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Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                   2020–2021 Viewbook 
                                        Archbishop O’Leary
                                        Catholic High School
                                        TR ADITION AND E XCELLENCE • 60TH ANNIVERSARY

                                        2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        Open House: Thursday March 5 at 6:30 pm
                                        Grade 9 Registration Day: Saturday, March 7 at 9:00–2:00
                                        Advanced Placement Evening: Wednesday March 4 at 7:00pm             1
Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

            2020–2021 Viewbook 
Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
Table of Contents
                                        4    Principal’s Message

                                        6    Students’ Union

                                        7    Information for Parents

                                        8    Personalized Development Time

                                        9    Success Centre

                                        11   SASSI

                                        13   Braided Journeys

                                        15   Athletics
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                             2020–2021 Viewbook — Table of Contents
                                        16   Soccer Academy

                                        17   O’Leary Fitness Centre

                                        17   Physical Education

                                        18   School Chaplain & Religion

                                        20 Career and Technology Studies

                                        30   Advanced Placement

                                        31   Modern Languages

                                        33   Fine Arts

                                        38 English Language Arts

                                        39 English Language Learners

                                        40 Social Studies

                                        41   Aboriginal Studies

                                        42 Mathematics

                                        44 Science

                                        47   Career and Life Management

                                        48 Course Listing

Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                          2020–2021 Viewbook — Table of Contents
                                        It is our pleasure to welcome you to Archbishop O’Leary—Home of the
                                        Spartans. O’Leary is an excellent school, with a long and very successful
                                        history that includes over 30,000 alumni who have graduated from here over
                                        the past 60 years.

                                        O’Leary offers everything imaginable…high-level academics, Advanced
                                        Placement Program, vocations, athletics, fine arts, Sports Medicine…there is
                                        something for every student. Our staff and facilities are top-notch and this is
                                        evident in everything that we are able to provide for our students and
                                        our community.

                                        We are a very strong and positive high school, that takes pride in all that we
                                        do and all that we are involved in. O’Leary is truly a School of Choice and we
                                        continue to grow and improve in every aspect.

                                        Take time to see why so many students proudly call O’Leary their school
                                        right now and why so many students have graduated from here. Experience
                                        O’Leary spirit, our culture and climate and all that is O’Leary.

                                        Yours truly,
                                        Todd Eistetter
Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
2020–2021 Viewbook — Discipline, Pride, Honor
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        Discipline, Pride, Honor
                                        Archbishop O’Leary High School has an outstanding history of excellence
                                        founded on the three pillars of the school motto, Discipline, Pride and Honor.
                                        Spartan students are noted for their commitment to reaching their full
                                        potential in all aspects of their lives. O’Leary students strive to achieve results
                                        to the best of their ability, whether it is in the classroom, on the court, or on the
                                        stage. They cooperate with their teachers and peers, recognizing that each
                                        individual only reaches their highest goals when they are a part of a team
                                        that supports one another.

                                        O’Leary students are a vital part of the extended school community and
                                        proudly wear the Spartan logo throughout their school years and beyond.
                                        Graduating from Archbishop O’Leary means becoming a part of an alumnus
                                        that positively impacts many facets of an ever-changing world. Students who
                                        attend Archbishop O’Leary High School recognize both the privilege and
                                        responsibility of becoming a Spartan.

                                        Do you have what it takes to live the life of a Spartan?                                              5
Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                       2020–2021 Viewbook — Students Union
                                        Students Union
                                        Spartan Spirit is encouraged by a talented group of student leaders
                                        that represent Students’ Union. Our group fosters the involvement and
                                        participation of all students in amazing school events that provide fun and
                                        school spirit as well as active responsibility to our community. We host a
                                        wide variety of events during the school year with a focus on social justice
                                        initiatives, athletics, various talents, general challenges and numerous
                                        celebrations that demonstrate our Spartan Spirit.

Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
Information for parents
                                        Application Day March 7
                                        Students from Catholic feeder schools: Please come on March 7 to fill
                                        out your course selection sheet. You do not need to complete an online
                                        application form or bring in documentation.

                                        Students applying from Edmonton Public or outside of our catchment must
                                        fill out the online application form before coming on March 7 to submit
                                        documentation and course selections.

                                        Your application form will not be considered until all documentation is in.
                                        Documents needed to complete application to O’Leary:
                                        1. Course Menu: Grade 10 green sheet, Grade 11 & 12 yellow sheet
                                        2. Grades (report card, up to date Powerschool or School Zone print out etc.)

                                                                                                                         2020–2021 Viewbook — Information for parents
                                        3. Proof of Address (student residence)
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        4. Birth Certificate (regardless of country)
                                        5. Citizenship papers (Confirmation of Permanent Resident papers, study
                                           permit, work permit), if applicable
                                        6. Baptismal Certificate (Optional)

                                        Please ensure that you create and activate your parent powerschool
                                        account in early September so that you can keep track of your child’s
                                        attendance and grades.

                                        Student verification documents are done through powerschool in September.
                                        This document ensures that we have all the correct information for your child.

Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
Personalized Development Time
                                        “Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember,
                                         Involve me and I learn.” —Benjamin Franklin
                                        PDT is offered every day except Thursday. It is offered as the first block
                                        of the day. The value of PDT is to ensure student success and academic
                                        achievement for every type of student and every type of learner. The skills
                                        that students attain will help them achieve their goals not only in school,
                                        but in life as well. Students will be given academic support and numerous
                                        opportunities to supplement and enrich their learning in all core subjects.
                                        As well, enrichment opportunities will be provided for the students to access
                                        sessions in complementary courses they are not able to fit into their individual
                                        timetable. In providing time for students to explore things out of their norm

                                                                                                                            2020–2021 Viewbook — Personalized Development Time
                                        they will become a balanced and well-rounded individual.
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        In providing students with numerous options, they will be given choices about
                                        what they need and want to learn, when it is learned and how it is learned.
                                        This does not include unlimited choice, since students will still have targets to
                                        be met. However, PDT provides students numerous opportunities to learn in
                                        ways that suit their individual styles, needs and multiple intelligences.

Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
Success Centre
                                        The Success Centre is a vibrant space within Archbishop O’Leary High School
                                        which provides wrap-around services for our students. Students using this
                                        space can be seen:
                                        • completing homework
                                        • studying for tests
                                        • collaborating with their peers
                                        • accessing technology to support their learning
                                        • reading
                                        • using study hall
                                            • to complete CALM online
                                            • to write missed assessments
                                        • working on independent courses to enrich their individual learning
                                        • peer tutoring
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                           2020–2021 Viewbook — Success Centre
                                        • seeking personal, social, academic, and career counselling

                                        The space is staffed with our Student Services members who are there
                                        to help students be successful. These staff members includes: 2 qualified
                                        counsellors, 1 career advisor/grad coach, and 2 off-campus coordinators. The
                                        working floor is staffed by 2 academic specialists who together cover the 4
                                        core disciplines: English, Social Studies, Math and the Sciences. Our teachers
                                        work hard to develop a positive rapport with each student as they progress
                                        through their desired course material and delivery method, provide students
                                        with timely feedback, monitor students progress and reinforce key learning
                                        concepts through individualized supports. We also include a Study Hall which
                                        is a quiet space where students are able to access CALM online modules and
                                        any missed assessments from their daily classes. As a staff, we work hard to
                                        provide opportunities for students who are:
                                        • needing someone to talk to
                                        • required to complete an entire course via modules
                                        • looking to upgrade a course
                                        • wanting to access teacher support for a particular question in a
                                          specific subject
                                        • wanting to get caught up on missed work due to an extended absence
                                        • struggling to be successful in an academic course. In circumstances where
                                          students have been recommended by their teacher or grade coordinator
                                          to transition into a different stream to earn the necessary credits to stay on
                                          track for achieving their high school diploma, students will be completing
                                          the required work in the Success Centre.                                                   9
Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School - Edmonton ...
We provide learning in a variety of delivery methods. We incorporate:
                                        • self paced learning
                                        • Alberta Education approved modules
                                        • Online learning via Revelation
                                        • and access to our own locally developed courses.

                                        These advanced approaches to learning promote structure for our students,
                                        effective and timely individualized instruction, identification of educational
                                        deficiencies, all while working towards obtaining a high school diploma.

                                        Off Campus Education Programs
                                        Off-Campus education includes Work Experience and our Registered
                                        Apprenticeship Program (RAP). These courses are designed to give students
                                        the opportunity to learn about a particular line of work, while attending
                                        school. Our Off-Campus advisors can be found in the Success Centre.
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                         2020–2021 Viewbook — Success Centre
                                        Work Experience 15, 25 & 35
                                        Work Experience is a course available to high school students. This course
                                        allows students to work off-campus while obtaining credits towards their high
                                        school diploma. Students who have a part-time job or are looking for part-
                                        time work while enrolled at Archbishop O’Leary should come down to the
                                        Success Centre to find out how to be connected with the opportunity to earn
                                        up to 30 high school credits.

                                        Registered Apprenticeship Program
                                        Our Registered Apprenticeship Program is one where our students can have it
                                        all. Students enrolled at Archbishop O’Leary have the immense opportunity to
                                        become an apprentice and earn credits towards their high school diploma as
                                        well as their specific apprenticeship of choice.

                                        RAP is a partnership between a student, their employer and the school.
                                        The ability to be flexible by all parties is necessary for the agreement to be
                                        successful. The program can be structured in either of the following ways:
                                        • working as a RAP apprentice for one semester and attending school full-
                                          time the second semester
                                        • working half-days as an apprentice and attending school the other half
                                        • working during the summer, on holidays and weekends, and attending
                                          school during the regular term
                                        • working one or two days a week and going to school on other days
                                        (Student Access to Specialized Supports for Inclusion)
                                        SASSI is a department within Archbishop O’Leary High School where students
                                        with identified exceptional learning needs/special education needs are
                                        provided accommodations and supports that are deemed to be the most
                                        beneficial for the student.

                                        Archbishop O’Leary is the new home for the Knowledge & Employability (K&E)
                                        Congregated Program where students are working toward a Certificate of
                                        High School Achievement.

                                        Whatever is Needed (WIN) programming is also provided for students
                                        working toward a Certificate of High School Completion.

Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        In SASSI, programming begins with the attempt to understand the learning

                                                                                                                        2020–2021 Viewbook — SASSI
                                        profile of students who have identified exceptional learning needs and
                                        then select the accommodations, supports and/or services that will make
                                        the greatest impact on their ability to be academically successful and/or
                                        emotionally regulated.

                                        Programming for students is often directed by their academic goals.
                                        Parents are invited to be active partners in the process of selecting and
                                        attaining these goals. This is typically done in the effort to achieve a High
                                        School Diploma, if possible, within the recommended three year time
                                        frame. Programming is often diverse and unique to the student receiving it,
                                        especially for those whose needs exceed the norm. Some programming has
                                        to be specifically tailored to match the unique needs of the student.

                                        Please note that students with a mental health diagnosis (e.g. anxiety,
                                        depression, etc.) are supported through the team in the Success Centre.

WIN (Whatever Is Needed)
                                        Students working toward a Certificate of Completion are provided
                                        individualized learning opportunities and experiences. Programming centers
                                        around functional life skills and preparation for individual goals, including
                                        work study or work experience- when possible.

                                        The WIN classroom is the home base where students enrich literacy and
                                        numeracy skills and then students participate part time in typical learning
                                        environments where their strengths and abilities can be highlighted
                                        and enriched.

                                        K&E (Knowledge & Employability)
                                        Students choosing senior high K&E courses typically want to enhance their
                                        academic and occupational competencies and transition into employment,
                                        into continuing education and/or into training opportunities.
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        Students may combine K&E courses with other senior high courses or

                                                                                                                         2020–2021 Viewbook — SASSI
                                        transition between the two throughout grades 10-12. Students taking K&E
                                        courses are on a pathway toward a Certificate of High School Achievement.
                                        However, some students may ‘bridge’ toward a High School Diploma,
                                        depending on their profile as learners and their work ethic.

