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Accredited by the

                                                  Your future
                                                  in English
                                                                                          BLC (Bristol Language Centre) is
                                                                                          a dynamic, independent, British
                                                                                          Council accredited school which
                                                                                          offers you a wide range of high
                                                                                          quality English language courses.
                                                                                          We are a member of English UK and
                                                                                          Quality English.

                                                                                          We pride ourselves in taking care of
                                                                                          individual students’ needs and welfare,
                                                                                          and match solid academic teaching
                                                                                          to students’ goals and aspirations. You
                                                                                          can enjoy a lively social programme
                                                                                          and excellent accommodation. We
                                                                                          teach practical, real life English and
                                                                                          use the latest technology both inside
                                                                                          and outside the classroom.


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“It’s very compact, so you can
                 easily get from one spot to the
                other. The harbour side and the
             city centre are very beautiful with
                 the parks in the middle. I hope
                          that I can come again”
                                          Tobias Heinl,
                                       German aged 18


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                                                                                          Why choose BLC?                    7
                                                                                          Why choose Bristol?                9
                                                                                          BLC supports you                   10
                                    “Staff..teachers..students..                          Your welfare comes first           10
                                    this course is a big family.                          Supporting your studies            12
                                                                                          Be sociable:
                                   It’s impossible that you feel                          Getting out and about              14
                                 like a stranger, so thanks for                           Be connected:
                                                                                          Interactive learning with BLC      16
                                               everything BLC.”
                                                                                          Choose where you live              19
                                                    Bahadir Yaman,
                            		                      Turkey, aged 25                       BLC has the course for you         23
                                                                                          Be successful:
                                                                                          English for everyday life          24
                                                                                          Be active:
                                                                                          Junior Summer Programme            26
                                                                                          Be qualified:
                                                                                          English for examination purposes   28
                                                                                          Be motivated:
                                                                                          Group Programmes                   30
                                                                                          Online Lessons                     31
                                                                                          Be professional:
                                                                                          English for the workplace          32
                                                     Connect to us:                       BLC Internship Programme 		        33
                                                          BLCLearnEnglish                 BLC Demi Au Pair Programme         34
                                                                                          Practical information              35
                                                                                          BLC term dates 2018 		             35
                                                                                          Accommodation fees 2018            36
                                                                                          Course fees 2018 		                38
                                                                                          Terms and conditions               39


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“Professional teachers, high
                                                                                                              quality of the lessons, I have
                                                                                                                           learned a lot!”
                                                                                                                            Serena Fusaro,
                                                                                                                             Italy, aged 28


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Why choose BLC?
           BLC is a dynamic, independent, British Council accredited school which offers
           a wide range of high quality English language courses.

           Successful                                           Independent

           • You will make swift progress thanks to            • BLC in Bristol provides you with a
              our good class sizes, dedicated tutors               unique all-round English language
              and clever use of technology both in and             experience
              outside lessons                                   • Your specific needs will be identified
           • Your knowledge of English will set you               and met through innovations such as
              up for life!                                         Friday afternoon electives, BLC’s very
                                                                                                                       of BLC students would
                                                                   own mobile learning programme, our
                                                                   online learning environment, and our                recommend BLC to
           Individual                                              internship programme                                another student†
           • We will match your needs at BLC – we will
              help you reach your goals and fulfil your
              dreams, supported by your dedicated tutor,
              who will track your individual progress           • Your health and happiness matter to        Innovative
           • BLC’s variety of courses is sure to provide          us – you will have a named welfare         •Y
                                                                                                                ou will benefit from BLC’s up to date
              something to suit you, whatever your                 officer and find a friendly, welcoming      facilities, including lessons supported by
              aspirations                                          environment                                 tablet use, interactive whiteboards and
           •You can choose a flexible start date for          • You can ask BLC’s Student Support           free, unlimited Wi-Fi.
              most courses                                         Services for help with any non-            •O
                                                                                                                ur wide range of online and mobile
                                                                   academic issues, such as registering        interactive learning options will let you
                                                                   with the medical services or setting up     learn in the way that suits you best
           Quality                                                 a bank account
           • At BLC, we are recognised for our great           • You will have a 24-hour telephone
              reputation, innovation and quality
                                                                   number to call in emergencies
           • You will find well-qualified teachers –                                                         •Y
                                                                                                                ou will boost your confidence in
              often with many years’ experience, as                                                            English as you take part in BLC’s
              well as a Diploma or MA in English                                                               active social programme
              language teaching                                                                               •Y
                                                                                                                ou can make friends with other BLC
           • BLC is accredited by the British Council,                                                        students, who come from over 50
              and a member of English UK and                                                                   countries around the globe
              Quality English.                                                                                •B
                                                                                                                ased in the centre of the lively and
                                                                                                               welcoming city of Bristol, you will
                                                                                                               easily be able to visit the shops, bars,
                                                                                                               parks, train station and airport


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           of BLC students thought
           that Bristol was a great city†

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Why Bristol?
           From Brunel to Banksy, Bristol has attracted great minds who have left their
           mark on this beautiful, vibrant city. The cultural and artistic centre of south west
           England, Bristol has two world-ranking universities and a strong local economy.

           Bristol’s international airport and good rail links make it a convenient location,
           with flights direct to over 50 European destinations and many cities worldwide.
           Bristol has a diverse population and a wealth of opportunities: a top destination
           for language students and voted best place to live in 2017†.

           Historic sights                                      On stage                                      Out of town
           You can see Brunel’s world famous Clifton            Bristol is home to the Old Vic Theatre,       From Bristol, you can catch a train to
           Suspension Bridge, and visit his restored            the longest-running theatre in the UK,        London (1½ hours) or Bath (10 mins).
           iron ship, the SS Great Britain, moored              and the Hippodrome, where you can             Visit the traditional English seaside at
           in the scenic floating harbour. Stunning             see ballet, pantomime, stage shows            Weston super Mare (30 mins). Further
           Georgian houses from the 1700s sweep                 and musicals on tour from London’s            away, but in easy reach by car, are
           gracefully across the centre of this                 West End. There are many other live           Stratford upon Avon (birthplace of
           historic port.                                       performance venues and cinemas across         William Shakespeare), Oxford and the
                                                                the city.                                     ancient sights of Stonehenge.
           Music and nightlife
           Bristol is famous for its vibrant music              Educational opportunities
           scene, with plenty of live events for you to         Bristol is home to two world class                “Amazing place to visit...
                                                                universities and you will mix with a
           enjoy, from classical music to the latest
           bands at the Colston Hall and other venues           diverse international student population.     6 weeks are not enough to see
           around the city. There’s also a great choice
           of bars and clubs.                                   Sporting life
                                                                                                              everything. I will come back!”
                                                                Take part in any sport you like from                        Joanna Chetelat,
           Art and festivals                                    athletics to tennis, basketball to                      Switzerland, aged 22
           Be surprised by Bristol’s urban art scene            swimming: you will find them all in
           as you wander the streets. And keep an eye           Bristol. Or take a seat to enjoy Bristol’s
           open for hot air balloons drifting over this         professional football or rugby teams in
           ‘capital city’ of the ballooning world.              action. International fixtures at Cardiff’s
           Don’t miss the annual International                  Millennium Stadium are less than an
           Balloon Fiesta and the world renowned                hour away by train.
           Harbour Festival.

