NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021

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NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021
Prospectus 2021

                                       S  A 2.00
                                    R nt 2018-202

  Having B++ Grade in Re-accreditation by NAAC
              129 Belilious Road, Howrah 711 101
NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021
NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021
VISION                                               MISSION

T    he college logo bears the motto of
     this seat of higher learning: “Jnanat
Parataram Nahi” (There is no higher
                                             A    part from imparting effective quality
                                                  education at the Undergraduate and
                                             Post-Graduate levels in the district of
attainment than knowledge). Accordingly,     Howrah and its adjoining areas, our mission
apart from delivering the curricular and     is to make the learning process more
co-curricular in effective and learner-      student-centric for holistic development
friendly manner, our vision is to achieve    of an individual, to make the curriculum
excellence in teaching and learning in       more inter and intra-disciplinary in nature,
a peaceful and friendly environment,         more flexible and choice-based and at par
catering to the social and moral needs       with international standards. We also look
and obligations of young learners in their   forward to introduce Open and Distance
pursuit of becoming truly knowledgeable      Learning programmes parallel to the
and responsible human beings.                formal courses, gradual introduction of
                                             Post-Graduate Courses in more subjects,
                                             gradual commencement of need-based
                                             research work in the subjects having
                                             Post-Graduate courses in future years with
                                             the help of our well equipped faculty, and
                                             introducing full-fledged PhD programmes.
                                             Our missions also include introduction of
                                             vocational/job-oriented courses/training
                                             programmes to enhance skill based needs
                                             of the society and to make the students
                                             more employable.
NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021

Dear Students,                                              a normal pace according to the guidelines of the
In this prolonged period of the Covid pandemic,             University of Calcutta.
the entire globe is indeed at the crossroad of its          Students are the assets of Narasinha Dutt College
existence. All the sectors of our activities, especially    and are groomed to be successful in life. They get
academics, are facing a hard time. Academic                 opportunities to show their qualities in multiple
institutions are the seedbeds of a Nation, but they         spheres, both curricular and extracurricular.
are now looking all barren due to the absence of            Teachers functioning as mentors always take care
students full of spirit, as if some selfish giant lording   of their students as mentees so that they donot have
over the garden has declared to prosecute them              to face any difficulty in their studies and at the end
as trespassers. Locked classrooms, laboratories,            of the day they will get nurtured with the spirit of
library, canteen are ruefully waiting for a breath          goodness and fearlessness.
of relief with the rolling resonance of thousands of        Progression of students towards higher studies
students returning to the premises. But although            and professional world needs special mention.
the buildings are locked and the campus empty               Students get continuous support through different
for a long time, our Narasinha Dutt College is              cells which gather information about different
functioning with no less enthusiasm and finding             schemes related to their careers and also, record
out more and more windows to see the horizon.               their complaints and suggestions. Narasinha Dutt
Narasinha Dutt College is a long-acclaimed centre of        College is globally recognized through its alumni
academic excellence with eminent and experienced            settled far and wide.
teachers, helpful non-teaching employees and                I welcome the newcomers to the lush green campus
student-friendly administration. The domain of              of the college with the fervent hope of beginning a
courses offered is wide and comprehensive enough.           new journey in a new normal environment. Let’s
The college started its journey in 1924 with a goal         sow all the very best we have today for a better
to spread the aroma of knowledge within society.            harvest tomorrow, as we all know that –
The institution is still spreading this aroma and this
pandemic could not prevent it from rendering its
service. Teachers have put in immense efforts to                   An investment in knowledge
equip themselves to address their students through                    pays the best interest
virtual mode. Almost all activities are going on at                          Benjamin Franklin
NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021

          1924 Narasinha Dutt College came up in the residential
          building of the late I. R. Belilious in an inconspicuous
          manner with only seven teachers and 124 students. The
step was indeed bold enough as its prospects were challenging.
The initiative in this regard was taken by Late Suranjan Dutta,
the second son of Late Narasinha Dutta. The college started with
Late Professor Motilal Chatterjee as Principal and a renowned
scholar, Late Jnanendranath Sen, as Vice-Principal. Later on,
Prof. Sen, as Principal, came to be reckoned as the architect of
the college. With the passage of time, role strength remarkably
increased, new honours courses were introduced and new
buildings were added. The number of courses (Hons & Gen)
now stands at eighteen. At present 72 Substantive full-time
teachers and 43 State Aided College Teachers (SACT) teach
about five thousand students (Morning, Day and Evening) of
the College. 22 Whole-time staff members and 21 Casual staff
members are working in our college. Post Graduate courses
in Mathematics and English have been introduced. Despite
being located in an industrial belt, the college campus is like
an oasis with its old trees, lush green foliage, seasonal flowers
and a pleasant water body. The facilities which attract students
from both rural and urban areas of Howrah and neighbouring
districts are being upgraded every year.
NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021
RUSA 2.0
Our college is one of the few colleges in West Bengal to receive the Rashtriya Ucchatar Shiksha
Abhiyan (RUSA) 2.0 Grant for the Financial Year 2018-20. The following are details of the
work under this grant:

Work done:
}}Upgradation   of all science laboratories with modern equipment
}}Hundreds of books on various titles have been purchased in the library
}}Air Conditioners have been installed in many classrooms, library and laboratories
}}Renovation of the roof of the Administrative Building
}}Purchase of a large number of furniture & fixtures and educational goods in various
}}Installation of the centralized/reticulated LPG gas distribution system and automatic fire
  alarm/detection system in the Department of Chemistry
}}Repairing and polishing of existing furniture & fixture in various departments
}}Renovation of existing classrooms, library, laboratories,
}}Renovation of canteen
}}Construction of new toilets,
}}Vertical extension of Computer Building 2nd floor
}}Purchase of computers and other accessories
}}Staffroom renovation
}}Toilet renovation

Work in progress:
         extension of computer building 3rd floor
                                                       Library renovation in progress
}}Reconstruction of boundary wall

                                                       Students’ Toilet renovation and construction of
Renovated Staffroom                                    washroom for the disabled

NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021
The Science departments have large well equipped laboratories with modern instruments
to cater to the needs of the revised undergraduate curriculum.