                                        Supports and Services
                                        All supports and services are founded on a diagnosis and the learning profile
                                        of the student. They are typically tailored to their specific needs. Examples
                                        can include:
                                        • Accommodations for assessments. These parallel those provide through
                                          Alberta Education and can include isolated spaces and extra time for
                                          writing tests. Please note these are only available for students with
                                          diagnoses. They are not available for typical learners.
                                        • Sensory sensitive learning environments.
                                        • One-to-one assistance with emotional regulation, when possible.
                                        • Education Assistants working in collaboration with the classroom teacher
                                          toward achieving targeted goals for students with exceptional learning
                                        • Access to technological devices—computers and/or programs—to those
                                          whose diagnoses indicate they require their use.
                                        • Adapted courses for students with severe learning or emotional needs.
                                        • Access to SASSI lab and office for quiet work, assistance with dysregulation     12
                                          and nourishment.
Braided Journeys Program
                                        Archbishop O’Leary meets the needs of First Nations, Metis and Inuit students
                                        in a holistic way that focuses on promoting positive outcomes. O’Leary has a
                                        full time Graduation Coach who implements the Braided Journeys Program
                                        which provides the following supports and services:
                                        • Relationship and Mentoring: builds close, supportive relationships with
                                          students and their families. Our FNMI Grad Coach is available full time in
                                          the Braided Journeys Room at O’Leary.
                                        • Transitions: eases the transition between Grade 9 and 10 through group
                                          workshops and one on one mentoring within local Junior High Schools. We
                                          currently have a part-time Transition Coach to assist our incoming Grade
                                          10’s and our current Grade 10 FNMI cohort.
                                        • Culture: develops a sense of belonging through cultural activities including

                                                                                                                         2020–2021 Viewbook — Braided Journeys Program
                                          smudge ceremonies, pow-wow dance practice, culture based Leadership
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                          opportunities, PDT’s and workshops with Elders and knowledge keepers.
                                        • Career Planning: exposes students to career possibilities and supports their
                                          pursuits through group and one on one career mentoring. Students can get
                                          assistance on the process to apply to post-secondary, fpr scholarships or to
                                          work on a resume. We also have partnerships that assist students in gaining
                                          summer jobs or internships.
                                        • Academics: provides weekly tutoring, course planning/changes and peer
                                        • Parental Engagement: encourages dialogue between parents, school and
                                          student. Provides opportunities for community to gather through Family
                                          Night events.
                                        • Leadership: provides leadership opportunities for First Nations, Metis
                                          and Inuit students that allow students to increase their understanding of
                                          leadership from both a cultural and mainstream perspective. Students
                                          gain credit in Braided Journeys 15/25/35 for active participation in our
                                          Leadership team.

                                        For more info contact: Donita Large, FNMI Grad Coach
                                        Ph: 780.476.6251 / E:

2020–2021 Viewbook — Braided Journeys Program

    Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                          2020–2021 Viewbook — Athletics
                                        At the high school level, Archbishop O’Leary offers thirteen different athletic
                                        teams for the students. Below is a list of all the Athletic Teams’ and their
                                        season of play.

                                        1st Semester Athletics
                                        • Football (September to November)
                                        • Golf (September)
                                        • Volleyball (September to November)
                                        • Cross Country Running (September)
                                        • Curling (September to November)
                                        • Wrestling (December to February)
                                        • Basketball (December to March)
                                        • Swimming (September to December)

                                        2nd Semester Athletics
                                        • Badminton (March to May)
                                        • Curling (February to March) Rugby (April to June)
                                        • Soccer (April to June)
                                        • Track and Field (April to June)                                                   15
Soccer Academy
                                        The Archbishop O’Leary Soccer Academy is a full year focused program for
                                        students who wish to play more soccer, learn the game, improve their game,
                                        or take their game to another level. The Academy offers different levels of
                                        classes for both boys and girls and tries to fit every student to an appropriate
                                        level where they can develop their game at their own pace while having fun.

                                        Throughout the year, a student will be introduced or improved on all topics of
                                        the game. The individual aspects of the game (technical, tactical, mental, and
                                        physical) are worked on using a large range of practices from individual work
                                        alone with a ball, physical fitness training, to drills within larger or smaller
                                        groups, to competitive game like drills as well as full on game situations. The
                                        Academy also trains the 4 game situations (defending, attacking, transition
                                        moments and set pieces) again by using a wide range drills and training
                                        situations, modified games as well as full on game situations.
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                           2020–2021 Viewbook — Soccer Academy
                                        Each year the academy the Academy tries to go on a showcase tournament,
                                        in the past the Academy has gone to showcase tournaments in Phoenix,
                                        soccer tour trips to Italy, Hawaii, and San Diego. This is a great way for
                                        student athletes to see different levels of competition around the world,
                                        as well as opening doors for students who would like to pursue soccer
                                        opportunities outside of Edmonton.

2020–2021 Viewbook — O’Leary Fitness Centre
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                          O’Leary Fitness Centre
                                          Archbishop O’Leary fitness centre has over 2500 square feet of space. We
                                          have state of the art strength and cardio equipment! The same stellar quality
                                          of training expertise will continue to be delivered. The annual membership
                                          fee is a reasonable $60 and this gives students access to the Fitness Centre
                                          during their spares, for PDT as well as after school. See you there!

                                          Physical Education
                                          Physical Education 10 (3 or 5 credits)
                                          Physical Education 10 is a mandatory course for all Grade 10 students. The
                                          3 credit course is suitable for those students who wish to fulfill the minimum
                                          high school diploma requirement in order to graduate. The 5 credit course is
                                          for those students who enjoy Physical Education and want to participate in
                                          daily physical activities.

                                        Grade 9              Phys. Ed. 10              Phys. Ed. 20             Phys. Ed. 30
                                                                               50                        50
                                        Phys. Ed.           (3 or 5 credits)          (3 or 5 credits)           (5 credits)
Religious Studies
                                        The Religious Studies Program at Archbishop O’Leary High School offers
                                        students a variety of options when earning their 9 credits in Religious Studies.
                                        We provide our students with the opportunity to approach their education in
                                        an inquiry based, 21st century model, focused on service. We encourage the
                                        students of Archbishop O’Leary High School to be invested members of their
                                        community and be examples of servant leadership. Every Religion class has
                                        a Service Hours/Christian Action component, where students will volunteer in
                                        the community. The purpose of the Service Hours/Christian Action component
                                        is to build a relationship with the larger community by being witness and
                                        example to the teachings of Christ. When students are actively participating
                                        and volunteering their time, students are demonstrating the themes learned
                                        in each Religion class. Students have the opportunity to volunteer with school
                                        led initiatives such as:
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                           2020–2021 Viewbook — Religious Studies
                                        • The Edmonton Foodbank
                                        • The Marian Center
                                        • Santa’s Anonymous
                                        • Festival of Trees
                                        • Hope Mission
                                        • St. Matthew’s Elementary School Study Buddy Program
                                        • The Mustard Seed Social Issues Walk
                                        • Make a Wish Foundation

                                        School Chaplain
                                        Archbishop O’Leary fitness centre has over 2500 square feet of space. We
                                        have state of the art strength and cardio equipment! The same stellar quality
                                        of training expertise will continue to be delivered. The annual membership
                                        fee is a reasonable $60 and this gives students access to the Fitness Centre
                                        during their spares, for PDT as well as after school. See you there!

