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Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here

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Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here
           Programmes List                                  1
           Welcome from the President                       6
           Why choose Atlantic Technological University     7

           Galway City                                      9
Ábhar      Connemara                                       11
           Mayo                                            13
           Mountbellew                                     15
           Donegal                                         17
           Sligo                                           21

           Clubs and Societies                             25
           Students’ Union                                 27
           Sport for All                                   29
           Scholarships and Bursaries                      31
           Academic Supports                               33
           Student Supports                                35
           Pathways to Success                             37
           Study Abroad                                    39
           Work Placement                                  41

           Mature Applicants                               43
           QQI/FET Applicants                             44
           Northern Irish Applicants                       45
           International Applicants                        46

           Campus Locations and Programmes                 48
           ATU Galway City                                 49
           ATU Connemara                                  113
           ATU Mayo                                       121
           ATU Mountbellew                                135
           ATU Donegal                                    141
           ATU Sligo                                      217
           ATU St Angela’s                                289

           Other Study Options                            303
           Apprenticeships                                305
           Tertiary Education Programmes                  307
           How to Apply                                   309
           Open Days                                      323
           Contact us                                     324
Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here
Programmes List                                                CAO
                                                                                             Programme Title                    Level Points Page   CAO
                                                                                                                                                            Programme Title                      Level Points Page   CAO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Programme Title                      Level Points Page

                      CAO     Programme Title                    Level Points Page   GALWAY CITY                                                    GALWAY CITY                                                      MOUNTBELLEW
                                                                                     AU535   Construction Management              7    255     77   Design, Creative Arts and                                        Business, Engineering and Science
                      GALWAY CITY                                                    AU636   Quantity Surveying and               8   346      78   Teacher Education                                                AU606   Rural Enterprise and Agri-Business     8    298     138
                                                                                             Construction Economics
                      Business                                                                                                                      AU617   Animation and Game Design              8   330     101   AU506   Rural Enterprise and Agri-Business     7    288     138
                                                                                     AU536   Quantity Surveying and               7    251     78
                      AU601   Business                             8    288     51           Construction Economics                                 AU618   Art                                    8   833     102   AU657   Agriculture and Environmental          8    360     139
                                                                                     AU642   Software and Electronic Engineering 8     307     79   AU518   Art                                    7   369     102           Management
                      AU501   Business                             7    252     51
                                                                                     AU542   Software and Electronic Engineering 7     235     79   AU615   Film and Documentary                   8   330     103   AU557   Agriculture and Environmental          7    281     139
                      AU401   Business                             6    172     51                                                                                                                                           Management
                                                                                     AU649   Engineering                          8    445     81   AU616   Creative Media and Storytelling        8   NEW     104
                      AU600   Accounting                           8    311    53

                      AU607   Digital Accounting                   8   NEW     54
                                                                                     AU549   Engineering                          7    347     81   AU620   Art and Design and                     8   400     105   DONEGAL LETTERKENNY
                                                                                                                                                            Communication Graphics
                                                                                     AU648   Agricultural Engineering             8   305      82
                      AU602   Business Information Systems         8   300     55                                                                   AU519   Design (Common Entry)                  7    270    107   Business
                                                                                     AU548   Agricultural Engineering             7   290      82
                      AU502   Business Information Systems         7    250    55                                                                   AU624   Product Design                         8   NEW     108   AU301   Business                               8    307     143
                                                                                     AU647   Biomedical Engineering               8   370     83
                      AU605   Entrepreneurship                     8   280     56                                                                   AU622   Interior Design                        8   NEW     109   AU300   Accounting                             8    317     144
                                                                                     AU547   Biomedical Engineering               7   330     83
                      AU505   Entrepreneurship                     7   280     56                                                                   AU623   Graphic Design and Illustration        8   NEW     110   AU302   Marketing with Online Technologies     8    307     145
                                                                                     AU646   Energy Engineering                   8    329    84
                                                                                                                                                    AU621   Textile and Fashion Design             8   NEW     111   AU200   Business (Common Entry)                7    196     147
                      AU604   Finance and Economics                8    317    58    AU546   Energy Engineering                   7    310    84
                      AU603   Marketing and Sales                  8   300     59    AU650   Manufacturing Engineering Design     8   336     85                                                                     AU330   Design (Common Entry)                  8    301     149
                                                                                                                                                    CONNEMARA                                                        AU231   Animation                              7    190     151
                      AU503   Marketing and Sales                  7    275    59    AU550   Manufacturing Engineering Design     7   308     85
                                                                                     AU645   Mechanical Engineering               8    410    86    Furniture Design, Technology and                                 AU230   Film and Media Production              7    214     152
                      Tourism, Hospitality and Heritage                                                                                             Teacher Education                                                AU233   Graphic and UX Design                  7    207     154
                                                                                     AU545   Mechanical Engineering               7    302    86
                      AU631   Gastronomy Science and               8    235     61                                                                                                                                   AU232   Fashion Design with Promotion          7    171     155
                                                                                                                                                    AU683   Furniture Design, Making and           8   389     115
                              Food Innovation                                        Science and Computing                                                  Technology (Common Entry)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AU312   Communications with English            8   NEW      156
                      AU531   Gastronomy Science and               7    171     61                                                                  AU583   Furniture Design, Making and           7    379    115
                                                                                     AU656   Science (Undenominated)              8    445     87                                                                    AU311   Corporate Law                          8   NEW      157
                              Food Innovation                                                                                                               Technology (Common Entry)
                      AU429   Culinary Arts Professional           6    189    63    AU556   Science (Undenominated)              7   300      87                                                                    AU310   LLB                                    8    304     158
                                                                                                                                                    AU681   Furniture Design and Manufacture       8   360     116
                              Chef Programme                                         AU670   Applied Biology and                  8    420    88                                                                     AU210   Law with Criminal Justice              7    164     159
                                                                                             Biopharmaceutical Science                              AU682   Furniture Making and Architectural     8    361    117
                      AU628   International Tourism Management     8    271    64                                                                           Woodworking                                              DIRECT Preparatory Studies for Higher 6            DIRECT   161
                      AU528   International Tourism Management     7    191    64    AU569   Applied Biology and                  7    320    88                                                                            Education (Access Course)		                 ENTRY
                                                                                                                                                    AU680   Education                              8   400     119
                                                                                             Biopharmaceutical Science
                      AU426   Tourism                              6    226    65                                                                           (Design Graphics and                                     AU322   Hospitality Management                 8    307     162
                                                                                     AU655   Applied Freshwater and               8   383     90            Construction)
                      AU629   Event Management with                8    227     67                                                                                                                                   AU221   Tourism and Hospitality Operations     7    166     163
                                                                                             Marine Biology
                              Public Relations                                                                                                                                                                       AU321   Athletic Therapy and                   8    302     166
                                                                                     AU555   Applied Freshwater and               7   300     90    MAYO                                                                     Exercise Rehabilitation
                      AU529   Event Management with                7    215     67           Marine Biology
                              Public Relations                                                                                                      Health Sciences, Wellbeing and Society                           AU320   Sport and Exercise (Common Entry) 8         307     167
                                                                                     AU668   Chemical and Pharmaceutical          8    378     91
                      AU427   Event Operations with                6   NEW     68                                                                                                                                    AU222   Sports and Exercise                    7    207     169
                                                                                             Science                                                AU696   Applied Social Care                    8    261    123
                              Public Relations
                      AU625   Heritage                             8    272    69    AU568   Chemical and Pharmaceutical          7    322     91   AU593   Applied Social Care                    7    242    123   Engineering and Technology
                      AU525   Heritage                             7    255    69                                                                   AU694   History and Geography                  8    247    124   AU343   Architectural Technology               8    317     171
                                                                                     AU675   Physics and Instrumentation          8   308      92
                      AU425   Heritage                             6    298    70                                                                   AU591   History and Geography                  7    258    124   AU340   Fire Safety Engineering                8    308     172
                                                                                     AU575   Physics and Instrumentation          7    376     92
                      AU630   International Hotel and              8    228     71                                                                  AU699   Outdoor and Environmental              8   NEW     125   AU342   Construction Management                8    307     173
                              Hospitality Management                                 AU669   Forensic Science and Analysis        8    401    93            Education (Common Entry)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AU242   Construction (Common Entry)            7    233     174
                      AU530   International Hotel and              7    161     71   AU671   Medical Science                      8    521    94    AU590   Outdoor Education                      7    162    126
                              Hospitality Management                                                                                                                                                                 AU341   Quantity Surveying                     8    300     176
                                                                                                                                                    AU693   Geography and Outdoor Education        8    271    127
                                                                                     AU663   Public Health Nutrition              8    391    95
                      AU428   Hotel and Hospitality Operations     6    170     72                                                                                                                                   AU240   Quantity Surveying                     7    199     176
                                                                                                                                                    AU690   General Nursing                        8    412    129
                                                                                     AU662   Sport and Exercise Science           8   366      97                                                                    AU243   Building Engineering                   7   NEW      177
                      Engineering                                                    AU664   Sports Coaching                      8    307    98
                                                                                                                                                    AU691   Psychiatric Nursing                    8    371    130           (Common Entry)
                                                                                                                                                    AU698   Psychology                             8   NEW     131   AU241   Civil Engineering                      7    216     179
                      AU637   Architectural Technology             8   308      73   AU677   Computing and Digital Media          8   290     99
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                    AU695   Early Childhood Education and Care 8        271    132   AU361   Computer Science                       8    324     180
                      AU537   Architectural Technology             7    267     73
                                                                                     AU577   Computing and Digital Media          7    243    99
                                                                                                                                                    AU491   Early Childhood Education and Care 6        213    133   AU363   Computing in Data Science and          8   NEW      181
                      AU638   Civil Engineering                    8   400      75
                                                                                     AU676   Computing in Software Development 8      350    100                                                                             Artificial Intelligence
                      AU538   Civil Engineering                    7    327     75
                                                                                     AU576   Computing in Software Development 7      300    100                                                                     AU362   CyberPsychology                        8    327     182
                      AU635   Construction Management              8    326     77
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AU360   Applied Computing                      8    307     183