           †Sunday   Times Best Place to Live Guide 2017

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BLC supports you
           Living in another country
           can be as challenging as                             Your welfare comes first
           learning a language.                                 The happiness and safety of BLC students are our priorities,
           At BLC, we ensure you are                            and the BLC Team is well trained and experienced in
           safe and happy while you                             assisting you before, during and after your studies with us.
           study. We are here to answer                         Airport pick-up service                          24-hour support
           all your queries about life in                       An airport taxi service is available for you     At BLC we are committed to ensuring
           the UK. We’ll help you steer                         to book your transport to travel to or from      that you feel safe and supported. All
           clear of problems, but if                            Heathrow, Gatwick and Bristol airports.          our students are issued with a 24-hour
                                                                Pick-up arrangements are available for all       emergency telephone number.
           you need a friendly face
                                                                other airports on request.
           or helping hand, we’re here
                                                                                                                 Student insurance
           to help.                                             First day orientation                            BLC recommends that you take out
                                                                On your first day at BLC you will be shown       insurance, and can provide details of
           We’ll support your studies too,                      around the school and Bristol city centre, and   suitable insurance for students.
           with experienced teachers,                           take a level test. We will make sure you have
                                                                all the essential information about living in    Great nationality mix
           clever use of technology, and                        Bristol and the UK, as well as local transport
           advice to get you onto the                           information and emergency contact numbers.       BLC is delighted to teach students from
                                                                                                                 all over the world and in 2017, we
           next stage of your journey in                                                                         welcomed students from 55 countries!
           English. By providing a wide                         Student support                                  You will be able to practise your English
           choice of accommodation,                             BLC has a named welfare officer, who is          while making friends with people from
                                                                there to support you. BLC’s Student Support      many different countries and cultures.
           you can be sure that you                             Services will help you with any non-academic     Last year, around 7% of students came
           will be comfortable and                              issues, ranging from registering with the        from Asia, 6% from Turkey, 4% from
           content, as well as having                           police and medical services through to setting   South America, 7% from Middle East
           the opportunity to meet and                          up a bank account.                               and North African countries, 3% from
                                                                                                                 CIS & Russian Federation and 3% from
           make friends with other                                                                               Eastern Europe, not to mention students
           English language students                                                                             from Spain, Italy, France, Germany,
           from around the globe.                                                                                Switzerland and many more.†


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Supporting                                         Monitoring your progress
                                                              You will have an individual study plan and
                                                                                                               Tablet technology
                                                                                                               You will benefit from BLC’s tablet and

           your studies                                       a dedicated tutor to make sure you make
                                                              progress and get the most from your studies.
                                                                                                               self-study area, which makes use of
                                                                                                               hybrid tablets with detachable keyboards.
                                                              We will also help you plan for the future.       Additional tablets are available for
           We give you the individual                         You will have regular class tests to monitor     classroom work and BLC Anytime tutorials.
           attention you need to                              your progress, and you will receive an end of    BLC has an active BOYD (bring your own
                                                              course report and certificate.                   device) policy and encourages you to use
           achieve your goals and
                                                                                                               your own mobile devices for learning in and
           fulfil your dreams. Our high                       Sample timetable                                 out of the classroom.
           quality teaching means we                          For courses of 20 lessons (of 45 minutes)        We also have interactive whiteboards,
           can tailor our knowledge to                        per week:                                        screens and projectors, plus free Wi-Fi
           your needs.                                                                                         throughout. Our teachers are trained in
                                                              09.15–10.00          General English lesson 1    internet and computer-based learning
                                                                                                               methods and language lessons.
                                                              10.00–10.45          General English lesson 2
                                                                        BREAK                                  Online, mobile and

                                                              11.00–11.45          General English lesson 3    interactive
                                                              11.45–12.30          General English lesson 4    As soon as you enrol at BLC you will be
                                                                                                               given free access to our specially developed
                                                                                                               online learning platform, BLC Anytime.
                                                              For courses of 30 lessons (of 45 minutes) per    The system includes an individual study
          of BLC students thought                             week, the timetable is as for 20 lessons plus:   plan, access to BLC online guided learning
          our teachers were friendly                                                                           resources, and tutorial support from the
          and organised†                                      13.45–14.30          Afternoon lesson 1          BLC teaching team. You will also benefit
                                                              14.30–15.15          Afternoon lesson 2          from our very own SMS-based mobile
                                                                                                               learning programme, BLConTEXT.
                                                              Afternoon lessons 1 and 2 are for courses in     BLC also offers remote online tutoring with
                                                              Intensive English, FCE, CAE, IELTS and           a timetable to suit you- see page 31 for
                                                              Business English.                                more details.


                                                                                                                                                         Book at
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           University, exam and                                 What’s included?
           work guidance                                        Your course fees include: English
                                                                language lessons, personal study plan,
           BLC offers free guidance to students on              dedicated tutor, access to guided
           undergraduate and postgraduate university            interactive learning resources, computer
           entrance, work in the UK and advice on               room and Wi-Fi internet.
           suitable examination courses.

                                                                BLC shop
           Self-study opportunities                                                                                                         Monika Smith,
                                                                The BLC shop is the hub of the reception
           At BLC we understand the importance                  area. You can purchase practical items                         Assistant Director of Studies
           of independent and guided learning. You              such as adaptors and mobile phone credit,
           will have access to graded readers, exam             as well a range of BLC merchandise, from                           “The best thing is
           practice materials, and weekly exam practice         pens and mugs to T-shirts and hoodies.                         working with students
           sessions. Students can join our weekly
           Conversation Club and will have plenty                                                                                   from all over the
           of opportunities for out of class speaking           When you leave                                                  world and teachers
           practice. You can use the student computer           BLC will continue to support you after                          who care about the
           room to access your individual study plan and        you leave, with continued access to
           other interactive self-study materials through       our online learning environment BLC                                 progress of their
           your personal BLC Anytime account. With              Anytime* and our remote learning                                   students. It’s very
           interactive, computer- and internet-based            options, and the opportunity to keep in                              satisfying to see
           learning materials, and Wi-Fi throughout,            touch through our social networks.
           BLC gives you a great opportunity to                 *3 months’ free access after completing your course at BLC.
                                                                                                                                   our students pass
           maximise your extra study time.                                                                                            internationally
           Classroom facilities                                                                                                           exams and
           You will have use of BLC’s modern,
                                                                                                                                        achieve their
           light and well equipped classrooms, many
           of which have interactive whiteboards or                                                                                            goals”.
           screens and projectors. There are several
           break-out areas with access to hot and cold
           drinks and snacks.


