Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support

Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support
Back To The Future:
     Reshaping law Firm Culture

     The issues facing your firm and how culture
     change is the solution

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Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support
Table of Contents
               Foreword                                                                        3

               Introduction                                                                    5

               What are the Issues?
                      I.   Millennials Are Shaping the Future of Work                          7
                      II. A Talent Crisis                                                      8
                      III. Robots and Lagging Legal Tech                                       8
                      IV. Inflexible Work                                                      9
                      V. The Big Four                                                         10
                      VI. Women in Law, Cont’d                                                10

               The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture                                         11
                       I.   Flexible Work Spaces                                              12
                       II. The Lawyer-Preneur                                                 15
                       III. Smart Legal Tech                                                  18
                       IV. Mind (Re)Set                                                       21

               What’s Next?                                                                   25

               References                                                                     27

              We examine the business benefits for why UK law firms should significantly
              invest in changing their culture in order to improve talent retention, ensure long-
              term growth, and become future-proof. We will identify key issues facing firms
              today and explore the pillars of future firm culture, as part of our new efforts to
              work with firms.

             This paper reviews current reports, surveys and various off-line and on-line
             literature on the future of work both in the UK and globally. As well as looking at
             the legal industry specifically, we draw on best practices from leaders across
             many industries in order to synthesize and present a comprehensive
             perspective on the current and future state of legal work.

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Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support

      Cherie Blair CBE
      Human Rights Barrister, Lecturer and Writer

      My adult life has been defined by several roles, each with its
      unique challenges and rewards. I have been a barrister and QC
      and established a thriving chambers and law firm; I am the
      founder of a charity and sit on the board of several others; I have
      been married to a Prime Minister, lived in number 10 Downing
      Street and dealt with all that this entailed. But, of course, the
      most important, rewarding and challenging role that I have been
      blessed with, is that of being a mother to my four children.

      Throughout, I have been fortunate to be able to continue my
      work and balance my professional and home life thanks, in no
      small part, to a strong support system and a tolerant family. I am
      not saying that it wasn’t hard; the mythical ‘work-life balance’ is
      incredibly difficult to find and its fragility makes it even easier to
      lose. Like many women, I have faced criticism for being a
      working mother from colleagues, employers, the press and, even
      from other mothers. Whilst there have been numerous
      developments in the legal profession since I was first admitted to
      the Bar, the obstacles facing working mothers sadly remain
      much the same and this, I believe, prevents too many women
      from reaching their full potential. Fortunately, there are glimmers
      of hope in the form of those forward-thinking organisations that
      are revolutionising the legal world, levelling the playing field and
      enabling us all to thrive.

      Many of the larger law firms still use centuries-old business and
      organisational models that are just not relevant in today’s world,
      upholding barriers to true gender equality and work-life balance
      through rigid and archaic traditions that place the emphasis on
      face time, rather than quality of work. Such practices leave
      mothers (and fathers) unable to enjoy parenthood at the same

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Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support

      time as effectively fulfilling their commitments as lawyers. But for
      women, the barriers don’t stop there. Younger women also face
      the assumption from current or potential employers that they are
      ‘bound to get pregnant sooner or later’, as if this is a negative
      thing and their work life will be over! And, of course, there’s the
      dreaded Pay Gap, which, quite frankly, I cannot believe we still
      have to talk about in the 21st century...

      The research presented in this paper is both valuable and long-
      overdue. This succinct, accurate and insightful study focusses on
      the desperate need for a cultural shift in the Law. A fostering of
      new norms, priorities and practices is critical if we are to diversify
      the workforce and enable those who do not fit the ‘lawyer’
      stereotype to succeed. We must transform the rigid way that law
      firms often operate to make space for fresh mindsets, different
      working styles and original ideas. We must embrace the
      contribution that the younger generation, people from all classes
      and walks of life, individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds,
      and, of course, women and mothers can bring.

      Making these changes will benefit everyone. Why would we risk
      missing out on the next great legal mind simply because the need
      to collect a child from school means someone cannot work the
      excessive hours traditionally expected by law firms? Should our
      colour, class or gender prevent us from being great lawyers or
      great parents? Should a woman be excluded from reaching
      partner simply because she took maternity leave?

      Something has to change in order to enable women who want to
      be excellent lawyers as well as parents, and to work how, where
      and when they can, in order to get the best results at work and at
      home. The work done by Dana Denis-Smith and Obelisk
      Support is an important step in helping us to understand and
      achieve these desperately needed changes. As a profession, we
      simply cannot afford to waste a single talented and dedicated
      person, let alone an entire gender!

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Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support

       The future of legal work is changing, and along         level of fee income growth in 2018, profit
       with it, how work will get done. The role of firm       margin erosion has continued as many firms
       culture will be more significant than ever              struggle to contain staffing costs. Indeed,
       before, driven by a new generation of solicitors        nearly 30% of firms reported a decrease in
       that will be the most demanding one yet,                profits in 2018, on top of 48% from the previous
       expecting diversity on all fronts – of people,          year. This, coupled with Top 100 firms
       workspace, technology and wellness.                     predicting a decrease of 0.1% in fee income for
                                                               the 2019-2020 period, provides a grim future
       The legal industry continues to experience              outlook.1
       seismic changes as pressure mounts on all
       sides: the plethora of new technologies; the            While it may be too soon to herald the death of
       expansion of multidisciplinary practices, such          the traditional law firm model, what is clear is
       as PwC and Deloitte (the Big Four); the                 that it is time for a change.
       emergence of US firms into the UK market; and
       the growing disruption of legal change-makers           We have reached a critical moment. And
       offering fresh solutions to legal work.                 fundamental action is needed to future-proof
                                                               the shape and operation of the firm.
       These trends are not without impact. Although
       nearly 90% of Top 100 UK firms achieved some

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Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support
“They always say
       time changes things,
       but you have to
       actually change
       them yourself.”
       - Andy Warhol

                                                               Photo courtesy of Pawel Czerwinski
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Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support
What are the Issues?

