Costume and Props - Columba
     Best Use Set and Visual Award - McNeil
     Best Director's Award - Allie Chesterman and Kate Manahi
     Best Team Effort - Fraser
     Award for Most Co-operative House (awarded by our Technicians) - Fraser
     Best Recovery Award – Fraser

HEADLINES July 2018 - Iona College
Columba House performers for James and the Giant Peach

                                              Sports News
It has been an extremely busy term with all our winter sports teams well into their competitions. Thank you to
the families for enduring some freezing conditions to support our teams.

Early this term we received the final results of Iona teams in the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools’ Tennis
competition. The highlight was our Junior A team that were 1st in the Junior A Girls’ competition while the Junior
B team placed 3rd in the Junior Girls’ B grade – well done girls, a great achievement.

Iona Cross Country
In May we held our Iona College Cross Country event, and the conditions were on point with the sun shining and
a wee bit of mud and water mixed in made for a fantastic House Event. Lots of the girls really put in a big effort to
earn maximum points for their house.

The winning House was McNeil with a whopping 490 points:

Year 7/8        1st     Danni Bird
                2nd     Molly Cardwell-Dray
                3rd     Elizabeth Boyes

Junior          1st     Harriet Lynch
                2nd     Martha Eade
                3rd     Hana Peacock

Senior          1st     Denby-Rose Tait
                2nd     Olivia Shannon
                3rd     Olivia Kirkpatrick

ECNI Cross Country
Following on from our school Cross Country, we took 12 girls from Year 7 – 13 up to Gisborne to compete in
the Annual East Coast Cross Country Event held at the Gisborne A & P Showgrounds. It was a rather flat and
slow track with a fair bit of mud and water which made it hard running for the girls.

We had two girls in the Year 9 division - Harriet Lynch (placed 5th) and Madelin Herbert (placed 7th) - who were
selected for the East Coast relay team and who will also individually represent Iona at the NZ Secondary Schools’
Cross Country event the following weekend in Taupo.

Danni Bird was placed 2nd in the Year 8 race but is not eligible to compete at NZSS competition as that event is
only for Years 9-13.

                                                        - 10 -
Intermediate Quad Tournament
On Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June, Iona hosted the annual Intermediate Quad Tournament between Iona,
St George's School, Whanganui, Woodford House and Huntley School from Marton who has now joined in place
of Carncot who have removed themselves due to roll size.

This was a great day of competition for our Year 7 and 8s who played in either the Gold or Navy netball teams, a
7-a-side hockey team and 7-a-side football team. The conditions were cold but clear with the competition strong
but fun for all involved.

Iona finished the competition 2nd in all sports which gave us 2nd place overall just 2 points behind the winners,
Woodford House.

We would like to thank all of our families who hosted a billet(s) for the Wednesday evening. We really appreciate
your help and assistance in this.

The Iona MVPs were:
      Football – Amelie Bancks
      Hockey – Helena Russell
      Netball – Gold – Meg Hansen
      Netball – Navy – Lily Stevenson

Junior (Years 9 and10) Pentangular Tournament

On Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 June, we had three teams represent Iona at the annual Junior Pentangular
tournament, this year hosted by St Matthew’s Collegiate in Masterton.

The competition was played between, Nga Tawa, Samuel Marsden, St Matthew’s, Woodford House and Iona.

The Junior A Netball, Junior Pent Hockey and Junior Pent Football teams (both these teams have been made up
from Year 9 and 10 girls in either of our 1st, 2nd or 3rd XI teams) represented Iona with pride.

                                                      - 11 -
All teams did extremely well in the freezing conditions of the Wairarapa in winter. Again, Iona finished 2nd in this
strong competition which was won by the hosts, St Matthew’s Collegiate.

The Iona MVP’s were:
      Football – Isabella Bancks
      Hockey – Harriet Lynch
      Netball – Aria Stephenson

Iona 1st Winter Sports: mid-season review

1st XI Hockey - Has gone through the first round of Division 1 unbeaten and played off in a mid-season final
against Napier Girls’ winning this strong battle 1-0. The second round is now underway, the team winning their
last game of the term 13-1 against Taradale High School.

