VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India

VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
VOL. XXX No. 4   April 2018   Rs. 40.00
VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
Chinese Embassy in India and Institute of Chinese     Chinese Embassy in India and Institute of Chinese
Studies co-hosted the Seminar “Wuhan Summit: Sino-    Studies co-hosted the Seminar “Wuhan Summit: Sino-
India Relations and Its Way Forward”.                 India Relations and Its Way Forward”.

Ambassador Luo Zhaohui and his wife Counselor Jiang   Ambassador Luo Zhaohui and his wife Counselor Jiang
Yili met with Mr. O. P. Kohli, Governor of Gujarat.   Yili met with Mr. Vijay Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Ambassador Luo Zhaohui attended the Donation          Ambassador Luo Zhaohui attended the 17th Chinese
Ceremony by the Chinese Government to Asian-African   Bridge Proficiency Competition.
Legal Consultative Organization.
VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
Informal Wuhan Summit
1.     Xi Jinping Meets with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India                                            4
2.     Xi Jinping Holds Informal Meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India in Wuhan                  6
3.     China, India Reach Broad Consensus in Informal Summit                                                  9
4.     Commentary: Xi-Modi Gathering to Guide China-India Cooperation                                        11
5.     Xi-Modi Informal Meeting Underscores Mutual Trust, Cooperation                                        12
6.     Wang Qishan Meets with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj of India                               14
7.     Yang Jiechi Holds Talks with National Security Adviser Ajit Doval of India                            15
8.     Wang Yi Holds Talks with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj of India                             15
9.     Wang Yi: Take Leaders’ Informal Meeting as Opportunity to Promote Better and Faster Development       16
       of China-India Relations
10.    Wang Yi: Leaders of China and India Will Conduct Overall, Long-term and Strategic Communication       17
11.    Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou Holds Media Briefing on China-India Leaders’ Informal Meeting      17
12.    Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou Holds Consultation with Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale of India   20
13.    Co-writing the New Chapter of Dragon-Elephant Tango                                                   21
14.    China-India Cooperation Outweighs our Differences                                                     25
15.    Ambassador Luo Zhaohui Greets Followers on Twitter                                                    26
16.    Xi-Modi Meeting a New Milestone, Experts Say                                                          27
17.    Indian Media Positive on Xi-Modi ‘Heart-to-heart Summit’                                              27

BOAO Forum for Asia 2018
1.   Xi Jinping Attends Opening Ceremony of BFA Annual Conference 2018                                            28
2.   Xi’s Speech Wins High Appreciation from World Leaders at Boao                                                32
3.   Xi’s Boao Forum Speech Makes this Hainan Folk Song a Hit                                                     33
4.   New Chapter for “Xiplomacy”                                                                                  35
5.   BFA Annual Conference Concludes with Globalization Consensus                                                 37

External Affairs
1.   Xi Jinping Holds Talks with Kim Jong-un                                                                 39
2.   Xi Jinping Holds Talks with President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe                                    44
3.   Xi Jinping Holds Talks with President Alexander Van der Bellen of Austria                               46
4.   Xi Jinping Meets with WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab                                                         48
5.   Xi Jinping Holds Group Meeting with Heads of Foreign Delegations of the Meeting of the Council of       50
     Foreign Ministers of the SCO Member States
6.   Li Keqiang Holds Talks with Prime Minister Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh of Mongolia                            51
7.   Li Keqiang Holds Talks with Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands                                53
8.   Wang Yi Presides Over the Meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Member States of the SCO   55
9.   Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between The People's Republic of China    56
     and The Dominican Republic

Culture & Life
1. Aerial Photos Show Cherry Blossoms at East Lake in Wuhan                                                  57
2. Scenery of Three Gorges in Moonlight in China's Hubei                                                     59

1.   Freedom of Religious Belief in Xizang is Guaranteed: Expert                                             60
2.   Xizang Antelope Well Protected in China                                                                 62
3.   Xizang in Eyes of a Tibetan                                                                             63
4.   24-hour Self-help Library Available in Lhasa                                                            66

Book Review - Xi Jinping - The Governance of China-II                                                        67
Flights Between China and India                                                                              68
CRI-CIBN                                                                                                     70
VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
Informal Wuhan Summit

                                   Informal Wuhan Summit


4   News From China   April 2018
VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
Informal Wuhan Summit

     On April 27, 2018, President Xi         always proceed in the right direction.     of both countries share many
Jinping met in Wuhan with Prime              We should constantly strengthen the        similarities. China and India should
Minister Narendra Modi of India,             friendly relations between the two         conduct exchanges in wider areas and
who was in China for an informal             countries to make the relations always     at deeper levels, jointly devote to the
meeting. President Xi Jinping and            flow forward like the Yangtze and          revival of Eastern civilizations and
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also            Ganges rivers. China stands ready to       jointly advocate respect for diversity
jointly visited an exhibition of fine        work with India to establish a closer      of civilizations, in a bid to push for
cultural relics at Hubei Provincial          partnership of development, in a bid       harmonious coexistence of different
Museum.                                      to promote all-round progress in           civilizations.
     Xi Jinping welcomed Narendra            exchanges and cooperation between               Narendra Modi expressed that
Modi to visit Wuhan. Xi Jinping              the two countries in various areas.        India and China are both countries
pointed out that in the past 3 years, I           Narendra Modi thanked                 with ancient civilizations, and share
have achieved mutual visits with Mr.         President Xi Jinping for inviting him      many similarities in the historical
Prime Minister, and we have met              to Wuhan to hold this informal             development of their civilizations.
many times on multilateral occasions,        meeting, which is of historic              Cultural exchanges between the two
established sound working relations,         significance. The maintenance of           countries enjoy a long-standing
a n d r e a ch e d mu ch i m p o r t a n t   frequent high-level exchanges and          history. The two sides should increase
consensus, which have sent positive          strategic communication between            mutual understanding, give play to
signals of China-India friendship to         India and China is conducive to            the wisdom of the two countries and
the outside world and demonstrated           enhancing mutual understanding and         work together to deal with global
the strong willingness of developing         deepening cooperation and conforms         issues and challenges.
mutually beneficial cooperation and          to the common interests of                      Member of the Political Bureau
achieving common development of              development and prosperity of both         of the Central Committee of the
China and India, the two major               countries and the region. The Indian       Communist Party of China (CPC),
emerging economies. The great                side is willing to make joint efforts      Member of the Secretariat of the
cooperation conducted by our two             with China in this regard.                 CPC Central Committee and
great countries could produce global              While visiting the exhibition of      Director of the General Office of the
influence. It is hoped that my meeting       fine cultural relics, Xi Jinping pointed   CPC Central Committee Ding
here with Mr. Prime Minister will            out that Jingchu Culture is an             Xuexiang, Member of the Political
open new chapters of China-India             important part of the long-standing        Bureau of the CPC Central
relations.                                   Chinese civilization and has a pivotal     Committee Yang Jiechi, State
     Xi Jinping stressed that we should      position in the development history        Councilor and Foreign Minister
grasp the general picture of bilateral       of Chinese civilization. China and         Wang Yi and others attended the
relations from a strategic perspective       India are countries with a splendid        above activities.
to ensure that bilateral relations           history and culture, and the cultures