                                          Millennials Are                          People: Millennials expect the
                                                                                   diversity of their colleagues to
                                          Shaping the                              reflect that of their personal social
                                                                                   spheres, going beyond the basics
                                          Future of Work                           of demographic diversity in search
                                                                                   of a cultural richness of thoughts
                                          It’s time to wake up and smell the       and attitudes.
                                          vegan gluten-free matcha latte:
                                          Millennials    are    the    future      Upskilling: Millennials are focused
                                          workforce. Defined as a cohort           on upskilling and learning on the
                                          born       between      1981-1996,       job. They understand that it is
                                          Millennials currently make up 400        necessary in order to keep up with
                                          million     of   the     worldwide       the speed at which industry is
                                          population,2 surpassing Boomers          changing.
                                          as the largest demographic of the
                                          UK legal profession.3                    Space: Millennials are used to
                                                                                   working in Starbucks and want
                                                                                   their workspace to have the same
                                                                                   flavour. Meaning, they prefer a
                                                                                   less formal work environment, lots
                                             “It’s no longer a case of             of tech, and some fun perks.
                                             employees adjusting to
                                             their work; it’s about the            Collaboration: Millennials prefer
                                                                                   collaborative working structures.
                                             work adjusting to them.”
                                                                                   They need their huddle spaces to
                                                      Padraig Cotter               be able to share content, co-create
                                                    The Irish Times 4              and communicate with remote

                                                                                   Technology: Millennials are digital
                                          Despite being routinely teased for       natives. They grew up while
                                          everything from being considered         today’s technology was already
                                          lazy, overtly PC or allegedly being      happening and expect their
                                          very fond of avocado toast, there        workplace technology to be as
                                          is no denying that ‘Millennial Think’    entertaining and easy to use as
                                          has infiltrated all aspects of work      those they use every day in their
                                          culture:                                 personal lives.

                                             Demographic of the UK Legal Profession
                                             Percentage Breakdown by Age

                                                      25-34                35-44     45-54        55-64       65+

                                                      32%                  29%       22%          13%         4%

                                                                                                          SRA 2017 3

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Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support
What are the Issues?

   A Talent Crisis                         In-House.         Lawyers
                                           increasingly abandoning private

                                           practice and the long haul to the
   In this crowded and competitive         Holy     Grail    of   partnership,
   market space, firms face a tough        preferring to work in-house where
   job recruiting the right candidates     the environment is more business-
   from the industry’s pool of elite       like, tech-savvy, and conducive to
   professionals. After Brexit, the        a better work-life balance. Today,
   biggest fear of firms for future        20% of lawyers now work in-
   growth is a shortage of talent.1        house, a number that has more
                                           than doubled over the last 15
   Personnel turnover in law firms,        years.3
   especially with young lawyers, is
   at its highest level ever – a trend     With       salaries   for    in-house
   that costs Top 400 global law           solicitors now comparable to their
   firms roughly £6.8bn annually.5         private counterparts, going in-
                                           house       offers    greater    work
   Burn Out. It’s no secret that in law,   flexibility and efficiencies such as
   long hours are worn as badges of        lowered-to-no       constraints    on
   honour, and they have been for          billable hours, faster routes to
   decades. Today, with the rise of        promotion, and more diversity and       Robots & Lagging
   technology, the idea of ‘work all
   the time or you fail’ has become
                                           inclusion among colleagues.
                                                                                   Legal Tech
   the norm.
                                                                                   After talent retention, the third and
   Burnout is on the rise: 23% of law                                              fourth biggest threats to growth
   firms believe it’s increasing,6 with                                            perceived by Top 100 law firms
   96% of solicitors reporting that            Annual Cost of                      are cyber threats (82%) and
   they experience negative stress,
   and 19% saying that stress is
                                               Mental Illness                      technological

   ‘extreme’ causing mistakes or               to UK Firms: 9
   burnout.7 As a result, lawyers are                                              A growing number of law firms,
   increasingly exiting the industry
   altogether to pursue other options
   such as helicopter skiing or scuba-
                                              £33-42 Bn                            both large and small, are putting
                                                                                   AI systems to use,11 with some
                                                                                   48% of UK firms having
   diving.3                                                                        implemented some form of AI
                                                                                   technology, and 41% with the
                                                                                   intention to do so in the near
                                           Entrepreneurialism. Why are             future.12 Although AI technology
                                           lawyers     going        in-house?      adoption is happening, it’s doing
                                           According to KPMG’s 2018 Global         so at a slow pace, as many firms
                                           CEO Outlook, ‘agility is the new        are holding out until its cost
                                           currency of business’ and small         advantages over outsourcing
                                           businesses have this in spades.9        improve.13

                                           With 99.3% of all private sector        But time may be running out. The
                                           firms in the UK being SMEs, it’s no     bombshell report by the World
                                           wonder that the entrepreneur            Economic Forum that went viral in
                                           mentality     is     taking    over.    2018, predicted that machines will
                                           ‘Employees in small businesses          do 42% of all labour by 2022, and
                                           can make decisions at a different       more than half of it by 2025,14
                                           pace and as a result, larger            should be somewhat concerning
                                           companies are trying to mimic           even for the biggest AI sceptics.
                                           this,’ says Snorre Kjesbu, VP Team      This    means     that   massive
                                           Collaboration Devices, Cisco.10         economic change is afoot, and it’s

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Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support
What are the Issues?

   about to get personal. People are
   actively building machines to
   replace human work, all in the
   name     of     cost-savings and
   increasing efficiencies.

   Ultimately, there will be a shift
   away from automated “lower level”
   tasks towards soft “higher level”
   work. The report adds, “skills, such
   as creativity, originality and
   initiative,    critical     thinking,
   persuasion and negotiation will
   retain or increase their value, as
   will attention to detail, resilience,
   flexibility and complex problem-
   solving.” 10
                                             Inflexible Work
                                             Companies that offer flexible work        flexible work options          before
          “By 2022, 54% of                   are known to have increased               joining a new company.16
       employees will require                employee        retention,    more
                                             motivated and engaged staff, and          But what does this ‘working
       significant upskilling.”
                                             access to wider talent pools when         flexibly to some degree’ actually
                Forbes 14                    recruiting.10 However, according to       look like? A handful of firms are
                                             a recent report by Hydrogen Group         currently offering agile working
                                             ‘UK Sector Snapshot: Legal,’ there        options, such as, work from home
                                             are still some gaps that need to be       for one day per week, hot-desking,
   Of those firms using tech,                bridged.16                                and working remotely on an ad-
   Millennials are not happy with how                                                  hoc basis.17
   it is being implemented. There is a       The report found that only 52% of
   perceived gap between consumer            firm solicitors were working              However, firms’ approaches to
   and business tech, with the latter        flexibly to some degree, compared         this are restrictive. Many cap their
   failing to match the former in            to 63% of in-house lawyers, and           flexible working policies to
   terms      of    ease-of-use   and        66%       of   UK    professionals.       working from home one or two
   entertainment value.10 Millennials        Furthermore, nearly 60% of firms          days a week, and rather than
   are also far more likely than Baby        do not make it standard practice          allowing employees the freedom
   Boomers to say that they feel like        to offer information about flexible       to choose how, when, and where
   their company requires them to            work, while 81% of lawyers said           they work, the majority are being
   use too many technology tools.15          that they would actively look for         granted a piecemeal offering.18

   Lawyers Are Working Flexibly to Some Degree

                            34%                    I work remotely at least once a week.
                                           64%     I want to work remotely at least once a week.