2020–2021 Viewbook — Religious Studies

Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook
Career and Technology Studies
                                        Architectural and Manufacturing Design
                                        Architectural and Manufacturing Design is an exciting self paced program
                                        where students can create diverse designs and products. Students will use
                                        industry standard software, build by hand, and 3D print their designs. From
                                        green architectural design to mechanical engineering to 3D modelling, the
                                        projects are flexible and tailored to student interest. This program is suited for
                                        all students!

                                        Computing Science 10, 20, and 30-AP
                                        Our exciting Computer Science and Robotics program teaches computer

                                                                                                                             2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies
                                        programming through problem solving, simulation, and robot programming.
                                        At the introductory level, students use the Python programming language that
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        is the backbone of many well-known applications such as Google, Youtube,
                                        Instagram and more. The intermediate and advanced computer science
                                        courses transition to the use of the Java programming language to construct
                                        more sophisticated simulations and solve more advanced problems. Most
                                        importantly, the class encourages creativity and systematic reasoning while
                                        developing important mathematical and computational skills. Computer
                                        Science 30-AP will give students the opportunity to obtain five 30-level credits
                                        which are required when using Computer Science as an entry requirement
                                        for university. Furthermore, students will be able to challenge the Computing
                                        Science AP exam, thereby giving them the opportunity to obtain credit for a
                                        university level Computing Science course while still in high school.

                                        Construction 10, 20, 30
                                        Learn a new skill and try your hand at creating beautiful wood products.
                                        This course offers a “hands on” approach to developing awareness and
                                        career skills in woodworking. Students choose and work through a variety of
                                        woodworking modules.

2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies

      Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook
Cosmetology 10, 20, 30
                                        In this course you will develop technical skills and knowledge related to
                                        the beauty industry. Course credits are not only fun to earn, but also count
                                        towards Alberta Apprenticeship training!

                                        Cosmetology 10 focuses on professionalism, shampooing, hair styling
                                        and braiding.

                                        Cosmetology 20 focuses on deep conditions, advanced styling, long hair
                                        design, perming and colouring.

                                        Cosmetology 30 focuses on client services, hairstyling, updo’s, color, foiling
                                        techniques and special effects makeup.

                                        Digital Media Design and Production

                                                                                                                              2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies
                                        Digital Media Design and Production students discover and develop skills to
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        relay a message effectively using various forms of media. Students choose to
                                        work in any combination of the following areas: 2D and 3D Animation, Audio/
                                        Video Production, Web Design, Multimedia Design, Printing (t-shirts, water
                                        bottles, mouse pads, etc.), and Graphic Design. This is an excellent course for
                                        students who have a career focus related to any of these areas. It is also a
                                        great course for students who are unsure of their career path, but would like
                                        to explore the world of digital media in a hands-on manner.

                                        Fashion Design 10, 20, 30
                                        Are you interested in a career or just “dressing yourself”? Fashion and Design
                                        is a practical course with emphasis on “hands on” skills appropriate for
                                        everyday life (male or female). Learn a life-long skill, a fun leisure activity and
                                        begin to discover the wonderful world of fashion!

                                        Financial Management 10, 20, 30
                                        This updated course allows students to develop their understanding and
                                        skills in the areas of personal finance, accounting and financial software.
                                        Topics include: personal budgets (the cost of living on your own!), investments
                                        (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), loans, mortgages, taxation, accounting for
                                        service and retail businesses. Students will also gain relevant and hands on
                                        experience creating spreadsheets and using Sage 50 accounting software!

2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies

      Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook
Foods 10, 20, 30
                                        This is a fun and informative course. You will learn about food from a
                                        personal, hands on perspective. These courses will help you develop skills
                                        with regards to safety, sanitation, nutrition, meal planning, cooking techniques
                                        and presentation. Learning to cook will enrich your personal life or may lead
                                        to career paths in foods and nutrition or just make you a better cook.

                                        Esthetics 10 is a three credit course that will allow students to achieve their
                                        maximum potential as individuals in and out of the workplace. Students
                                        enrolled in Esthetics 10 will explore professional practices, manicuring, nail art
                                        and skin Care.

                                                                                                                             2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies
                                        Courses Covered in Esthetics 10 are as follows:
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        COS1010 Personal and Professional Practices
                                        Students will learn universal precautions, safety and sanitation procedure for
                                        a spa environment and personal grooming tips and techniques.

                                        EST1020 Skin Care Practices
                                        Students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the skin as well as
                                        proper procedure for a thorough skin care regime including professional
                                        facial techniques.

                                        EST1070 Manicuring 1
                                        Students will learn the anatomy and physiology of the nail as well as proper
                                        techniques for performing a professional manicure.

                                        EST2090 Nail Art
                                        Students will practice and perform various nail art techniques.

                                        Legal Studies 10, 20, 30
                                        A classroom based program that looks at how the law affects everyday life
                                        by examining the following topics: Private Law, Public Law, Consumer Law,
                                        Property Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, and Negligence.

2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        Mechanics 10, 20, 30
                                        Mechanics is a practical course that is valuable for everyone, since we
                                        will likely all own a vehicle sooner or later. There are approximately 25
                                        different modules available in three levels; introductory, intermediate, and
                                        advanced, and each module is one credit. Math and science are integral
                                        components of this course. Problem solving skills and self-motivation are
                                        essential for success.

                                        NetWorks – IT Essentials
                                        Is an exciting course that can lead students towards their CompTIA A+ exam
                                        and certification. Students will learn valuable skills such as building your
                                        own computer and troubleshooting different areas of computer technology
                                        including networks, workstations, laptops as well as peripherals such as
                                        printers, scanners, etc.                                                       25
                                        Photography adds so much value to our lives by recording special events,
                                        people, or places, as well as helping us to learn and grow as humans. It
                                        allows you to share your life and experiences in more meaningful ways via
                                        images, either online or printed and given as gifts. Enroll in O’Leary’s exciting
                                        new photography program which will give you the skills to become an
                                        accomplished photographer! Topics include:
                                        • Skills in camera use with a focus on basic composition, set-up and an
                                          examination of exposure.
                                        • Technical and creative uses of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
                                        • Fundamentals of digital image manipulation and image-editing software to
                                          improve image composition.
                                        • Use of photographic prints or digital images to communicate a message or

                                                                                                                                2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies
                                          tell a story.
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        • Use of various lenses and to apply depth of field in composition.