                                                                                              News From China   April 2018    5
VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
Informal Wuhan Summit


    On April 27 and 28, 2018,                Xi Jinping pointed out that in the    higher level.
President Xi Jinping held an informal   past three years, Mr. Prime Minister
meeting with Prime Minister             and I have achieved mutual visits, met         Xi Jinping stressed that at
Narendra Modi of India at the East      with each other several times on           present, the international situation is
Lake Hotel in Wuhan.                    multilateral occasions, and reached a      in a critical period of change and
                                        lot of important consensus, jointly        adjustment, and countries around the
     T he East Lake in April is         leading China-India relations to           world are now more inter-connected
surrounded by rolling mountains and     maintain a sound momentum of               and rely on each other. The general
faint haze. Leaders of the two          development. The two sides have            trend of peace and development is
countries exchanged comprehensive       established a closer development           irreversible. As the two largest
and in-depth views on China-India       partnership and made positive              developing countries and emerging
relations and major international       progress in communication and              market economies each with a
issues of common concern in a           cooperation across all fields. Bilateral   population of over 1 billion, China
relaxed and friendly atmosphere.        relations are moving forward at a          and India are both important engines

6    News From China   April 2018
VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
Informal Wuhan Summit

of world economic growth and              stability, development and prosperity      the comparison and change of global
backbone forces for promoting             in the 21st century and make positive      power and take each side as a
multipolarization and economic            contributions to the world peace and       cooperative partner for realizing own
globalization. A sound relationship       development.                               dream of development. Second,
between China and India is an                                                        China and India are getting stronger
important and positive factor for              Xi Jinping pointed out that the       and stronger, and this represents an
maintaining world stability, and is of    stability and development of China-        irresistible trend and offers
great significance to promoting the       India relations are based on mutual        important opportunities to each
development and progress of all           trust. The two sides should grasp the      other. Third, both China and India
human beings. Socialism with Chinese      China-India relations from a strategic     pursue independent foreign policies,
characteristics has entered a new era,    perspective and continuously increase      and the two sides should correctly
and Mr. Prime Minister has also           mutual understanding and trust so as       analyze and view each other's
proposed the goal of building a "New      to promote all sectors and people of       intentions with a positive, open and
India." On the road of development        the two countries to deepen mutual         inclusive attitude. China and India
and revitalization, China and India are   understanding and foster friendly          have many similar ideas in
facing similar tasks. We should firmly    feelings. Both sides should well grasp     international affairs. When dealing
focus on development, and deepen          three key points: first, China and India   with relationship between major
mutually beneficial cooperation, so as    should be good neighbors and good          countries, China insists on strategic
to jointly realize national               friends. The two countries should          autonomy, non-conflict and non-
rejuvenation, create an Asia featuring    regard each other as an active factor in   confrontation and upholds

                                                                                          News From China   April 2018    7
VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
Informal Wuhan Summit

promoting the construction of a new      extensive people-to-people and                     direction.
type of international relations          cultural exchanges, and well deal with
featuring mutual respect, fairness and   differences in a more mature manner.                    Narendra Modi thanked
justice and win-win cooperation,         Both countries should strengthen                   President Xi Jinping for inviting him
which are in the same vein with the      coordination and cooperation in                    to Wuhan, and expressed that in the
Five Principles of Peaceful Co-          international and regional affairs, and            past two days, he had candid and in-
existence jointly advocated by China     promote regional economic                          depth exchanges with President Xi
and India in the 1950s.                  integration and the construction of                Jinping and also learnt about the
                                         connectivity. The two sides should                 long-standing and profound Jing-
    Xi Jinping emphasized that in the    uphold the global g over nance                     Chu culture, from which he further
next stage, China and India should       concept of extensive consultation,                 felt that President Xi Jinping has
work together to well plan for all-      joint contribution and shared                      attached great importance to and has
round cooperation between the two        benefits, promote the construction of              guided personally the development
countries, carry out closer strategic    an open world economy, support the                 of India-China relations. Both India
communication and conduct timely         multilateral trading system, and                   and China are countries with ancient
consultation on major issues of          conduct more positive international                civilizations, and are important
common concern between both sides,       cooperation to jointly cope with                   neighbors to each other. The two
so as to firmly grasp the general        global challenges. China is willing to             sides should strengthen dialogue,
direction of the development of          make joint efforts with India to create            exchanges and cooperation, live in
bilateral relations and ensure the       a n A s i a f e a t u r i n g s t a b i l i t y,   harmony and maintain ever-lasting
effective operation of dialogue          development and prosperity in the                  friendship from generation to
mechanism. The two countries need        21st centur y and promote the                      generation. Narendra Modi paid high
to carry out more in-depth practical     development of the international                   attention to the announcement at the
cooperation and promote more             order in a more fair and reasonable                19th National Congress of the

8    News From China   April 2018
VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
Informal Wuhan Summit

Communist Party of China (CPC)             world. Narendra Modi agreed that            to join hands with China to promote
that the construction of socialism         India and China should maintain             the common interests of the vast
with Chinese characteristics has           high-level strategic communication.         developing countries.
entered a new era, while India also has    The two countries have common idea,
its own goal of "New India". He            common resolution and common                    Member of the Political Bureau
totally agreed with what President Xi      vision for the development of India-        of the CPC Central Committee,
Jinping has pointed out that as the two    China relations. The two sides should       Member of the Secretariat of the
largest developing countries and two       strengthen contacts and cooperation,        CPC Central Committee and
huge emerging market economies             enhance mutual understanding and            Director of the General Office of the
with a combined population of 2.6          mutual trust, properly handle and           CPC Central Committee Ding
billion, India and China are stabilizing   control differences, and facilitate non-    Xuexiang, Member of the Political
factors of the world, and their            governmental friendship so as to            Bureau of the CPC Central
development has important influence        elevate bilateral relations to a new        Committee and Director of the
on the world and has positive              level. India fir mly pursues an             Office of the Foreign Affairs
significance to the vast developing        independent foreign policy, supports        Commission of the CPC Central
countries. In the 21st century, India      the globalization, and supports             Committee Yang Jiechi, State
and China should join hands to make        safeguarding the multilateral system        Councilor and Foreign Minister
greater contributions to peace,            as well as the democratization of           Wang Yi as well as others attended the
stability and prosperity in Asia and the   international relations. India is willing   above activities.