                                                                                                                                                       Book at
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With BLC’s activity programme, you can:
                                                                                            ee more of Bristol with our regular city tours during which you
                                                                                           can take in Bristol’s urban art scene, including Banksy’s famous

           Be sociable                                                                     murals, as well as Brunel’s engineering masterpieces

                                                                                            njoy day trips to other towns and cities, such as London,
           Getting out and about                                                           Oxford and Cardiff

           Don’t just learn English, learn about                                          •S
                                                                                            ee what’s on at the cinema, or take a trip to the theatre,
           England – and the rest of the UK. Develop                                       perhaps to see a musical
           your independence as you speak to locals
                                                                                          • Relax on the beach, or enjoy a sizzling summer barbecue
           and enjoy new activities and new places.
           BLC’s active social programme means                                            • Visit the historic sights of Stonehenge, Salisbury or Wells
           you can take part in events on most days
                                                                                            xperience some traditional English pubs, go out for a delicious
           through the year. With such a wide choice,                                      meal, or enjoy a chat over coffee
           there’s sure to be something to suit you.
                                                                                          • Take part in fun activities like Laser Quest and mini-golf
           Boost your confidence in English and
                                                                                          • Learn about cheese making in the caves at Cheddar
           make new friends, as you speak with BLC
           students of many other nationalities. At the                                   • Try something different, from boat trips to bowling
           same time, enjoy everything that Bristol
                                                                                            ut together some fancy dress for Halloween, visit the
           and its surroundings have to offer.                                             Christmas market or enjoy a fireworks display

           You can choose from an enormous range                                          •E
                                                                                            xperience famous Bristol events like the Harbour Festival or
                                                                                           the Balloon Fiesta
           of regular activities.
                                                                                            ake a stroll around one of Bristol’s museums, or make some
                                                                                           furry friends at Bristol Zoo

                “There were many activities and local places
                to visit, and everything has always been well
                                    organised. It was so fun!”
               Beatriz Marquez Merchán, Spain, aged 18


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Brunel’s SS
                                                                                                 photo by Ad eat Britain,
                                                                                                            am Gasson


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Be connected                                                                   BLC Anytime
                                                                                          BLC understands the benefits of learning both inside and outside
           Interactive learning with BLC                                                  the classroom. As part of our blended learning programmes, BLC
                                                                                          is proud to offer you access to its interactive online and mobile
                                                                                          learning platform from the time you enrol, for the duration of your
           BLC’s exciting mobile and online learning
                                                                                          course and beyond. BLC offers you free online and mobile access to
           environment is truly flexible, to suit you!                                    a vast range of authentic and guided learning material, so you can
                                                                                          study anytime!
           Our interactive learning resources support
                                                                                          As a BLC student, you will benefit from:
           your communication in English inside and                                       • Mobile and online access to thousands of extra activities and
           outside the classroom, and ensure you get                                         exercises, including pronunciation, listening and reading practice
           the most from your course.                                                     • Access to a range of handy apps, such as the BLC Social Activity
                                                                                             Calendar and useful grammar and vocabulary exercises
           As a BLC student, you will receive free                                        • Learning in your own way, using authentic material
           access to our unique mobile learning                                           • A structured individual learning plan at your own level
           programme, BLConTEXT, as well as our                                           • Reaching your personal learning goals
                                                                                          • Adapting your learning plan according to your needs
           online learning platform, BLC Anytime.
                                                                                          • Preparing online for tests and exams using a wide range of
           At the end of your course you will continue
                                                                                             exam preparation material
           to have free access to BLC Anytime for an
                                                                                          • Sharing your learning and social experiences with friends via
           additional 3 months.                                                              Facebook and Twitter
                                                                                          • Keeping a record of your tutorial with your teacher and personal
                                                                                             advice about how to improve your English
                                                                                          • 24/7 access: log on and learn anytime!


                                                                                                                                                             Book at
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+44-330 124 03 17 -
           BLC Mobile Learning – UNIQUE to BLC
           As a BLC student, you will benefit from this BLC innovation
           – BLConTEXT – our very own SMS-based mobile learning

           Benefits to you include:
           • Daily SMS text message to help your English language learning
           • Daily SMS links to videos, websites and photos
                                                                                                                         Ellie Rehbein,
           • Interactive teaching methods, giving you language guidance
              while studying independently
                                                                                                                   Centre Administrator
           • Increased knowledge of new vocabulary and idioms                                                  “The best thing about
           • A fun, interactive and exciting way to learn English                                                BLC is the variety of
           • Integration with social networks                                                                    people I get to meet
                                                                                                                      and work with-
                                                                                                                   from the teachers
                                                                                                                       to the students
                “It was a great idea to receive a text                                                               and everyone in
               on my mobile phone every day before                                                                      between. The
                my class. It prompted me to think in                                                                   atmosphere is
                                                                                                                      always buzzing
                English and to learn useful idiomatic                                                                       and ever-
                  expressions and new words quickly”                                                                        changing
                                               Sara Guerrini,                                                         throughout the
                                            Italian, aged 23                                                                     year!”


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“I was really lucky with
                                                                                                                          this family. They are good
                                                                                                                       cooks and really friendly and
                                                                                                                      caring. They helped me to find
                                                                                                              a salsa course. They are probably the
                                                                                                                     best family that BLC can offer”
                                                                                                                               Laryssa Nkoumondo,
                                                                                                                               Switzerland, aged 23

                                                                                                                                               Book at
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Choose where
           you want to live
           At BLC you can choose to stay with a family in one of our carefully selected friendly
           homestays or more independently in our modern residences. We can also provide you
           with serviced apartment or hotel accommodation on request.

