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                                               1   September 2021
                         AT FRED NATS STADIUM
Chancellor High School enjoyed a day at the park on August 4th, along with the rest of the SCPS com-
  munity for an inspirational rally to start a new school year. Below left, Ms. Deacon and Ms. Speers
                        were two of the many teachers who enjoyed this event.

                                           Cover Credits
        Front Cover: Students arrive in person on the first day of school,                                             EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
                                August 12, 2021.                                                                      STEPHANIE MARTINEZ
               Back Cover: Animal Fun Facts by Ashley Fletcher
                                                                                                                         NEWS EDITOR
                                                                                                                       AUSTIN LAUBACH
The Journalism students at Chancellor High School publish The Lightning Bolt, the only official newspaper              FEATURES EDITOR
on campus. The purpose of the newspaper is to factually inform and entertain its readers. As an established
open forum for the student body, truth will be the staff’s major goal. It is the responsibility of each staffer to     ASHLEY FLETCHER
adhere to the journalism code of ethics as set by the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi. The
code states that a journalist can not accept gifts, favors or privileges that could compromise their integrity. All     SPORTS EDITOR
material published will be the result of brainstorm sessions by the staff. Subjects stimulating to the majority
of the student body will be used. The editorial board, which is comprised of all newspaper staff members will          KAITLYN BESTICK
determine the priority of the stories and the overall design of publication. The advisor serves to give students
a better understanding of the functions and ethics of a free press. The advisor does not serve as a censure.             OP-ED EDITOR
Student editors will decide the material to be published. In accordance with community standards, profanity
will not appear in the publication. Students are free to express an opinion on matters of public interests under       CALEIGH PROSSER
the, “fair comment rule.” Under this rule, the student has the right to intelligently criticize the school and its
policies. Editorials reflect the opinion of The Lightning Bolt. Opinion stories reflect the opinion of the writer          ADVISOR
and do not represent the opinion of the faculty and administrWation of Chancellor High School. Controver-
sial issues will be covered from both points of view. School news, as well as local, national and international          MRS. GATTIE
events will also be covered. Letters to the editor are welcomed. All letters must be signed and e-emailed to The Lightning Bolt retains the right to edit letters to comply with journalistic
standards. Anonymous letters will not be published. Our ultimate goal is to print the truth and with your help
we can reach this goal.
    September 2021                                                          2
                        GROWING UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA
By Stephanie Martinez               little sisters wearing full faces       makes them want to be just          made to make sure the us-
Editor-in-Chief                     of makeup and doing trends              like them. There is a time for      ers are in fact over the age of
  Tiktok consumed everyone’s        they should not be doing. It            growing up and that time for        13. On top of that, elemen-
lives during the pandemic, let’s    worries me that they are on             them isn’t now. They should         tary schools, as well as middle
be honest here. Everywhere          this platform where anyone              be having fun at the park and       schools, should work better to
you look a classmate is scroll-     and everyone can see and com-           playing with their dolls, not       inform the dangers of social
ing through their fyp (for you      ment. No one in the comments            wearing bright lipsticks with       media to girls and boys whose
page). I can’t judge, since I       expressed their concern, jok-           nose piercings. (You think I’m      minds are still growing and can
spend my fair amount of time        ing about the video and scold-          joking, but I swear I’m not).       be usually persuaded just for
there as well. The more I scroll,   ing people who do show their            It freaks me out, even more,        fifteen seconds of fame which
the more I notice girls younger     concerns.                               knowing how there are some          in the end will harm their
than middle schoolers on the           Social media is making girls         weirdos out there who will prey     young minds.
app.                                grow up too fast and throw              on these little girls who hon-
  What scares me is that I didn’t   their toys to the curb. Little          estly don’t know any better.
even know that they were el-        girls that age should not be               Social media is a dangerous
ementary school age girls until     using social media platforms            place for little girls as well as
I read the comments. There are      at all. It makes them look at           for their mindset. Restrictions
young girls that could be our       other girls older than them and         such as age checks should be


 My name is Stephanie Martinez and I’m a senior                                My name is Caleigh Prosser. I’m a junior here
 here at Chancellor. I’ve been a part of The Light-                            at Chancellor, and I’m in charge of the Op-Ed
  ning Bolt Newspaper since I was a freshman. I                                section of The Lightning Bolt Newspaper. I’ve
love writing stories in my spare time. I hope to be                          been dancing since I was four. I enjoy ballet and
an author or journalist someday. I hope hear out                             contemporary. I also enjoy traveling. My favor-
the opinions of my fellow seniors and write about                            ite place to travel to is the beach. I have been to
          them so they reach out people.                                          places though like Aruba and Biltmore.

                                                                        3                                                  September 2021
                                             My name is Austin
                                            Laubach, and I’m a
                                           staff reporter for The
                                         Lightning Bolt Newspa-
                                         per. I play a lot of video
                                         games on my computer.
                                          I play soccer a lot too,
                                           even though I’m not
                                         very good at it. I’m very
                                         passionate about writ-
                                          ing, which is probably
                                          why I like Journalism.
                                         I also like drawing, but
                                            I’m pretty bad at it.
  Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Bestick.
 I am a senior this year, and it is my
   first year writing and editing for
 The Lightning Bolt Newspaper. I am
very excited to hopefully bring a new                                           Hi guys! My name is Hay-
 source and style to the team! Along                                               lee Hall and this is my
 with writing, I am a member of the                                               first year as a writer for
field hockey, basketball, and softball                                            your school newspaper.
 teams, and I am currently commit-                                              I’m a junior here at Chan-
ted to play lacrosse at George Mason                                               cellor, and I’m 16 years
University. This year you will mainly                                           old. In my free time I like
see my writings in the sports section,                                          to sleep. I don’t have a lot
  but I will have articles throughout                                           of free time since I'm also
            our publication!                                                     working at Hobby Lobby
                                                                                   as a cashier. I also par-
                                                                                ticipate in a few Chancel-
                                                                                lor sports, such as soccer
                                                                                 and swim. I love writing
                                                                                   and being creative, so
                                                                                   I’m looking forward to
                                                                                 this 2021 school year as a
                                                                                 writer for The Lightning
                                                                                     Bolt! Go Chargers!
                                                Hello! My name is Ashley Fletcher, I am a Junior in Jour-
                                                nalism II, which makes this my first year on the newspa-
                                               per staff. One of my favorite pastimes is baking, so expect
                                                to see many sweet treats and pastries in the recipes sec-
                                                tion this year. This will be especially true during the fall
                                                and winter seasons as they are the best times to spread
                                                             cheer with warm baked goods!

  September 2021                                      4

                                                          My name is Jenna Sullivan. I’m a sophomore
 Hello, my name is Rebecca Schoenberger, and I           at Chancellor High. I’m a sports editor for The
  am a writer for The Lightning Bolt Newspaper.         Lightning Bolt Newspaper. I’m my free time I en-
   In addition, I am a senior and participate in           joy watching movies, reading, and baking!
 cross country, indoor, and outdoor track. I own
 two hound dogs, Boomer and Peanut. I work at
O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar. One fun fact about
me is that I went on three vacations this summer:
 Florida, New York City, and camping at Shenan-
 doah. I will mainly be writing about sports and
          maybe a few different articles.