                                                                                             News From China   April 2018    9
VOL. XXX No. 4 April 2018 - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in India
Informal Wuhan Summit

     Chinese President Xi Jinping and                  trend of history and offers important           Both sides agree to properly
Indian Prime Minister Narendra                         opportunities to each other. Both          manage and control their differences.
Modi reached broad consensus on the                    China and India stand for an               Both sides have the maturity and
overarching, long-term and strategic                   independent policy of peaceful             wisdom to handle their differences
issues of global and bilateral                         development. Both sides agree that         through peaceful discussion and by
importance after an informal summit                    the two countries will continuously        respecting each other's concerns and
in central China's Wuhan from April                    enhance mutual trust, carry forward        aspirations. They agree to use the
27 to 28.                                              the fine norms enshrined in the Five       Special Representatives' Meeting on
                                                       Principles of Peaceful Co-existence, a     the Boundary Question to seek a fair,
    According to a press release                       stellar example of joint initiatives by    reasonable and mutually acceptable
issued on Saturday following the                       the two countries, and blaze a broad       settlement. The two militaries will
summit, the two leaders had in-depth                   path of friendly cooperation between       strengthen confidence-building
discussions in a friendly atmosphere.                  two great neighboring countries, a         measures and enhance communi-
They also reached consensus on their                   path that can best meet the needs of       cation and cooperation to uphold
respective visions for national                        the times.                                 border peace and tranquility.
development as well as domestic and
foreign policies.                                           Both sides agree to advance all-           Both sides agree to promote
                                                       round cooperation and strengthen the       more active regional and
       Both sides share the view that the              China-India Closer Developmental           international cooperation. They
international landscape is undergoing                  Partnership in an equal-footed,            agree to join hands in offering
profound changes, the relative power                   mutually beneficial and sustainable        innovative and sustainable solutions
of countries is heading towards                        manner to support their national           t o g l o b a l ch a l l e n g e s s u ch a s
greater balance, and peace and                         modernization. Guided by the leaders       epidemics, natural disasters, climate
development represent an irreversible                  of the two countries, they will            change and terrorism. As two major
trend. One the other hand, the world                   strengthen dialogue in political,          countries in Asia, China and India will
is faced with rising instability and                   security and other areas to have full      use their political influence and
uncertainty. China and India, as                       and timely communication on major          economic power to reinvigorate
celebrated civilizations, the two                      issues of mutual interest to enhance       regional economic development. The
biggest developing countries and two                   understanding and expand consensus         two countries will work together to
emerging economies each with a                         so that the China-India relationship       make international relations more
population of over one billion, are                    will always keep to the right direction.   democratic, increase the
important countries with strategic                     They will tap into the full potential of   representation and say of developing
autonomy. A peaceful, stable and                       business and investment cooperation,       countries and emerging markets,
balanced relationship between China                    set new targets, harness positive          support the multilateral trading
and India is an important positive                     forces, and explore new ways of            regime, oppose protectionism and
factor for the stability of the world.                 cooperation to achieve win-win             work for an open, inclusive, balanced
The two countries will work together                   results. Building on the profound          and win-win economic globalization
to enhance stable and balanced                         cultures of the two great oriental         that benefits all.
development of major-countr y                          civilizations and harnessing the rich
r e l a t i o n s , a d v a n c e s t a b i l i t y,   human resources of their combined              Both sides agree to instruct their
development and prosperity of Asia                     population of 2.6 billion, the two         competent departments to work out
in the 21st century, promote the                       sides will work to create a new boom       specific plans and measures to
rejuvenation of the oriental                           in cultural exchanges by promoting         implement the above consensus, and,
civilization and make a positive                       people-to-people links and                 building on the informal summit,
contribution to global peace and                       unleashing the vitality of the two         endeavor to open new prospects in
development.                                           emerging economies. For this to            China-India relations.
                                                       happen, the two sides agree to
    Both sides take the view that                      establish a high-level cultural and            Both sides agree that the leaders
China and India are neighbors, friends                 people-to-people exchang e                 of the two countries will continue to
and partners. The development of                       mechanism.                                 maintain strategic communication in
both China and India is a prevailing                                                              various forms.

10     News From China         April 2018
Informal Wuhan Summit


    Beijing, April 26 (Xinhua) --            China is the largest trading           bilateral trade ties have huge
Chinese President Xi Jinping is going    partner of India. Both are huge            potentials for further development.
to sit down in an informal meeting       developing countries and the world's       And it is necessary for China and
with Indian Prime Minister Narendra      major emerging economies which             India to build closer partnership
Modi in the central Chinese city of      offer huge opportunities for each          based on the principles of peaceful
Wuhan over the next two days.            other's trade market.                      coexistence and win-win cooperation
                                                                                    to create a better environment for
     The tete-a-tete between the two         In 2017, the bilateral trade           trade and economic activities.
leaders is going to set a stage for      volume between China and India rose
Beijing and New Delhi to further         by 20.3 percent and hit a record high          In recent years, the cultural and
exchange views over long-term and        of 84.44 billion U.S. dollars, according   people-to-people exchanges between
strategic issues and to initiate fresh   to statistics of China's Ministry of       China and India have been enhanced
momentum for future bilateral            Commerce.                                  as well. The India-originated Yoga
cooperation.                                                                        and Indian films have gained large
                                             This has demonstrated that the         popularity across China. Last year,

                                                                                         News From China   April 2018    11
Informal Wuhan Summit

visits that have been made between          nationalism and trade protectionism        Organization at the center.
peoples of China and India surpassed        is on the rise, while the combat against
1 million, with 42 flights coming back      non-traditional security threats such          Such multilateral frameworks as
and forth between the two countries         as climate change, trans-national          BRICS and the Shanghai
every week.                                 crimes and terrorism have become           Cooperation Organization are also
                                            increasingly demanding. No nation          important platforms where the two
     But still, for the two big countries   can face these challenges alone.           countries can help improve the global
with a total population of over 2.6                                                    governance system.
billion, there is huge potential to be          On global trade issues, both Xi
tapped in this area.                        and Modi have warned on different              India is welcomed to play a more
                                            occasions of the dire threats of rising    constructive role in these two
    On the world stage, the two             trade barriers to the world economy.       mechanisms, and together with other
countries have more than enough             China and India should firmly stick to     members of these groupings, China
reasons to work more closely.               the spirit of free trade so as to help     and India can help make more and
                                            maintain the current global free           better contributions to Asia and
     Across the globe, economic             trading system with the World Trade        beyond.