1st XI Football - Is placed a very tight 2nd in Division 1 of the HB Secondary School Girls’ competition and should
make the final and play Napier Girls’ with whom they drew in their first match of the season.

Premier Netball- Has made the Super 12 competition, is sitting about mid-table and doing very well. Great team
with a fresh new coach.

Winter Representative Sport – So far this year, the following girls have been selected into either Central or
Hawke’s Bay Rep sides:
Central Hockey Under 18 women's - Lexie Heaphy, Arabella Sheild, Olivia Shannon, Denby-Rose Tait
Hawke’s Bay Hockey Under 18 women's - Gabby Luscombe, Sophie Campbell, Olivia Kirkpatrick
Hawke’s Bay Netball Under 15 A - Brooklyn Bayly
Central Football Federation - Talent Identification Squad - Issy Crichton, Flora Devonshire

Both Arabella Sheild and Olivia Shannon trialled and were selected into the Central Women's NHL (National
Hockey League) Squad. This is a fantastic achievement for these two individuals to be named in this team which
will stand them in great stead for further honours when the NZ Under 21 Women’s teams are named later this

Pathway to Podium Programme - NZ Hockey
Year 12 student Olivia Shannon has also been selected for Hockey New
Zealand’s prestigious new Pathway to Podium Programme.

Pathway to Podium (P2P) 2018/2019 is a partnership programme between
Hockey New Zealand and High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ),
designed to support the preparation of athletes for the physical and mental
demands of a high-performance sport environment. Just ten female players
have been selected for the 2018/2019 P2P, and Olivia is one of only four
from schools across New Zealand. The new Pathway to Podium model is a
step closer in Olivia’s chances to have a shot at being selected for the Black
Sticks and play for her country.

                                                       - 12 -
P2P is designed to support both athlete and coach development at this top level, with the athlete component
delivered as a blend of camp based hockey specific support and regional delivery of strength, conditioning and
athlete life. According to Hockey New Zealand’s Athlete Pathway Manager, Greg Nichol “The focus will be on
supporting these athletes to prepare for high performance through the following:
- Sport specific development at hockey development camps
- Education about the requirements and demands of a high-performance sport
- Preparation for transition into high performance
- A blend of education and educational support in key areas of athlete performance support.”

                                                                                              Hallie Sullivan
                                                                                             Director of Sport

                          And More News from our Students…
Chamber Music Success

The BAI Trio of Allie Chesterman (Violin), Imogen Daysh (Piano) and Bella Greig (Cello) from Iona were awarded
highly commended at the recent Hawke’s Bay Chamber Music Competition District Finals.

They went on to be selected for the Central Regional Finals along with 12 groups from Wellington, Whanganui,
Manawatu and Hawke’s Bay. Timeless Trio from Wellington was named the winning group, but our girls played
extremely well and were awarded Bronze.

Two other groups entered the Chamber Music Regionals – The Tui Trio which also included Allie Chesterman
and The Beddington Buddies with Julia Ashby and Milou Lodewijks.

All played beautifully!

                                 Photo Credit: The BAI Trio - Hugh Chesterman

Virginia Baird Cultural Exchange Trip

During the April school holidays, Year 11 student, Virginia Baird
was selected to go on a cultural exchange trip to China with a
dozen instrumentalists from the Hawke’s Bay Orchestral
Society. The purpose of the trip was to exchange music with our
Hastings sister city Guiyang.

The tour started in Chengdu, the city which is also home to the
famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, and
then made its way through three different cities, finishing in
Guilin, home to the Reed Flute caves, also known as the "Palace
of Natural Arts”.
                                                       - 13 -
The group mainly played their instruments in schools and, in return, their hosts would share a dance or song
accompanied by their native instruments.

Virginia played the violin with the occasional piano solo. As well as enjoying learning and sharing new classical and
contemporary pieces, Virginia especially enjoyed the attractions, meeting new people and discovering the Chinese
Culture. Virginia was a wonderful ambassador for Iona, and the trip was an incredible experience and learning

IOGA Special Scholarship 2018

                                   Victoria Lamb, Year 13, has been awarded the Iona Old Girls’ Special
                                   Scholarship for 2018. This scholarship is awarded annually with the purpose of
                                   enabling a student to further develop their self-confidence, leadership ability or
                                   personal skills.

