Dr. A. Edward William Benjamin - Bharathidasan University!


Dr. A. Edward William Benjamin
Professor & Head
Department of Education, CDE
Bharathidasan University
Tiruchirappalai - 620 024.
Tamil Nadu.

(A) Educational Qualifications:

      Name of the Course                      Name of the University/College               Year of
 Ph.D. (Education)              Alagappa University, Karaikudi                               2008
 M.Phil. (Education)            Alagappa University, Karaikudi                               2002
 M.A (English)                  Annamalai University, Chidambaram                            1998
 M.Sc (Physics)                 Loyola College, Chennai                                      1994
 M.Ed.                          Annamalai University, Chidambaram                            1992
 B.Ed (Physical Science)        Pope John Paul-II College of Education, Pondicherry          1991
 B.Sc(Physics)                  Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur-Vellore Dt.                 1989

(B) Academic Positions Held:

        Name of the position                                 Duration
        Professor& Head, Dept. of Education,                 04-06-2018 to Till
  1     CDE,BDU                                              date
                                                             24-12-2015 to Till
  2     Professor, Dept. of Education, CDE,BDU               date
                                                             21-03-2018 to till
  3     Deputy Director, CDE,BDU                             20-06-2018
  4     Deputy Controller of Examinations, CDE,BDU           14.02-2014 to     04.5.2015
        Associate Professor, Dept. of Education,
  5     CDE,BDU                                              24.12.2012 to        24.12.2015
         Assistant Professor, Alagappa University College    13-08-2008 to
  6      of Education,Karaikudi                              24-12-2012 F/N
         Assistant Professor, Pope John Paul-II College of   01-07-2000 to
  7      Education, Pondicherry                              12-08-2008
        P.G.Asst.(Physics),St. Joseph‘s Hr.Sec.School,       01-06-1994 to
  8     Eraiyur,Villupuram Dt.                               27-07-1999
        P.G.Asst.(Physics),A.K.T .Hr. Sec. School,           01-08-1999 to
  9     Kallakurichi,Villupuram Dt.                          30-05-2000

(B1).Other Responsibilities taken up
   Selection Committee Member in SBIOA School, Trichy(9-10,Mar,2016)
   Technical Committee Member in the Academic Audit Assessment Committee, BDU(2nd to 4th Sep‘2015)
          NCTE Visiting Team Inspection Committee Member.
          Pondicherry Matriculation Board Syllabus Committee Member under the chairmanship of
          Dr. Gnanam (Former Director of NAAC)

(C) Awards& Recognition

  S.no.                          State/National                   Organization                    Year

           Centum Result Produced Continuously
           for the Class X and XII Std in Science
           and Physics(1994-1999 )By drawing              St. Joseph‘s Hr. Sec. School, Eraiyur
  1.       Rs.900/ per month as salary from PTA           (Pondicherry Diocese School)          1994-1999

           Adarsh Vidya Saraswati Rashtriya               Global Management Council,              2nd Dec‘
     2     Puraskar                                       Ahamedabad, Kujarat                     2017

(C1) Major/Minor Research Projects completed:
 S.No                   Title of Project                       Organization       Amount/ Period(Rs)
         Evaluation of NPEGEL Programme in Tamil               SPD-SSA Project of Rs. 3,41,000/-
  1.     Nadu(SSA Project)                                     Tamil Nadu govt.

         Role: Co-Investigator
         Development of Multimedia based lesson plan to
         enhance teaching effectiveness of physical science   AURF,- Alagappa
  2.     among student teachers.                              University, Karaikudi Rs.60, 000/-
         Role: Principal-Investigator

         Development of E-Learning modules in science with
         special reference to contextual meaning at high
         school level
         Role: Principal-Investigator                      UGC Minor Research      Rs. 86,000/-
  3.                                                          Project
         Evaluation of DISE in Tamil Nadu govt. schools       SPD-SSA Project of
  4.                                                          Tamil Nadu govt
         Role: Co-Investigator                                                    Rs1,20,000/-
         The study on impact of CAL programmes in              SPD-SSA Project of Rs. 2,00,000/-
  5.                                                           Tamil Nadu govt.
         Role: Co-Investigator
         Availability and Utilization of e-Resources in
         selected schools of Tiruchirappalli
         Role: Principal-Investigator                                             Rs.53,750/-
  6.     January to June 2018                                   OSM-NGO –Minor (2017-18)
                                                                 Research Project

(D) Workshop Organized: National level
S.No                        Title of Workshop                           Organization        Year
 1        A one day work shop organized on Guidance &
Counseling on 27th March,2010
                                                                 Alagappa University March,2010
          Role: Organizing Secretary

          A one day workshop organized on ‖Utilizing Internet
          Resources in Class room Instruction on 12th            Department of
          January,2018                                           Education,CDE,Bharathi   12th
2         Role: Organizing Secretary                             dasan University         January,2018

     (E) National Conference Organized:

    S.No Title of Conference                        Organization                Time of the year
         National seminar on Character-     Alagappa
     1.  Based Teacher Education            University,Karaikudi                 29th October , 2010

         Role: Organizing Secretary

     (F) Ph.D. Guidance:

    S. No No. of             No. of Full Time Scholars          No. of PT Scholars currently doing
          Ph.D Awarded       currently doing
    1.           12                     _
      1. Ph.D Awarded Particulars under the Supervision of Dr. A. Edward William Benjamin-at
                         Alagappa University& Bharathidasan University