      1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2
Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here
Programmes List                                               CAO
                                                                      Programme Title                    Level Points Page   CAO
                                                                                                                                     Programme Title                       Level Points Page   CAO
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Programme Title                    Level Points Page

CAO     Programme Title                   Level Points Page   SLIGO                                                          SLIGO                                                             ST ANGELA’S
                                                              Business and Social Sciences                                   AU956   Computer Networks and                   8   308    259    Education, Home Economics,
DONEGAL LETTERKENNY                                                                                                                  Cyber Security
                                                                                                                                                                                               Food Business and Nursing
                                                              AU900   Business                             8    270    219
                                                                                                                             AU846   Computer Networks and                   7    254   259
AU260   Computer Games Development           7    170   184
                                                              AU800   Business                             7    234    221           Cyber Security                                            AU985   Home Economics and Biology           8   509     291
AU262   Computing with Cybersecurity         7    169   186
                                                              AU700   Business                             6    181    221   AU957   Software Development                    8   300    260    AU986   Home Economics and Religious         8    451   293
        and Digital Forensics
                                                                                                                             AU847   Software Development                    7   280    260
AU261   Computing                            7    227   187   AU901   Business and Information             8    324    222
                                                                                                                                                                                               AU988   Home Economics                       8   488    294
                                                                      Communications Technology (ICT)                        AU848   Games Development                       7    259    261
AU350   Mechanical Engineering               8    307   188
                                                                                                                                                                                               AU987   Home Economics and Irish             8    474   295
                                                              AU906   Business and Irish                   8   NEW     223   AU927   Creative Design                         8    325    262
AU251   Mechanical Engineering               7    176   188
                                                                                                                                                                                               AU987   Eacnamaíocht Bhaile agus Gaeilge     8    474   296
                                                              AU906   Ghnó agus Gaeilge                    8   NUA     224   AU821   Creative Design                         7    274    262
AU253   Engineering (Common Entry)           7    NEW   189
                                                                                                                                                                                               AU989   Nutrition, Food and Business         8   300    298
                                                              AU902   Accounting                           8    313    225   AU925   Architecture                            8    420   263            Management
AU252   Electric Vehicle Engineering         7    281   191
                                                                                                                             AU926   Interior Architecture and Design        8    356   264    AU990   Home Economics                       8   408    299
                                                              AU904   Marketing                            8    326    227
Science and Health                                                                                                           AU820   Interior Architecture and Design        7    225   266
                                                              AU802   Marketing                            7    258    227                                                                     AU991   General Nursing                      8   400    300
AU390   Early Childhood Care, Health         8    300   193                                                                  AU928   Fine Art                                8   398     267
        and Education                                         AU903   Sport with Business                  8   280     228                                                                     AU992   Intellectual Disability Nursing      8   320    302
                                                                                                                             AU822   Fine Art                                7    373    267
AU190   Early Childhood Care, Health         6    161   193   AU804   Applied Sport with Business          7    231   230
        and Education                                                                                                        AU931   Performing Arts                         8    354   268
                                                              AU905   Tourism and Event Management         8   309     231
AU391   Health and Social Care               8    281   195                                                                  AU823   Performing Arts (Acting)                7    237   270
                                                              AU803   International Tourism and            7    234    232
AU290   Inclusive Practice for Special       7    253   196                                                                  AU824   Performing Arts (Theatre Design)        7    246    271
                                                                      Event Management
        Needs Assistance                                                                                                     AU929   Writing and Literature                  8   308     272
                                                              AU915   Law and Business                     8   300     233
AU372   Bioanalytical Science                8    NEW   198                                                                  AU930   Writing and Literature (Online)         8    424    272
                                                              AU916   Sociology and Politics               8    302   234
AU370   Food Science and Nutrition           8    NEW   199
                                                              AU917   English and Psychology               8    328    235   Science
AU373   Pharmaceutical and Medicinal         8    NEW   200
        Science                                               AU918   Social Care Practice                 8    302   236    AU965   Science (Common Entry)                  8    320    273
AU270   Science (Common Entry)               7    NEW   201                                                                  AU730   Science (Common Entry)                  6    224    273
                                                              AU919   Early Education and Care             8    307    237
AU271   Veterinary Nursing                   7    401   203                                                                  AU966   Environmental Science with Ecology 8        339     276
AU272   Agriculture                          7    197   204
                                                              Engineering and Design
                                                                                                                             AU855   Environmental Science with Ecology 7         287    276
AU371   Agriculture (Common Entry)           8    300   205   AU940   Engineering (Common Entry)           8    381   239
                                                                                                                             AU967   Occupational Safety and Health          8    307    277
AU173   Dental Nursing                       6    216   208   AU830   Engineering (Common Entry)           7    262    241
                                                                                                                             AU856   Occupational Safety and Health          7    252    277
AU172   Health Science with Dietetics Studies 6   347   209   AU715   Engineering (Common Entry)           6    213    241
                                                                                                                             AU968   Pharmaceutical Science with             8    317    278
AU171   Health Science with                  6    307   210   AU941   Robotics and Automation              8   403    243            Drug Development
        Occupational Therapy Studies                          AU831   Mechatronic Engineering              7    301    245   AU857   Pharmaceutical Science with             7    256    278
AU170   Health Science with                  6    473   211                                                                          Drug Development
                                                              AU943   Mechanical Engineering               8   404    246
        Physiotherapy Studies                                                                                                AU969   Biomedical Science                      8    302    279
                                                              AU833   Mechanical Engineering               7    236   248
AU174   Pharmacy Technician                  6    222   212                                                                  AU858   Biomedical Science                      7    244    279
                                                              AU834   Precision Engineering and Design     7    273   249
AU380   General Nursing                      8    408   213                                                                  AU970   Forensic Investigation and Analysis     8    328    281
                                                              AU944   Civil Engineering                    8    327   250
AU382   Intellectual Disability Nursing      8    266   214                                                                  AU859   Forensic Investigation and Analysis     7    241    281
                                                              AU835   Civil Engineering                    7    237   250
AU381   Mental Health Nursing                8    308   215                                                                  AU971   Health Science and Physical Activity 8       327    282
                                                              AU945   Quantity Surveying                   8    307    251
                                                                                                                             AU861   Health Science and Physiology           7    291   284
DONEGAL KILLYBEGS                                             AU836   Quantity Surveying                   7    210    251
                                                                                                                             AU732   Health and Exercise Science             6    327    285
                                                              AU716   Construction Economics               6    318    253
AU220   Culinary Arts                        7    171   164
                                                                                                                             AU973   Clinical Measurement Physiology         8   NEW    286
                                                              AU946   Construction Project Management      8    302    254
                                                                      and Applied Technology                                 AU972   Human Nutrition                         8   370     287