                    21%                            I have flexible start / finish times.
                                           64%     I want flexible start / finish times.

                         31%                       I always work at my employer’s place of work.
              11%                                  I want to always work at my employer’s place of work.
                                                                                                  Hydrogen Group 2016 Report 16

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Back To The Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture - The issues facing your firm and how culture change is the solution - Obelisk Support
What are the Issues?

   The Big Four                           C-Suite: Thanks to deeper
                                          relationships, and an ability to gain
                                                                                   Yet despite the advances at the
                                                                                   junior level, female representation
                                          legal business via access to the         at the partner level has been
   With a deep understanding of           entire corporate C-suite, the Big        sluggish. Over the last five years,
   process optimisation, a firm           Four are institutionally advantaged      it's the Top 51-100 firms that have
   commitment to technology, and          in business development.19               made some headway, with 24%
   broad expertise, the Big Four                                                   reaching partnership. The Top 50,
   (Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, PwC) are         Larger Resources: Players like the       however, are trailing behind at
   certainly well equipped to meet        Big Four have the resources,             under 20%.1
   the needs of the future legal          financial power and motivation to
   department.                            be agents of change. They also           In short, there are plenty of
                                          have the size and worldwide              women lawyers, but they’re just
   In reality, are four accounting        presence to make an impact, and          not reaching the top.
   firms set to become the biggest        most importantly, they have the
   disruptors in law? Well, yes.          money to invest and acquire.20           More shockingly, a recent report
                                                                                   into the future of legal practice by
   Innovation: Clients want a holistic,                                            BPP University Law School
   business-solution approach to                                                   determined that it will take until
   legal problems. Decades of audit                                                2037 for women to achieve parity
   price pressure have taught the Big     Women in Law                             with men at a senior partnership
   Four how to deliver, and invest in                                              level.23
   technology      and      innovative    While gender equality continues to
   processes that disrupt and deliver     be championed at board level,            Then there’s the notorious gender
   on business objectives.19              progress remains slow.                   pay gap. In the latest survey of
                                                                                   Top 25 UK firms, the average
   Pricing: The Big Four are driving a    In a recent report, for the first time   gender pay gap came in at 20%.
   fundamental shift in the pricing       in history the number of working         Not so bad, given that most banks
   model. By providing packages           female solicitors in England and         published gaps in excess of 40%.
   that bunch together a number of        Wales exceeded that of men, at           However, only nine firms included
   services for a cut cost, they forego   50.1%, reflecting the decades-long       partner earnings in their published
   dwelling on the P&L in the spirit of   Influx of junior women to the            numbers – of these, the gap rose
   better servicing the client.20         profession.22                            to almost 60%.24

    2018 Gender Pay Gap

    Among uk firms that included
    Partner earnings                                                                              25

                                                                                                     9% 24

                                                                                      Among uk workers
                                                                                             In general

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The pillars of the
       future firm culture

       The     existing   discourse     on    employee         When trying to benchmark the future of work
       satisfaction at law firms in the UK primarily           for UK law firms, it’s time to look beyond the
       centres around hours spent at the office                measurable industry numbers, and instead
       relative to salary. A recent survey of 2,000            focus on closing the employee happiness gap:
       trainees by Legal Cheek revealed that the total         what is offered to them; and what is being
       hours spent working broadly correlated with a           offered outside of the UK legal industry.
       firm’s score of work-life balance – and its
       remuneration.27 A win for the juniors.

       But good pay and benefits just aren’t enough.
       In a survey by the Association of Legal                      “The balance is good, for
       Administrators, staff turnover in 2017
       increased by 28% from 2016 – despite base
                                                                     a law firm. But that isn’t
       salaries that rose by an average of nearly 9%,                 really the appropriate
       despite bonuses that jumped by 30%, and
       despite significantly improved benefits.28
       Summarised best by one junior lawyer: ‘The                          A Junior Lawyer 29
       balance is good, for a law firm. But that isn’t
       really the appropriate comparator.’ 29

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The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

                                              This non-fixed mindset means
                                              integrating new tech with:
AirBnB, San Francisco                         1. Agile work solutions that go
                                                  outside of the office
                                              2. Dynamic office spaces that
                                                  encourage collaboration
                                              3. Office tech tools that are as
                                                  fun,     as     they     are
                                                  fundamental to getting
           Photo courtesy of Emily Hagopian       work done

    Pillar #1: Flexible                       1. Out Of Office
    Work Spaces                               Flexible working removes location
                                              from the work equation. It puts an
                                              end to the idea that work is where
                                                                                       “There are four
    The future of work is about what
    we do, not where.                         you do it. It’s time to get out of
                                              the office.
    Flexible working embraces both                                                     working together in
                                              If a staggering 83% of workers
    the physical and digital workspace
                                              would consider leaving a firm if it
                                                                                       the workplace. The
    by empowering people to work
    where, when and how they                  didn’t offer work-from-home10,           need for the work
    choose, with the main goal of             then firms need to wake up and
                                              start considering all out-of-office
                                                                                       settings to be
    maximising their productivity at
    the firm. But flexible working is         work options, like job shares,           flexible enough for
    more than just a way of working:          homeworking, part-time roles, co-        all of the different
    it’s a business model or                  working and annualised hours.
    philosophy, and when done                 Then decide what’s the best fit for      requirements was
    properly, it can reap some                their business – and the solicitor.      our design focus.”
    formidable rewards.                                                                Debbie Baxter,
                                              The biggest trend in this aspect is
                                              co-working. WeWork is less than
                                                                                       VP Corporate Real Estate,
    Beyond just offering hot-desking                                                   Deloitte Canada.37
    or a laptop to work from a client’s       a decade old and yet has
    office, flexible working puts the         emerged as the world leader in
    focus on where it counts: serving         co-working, ranked as the third
    clients’ needs. By encouraging            most valuable startup in the US
    teams to work collectively, rather        after Uber and Airbnb.31 The
    than looking at the old barometers        secret to this success? Creating
    such as face-time, it promotes the        environments that are conducive
    delivery of improved results.             to productivity, innovation and
                                              creativity... with the right lighting,
                                              the right snacks, and, crucially,                           Deloitte, Toronto
                                              the right people.

