Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook

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Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
Auckland Law School
  2015 Handbook
Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
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Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
Auckland Law School  1


 03   Welcome from the Dean                    20   Further Law Study
 04   Auckland Law School Map                  22   Postgraduate Law
 05   2015 Law Diary                           24   Academic Information for Students
 06   Admission and Enrolment Procedures       29   Grading
 07   Undergraduate Law                        30   Mooting and Competitions
 		07 The LLB Degree                           32   Student Clubs and Associations
      Conjoint Degrees
 		09		                                        34   Student Support and Facilities
      Planning your Degree
 		10		                                        37   Equity Support for Law School Students
 		13 Specialisations                          38   Academic Staff Responsibilities
 		14		                                        39   Staff of the Faculty of Law
      2015 Course Supervisors

              Let IPLS take you to the Bar
               PROFS - as easy as 1-2-3!
1.     Select your location
       Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Hamilton
2.     Choose your course
       13 weeks (9 online & 4 onsite)
       “I want to finish as quickly as possible”
       18 weeks (14.5 online & 3.5 onsite)
       “I have other things I need to do as well”
3.     Create your own timetable           The student common room at the IPLS Auckland centre
       A new intake starts every month
       Mix and match modules to suit your needs

                          Student Loans & Allowances available
0800 776 376                                                     
Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
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Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
Auckland Law School  3

Welcome from the Dean
                       Welcome to the Auckland Law School for 2015.

                       This is the largest law school in New Zealand and we are consistently ranked the best law
                       school in New Zealand and one of the best in the world in the prestigious QS World
                       University Rankings.

                       The strength of any law school lies in the calibre of its staff and students, the resources of
                       its library, and the support it gets from the profession and alumni. The Auckland Law School
                       is very fortunate on every score. Our academic staff produces world-class research, we are
                       supported by dedicated administrative staff, and the Davis Law Library has New Zealand’s
                       most extensive collection of legal research materials. It is very competitive to gain entry, so
                       we have an exceptionally well-qualified student body. And we are situated in the heart of
                       the legal precinct of New Zealand’s commercial capital, next to the High Court and the
                       nation’s leading law firms.

                       My academic colleagues have expertise that spans the range of legal subjects: from
                       business law, tax and family law through to public and private international law,
                       constitutional law, the Treaty of Waitangi and indigenous rights, environmental law and
                       human rights. Many have national and international reputations in their fields. The legal
Dean Andrew Stockley
                       education we seek to offer recognises that law is part of a wider social context: it is not
                       merely a set of rules and procedures created in isolation by legislators, administrators and

                       Our vision of legal education includes equipping students with the capacity to think
                       critically, and to ask questions about legal rules and institutions. Our academic staff
                       participate in advisory roles to government agencies, lawyers, community and business
                       organisations, and are active in the wider community.

                       Our students epitomize Auckland’s philosophy of academic rigour coupled with enthusiasm
                       for the law. In 2014 Auckland students won three of the five competitions at the New
                       Zealand Law Students’ Association annual championships and will represent New Zealand
                       at the prestigious Jessup Moot Competition for the seventh time in the last eight years.

                       I am confident that your time at the Auckland Law School will be an experience you will
                       value for a lifetime. Take full advantage of your opportunity to think, to learn, to explore new
                       ideas and to question orthodoxy. You will find that the staff here are happy to answer
                       questions and to provide academic and other support as needed. Make the most of the
                       chance to join one of the most active and successful law student societies in the country.
                       From the Law Revue to the student competitions, from the social and sports events to the
                       seminars and workshops, there are countless opportunities to participate, to meet other law
                       students, and to forge life-long friendships.

                       Some of you will elect to study law as part of a conjoint degree programme, in conjunction
                       with arts, commerce, science, property, engineering or health science degrees. In your final
                       two years of the law degree, all of you will have considerable freedom to choose from more
                       than 50 law elective courses in many areas of specialisation. After that, the Faculty’s
                       extensive postgraduate programme entices many of our students back to gain an LLM or

                       I wish you well with your studies and trust that you will find the legal education that we offer
                       at the Auckland Law School to be personally, professionally and intellectually rewarding.

                       Andrew Stockley
                       Dean of Law
Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
4  Auckland Law School

Auckland Law School Map
Building 810                                                                                                                                                     Level 2     Building 810                                                               Level 7
1–11 Short Street                                                                                        Auckland Law School / Student Centre                                1–11 Short Street

   200           Seminar Room                               242
                                                                                                                                                                                           707 705 703 701
                                                                                                                                                                               711                                 749      747       745
                                                                                   235          233         232                                                                                                                                               743
                                                           240                                                                                                                 713                                                                             741
                                                                                              234               231        230                                                                                                    744
                                                                                                                                                                               715                                                                742
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               728                            737
                                                   217                                                                                                                         717

                                                                218                      220                                                          Lecture Theatre
                                                                                                            222             223
       213       215A             215              217A    Seminar Room             Seminar Room                                                                                                                                                              735
                                                                                                                                                                               719          721    723         725       727         729      731       733

   213 Pacific Islands Law Students Assn.                         231   Student Academic & Support Adviser                 234     Student Academic & Support Adviser
                                                                                                                                                                             711      PhD & LLM by Research Work Room
   215 Te Ako o Te Turi                                                (Postgraduate, Doctoral & International)                   & Pouäwhina Maori
   215A Equal Justice Project                                    232   Student Academic & Support Adviser (Pacific)        235     Student Centre Reception                   745      Stephen Penk, Associate Dean (Academic)
   217, 217A Auckland University Law Students Assn.              233   Student Academic & Support Adviser                 240     Student Experience Adviser
   230 Manager – Student Centre & Development                          (Undergraduate & Equity)                           242     Student Academic Services & Engagement

                                                                                                                                  Manager                to Downtown
                                                                 EDE                                                                                        Harbour Bridge
                                                                       N C

                                                                                                                                                              and North
                                                                                                                                       ST                                    Building 803                                                           Level 2
                                                                                                                      RT                                                     17 Eden Crescent
                                                                                                                H O 11



                                                             S TR

                            E S

                                                                                                                                         Law School                                        204    205    206     207       208         209
                          K SID

                                                                                                                                       Student Centre


                                                                                                                                          (Level 2)



                                                                                                                                                                                     203                 210
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Small                          211
                     K ITC H                                                                                                      15                                                               Lecture Theatre                   Forum 4
                                  ENER                                                                    801
                                              ST                                                                      Davis
                                                                                                                        Library                                                                                                       212

                                                                                                                                                             CR                                              215
                           NUE                                                                                                         803

                 AV E


                                                                                                   Hall                                                                                                                               214

       BO                                                    123


                          135                               Lodge                               805

                                                                                                                804                                                                               221    220    219        218       217 216

   L AN

                                                             107                                           Fisher


          George                                           Maclaurin
                                                                                                                                                             T                 210 Small Lecture Theatre

           Fraser                                           Chapel
                                                                                                                                              IA                               211 Forum Room 4
                                                                                                                                       PA R L

                                                                                                                                                                               215 Taught Postgraduate Work Room


Building 801                                                      Level 1                  Building 801                                                          Level 2     Building 801                                                           Level 3
9 Eden Crescent                                                                            9 Eden Crescent                                                                   9 Eden Crescent

                                                                                                                                213                                                                           316
                                                                                                                             Students’                                                                       Stone
                   113                                                                                                                                                                                  Lecture Theatre
                                                                                                                           Common Room

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Moot Court
                      114                                                                                          Lecture Theatre
                                                                                                                                                                                                          306                         308
                                                                                                                                                  Forum 1                                                              307