           Homestay                                            Half board
                                                               Homestay half board is our most popular
                                                               option. You will live as part of a family or
                                                                                                               Staying in a self-catering home provides
                                                                                                               you with all the same benefits as homestay
           Homestay provides you                               household, in a single bedroom, sharing all     half board, but you will prepare your own
           with a home from home                               the living areas, and with all the facilities   meals.
                                                               at home that you need. Meals are provided
           in Bristol, with easy access
                                                               (breakfast and evening meal on weekdays,        Benefits:
           to BLC. Staying with one                            three meals a day at weekends).                 As for Half Board, except:
           of our families will give                                                                           • You can use kitchen facilities to prepare
           you a perfect opportunity                           Benefits:                                          your own meals
           to practise English and                             • Single room, with desk available for study    • You therefore have greater independence
                                                               • Shared family bathroom
           have a base from which to                           • Breakfast and evening meal on Monday
           explore Bristol.                                       to Friday and three meals a day at
                                                               • Laundry once a week
           Our Accommodation                                   • Convenient location
           Officer visits our homestays                        • Opportunity to improve conversational
           at least once every two                                English
           years, in line with British
           Council regulations, to
           ensure that our high
           standards are maintained.


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Residential                                         Elephant House
                                                               Just 15 minutes’ walk from BLC, this
                                                                                                               Elephant House provides single or twin
                                                                                                               rooms with shared bathrooms.
                                                               residence owes its name to the elephant
           Staying in a residence is                                                                           • Access to local shops in a friendly
                                                               sculptures on the side of the building,
           ideal if you wish to live                           created by local sculptor Steve Joyce.
                                                                                                               • A BLC shared house, with high quality,
                                                               The strict English language-only policy in
           more independently.                                                                                    bright and spacious rooms
                                                               this BLC community means that you will
           You can live with fellow                                                                            • Self-catering
                                                               benefit from making friends and speaking
                                                                                                               • Students must be at least 18 years of age
           students of different                               English with students of other nationalities.
                                                                                                                  to stay in this house
           nationalities, and improve                          This residence is ideal for students who
                                                                                                               • Minimum stay is 1 week
                                                               want independence at the same time as
           your English together, or                           being part of a BLC community, with the
                                                                                                               • Strictly no smoking in this residence
           you can live completely                             opportunity to meet people and practise
                                                                                                               Facilities include:
           independently in a studio                           English at home. The residence is the venue
                                                                                                               • Brand new shared kitchen facilities,
                                                               of many social events, and has enough
           apartment. BLC offers you                           space to make communal living a great
                                                                                                                  including all kitchen utilities
           a variety of high quality                                                                           • A bed, wardrobe, drawer space and desk
                                                                                                                  in each room
           year-round residential                                                                              • Two bright and airy shared lounges
           accommodation.                                                                                      • Widescreen TV in lounge
                                                                 ”Everything was perfect, the                  • Laundry facilities
                                                                                                               • Bedding pack (duvet, pillows and bed
                                                                 location was good, the room                      linen), but students must provide their
                                                                                                                  own towels
                                                                 was spacious and the kitchen                  • Free Wi-Fi
                                                                                                               • All utility bills included
                                                                                    was big.”                  • Secured entrance
                                                                                                               • Bike storage
                                                                               Victor Delétraz,
                                                                          Switzerland, aged 19


                                                                                                                                                        Book at
wordlwide lowest price at:
+44-330 124 03 17 -
Facilities include:
           BLC City Centre                                                                                    BLC Juniors’ Residence
                                                              • An individual self-contained
           Studio Apartments                                     studio apartment                             This hotel-style residence is used for
           In the heart of Bristol’s city centre, our         • Double bed                                   junior groups, as an alternative to
           studio apartments are just 10 minutes’             • En-suite shower room                          homestay accommodation. It is
           walk from BLC.                                     • Study area with desk, chair                  20 minutes from BLC by bus.
                                                                 and shelving units
           • These apartments have stylish interiors         • Kitchenette with integrated                  • Georgian Gothic buildings set in
              and quality fittings                               appliances                                      landscaped gardens
           • Located in the buzzing city centre, you         • Dining table and chairs                       • You will enjoy award-winning food
              will find a great choice of restaurants,        • Widescreen TV                                    and friendly staff
              pubs and shops on your doorstep                 • Laundry facilities                            • Close to the city centre, Bristol
           • Self-catering                                    • Bedding pack (duvet, pillows and                International Airport, and major
           • Students must be at least 18 years of age          bed linen), but students must provide           road links
              to stay in this residence                          their own towels                             • Suitable for students aged 13–17
           • Minimum stay is 1 week                           • Large communal spaces including pool
           • Strictly no smoking                                 tables and internet stations                 Facilities include:
                                                              • State-of-the-art gym                          • Full board (all meals provided)
                                                              • Free Wi-Fi                                    • Single, double and triple rooms
                                                              • All utility bills included                    • Free Wi-Fi
                                                              • 24/7 reception and security,                 • Weekly linen change and room clean
                                                                 with key fob entry
                                                              • Bike storage
                                                              • Wheelchair access
                                                              • Free bike rental
                                                              • Communal study space


                                                                                                                                                       Book at
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+44-330 124 03 17 -
“I practiced speaking and
                                                                                                                     so I improved my fluency and
                                                                                                                pronunciation. I have also learned
                                                                                                                useful expressions and vocabulary”
                                                                                                              Joao António Abreu Costa de Sousa,
                                                                                                                               Portugal, aged 20


                                                                                                                                            Book at
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+44-330 124 03 17 -
BLC has the
           course for you!
           We listen to your goals                              Be successful                                   Be motivated
           and aspirations.                                     English for everyday life                       English to suit you
                                                                • General and Intensive English courses        • Group programmes and Remote Online
           For example, do you want to                             run year-round to improve your English         Tutoring courses can be tailored to your
           be able to:                                             language proficiency for use in everyday       needs. Our English course content is
                                                                   situations, including further studies,         custom built to suit you and push your
                                                                   business or leisure. See page 24               language further. See pages 30-31
           • Learn real life English for
              real world situations?                            Be active                                       Be professional
           • Communicate effectively                           English for making friends                      English for the workplace
              in international business?                        • Junior Summer Programme for students         •B
                                                                                                                  usiness English helps you improve
           • Secure a better job in your                          aged 13–17 years at a range of levels.        your English so that you can conduct
                                                                   See page 26                                   business internationally. See page 32
              home country?
           • Progress to a quality UK                          Be qualified                                    Be experienced
              university?                                       English for examination purposes                BLC Internship Programme
           • Improve your English for                          • Cambridge First (FCE) and Cambridge          • The BLC Internship Programme is
              leisure or tourism?                                  Advanced (CAE) are internationally              available to EU students, to give you
                                                                   recognised exams for students at a variety      vital experience after your studies by
                                                                   of levels, to improve your English for          using your English language skills in a
           Our variety of quality                                  daily life or work. See page 28                 local business. See page 33
           courses is sure to offer                             • IELTS examination, to improve your           Demi Au Pair programme
                                                                   English language skills for university
           something to suit you. By                                                                            • The Demi Au Pair programme is
                                                                   entrance. See page 29
           teaching you practical, real                                                                            designed for young adults who want
                                                                                                                   to have the biggest variety of English
           life English and working                                                                                speaking experience, both in the
           closely with you, we make                                                                               classroom and working as an au pair
           sure we meet your needs.                                                                                with a British family. See Page 34