                                        And much more!

                                        Plumbing 15/25
                                        Archbishop O’Leary is the only school in western Canada that offers an
                                        apprenticeship pipe trades program. This is a two-part course designed
                                        to get students prepared and ready for a career in the pipe trades of
                                        steamfitter-pipefitter, plumber, gasfitter, or sprinkler fitter. The course
                                        introduces students to a variety of tools and practical pipe trades skills,
                                        while building on safety concepts and pipe trades theory. By the end of this
                                        program students can expect to earn a total of fifteen thirty level high school
                                        credits, five in plumber 15 and ten in plumber 25. The course covers the same
                                        material found in post-secondary institutions such as NAIT, SAIT, or Alberta
                                        Pipe Trades College, and provides the unique opportunity for students to
                                        write their first year pipe trades AIT exam while still in high school. Upon
                                        successful completion of this exam and a further fifteen hundred hours which
                                        are earned on the job, students will be recognized as second year steamfitter
                                        pipefitters, plumbers, gasfitters, or sprinkler fitters jump starting their career in
                                        the pipe trades industry.

2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies

      Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook
Sports Medicine 10, 20, 30
                                        Through a combination of theory and practical exposure to areas of sports
                                        science, students enrolled in the course will learn about sports medicine
                                        including immediate care, prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries
                                        as well as Mental Wellbeing. This course takes place in our new Sports
                                        Medicine lab.

                                        Please note the following:
                                        • Students must have a very strong desire to explore fields in Kinesiology,
                                          Physical Education, Health Education, Recreation and Leisure.
                                        • This option is very involved and students must have a strong work ethic.
                                        • Any of the 30 level modules successfully completed can be used for post

                                                                                                                         2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies
                                        • As well students must be prepared to attend field trips that are designed to
                                          experience and meet many sports medicine professionals
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        Sport Performance
                                        This course is designed to be an interactive experience where students
                                        will be able to deepen their understanding and take more ownership of
                                        their personal, athletic and sport development. We intend on creating
                                        significant athletic growth. By providing instruction in the areas of Sport
                                        Psychology, Nutrition, Leadership Fundamentals, Foundations of Training,
                                        and Athletic development. This is an excellent opportunity for students who
                                        may have an interest in careers connected to Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation
                                        Programming, Personal Training, Coaching, Sport Psychology or Nutrition
                                        to name a few. As well this is an excellent opportunity for students who
                                        wish to be in a program that can help support their own development and
                                        performance in their athletic endeavors.

                                        There may be a cost for this course.

Architectural     Architectural     Architectural
                                                                      Design 10         Design 20         Design 30

                                         MDC: Media, Design, &       Digital Media     Digital Media     Digital Media
                                          Communication Arts          Design 10         Design 20         Design 30

                                                                       Fashion           Fashion           Fashion
                                                                      Studies 10        Studies 20        Studies 30

                                                                    Photography 10    Photography 20    Photography 30

                                                                      Computing         Computing         Computing
                                                                      Science 10        Science 20        Science 30

                                              BIT: Business,

                                                                                                                          2020–2021 Viewbook — Career and Technology Studies
                                         Administration, Finance,    NetWorks 10
                                        & Information Technology
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                      Financial         Financial         Financial
                                                                    Management 10     Management 20     Management 30


                                              TMT: Trades,
                                            Manufacturing, &        Construction 10   Construction 20   Construction 30

                                                                     Mechanics 10      Mechanics 20      Mechanics 30

                                                                       Foods 10          Foods 20          Foods 30

                                                                    Cosmetology 10    Cosmetology 20    Cosmetology 30

                                                                     Esthetics 10      Esthetics 20      Esthetics 30

                                        HRH: Health, Recreation,        Legal             Legal             Legal
                                          & Human Services            Studies 10        Studies 20        Studies 30

                                                                       Sports            Sports            Sports
                                                                     Medicine 15       Medicine 25       Medicine 35

                                                                        Sport                                             29
Advanced Placement Courses
                                        At Archbishop O’Leary High School our Advanced Placement (AP) classes are
                                        designed to encourage and support students with academic gifts, as well
                                        as prepare them for the rigors of University classes when they enter post-
                                        secondary. It is expected that students applying to take these courses will
                                        have an 80% average or higher in any prerequisite class.

                                        Students at O’Leary can complete AP courses in:
                                        • Biology
                                        • Calculus
                                        • Chemistry
                                        • Computer Science
                                        • Drawing

                                                                                                                           2020–2021 Viewbook — Advanced Placement Courses
                                        • English
                                        • European History
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        • Psychology
                                        • Statistics

                                        Students can also complete the AP Capstone program alongside existing AP
                                        classes or as a standalone program. Capstone is a two year program that
                                        develops critical research skills that students can use in their post-secondary
                                        studies in multiple faculties.

                                        At the completion of AP courses (typically in Grade 12) students write a
                                        College Board exam in the month of May. Students can also challenge
                                        certain AP exams in other subject areas to earn credit. Some popular choices
                                        are Spanish Language and Culture, and Physics.

                                        Registration in AP courses requires the students to start the AP pathway in
                                        Grade 10, and follow through in Grades 11 and 12. Students are expected to
                                        maintain a mark of 80% or higher to remain in the AP courses. Please see the
                                        individual course listings for complete details in each subject area, or contact
                                        the school to speak to the AP Coordinator. Additional information can be
                                        found at

Modern Languages Programs
                                        Modern language courses are designed for those students who wish to
                                        continue an in depth study of a second language. Note: All of the Modern
                                        Languages at the grade twelve (30) level are acceptable options for
                                        University of Alberta registration!

                                        French 10, 20, 30 3Y (3 Year) Program (5 credits each)
                                        Students will use their life and learning experiences related to specific
                                        contexts to comprehend a variety of messages in French. They will also be
                                        able to express messages in French that have personal meaning. Students
                                        will understand and express oral or written messages involving a variety
                                        of language functions related to various contexts. Students will use their

                                                                                                                             2020–2021 Viewbook — Modern Languages Programs
                                        knowledge of familiar French language structures, as well as cultural and
                                        intercultural knowledge to understand and express messages effectively.
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        French 10, 20, 30 9Y (9 Year) Program (5 credits each) Students will use their
                                        knowledge of French to understand and to express a message effectively in
                                        various situations for a variety of purposes. Students will use, with accuracy,
                                        knowledge of linguistic elements of the French language to communicate
                                        effectively. Students will use their knowledge of different Francophone
                                        cultures and their own culture to be able to interact appropriately within
                                        these cultures. Students will use their knowledge of strategies to enhance
                                        learning and to communicate in French.