                                                   108                                                                                        205                                                                                           310
                     103                                                                                            Northey                                                                               305
                                                                                                                Lecture Theatre
                            102                                                                                                                    201                                                               304               302
                    104                                                                                                            203      202                                                                                303

                                                                                           204 Northey Lecture Theatre                   209 Algie Lecture Theatre            303 Legal Research Foundation 312 Moot Court
                                                                                           205 Sick Bay                                  213 Student Common Room              305 Faculty Administration    316 Stone Lecture Theatre
102,106          Auckland University Law Review                                            206 Mooting Society                               & Cafeteria                      310 Faculty Support Services
Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
Auckland Law School  5

2015 Law Diary
Semester One 2014                                                            Thursday 6 August, 4pm     LAW 211 essay due
Friday 27 February           LLB Part II Orientation                         Friday 14 August           Final day for registering a Research Paper in
                                                                                                        Lieu of Exam in elective courses
Monday 2 March               Semester One begins
                                                                             Tuesday 18 August          LAW 241 test
Friday 13 March              Enrolment deadline for adding or deleting
                             courses for Semester One                        Tuesday 25 August          LAW 121G test
                             Last day for selection of supervisor and        Thursday 27 August, 4pm    LAW 231 essay due
                             approval of topic for Honours Dissertations
                                                                             Friday 28 August, 4pm      Honours Seminar Paper due
                             Last day for enrolment and approval of topics
                             for Supervised Research Papers (LAW 456)        Saturday 29 – Sunday 13    Mid-Semester Break
Monday 16 March              Tutorials begin for LLB Parts I, II and III
                                                                             Monday 14 September        Semester Two resumes
Friday 27 March              Enrolment deadline for adding or deleting
                             double-semester courses                         Thursday 17 September      LAW 131 test
                             Final day for registering a Research Paper in   Friday 18 September, 4pm   Submission of completed draft for Honours
                             Lieu of Exam in elective courses                                           Dissertations due
Tuesday 31 March             LAW 121G test                                   Monday 21 September, 4pm   Opinions due in all law elective courses
Friday 3 – Sunday 19 April   Mid-semester Break/Easter                       Friday 25 September        Selection of supervisor and approval of topic
                                                                                                        for Honours Dissertations (Summer School)
Monday 27 April              ANZAC Day
                                                                             Tuesday 29 September       Spring Graduation
Tuesday 28 April             LAW 211 test
                                                                             Wednesday 30 September,    LAW 131 essay due
Friday 1 May, 4pm            Submission of completed draft for Honours       4pm
                             Dissertations due
                                                                             Friday 23 October, 4pm     Semester Two lectures end
Monday 4 May, 4pm            Opinions due in all law elective courses
                                                                                                        LAW 456 Supervised Research Papers due
Monday 4, Wednesday 6,       Autumn Graduation
                                                                                                        Research Paper in Lieu of Exam due
Friday 8 May
                                                                             Monday 26 October          Labour Day
Tuesday 12 May               LAW 241 test
                                                                             Tuesday 27 October, 4pm    Final Submission for Honours Dissertations
Monday 18 May                LAW 301 test
Tuesday 26 May               LAW 231 test
                                                                             Saturday 24 –              Study Break
Thursday 28 May              LAW 306 test                                    Wednesday 28 October
Monday 1 June                Queen’s Birthday                                Thursday 29 –              Exams
Tuesday 2 June               LAW 201 test                                    Monday 16 November

Thursday 4 June              LAWCOMM 445 test                                Monday 16 November         Summer Break

Friday 5 June, 4pm           Semester One lectures end
                             LAW 456 Supervised Research Papers due          Summer School 2016
                             Research Paper in Lieu of Exam due              Friday 27 November         Submission of completed draft for Honours
                             LAWCOMM 442 test, 5.30pm                                                   Dissertations due (Summer School)
Monday 8 June                LAW 316 Take-home exam: Exam available          Tuesday 1 December         Deadline for students wishing to submit their
                             for download via Cecil, 11am                                               Application for Admission in LLB Part II 2016.
                                                                                                        Deadline for enrolment into Summer School
                             Final Submission for Honours Dissertations                                 courses.
                             due, 4pm
                                                                             Tuesday 8 December         Deadline for new students wishing to submit
Tuesday 9 June               LAW 316 Take-home exam: Submit exam                                        their Application for Admission for LLB Part I
                             script via Turnitin, 12noon                                                2016. Applications received after these dates
Monday 8 –                   Study Break                                                                may be accepted if there are places
Wednesday 10 June                                                                                       available.
Thursday 11 –                Exams                                           Wednesday 6 January        Summer School lectures begin
Monday 29 June                                                               Monday 11 January          Enrolment deadline for adding or deleting
Tuesday 30 June –            Inter-Semester Break                                                       courses for Summer School
Sunday 19 July                                                               Friday 15 January          Last day for enrolment and approval of topics
                                                                                                        for LAW 456 Supervised Research Papers
                                                                                                        (Summer School)
Semester Two 2015
                                                                             Monday 1 February          Auckland Anniversary
Monday 20 July               Semester Two begins
                                                                             Tuesday 2 February         Honours Dissertations due 4pm (Summer
Thursday 23 July, 4pm        LAW 241 essay due                                                          School)
Friday 31 July               Enrolment deadline for adding or deleting       Monday 8 February          Waitangi Day
                             courses for Semester Two
                                                                             Friday 12 February         Summer School lectures end
                             Last day for selection of supervisor and
                             approval of topic for Honours Dissertations     Saturday 13 February       Study Break
                             Last day for enrolment and approval of topics   Monday 15 –                Exams
                             for Supervised Research Papers (LAW 456)        Wednesday 17 February
Monday 3 August              Tutorials resume for LLB Part I, II and III     Monday 29 February         Semester One begins
Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
6  Auckland Law School

Admissions and Enrolment Procedures
                                                                  Are you a new student to the
                                                                    University of Auckland?

               First you need to apply online:
                                                                    Yes                   No                 Are you applying for LLB Part I or LLB Part II?

                                                                                                             Yes                                    No
                                             If you are new to the University of
  Are you applying for                   Auckland and are applying for LLB Part
       LLB Part I?             No        II, III or IV or Postgraduate studies you
                                                                                          If you have previously enrolled at The            If you are currently
                                         will first need to speak to a Law Student                                                             enrolled in the
                                          Academic and Support Adviser – see                  University of Auckland and are
                                                                                            applying for a new programme (for            University of Auckland
                                                 page 10 for contact details.                                                                in Law and will be
          Yes                                                                             example applying for LLB Part II after
                                                                                             a LLB Part I year, or applying for a          continuing with your
                                                                                           BA/LLB conjoint after studies in BA),          existing programmes,
                                                                                                you will need to make a new               you can go straight to
                                                                                            application using Student Services           the Enrolling in Classes
  You will need to apply for Law and another bachelor’s degree (relevant to your                                                                  section.
    non-law courses). If you are applying for a conjoint programme you should                Online and selecting Change my
     make a conjoint application in addition to applying for the two individual                   Programme. Visit www.


    If you are applying for LLB Part I, you should submit your application for
 admission by 8 December, and should select ‘LLB Part I’ for your specialisation.       Yes         Are you applying for            No     Are you applying for
                                                                                                         LLB Part I?                           LLB Part II?

                                                                       If you are applying for LLB Part II, you should submit your
                                                                      application for admission by 1 December, and should select            Yes
                                                                                      ‘Law’ for your specialisation.