       “Flexibility should be the             Those      who     have    already
       default position; in other             integrated agile working into their
                                              operations have enjoyed boosted
       words, the manager has                 productivity,    increased    staff
            to argue why the                  loyalty, and reduced absenteeism.
       employee cannot have it.               Perhaps most significantly, by
        It’s about not having a               projecting an image of an
            fixed mindset.” 10                employer with family-friendly
                                              flexible work schedules, it
                                              improves the ability to recruit top          Photo courtesy of James Brittain

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The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

    O'Melveny &
    Menlo Park, California

    Here’s a law firm with an
    impressive list of accolades.
    Voted as the ‘Best Law Firm
    To Work For’ for the past two
    years by more than 18,000
    US solicitors on Vault, and
    ‘Best Law Firm for Women’
    by Working Mother and Flex-
    Time Lawyers, California-
    based O'Melveny & Myers is
    topping leaderboards left,
    right and centre.32

    Why? Remote-work, flex-time
                                                                                               Courtesy of Google Zurich
    solutions, reduced hours and
    job sharing are all offerings of
    the    firm’s    CustOMMize
    programme, while Bridges
    allows staff to take a two-
    year sabbatical to explore            2. Dynamic Spaces
    other interests while still
    remaining     an     O’Melveny        For those who still need to go into    are spaces that were conceived to
    lawyer.                               the office, it’s time to rethink       inspire     creativity,    promote
                                          spaces and how they’re used.           collaboration, and attract the best
    As one associate stated,                                                     global talent. They have funky
    ‘O’Melveny truly is not a ‘face-      From quiet contemplation, to           meeting rooms, an open kitchen,
    time’ firm, and I love it. No         collaborative     teamwork,     to     slides and contemporary art,
    one tracks where you are, or          creative idea-building, in one day     which are all small in design, but
    cares when you are in the             alone, an employee could go            huge in driving the popularity of
    office, as long as you get your       through multiple working styles.       these Millennial meccas.
    work done.’ 32                        And Activity-Based-Working (ABW)
                                          is a dynamic way to think about        With average talent retention as
                                          how this work gets done.               high as three years at Google, five
                                                                                 years at Apple, and seven years at
                                          First coined in the book, The Art of   Cisco,34 certainly some of this can
                                          Working by Erik Veldhoen – a           be attributed to their work
                                          Dutch consultant, ABW was              environments.
                                          initially piloted by Dutch insurance
                                          giant Interpolis in the nineties.34    A fine example is Google which
                                          The idea is that if a suitable         has claimed the top spot on
                                          workspace is chosen according to       Glassdoor's annual list of the ‘50
                                          the task that needs doing, it leads    Best Places to Work’, as well as
                                          to an improved outcome. So             Fortune magazine's annual list of
                                          essentially for ABW to work, firms     ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’,
                                          need to create dynamic office          for multiple years. Though
                                          spaces.                                generous      employee       perks,
                                                                                 opportunities for career growth,
                                          And leading the way in creative,       and innovative culture do also play
   Photo courtesy of bcci builders
                                          forward-thinking office design are     a key role.36
                                          today’s technology giants. These

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                           13
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

   3. Office Tech Makeover              A shopping list of flexible
                                        workspace tech tools will need to
   Out of office work, ABW and          include virtual reality meeting
   other flex work solutions –          rooms,      instant    messaging
   none of them would be possible       (favoured by 62% of UK workers
                                        15), digital whiteboarding, live
   without the integration of smart
   technology.                          content-sharing, audio technology
                                        that blocks out sounds (say, of a
   In fact, collaboration technology    dog barking), and smart AI tools    Photo courtesy of James Brittain
   is becoming as important as          that offer contextual information
   flexible work spaces. Estimated      for meeting attendees.
   by Frost & Sullivan to be 30                                             Deloitte Head Office
   million huddle spaces globally,                                          Toronto, Canada
   the growth rate is expected to
   be in the double digits.3                                                When Deloitte decided to
                                                                            renovate their Toronto office in
   However,      the      key      to       Workers use apps such           2017, their ideas were so
   incorporating new business               as Skype and WhatsApp           future-facing, many top design
   tech successfully is ensuring it         on a daily basis in their       firms were left scratching their
   matches the richness and ease-                                           heads. But after several
                                            personal lives. Digital
   of-use of today’s consumer                                               rounds of pitches, the final
                                            connectivity is how we
   tech. Millennials want their                                             design was awarded to an
                                            all live, so it should also
   workplace apps to satisfy them                                           Australian firm, Arney Fender
                                            be how we all work.             Katsalidis.
   as much as their personal apps           Offering smart office
   do, inspiring them to think
                                            tech tools that are part        And this was a mammoth
   innovatively and work smart.
                                            of agile working should         undertaking        involving   the
   ‘The question about work tech
                                            no longer be seen as a          smooth movement of 5,000
   shouldn’t just be, “Will it work?”
   Rather, we should ask “How will
                                            perk, but rather a              employees from six different
   my team feel when using this?”’          fundamental to how              offices into one shiny new 16-
   says Alex Shootman, CEO at               work gets done.                 floor      flexible    workspace;
   Workfront.15                                                             replete with modular wall
                                                                            systems,         mobile      power
                                                                            supplies, collaborative areas, a
                                                                            Starbucks, wellness centre, a
                                                                            full concierge service and
                                                                            100% unassigned seating (not
                                                                            even the CEO has a private



                                                                            25% Real  estate

                                                                            Configurations of work
                                                                            settings available                 18
WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                          14
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

   Pillar #2: The                         1. Upskilling & Retraining                   How are companies investing in
                                                                                       their L&D?
   Lawyer-Preneur                         A lot of resources are currently
                                                                                       Leadership Skills: Regardless of
                                          invested in the training of new
                                                                                       industry, leadership development
   Lawyers have always been               recruits, with firms offering a
                                                                                       is the most popular area of
   entrepreneurial. But with the trend    variety of initiatives such as
                                                                                       employee upskilling, and was
   of solicitors moving in-house, and     mentorships,       special    interest
                                                                                       reported as the top priority of 25%
   with the growing pressure of law       classes, and financial support for
                                                                                       of companies surveyed in the
   firms to compete with SME’s, the       LLMs and MBAs. But, when it
                                                                                       Issuu report. This trend was even
   future lawyer will need to expand      comes to the continued training
                                                                                       stronger amongst companies who
   its roster of skills to adapt to an    and upskilling of solicitors on the
                                                                                       have grown in the last financial
   environment      that    is   more     job, this is a road less travelled.
                                                                                       year, of which 63% rate it as their
   business-oriented and tech-savvy.
                                                                                       top priority. These primarily took
                                          Outside the legal world – there’s
                                                                                       form as workshop seminars, on-
                                          plenty of evidence of the ROI for
                                                                                       the-job training, and coaching by
                                          building learning & development
       “We need our lawyers to                                                         external providers.
                                          (L&D) programmes for employees.
      imagine, create and then
                                                                                       Soft Skills: When collaboration
      make different recipes for          According to a recent study by
                                                                                       becomes compulsory for a project
       how we do existing and             Issuu,39 companies that spend
                                                                                       employees must utilise their softer
         new types of work.”              more than average on upskilling
                                                                                       ‘human’ skills (empathy, humility,
          John Craske, CMS 38             per employees (£300 and up) are
                                                                                       deference) that help people work
                                          twice as likely to say their staff are
                                                                                       towards      a     common     goal.
                                          highly    satisfied,    and     never
                                                                                       Combining the results of two 2018
                                          reported a retention rate of fewer
                                                                                       surveys, one by the World
   Firms will need to invest in the       than six months. The report adds
                                                                                       Economic Forum40 on Future
   future lawyer-preneur by:              that companies with strong L&D
                                                                                       Workforce Strategy and the other
   1. Upskilling solicitors and           culture exhibit success factors
                                                                                       by LinkedIn41, it was reported that
       partners on the job                such as using new technologies
                                                                                       92% of C-level executives rated
   2. Treating lawyers as strategic       and dedicated training ROI
                                                                                       soft skills as more important than
       partners                           tracking.
                                                                                       hard ‘role specific’ skills.