         Reference         Name of                 Title of the study                     Date of   Discipline
         Number              the                                                           Viva-
                          candidate                                                        voce
    Rc.A5/Ph.D/0120/2                ―Effectiveness of E-Learning Modules in
                      S.Leo Stanly                                             29-04-2013 Education
           013                     Mathematics at the Higher Secondary Level‖
                                   ―Development of Multimedia Courseware for
                      J.A.Ebenezer Teaching Environmental Education at the 24-01-2014 Education
                                                   B.Ed Level‖
                                    ―Effectiveness of Strategies in Developing            Education
    Rc.A5/Ph.D/0218/2                Technology Utilisation Competencies in
                       M.Alex Raj             College of Education‖            18-07-2014

                                    ―Enhancing Physical Science Teaching
    Rc.A5/Ph.D/0273/2      I.Tharvin
                                 Competency among B.Ed. Trainees Through 24-07-2014 Education
           014               Sumi
                                 Technology Integrated Training Programme‖
                                    ―Developing an Interactive multimedia
                       G.Palani courseware for improving the performance of 24-07-2014 Education
                                  teacher trainees in Mathematics Education‖
    Rc.A5/Ph.D/0228/2 L.Kulandai   ― Effectiveness of Interactive Multimedia 21-07-2015
014               Teresal    Courseware for Improving the Performance in                       Education
                                           Mathematics at Under Graduate Level‖

                       A.John    ―Development of CD based Courseware for
                      Kennaddy     Learning English Grammar at the Upper 30-10-2015 Education
                      Alexander                Primary Level‖
    Rc.A5/Ph.D/0145/2 S.Lakshmi ―Effectiveness of Instructional Modules in
                                Enhancing Achievement in Mathematics at 09-02-2016 Education
           014        narayanan
                                Undergraduate Level‖
    time/April2013/Date:      Ms.Pio     Effectiveness of E-content in teaching         of
    3-4-2013                                                                                 15-02-2017 Education
                              Albina     Mathematics among B. Ed student teachers

      7/Education/Part- J.Evangeline Administrative strategies ,Organizational stress and
                                     Professional development of Faculties at the 06-11-2017 Education
    time/April2013/Dat Cynthia colleges of Education
     k7/Education/Part-              Emotional intelligence, teaching competency      and
                        R.Sivakumar professional development of teacher educators in B.Ed 06-12-2017 Education
         time/April                  colleges
    7/Education/                         Technological utilization, Job satisfaction and
                           B.Meenatchii professional excellence of faculty at the college of 21-12-2017 Education
    Part-time/April                      education
    Ref.No.16861/Ph.D.k              Parents, teachers and student‘s attitude towards
    7/Education/        Mr.S.Pazhani continuous and comprehensive evaluation and
                                                                                      26-06-2018 Education
    Part-time/April      murugan academic achievement of students at the upper
    2013/Date:2-7-2013               primary level

2. Details of Ph.D Pursuing under the supervision of A .Edward William Benjamin,
                     Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli
S.      Name of the            Reference No. With date of             Title of the study                   Details
No      Candidate              Registration

1       Ms.K.R.Balasundari     Ref.No.33435/Ph.D.k7/Education/        Correlation of life skills, social   Ph.D
                               Part-time/April 2013/Date:7-10-2013    maturity and academic                Submitted
                                                                      achievement of students at high
                                                                      school levels
2       Ms.Gloria              Ref.No.17599/Ph.D.k7/Education/        Techno pedagogical skills and        Doing Ph.D
                               Part-time/April 2013/Date:8-7-2014     academic achievement in teacher
                                                                      education at the B.Ed level in
                                                                      puducherry region
3     Ms.D.Vani              Ref.No.67641/Ph.D.k7/Education/       Effectiveness of Vedic            Ph.D
          maheshwari             Part-time/April 2013/Date:28-1-2015   Mathematics courseware and        Submitted
                                                                       academic achievement in           25-01-2018
                                                                       mathematics at the high school
    4     Rev.Fr.M.Chinnapp      Ref.No./Ph.D.k7/Education/Part-       Effectiveness of Electronic       Doing Ph.D
          an                     time/October 2016/Date:01-10-2016     courseware in learning history
                                                                       and academic achievement at the
                                                                       high school level
    5     Sr.S.Sabina Jose       Ref.No.                               Health and achievement in         Doing Ph.D
                                 27167/Ph.D.k7/Education/Part-         Biology in school environment
                                 time/January 2018/Date:28-12-2017     at the higher secondary level
    6     I.Anik Justina         Ref.No.                               Work environment,Socio            Doing Ph.D
                                 27169/Ph.D.k7/Education/Part-         economic status and Job
                                 time/January 2018/Date:28-12-2017     performance of higher secondary
                                                                       school teachers in Puducherry