                                   Tori was thrilled to be this year's recipient, and the scholarship will help cover
                                   the costs and resources required to complete a community care project Tori
                                   is volunteering for during the July school holidays.

                                   She will travel to Fiji and join a group of high school-aged students from all
                                   over the world and will be assisting the local school and kindergarten. Victoria
                                   will stay with a host family in the village and be fully immersed in the local

                                   Congratulations Victoria.
                                                                                                   Penny Manahi
                                                                                                   President, IOGA

Edible Fashion Awards 2018

The Wednesday afternoon programme this term was a hive of creative energy in the Design Technology room.

More than 20 students participated in the Edible Fashion Awards 2018, involving all stages of the creative process
from designing and making to modelling the final garments. The theme was Peace, Love and Diversity. Both Year
9 and Year 10 students took part, and as groups developed the eight entries, they shared ideas, stories and
creative concepts and explored a wide variety of materials ranging from jute coffee sacks to food magazines.

All eight entries were placed in the senior category, ages ranging from 13 to 18 years, and we were proud to see
four of the eight entries make it through to the finals. These finalists were from designers Elise Ramage and
Alexandra Stubbs which Alexandra modelled ‘A Spoon Ran Away with the Fork’, Ella Hume and Charlotte Wilton
with Maggie Higgins modelling "Textually Chaotic", Libby Christie with Shiloh Perrott modelling "Drum Roll" and
Giulietta Whitney both designer and model with her entry; “Together”.

These wonderful creations were seen on the Saturday evening, and our lovely Giulietta took out second place.
                                                        - 14 -
We are very proud of all the girls involved and what a huge accomplishment at such a young age in this category
to have four Iona College student finalists.

                  Giulietta Whitney – Together              Alexandra Stubbs – A Spoon Ran Away with the Fork

After convincing support from the girls, Iona’s Head of Technology, Kirsten Le Bon entered the ‘Growing for
Nourishment’ category, an historic take on women’s fashion and the need for peace in the garden. Kirsten was
placed second in the adult section, with her daughter modelling 72 edible plants in milk bottles on a wine barrel
structure and a bird cage in her hair.

               Kirsten Le Bon’s Design – placed second in the Adult section - Growing for Nourishment.’

Highland Dancers awarded on National Stage

Ava Woodbury Rinkle, Year 8, competed at the East Coast & Poverty Bay Highland Dancing competition in
Gisborne and was awarded two trophies - Under 14 years Champion and most points in the competition across
all ages.
Congratulations also to Year 9 student, Alexandra Stubbs who recently competed at the North Island
Championship of New Zealand held every two years. Alexandra danced in the 12-16 age group and was runner-
up in this Championship.

                                                        - 15 -
Ava Woodbury Rinkle                                       Alexandra Stubbs

Iona student wins The Amazing China Face Race Challenge

This term we celebrated the news that Caitlin Thomas in Year 10 had won The Amazing China Face Race.

The Amazing China Face Race, the first of which was held in 2015, requires students to correctly follow clues and
answer questions about subjects ranging from geography to history and culture, to identify one un-named face in
China, among 1.4 billion others.

Open to Year 9-13 students, the challenge is the brainchild of Hastings District Councillor, Kevin Watkins and
designed as a fun way for students and teachers to learn more about China’s culture and history while exploring
both the old and new China.

We are extremely proud of all of our girls who entered the competition, and we are very excited for Caitlin. She
wins a trip to China courtesy of The China Culture Centre (NZ) and will visit Jinan, the city where the Face

Caitlin and Pippa Flay were two of the three finalists, but a number of other students had been working alongside
them during the challenge, either competing or offering some wonderful support.

A special thanks to our Director of International Students, Geraldine Edwards and Librarian Lisa Smith who also
supported the girls with energy, enthusiasm and 6.00am starts!

  Pictured L-R: Caitlin and Pippa with fellow competitors and supporters, Caitlin with Hastings Councillor, Kevin Watkins.