    92%             OF C - L E V E L
                    executives polled
                                                        Top soft skills identified as critical by C-suiters:

                                                        65%                    64%                     55%
    consider having soft skills equal to or more
    important than possession of hard skills             Leadership                Communication       Collaboration

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                                 15
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

    Farmers Insurance
    London, UK

    Virtual reality (VR) training is
    not a distant possibility in
    some far-off future. Now being
    tested and deployed by
    companies         such       as
    McDonald’s,         Alzheimers
    Research UK, and the National
    Academy for Rail, experts
    believe that this is the future
    for upskilling. With the main
    advantage of hypothetical
    simulations, VR training allows
    the employee to imagine
    scenarios in a visual manner,
    ask questions in real-time, and
    explore soft skills such as
    empathy and decision-making.

    Farmers wanted to prompt
    critical thinking around the          2. The Lawyer as a Strategic Partner
    decisions       that      claims
                                          With    solicitors  flocking   to       engaged, and the lawyer’s advice
    adjusters make in their role –
                                          commercial and not-for-profit           is    more     well-rounded    and
    before they’ve even entered a
                                          companies with an entrepreneurial       business-driven. ‘Fifteen years
    customer’s home. By adding
                                          environment where they feel             ago, in-house lawyers sat in the
    VR technology to their L&D
                                          empowered and stimulated, it’s          proverbial      backroom       and
    programme. ‘(Learners) really
                                          time to have an in-house attitude       remained distant from the
    appreciated the opportunity to
                                          towards employees.                      business,’ says Ben Foat, Legal
    be able to slow down, think a
                                                                                  Director at the United Kingdom
    little more about the decisions
                                          In-house       lawyers      already     Post Office. ‘Now they are seen as
    that they were making, and
                                          understand the benefit of being         strategic     business    partners,
    also be able to ask questions
                                          involved at various stages of a         whose work is core to the
    in the moment,’ says Jessica
                                          legal process. ‘There are always        business.’ 3
    DeCanio,      Head    of      the
                                          new issues, which means there is
    University of Farmers. 39
                                          always an opportunity to learn. No      Increased engagement is the best
                                          two days are the same,’ says            indicator of whether lawyers feel
                                          Charlotte Lakin, an in-house            empowered. A recent report by
                                          paralegal     at    Live     Nation     Aon, representing nearly 10,000
                                          Entertainment.3 The main benefit        legal UK professionals, suggests
                                          of this approach is that the lawyer     that there are still many gaps that
                                          feels both stimulated and               need to be filled.43

                                              The Top          50% most engaged departments
    Photo courtesy of Samuel Zeller
                                              have an average
                                                                                33% less attrition 43

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                            16
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

   According to the report, only
                                                                                   Their Innovation Underground
   52% of professionals in the legal           Allens                              project      encourages      junior
   sector say they felt engaged.               Sydney, Australia                   lawyers to actively collaborate
   Partners are the most engaged
                                                                                   with senior lawyers and staff
   demographic in the legal sector
                                               One way to tackle the issue of      across the firm. Their A-Plus
   at 66%, while associates are the
                                               giving solicitors a sense of        group rounds up some 70
   most disengaged at only 43%
                                               empowerment is through the          external business and knowledge
   engagement. Trainees came in
                                               creation of independent think       development professionals to
   second at 59%, followed by
                                               tank groups.                        work alongside lawyers. The
   business services and partners
                                                                                   third prong, LawLab, works with
   at 56%.43
                                               Top tier national law firm          clients on legal technology.
   Only 54% of associates felt they            Allens recently rolled out a
                                                                                   ‘Sometimes with large-scale
   were empowered and had                      100% in-house multi-pronged
                                                                                   projects you need a specialist
   autonomy at work, compared to               strategy designed to drive
                                                                                   project manager. Clients have
   81% of partners. Just 40% felt              innovation, increase their
                                                                                   found it to be fantastic,’ said
   they had been provided with                 solicitors’ sense of autonomy,
                                                                                   Managing      Partner,     Richard
   strong career opportunities, in             and respond to the changing
                                                                                   Spurio, to The Australian Business
   comparison to 65% of partners.              market demands.
                                                                                   Review. 44
   Additionally, only 32% said they
   had experienced firm leadership
   in contrast to 53% of partners.43

   Giving associates a stronger
   voice     within   the     firm,
   strengthening their account-
   ability in client relationships,            The lawyer is no longer someone you need at a specific point in
   would help to bridge the                    time, for a specific set of circumstances. They must be seen as a
   engagement gap in the sector,               strategic partner that is both driving and resolving the business
   the report suggested.                       needs of the firm, and its clients.

    Legal Professionals Surveyed in the UK

               43%                                 54%                           40%                           Associates
                      66%                                   81%                         65%                    Partners
    Feel engaged                       Feel empowered                  Feel provided with career
                                                                       opportunities              43

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                                   17
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

                                         Pillar #3:
                                         Smart Legal Tech                             “Baby Boomers are
                                                                                        more likely than
                                         Technology is reshaping all
                                                                                      Millennials and Gen
                                         aspects of life and work, and the           Z’ers to say that they
                                         legal industry is no exception.             would rather forget to
                                         While     UK    law   firms   are           brush their teeth, than
                                         increasingly recognising the need          get 50 pointless emails.”
                                         to    evolve    their  technology
                                         solutions, their employees are              Workfront UK State of Work 15
                                         growing increasingly frustrated
                                         with its progress.