    3. Ph. D Thesis Adjudicated and Acted as External Examiner
 Reference Number&           Name of the candidate&              Title of the study            Date of Viva-
     Name of the               Name of the Guide                                                   voce
      University                                                                               Examination
                                                           ―Effectiveness of Experiential
     Reg.No:1815                                         Learning Strategies in Teaching of
                                                           Environmental Education with
                              &Dr.Mohana sundaram                                                27-3-2015
        Tamil                                            reference to Scientific Temper and
 University,Thanjavur                                     Environmental Responsibility of
                                                               B.Ed Teacher Trainers‖
                                                        ―A study of Academic Achievement
                                                         of College Students in Relation to     17-04-2015
        Tamil                    &Dr.Palanivel
                                                             certain selected Variables‖
                                                        ―Development and validation of CAI
                             Mr.Monforth Sambantham
                                                           package on social science for         17-4-2015
        Tamil                 & Prof.K.Chinnappan
                                                               secondary education‖
                                                           ―Reflective Effectiveness of
                                K.Gowdhaman                 Teaching History Through
                               &Dr.K.Nachimuthu          Photographs At Higher Secondary
Periyar University,Salem
                                                        ―Academic Achievement of College
                              Mr.Bala &Dr.Palanivel       Students in Relation to certain       17-04-2015
                                                              selected Variables ‖
                                                        ―The French Missionaries‘Education
                                  C.John Peter &
                                                          policies and social upliftment on     09-10-2015
        Tamil                   Prof.K.Chinnappan
                                                           Tamilnadu and Pondicherry‖
       Reg.No:1815                R.Rajalakshmi          ―A study on the development and
                                                     effectiveness of E-content in teaching of
 Tamil University,Thanjavur    &Dr.Mohana sundaram        biological science Education‖

                                               Effectiveness of the Technology kit
                                              designed to teach Computer skills to
                                                the visually impaired teachers and               09-02-2016
Mother Teresa Women‘s   Mrs.A.Thelma Rani &
                                                 teacher trainees-An experimental
       university        Dr.Kirubha charles
     Reg.No:1913                               ―A study of academic achievement
                           Shakul Hameed
                                              of B.Ed trainees in Thanjavur district
         Tamil                                 in relation to their self concept and
 University,Thanjavur                                     level of aspiration‖
     Reg.No:0155                               ―Effectiveness of Multimedia based
                                              programmesin developing laboratory
       Alagappa                               experimental skillsin Biology among
  University,Karaikudi                                      B.Ed trainees‖
     Reg.No:1829                               ―A study of academic achievement
                                                     of B.Ed College students in
         Tamil                                Thanjavur district in relation to their
 University,Thanjavur                               self concept and self-esteem‖
                                                 ―A study of gender difference of
                            Mr.S.Ganesh        higher secondary first year students
                                                 achievementin mathematics with                  20-7-2016
                            &Dr.Palanivel              respect to some selected
                                                        psychological factors‖
                                                    ―A study on Personality,Self-
                             MissS.Irani.           Regulation and Self-esteem in
                                                   relation to theirAchievement of               26-8-2016
                          &Dr.G.Palanivel     Higher secondary school students in
                                                          Thanjavur district‖
     Reg.No:1915                                    ―A study on effectiveness on
                       Mrs.M.Kirubha nandhini
                                                  computer assisted instruction in
         Tamil                                    teaching chemistry in relation to
 University,Thanjavur                                    learners personality‖
Reg.No:C2/Edu/N1-2012                            ―Knowledge,Attitude,Behaviural
                                                     Intension and Behaviour on
      Bharathiar                                   Recycling Among High School
 University,Coimbatore                                         Students‖

                                 Milli Jaswal &        The Quality of Parenting and
                                                     Behavioural problem in Children:A
Mother Teresa Women‘s
                              Mrs.A. & Dr.Tripathy                 study
G. Research Publications

        G1.Subject books by National level Publishers / State and Central Govt./ Institutional/University
               Publications with ISBN / ISSN number (Throughout the Career)
Sl.     Title of the                                       Name of the Publisher /
                           Author         Co-Author(s)                              ISBN / ISSN  (for
No.        Book                                                 Month, Year
1      Teaching and Dr.A.Edward Dr.P.Sivakumar            Puducherry co.op.society 818729939-81
       learning                William                          2009
       physics                 Benjamin
2      Curriculum                            Dr.A.Edward        Puducherry co.op.society      818729940-1
       and                                   William Benjamin              2009
       Evaluation               ------

3      Guidance and          Dr.A.Edward     ----               Puducherry co.op.society      818729943-6
       Counselling             William                          2009
4      Teaching      of      Dr.A.Edward     ----               Nitheesh          prabha 9789380400181
       Physical                William                          pathipagam,Karaikudi
       science                 Benjamin                         2009
5      Teaching      of      Dr.A.Edward     ----               Nitheesh          prabha      818729943-6
       Physical                William                          pathipagam,Karaikudi
       science                 Benjamin                         2009
6      Educational           Dr.A.Edward     ----               Nitheesh          prabha    9789080400174
       Technology              William                          pathipagam,Karaikudi
                               Benjamin                         2009

       G2. Subject Books by National Publishers with ISBN / ISSN -Reference Period (2013-2015)

                                                                   Name of the                       point
             Title of the                             Co-
S.No                                Author                         Publisher /         ISBN / ISSN   s (for
                Book                                Author(s)
                                                                   Month, Year                       office
1       Modules             in Dr.A.Edward                       Mercury            978-93-5001-
Mathematics         William                         ----=--      printers/2015       477-6