  All applicants for LLB Part II who wish to be considered under the University Targeted Admission Schemes must apply in the first instance as above as well as
  completing a questionnaire available online or from the Law School Student Centre Reception. This must be returned to reception no later than 8 December.
                                                     You may subsequently be required to attend an interview.

After submitting your application

Your application will be acknowledged by email. Your application will be assessed and, if
successful, you will receive an “Offer of a place in a programme”, normally from late
December for LLB Part II and the end of January for LLB Part I. You may receive a
conditional offer, but final approval will be dependent on fulfilment of the conditions of                          University Student Information Centre
admission to the University and the programme.                                                                      Room 112
                                                                                                                    Level 1 (Ground Floor)
During the application process, you will be given a Student ID number which will allow you                          The ClockTower Building
to sign into your Application for Admission. Here you will be able to monitor the progress                          22 Princes Street
of your application and check if further documentation is required.                                                 City Campus

If you have received an offer of place in a programme you should accept or decline the                              Phone: +64 9 923 1969 or 0800 61 62 63
offer as soon as possible. Once you have accepted an offer of place, you will gain access                           Email:
to the Enrolling in Classes section on Student Services Online (SSO), www.studentservices. You can then proceed to enrol in courses online. Although you have been                             Open: Monday to Friday from 8am–6pm,
admitted to Law, the Faculty does not guarantee you a place in the stream of your choice                            and Saturday 9am–12noon during peak
or the classes of your choice. Enrol as early as possible to avoid disappointment.                                  times.
Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
Auckland Law School  7

Undergraduate Law — The LLB Degree
Bachelor of Laws – Typical degree structure

 Part I                  LAW 121G               Non-law       Non-law          Non-law          LAW 131              Non-law        Non-law       General
                         Law and Society        (15 points)   (15 points)      (15 points)      Legal Method         (15 points)    (15 points)   Education
                         (15 points)                                                            (15 points)                                       (15 points)

 Part II                 LAW 299           LAW 201                      LAW 211                       LAW 211                         LAW 211
                         Legal             Criminal Law                 Public Law                    Law of Torts                    Law of Contract
                         Research 1        (30 points)                  (30 points)                   (30 points)                     (30 points)
                         (0 points)

 Part III                LAW 399           LAW 301            LAW 306                 LAW 316         LAW 458              Law elective courses
                         Legal             Land Law           Equity                  Jurisprudence   Legal Ethics         (45 points)
                         Research 2        (20 points)        (20 points)             (15 points)     (10 points)
                         (10 points)

 Part IV                 LAW 400           Law elective courses
                         Legal             (110 points)
                         Research 3
                         (10 points)

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)                                                            LLB Part I

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree can be studied full-time or                     LAW 121G Law and Society and LAW 131 Legal Method
part-time and can be studied as part of a conjoint degree.
                                                                                  All undergraduate law students wishing to pursue an LLB degree
Unlike other degrees, the LLB degree does not have a major                        are required to take LAW 121G in the first semester as a
attached to it. Everyone who earns an LLB degree gains a broad                    prerequisite to LAW 131. LAW 121G is offered in both semester
background in the law. The degree is a combination of law                         one and semester two of each year. LAW 131 requires a
compulsory courses, law elective courses, non-law courses from                    prerequisite of a C+ or better pass in LAW 121G. LAW 131 is only
another degree programme, one General Education course and                        offered in semester two.
one Academic Integrity course. A wide range of law elective
courses are available, see page 13.                                               LAW 121G is an introduction to theories of the nature, functions
                                                                                  and origins of law and legal systems, while LAW 131 is an
If you are a graduate, speak to one of our Student Advisers about                 introductory study of how law is made and applied in New
how you can best pursue an LLB degree.                                            Zealand. Each course usually involves three one-hour lectures per
                                                                                  week and a compulsory one-hour tutorial every fortnight. These
                                                                                  courses cannot be studied extramurally.

                                                                                  Non-law courses
                                                                                  You will be required to choose 90 non-law points as a foundation
                                                                                  for your other bachelor’s degree. Before making your selection, you
                                                                                  are encouraged to seek guidance from the other faculty’s advice

                                                                                  General Education courses
                                                                                  Courses in General Education are a distinctive feature of The
                                                                                  University of Auckland bachelor’s degrees. LLB students enrol for
                                                                                  LAW 121G, Law and Society, in LLB Part I. Students accepted to
Quick Facts                                                                       LLB Part II cannot count LAW 121G as a General Education course
                                                                                  and are required to complete 15 further points from the General
Full time: 4 years
                                                                                  Education schedules
Taught at: City Campus
Points per degree: 480
                                                                                  Students not accepted into LLB Part II and who continue with
Application closing dates:                                                        another degree will most likely be able to include LAW 121G as a
1 December 2015 for LLB Part II                                                   General Education course in their other degree. Please check your
8 December 2015 for LLB Part I                                                    specific degree programme regulations.
Classes start: 29 February 2016
                                                                                  Students (other than graduates) intending to complete LLB as a
Auckland Law School 2015 Handbook
8  Auckland Law School

single degree are encouraged to include their General Education
in the first year. Students intending to complete conjoint degrees
may defer their General Education course until after their first

Academic Integrity Course

From 2014 all students starting a new programme at the
University of Auckland are required to complete the online
Academic Integrity Course by the end of a student’s first semester
of study in any programme. It is an online course designed to
increase student knowledge of academic integrity, university rules
relating to academic conduct, and the identification and
consequences of academic misconduct.

Students required to complete the course will be automatically
enrolled and will see ACADINT.A01 as one of their current courses


Entry into LLB Part II is limited and determined on a competitive
basis. In 2015, entry into LLB Part II required a GPA of 6.5 or above
on the basis of grades in LAW 121G, LAW 131, and the best 90
points from non-law courses. The minimum GPA can vary from
year to year.                                                              The LLB(Hons) involves students enrolling for an additional
                                                                           20-point Honours seminar course as part of their Part III year and
LLB Part II consists of five compulsory courses, which can be              for a 40-point dissertation in the semester immediately following
completed in the second year of study for those full-time students         the completion of their Part IV year (this can be completed in the
completing an LLB as a single degree, or across the second and             summer semester, or the following semester). It usually takes nine
third year of study for those completing conjoint degrees.                 semesters to complete all the requirements for the LLB(Hons)
                                                                           degree, unless a student is completing a conjoint degree in which
LAW 201, 211, 231 and 241 are full-year courses.                           case it will usually take 11 semesters. Throughout the programme
                                                                           students will need to maintain a B+ average.
LLB Part III and IV
                                                                           If students do not get into Honours by invitation after the
In LLB Part III and IV, students are allowed to select elective            completion of their Part II courses but their overall performance
courses towards their LLB degree. We offer the largest range of            improves in later years, they are able to apply for Honours on the
elective courses in New Zealand. Planning ahead is important as            form available from the Law Student Centre in early December.
not all elective courses are offered every year.                           The application will be approved if the student’s grade average
                                                                           over all LLB courses is above the Honours’ entry standard and
Students intending on being admitted to the bar as a barrister or          there are places available.
solicitor will be required to take LAW 458 Legal Ethics. This
satisfies the Council for Legal Education (CLE) requirement that           Becoming a barrister or solicitor
law graduates must obtain a pass in a CLE approved Legal Ethics
course in order to be admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the         After completing the LLB, students who wish to be admitted as a
High Court of New Zealand.                                                 barrister or solicitor must complete an approved professional legal
                                                                           studies course. There are currently two providers of this course:
LAW 301 and 306 are full year courses.
                                                                           The Institute of Professional Legal Studies
LLB(Hons) programme                                                        Website:
                                                                           Auckland Branch: 09 358 1204
If you achieve a B+ average over all your law courses at the               National Office: 0800 776 376
completion of Part II, you will be invited to transfer to the Bachelor     Email:
of Laws Honours (LLB(Hons)) programme. For conjoint students this
is usually at the end of your third year. Students will be sent a letter   The College of Law (New Zealand)
and an application form and it is the student’s responsibility to          Website:
complete the application form and return it within the stated              Phone: 0800 894 172
timeframe.                                                                 Auckland branch: +64 9 300 3151
Undergraduate Law — Conjoint Degrees  9