                                        Italian 10, 20, 30 (5 credits each)
                                         The Italian curriculum at O’Leary is divided in three levels, Italian 10, Italian
                                        20 and Italian 30. Each course level represents a continuation of the previous
                                        course and is intended to provide a true exposure to all students to the
                                        language and culture of Italy. Students at the Italian 10 level will be given
                                        the opportunity to build meaningful and useful vocabulary foundations as
                                        well as some basic structure of the Italian language so that they can start
                                        communicating efficiently at a beginner’s level. Students in the Italian 20
                                        program will review and build on the basis given in the previous course and
                                        will expand the language and culture knowledge into a more proficient

2020–2021 Viewbook — Modern Languages Programs
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                Spanish 10, 20, 30 (5 credits each)
                                                Students in the Spanish 10 course will build a solid foundation to
                                                communicate effectively at a beginner’s level. Students will learn not only
                                                grammar and language structures, but they will also learn about the different
                                                cultures of the Spanish-speaking world: its people, its landscape, its, cities,
                                                its customs, and its traditions. Cultural projects will be presented based on a
                                                country chosen and studied by each student. This course is delivered in many
                                                different ways to suit the needs of all students. No prerequisites are necessary
                                                to take this level.

                                                                    Designed for students
                                                                      who have taken
                                                                                                French 10 9 Y       French 20 9 Y   French 30 9 Y
                                                                         French for
                                                                           6 years


                                                                      Beginner French           French 10 3 Y       French 20 3 Y   French 30 3 Y

                                        Modern Languages

                                                                       Italian 10           Italian 20          Italian 30

                                                                      Spanish 10            Spanish 20          Spanish 30
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                        2020–2021 Viewbook — Fine Arts
                                        Fine Arts
                                        Art 10 and Art 10 AP (3 or 5 credits) An introduction to the principles and
                                        elements of design through the use of pencil, conte, oil pastel, watercolor
                                        and acrylic.

                                        Dance is designed for both beginners and seasoned dancers. This course is
                                        suited for those not only with a passion for the art, but those who are eager
                                        to learn more about a variety of forms of movement. Students will learn
                                        a mixture of styles within the discipline of dance, ranging from Hip Hop to
                                        Musical Theatre, Jazz and Contemporary.
O’Leary Drama 10, 20, 30
                                        Like all the arts, Drama allows students to communicate with and understand
                                        others in new ways. Drama is an important tool for preparing students
                                        to live and work in a world that is increasingly team-oriented rather than
                                        hierarchical. Drama also helps students develop tolerance and empathy.

                                        Production Performance Academy
                                        Production Performance Academy is a school scheduled program which
                                        produces two plays, a musical and non-musical, each year. The Academy is
                                        not about individuals—it is about students working together and creating all
                                        aspects of theatre productions. Academy productions and activities are group
                                        efforts accumulating in a final product that is a symbol of the collaborative
                                        efforts of all involved. The Academy is open to all O’Leary students - no
                                        matter what grade you are in or what your skills are. It is a place where
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        everyone is equal and will be treated with respect.

                                                                                                                          2020–2021 Viewbook — Fine Arts

                                        Comprehensive Music 10/15, 20/25, 30/35 (10 credits)
                                        The Instrumental Music (Band) and the Instrumental Jazz curricula are
                                        combined in this comprehensive music course offering that is unique to
                                        Archbishop O’Leary High School. Each music student explores Instrumental
                                        Music (concert band music) and Instrumental Jazz (popular music) as a
                                        performer, listener, creator, researcher/ historian and consumer. Instrumental
                                        music students at O’Leary receive 8 credits/semester in both Instrumental
                                        Music 10-20 (5-Credits) AND Instrumental Jazz 15-25 (3-Credits). Instrumental
                                        Music 30 (5 credit) and Instrumental Jazz 35 (5 credit) contribute for 10
                                        credits in grade 12. The prerequisite for these Instrumental Music courses is
                                        successful completion of Grade 9 Instrumental Music. Comprehensive Music
                                        encompasses: performance, music theory and music research in both Jazz
                                        and Band. Instrumental Music students have the knowledge and capacity to
                                        journey through to further education in Music and will have grown in their life
                                        long appreciation and understanding of music and the Arts.

Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

         2020–2021 Viewbook — Fine Arts
Choral Music 10, 20, 30 (5 credits)
                                        The choral music program seeks to develop musical competency and strives
                                        for excellence in vocalization. The concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony,
                                        form and expression provide the intellectual framework of the music
                                        program. Participation involves singing for school celebrations, concerts
                                        and community events. There is no previous experience required for this
                                        course. Student simply need to have a willingness to explore vocal repertoire
                                        in a group setting. Grade 12 Choral Music students have the skills and
                                        understandings to further their education in Music and will have expanded
                                        their personal confidence in all forms of artistic expression.

                                        General Music 10, 20, 30 (Guitar) (3 credits)
                                        Music-making on the guitar is the focus of General Music. Students, with little
                                        or no experience in guitar playing or guitar note-reading, learn to play the
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        guitar in this non-performance based class environment. Each guitar student

                                                                                                                            2020–2021 Viewbook — Fine Arts
                                        is supplied with a high quality student model acoustic guitar for in-school and
                                        at-home practice. Guitar students study popular music from a historical and
                                        modern consumer perspective. Additionally, students receive instruction in
                                        sound reinforcement (amplification techniques) and live music performance.
                                        There are no pre-requisite requirements for General Music (Guitar). Guitar
                                        students have the opportunity to take Guitar 30 for 5-credits, thus enabling
                                        them to use the course for post secondary entrance. Grade 12 Guitar students
                                        have the ability to further their education in Music and participate fully in the
                                        playing and singing of music on the guitar.

                                        Pottery and Ceramics
                                        This course teaches the Basic wheel throwing skills and hand building
                                        techniques to do pottery. It involves creating, designing, and glazing pottery.
                                        Come and learn something new that also promotes relaxation.