The Central Library                                   Collections
The College Library of Narasinha Dutt                 The library holds about 45000 books
College has a long history since 1924 when            containing all subjects taught in the college
it was initiated in Room No.-1of the old              along with the following
building. At the initial stage, the library was       ✱✱Reference collection
enriched with a small number of books and             ✱✱Books on value education
other documents received from the personal
                                                      ✱✱Books for competitive examination
collections of many renowned persons in this
region and the college teachers. Due to an            ✱✱Rare books and documents
increase in the number of documents it was            ✱✱Newspapers
urgently required to shift the entire library         ✱✱E-books and e-journals
to another bigger space. During 1998-99
it was shifted to its present location i.e. the       Library Automation
1st floor of the New Building in this college.
                                                      ✱✱The  On-Line Public Access Catalogue
For detailed information follow the library
                                                        (OPAC) is available.
library/                                              ✱✱Manage resources by KOHA Library
                                                        Management Software.
                                                      ✱✱Barcode enabled Circulation System.

                                                      Services and Facilities
                                                      ✱✱Home loan of books.
                                                      ✱✱Scanning and Printing.
                                                      ✱✱Free Wi-Fi facilities in the Library.
                                                      ✱✱Reading Space.
                                                      ✱✱Well   decorated and air-conditioned
                                                         Conference Hall.
                                                      ✱✱Reference Service
                                                      ✱✱Referral Services
                                                      The Central Library organizes exhibitions,
                                                      cultural programs and celebrations of
                                                      eminent persons on various occasions.

NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021
Special features of the department                     Book Bank
✱✱Help in doing project work to students               The college provides Book Bank facility for
✱✱Arrange students’-teachers’ meets on                 more than 35 years. At present, the Bank
  request                                              holds more than 17,000 books on different
✱✱External memberships
                                                       subjects in Arts, Science and Commerce.
✱✱Arrange online activities for our
                                                       Internet Resource Centre
✱✱Assistancein managing Seminar                        The Air Conditioned Internet Resource
  Libraries                                            Centre has been established by the UGC
✱✱Assist in compiling departmental reports
                                                       sanctioned fund. Now it is located inside
  and other reports on request                         the Central Library where the library
                                                       members can access the internet facilities
✱✱Users’ Orientation Programmes
                                                       for their academic purposes. Presently,
                                                       the Centre has been enriched with 6000+
Special Services During the                            e-journals and 31,35,000 e-books under
Pandemic                                               N-LIST Programme of INFLIBNET.
(i) E-Documents Delivery Services: During
the last year due to the corona pandemic,              Online College Activities
normal Issues and Returns of library books             The Pandemic has forced the college to
and other physical services had to be                  operate from homes, for both students and
suspended. To overcome this situation the              teachers. The campus is, unfortunately,
library has introduced the online solution:            mostly closed, following government orders,
“E-Documents Delivery Services”. For this              except for certain official work required from
online service, students have to register their        time to time. But the college is operational
names as library members through an online             on all days and has succeeded in catering
web portal. After that, they can submit their          to students’ requirements. New systems are
requisite documents through an ‘online                 being adopted with every passing day to
e-requisition form’.Library staff try their best       ensure that all activities of the campus are
to ‘e-deliver’ demanded documents through              continued through digital platforms.
online mode. This service is now highly
                                                       }} For a college, holding uninterrupted
appreciated by students and teachers in this
                                                          classes is the first priority and Narasinha
pandemic situation.
                                                          Dutt College had taken this challenge up
                                                          immediately after the first lockdown, even
Institutional Membership:                                 before the University officially instructed
} Member of INFLIBNET                                     us to ensure that the students who were
} British Council Library
                                                          appearing for their exams at that time did

NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021
not suffer. Yet this transformation from             pioneering achievement within Howrah
   the offline to an online mode was done               district. The University guidelines are
   keeping in mind economic inequities and              strictly followed in this matter. This
   steps were taken to ensure that students             ensures the safety of our students and
   with access to intermittent internet                 yet does not exclude anyone for they are
   availability and those with low bandwidth            given ample time and are even trained to
   did not suffer.                                      make the process of online submissions of
}} Now, for almost a year,through online                answer scripts a seamless event. No prior
   interactive classes for Hons as well as Gen          technical knowledge is needed. Students
   course students, the academic curriculum             are remotely trained to ensure that they
   is maintained.                                       understand this simple process involving
                                                        only their phones.
}} Classes are held from Monday to Saturday
   and are of 1 hour or 30 min duration as           }} Attendance of students is also collected
                                                        (through Google forms) and records are
   per the discretion/requirements of the
                                                        maintained as per University norms.
   Departments and our students.
                                                     }} The college has also initiated a Mentoring
}} Even practical classes were conducted
                                                        process in which a teacher (mentor) is
   online with teachers sharing videos of               assigned a number of students (mentees)
   an experiment being done by them, for                as per the class strength. These mentee
   the students. Many science teachers                  groups are always in touch with their
   use computer-simulated models while                  mentors through WhatsApp group chats,
   teaching. Arts, B.Com and Social Sciences’           Google Meet sessions, and/or through
   teachers often present their study material          other forms of e-communication available.
   while lecturing.                                     The mentee can always communicate
}} Many tutorial videos are uploaded by our             with his/her mentor for matters that are
   teachers in the college YouTube channel              academic or, otherwise.
   and all of our faculty members use other          }} Cultural events where students virtually
   digital media to reach out to our students.          participate are now a regular feature in
}} Moreover, study materials including pdfs             this college’s academic calendar.
   of texts are uploaded in Google drives            }} International and National Webinars
   and students can access those through the            were held from June last year on various
   links provided to them.                              topics with renowned resource persons.
                                                        The details are available in the college
}} The students can access the e-library too.           Newsletter Windows Online and the
}} Exams    too are held completely online              college YouTube Channel. Some selected
   where    a student has to upload the                 webinars are presented here
   answer   script to links provided to them.        }} Webinars are held regularly on diverse
   Only a   smartphone is required. This is a           topics which are open to students for

NARASINHA DUTT COLLEGE - RUSA 2.0 - Prospectus 2021
participation. Students are encouraged           the different clubs and departments from
  to read their research papers in webinars        time to time. We made a smooth transition
  organised for them. They can also                from the offline mode to an online mode
  participate in various online competitions       without excluding financially marginalised
  like essay writing, poster making,               students. This too was done immediately
  photography and so on, which are held by         after the first lockdown last year.