                                                              AU837   Advanced Wood and Sustainable        7    211    255   AU862   Human Nutrition                         7   280     287
                                                                      Building Technology
                                                              AU717   Applied Construction Technology      6    164   256
                                                              AU955   Computing                            8    341    257
                                                              AU845   Computing                            7    328    257
                                                              AU725   Computing                            6    251    257
Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here
Welcome from
                      the President
                      Fáilte ón Uachtarán
                      Welcome to Atlantic Technological University

                      I am delighted to welcome you to the 2024
                      prospectus of Atlantic Technological University
                      This prospectus will guide students, parents, and teachers through
                      the wide range of programmes available in Atlantic TU, one of the
                      largest multi-campus universities in Ireland.

                      We are very proud of our diverse range of programmes offered at our
                      campuses in Connemara, Donegal, Galway City, Mayo, Mountbellew,
                      and Sligo. Between our campuses, we offer 600 academic
                      programmes from pre-degree to doctoral level to a population of
                      23,500+ learners.

                      We offer a rich combination of academic and research excellence,
                      quality of life and opportunity – all of which can be experienced in the
                      beautiful west and north-west region of Ireland. We deliver practice-
                      orientated study, and research that seeks to address the major global
                      challenges facing society.

                      If you join our ATU family, we will welcome you and provide all the
                      guidance and support you need to fulfil your potential.

                      We are dedicated to enabling sustainable economic, social and
                      cultural development; connected to and serving our region and with
                      a mindset that reaches far beyond it.

                      Your future is here.

                      Dr Orla Flynn
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                 ATU Prospectus 2024
                      Ollscoil Teicneolaíochta an Atlantaigh
                      Atlantic Technological University

      5                                                                                                6
Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here
Atlantic Technological University (ATU) is a multi-campus technological
                                            university in the west and north-west of Ireland that delivers a rich
                                            combination of academic and research excellence, quality of life and

                                            Collaborative Strength
                                            Atlantic TU has a student population of over 23,500 learners,
                                                                                                                        	  1 Region
                                            spanning more than 600 academic programmes from pre-degree to
                                            doctoral level. ATU’s strength lies in our collaborative ethos, realising
                                            our shared goals by elevating and championing success.
                                                                                                                        	  8 Campuses
                                            Academic Excellence                                                         	  600+ Programmes

                      Why choose
                                            ATU offers an exceptional higher educational experience. Building
                                            on the foundations of applied learning, our university focuses on
                                            research-informed teaching. We empower learners to realise their full
                                                                                                                        	  8 Research Centres
                                            potential, developing responsible citizens, critical thinkers, innovators
                                            and problem solvers equipped for life-long learning.                        	
                                            Research, Engagement and Innovation                                             Graduates Annually
                                            At Atlantic TU we have a proud tradition of industry engagement,

                                            through collaborative research and providing programmes at
                                            undergraduate and postgraduate levels that meet employers’ skills
                                                                                                                            Total Students
                                            requirements. As the leading higher educational institution in the
                                            region, our students, staff and communities are intrinsically linked to

                                            regional employers, building sustainable employment opportunities,
                                            and driving growth in the west and north-west.
                                                                                                                            2,253 Total Staff
                                            Global Opportunities
                                            Our students develop as global citizens, recognising and building
                      Maidir le hOllscoil   awareness of the opportunities and roles we play in developing
                                            sustainable global economies. From collaborative international
                      Teicneolaíochta       research to overseas study and work placement opportunities, ATU
                      an Atlantaigh         students are part of a global community with a mindset that reaches
                                            far beyond our shores.


                                            1 ATU Donegal Letterkenny
                                            2 ATU Donegal Killybegs
                                            3 ATU St Angela’s
                                            4 ATU Sligo
                                            5 ATU Mayo
                                            6 ATU Connemara
                                            7 ATU Mountbellew
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                 ATU Prospectus 2024
                                            8 ATU Galway City


       7                                                                                                                                               8
Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here
Galway is a cosmopolitan city that is world-renowned for its friendliness

                                             and community vibrancy. It is enriched with energy, amazing nightlife,
                                             a booming music scene and a fantastic schedule of annual festivals.

                                             An Energetic City                                                          Accommodation
                                             A prominent gourmet destination, Galway offers everything from             There are several purpose-built
                                             Michelin-star dining and contemporary restaurants to quirky cafés          student villages located close to
                                             and street food. Trendy cocktail bars, traditional Irish bars, and late-   ATU Galway City.
                                             night venues with international artists, ensure you will always find
                                             a lively night out. With several cinemas to choose from alongside          Glasán
                                             weekly arts and cultural events, quiet night options are plentiful too.
                      Cathair na Gaillimhe   Shopping lovers can find the perfect look at high street retailers or
                                             independent boutiques. Finally, with events including the Galway           Ceann Bóirne
                                             Races, Galway International Arts Festival and the Galway Christmas
                                             Markets, there is always an opportunity for some fun and festivals.
                                                                                                                        Cúirt Na Rásaí
                                             Spectacular Location
                                             Galway captivates with its enchanting beauty nestled along the west
                                             coast of Ireland. It’s breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean and       Students may also choose from
                                             Galway Bay offers opportunities for beach excursions, sea swimming,        numerous digs and private
                                             or leisurely strolls along the famous Salthill promenade.                  rental options.
                                             Merlin and Barna Woods along with the city Riverside walk                  For information on all the
                                             provide idyllic surroundings for land-based adventures.                    accommodation options, please
                                                                                                                        contact the Students’ Union at
                                             Sports Facilities                                                
                                             A modern on-campus sports hall offers a wide variety of sports             Please note student villages
                                             ranging from basketball to badminton and cricket to cheerleading.          are owned and run by private
                                             Our state-of-the-art High-Performance Unit (HPU) facilitates               operators and not by ATU.
                                             programmes for elite level athletes, whilst a fitness studio offers
                                             daily exercise classes. Outdoors, we have a GAA pitch with access
                                             to additional pitches locally. We also have arrangements made
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                            ATU Prospectus 2024
                                             with several sports clubs. This means our students have access
                                             to facilities including FAI approved 3G Astroturf and grass pitches
                                             at Mervue United AFC and a 200m five lane synthetic running track
                                             at O’Sullivan Park.