                                                        My name is Kierston Johnson. I’m a senior and a
                                                        huge NASCAR fan. You will likely see my NASCAR
                                                        updates regularly in The Lightning Bolt Newspa-
                                                         per as well as other articles sprinkled through-
                                                         out. If you ever want to talk about NASCAR, let
                                                                            me know!

                                                        Have an article idea, or a story you
                                                        want to cover yourself? Contact any
                                                         of our staff on The Lightning Bolt
                                                         Newspaper, or email Mrs. Gattie at
                                                              Our job is to serve you!
                                                    5                                     September 2021
  FREE FOOD THIS                                                             BUS DRIVER, TEACHER
   SCHOOL YEAR                                                               SHORTAGE HAMPERS
By: Haylee Hall                     work more.
Staff Reporter
School is back in session and
                                        However, one downside is
                                    that everyone wants free food.
                                                                            SCHOOLS NATIONWIDE
it’s time for students to ease      According to an April 2021 arti-        By: Austin Laubach                   for Moms Clean Air Force.
back into the life we had be-       cle in the Virginia Poverty Law         Staff Reporter                           In a Michigan school dis-
fore COVID! The school staff        Center by Monica Lauw, “There              “It’s really a breaking point,”   trict, they had come close to
at Chancellor High School is        are 1,252,756 students in public        says Joanna McFarland, co-           the beginning of the year just
trying their best to make the       schools in Virginia. Before the         founder and CEO of school            30 bus drivers short of what
transition as easy as possible,     COVID-19 pandemic hit, over             ride-service company Hop-            they needed. To improve their
while being conscious about         460,000 students in Virginia            SkipDrive, regarding the short-      situation, they raised the pay
the dangers of COVID. One           participated in reduced-price           age of bus drivers and teachers.     of bus drivers, and offered pro-
way they have made coming to        school meals daily.” That is a              And she’s right; the short-      grams that help with obtaining
school easier is the free lunch     huge increase in the number             age of bus drivers and teach-        a commercial drivers license.
and breakfast in the cafeteria.     of students getting breakfast           ers has created many problems           A school district from Dela-
That’s right, free food.            and lunch. As a result, the lines       throughout the nation. Since         ware has offered parents $700
   Kids who don’t have enough       during breakfast and lunch              the initial outbreak of the pan-     to transport their own child.
time to eat in the morning can      take a long time. Some kids             demic, bus drivers have found        Districts from all across the
come to school and eat the          wait in line for 20 minutes             new jobs, and there haven’t          United States have been trying
food they have advertised for       and only have ten minutes to            been many new teacher candi-         to find their own ways to com-
the day.                            eat! Another downside is that           dates.                               bat this bus driver shortage,
   According to a June 2021 arti-   teachers have to pay a little bit         It’s gotten so serious that the    some methods proving better
cle in Education Week by Evie       more for their lunches, as the          governor has had to step in.         than others.
Blad, “Teachers have noticed        cost for their meals have gone          He has announced that $10.5             Luckily, the teacher shortage
fewer issues with students          up. Food may be free for the            million have been pulled from        has been easier to deal with.
throughout the school days          students, but not the staff.            the Volkswagen Environmen-           The Standard Of Quality re-
since more students are being          According to,           tal Mitigation Trust to put to-      quirement being relieved has
fed.” Children who aren’t fortu-    the U.S. Department of Agri-            wards electric/propane buses.        helped tremendously in find-
nate enough to have spending        culture will continue to pro-               Because of their sleek and       ing new teaching candidates.
money on school lunch, don’t        vide free food to all students          eco-friendly design, which re-       The salary of teachers has also
have to worry about whether or      for the entirety of the 2021-           duces carbon emissions, they         decided to be raised by 7% a
not they have enough money,         2022 school year.                       are known as “the buses of the       year for the next four years. Be-
but can focus on their school-                                              future”. “Diesel buses can be es-    cause of the actions taken by
                                                                            pecially dangerous for children      the school board, the teacher
                                                                            with asthma because the air          shortage has been significantly
       ELECTION RESULTS                                                     inside them can be more pol-
                                                                            luted than the air outside,” said
                                                                                                                      These shortages have af-
                                                                            Julie Kimmel, project manager        fected Spotsylvania County
                                                                               2021-22 Sophomore                 Public Schools (SCPS) as well.
   2021-22 Senior Class              2021-22 Junior Class                                                        “We have significant concerns
                                                                                 Class Officers:                 about shortages in the areas of
         Officers:                         Officers:                                                             classroom teachers,” says Su-
       President -                                                                   President-                  perintendent Scott Baker.
    Rachel Margelos                        President -                               Ryan Hall                     SCPS has also posted a “Help
                                           Abby Arvan                                                            Wanted” section on the public
     Vice President -                                                                                            school website to try to find
                                                                             Vice President- Maya                new bus drivers.     “The Focus
    GracieMarie Dent                    Vice President -                           Johnson                       of the Transportation Depart-
                                         Mia DeJesus                                                             ment, while conforming to the
         Secretary -                                                              Secretary-                     mission and vision of Spotsyl-
       Isabela Smith                      Secretary -                          Hannah Al-Hamdy                   vania County Public Schools, is
                                       Isabella Marulli                                                          to transport students as safely
                                                                                                                 and efficiently as possible to
                                                                                                                 and from school and school
                                           Historian -                                                           activities,” posts SCPS on their
                                           Riley Amey                                                            website.
   September 2021                                                       6
      Shaughnessy                         Smith                                Bruno                            Ferry
“Students will always be re-
spected in my classroom,”
states Erika Shaughnessy,
a new Spanish teacher at
Chancellor High School.. “I
respect and value each one
of my students, because I
know they are dedicated                                                 “Be open to new things!”
and responsible. They can         “I came to Chancellor to           states Kailyn Bruno. “Have      “I am excited to work with
expect to have a class where    share my passion for art with        an open mind and some pa-       students again and to be
they will learn to express      children,” says Marianna             tience.” This is some solid     able to show them how
their thoughts in another       Smith, the new Art II & IV           advice for getting through      much fun and interesting
language.” states new Span-     and AP Studio Art teacher.           the school year from one of     Chemistry can be.” These
ish teacher at Chancellor       Smith is not only brand new          our new teachers at Chan-       are the words of Kevin Ferry,
High School.                    to teaching at Chancellor            cellor High School. Bruno       the new chemistry teacher.
     Erika Shaughnessy has      High School, but teaching            teaches geography and per-      Ferry has been teaching on
been teaching Spanish for       in general, as her only prior        sonal finance. She worked       and off since 2012, and is ex-
eight8 years. She wanted to     experience is as a co-teacher        as a substitute teacher at      cited to work with students
become a teacher because        for extracurricular art class-       Chancellor in early 2021 for    again this year. Ferry has
her mother was a teacher.       es for a year. Whilst being a        hybrid learning and loved       lived in Alaska and Idaho,
“I liked to work with kids.     new teacher, she has great           the atmosphere so much          each for 10 years, and has
I think children of any age     advice for students: “No             she decided to work here        visited 41 states. Ferry en-
have a good soul and that       matter what subject you’re           full time, making this her      courages students to show
they are our future.” Al-       studying, treat yourself with        first year as a teacher. Bru-   up and try, and wants to
though it was not her choice    self-compassion, especially          no is thrilled to be here in    let students know that his
to work at Cchancellor, she     if you’re struggling.” Smith’s       the building with students      doors are always open on B
loves the students and this     passion for art carries over         as she would like to meet       days. “We create a commu-
school much more than she       into her life, too, as her           new people and learn from       nity environment centered
expected.                       hobbies include painting             them. After all, teaching is    around learning. Students
   Ms. Shaughnessy is from      and writing music. If you            as much of a learning expe-     have a safe space where they
Brazil and speaks three3        see Smith in the hallway,            rience as being a student.      can express themselves and
languages fluently! Other       make sure to say hello, and          Students can expect open        work together to learn the
than Brazil, she’sShe’s lived   give her a warm welcome to           dialogue and to learn plenty    fascinating world of Chem-
in Brazil, Bolivia, Guatema-    Chancellor.                          of new material during one      istry,” states Ferry.
la, Belgium, and Chile be-                                           of Bruno’s classes.
fore. Then she finally land-
inged in America. In her free
                                                  YEARBOOK EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!
time she likes to bike, run
and cook.
                                  Don’t miss out on a piece of your high school history!
Congratulations to our            Yearbooks are on sale for $55 (through October 22nd)
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                                     Don’t miss your chance to reserve your copy at
    President -                                     the lowest price.
 Muhammed Muneeb                     Order online @ YEARBOOKORDERCENTER.COM USE CODE: 21720
  Vice President -               Order in person: Stop by room B118 for an order form. All checks should be
    Abby Arvan                                   made payable to Chancellor High School.
    Secretary -                  If you have any questions, please contact Christine O’Leary @ cnoleary@
    Riley Amey                                   
                                                                 7                                              September 2021
         Cookston                          Bridges                                Webb                           Freidline