2      Mathematics            Dr.A.Edward                                   Mercury         978-93-5001-
       Education                  William                  -------        printers,2015     459-2
3      Teaching       of -------                       Dr.A.Edward      Mercury             978-93-5001-
       science                                         william          printers,2015       491-2
4      Teaching                  Dr.A.Edward                            Randon              97893511189
       Through        e-           William                   -----      Publications,New    92
       learning            Benjamin                                     Delhi,2016

5      Approaches     to         Dr.A.Edward                            Randon              97893511190
       Mathematics                 William                   -----      Publications,New    05
       Education                 Benjamin                               Delhi

      G3. Chapters in National Level Publishers with ISBN / ISSN at State level (Throughout the Career)

                              Name of                                                                          points
Sl.                                            Chapter                                  Name of the   ISBN /
      Title of the Book         the                      Author / Co-author                                     (for
No.                                          contributed                                 publisher     ISSN
                               Editor                                                                          office
1     M.B.A(Human                            Two                     A. Edward          Alagagappa    --
      resource                               chapter                    William         University-
      Management)                            contributed                Benjamin           DDE

                            (a) Total No. of Publications in your career: 150
                            (b) Total No. of Publications during eligible period (Reference period): 35
                     (Provide with details of Name of Author(s), Name of Journal(s), Title(s), Volume No., etc.

                             (Reference Period: 2013-2015)
      Author: Dr. A. Edward William Benjamin (Reference Period: 2013-2015)

      S.No            Title                        Journal                           ISBN/ISSN                   Level
      1       Effectiveness of          International Journal of        ISSN.No. 2277-                     International
              Multimedia                scientific research             8179,Vol:2,Issue:5,May 2013
              courseware for
Education at the B.Ed

2    Effectiveness of          Indian Journal Of     ISSN-2249-555X,vol.3/issue.4/April   National
     multimedia in science     Applied Research      2013
     at the higher
     secondary level
3    Effect of attitude        Indian Journal Of     ISSN-2249-555X,vol.3/issue.5/May     National
     towards professional      Applied Research      2013
     development among
     high school teachers
     in puducherry region

4    Effectiveness of short    PARIPEX-INDIAN        ISSN-2250-1991,Vol.2/issue.5/May     National
     stories in teaching       Journal of research   2013
     value education at the
     B.Ed level
5    Religious attitude and    Indian Journal Of     ISSN-2249-555X,vol.3/issue.8/Aug.    National
     Emotional maturity of     Applied Research      2013
     student teachers in
     puducherry region

6    Effectiveness of E-       Indian Journal Of     ISSN-2249-555X,vol.3/issue.9/Sep.    National
     Content in teaching       Applied Research      2013
     mathematics for
     standard XI students

7    Effectiveness of          Indian Journal Of     ISSN-2249-                           National
     multimedia in             Applied Research      555X,vol.3/issue.11/Nov.2013
     teaching mathematics
     at under graduate level
8    A study on emotional      Indian Journal Of     ISSN-2249-                           National
     intelligence and          Applied Research      555X,vol.3/issue.11/Nov.2013
     teaching competency
     of teacher educators in
     B.Ed colleges
9    Knowledge of attitude     Indian Journal Of     ISSN-2249-                           National
     of teachers towards       Applied Research      555X,vol.3/issue.11/Nov.2013
     teaching English
     grammar with
     technology at the
     upper primary
10   Effectiveness of CD       Indian Journal Of     ISSN-2249-                           National
     based course ware for     Applied Research      555X,vol.3/issue.1/Dec..2013
     learning English
     grammar at the upper
     primary level
11   Students attitude         Indian Journal Of     ISSN-2249-                           National
     towards continuous        Applied Research      555X,vol.3/issue.12/Dec.2013
     and comprehensive
     evaluation of upper
     primary school
12   Attitude towards          Golden Research       ISSN-2231-                           National
     teaching through e-       Thoughts              5063,vol.III/issue.1VII/Jan.2014
     content among
     primary and upper
primary school
     teachers of tirunelveli

13   Attitude of Teacher       Golden Research            ISSN 2231-5063,vol.IV:Aug.2014   International
     Educators towards         Thoughts International
     professional              journal

14   Techno pedagogical        International Journal of   ISSN No.2277-8179,Vol 3/Issue    International
     skills in teacher         Scientific Research        12,December 2014

15   Teacher attitude          Indian Journal Of          ISSN-2249-                       National
     towards CCE on            Applied Research           555X,vol.5/issue.1/Jan.2015
     secondary schools
16   Teachers involvement      Journal of Research,       ISSN-2319-                       National
     in implementing the       Extension and              1899,vol.3/issue.6/Feb.2015
     evaluation system of      Development
17   Problem solving           Indian Journal Of          ISSN-2249-                       National
     ability and academic      Applied Research           555X,vol.5/issue.2/Feb.2015
     achievement in
     mathematics f VI std
     students in Madurai
18   Effectiveness of          Research Demagogue         ISSN-2350-1081                   International
     problem solving                                      Vol-I Issue II,April,215         Refreed,Indexed &
     strategy in                                                                           peer reviewed
     Mathematics at higher
     secondary level
Attitude of Training     Journal of Contemporary    ISSN 2250-0618               National
19   Graduates towards        Educational Research and   Impact factor:.612
     learning science         Innovations                Vol.5 Issue.5 Sep-Oct 2015
     through Integrated
     training programme in
     Puducherry region