                                         What once seemed like a wish-list       time, using mobile devices such
                                         of irreconcilable demands is now a      as a phone or tablet. As the Law
                                         prerequisite for survival in the        Society    recently    reported,46
                                         modern legal landscape. As              ‘devices such as smartphones
                                         millennials reach an age where          and tablets allow lawyers to
                                         they rely more on legal services,       access law firm data remotely.
                                         many are discovering that law           They can conduct work on the
                                         firms aren’t meeting those              move with easy access to firms’
                                         expectations.                           data and legal research platforms
                                                                                 from any location.’
                                         The future in legal technology will
                                         endeavour to:                           The strategic implementation of
                                                                                 this technology is the ticket to its
                                         1.   Embrace work management            success:
                                              technology with a millennial
                                              sensibility                        Less Work About Work: According
                                         2.   Adopt a holistic family of legal   to the Workfront UK State of Work
                                              tech products                      2018 Report, 15 40% of UK workers
                                                                                 report that they spend time on
                                         1. Work Management                      work about work. Certainly not the
                                                                                 best use of their time. So selecting
                                         Tech                                    the right work management

 87%                                     A traditional working culture has
                                         been holding firms back from
                                                                                 technology for the right teams is
                                                                                 key. The main objective should be
                                                                                 to reduce work about work, and
                                         embracing technological change.
 of legal                                A recent Legal Week Intelligence
                                                                                 ensure that tools are as easy to
                                                                                 adopt as the technology in our
 professionals                           and Microsoft survey of legal           private lives.
                                         professionals in the UK found that
 said they still                         87% of those surveyed said they         Servicing Clients: Clients also
                                         still use pen and paper for
 use pen and                             completing legal work. 45
                                                                                 want good management tech. As
                                                                                 millennials reach an age where
 paper for                               Things need to change.
                                                                                 they rely more on legal services,
                                                                                 many are discovering that law
 completing                                                                      firms aren’t meeting those
                                         The future firm will transition to a    expectations. Firms will need to
 legal work       45
                                         mobile-first world, where all the       start considering digital services
                                         back-end      systems,      process     and     cloud-based     document
                                         management and documents are            storage, that will satisfy the
                                         stored remotely in the cloud and        Millennial’s craving for tech
                                         accessible anywhere and at any          solutions.

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                            18
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

  2. Legal Tech Tools
  Today, there are three clear              would take paralegals and junior
  technology applications for law:          lawyers 15 hours to complete,
                                            takes just ten minutes through its
  Blockchain:             ‘Blockchain       platform      [Raconteur      Legal
  technology can affect the legal           Innovation 2018 Report]. Other
  practice by securing a database           applications include document
  where documents, such as                  proofing, document automation,
  evidence, can be stored and then          decision trees, contract analysis,
  referenced later on if arguments          due diligence, and legal research.50
  arise,’ says Primavera De Filippi, a
  researcher at the National Center         Online Courts: ‘Online is not an
  of Scientific Research in Paris and       alternative to the courts system, it
  Faculty Associate at Harvard              is the courts system. Within ten
  University.49                             years, most cases will be resolved
                                            by online courts,’ said Professor
  AI-Automation: According to AI            Richard Susskind, IT Adviser to
  platform Luminance, the same              the Lord Chief Justice in the UK.3
  document review task, which

                                                                                   Supreme Court
                                                                                   went paperless in
                                                                                   2014         62

                                                                                      Gardens By The Bay, Singapore
     Millennials and Technology 50

                   65%+                               60%+
                                                      would prefer to receive
                   of employers expect
                   to be working in a                 high-tech perks vs low-
                   smart office in the                tech perks such as beer
                   next five years.                   and ping pong

                   80%+                               80%+
                   of Millennials say                  feel advanced tech &
                   workplace tech would                smart offices are
                   have an influence when              crucial to a productive
                   deciding to take a job              work environment

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                     19
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

   But are firms doing legal tech         •   86% of law firms agree that
   right? The short answer is: to a           automation is important to         Obelisk
   certain extent.                            deliver insights and analytics     London, UK
                                              to clients, only 18% have, to
   Intapp, a leading provider of              date, made the investments
                                                                                 Obelisk is an award-winning
   business      applications      for        necessary to embed this
                                                                                 legal services provider and
   professional     services    firms,        capability into their service
                                                                                 active member of the London
   conducted       a     survey     in        delivery models.
                                                                                 tech      community,        that
   collaboration with The Lawyer.
                                                                                 provides      flexible     legal
   While every law firm in the survey     •   44% of respondents stated
                                                                                 solutions to law firms and in-
   considered intelligent automation          that intelligent automation for
                                                                                 house legal teams. Founded
   and data-driven insights to be             opportunity identification and
                                                                                 in 2010, Obelisk specialises
   highly important, there is a               cross-selling is very important,
                                                                                 in unique work models that
   significant gap between this               yet only 16 % of law firms
                                                                                 are designed to benefit both
   recognition and the actual                 report they are currently
                                                                                 lawyers who choose to work
   investment in deploying these              utilising data-driven insights.
                                                                                 differently, and clients who
                                                                                 want access to an expert
                                                                                 talent pool on a flexible basis.
   •   97% feel that intelligent
       automation is important for
                                                                                 In order to facilitate lawyer-
       conflicts, yet only 44 % of
                                                                                 to-client matching needs,
       firms are taking advantage of
                                                                                 Obelisk has developed a
       data-driven insights in this
                                                                                 proprietary solicitor pairing
                                               Going forward, firms will         software. Buzz starts by
                                               need to understand how            mining a database of 1,500+
   •   90 % of firms believe that using
                                                                                 lawyers for the best talent to
       data-driven insights to manage          to embrace technology
                                               in ways that augment              meet the specific exigencies
       client terms is important, only
                                               the solicitor – with the          of clients’ needs. This
       16 % currently use technology
                                               solicitor and technology          custom-built        technology
       solutions for this purpose.
                                               working hand-in-hand.             platform then brings the
                                               This will free up time for        team together through a
   •   87% of firms think intelligent
                                                                                 transparent     process       of
       automation is important for             him or her to focus on
                                                                                 carefully designed steps and
       resource allocation, yet only           high-level consulting.
                                                                                 collaboration points.
       14% have invested in this area.
                                                                                 Essentially, it connects and
                                                                                 then guides the entire team
                                                                                 seamlessly through each
                                                                                 project from start to finish.