Conjoint Degrees
Sample LLB conjoint degree structure (does not apply to the BE(Hons)/LLB)

                          LLB                    Other conjoint degree                                 LLB               Other conjoint degree

 Year 1                   LAW 121G               (15 points)        (15 points)      (15 points)      LAW 131            (15 points)      (15 points)     (15 points)
                          Law and Society                                                             Legal Method
                          (15 points)                                                                 (15 points)

 Year 2                   LAW 299           LAW 201                          LAW 211                          Other degree                                General
                          Legal             Criminal Law                     Public Law                       (60 points)                                 Education
                          Research 1        (30 points)                      (30 points)                                                                  (15 points)
                          (0 points)

 Year 3                   LAW 211                               LAW 211                            Other degree
                          Law of Torts                          Law of Contract                    (75 points)
                          (30 points)                           (30 points)

 Year 4                   LAW 399           LAW 301            LAW 306            LAW 316             LAW 458          Law elective courses               Other
                          Legal             Land Law           Equity             Jurisprudence       Legal Ethics     (45 points)                        degree
                          Research 2        (20 points)        (20 points)        (15 points)         (10 points)                                         (15 points)
                          (10 points)

 Year 5                   LAW 400           Law elective courses                                                                                          Other
                          Legal             (110 points)                                                                                                  degree
                          Research 3                                                                                                                      (15 points)
                          (10 points)

i) This conjoint plan allows completion of the conjoint degree programme in             ii) BE(Hons)/LLB conjoint degrees satisfy the requirements of two professional
   five years, but it involves a heavier than normal load in four of the five               bodies. Students should expect to take six years, and are advised to consult
   years. There is no need to complete within the minimum timeframe, and                    with the Faculty of Engineering in the first instance.
   students may wish to enrol for a more manageable load by extending the
   overall timeframe to five years plus one semester (or longer).

Conjoint degrees enable you to complete the requirements of two                         The BE(Hons)/LLB is made up of 390 points of law courses and 405
degrees simultaneously, thereby reducing the total time required                        points of engineering courses. Students wishing to pursue
by one year of equivalent fulltime study.                                               BE(Hons)/LLB degree are advised to consult with the Faculty of
                                                                                        Engineering in the first instance.
Admission can be in the first year, or at any point before you have
passed not more than 270 points for either component degree.
Continuation depends on maintaining a good academic record.

The Faculty of Law offers the following conjoint programmes:

——   Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (BA/LLB)
——   Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws (BCom/LLB)
——   Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Laws (BHSc/LLB)
——   Bachelor of Property/Bachelor of Laws (BProp/LLB)
——   Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws (BSc/LLB)


—— Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Laws
   (BE(Hons)/LLB) (see ii above)

LLB conjoint degrees (aside from BE(Hons/LLB)) are comprised of
390 points of law courses and 270 points of courses from the other
degree. If you are invited by the Faculty of Law into LLB(Hons) this
will increase to 450 points of law courses. The degree will take a
semester longer to complete.
10  Auckland Law School

Planning your Degree
Student Academic                        1 – 11 Short Street, Auckland               Workload
and Support Advisers                    DDI: +64 (0)9 923 6436
                                        email:                LLB Part II
Student Academic and Support                                                        All students selected for LLB Part II must
Adviser (Undergraduate and Equity)      Assistant Dean (Academic) Honours,          enrol in LAW 299 before enrolling in any
Rob McStay (Acting)                     Scholarships and Prizes Coordinator         other Part II course. LAW 299 is a
Emily McGowan (On Parental Leave Dec    Associate Professor Jo Manning              co-requisite to all Part II courses and
14 – Sept 15)                           Room 3.20, Building 803,                    Student Services Online will not allow
Room 2.33, Building 810, 1 – 11 Short   17 Eden Crescent, Auckland                  enrolment in the other Part II courses first.
Street, Auckland                        DDI: +64 (0)9 923 8804
DDI: +64 (0)9 923 7939                  email:             The four compulsory courses, Criminal,
email:;                                                     Public, Contract and Torts consist of 3                Associate Dean (Postgraduate)               hours of lecture time per week, plus a
                                        Associate Professor Treasa Dunworth         one-hour tutorial every second week. LAW
Student Academic and Support            Room 3.14, Building 803,                    299, Legal Research I consists of five
Adviser (Pouāwhina Māori)               17 Eden Crescent, Auckland                  one-hour classes, four worksheets, four
Ihaprea Benston                         DDI: +64 (0)9 923 8008                      online modules and tests and a final test.
Room 2.34, Building 810,                email:
1 – 11 Short Street, Auckland                                                       The recommended law workload for Part II
DDI: +64 (0)9 923 8801                  Associate Dean (International)              students is 120 points. Conjoint students
email:         Associate Professor David Grinlinton        and graduates may take 135-150 points.
                                        Room 4.16, Building 801,                    While the University regulations allow
Student Academic and                    9 Eden Crescent, Auckland                   students to enrol in a maximum of 80
Support Adviser (Pacific)               DDI: +64 (0)9 923 7230                      points per semester, students are strongly
Harry Toleafoa                          email:          recommended not to exceed 135 points for
Room 2.32, Building 810, 1 – 11 Short                                               the two semesters. Students may also enrol
Street, Auckland                        Tumuaki, Associate Dean (Māori)             in up to 30 points in a summer semester.
DDI: +64 (0)9 923 5019                  Khylee Quince
email:        Room 7.17, Building 810,                    LLB Parts III and IV
                                        1 – 11 Short Street, Auckland               The recommended workload for Part III or
Student Academic and Support            DDI: +64 (0)9 923 5635                      IV is 120 points. Conjoint students may do
Adviser (Postgraduate and               email:              135 points. While the University
International)                                                                      regulations allow students to enrol in a
Angela Vaai                             Faculty Adviser for Pacific Students        maximum of 80 points per semester,
Room 2.31, Building 810, 1 – 11 Short   Associate Professor Treasa Dunworth         students are strongly recommended not to
Street, Auckland                        Room 3.14, Building 803,                    exceed 135 points for the two semesters.
DDI: +64 (0)9 923 8180                  17 Eden Crescent, Auckland                  Students may also enrol in up to 30 points
email:            DDI: +64 (0)9 923 8008                      in a summer semester. 170 points is the
                                        email:            maximum allowable points for the year as
Student Centre and                                                                  a whole (Jan-Dec), including Summer
Development Manager                     Faculty Adviser for Equity                  School.
Dr Suranjika Tittawella                 Dr Claire Charters
Room 2.30, Building 810,                Room 3.18, Building 803,                    LLB(Hons)
1 – 11 Short Street, Auckland           17 Eden Crescent, Auckland
DDI: +64 (0)9 923 6396                  DDI: +64 (0)9 923 9436                      More information on Honours including
email:      email:            due dates, how to select a supervisor and
                                                                                    current courses offered can be found at
Student and Academic                    Faculty Adviser for Student with  
Services Manager                        Disabilities
Bernadette Saysani                      Rohan Havelock                              The LLB(Hons) involves a student enrolling
Room 2.42, Building 810,                Room 2.05, Building 803,                    for an additional 20-point Honours seminar
1 – 11 Short Street, Auckland           17 Eden Crescent, Auckland                  course as part of their Part III year and for
DDI: +64 (0)9 923 1395                  DDI: +64 (0)9 923 8020                      a 40-point dissertation in the semester
email:         email:            immediately following the completion of
                                                                                    their Part IV year. For many students this is
Other Assistance                        Students should include their name and ID   completed in the summer semester. The
                                        number in all communication with Advisers   dissertation is 15,000 words in length and
Associate Dean (Academic)               and staff.                                  students should obtain the Honours
Associate Professor Stephen Penk                                                    Dissertation information sheet from the
Room 7.45, Building 810,                                                            Law Student Centre.
Planning your degree   11