                                                                                            Wuhan, April 28 (Xinhua) --
                                                                                       Chinese President Xi Jinping has said
                                                                                       that mutual trust is the basis for the
                                                                                       stable development of Sino-Indian

                                                                                           Xi made the remarks when
                                                                                       holding an informal meeting with
                                                                                       Indian Prime Minister Narendra
                                                                                       Modi on Friday and Saturday in the
                                                                                       central Chinese city of Wuhan.

                                                                                           Hailing the sound development
                                                                                       of bilateral ties, Xi said that the two
                                                                                       countries have forged a closer
                                                                                       development partnership and made
                                                                                       prog ress on exchang es and
                                                                                       cooperation in various fields.

                                                                                            "We have paid reciprocal visits,
                                                                                       met on multiple occasions, and
                                                                                       reached many important consensuses
                                                                                       over the past three years, which acted
                                                                                       as a guidance to the positive
                                                                                       development momentum of bilateral
                                                                                       ties," Xi said.

12   News From China     April 2018
Informal Wuhan Summit

    China and India, as the two                      "China and India should be good                    e xc h a n g e s, a n d h a n d l e t h e i r
biggest developing countries and two             neighbors and friends," Xi said. "The                  differences in a more mature manner.
emerging economies each with a                   two countries should regard each
population of over 1 billion, are both           other as a positive factor in the                           He sug gested both sides
important engines of global                      balance of global power and take each                  strengthen coordination and
economic growth, as well as backbone             other as partners for realizing the                    cooperation in international and
forces for promoting                             dream of development."                                 regional affairs, and jointly promote
multipolarization and economic                                                                          regional economic integration and
globalization, Xi said.                              China and India are getting                        interconnectivity.
                                                 stronger and stronger, and this
     The international situation is              represents an irresistible trend and                         "The two sides should uphold
undergoing a critical period of                  offers important opportunities to                      the global governance concept of
ch a n g e s a n d a d j u s t m e n t , a n d   each other, Xi said.                                   e x t e n s ive c o n s u l t a t i o n , j o i n t
countries around the world are now                                                                      contribution and shared benefit to
more inter-connected and rely on                      Both China and India stand for an                 promote the construction of an open
each other, said Xi, noting that "the            independent foreign policy, he said,                   wo r l d e c o n o my, s u p p o r t t h e
trend of peace and development is                calling on the two sides to correctly                  multilateral trading system, actively
irreversible."                                   analyze and view each other's                          carry out international cooperation
                                                 intentions with a positive, open and                   and jointly cope with global
     "A sound China-India                        inclusive attitude.                                    challenges," Xi said.
relationship is an important, positive
factor for safeguarding world stability,              "China and India have many                            China is ready to make joint
and means a lot to the development               similar ideas in international affairs,"               efforts with India to create a stable
and progress of all human beings," Xi            said Xi.                                               and prosperous Asia in the 21st
said.                                                                                                   century and promote the
                                                      He said, in developing relations                  development of the international
     China and India face similar tasks          between major countries, China                         order in a more just and reasonable
in their pursuit of development and              upholds strategic autonomy as well as                  direction, Xi said.
rejuvenation, as socialism with                  non-conflict and non-confrontation,
Chinese characteristics has entered a            and insists on building a new-type of                       Modi thanked President Xi for
new era, and the goal of building a              international relations featuring                      his invitation, saying he had a candid
"new India" has been proposed, Xi                mutual respect, fairness and justice,                  and in-de pth exchang es with
said.                                            and win-win cooperation, which are in                  President Xi and learnt about the
                                                 line with the Five Principles of                       profound Jing-Chu local culture
    He called on the two sides to                Pe a c e f u l C o - e x i s t e n c e j o i n t l y   during his visit.
focus on development and deepen                  advocated by China and India in the
mutually beneficial cooperation, so as           1950s.                                                     Modi said he felt that President
to achieve national rejuvenation,                                                                       Xi has attached great importance to
create an Asia featuring stability,                   Xi stressed that in the next stage,               and has guided the development of
development and prosperity in the                China and India should jointly plan                    India-China relations.
21st century,and make a positive                 for all-round cooperation, carry out
contribution to global peace and                 closer strategic communication, and                         India and China are countries
development.                                     timely conduct consultation on major                   with ancient civilizations and
                                                 issues of common concern, so as to                     important neighbors, he said, calling
     Xi said that both sides should              take a firm hold of the general                        on the two sides to strengthen
develop Sino-Indian ties from a                  direction of bilateral relations and                   dialogue, exchanges and cooperation,
strategic perspective, constantly                ensure the effective operation of their                and maintain peaceful co-existence
enhance mutual understanding and                 dialogue mechanism.                                    and ever-lasting friendship.
trust, and promote all sectors and
people of the two countries to deepen                He said that the two sides should                      Modi said he paid high attention
mutual understanding and cultivate               carry out more in-depth pragmatic                      to the announcement at the 19th
friendly feelings.                               cooperation and more extensive                         National Congress of the
                                                 cultural and people-to-people                          Communist Party of China (CPC)