      9                                                                                                                                                       10
Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here

                                  Located in the beautiful village of Letterfrack, ATU Connemara is the
                                  National Centre for Excellence in Furniture Design and Technology.
                                  Renowned for its live traditional Irish music, Letterfrack is also
                                  surrounded by beautiful coastal destinations.

                                  Great Location                                                              Sports Facilities
                                  There is an excellent choice of places to eat and drink in Letterfrack      Students have access to local
                                  including cosy pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and a hotel. Clifden,        sports facilities including a
                                  which is often referred to as the capital of Connemara, is only 15          grass football pitch, floodlit
                                  minutes away and is the largest town west of Galway City. This              Astroturf pitch, fully equipped
                                  thriving town is home to shops, cafes, fine dining restaurants and          gym and a tennis court. Those
                                  lots of quaint Irish pubs. There are regular bus services to Letterfrack,   looking to explore the great
                                  with daily connections to Clifden and Galway City available.                outdoors have a huge range
                                                                                                              of options to choose from,
                                  Incredible Beauty                                                           with pursuits available on land
                                  Letterfrack is overlooked by the majestic Diamond Hill and                  and sea. Scenic walks and
                                  Connemara National Park. This park covers almost 3000 hectares of           cycles, horse riding, angling
                                  scenic mountains which are part of the famous Twelve Bens range.            and sea swimming offer ideal
                                  The main entrance to Connemara National Park is in the village and          opportunities for relaxation.
                                  is the starting point for an array of stunning walks. Beautiful coastal     The more adventure orientated
                                  destinations such as Inishboffin and Cleggan are also within easy           individual may find the perfect
                                  access of Letterfrack.                                                      option in mountain climbing,
                                                                                                              abseiling, surfing, windsurfing
                                                                                                              or scuba diving.
                                  Purpose-built student accommodation, Áras Ghuaire, is located
                                  within one-minute walking distance of ATU Connemara. To contact
                                  Áras Ghuaire please go to
                                  To find out about private rental and digs options, please contact the
                                  Students’ Union at
                                  Please note student villages are owned and run by
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                ATU Prospectus 2024
                                  private operators and not by ATU.

    11                                                                                                                                             12
Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here
                      Maigh Eo

                                 With a population of over 12,000, Castlebar is one of Ireland’s fastest
                                 growing towns and home to ATU Mayo. Whether you want to immerse
                                 yourself in an energetic town or explore beautiful countryside,
                                 Castlebar offers an unforgettable student experience.

                                 A Bustling Town                                                            Sports Facilities
                                 Castlebar is a shopper’s heaven, with unique boutiques, high-street        On-campus sports facilities
                                 brands, and everything in between. Food options range from quirky          include an indoor climbing wall,
                                 cafés to award winning restaurants, so there is something to suit          soccer pitch and running track.
                                 every taste. Also, be sure to check out one of the weekly farmers          Students also have access to a
                                 markets. Established musicians frequent pubs, late bars and cocktail       range of local facilities. These
                                 bars for those looking to dance the night away. For a quieter night out,   include an eight-lane pool at the
                                 a luxury seven screen cinema has all the latest blockbusters.              newly opened Lough Lannagh
                                 The Royal Theatre and Event Centre, a leading entertainment                leisure complex, indoor courts
                                 venue in the west of Ireland, regularly plays host to top music artists,   at Castlebar Tennis Club and
                                 comedians, plays and major events.                                         boxing facilities at Castlebar
                                                                                                            Boxing Club. ATU Mayo is
                                 Beautiful Setting                                                          recognised as one of the leading
                                 The stunning grounds of Turlough Park and the nature trail at              institutes in the country for
                                 Raheens Wood are the perfect settings to get away from it all,             outdoor adventure activities.
                                 whilst a range of water sports on Lough Lannagh offer a chance             Beaches, rivers and mountains
                                 to try something new. Croaghmoyle and Nephin mountain ranges               provide the perfect environment
                                 provide fantastic opportunities for hillwalking, mountain hiking and       for a range of outdoor activities.
                                 exploration. Regular bus services mean the award-winning seaside
                                 town of Westport is within easy reach. Alternatively, hop on a bike
                                 and explore The Great Western Greenway which extends from
                                 Castlebar onwards to Westport.

                                 There are numerous accommodation options within easy access
                                 of ATU Mayo. These include private rentals, digs and purpose-built
                                 student accommodation. For more information on accommodation
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                 ATU Prospectus 2024
                                 please contact the Students’ Union at
                                 Contact details for Hawthorn Village, the purpose-built student
                                 accommodation, can be found at
                                 Please note student villages are owned and run by
                                 private operators and not by ATU.
  13                                                                                                                                               14
Atlantic Technological University - Réamheolaire Prospectus 2024/25 - Your future is here
                      An Creagán

                                    Home of the first agricultural college in Ireland, Mountbellew is a growing
                                    market town located 45 kilometres from Galway City. This busy town is
                                    where students spend their first two years of study before attending
                                    ATU Galway City in years three and four.

                                    A Busy Town                                                                 Sports Facilities
                                    With a population of almost one thousand, Mountbellew has several           Students have access to a
                                    shops, small businesses, restaurants and coffee shops. Local pubs           variety of local sports facilities
                                    regularly host live music and entertainment, with a warm welcome            at Moylough Sports Ground.
                                    ever-present. A Farmers Market takes place every Tuesday where              These include a GAA pitch,
                                    visitors will find a range of produce which includes cheese, fruit,         soccer pitch, handball alley and
                                    vegetables, wine, fresh fish and pastries. Daily bus services to Galway     a tennis court. State-of-the-art
                                    ensure the energetic city is never too far away.                            gym facilities can be found at
                                                                                                                Mountbellew Fitness Centre,
                                    Charming Countryside                                                        whilst Mountbellew Golf Club is
                                    Mountbellew Demense includes a wooded area with forest walks                home to an 18-hole golf course.
                                    and picnic areas. The Demense loop trail is a 2.2km walk or cycle           Natural facilities allow for several
                                    trail which navigates through trees and flora. The area is also home        outdoor options, ranging from
                                    to a wide diversity of wildlife species, whilst Mountbellew Lake is         fishing on the River Shiven to
                                    a sanctuary for waterfowl including ducks, pheasants and swans.             cycling the Demense loop trail.
                                    The area is also filled with interesting historical buildings such as old
                                    walled gardens, a flour mill, a boat house and a forge.