Important information:                          —— Choose courses linking courses you         Points to Remember
                                                   have enjoyed in other degrees
1. Students are strongly advised to choose      —— Choose courses in your particular          1. Students need to be enrolled for at least
   a topic and find a supervisor early in          fields of interest                            100 points to be a full-time student.
   their Part IV year with the aim of                                                            Most full-time students take between
   completing their dissertation in summer      What might be of most use to you?                120 and 135 points. It is not necessary
   school. It is extremely difficult to                                                          to meet the 120 or 135 points total
   complete your dissertation once you are      —— Are you seeking to practise in a              exactly.
   in employment.                                  specific area?
                                                —— Do you want a generalist degree?           2. Part III students usually take the
2. Students should think of a topic and         —— Do you want a balance of courses that         compulsory law courses of Land, Equity,
   then discuss it with a member of staff          are internally assessed and those with        Jurisprudence and LAW 399 in the Part
   teaching or working in the field of their       exams? Are there some courses best            III year but can, if they wish, defer Legal
   chosen topic. When there is no such             left to your final year?                      Ethics until Part IV.
   teacher, they should consult the
   Assistant Dean (Academic).                   On the following pages you will find the      3. Part III/IV students undertake a
                                                Faculty’s elective courses grouped under         compulsory moot as part of the LAW
3. Once a topic is chosen and is approved       the specialisations we offer. You should         400/499 requirement. Sign-up for the
   by the staff member concerned,               note, however, that these groupings are          moot occurs in the first week of
   application should be lodged with the        somewhat arbitrary, and there is no              semester one or two. Some students
   Law Student Centre for formal approval       requirement to include a major/                  (especially Honours students) defer their
   by the Assistant Dean (Academic).            specialisation/focus within the LLB.             moot until the Part IV year. There are
                                                                                                 two compulsory moot lectures.
4. Following registration of the topic          Availability/Clashes
   students should report to their                                                            4. Five written opinions are a requirement
   supervisors regularly until the              You need to check the course timetable           of LAW 400/LAW 499 (see the
   completed dissertation is submitted.         available through SSO from 5 November.           Research and Writing Section of this
                                                                                                 Handbook). These opinions are written
5. Research projects which involve human        Choosing courses                                 in conjunction with 10-pt, 15-pt and
   subjects (including those participating in   from other faculties                             20-pt law electives that have a final
   surveys) may require the prior approval                                                       examination or take-home examination.
   of the University’s Human Participants       It is important to seek prior approval from      Start writing your opinions in Part III. Do
   Ethics Committee. Seek advice from           the Associate Dean (Academic) if you wish        not leave them all to Part IV. One (or
   your supervisor in this matter.              to take courses from other faculties for         sometimes, two) opinions should be
                                                credit to your law degree. Any courses           written in each semester of Parts III and
6. Dissertations must be submitted to the       approved should be at least Stage III or         IV.
   Law Student Centre by the due dates,         above and must relate to your law studies.
   which will be outlined on the                Applications are made on a special form       5. Electives best left until the final year
   information sheet.                           and a course outline for the course you          include:
                                                wish to take from the other faculty should
Part-time Students                              be attached. Forms are available from the        —— Advocacy
Students may study law on a part-time           Law Student Centre.                              —— Restitution
basis. Part–time study places heavy                                                              —— Conflict of Laws
demands on students to organise their           Choosing law courses
time effectively. It is strongly recommended    from other universities                       Study Groups
that part-time students consult a Law
Faculty Student Adviser or the Associate        Students need to seek advice and prior        Students are encouraged to form study
Dean (Academic) when planning their             approval from the Associate Dean              groups amongst their peers.
programme.                                      (Academic) if they wish to take law courses   For a study group to work effectively, it is
                                                from other universities to credit to their    important that the group comprises
Choosing Elective Courses                       Auckland LLB. Students will not normally      like-minded students with a similar
                                                be able to credit more than the equivalent    work-ethic. All members should be
The following may be helpful when               of one year’s full-time study from courses    motivated to do well, be dependable and
selecting law elective courses:                 outside The University of Auckland.           tolerant of the views of others. It is helpful
                                                Applications are made on a special form       to get to know fellow students by talking to
What areas of the law interest you?             available from the Law Student Centre.        them before and after lectures so that you
                                                                                              can form a study group comprising
—— Choose courses building on those you                                                       students who are compatible.
   have enjoyed
Auckland Law School  13

In the third and fourth year of the LLB
degree, Part III and IV students will have a
wide range of elective courses to choose
from. Although there isn’t any requirement
to major within the LLB degree, students
may choose to specialise in a particular
area of interest, or if they would prefer, to
choose from a wide range of different
areas to cover a range of topics. The
following listings are of elective courses
that are broadly related thematically.
Note not all courses are offered every year.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Advanced Employment Law
Advanced Contract
Advanced Tax Law                                Environmental law                   Litigation and
Advanced Tort                                                                       Dispute Resolution
Agency and Partnership                          Energy and Natural Resources Law
Banking Law                                     Global Environmental Law            Advocacy
Commercial Arbitration                          Resource Management Law             Civil Procedure
Commercial Law                                                                      Commercial Arbitration
Commercial Transactions                         General Law courses                 Criminal Procedure
Company Finance                                                                     Evidence
Company Law                                     Animals and the Law                 Negotiation, Mediation & Dispute
Company Liquidations                            Aviation Law                        Resolution
Competition Law                                 Introduction to Common Law
Conflict of Laws                                Law and Policy                      Maori and Indigenous Law
Consumer Law                                    Legal History
Corporate Finance Law                           Media Law                           Comparative Indigenous Law Topics
Creditors’ Remedies                             Privacy Law                         Contemporary Treaty Issues
Employment Law                                  Statute Law                         Iwi Corporate Governance
Equitable Remedies                              Roman Law                           Maori Land Law
European Commercial Litigation                                                      South Pacific Legal Studies
Guarantees and Indemnities                      International Commercial Law
Insurance Law                                                                       Public Law
Intellectual Property                           Conflict of Laws
International Sales & Finance                   European Commercial Litigation      Administrative Law/Judicial Review
International Trade                             International Sales and Finance     Advanced Public Law
Iwi Corporate Governance                        International Trade                 Counterterrorism Law & Policy
Law and IT                                      Maritime Law                        European Public Law
Law of Agency                                                                       Health Care Law
Law of Capital Markets                          International and                   Immigration & Refugee Law
Law of Personal Property                        Comparative Law                     International Human Rights
Mergers and Acquisitions                                                            International Law
Remedies                                        Advanced International Law          Law and Policy
Restitution                                     Comparative Law                     Local Government Law
Takeovers                                       European Union Law                  Privacy Law
Tax Law                                         Housing Law and Policy              Public Authority Liability
Vendor and Purchaser                            Immigration and Refugee Law         Rights and Freedoms
                                                International Economic Regulation
Criminal Law and Justice                        International Environmental Law     Relationships Law
                                                International Criminal Law
Advanced Criminal Law                           International Human Rights          Family Law
Criminal Law and Policy                         International Law                   Family Property
Criminal Procedure                              International Tax Law               Law of Family Property
Criminology                                     Law of Armed Conflict               Youth Justice
International Criminal Law                      Law of the Sea and Antarctica
Youth Justice
14  Auckland Law School
                                                                 A printed copy of all course descriptions
                                                                 is available from the Law Student Centre
                                                                 or can be viewed at