                                                                      When you walk into the gym         “Students can expect my
“If you try, you will be suc-       ¨Do your best and don't                                              enthusiasm and excitement
cessful,”    states    Kristin   compare yourself to others,.         one thing new teacher Ra-
                                                                      chel Webb always says you          about anything sciency to
Cookston, a teacher for          states Theecla Bridges, a new                                           always be 100%!” says Abby
seven years who decided to       Special Education teacher at         can expect from her class is
                                                                      to “have a blast!”. In her first   Freidline. Freidline is the
come back to her roots here      Chancellor High School.                                                 new Environmental Sci-
at Chancellor High. A 2009           Bridges had been a sub-          year at Chancellor after being
                                                                      a student here herself, she        ence/Biology 1 teacher. Fre-
graduate, Cookston is a fel-     stitute teacher for four years                                          idline came to Chancellor
low Charger who decided to       until she was employed               can be found in the gym or
                                                                      health classrooms teaching         excited to teach science to
share her knowledge teach-       at Chancellor. What drew                                                the new youth. Freidline
ing English at her alma ma-      Bridges to Chancellor was her        PE. Like her students, Webb
                                                                      is an avid athlete playing on      loves nature and start-
ter. Her interests are cook-     love for the diverse group of                                           ing, but not finishing DIY
ing, reading, writing, and       staff and students. She loves        a beach volleyball team, a
                                                                      women’s indoor soccer team,        projects at home. “Thank
playing video games. Make        to bake, and she's bilingual                                            you for welcoming me into
sure to ask her what’s her fa-   in Spanish! ¨I am always in          and a kickball team! With her
                                                                      experience, she recommends         your learning community.
vorite video game if you have    your corner, we are the same                                            I'm proud to be a Charger!”
her! She wants students to       team,¨ states Bridges.               students to try their best and
                                                                      “take it day by day” in order      States Freidline.
know that they are respect-
ed and supported when they                                            to make the most out of their               Charter
step into her classroom.                                              time at Chancellor. Welcome
                                                                      Ms. Webb!
      Domachowski                         Patterson
                                                                      “I’m so very excited I made
                                                                      CHHS my home, and I’m
                                                                      excited to share my love of        “Students can expect to
                                                                      science with you guys,” says       laugh while in my class-
                                                                      Kaitlyn Santora. Santora is        room. They can also ex-
                                                                      teaching AP Environmental          pect to move around and
“Take everything one little      “I am so excited to learn            Science, and even though           they will probably hear
chunk at a time,” says Bon-      together with y’all!” says           this is her first year teaching,   me sing a silly song I made
nie Domachowski, the new         Caroline Patterson, the new          she already calls it home. “I      up,” states Emily Charter,
algebra 1 teacher. Doma-         Agriculture teacher. Patter-         applied to counties around         the new math, science, and
chowski came to Chancel-         son has been an agriculture          the college, and Spotsylva-        career exploration for spe-
lor because she moved into       teacher for a year and a half.       nia was one! When I toured         cial needs teacher. Charter
the area. Domachowski en-        She has many hobbies, in-            Chancellor, I absolutely           has been teaching for three
joys knitting, crocheting,       cluding collecting plants,           loved it, and now it’s my          years, and even though this
and reading. Domachowski         sewing and crafting, raising         home!” states Santora. San-        is her first year here as a
wants to let students know       animals, and creating art            tora loves reading, so if you      teacher, Charter graduated
that they can expect to learn    and graphic designs. “Our            see her around, ask her what       from Chancellor previously.
a lot in her classroom. “I am    world is full of distractions,       her favorite book is! If you’re    She enjoys spending time
excited to be here this year!”   but don't forget to nurture          taking AP Environmental            with her six children and
she says.                        yourself and the relation-           Science, get ready for some        husband. “There is always
                                 ships with the people you            fun labs and activities.           something fun and loud go-
                                 love; focus on what truly                                               ing on in my house,” states
                                 matters,” states Patterson.                                             Charter.
     September 2021                                               8
                        REGION 4C CHAMPS
                  Brady Licata
 Receiver Brady Licata (top right) cites his on field
 success to his ability to play with an open mind in
  game. From beginning his football career in first
  grade to now a key member of Chancellor’s foot-
 ball team, being on a field has always been a part
   of his life. When thinking about his love for the
game he returns to his favorite player and motiva-
  tion Dez Bryant. He hopes to show others to not
let your size affect your mentality while in an envi-
        ronment where you can be overlooked.

                     AJ Lewis
After a long preseason of lifting and workouts run-
ning back AJ Lewis is ready to take on this season.
  Using the phrase of “always lead, never follow”,                            Aryan Ulloa
  Lewis sees a promising future for the Chargers
  football team. Lewis says that the heart of the             One senior member of the Chancellor football
  team is one of the reasons that makes them so             team this season is right guard Aryan Ulloa (bot-
                      special.                               tom left). He attributes this year’s team and his
                                                            own individual success to the preseason prepara-
                                                             tion mentally and physically. Before games one
                                                               of his favorite pre-game rituals is listening to
                                                              “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill, along
                                                             with fueling with electrolytes. His biggest inspi-
                                                             ration is his family and admires their hardwork
                                                                    and dedication to help him succeed.