IQAC         Sunderlal Bahuguna Memorial Lecture:   
13-06-2021   Relevance Of Sundarlal Bahuguna:
             Past, Present & Future
             Dr. B. P. Nautial, Dept. of Forestry,
             Garhwal University- On the occasion
             of World Environment day this was
             a commemoration of the life and
             achievements of Sunderlal Bhauguna.
             Now slowly Bahuguna studies and
             webinars are being held in West Bengal.
             We were the pioneers in getting close
             aides of the late legend to tell us of their
             times with him.
Research and Basics Of Intellectual Property Rights
Extension    (Iprs) With A Focus On Patent Drafting
Cell of IQAC And Prosecution
21-02-2021   Mr. Diptarka Ray, Patent and Trade Mark
             Specialist & Guest Lecturer in North-
             Eastern Hill University,
             Shillong, Meghalaya
Botany &     Biodiversity And Habitat Restoration   
Research and Dr. Anirban Roy, Research Officer,
Extension    West Bengal Biodiversity Board
Cell of IQAC

NSS &            Blood Transfusion: Its Relevance In
IQAC-Extra       Covid-19 Pandemic
Curricular       Dr. Rinini Dastidar, NABL Assessor
& Extension      in Clinical Biochemistry Professor
Activity Cell    and In Charge, Dept. of Biochemistry,
& Technical      Vivekananda Institute of Medical
Cell             Sciences, Ramakrishna Mission Seva
27-06-2021       Pratishthan, Kolkata

Science Club     Celebration Of National Science Day
& IQAC           Program1: Working From Home During
28-02-2021       A Global Pandemic - Emerging Health
                 Dr. Sambit Acharya, MS Ortho,
                 NRS Medical College Hospital
                 Program 2: Presentations By Students
                 On Celebrated National Scientists

Events and Celebrations/ Extra Curricular Activities
The Central Library of this college organizes
exhibitions, cultural programmes, and
competitions on various occasions. During
the last year, one online exhibitions were
organized by the library.

On 23-01-2021 Teachers, Staff Members             On 09-05-2021, a Cultural Program was
and Students celebrated the 125th Birth           organised virtually by Teachers, Staff
Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra             Members and Studentsof the Institution.
Bose by a virtual Cultural Program                ‘Kobi Pronaam’ – Rabindra Jayanti
“Celebration of 125th Birth Anniversary of        Celebration – Part-1 and Part-2
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose”.

The teachers, staff members with their  
family members and the students together
celebrated The Republic Day on 26-01-2021
on the virtual platform.

Virtual Celebration of 160th Birth                     The College Departments regularly
Anniversary of Rabindranath Thakur was                 organise Teachers’ Day programmes on 5th
celebrated by the Teachers, Staff Members              September, every year. Here is an example
and Students of the Department of                      of a celebration of Teachers’ Day virtually in
Mathematics on 09-05-2021 by an online                 2020 by English dept.
cultural program.

The Department of Bengali organised
an International Webinar virtually on
21/2/21“ভাষা আন্দোলন ও মু ক্তি যু দ্ধের ৫০ বছর:
সময়ের দর্প ণে” to celebrate ‘International
Mother Language Day’

                                                       On World Environment Day, 05th
The Department
                                                       June,2021, the Department of Botany
of Bengali also
                                                       organised a virtual awareness programme
organised a cultural
                                                       &a cultural program “প্রকৃতি আমরা ত�োমারই”
programme on
the occasion of
                                                       – A Presentation where Teachers, Staff
                                                       Members and Students of the Department
Rabindra Jayanti on
9/5/20 virtually.                                      had taken part.

The Science Club of the college also
                                               celebrated World Environment Day by
                                               an awareness programme on the virtual

The Department of Zoology celebrated
World Environment Day with students’
presentations on various environmental

                                               World Oceans Day celebration by the dept
                                               of Zoology on 8th June, 2021 on virtual
                                               platform by the students of the Department.

World Food Safety Day was observed                Students Welfare and Aid Fund
virtually by faculty members and the              subcommittee in collaboration with IQAC
students of the Department of Anthropology        of Narasinha Dutt College observed the
on 7th June, 2021.                                International Day against Drug Abuse on
                                                  26th June, 2021 virtually where Ms Susmita                          Banerjee, Consultant Psychologist delivered
watch?v=1JzfGNSy5zo&t=21s                         her talk emphasising on this major issue
                                                  among teenagers.

An Inter College Essay
Competition (in English
and Bengali) was organised
by the Extra Curricular and
Extension Cell of the College
on February 7, 2021. The
topic was Pandemic Situation
and Online Examination
System. First, Second and
Third Prizes were awarded
in both language categories
and all participants received

Computer Facilities                                  Scholarship & Stipend
A computer centre has been set up with               Provision for scholarships and stipends is
assistance from MPLAD fund in a separate             made for students securing good marks in
building having a large number of computer           examinations. Besides this, the ‘Kanyashree’
terminals with internet connection. Besides          programme of the state government can also
this, all the teaching departments have their        be availed of by the girl students. students
respective desktop and laptop computers              can apply for credit card as per Govt. order
with internet connections and Wi-fi system.          no.142L/OM-90L/2021 dated 30/06/21.
The Department of Mathematics and the
Department of Computer Science have their            Students Aid Fund
own computer laboratories. The Department
of commerce has a computer based IT                  It offers financial and academic help to needy
Laboratory for students and teachers.                students.

The College office is almost fully automated         Students Welfare Fund
with most of the services being computerised.
                                                     It looks into the welfare of the students in
AV Room & Virtual Class Room                         academic and social matters.
An audio-visual room is constructed in the
Computer Science Block.
                                                     The college garden has some rare species of
Grievance Redressal Cell                             botanical and medicinal plants. The newly
This cell has been formed with a view to             installed statue of Swami Vivekananda and a
dealing with the grievances of the students,         fountain beside the statue have further added
teachers, employees and guardians. Written           to the serenity and beauty of the campus
complaints in all matters are to be dropped          garden.
in boxes specially marked for the grievance
redressal cell.                                      Students Common Room
Parents’ Teachers’ Meeting                           Separate common rooms for boys and girls
Parents - Teachers meetings are held by              with newspapers, magazines and indoor
different departments to apprise the parents         games facilities are provided.
about the performance and progress of their
wards in studies. All parents are advised to
keep in touch with the administration and            A newly built multigym for boys & girls has
the teachers of the concerned departments.           recently been opened.

Cheap Store                                         WindowsNDC – The first issue of the
The cheap store of the college enables the          annual newsletter WindowsNDC has been
students to buy books and stationery at             published in December 2020. With the
reasonable price.                                   ongoing pandemic, online activities – be it in
                                                    teaching, in organising workshops, courses
Two Wheeler Stand                                   or webinars – have taken place of much of our
There is a spacious Two-Wheeler stand with          physical activities on campus. The newsletter
the capacity of keeping about four hundred          is a record of all events held in college and
vehicles against a payment of Rs. 1.00 daily        the achievements of teachers and students in
per vehicle.                                        various fields.