     Effectiveness of         Journal of Contemporary    ISSN 2250-0618               National
20   physical science         Educational Research and   Impact factor:.612
     through technology       Innovations                Vol.5 Issue.5 Sep-Oct 2015
     integrated training
     programme at the
     college of education

     A study on Emotional     Journal of Contemporary    ISSN 2250-0618               National
21   intelligence and         Educational Research and   Impact factor:.612
     professional             Innovations                Vol.5 Issue.5 Sep-Oct 2015
     excellence among
     teacher educators

     Effectiveness of                                    ISSN-2321-8606               International
     computer assisted        Internatinal Jornal of     Vol.3,Issue .2 Oct‘2015
22   Instructional            Psycholgy and Education
     Technology module in
     learning chemistry at
     higher secondary level

23   Attitude towards         International Journal of   ISSN-2394-7500               International
     learning through E-      Applied Research           Vol.1 Issue 12
     Content among B.Ed                                  November 2015
     student teachers                                    Impact factor:5.2
24   Attitude towards         Paripex- Indian Journal    ISSN.2250-191                National
     continuous and           of Research                Vol 4, Issue !2 Dec‘ 2015
     evaluation among
     B.Ed student teachers
     in tirunelveli
(b)Participated/Paper presented

S. Title                          Conference                 ISBN/ISSN                       Level
1  Preparing committed            National conference on                                     National
   teachers: A challenge to       Enhancement of Quality             ISBN:978-93-86008-
   teacher education              perspective in teacher     48-5,Indra Ganesan college of
                                  Education                  Education, Trichy
                                                                     6th to 7th April 2013
2    Role of ICT in science       National conference on                                     National
     at the hr.sec. level in      Enhancement of Quality             ISBN:978-93-86008-
     India                        perspective in teacher     48-5,Indra ganesan college of
                                  Education                  Education,Trichy
                                                                     6th to 7th April 2013
3    Utilization of               State level seminar n
     technology for               Teacher Education in the
     professional                 Digital age                ISBN:978-93-80686-48-6,Sri
     development of B.Ed                                     Bharathicollege of education,
     college teachers in                                     Kaikurichi,Pudukottai
     puducherry                                              11th April 2014

4    Technological                International conference                                   International
     orientation among            on Innovations and
     teacher educators            Initiatives in Teracher    ISBN:978-93-80686-48-
                                  Education                  6,kongunadu college of
                                                             education, Thotiam., Trichy
                                                             24th to 25th Jan,2015

5    Correlation of life skills   International conference   ISBN:978-93-80686-48-           International
     and academic                 on Innovations and         6,kongunadu college of
     achievement of High          Initiatives in Teracher    education,Thotiam.,Trichy
     school students              Education                  24th to 25th Jan,2015
6    Effectiveness of             International conference                                   International
     Nikilam                      on Innovations and
     Navatascaramam               Initiatives in Teracher
     dasatah techniques and       Education
                                                             6,kongunadu college of
     academic achievement
     in maths
                                                             24th to 25th Jan,2015

7    Influence of soft skills     International conference                                   International
     in professional              on Innovations and
     development among            Initiatives in Teracher
                                                             6,kongunadu college of
     high school students in      Education
     puducherry region
                                                             24th to 25th Jan,2015

9     Scientific Attitude for     National symposium on                                      National
       would be teachers          Developing scientific
                                  Attitude and application
                                                             0,School of education,
                                  of science for Nation
                                                             Pondicherry University
                                                             9th to 10th April 2015
10      Impact of life skills          National conference on       ISBN:978-93-81830-68-0,Sri         National
      education and academic          Recent trends in teaching     raja rajan college of
      achievement of students         and learning of languages     Education,Karaikudi.
          in high schools
                                                                    7th to 8 thFeb‘2015
11         Effect of improvised       National seminar on                                              National
         instructional materials on   Teaching effectiveness        ISBN: 978-93-85399-03-9            seminar
         students‘ achievement in     through Improvisation         28 th April 2015
          geometry at high school                                   Arulmigu Kalasalingam college
            level in Madurai dt.                                    of Education, Virudhunagar
12          Inclusive Teaching        National seminar on           Stella Matituna college of         National
                  strategies          Inclusive education           education,Chennai                  seminar
                                                                    19th to 20th Feb‘2015
13     Teachers involvement in         National conference on       ISBN: 978-93-81830-68-0,           National
          implementing the            Recent trends in teaching     Sri Raja Rajan college of
      evaluation system of CCE        and learning of languages     Education, Karaikudi.
                                                                    7th to 8 thFeb‘2015

  4. Doctoral committee member in:

  Bharathidasan University, Alagappa University, Mother Teresa University, Periyar Maniyammai
  University& Bharathiar University.