                                                                                                                                                             Book at
wordlwide lowest price at:
+44-330 124 03 17 -
Be successful                                                                                            98%
                                                                                                                     of students thought their
           English for everyday life                                                                                 lessons were active and

           General and Intensive English
           Courses to improve your English language skills for everyday situations

           Course description                                 Course outcomes                                 Key course facts
           We offer General and Intensive English             • You will develop English skills in           •E  lementary to advanced levels*
           courses to improve your English                       reading, writing, speaking and listening     • Minimum length: 1 week
           language skills for use in everyday                • Your confidence in the language will         •N  umber of lessons per week
           situations, including for further studies,            improve                                        (lesson are 45 minutes): General:
           business or leisure. The course uses a             • Your career prospects will be enhanced         20 (15 hours), Intensive: 30 (22.5 hours)
           course book and supplementary materials               by achieving a level of English required     •M  aximum class size: 14
           and will provide you with essential                   for international business                     (average class size: 12)
           structures and vocabulary. You will                • You could progress to an exam focussed       • Start any Monday during term time**
           work with authentic material taken from               programme for example FCE, CAE or            • Course length as required
           online sources, the media, TV and radio,              IELTS, to receive an internationally         •G  eneral English: Students aged 18
           relevant to topic areas.                              recognised qualification                       and above
                                                                                                              • I ntensive English: Students aged 16
                                                                                                                and above, subject to meeting welfare

                                                                                                              *Many of our courses have flexible start dates, but
                                                                                                              we advise that very low level students arrive and start
                                                                                                              courses at the beginning of each term.
                                                                                                              **See term dates on page 35.
                                                                                                              *** Students aged 16 or 17, who are studying Intensive
                                                                                                              English, must stay in a homestay and provide parental
                                                                                                              consent to study at BLC.


                                                                                                                                                                  Book at
wordlwide lowest price at:
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“My English has
                                                                 improved- I am much
                                                               more confident with my
                                                                speaking. Now, I don’t
                                                                 think about what I’m
                                                                   saying, I just say it”
                                                                     Andrea Menchini,

                                                                                                               My BLC
                                                                        Italy, aged 21

                                                               The electives give you the chance to try          James MacPherson,
                                                               different exam classes (for example FCE,                 BLC Teacher
                                                               CAE, IELTS) without being registered for a
                                                               specific exam course. They also allow you to     “The teachers work
                                                               study practical English that will really help         in a supportive
                                                               you with your future plans and goals within             team and are
                                                               an English-speaking world.
                                                                                                                    very committed
                                                               Typical, popular Friday afternoon elective          to their jobs. This
                                                               classes include:                                     contributes to a
           Friday afternoon electives                          • Pronunciation
                                                               • English for work (CV writing, interview          positive working
           For students of Intensive English, these
           90-minute Friday afternoon classes give                tips, job-related vocabulary and role                 environment
           you a choice of sessions to make your                  playing)                                               and the best
           course as specific and useful to you as             • Presentation skills
                                                               • Phrasal verbs for everyday life                  possible learning
           possible. BLC teachers decide which topics
           to run each week, based on the interests            • Real English for life in the UK                      experience for
           and needs of the students in the school.            • Discussions and debating in English                    our students.”
           You are encouraged to make suggestions              • Academic English
           for classes.


                                                                                                                                 Book at
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+44-330 124 03 17 -
I have had good teacher- very
           Be active                                                                                    helpful. They gave me special
           English for making friends                                                           homework every week. Our class had
                                                                                                a lot of fun. Thank you, I am going
                                                                                                             to come back next year!
                                                                                                                      Marion Leisegang,
                                                                                                                      Germany, aged 55

           Junior Summer Programme
           English with activity programme for students aged 13-17

           Course description                                 Course outcomes                                         Activities
           This offers English language tuition               • You will develop English skills in                   Activities include things like a visit
           for students aged 13–17 years in small                reading, writing, speaking and listening             to Blaise Castle (Bristol mansion and
           groups, combined with a social activity            • You will experience English life and                 parkland), a tour of Bristol’s famous street
           programme. You can improve your                       culture through making friends, living               art, sports, a trip to the city of Bath or
           English while learning about British                  with an English family and attending                 London and shopping in a local market.**
           life and culture in a fun and relaxed                 excursions and activities
           atmosphere. The most recent teaching                                                                       **These are sample activities and not guaranteed for
                                                                                                                      any particular week. Please see our Juniors’ flyer for
           methods and materials are used to ensure           Key course facts                                        complete details of the Junior Summer Programme.
           that all classes are imaginative and
           stimulating.                                       • Elementary to advanced levels
                                                              • Minimum length: 1 week (Sunday to
             Sample Timetable                                 • Maximum class size: 15
                                                              • Number of lessons per week (lessons are
                                                                 45 minutes): 20 (15 hours)
             09.15-10.45         Lessons 1 and 2
                                                              • Course dates: 2 July to 11 August 2018 in
                                                                 two 3-week cycles
                             BREAK                            • Course length: 1–3 weeks*
                                                              • Students aged 13–17 years
             11.00-12.30         Lessons 3 and 4              • Full and half-day teacher-accompanied
                                                                 excursions (mid-week and Saturday)
                             LUNCH                            • Fees include: full board accommodation,
                                                                 excursions and local bus pass
             Afternoon           Social activities
                                                              *If you study on the programme for more than 3 weeks
                                                              (within course dates), elements of the programme will
                                                              be repeated.

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                                                                                                              Book at
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“I like the content of the course
           Be qualified                                                                                                and that it focused on the CAE
                                                                                                                          exam, which is my aim. The
           English for examination purposes
                                                                                                                           teachers were very nice and
                                                                                                                     patient solving all our problems”
                                                                                                                                            Maria Bueno,
                                                                                                                                           Spain, aged 24

           Cambridge Examinations
           Preparation for internationally recognised exams

           Course description                                 Course outcomes                                      Key course facts
           These courses will prepare you for the             • Successful completion of a Cambridge              • Entry level: intermediate (Cambridge
           Cambridge First (FCE) and Cambridge                   examination at the required level                    First), upper intermediate (CAE)
           Advanced (CAE) examinations, which are             • You will improve your skills in reading,          • Course length: up to 12 weeks
           internationally recognised as exams of                writing, listening and speaking                   • Minimum length advised: 6 weeks
           excellence, focused on improving accuracy          • Your career prospects will be improved             • Number of lessons per week (lessons are
           in all areas of the language.                      • FCE gives you practical English                      45 minutes): 30 (22.5 hours; General
                                                                 needed for everyday life (course level:              English plus afternoon exam preparation)
                                                                 intermediate to upper intermediate)               • Maximum class size: 14
                                                              • CAE enhances your career prospects as                (average class size: 12)
                                                                 it is good training for English at work           • Students aged 18 and above
                                                                 (course level: upper intermediate to              • Certificates are valid indefinitely
             Programme           Start Date              End Date                  Course Length              Exam Date