2015 Timetable

Subject          Title                       Class Notes   Pts          Day             Time                    Room

Compulsory Courses
LAW 121G         Law and Society (i)         First         15pts        M, W, F         10-11                   LibB15
LAW 121G        Law and Society (ii)         First         15pts        M, W, F         1-2                     LibB15
LAW 121G        Law and Society (iii)        First         15pts        M, W, F         3-4                     LibB28
LAW 121G        Law and Society (iv)         First         15pts        M, W, F         5-6                     LibB15
LAW 121G        Law and Society (v)          Second        15pts        M, W, F         1-2                     LibB15
LAW 131         Legal Method (i)             Second        15pts        M, W, F         11-12                   LibB28
LAW 131         Legal Method (ii)            Second        15pts        M, W, F         5-6                     LibB28
LAW 201         Criminal Law (i)             Full year     30pts        M, W, F         9-10                    Stone
LAW 201         Criminal Law (ii)            Full year     30pts        M, W, F         12-1                    Stone
LAW 201         Criminal Law (iii)           Full year     30pts        M, W, F         3-4                     Stone
LAW 211         Public Law (i)               Full year     30pts        M, W, F         8-9                     OGH/LibB10
LAW 211         Public Law (ii)              Full year     30pts        M, W, F         2-3                     LibB15
LAW 231         Law of Torts (i)             Full year     30pts        M, W, F         10-11                   Stone
LAW 231         Law of Torts (ii)            Full year     30pts        M, W, F         4-5                     LibB15
LAW 241         Law of Contract (i)          Full year     30pts        M, W, F         11-12                   Stone
LAW 241         Law of Contract (ii)         Full year     30pts        M, W, F         1-2                     Stone
LAW 241         Law of Contract (iii)        Full year     30pts        M, W, F         5-6                     Stone
LAW 301         Land (i)                     Full year     20pts        W, F            10-11                   OGH
LAW 301         Land (ii)                    Full year     20pts        W, F            1-2                     OGH
LAW 306         Equity (i)                   Full year     20pts        W, F            11-12                   OGH
LAW 306         Equity (ii)                  Full year     20pts        W, F            2-3                     OGH
LAW 316         Jurisprudence (i)            First         15pts        M, W, F         12-1                    OGH
LAW 316         Jurisprudence (ii)           Second        15pts        M, W, F         12-1                    OGH
LAW 399         Legal Research 2             First         10pts        T, Th           9-10                    OGH
LAW 399         Legal Research 2 (i)         Second        10pts        T, Th           9-10                    Algie
LAW 399         Legal Research 2 (ii)        Second        10pts        T, Th           2-3                     Stone
LAW 458         Legal Ethics                 First         10pts        M               1-3                     OGH
LAW 458         Legal Ethics                 Second        10pts        Th              3-5                     OGH

Elective Courses – First Semester
LAWPUBL 401      Administrative Law                        20pts        M, W            10-12                   Northey
LAWGENRL 420    Advocacy                                   15pts        M, W            5-8                     LawSmall
LAWGENRL 436    Aviation Law                               15pts        W, F            8.30-10                 Algie
LAWGENRL 421    Civil Procedure                            15pts        T, Th           5-7                     Algie
LAWCOMM 421     Commercial Arbitration                     15pts        M, W            M 1-3 & W 2-3           Northey
LAWCOMM 402     Company Law                                20pts        T, Th           4-6                     OGH
LAWCOMM 407     Conflict of Laws                           20pts        T, Th           8-10                    Northey
LAWCOMM 441     Creditors’ Remedies                        10pts        F               9-11                    810-225
LAWGENRL 401    Evidence                                   20pts        T, Th           12-2                    OGH
LAWGENRL 433    Family Law                                 15pts        T,Th            T 2-4, Th 2-3           OGH
LAWGENRL 432    Healthcare Law                             15pts        M, W            M 10-12 & W 10-11       Algie
LAWGENRL 438    Housing Law and Policy                     10pts        T,Th            5-7 (starts 28 April)   Stone
LAWPUBL 436     International Human Rights                 15pts        M, W, F         4-5                     Algie
LAWPUBL 402     International Law                          20pts        T, F            10-12                   Algie
LAWCOMM 426     Law and IT                                 15pts        M, W            5-7                     Algie
LAWCOMM 442     Law of Personal Property                   10pts        T, Th           4-5                     Stone
LAWCOMM 428     Maritime Law                               15pts        M, W, F         2-4 (ends 24 April)     810-225
LAWENVIR 401    Resource Management Law                    20pts        T, Th           12-2                    Stone
Auckland Law School  15

Subject               Title                                                                   Pts         Day               Time                   Room
LAWCOMM 445           Takeovers                                                               10pts       T, Th             8-9                    810-225
LAWCOMM 403           Tax Law                                                                 20pts       T, Th             2-4                    Stone
LAWCOMM 427           Vendor and Purchaser                                                    15pts       M, W, F           8-9                    LawSmall
LAWGENRL 443*         Intro to Common Law                                                     10pts       25,26,27 Feb      9-4.30                 Stone

Elective Courses – Second Semester
LAWCOMM 420           Advanced Tax Law                                                        15pts       W, F              W 2-3 & F 1-3          810-225
LAWGENRL 445          Aspects of Legal History                                                10pts       T                 3-5                    LawSmall
LAWCOMM 401           Commercial Law                                                          20pts       T, Th             8-10                   Stone
LAWCOMM 402           Company Law                                                             20pts       W, F              3-5                    OGH
LAWCOMM 423           Company Liquidations                                                    15pts       T, Th             T 12-2 & Th 12-1       LawSmall
LAWCOMM 422           Competition Law                                                         15pts       M, W              5-6.30                 Algie
LAWPUBL 422           Contemporary Tiriti/Treaty Issues                                       15pts       M,W,F             10-11                  LawSmall
LAWPUBL 430           Criminal Procedure                                                      15pts       M, W              M 12-1 & W 12-2        Algie
LAWPUBL 425           Employment Law                                                          15pts       W, F              W 3-4 & F 3-5          Algie
LAWGENRL 427          Equitable Remedies                                                      15pts       M, W              M 9-11 & W 9-10        Northey
LAWGENRL 401          Evidence                                                                20pts       T, Th             12-2                   OGH
LAWGENRL 433          Family Law                                                              15pts       T,Th              T 12-2, Th 12-1        Stone
LAWGENRL 429          Family Property                                                         15pts       W, F              W 8-10 & F 8-9         OGH
LAWENVIR 420          Global Environmental Law                                                15pts       T, Th             12-2 (ends 1 Oct)      Northey
LAWPUBL 424           Immigration and Refugee Law                                             15pts       W, F              8.30-10                Algie
LAWCOMM 404           Intellectual Property                                                   20pts       T, Th             5-7                    OGH
LAWPUBL 434           International Criminal Law                                              15pts       M, W, F           12-1                   810-225
LAWPUBL 454           International Disputes Settlement                                       10pts       M                 1-3                    LawSmall
LAWCOMM 450           International Tax Law                                                   15pts       M, W , F          9-10                   Small
LAWPUBL 429           Law and Policy                                                          15pts       T, Th             T 3-5 & Th 3-4         810-225
LAWPUBL 427           Maori Land Law                                                          15pts       M, W              M 3-5 W 4-5            Northey
LAWPUBL 450           Public Authority Liability                                              10pts       T, Th             5-7 (ends 27 Aug)      810-225
LAWCOMM 449           Selected Aspects of Intellectual Property Law                           10pts       M                 3-5                    810-225
LAWCOMM 403           Tax Law                                                                 20pts       T, Th             8-10                   OGH
LAWGENRL 440          Youth Justice                                                           10pts       W, F              3-4                    Northey
LAWGENRL 443*         Intro to Common Law                                                     10pts       15,16,17 July     9-4.30                 Stone