                                                                                                                News From China         April 2018      13
Informal Wuhan Summit

that socialism with Chinese                   India and China should make                    handle and control their differences
characteristics had entered a new era,    joint efforts in making greater                    and boost people-to-people
while India has its own goal of a "new    contribution to peace, stability and               friendship, so as to upgrade bilateral
India."                                   prosperity of Asia and the world in                relations to a new level.
                                          the 21st century, Modi said, agreeing
    He agreed with Xi that as two         to maintain high-level strategic                        India firmly pursues an
largest developing countries with a       communication with China.                          independent foreign policy and
combined population of 2.6 billion                                                           supports the globalization,
and two large emerging economies,              The two countries have common                 multilateral system and democratic
India and China are stabilizing factors   concept, a common resolve and                      international relations, he said.
of the world.                             common visions in developing
                                          bilateral ties, he said.                              Modi said India was ready to
    He said the development of India                                                         work with China to promote the
and China has important influence on           Modi suggested that the two sides             common interests of all developing
the world, and has positive               should strengthen contacts and                     countries.
significance to the vast developing       c o o p e r a t i o n , e n h a n c e mu t u a l
countries.                                understanding and trust, properly

                 OF INDIA

14   News From China   April 2018
Informal Wuhan Summit

    On April 23, 2018, Vice President    Characteristics for a New Era, China       maintain multilateral trade system. It
Wang Qishan met in Zhongnanhai           continues to give top priority to          is hoped that the two countries will
with External Affairs Minister           development, and has been advancing        march toward the goal of building
Sushma Swaraj of India.                  the five-sphere integrated plan.           closer development partnership.
                                         President Xi Jinping announced
    Wang Qishan expressed that           several major measures at the Boao              Sushma Swaraj expressed that
President Xi Jinping will hold an        Forum for Asia, aiming to promote          India has always attached great
informal meeting with Prime Minister     cooperation and development, and           importance to its relations with China
Narendra Modi. It is believed that the   safeguard peace and stability so as to     and stands ready to, together with
two leaders will reach more strategic    build a community with a shared            China, maintain high-level
consensus on bilateral relations and     future for mankind. China expects          exchanges, increase strategic mutual
major issues of common concern.          India to play a greater role within the    tr ust, and well implement the
Under the guidance of Xi Jinping         framework of the Shanghai                  consensus of the meeting between
Thought on Socialism with Chinese        Cooperation Organization and jointly       the leaders of the two countries.

                AJIT DOVAL OF INDIA
    On April 13, 2018, Member of         relations have once again gained new       of Asia and the world. Both sides
the Political Bureau of the Central      progress after the meeting between         should continuously follow the spirit
Committee of the Communist Party         President Xi Jinping and Prime             of the consensus reached by the
of China (CPC) and Director of the       Minister Narendra Modi in Xiamen           leaders of the two countries, firmly
Office of the Foreign Affairs            last September. Promoting bilateral        grasp the right direction of bilateral
Commission of the CPC Central            relations in a comprehensive and in-       relations, accumulate more positive
Committee Yang Jiechi held talks in      depth manner is the expectation of         energy, as well as expand new
Shanghai with National Security          the two peoples, conforms to the           cooperation, in a bid to open up a
Adviser Ajit Doval of                    fundamental interests of the two           bright future for bilateral relations.
                                         sides, and is also conducive to the
    Both sides agreed that bilateral     stability, development and prosperity

              OF INDIA
    On April 22, 2018, State             care and guidance of leaders of both       sides should be active in preparations
Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang      countries, China-India relations have      to ensure a complete success of the
Yi held talks in Beijing with External   maintained a positive development          meeting, and take it as an opportunity
Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj of        momentum since the beginning of            to enhance strategic mutual trust,
India.                                   this year. President Xi Jinping is about   deepen practical cooperation and
                                         to hold an informal meeting with           properly handle differences, so as to
    Wang Yi expressed that under the     Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both         achieve common development and

                                                                                          News From China   April 2018    15
Informal Wuhan Summit

contribute to promoting peaceful      embodies the common and strong            e l e va t e I n d i a - C h i n a s t r a t e g i c
development in the region and the     willingness of both sides to              cooperative partnership to new highs.
world.                                strengthen strategic communication.
                                      India is ready to, together with China,       Both sides also exchanged views
    Sushma Swaraj noted that the      advance the meeting to deepen             on the current international and
holding of the informal meeting       leaders' friendship, enhance mutual       regional situation.
between leaders of India and China    trust between the two countries and

    On April 22, 2018, when jointly   should take the upcoming informal             Wang Yi pointed out that for
meeting the press with visiting       meeting between President Xi Jinping      some time in the past, the relevant
Minister of External Affairs Sushma   and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as       departments of China and India have
Swaraj of India in Beijing, State     an opportunity to promote better and      worked tog ether and made
Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang   faster development of bilateral           considerable preparations for the
Yi expressed that China and India     relations.                                informal meeting of the leaders,

16   News From China   April 2018
Informal Wuhan Summit

achieving positive outcomes. For the          Wang Yi noted that in the coming     promote people-to-people and
next step, both sides should continue    period of time, both sides should take    cultural exchanges, properly deal with
intensifying cooperation and well        the implementation of the results and     differences, expand multilateral
make various arrangements for the        important consensus of the informal       coordination, and take this important
meeting to ensure the complete           meeting between the leaders of the        meeting as an opportunity, in a bid to
success of this informal meeting and     two countries as the mainline,            push forward the realization of better
make it a new milestone in the history   enhance strategic communication,          and faster development of bilateral
of bilateral relations.                  dee pen practical cooperation,            relations at a new starting point.

     On April 22, 2018, when jointly     time, which will promote the balance             Wang Yi expressed that socialism
meeting the press with visiting          of international powers in a more         with Chinese characteristics has
Minister of External Affairs Sushma      balanced direction as well as a more      entered a new era, and India is at a
Swaraj of India, State Councilor and     robust momentum of peace. Both as         crucial stage of development and
Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced       ancient civilizations, China and India    r e j u ve n a t i o n . A g a i n s t s u ch a
that President Xi Jinping and Prime      are important neighboring countries       background, President Xi Jinping and
Minister Narendra Modi of India will     to each other and major developing        Prime Minister Narendra Modi
hold an informal meeting from April      countries with more than 1 billion        decided to hold this infor mal
27 to 28 in Wuhan, Hubei Province.       people. The development of the two        meeting. It will deepen mutual trust
The leaders of the two countries will    countries is not only the prosperity      between the leaders of the two
conduct strategic communication on       and progress for the one third of the     countries, make strategic judgment
the great changes of the current world   world population, but also the great      on the world landscape and China-
that have never been seen in the past    process that has never been seen in       India relations, guide bilateral
hundred years, and exchange in-depth     the history of human civilization. The    relations to g rasp the general
views on the overall, long-term and      two countries are natural cooperative     direction, set new goals and break
strategic issues regarding the future    partners that share far more common       new ground. It will not only benefit
development of bilateral relations.      interests than differences. Everlasting   the two countries and the two
     Wang Yi pointed out that the        friendship, mutually beneficial           peoples, but also exert significant and
world landscape has been undergoing      cooperation and common                    positive influence on regional and
profound evolution. China and India      development are inevitable choices        world peace and development.
have developed rapidly at the same       for the two countries.