             FCE                 2 January 2018          9 March 2018              10 weeks                   FCE 10 March 2018

             CAE                 2 January 2018          16 March 2018             11 weeks                   CAE 17 March 2018

             FCE, CAE            19 March 2018           8 June 2018               12 weeks                   FCE 9 June 2018 , CAE 13 June 2018

             FCE, CAE            25 June 2018            24 August 2018            9 weeks                    FCE 23 August 2018 , CAE 24 August 2018

             FCE                 10 September 2018       20 November 2018         12 weeks                    FCE 4 December 2018

  28         CAE                 25 September 2018       7 December 2018          13 weeks                    CAE 8 December 2018

                                                                                                                                                            Book at
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+44-330 124 03 17 -
               of BLC students feel that the
               school was as expected†

           IELTS Preparation
           Improve your English for university entrance

           Course description                                 Course outcomes                                 Key course facts
           This course will help you improve your             • Successful completion of the IELTS           • Intermediate to advanced levels (IELTS
           English language skills to prepare for                examination                                     Foundation may be available for those at
           the internationally recognised IELTS               • You will improve your skills in reading,        pre-intermediate level during busy periods)
           (International English Language Testing               writing, listening and speaking              • Minimum length: 1 week
           System) examination and to progress to a           • Possible entrance to a UK university          • Number of lessons per week
           UK university.                                                                                        (lessons are 45 minutes): 30 (22.5 hours)
                                                                                                              • Maximum class size: 14
                                                                                                                 (average class size: 12)
                                                                                                              • Start any Monday during term time*
                                                                                                              • Course length as required
                                                                                                              • Students aged 18 and above
                                                                                                              *See term dates on page 35.

                                                                                                                 “The teachers I met here were
                                                                                                                   very friendly and organised
                                                                                                                and all students at BLC were so
                                                                                                                          amazing and lovely”
                                                                                                                                  Soyoung Bang,
                                                                                                                           South Korean, aged 23


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Be motivated
           English to suit you

           Group Programmes
           Tailored English programmes for groups of all sizes and ages,
           whatever your needs.

           Course description                                 Course Outcomes                                 Key course facts
           BLC is experienced in delivering group             • Fully inclusive programmes available         •M
                                                                                                                inimum course length: 5 days
           programmes and courses to suit your                • Competitive prices depending on group        •E
                                                                                                                lementary to advanced levels
           school, company or organisation. We                   size and requirements                        •M
                                                                                                                aximum class size: 15
           offer any of our English courses built into        • Build a course to suit your group-           •N
                                                                                                                umber of lessons per week: 20-30
           a tailor-made programme including a full              our team will assist in creating the         •S
                                                                                                                tudents aged 13-17 for Junior
           social programme and accommodation if                 programme you need                            programmes or 16 and above for adult
           required. We can cater for:                        • Great memories of the BLC experience          programmes
           • School Groups                                                                                   •S
                                                                                                                tart day can be flexible to suit your
           • PON programmes (Italy only)                                                                      group’s needs
           • Business English courses tailored to                                                            •O
                                                                                                                nline group courses also available (see
              your group’s industry                                                                            opposite)
           • Ministays
           • Work and study programmes
              (General English combined with work


                                                                                                                                                       Book at
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              TO 2018

           Individual or group lessons.

           Course description
           At BLC we know that not everyone is able
           to travel to the UK to learn English. With
           our online teaching portal you can schedule
           a course programme to suit you, whether
           you need a long term course or just want to
           improve the skills you have. You will have
           your own fully qualified personal tutor to
           help you reach your language goals.

           Course Outcomes
           • English lessons to suit you, in the comfort
              of your home or favourite café!
           • You will develop English skills at your
              own pace with a fully qualified BLC
           • Timetable to suit your needs

           Key course facts
           • Elementary to advanced levels
           • Group or individual lessons
           • Minimum age: 16/17 (with parental
           • Minimum hours per week: 1
           • 1 hour lessons
           • Course length as required

                                                                                                              Book at
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+44-330 124 03 17 -
Be professional
           English for the workplace

           Business English
           Flexible business English courses for individuals or groups

           Course description                                 Course outcomes                                  Key course facts
           BLC offers flexible Business English               • Your English will improve for use in          • I ntermediate to advanced levels
           courses for individuals or groups focusing            business and professional contexts            • Minimum length advised: 2 weeks
           on practical English language for you to           • You will be better able to conduct            •N  umber of lessons per week (lessons
           use in the workplace and international                business in an international environment        are 45 minutes): 30 (22.5 hours)
           business communication.                                                                             •M  aximum class size: 14
                                                                                                                 (average class size: 12)
           We assess your language levels and
           areas of interest, as we can be flexible
                                                               “Of course I will recommend to                  •S  tart day can be any Monday within
                                                                                                                 the blocks.
           to your needs. We offer you a variety of
           topics such as international marketing,
                                                                 my colleagues and friends.”                   • Students aged 18 and above

           e-commerce, report writing, negotiation            Sergey Vasilevich Ignatenko,                     For specific group enquiries, please
           or presentation giving. You will work                           Russia, aged 42                     contact
           with authentic material taken from
           online material, the media, TV and radio,
           relevant to topic areas.
                                                                Programme              Start Date             End Date                Course Length

                                                                Business English       25 June 2018           24 August 2018          9 weeks


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+44-330 124 03 17 -
“The content of the lessons was varied and
                                    very stimulating. The teachers were friendly,
                                                interesting and I’ve learnt a lot”
                                                                            Lilia Leghmizil,
                                                                            French, aged 20

           BLC Internship Programme
           Learn English in the workplace                                                                              My BLC
           BLC offers EU students the opportunity of
           a course at BLC followed by an internship                                                                               Kasia Tyka,
           in a local business. BLC can arrange                                                                                    BLC Teacher
           internships for you in a variety of office
           environments, and you will be able to
                                                                                                                           “Firstly, the team I
           choose from a range of opportunities,                                                                         work with are all so
           subject to fulfilling the following                                                                              nice and there is
                                                                                                                           a very supportive
           Programme requirements                                    Key facts                                                    atmosphere.
           To take part in the programme, you                        • BLC will identify a suitable work                 Secondly, I like the
           need to:                                                     placement in your chosen field, to suit your     opportunity to meet
           • Be an EU student                                           studies or experience*                                 different multi-
           • Complete an English language course                    • Placements last from 3 weeks to 6 months
              of at least 4 weeks                                    • All work placements are unpaid                      national students,
           • Have an English language level of                      • A BLC representative will accompany you              teach them and
              intermediate and above                                    to the introductory meeting with                        to watch them
           • Have suitable experience or                               the company
              qualifications                                         • BLC will provide you with full details                     progress. It’s
                                                                        of the company, working conditions and              rewarding when
                                                                        times, public transport maps etc.                     they say ‘thank
                                                                     • BLC will provide you with a final report
                                                                        and certificate, detailing your successfully           you, I’ve learnt
           *Subject to you submitting relevant information such as      completed internship                                              a lot”.
           up-to-date CV and subject to availability.