                                                           - 16 -
Knitting on Wednesday Afternoons

Over the last two terms on Wednesday afternoons, more than 40 girls have been knitting – learning to knit and
further developing their skills. It is a great skill for them to have. They have thoroughly enjoyed it and have been
found knitting all around the school, in sits and bedrooms. A huge thank you to all the staff that have helped: Mrs
Saywell, Mrs Hardy and Mrs Brenda Duff. A few girls have now finished making some hats for babies, and several
are keen to carry on with knitting in Term 3, during some lunchtimes and Wednesday afternoons.

So our plan… we would like to donate hats, singlets and socks to premature babies as well as to babies of families
in need. If you are able to help us by contributing $5 - $10 or whatever you can to buy 4ply wool and smaller
needles to be able to knit these it would be very much appreciated. Please e-mail me (at@iona.school.nz) if you
are able to help us out with the amount that you can donate.

                            News from our Departments…
                                             Tears in the Library

A special message to all students …

On the library wall, you will find the Library Tears display. Each tear contains the picture of one missing book that
we really want back. Please help us reduce the tears in the library by returning books that you have not checked
out to us. If you want to keep reading them, we’re happy to support that.

                                                        - 17 -
As Neil Gaiman said in his 2014 speech for the Reading Agency in London, “Reading fiction builds empathy …
forces you to learn new words and think new thoughts … and teaches you that the world can change.” So please
carry on reading, just drop me an email (librarian@iona.school.nz) and let me know which books you have.

Read the full 2018 Tears in the Library article here and share with your daughters. Learn what being a good
library citizen means.

                                                                                                    Lisa Smith

                                              Religious Studies

Term 2 Evening Chapels

This term we have enjoyed two evening chapel services. On Sunday 10 June, all the senior students arrived at
Lindisfarne College for a joint service to be led by the Chapel Prefects from both schools. The girls enjoyed the
Lindisfarne band and contemporary hymns. Emmie Mulinder, the Iona Chapel Prefect, delivered an excellent
message on the challenges we face with our growing reliance on technology and devices.

Emmie then presented this message to the junior evening service at St Martin’s on 17 June. The full service was
led by the junior members of the Chapel Worship Team, and they each carried out their roles with great dignity
and competence. They can all be extremely proud of the way they conducted themselves.

Year 10 Chapels

Each year, the Year 10 students in small groups plan, create and present a full chapel message to present to the
school. For 2018 the theme was NZ Charities. Each group picked a charity close to their hearts and worked
together to create a strong
message with a power point to
share at a Thursday Chapel
gathering. This year, the offering
collected at the Friday worship
service went to the charity
presented the day before. The
quality of the work and the
strength of the message each
group     presented   has    been
wonderful. Well done to all Year      Jessica Wilson
10.                                                       Molly Nilsson
                                                                         Hannah Johnston
                                                                                            Caitlin Thomas

                                                      - 18 -
Year 12 Social Action Projects

All Year 12 students in Religious Studies are asked to form a small group to identify, plan and implement a social
action that will identify a need and/or support a local organisation or charity. This year the students have been
required to take an active part in the implementation of their plan – to connect with the people from the
organisation or group they have targeted. 2018 has given rise to some excellent and creative projects across a
variety of organisations and the full age range.

Organisations the girls have chosen to work with are Women’s Refuge, Cranford Hospice, Presbyterian Support
East Coast, Lucknow School, Te Whare Aroha O Nga Mokopuna, Hastings District Council, Jammies for June and
FarmStrong-Rural Mental Health.

Through their projects, the students are supporting pre-school and school-age children, addressing environmental
issues, raising awareness of the need for rural mental health services, fitness for the elderly and the importance of
donating blood.

Students will be volunteering at local op-shops, fundraising for sensor mats to prevent falls at the Hospice while
others are designing and producing sustainable bags for the Iona boarders to use when shopping in the village.
Some students will be tree planting at the Tainui Reserve, others funding vouchers for a bra and knicker set for
women in the local women’s refuge and another group are collecting children’s books to be donated to the
Starship Hospital.

Some will be teaching team and leadership skills to children from Lucknow School, others creating an adventure
Teddy Bears Picnic for pre-schoolers and another group are organising and running a Quiz Night event for
FarmStrong. One group supported ‘Jammies for June’ by holding a school Onesie mufti-day.