Parking Zone
There is a parking zone behind the West
Block for four wheelers.


the College Journal
of Commerce, Arts
& Science (peer-
reviewed) is being
published twice a
year. So far three
volumes have been

Probaho – The first issue of the College
magazine Probaho has been published online
in September 2020, with students from
all departments contributing articles and
artworks. This magazine will be published

E-Wall magazine – Several E-magazines by            Parents’ Teachers’
students have taken to the digital platform now
and are launched anew. The wall magazine links
                                                    Association (PTA)
are given here.                                     We, at Narasinha Dutt College,
Anthropology:                                       strongly believe that the efforts          put in by the administrative
content/uploads/2021/07/সংহিতা-Anthropology-E-      authorities, teachers, non-teaching
Magazine.pdf                                        staff towards our students’ pursuit
                                                    of knowledge and all-round well
Bengali:                                            being is not complete without the      active cooperation and interest
tent/uploads/2021/06/SROTOSWINI.pdf                 of parents in those efforts. With
                                                    this in mind, the PTA or Parents’
                                                    Teachers’ Association is being
                                                    formed and will become active
                                                    shortly. The data of members has
                                                    already been collected.

                                                    Mentoring Process
                                                    This is a new venture undertaken
                                                    by the college authorities whereby
                                                    honours and postgraduate students
                                                    have been assigned Teachers to
                                                    enable better and continuous
NDC-BIOS                                            communication beyond the
The college has                                     academic arena. Mentor-mentee
undertaken another                                  relationships will go a long way in
digital endeavour to                                nurturing a student’s mental well
publish it's first journal                          being too. Mentors continuously
on biological sciences                              support their groups of mentees
E-Bios. This publication                            through online interactive
is underway and will be                             sessions as well as other means
uploaded in the college                             of communication. Mentoring is
website.                                            distinct from teaching. Our faculty        therefore are constantly in touch
lication/serial/ndcebios/index.php                  with our students.

St. John Ambulance &                            NCC
Nursing Division                                Bengal BN NCC-Boys
St. John Ambulance and Nursing                  Narasinha Dutt College Unit of 31 Bengal
Division has done its activities very           BN NCC, under Lt. Prasanta Mandal, ANO
enthusiastically. 21 cadets have                is an active unit with students involving for
been awarded first aid and nursing              the service of the society and country. The
certificates by St. John Ambulance,             motto of NCC is “ Unity And Discipline”. In
Delhi after passing the exam taken              the year 2020-2021, the NCC cadets of this
by the Doctors. Our cadets had been             unit participated in various activities which
engaged in different duties such as anti        are organized by the college and mother
drug day, Nababarsha celebration and            unit , are as follows:
different sports event. Our Nursing
                                                1. 15th August, 2020 Independence Day
Team was the winner of All Bengal
First Aid Championship held at Barasat
on 15.12.2019. Our one day training             2. 4th Sunday of November, 2020 NCC
camp was held at Bauria ITI College,                Day Celebration.
Bauria. Our cadets participated in the          3. Special duty for Durgapuja and Kalipuja
Republic Day, Independence Day and                  with the collaboration of West Bengal
Netaji Subhas Chandra Basu Birthday                 Police and Kolkata Police.
celebrations in our college.                    4. 23rd January, 2021 Netaji’s Birth Day
     Divisional Supervisory                     5. 26th January, 2021 Republic Day
           Committee                                Celebration.
              President                         6. 31st May, 2021 World No Tobacco Day
                                                    Awareness Programme.
 Dr. Soma Bandyopadhyay, Principal.
                                                7. 5th June, 2021 World Environment Day
                                                    Awareness Programme.
      Divisional Commander
                                                8. 21st June,2021 International Yoga Day
Prof. Nimai Das, Ambulance Division
      Divisional Commander                      9. 26th June, 2021 International Day
                                                    Against Drug Abuse and Illicit
   Dr. Madhumita Bhadra, Nursing                    Trafficking Celebration.
                                                21 cadets participated in Quiz Competition
                                                of Integrated and Encourage Yoga Through
                                                Life, 21 cadets participated in Pledge

Taking and 1 cadet participated in ‘Yoga at
Home’ to make videos of 1 minute showing
us how to do yoga alone,on the occasion
of International Yoga Day which was
organized by DGNCC.

                                                      Blood Donation Camp

2nd Bengal Girls BN NCC
                                                      national awareness by motivating the cadets
Narasinha Dutt College Girls NCC Unit
                                                      to join the Armed Forces. The units carry
(2nd Bengal Girls BN NCC) [Army
                                                      out a high order discipline to maintain its
Wing] is running since 1995 with its
                                                      glory and result, our cadets won a number
motto ‘Unity and Discipline’. Presently it
                                                      of medals and honours [including Best
is running under command of Captain
                                                      cadets awards Best ANO award] for their
Dr. Tarannum Mushtaque.
                                                      excellent performance in different areas. A
The unit has total 54 cadet strength [1st, 2nd        good number of cadets passed ‘B’ and ‘C’
and 3rd year]. Cadets actively participate            certificate exam every year with excellent
in various training activities, adventure             grading and started their service career in
activities, social services and development           Armed Forces, Para Military / Police Forces
programs during the course. This promotes             and other fields

Social Service Activities undertaken
throughout the year:
  (under Bantra PS)
Due to the pandemic, many programs
were conducted online. Cadets have
taken part in some such programs and
also achieved success. Cadets have also
taken part in online activities conducted
by DGNCC, Delhi. Some such online
programs / physical activities are –
                                                 Cleaning of the Statue of Swami Vivekananda by
• Drawing competition                            NCC cadets

• Fit-India Program
• Clean India Green India Program
• Anti Tobacco Day (31st May)
• International Day of Yoga (21st June)
• Anti Drugs Day (26th June)
• AIDS Day (1st December)
• Various Cultural programs
• Save Ganga Rally

                                                 Tree Plantation

23rd January, 2021

  Online Yoga Celebration

                                 Blood donation camp organised by Ministry of Defence

Clean India Green India          Cleanliness drive

National Service Scheme (NSS)
NSS or the National Service Scheme wing is              • On 21st June, 2021 (International World
an active and important unit of the college.              Yoga Day), NSS made an arrangement
Initially, the NSS unit formally started                  with a professional yoga trainer who is
from 28th January; 2015 and the first                     also an alumnus of our college to make
committee was formed on 9th February,                     a video demonstrating yoga useful to
2015 according to the University norms.                   avoid mental stress related to corona and
From then on, the NSS unit of our college                 also yoga related to postural problems
has performed in many important fields and                due to prolonged online activities.
at present, it has become a very important
and integral part of our college. With
everyone’s hard work and co-operation,
presently, there are 31 student volunteers,
20 teaching staff and 2 non-teaching staff.
Last year, we faced a very critical situation in
the form of a severe pandemic of Covid-19.
It really hampered the offline activities
of NSS. But we tried our best to conduct
online programmes during this pandemic
                                                        NSS Supervisory Committee:
to boost up the morale of our students.                 Chairman:
                                                        Dr. Soma Bandyopadhyay, Principal
• NSS organised an inter-college
  competition on photographic clicks                    Programme Officer:
  and poster making in February, 2021                   Dr. Taranannum Mushtaque
  among all the Undergraduate students                  Convenor:
  of Calcutta University.                               Prof. Manideepa Dutta Gupta (Ghosh)

Banking Service Within The Campus
We have a full-fledged branch of the
nationalised Central Bank of India. This
Narasingha Dutta College Branch of CBI
in the college premises serves the interest
of the students, teachers and staff members.
An ATM Counter as also been installed
inside the bank premises.