(H) Countries Visited:

  1. National Institute of Education, Singapore during 2012.

( I ) Membership in Board of Studies in Education

  Bharathidasan University, SASTRA University & Mother Teresa Women‘s University

(J) Chair Person for Technical Sessions in the National & State level Conferences:

 S.no.      International/National                                      Institution& Title                               Date
                                       Sri Bharathi College of Educaion,Pudukottai-Teacher Education in the Digital
 1.         National                   Age                                                                            11.04.2014
                                       Dept.of Educatin,Alagappa University-Reconstruction of Teacher education       8-9th
 2.         National                   Programme,Karaikudi                                                            Mar,2010
                                       Alagappa University College of Education-Character Based Teacher
 3          National                   Education programme,Karaikudi                                                  27th Oct,2010
 4          National                   AUCE,Alagappa University-Work shop on Guidance & Cunseling                     27th Mar,2010

                                       Santha college of Education,Sivagangai-Seminar on Global Trends in
 5         National                    Education:2020                                                                 27-02-2018

(K). Examination-Related Duties taken up

S.               Nature of work                                Date/s                               Organization
 1                 Chair man                        B.Ed Nov.2013 Exams                      Bharathidasan University
 2           QP Scrutiny member                        M.Ed & M.Phil                            Alagappa university
3            Squad Member        2009-2012 for Affitliated colleges of      Alagappa university
                                        Alagappa uuniversity

4    SET Exam Question                        Nov.2015                    Mother Teresa University
    paper setter(Education)
5          QP setter              B.Ed,M.Ed ,M.Phil and Ph.D course               Alagappa
                                           work syllabus                   University,Bharathiar
                                                                            University & Periyar
6              Convener           B.Ed practical Exam M.Ed& M.Phil                Alagappa
                                       Viva-Voce Examination               University,Bharathiar
                                                                            University & Periyar
                                                                               University and
                                                                         Bharathidasan University &
                                                                           Tamil Nadu Teachers
                                                                            Education University
7              Examiner           B.Ed,M.Ed ,M.Phil and Ph.D course               Alagappa
                                       work –Paper Valuation               University,Bharathiar
                                                                            University & Periyar
                                                                               University and
                                                                         Bharathidasan University &
                                                                           Tamil Nadu Teachers
                                                                            Education University


    S.No.            Topic of the Talk           Date/s                     Organization
      1              Qualities of a Good       31-10-2015         Kasthoribha Gandhi College of
                          Teacher                                 Education,Rasipuram

     2              Tit bits for the would     18-09-2014                  KAPI college of
                         be teachers                                      Education,Madurai
     3                Teachers in India          2011-12          NationalCollege,Tumkur,Karnataka
     4                  Phylosophy &             2010-11               Dept.of English,Alagappa
                          Education                                           University
     5                Recent Trends of         27-12-2011                National College of
                          Education                                    Education,Kurla,Mumbai


     S.No.           Programme Title         Duration           Date of Brad        Organization
         1            Suggestions for           10‘              08-01-2014         Indira Gandhi
                       the would be                                                 National Open
teachers                                          University,Andhra

(N) Resource Person in the Refresher/Short Term Course at the UGC-(ASC)-HRDC

       Date              Time               Topic                  Organization
    6-11-2014           2-5 pm      Professional ethics of     UGC-ASC-Bharathiar
                                     Teacher Educators         University,Cimbatore
   27-11-2015          10-1pm          Curriculum &          UGC-ASC-Bharathidasan
                                         Evaluation          University,Tiruchirappallai
    22-02-16            2-5pm         Role of Teacher        UGC-ASC-Bharathidasan
                                      educators in the       University,Tiruchirappallai
   07-02-2018          10-1 pm      Professional ethics of   UGC-ASC-Bharathidasan
                                    Teachers toTeacher       University,Tiruchirappallai
O. Resource Person in the Plenary/Technical Session at the National seminar

   S.No            Name of the conference            Topic with Date                  Organization
     1         Two day national symposium on           Creativity and        Dept. of Education, Pondicherry
                 developing scientific attitude      scientific attitude               University
                 and application of science for
                        Nation building            9-10th April,2015
    2           Symposium on Equalization of      Inclusion in its real        Centre for Differently abled
                  Righta and opportunities for           sense                       children, BDU
                   Differently abled children

                                                    21st Mar,2013
    3           One day state level seminar on     Teachers in the               Sri Bharathi college of
               Teacher Education in the Digital Digital age-The need             Education,Pudukottai
                             age                      of the hour
                                                   11th April,2014
    4             Human Rights Education-          Human Rights                 Institute of Human Rights
                     Training programme         Education-Today‘s                   Education,Madurai
                                                     5th Oct‘2015
    5              UGC sponsored One Day         Teacher‘s Attributes      Dept.of Sociology,Bharathidasan
               National Workshop on The Role         8th Feb,2017                 University,Trichy
               of Teachers in socializing Youth
    6           Two day National seminar on        Value education:               Shantha college of
                      Global Trends in                   2020              Education,Cholapuram,Sivaganga
                       Education:2020                27-02-2018                          Dt.
    7            IQAC Programme by Bishop          Examination &             Bishop Heber College,Trichy
                    Heber College,Trichy         Evaluation Reforms

P. Refresher/Orientation/Training Participated

          S.No                   Name of the                  Organization                   Date/s
           1                 Orientation Course in       UGC-ASC-Pondicherry             15-11-2011 to
                                  Education                  University                   12-12-2011
           2                  Refresher course in        UGC-ASC-Pondicherry             03-12-2009 to
                             Education Technology            University                   23-12-2009
           3                  Refresher course in        UGC-ASC-Pondicherry              04-12-2015 to
                             Education Technology            University                    24-12-2015

           4                Preparation of Question           RGNIYD,                   29-30th April,2009
                                     bank                   Sriperumpudur
           5                One day regional work        Centre for Education                One day
                                 shop on ICT            Research,MKU,Madurai

Q. Membership in the Professional committees

               S.No.                      Nature of Assignment                       Organization
1   Life member   Council for Teacher Education,
2   Life member     Pondicherry Psychology
Publications (2005 to Dec’2012)