I am impressed by the girls’ creativity and I do so hope the girls find that making a commitment to give of their
time and energy to support others, brings its own reward.

                                                                                                        Ellie Burge

                                             Intermediate School

Term 2 has been a busy term for the girls academically, sporting and culturally. Here is an overview of their

Me Whakaro Rangatira - Think Like a Leader
Ten Year 8 students had an inspiring day at NYLD in Palmerston North. 2500 students attended this event. Guest
speakers included Kelly Wilson (Keeping Up With The Kaimanawas), Lisa Tamati (ultra marathoner), Jono Naylor
(ex MP and Mayor of Palmerston North), Riley Hathaway (youngoceanexplorers.com) and Vince Harder (singer,

Key messages from NYLD included:
    Work hard
    Be a lifelong learner
    Set goals
    Face your fears
Leaders have HOPE:
    H - humility
    O - others focused
    P - play to their strengths
    E - extend themselves

                                                        - 19 -
Peter Blake Young Leader Award
The Sir Peter Blake Young Leader Award, in association with Westpac, recognises young people who have shown
promising leadership in their schools and communities. The award is given to one student in each primary and
intermediate school that participates, as selected by teachers and peers. This year's recipient from Iona College
was Emma Bartram.

                                                 Emma Bartram

TACS Speech Contest
Elizabeth Boyes was selected to represent Iona at the Intermediate Town and Country Schools’ speech contest.
She spoke admirably and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to represent Iona. The standard of speeches from
the Iona girls that entered was excellent, and it is fabulous to see so many confident young students delivering
well-constructed speeches.

Hawke’s Bay Mathletics competition
The annual Hawke’s Bay Mathletics competition was held in Week 9 of this term. Two teams of Year 7 and two
teams of Year 8 students were selected and attended the event, held this year at Hastings Intermediate.

In the Intermediate competition were the Year 8 teams of Nyssa Farquhar, Molly Cardwell-Dray, Ava Woodbury
Rinkle, Emma Bartram, Leila Burder and Francesca Johnson.

Also competing in the teams’ event this year for Iona were the Year 7 teams consisting of Molly Lawson, Emily
Rogers, Ruby Chan, Stella Moore, Erin Duncan and Caitlin McKinnon.

Special mention to Alice Young and Aimee Argent who received a bronze award for their statistical investigations.
This is an excellent achievement as there are hundreds of entries entered into this section.

                                                      - 20 -
This term we selected eight students to work in two teams to compete in the Kidnapper’s Radio Talk-to-Talk
Debating competition. There are eight schools competing this year with each team debating three times before
quarter-finalists were identified. The students involved - Leila Burder, Francesca Johnson, Greer Gresham,
Hannah Ritchie, Ava Woodbury Rinkle, Molly Cardwell-Dray, Sasha Currie and Charlotte Hayden - put in a
tremendous amount of time and effort to ensure they were well prepared for each debate. This competition
requires a lot of extra work outside of school time preparing for each debate and we have been extremely
impressed with the effort and dedication shown by the students and their support team of Andrea Woodbury
and Lisa-Jane Easter. The moots required the girls to do a lot of research and gain a deep understanding of each
of the topics. Mrs Woodbury has been instrumental in assisting the girls in their preparation and organisation.
Her enthusiasm, dedication and determination to helping the girls understand the debating procedures and
practices has helped both our teams progress enormously.

The Iona 1 team of Molly, Sasha and Ava were placed third after the initial three debates meaning they went
through to the quarterfinals from our school. The Iona 2 team consisting of Greer, Francesca and Leila were
placed fifth after their first three debates. Unfortunately, only one team per school was permitted through to the
finals. The quarterfinal is due to be held on Thursday 28th June. We will keep you updated with the results of
our Iona 1 team.

Congratulations and thank you to all involved with this competition. It has certainly lit the debating fire in many
girls and our Year 9 Debating Academy is looking very healthy for next year!

                                               Iona 2 Debating Team

Young Reporters for Education Environmental Inquiry
This term our Inquiry focus has centred around investigating a local environmental issue. The ‘Young Reporters
for Education’ is a competition run nationally and globally to identify environmental issues affecting the world we
live in. The competition requires students to identify, research and provide solutions for a local environmental
issue. Students are required to produce either a newspaper article, photograph or video explaining their findings
and promoting their solutions.