Honours Seminars – Double Semester
LAWHONS 746AB         Concepts in Law and Security                                            20pts       T                 3-5                    810-220
LAWHONS 706AB         Criminal Law & Policy                                                   20pts       T                 3-5                    810-218
LAWHONS 716AB         Legal History                                                           20pts       Th                10-12                  810-220
LAWHONS 721AB         Media Law                                                               20pts       T                 10-12                  810-201
LAWHONS 722AB         Medico-Legal Problems                                                   20pts       T                 10-12                  810-218
LAWHONS 747AB         Restitution                                                             20pts       Th                10-12                  810-218
LAWHONS 733AB         Studies in Contract Law                                                 20pts       T                 10-12                  810-220


1. The Faculty reserves the right to withdraw or      2. You are not necessarily guaranteed a place            3. When enrolling in full-year compulsory
   substitute courses, and alter the timetable.          in the stream of your choice or the classes of           courses, enrol for first and second semester
                                                         your choice.                                             at the beginning of the year.
16  Auckland Law School

2015 Course Supervisors
Compulsory courses                     LAWCOMM 407 – Conflict of Laws           LAWGENRL 401 – Evidence
                                       Associate Professor Elsabe Schoeman      Nina Khouri and Associate Professor Scott
LAW 121G – Law and Society                                                      Optican
Professor David V Williams             LAWCOMM 420 – Advanced Tax Law
                                       Professor Michael Littlewood             LAWGENRL 405 – Community Law
LAW 131 – Legal Method                                                          Internship
Associate Professor Stephen Penk       LAWCOMM 421 – Commercial                 Dr Suranjika Tittawella
LAW 201 – Criminal Law                 Amokura Kawharu                          LAWGENRL 420 – Advocacy
Associate Professor Julia Tolmie and                                            Simon Mount
Professor Warren Brookbanks            LAWCOMM 422 – Competition Law
                                       Associate Professor Chris Noonan         LAWGENRL 421 – Civil Procedure
LAW 211 – Public Law                                                            Judge Roderick Joyce
Hanna Wilberg                          LAWCOMM 423 – Company
                                       Liquidations                             LAWGENRL 427 – Equitable Remedies
LAW 231 – Law of Torts                 Gordon Williams                          Professor Peter Devonshire
Associate Professor Rosemary Tobin
                                       LAWCOMM 426 – Law and                    LAWGENRL 429 – Law of Family and
LAW 241 – Law of Contract              Information Technology                   Property
Professor Francis Dawson               Judge David Harvey                       Associate Professor Pauline Tapp

LAW 299 – Legal Research 1             LAWCOMM 427 – Vendor and                 LAWGENRL 432 – Health Care Law
Stephanie Carr                         Purchaser                                Associate Professor Joanna Manning
                                       Professor Francis Dawson
LAW 301 – Land Law                                                              LAWGENRL 433 – Family Law
Associate Professor David Grinlinton   LAWCOMM 428 – Maritime Law               Alison Cleland
                                       Associate Professor Paul Myburgh
LAW 306 – Equity                                                                LAWGENRL 436 – Aviation Law
Professor Peter Devonshire             LAWCOMM 437 – Iwi Corporate              Marion Hiriart
LAW 316 – Jurisprudence                Nick Wells                               LAWGENRL 438 – Housing Law and
Dr Arie Rosen                                                                   Policy
                                       LAWCOMM 441 – Creditor’s Remedies        Associate Professor David Grinlinton
LAW 399 – Legal Research 2             Gordon Williams
Stephanie Carr                                                                  LAWGENRL 440 – Youth Justice
                                       LAWCOMM 442 – Law of Personal            Alison Cleland and Khylee Quince
LAW 400 – Legal Research 3 or Law      Property
499 – Legal Practice                   Professor Peter Devonshire               LAWGENRL 443 – Introduction to
Associate Professor Stephen Penk                                                Common Law
                                       LAWCOMM 445 – Takeovers                  Maya Mandery
Law 458 – Legal Ethics                 Peter Hinton, Partner Simpson Grierson
Richard Scragg                                                                  LAWGENRL 445 – Aspects of Legal
                                       LAWECOMM 449 – Selected Aspects          History
Elective courses                       of Intellectual Property Law             Professor Warren Swain
                                       Paul Sumpter
LAWCOMM 401 – Commercial Law                                                    LAWGENRL 447 – Community Law
Dr An Hertogen                         LAWVCOMM 450 International Tax           Project
                                       Law                                      Dr Suranjika Tittawella
LAWCOMM 402 – Company Law              Professor Craig Elliffe
Professor Peter Watts and                                                       LAWPUBL 401 – Administrative Law
Associate Professor Chris Noonan       LAWENVIR 401 – Resource                  Hanna Wilberg
                                       Management Law
LAWCOMM 403 – Tax Law                  Associate Professor Ken Palmer           LAWPUBL 402 – Public International
Professor Michael Littlewood                                                    Law
                                       LAWENVIR 420 – Global                    Associate Professor Caroline Foster
LAWCOMM 404 – Intellectual             Environmental Law
Property                               Professor Klaus Bosselmann               LAWPUBL 420 – Advanced Criminal
Paul Sumpter                                                                    Law
                                                                                Khylee Quince
Auckland Law School  17

LAWPUBL 422 – Contemporary Tiriti/     LAW PUBL 436 – International Human           LAWHONS 722 – Medico-legal
Treaty Issues                          Rights                                       Problems
Dr Claire Charters                     Kris Gledhill                                Associate Professor Jo Manning

LAWPUBL 424 – Immigration and          LAWPUBL 446 – Indigenous Peoples in          LAWHONS 733 – Studies in Contract
Refugee Law                            International Law                            Law
Dr Anna Hood                           Dr Claire Charters                           Professor Francis Dawson and Marcus
LAWPUBL 425 – Employment Law           LAWPUBL 450 – Public Authority
Associate Professor Bill Hodge         Liability                                    LAWHONS 746 – Concepts in Law and
                                       Hanna Wilberg                                Security
LAWPUBL 427 – Maori Land Law                                                        John Ip
Andrew Erueti                          LAWPUBL 454 – International
                                       Disputes Settlement                          LAWHONS 747 – Restitution
LAWPUBL 429 – Law and Policy           Amokura Kawharu                              Professor Peter Watts
Professor Jane Kelsey
                                       Honours Seminars
LAWPUBL 430 – Criminal Procedure
Associate Professor Scott Optican      LAWHONS 706 – Criminal Law and
LAWPUBL 432 – International            Associate Professor Julia Tolmie/Associate
Economic Regulation                    Professor Scott Optican
Jane Kelsey
                                       LAWHONS 716 – Legal History
LAWPUBL 434 – International Criminal   Professor David V Williams
Associate Professor Treasa Dunworth    LAWHONS 721 – Media Law
                                       Associate Professor Rosemary Tobin
18  Auckland Law School

2014 Law School Highlights
For more information on these and other news stories visit

Student Success                                                                   International Competitions Success

Tongan law student Elynn Tupou
Ta’anea ‘Atiola has been awarded        Auckland Law School student Finn
the University of Auckland Moana        Lowery has been awarded a
Schwalger Memorial Pasifika             prestigious Rhodes scholarship to
Scholarship. The $10,000                undertake postgraduate study at the
scholarship was established by the      University of Oxford. Auckland Law
law firm Meredith Connell together      School students have won Rhodes           The University of Auckland Law School reached the quarterfinals in the Willem
with the Pacific Lawyers’ Association   Scholarships in three of the last four    C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot held in Vienna in mid-April.
to encourage postgraduate study by      years. Finn will be joining Max Harris    They were knocked out by Deakin University in a split-decision. The Willem C
Pasifika students at the University’s   and Alice Wang, who are already in        Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot is one of the world’s largest
Faculty of Law.                         Oxford.                                   and most prestigious mooting competitions.