                                                                                       Anthony Blackwell
                                                                                        Taking from his inspi-
                                                                                         ration Liangelo Ball,
                                                                                          linebacker Anthony
                                                                                        Blackwell (left) is one
                                                                                           to never give up on
                                                                                         something he wants.
                                                                                            He hopes to bring
                                                                                         this mentality to the
                                                                                          Chancellor football
                                                                                       team during this year’s
                                                                                            heated Battlefield
                                                                                       competition following
                                                                                       the short hiatus taken
                                                                                        early into the season.

                                                        9                                     September 2021
                      FOOTBALL: MEET THE TEAM
                                                                           Anthony Harding
                                                              Anchoring the Chargers defense this year is
                                                            senior defensive end Anthony Harding (top left).
                                                            Along with his teammates, Harding’s preseason
                                                            consisted of weightlifting with the team. Idoliz-
                                                            ing his dad for his ability to tell things honestly.
                                                              After playing football for 6 years he hopes to
                                                             make a statement on this year’s season on and
                                                                               off the field.

                                                                           Donovan Harris
                                                              As a left guard for Chancellor’s football team
                                                              Donovan Harris (middle left) has lots to face
                                                            during this year’s football season. After transfer-
                                                             ring from Essex high school, his preseason con-
                                                            sisted of lots of working out to prepare for play-
                                                            ing in a new district. Harris cites his inspiration
                                                             to Washington Football Team linebacker Chase
                                                             Young, hoping to imitate the young star’s acco-
                                                                              lades someday.

                                                                            Remy Hawkins
                                                              Football has almost always been a part of line-
                                                             backer Remy Hawkins when he joined the Chan-
                   Elijah Childs                            cellor team. Along with his favorite pregame mu-
 Freshman Elijah Childs may be new to the game              sic, mainly rap, and his mix of cardio and weight
 of football, but emphasises the fun aspect of the           lifting, he sees himself prepared for the season.
 game instead of the score at the end. To prepare            While playing this year, Hawkins hopes to take
for his first year Childs makes sure to hit the gym          after his mom, with her ability to push through
 every other day along with going for a run every                       hardships and tough times.
  day to maintain peak performance. As a young
 defensive end he is excited for his first season as                          Jalen Miller
                     a Charger.
                                                              In order to perform at his peak capacity cor-
               Taijon McKinver
                                                             nerback Jalen Miller says the key is to practice
When talked to about his future Taijon McKinver               hard and stay in shape. Following his football
  says he wants to be a part of the small percent            experience, Miller says he tries to remember to
 of people to go on and play football at a higher           not think as much and just play, a message told
level. This requires lots of hard work and motiva-          to him by a former coach. The high competition
tion to maintain a path. McKinver cites his moti-              level of his teammates and those he opposes
vation to his father in a hope to be better than he         pushes him to become a better player in practice
is some day. While preparing for this season with                              and in games.
  lots of footwork, the experienced free safety is
            ready to take on the district.
  September 2021                                       10
                   FOOTBALL ROSTERS
           Varsity Football                               JV Football

 1    JaQuan Johnson              12        Ethan Agbila                      9
 2    Brycen Edwards              12        Ali Al-Jamal                      9
 3    Javontae Mickens            12        Davion Arnold                     9
 5    Michael Matthews-Canty      11        Justis Bareford Byrd             10
 6    Makhi Conley                12        Jassan Brown                      9
 8    Cameron Hawkins             11        Elijah Childs                     9
 9    Aidan Buhmann                9        Damine Fenwick                   10
 11   Anthony Lewis               12        Leo Ferguson                      9
 12   Jalen Miller                11        Jermaine Francis                  9
 13   Jeremyah Carter             11        Lawerence Frye                   10
 15   Tysean Wilson               11        Shayne Gilliam                    9
 17   Kenneth Parker              11        Samad Harris                     10
 18   Taijon Mckiver              12        Remy Hawkins                      9
 19   Brady Licata                11        Nathaniel Hutcheson               9
 21   Khalil Jackson              11        Neko Jackson                      9
 22   Dawud Smith                 12        Rasheed Johnson                   9
 23   Anthony Harding             12        Carlos Leiva Mata                 9
 25   Nikolajis Heil              10        Jamey Lewchanin                  10
 26   Freddie Shaw                10        My’kell Lewis                    10
 28   Anthony Blackwell           12        Jahvel Littleford                 9
 30   Justin Wright               10        James Mahnken                     9
 32   Justis Bareford Byrd        10        Jeffrey Mayorga Montano           9
 40   Lawerence Frye              10        Dakari McCargo                    9
 50   Jeremiah White              11        Melvin Mosley                     9
 51   Jaiden Schottel             12        Jayveon Myers                     9
 52   Omar Mitchell               11        Jr Nelson                        10
 55   Jermaine Francis             9        Jonny Osorio                      9
 57   Damine Fenwick              10        Quinton Reed                      9
 58   Jonny Osorio                 9        James Smith                       9
 59   James Smith                  9        Jonathan Thompson                10
 64   Jamey Lewchanin             10        Mario Valdez                     10
 66   Jeffrey Mayorga Montano      9        Angel Villatoro Villatoro        10
 67   Malikai Ford                10        James Younger                     9
 72   Joshua Mattey               12
                                  12                         Staff
 74   Donavon Harris
 75   Aryan Ulloa                 12
                                  12           Varsity Head Coach: Jeff Drugatz
 76   Ryan Walker
                                   9              Varsity Assistant: Don Joy
 78   Davion Arnold
                                  10          Varsity Assistant Chris Cockerham
 81   Mario Valdez
                                                JV Head Coach: Nick McQuoid
 89   Angel Villatoro Villatoro

                                       11                               September 2021
                      FIELD HOCKEY: MEET THE TEAM
                   Regan Bestick
 Varsity goalie Regan Bestick (1) says the key to
 returning to the state final was the work in the
  offseason. She emphasises the importance of
running and weight training to stay healthy and
compete once again for a state final appearance.
 The Charger’s potential history making 4 time
regional championship run is more then possible
in her eyes because of the loss of only one starter
  and the remaining chemistry from last year’s
                successful team.

                   Ella Newman                             1                          2
Senior center forward Ella Newman (2) attributes
her success to the teachings of former Chancellor
 standout Emma Bernard. Taking after Bernard’s
  legacy, Newman finding the back of the cage is
  not out of the ordinary. After a very successful
  junior season Newman hopes to lead the Char-
gers to another state final appearance. She looks
forward to the in district competition, especially
  playing under the tension that close opponent
                 Courtland brings.
                   Izzy Gregory
By always giving her all at practice and in games,
  Izzy Gergory (3) has been an influential part of                      3
   the Chancellor field hockey program. The left
    back has anchored the Chargers defense for                              Lindsey Loar
 four years now and hopes to make another state              unior forward Lindsey Loar is looking at what
final appearance in her final season. After a long          is in front of this talented field hockey team for
   battle with nocturnal epilepsy and two brain            this season. She finds her inspiration to play and
   surgeries, Gregory feels better than ever and           improve herself in her teammates, especially the
 ready to get back on the field. Her favorite game          likes of senior captain Ella Newman. Like New-
  throughout the season is playing regional and             man, Loar hopes to maintain a strong presence
   district rival Courtland, because of the games            in the front line and continue to work hard in
intense nature and the history behind the rivalry.           and out of games. In order to prepare for this
 Gregory will be taking her field hockey talent to         tough season, Loar works outside of practice on
  the next level at Roanoke College following her           shooting and stick skills in order to do the best
              final season at Chancellor.                                  she can for the team.