    On April 24, 2018, Vice Foreign      introducing relevant situation of             Kong Xuanyou said that as
Minister Kong Xuanyou held a media       China-India leaders' infor mal            agreed by China and India, President
briefing at the Foreign Ministry,        meeting.                                  Xi Jinping and Prime Minister

                                                                                          News From China       April 2018     17
Informal Wuhan Summit

Narendra Modi will hold an informal       as two staunch forces to promote                    countries, China-India relations have
meeting in Wuhan, Hubei Province          wo r l d mu l t i - p o l a r i z a t i o n a n d   m a i n t a i n e d t h e d e ve l o p m e n t
from April 27 to 28. Both countries       economic globalization, are the                     momentum, with institutional
and the international community pay       important pillars to advance the peace,             exchanges being conducted in
high attention to it and show positive    stability and prosperity of the region              succession and new progress being
response to it. China and India are the   and the world. The strategic and global             achieved from cooperation in various
two largest developing countries and      significance of bilateral relations has             areas. Meanwhile, with the changes
emerging market economies in the          become more prominent.                              of the international situation and
world, and the only two major                                                                 respective development of China and
countries with one-billion-plus                Kong Xuanyou expressed that at                 India, bilateral relations need further
population. Against the backdrop that     present, both China and India are at                development and also face the
the current world landscape has been      an important stage of accelerating                  opportunity for further
undergoing profound evolutions, with      development, and share similar                      improvement.
the world multi-polarization and          national conditions as well as embrace
economic globalization enjoying in-       similar dreams. The two ancient                         Kong Xuanyou introduced the
depth development, the balance of         civilizations are brimming with robust              reason why Wuhan is chosen as the
international powers becoming more        vitality, as well as have shown bright,             destination for this informal meeting.
balanced and the general trend of         brilliant and promising prospects. In               As the biggest city in Central China,
peaceful development showing a more       recent years, under the strategic                   Wuhan enjoys profound historical
robust momentum, China and India,         guidance of the leaders of the two                  background, and has increasingly

18   News From China   April 2018
Informal Wuhan Summit

intensified exchanges and constantly     the world has seen in a century and       on preparations for this meeting and
expanded economic and trade              exchange in-depth views on the            jointly promoted bilateral relations
cooperation with India's local states.   overall, long-term and strategic issues   for a sound development
At the same time, Prime Minister         of China-India relations in a relaxed     momentum. It can be said that the
Narendra Modi has visited Chinese        and friendly atmosphere. It will          leading and driving role of the
cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou,       certainly deepen mutual trust between     informal meeting in China-India
Xi'an, Hangzhou and Xiamen, which        the two countries, grasp the general      relations has become evident. Both
means he has been to Eastern,            direction and set new goals for the       sides agreed to, after the meeting, take
Southern, Western and Northern           development of bilateral relations,       the implementation of the important
China except Central China. It is        and guide bilateral cooperation to        consensus of the leaders' informal
believed that the visit to Wuhan will    break new ground. It will not only        meeting as the mainline, maintain
become a brand new experience of         benefit the two countries and the two     high-level exchanges and institutional
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and         peoples, but also exert significant and   communication, deepen bilateral
further increase his understanding of    positive influence on regional and        cooperation, properly deal with
China.                                   world peace and development.              differences and strengthen
     Kong Xuanyou emphasized that                                                  multilateral coordination, in a bid to
during this informal meeting, the             Kong Xuanyou expressed that          promote bilateral relations for better
leaders of the two countries will have   for some period of time in the past,      and more rapid development at a new
strategic communication on the most      relevant departments of China and         starting point.
profound and unprecedented changes       India have had intensive interactions

                                                                                         News From China    April 2018   19
Informal Wuhan Summit

     On April 6, 2018, Vice Foreign
M i n i s t e r Ko n g X u a n yo u h e l d
consultation with Foreign Secretary
Vijay Gokhale of India in New Delhi.

     Speaking highly of the current
development momentum of China-
India relations, both sides agreed to
maintain high-level exchanges, carry
out mechanism communication,
expand practical cooperation and
properly handle differences. Both
sides also exchanged views on
international and regional issues of
common concern.

    During his stay in India, Vice
Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou paid
a courtesy call on National Security
Adviser Ajit Doval of India.

20   News From China      April 2018
Informal Wuhan Summit

               DRAGON-ELEPHANT TAN
                  —Remarks by Ambassador Luo Zhaohui at the Seminar
                “Wuhan Summit: Sino-India Relations and Its Way Forward”
                      (May 4, 2018, Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi)

     I just came back from Wuhan on             On 27 and 28 April, Wuhan was
                                                      th      th
                                                                                          1. Enhance chemistry and
May 1 . Before going to Wuhan, I was
                                           in the limelight of the world.             friendship between two leaders
in Beijing participating in the Foreign
Ministers’ bilateral meeting on 22              The informal summit between                This was the 13 get-together of

April where State Councilor and            President Xi Jinping and Prime             the two leaders, creating a new model
Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks        Minster Modi discussed the landscape       of engagement. Our two peoples
with Mdm. Sushma Swaraj, External          of how the dragon and elephant             enjoyed a long history of friendly
Affairs Minister at the sidelines of the   would dance together and the whole         exchanges through the ancient silk
SCO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. She        picture of the world situation. It is of   road, leaving a number of touching
also called on Vice President Wang         great significance, fruitful and a         stories such as Xuanzang’s journey to
Qishan. The two sides focused on the       milestone in the history of bilateral      lear n Buddhism in India and
last-minute preparation of the Wuhan       relations. I want to use five words to     Bodhidharma’s preaching in China.
Summit. After that meeting, I flew to      outline the outcomes, friendship,          In 1942, Chiang kai-shek, then leader
Wuhan.                                     cooperation, development,                  of the nationalist government of
                                           coordination and management.               China, visited India to coordinate