Former Auckland Law School student
Max Harris has been elected as an
Examination Fellow (also known as a
Prize Fellow) at All Souls College,
Oxford. Described as ‘the hardest
examination in the world’, selection
is made after a competitive             More than 100 awards were presented to the Law
examination and interview process.      Faculty’s top students at a ceremony in May. The Dean
There are two subject-specific          presented certificates to students who had won prizes         Law School students Andrew McLeod and Luke Sizer
examination papers and two general      and scholarships, who had major leadership roles in the       reached the semi-finals in the International Client
examination papers. Four to six         law student societies, and who had won law student            Consultation Competition in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
finalists are then invited to an oral   competitions and represented the Law School                   Andrew and Luke were selected to represent New
examination at which between 50 to      internationally. Rhodes Scholar, 22 year-old Alice Wang,      Zealand in the world competition when they won the
60 All Souls Fellows interview the      received the Auckland District Law Society’s prize for the    national Client Interviewing Competition sponsored by
candidates.                             top law undergraduate.                                        Russell McVeagh in 2013.
Auckland Law School  19

Auckland law students Nupur Upadhyay, Jeremy Wilson, Gretta Schumacher
and Tim Condor represented New Zealand at the prestigious Philip C. Jessup
International Law Moot Court Competition in Washington in April. The team           The University of Auckland’s Faculty of Law team received the third highest
won all four of their moots in the preliminary rounds in Washington, but lost its   score in the preliminary rounds of the International Chamber of Commerce
run-off moot with China’s University of Wuhan in the elimination round,             (ICC) International Mediation Competition held in Paris in February. The team
knocking it out of the competition. The Auckland Law School has represented         comprised Brierley Penn, Stephanie Panzic (both final year students), Jean Yang
New Zealand for six of the last seven years.                                        and Katya Curran (both Part II students,).

Staff Success

Dr An Hertogen has been awarded                                                                                              The former Dean of the Auckland
a $300,000 Marsden Fund grant to                                                                                             Law School, Professor Paul
explore the potential of “good                                                      Senior Lecturer in Law Khylee            Rishworth, has been appointed to
neighbourliness” as a foundation for                                                Quince won a national tertiary           the rank of Queen’s Counsel. The
legal restrictions on states’                                                       teaching excellence award earlier        Attorney-General, the Honourable
sovereign decisions. “My proposed         Professor Peter Watts QC was              this year. Khylee is a successful and    Christopher Finlayson QC, noted,
research will draw on the history of      elected a member of the Royal             dedicated teacher who promotes           Paul Rishworth “has been appointed
‘good neighbourliness’ in Roman           Society of New Zealand earlier this       accessibility of legal concepts,         under the Royal prerogative in
law, municipal law, and international     year. He is one of only a few lawyers     language and processes. She is           recognition of his extraordinary
environmental law, to explore the         to hold this distinction. He has an       passionate about her teaching and        contribution to the law. This follows
concept’s potential as a foundation       international reputation in the           integrating kaupapa Maori                last year’s appointment of his
for legal restrictions on states’         general area of commercial law, and       methodology.                             colleague Peter Watts QC and
sovereign decisions that have a           more especially in agency law,                                                     confirms the University of Auckland’s
non-physical impact on other states.”     company law, and the law of                                                        reputation as a centre of excellence
                                          restitution.                                                                       for public law.”
20  Auckland Law School

Further Law Study

The Auckland Law School offers two further qualifications for law       Certificate of Proficiency (COP) Courses
graduates who hold an LLB degree (or equivalent) the Graduate
Certificate in Law and the Graduate Diploma in Law. These               NZ law graduates may apply to take additional undergraduate law
courses are suited to students who wish to supplement their             courses for a Certificate of Proficiency (COP). There is no limit to
degrees with further courses at the undergraduate level. Both           the number of COP courses NZ law graduates can apply for, but
courses are ideally suited to lawyers who perhaps want to change        students who wish to take more than one COP law elective course
their area of specialisation within the law or update their skills in   to supplement their law degree or to update their legal knowledge
particular areas of the law. Both courses meet the requirements         and skills, may wish to consider applying for the Graduate
for the New Zealand Law Society’s Continuing Professional               Diploma in Law or the Graduate Certificate in Law (as above).
Development (CPD).
                                                                        Non-law students and graduates from other faculties can apply to
Graduate Certificate in Law (GradCertLaw)                               take up to a maximum of two law courses for COP. See the website
                                                                        for approved courses. Students wishing to enrol for law courses in
The Graduate Certificate in Law (GradCertLaw) is equivalent to          summer school at Auckland should be aware that prerequisite
one semester full-time, but may be completed part-time. Students        requirements will be strictly enforced.
must pass 60 points of law from a choice of elective courses from
LLB parts II, III and IV.                                               COPs are also suitable for final-year law students from other NZ
                                                                        universities who may wish to take law courses at The University of
Students may opt for this programme if they have a limited              Auckland for credit back to their own university, however they will
amount of time or they wish to do only a small number of                need written approval from their Dean.
particularly relevant courses for their employment. With the
approval of the Dean of The Faculty of Law, in lieu of courses from     Overseas Students
LLB Parts II, II or IV, a student may substitute 30 points from
courses listed in the Master of Laws Programme.                         Overseas law graduates wishing to practise law in New Zealand
                                                                        should apply in the first instance to the New Zealand Council of
Graduate Diploma in Law (GradDipLaw)                                    Legal Education (NZCLE) for assessment of their qualifications and
The Graduate Diploma in Law (GradDipLaw) is equivalent to one
year (two semesters) full-time study but may be completed               Overseas law graduates whose qualifications have been assessed
part-time. Students will be required to complete 120 points of          by the NZCLE and who are required to pass university law courses
courses from the LLB Part II, III, and IV of which 75 points must be    should apply to take these courses for COP. Those that are
from LLB Part III and IV.                                               required by the NZCLE to take more than one COP law course are
                                                                        also invited to consider applying for the Graduate Diploma in Law
With the approval of the Dean of The Faculty of Law, in lieu of         or the Graduate Certificate in Law.
courses from LLB Parts II, III or IV, a student may substitute 30
points from courses listed in the Master of Laws Programme, or 30       Overseas law graduates should note that there are limits on
points of courses from stage II or higher in a relevant programme       enrolments in the compulsory law courses at The University of
offered elsewhere in the University.                                    Auckland. Should overseas graduates be required to take any of
                                                                        the compulsory courses they will be subject to the same selection
                                                                        criteria as LLB degree applicants. (See LLB Part II page 8).
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