(a)Publications in the Journals at National/International

S.    Title with page no. &Year              Journal        ISSN/       Peer       No. of
No.                                                         ISBN        Reviewed   Authors
1     Interactive multimedia CD based    New Frontiers in   0972-1231   yes        Single
      learning…                            Education
      Vol.41;No.3 July-Sep;2008              (I N)
2     A study on environmental           New Frontiers in   0972-1231   yes        Single
      values…                              Education
      Vol.42;No.4 Oct-Dec;2009               (I N)
3     Character Based Teacher              Edutracks        0972-9844   No         Co-author
      Education                               (N)
      Vol.5,no.4 Dec‘2005
4     Rights of the Child                  HRD Times        0976-7401   No         Single
      Vol.12;Aug‘2010                        (N)
5     Equalization of self                 HRD Times        0976-7401   No         Single
      opportunities                          (N)
6     Multimedia enhances self              Edutracks       0972-9844   No         Co-author
      learning….                              (N)
      Vol.7,no.1 Dec‘2007
7     Specific qualities of a physics      HRD Times        0976-7401   No         Single
      teacher                                (N)
8     Science nourishes values           New Frontiers in   0972-1231   yes        Co-author
      No.44,no.1,Jan-Mar 2011              Education
                                             (I N)
9     Family adjustment enhances…        New Frontiers in   0972-1231   yes        Co-author
      Vol.42,n3,July-sep,2009              Education
                                             (I N)
10    Effectiveness of multimedia…       New Frontiers in   0972-1231   yes        Co-author
      Vol.42,n3,July-sep,2009              Education
                                             (I N)
11    A study on attitude towards…       New Frontiers in   0972-1231   yes        Co-author
      Vol.42,n3,July-sep,2009              Education
                                             (I N)
12    Attitude towards teaching          New Frontiers in   0972-1231   yes        Co-author
      profession…                          Education
      Vol.42,n3,July-sep,2009                (I N)
13    Effectiveness of problem           New Frontiers in   0972-1231   yes        Co-author
      solving…                             Education
      Vol.42,n3,July-sep,2009                (I N)

14    Study involvement and              New Frontiers in   0972-1231   yes        Co-author
      Academic achievement…                Education
      Vol.42,n3,July-sep,2009                (I N)
Publications & Conference proceedings (2015 to till date)

S.    Title with page no. &Year                Journal         ISSN/        Peer       No. of
No.                                                            ISBN         Reviewed   Authors
1     The role of ICT as change agent      Emerging Trends     978-1-365-   yes        Co-author
      for higher Education                 in Digital Era      18260-0
      Vol.41;No.3 July-Sep;2016            Through
                                                  (I N)
2     Imbibing values through              One day national    978-93-      yes        Co-author
      Mathematics Teaching among           seminar on          85977-20-6
      B.Ed students                        ‗Education-A
      18-05-2016                           catalyst in
                                           peace and value
                                                  ( N)
3     Consequence of life skills            Two day national   978-81-      No         Co-author
      Education in 21st century class        conference on     928690-8-7
      rooms                                 perspectives and
      31 march to 1st April ,2016             prospects of
                                           Enabled Learning
4     Teachers attitude towards             Two day national   978-81-      No         Co-author
      continuous and comprehensive           conference on     928690-8-7
      evaluation and technology             perspectives and
      utilization in science teaching         prospects of
      31 march to 1st April ,2016             Technology
                                           Enabled Learning
5     Awareness on flip teaching            Two day national   978-81-      No         Co-author
      among school teachers                  conference on     928690-8-7
      31 march to 1st April ,2016           perspectives and
                                              prospects of
                                           Enabled Learning
6     Emerging trends in educational        Two day national   978-81-      No         Co-author
      technology(web 2.0 and 3.0)            conference on     928690-8-7
      31 march to 1st April ,2016           perspectives and
                                              prospects of
                                           Enabled Learning
7     Implementation of techno              Two day national   978-81-      No         Co-author
      pedagogical skills, its challenges     conference on     928690-8-7
      and role at higher level              perspectives and
      education                               prospects of
      31 march to 1st April ,2016              Tecnology
8    The strategies of teaching         AKCE QUEST         2454-4531    yes   Co-author
     mathematics to visually impaired   A journal on
     students                           Educational
     Vol.1 special issue 1,April,2016   Research
9    A study about the role of          Research           2350-1081    yes   Co-author
     administrative strategies on       Demagogue
     teacher educators professional           (I N)
     Vol.II ,Issue II,April ,2016
10   Competency towards technology      Research           2350-1081    yes   Co-author
     among faculty at the college of    Demagogue
     education                                (I N)
     Vol.II ,Issue II,April ,2016
11   Aversion in mathematics and        Research           2350-1081    yes   Co-author
     academic achievement among         Demagogue
     VIII std students in Madurai dt.         (I N)
     Vol.II ,Issue II,April ,2016
12   A study on the interest of         One day national   978-93-      yes   Co-author
     teaching value education           seminar on         85977-20-6
     towards reducing the               ‗Education-A
     organizational stress among the    catalyst in
     teacher educators                  constructing
     18-05-2016                         peace and value
                                               ( N)
13   Role of technological tools in     One day national   978-93-      yes   Co-author
     promoting value based education    seminar on         85977-20-6
     18-05-2016                         ‗Education-A
                                        catalyst in
                                        peace and value
                                               ( N)
14   Comparative study of the             Global Journal   2277-8160    yes   Co-author
     relationship between emotional        For Research
     intelligence and professional           Analysis
     development of teacher                    (I N)
     educators in B.Ed colleges
     Vol.5,Issue 3,March 2016
15   Effectiveness of practical life    Journal of         2250-0618    yes   Co-author
     base learning on mensuration in    contemporary
     mathematics among IX std           Educational
     students                           Research and
     Vol.6,Issue 2 &3,March - June      Innovations
     2016                                      (N)
16    Influence of meta cognition on             International             978-81-         yes         Co-author
      achievement in mathematics of              conference on             836868-8-4
      high school students                       Health indicators
      Vol.5,Issue 3,March 2016                   for physical and
                                                 cognitive fitness
                                                        (I N)
17    Parents attitude towards                   Research Tracks           2347-4637       yes         Co-author
      continuous and comprehensive                      (I N)
      Vol.III,Jan 2016