                                                                                           News From China     April 2018   21
Informal Wuhan Summit

with India for the anti-Fascism fight.         Gorges Dam when he was Chief                 2025”, employment, urbanization,
In general, the two countries had              Minister of Gujarat. Prime Minister          environment protection, particularly
more people-to-people exchanges                Modi also recalled President Xi’s visit      a n t i - c o r r u p t i o n a n d p o ve r t y
than official exchanges. After the             to Gujarat when he was presented a           alleviation. Prime Minister Modi also
establishment of diplomatic ties               vegetarian birthday cake by President        introduced achievements and
between China and India in 1950,               Xi.                                          experience of his administration,
Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier                                                             talked about the economic reform
Zhou Enlai maintained close contacts               2. Strengthen mutual trust and           measures and hoped that the two
with Prime Minister Jawaharlal                 bilateral cooperation                        sides could share experience with
Nehru. The two sides jointly initiated                                                      each other.
the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.        The two leaders ag reed to
The leaders’ strategic guidance and            continue to maintain strategic                   Through the summit, the two
top-level design to the bilateral              communication in different forms             leaders further deepened their
relations are of great importance.             such as phone conversation, writing          understanding of each others’
                                               letters, meetings etc.                       development strategies and reform
    PM Modi’s visit to Wuhan                                                                measures, and they shared similar
received warm hospitality from the                 They discussed about strategic           views on the historical position,
host. The protocol arrangements                autonomy, concerted efforts to realize       development stage and development
were to make the guest relaxed,                Asian Century and reaffirmed that            goals of the two countries. The two
comfortable and feel at home.                  China and India are good neighbors,          sides viewed each others’
President Xi told Prime Minister               good friends and good partners.              developmental intentions in a
Modi that he was happy to fulfill his                                                       positive way and decided to build a
sincere promise to host Modi in                     The two sides agreed to promote         Closer Developmental Partnership in
Wuhan. He also told the guest that he          trade and reduce trade deficit. They         an equal, mutually beneficial and
had only received foreign leader twice         agreed to promote exchanges in the           sustainable manner. They were also
outside Beijing over the past five years       fields of movie, sports, tourism, youth      committed to support the
of tenure and both were for Modiji.            and local contacts. During the               modernization of China and India.
The First was in Xi’an in 2015. Wuhan          meeting, President Xi mentioned that
is the second. Modiji was deeply               he had watched Bollywood movies                  4. Reinforce coordination on
touched.                                       such as “Dangal”. The two sides              international and regional issues
                                               agreed to establish high-level people-
     The two leaders spent 9 hours             to-people exchange mechanism.                     The two sides agreed to carry out
together in 7 events including 4 one-                                                       “China India plus” cooperation in
on-one meetings, walking and tea-                  M o d i j i u s e d t h e wo r d o f     Afghanistan and speed up the
tasting along the lakeside, boat ride,         STRENGTH to identify priorities              economic cooperation under the
and museum tour. The first event of            of bilateral cooperation, namely S for       BCIM framework. The two leaders
t h e t wo l e a d e r s w a s t o v i s i t   Spirituality, T for Tradition, Trade and     also exchanged views on
Bianzhong, an antique of musical               Technology, R for Relationship, E for        d e ve l o p m e n t o n t h e Ko r e a n
instrument which was unearthed in              Entertainment such as Movies, Art,           Peninsula, respective relations with
Sui County in Hubei Province. The              Dance, N for Nature conservation, G          the United States and Russia, and
talks started from friendly recalling of       for Games, T for Tourism and H for           how to coordinate in the WTO to
home diplomacy and long time                   Health care and Healing.                     jointly deal trade frictions with the
interaction between the two leaders.                                                        third party.
Their        respective political                  3. Deepen synergy between
experiences were also discussed. Then          China and India’s developmental                   Prime Minister Modi briefed
President Xi mentioned civilizations           strategy                                     P r e s i d e n t X i o n I n d i a ’s
of the Yellow River and the Yangtze                                                         “neighborhood first” policy and
River in China. Prime Minister Modi                The two leaders exchanged in-            concept of “the world as one”, which
touched upon civilizations of the              depth views on governance. President         coincide with President Xi’s idea of
Indus River and the Ganges River,              X i i n t r o d u c e d C h i n a ’s “ Two   “neighborhood diplomacy as high
and recalled his visit to the Three            Centenary Goals”, “Made in China             priority”, and “to build a community

22   News From China      April 2018
Informal Wuhan Summit

of shared future for mankind”. They          economic integration, free trade and        Modi proposed to hold an informal
believed that China-India relations          multilateralism.                            summit with President Xi. After the
have influence far beyond the                                                            Donglang standoff, President Xi
relationship itself and have global              5. M a n a g e d i f f e r e n c e s   reciprocated a positive confirmation
significance. As two larg est                through friendly negotiations.              to Modiji during the BRICS Summit
developing countries and emerging                                                        in Xiamen last September.
market economies each with a                     State Councilor and Foreign
population of over one billion, China        Minister Wang Yi has taken up the               After the Xiamen Summit, both
and India are important engines of           post of the Special Representative of       sides have been working very hard to
wo r l d e c o n o m i c g r o w t h a n d   China-India Boundary Question. The          prepare for the informal summit. Our
backbones of the world’s multi-              two leaders were committed to               Special Representatives of Boundary
polarization and economic                    finding solutions with regard to            Question and Foreign Ministers
globalization.                               border disputes through the Special         exchanged visits in a short span of
                                             Representatives’ Meeting while              time. The Chinese Vice Foreign
    The two leaders shared the similar       adopting confidence building                Minister and the Indian Foreign
views on globalization and agreed that       measures to maintain the peace and
                                                                                         Secretary exchanged visits as well.
China and India should join hands to         tranquility along the border areas.
                                                                                         The Chinese Commerce Minister was
tackle global challenges such as
                                                                                         in New Delhi in March. The Kailash-
climate change, natural disasters and        Friends,
                                                                                         Mansorova Yatra, the trans-border
terrorism, increase the representation
and say of developing countries and              I would like to further introduce       river issue have been resolved.
emerging markets economies,                  the background of the informal              Particularly, upon the closing of
promote a more just and equitable            summit. During the SCO Astana               China’s Two Sessions on 20 March,
world order, in a bid to forge global        Summit last June, Prime Minister            President Xi received a phone call