To support our study, we were very grateful during our Wednesday afternoon sessions to have guest speakers
that contributed to the girls understanding of the environmental issues and how they would best develop a
newspaper article, photograph or video to showcase their inquiry.

A BIG thank you to the following parents and members of the community who spent much time and effort
organising excellent presentations to assist the girls, we really appreciate you sharing your advice and expertise in
your field.
     Mrs Rachael Gresham who presented to the girls from an environmental planner’s perspective. Rachael
         had a wealth of information about the environment which helped the students begin to understand the
         different perspectives people can have surrounding environmental issues.
       Mrs Helen Shea who spoke to the girls about her role at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Civil Defence
        Media Liaison and also about her time as a journalist. Helen provided us with some excellent information
        about a variety of different environmental aspects which the girls have used in their investigations.
       Milton Naylor presented to students about videography and how to make an effective video. Milton is
        well known in our community for his fabulous videos for the Love Havelock North Facebook page, and

                                                        - 21 -
he also helped design, develop and create the winning Kimi Ora School’s ‘Richie’s Milk Run’ Fonterra
        promotion video.
       Michelle Hepburn presented from a photographer’s point of view. Sharing important tips and ideas with
        the girls about how to take stunning photos. Michelle is an award-winning photographer who had a lot of
        very helpful information for the girls.

The students are continuing to investigate and develop their product in a chosen area of focus, with the
competition concluding in mid-August.

                          News from our Boarding House…
The term has flown by, and we’re halfway through the school year already. The girls have all been busy with
winter sports’ commitments, and most have been settling down to some serious academic study. The girls have
coped admirably with all of the demands on them, academically, culturally and on the sports’ grounds. Illness has
befallen some, and we had a period when the sick bay beds were full day and night. Fortunately, this was only for
a short while before things settled into the usual winter routine of dealing with coughs, colds, sore throats and
such like.

I thought that it might be timely for a few reminders:

Pickups at exeats and ends of term.
The Boarding House closes at 4.30pm on these occasions. It is imperative that all girls are collected by this time
as the main buildings are locked, and the boarding staff leave the campus. Sometimes it is a daygirl who we have
to wait with; please be considerate of the boarding staff who often have places to get to themselves.

Leave requests during the week
As stated in the School Handbook ‘Requests for dinner leave during the week should be rare as they disrupt the
structure of the school week.’
I would like to clarify the issue of leave for birthday celebrations. A girl may go out to dinner with her own family
on her birthday if it falls during the school week, but may not take other girls out with her unless this request is
for a Friday night or the weekend. Please understand that this policy must be applied consistently to ensure

Going home if sick
It is our policy in the Boarding House that a girl must have the permission of the School Nurse or myself before
arrangements are made for her to go home. We will assess the situation and then get in touch with parents to
collect the girl if it is deemed to be necessary. We are quite able to provide medical care for girls with relatively
short periods of sickness and minor issues.
It is not permissible for a girl and a parent to make this decision themselves over the phone or by email.

Heaters and Electric Blankets
These are not permitted in the Boarding House. We have plenty of spare blankets on hand if we have a period of
colder weather and the girls are cold. Girls are able to heat wheat bags and water for hot water bottles as

Appointments during the school day
Please try to arrange these for after school where possible. Mrs Blundell must be notified of any appointments,
including driving lessons. Quite a few girls have gone to appointments lately of which we have had no prior
knowledge. You will appreciate our need to know of the whereabouts of the girls at all times.

A message from Nurse Angela
Please check your daughter’s hair for head lice over the holidays. We have had quite a long period without their
presence at school and would like to maintain this! Thank you for your co-operation.

GAP Tutor
Linda Schulte-Frankenfeld leaves us after a year’s stay to return to Germany. She has been a wonderful asset to
Iona in general and to the Boarding House in particular. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for her and she
                                                         - 22 -
has a delightfully calm demeanour. We thank her for all her hard work amongst us, and she leaves with our very
best wishes for her future endeavours. The boarders made a special presentation to her at dinner one night in
her last week here.