Alumni Association
• Narasinha Dutt College, Alumni Association, has been registered in the year
  2015. Since then new initiatives are designed so that our ex-students can
  actively participate in the development of their “alma mater”.
• Alumni Association has introduced General and also Life Membership.
  Registration can be done by offline and online also either by Desktop or
  Laptop. The online membership Registration link is as follows: https// A Life membership certificate will be
  provided to each Life member duly signed by the Principal, President and
• A scholarship of Rs 25,000/-, has been initiated by the Secretary of Core
  Committee for B.Sc. (Bio ) General students.
• Audit has been completed till the last financial year.
• A State-level webinar was organized in collaboration with IQAC. Online 3
  days’ Yoga Workshop was conducted by one of the Alumni member.

             Alumni Advisory Committee
                            ADVISORY COMMITTEE
           Chairperson                                  Secretary
 Dr. Soma Bandopadhya (Principal)                 Sri Sudhin Chatterjee
                             CORE COMMITTEE
             President                                  Treasurer
     Dr. Purnendu Bhattacharya                     Sri Santiram Santra
          Vice President                           Cultural Secretary
        Mrs. Jayashree Sarkar                       Sri Prantik Sen
        Sri Swapan Mondal                                Members
              Secretary                      Sri Krishna Kishore Mukherjee
             Dr. Lipi Das                              Sri Tapan Pal
        Assistant Secretary                          Sri Sanjay Santra
        Dr. Sukhendu Kanrar
         Sri Proloy Mondol

Science Club
Science Club Activities
Narasinha Dutt College has a long tradition of
organizing different activities under the super
visionof the Science Club. Recently, by the
inspiration of our honourable Principal Madam, the
Science Club has started its new online journey.
The newly formed Science Club was privileged by
having the wonderful New Year gift, a thought-
provoking table calendar, offered by our Principal
Madam and it got rejuvenated for its present venture.
The Science Club follows an annual activity calendar
and has conducted several inspiring programs which
were successful owing to the active participation of
the members of the science club, the teaching and
nonteaching staff and most importantly the students.

22nd May, 2021: International Biodiversity
Day was observed by watching an educational
movie on “Forest” by the entire college
5th June, 2021: World Environment Day
was observed on the theme “Ecosystem
Restoration”. A documentary movie on
“Seed Ball” was prepared and screened
by the science club on basis of the work
done by Forest Department, Govt. of West
Bengal. The movie was enjoyed by all and
                                                       National Science Day was celebrated on
concluded with the question-answer session.
                                                       28th February 2021 by the Science club.
Anthropology, Botany, Chemistry & Zoology
                                                       A students webinar was held in which
departments also presented on the different
                                                       students from Depts of Physics, Zoology,
aspects of Ecosystem Restoration.
                                                       Botany, Chemistry presented papers in
Recently we have started online enrolment              eminent scientists of India.
of students in the science club seeking their
active participation and contribution as a
member, and an enrolment card will be given
to all members.

Seed Ball Throwing                                   Seed Ball preparation

Career Counselling
Career Counselling Cell organised
counselling sessions for the students
of the college as far as was possible.
Two students have got job placements
– Sachin Das was appointed in Bharat
Business Corporation LLP, after
completing the free course conducted
by La Martinere SEOMP society.
Piyali Ghosh was appointed by
George Telegraph.

Canteen                                             Identity Card
We have a well-furnished canteen                    After admission, a student is required to
subsidised by the college to cater fresh and        get his/her identity card signed by the
hygienic food to the students and teaching          competent authority of the college. This
and non-teaching staff of the college.              card is a proof of his/her status as a student
                                                    of the college.

Games and Sports                                           Meet in 2019-2020 organized by West
                                                           Bengal Government and Ramakrishna
Narasinha Dutt College has earned its glorious             Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math,
reputation and respect over the years in Games             Howrah. Moreover, we were seven times
and Sports. Our college has been maintaining               district champion between 2007-2008 to
its name and fame consistently particularly                2014-15 session.
in Football, Volleyball, Gymnastics and
Athletics. To encourage sports, our college             • Runners-up in Inter College Football
is providing certain relaxation in total marks            Championship organized by University of
to meritorious sports persons for admission               Calcutta (Herambha Chandra Shield) in
purposes only from 2020-2021 sessions.                    2014-15 and 2015-16 and semifinalist in
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced an                       2016-17.
unprecedented shut-down of most of the                  • Some of our students who represented
academic institutions in our state. Naturally,            Calcutta University in Football: Ajay
our college has not been able to participate              Khatri, Sayahanna Mondal, (East Zone
in any sporting event for more than a year.               Football (M), 2019-2020), Soudip
Therefore, we have decided to showcase our                Samanta (East Zone Football (M), 2018-
sporting achievements of the last decade in               2019), Abhijit Dey, Dhiren Singh (East
this issue of our college prospectus.                     Zone & Inter Zonal Football (M), 2015-
Football                                                  2016 and 2016-2017), Supriyo Mukherjee
                                                          (East Zone & Inter Zonal Football (M),
• State champion in the Inter-College                     2012-2013), Surojit Maity (East Zone
  Football (M) Tournament organized by                    Football (M), 2011-2012) and last but not
  the Government of West Bengal in the                    the least, Ms. Mahima Khatun represented
  sessions 2010-11 and 2011-12.                           as a footballer in the Senior Bengal (W)
• District champion in the Inter-College                  Team at the National level for the session
  District Level Football (M) and Athletic                2015-2016.