                                                                                 However, the technology was
                                                                                 not designed to completely
                                                                                 replace humans. Checks and
                                                                                 balances have been built into
                                                                                 the system in order to
                                                                                 preserve that human touch.
                                                                                 Whether it be approving a
                                                                                 solicitor search short-list,
                                                                                 creating a client project wish
                                                                                 list, or writing up feedback
                                                                                 after a job is completed,
                                                                                 Buzz ensures that a team
                                                                                 member can always input
 “Human first. Everything else comes after.”                                     his or her expertise.
 -- Dana Denis-Smith, Obelisk Support

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                        20
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

                                                                                          2019 U.S. House of Democrats
   Photo courtesy of Getty Images

  Pillar #4:
                                                 January 2019 marked a historic moment for the US House
  Mind (Re)set                                   of Representatives: The 116th House is the most diverse
                                                 ever sworn in, with more women, people of colour (men and
  Perhaps the biggest change over                women), openly LGBTQ+ members, and Millennials serving
  the next decade, is the increased              than ever before.53
  expectation of solicitors around
  equality and wellbeing. With
  demographic diversity as a bare
  minimum, solicitors of tomorrow          1. Gender Equality (Re)visited
  will look to firms for personalised      The issue of gender inequality is        position to address it. Failure to do
  solutions that meet their physical       not new, and neither is it specific      so may place firms at risk of
  and mental health needs.                 to law. And yet no area of the           seeming out of step with the
                                           business world is more illogically       future lawyer. "I think they’re
  However, the Top 100 law firms           gender imbalanced than law firms.        missing a real point in the current
  haven’t arrived at this point yet,                                                social and political environment,"
  especially when it comes to              How can the future firm finally          said Tony Williams, founder of
  gender equality. Given that they         attain gender equality?                  Jomati      Consultants,       which
  still struggle to fill top partnership                                            focuses on the legal industry.24
  positions with women, and offer          Flexible Work: The lack of flexibility
  more       work-life     balance    to   offered    by    law     firms      is   Change from the Top: Of course,
  employees (while smaller firms do        perpetuating the gender disparity        any corporate shift will flourish if it
  not), they are playing a dangerous       in senior roles. As women                comes from the top, and for any
  game with their future and               progress in their career, they are       type of broad culture change, a
  success in attracting and retaining      forced to make decisions on how          certain level of executive buy-in is
  top talent.                              to combine working life with             required. However, because the
                                           parental responsibilities. Often         gender gap in law is so big, and
  Here are four areas that are             women leave because they can’t           the improvements so slow, drastic
  critical for the future firm in          achieve a reasonable work-life           measures will need to be taken by
  addressing equality, engagement          balance. Flexible working needs to       the most senior of partners in
  and wellbeing:                           become accepted as a de facto            order to effect change.
                                           work solution – without creating
  1.   Finally enabling women to           negative fears among those who
       attain equality                     choose them.                                    Female Lawyers in the UK
  2.   A new way of approaching                                                                   represent:
       profit sharing and equity           Transparency of Gender Pay

       Eradicating the flex-work
       Taking mental health
                                           Reports: By including partners in
                                           published gender pay reports,
                                           firms will not only gain awareness
                                                                                          of trainees
                                                                                                              of partners
       seriously                           of the issue, they will also be in a           26

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                                   21
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

                                          2. (Re)thinking Equity
                                          Promotion to equity partner has        interested in per-project fee
                                          become a pipe dream. Put simply,       structures, alternative fees such
                                          it’s twice as difficult to become an   as fixed fees, capped fees and
                                          equity partner than it was thirty      success      fees    are     gaining
                                          years ago, and that is thanks to       momentum. A key enabler is the
                                          the underlying business model          use of data analytics that can
                                          that produces these outcomes.          project the total legal effort of a
                                                                                 project, allowing firms to provide
                                          Today’s average profits per            more detailed and transparent
     taj                                  partner are 2.5 times what they        pricing to their clients. ‘Our firm
     Paris, France                        were thirty years ago – when the       frequently prices work according
                                          ratio of highest-to-lowest partner     to the value of the solution
    Gianmarco Monsellato, Head            compensation       within    equity    provided to the client, rather than
    of TAJ - a member of the              partnerships was 3-to-1, versus        by the hour,’ says Nick Pryor at
    Deloitte network, decided to          today’s ratio exceeding 10-to-1. As    Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner.3
    tackle the gender problem             the rich have become richer, and       Indeed, since clients value how
    personally     by      getting        fewer, annual equity partner           firms resolve their business
    involved in every single              earnings of many millions of           issues, rather than how many
    promotion. ‘For a long time,’         dollars        have       become       hours lawyers spend trying to
    he told Harvard Business              commonplace.55                         resolve them, adopting alternative
                                                                                 fees is a future-proof approach to
    Review, ‘I was the only one
                                          Curbing Billable Hours: The core       resetting the firm mindset.3
    allocating cases.’ He insisted
    on gender parity from the             problem starts with the billable
                                          hour, and moves through metrics        Higher-Archies: In order to appeal
    beginning,    by      tracking
                                          that managers use to maximise          to the future workforce, another
    promotions, compensation
                                          short-run partner profits. However,    consideration would be to rethink
    and personally ensuring that
                                          some firms have already started        the firm’s traditional hierarchical
    the best assignments were
                                          tackling this sticky issue. For        structure – which dates back
    evenly awarded between
                                          example, Forsters has one of the       hundreds of years for some. Many
    men and women.
                                          lowest billable hours target, with     millennials believe in a holacratic
                                          annual target hours for trainees at    organisational structure, involving
    Other firms can learn from
                                          975, while still keeping its pay of    self-organising     teams      with
    this hands-on approach. By
                                          newly qualified lawyers in line with   decision-making power, rather
    taking practical steps and
                                          City firms.55                          than     a    managerial     heavy
    focusing on performance, it
                                                                                 hierarchy. Here, every team
    is possible to overcome
                                          Alternative Fees: With clients         member’s opinion counts and
    gender bias.
                                          being more price sensitive and         shapes the work.56
    ‘My biggest issue is trying to
    stop women from working all
    the time,’ Monsellato told

                                              Today, it’s 2x
    Harvard Business Review, ‘as
    technology allows them to
    work anywhere, anytime. It’s
    the “tone from the top” that is
    key.’ Speaking to a roomful
                                              as difficult to become an equity partner
    of female lawyers at a recent             The Lawyer 55
    conference, he reminded
    them, ‘You are not a

    Today, TAJ is 50/50 gender

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                            22
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

                                                                                      of firm lawyers don’t feel
                                                                                      comfortable approaching their
                                                                                      employer about flexible work

  Only 9%                                                                             22%
                                                                                      of in-house lawyers don’t feel
  of lawyers actually use reduced hours                                               comfortable approaching their
  Alliance Diversity & Flexibility Report 60                                          employer about flexible work

