ASCO 2018 investor event; breakout 4: Next-gen Immuno-Oncology - David Berman, Senior Vice President, Head of IO Franchise Jean-Charles Soria ...

ASCO 2018 investor event; breakout 4: Next-gen Immuno-Oncology - David Berman, Senior Vice President, Head of IO Franchise Jean-Charles Soria ...
Hyatt Conference

ASCO 2018 investor event; breakout 4:
Next-gen Immuno-Oncology

David Berman, Senior Vice President, Head of IO Franchise
Jean-Charles Soria, Senior Vice President, Head of Oncology, MedImmune   04 June 2018
ASCO 2018 investor event; breakout 4: Next-gen Immuno-Oncology - David Berman, Senior Vice President, Head of IO Franchise Jean-Charles Soria ...
Forward-looking statements

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    cybercrime. Nothing in this presentation / webcast should be construed as a profit forecast.

Three paths to improve the treatment of cancer

      Introduce new                                     SoC1
                                                               Phase III PACIFIC
                                                               (Stage III NSCLC)
                                                                                        ü   Phase III POTOMAC
                                                               Phase III ADJUVANT
      to create new treatment paradigm                         (Stage I-III NSCLC)

                                                               Phase III MYSTIC
                                                               (Stage IV 1L NSCLC)      û   Phase Ib Study 1108
                                                                                            (Stage IV 2L UBC)     ü
      Replace SoC                                              Phase III PEARL
                                                               (Stage IV 1L NSCLC)
                                                                                            Phase III DANUBE
                                                                                            (Stage IV 1L UBC)
      to deliver longer OS2                                    Phase III ARCTIC (Sub-
                                                               study B) (Stage IV 3L
                                                                                        û   Phase III HIMALYA
                                                                                            (Stage IV 1L HCC)
                                                                                            Phase III KESTREL
                                                                                            (Stage IV 1L HNSCC)

      Add to SoC                                               Phase III PACIFIC-2
                                                               (Stage III NSCLC)
                                                                                            Phase III POSEDION
                                                                                            (Stage IV 1L NSCLC)
      to enable synergy or add activity                        Phase III DUO-O              Phase III CASPIAN
                                                                                            (Stage IV 1L SCLC)
    1. Standard of care.                                       (Stage IV 1L ovarian)
    2. Overall survival.
    3. Non-muscle invasive urothelial bladder cancer.
Differentially invest, focus on early-stage, and unlock PD-
    L1/1-insensitive tumours
                  Differentially invest                                     Early-stage likely         Unlock PDx-insensitive
                    by tumour type                                          most IO-sensitive        tumours with novel MOAs

        Lung:                                                         Stage I-III NSCLC                               Weak immune
        Invest across all stages                                      ADJUVANT, PACIFIC, PACIFIC-2

         Stage             Stage                Stage     PDx
          I/II               III                  IV     refractory   NMI-UBC
                                                                                                      Absent immune             Suppressed

        Ovarian:                                                      Neo-adjuvant TNBC                 response              immune response

        1st-line indication with DUO-O                                GeparNuevo1

       Stage            1st                                 4th       MIBC2
                                     PSR           PRR
        I-III          line                                 line      Gao et al.3

    1. ASCO 2018 abstract 104.                                        Examples of implementation
    2. MIBC = Muscle invasive bladder cancer.
    3. ASCO 2018 ; abstract e16524.
Exploring IO combinations: lessons from mono and combo
                      Which molecules?                                                        Who will benefit?                                            How to study?
     Ex vivo TILs from NSCLC patients1                                    PD-L1 Immunohistochemistry                                   Platform trials

                  Change in percentage IFNg+ cells                                     Median OS (months), 2L bladder
                                                                                                           ̴ 20 6
         12                                                                20                                       ̴ 19 7
         9                                                                                                                     I
                                                                           15                                                                            Key indications
         6                                                                 10                  8.0   7
         3                                                                            4.8 6
                                                                            5                                                                                   Post-IO
         0                                                                  0
                  IsoCtrl            Imfinzi (I)         I + treme (t)               PDL-1 < 25%           PDL-1 ≥ 25%

     Monotherapy response                                                 Novel predictive biomarkers                                  Surrogate markers (i.e. ctDNA8)

                     Treme ORR (10 or 15mg/kg)
                                                                                      Tissue                         Blood
    15                                                                                                         Expression or
                                                                            IFNg or phenomics
    10                                                                                                            ctDNA
     0                                                                                                   TMB
              Bladder 2       HCC 3        Melanoma 4           HNSCC5

    1. ASCO 2018 abstract 12104. 2. SITC 2017, abstract P213.
    3. Sangro et. al. 2013. 4. Ribas et. al. 2013.                       6. AACR 2018, abstract CT031.
    5. MHNCS 2018; IJRO vol 100; 5, page 1307.                           7. AACR 2018; abstract CT112.                               8. AACR 2017; abstract 8518.
CD73 and A2aR are key players in the adenosine pathway
    and tumour microenvironment
                                                                   Immune response

                         ↑ Dendritic cell                                                     ↑ Tregs
                         ↑ Macrophage                                                         ↑ Suppressive TAM
                         ↑ T effectors                                                        ↓ T effectors
                         ↓ Tregs                                                              ↓ NK cells
                                                                                              ↑ Angiogenesis

                                                                                       A2bR   ↑ MDSC
                                                                                              ↑ Tregs
                                                                                              ↑ Fibroblast
                                                                                              ↑ Angiogenesis

    Source: Adapted from Allard, Curr Opin Parmacol (2016) 29:7.
Clinical development opportunities for monalizumab1
                            Hypothesis 1                                                                               Hypothesis 2
      Combination of non-redundant checkpoint pathways                                              Enhance NK cell dependent ADCC (monalizumab +
      (monalizumab + Imfinzi) to enhance anti-tumor immunity                                        ADCC-enabled antibody)

                                                   NK cell                   Macrophage                                   Monalizumab
      Monalizumab                                            Stimulates

                                                                                                           NK cell
                                                                                                                     NKG2A           HLA-E

                                                                                                                     CD16 FcR
                                    Stimulates                                                                   +                     EGFR          Tumour
                                                               Tumour                                                    Anti-EGFR

                                               CD8+ T cell      Kills                                                                         Kill

    Imfinzi                                                                                               ADCC = antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity.


                                                                  Combination with Imfinzi
                                                                  in IO-insensitive tumours
                                                                                              Enhance ADCC
    1. Monalizumab in partnership with Innate Pharma.
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