                                    There is a range of private rental and digs accommodation
                                    available to ATU Mountbellew students. For more information on
                                    accommodation options please email for available local
                                    listings or contact the Students’ Union at
                                    Please be advised that properties are not vetted by ATU.
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                       ATU Prospectus 2024
   15                                                                                                                                                     16
                                     ATU Donegal has two campuses, one based in Letterkenny and another
                                     based in Killybegs. Donegal is renowned for its stunning beaches,
                                     welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, and not forgetting the most beautiful
                                     accent in Ireland. It’s easy to see why ATU Donegal is attracting more
                                     students than ever before.
                      Dún na nGall
                                     ATU Donegal Letterkenny                                                     ATU Donegal
                                     The Letterkenny campus is in the heart of Letterkenny town centre.          Killybegs
                                     Letterkenny is a lively town, offering excellent shopping, a vibrant        The Killybegs campus is located
                                     nightlife and great opportunities for part-time work, sport, culture and    in Ireland’s premier fishing
                                     fun. There are plenty of much-loved student haunts such as pubs,            port which is rich in tradition
                                     music venues, nightclubs and restaurants. In addition, you’ll find an       and heritage. Its picturesque
                                     8-screen cinema and the Aura Leisure Complex, which houses a                location boasts spectacular
                                     25m pool, tartan track and gym. For arts and cultural enthusiasts           scenery and harbour views.
                                     there is the Arena 7 Entertainment Complex, An Grianán and a                This is perhaps the most scenic
                                     Regional Cultural Centre which incorporates an art gallery, an              campus in Ireland, surrounded
                                     auditorium and full cinema facilities. ATU Letterkenny campus               by breathtaking beaches and
                                     includes the following facilities:                                          close to Europe’s highest
                                                                                                                 accessible sea cliffs – Sliabh
                                       Educational and support facilities, including general purpose
                                                                                                                 Liag. Students experience
                                       and specialised teaching facilities, research facility, administrative,
                                                                                                                 small class sizes and a personal
                                       technical and academic staff accommodation, library, 4 dining
                                                                                                                 approach to learning in a
                                       areas/restaurants, meeting rooms and lecture theatres
                                                                                                                 comfortable and welcoming
                                       An Dánlann: sports/student services building comprising
                                     •	                                                                         setting. The campus has an
                                       large sports/assembly hall, fitness suite, changing facilities,           impressive reputation for
                                       students’ union and student services centre, dining facilities            delivering exceptional academic
                                       and storage space                                                         programmes in culinary arts,
                                                                                                                 hospitality and tourism.
                                       External Sports Facility: floodlit sand-based natural grass
                                       playing pitch.
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                    ATU Prospectus 2024
   17                                                                                                                                                  18
                      Dún na nGall

                                     Donegal is one of the most affordable regions to live, work and travel around. The cost of living is
                                     considerably lower than the national average and the region offers a variety of affordable student
                                     accommodation. There is no on-campus accommodation, however, there are options for digs, houses
                                     to rent on a shared basis, and in Letterkenny there are also a number of apartment complexes built
                                     specifically for the student market. Both campuses are quite central and most accommodation is within
                                     10 minutes’ walk of each of the campuses. Each year, the Students’ Union (SU) compiles and updates a
                                     list of student accommodation. The list is sent out automatically to students who receive an offer from
                                     ATU Donegal and is also available online from early August of each year. Students are advised to begin
                                     the accommodation search early as demand can be high.

                                     Sport and Sports Facilities
                                     ATU Donegal’s sporting teams compete in the higher education and
                                     university competitions throughout the sporting calendar. Sport at
                                     ATU Donegal has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years
                                     under the leadership of Michael Murphy, Head of Sport.
                                     In addition to competitive sports the campus offers health and
                                     fitness advice, recreation courses, wheelchair sport and community
                                     activities. The ATU Donegal gyms are located in both our Letterkenny
                                     and Killybegs campuses. The gyms are free-to-use for all students
                                     and they offer daily exercise classes to students who like to work
                                     within a small group setting. Current facilities include an on-campus
                                     floodlit pitch and indoor training facility, multi-purpose sports centre
                                     and a modern fitness suite.
                                     Funding has been secured for the design of a sports and activity
                                     campus, the Letterkenny Regional Sports-Activity Hub. The project
                                     will see the creation of a high-quality, multi-pitch sports facility and
                                     community hub suitable for university students as well as local and
                                     regional sports teams and the wider community.
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                               ATU Prospectus 2024
  19                                                                                                                                            20

                                 Sligo combines a vibrant urban centre with stunning natural beauty.
                                 The perfect setting for an unforgettable student experience.
                                 With an added community feel throughout, it’s easy to see why
                                 Sligo is such a popular student destination.

                                 ATU Sligo
                                 This 72-acre campus combines modern buildings, state-of-the-art           Famous for its connection to
                                 facilities and landscaped grounds. A bright, contemporary feel runs       W.B. Yeats, Sligo is also home
                                 through everything from the lecture halls to the library and cafés to     to a range of literary and
                                 chill-out zones. The campus is just a ten-minute walk from Sligo town     cultural options.
                                 centre, whilst beaches, mountains and countryside are all a short trip
                                 away. Sligo is easily accessible by road, rail and air, with numerous     Stunning
                                                                                                           S        Surroundings
                                 return bus services stopping on campus daily throughout the year.         World class beaches at
                                 This Green Flag campus is also home to Sligo’s only Starbucks.            Strandhill and Rosses Point or
                                                                                                           the tranquil beauty of Lough
                                 ATU St Angela’s                                                           Gill, provide the perfect place
                                 This is perhaps the most scenic campus in the country and just            to get away from it all. Sligo’s
                                 minutes away from Sligo town centre. Students experience small            rural landscape includes the
                                 class sizes and a personal approach to learning in a comfortable and      world-famous Benbulben
                                 welcoming setting. There is a balance of theory and practical across      Mountain, the Queen Maeve
                                 all undergraduate programmes to enhance skills ahead of real-world        trail on Knocknarea, woodland
                                 placements. Students enjoy a learning experience that will empower        walks such as Hazelwood and
                                 them on a personal and professional level to ensure their high            Slish Wood, megalithic sites
                                 employability on graduation.                                              in Carrowkeel, the beautiful
                                                                                                           wilderness of the Ox Mountains
                                 A Vibrant Town                                                            and so much more.
                                 From sushi, vegan and tapas to Mexican, Italian and Thai, Sligo’s
                                 thriving culinary scene ensures there is something to suit every taste
                                 and budget. There are nightlife options for every mood, so whether
                                 you are looking for a traditional Irish pub or a trendy cocktail bar, a
                                 live music venue or an energetic nightclub, you will find it here. A
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                              ATU Prospectus 2024
                                 ten-screen cinema has all the latest blockbusters whilst The Hawk’s
                                 Well Theatre, The Model and The Factory host a diverse range of arts
                                 and entertainment weekly. For the shopping enthusiast, independent
                                 shops are nestled in between popular high street brands, catering
                                 for everything from clothes to computers and vintage to vinyl.