Art 10 &                                                     Art 30 &
                                                                    Art 20                Art 30
                                             Art 10 AP                                                    Art 35 AP

                                        Pottery/Ceramics 15   Pottery/Ceramics 25   Pottery/Ceramics 35

                                             Drama 10             Drama 20              Drama 30
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                            Production            Production            Production
                                           Performance           Performance           Performance

                                                                                                                      2020–2021 Viewbook — Fine Arts
                                           Academy 15            Academy 25            Academy 35

                                          Comprehensive         Comprehensive         Comprehensive
                                           Music 10/15           Music 20/25           Music 30/35

                                          Choral Music 10       Choral Music 20       Choral Music 30

                                         General Music 10      General Music 20      General Music 30
                                             (Guitar)              (Guitar)              (Guitar)

                                            Visual Art            Visual Art            Visual Art
                                            History 11            History 21            History 31

                                           Dance 15 &            Dance 25 &            Dance 35 &
                                        Advanced Dance 15     Advanced Dance 25     Advanced Dance 35

2020–2021 Viewbook — English Language Arts
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        English Language Arts
                                        The senior high school English language arts program highlights six language
                                        arts strands—listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing.
                                        Senior high school students engage in all six language arts strands as they
                                        study and analyze texts to develop and strengthen their own writing skills
                                        in relevant situations for a variety of purposes and audiences. All of the
                                        language arts strands are interrelated and interdependent; facility in one
                                        strengthens and supports facility in the others. Note: English AP courses are
                                        intended for students who are strong readers and writers and have achieved
                                        80% or have received a teacher recommendation.

                                                                   English             English              English
                                                                             80                   75
                                                                   10-1 AP             20-1 AP              30-1 AP

                                                           80                     80

                                        English Language           English             English              English
                                                           60                60                   60
                                              Arts 9                10-1                20-1                 30-1

                                                           59                     40               40
                                                                     80                  80                   80

                                                                   English             English              English
                                                                    10-2     50         20-2      50         30-2
2020–2021 Viewbook — English Language Learners (ELL)
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                            English Language Learners (ELL)
                                            The purpose of ELL programming is to prepare students whose first language
                                            is not English for the demands of high school. The ELL program will provide
                                            English Language Learners with an opportunity to develop and extend their
                                            skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Classes are selected based
                                            upon the student’s English level, not necessarily their grade.

                                            At Archbishop O’Leary High School, an ESL Designate oversees the students
                                            programming to ensure that they are on the right pathway to completing
                                            high school (this usually takes between 3-5 years).

                                                                             Expository English 25 (Level 2, 3)   English 10-1 (High Level 4, 5)

                                        Expository English 15 (Level 1, 2)

                                                                                 English 10-2 (Level 3, 4)                 English 20-2

                                                                                                                  Social Studies 10-1 (Level 2, 3)

                                        Canadian Studies 15 (Level 1, 2)     Social Studies 10-2 (Level 3, 4)

                                                                                                                        Social Studies 20-2
Social Studies
                                        Social Studies provides opportunities for students to develop the attitudes,
                                        skills and knowledge that will enable them to become engaged, active,
                                        informed and responsible citizens. Recognition and respect for individual
                                        and collective identity is essential in a pluralistic and democratic society.
                                        Social Studies helps students develop their sense of self and community,
                                        encouraging them to affirm their place as citizens in an inclusive,
                                        democratic society.

                                        At Archbishop O’Leary, students taking Social Studies are provided
                                        educational opportunities to become wholistically immersed in relevant and
                                        exciting curricular content. Through specific subject based PDT offerings,
                                        guest speakers, field trips, social justice initiatives and projects, O’Leary
                                        students are afforded exceptional learning experiences to help with
                                        development into active and responsible citizenship. The use of 21st century
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                             2020–2021 Viewbook — Social Studies
                                        learning tools such as Google Classrooms, Google Sites and Chromebooks
                                        also enhances the educational experiences of all our students and optimizes
                                        opportunities for personal success.

                                        Fast Track Social Studies 10-1, 20-1, 30-1 (15 credits)
                                        This unique program available only at Archbishop O’Leary provides students
                                        with an opportunity to complete their High School Social Studies requirement
                                        for graduation in their Grade 10 year. Here, students with an average of over
                                        85% in Grade 9 Social Studies are provided the opportunity to take Social
                                        Studies 10-1, 20-1 and 30-1 all in ONE YEAR. The abbreviated time for each
                                        course demands that only top academic students are considered for this
                                        unique venture. With 3 courses completed in 2 semesters, more flexibility is
                                        afforded to a students’ high school program schedule in their Grade 11 and 12
                                        years. With all Social Studies requirements completed in Grade 10, this course
                                        provides the opportunity to pursue other programs our school has available,
                                        including Advanced Placement options.

                                        Social Studies 10-1, 20-1, 30-1 (5 credits each)
                                        These courses are aimed at students who are in pursuit of the academic
                                        route of Social Studies. Prerequisite for registration into this stream is a
                                        mark of 60% or better in Grade 9 Social Studies. It is assumed that students
                                        in this stream are also enrolled in English 10-1, 20-1, and 30-1, as the analysis,
                                        synthesis and written component demands in this academic route
                                        are substantial.
Social Studies 10-2, 20-2, 30-2 (5 credits each)
                                        These courses are aimed at students who wish to fulfill the requirements for
                                        the Alberta Education Diploma. Students who are enrolled in English 10-2 are
                                        encouraged to enroll in Social Studies 10-2 stream as well. While many of the
                                        general concepts in these courses are similar to those in Social 10-1, 20-1, and
                                        30-1, a different textbook resource is used and the depth of knowledge and
                                        teaching style are also altered.

                                        Course Themes
                                        • Social Studies 10-1 (Perspectives on Globalization)
                                        • Social Studies 20-1 (Perspectives on Nationalism)
                                        • Social Studies 30-1 (Perspectives on Ideology)
                                        • Social Studies 10-2 (Understandings of Globalization)
                                        • Social Studies 20-2 (Understandings of Nationalism)
                                        • Social Studies 30-2 (Understandings of Ideologies)
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                                          2020–2021 Viewbook — Social Studies
                                                                                   Social Studies      Social Studies    Social Studies
                                                                                       10-1                20-1              30-1
                                                                                  Perspectives on     Perspectives on   Perspectives on
                                                                  Fast Track
                                                                                   Globalization        Nationalism        Ideology

                                                                      Social                       Social                   Social
                                         Social Studies 9   60                      60                           60
                                                                   Studies 10-1                 Studies 20-1             Studies 30-1

                                                                                                    75                        75

                                                                      Social                       Social                   Social
                                                                                    50                           50
                                                                   Studies 10-2                 Studies 20-2             Studies 30-2

                                        Aboriginal Studies
                                        How do Indigenous cultures view the world around them? Explore Aboriginal
                                        worldviews, histories, values and beliefs. In Aboriginal Studies 10, explore
                                        the political and economic organizations of Aboriginal cultures as well as
                                        Aboriginal symbolism and expression.