                                                                                                    Hydrogen Group 16

    3. (Re)moving Flex-Work Stigma
    In the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance    about flexible working. So           jobs on flexible working sites.16
    2017 Report, 100% of the top 28            clearly, there’s a disconnect.
    US law firms surveyed, reported                                                 A fundamental shift in how flex
    that they implemented reduced              In addition to this, only 41% of     work is viewed is paramount.
    hours. However, of those firms             UK law firm recruiters make it       Lawyers should not feel afraid to
    offering reduced time, only 9% of          standard practice to offer           request flexible work solutions,
    lawyers actually use them, of              information     about     flexible   and neither should they be
    which 66% were women.                      working      options       before    penalised for not being at the
                                               someone joins their company.         office. To the contrary – it should
    According to the Hydrogen Group            Of these, only 18% raise the         be encouraged and even rewarded
    report,16 44% of UK lawyers don’t          topic during the interview           when it results in an improvement
    feel comfortable approaching their         process, and only 9% promote         to a lawyer’s work output.
    employer about flexible work, vs
    22%       of    their    in-house
    counterparts. However, when law
    firm HR departments were asked
    the same question, 89% claimed
    that staff would feel comfortable

    approaching the organisation

                                                      of 2,000 UK workers surveyed want a
           “We have found that                        workplace culture where people are judged
          allowing agile working
         has had a big impact on
                                                      on the work they do rather than the hours
         morale because people                        they put in
          appreciate that trust.”                     TimeWise and Deloitte 61
                  Sarah Gregory
          Inclusion & Diversity Partner,
               Baker & McKenzie 16

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                              23
The Pillars of the Future Firm Culture

                                         4. (Re:) Mental Health
    Who Is Doing
    what?                                While every industry has workers       illness in the legal industry are
                                         facing psychological challenges,       calling for the law to be amended,
    Ernst & Young launched its r         those in law seem to suffer in         making it mandatory to appoint
    u ok? programme to address           disproportionately high numbers.       mental health first-aiders in the
    mental illness and addiction
                                                                                same way as physical first-aiders.
    among its staff. The idea is to      A 2016 study of US lawyers in the      ’Employers    who     introduce
    enhance EY’s culture of              Wall Street Journal revealed that      mental health first aiders and
    caring by reaching out to            20.6% of those surveyed were
    people     who     may      be
                                                                                focus    on    improving    the
                                         heavy drinkers (vs. 15.4% for          wellbeing of staff see both
    struggling, and removing the         members of the American College
    stigma around asking for, or                                                morale      and     productivity
                                         of Surgeons) and that 28%              improve,’ says Jodie Hill at
    accepting       help.      The       experienced       symptoms      of
    programme also offers 24/7                                                  Thrive Law.59
                                         depression (vs. 8% or less for the
    support.56                           general population). A 2012 CDC
                                                                                This is why it is paramount for
                                         study also cited in the Journal,
    American Express’ Healthy                                                   firms to not only remove the
                                         claimed lawyers have the 11th-
    Minds employee assistance                                                   stigma of mental illness, but to
                                         highest suicide rate.55
    programme not only provides                                                 also put initiatives in place to help
    part-time counsellors at each        Recent efforts to address mental       any employees who are suffering.
    employee clinic, but it has
    also      hired   a     clinical

    psychologist to run the
    initiative and continuously
    improve its services.57

    Online      banking     giant
    Barclay’s began This Is Me to
    challenge the ‘stigma around
    mental health at work and                of 70,000 Law Society’s
    aim to break the culture of
    silence, by supporting people
                                             Junior Lawyers Division
    to tell their own stories.’              members said they
    Spearheaded        by     the            experienced mental illness
    company’s disability network
    known as Reach, these                    in the last year.
    colleagues banded together
    to record their mental health
    challenges.57                                                                            Photo courtesy of Buco Balkanessi

    Unilever, a 172,000-person
    company, has a global health
    initiative in place for all
    employees that includes a
    specific and comprehensive
    mental health program. They               Becoming a partner is the dream that has for decades
    provide training for managers             manifested into a monster culture of working ‘til you dropped,
    and senior leaders, host
                                              and then some. But if the ends justifies the means, then how is it
    internal campaigns to raise
                                              sustained when the ends are no longer in reach? Firms will have
    awareness about mental
                                              to ask themselves the hard question: ‘How can we increase the
    illness, and hold regular
    employee workshops on                     rate of partnerships at our firm, without also driving more hours
    sleep,     mindfulness   and              of work?’ And more importantly, ‘How can we encourage gender
    exercise.58                               parity at the top echelons of the ladder?’

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                               24
What’s next?

       The future firm will focus on optimising creativity,      This is why we're excited to be able to partner
       collaboration and productivity – and at                   with law firms to share Obelisk Support's
       supersonic speeds.                                        experience of making flexible working work,
                                                                 along with access to our talent pool of over 1,500
       In this world, agility, speed and creativity will drive   lawyers.
       the competitive advantage, by focusing on the
       four pillars of firm culture:                             Working closely with you, we can provide the
                                                                 following services to help your firm thrive:
       1.   Promoting flexible workspace options that            • On-demand access to over a million hours of
            can be tailored to the worker’s needs                    flexible legal talent
                                                                 • Design, advice and sourcing to power your
       2.   Fostering a future lawyer that is                        own "Returners" programme
            entrepreneurial and adaptive to a variety of         • Consulting to help you understand and evolve
            situations                                               your workplace culture.

       3.   Strategically adopting technology that makes         Together we will forge a strategy that will evolve
            sense for specific, clearly defined objectives       your work culture in terms of place, people,
                                                                 technology and mindset, in order to promote top
       4.   Resetting the corporate climate to be more           talent, delight clients and ensure the future
            accepting of differences in people and how           success of your firm.
            they work
                                                                 We have reached a critical moment. Let's take
       This change is significant. It will take time and         fundamental action to future-proof the shape and
       effort and it can't be done alone.                        operation of the legal industry.

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                          25
About obelisk Support
               Obelisk Support is an award-winning legal services provider and an active
               member of the London tech community, providing flexible legal
               solutions to law firms and in-house legal teams, including those of
               many of the FTSE 100. Dana Denis-Smith, the founder of Obelisk
               Support, is an outspoken champion of women in law. She is the
               LexisNexis Legal Personality of the Year 2018 and is also the founder of
               the First 100 Years Project.

               Founded in 2010, Obelisk Support has developed a unique flexible
               working model, designed to deliver high-quality legal expertise to law
               firms and in-house legal teams without the constraints of traditional
               office hours. Our consultants can be available in a matter of days for
               urgent projects or work with your teams on longer-term engagements.

               Dana Denis-Smith, CEO
               Obelisk Support

WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                               26

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WHITE PAPER | Back To the Future: Reshaping law Firm Culture                                                              27
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