   21                                                                                                                                           22
Accommodation                                                                Student Villages
                                 With a diverse range of options available, Sligo has the perfect             Gateway Apartments -
                                 accommodation to suit every individual. The cost of student                  Lakewood Letting
                                 accommodation is also much more affordable than many of Ireland’s  
                                 other university towns and cities, with this also reflected in the cost
                                 of living. There are several purpose-built student villages in Sligo,        Gateway Apartments -
                                 all within easy access of both campuses. Some student villages               Winters Property
                                 offer a laundry service, whilst others have smart TV’s and free Netflix.
                                 Digs accommodation is popular with students moving away from
                                 home for the first time, as they live with a local family and all meals      Ard Nua

                                 are provided. With an excellent selection of private apartments and
                                 houses, private rental is popular with students wishing to live with
                                 friends. Whilst most students live close to campus, some choose the          Uni Rooms @ Ard Nua
                                 hustle and bustle of Sligo town centre or the stunning natural beauty
                                 of Strandhill and Rosses Point.
                                                                                                              Yeats Village
                                 Sports Facilities
                                 At the centre of our campus sports facilities is the Knocknarea Arena.       Clarion Village
                      Sligeach   This sporting hub is home to a multi-purpose sports hall, state-of-the-
                                 art fitness suite and specialised exercise studios. Outdoors, students
                                 have access to an international standard eight-lane tartan-surface           The Grove Student
                                 running track with throwing and jumping facilities. Our 3G Astroturf         Complex
                                 pitch is fully floodlit, whilst our fully floodlit grass pitches include a
                                 championship standard GAA pitch and FAI certified soccer pitch.
                                 Off-campus, students can avail of various sporting facilities at heavily     Lake Isle Luxury
                                 discounted rates. These include a 25m indoor heated swimming pool
                                 at Sligo Regional Sports Centre plus a variety of indoor and outdoor
                                 courts at Sligo Tennis Club. Sligo’s stunning location also lends itself
                                                                                                              St. Angela’s Lakeside
                                 to outdoor options ranging from golf, water sports and horse riding to       Aparthotel
                                 hill walking, mountain biking and cycling.                         

                                                                                                              Visit for the
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                           ATU Prospectus 2024
                                                                                                              full list of accommodation
                                                                                                              options available

  23                                                                                                                                        24
Joining a club or society is a great way to meet people with similar

                      Clubs and
                                      interests, try out something new or pursue your passion. We encourage
                                      students to join at least one club or society, and with a huge variety to
                                      choose from, ATU has something for everyone.

                                      Fun and Friendship                                                          Societies*
                                      University life is more than just study. It is also about having fun and    Ag Science
                                      making friends. Clubs and societies play a big role in this. Joining one    Amination
                                      can often be the start of a new passion or a lifelong friendship.           Astronomy
                                      You Choose                                                                  Cheerleading
                      Clubanna agus   We have a huge selection of clubs and societies to choose from.             Dance
                      Cumainn         These cover everything from frisbee to fine art and music to
                                      motorsport. Also, new clubs and societies are formed every year             DJ
                                      which means you can even start your own.                                    Drama
                                      Check Them Out                                                              Fashion
                                      Clubs and societies days are held across our campuses early in the          Games
                                      university year. This is an opportunity to sign up to as many of them       Harry Potter
                                      as you like. ATU subsidise clubs and societies so that they are free, as    International
                                      are most of the activities they offer.                                      Law
                                      The Extra Benefit                                                           Literature
                                      Clubs and societies are great fun, but did you know they offer more         Mature
                                      than that? Teamwork, participation and personal development are             Neurodiversity
                                      qualities that will impress employers. You may even discover a talent       Politics
                                      you never knew you had.                                                     Robotics
                                                                                                                  Rock Climbing
                                      Clubs*                                                                      Skate
                                      American Football       Cricket                  Rugby
                                      Athletics               Equestrian               Soccer
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                ATU Prospectus 2024
                                      Badminton               GAA                      Surf
                                                                                                                 *Clubs and Societies
                                      Basketball              Golf                     Swimming
                                                                                                                   available will vary across
                                      Boxing                  Karate                   Table Tennis                individual campuses
                                      Chess                   Rowing                   Volleyball

  25                                                                                                                                              26
                                  The ATU Students’ Union (ATUSU) is a democratic organisation run
                                  by students, for students. As soon as you become an ATU student,
                                  you automatically become a member of a Students’ Union (SU).
                                  The ATUSU attend important university meetings to ensure that

                                  students are the focus of every decision made.

                                  Support                                                                    Events and
                                  Whilst they organise lots of fun events throughout the year,               Campaigns*
                                  the Students’ Union are also a valuable source of support.                 Below is an example of the
                      Aontas na   The supports they offer range from helping with any academic               types of events and campaigns
                      Mac Léinn   concerns you might have, to assisting in your search for the perfect       the Students’ Union organise.
                                  accommodation. If you need to talk, their door is always open.
                                                                                                             Freshers’ Week
                                  Campaigns and Events                                                       Rainbow Week
                                  The Students’ Union organise campaigns on important issues such            Silent Disco
                                  as mental health, sexual health and exam stress. They also organise        Mental Health Weeks
                                  events to help you settle into university life and make sure you have
                                                                                                             Sexual Health Weeks
                                  an unforgettable experience. Check out the campaigns and events
                                  calendar for an idea of what to expect.                                    Sports and Awards Ball
                                                                                                             Road Safety and Travel Week
                                  Represent                                                                  Healthy Living Week
                                  You could become your class representative. Class reps are the             Day at the Races
                                  spokesperson for each individual class and are elected by their
                                                                                                             Diversity Week
                                  fellow classmates. They are the first point of contact for the Students’
                                  Union. Class reps acquire lots of new skills such as negotiation,          Exam De-stress Weeks
                                  organisation, leadership and advocacy.
                                                                                                             *Events and campaigns will vary
                                                                                                               across individual campuses
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                ATU Prospectus 2024
  27                                                                                                                                              28
                                       Sport and physical activity play an important role in campus life at ATU.
                                       Our belief is that sport is for everyone. We understand the positive impact
                                       it can have on an individual’s physical and mental health. That is why we

                      for All
                                       have a wide range of activities to suit everyone. Whether you are an elite
                                       level athlete, a talented amateur or someone who is looking to keep fit
                                       and healthy, we have something to suit all abilities and interests.

                      Spórt do Chách   Develop your talent with the help of our top-class coaches and
                                       get the supports needed to excel in your chosen sport. Elite level
                                       athletes are encouraged to apply for an ATU Sports Scholarship. You
                                       will represent ATU at a national or international level, whether that is
                                       individually or as part of a team. For more information or to apply for
                                       an ATU Sports Scholarship, please go to

                                       No matter what your sport is or what level you compete at, you can
                                       continue to do so at ATU. Our sports clubs range from basketball to
                                       badminton, karate to kayaking and everything in between. This is a
                                       great way to try out something new, meet new people or participate
                                       in a sociable environment with a competitive edge.

                                       If you just want to have some fun and keep active, we have something
                                       for you. Exercise classes such as spinning and yoga, fully equipped
                                       fitness suites and stunning local walks are just some of the ways ATU
                                       will help you stay fit and healthy.
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                     ATU Prospectus 2024
  29                                                                                                                  30
                      and Bursaries
                      Scoláireachtaí agus Sparánachtaí

                                                         We know that funding studies can often be a concern. That is why we
                                                         provide additional financial support to hundreds of students each year.
                                                         We recognise student talents in a range of areas, from academic results
                                                         to sporting achievements. We also help support students who need
                                                         financial assistance and ensure they have the means to succeed.