                                        The goal of Aboriginal Studies is to shift thinking, understanding and
                                        knowledge of Aboriginal people, the issues and challenges they face, and the
                                        contributions they have made to society.                                                            41
                                        The dedicated teachers of mathematics at Archbishop O’Leary are
                                        committed to helping students achieve personal success in mathematics.
                                        We offer programming at a variety of levels to ensure that students are
                                        challenged, supported, and on track to reach their future goals, whether in
                                        mathematics-related university and post-secondary programs or in satisfying
                                        the requirements for a high school diploma. We believe that all students can
                                        be successful at math.

                                        Did You Pass Math 9 But Found It Difficult?
                                        Register in Math 10-3/20-3 combined course. In one semester, students
                                        can achieve the mathematical requirements for high school graduation.
                                        Students may also take this course prior to taking Math 10C, to gain
                                        confidence in mathematics and to develop a greater understanding of
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                       2020–2021 Viewbook — Mathematics
                                        foundational skills and flexibility of mathematics needed to be successful.
                                        You will be better prepared to handle the concepts and the pace required to
                                        succeed in Math 10C.

                                        Math 10 Combined (5 credits)
                                        Math 10C is the entry point for both the Math -2 and Math -1-course
                                        sequences. The instructional focus is on conceptual development of concepts,
                                        practicing procedural skills, and building problem solving strategies that
                                        lay the groundwork to be successful in mathematics. This introductory
                                        high school course provides students the opportunity to choose a -2 or -1
                                        sequence based on student mathematical ability, work ethic, study habits,
                                        interests, and future career goals. Pre-requisite recommended: 59% or higher
                                        in Math 9. In grade 11 and 12, both the -1 and -2 streams can be used for
                                        university entrance. The -1 stream is Pre-Calculus and is used for entrance
                                        into Engineering and Science programs. The -2 stream can be used for
                                        university entrance into Arts/ Humanities programs.

Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                                                                                                                        2020–2021 Viewbook — Mathematics
                                            Math 10-3, 20-3, 30-3 Apprenticeship and Workplace
                                            Mathematics (5 credits each)
                                            This course sequence is designed to provide students with the mathematical
                                            understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for entry into the majority
                                            of trades and for direct entry into the workforce. Upon completion of Math
                                            10-3 with a grade of 75% or higher, a student is eligible for enrollment into
                                            Math 10C.

                                                              Math                  Math               Math             Math 31 AP
                                                         E              80                   80
                                                             10C AP                20-1 AP            30-1 AP          Calculus 35 AP

                                                                                    Math               Math               Math 31
                                                                                    20-1               30-1               Calculus
                                                         B              60    D
                                        Math 9                Math
                                                                        50    C
                                                                                    Math               Math
                                                                                    20-2     50        30-2
                                        Science 10
                                        (5 credits) Science 10 is an academic course designed to be an introduction
                                        to high school science. In addition to an introduction to scientific method,
                                        the units of study are chemistry, physics, biology and environmental science.
                                        Science 10 also involves learning lab skills, performing numerous experiments
                                        and learning problem-solving skills that are necessary for subsequent
                                        academic science courses. Success in Science 10 is conducive to future
                                        success in all 20 level science courses.

                                        Science 10 AP
                                        Advanced Placement Science is a wonderful opportunity for students, who
                                        have a high interest and passion in science, to challenge themselves by
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        pursuing grade 10 science at a level exceeding the Alberta Curriculum. This

                                                                                                                          2020–2021 Viewbook — Science
                                        course prepares students for Advanced Placement Biology 20 and Advanced
                                        Placement Chemistry 20; two courses offered at Archbishop O’Leary.

                                        In addition to the Science 10 curriculum, students will be given additional
                                        information in the topics of chemistry and biology and perform experiments
                                        that have a greater emphasis on inquiry-based learning. It is of note that the
                                        additional academic rigor involved with Advanced Placement curriculum can
                                        lead to students earning university credit before leaving high school.

                                        Science 14 (5 credits)
                                        Science 14 is a nonacademic, general science course designed for students
                                        who have found difficulty with the grade nine science and math programs.
                                        The course has four units: investigating the properties of matter; energy
                                        transfer technologies; matter and energy in living systems; and investigating
                                        matter and energy in the environment. Upon successful completion of Science
                                        14, students will register in Science 24 and, upon completion, will receive the
                                        ten credits in science needed for high school graduation.

Psychology Advanced Placement 20-30 (6 credits)
                                        Psychology 20-30 AP is a one semester combined course where students
                                        receive six credits on their Alberta transcript. This course introduces students
                                        to the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. Students will
                                        explore and apply the key concepts behind psychological theories to topics
                                        such as the biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, learning
                                        and cognition, motivation, developmental psychology, testing and individual
                                        differences, treatment of abnormal behavior, and social psychology. Students
                                        can register in Psychology 20-30 in grade 11 or 12. In addition, this course
                                        gives students the opportunity to earn university credit in a one hundred level
                                        psychology course.

                                        Forensic Science 25 – Introduction to Forensic Science (3
Archbishop O’Leary 2020–2021 Viewbook

                                        Prerequisite: Science 10

                                                                                                                           2020–2021 Viewbook — Science
                                        Forensic Science 25 is an option course that includes the study of basic
                                        scientific concepts and technologies related to solving crimes. Basic forensic
                                        skills such as evidence collection, laboratory analysis, and inquiry in case
                                        studies will be addressed from the forensic scientific perspective.

                                        Forensic Science 35 – Advanced Forensic Science (3
                                        Prerequisite: Science 10

                                        In Forensic Science 35 students will use their understanding of scientific
                                        method to investigate criminal case studies, conduct laboratory experiments,
                                        and complete research assignments in the following topics: Forensic
                                        Entomology; Anthropology; Toxicology; Ballistics; Explosives; and Criminal
                                        Investigations. Please note that Forensics 25 and Forensics 35 do not have to
                                        be taken in sequential order.

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