                                                                                                                                            Book at
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Be experienced
           Work and study programme

           Demi Au pair Programme
           Combine English study with au pair work

           Course description                                 Course outcomes                                 Key course facts
           The Demi Au Pair programme combines                • Create a close relationship with a           •A more affordable course- full board and
           20 hours’ au pair work per week with a                British family                                 lodging is included in your
           General English course at BLC.                     • Enhance your career prospects by the           placement fee
           You will live with a British family who               high level of English you will achieve       • Pocket money given by host family
           will provide board and lodging as well                through an immersive language                • Age range: 18-25
           as weekly pocket money. You will also                 environment                                  •M inimum length: 2 months
           gain valuable English speaking work                • Au pair families will often need             •M aximum length: 6 months can be
           experience and achieve your language                  childcare, which is a great experience         extended on request
           goals in this immersive language                      and a great way to practise English          • Maximum class size in BLC: 14
           environment. At the same time you will             • The course is ideal for those on a lower        (average class size 12)
           participate in a morning-only BLC course              budget who want to work to pay their         • Start any Monday, must allow 2 months
           and will be able to join in with the BLC              accommodation and food costs                    notice to find a host family
           social programme whenever your au pair                                                             •C ourse is modelled around an au pair
           schedule allows.                                                                                     schedule, with 3 hours’ morning classes at
                                                                                                                BLC every weekday
                                                                                                              •M inimum level: intermediate

                                                                                                                “Everything about my stay
                                                                                                                was way better than I could
                                                                                                                            have expected”
                                                                                                                                Julia Hoop,
                                                                                                                      Lichtenstein, aged 20


                                                                                                                                                       Book at
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                                                                                                                                        My BLC
            All the details you need to know about coming to BLC.

           Public Holidays
           BLC is closed for 2 weeks for Christmas and New Year
           and also on public holidays, which in 2018 are as follows:

           New Years Day                         1 January
           Good Friday                           30 March
           Easter Monday                         2 April                                                                                         Phoebe Ruxton,
           Early May Bank Holiday                7 May                                                                                       Sales and Marketing
           Spring Bank Holiday                   28 May                                                                                                Executive
           Summer Bank Holiday                   27 August
           Christmas Day                         25 December                                                                             “The best thing about
           Boxing Day                            26 December                                                                                 BLC is the friendly
           BLC term dates 2018                                                                                                             Students come from
           The school is open from 2 January to 21 December 2018.                                                                                all around the
           The minimum period of enrolment is 1 week.
                                                                                                                                              world, creating a
             Term                          Start Date*                     End Date                          Term Length                    truly multi-cultural
                                                                                                                                               vibe, and BLC is
             Winter                        2 January 2018                  23 March 2018                     12 weeks
                                                                                                                                               a small enough
             Spring                        26 March 2018                   22 June 2018                      13 weeks                           school to know
                                                                                                                                                  every student
             Summer                        25 June 2018                    21 September 2018                 13 weeks                               individually
                                                                                                                                                 while they are
             Autumn                        24 September 2018               21 December 2018                  13 weeks
           *Many of our courses have flexible start dates, but we advise that very low level students arrive and start courses at the
           beginning of each term.


                                                                                                                                                            Book at
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Accommodation fees
                                                         Year round                    Summer (July & August)
                                                              Cost per extra                                  Cost per
            Accommodation              Cost per week                                Cost per week
                                                              night                                           extra night

            Self-catering                        £135                 £25                   £150                    £27

            Half board                           £165                 £28                   £180                    £30

           *includes summer supplement of £15 per week

           Additional information regarding homestay accommodation
           • Changes to bookings will incur a £40 administration fee
           • Late arrival: please try to arrive in your accommodation by 22.30
              (but not before 07.00). Arrivals after this time will incur a late
              arrival fee of £20
           • For adult courses, students are placed one student per room,
              unless otherwise requested. Where junior students share a room,
              this will be clearly stated
           • The minimum length of stay is 1 week
           • A notice period of 1 week applies
           • There is an accommodation change fee of £40


                                                                                                                            Book at
wordlwide lowest price at:
+44-330 124 03 17 -
           BLC City Centre Residence                                                               BLC Juniors’ Residence
                                                                                                   Accommodation fees are included in the course fees for the Junior
                                                                                                   Summer Programme. See Junior Summer Programme prices,
                                                                                                   website and BLC website for full details.
            Studio Apartments
            (Double bed, en-suite and                               £295 per week*
            individual kitchen facilities)                                                         Additional information regarding
                                                                                                   residential accommodation:
                                                                                                   • Changes to bookings will incur a £40 administration fee
           *Any room stay in our Studio Apartments will incur an additional cleaning fee of £40.   •A  refundable deposit of £200 is required for residences, in case of
                                                                                                     damage. You must pay this on arrival (you can pay by debit/credit
                                                                                                     card). Rooms are checked on arrival and departure
                                                                                                   •L  ate arrival: please try to arrive in your accommodation by 22.30
                                                                                                     (but not before 07.00). Arrivals after this time will incur a late
           Elephant House                                                                            arrival fee of £20
                                                                                                   •D  ouble occupancy supplement of £50 per week
            Shared twin room                                                                         (studio apartments only)
            (Two single or small double                             £140 per person                • I n Elephant House all rooms are single occupancy with exception
            beds and shared bathroom                                  per week*                      of the twin rooms
            and kitchen)                                                                           • The minimum length of stay is 2 weeks
                                                                                                   • A notice period of 2 weeks applies
                                                                                                   • There is an accommodation change fee of £40
            Large single room                                       £170 per person
            (Double bed and shared                                                                 Airport pick-up service
                                                                      per week*
            bathroom and kitchen)
                                                                                                   One-way taxi transport to or from the airport is available. We can
                                                                                                   obtain prices for transfers from other airports for you on request.
           *Any room stay in Elephant House will incur an additional cleaning supplement of £30.