State champion in the Inter-College Football (M)        District champion in the Inter-College Football (M)
Tournament                                              Tournament

Volleyball                                              Zone); Subham Shaw and Hridoy Maity
                                                        represented Calcutta University volleyball
• Champion in Inter-College Volleyball
                                                        team in 2016-2017. On the other hand,
  Tournament (Men) organized by Calcutta
                                                        our student Eti Naskar in 2010-2011 &
  University in 2019-2020, 2018-2019 and
                                                        2011-2012 (East Zone) and Paulami Hazra
  2011-2012 session.
                                                        in 2014-15 (East Zone) got opportunity
• Runners-up in Inter-College Volleyball                to play for Calcutta University women
  Tournament (Men) organized by Calcutta                Volleyball team (East Zone).
  University in 2016-2017 and 2012-2013
                                                     • Our cricket team reached 3rd round
• Some of our students who represented
                                                       in 2016-2017 and pre-quarter final in
  Calcutta University in the inter-University
                                                       2014-2015 in Inter-College Cricket
  championships. Sushabhon Maity in
                                                       Championship organized by Calcutta
  2010-11 (East Zone); Umar Farooq
  Haldar, Himanshu Dey and Ramesh
  Singh in 2011-2012 (East Zone); Ramesh             • In 2011-12 our team managed to enter
  Singh, Umar Farooq Haldar, Amit Mal in               into the semi-final in an inter-college
  2012-2013 (East zone); Ramesh Singh,                 tournament organised by CAB.
  Chandan Pramanik in 2013-14 (East                  • Our student Writam Porel in 2008-2009
  Zone); Subhankar Shil , Subham Kumar                 played for Calcutta University and later
  Shaw, Saurav Maji in 2014-2015 (East                 he successfully played for Bengal in Ranji
  Zone); Subham Kumar Shaw, Somenath                   trophy (2010 to 2012). He also played for
  Fauzdar, Hridoy Maity in 2015-2016 (East             East Bengal club for years.

Inter-College Volleyball Tournament (Men)
Champion 2019-2020                                   Writam Porel

• In 2015-2016 our college student                    Meet in 2016-2017 organized by the
  Dipanwita Ghosh has got a place in                  University of Calcutta.
  Calcutta University Women’s cricket team         • Abhilas Ghosh won Gold in Shot Put in
  (All India).                                       2011-12, Bronze in 2013-2014 and silver
• Swarnendu Ghosh and Sagnik Pal of our              in 2014-2015 in Inter-college Athletic
  college played for Kolkata Port Trust and          Meet organised by Calcutta University.
  Kolkata Police in 2017-18.                       • Surojit Hizli won silver in Long Jump
Athletics                                            in Howrah district in Athletics Meet
• Amit Guchait became State champion in
  Discus throwing (Men) at State Athletics         • Samrat Maity won Silver in Shot Put in
  meet 2019-2020 organized by West Bengal            2011-12 and 2013-2014 in Inter-college
  Government. He also won Gold in Discus             Athletic Meet organised by Calcutta
  throwing (Men) and in Shot put (Men)               University.
  at Howrah District Athletics meet 2019-          • Tista Adhurya won Bronze in Discus
  2020 for Govt. and Govt. aided colleges            throwing (W) at Howrah District Athletics
  organised by West Bengal Government                meet 2019-2020. She also won Silver in
  and Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira,              Discus throwing (W) at C. U. inter college
  Belur Math, Howrah. He won Silver in               athletics meet 2019-2020.
  Discus throwing (Men) at C. U. Inter
  College athletics meet 2019-2020.                • Sonia Khatun won Bronze in 200 m race
                                                     (W) in District Athletics Meet in 2016-
• In the session 2011-12 and 2012-13 our             17 organized by State Govt. She also won
  college became champion in Inter College           Bronze in Long-jump (W) in District
  (Non-Government)         Athletic  Meet            Athletics Meet in 2019-20 organized by
  organized by West Bengal Government                State Govt.
  and in the session 2013-14 we were the
  runner- up at the district level.                • Purnima Khasran won Bronze in 1500
                                                     m race (W) in District Athletic Meet in
• Sudipto Banerjee won Gold in 800 m and             2016-17 organized by State Govt.
  1500 m race in an Inter-College district
  athletic meet 2016-2017, organised by            Online Yoga workshop
  West Bengal government and Andul                 An Online Yoga workshop was organized by
  College.                                         Narasinha Dutt College in collaboration with
• Dipankar Sardar won Gold in both 200 m           the Institute of Yoga Academy, Howrah from
  and 400 m race in Inter-College Athletic         28.9.2020-30.9.2020 and many students of

our college interested in sports participated           West Bengal State Artistic Gymnastics
in this workshop.                                       Championships’ 17-18 (held in August,
                                                        2018) in Junior Boys category organized
Other individual sporting events (Judo,
                                                        by Udayan Bayam Samity, Bhadreswar,
Diving Karate, Kabadi, Kho Kho, Table
                                                     • Amrita Paul represented Junior Bengal in
• Our student Rimpa Patra became “Miss
                                                       Net Ball event in National Games in 2018-
  India” in ‘Body Building & Fitness
  Competition’ in 2015 at Murshidabad.
  She earned six gold medals in ‘Acrobatic           • Khukumani Khatun stood first in Inter
  Gymnastics’ from a National competition              District Championship organized by
  held in Rajasthan in 2013-14.                        Etina Black Karate Sangha on 9.9.2018 in
                                                       Kata Black Belt (50 Kg/21 years) and third
• Aditi Santra participated in the 6th
                                                       in Kumite in Girls group-A (21 years) in
  Netaji Subhas State Games-2018 held in
                                                       the 14th All India Karate Championship
  Jalpaiguri and secured 1st place in Judo
                                                       Suman Karate Cup 2017 organized by
  (48 Kg/Women). She also participated
                                                       United Shotokan Karate-Do India.
  in 63 Kg/Women Judo event in the First
  Khelo India School Games held at Delhi.            • Ayan Ghosh participated in All India
                                                       School Game in Karate after winning
• Soma Roy participated in the 6th Netaji
                                                       gold in state and District School Games in
  Subhas State Games-2018 held in
  Jalpaiguri and secured 2nd place in Judo
  (48 Kg/Women). She was placed 1st in               • Arnab Ghosh stood second in diving
  Judo (57 Kg/Women) at 45th West Bengal               in Under 19 State Age Group Diving
  State Judo Championship-2018 organized               Championship, 2015.
  by Howrah District Judo Association. She           • Amin Ali represented Howrah district in
  also became first in Judo (57 Kg/Women)              karate competition of boys under 55-60
  in Open State Judo Championship (Tagore              Kg category and he stood first at the state
  Challenger Cup 2017-18) organized by                 level.
  Tagore Judo Association of Hooghly.
                                                     • Arpita Mandal (2013-14-All India) Ball
• Arkadeep Makhal stood 2nd in both Vault              Badminton (W) Tournament represented
  and Horse Pommel in 4th Jr. State Artistic           Calcutta University.
  Gymnastics     championship       2017-18
  organized by Kolkata District Gymnastics           • The following students have made our
  Association. He also participated the 68th           college proud in their respective sporting

events: Shampa Poddar in Kabadi (2010-             & 2012-13 -All india) and Dipankar Ray
  11) (All India); Debobrata Maji in Kho             (2015-16- All India) in Best Physique and
  Kho (2011-12-East Zone) & (2012-2013               power lifting; Haripada Das (2013-14-
  -East Zone); Kajol Das in Table Tennis             All India) and Jayita Basak (2015-16- All
  (2011-12-All India); Biraj Pal ( 2011-12           India) in Judo championship.