                                                         Sports Scholarships                                                           Additional
                                                         The ATU Sports Scholarship programme provides supports to                     Scholarships
                                                         talented student athletes to recognise their need to balance both             and Bursaries*
                                                         sporting and academic commitments. Alongside financial support,
                                                                                                                                       REACH Scholarship
                                                         our sport scholars have access to top class sports facilities and
                                                         coaches, sports science supports, academic supports and receive               College of Sanctuary
                                                         ATU branded sports scholarship gear. Bonus CAO points may also be             Scholarship
                                                         awarded to elite level sports scholars. For more information                  GPA Postgraduate Scholarship
                                                         or to apply for an ATU Sports Scholarship, please go to                       Ireland Healthcare Scholarship
                                                                                                                                       Academic Scholarship
                                                         1916 Bursary Fund                                                             Access Scholarship
                                                         This is a funding scheme targeted at students who are                         Mature Student Scholarship
                                                         socioeconomically disadvantaged and who are from groups that                  Special Sports and Cultural
                                                         have low participation rates in higher education.                             Achievement (SSCA) Scheme
                                                                                                                                       Non-EU Scholarship
                                                         Student Assistance Fund                                                       Sanctuary Scholarship
                                                         The Student Assistance Fund (SAF) provides funding to students                President’s Bursary Fund
                                                         whose participation in higher education would be at risk as a direct
                                                         result of financial difficulty. Funding is available towards costs relating   *Scholarships and Bursaries
                                                         to rent, transport, books, materials, food, utilities, childcare and            available will vary across
                                                         medical costs.                                                                  individual campuses
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                                        ATU Prospectus 2024
                                                         Find out more
                                                         For more information on the scholarships and bursaries available
                                                         across all ATU campuses, please visit

   31                                                                                                                                                                     32
                      Supports                                                                       Tacaíochtaí

                      We have invested heavily in our learning facilities to ensure our students
                      are fully supported throughout their academic journey.

                      Learning Support                                                         Technology Support
                      Our dedicated learning-support tutors help students who have             Our students have free Office
                      dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties. Students have          365 to download to their own
                      access to the latest assistive technology and can engage with a          devices plus free unlimited
                      learning support tutor on a one-to-one or group basis. Reasonable        One Drive data storage,
                      accommodation at exams and liaising with relevant staff are other        allowing them to study from
                      ways our learning-support tutors can help.                               anywhere in the world at
                                                                                               any time. Students can also
                      Maths Support                                                            access a range of free modern
                      Our innovative and friendly maths support centres offer the extra        technologies and free high-
                      support that many students need. Services include consultations,         speed Wi-Fi on our campuses.
                      tutorials, computer-based tutorials and access to relevant text
                      materials. You can even submit maths problems for correction.            Careers Service
                      Students can access these facilities on a one-to-one basis,              Our careers teams are
                      as a small group or online.                                              passionate about finding every
                                                                                               student a career and future they
                      Academic Writing                                                         will love. They advise on career
                      Students of all abilities can benefit from our academic writing          options and postgraduate
                      supports. These include getting started with assignments, effective      studies whilst also assisting
                      notetaking, report writing, avoiding plagiarism, successful writing in   with CV and interview skills.
                      exams and the writing process – generating ideas, drafting, revising     The teams have well established
                      and editing. Students can access these facilities on a one-to-one        links with local, national and
                      basis, as a small group or online.                                       international employers.
                                                                                               Throughout the year they
                                                                                               organise a range of workshops,
                      Induction                                                                careers fairs and employer talks.
                      We know that the transition to university is an exciting time,
                      but a nerve-wracking one too. Our comprehensive induction and
                      welcome programmes ensure the transition is both easy and fun.
                      During induction, students receive their timetables, meet their
                      classmates and lecturers, learn about supports and services,
                      get their questions answered, go on a campus tour and lots more.
                      Screening questionnaires are also carried out with first year
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                   ATU Prospectus 2024
                      students to identify their preferred learning style and any supports
                      they may need. ATU’s First Five Weeks welcome programme ensures
                      continued support into the academic year.

 33                                                                                                                                 34
                      Supports                                                                          Tacaíochtaí
                                                                                                        do Mhic Léinn

                      Our student support teams help with any concerns or worries you
                      may have in a confidential and sensitive manner. If it’s important to you,
                      it’s important to us.

                      Access Office                                                              Health
                      Our access office provides a supportive learning environment to            The health service teams
                      help students realise their educational potential, regardless of their     across ATU provide free,
                      background, age or health circumstances. Supports are personal,            on-campus medical care and
                      academic or financial in nature including a range of learning supports     health promotion information to
                      using modern assistive technology.                                         students. The teams, which are
                                                                                                 made up of doctors and nurses,
                      HEAR and DARE                                                              can help with the diagnosis and
                      ATU participates in the HEAR (Higher Education Access Route)               treatment of health problems,
                      and DARE (Disability Access Route to Education) access schemes.            alongside providing services
                      These target applicants from groups who are under-represented in           such as issuing prescriptions
                      higher education. The schemes facilitate flexibility on points and offer   and repeat prescriptions.
                      additional supports to students throughout their studies. For more
                      information, please go to page 318 of this prospectus.                     Chaplaincy
                                                                                                 The chaplaincy service
                      Disability Support                                                         supports students in their
                      We are passionate about creating a university community which is           personal and spiritual growth
                      accessible and inclusive to all. Our disability-support services provide   during their time at ATU. The
                      an individual support plan tailored to the specific needs of the           chaplaincy service is available to
                      student. Engagement with other relevant staff ensures appropriate          students of all faiths and those
                      plans are in place to support students to reach their full potential.      who have none. The team help
                                                                                                 to build a sense of community,
                                                                                                 care for the wellbeing of all, and
                      Counselling                                                                are always available for a chat.
                      The professional counselling service is free-of-charge to all students.
                      Our experienced teams will help and support students with any area
                      of concern that might arise; be that academic, personal, financial,
                      mental health or otherwise.
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                      ATU Prospectus 2024
 35                                                                                                                                    36
Pathways to
                      Success                                                                    Barr do Chumais
                                                                                                 a Bhaint Amach

                      There are multiple ways to achieve your career goals. A degree from ATU
                      will open lots of doors, allowing you to follow numerous career paths.
                      Your future can take you anywhere and we can help take you there.

                      Common Entry                                                               Ladder System
                      It is not always easy to know exactly what area to study. It is even       CAO students can apply for
                      more difficult to decide what area to specialise in. That is why our       up to 20 courses, ten at level 8
                      flexible common entry programmes are so popular. Common entry              and ten at level 6/7. The ladder
                      allows students to understand where their true passion lies. Students      system allows progression
                      study a broad range of subjects before choosing what area to               through these levels and
                      specialise in. Please view our programme pages for more information        beyond. For example, we have
                      on the common entry options across our campuses.                           seen students progress from
                                                                                                 level 6 higher certificate up to
                      Teaching                                                                   PhD level 10. If a programme
                      Some of our degrees have a direct path into teaching, with built in        of interest is available at all
                      school placements providing experience teaching in supportive              levels, we recommend students
                      classrooms and environments. Many of our honours degree                    include all levels on their
                      programmes also meet Teaching Council subject requirements.                application. This increases the
                      Students who pursue this route are required to complete a                  chances of an offer. Level 6
                      Professional Master of Education (PME) after they graduate to              points are normally much less
                      become a fully qualified teacher.                                          than their level 8 equivalent.

                      Alternative Routes
                      There is never just one way to accomplish your goals. Here at ATU,
                      we want to help each student achieve these goals. If you dream of
                      a career in a certain profession, there may be alternative routes you
                      are not aware of. For example, our health science programmes have
                      routes into allied health professions. Our schools liaison teams are
                      always available to discuss alternative routes which can help you fulfil
                      your dreams.

                      Professional Accreditation
                      Many of our degrees have the added bonus of professional
                      accreditation. Professional accreditation is a kitemark of quality
                      that demonstrates a programme meets or exceeds standards
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                    ATU Prospectus 2024
                      developed by experts in the profession. The benefit to our
                      graduates is increased employability. It gives employers confidence
                      knowing that an individual has reached the industry standard.
                      Throughout the programme pages in this prospectus,
                      you will see all the professional accreditations.