                                             Eva Adame
   Eva Adame came to the game of field hockey very recently, making this her second year playing.
  The strong midfielder says her favorite part of the position is being able to run the ball downfield
 and give strong passes to her teammates. While preparing for this season by drinking lots of water,
  Adame earned a captain position for the Chargers talented JV squad. Adame hopes to model her
          mom while she is on the field in the hard work and determination she has shown.
  September 2021                                      12
SPORTS                              FIELD HOCKEY: MEET THE TEAM
                 Alice Muntean
 Coming from a background in soccer, field hock-
 ey wasn’t the original plan for sophomore Alice
 Muntean coming into high school. After playing
  her freshman year, she gained a strong feel for
 the sport and now finds herself leading the for-
  ward line of the Charger JV team. Her favorite
part about her position is the scoring and assist-
ing abilities. Looking to her teammates for inspi-
ration, Muntean says she strives to be better and
is pushed to be so by every individual. The strong
  family-like connection of the team itself is one
  thing that makes her love the sport even more.             4                                           5

                   Maia Fissel
  Freshman Maia Fissel (4) came very recently to
   the sport of field hockey and took the team by
storm. The lone freshman on the varsity team fit
 perfectly to fill the defensive position left by the
graduating senior of last year’s class. Her defen-
 sive skills come naturally from a background in
soccer and she says the position was the one that
 clicked. Taking inspiration from senior captains
Kaitlyn and Reagan Bestick, Fissel tries to always
   push herself on and off the field to get better.
Hoping to be an influential part of the potential
   regional title 4-peat, she says the team’s hard
work and dedication can take them to that level.             6             Ellie Byram                   7
             Maddie Anderson                              After a short period on the Chancellor volley-
Following in the footsteps of older sister Brittney      ball team, senior Ellie Byram (6) found her spot
Anderson (5), Maddie Anderson’s hopes of a state         with the field hockey team. The scoring abilities
 title are not misplaced. Field hockey has always         of the left forward make her a force on the for-
been a part of the Anderson family, so it was only       ward line alongside Newman and Loar. The hard
natural that Maddie picked up a stick at a young          work that Byram models after her brother, and
  age. By running and doing core work in the off          that she sees and many of the other players is
 season, Anderson hopes to lead the Chargers JV          one of the main reasons she believes that Chan-
  team to one of their most competitive seasons            cellor has the opportunity to make history in
yet. The potential of the team she believes is un-       the region. After preparing by staying hydrated,
 matched and puts them in a perfect position for           Byram and the rest of the Chargers are ready
               a competitive season.                     for a competitive season after the short hiatus.
                                            Ashley Coleman
    After choosing field hockey as her first sport, senior Ashley Coleman (7) has made her mark
   on the program. The midfielder committed to play at Bridgewater college is one of the strong
   group of returning players that the Chargers have for this season. Her efforts to work as hard
   as she can in practice to improve her play in games is fostered by her mom. Coleman says that
   playing in district competitor James Monroe is one of her favorites because of the competitive
    nature of the game and the skill the James Monroe team always possesses. She hopes to end
   her Chancellor field hockey career on a very high note with the team’s 7th state championship
                                                        13                                  September 2021
                       FIELD HOCKEY: MEET THE TEAM
                   Allison Berkes
   Coming to the Chancellor field hockey team
 two years ago, Allison Berkes did something not
  many choose to do: become a goalie. Modeling
  her work ethic and her play style after varsity
 goalies Regan Bestick and Leslie Perez Figueroa,
Berkes has been an influential member to the re-
cent success of the JV field hockey team. Her hard
 work in the off season by running and maintain-
ing her nutrition is one component of the dedica-
    tion to this team that she sees all around.
             Leslie Perez Figueroa
Starting field hockey later than others, as a soph-         8
omore, now senior Leslie Perez Figueroa (9) took
the team by storm. As one of the key parts of the
 team, the goalie, Leslie has led from the back of
  this experienced and talented team. Putting in
 the effort at all times and always finishing runs
  is something that Perez Figueroa takes as one
  of the biggest personal accomplishments from
field hockey. Her favorite game to play in season
 is district rival Eastern View whose skill level is
  always one of the top after Chancellor has met
      them in the state final in previous years.
              Caitlyn Bergemann
   As one of nine senior returners for this year’s
  Chancellor field hockey roster, it was not a sur-                          Megan Rapillo
 prise when senior midfielder Caitlyn Bergemann                After being persuaded to play field hockey her
 was excited about this year’s odds to make a far            sophomore year, junior Megan Rapillo(8) hasn’t
run to states. “Through lots of hydration, off sea-         looked back. Playing a defensive position seemed
son preparation, and focus at practices this team            to be a perfect fit for the junior as she has taken
holds lots of potential” Bergemann stated. As one              the position and improved greatly since. One
 of the Charger’s leaders on the field, Bergemann            person she cites as her inspiration is her mother
  plays both offense and defense, scoring and re-           who consistently pushes her to do her best and is
covering to make stops. Through the words of her              always her number one fan. Even though Rapil-
coaches and teammates to push her, Bergemann                 lo’s first love is softball, field hockey has become
  looks forward to her senior season to be one of                a huge part of her life on and off the field.
                    the best yet.