CCTV Coverage                                      Water Cooling Machine
Almost the entire college including                The college installed three water cooling
Principal’s    Chamber,      Administrative        machines with UV sterilization & filtration
offices, College Library, College Gates and        facilities. Two machines were installed:
Cycle Stand is under CCTV Surveillance.            one in the canteen and the other one in
                                                   front of the girls’ common room to serve
                                                   the students as well as the teaching and
                                                   non-teaching staff of the college. The
                                                   third one was installed in the English PG
                                                   Department. A new water cooler has been
                                                   installed in the staff room.

Maulana Azad National Urdu University
Maulana Azad National Urdu University                1. To promote and develop education the Urdu
(MANUU) is a Central University                      language.
established at the National Level in 1998 by         2. To provide wider access to people desirous
an act of Parliament to promote and develop          of pursuing programs of higher education and
the Urdu language and to impart vocational           training in Urdu medium through distance
and technical education in Urdu medium               modes.
through conventional and distance modes
                                                     Presently, the under mentioned courses, both
for about 800 studens. The Headquarters of
                                                     postgraduate and undergraduate are going on
the University is at an outstanding central
                                                     under Narasinha Dutt College study centre.
location-Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Maulana
Azad National Urdu University (MANUU)                1. M.A. in English
has started its distance mode of education at
Narasinha Dutt College on and from January
                                                     2. M.A. in Urdu
1, 2019.                                             3. M.A. in History
The objectives of the University are as              4. M.A. in Islamic studies
follows:                                             5. B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com.

Departmental Profile
                                                       6th semester honours stood first in the Inter
Anthropology                                           College essay competition in English on the
                                                       theme: “Pandemic Situation and Online
In the year 1964, the department was
                                                       Examination System.”
established and initially offered B.Sc.
general course and also as a subject in                Alumni of the department have occupied
higher secondary under West Bengal Board               both academic and administrative positions
of Higher Secondary education, when                    in Calcutta University, Kalyani University,
higher secondary was taught in colleges.               North Eastern Hill University, Indian
Honours course began in the year 1995. The             Statistical    Institute,    Anthropological
department has 4 laboratories with a sufficient        Survey of India, Forensic Science Division,
number of anthropometric measurements,                 International Institute of population Studies,
human skeletal remains, primate specimens,             Indian Council of Medical Research, Cultural
prehistoric tools and assemblages, equipment           research Institute, West Bengal Civil Services,
for genetic study and an enriched seminar              and numerous colleges and schools both in
library with internet facilities for staff             West Bengal and India.
and students. Classroom with ICT facility              During the last academic year, the
and interactive sessions with students on              Department organised several National/
regular basis helps as well as strengthen the          International/State level Webinars and some
academic base of the students. Currently, the          noteworthy ones are –
department is operating with six teachers
including principal madam. The number
of participation of faculty in International/
National / State webinars was one, two and
one respectively.
The academic record of the department
is always quite impressive right from the
beginning. Generally, 80% of the honours
students secure first-class marks every
year. A total of 27 students appeared for
university exams last year, and 26 of them
obtained first class. Among the passed-
out students in last 3 years, one student got
Central Govt. service and 2 students got State
Govt. services 3 students qualified National
Eligibility Test (NET). One student of the

“Applied and action Anthropology” delivered         program that took place on 26th January.
by Prof. Tanusree Shaw on 27th February,            Several of them participated in singing,
2021     “Anthropological     demography”           reciting, playing instruments in various
delivered by Prof. Suvendu Maji on 10th             online cultural programs on Independence
March, 2021.                                        Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, Rabindra
                                                    Jayanti etc. Five students took part in the
The department also organised online student
                                                    Inter College essay competition organized
seminars for the 1st semester on 12/04/2021,
                                                    by the IQAC cell of the college. One of them
for the 2nd semester on 07/05/2021, for the
                                                    also won 1st prize in the competition in
3rd semester on 15/08/2020, for the 4th
                                                    English. Online parent-teachers’ meetings
semester on 09/10/2020, for the 5th semester
                                                    of the 3rd Semester (honours) are held from
on 02/04/2020 & 08/08/2020; and for the
                                                    time to time. The total number of online
6th semester on 15/05/2021.Students of
                                                    departmental meetings was eight. Regular
2nd semester honours of the department
                                                    online interactive classes were conducted by
took part in poster presentation on World
                                                    all the faculty members as dedicatedly and
Environment Day held on 5th June, 2020,
                                                    efficiently both for the Honours and General
and the students of 4th semester honours
                                                    students. Mentoring Program was carried
took part in poster presentation on World
                                                    out regularly by all the mentors from January,
Food Safety Day held on 7th June, 2020.
                                                    2021 onwards where the mentors counsel
Some students of the department also took           their mentees regarding all sorts of academic
an active part in the flag hoisting ceremony        difficulties and also guide them about their
on the 15th August, and also in the online          future prospects.