Our new Gap Tutor, who is also from Germany, will be joining us at the start of next term. Her name is Lara
Müller and, interestingly, she was an exchange student to Havelock North High School a few years ago. We look
forward to welcoming and getting to know her soon.

Weekend Activities
Trips to K-Mart and Spotlight are always popular, along with outings to Napier, and the girls always enjoy their
village leave. Friday evenings often become games nights with Bingo arguably being the most popular. This term
the girls have been to Laserforce, Superstrike ten-pin bowling and to the Pigeon and Poultry show at the Hastings
showgrounds. Now the weather has cooled, various craft items have been produced, including the ever-favoured
no-sew blankets. We are always keen for the girls to let us know what they would like to be doing so that we can
plan accordingly.

Of course with the winter sports well
underway, we are fully involved with
transporting the netball girls on Saturday

L-R: Boarders with their no-sew blankets and
a delightful Havana Fierro smiling at being
recipient of the Kindness Cup for the term.

Start of Term 3
The Boarding House reopens at 3.30pm on Monday 23rd July. Although this is a Teachers’ Only day and the
school will be open, please do not arrive earlier as the boarding staff have meetings to attend prior to this time.
BY 8.30pm.
If your daughter requires dinner at school that evening, it is imperative that we know this in advance. Please ring
or email the school office during the holidays to request this. Please also note that the boarding emails will not be
cleared during the holidays.

Final Note
Although it has been short, the second term can often be tiring, and I would like to thank the girls for their
ongoing co-operation and resilience. They really are a fabulous group and it is a pleasure to work amongst them.
Thank you, too, to the boarding staff who work tirelessly for the good of our girls and to the boarding parents
who support us all. I hope that you all have a happy and safe holiday period, and look forward to seeing you again
on 23rd July.

As always, please get in touch with me if you have any concerns at all about your daughters.

                                                                                             Marianne McKnight
                                                                                              Director of Boarding
                                                        - 23 -
News from the PFA
The highlight of the term was the PFA Quiz and Curry night, raising around $10,000 towards a number of
projects which will ultimately benefit the girls. Around 120 attended a very close-fought contest with a range of
entertaining questions set and presented by Jerry Flay. A good number of parents embraced the Indian theme by
decorating their tables and dressing up for the event and Namaskar in Havelock North provided the catering.

Tony Rasmussen from Bayleys was the auctioneer for the night and ensured competitive bidding for a range of
items, very kindly donated by parents and staff of the College.

So far this year the PFA has already funded both an amplifier and electronic keyboard which are used by the girls
when they are performing externally and a laser cutter which will be used by girls in technology which should be
delivered in the next few weeks. A much bigger and much-needed project in the pipeline is the re-surfacing of the
hard courts near the Sports Centre which will provide an improved playing surface for netball and tennis. Both
the PFA and Iona Old Girls have already ear-marked funds for this project which the College is aiming to have
completed before the end of the year.

An informal drinks evening was also held for parents of girls in Years 7-9 at Vidals which, indeed, was one of the
final functions held before Vidals shuts its doors in Hastings to the public. Around 35 parents attended.

PFA merchandise is now on display outside The Railene Mabin Heritage Room, and orders for items may be
placed by emailing the PFA at pfa@iona.school.nz or through the school office. Andrea Woodbury has
enthusiastically set about promoting these items, and we are also considering what we might add to the range.
Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome here.

We sadly said farewell to Heidi McLeod this term who has moved to Australia. Heidi has been our secretary for
the last couple of years and has been the driving force behind evenings such as Embrace, the recent Quiz and the
Fathers’ and Daughters’ Breakfast. Christine Holt has very kindly stepped in to take over Heidi’s role.

                                                                                                Richard Brown
                                                                                              President Iona PFA

                                               Staff News
During Term 2, there were changes in our kitchen staff. Janina Kopua left to move closer to her family, and Kelvin
Jeffares joined the College as second chef to work alongside Chef Carl and his team. He has seamlessly settled
into the role, and the students have continued to enjoy first-class meals.

Clark Morris, our Operations Manager, left in Term 2 to take up a new position nearer home. We are extremely
grateful for all that Clark has done for the College during his time here. He is wished all the best with his new

                                                      - 24 -
We welcomed Gary Wright to the position of Operations Manager during the holidays. Gary joins us with a
wealth of experience from a local construction company where he was Contracts Manager.