                                                                                                    Bristol Airport                                     £45

                                                                                                    Heathrow Airport                                   £205

                                                                                                    Gatwick Airport                                    £240


                                                                                                                                                                         Book at
wordlwide lowest price at:
+44-330 124 03 17 -
Course fees 2018
           Deposit and registration fee                                                   General and Intensive English,
           You must pay a non-refundable deposit of £300. This includes a                 Examination Courses, and Business English
           registration fee of £50. The registration fee includes materials and           There is a summer course supplement of £15 per week from 2 July
           access to our interactive learning resources*, but does not include            to 24 August 2018 inclusive.
           course books.

           Course books
           Students on all courses must purchase a course book. You will be
           sold a course book when you arrive. All course books cost £25.

            No. of lessons              Course                             Cost per week
            per week
                                                                              1-7 weeks             8-12 weeks               13-23 weeks                 24+weeks
            20 lessons of 45 mins       General English
                                                                                  £235                   £225                      £215                     £205
            15 hours
            30 lessons of 45 mins       Intensive English, FCE, CAE,
                                                                                  £285                   £275                      £265                     £235
            22.5 hours                  IELTS, Business

           Junior Summer Programme
           For group prices and agent enquiries, please contact

            No. of lessons        Course                    Cost per week
            per week                                                                       Individual one-to-one lessons - online or in school
            20 lessons of 45      Junior Summer                                            1 lesson of 60 minutes                                  £45
            mins (15 hours)                                        £525
                                  Programme Homestay
                                                                                          Examination fees (estimated)
           Price includes full board accommodation, tuition, activity                     Exam fees are approximate and may be subject to change.
           programme and public transport card.
                                                                                           Examination                            Cost
           Internship Programme                                                            FCE & CAE                                              £165
           Registration and £500 placement fee (subject to completion of
                                                                                           IELTS                                                  £165
           a course of at least 4 weeks).
                                                                                          * Group packages do not include access to BLC Anytime and BLConTEXT.
           Demi Au Pair Programme                                                         **Additional supplement of £160 per person per week payable for residential
                                                                                          accommodation on the Junior Summer Programme, based on twin room with two
           Registration and £300 placement fee + cost of General English                  sharing. See Juniors’ flyer and BLC website for full details.
           classes.                                                                       ***£15 exam fee supplement for exams taken in August.


                                                                                                                                                                        Book at
wordlwide lowest price at:
+44-330 124 03 17 -
Terms and conditions
           Arrival and departure                                     cannot be made for late arrival, early
                                                                     departure or absence during a course.
           • Students should arrive on Sunday and leave on       • If, for any reason you stop your course early,   • Where availability of residences is limited,
              Saturday wherever possible.                            your tuition fees are non-refundable.               students must pay full course fees in advance
           • Please arrive at your accommodation by 22.30        • International bank transfers are subject to         to secure the booking.
              (but not before 07.00), or you will incur a late       a £12 charge. BLC will not be liable for         • You must give at least 2 weeks’ notice if
              arrival fee of £20.                                    any additional costs of international bank          changing or cancelling accommodation in
                                                                     transfers. International debit and credit           a residence. Changes should always take
           Fees                                                      cards are subject to a 3% charge. UK Debit          place at weekends.
                                                                     cards are exempt from charges.                   • You must give at least 1 week’s notice
           • Fees must be paid at least 4 weeks before
                                                                  • The course change fee is £15.                        if changing or cancelling homestay
              your course begins. If you book less than 4
              weeks before you start, you must send the full
                                                                                                                      • All accommodation changes for reasons
              payment immediately to secure your place.           Holiday closures                                       other than those stated on the application
           • All Tier 4 students are required to transfer all    • The school will close for 2 weeks for               form will incur a charge of £40.
              course and accommodation fees as soon as               Christmas and New Year holidays.
              their visa is approved.
           • Fees include tuition, assessment test, and
                                                                  • There is no reduction in fees for courses
                                                                     which include public holidays.
              use of school facilities including free internet                                                        • Courses are subject to availability.
              access, as well as access to our BLC Anytime                                                            • All students are required to give contact
             and BLConTEXT online and mobile learning
                                                                  Holidays                                               details of a close relative including a
              programmes, with the exception of summer and        • If you want to take a holiday during your           phone number.
              group packages which do not include                    course, you must let us know in writing          • Students must comply with school rules
              BLC Anytime and BLConTEXT. The Junior                  at least 2 weeks beforehand. Subject to             regarding accommodation, attendance at
              Summer Programme fees also include the                 completion of BLC’s official Holiday                social activities and conduct within the
              social and cultural activity programme and a           Request Form, holiday periods of full               school. Where students persistently break the
              local bus pass.                                        weeks will be added to your course. Please          rules or commit an act of gross misconduct,
           • Fees do not include examination fees, course           note that holidays taken for individual days        the school reserves the right to ask the
              books, insurance or the activities programme           or absence due to sickness will not be added        student to leave.
              (except on the Junior Summer Programme).               to your course.                                  • We strongly advise you to take out full travel
              The adult activity programme does not usually       • Students are eligible to take a holiday after       and medical insurance before you travel.
              cost more than £30 per week.                           12 weeks of continuous study.                       Insurance should cover personal belongings
           • A registration fee of £50 is additional to                                                                 such as laptops, cameras and mobile phones,
              course fees.                                        Absences during                                        as well as the loss of tuition fees if you have
                                                                                                                         to cancel a course or return home.
           Deposits and additional costs                          course time                                         • Many of our courses have flexible start
                                                                  • Visa students must comply with UK visa              dates but we strongly advise that very low
           • All students must pay a course deposit of £300,        regulations. There will be no refunds for           level students on Intensive and General
              which includes the £50 registration fee.               students who fail to comply with visa               programes arrive and start courses at the
           • I f you cancel your course, your deposit               regulations.                                        beginning of term.
              (including the registration fee), are non-          • Any unauthorised absences from lessons
              refundable in any event.                               will count towards your attendance record.
           • If you send us written cancellation at least 4         Students with less than 80% attendance will
              weeks before the start of your course, we will         not receive an end of course certificate.
              refund the course fees, minus the course deposit.
              If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the start
              of your course, we will refund 50% of your                                                              Printed on FSC certified paper, using fully sustainable, vegetable oil-based
                                                                                                                      inks, power from 100% renewable resources and waterless printing
              course fees, minus the course deposit. Refunds                                                          technology. Print production systems registered to ISO 14001: 2004,
                                                                                                                      ISO 9001: 2008 and EMAS standards and all site emissions are offset
                                                                                                                      through The Rainforest Concern Charity, via their Forest Credits scheme
                                                                                                                      and over 95% of waste is recycled.


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