their activities related to their subjects and
Bengali                                                  makes constant effort to inculcate social
                                                         awareness, leadership qualities and a positive
The Department of Bengali language and
                                                         attitude towards life. Besides traditional
literature of Narasinha Dutt College is
                                                         lectures the faculty always encourage
distinguished because it has its own special
                                                         innovative methods of teaching-learning like
characteristics and identity. The Department
                                                         pre-reading literary activities, peer-assisted
of Bengali Language and Literature of
                                                         learning, students seminars, special lectures,
Narasinha Dutt College was established
                                                         audio-video learning etc.
in the year 1924. At first the department
started with 3 years’ general degree course,             Saimul Chowdhuri Azim, an Ex-student of
afterwards in the year 1968, Honours course              the department has been placed in the office
was introduced and to date this department               of the Executive Engineer, PWD, Electrical
has been known for its strong undergraduate              Dept., Howrah in 2017. Raja Laha, another
faculty. The current student intake for UG               student of Bengali General Course secured a
Program is around 70 in Honours, and                     place in the Sports and Youth Service Dept.,
200 in General course approximately. The                 Govt. of West Bengal, 2020.
Department has 5 Associate Professors, 1                 Apart from academic activities, the
Assistant Professor, and 4 State-aided college           department conducts various cultural and
Teachers.                                                extracurricular activities such as Exhibitions,
The Bengali department can accommodate a                 Teachers Day celebrations, Rabindra Jayanti,
large number of students, both girls and boys.           observing International Mother Language
It is rich enough in the diversity of its student        day and many more. The Department wall
strength. Students of the Bengali department             magazine ‘SROTOSWINI’ exhibits the
have been consistently performing well                   creativity, artistic and literary taste of the
under the University of Calcutta. Many of our            students. It was published on “Teachers Day”,
students secured First classes in University             5th September 2020. Our Mission is to guide
examinations over the last five decades.                 students to march towards their goals by
Many of our ex-students are established in               upholding the values of social commitment
several fields like school and college teaching,         and to make them creative, research-oriented
Electronic Media, Print Media, Performing                and employable.
Arts etc. This Department aims for the                   A State level seminar was jointly organized
holistic development of the students. Our                by the IQAC and department of Bengali
goals and objective is to provide a platform             on 20th June 2020 regarding ‘Nakshalwadi
to the students to exhibit their talents and             Andolon : Itihas o Sahitya : Mukhomukhi
creativity, to encourage the students to                 Aynay’. In that webinar Smt. Krishna
commit to moral and ethical language. The                Bandopadhyay, activist, writer Prof.
Department motivates the students to display             Sabyasachi Deb, Ex Professor, Presidency

College, Dept of Bengali, was the speaker.              An International webinar was Jointly
We celebrated Rabindra Jayanti Programme                organized by the Department of Botany
named “Rabir Kirane” on 9th May 2021                    & IQAC of the college on 13th June, 2020
via Google Meet. Our department also                    via Google meet where 216 participants
arranged an online students’ seminar on                 registered.
25th June, 2021.                                        The topic was COVID-19: Science and Reality,
                                                        the Resource Person was Dr. Debajyothi
                                                        Ghosh, Fellow, The American Academy of
Botany                                                  Allergy, Asthma, Immunology (AAAAI),
The Botany Department of Narasinha Dutt                 Research Scientist, University of Cincinnati
College, established in 1985, is one of the             College of Medicine. In the webinar, Dr.
oldest Botany departments of West Bengal.               Ghosh discussed about symptoms, genetic
                                                        structure, replication in the human body
The department has well equipped                        and different scientific aspects of COVID-19,
laboratories, herbarium, and museum and                 with examples of different case studies with
a seminar library. In addition to teaching-             an elaborate and lucid presentation.
learning, there are several activities including
Teachers’ Day celebration, exhibitions, Wall            Students’ webinar was conducted online.
Magazine, Parent-Teacher Meeting, local &               The webinars were held on the Google
long excursions, seminars,etc.                          Meet platform, where students presented
                                                        on different topics related to Plant Science,
Most of our passed-out students are                     environment and human welfare.
established in different professional fields
like teaching, research, government and non-            On 30th January, 2021 (6-7.30 PM) an online
government sectors, social service, etc. In             parent teachers’ meet was conducted by
this respect, three of them joined the school           departmental teachers with the parents of 1st
service commission, Government of West                  Semester students.
Bengal and one of them joined as a Research             Students’ webinar was conducted online
officer at PAN SEED during this year. We                where our students presented different topics
have seamlessly moved to online teaching in             related to Plant Science, environment and
response to the ongoing pandemic.                       human welfare.
A total of 15 Botany Honours students                   Webinar of 5th Semester Students: 16th
appeared for university exams this year and             January, 2021 (6 PM) (Speakers = 11)
the highest marks obtained was 80.50%. All
                                                        Webinar for 3rd Semester Students: 6th
of them got first classes. 3 students qualified
                                                        February, 2021 (6.30 PM) (Speakers = 10)
GATE, 2 students qualified SET, 4 students
qualified NET and oneDBT-JRF.                           Many students of the Botany Department are
                                                        members of the NSS unit of the college. They

participate regularly in different awareness             Chemistry department. Another make shift
activities.                                              laboratory is functional and compensates the
                                                         loss of laboratories due to demolition of the
                                                         old building for new construction purpose.
Chemistry                                                All the laboratories are well equipped
                                                         according to UG level of study with most of
The Department of Chemistry started its                  the Modern equipments present.
journey with Chemistry as a General subject
in the year 1924 in order to extend the study            The performance of the students is
of chemistry to the students from the suburbs            traditionally good in this department. The
of Howrah district and Howrah town under                 number of students getting high first class
the stewardship of Prof Jnanendranath Sen                marks has increased down the year and
who was the Vice-Principal of the college at             presently some of them are regularly pursuing
that time. There were no colleges of higher              their higher studies in IIT’s. Last year, our final
education in Howrah at that time.                        year’s student, Shain Sagar Mollick ranked
                                                         1st (all India) in JAM-2020 (Chemistry) and
Later on in the year 1948 the department                 getting admitted to IIT Bombay for Post
introduced the Chemistry Honours course.                 Graduation (PG) in Chemistry. For the time
At that time and years thereafter Narasinha              in the history of our department, three of
Dutt College emerged as the premier learning             our final years students selected for M.Sc. in
institute in chemistry in the district of Howrah.        Chemistry at IIT Bombay last year. Recently
The alumnus of this department boasts of                 five new teachers have been recruited which
some of the big names in academia and other              makes the total tally of eight teachers along
spheres such as Late Prof. Manindra Mohan                with three laboratory attendants in this
Chakravorty (formerly of IACS, Jadavpur),                department. The department has a well
Dr. Jyotimay Nandi (Scientist in USA),                   equipped seminar library so that the students
Dr. Jyotiprakash Chatterjee (Scientist in USA),          can access necessary books easily. The faculty
Prof. Subir Basu Roy, Prof. Dilip Khamui                 members along with NTS members are
(West Bengal Education Department), Dr.                  working tirelessly to nurture the students for
Omprakash Chatterjee (Scientist, CGCRI),                 a better future.
Dr. Nijhuma Mondal (Scientist, CGCRI), and
many more who have established themselves                The University results of our students have
in their respective fields.                              been traditionally good. In 2020, 13 students
                                                         appeared in Chemistry Part III (Hons) exam
The department which initially started with              with 100% success and 12 of them got first
two laboratories added to its tally with two             class marks, the highest being 87%.
more laboratories for Honours students being
set up in the newly constructed J. N. Sen                The following students from 2017-2020 batch
Centenary Block which presently houses the               have been academically placed as given:

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