In Term 3, we sadly farewell Mathematics teacher Francesca Di Meo-Smith who is re-locating overseas with her
family. We thank Francesca for her valued contribution to the school and wish her well with her new journey.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Liam Keegan, who will join the College at the start of Term 3
to teach mathematics. Liam has previously worked at Waitakere College and Hastings Boys’ High School. We
look forward to welcoming him to Iona.

Employment Opportunity

We have a vacancy for an evening weekend cook during school term time. Hours are 2.30pm -7.30pm Saturdays
and Sundays.

Our dining experience is the envy of many other establishments, and our dining room is characterised by a family
atmosphere. If you know anyone who may be interested in joining our friendly team, please share this
employment opportunity.

Applications to Carl Jowsey – email carl.jowsey@iona.school.nz

                                           Start of Term 3
Monday 23 July

1.30-4.30pm              Parent Teacher Interviews for Year 11-13 students in the IRC.

3.30pm                   The Boarding House reopens.

                         TO ARRIVE BY 8.30pm.

                         If your daughter requires dinner at school that evening, please email the school office
                         office@iona.school.nz before 12 noon on Friday 20 July to request this. As Monday is a
                         Teachers’ Only day, Chef Carl will prepare a meal for the girls but needs to know
                         numbers in advance. Letting us know on the day will be too late!

Tuesday 24 July

8.20am                   School begins for all students.

                                         Upcoming Events
Winter Quad Tournament – Host Families Needed                                                 Sunday 5 August

We are in need of many more host families for the Annual Winter Quad Tournament. If you can assist us in
taking a billet(s) for the night of Sunday 5 August, please contact the Sports Department for further information:
Email: sports.director@iona.school.nz
Phone: ( 06) 877 8149.

The students from St Matthew's Collegiate and Nga Tawa will arrive on Sunday 5 August and will need to be
picked up from Iona by 4.30pm that afternoon. Host families are asked to provide the billets with an evening meal
on the Sunday night and breakfast the following morning before returning them to school by 8.00am on Monday 6
Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to those whom have already offered your homes to help us
                                                           - 25 -
Octavius – SAVE THE DATE – 26 August at 7.30pm

Enjoy some of Shakespeare’s best-loved sonnets, speeches and excerpts from scenes expressed in song, words,
and dance in this celebration of the bard’s works.

Napier’s newest choir, Octavius, will be joined by some of our students along with
well-known local actors, and guest musicians Barry Brinson (jazz piano), Dana
Parkhill (flute) and Rosemary Severenson (double bass) to present a feast for the
eyes and ears.

This band of performers will entertain you with songs set to lovely jazz melodies,
sonnets performed by our girls and special guests, and dances by current and past
Iona pupils.

Octavius are generously donating all proceeds from this concert to Stage Two of
The Blyth Performing Arts Centre – a Music School for Iona.

Book your seats now to get excellent Early Bird discounts.
Search for Shakespeare As We Like It on https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2018/aug/shakespeare-as-we-like-it

Korrin Barrett Evening – SAVE THE DATE – 30 August

The PFA will be hosting a special evening for students and parents with Korrin Barrett – a quad amputee who,
through her own adversity, has learnt that anything in life is possible.
                                                     Her story is touching, uplifting and inspiring and she has
                                                     garnered a reputation for keeping it real and authentic as she
                                                     shares her journey and learnings on Living Life Unlimited.

                                                      Testimonial - Genevieve Leech - Year 11 Dean -
                                                      Christchurch Girls' High School, NZ

                                                      "Korrin spoke to 500 students at our school in 2017, and for
                                                      many students, her speech was the highlight of their week. They
                                                      talked about Korrin for days, and so many of them said how great
                                                      it was to hear from a “real person” about their experiences,
                                                      challenges and successes. It is so important for our young people
                                                      to see examples of resilience and Korrin’s positivity and
                                                      enthusiasm for life, despite what she has been dealt, was
infectious. We would highly recommend Korrin as a speaker for both students and adults alike."

For more information http://www.korrin.com.au/

                                                         - 26 -
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