                                                                                              News From China   April 2018    23
Informal Wuhan Summit

from Prime Minister Modi on his re-         dollars. More than 800 Chinese               practical cooperation and promote
election. All the events served as          companies are investing and starting         broader cultural and people-to-
warm-ups and preparations for the           business in India, creating over one         people exchanges. Both sides should
informal summit.                            lakh employment opportunities for            strengthen coordination and
                                            India. Practicing yoga, watching             cooperation in the regional and
    I also want to share with you the       Bollywood movies and tasting                 inter national affairs, promote
background of Wuhan Summit in a             Dar jeeling tea have become                  regional economic integration and
bigger picture.                             fashionable among the Chinese                connectivity and suppor t the
                                            youth. We certainly have some                multilateral trading regime. Both
    From the global perspective, in         disputes such as boundary and Dalai          sides should also manage differences
recent years, the developing countries      L a m a i s s u e s, b u t we ’ ve b e e n   in a more mature manner.
represented by China and India have         committed to managing disputes.
emerged as a group, contributing to                                                           Second, we should address the
the evolving international structure             How to coexist with each other,         concrete issues. China does not
of “the rise of the east and the decline    how to look at respective                    seek the imbalance of trade with
of the west”. At the backdrop of the        development and how to judge                 India. Although the trade deficit is
inverse of globalization and rising         intentions of China and India, are key       largely caused by trade structure and
protectionism, China and India as two       issues that urgently call for the            market factors, both sides can actively
of the biggest developing country and       strategic guidance from the leaders.         study the solution. We will speed up
the important emerging market                                                            the cooperation of Bangladesh,
countries, are faced with the pressure      Friends,                                     China, India and Myanmar
of established powers. The two                                                           Framework, identify the project in
countries also need to explore the way          What is the way forward after            Afghanistan that China and India can
to get along with each other as             Wuhan Summit? I want to sum up               cooperate on and establish a high-
neighboring emerging powers.                with implementation, transmission            level cultural and people-to-people
                                            and action.                                  exchange mechanism.
    From the respective development
of China and India, our combined                Stra tegic co mmun ica tio n s,               Third, we need to accumulate
population and GDP account for              meetings, heart-to-heart dialogues are       consensus for the following
40% and 20% of the world’s total.           important. The equal importance is to        meetings between the two leaders.
Both countries are at the critical stage    implement the consensus, transmit            President Xi and Prime Minister Modi
of economic development,                    personal friendship between the two          will meet soon during SCO Summit in
deepening reform, and advancing             leaders down to the people, and take         Qingdao in June. They are likely to
moder nization. Socialism with              more concrete actions.                       meet again during BRICS Summit in
Chinese characteristics has entered a                                                    South Africa in July and G20 Summit
new era. The Chinese people are                  First, we should fully                  in Argentina in November this year.
pursuing the Chinese dream. In the          implement the consensus reached              We need to grasp the opportunity
meantime, India puts forward a vision       by the two leaders. Wuhan Summit             offered by Wuhan Summit, expand
of “New India”. We should integrate         was not a talk shop and we have a lot        the depth and breadth of cooperation
the developmental strategies and            of follow-ups to accomplish in the           and build consensus for leaders’
share governing experiences.                future. The two leaders agreed to            meetings in the near future.
                                            instruct their competent departments
     From the bilateral perspective,        to work out specific plans and                   Although Wuhan Summit has
the two leaders met 12 times on             measures to implement the                    concluded, but its realistic and long-
different occasions and the bilateral       consensus. Both sides should firmly          term historical significance will
relations have maintained good              keep the direction of bilateral              become more apparent as time goes
momentum. China is India’s largest          relations, ensure the effective              on.
trading partner. Last year, the bilateral   operation of the dialogue
trade volume reached 84.4 billion US        mechanisms, carry out more in-depth              Thank you.

24   News From China     April 2018
Informal Wuhan Summit

     On April 26, 2018, Indian
Newspaper The Hindustan Times
published the article "China-India
cooperation outweighs our
differences " of Chinese Ambassador
to India Luo Zhaohui. The full text is
as follows:

     President Xi Jinping and Prime
Minister Modi will have an informal
summit in Wuhan city from April 27th
to 28th. It is a major topic of our era
for China and India to join hands and
respond to the evolving international

     Global and strategic significance
of China-India relations is rising. As
the two largest developing countries
and major emerging markets, China         Action Agenda mentioned China 67         Boundary Question and Foreign
and India need to explore ways to get     times. Our development goals have        Ministers exchanged visits. China-
along with each other. With backlash      overlapping time span and can learn      India Joint Economic Groups,
against globalization, heart-to-heart     from each other.                         China-India Strategic Economic
talks between Chinese and Indian                                                   Dialogue and other dialogue
leaders will promote free trade,               Since 18th National Congress of     mechanisms have been activated.
strengthen unity among developing         CPC, President Xi and Prime Minister     These efforts contribute to the
countries and uphold world equity         Modi have met 13 times. The              positive atmosphere and consensus
and justice.                              “hometown diplomacy” has become          building for the informal summit.
                                          a popular topic. When Doklam
    T he realistic and practical          standoff broke out, the two leaders’          Economic and trade cooperation
significance of China-India relations     personal input and wisdom of             is surging against all odds. Bilateral
is more evident. Both countries are at    diplomatic teams together ensured its    trade volume in 2017 is $ 84.4 billion.
the critical stage of economic            proper resolution. In Xiamen summit,     China remains India’s largest trading
development, deepening reform and         the two leaders agreed to look forward   partner. India is China’s largest
moder nization. Socialism with            and reached important consensus for      market for projects contracting and
Chinese characteristics has entered a     holding the informal summit.             second largest investment
new era. The 19th National Congress                                                destination. Chinese cellphones
of CPC laid out the grand blueprint           China-India relations are            occupy half Indian market.
for making China a great modern           stabilizing and improving, laying a
socialist country in every dimension.     solid foundation for the informal            Cultural and personnel
India put forward 3-year Action           summit. More than 30 dialogue            exchanges are surging. There are 14
Agenda, blueprint for “New India” by      mechanisms have covered all fields.      pairs of sister city/province.
2022 and the 15-year National             Since the end of last year, China and    Personnel exchanges in 2017 exceed
Development Agenda. The 3-year            India’s Special Representatives on       1 million. Over 20,000 Indian

                                                                                        News From China    April 2018    25
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