  37                                                                                                                                 38
                      Abroad                                                              Staidéar
                                                                                          Thar Lear

                      If you are looking for an unforgettable experience during your time in ATU,
                      then studying abroad might just be for you. We encourage students to
                      consider the option of spending a year, a semester or even a small part of
                      a semester at one of our partner universities. With locations across Europe
                      and the world, your dream destination might be closer than you think.

                      Career                                                                  Support
                      Time spent studying abroad will look great on your CV and further       The ATU Global Office is on
                      enhance your employability. It demonstrates your confidence and         hand to make this happen. Not
                      ambition – valuable skills that can give you an edge with future        only will they help you make this
                      employers. In the internationalised job market, employers are           dream a reality, they will fully
                      increasingly looking for graduates who have a demonstrated ability to   support you for the duration of
                      succeed in an international environment.                                your time away.

                      Journey                                                                 Funding
                      You will go on a journey of personal development as you step out        Erasmus+ offers financial grants
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                  ATU Prospectus 2024
                      of your comfort zone. You will gain new knowledge and develop           to students who wish to study
                      language skills, whilst also having the option to study fully through   abroad. These grants are in
                      English. There will be opportunities to travel to new destinations.     addition to, and independent
                      You will take in world famous scenery and landmarks, all whilst you     from, other educational
                      immerse yourself in a new culture.                                      supports such as SUSI.

 39                                                                                                                                40
                      Placement                                                                                Socrúchán

                      The opportunity to translate academic knowledge into a hands-on
                      employment experience is why ATU are so passionate about work
                      placement. From start-ups to social care, teaching to technology, our
                      varied placement options mean you will find something to suit you and
                      your career aspirations. Although you will not be on campus during work
                      placement, we are still here to fully support you.

                      Experience                                                               Insight
                      Real-world experience makes you much more employable.                    You will gain an insight into
                      It will look great on your CV and gives you real-life examples           something you are passionate
                      to reference in an interview.                                            about. This can reinforce
                                                                                               your career path choices.
                      Impress                                                                  It can also highlight new career
                      As we have seen many times before, leaving a good impression             opportunities you may not
                      during work placement can often lead to job offers.                      have known were an option.
                      Translating book knowledge into a working situation                      Or it could fuel a desire to
                      is a valuable skill employers look for.                                  progress your studies to the
                                                                                               next level.
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                  ATU Prospectus 2024
                      Even if you don’t get a job offer, the networks you build through work
                      colleagues and industry experts can open all sorts of opportunities.

  41                                                                                                                               42
Mature                                                                                                      QQI/FET
                      Applicants                                                                            Iarrthóirí
                                                                                                            Lánfhásta             Applicants                                                                              Iarrthóirí

                      Returning to education takes courage. We welcome hundreds of new                                            Not all students will take the same path, but we believe all students can
                      mature students each academic year. Whether you want to gain a new                                          reach the same destination. Each year we welcome lots of new students
                      qualification for your career or study something you have always been                                       to ATU based on their Further Education and PLC awards. We fully
                      passionate about, we have the supports in place to help you succeed.                                        support them on their academic journey which will ultimately lead to
                                                                                                                                  their dream career.

                      Supports                                                                Clubs and Societies                 Alternative Route                                                         Transition
                      We understand that the first essay, assignment or report can be         Clubs and societies are a great     Many students do not qualify for a university degree based on their       Our welcoming environment,
                      a challenge. We have several supports available including maths         way to make new friends, try        Leaving Certificate results. An award from a Further Education and        supportive lecturers and staff,
                      support and academic writing support.                                   out something new or pursue         Training (FET) or Post-Leaving Certificate (PLC) course can often be      and range of student supports
                                                                                              your passion. With a huge           the perfect stepping-stone to securing a university place.                will help make the transition to
                      Academics                                                               range to choose from, we have                                                                                 university life an easy one.
                      We pride ourselves on the welcoming and supportive environment          something for everyone.             Entry Requirements
                      our academic staff create. Not just a number, they are always on hand                                       Applicants must present a full major award at QQI Level 5 or higher       Tertiary Degrees
                      to help with any questions you may have.                                Entry Requirements                  for entry into Year 1. Applicants with awards at QQI Level 6 may be       Tertiary degree programmes
                                                                                              Mature applicants are required      considered for advanced entry into Year 2. For more information,          allow students to spend Year
                      Grants and Scholarships                                                 to be over 23 on January 1st of     please go to page 313.                                                    1 of their degree in an ETB
                      There are several grants available for mature students including        the calendar year of application.                                                                             before completing their studies
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ATU Prospectus 2024
                      The Back to Education Grant and The 1916 Bursary Fund, alongside        For more information on entry                                                                                 at an ATU campus. For more
                      Mature Student Scholarships. For more information, please email         requirements please go to           A quota of places in ATU programmes is reserved annually for QQI          information, please go to page
                                                                   page 317.                           accredited applicants to ensure that they are fairly represented in our   307.
                                                                                                                                  student numbers. Offers are issued in Round Zero which is usually in
                                                                                                                                  early August.

 43                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             44
Northern Irish                                                                                             International
                      Applicants                                                                          Iarrthóirí ó
                                                                                                          Éirinn                 Applicants                                                                        Iarrthóirí

                      Each year we are proud to welcome a new cohort of Northern Irish                                           Our campuses attract students from across the globe. We pride ourselves
                      students. With a top-class education guaranteed, a simple application                                      on being friendly and welcoming, so asking questions and meeting new
                      process and all the financial benefits that come along with it, we can see                                 people could not be easier.
                      why more and more Northern Irish students are choosing to study at ATU.
                                                                                                                                 Wild Atlantic Welcome                                                 International Society
                      Fees                                                                    Application Process                From your first day through to graduation, we will make you feel      Joining an international society
                      At a maximum of €3000 per year, the student contribution fee is         CAO applications open on           welcome and part of the ATU family. Our campuses cover much of        is a great way to make new
                      significantly less than in Northern Ireland and the UK. Based on June   November 6th. The application      the Wild Atlantic Way, which means you can look forward to stunning   friends. Throughout the year
                      2023 exchange rates, fees in Ireland are at least 59% cheaper than in   process is very straight forward   landscapes, breath-taking views and exciting outdoor adventures.      they arrange field trips, nights
                      Northern Ireland and the UK.                                            with no personal statement                                                                               out and weekends away.
                                                                                              required. For more information     Community
                      Grants                                                                  or to apply visit
                                                                                                                                 ATU is home to students from over 90 countries worldwide, giving us   Global Degree
                      Northern Irish students can apply for a fee grant through Ireland’s                                        diverse and vibrant campuses. Throughout your studies you will meet   The quality of the experience at
                      awarding authority, SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland). Unlike    Entry Requirements                 students from different backgrounds and cultures, offering you new    Atlantic TU is equally matched
                      student loans, fee grants do not have to be paid back. For more         To view our entry requirements     perspectives and inspiring new interests.                             by the quality of the degree.
                      information visit                                           and how the points system                                                                                From successful careers to
                                                                                              works, please go to page 314.      International Office                                                  exciting further studies, our
                      Loans                                                                   Should you have any questions,                                                                           graduates have taken their
ATU Prospectus 2024

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ATU Prospectus 2024
                                                                                              please email     Our dedicated international offices will help with the admissions
                      Students can apply to the Student Loans Company for a student                                              process and support you throughout your time in ATU. Please go to     qualifications across the globe.
                      contribution loan. Students may also be entitled to a maintenance                                          page 317 for our international offices contact information.
                      loan which will help with living costs. For more information visit

 45                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        46
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