(b)FULL Papers in the Conference proceedings

S.                Title                Organization                         ISSN                 Reviewed   No. of
No                                                                                                          Authors
1    FLk;gk; vd;Dk; gy;fofk; -         International conference at          9789380043333        Yes        Single
     kdpj tsj;jpd; mbg;gil             Alagappa university
2    Educational opportunities of      TEPEN 2011-National seminar                 -             -          Single
     the child in India                on teacher education
     TEPEN-2011                        programme,Alagappa
3    Interactive multimedia            National seminar on                                       -          Single
     enhances science learning at      DTERT,Madurai
     upper primary level 16-17                                                         -
4    Quality parameters in             National seminar,Ignatitus                                -          Single
     Education                         college of Education,palamkottai
5    Teaching strategies for           International conference on                               -          Single
     studenta with attention deficit   ICEEESDA -2012
     Sep‘2012                                                                          -
6    Fitness of growth through         International conference on                               -          Single
     health education (5-              emerging trends in
     6,mar‘2009                        fitness,Alagappa                                -
7    Preservation of young India       National collegiums on strategies                         -          Single
     through Health Education17-       for youth
     18 ,sep‘ 2009                     empowerment,Alagappa                            -
                                       University ,Karaikudi
8    Indian system of                  National conference on Character                          -          Single
     education,29th Oct‘2010           Based Teacher
                                       Education,Alagappa University                   -
9    Development of Interactive        International conference on                               -          Single
     multimedia at the Hr.sec level,   emerging trends for
     5-6th mar‘2009                    empowerment                                     -

10     Role of science teaching in     Alagappa University college of                            -          Single
           modern concept of           Education,karaikudi
       curriculum,8-9th Mar,2010                                                       -
11   Preservation of Indian culture    International conference on                               -          Single
through science,2nd Dec,2009       Education,Sri vengateswara
                                        college of education,peravorani         -
12   Role of e-learning module in       National seminar on common                  -   Co-author
     common school                      school curriculum,Alagappa
     curriculum,11-12 Feb‘2010          university                              -
13   Environmental Education-A          DDE,Alagappa University                     -   Co-author
     compulsory one in India,22-
     23rd oct‘2009                                                              -
14   Institutional climate influences   National conference for education           -   Co-author
     socially deprived learners,12-     for the socially and economically
     13,mar,2010                        deprived,Pondicherry University         -
15   Technology and Teacher             National seminar on evolving                -   Co-author
     education,23-24th,April,2010       higher education,Life long
                                        learning,Alagappa University            -
16   Protecting cultural values, 23-    National seminar on evolving                -   Co-author
     24th,April,2010                    higher education,Life long
                                        learning,Alagappa University            -

17   Distance Education enhances        National seminar on expansion               -   Co-author
     civilization,7-8,July,2010         and expectation, DDE,Alagappa
                                        University                              -
18   Effectiveness of modern            National seminar on integrating             -   Co-author
     technology..25-26,mar‘2011         technology,Life long learning,AU
19   Value based teaching               International collegiums on                 -   Single
     culture,27th Feb‘2012              constructivists learning,Vinayaga
                                        mission college of education            -
20   Professional ethics is to be       National seminar on professional            -   Co-author
     practiced,3rd Jan,2012             ethics,Dept .of Education,AU
21   Attitude based learning for        Spl. Education,AU                           -   Co-author
     scially disadvantaged
     learners,11-12,Ap‘2008                                                     -
22   Education itself is a value, 8th   National seminar on quality         -       -   Co-author
     sep‘2010                           education,
23   Role of language teachers in       INCOETTLL-09-International                  -   Single
     moulding the training              seminar
     graduates,4-5th Dec‘2009                                                   -
24   Modern trends in health            National seminar on quality                 -   Single
     education,5th Feb‘2005             Teacher education, AUCE
25   Innovative practices in health     National seminar on yoga,Dept.of            -   Co-author
     education,18th sep‘2008            phy.education,AU
26   Role of English in developing      International seminar on modern             -   Single
     teaching of science,4-5th          literature,Dept.of Eng.,AU
     Jan,2011                                                                   -
27   Science and technology             UGC National seminar on trends              -   Co-author
     enhances effective creation of     in modern literature
     knowledge,26-27th ,July,2008                                               -

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