                                            Kaylin Ozuna
 Kaylin Ozuna only regrets one thing, and it is not playing field hockey soon enough. The talented ju-
 nior forward enjoys the position because of the ability to score and assist while she’s on the field. Us-
 ing her teammates and coaches to inspire her to get better, Ozuna has become an influential figure
 on this Chancellor team. Before every game Ozuna listens to Taylor Swift and the team’s bus playlist
  to get her ready to play. She enjoys the Courtland game a lot like most of her team for the competi-
                             tive atmosphere and the fun she has in the game.
  September 2021                                       14
               Maddie Hardwick
   Maddie Hardwick (10)came to the Chancellor
   program never having touched a field hockey
stick and thrived from there. The junior defender
says she always looks up to her older teammates
  for advice and with questions while on and off
   the field. Although she does play a defensive
position, her favorite part of field hockey is scor-
ing goals. Her consistent training with the team
and on off days is a key part to the success of the
Chargers in past years, and will hopefully follow
 into this season as well. The heart, dedication,
 and attitude of this Chancellor team is one way             10                           11
 that Hardwick sees them to stand out and per-
            form well during the season.
                 Taylor Dwyer
Junior defender Taylor Dwyer (12) has high hopes
going into this season. In past years James Mon-
  roe has been one of the toughest competitions
  faced. This year Dwyer believes that chancellor
  will beat James Monroe. Because of the off sea-
 son lifting and conditioning, and the dedication
 of the team, she sees lots of success ahead. Dw-
yer says that her greatest inspiration to compete
 is her mom because she is one of the most hard-                                      7
   working people in her life. Dwyer also believes
  in the ability of this team to finish the regional                        Kylie Dwyer
 championship run that was started 4 years ago,
                                                            The chemistry and motivation of the chancellor
          before she entered the program.
                                                            field hockey team adds to the success it has stat-
               Sophia Whittacre                              ed senior left back Kylie Dwyer (11). Along with
 Sophomore Sophia Whittacre came to the field                her sister Taylor, Dwyer has been an influential
hockey program somewhat scared of what was to               part of the team since her sophomore year play-
 come but has no regrets. The supportive nature               ing all over the field. When practices or games
 of the team and the positive attitude makes the             get tough she always tries to remember and re-
    team seem more like a second family at mo-              mind others that you are more capable than you
ments. To stay in shape in the off season Whitta-           may think, while working her hardest in and out
cre uses cross training and the team workouts to            of games. Her favorite pregame song is “Life is a
 stay at her peak levels. Before games she enjoys           Highway” by Rascal Flatts and it is always some-
  listening to My Chemical Romance in order to               thing to count on for her to be in a good mood.
          pump her up before the games.
                                           Meadow Roberts
One of the younger members of the team, eighth grader Meadow Roberts, says that she enjoys play-
 ing anyone who will push her harder. In her first season with the Chancellor field hockey team she
has learned to stay hydrated throughout practices and games, and to stay active to keep herself in
shape. Although this is her first season, Meadow enjoys the right midfield or forward positions be-
                      cause of the amount of in game action that they face.
                                                       15                                      September 2021
                    Ariel Barrera
Freshman Ariel Barrera was very new to the sport
of field hockey when she joined as one of the first
 eighth graders allowed to play last season. After
 that, she took the sport and her team by storm.
Playing a forward position, Barrera says she likes
  to score goals and make runs to help her team-
 mates push the ball up field. Her favorite oppo-
 nent to play is Courtland because they push her
   to be better as they are normally the toughest
players to beat. While being pushed to be her best
  she says she takes inspiration from senior cap-          13                        14
tains Regan and Kaitlyn Bestick because of their
                      hard work.                                      FIELD HOCKEY
                   Ellen Gallagher                                       ROSTERS
  Ellen Gallagher (14) has always been a part of           Varsity Field Hockey            JV Field Hockey
 Chancellor following her brother Baylor Galla-            Bergemann, Caitlyn
gher. It was finally time that she got to make her                                          Adame, Eva*
  own mark, starting in eighth grade. Although                  Bestick, Kaitlyn*
 she is young, Gallagher is one of the more expe-                                     Anderson, Madeline
rienced players on the Chargers JV team, playing                 Bestick, Regan*
field hockey for eight years. As a very strong cen-                                         Barrera, Ariel
ter midfielder, she receives the ball mainly in the               Byram, Ellie
  middle of the field and then leads the offensive                                         Berkes, Allison
attack. Playing Courtland is one of the toughest                Coleman, Ashley*
  games for Gallagher because of their abilities                                          Gallagher, Ellen
              and competitive nature                              Dwyer, Kylie
                                                                                           Johns, Kyleigh
                   Kyleigh Johns                                  Dwyer, Taylor
                                                                                           Muntean, Alice
Off season training for sophomore Kyleigh Johns                    Fissel, Maia
   (13) is not the usual running and stick work,                                          Roberts, Meadow
 but it is more tumbling and stunts for the field               Gregory, Isabella*
hockey player and cheerleader. Although you can                                           Stevens, Madison
  see her on the sidelines of football games, her          Hardwick, Madelaine
work ethic on the field hockey field is something                                         Whittacre, Sophia
that the team fosters. Johns cites her inspiration                Loar, Lindsey
 as fellow player, senior captain, Kaitlyn Bestick
because she admires her work ethic and abilities                 Newman, Ella*
                 on and off the field.
                                                                 Ozuna, Kaylin

                                                           Perez Figueroa, Leslie

                                                                 Rapillo, Megan
                                                                                            * Denotes Captain
  September 2021                                      16
           GOLF: MEET                                        GOLF                     Ethan Rehberg
                                                                                      Ethan Rehberg, a se-
           THE PLAYERS                                      ROSTER                  nior, has been playing
                                                                                        golf since he was a
                  Garrett Peck                                                       freshman at Chancel-
 Inspired by his older brother, Garrett Peck, a se-           Varsity Boys         lor. His favorite part of
nior here at Chancellor has been playing golf for                                  the sport is seeing how
about three years. Not only is he on the team, but          Zachary Anderson        he’s improved over the
   he also holds a record at Chancellor for swim-             Nathan Carter           years and is inspired
  ming. Peck goes to practice asking himself how            William Earnesty        by Happy Gilmore. His
 and what he can do to achieve his fullest poten-             Ethan Gibson          favorite place to prac-
 tial. Followed by this, he starts his day by eating           Garrett Peck          tice is Meadows Farm
   protein waffles and listening to Cold Play. He            Ethan Rehberg          because of its interest-
  practices by Meadows Farm, because there is a               Ethan Wilson            ing layout. He states
lot of practice to make room for error. “My favor-                                     that the best advice
  ite part of golfing is how it challenges you both                                     he’s heard is “You
physically and mentally,” he comments. The best              Nathan Carter           can’t make up missed
   advice he’s heard was to always think smarter                                   strokes.” Rehberg takes
                                                           Nathan Carter, a ju-       the advantage of his
                    and not harder.
                                                            nior, likes making      range time to focus on
                                                            holes-in-ones, but         his swing and while
              Zachary Anderson                          they don’t happen very     doing that he listens to
   More new to the sport, Zachary Anderson, a            much. Carter has been     Hollaback Girl by Gwen
senior, has been playing golf since April 2021. His       playing for two years    Stefani. “Patience pays
  favorite part of golf is the short game, and he        now and is inspired by        off in the long run.”
 is inspired by his hard-working and determined         Tiger Woods. He looked
 mother. As well as being on the team, Anderson             up to Woods from
   also plays basketball and has a 4.42 GPA. He           when he was hurt and
   enjoys practicing by Meadows Farm since it’s          kept pushing through,
                                                          which ended up win-
                                                                                   DID YOU NOTICE?
very hard to lose your ball there. Anderson stays
 on a good sleep schedule and stays active to be          ning him the Masters
                                                                                    This is the first time
his best self, which he pairs up with some choco-         award in 2019. Carter
                                                                                   our golf team has had
  late chip cookies. “Hit them far, and hit them        likes to practice on the
                                                                                     three golfers on the
 straight” is the best advice he’s heard golf-wise.        Meadows Farm due
                                                                                   team with the name of
                                                          to its open space and
                                                                                      Ethan! What are
                                                          works out 3-4 times a
                 Will Earnesty                                                          the chances?
                                                          week and runs every
                                                        day. He tries not to eat
Will Earnesty, a senior, is inspired by fellow team
                                                        that much before prac-
   player, Garret Peck, who’s the best golfer he’s
                                                        tices and games. Carter
played with. His favorite spot to train is Meadows
                                                          also commented that
  Farm since it’s very open. While practicing, he
                                                          every piece of advice
listens to Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. To help
                                                         from his coaches helps
 him be his best physical self, he runs around his
                                                              him get better.
 neighborhood and carries his clubs. His favorite
thing to do is go and receive the golf balls that go
into the woods. The best advice he’s received is to
hit the ball straight. Earnesty also plays baseball.
                                                       17                                   September 2021
                   Ethan Gibson                                           Ethan Wilson
 Ethan Gibson, a fresh-                                  Ethan Wilson, a fresh-
   man, has been play-                                   man, has been playing
 ing golf for about four                                    golf for seven years
years. His main goal is                                   and is inspired by his
to play golf for the Uni-                               father and grandfather
 versity of Mary Wash-                                   since he hasn’t beaten
  ington, He’s inspired                                   them yet. Lee’s Hill is
  by his late Uncle Billy                               his favorite spot to play
  who he’s heard many                                     since it’s not stressful
stories about inspiring                                 and is where he started
 other children. Gibson                                 to play golf. Everything
   has been taking pri-                                  his coach has told him
  vate lessons and goes                                   has been good advice
   to train at Top Golf,                                  for him while playing
 Myrtle Beach, or local                                  the game. Wilson con-
golf courses. One of his     from course, to hole,        stantly practices and
favorite places to train      and the day is what          exercises at the driv-
 is at Myrtle Beach, be-    his private coach says.       ing range while play-       great experience, and
cause it’s secluded and      Gibson likes the sport      ing music. His favorite      it is an awesome way
   one can try as many       because it’s challeng-        part about the sport      to meet new people,” he
    times as they want       ing for both his mind       is meeting new people                 adds.
   without being both-      and body. It requires a      and playing it overall.
   ered. While training     lot of upper body mus-        “Golf is way more fun
  or playing the game,       cle as well as focus on    than it seems. Come try
Gibson stays hydrated.      how long the drive may       out for the team. It’s a
Every swing is different         or may not be.

        CHEERLEADING          Brooklynn Givens

       Varsity                  Tiana Stubbs
   Anna Anderson              Shareace Williams
  Isabella Bradbury            Tristin Winston
    Naema Chung                Kyndal Woolfolk
    Tamayla Davis
     Mia De Jesus               Junior Varsity
   Samantha Dunn                Samara Bapat
  Brooklynn Givens            Bianca Hernandez
   Samantha Gray                   Alvarez
    Kyleigh Johns               Ashlynn James
    Paris Johnson              Daijhana Morris
   Nayjah Mickens              Adriana Stewart
   Victoria Owusu             Samantha Ashley
  Hannah Simonetta                Tolentino
  September 2021                                       18
           Rebecca Schoenberger                                             Enya Cea-Lavin
 Rebecca (below) is a senior whose favorite track
 athletes are Usain Bolt and Katelyn Tuohy. She
 runs the 1600 (1 mile), and 3200 (2 mile) events.
 “A lot of times before a track meet, I don’t want
to get a stomach ache before I run, so I eat hours
in advance and don’t eat again except for maybe
some fruit snacks and lots of water. After a track
 meet I go to town and eat whatever’s available,
     lots of greasy food and drink Gatorade.”
                               Tyler Evans

                                                      by Rebecca Schoenberger
  Hannah AlHamdy                                      Staff Reporter
   Enya Cea-Lavin
                                                       Enya Cea-Lavin is a senior student athlete on the cross coun-
  GracieMarie Dent                                    try and track team who has dealt with many injuries throughout
  Vernica Dumbuya                                     her time at Chancellor. Starting with her freshman year, she suf-
Rebecca Schoenberger       Tyler Evans is a senior    fered a tear in her hip labral which required surgery. The surgery,
                           who has been running       of course, took her back several months back for recovery even
         Boys             cross country for three     before COVID. Then at the end of her junior year, she suffered
                                                      another injury and got two stress fractures which had healed. Un-
   Alexander Blair         years.Evans is serious     fortunately, they led into shin splints at the beginning of this year.
     Tyler Evans          about his conditioning.         Cea-Lavin spoke about her experience with the injuries and
    Aviel Hondoy             He makes a habit of      states, “[It has been] stressful and upsetting to not be able to run
   Wyatt Jimenez           drinking four liters of    these past years, but I still have been able to do enough to enjoy
   Jaelen Johnson         sweet tea every day and     myself.” She is hopeful about the future and accomplishing some
                                                      things this year. She says, “With everything going on between in-
     Brian Kerns          a bottle of Pedialyte at    juries and COVID, my goal is to finish the season as well as taking
     Ryan Kwon            every practice. The best    care of my body.”
  Keegan O’Gorman         coaching advice he has         Cea-Lavin also offered some wisdom about running saying,
  Carlos Osegueda          received so far is “Run    “Running may seem like an easy sport since all you do is move
                           efficiently.” His favor-   your legs, but it’s so much more than that. It goes into technique
                                                      of the way you move your arms and where your head is. All to-
                            ite part of running is    gether, it’s a focus on caring for yourself. Running is a good form
                             the camaraderie he       of care but can easily result in injury as well.”
                          develops with the other       She concludes with good advice: “As long as you focus on run-
                                   runners.           ning in a way that is injury and stress free, and best for you.”
                                                     19                                                September 2021
               Brooklynn Givens                                           Kyleigh Johns
  “Push yourself to a new level everyday,” says
 Brooklyn Givens, a cheerleader since her fresh-
man year. Given’s inspiration for staying focused
and motivated are her coaches, Coach Pace and
 Coach Johnson. “They are both really talented,
  and I want to be the type of cheerleader they
 were in highschool,” Givens emphasizes her ap-
 preciation for her role models. Given’s hardest
task is the pike jump, however, to overcome this
challenge, she stretches more and has a positive
mindset that she will be able to do the pike jump
 correctly! Given’s plans to continue her cheer-
leading career so she can feel like part of a team
             and support her school.

              Hannah Simonetta                            “Being a cheerleader      has been cheering for
                                                           is a lot harder than      four years. She plays
                                                            most people think      multiple sports to keep
                                                          it is,” states Kaleigh     herself in shape, and
                                                            Johns. “We have to        she loves tumbling
                                                           keep up our grades      and stunting. The best
                                                          just like everyone to      coaching advice she
                                                          be on and sport, and      has received is “If you
                                                          we condition just as      think you are the best
                                                          much as other sports        or are perfect your
                                                           and we work super        wrong there is always
                                                          hard so that one day        something you can
                                                          we will win big. Johns   keep working on or fix.”
                                                          is a sophomore who
                                                                          Paris Johnson
                                                                                    Junior Paris Johnson
                                                                                    works on her attitude
                                                                                    and her confidence to
                                                                                     be her best personal
                                                                                   self. She states the best
                                                                                     coaching advice she
                                                                                     has received is, “You
                                                                                    practice like you per-
                                                                                   form.” Listening to rap
  Hannah Simonetta, a second-year cheerleader,                                       music pumps her up
   puts all her work into the love for her sport.                                  before a game, and her
 “There is always something you can improve on,                                     most difficult maneu-
there is never ‘perfect,’” Simonetta says. Simonet-                                 ver is a left hurdle. “I
 ta coaches are her inspiration by being involved                                    just look forward to
  and putting all their efforts into her progress,                                   being a great cheer-
  which keeps her challenged and excited to con-                                      leader,” she states.
                tinue cheerleading.
  September 2021                                     20
                             Nayjah Mickens
  Nayjah Mickens is trying new things starting with her first year of cheer-
leading! She loves hanging out with her friends to cheer and practicing her
 routines and chants at home while listening to rap music. The best coach-
ing advice she has heard was, “We’re not hard on you because we don’t like
you, we’re hard on you because we love you.” She continues to work hard on
    her flexibility and navigating through her first year of cheerleading.

                              Samara Bapat

                                                        Another new cheerleader, Samara Bapat (left)
                                                         is currently in her first season of cheer! Her
                                                       inspiration is her best friend, who is an experi-
                                                      enced cheerleader Bapat looks up to. “My jumps
                                                       are definitely going to take some work to mas-
                                                      ter,” says Bapat when asked what her most chal-
                                                       lenging maneuver is. Her friends are her favor-
                                                        ite part of cheerleading and help her through
                                                                         her challenges

                Samantha Gray
 Samantha Gray (right) has seen it all. Over her
  four years of cheerleading, she has connected
with other people and encouraged school spirit.
  Gray encourages her teammates before every
 game and gets everyone excited for their prac-
tice! “My sister is my inspiration since she was a
cheerleader for Chancellor all four years before
  she graduated in 2018,” says Gray when asked
            what her inspiration was.
               Samantha Dunn
“My favorite part of cheerleading is the activities
and skills we conduct as a team. My favorite part
  is competition cheer, we learn all the skills to-
 gether and we perform as a team. I love the feel-
 ing of competing and performing skills that we
 have been attempting for a while,” says Saman-
  tha Dunn, a three-year returning cheerleader.
Her inspiration is her coaches because they have
  been there for her through everything. Dunn’s
most difficult stunt she has done is an arabesque,
but she has plans on perfecting it and aiming for
                                                     21                                   September 2021
                  Ashlynn James                                            Tiana Stubbs
                                                            Tiana Stubbs is not sure what her inspiration
                                                           from others is, however her motivation for her-
                                                             self is to do what is best for yourself and not
                                                          others. She has been cheerleading for two years,
                                                            and spends her time getting crowds hype and
                                                          dancing. Stubbs wants her fans to know that she
                                                           is the back spot for her stunt groups and is the
                                                                           tallest on the team.
                                                                            Mia Dejesus
                                                          Mia Dejesus has been a cheerleader competitive-
                                                           ly and in her highschool years for a consecutive
                                                          seven years! She has been told her best attribute
 Ashlynn James has been cheerleading for about              are her facial expressions on the floor because
 a year. Her favorite part about cheerleading is            she uses a variety of expressions catching her
  being with her team and stunting. During her            emotions. “I personally think that running tum-
  stunts she does not like to listen to music, in-        bling is the hardest because that’s where I spend
   stead she wants to focus. “The best coaching             most of my time and practice doing. Running
 advice I’ve received is to do better when you’re          tumbling is really hard so I have to put extra ef-
   tired. Instead of stopping or doing less, push         fort into it,” Dejesus says after being asked what
  yourself to do more,” quotes James. One thing           her most challenging stunt is. Mia Dejesus wants
James wanted her fans to know is, “Cheerleaders             everyone to know how passionate she is about
are often displayed as mean or stuck up because                              cheerleading.
  of the stereotypes in movies. Our team is here
to represent the school and others. There is way
more to our cheerleaders than false stereotypes.
 We are not only friends, but we are family. Our
cheerleaders are here to support each other and
                     our peers.”

                                                                         Kyndal Woolfolk
                                                          A second year cheerleader (pictured left), Kyndal
                                                           Woolfolk’s inspiration to continue her love for
                                                           cheer is her younger self since she sees herself
                                                          improving each and every day and it encourages
                                                           herself to do better. When asked what the best
                                                           advice she has received, Woolfolk says, “Tough
                                                          love isn’t being mean, they just want the best for
                                                           you.” Her advice for her fans is that you can do
                                                                    anything you put your mind to.
 September 2021                                      22
 LEADING      Varsity             Samara Bapat
  Tristin Winston             Anderson, Anna                                            Samara Bapat is a
                                Arroyo, Erika                                         sophomore at Chan-
                              Arvan, Anastazja                                       cellor. This will be her
                               Brown, Estella                                         5th year playing vol-
                               Elgeti, Jocelyn                                        leyball. She is always
                                 Kaleda, Jade
                                                                                      pushing herself even
                              Marlgelos, Rachel
                                                                                        on her worst days.
                                 Reich, Emily
                              Skjoldal, Annika                                         The best advice she
                              Stevenson, Madi                                        has received is to just
                                Stubbs, Tiana                                       focus on the game. Her
                             Washington, Kendall                                     inspiration is the var-
                               Wright, Hunter                                        sity players. She likes
                                                                                    watching them practice
                                Junior Varsity                                         because she can tell
                                Bapat, Samara                                       they worked hard to be
                             Goodman, Destinee                                           where they are.
   Tristin Winston is a         Grover, kelsey
    sophomore whose             Leriget, Kailee                                         Jocelyn Elgeti
 favorite part of cheer-     Maldonado Morales,                                     Jocelyn Elgeti is a junior
   leading is the team             Nathalie                                           at Chancellor. She has
  bonding. To train she        Merino Delgado,             Annika Skjoldal           been playing volleyball
   conditions and does             Grezzia                                          for  four years. She loves
                                                           Annika Skjoldal is a
   stretches, and loves       Oleson, Savannah                                     the  intensity  of the game
                                Reid, Rachael
                                                          junior at Chancellor.
 to listen to rap music                                                              and the excitement you
                              Stevenson, Lauren           She has been playing
  to help pump her up                                                              experience while playing.
                             Strickland, Jalissa            volleyball for three    She likes that she is able
  for a game. The best                                  years. Her favorite part
                               Stubbs, Tiana                                         to build bonds with her
   coaching advice she                                   is being part of a team teammates. Jocelyn goes
 has ever received is to                                   that works together     to every practice and she
  not give up. Stunting        Tiana Stubbs               to win. She is always     is always putting herself
  is the most challeng-    Tiana Stubbs is a soph-      working out and eating        into a place where she
ing part of cheering for     omore at Chancellor.         healthy to be her best     knows she will succeed.
Winston. She has been        She has been playing         self. Eating a healthy   Her favorite thing to do is
    cheering since last       volleyball for three       meal helps Annika get      to listen to music before
           year.           years. Her favorite part       ready for a big game.     practice and games. The
                                                                                      best advice she has re-
                               of the game is get-      The best advice she has
                                                                                      ceived is at the end of
                             ting kills. Tiana goes     gotten is every rally is 8    the day, no matter the
 “A game with-               to practice and takes      seconds so use all those outcome, there’s always a
                           advice from the upper-         seconds. Her inspira-
      out                    classmen to help her         tion is her dad. He is
                                                                                   positive to find. Jocelyn’s
                                                                                     inspiration is her mom.
cheerleaders is              succeed in volleyball.      always pushing her to      She has always been her
                              The best advice her        do her best. Her favor-     number one supporter.
 a world with-              coach has given her is      ite team is King George    She  said her mom is there
   out spirit.”            to not compare herself       because of the competi-        through everything.
                             to others. Courtland                  tion.           Jocelyn’s  favorite team to
                            is her favorite team to                                play is Riverbend because
                                                                                      she can see all her old
                           play because she is de-
                           termined to beat them.
                                                   23                                        September 2021
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